• Anonymous

      ???? Check the bitbucket, there has been plenty of translation updates there. ArzorX (and the team) also have their own bitbucket for H-scenes that are almost all done. There was also a progress update back in October if you bothered to scroll down a little from the main page.

      • Kajukin

        Hey. I manually patch the game over bitbucket and allready see the other bitbucket from the H-Scene translations…buuut I read somewhere before that its not kompartible. I mean dargoth translation and the H-Scene translations.

        Or I missunderstand it and can download all the stuff and it will work? Or should i wait until dargth bin it in the master file?

  1. Anonymous

    Monster Girl Dreams is pretty good.
    Battle fuck turn based combat, mostly text based, but some characters and enemies have art already.

  2. That “Your Sweet House” one sounds interesting, might need to keep an eye on that.

    Hopefully they don’t do what “Succubus Prison” did and pull a stupid “Diabolus ex Machina” to force an automatic loss immediatly after you win, completely negating the whole point of winning…

  3. Anonymous

    Anyone know if Anasteema Tea Party will get a translation? Size difference/giantess is my jam and I’m really worried an awesome size game will release but be forever stuck in moonrunes exclusively.
    Domination Quest will be translated by the developer luckily and it also features gts monster girls which should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Demon Angel Sakura.

    • Anonymous

      Domination Quest’s demo is in English, so quite sure the full version will be too, as far as i know all of their games are in English.

  4. Crom

    So the Dieselmine game is out. I downloaded it instead of buying it because i knew from the preview that there was probably not much in it for me due to their fixation on fetishes i find to be quite appalling. Ignoring the fact that this is by far my least favourite Dieselmine game to date (for various reasons), i still have the habit to finish games i have started. So does anyone know what to do in the library? I tried to enter it as soon as possible but thought it was impossible at this stage so i finished every other world first, and now i stand in front of that wall and can’t get the ladder to drop.

    The only information you get in the room is that the ladder is visible, that you should not put the book on the floor and that the bookbench is supposed to be used to place the book. The icon of anything you place on the floor seems to be bugged, because it shows flowers on the floor no matter what you place there, but the symbol will fix itself if you leave the room and come back. I tried everything that makes sense, I even got the bear from the other area once i ran out of options because it was useless so far and tried most combinations between the bear, the book, the flowers or 2 of the same type, nothing did anything so far. Either they fucked it up and made it impossible to progress, or you have to do some fucked up convoluted shit a healthy gaijin brain can’t comprehend.

    • Anonymous

      Where did you download it? Honestly I was curious and almost bought it but I can’t in good faith pay full price for a game I can’t even read.

      • Crom

        Velka posted it on the anime sharing site. No one should buy this game honestly, even if you like the primary fetish of this game it is terrible value for its asking price. Few scenes, 1 hour of playtime if you take your time, no actual gameplay aside from walking and hitting buttons to escape binds, and the writing for the scenes looked terrible due to all the baby language they put in. Hell they even reused assets from older games and still mostly use free music you can find in every little hentai game.

          • Crom

            I did not hook the text, I learned to read japanese on a basic level so understanding the text in the library was not that hard. Also, thanks for the hint with the ladder, I feel dumb as hell for not thinking about that.

  5. Reno

    Also for another game, check out Sanmai no Ofuda/The Three Charms. You’re gonna have to run it with machine translation but it’s well worth the cheap price. Might be a bit frustrating to get the hang of it but it’s a brilliant little game with a sequel and hopefully another.

    • Crom

      For anyone interested in this a word of warning. This game is hard, you really need to know what you are doing to make it through. Fights are difficult and riddles are rather tricky to do if you don’t understand what is going on. There also is a colossal fuckton of text to read in both the loss scenes and the story. I have no idea how to use machine translations in games so this is speculation, but I imagine the text could prove to be difficult to handle for machine translations because I had more trouble than usual reading through it. Could be an intentional style of writing that makes it harder than the average japanese you get in these games, much like Koihime Musou, so machine translations may turn it into gibberish. The upside is that the game is dirt cheap on dlsite though, like literally less than a euro/dollar

    • TJ

      I was hoping someone would mention these games. I enjoy both of them though @Crom is right about the difficulty. Even with machine translation, you want the exact context and meaning in a game that seems unforgiving.

      However, I greatly enjoy the sex scenes and both of these games have a LOT of content. I definitely want someone to tackle translating these games so i can actually playthru the story with context, lol. Im a dirty lil pirate so I didn’t pay, but definitely support Minwa by buying a cheap game with loads of content. Minwa is making a 3rd one as we speak and posts updates on his Cien profile. You can get the demo of the 3rd game for free by just subscribing to the free tier. I think the 500yen tier has access to more updates and characters

      • Crom

        Oh I am sure the first game will be translated in about 1-2 years or so. A group translating games is currently working on Lust Grimm and most likely finished in about a month or so, then they will have another poll for the next game. Last poll saw the Three Charms on 3rd place, behind Lust grimm and Succubus Rhapsodia, so if no other must translate game appeared in the meantime i think the next poll will decide to translate Succubus Rhapsodia, which should take between 8-10 months, and then Three Charms which should take a year at least, just an estimation though. They have a Patreon (=together=), the 1$ tier already allows you to play partial translation patches, with one patch per month, the 5$ tier allows you a new partial patch every 2 weeks. They will probably continue to make the full patches free to download like they did with every game before. So far, they successfully translated 4 games, with Lust Grimm being the 5th and as far as I know at least one of them was used by the developer as an official translation afterwards.

        Regarding the 3rd Minwa game, if the gap between the first two games is anything to go by, it will take like half a year before that one is finished. Sadly i am having troube with using this dreadful Cien site so I don’t really have a good way to stay updated on those things.

  6. Anonymous

    Hi so i dont know where to post this so il leave this here, i found a typo in the axe skill Minotaur spinning axe, it says in its description target foe but actually targets all foes,

    also im not sure if this is a typo so if its intentional, my bad, but the holy skill saint’s protection wen used by luka he asks the light for healing instead of protection, again if its intentional my bad but il just leave this here.


  7. Anonymous

    Man i almost missed out on SHRIFT. Thanks for this post dargoth.
    That game really does so many things right.
    Even many Monstergirl that would’ve/have been been a nope or just mediocre in MGQ where hot AF in shrift.
    Also the First time i fought the sphinx has been a better experience than the first time i got countered by queen harpy in MGQ1 (and the whole monster girl thing was still relatively new to me at that time).

  8. Anonymous

    “Your Sweet House”

    Reminds me a *LOT* of Succubus Prison? Are there any differences or is it pretty much the same thing/concept? I might give this a look, I love games like this.

    • TJ

      What are you using to translate “Your Sweet House?” I cant seem to find the text thread to this game for machine translation.

      • Anonymous

        I tried using RPGMaker Translator and it shows 101,306 caches translations, but when I run the program, I’m met with “failed to find game data file” despite linking in the .exe with the folders and I really don’t have it in me to manually do each line by itself.

  9. Anonymous

    The Three Charms series is worth checking guys. The first game is very difficult but the second is much more enjoyable. The artstyle, the story and the H-scenes are all hella good

  10. edale2

    Anyone know where I can find a translation of Torotoro’s Tentacle Encyclopedia? machine translation’s fine, I can’t get any of the “rpgmaker translators” to work with it (there’s no rgss file and no data folder?)

  11. Anonymous

    For Your Sweet House, does anyone know how to get the harem ending? I put the wooden book thing on the pedestal that you had to collect pieces for and I got a normal ending. It’s the only CG I’m missing from the game

  12. anonymous

    So I played a bit of that domination quest and can’t proceed any further. Whenever I enter a certain area, it instantly transitions back into the last area.

    Unless I’ve accidentally downloaded the demo then this is a bug where they leave you way too close to the tile needed to transition into the previous area and it’s triggering without me having to do anything

    • anonymous

      Looked it up a bit and turns out that the game is a buggy piece of shit. They are fixing the bugs though and have already fixed the bug I encountered but I think I’m gonna hold off on this game till a torrent of a bugless version comes out

  13. Anonymous

    I’m playing through Your Sweet House.
    I collected the second fragment and left the mansion, but now i don’t know what to do?
    When i try to enter the hut the game softlocks and i can’t move? Is that a bug?
    How do i progress from here?

  14. Anonymous

    Yo thanks for the recommendation on Shrift played through it 2 times and it was great. Shrift took me about 25 hours to complete 2 times it really is worth checking out.

    • Blake

      Gave up on this game, the grind required to beat that ome boss duo seemed insane and this game had the worst controls I have ever seen in any game. The scenes have to much sick shit for my taste, so that did not really keep me there either.

      • Aaron Martin

        I did not have much trouble with any of the bosses. Just gotta come up with a strategy and a team. I used a controller, didn’t see any issues. THe games had quite a few updates so it’s pretty smooth now and some post game stuff is being added at the end of this month. As far as the content, well much like MGQ stick with what you like and skip over the rest. Blossom, the frog girl (sans the second scene) and the kitsune alone made the game well worth it to me.

      • Anonymous

        Wtf are we supposed to write? “when is the patch coming out”? Dunno about Dargoth, maybe he’s busy with something else. It’s not like it would be the first time when he disappears for a while.

      • CwHart

        Didnt expect people to start with the “This site/project” is bed bullshit so soon. Dargoth has taken longer breaks than this before. The man might be burnt out and is working at a slower pace, and I can’t really blame him if thats the case. I am sure if he ever quit he would have told us. Just be patient

    • Aaron Martin

      Someone in one of my MGQ groups on FB mentioned a “possible” end of March release for the full patch of part 2. Pretty much lines up with the estimate he gave a couple posts/topics back. This close to the finish line, maybe he wants to hold off on the bitbucket commits to give us a nice surprise. It’s speculation so unless you see it from Dargoth, take it with a grain of salt, or hope if you prefer.

  15. Aaron Martin

    Lust Grimm has a translation patch now. Gotta pick up some of the newest JSK games that were translated and if I have the cash for it after that gonna check that out next month.

      • Aaron Martin

        That would be JSK Studios. I’ll simply say that English translations exist and you’re gonna have to google for it. His works are almost entirely pov battle fuck flash titles. Top notch for self immersion. Sells his stuff on DLSite English so try to purchase the originals of the games you like. Same thing we ask of people playing Paradox, or any fanslated game for that matter.

        • Of course, I have been a huge fan of JSK for quite awhile and use ULMF for most of the translations but I thought maybe you had knowledge of a different group or such on new translations… and yes I always buy the games, one must always support these indie guys, it is only proper, right? lol

      • Aaron Martin

        When you find the forum you need to check the community guide, that’s where the new translations are.

  16. Aaron Martin

    Domination Quest cleaned up the bugs and added a post game dungeon. Looks like it’s gonna be another multi-part game.

  17. Rango

    I played all of the games above, Domination Quest has an english patch so that’s a plus and the scenes are kinda good. Shrift is definitely the best gameplay-wise, and an awesome game overall, definitely recommending this one. Your Sweet House is one of the weakest Dieselmine games to date, and a cheap knock off of Succubus Prison; even the scenes are not that great. Torotoro’s Tentacle Encyclopedia Vol. 2 was released in December and it’s good if you like tentacle on male hentai, but most of the monsters are… well, monsters, so that might be a turn off for some people.
    I’m looking forward to play Anasteema Tea Party but I can’t find a release date anywhere….

  18. Anonymous

    Anyone else wishing the stupid tentacle book stuff would just die so we could hear about mgq? I want themm to say SOMETHING about it… even if ends up being that oh the final part wont be out til x years from now.. or something

    • Dovah

      While I feel your pain, developers then to work in more than one thing at the time. I think we will have paradox 3 this year or next one. For now, we don’t even have part 2 translated, and I’m sure that Dargoth will take a rest from translating even if it comes the moment part 2 translation is finished.

    • Anonymous

      Look at it this way, the final part will be out then hopefully they wont announce another project til part 3 of paradox. Hell maybe we will get lucky and get something between some teases, a trailer, or even a release date maybe for park three

    • Anonymous

      torotoro mentioned the development of part 3 won’t be affected by other side projects.
      Also a teaser should come out in my opinion in summer at latest. From there on there will be 3 months until the release.
      At least that’s how it was in the past.

  19. Anonymous

    One question, I do not understand well the Japanese and the translator does not translate it well but … as I understood, the final part of Paradox, due to how long it will be, they will split it in two and thus create 2 possibilities of the story as it happens in pokemon? Since he mentions that it’s like they’re working on 2 games at once, which then makes me think …

    So … first how does it affect who you choose at the beginning? Since, if for example, I chose Ilias, but I prefer the version side that goes with the monsters, as you will see then the ancestors and the very Alphina to her rival?

    Second, if so, then how many endings could the versions have, since, originally, one could think that there would be several endings, but being the end in two possibilities to choose, then what endings can there be and which one of them? then could it be considered a canon?

    Third and nothing to do with the above. Taking into account that totoro with the saga takes 2 years in two more or less to get a next part, then that in principle would say that this year would have to come out the final part, but what I’m afraid, is that if they had or take into account from the last update of part 2 that was in April of last year, then the game in theory will have to leave in 2020 which … hurts me because, after playing the part 2 of the paradox series 2 years ago , I’m curious to know how the end directed anger and … the most important, which caused Neris and Nero, could survive and reach the paradox world, when in theory, the entire original line was lost by the birth of the Paradox and how is it that the worlds of light and darkness know about the original story. Because I doubt very much that Black alice to create more chaos was without more and they will be told, as in turn, it would be very illogical to me that somehow, they could have seen the story first hand. It is more and as I giño, although it is very silly, it would be nice that it would have been to have read it in the book that the unfortunate lamia wrote at the end of the original saga. Because I say, something is that they were mounted in part 1 a whole roll to find it, so, you must have some affection for that character and therefore, give some joke more and more for the end of the saga .

    Sorry to write so much and more for those who see it on mobile, but when I want to write, I do it without more.

  20. Mystery55

    Hello, I apologize if this is kind of ignorant but I would like to ask one thing.
    Is translation for Monster Girl Quest Paradox Part 1 complete?

    • Anonymous

      The most complete for standalone Part 1 you’ll get is the one from the “Final MGQ Paradox Part 1 Patch” post a few posts down from here. The story is done, the UI is done, but many h-scenes and some combat talk and castle interactions aren’t. Technically, these are now translated (I think?) in the current build for part 2 but you can’t apply that patch to part 1. So you can:
      – play part 1 with the final patch (that covers most of the game but lacks mostly h-scenes translations) then transfer your save to part 2 once that’s translated
      – play combined part 1/2 after manually patching the game with a wip translation
      – wait for the part 2 patch and play the game (parts 1/2) translated. Nobody can tell you how long that’s going to take but lots of people estimate a couple of months.

  21. Anonymous

    Hi Arzorx
    Firstly, thanks for all your team and Dargoth hard work. btw, I saw that you mentioned your team finished all the H-scenes. But I still saw some unstranslated text particularly in the later battle fucker (etc. Gloria the pirate). Just wondering if your translations reached that part or am I messed up the patching progress?

  22. Anonymous

    did anyone see that we get news on part 3 there one new monster girl a Cockroach girls on the blog and there meant to be more new monster girls then the first and second part put together and the game is going to be huge and alice and ilias routes will branch out into there own story unlike the first parts were its the same but with the other.

  23. Chris

    So question, how far is the story right now? I saw the h-scenes were translated, great job by the way!, but i was wondering how far the lore has come.

    • Exodus0117

      Well, that is not known. The last update of Dargoth I leave entering Grandold and little more, so and if we take into account that two months ago not updated anything but if he is still alive for his activity on February 24 in the section of requests and revisions bit link, the most likely is that for some matter or another, can not update constantly and prefer to wait until you have everything together to throw it away, as happened with part 1.

      Although that yes, we can go saying R.I.P to the commitment that Dargoth finish in our time the translation of part 3, given that Totoro said:

      1 ° It will be practically as if they were two games in one for the finally, separation of history and ending that will have chosen Ilias or Alice, so, from the beginning, the meme of or a button or another is applied.

      2 ° According to what they said, the number of monster girls is equal and even a little more, than the total given in part 1 and 2. Likewise, if we subtract from that number the ones we already know will be like the ancestors, archangels, knights, monsters not yet implemented from the original trilogy, etc. The number that would remain as between the dice between part 1 and 2, is still large.

      3 ° All the non-main content such as extra missions or character events of so many “rellono” monsters, as of the main or important ones like the ancestors or the archangels, without mentioning that obviously the labyrinth, although it is not much, will receive an update to unify everything, make the content not main, equal or superior to the work to be done in part 3.

      4 ° And finally, considering, although I can not verify that. The content even if little but existing NG + games having characters that should not be in X time, as it happens with the battle against Leviatan, having leviantan in the team or like the comments that Morrigan or “La no black alice” or Well, from the inclusion of unique events of NG +, they make part 3 the part that most difficult to translate in the short term.

      Therefore, to us, humble mortals who do not know Japanese, we have no more to use tools such as ITH or Translator aggregator for and more or less in some way, understand the game and be able to enjoy it when it comes out. Although that yes and remembering.

    • Dovah


      You can recruit the 4 queens and that is half translated. Until that. The path to the monster lord castle in the past is not translated yet.

  24. Exodus0117

    Remembering …

    Someone who manages the ITH and Translator aggregator programs could please explain me what I do wrong. My case, when my PC had windows 8, the programs when I captured the game translated everything to me with the text came out, but now that I have windows 10, the ITH program does not pass the text that it takes from the game to the Translator and I have to select it one by one to translate it?

  25. uberculex

    Hey guys, if you want to encourage Dargoth, the donate button is still there. I decided to give my part. I would hope to convince anyone else frustrated with the lack of results to do the same.

  26. Anonymous

    why so many steps to patch the game when it can be as easy as copying over your data folder with the translated one where the game is?

  27. Anonymous

    if you own the program on witch the game was made you can put the game in that then you can translate it that way but if the way they are doing it has all the text in one big spot they i can see why there not doing the other way.

  28. Anonymous

    hello , could someone be so kind to provide me with a save file that contain all the possible recruitable mg n the castle including cirque du croix , i will continue the game when the translation is complete but hey sincerely would like to have all the h scenes available

  29. khalayia

    hi CivilDeviation. not sure if you still play but if possible could you upload your save file to mega please. I can’t get your old one to work for some reason

  30. Seth1998

    Bold predictions and more:

    -Marcellus aka Luka’s dad is main antagonist of the entire game.
    -Decision that you picked will make you either recruit Big Ilias or First Monster Lord same as for part 2 probably,
    -Decision will play a big role in entire part 3 as there’s gonna be 2 games which I like.
    -Final battle might occur in that castle where those sealed legendary weapons are.
    -You will get Angel Halo in part 3.
    -Biggest Tartarus is entrance to the original MGQ trilogy world.

    If i ever get more ideas I’ll post them 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Dissagree whit 1st one. I think he will be important but not the antagonist.
      2nd that almost 100% will happen
      3rd Im not too optimistic about those 2 games claims, but if toro pulls this off and routes will be diffrent, bravo to him
      4th Dont think so. I think that place will be 100% optional or will play a key role in gaining power for the team to fight the final battle.
      5th Duh cant imagine that NOT happening
      6th prolly true

      Also i think there might be a 3rd chaos route. Remember all those choices luka had in og mgq? I will rule the world or all women are mine. I would be cool if toro connected it somehow.

      I also wanna know if luka will meet an alt luka in any one of the tartaruses or even og luka?

    • Anonymous

      I hope he will be an antagonist we have to defeat but hopefully the main antagonist is a monster girl or angel, maybe even Alice or Ilias consumed by chaos.

      2nd I think Alice and Ilias will have an option to transform, like the plant queen, and probably Ilias will only break the seal near endgame, or else she would be too op or would need nerf, unless she becomes an adult and gradually breaks the seal by gaining more power. Probably Alice route will give the 4 heavenly knights, Alice I and others, and Ilias might give the parallel world angels and certain chan followers we already have will grow older and regain memories(if they don’t already have some as hinted in castle scenes).

      3rd good if it happens, but I don’t mind only 2 routes or minor routes like when we lose to monsters.

      4th – I have no idea

      5th – agree, just hope the angel halo can be used by any character as a magical sword

      6th- that would be interesting

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