Patch Delay

Sorry guys, no patch tonight. I had planned to just release whatever I had, but at this point I don’t like the idea of releasing a patch that’s 95% “playable” when I could delay a bit and get that number to 100%. It’s been a long road to this point, and we’re still only halfway through all the text in the game so thanks for bearing with me for so long….

Monster Girl Games/VN in Development

Since finding monster girl games that are actually released and worth playing has proven impossible, let me suggest a few that are still in development!

Quest Failed –

A visual novel in English with monster girls! And voice acting (that’s actually good)! There’s a demo available on the Patreon page and the full version will probably be out soon. The demo is fairly light-hearted, but that doesn’t mean the story won’t go in other directions. I’ve been backing this one on Patreon since it was announced since I’d love to see more monster girl stuff being made outside of Japan.

Monster Girl Island –

Another English monster girl entry, but this one is a 3D game. The models and animations on the sex scenes are pretty good, which is what counts. The rest of the game is still in early development and very raw. I’m not sure it’ll ever be a good “game” but I’m happy to support it on Patreon just to see more 3D monster girl sex. There are demos available to download and check out. It even has VR support if you’ve got a headset, which is probably incredible.

Zell’s game FOBS –

Unlike the other two recommendations, this one is Japanese and practically text free. It’s a side-scrolling action game with great pixel sex animations and is regularly updated with new monster girls. The game itself keeps improving, but it’s still fairly bare-bones in terms of actual gameplay and things to do. There should be an update relatively soon if you want to hold off playing it. Links to the game and passwords are located here:

I’m hoping these three games in development eventually turn out great because despite the good number of monster girl game releases, most of them are really bad. The ones with redeeming qualities are hard to recommend to anyone that doesn’t speak Japanese. Here’s a short list of releases this year that weren’t 100% terrible at least:

もんむす!逆レイプ学園 Another Dieselmine release, but this time a VN. Good art as always, but stale and boring.
犯されヒーロー~みんながボクの精液を狙ってる…!?~ If you aren’t tired of Violated Hero games.
魔立ロリサキュバス妖魔園 Monster Girl Kindergarten. Obviously loli. Made by the guy that did the MGQ Delicious! vore titles, although this game is light on vore. Playable with a walkthrough I guess.
モンスター娘百覧Vol.1 If you don’t follow Torotoro, maybe you missed Hyakuran coming out. Short stories in VN format. It mostly sucks.
堕落乙女異聞―堕ちたる勇者と真実の魔剣― Fallen Maidens Monster Girl Encyclopedia game. RPGMaker walking simulator with pixel sex. Incredibly disappointing. The pixel art is heavily censored. Pixellated pixels. Thanks Japan.
迷宮踏破 MonsterGirls If you remember Desire Dungeon, this game is Desire Dungeon meets Etrian Odyssey. The gameplay is all right, but if you want gameplay, just go play an Etrian Odyssey game or any of the dozens of great dungeon crawlers. H-content is mediocre.

I really need editing help

I really need editing help or: why the hell hasn’t Dargoth released a patch this month?!

Since the start of the year, I’ve received great translation help from a few people. However, I can’t just throw these files together and call it a patch without doing some serious editing for grammar, style, and consistency. I initially didn’t think editing would take that long, but ultimately I’ve been spending almost as much time editing as I would if I had translated it all myself in the first place. That’s obviously a huge waste of time, very discouraging personally, and something I absolutely do not enjoy doing. The revolving door of help on the project isn’t eager to do it either. I could release “MGQ Paradox: Jarringly Inconsistent English Version” right now, but no.

That’s where you come in! I know there are some English, Creative Writing, etc. students/grads reading this who can help. No Japanese or technical skills required. All you have to do is edit text in text files. Preferably you’ve played the translation patch up to the current point (or you could spend the 30 minutes that takes), the original MGQ, and maybe even played through Paradox with a machine translation, text hooker, whatever to have a gist of what’s going on. If you played the original MGQ and thought “this English isn’t so great,” well now’s your chance! These translated files need to be virtually rewritten into “story quality” English, not simply copy edited. Changing a boring, lifeless, grammatically incorrect line into a boring, lifeless, grammatically correct line isn’t that helpful. Ask yourself for each line, “does this sound like something this character would say?”

Here’s what you’re up against:
It’s the Haunted Manor Basement where you meet Chrome and very similar to the scene from MGQ.

If you’re interested, take a shot at editing that file and e-mail it to me at
Writing and editing is an art so I can’t tell you how to do it, but just from looking at that file, I can guarantee you won’t get away with changing a couple words here and there…. Also, there’s a fair amount of editing work to do and more forthcoming so this is by no means limited to a single person.

If you saw a new post and thought “YES FINALLY A PATCH!” you’re probably really unhappy right now. Sorry. I should have made this post a month ago instead of deluding myself into thinking I could do it all myself (or with present help).

UPDATE: Okay, it’s become clear that I wasn’t nearly explicit enough about the level of editing I envisioned for the Haunted Manor Basement. For reference, this is a change log of edits I made to the Enrika Village indoors map: change log

Some highlights:

– ShowMessage(“\n<Ilias>Woah, so current monster lord already gets the deposed treatment… I can imagine her chagrin.”)
+ ShowMessage(“\n<Ilias>They’re acting like she abdicated? I can picture her chagrin, hehe.”)

– ShowMessage(“\n<Ilias>Black Alice… so she finally started moving! She must intend to realize her ambitions using this opportunity…”)
+ ShowMessage(“\n<Ilias>So Black Alice is finally making her move. She must intend to seize this opportunity to further her ambitions…”)

– ShowMessage(“\n<Ilias>I thought she might start moving with my surveillance on her coming loose but… she started moving really fast.”)
+ ShowMessage(“\n<Ilias>I thought she might act with me not watching her, but all things considered, she didn’t wait long to make her move.”)

Haunted Manor Basement edit ideas:

ShowMessage(“\n<Guard>We have no dead or injured but… after what was done to me, I can no longer be a bridgegroom…”)
ShowMessage(“\n<Guard>We’re all alive and unharmed, but… Um… They did things to us that no woman should do to her husband…”)

ShowMessage(“\n<Chrome>My name is Chrome, I’m a great Necromancer.”)
ShowMessage(“\n<Chrome>I’m the grand necromancer Chrome!”)

ShowMessage(“\n<Chrome>Ghosts appeared here on their own but… certainly, those zombies were all made by me.”)
ShowMessage(“\n<Alice>Profaning the dead is unimpressive… I cannot overlook these kind of actions.”)

ShowMessage(“\n<Chrome>The ghosts showed up on their own, but all of the zombies are my handiwork!”)
ShowMessage(“\n<Alice>Hmph, profaning the dead is not something to be proud of. I can’t allow this to continue.”)

UPDATE 2: I think I’m good on help now, but if you’re a good writer and are eager to help, don’t let that stop you from emailing me. Despite the previous update, I still wasn’t clear on what I’m looking for though. These translated files need to be virtually rewritten into “story quality” English, not simply copy edited. Changing a boring, lifeless, grammatically incorrect line into a boring, lifeless, grammatically correct line isn’t that helpful. Ask yourself for each line, “does this sound like something this character would say?”

MGQ Paradox Patch 1.21b

New patch up. You’ll once again need to patch a fresh copy of the 1.21 release of the game. You can’t upgrade a previously patched copy. More H-scenes translated, a bunch copied over from MGQ that haven’t been edited yet. As I said before, this patch is mostly just to show the project isn’t dead than an actual progress patch. I’m still hoping for a full Ilias Continent patch by the end of the year though.



Comment I made below that I figured I’d copy here:

Everyone’s contributions are in the current patch, for the most part. It turned out that a big chunk of enemy skill translations were left out, but I think that was it. There’s a ton of badly formatted and unedited lines in the patch already.

Long story short, the problem, as it has been from the beginning, is poor project management. I can barely manage myself, let another other people. Since this translation has begun, I’ve probably spent at least as much time on project management details as actual translation, but trying to get someone to take over those duties at this point is probably more trouble than it’s worth. Things are a lot better now than they were, which is why I’m hopeful for faster progress from here on.

So we have a git repository, but getting people set up on that is hard (see for a laugh); we have an IRC channel, but time zones, unusual schedules, etc. keep us from coordinating well. People don’t know who’s working on what, what they should/could be doing to help, and things like that. I’ve also had a distinct problem with people not doing anything without my express approval, I guess because no one wants to screw anything up or step on anyone’s toes. This all results in people giving up or getting very little done. It’s also a burden when I spend hours trying to integrate someone into the project who then disappears without ever contributing a line. On the other hand, fear of that happening keeps people from volunteering in the first place… We’ve got a solid group of contributors right now, but we really need more people than just me who know Japanese and want to translate.