1. Anonymous

    Thank you for your hard work Dargoth you and your team are doing an amasing job, hope you and you’re team are doing well, you all have my thanks, cheers.

  2. Anonymous


    I’m not sure if you’ve been asked this in the past, but regular updates (say once every 3 months) would be nice, even if you are just there to say “no progress has been made”.

    Just so we know the project is not dead.

      • Anonymous

        Serious question. Have you leveled up in Translation? You seem to have gotten faster. I’m surprised by the pace you’ve been going since you started translating when v2.23 dropped.

      • Anonymous

        More for the sake of the comments here than actual progress. Seems like a lot of people go there for troublesooting or general game advice and it gets messy to search after a few hundred comments.

        obviously a forum would be better but nobody got time to set that up.

  3. Cleft

    Great news! Thanks for the update. It’s a gigantic project, great to hear there’s been a lot of progress lately but if you need to slow down later – don’t worry about it and take as long as you need.

  4. khalayia

    awesome news dargoth, keep it up! Also while im here, i still can’t seem to get the scenes from part 1 working, despite following the instructions. any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.

    • ArzorX

      Arzorx (Tharja Fan)08/18/2018
      How To Manual Patch MGQ PARADOX PART 2.

      1. Have a fresh latest version of MGQP 2.23

      2. Download the RpgMakerVXAce Translator 0.10c.7z and unzip it preferably in the game folder.

      3. Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.GameSelector.exe, give it the path of the game and let it run its course. It will generate a “Script” folder.

      4. Download the latest master file among the branches and unzip its contents into the aforementioned “Script” folder. It should ask for overwriting, do so.



      5. Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe and let it run its course. If it encountered problems, you’ve probably messed something up. If it finishes without a hitch, it generates an
      “out” folder. That’s where the translated game resides.

      6. Profit! Enjoy your semi-translation!

      Until there’s a new game version, you’ll be able to update the translation starting from step 4 every time the master branch is updated. If there’s a new game version you’ll have to start over.(edited)
      don’t worry I will ask him or work in that lines with gemini I will come up with something.

      If your problem is that the screen goes black when you try to open a scene from part 1 that means you don’t have the gcs of part 1.

  5. ArzorX

    And to the anon that was waiting for urscylla’s scene the day has come the scenes are translated and uploaded in my repo.

  6. Peasantry

    I’ve been keeping up with the bitbucket, but it’s nice to see an actual post, I was starting to wonder if you’d died and the other folks had quietly stepped up in your place to keep your memory alive.

  7. Kajukin

    Great news! Thank you for you awesome work, you make the world a littelbit brighter.

    @ArzorX good idea to set the translation intruduction on the beginning of the post…it will be easy now to guide the guys didnt know how to mannually update.

  8. sans

    Yay new post. Thx for the good work Darg, quality is always better then speed. I mean i’m watching DBZA, i’m no stranger to waiting. But man does it PAY OFF TO WAIT.

    Let get this one to 10k folks! Hype spam!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    oh mai GAWD i have come here so many times to check for an update on this and here it is! yass! now that there’s some sort of a timeline for the next thing, I can wait longer without having anxiety 😀

  10. Rye

    One great thing about a new Dargoth post, new comments section.

    No, but seriously, Dargoth, Doku Team, and anyone else who is working on this:
    You guys are awesome. Plain and simple.

  11. Anonymous

    Oh shit, a new post! Don’t scare us like that all of a sudden.

    Seriously though, thanks for the update and as always: take your time.

  12. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for your hard work Dargoth and friends! Speacially to keep us fans calm here in the comment section hehe

  13. NoName

    There’s been a new update in Torotoro’s blog too. Mostly about the game, but there’s a small comment at the bottom talking about the Paradox game, which they are currently doing too alongside the game. That’s all he says.

    And obviously, before somebody daydreams, this ain’t releasing this year.

  14. Anonymous

    TrTr’s comments about Part 3:

    “Moreover, the production of “Mun su musetto RPG final chapter” also progresses steadily. Here volume is increasing more than the previous chapter and middle chapter. Since there are many new daughters also appearance monsters, we will extend the production period in the future. Although I can not say certain things for the time being yet, please wait patiently.”

    I don’t quite know what he means by “We will extend the production period in the future”, but I hope he’s not saying we might have to wait longer than 2 years for release.

      • Madflavor

        “instead of waiting for 2 years and get something good.”

        Huh? I said LONGER than 2 years. I’m fine with waiting 2 years, that’s why I was expecting/hoping for a Q2 release.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if “Here volume is increasing more than the previous chapter and middle chapter” means it’s bigger than part 2 / part 1 OR if it means it’s bigger than part 1 and 2 together. If it’s the latter, rip Dargoth, he’s gonna be the first man to die of too much translation.

      • sans

        RIP Dargoth – killed by moonrunes.,
        That is how world war 3 will start – a crusade to unite the world under 1 language!

        • AlmaElma4ever

          at least three paths are almost confirmed to be in part 3, the alice route were most likely alice will gather strong monster to take on black alice, the ilias route were it will probably revolve around getting heaven back and with it ilias true body and full memory, a caos path, maybe revolving around luka ditching alice and ilias and siding with black alice, and, maybe, just maybe, a true ending path, that you unlock after doing something in the game, and then after you restart you have to make ilias and alice join you to follow this path.

          • sans

            Most likely there will be 2 endings : Illias and Alice. If you have both then you can get route 3. I’d like to believe it would be some Marcelus route.

  15. Rango

    It’s great to have a new post from you Dargoth, keep up the good work!
    Also, a shoutout to the Doku Doku team for their latest updates, and special thanks to Casian for having translated Meiccubus’ scenes!

  16. Anonymous

    Dargoth can you just update the blog every month or so even if its just to say nothing as of right now ect, just so the comments section doesn’t become massive as it ussually does.

  17. Anonymous

    more like

    Take it easy and slow, MGQ’s playerbase/fanbase lacks the numbers found in most mainstream ones – it’s only natural.

  18. Anonymous

    Thank god a new post.

    Like I said before, it’s done when it’s done. and I don’t mind that. But I do appreciate even the most minor update posts there. if for no other reason so that the ones from the old post don’t start eating each other alive.

    • ArzorX

      read the post please…
      Until at least the story is translated, I don’t consider this translation to be in playable shape, but I try to make sure the latest files will compile and work. However, I’m focused on doing a quality translation and actually getting it finished at some point, rather than releasing partial patches. It doesn’t help that the size of the game has made previous patching methods inconvenient or outright impossible…

  19. S45

    Glad to hear from Dargoth after all this time!

    I’m glad you’re not rushing through the translation; take as much time as you need – you’re more than entitled to that, especially as you’re providing your services for free

    Keep up the awesome work!!

  20. Anonymous

    Thank you @ArzorX, Casian, and the rest of the Doku Doku team for blessing us unworthy internet ppl with new H-Scene translations. I’m appreciative for any new H-Scene we get as you guys can stop anytime and let us wait till part 3.

    • There is no “rest of the Doku Doku team” that’s it, just me and him. There will still be h-scenes uploaded to the repo but not as often as they were in the summer. I don’t have the drive I had back then and Arz is busy with his job. There should be a few every week though, just keep your eyes on our repo.I’m going to leave our progress sheet(different from Dargoth’s) and I’m gonna ask one of you guys who’s interested in the h-content to pick a girl that’s paradox-specific and not found in the original trilogy. That girl’s scenes will be translated by the end of this or next week. This week I’m going to focus on the Queen Priestess. I’ll be waiting for suggestions. If there are none I’ll translate in order of appearance.

      • Sween

        I’d like to see the sex toys scens with Sonya, but i know that maybe is too much. Other h-scenes i’d love to see would be narwhal, four-tail samurai, feral kitsune, brom girl or cassandra. Either way thanks for all the hard work.

        • Sonya scenes, and feral kitsune will be translated among the last.The feral Kitsune scene you’ve seen before just under a different name, Nanabi, Polar Bear Girl so I’m not going for that right away. Sonya has too many toy scenes and I’ll probably get to them sometime, no promises when. Four tail samurai has already been translated. I’ll keep in mind the others though. They’ll be Narwhal, Brom and Cassandra will follow after I finish with the Queen Priestess.

          • All the Priestess scenes that are not copies from the original are done along with Narwhal Girl’s. They will be uploaded to the DokuDoku repo when Arzorx finds the time to test them.I do wish however to quote the last 2 lines from the Narwhal Girl’s evaluation since I’m pretty sure no one watches those.
            ShowMessage(“Now go, oh Brave Luka.”)
            ShowMessage(“Break that Narwhal’s horn and shove it up her ass.”)

          • The Sonya sex toy scenes have a lot of overlap with each other. If you do them all at the same time and find/replace the duplicated lines, it won’t be nearly as much work as it looks like.

            • I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even open any of them until now and I’m not sure our progress file has the exact number of lines the scenes have it just says 100 for all of them and I kinda know 100-line scenes take me forever to translate and if I remember right there’s 10 of them.

      • TJ

        Sorry about the confusion regarding who is on the team. Regardless im extremely grateful you are actually considering requests. If I had to pick 3, I would like

        1. The 3 Spider Acrobat Girls
        2. The 3 Bug Girls (Dragonfly, Ladybug, Fly)
        3. The Ivy/Tree Girl (The 1 wearing green near Queen Alurane

  21. Gag180

    Glad to hear from you Dargoth, I’ve been keeping up with the bitbucket so I knew you weren’t done with the project, but it’s nice to see you on here again!
    On another note, in the game, does anyone know where the Meteor armor/weapons came from? I know I got one item from the same place you fight La Croix but the rest just kind of appeared in my inventory and the library just says they’re from the Pocket Castle… But how? I don’t remember picking them up at all!

  22. Anonymous

    I assume that the Initial Paradox 2 patch is too old for the newest version of the game? I just bought the game yesterday and merged part one and part two together, but couldn’t merge the initial para-2 english patch

  23. Arji

    Just another 6 months? For a free fan translation of a game this size, that is amazing!
    Keep up the good work, we’re all really appreciative of you!

  24. Kuuga

    By the way guys, I tried manually adding the translations, but I can’t find Ytinasni.RpgMaker.PatchMaker.exe … where is it?

  25. Xoverguy

    Kudos to Dargoth on the new post and the progress, although my post here is to be on something more gameplay related.

    Through my travels through the Labyrinth of Chaos, I have come accross a lot of stats that seem to have a yellow text color compared to the usual white. Among these unique stats I ran into certain “Seal” effects. (So far I have found Seal of Sylph and Seal of Odin.)

    Does anybody have any any idea how to activate or use these effects? Or are they passive? What do they do if the latter is true? Since I havent seen any changes to resistances upon equiping them. Any and all information on this would be greatly appreciated.

    • Anonymous

      Seal of Sylph MP, Agi, Mag 20-30% Wind Booster 100%
      Seal of Gnome HP, SP, Att 20-30% Earth Booster 100%
      Seal of Undine HP, SP, Will, Dex 20-30% Water Booster 100%
      Seal of Salamander HP, SP, Att, Agi 20-30% Fire Booster 100%
      Seal of Perseus HP, SP, Att, Agi 20-30% Dagger/Sword/? Sword Booster 50%
      Seal of Hercules HP, SP, Att, Def 20-30% Club/Axe Booster 50%
      Seal of Artemis SP, Agi, Dex 20-30% Bow/Whip/Throwing Booster 50%
      Seal of Shiva SP, Att, Dex 20-30% Sword/Multiweapon Booster 50%
      Seal of Zeus HP, MP, Mag, Will 20-30% White Magic/Summoning/Lightning Booster 50%
      Seal of Poseidon HP, SP, Att, Will, Agi 20-30% Spear/Water Booster 50%
      Seal of Hades SP, MP, Att, Mag 20-30% Black Magic/Dark/Dark Attribute Booster 50%
      Seal of Odin HP, Att 20-30% Spear/Ice Booster 50%
      Seal of Horus MP, Mag, Will 20-30% Summoning/White Magic/Black Magic/Time Magic Booster 50%
      Seal of Amaterasu Agi, Dex 20-30% All Purpose Ability? 10% Up
      Seal of Tsukuyomi MP, Mag, Will 20-30% Resist Magic 15%
      Seal of Susanoo HP, SP, Att, Def 20-30% Resist Physical 15%
      Source : http://b.dlsite.net/RG07939/archives/51807257.html

  26. Anonymous

    Maybe a strange question but do old saves from the end of part 1 work in the final part 2 version? I remember something about part 1 saves not working in part 2 a while ago, dunno if that was ever solved or what.

  27. Anonymous

    I keep getting “ERROR: The given key was not present in the dictionary.” when I use Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe. Dose anyone know what they means &or how to fix it?

  28. DizzyPatron

    Does anyone know why Rami (the oppai imp) sometimes uses “Magic Charge” at the start of a turn? She doesn’t even have the skill at all, yet she’s somehow able to use it, and it doesn’t mention that in her trait at all.

  29. Anonymous

    Does anyone know how to access Misstauros/Odette’s other cgs?, in particular the impregnation scene. It does not seem to be available from the request, temptation or loss scenes.

    • Crom

      Most likely not implemented yet. There are a ton of cgs that are already in the folder, but are currently not being used in the game. Most if not all of them should be viewable ingame with the release of part 3, if they don’t get confused and forget some of them. Even the original games had some cgs that weren’t viewable outside of the folder or the Monsterpedia as far as i know, like the fully nude Succubus Witch for example.

  30. Anonymous

    The game crashes when I’m teleported to a room full of chests (and monster girls) in Labyrinth of Chaos.

    What is the cause of that?

    • S45

      We don’t know what happened there. The cave to the east is connected to an unrelated quest. There is some speculation that Angels were behind what happened in Rubiana (you find an Angel Feather somewhere, I forget where), but nothing will be confirmed until Part 3

      • We do find out what happened in Part 2, actually. The Seraphim from the “Angels Won the War” world took them to their world to try and save them from the Apoptosis. What we don’t know yet is how exactly they’re able to cross dimensions. The Lilith Sisters are killing people in order to save their souls and bring them over to the “Monsters Won the War” world. They’re not actually able to cross dimensions, but they have spells that allow them to send their souls across to bodies on the other side, which is why they have to “kill” people to bring them over. The Lillith SIsters and the Alt Tamomo from Grangold had to do the same spell to enter the Paradox world themselved.

  31. Anonymous

    is the repository fom dargoth’s bitbucket updated?? ’cause the initial dialog with candy is still in moonrunes

  32. For the few of you who are interested, all previous requests are done and uploaded to the DokuDoku repo aside from Feral Kitsune and Brom Girl which is translated but not yet tested or uploaded. Currently working on Sonya’s sex toy scenes and 2 out of 11 are done but they will only be uploaded when I finish with all of them. Depending on how fast I finish, this week or next week the spider girls group is up next along with the all the Magical Academy girls (Dragonfly, Ladybug, group scene Elf, Succubus and Fairy). Some of them may be already done but I’ll finish off what’s left. Again, I would appreciate if the few of you who are following the h-scenes translation could give us feedback as in awkward phrasing, repetitive writing and other such stuff. Make pull requests on the repo and I will look over them and accept changes if they’re for the better. By doing this you’re not only helping me out but you’re also helping Dargoth with the translation since he won’t have to make major changes to the scenes when he adds them to his own repo if they’re good enough.

    • TJ

      Thank you for taking my requests. I dont see any problems as far as repetition or phrasing is concerned at the moment. That was never a problem in my eyes as long as each monster’s scenes felt truly unique instead of cut and paste dialog, which this is not. Personally, I like it more when the monster either “breaks” Luka and he submits and enjoys himself or when the monster decides to “keep him” or allude to future encounters, but thats my own personal kink. I’d like to think we all have our own kinks with the series so I dont think catering it to my specific tastes are fair to everyone else.

      Sorry that I dont have much more input than this. I as always am grateful that both of you guys are translating the scenes. I will pay more attention in the future updates to the actual dialog to help you guys more instead of just accepting whatever you guys put out. (Hope that doesnt sound harsh, I want to help)

  33. Anonymous

    Just so everybody knows. You can play through the story line in English until after you finish the magical girl quest. Then you’ll hit the Japanese wall

  34. Anonymous

    Oh thank god, an update post.

    I mean I saw progress was still being made because I was checking the repository, but a blog post just feels more concrete.

  35. Anonymous

    Question: Is there an update for MGQP part 1? there were a number of H scenes not translated in that, and you can’t play part 1 in part 2.

    • ArzorX

      there is no update for part 1 cause part 2 contains all part 1 so if you wanna play all part 1 translated you have to find or buy part 2.

      • Y’know, it occurred to me the other day that since the updates to Part 2, if you wanna play the original LoC and get the associated trophies, you now need to play Part 1 on it’s own. It might not be a bad idea to make individual patches at some point after everything else is done first.

        • ArzorX

          then talk with dargoth about that, but there is a reason why he left abandoned part 1, and only focus in part 2 since he complete the translations of part 1 and continues with part 2 and when part 3 comes out, the same will happen again.

            • I believe Torotoro has stated that if you play Labyrinth in part 2 it will make getting 100% in part 3 impossible(I think this was mentioned in a comment chain here somwhere). beyond that, any achievement in LoC part 1 should be doable in part 2 right? There really should be no reason to not just play part 2 from start to finish and never do part 1 on its own.

  36. Anonymous

    OK, how do i find the gloria pirates to battle fuck? I went navy route but tatsuko isnt giving me shit at either the pocket castle, or when i have her in my party.

  37. For whoever asked, the Sonya sex scenes are translated(all 11 of them) along with some leftover scenes from Elizabeth(Vampire) and the Mermaid General’s scene that wasn’t translated(Paizuri). 2 out of 3 of the Arachnes’ scenes are done and after I finish with them I’ll try to finish the Arachne Lord’s leftovers then move on to the ugly girls in the Magic Academy.

  38. KEV

    Thanks for your work, I’m kinda waiting for a near complete version of the translation and the waiting is killing me but I’ll wait as long as I can.
    Gotta say you’re doing a Saint’s work and I hope you never give up. The Rogue translator torch looks safe on your hands.

  39. Anonymous

    Can someone PLEASE tell me why, when I merge ArzorX’s files with Dargoth’s and translate the game, I lose some of the translations that were already done by Dargoth, and would have been available if I didn’t merge the files? In Dargoth’s unmerged patch, I can read more dialogue in English, but using a separate version of the game that I’d translated with the merged files, the same lines of dialogue from the same save files were in Japanese. For instane, in and around Grangold

        • As far as I can see there’s no other explanation other than you’re pasting Arzorx’s files first then Dargoth’s. Dargoth’s repo has ALL the files and are not in sync with the DokuDoku repo so if that’s the case not only do you lose lines from the in-game you also lose h-scenes.I have no other explanation unless Arz uploaded something to the repo that’s not yet translated which he shouldn’t have at least in the DokuDoku one. Quite a few popped up recently as far as I know there’s 3 other repos that host text files from the game aside from Dargoth’s. One belongs to the MGQ Paradox Discord, one belongs to the h-scene translation team(me and Arzorx) and there’s one more which belongs to steveju, the one who takes care of the programmy bits in Dargoth’s team. So yea there’s plenty to chose from and each have their own advantages and bits that are translated, steveju’s has
          the bugfixes, MGQP Discord server has misc text Dargoth has the main story and Doku Doku has the h-scenes. I hope that’s more informative than the sarcastic remarks above.

  40. Anonymous

    So i’ve been watching the translation for a while, and i’ve noticed that lots of people are helping with the translation that’s nice and all but seemingly some people that are helping doesnt even know japanese and are just translating with machine translation, ofc its not pure machine translation but edited and compared to multiple machine translations to make it as accurate as possible.

    i’m not really against it as it speeds up the whole translation process but i can’t help but to worry about the quality of the translation as a whole.

    Ofc the main story part is translated by dargoth and it has good quality but the details and some parts here and there just stands out since its translated by multiple different people.

    I am in no way against or unthankful to ALL the translators that are helping but just want to open a discussion since i’m the type of person that cares more about these kinds of stuff and i wonder what other people think.

    • Alright Anon, you can worry about the quality as much as you wish but I don’t think you’re the right person to voice that concern. I can’t speak for the other translators but I will speak up for the h-scenes since I’ve dedicated a lot of my free time to them. I admit, they’ll never be as good as if Dargoth or Rogue did them, I don’t have their talent or skills and I know I’m never going to be able to replicate their styles. I’m just trying my best to get the general message to the reader as accurately as possible and trust me it’s not as easy as you may think because on top of the gibberish the machines spit out we have to deal with ToroToro’s poor writing style.

      Sure you’ve seen the original scenes and maybe you loved them but that’s not because they were how ToroToro wrote them. It’s because Rogue did an excellent job “enhancing” them when they were translated.

      It’s not just about knowing Japanese when you translate something like this, you have to know the target language as well. If you don’t you end up with translations on par with your poorly written comment. If you were going to come here and complain about the work people do for the community at least have the decency to take a second look over your complaint when complaining about the quality of the writing.

      We’re humans, not machines and we make mistakes, nobody’s perfect but sometimes we can’t see the mistakes we make. That’s where fan feedback comes in. That helps correct mistakes and improve the quality of the final product. Unfortunately this is the thing that part of the fans don’t understand. The other part jumped in to help and now that they’re helping the part that just sits on their ass and waits is concerned about the quality.

      Anon instead of opening up discussions like this why don’t you do something better with your time? Why not contribute yourself? Go through the game, see where the quality doesn’t fit your standards. Report it here, suggest improvements, point out spelling or grammar mistakes. By doubting what people are doing for you while you sit on your ass waiting isn’t going to improve the quality of the translation that you’re so worried about.

      • Crom

        As someone with (by now) basic understanding of the japanese language who translated some scenes for himself, i can confirm that the writing style of ToroToro is quite poor. It is not the worst i have ever seen, but i was still confused because when i first started translating some scenes i expected it to be better.

        Questioning my general ability to translate at first, while also second guessing both my japanese knowledge and my english knowledge (it is only my second language after all), i decided to put it to the test by translating some of the original scenes done by Rogue to compare the results. What i got out of translating them was sometimes nowhere near what Rogue put out back in the day, and Rogues version just could not be accurate at several points because some of the words he put in there were just straight up missing in the japanese version. I came to the conclusion that Rogue took many liberties translating it, with the two biggest changes being that he made the scenes much more varied than in the original, which was a great improvement, and he made the monsters a lot more sadistic and keen on humiliating Luka, which is most likely just his personal taste showing. I think it is safe to say that the entirely accurate translation would have turned some people off, because you really get tired of Torotoros style after a few scenes.

        What i really want to say is, anyone concerned about the quality of the h-scenes can rest assured, as the source material is not a masterpiece of writing that gets worse when done by someone who has not mastered the japanese language. Not that anyone who gets a huge game translated for free without any contribution of his own has any right to complain about it in the first place.

        • Sans

          Okay, i’m just sitting here and wanting to type something like “eh, don’t care about the h-scenes” to mess whit Casian a bit, but this thing seems heated as fuck xD

          Don’t worry anon, once the whole thing is done – Dargh will probably have a quick look at things. And if he gives it the green light – so do I.

          And yeah, i do like Casians style, i compared the Valkyrie scene (i think its his doing) – yeah, Torox2 is a bit lazy when it comes to scenes. Liked the home made one a lot more. It had some soul to it, ya know?

          And the cherry on top – the non-dargoth translator are actually not doing the whole thing – they do what they like and care for. So unlike the sage of the moonrunes – you can get a quick hold on them, and they are more likely to reply. I mean you triggeret the hell out of Casian not even reaching to him specifically xD And on discord its even faster than this to get a reply. So yeah, these amature translated bits – just ask the people about it, they should reply to you… i think =)

          The thing is in general – they are fine, you have get really snobby the snobb-guy to start caring. And if that is the case – have a look, write down a suggestion and send it to people who did it. Who knows, maybe they want to grow as moonrunes wizards, they might even appreciate the feedback. Coz as it stand right now – Dargh does not have the nitty-gritty on a high priority – so that is the best we got and can do for now =\

        • Anonymous

          Some people might actually like to see an entirely accurate translation. Can’t really say Torotoro’s style sucks if no one reads it and if it’s not being translated then it’s just sadistic fan fiction. Keep up the good work Casian and DokuDoku Amateur Translation Team, for everyone that says it sucks at least it’s close to what the original was intended to look like.

    • Anonymous

      I agree in principle that “translating” from machine translation without knowing the language is iffy, but for tons of stuff like the ui, item or skill description, buy/sell/gamble/attack/defend etc you just need to convey the meaning correctly and make it not sound like a robot did it. As long as you can do that, machine translation + rewording it to sound natural is enough. You don’t lose puns or subtleties because they’re not there in “Frost Axe Strike” description.

      For h-scenes (aside from what the guys above me wrote about Torotoro’s and Rogue’s styles) you probably need to take lots of liberties anyway because it would either sound weird or unintentionally funny instead of sexy if you were too close to the original, regardless how good the original is. So if the original has a scene with monster X that focuses on Y and the translation also has a scene with monster X that focuses on Y that’s good enough for me. If it’s written well in English I couldn’t care less if the translator couldn’t read the scene in the original language.

      My only problem would be if different parts of the questline were done by people with different styles who don’t coordinate, and things like names, often used phrases or characters’ speaking styles changed between them. For example, if one guy on the team decided to use Nelice instead of Neris for one scene or quest but the rest of the game had her name as Neris. Short of that? It is what it is, the game is far too big for one guy to translate.

    • Anonymous

      Ok, so here is something a little different about translation in general: aside from unloading some of the work from Dargoth, having multiple people looking at the text and editing it, suggesting corrections is actually a VERY good thing. I see commits that have typo fixes, corrections, rewording and things like that. This can be done by someone who doesn’t know Japanese at all, you just need to be proficient in English. You could even do it without looking at the machine translation.

  41. Kirashi

    I know it might be a stupid question, but is there a way with the bitbucket to see the commit of only one author? (for example, instead of all the commits, is there a way to see only what dargoth posted?)
    Thank you

  42. TJ

    Once again a huge thank you to @Casian_Valentin and @ArzorX for translating not only scenes I and others requested, but for your continued work on translating the remaining scenes and dialog. I have actually started playing the game instead of just viewing the scenes and have been enjoying myself. Seeing the combined effort of Dargoth’s and you guys work really makes me truly understand the massive amount of text in this game. You three guys are truly doing the Monster Lord’s work.

    Quick question: I noticed that the commits are updated today but the Translation Files rar hasnt been updated yet. Should I wait till rar is updated before I repatch the game?

    • ArzorX

      Sorry, that’s my bad. I was focus translating some scenes that I only uploaded that ones and didn’t update the repository give me some minutes to fix that.

  43. All the girls requested by people here have been translated, even the Feral Kitsune but her scenes haven’t been tested and adjusted yet.
    That said, there are 8 paradox-exclusive left to translate if I counted right so I guess at this point it would be pointless to ask for more requests as all of them will be translated eventually hopefully by the end of the next week. After that I’ll jump in on the requests from the old girls that are not in the original (Beelzebubs for example have separate requests for each of them) and after I’m done with those I’ll help bring over the scenes from the original to Paradox. I’m still hoping for everything to be done by the end of the year.
    From what I hear the story translation is almost done as well so I guess you guys will be getting a double treat around Christmas or New Year or maybe who knows maybe even sooner.

  44. ArzorX

    to everyone out there in this blog, my repository is always open for you to make pull requests in case you find grammar errors, line that doesn’t match or translations that doesn’t fit with the actual japanase line, so make your pull requests in case you spotted something that casian or I had missed it.

  45. Michael Yu San Law

    Just a heads up for anyone who has downloaded the new master but not played it yet, if you want to see the whole thing in English, don’t fight El yet, since you get transported straight away afterwards to the meeting that hasn’t been translated yet.

    • Sans

      hm. I was dead-sure there are only 2 types of people left : already beaten the game, and not even started (or messed around for an hour) coz waiting for the translation. Means im not as good at predicting as i thought i am. I guess you learn something new every day

      • Michael Yu San Law

        I’m quite impatient, so I literally download the master when it gets updated, and then play to the last bit that has been translated xD

      • sans

        Yeah, i get you. I did start p2 as soon as it was out (2 days after i have beaten p1), but at some point i figured – i want this to be the same as p1, a whole experience. So i stopped before fighting undine.

  46. Kirashi

    I would like to help with the translation. One man isn’t enough to translate this huge game. I can help with monster talk during the fight or anything that hasn’t been translated in village. I’ll lleave the story to dargoth and his team. I would just need the files and one editor because I am not a native speaker and I would need someone to edit as close as possible to Dargoth’s style.

    • Sans

      I think aside from dargoth and his team, there are only Casian + Arzor (doku-doku), and the discord guys. Since doku-doku are pro h you should probably go to discord and talk to the guys there, so you dont start something that is already in process. And BTW i dont think someone can just give you a list of “these are the files you need to do”. I mean i am sure it is possible, but i dont think someone will know them all by number, its trial and error in this regard ^^

  47. Selver

    Hello ! Thanks for the awesome work !

    Is there anybody who got these annoying pop-ups when playing the game ? (during each loading screen)
    I think I could grasp that it is about an error with my saves, but I don’t understand how to get rid of it (I mean, I guess I could just delete the messagebox, but that wouldn’t repair the error, right ?)

    I have MGQ 2.23.00 btw, and while trying to rebuild the game with the translator tool, I got an error saying that the game.ini failed reflex check.

    Sorry to bother you guys, I looked for a solution for a long time but nobody seems to have raised to issue before (At least, nobody that I am aware of).

    • *Error – 2018-11-15 20:47:07 (Thursday)
      Exception : NameError
      uninitialized constant RPG::BaseItem::PINCHI_SKILL_TYPE
      [“( エンチャント/note ):550:in `block in nw_note_analyze'”, “( エンチャント/note ):199:in `each_line'”, “( エンチャント/note ):199:in `nw_note_analyze'”, “( 基盤システム/メモ欄読み込み ):261:in `nw_note_analyze'”, “( ベース/DataObject ):851:in `nw_note_analyze'”, “( 基盤システム/メモ欄読み込み ):84:in `block in nw_analyze_database'”, “( 基盤システム/メモ欄読み込み ):84:in `each'”, “( 基盤システム/メモ欄読み込み ):84:in `nw_analyze_database'”, “( 特徴高速化 ):17:in `load_normal_database'”, “( ▽ パッチスクリプト読込 ver5 ):1455:in `load_normal_database'”, “( ベース/Module ):45:in `load_database'”, “( 改造/セーブ ):416:in `setup'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):116:in `run'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `block in ‘”, “:1:in `block in rgss_main'”, “:1:in `loop'”, “:1:in `rgss_main'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `'”, “ruby:in `eval'”]

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