• Anonymous

      ???? Check the bitbucket, there has been plenty of translation updates there. ArzorX (and the team) also have their own bitbucket for H-scenes that are almost all done. There was also a progress update back in October if you bothered to scroll down a little from the main page.

      • Kajukin

        Hey. I manually patch the game over bitbucket and allready see the other bitbucket from the H-Scene translations…buuut I read somewhere before that its not kompartible. I mean dargoth translation and the H-Scene translations.

        Or I missunderstand it and can download all the stuff and it will work? Or should i wait until dargth bin it in the master file?

  1. Anonymous

    Monster Girl Dreams is pretty good.
    Battle fuck turn based combat, mostly text based, but some characters and enemies have art already.

  2. That “Your Sweet House” one sounds interesting, might need to keep an eye on that.

    Hopefully they don’t do what “Succubus Prison” did and pull a stupid “Diabolus ex Machina” to force an automatic loss immediatly after you win, completely negating the whole point of winning…

  3. Anonymous

    Anyone know if Anasteema Tea Party will get a translation? Size difference/giantess is my jam and I’m really worried an awesome size game will release but be forever stuck in moonrunes exclusively.
    Domination Quest will be translated by the developer luckily and it also features gts monster girls which should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Demon Angel Sakura.

    • Anonymous

      Domination Quest’s demo is in English, so quite sure the full version will be too, as far as i know all of their games are in English.

  4. Crom

    So the Dieselmine game is out. I downloaded it instead of buying it because i knew from the preview that there was probably not much in it for me due to their fixation on fetishes i find to be quite appalling. Ignoring the fact that this is by far my least favourite Dieselmine game to date (for various reasons), i still have the habit to finish games i have started. So does anyone know what to do in the library? I tried to enter it as soon as possible but thought it was impossible at this stage so i finished every other world first, and now i stand in front of that wall and can’t get the ladder to drop.

    The only information you get in the room is that the ladder is visible, that you should not put the book on the floor and that the bookbench is supposed to be used to place the book. The icon of anything you place on the floor seems to be bugged, because it shows flowers on the floor no matter what you place there, but the symbol will fix itself if you leave the room and come back. I tried everything that makes sense, I even got the bear from the other area once i ran out of options because it was useless so far and tried most combinations between the bear, the book, the flowers or 2 of the same type, nothing did anything so far. Either they fucked it up and made it impossible to progress, or you have to do some fucked up convoluted shit a healthy gaijin brain can’t comprehend.

    • Anonymous

      Where did you download it? Honestly I was curious and almost bought it but I can’t in good faith pay full price for a game I can’t even read.

      • Crom

        Velka posted it on the anime sharing site. No one should buy this game honestly, even if you like the primary fetish of this game it is terrible value for its asking price. Few scenes, 1 hour of playtime if you take your time, no actual gameplay aside from walking and hitting buttons to escape binds, and the writing for the scenes looked terrible due to all the baby language they put in. Hell they even reused assets from older games and still mostly use free music you can find in every little hentai game.

          • Crom

            I did not hook the text, I learned to read japanese on a basic level so understanding the text in the library was not that hard. Also, thanks for the hint with the ladder, I feel dumb as hell for not thinking about that.

  5. Reno

    Also for another game, check out Sanmai no Ofuda/The Three Charms. You’re gonna have to run it with machine translation but it’s well worth the cheap price. Might be a bit frustrating to get the hang of it but it’s a brilliant little game with a sequel and hopefully another.

    • Crom

      For anyone interested in this a word of warning. This game is hard, you really need to know what you are doing to make it through. Fights are difficult and riddles are rather tricky to do if you don’t understand what is going on. There also is a colossal fuckton of text to read in both the loss scenes and the story. I have no idea how to use machine translations in games so this is speculation, but I imagine the text could prove to be difficult to handle for machine translations because I had more trouble than usual reading through it. Could be an intentional style of writing that makes it harder than the average japanese you get in these games, much like Koihime Musou, so machine translations may turn it into gibberish. The upside is that the game is dirt cheap on dlsite though, like literally less than a euro/dollar

    • TJ

      I was hoping someone would mention these games. I enjoy both of them though @Crom is right about the difficulty. Even with machine translation, you want the exact context and meaning in a game that seems unforgiving.

      However, I greatly enjoy the sex scenes and both of these games have a LOT of content. I definitely want someone to tackle translating these games so i can actually playthru the story with context, lol. Im a dirty lil pirate so I didn’t pay, but definitely support Minwa by buying a cheap game with loads of content. Minwa is making a 3rd one as we speak and posts updates on his Cien profile. You can get the demo of the 3rd game for free by just subscribing to the free tier. I think the 500yen tier has access to more updates and characters

      • Crom

        Oh I am sure the first game will be translated in about 1-2 years or so. A group translating games is currently working on Lust Grimm and most likely finished in about a month or so, then they will have another poll for the next game. Last poll saw the Three Charms on 3rd place, behind Lust grimm and Succubus Rhapsodia, so if no other must translate game appeared in the meantime i think the next poll will decide to translate Succubus Rhapsodia, which should take between 8-10 months, and then Three Charms which should take a year at least, just an estimation though. They have a Patreon (=together=), the 1$ tier already allows you to play partial translation patches, with one patch per month, the 5$ tier allows you a new partial patch every 2 weeks. They will probably continue to make the full patches free to download like they did with every game before. So far, they successfully translated 4 games, with Lust Grimm being the 5th and as far as I know at least one of them was used by the developer as an official translation afterwards.

        Regarding the 3rd Minwa game, if the gap between the first two games is anything to go by, it will take like half a year before that one is finished. Sadly i am having troube with using this dreadful Cien site so I don’t really have a good way to stay updated on those things.

  6. Anonymous

    Hi so i dont know where to post this so il leave this here, i found a typo in the axe skill Minotaur spinning axe, it says in its description target foe but actually targets all foes,

    also im not sure if this is a typo so if its intentional, my bad, but the holy skill saint’s protection wen used by luka he asks the light for healing instead of protection, again if its intentional my bad but il just leave this here.


  7. Anonymous

    Man i almost missed out on SHRIFT. Thanks for this post dargoth.
    That game really does so many things right.
    Even many Monstergirl that would’ve/have been been a nope or just mediocre in MGQ where hot AF in shrift.
    Also the First time i fought the sphinx has been a better experience than the first time i got countered by queen harpy in MGQ1 (and the whole monster girl thing was still relatively new to me at that time).

  8. Anonymous

    “Your Sweet House”

    Reminds me a *LOT* of Succubus Prison? Are there any differences or is it pretty much the same thing/concept? I might give this a look, I love games like this.

    • TJ

      What are you using to translate “Your Sweet House?” I cant seem to find the text thread to this game for machine translation.

      • Anonymous

        I tried using RPGMaker Translator and it shows 101,306 caches translations, but when I run the program, I’m met with “failed to find game data file” despite linking in the .exe with the folders and I really don’t have it in me to manually do each line by itself.

  9. Anonymous

    The Three Charms series is worth checking guys. The first game is very difficult but the second is much more enjoyable. The artstyle, the story and the H-scenes are all hella good

  10. edale2

    Anyone know where I can find a translation of Torotoro’s Tentacle Encyclopedia? machine translation’s fine, I can’t get any of the “rpgmaker translators” to work with it (there’s no rgss file and no data folder?)

  11. Anonymous

    For Your Sweet House, does anyone know how to get the harem ending? I put the wooden book thing on the pedestal that you had to collect pieces for and I got a normal ending. It’s the only CG I’m missing from the game

  12. anonymous

    So I played a bit of that domination quest and can’t proceed any further. Whenever I enter a certain area, it instantly transitions back into the last area.

    Unless I’ve accidentally downloaded the demo then this is a bug where they leave you way too close to the tile needed to transition into the previous area and it’s triggering without me having to do anything

    • anonymous

      Looked it up a bit and turns out that the game is a buggy piece of shit. They are fixing the bugs though and have already fixed the bug I encountered but I think I’m gonna hold off on this game till a torrent of a bugless version comes out

  13. Anonymous

    I’m playing through Your Sweet House.
    I collected the second fragment and left the mansion, but now i don’t know what to do?
    When i try to enter the hut the game softlocks and i can’t move? Is that a bug?
    How do i progress from here?

  14. Anonymous

    Yo thanks for the recommendation on Shrift played through it 2 times and it was great. Shrift took me about 25 hours to complete 2 times it really is worth checking out.

    • Blake

      Gave up on this game, the grind required to beat that ome boss duo seemed insane and this game had the worst controls I have ever seen in any game. The scenes have to much sick shit for my taste, so that did not really keep me there either.

      • Aaron Martin

        I did not have much trouble with any of the bosses. Just gotta come up with a strategy and a team. I used a controller, didn’t see any issues. THe games had quite a few updates so it’s pretty smooth now and some post game stuff is being added at the end of this month. As far as the content, well much like MGQ stick with what you like and skip over the rest. Blossom, the frog girl (sans the second scene) and the kitsune alone made the game well worth it to me.

      • Anonymous

        Wtf are we supposed to write? “when is the patch coming out”? Dunno about Dargoth, maybe he’s busy with something else. It’s not like it would be the first time when he disappears for a while.

      • CwHart

        Didnt expect people to start with the “This site/project” is bed bullshit so soon. Dargoth has taken longer breaks than this before. The man might be burnt out and is working at a slower pace, and I can’t really blame him if thats the case. I am sure if he ever quit he would have told us. Just be patient

    • Aaron Martin

      Someone in one of my MGQ groups on FB mentioned a “possible” end of March release for the full patch of part 2. Pretty much lines up with the estimate he gave a couple posts/topics back. This close to the finish line, maybe he wants to hold off on the bitbucket commits to give us a nice surprise. It’s speculation so unless you see it from Dargoth, take it with a grain of salt, or hope if you prefer.

  15. Aaron Martin

    Lust Grimm has a translation patch now. Gotta pick up some of the newest JSK games that were translated and if I have the cash for it after that gonna check that out next month.

      • Aaron Martin

        That would be JSK Studios. I’ll simply say that English translations exist and you’re gonna have to google for it. His works are almost entirely pov battle fuck flash titles. Top notch for self immersion. Sells his stuff on DLSite English so try to purchase the originals of the games you like. Same thing we ask of people playing Paradox, or any fanslated game for that matter.

        • Of course, I have been a huge fan of JSK for quite awhile and use ULMF for most of the translations but I thought maybe you had knowledge of a different group or such on new translations… and yes I always buy the games, one must always support these indie guys, it is only proper, right? lol

      • Aaron Martin

        When you find the forum you need to check the community guide, that’s where the new translations are.

  16. Aaron Martin

    Domination Quest cleaned up the bugs and added a post game dungeon. Looks like it’s gonna be another multi-part game.

  17. Rango

    I played all of the games above, Domination Quest has an english patch so that’s a plus and the scenes are kinda good. Shrift is definitely the best gameplay-wise, and an awesome game overall, definitely recommending this one. Your Sweet House is one of the weakest Dieselmine games to date, and a cheap knock off of Succubus Prison; even the scenes are not that great. Torotoro’s Tentacle Encyclopedia Vol. 2 was released in December and it’s good if you like tentacle on male hentai, but most of the monsters are… well, monsters, so that might be a turn off for some people.
    I’m looking forward to play Anasteema Tea Party but I can’t find a release date anywhere….

  18. Anonymous

    Anyone else wishing the stupid tentacle book stuff would just die so we could hear about mgq? I want themm to say SOMETHING about it… even if ends up being that oh the final part wont be out til x years from now.. or something

    • Dovah

      While I feel your pain, developers then to work in more than one thing at the time. I think we will have paradox 3 this year or next one. For now, we don’t even have part 2 translated, and I’m sure that Dargoth will take a rest from translating even if it comes the moment part 2 translation is finished.

    • Anonymous

      Look at it this way, the final part will be out then hopefully they wont announce another project til part 3 of paradox. Hell maybe we will get lucky and get something between some teases, a trailer, or even a release date maybe for park three

    • Anonymous

      torotoro mentioned the development of part 3 won’t be affected by other side projects.
      Also a teaser should come out in my opinion in summer at latest. From there on there will be 3 months until the release.
      At least that’s how it was in the past.

  19. Anonymous

    One question, I do not understand well the Japanese and the translator does not translate it well but … as I understood, the final part of Paradox, due to how long it will be, they will split it in two and thus create 2 possibilities of the story as it happens in pokemon? Since he mentions that it’s like they’re working on 2 games at once, which then makes me think …

    So … first how does it affect who you choose at the beginning? Since, if for example, I chose Ilias, but I prefer the version side that goes with the monsters, as you will see then the ancestors and the very Alphina to her rival?

    Second, if so, then how many endings could the versions have, since, originally, one could think that there would be several endings, but being the end in two possibilities to choose, then what endings can there be and which one of them? then could it be considered a canon?

    Third and nothing to do with the above. Taking into account that totoro with the saga takes 2 years in two more or less to get a next part, then that in principle would say that this year would have to come out the final part, but what I’m afraid, is that if they had or take into account from the last update of part 2 that was in April of last year, then the game in theory will have to leave in 2020 which … hurts me because, after playing the part 2 of the paradox series 2 years ago , I’m curious to know how the end directed anger and … the most important, which caused Neris and Nero, could survive and reach the paradox world, when in theory, the entire original line was lost by the birth of the Paradox and how is it that the worlds of light and darkness know about the original story. Because I doubt very much that Black alice to create more chaos was without more and they will be told, as in turn, it would be very illogical to me that somehow, they could have seen the story first hand. It is more and as I giño, although it is very silly, it would be nice that it would have been to have read it in the book that the unfortunate lamia wrote at the end of the original saga. Because I say, something is that they were mounted in part 1 a whole roll to find it, so, you must have some affection for that character and therefore, give some joke more and more for the end of the saga .

    Sorry to write so much and more for those who see it on mobile, but when I want to write, I do it without more.

  20. Mystery55

    Hello, I apologize if this is kind of ignorant but I would like to ask one thing.
    Is translation for Monster Girl Quest Paradox Part 1 complete?

    • Anonymous

      The most complete for standalone Part 1 you’ll get is the one from the “Final MGQ Paradox Part 1 Patch” post a few posts down from here. The story is done, the UI is done, but many h-scenes and some combat talk and castle interactions aren’t. Technically, these are now translated (I think?) in the current build for part 2 but you can’t apply that patch to part 1. So you can:
      – play part 1 with the final patch (that covers most of the game but lacks mostly h-scenes translations) then transfer your save to part 2 once that’s translated
      – play combined part 1/2 after manually patching the game with a wip translation
      – wait for the part 2 patch and play the game (parts 1/2) translated. Nobody can tell you how long that’s going to take but lots of people estimate a couple of months.

  21. Anonymous

    Hi Arzorx
    Firstly, thanks for all your team and Dargoth hard work. btw, I saw that you mentioned your team finished all the H-scenes. But I still saw some unstranslated text particularly in the later battle fucker (etc. Gloria the pirate). Just wondering if your translations reached that part or am I messed up the patching progress?

  22. Anonymous

    did anyone see that we get news on part 3 there one new monster girl a Cockroach girls on the blog and there meant to be more new monster girls then the first and second part put together and the game is going to be huge and alice and ilias routes will branch out into there own story unlike the first parts were its the same but with the other.

  23. Chris

    So question, how far is the story right now? I saw the h-scenes were translated, great job by the way!, but i was wondering how far the lore has come.

    • Exodus0117

      Well, that is not known. The last update of Dargoth I leave entering Grandold and little more, so and if we take into account that two months ago not updated anything but if he is still alive for his activity on February 24 in the section of requests and revisions bit link, the most likely is that for some matter or another, can not update constantly and prefer to wait until you have everything together to throw it away, as happened with part 1.

      Although that yes, we can go saying R.I.P to the commitment that Dargoth finish in our time the translation of part 3, given that Totoro said:

      1 ° It will be practically as if they were two games in one for the finally, separation of history and ending that will have chosen Ilias or Alice, so, from the beginning, the meme of or a button or another is applied.

      2 ° According to what they said, the number of monster girls is equal and even a little more, than the total given in part 1 and 2. Likewise, if we subtract from that number the ones we already know will be like the ancestors, archangels, knights, monsters not yet implemented from the original trilogy, etc. The number that would remain as between the dice between part 1 and 2, is still large.

      3 ° All the non-main content such as extra missions or character events of so many “rellono” monsters, as of the main or important ones like the ancestors or the archangels, without mentioning that obviously the labyrinth, although it is not much, will receive an update to unify everything, make the content not main, equal or superior to the work to be done in part 3.

      4 ° And finally, considering, although I can not verify that. The content even if little but existing NG + games having characters that should not be in X time, as it happens with the battle against Leviatan, having leviantan in the team or like the comments that Morrigan or “La no black alice” or Well, from the inclusion of unique events of NG +, they make part 3 the part that most difficult to translate in the short term.

      Therefore, to us, humble mortals who do not know Japanese, we have no more to use tools such as ITH or Translator aggregator for and more or less in some way, understand the game and be able to enjoy it when it comes out. Although that yes and remembering.

    • Dovah


      You can recruit the 4 queens and that is half translated. Until that. The path to the monster lord castle in the past is not translated yet.

  24. Exodus0117

    Remembering …

    Someone who manages the ITH and Translator aggregator programs could please explain me what I do wrong. My case, when my PC had windows 8, the programs when I captured the game translated everything to me with the text came out, but now that I have windows 10, the ITH program does not pass the text that it takes from the game to the Translator and I have to select it one by one to translate it?

  25. uberculex

    Hey guys, if you want to encourage Dargoth, the donate button is still there. I decided to give my part. I would hope to convince anyone else frustrated with the lack of results to do the same.

  26. Anonymous

    why so many steps to patch the game when it can be as easy as copying over your data folder with the translated one where the game is?

  27. Anonymous

    if you own the program on witch the game was made you can put the game in that then you can translate it that way but if the way they are doing it has all the text in one big spot they i can see why there not doing the other way.

  28. Anonymous

    hello , could someone be so kind to provide me with a save file that contain all the possible recruitable mg n the castle including cirque du croix , i will continue the game when the translation is complete but hey sincerely would like to have all the h scenes available

  29. khalayia

    hi CivilDeviation. not sure if you still play but if possible could you upload your save file to mega please. I can’t get your old one to work for some reason

  30. Seth1998

    Bold predictions and more:

    -Marcellus aka Luka’s dad is main antagonist of the entire game.
    -Decision that you picked will make you either recruit Big Ilias or First Monster Lord same as for part 2 probably,
    -Decision will play a big role in entire part 3 as there’s gonna be 2 games which I like.
    -Final battle might occur in that castle where those sealed legendary weapons are.
    -You will get Angel Halo in part 3.
    -Biggest Tartarus is entrance to the original MGQ trilogy world.

    If i ever get more ideas I’ll post them 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Dissagree whit 1st one. I think he will be important but not the antagonist.
      2nd that almost 100% will happen
      3rd Im not too optimistic about those 2 games claims, but if toro pulls this off and routes will be diffrent, bravo to him
      4th Dont think so. I think that place will be 100% optional or will play a key role in gaining power for the team to fight the final battle.
      5th Duh cant imagine that NOT happening
      6th prolly true

      Also i think there might be a 3rd chaos route. Remember all those choices luka had in og mgq? I will rule the world or all women are mine. I would be cool if toro connected it somehow.

      I also wanna know if luka will meet an alt luka in any one of the tartaruses or even og luka?

      • Anonymous

        well I think Luka’s party already kind of rule the world, since we can recruit the kings of all 4 major powers, monster queens, and even at the end of part 2, we already have the greatest military potential in the world, obviously excluding the new monster lords and new paradox monsters, and economically with Vanilla’s vampire shop/Papi’s smith, or at least will in part 3 probably.

        But you are right, would be nice if they actually made Luka emperor with a ceremony and all

    • Anonymous

      I hope he will be an antagonist we have to defeat but hopefully the main antagonist is a monster girl or angel, maybe even Alice or Ilias consumed by chaos.

      2nd I think Alice and Ilias will have an option to transform, like the plant queen, and probably Ilias will only break the seal near endgame, or else she would be too op or would need nerf, unless she becomes an adult and gradually breaks the seal by gaining more power. Probably Alice route will give the 4 heavenly knights, Alice I and others, and Ilias might give the parallel world angels and certain chan followers we already have will grow older and regain memories(if they don’t already have some as hinted in castle scenes).

      3rd good if it happens, but I don’t mind only 2 routes or minor routes like when we lose to monsters.

      4th – I have no idea

      5th – agree, just hope the angel halo can be used by any character as a magical sword

      6th- that would be interesting

  31. Iliasroute ftw

    is there anywhere I can keep track of news about when part 3 launches or other games by the same developers or with monster girls, etc? (other than here)

  32. Anonymous

    New update from Toro presenting 2 girls from Part3 and announcing some kind of magazine with future details to be revealed in the summer.
    Also no updates regarding Part3, so this delays the release date up until October the earliest.

    • Anonymous

      machine translation says “In addition, a joint magazine will be published as the first attempt at Torotro Resistance. The theme is still a secret, but please wait for the information release per summer. .” so I don’t know if that’s related to paradox 3 or even MGQ. Could be a new thing, I guess?

  33. Anonymous

    Hey ArzorX since you are translating paradox could you fix i typo i found?

    Or if not then, tell me how to do it myself?

    In the minotaur spinning axe skill description it says it targets a foe but it actually targets all foes.

  34. Anonymous

    if you want to edit small typo there one way that i know it involves using the same program the game was made if you own it you can put the game data folder in a new project in the program the game was made in then all you have to do if find that skill fix the typo save the project and replace the data files with your fixed typo ones the other way would be how they are translating the game then you have to re-patch your game to fix the typo or use the first option and that just copying over your data files once your done

    • Anonymous

      Welp im stumped then, since i dont own the program the game was made and i have no idea how they are translating this game x_x

      Well thanks for letting me know.

        • Anonymous

          Ok, i dunno if it helps to find it but, its an axe skill “Minotaur Spinning Axe”

          the typos i found :

          ” Power :440%(Att) Target : Foe” the skill says target foe but its wrong it targets all foes.

          And its description says “Spin around and slam axe into foe” wich is wrong since it targets all foes.

  35. Anonymous

    Howdy folks, the more i read in the chat the more i see comments on how 95% or some of the story is done , is that unique to one route ?

    I am on the illias route and once you reach the holy wing shrine things turn japanese onward O~O .

    I am asking in part to know if i am right and it is only in Alice mode or if i gone fcked up my installation and there is hope .

      • Anonymous

        MATE I WOULD FUCKING BUY YOU A DINNER AT THE PUB IF YOU WHERE IN REACH FOR POSTING THAT LINK , arzor as well ofc Ou O , i aint picking favorite here , thk a ton mate .

          • Anonymous

            help I’m downloading the repository and I don’t know if it’s working ’cause lyria falls is still in moonrunes or it’s just that part that isn’t translated

            • Anonymous

              I’m pretty sure its translated if you are talking about the mermaid island

            • Gag180

              Did you use Dargoth’s repository as well? You need both. When copying the repository files into the translators Script folder do Dargoth’s first then write over/merge it with ArzorX’s before starting the translator program. Or more simply just merge Arzor’s into Dargoths before copying them over

  36. Tannin00

    One question in general. Since you finished translating the main story and therefore, there are only a few details to finish, when everything is done, you will publish it in this blog in a new post or simply leave a comment with the link to the deposit where will the final file be?

  37. Tannin00

    And this, more like a thread of theory.
    What do you think will be the beginning, middle and end of part 3?

    In my opinion, in the beginning, after the tactical meeting that will be held to discuss the events that happened. Luka and his companions will try to go for the Alphina XV but something will happen and prevent them from going. Provoking that and taking into account that Totoro has already mentioned that part of part 3, if he chose Ilias or Alice will mark a real difference. Finish by X or Y reason in one of the two worlds. In the Darkness with Alice and in the Light with Ilias.

    Oh indifferent if it were given in the beginning, for the intermediate if or if, once you were in one of the worlds, on the side of Ilias perhaps, seeing how humanity has become a slave to the Ilias of that world and comparing it with the experience that he obtained with living with the humans in the previous parts, it is revealed against his other self and therefore, a good fight arises.
    On the side of Alice, I suppose that after seeing as the world where darkness won, most likely humanity ended up being subjected by monsters to be mere slaves or toys above all, by the description given of how are the ancestors in the images revealed a long time ago, Alice after being invited to be part of it by Alphina first, she rejects it and as Ilias in her route, she rejects it and a good event arises. Of course, Alice in pursuit of balance between all and Ilias, although somewhat less horrible as I try in the original line, but still, a world where she is still the center of everything.

    For the final part of part 3, I suppose that based on reviewing the level of Nero available by manipulating the save, 80 and assuming that the maximum level will be 90. He will join the party on Alice’s side to try to make history return to its original point and although it is not necessary, so that both he and his sister are reborn in the world that thanks to paradox, the gap between humans and monsters by the mana is no longer so great.
    While on the Neris side, as seen throughout the previous parts, she does not care about anything at all and what only interests her is to cause Luka to become stronger faster, making the events of the line original are completed before time and therefore, causing new events of higher level that cause this faster creecer and so, for this point. Luka is stronger than her self when she defeated Ilias and, therefore, is the perfect and perfect man for her, given that, for unknown reason, she has loving feelings for Luka and wishes to have sex with him. Either to mark a relationship or as a trophy maybe.
    And at some point and on the basis of being aligned to join the party on the Ilias route, she will change at the end and help Luka to restore her world and end the paradox, even if this may not be her choice or to her or Alice and therefore, end her end.

    Anyway, I’m sorry for those who see this in mobile but is that, when I feel like writing, I can not stop and my hand is out of control. Simply and although it sounds weird, I only hope as a minimum that Totoro, after this, that will be his last great job, go for the highest and give us a final or several worthy final, of course, for what an eroge and more an rpg they can come to give … XD

    • Iliasroute ftw

      I agree with most part, but I think the max level will be 99 since it’s usually that in most rpg maker games, probably they will remove the limiter, or maybe it will be 90.
      I predict both Nero and Neris will join regardless of the route.

      Also it kind of breaks the immersion of reverse rape for me if Luka is too strong so I keep him low level with job xp full focus or level reset with Reaper, hopefully the story won’t make me fight 1v1 with only Luka.

      Really can’t wait for part 3, guess I will continue with my 420h save, probably the game I played the longest along with TES.

  38. Crom

    Fingers crossed, but there might be a slight chance that Minwa, the developer of The Three Charms and it’s sequel (even though it feels more like a remake) soon releases another game. They announced last year that they were working on a third game, and both games released in the month of may of their respective years. I have not seen any announcements on it so far, maybe someone who is following them on ci-en knows more about it. Considering that both previous games were great and, for some reason, ridiculously cheap to buy, that would be a great game to spend some time on while waiting for the last paradox release.

  39. Anonymous

    I was thinking about Meia and her magic to keep her husband young, does anyone know if it’s a unique magic or other mermaids/monsters also have it? Also, do we know if she can keep him young forever, like for hundreds of years, since human lifespan is less than 100 and mermaid’s seems to be at least 800.

    • The Noble Shade

      It may or may not be the same spell as “Neverland Frontier”.
      It’s likely that the mermaid version is a modification, since it doesn’t interfere with memory.

  40. Anonymous

    if some people dont know how to patch the game on boards.4channel of mggg they have pre-patched data folder if you dont know its only the games data folder already patch so all you need to do is copy and replace your data folder with that one and bam your game is patched without having to do how many steps to patch the game yourself

  41. Anonymous

    So is it impossible to get any of Promestein’s elixir quests past Human->Vampire and Slime->Beast if you have Lily instead of Lucia?

    • Gag180

      Just got stuck at that point myself on my Illias play through. No idea what else I could do to trigger the mermaid to fairy option, short of a ng+. Anyone able to shed some light on this issue?

    • Anonymous

      Nope I’ve asked about it and it’s not possible. Maybe in Part 3 they’ll add something for the Lily choice.

  42. Gag180

    Not related to MGQ but didn’t know where else to ask. I’ve been playing a monster girl game called Cornelica: City of Succubi, (awesome game, has a full translation too). But I’ve been having trouble finding the last few Bad End’s, specifically 3, 6 and 11 (no idea if it goes beyond 28 and the harem end). Anyone who’s played this game know what they are and how to get them?

    • Crom

      Personally used a save file, think I got it from ulmf back then. Is there an actual full translation out? All I found was a machine translation, and these are usually gibberish.

      • Gag180

        Actually yeah I think it might be a machine translation, just been replaying it recently. It’s one of the better machine translations I’ve seen but yeah it is one.
        Thanks both Crom and the Anon for pointing out ULMF, I found a save file and just used that to work out the remaining Bad Ends and do them myself on my save

  43. Anonymous

    well i have not played that for a awhile i was able to get everything when i was playing dont really remember what those scenes are i was playing when the game was still in jap i kinda remember the harem end you get it from talking with the girl you where always with in the big house its a multiple choice did all options until i got it i think you need all other ending first tho you can also ask on the games page on ulmf

    • Gag180

      Oh I already had the Harem End, sorry for the confusion and you definitely don’t need all other endings, just need to beat the game then go back to that aforementioned door. Also an update, I just discovered 6 not long after writing my original post, but 3 and 11 still elude me. I don’t know what they involve so I can’t describe them. Though I can ask if there are supposed be Bad Ends associated with the Witch Succubus, that one with the sex toy shop or the school teacher? Those three the only succubi I’ve encountered that haven’t given me an end.
      Anyway thanks for the response!

  44. Anonymous

    so what’s the point of LOC you get like about the same exp and job exp by playing the game normally but in LOC enemys can 2 shot you on the first floor i dont see the point in it, getting killing in 2 attacks for like no exp not really worth it

    • Anonymous

      Its definitely worth it for the weapons, armor and accessories found there. I want to be overpowered for Part 3. The enemies can be tough, but the stuff found is vastly superior to what you’ll find in the second and third chapter. That’s why there’s an achievement for not stepping foot inside the LoC.

    • Anonymous

      A to skip text, D to hide(only during H scenes), up-arrow to see backlog(H-scene only), W to go slower/faster during dialogue, Q and W to scroll up and down in menus or item inventory and text.

  45. Anonymous

    So I havn’t been keeping up much with this since january. No updates, yet I see updates on the discord…..is there a new version I can manually patch? The current version I have is translated till you get to the castle with Alma Elma

    Sorry for sounding like a newb/idiot.

  46. Anonymous

    Can someone help me I am having so much trouble with patching is the kappa request scenes fully translated, I go to see her but get Japanese text. the spread sheet says shes at 100 percent I’m following the steps of the patching but what files do I exactly need to put together both dargoth and ArzorX right but is there a specific list or only two files

    • Tannin00

      You only occupy the archives of Dargoth and those of Arzorx only.
      If you have many problems try to reinstall the game again and then try again, given that, you can get to present some problem if the game files are not 100% as they are in a native state of version 2.23.

      • Anonymous

        I redid everything, it could possibly be the save that I have do you have a full save where I can test to see

        • Tannin00

          Let’s see, both for you and for anyone who comes for a save.

          1. First of all, I explain how it is ordered in case anyone asks … this save is designed so that 01 – 49 is the route of Ilias and 50 – 99 that of Alice.
          2. In both lines, I altered the properties of Luka to test the skills in the different difficulties, so no, there is no legal way that Luka and the party he has access to all classes (at least for now ).
          3. The save was made with the update of Arzorx just updated Alma Alma event, so, it is not a save with the most recent updates
          4. After proving to Luka and after re-playing the game 3 full times, I chose to leave Luka and the party he has with everything unlocked given that it is too slow to use seeds to fast forward or, to the legal mode . Although and if you want to start a clean game of what I did, just go with the Reaper and ask him to reset the character and if you wish, then restart the world and that’s it.

          In short, with that clarified and avoiding future questions about why the save form, here the link:

          P.D: I hope you have read and not just jumped for the save without more, little pervert.

  47. Anonymous

    Can anyone give me a “Best party” or at least relaly good race/class combos they like? I don’t like playing blind and playing gimpy races/classes, even if everything is “Viable”

    • Anonymous

      So first things first, you need to know that classes and races are strong because of four reasons: the stats they provide, the equipment they allow, the skills they provide, and the abilities they provide. There’s also character-specific traits, but that’s too time consuming to go over them all, so I’ll just mention some specifics as recommendations.

      Race is the hardest thing to change, so you have to know what races are generally versatile and which are situational. A lot of the early races you’ll have access to are situational, with the exception being most of the 4 bandits. Generally speaking, if the typical fantasy assumption about the race is strong, then they’re generally a strong race. I.e dragons, vampires, yoma, and angels are all strong and well-rounded races. Humans are the exception in that they are decidedly average. Imps are also pretty ok in the beginning if you can get them past the initial Imp hurdle, but you’ll get better units pretty quickly.

      Classes are where a lot of customization can occur. First thing of importance is that stats, equipment, and skills available change when you change races or class, but abilities that you unlock remain unlocked even if you switch classes. This means getting the Hero class’ ability SP Regen can be used as another class that also uses a lot of SP but doesn’t have access to as good SP regeneration. As such, you typically want to grind some classes to get their abilities, but then settle on a different class because of their skills and stats. Generally speaking, every class is useful for something, but you want to consider party balance and utility alongside pure power. Merchants, and their derivative classes, is an amazing support class, as the Mercantile skill allows you to essentially ignore item management and is such a QoL class. Thieves are the only ones who can learn the Lockpick line, so you want to level a Thief for that. Cooks are good for creating food to generate favor for your units, and it’s not a bad class overall for support purposes. The Gadabout line is a pain to level initially, but it provides some of the strongest in combat utility in the game when you get past that initial hurdle.

      As for personal recommendations, I would say using the vampire from the 4 bandits as a suppport is a must, as her character trait allows her to have access to the Mercantile ability regardless of her class. As such, you want to grind her to the end of the Merchant job tree, then choose a second support class. I would recommend Cook or Time Mage, the first for more generalized suppport strength, the second for boss strength.

      Luka is always a strong investment due to being the MC. His character ability allows him to use Heroic skills when any class, so I like to max him out under Hero then switch to the Martial Artist tree, which has an innately higher crit rate.

      Both Ilias and Alice are strong units, with Alice being a good support unit later on and starting with the very strong Noble class, and Ilias having access to offensive Holy magic early and generally being a solid support. There are some characters that you won’t get access to depending on who you choose, but either option is good and it largely comes down to preference.

      Sonya is decent enough to start with, but she’s somewhat stuck in part 1 due to being stuck with the human race. I keep her as a backline healer, but she will suffice in the early game, with some hilarious potential as a Berserker later on because of her club girl character trait.

      Last recommendation is very general, but the Necromancer class is actually broken. They learn a skill at around class level 7 that ignores the next two hits you receive. This can trivialize some boss fights, and is arguably one of the most busted classes in the game.

      • Iliasroute ftw

        I’m pretty sure there is a makina or artificial skill(at least my Jaide and/or Hild have it) that also blocks the next 2 hits, but I forgot which class unlocks it, probably advanced gunner or machinist?. Also, I think the spider princess has the most overpowered skill imo, she automatically uses this skill that blocks 2 hits automatically at the start of every fight with the passive Group Shield.

        My advice is also when you get a certain level 60 to temporarily join your party, immediately leave the current mission and use her to beat all bosses and recruit them, also remove all her equipment and keep it for yourself after you are done with her, same with all temporary characters that you don’t want to use.

        If you are playing on easy, I think it’s more immersive since the monsters you defeat and recruit are +- on par(a bit stronger, but that could be explained by the new leadership, so it’s not a plot-hole) 1v1 from what I tested with their enemy versions, but obviously its easy because the team has 4 members

        there is no way to remove monsters after you recruit it afaik, so be careful if there is a monster you really don’t like(e.g mud golem, shinifa).

        My favorite dps class is probably berserker(warrior->savage warrior->berserker) since you don’t have to command and they have good damage, so if you can 1-shot everything and have 4 savage warriors/berserkers, there is no need to press any buttons

  48. Anonymous

    So I have been playing part 2 for about 50 hours and am wondering one thing:
    What happened to the “+” in the skill description which indicated if the skill inherits attack modifiers?

    Did some of the game mechanics change or is it just a quirk of V2.23 not showing this status.
    Thanks for advice.

  49. Xoverguy

    Now my question is the following. Are dargoth and ArzorX working on different versions of the translation? Doing their own work and then combining it? Or actually working on the same team now? If they are still separate, maybe it might be a good idea for them to join forces and share the heavy workload. Especially if what Torotoro says its true and part 3 is going to branch HARD depending on if you went Ilias or Alice.

    Any explanation on this would be appreciated. As I would like to give credit were credit is due on both sides/fronts.

    • Anonymous

      Dargoth is MIA and I don’t think even the other translators know if he’s still translating but on hiatus, dead or what. I wish he would clarify it one way or the other so we can all move on if he gave up but there is a chance he’ll be back, this is not the first time he’s just disappeared for months (might be the longest though).
      The other translators are translating stuff that Dargoth didn’t up until he disappeared, so I guess you could say they’re combining the translation, so far.

      • Xoverguy

        Ok and you are right, he has been on hiatus in the past. I have been around ever since the beginning of the process of paradox 1. Hell, I even remember when Rogue Translator worked the entire original series pretty much on his own.

        I know that everybody is waiting for Dargoth to make progress, but given credit where credit is due, he made far more progress than I expected, as I am at the point that I have to take out the Monster Queens to stop the war, and its still in english for the most part.

        All I would hope is that Dargoth take the route of joining forces with ArzorX, especially given that it is confirmed that part 3 will split stories depending on your character that you selected at the start. Although at the same time, I do remember the angels saying something about Judgement Day, and how at that point he would have to decide if he allied with the Angels or Monsters. I think that is going to be pivotal to the story split as well. Wouldn’t you guys think so?

        • Anonymous

          Dargoth translated an insane amount of content in P1&2, even if he’s not coming back it’s a huge contribution that’s going to be hard to match. In terms of the actual amount translated he probably beat Rogue a long time because the original trilogy wasn’t as big. It’s still damn frustrating that he’s just gone like that but we’ll just have to wait and see.
          ArzorX and the other guys were translating stuff that Dargoth mostly left for a later date, like h-scenes, but in the end they did all the h-scenes, Dargoth wasn’t done with the story and vanished, so other people picked up the story where he left.
          Dunno about the story, I played almost zero of part 2 yet, lol. I’ll probably play this summer now that it’s mostly done.

          • Xoverguy

            I see, so given what you are telling me, was ArzorX building off what Dargoth already had set up, or might there be completed sections of the translation that are mutually exclusive to each of their patches?

            Example: If you patch through Dargoth’s you get most of the story but less of the H-scenes, but if you patch with ArzorX it’s vice versa.

            • Anonymous

              Can’t tell you for sure because I haven’t patched the game in a long time but the whole process of applying the translations from Dargoth and ArzorX is described here in the comments a few times, scroll up. Could also be in the comments under the ‘Progress… (?!)’ post

  50. Anonymous

    I just wanna say thanks to Dargoth for what he did, and ArzorX and all the other translators for picking up the pieces and doing their part.

    I hope Dargoth comes back and ArzorX does as well and comebine forces with the other translators for Part 3, if not….I hope someone else does, thanks guys

    • Anonymous

      today I had a very realistic dream in which I was browsing this website, and there was a pinned 1 line top comment from Dargoth on ‘Progress’ topic saying something like(I don’t remember it 100%): “I’m back, time to do some translations”. Well I thought for a while that it could be real…

      as you said, also want to give my thanks to ArzorX, Dargoth and the other translators that are also very important, hopefully they join forces for Part 3

    • Xoverguy

      If you are talking about that island that has the abandoned campsite and the diary, I am not sure. But at the same time I think it has something to do with the island way up north close to Vampire Castle’s island. Don’t quote me on this, but given a machine translation I saw a long time ago, I UNDERSTOOD OR ASSUMED, that the writer of the diary was talking about events that somehow happened interconnecting those two islands.

      I can’t be sure until Dargoth or ArzorX translate that section, but what I understand is that something bad happened in that island that you mentioned, and through some magic shenanigans the events happened in both that island and the island that I mentioned. It was obviously meant to come off as some strange mystery, that might not even have a solution until part 3, maybe.

      • Anonymous

        Those islands have actually been translated on Arzorx’s bitbucket. Update your translation if you feel like checking it out.

  51. Just in case someone is interested in seeing the advance …
    Today they gave a new update in which, they reiterate that the work put in part 3 is going as fast as possible (Possibly to take it out in the middle summer or to ends as were the previous parts).

    As a note, I must say that I hope there are more poses / scenes with the ancestors / archangels, than just one for each. Since they are important characters during part 3 more than ever.

      • Anonymous

        Since we still have no release date, then yea. Few more months at best. And after that 3 years for translation assuming Dargoth wont drop it.

      • Anonymous

        I’d say we’re probably looking at a release window of Q4 2019 – Q2 2020. It’s worth noting that on April 2018, TrTr posted in his blog that there will be no release for Part 3 in 2018. It’s now June 2019, and he hasn’t said yet not to expect a release in 2019 either. That could mean he genuinely doesn’t know yet if they’ll have it done in 2019 or 2020, and if that’s the case, that probably means 2019 is in the cards.

  52. Leeroy Jawson

    So, is there anyone who is actively translating MGQP left? I kinda left the scene for a couple years due to personal reasons and now came back to this confusing puzzle. Sorry if I sound rude. Just dont know any other way to put it. o-o

    • Aaron Martin

      collaborative effort between Dargoth and Doku. Story is finished, as are the H-scenes. Still have to patch it yourself, first with Dargoth’s files and then with Doku’s. Check the Progress thread or ask for a discord link.

  53. Xoverguy

    I recently repatched Paradox with the patches Dargoths and ArzorX Translation team, and I must say that I am nothing short of impressed. Combined you two did an amazing job.

    I only have one minor nitpick that I wanted to point out. In the ArzorX patch, I realized that the name of the Oracle Skill known as “Berserker Soul”, was changed to the name “It’s Always My Turn”.

    I totally understand if it can’t be done, but would it be possible to reset the name back to “Berserker Soul”? I just feel that:

    1. It better fits with the nature of the skill, given it forces you to use Oracle (Essentially Card) Skills, but lets you continuously act with them the next turn. If you have the Dual Soul Ability Equipped, and even more so if you are using Milly and Liru, Berserker Soul TRULY lives up to its namesake.

    2. There are actually a few other skills in game, who’s names also reference other Anime and Games that I personally feel were a good touch on the part of whomever translated them. A few which are the following:

    Nibelung Valesti (Spear Skill, Valkyrie Profile)
    Law of Cycles (Justice Skill, Madoka Magica)
    Berserker Soul (Oracle Skill, Yu-gi-oh, Dargoth Patch Only Currently)

    I am absolutely sure that there are other skills that share these referential traits but those are the three that come off the top of my head.

    So yeah, if the coding allows it, can Berserker Soul be given its name back? If not, at the very least, thank you for hearing me out.

    • ArzorX

      Let me discuss with the others about that matter and don’t worry, I’m always open to receive feedback.

    • Gemini Sunfall

      Berserker Soul being changed to It’s Always My Turn was done when I realized it was compeltely mistranslated from what it was originally meant to be. And when you think about what the skill does, it pretty much makes it feel like its always your turn, especially when you combine it with certain other oracle abilities like Dual Soul. Meanwhile when I hear Berserker Soul, it makes me think of becoming the Berserker class, an uncontrollable killing monster–which is not what this skill does at all.

      I’m hearing the argument “It was a Yu-Gi-Oh reference!” Well guess what, so was the original name too, according to a Japanese MGQ wiki that lists this skill as being a reference to the YGO manga. And the people who localize YGO in the west are also notorious for butchering a lot of things in the process. So you’ll understand why we went this route.

      Overall, we strive to make this translation as faithful to the original Japanese as we reasonably can, barring some notable exceptions where an idea or joke simply cannot be conveyed in English. This isn’t one of those cases.

      • Xoverguy

        First of all, given your previous post, Gemini, and the way it was worded, I got the feeling that I might have accidentally hit a nerve with my suggestion earlier today. If this is the case, I will say right now that it was not my intention to offend in any way nor make light of the lengths that you guys go through to make a faithful translation based on the original Japanese text.

        This being said, just as you have offered your opinion on the matter, I feel I am free to offer my own.

        In this day and age, I will not say that everybody will know it, but a grand majority of people will know the origin of the “Berserker Soul” Scene in Yu-gi-oh. Specifically in the first seasons, when Yami Yugi activates it, and continuously attacks Weevil with his monster, far after his life points were depleted. The reason for Yami Yugi even activating Berserker Soul, and attacking as he did, was due to the fact that Weevil at one point tore a card that apparently had Yugi’s soul in it. It was a hoax and a lie, but Yami Yugi took exception to that, and lost his shit. He literally went Berserk. As such, I use this as a rebuttal to your first paragraph. Since the only reason the Scene and thus the reference exists is because Yami Yugi went Berserk, making it apt.

        By the way, I am making my references specifically from the Japanese original source material, which can be easily found on youtube, so I do not really understand the comment about the joke being conveyed in English, since you don’t even need to look towards the English version. And its more a reference than a joke since Yami Yugi was enraged.

        Lastly, in terms of Paradox, you can actually replicate Yami Yugi’s Berserker Soul via the skill High Draw, which has a random chance of drawing either yggdrasil, the Normal Elemental Spirits, or the Artificial Elemental Spirits from part 3 of the original trilogy. And By using the skill, you use the extra turns to summon spirits to attack for you, akin to Yu-gi-oh, thus preserving the source in its entirety.

        As I said, this was not to disrespect or make light of anybody’s opinion or work. I just felt that I wanted to be clear about my perspectives, as you have been clear about yours.

        And for reference’s sake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=321wCzRSySw

    • Gemini Sunfall

      And those other references you mentioned were part of the original text. We didn’t “translate” a spear skill as Nibelung Valesti or a Justice skill as “Law of Cycles”–both of these are in fact what they were in the original Japanese script.

  54. Anonymous

    I’ve been trying to patch the game for an hour, and I swear I’m following the instructions to the letter, but I keep running into an error whenever I run the translator. something about a parse error on line 77.

    • ArzorX

      well you beat me, I was just going to reply that and no problem, always glad to help.
      (but still sorry for the earlier inconvenience because of that file).

  55. Xoverguy

    Hey ArzorX, is there any way that one can contact you outside of the blog here? There is something that I wanted to ask related to the translation to an extent, but I feel that it might be best that it not be talked about here. If there is anyway to do so, I would appreciate hearing it.

    • ArzorX

      Sure you can contact me in discord. I’m frequently online in there my number is #4916 if you don’t have a discord account, I recently made a reddit account with the same name Arzorx.

  56. Santiago Gascón Rodríguez

    sorry if i’m being an uncultured twat, but i’ve nnot checked this translation more than skimming the front page for the past year, so i’ve just digged a little and i’ve found all of this new (for me at least) information, i get the basics of it, that dargoth is awol and ArzorX is taking his work and finishing the translation, but there a couple of things i don’t totally get:

    1.- This translation is centered only on paradox 2 or you’re also finishing what was left in paradox 1 (i think i’ve read something of the sort on a coment above and i’ve ot confused)

    2.- How is it going? because the progress sheet for what i see was last updated on january

    3.- Is there a guide to know how to install the latest patch (and again, if you’re working on P1, also for that patch) because i’ve must skipped it

    Sorry for the inconvinience, and again thanks for the good work!

      • ArzorX

        but here’s what still needs to be translated.

        Labyrnth of Chaos gear enchant effects. A lot of them are already translated, but some still are still in Japanese. There’s also some untranslated boss text. Soul is supposedly working on these. Aside from those, the entire LoC is translated.

        Panty Sensei. Okay, technically the one sidequest that’s not fully translated, if you can call it a sidequest Sparkles is currently working on translating this.

        Giving Presents in the Pocket Castle. We’ve actually begun work on this, though progress will be slow until the story translation is done being polished.

        Skill Words (AKA, what characters say in combat upon using skills). This hasn’t been started yet, I imagine this is going to be the last wall we climb before our work is truly complete.

    • Andrey Martin

      well, i remember about people keep complaining how slow is the translation pace, and dargoth get mad and so on but, is dargoth really abandoning this project, or he just focus on translating the story?

      sry for RIP english

    • Anonymous

      I wonder what is this “magazine” they’re talking about again. Like a doujin with monster girls? Seems weird to have so much build-up for that.

      Also “Bring together the power of those who love squeezed creatures and female creatures,
      I would like to make something like “a tentacle book made by everyone” as well.”

  57. Anonymous

    Can anyone help? I’ve moved a few LoC weapons into storage, just to see if I could carry any more if I came across them. Now they’re stuck there and I can’t move them back into my usable inventory

  58. Anonymous

    Just for the sake of this question, I’m going to assume Dargoth is gone and not coming back. If that’s the case, how far have the new translation team come along in terms of understanding RPG Maker VX Ace?

    For example, if Part 3 were to drop tomorrow, would the new team be able to implement a UI translation shortly after?

    The reason I ask is that I remember when Paradox Part 1 was first coming out, Dargoth had some hurdles to get over with VX Ace, given the formatting/code was more complex.

    • The Noble Shade

      For the most part, a lot of files shouldn’t be affected by Part 3 dropping. Like you shouldn’t expect any H-scenes or commonevents dealing specifically with Part 1+2 content to be changed at all.
      Where it will start getting tricky is with the main label+description scripts (Actors, Items, Skills, etc.) that will no doubt see lots of additions, and a bunch of maps that get new dialog.

      • Anonymous

        Gotcha, I was curious. I mean to be honest, the team working on finishing Part 2’s translation have done an incredible job. I mean Darg just disappeared, leaving the rest of the team in an awkward position. But they stepped up and got it done. Major props to them, they don’t get thanked enough imo.

        Ever since Darg started translated Part 1, I always felt more than likely Darg would one day give up, given the sheer work load and RL related shit. Obviously there’s no 100% confirmation that he’s thrown in the towel, but if not even his translation team has heard from them in almost a year, that’s definitely not promising.

  59. Hewie

    I hope, what I’m about to ask doesn’t classify as spam but there are two questions that have been weighing on my mind for a while now so if I may ask someone from the depths of the ArzorX team:

    1. About Dargoth’s absence:
    Does it have to do with a happy occasion like him getting married or a child ?

    2. (the bigger question) About the team:
    Your work on the translation – speed, synchronization, progress, teamwork but most of all – persistence, really makes me ask myself: Is any of you part of Torotoro resistance’s official work team: developer, graphic team (yeah probably not that one), writers, QAs… ?

  60. Anonymous

    I noticed that some items say “set x to number” like Elven Cape “sets Evasion to 20” but I have 27% evasion with no items and 41% with it, so either I don’t understand something or the description is unclear, shouldn’t that be 20% when equipped? Does it set some base evasion stat or something? I think stacking stats like evasion have diminishing returns but even with that I can’t make sense of it.

    • Anonymous

      After some testing I think these still give a % bonus to the stat like in part 1, just with diminishing returns. (eg character with 5% base goes to 24% with elven cape, but with base 52% it goes to 62%). So I think the English descriptions for these items are wrong right now? Same goes for cirt rate items like Karate Rosary.

    • Gemini Sunfall

      The description is kinda correct–if you have no evasion to begin with, it will indeed set your evasion rate to 20%.If you already have inherent evasion, then multiplicative factors start kicking in to ensure that yes, you’re still gaining evasion but not as much as if you had none to begin with. From what I can tell, the formula looks like this

      Total Evasion=((Base evasion*0.8)+20)%

      This example is using the Elven Cape you mentioned–for other evasion accessories, the formula uses different multipliers.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. I only now started part 2 and a lot changed mechanically from part 1, I’m a little lost sometimes. Shields give evasion now? Staves heal the entire team at the end of turn? Crazy shit.

        Another thing with the descriptions, Sonya’s trait now says “club skills and white magic use willpower and attack respectively” (or something similar, I don’t have the game right now but it says they’re swapped essentially). But from what I saw she deals more damage with club skills when she has more attack or more willpower and heals more with white magic with more attack or willpower. As if it counted some of both or the higher of the two stats for both damage and healing? It could be something else buffing it, but that’s how it looks to me.

        And is it just me or the game got easier? I haven’t changed the difficulty setting from part 1 and I’m breezing through it compared to part 1, the stats stack better, the character traits are stronger, all weapons have new strong effects on them, overall lots of things got buffed for the player. I might start on higher difficulty now.

        • Gemini Sunfall

          I’m under the impression Sonya’s trait got mistranslated; from the way you’re describing it, all of her Club and White Magic skills behave like they use “Att or Will” instead of just one stat. The idea is that you no longer have to compromise between splitting her stats to get the best out of her primary skillsets.

          And yes, the game has gotten easier–Part 1 in particular had some earlygame adjustments just to make it possible on Paradox difficulty without RNG reliance. More than that however, you are correct in that many traits have gotten stronger–it actually goes hand-in-hand with the update to booster skills adding +15/30/50% power increases as opposed to 10/20/30% increases.

          And as of 2.20, every weapon type now has some added effect–yeah, all staves give a chance to heal the party at the end of turn, and other weapons have different effects, like triple damage if the target is afflicted with a particular status or has had their defense or agility reduced, etc..

          If you think this all makes the game too easy, feel free to crank up the difficulty to get some actual challenge out of it.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know if Sonya’s trait is mistranslated, the Japanese wiki translation gives me: “The power of “Skill” depends on the mental power. The power of “White magic” is based on the attack power”, so that sounds right to me. Maybe it just doesn’t replace the stat if it would result in a worse outcome? So yeah essentially it would work as “higher of Att or Will” for club skills and white magic.

            I played on very hard in part 1 and it was sort of challenging at times, after some boss battles I had only like half of my team still standing and often low on hp and sp. I think in the Hild fight I only had Luka and 1 other character standing by the end. I played to Grand Noah in p2 and I maybe had 1-2 characters randomly down in some fights and I don’t understand half of the new mechanics yet. It’s been so long and so much changed I’ll probably start from level 1 on higher difficulty.

          • Anonymous

            Ok, I got it. I read torotoro’s blog posts to get some sort of a changelog for part 2 and 2.11 had

            “・ A unique ability (such as force is applied instead of dexterity) of a type in which the ability value is replaced,
            If replacing is not effective, try not to replace it ”

            So Sonya’s trait was translated right but it’s unclear because you can’t get that clarification in the game anywhere and it used to replace the stat even if it gave worse results. Something like “Club Skills and White Magic use the higher of Attack / Willpower” would be more accurate.

            I also think the description for items that give evasion and such is misleading. It doesn’t “set” unless you have base 0, and that’s gotta be a hundred time more rare than having at least 5% base evasion and getting eg 20-ish from elven cape. Maybe something like “boosts evasion by up to 20%”? That would be more accurate in almost every single case.

  61. Anonymous

    A game similar to MGQ called Succubus Covenant is out, well the demo is, it’s in English, looks promising.

    • Anonymous

      I played it last night. It has a good amount of potential, but holy fucking shit does the game take goddamn forever to get started. I appreciate the effort people make in putting a serviceable in a Hentai game, but the dev for SC is trying to tell a novel before you even get to actual game.

    • Anonymous

      I really couldn’t get into that game at all. Way too much lore, and not enough Hentai.

      If I wanted a lot of lore, I would play an Elder Scrolls game. I don’t want it in my porn.

      • Anonymous

        That’s exactly my issue with it. World building can be great in a hentai game, it works well for MGQ and Shrift. But the dev for Succubus Covenant went way way waaaaaay too far. Even while holding the skip button, it took nearly an hour before the game got started. Like I get it, the young protagonist was taken in as a young boy to train as a hunter. But for some reason the Developer decided we needed to see every single moment of his training and journey.

        And like I said, the game has potential. The story and concepts are there. But he just needs to dial way back on the story. But I don’t know how he can fix that at this point because it would basically involve scrapping an hour’s worth of game/story.

        IMO he should make the entire prologue an option to skip when you first start the game.

        • Anonymous

          He made a the entire prologue an option to skip with the new demo update lol.

          I think it was story heavy this much in the beginning because it’s a start to a game and we got a lot of exposition dumped on us.

          Doesn’t seem like that will be the case for the future.

  62. Arj

    Has something happened to the dev team of MGQ? The official MGQ website gives a 404, and I can’t access Torotoro’s blog either. The official Twitter is also gone as far as I can tell…
    Anyone know anything?

  63. Anonymous

    There was a new update on Torotoros site, but it gives nothing realy new. Just some teasers for up comming character and area.

    • Anonymous

      Evil alt-universe Tamamo. I think that first art has been around since part 1 though.
      “urban cybernetics city Yamatai” might be cool.

    • Anonymous

      Also an announcement about two doujins with succubus content named “Heaven” and “Hell”. These will be in download version only, hopefully they’ll sell well.

  64. Anonymous

    How do you get the item needed for advanced prostitute jobs? Game told me something about challenging battle fuckers.

  65. Anonymous

    I’m stuck in part two, I have 5 orbs, silver, green, blue, red and yellow. somebody remember where is the last one?

  66. Anonymous

    I started the game from scratch with part 2 and I see something weird, I’m near the end on the first continent, level 11-12 on my characters, 20-30% evasion on everyone and I literally never see enemies miss their attacks. I know some attacks don’t miss but this happens with normal and physical attacks too, even when the enemy is blinded with a spell, they hit every single time. What’s up with that? I play on hell difficulty but I thought difficulty only scaled enemy hp/def/attack/magic. Anyone knows how hits/evasion work under the hood? It doesn’t break the game or anything but it makes some items, skills and abilities useless.

    • The Noble Shade

      Congratulations, you discovered the hit rate bug. Due to the way they coded hit rates, (physical) evasion and hit rate penalties don’t work properly. One of the contributors has tried tinkering with this with middling success.
      My advice is to refocus from that to offense.

      • Anonymous

        And yeah I just switched to more offense and stacking hp, after testing that an enemy at lower level still hits 10/10 times when BLIND. Still weird they patched the game so much and left a huge bug like this. Maybe they’ll fix it for part 3 lol.

        • The Noble Shade

          We suspect that this happened in an attempt to nerf evasion, since stacking evasion was simple and granted near immunity to physical attacks (like with Pyhar, for example). But it backfired by making evasion useless.
          If you want to mitigate physical damage, you can use defensive buffs, and lamias can learn a dance that nulls physical damage for the party.

          • Anonymous

            I get nerfing it, but diminishing returns instead of addition was enough, with a right formula or a hard cap it shouldn’t be possible to stack it high enough to avoid all attacks. Did they also give 500% base hit chance to enemies or something? Now evasion and blind don’t do anything. They’re probably going to rebalance it for part 3 again, so we’ll see.

      • Quandoanzombie

        Oh that’s why I could use Harpy Dance to fight Reaper in part 1 but couldn’t do shit in part 2. Glad to know. Are there any bug that affects the game heavily that I should know? Thanks in advanced.

    • Anonymous

      New update by Dargoth? Who knows, maybe next year, maybe tomorrow, maybe never. You can check out Arzorx’s blog for updates on the status of the translation (linked a couple of posts up from here).

    • Gemini Sunfall

      Power Mastery has to do with the use of “heavy” weapons that the Giga Fighter class specializes in (Clubs, Axes, and Greatswords), granting mastery bonuses when any of those weapons is equipped.

  67. Anonymous

    Toro updated hos blog about the two doujins.
    I google translated the post (so I might be wrong on some things) but here’s the summary:
    – Both doujins (Heaven and Hell) will be released on 30th of August, each having around 180 pages.
    – Both are filled with only succubus content, even if Heaven will have lighter content, it will still be femdom, in Hell every protagonist dies at the end.
    – In September updates about MGQ will continue, probably introducing a new girl.

    • Anonymous

      If you support this scene and have the necessary money, go buy at least one of the doujins. This helps funding future monster girl content.

  68. Gag180

    Just wondering, the High Apoptosis race and a job or two give some skills with elemental attributes not seen or mentioned anywhere else in the game. In fact I had to look at the wiki just to get the names. Demise, Quantum, Eternity, Galactic and from the Makina Master job, Nuclear.
    But I can’t seem to find any explanation on what these are or their effects, does anyone know?

    • Anonymous

      These are Chaos elements. Basically, they’re special elements based on normal elements (e.g. Nuclear is based on Fire), except they ignore evasion, reflection and elemental resistances. Chaos elements are useful if you plan on exploring the Labyrinth of Chaos, where many enemies have one or more of these defences.

      • Gag180

        Thanks for the explanation, I hope they become more relevant in Part 3. Are they actually explained in-game in any way? Seems odd not to be

  69. Steven Peter


    I have been wondering if there is any way to get the extra content on Shrift apparently its available threw the link on dlsite however i cant follow the site as i dont speak Japanese an google translator is no use for translating the whole site…

    • Anonymous

      So since nobody answered you so far, I’m just gonna assume:

      Mr Peter, you’re in the wrong neighborhood.
      You might’ve noticed that Dargoth kinda went missing with this being his last post
      But due to Dargoth being the main translator of MGQ:P for so long, people still use the commentsection as a forum to discuss about translation progress with the new team (God bless them) or for problems, that some users have.

      Nobody here discusses about the actual content from this last post, being fresh 11 months old. Im sorry to say, but I dont think someone will answer your question.
      I’m no exeption. All I want to do is explaining, in case you wonder, why nobody would respond you.

  70. Michael

    Hello can anyone tell me what would happen in-game if you had both Alice and Ilias? I plopped Alice into my party, but I picked Ilias in the beginning. Are there any scenes that use just Alice vs. just Ilias? Would all scenes regarding the two only show me Ilias’ input since she’s the one I chose? Thanks.

    • Gemini Sunfall

      Nothing, events would still play out as if you picked Alice because of certain flags which become set the moment you select one of the two.

  71. Anonymous

    if you just added alice nothing should change since im pretty sure at the start who you pick activates a check but if you kinda edit the pick alice or ilias part to be able to get both at once then maybe that could effect the game since both check would be active best case nothing will happen and you see both events like when you get the pocket castle one after other or it break the game i never tried doing that the most i done was add a shop that sold the exp and job and race seeds for free

  72. Anonymous

    Hey so i found a typo in 2 abilities in mgq paradox, the defence abilities, great defence, and ultimate defence, have “gaurding” instead of guarding in the description. might want to check that.

  73. Anonymous

    Sorry to ask but does anyone have the discord link to the monster girl quest paradox translation server? The other links on here sadly don’t work anymore.

  74. Anonymous

    ArzorX, I found a small bug in one of the scripts and since your still working on this project I figured I would report it

    Around Line 672
    def update_flip_hide

    Right at the end of that function add
    @name_window.visible = self.visible if $imported[“YEA-MessageSystem”]

    # ● ウィンドウ隠し反転の更新
    def update_flip_hide
    return unless Input.trigger?(:Y) || Input.trigger?(:Z)
    return if @backlog_window.active
    self.active = !active
    self.visible = !visible
    @name_window.visible = self.visible if $imported[“YEA-MessageSystem”]

    This will make it show and hide the Name Box when pressing Z Button (Keyboard D, Gamepad Button 6)

    Show and Hide already works for F8 so I just pulled the code that handles the name box from that
    Script_00000254_▽ パッチスクリプト読込 ver5.txt
    Line 3148

  75. Anonymous

    Hi so i found a typo, this time in the Elemental Pendant accessory, it says it reduces the elemental damage by 75% but actually reduces by 25%, might want to check that.

    Just doing my part to help.


  76. Steven

    Anyone knows when is part 3 going to be released? Since dargoth’s absence i totally stopped following mgq paradox news so idk.

  77. Anonymous

    Don’t wanna bother you guys but the discord links above are all invalid agian, could someone post a new one?

  78. Anonymous

    Hello I have a question, since I saw mr. ArzorX is having a blog and game is still being translated that makes me happy for the future of this game. But to the point, I have played Paradox (latest version) for long time, I patched it the way it should be patched, the ytashni or whatever the name is and all latest files *at that time*, but at least 6 months passed if not a year and I’m pretty sure there was some japanese text especially for h scenes. So how to I “update” my translation if that is possible or do I have to download raw game again then do all over again?

    • yeah, you need a raw version to update the translation, since we don’t recommend to update an already pre-patched version since bugs or errors can occur during gameplay.

  79. Anonymous

    Hey its me again (guy from previous post) so everything went smoothly and I got new patch thanks ArzorX for quick response. But I got another problem so let me explain:

    I’m stuck. I probably started new game + at some point long ago that I’ve forgotten about, then quit playing it altogether. So basically I’m stuck at some point in the game and idk how to progress, can somebody tell me at what part of the game am I and how to progress. I want to pass the entire game and be able to enter LoC. I saw some save file links on forums for 100% they are at end game with LoC, but it’s just not same it’s a common save file I’ve grind for all jobs and at LoC.

    My safe file if you are interested to “investigate” the problem: https://mega.nz/#F!9uZhQSYY!jCh1tGeOmgtSZKGrJWDCJg

    Any help would really be appreciated. Rly confused as the game content is so big and I’m totally lost back in part 1 days I could easily navigate now the game is too much.

    • Talk to Amira when you are lost or don’t know where do you need to go, in your case check all the locations Amira is telling you to go with the help of the harpy feathers and if you still have problems ask right away.

    • Anonymous

      Processing CommonEvents.rvdata2
      ERROR: The directory or file cannot be created.

      For whatever reason it can’t write that file. Probably one of the following:
      1: Make sure you are using the latest version of Ytinasni’s translation tool 0.10c found in Dargoth’s Bitbucket (If anyone knows where to get a more up to date version please post a better reference as Dargoth has flown the coop)
      2: Not enough space on the drive, Ytinasni’s translation tool really is a resource fiend so it needs like 10 GB or so of free space even if the entire game is under 3 GB
      3: The User that it is running under doesn’t have access to the folder directory. Check File Permissions and try running it as an Administrator
      4: Something got corrupted. Could be “Blobs” folder and/or “settings.ini”. Backup “Script” folder along with “out\Save” folder then delete those as well. Then run GameSelector, select Original Japanese Game, let it rebuild everything, get a fresh copy of the translation files from ArzorX Dokudoku Amateur Translation Team’s Bitbucket, run Translator, and if that works restore Save folder.
      5: If you are using the latest version of the translation tool, have the free space, permissions are set to allow read/write access, and file corruption isn’t the case then it could just be Ytinasni’s translation tool is acting wonky. I think it uses the Dot Net framework.

      F95Zone has a manual patch if the translation tool fails.

      • carrotcake

        Thanks for the quick response! For anyone else having this problem, try moving the translator and game to your computer if you have it on a flashdrive. I think it had something to do with the file permissions.

  80. Anonymous

    Are there currently any active monster girl game translation projects that look promising, elsewhere?

    Much love folks, have fun fapping while your entire family is home due to the virus, and may Dargoth rest in the hidden hentai game folder in the sky.

  81. Anonymous

    The longer I wait for part 3, the more afraid I become. Not because of the game’s quality, but because there is a great chance Arzor’s team will not be able to continue their work with that masterpiece.

  82. Anonymous

    Hey so i found something here, when i use the skill talk on an enemy and they ask for a fish instead of saying fish and showing the fish icon it says tofu and shows a tofu icon might want to look at that.

    i had a blue slime ask for tofu instead of fish for example.

  83. MeepMoorp

    Does anybody have a link to the new Torotoro Resistance blog? The old link no longer re-directs there automatically.

  84. MeepMoorp

    Anyone know what the latest blog post by the devs is about? Seems to be some book or comic or something? Is this at all MGQ related, or some side-project or just a promo?

  85. Anonymous

    So i found something in the game i dunno where to put this so il leave it here, when i use the skill steal sp on an enemy it says she stole sp from herself, i was using the harpy queen for this if it matters, it said Lucretia stole sp from Lucretia, also the cook skill whimsical chef’s dish when i press A to see the details of the skill it shows the info of the skill fried egg.

    Hope this is of some use to you guys thank you so much for translating this game.

    • The Noble Shade

      Steal SP, despite what the description says, doesn’t affect any enemy, as enemies don’t have or use SP. Since we have no idea how TTR wanted to implement the skill, we haven’t changed the action message for it. Rest assured that it does restore SP.
      As for Whimsical Chef’s Dish, keep pushing A to cycle through the possible dishes. This can be done with other skills that have random effects as well.

  86. Anonymous

    So i found something when Chirp uses a dance skill she gets the evasion buff from her trait twice, she gets the bonus only once but it says she got the boost twice.

  87. Anonymous

    Okay, I patched my game to the latest file by ArzorX & co. It worked…mostly. However, I noticed that Centaur still shows up as “Lihitinu” as a party member and when I want to swap out members from the Pocket Castle, but is listed as “Lichtina” when talking to others. Is this a glitch?

    • Anonymous

      There is the update 2.31 which adds some new side quests. But the fabled Part 3 isn’t out yet and I wouldn’t get your hopes up for a holiday release.

  88. Anonymous

    So i saw a thing called Character Traits+ was added but i cant find out how it works do i have to press a button for the thing to work in the character library?

  89. Anonymous

    I have a question, so in the commit 141c7a6 version, chirps trait worked fine but now in commit 7949dc9 its acting weird, it says it increase evasion twice ex:
    chirp has increased evasion
    chirp has increased magic evasion
    chirp has increased evasion
    chirp has increased magic evasion
    before it only showed:
    chirp has increased evasion
    chirp has increased magic evasion
    was this changed or is it a bug?

  90. Anonymous

    Ground control to Major Tom
    Your circuits dead, there’s something wrong
    Can you hear me Major Tom?
    Can you hear me Major Tom?
    Can you hear me Major Tom?
    Can you heeeeeear-

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