MGQ Paradox Patch 1.21b

New patch up. You’ll once again need to patch a fresh copy of the 1.21 release of the game. You can’t upgrade a previously patched copy. More H-scenes translated, a bunch copied over from MGQ that haven’t been edited yet. As I said before, this patch is mostly just to show the project isn’t dead than an actual progress patch. I’m still hoping for a full Ilias Continent patch by the end of the year though.



Comment I made below that I figured I’d copy here:

Everyone’s contributions are in the current patch, for the most part. It turned out that a big chunk of enemy skill translations were left out, but I think that was it. There’s a ton of badly formatted and unedited lines in the patch already.

Long story short, the problem, as it has been from the beginning, is poor project management. I can barely manage myself, let another other people. Since this translation has begun, I’ve probably spent at least as much time on project management details as actual translation, but trying to get someone to take over those duties at this point is probably more trouble than it’s worth. Things are a lot better now than they were, which is why I’m hopeful for faster progress from here on.

So we have a git repository, but getting people set up on that is hard (see for a laugh); we have an IRC channel, but time zones, unusual schedules, etc. keep us from coordinating well. People don’t know who’s working on what, what they should/could be doing to help, and things like that. I’ve also had a distinct problem with people not doing anything without my express approval, I guess because no one wants to screw anything up or step on anyone’s toes. This all results in people giving up or getting very little done. It’s also a burden when I spend hours trying to integrate someone into the project who then disappears without ever contributing a line. On the other hand, fear of that happening keeps people from volunteering in the first place… We’ve got a solid group of contributors right now, but we really need more people than just me who know Japanese and want to translate.


  1. Cool cool, thank you for your hard work.

    Will this be a patch capable of running against a previously patched/translated 1.21a or do we need to grab the raw 1.21 and patch that?

    • Be safe and just have a clean version of 1.21 ready; The automated one probably will believe that the patched 1.21a is a different version than 1.21 and will throw a version mismatch.

      • I have it πŸ™‚ Just throwing the question out there to be answered when the patch is published so it’s not asked 23,000,000 times in the comments.

      • Indeed, but there’s a problem, either 2 patches will have to be released 1.21raw-1.21b and 1.21a-1.21b or his patch would have to have the programming logic built in to differentiate the 2 versions prior to patching so it don’t fail.

        πŸ™‚ Either way I’m fine with, it just needs to be clear upon release so it’s not asked a bunch of times.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s probably a good idea whatever everyone does with patching the game on the next patch, to backup your save files at the least so you have those at least.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth is the patch tonight or tomorrow night ? I think we got a bit confused on that because you posted it a bit early in the morning so we weren’t sure also because y’know possibly different time zones. Please and thank you in advance when/if you respond to this πŸ™‚
    – Tamam0

  4. Rye

    Yay!! Thx much Dargoth.

    Been w8ing for this. My game’s been w8ing in the back for weeks… It hurt so much trying not to play without translation.

    Ty man I can relieve some of my gamer’s anxiety….

  5. sazaju

    Thank you for the update. Big or small patch is not a problem: walking a thousand kilo-meters starts with the first step (Chinese proverb). {^_^}b

      • lordkane01

        Out of interest how are the rest of the people helping you translate doing? Do they have a bunch of text translated that just can’t be included in the patch because it hasn’t been formatted in a way that it can be easily put into the patch or has real life just got in the way for everyone slowing translation as a whole down.

      • Everyone’s contributions are in the current patch, for the most part. It turned out that a big chunk of enemy skill translations were left out, but I think that was it. There’s a ton of badly formatted and unedited lines in the patch already.

        Long story short, the problem, as it has been from the beginning, is poor project management. I can barely manage myself, let another other people. Since this translation has begun, I’ve probably spent at least as much time on project management details as actual translation, but trying to get someone to take over those duties at this point is probably more trouble than it’s worth. Things are a lot better now than they were, which is why I’m hopeful for faster progress from here on.

        So we have a git repository, but getting people set up on that is hard (see for a laugh); we have an IRC channel, but time zones, unusual schedules, etc. keep us from coordinating well. People don’t know who’s working on what, what they should/could be doing to help, and things like that. I’ve also had a distinct problem with people not doing anything without my express approval, I guess because no one wants to screw anything up or step on anyone’s toes. This all results in people giving up or getting very little done. It’s also a burden when I spend hours trying to integrate someone into the project who then disappears without ever contributing a line. On the other hand, fear of that happening keeps people from volunteering in the first place… We’ve got a solid group of contributors right now, but we really need more people than just me who know Japanese and want to translate.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m wondering, if this new patch has only a little bit of new content, why does Dargoth think he can get all of the Illias Continent translated before the end of the year? I mean I think it’s great he’s shooting for the stars on this one, but I’d have an easier time believing this if I knew this new patch would be a big chunk of Illas.

    • Anonymous

      Sometimes people have more free time at certain times of the year. Pretty safe to assume he’s more aware of his own circumstances than any of us so I’m sure his claim has some basis.

      Besides, I think that was his goal? It’s possible it won’t happen. It won’t really matter.

      • Anonymous

        I hear this patch is supposed to have the battles and some h-scenes, but not much else. If he can do everything up to the first tartarus location (I’m probably asking for too much) then it’s fine. Hell, it would be nice if battle text and a few more h-scenes were done. THAT SAID, I’ll be content if it’s just a few minor things. That Dargoth is even doing this with the bullshit that RPGMaker is and combined with TT’s patches screwing him up, I can wait for the entire continent to be done at the end of the year or later. Hell, I’m expecting him to be delayed until some time in January because of rl and the game engine not being kind.

    • Anonymous

      TBH it’s a lot of work. Much more than Dargoth anticipated. I’d be very surprised if this translation project finishes before September of 2016.

      • Anonymous

        You’re underestimating the conviction of Dargoth, then. The man has done this a fuck-ton longer than Rogue (I think, anyways. No disrespect meant, regardless) and has probably dealt with shit worse than/equal to the Hell that is MGQ: Paradox in terms of translating and making it functional. If not, there are probably contenders. The other thing is that he has the help of a translation team on his side, and a few “wild cards” aside. Suffice it to say, if he can’t get it done by the end of the year/some time in January (just Ilias continent) then there’s something wrong/unexpected and he’ll do his best to get it out within a reasonable amount of time.

        Regardless, Dargoth seems to want to get this bitch done ASAP. I would even encourage him to, after he’s got it 90% translated, to take a year off before finishing up the rest and hitting Part 2. That way, he can come back and go full speed when he has the time, and rest in between. That he has put everything into this patch and the next is proof enough that he intends to finish it. I just hope he doesn’t burn himself out before then.

      • Anonymous

        Ultimately it’s his life, he should do what he wants, but take an ENTIRE year off? You realize if he were to do that and begin translating again in early 2017, Part 2 will be out, Part 3 will be around the corner and so will MGQ2. And you think he’s overwhelmed now? Granted he’s no obligated to translate all of this, but if he intends to, taking an entire year off would put him so, sooooooo far behind.

  7. Anonymous

    Were you replying to the other guy or me? Because it’s confirmed that Part 2 isn’t coming until next summer. I doubt Dargoth will want to be so far behind that he’s only partway through Pt2 by the time TT has already released Pt3 and decides to turn it into a Pachinko machine.

    Now you’re imagining a pachinko machine going “Hora hora!” every time you get an amazing spin.

  8. Anonymous

    Out of curiosity, was it that this patch wouldn’t overwrite the previous one? Or did it cause text alignment and whatnot to shit itself?

  9. Anonymous

    For those of us who care about things like the races and jobs and items and traits and such, does this also include the progress MGL has made on those? I hope so.

      • Anonymous

        That would be incorrect, good sir. I’ve been running through just to be sure, and I’ve found mouse girl, wolf girl, and bunny girl scenes. There is some misc text (found an imp who said “I can move them up and down” and the “ignore” option in battlefuck choice is translated). There is probably a bit more.

      • The retail version of the game is protected by RPGMaker level of file compression and encryption, what MGQ_EX posted is the raw file upgrades for if you already have the files decrypted & extracted from their container. πŸ™‚ Unless you’re getting in to modify game content or want to be on the bleeding edge of what gets published it’s safe to ignore the above post & use what Dargoth publishes.

  10. minoslune

    Thanks a lot!! btw, did you guys added new H scenes, or just added the old ones? and if you guys did add new H scenes, could you tell me which ones? thanks again!!

  11. Anonymous

    Just found that the Goblin girl loss scene is translated and also the talk option with her but not the evaluation.

  12. Anonymous

    You know, since we have already a Mimic AND a Pot Girl waiting to kick our behinds in this game, I wonder if part two will have a new girl waiting to give us a Surprise! Surprise! Like, I don’t know, a Barrel girl? … …Closet girl? I’m pretty sure Torotoro will make part 2 and 3 so we never try to check those places you can get free items or money without saving every time.

  13. Anonymous

    Just found that Don Dahlia’s house (Spoilers) and the scene with her and the phoenix are translated it seems.

  14. Anonymous

    The patch stops at 49% and say that it dont have access to amira.ogg.. when i click continue it just stays there and dont continue.. any workaround or fix for that?

  15. Anonymous

    works now but i had to decrypt the game data file and use the manual patch.. oh well.. lets have a look on dargoth spelling lol πŸ˜€

  16. Anonymous

    Just checked and apparently some things like the part of the camping for the night scene before illiasburg is translated, the names of the towns for the harpy wing item now are shown in English, I know the first BFer is in English. I’m gonna go to sleep now so I just want to say thanks Dargoth πŸ˜€

  17. Anonymous


    I know, I can’t instruct you, in what order you translate parts of the game, but ask yourself:
    What use is there to to releasing partially patches, if you can’t play the game anyway, because one of the most basic gameplay features (battle talk) isn’t translated at all?

  18. Incubusknight

    Thanks for the patch.
    Even if it’s a small patch it’s always good to see this project progressing towards a complete translation. I’m sure most folks would just be happy with a wall of text with a list of whats been translated so far. Anyway keep up the good work Dargoth & Team.

  19. CivilDeviation

    Nice job! I especially like having the percentages, hit numbers, and effects back for in the “attack descriptions”. It makes it much easier to compare attacks for Chaos dungeon. Also the scenes that were translated were quite enjoyable. Thank you and keep up the awesome work.

  20. Anonymous

    i need help please, it keeps saying wrong version.
    i re downloaded the game just to be sure but it still keeps saying it.

    i copied the 3 files into the patch folder and run the patch but it keeps saying wrong version at 49%
    i downloaded the manual patcher that EX linked in the comment section but i’m not sure how that works can somebody post some instructions please? πŸ™

  21. DirtyCuckingFunt

    “I’m still hoping for a full Ilias Continent patch by the end of the year though.”

    I’m sorry but given the track record with this project how is this remotely possible?

    • Funny enough, I actually suggested using Asana at work, which turned into a nightmare… It might be better for the translation project, but I’m hesitant to spend the significant amount of time it would require to enter in all the tasks we’d need.

      • I hear ya. I don’t have a significant amount of experience with PM Software. However if you wanted that setup I’m pretty sure a number of people possibly including myself wouldn’t mind setting up a project skeleton tree that would need names assigned to projects & minor tweaks.

      • sazaju

        Don’t bother with PM stuff if you don’t have the background to do it. PM is an investment: it costs, so you have to ensure that you can have a return on investment before to do it. If you use git, prefer to let people manage themselves, and maybe you will have the luck of having one guy who has some PM competences to help with that.

        By the way, where is the git repo? I know Japanese, I already translate, I even program, and I am a daily git user. So be sure that I will pass. {^_Β°}

      • We’re using bitbucket since it allows for private repos on a free account. Plus I already have a github account under my real name and didn’t want to create a second one.

      • sazaju

        My account is sazaju.

        NB: I don’t like to work with private repos: we lack the possibility for other people to be involved. This is why all my stuff is on GitHub with open source licenses. I also find it annoying to create an account just for that. But I like your work, so at least I want to see if I can help directly.

      • Anonymous

        “we lack the possibility for other people to be involved.”

        On the other hand, you don’t need as much time for quality management/removing troll translations. iirc they had such problems with Fate/hollow ataraxia.

      • Even with a public repository, random people don’t have write access, but they will be able to get the files, make changes, and upload them for approval. I started using Bitbucket with Rogue when we collaborated on Desire Dungeon, and I keep a repo for Sei Monmusu Gakuen too. I didn’t like the idea of exposing work-in-progress and unedited translations back then, but I’ve gotten over it now.

        I’m thinking we’ll probably switch over to a public github repo sometime soon, maybe not until after the Ilias Continent patch though.

  22. Sulphur99

    Hey, not sure if it’s a bug or something that y’all changed, but when viewing the presents list of the monster girls, some of them no longer display in a vertical list, and instead are horizontal which looks kinda horrid.

  23. Anonymous

    Is there a list of which H-scenes have been translated? As far as I can tell only the few early monster have been done. slime bunny, slug girl, earth worm girl, imps and dog girl. tried both the loss scenes and castle scenes of a bunch of other monster girls and they are all still untranslated as far as I can tell.

  24. If you have problems managing everybody get someon else to do it the leader for a project dosent have to be the one that Organises. set Clear goals and then let someone distribute everyone their work.

  25. Arj

    Just a quick question, does anyone know the location of all accessories and items that boost the chance of recruiting monsters after a battle?

    • Desert Eagle

      Ticket of Invitation
      A casino prize from Pornof.

      Also, Demon Trainers have Recruitment Rate*2 as a passive ability; Simply equip the job and it’s active. I think they learn it as an ability too.

      • FickleArchivist

        Not an accessory or item but the Job Smooth Talker has the Skill “Ally Invitation” which gives you 300% Recruitment for that Battle. If you don’t mind waiting a turn, that’s the highest you can get in Part 1 unless there’s an accessory in the Chaos Labyrinth.

      • Desert Eagle

        Oh yeah! Talking skills. Luka can always use talking skills so it might be a good idea to make him learn Smooth Talker job. He can always use the skills learned from it.

  26. Anonymous

    I’m assuming you’ve played through the entire game and I’m just curious for your opinion, what did you think of the game and how does it compare to the original trilogy?

  27. Anonymous

    Guys I saw some kind of bug in the text when you see skill’s description in battle. Sometimes the text will get smaller to fit the top window, that’s fine but when you look other skills the text stays small and if you look at that skill again the text will get even smaller almost unreadable. I know its not that big of a problem but its just to let you guys know. It happen when reading the description of Gnome and Sylph in Luka’s Special skill menu.

      • Anonymous

        Im not sure if u’ve already found this bug, but in my own findings, this happens when u go over Sylph’s ability on luka (maybe on the other spirits as well) and then carries over untill u end the current fight.

  28. lordkane01

    Dargoth there is several methods you could try that would help organize people. 1st find someone who could do the organization of people for you best thing is they don’t need to know how to translate for this and some of the possible methods for organization could be as follows.
    1) If there is a way you could assign a number for each line of dialog you could tell a person to do lines 1-30 or 58-72 or something along that line of thinking then just give the person a new set to do once they finish those that would prevent people from stepping on each-others toes. Of course I don’t know how the text is formatted or listed in RPG Maker so that might not be feasible.
    2) You could assign a person a character or a list of characters and have them translate those persons line and then give them another group of characters to translate once they have those done of course again the way the text is formatted in RPG Maker might again make it difficult to do that way.
    3) Assign the lines that need translated based on its location on the map a good example would be have one person do each village or you could separate it even more and have one person do the dialog that happens inside buildings and one do outside the buildings in the village itself again might not be possible because I don’t know how RPG Maker formats its text.

    Not sure if my suggestions will help I imagine you may have tried one of these already. Just hoping that one of my suggestions might help a bit I understand the work involved trying to organize a group of people and the problems that come with. Some people need everything oked before they do it and others take the initiative which is good till they end up stepping on someone elses hard work which just causes both to get upset. Which is something many people don’t understand especially in RL Jobs is that management is so much harder then it looks to the people who are being managed who think the higher ups aren’t doing anything when they actually are.

    Well hope you get it all sorted out don’t work or stress to hard about it and thanks for all the work you have done so far.

  29. Anonymous

    To manage task, I recommend you using
    By the way, Trello is free.
    Just make a board for “To Do”, “In Progress”, “Done” and put task tickets in there.
    This should help your team keep track of tasks.
    You can also manually assign someone a tasks or someone just pick one of the tasks.

    Another thing which maybe a bit overwhelming for volunteer member, is to hold regular update between members.

    Usually, management is hard and most people hate management role.
    I cheer for you Dargoth.

    • Anonymous

      Another thing, If you can find a programmer, let him write a program which upload all the text to google spreadsheet and program can integrate it back in format which you’re comfortable with.

      For example, one column is Japanese text and another column is translated text.
      Google spreadsheet has benefit which let you see the progress in real-time and it automatically keep track the version for you.

      • Anonymous

        This should give you better example what I mean.
        Put original text in JPN column and put translated text in EN column.

        The volunteer programmer probably need time to figure a properly format
        Because the text need to fit character chat dialogue.

        He will need to work with Dargoth how the actual format look like.

        By the way, I come from game development and this is workflow for localize our game in other language. We set up google spreadsheet and send it to translator.

      • Anonymous

        I saw Dargoth mentioned putting tasks in Software Management not worth the effort.

        I come from Agile with Scum software development. This maybe a bit overwhelming
        Depend on your team, you probably need to adjust or don’t choose my recommend.

        Usually, we divide tasks by Sprint/Milestone.
        Each Sprint/Milestone last one-two weeks. ( This is for full-time member. Adjust as you see fit. )

        We will only put Sprint/Milestone’s tasks in Software Management. So member will focus on current Sprint/Milestone and won’t get distract by the task outside Sprint/Milestone.

        You will need to define Sprint/Milestone and task.

        I don’t know how you work but this is an example.
        Sprint/Milestone can be finishing Harpy Village, Story in Harpy Village.
        Task can be finishing the armory NPC excluding story text.

      • Ah, I thought you spoke about Google translate, not Google spreadsheet.

        Dargoth and co. already use a given format, and I am a programmer who already has made a translation editor to focus on the sentences to translate without having to change the format. I have just joined the group and I plan to adapt my editor to the format of Dargoth, so he can keep the current format for practical reasons and translators can use the editor to focus on translation. So it is basically like your Google spreadsheet but with the original format which is preserved, and because the whole project is on git the versions are stored too.

    • No, also nothing to steal

      Archangel Ranael
      HP: 18,000
      Exp/Gold 0
      Job Exp 15
      Getaway level 60
      Race: Angel
      Book Name: Archangel Ranael (Alt)
      Predation invalid
      No Combat Recall

      Principality Nagael
      HP: 16,000
      Exp/Gold 0
      Job Exp 15
      Getaway level 60
      Race: Angel
      Book Name: Principality Nagael (Alt)
      Predation invalid
      No Combat Recall

  30. Anonymous

    Man I was really looking forward about using Radio and Vetala so I could see their battle cg but Radio only activates it with ONE skill and Vetala with two. Shinifa at least can activate it with time magic and dark skills.

  31. Arj

    Is there currently no way to open the silver/platinum chests? Maxed out a Master Thief, but can only open Red, Blue and Green ones :<

      • Arj

        Speaking of the Labyrinth, I’m getting completely facerolled in there…. Anyone know the best place to farm Job EXP?
        Has anyone ever written a guide on tips of what to level to do the Labyrinth?

      • FickleArchivist

        Hi, I’m assuming you’re the same Arj13 from the MGQ Wiki.

        I wrote this up quick last night so it isn’t comprehensive but it does feature the two main areas I’ve used to farm job exp and my strategies for them.

        Rosutorumo Caves is great if you want to level up 8 characters at once because Luka at any job level 1 can wipe out all the mobs there with Red Lotus Heavenly Cyclone, some decent equipment and maybe some Slayer Abilities. Average 6 Job Exp per fight but that is spread across 8 characters.

        Otherwise, Administrator’s Tower B1F is the place to go. All mobs gives at least 10 job exp total plus Mimics spawn for 15 job exp and Honey Pots for 25 job exp. You’ll need to do 10,000 damage first turn to be an efficient farmer though. Use ghost and doll slayer or lower the difficulty.

        More details in the post so I don’t write another essay on dargoth’s comment section.

        Also, I mentioned in the Paradox/Armor comment section I’ll be creating a guide for the Chaos Labyrinth but I have no idea when because I’m really busy right now.

      • Arj

        That I am indeed!
        Great tips there, tough I don’t think I can go back to the Administrator’s Tower anymore…
        I will keep an eye on your Wiki articles, as they are really helpful, but take your time!

    • The class ability does not exist yet. There is a rare accessory from the labyrinth that allows you to unlock them, but their contents aren’t worth actively searching for it.

  32. ClanCrusher

    First off, want to say that I really appreciate the effort you’re going through to get this game translated. Just from going through part of the first continent I can only imagine how many small, stupid things are hiding away, like the item names, abilities, job descriptions, battle cut-in lines, in-battle taunts, and Illias knows what else.

    That said, if there’s one thing that I would really really appreciate for future update posts, it would be some sort of indication of how far we can progress in the story before we start hitting walls of Japanese Text. I like how the game itself tends to give you a lot of freedom of exploration, but at the same time I don’t want to miss any important story bits by accidentally progressing things.

    Right now, I’m guessing that the translated end-point is Amira’s mission to go talk to the Bunny-Girl since nothing in that town is translated, and the next obvious quest (going to the Harpy Village) doesn’t seem to have any English-translated indicators as to what you’re supposed to do.

    • >That said, if there’s one thing that I would really really appreciate for future update posts, it would be some sort of indication of how far we can progress in the story before we start hitting walls of Japanese Text.

      That’s the goal of the next patch. All of the Ilias Continent without hitting Japanese. This patch was shit, but I warned everyone it was going to be shit!

    • I’m incredibly happy that they’re fixing the biggest problem I have with RPGMaker: outdated resolutions. I only wish it had been released a year or two ago so Paradox could have been made in it.

    • Eh I wasn’t impressed. Full screen just adds black bars for the difference, F1 properties menu was removed so I didn’t see any simple interface to change resolution, Sprites haven’t changed (though they did add a fresh coat of paint), “Script Editor” was removed so an external editor is now needed, and a lot of the old flaws that where fixed by the community will have to be updated to work with this new version. Overall I doubt this would have been viable for Paradox for at least another year… Oh mouse control was good, game controller didn’t work on the title screen, and still can’t move diagonally.

  33. mgqexparadox

    Walkthrough Resources
    Contains a lot of Maps in PNG format. Hopefully someone finds these useful, though there where a few bugs in the process most of the data looks good, and good night…

    Created using Script Map Screenshot by Hime (with some alterations/bug fixes to make it work) and the World Map used the Program SnagIt. I’m still looking for a way to get a 1/1 scale World Map…

    MGQ Paradox 1.21 Minimaps.rar 433.6 MB!rRl3TDaI!6oS0vKa6oNSGZRgK1VOH9EdVntf3tHSLu-Ktfwvf-ac

    Note: These Are Stand Alone Images

  34. Anonymous

    Did some of the names changed in this version? Like the name of the second Iron maiden now its Torture or Candola now is Chandra

    • Desert Eagle

      The second Iron Maiden’s name is γ€ŒγƒˆγƒΌγƒγƒ£γƒΌγ€ which is “Torture” spelled out in katakana. Her name is literally Torture.

      I’m not so sure about the candle girl’s name though. Her name is γ€Œγ‚­γƒ£γƒ³γƒ‰γƒ©γ€, “kyandora”. It doesn’t really correspond to “Chandra”. If it was Chandra, a better way to spell it would be γ€Œγƒγƒ£γƒ³γƒ‰γƒ©γ€, “chandora”. Better sounding, yes, but Candola or Candla would be more accurate.

  35. lxSquallxl

    I have a problem with the game, I’ve got the 1.21 version of the game but when I try to play it it says ”file corrupted” then I patched the game and it still said file corrupted, then I renamed the folder to english and it worked BUT!!! after I rebooted my pc the game said file corrupted again and I had to back up my saves and reinstall and repatch the game and rename the folder for it to work again, the game keeps saying file corrupted every time I reboot my pc, anyone knows a solution??? I’ve tried with applocale japanese and changing the locale unicode to japanese but it doesn’t work, it ONLY works again when I do all the process of reinstalling, seriously guys I need help TT_TT

    • hmm, have you scanned the drive for errors? If the drive has errors you probably should back up any important files and consider getting another drive. If no errors then its a matter of when the file becomes corrupt, if you have access to a thumb drive with roughly 4 gb of space I would put a fresh copy there and only change it’s folder name to english. Then a fresh copy on your hard drive and do the same. If you want create a crc check of the folders. Reboot and verify both still work and the crc check passes. As they are on two separate mediums both shouldn’t fail. Patch both, verify they work, update crc check, and reboot again. Tedious yes, but it’s simply to verify the hard drive isn’t the problem also a crc check would tell you which file was getting corrupted. Also does it say what file gets corrupted?

      • lxSquallxl

        I’ll check my hd for errors, sadly I don’t have a thumbdrive so I can’t do the backup part, I don’t know how to do a crc can you explain that to me pls?

      • rgss3a is the encrypted archive, contains critical info

        I don’t do crc checks that often (only when I expect problems with hard drives, other medium, or ram) so this might not be the best tool but RapidCRC is free and will get the job done. 201 KB!jQkikRwT!ZZ6Pyj4v38U5QZopNFaUMv7KdDDtI-K5nTzAzEYRx6E

        Contains the program along with 3 sfv files (just a text file that contains a lot of crc checks) of Paradox 1.21 raw, Dargoth’s 1.21B Patch applied, and EX 0.5n Patch applied.

        Just put the sfv file in the main game directory and use the program to open them, it will then check the crc check on the file to the one recorded and if it matches the file is ok.

        I don’t think it handles the japanese txt files though but all others should get checked properly.

        Anonymous bellow’s solution might work, sometime ago there was a user that put the game in the “Program Files” directory and windows didn’t like that so gave him a lot of rights problems which running it as administrator will solve though moving the game to an unprotected location would also work.

    • sazaju

      And what happens if you rename the folder *before* to patch the game, as soon as you have it?

      I also had this problem in another case, when I was trying to run it while it was not on a local drive but accessed from the network. If I move it on the local drive no problem, but on the network it makes me the corrupted file error.

    • lxSquallxl

      Believe me guys, I’ve tried every possible solution, running as administrator, applocale japanese, japanese local unicode, and all that.

      I got the following results from the rapidcrc:

      EVERYTHING(even the rgss3a file) ok except for 4 files:
      SystemRGSS300.dll (error)
      SystemRGSS301.dll (error)
      SystemWFExit,dll (error)
      Game.exe (file corrupt)
      and 4 files of random symbols which were not found(I assume these are the japanese text files)
      Seems like I read wrong and it is the rgss300/301 files that get corrupt.

      I’ll explain the way I install the game so you guys can tell me if somethings wrong:
      I’ve got the .rar archive of the game(dowload edition) in my download folder, this is what I do;

      Extract here(download folder)(the game folder is in japanese and if I rename it before patching the game it will work but obviously it’ll be in japanese)
      Patch the game(before or after renaming the folder, doesn’t matter, the game will work only after renaming the folder with or without the patch)
      Rename the folder(at this point the game starts working)
      Run the game as administrator(if I close the game for like 3-5 minutes and try to play it again it will work(e.g when I want to play something else for a while or I’m just tired))

      BUT here’s the problem, I don’t even need to reboot my pc(sorry but I didn’t even realize that until now), all I have to do is close the game for a while(about 30 minutes/1 hour) and the game will not work anymore no matter what I do(applocale, japanese unicode, run as administrator, etc), the only way for me to play again is to backup my saves and do all the process again.

      Does this have something to do with the game being in the downloads folder or running it as administrator? or is it my hd?(I haven’t found any problem in my hd yet)

      BTW I always deactivate my antivirus before even trying to install/play the game just in case.

      • The retail rar should have an executable to handle the extraction… Seems you said you bypass this and use an archival program to do the extraction, shouldn’t cause a problem but noted. Those 4 files are system files and actually are pretty generic, see about replacing them with ones that are known to work and check again after 30 min or so. You might also want to check your antivirus logs to see if they are being “repaired” or if just replacing them with the archive again works then some program is messing them up.

        System_Game.exe.rar 2.2 MB!aVkl1QrK!g3Za8aXuxGyKdScXcABURxJm1HCgjn4ZktWqj4lDxP8

      • >Does this have something to do with the game being in the downloads folder

        Potentially yes. All sorts of programs might be reading and writing to that folder and screwing it up somehow. Why not move the game to another directory and see if the problem occurs?

    • lxSquallxl

      sigh……. sorry for making you lose your time guys, it looks like it was my antivirus all this time, even though I deactivate it everytime I start my pc, MGQ_EX gave me the idea to check my cuarantine vault and every single file was there being ”fixed”…….. ffs I feel like an ignorant idiot, I’m really sorry πŸ™

  36. Adrian

    Keep trying to apply the patch and getting the unhandled exception error. Details are “Could not load file or assembly ‘System.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.” Followed by this exception text in details:

    ************** Exception Text **************
    System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ‘System.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
    File name: ‘System.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089’
    at RpgMakerPatcher.PatchForm.button1_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnClick(EventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs mevent)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.ButtonBase.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Button.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

    WRN: Assembly binding logging is turned OFF.
    To enable assembly bind failure logging, set the registry value [HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftFusion!EnableLog] (DWORD) to 1.
    Note: There is some performance penalty associated with assembly bind failure logging.
    To turn this feature off, remove the registry value [HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftFusion!EnableLog].

    ************** Loaded Assemblies **************
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.5485 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework64/v2.0.50727/mscorlib.dll
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version:
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Users/End%20User/Downloads/New%20Vegas%20Mods%20folder/γ‚‚γ‚“γ‚€γ™γƒ»γγˆγ™γ¨οΌRPG前章/Patch.exe
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version:
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Users/End%20User/Downloads/New%20Vegas%20Mods%20folder/γ‚‚γ‚“γ‚€γ™γƒ»γγˆγ™γ¨οΌRPG前章/RpgMakerPatcher.DLL
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.5491 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Windows.Forms/
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.5485 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System/
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.5492 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Drawing/
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.5485 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Xml/

    ************** JIT Debugging **************
    To enable just-in-time (JIT) debugging, the .config file for this
    application or computer (machine.config) must have the
    jitDebugging value set in the section.
    The application must also be compiled with debugging

    For example:

    • A bit non-standard, but that sounds like an informative format at least. By the next patch I should be able to provide an accurate percentage.

      I almost named this patch 1.21c to match my internal progress layout, but decided that would be a poor idea.

  37. NoName

    Will we have any problems switching to Part 2 when it comes out in a few years from the English translation? I want to be sure of that since I need to understand the name of the skills before I attempt to go inside that special dungeon, but I don’t want to risk losing my save when I have to switch.

    • Desert Eagle

      Saves made on English patched version work fine on Japanese version. I don’t think there’ll be a problem when transferring saves to Part 2.

    • NoName

      Thanks for the answer. Btw, which scenes from the castle have been translated, apart from the ones already available in the demo translation?

      • NoName

        The first and the second already existed in the demo, so yeah, they’re translated. I don’t think they have done any of the scenes of the castle apart from the ones in the demo, but I would like some official confirmation because it’s a pain to go search all the monsters in it and check every one of their scenes, specially since some kill me unfortunately.

      • Sulphur99

        I dunno which were translated in demo patch, but here are some of the ones that I’ve seen translated: Dog Girl, Slime first request, Rami’s first 2 request scenes, Remi’s first request, Rumi first request. Devil Fighter’s may or may not be translated, I only assume so since her talk options are mostly translated.

      • NoName

        So basically, all the ones from the demo since those you mentioned were translated in the demo too. I mean, I wasn’t really expecting them to do all of the scenes, but none of them? I sure hope they have done that much focus on the story for when the year ends.

    • Dargoth’s Patch and the MGQ-EX Patch are separate. Though collaboration does happen merging them completely probably wouldn’t be best. In Dargoth’s anything that isn’t translated still needs worked on while in MGQ-EX’s many other things are machine translated though some of it has to be cleaned up to be legible… Both are currently works in progress.

    • You can always play with EX patch first. It’s decent enough. If you want to play with Dargoth patch later just copy the save file over(+play on new game plus). Just make sure to keep 1 fresh file around is all.

    • I assume that once the translation is finished, both versions will have the same text, barring some stylistic choices here and there, I suppose. My version will essentially be the basic version of the game, and MGQ_EX will offer a souped-up experience. That’s not to say I haven’t modified the scripts from the Japanese game at all, but I’ve tried to limit the changes to ones that improve the ability to display text in English. (And by “I” I mean MGL.)

  38. Arj

    Hey, does the Job XP Full Focus ability, Job XP 1.5 ability, and the Hard Job Wrist accesory stack with each other, or is 200% the most you can get?
    Anyone know?

    • FickleArchivist

      Yes, I know. No, they don’t. 200% is the most you can get in Part 1. If you check the status on each character, you can see all the different rates that can be boosted and when they cap out or if two abilities don’t stack together. Also, most rates don’t stack across characters. Like Recruitment Rate won’t stack across several characters, it’ll just use the character with the highest. Gold and Item Drop rate too. I thought the gold and item drop rate did in earlier versions but that might have been a bug because it doesn’t work now.

  39. Anonymous

    Excuse Me but how do you go between the 10 levels in the labyrinth of chaos? I reached floor 10 and then exited to save but now when I enter again starts in floor 1. How do I get teleported to floor 10?

    • FickleArchivist.

      You can’t. Once you reach a milestone, whenever you enter the labyrinth you can choose to teleport to that milestone. For example, Layer 50 is a milestone. If you make it there and play to layer 70 and decide to quit, you can come back to Layer 1 or Layer 50. Layer 100 is also a milestone but I haven’t gone passed that so I don’t know if there is a milestone every 50 layers or if the pattern changes. I’ve seen people as high as Layer 4000 which would give them 80 milestones to choose from if it did and that is a lot of menu crawling.

  40. Dekkii

    Well, have you people tried using an excel-form of management? Googley Docksey are easy to keep updated by multiple, too.

    Something like:

    Rape Scenes
    ——————————————————————————————— n
    Scene Name | Translator | Starting Date | Est. Finish Date | Status | n
    ——————————————————————————————— n
    Slime | NameGai | 30.10. | 1.11. | Working | n
    ——————————————————————————————— n
    Dog | NameGai | 30.10. | 3.11. | Not Started | n
    ——————————————————————————————— n
    Imp | AiHuman | 24.10. | 28.10. | Finished | n
    ——————————————————————————————— n
    Lamia | – | – | – | Free | n
    ——————————————————————————————— n

    • Yeah, we finally got a spreadsheet made thanks to a drive-by contributor. The problem is that breaking down the game just into map files and common events results in 1167 rows. That’s completely ignoring all database-type files like items, actors, etc. and all scripts, most of which embed text that needs to be translated between hundreds of lines of code. It’s kind of unwieldy.

  41. Xoverguy

    Guys I have a problem. I am trying to patch the 1.21b english patch to a fresh copy of the game, but I got a “Wrong version” notice that did not let me continue further than 49%. I am sure that the game files that I am patching have not been patched previously,since i copied it directly from its original rar. It is indeed version 1.21 as well. Does anybody have any ideas?

  42. Anonymous

    Hm i have a question about the game, my Thief (Lime ) is lvl 15, and master thief lvl 10, why i still cant open BLUE chest ? i don’t understand, even with Thief that dont work

  43. Anonymous

    Hi, i want to know something about the game..
    My thief (Lime) is lvl 15 and master thief 10, what i still can’t open chest ? Even blue one.. it dont work with single thief too, i don’t understand, that make me angry because i cant unlock Chrome (i love her ;-;) if someone know, it’ll be cool.. thanks.

    • FickleArchivist

      Thief and Master Thief unlocks the abilities Lock Pick I (Blue Chests) and Lock Pick II (Green Chests). Once you equip the abilities on Menu>Abilities>Special Abilities, you’ll be able to open Blue and Green chests. You do not need to be Thief or Master Thief to use the abilities. You just need to have unlocked them at a certain level and then Lime can equip them no matter what job she is.

  44. I was thinking if this was a normal rpg where you have a set party by the end of the game,who will be Lukas companions.i was thinking it will be like this
    Luka as our hero
    Alice or Ilias as the heroine
    Sonia as the healer
    Promestion as the mage
    Nuruko as the token mascot
    Hild as the ranger
    What other party members do you think luka might have if he had a set party.

  45. Sulphur99

    Methinks I found another error: The skill “Four Spirits Fist”(Magus Fist) doesn’t have all the text shown in the skills screen.

    • Chiron Maximus

      Btw, I find it annoying to have to use a fresh copy for this update, but I won’t argue, since I can just move my save file.

  46. Chiron Maximus

    Ok I got a problem. I downloaded a fresh copy of 1.21 a long while ago in case I needed it, which I did for this update, but when I tried it, it got to 50% and then said wrong version. Does this mean I DO have to use it on a patched version, or is there something I missed?

      • Anonymous

        It’s been a while but I looked through the files and nothing special.

        I got a fresh file, extracted the contents of the patch to the file, and then ran the patch application. Is your copy decrypted? Fairly sure it won’t work if it isn’t encrypted.

        • Chiron Maximus

          It’s a fresh copy, decrypted AND has the game.rgss3a thing out. Then, I move all three objects from the patch 1.21b zip into the root directory, but it keeps failing!!!

      • Chiron Maximus

        I got my problem fixed, but now I’m noticing 2 things. 1)When i talk to the Reaper, it just cancels, so i can’t do anything with her, and 2)All the bad english is gone, but practically ALL of the text from talking to them is untranslated. The H-scenes that were in the demo are still translated, but everything else in the conversations is untranslated. is that suppose to happen?

      • Anonymous

        I think that all future patches will also require a fresh copy (encrypted) version of 1.21.

        Honestly, as far as your gameplay issues go, I have no real idea. I played around a little in the game and let the dust settle on it again since the patch didn’t make much headway in the story.

        From what I remember, the h-scenes up until sheep girl are translated. Slums are completely translated now and that ruined castle underneath also has the initial conversation upon entering it translated.

        Unless I’m mistaken, the bad english is from google translate implemented in MGQ EX’s patch which wasn’t implemented in Dargoth’s. So it would make sense for there to be just plain Japanese and no bad english in Dargoth’s patch.

        • Chiron Maximus

          So, the scenes were translated, but it’;s the lose scenes, not the request scenes. Yoi, all that trouble and the patch doesn’t really change anything in the aspects I really need. Plus, I can’t do battle recalls or talk to the reaper. *sigh* better wait for MGQ_EX’s next patch then.

  47. Anonymous

    I was just thinking how it seems Paradox pt. 1 is mostly a tease. I’d really like to see Promestein, Eden, and Black Alice again but I can’t help but feel that’ll probably be in pt. 3…

    Is there anything you guys want to see you might think is in pt. 2? It’d be nice to see the HK in this alternative timeline. Maybe they’ve been loli-fied too? I wonder how a loli Alma Elma looks like.

    • Chiron Maximus

      Lolis of the heavenly Knights?! … I would just squeeze loli Granberia. Course, Tammy would be the same, and to avoid spoilers, I won’t explain why. If you know, you know why.

    • Desert Eagle

      Yes, I hope that Lamianroid, Assassinroid and Laplace are in part 2. But most of all, I want to see Arachne Lord. frfr drew her really cute.

  48. NoName

    I encountered a bug with the text description of the skills. I think Gnome’s description (the one Luka uses to summon her) causes all the text to shrink in size, which spreads to the rest of the skills. You may want to fix it since sometimes it makes the text so small it’s unreadable.

    I’m not sure 100% if it’s really Gnome, but if not one of the closest skills that Luka can have as Specials.

    • Keristrasza

      Its both of the summons, not just gnome

      And it does it because the text has to auto resize to fit in all the text for those 2 summons

      i even got it to occur once in the untranslated game i was playing, so i can say it may not be just his issue.

    • NoName

      Maybe it would be better to shorten the description, then somewhere (either a txt outside the game or inside the game) put the actual effects that their summon causes. That, or find a way to return the text size to normal after going through them.

    • He still helps out however he is currently taking a bit of a break. Recently he sent me a few updates he did but I’ve been pushing a few other areas recently so it’s on the to do list…

  49. Anonymous

    Do you guys think that some angels or at least one angel will join in part 2? If so, which one you guys think it will be? I personally think that most likely we will get Cupid first because out of all the angels she was the one that seemed more to apply “punishment” for her own pleasure rather than for heaven’s will or whatever. At least for me she looked like the most friendly of the angels.

  50. Kana-art

    I have question. I play Japanese Language version. If I will replace this patch (1.21b) on old patch, I will replace the patch 1.21a before or not?

    • jchris1_2000

      If we can recruit a sane Promistine from a Tartarus then in some universe connected could be a good Aliphese the 8th not known as Black Alice

  51. deth212

    How do you get Vanilla (The tiny vampire) to ask about the shuriken so her quest line advances? I’ve done everything the guides have said but the samurai is still not giving me any new dialogue.

  52. Chiron Maximus

    I just thought up of a few things.
    Concerning monsters we’ve fought in MGQ, I’ve noticed that monsters such as the mandragora and elves are common monsters, like in the original monster girl quest, but also Bosses stay as bosses, even if you don’t fight them right away. So, following the idea of how we encountered monsters in MGQ, I think it’s safe to tell which monster will be common and which will be a boss.

    Another thing, about new monsters we may encounter, when we reach Yamatai, does anyone else feel like we’ll see some monsters similar to the ones in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia? Since Yamatai and the Zingpu region in the MGE are similar, who thinks we may encounter monsters like the Kappa, Red/Blue Oni, Ryu, etc?

    Also, since we got a centaur in the area before Ilias Port, will they still add in the centaur we fought in the original MGQ? I mean, multiple characters of the same race is a given, but will the do it though?

    Finally, as far as what monsters I really want to see in the next part, I have a good feeling that a good many monsters I want to see/recruit will be in the next part. Also, I hope some of the spiders that attack in Chapter 3 of MGQ will appear in the next part, especially the spider princess. Now, I hate the vore part of the spider princess’ rape scene, but the first part, with both parties getting ecstasy, was really hot.

    • Desert Eagle

      We do meet a centaur on Ilias continent but it’s a teeny tiny bit different from the centaur on Sentorea. The one on Ilias continent is “sentaur”. The one on the Sentora continent is “kentauros”. They’re both centaurs but their Japanese spelling is a bit different. I think it’s fair to say they’ll both be in game.

      And yeah, we’ll probably meet monster girls inspired by MGE in Yamatai. However, I suspect we’ll see some of the snowier youkai on the new, icy continent (I forget it’s name).

      Also, I strongly agree with you about spider girls. More of them please! I especially liked Arachne Lord, and she pretty much has a guaranteed spot in my main team.

  53. Chiron Maximus

    I just had a really good idea for a new monster!!! As we all know, Mimics copy treasure chests and Honey pots copy regular pots, both being sources of items. However, we also look in barrels for loot, so, following the rule of chest or mimic, there should be, or going to be, a monster that copies barrels!!! I’m not sure how they’ll go about making the design for this monster, but a barrel monster would be the next gen in disguised monsters, AND it could be a small tribute to Pewdiepie, considering his dislike for barrels and the fact he goes on about how they betray.

    • Desert Eagle

      Yeah, I don’t think ToroToro’s finished with mimics yet. >:P

      Barrel seems like the likeliest candidate for the next mimic monster.

      • Chiron Maximus

        That would make sense, although they’ll have to change up how they look, so it’s not the same body in a different chest, and probably their cg animation as well. Also, a mimic queen would be an awesome idea Desert Eagle, but her design would be complex as fuck.

      • FickleArchivist

        From Torotoro’s blog, I think this is the mimic they were talking about. I’m not sure if this is work safe. I think that’s a keyhole vagina but I see a tongue so maybe it’s just another mouth, a very suggestive mouth at that.

        I don’t remember seeing anything else that resembled a mimic and I think I’ve been pretty up-to-date on everything Paradox so this is probably it. There’s also a bunch of upcoming monsters on different blog posts so I wouldn’t look around as not ruin the surprise when you come across a new monster in later games.

      • Desert Eagle

        Oh yeah! That mimic. Xelvy’s monster. I think it’s a vagina+mouth.

        That oppai loli mermaid pirate though. πŸ™‚

        • Chiron Maximus

          Yeah. as far as I can tell with google translate (I know, not the best source, but I can get the idea for the most part) There’s going to be a choice, similar to the Lily vs Lucia thing in Witch hunt village, but this time, it’s pirates vs marines. Will you side with the Captain, who claims to be a descendant of the dreaded Mermaid Captain Roza, or with the marines and gain the appreciation and companionship of the seahorse girl marine, who is the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen!!!

      • CwHart

        The seahorse girl really is all kinds of adorable, defo something I would like to hug and play (non pervertly) with, but I just dont find cute sexy. I hope the Marines side is a womanly mermaid or scylla that I would look forward getting raped by

  54. gamer

    awww dammm i wanna make a harem group .. and been trying to avoid male crew … why in the hell is that pope force his way in ur party = =” -1 …..

    • Chiron Maximus

      Who says you can’t? I mean, sure there aren’t “harem” scenes yet, if you don’t include the Harpy Queen rape scene, but you can still do a full party of girls you would want in a harem, and leave the guys back at that castle. I tell you what though, there are sure to be harem scenes in the planning, like on the blog, I saw this pic of several Kounichi elves and their rape scene is a harem, so there’s no telling how many harem scenes there are to come, and maybe even a harem ending.

      • gamer

        ermmm i think u miss the point here …. having only girl in that castle is Harem it self! , just thinking the pope is there in that castle together wit all the girl that you recruit is ……………………. sigh!!

  55. Anonymous

    I was thinking, if you have the pocket castle that is actually the monster lord’s castle then that means that in Hellgondo there is a big hole of nothing? Because the castle is now miniature, or could it be that the pocket castle is an alternate castle designed for traveling purposes? That would make it a pretty luxurious way to travel.

    • MGQshouldneverdie

      I dont think that the Pocket Castle is the Monster Lord Castle. Just think about it. In The Monster Lord castle live a lot of extremly Strong monsters. I dont think that Alice just kicks them out and make the castle into a Miniatur just for travels. I think its just a castle for adventures so you dont need to sleep on the ground, a tree or wherever Monster girls sleep.^^

      • Desert Eagle

        Because they’re cool and they were in the original MGQ too. Alice teaches Luka new Cursed Sword techniques during camp scenes.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Ilias teaches angel combat skills at camp sites as well, but you have to pick her. That brings up an interesting question now. If you go though the game with Alice and learn everything she teaches you, if you choose Ilias for the second run, will she teach you Angel skills while you still have everything Alice taught you and if you choose Alice again, will you still learn the moves or will they just appear for the cutscene?

    • Desert Eagle

      Hmm… I’m not very good at reading Japanese on my own. I can only make out words like “save”, “load”, system” and “PC”. I’m guessing there’s either a problem with save files or MGQ Paradox is missing some vital files. If it’s a problem with game files, try re-downloading MGQ Paradox (And backup your saves).

      To get a better diagnosis of the problem, try this: When that error message pops up again, hit CTRL+C. Doing that will copy the text in the error message. You can then paste it in an online translator and see what it says.

    • sazaju

      It seems it just tells you that something went wrong while loading the system and that rebooting your computer should help in solving it.

    • sazaju

      If it does not work, like suggested above try to make a fresh install and run it to see if all works, then import your saves and try them.

  56. Anonymous

    Will there be a MGQ_EX patch this month or you will wait until dargoth release his patch at the end of this year ?

    • I’ll probably release one in 3 weeks (probably before 24th) though given the season I’ll see how much time I have to work on it. But whatever gets done hopefully it makes a decent holiday present. Dargoth I think is still aiming for either then end of this year or the beginning of the next. After that it’s only a matter of time before Part 2 is released.

      Probably see about cleaning up Ilias Continent a bit more and head off to the next Continent. Though if anyone has request mid as well list em off, can’t say I’ll get to em all however if asked you have a greater chance of getting something nice then if you say nothing at all…

  57. Respect

    Issue with EX translation:
    After applying dargoths 1.2B, then EX .5o, i get an error that says
    Unable to find /Graphics/Casino/Pokertrump

    • That’s an old file think it’s been in the system since the demo. You used 1.21 as the base then applying Dargoth’s 1.21b first? After that you decrypted all the files in Game.rgss3a, placed them back in the main game directory, and went on to install EX 0.5o? Is your ‘Graphics’ folder around 1.28GB in size? If not you should check that the files where all decrypted.

      This has a sfv file that has a crc check on all the files. It’s one version off so the ‘Data’ folder probably won’t pass but the ‘Graphics’ folder is the only one to be concerned with.!jQkikRwT!ZZ6Pyj4v38U5QZopNFaUMv7KdDDtI-K5nTzAzEYRx6E

    • sazaju

      I have reached the Labyrinth of Chaos step, so I assume somehow finished the main game, and did not find any voiced scene. And considering how many “main” characters are there (characters which could join the party), it would be unfair to make only some of them, and a huge work to make all of them (and a lot of GB).

      • Chiron Maximus

        While I would have LOVE to hear Gnome actually speak her one line, then they would feel that the other spirits were left out in the whole voice game. Besides, the voices were rally only for the rape/love scenes, so even if the spirits had voices for their sex scenes, the voices at the end would make no sense whatsoever.

    • I think we’re okay on git. Having Sazaju on the team has helped a lot with that since he’s very tech savvy.

      Translation can kind of be broken down into two discrete steps:
      1. Converting Japanese to meaning; and
      2. Converting meaning to English.

      The first requires proficiency in Japanese and at least a reasonable ability to communicate ideas in English. The second requires excellent English writing skills. Being highly qualified in either is useful; being able to half-ass both… not so much.

      • sazaju

        For people interested, these two steps are really common in fansubing (I come from there), especially when you target high quality translation, because you can better exploit the skills of everyone and distribute the work. In fansub teams (at least french ones, I did not check others), we call the first step “translation” (aim = change the language) and the second one “adaptation” (aim = make the reading natural).

        However, by splitting it in two you may have some issues, because the adapter is not aware of the original Japanese content: he could adapt it too far depending on how he understands the translation. So you could need some exchanges between both rather than let the first do its job and then the second. The point is that discussing everything to avoid these issues is just cumbersome, so it is better to be notified when a misalignment happen. This is where someone “able to half-ass both” can be useful: you can use him in a third step -check- to validate the adaptation. If a clear misalignment is spotted between the Japanese and the adapted translation, the checker should notify the translator and the adapter, so they can discuss the faulty adaptation in order to have something better.

        Another advantage of these 3 steps is that you can apply it also to a case where the stuff has been already translated in another language, and you re-translate it to your own. For instance, if you don’t have a really good Japanese translator but a really good Italian translator, and the game (or whatever else) is translated in Italian, then you can translate and adapt it from the Italian version and have a *Japanese* checker who directly compare the Japanese version (not the Italian one) with the adapted version. This allows to spot also the misalignment introduced during the Italian translation. This is what we do in my fansub team because we usually start from the English subs (English-to-French translator, French adapter, Japanese-to-French checker).

        So if some of you plan to make a translation project, you may think about this 3-steps process and see which members of your team can be assigned to each. There is often other steps depending on the stuff to translate (text extraction and integration for games, subtitles timing and integration for videos, etc.) but these 3 steps can probably be used for any kind of translation project.

    • Chiron Maximus

      I have everyone on one run, except Ilias, Lily, and the medal queen, but considering you can only have one or the other with Ilias, or Alice, it’s just the medal queen and lily. I;m just a few medals away form recruiting her and I can get Lily in the NG run.

      • Zaku2142

        would you be willing to share your current save, that or have some tips on the game since I’m currently having trouble leaving a dungeon area on the map? Last, the Medal Queen, I haven’t even heard of her until you just mentioned it, was she just added?

        • Chiron Maximus

          Eh, not really. Considering I’m doing my own thing, you should get to that point on your own. Also, the medal queen has been in the game the whole time. To get to her, go to the area north of the tower that’s near happiness village, you’ll find a sturcture near the water, go into that. You’ll find a house and a temple. In the house is a sex battler (I don’t remember their real name), and the temple will have a teleport area that will take you to a temple on the island a little bit north of the structure you went into. Leave that place thorugh the door, then you’ll be on the island (no new monsters there, I;ve checked) and head north by northwest, and you’ll find the medal queen’s castle. Enter, then go all the way to the back, she’ll be on he thrown, and if not, she’s to the left at a table with slime girls. Talking to her will allow you to trade mini-medals, which you can farm from honey pots and mimics, for all kinds of stuff she has, like the Noble job item and even her companionship for 40 medals. Idk if you can still trade with her after recruiting her, but I’m sure someone else can answer that for us.

      • Chiron Maximus

        As for tips and advice, to get far, go through the girls you’ve recruited so far to see what abilities and races they can have, then think of what jobs you want them to have. I would recommend always having one member be some time of healer, so that when you’re level and job grinding, you won;t have to worry about dying on the field. Also, I would suggest getting one character to master flirt, so they can learn a song that multiplies exp and job exp earned from that fight by 2. In fact, I would recommend having atleast four characters that masterd the Flirt job, so that they can control how often enemies appear. Encounter half on all 4 really helps for long distance travel and Encounter quadriple for 3-4 characters makes an enemy encounter happen every step, good for grinding. When grinding, Always stay in an area with monsters you can handle, and I would also recommend having the difficulty on very easy for grinding, to make the fights go fast. Above all, if you don’t have atleast 4 characters that have the ability Encounter half, I would grind near a village that has an inn, for when you need to replenish Hp and MP; for getting 4 characters to master Flirt, either have one member on your main team train in flirt at a time, or get all 4 in your secondary team to master it at the same time. If you decide to change characters in your main or secondary, always make sure there’s atleast 4 characters that mastered flirt or are high enough in flirt to change encounter chances. Also, depending on whether you recruited Alice or Ilias, have them as castor type classes, like black mage, so they can cast spells to do heavy damage.

      • FickleArchivist

        Just a few little things.

        Firstly, the Medal Queen takes 45 Small Medals to recruit and after you’ve recruited her, you can still trade with her at her castle when not in your party. I’ve never actually tested if she needs not to be in your party, I’m only assuming. You can also meet her in the pocket castle but she won’t trade with you there.

        By my count, there are 162 companions in the game. My stat screen puts my score at 160 but I’m not sure how it counts Ilias and Alice so the actual total number of companions might vary by one or two. I’m only missing Panty Teacher because I’m not really interested in collecting panties and haven’t bothered yet and Scat Captain because I refuse to recruit him even if his portrait is a reference to Char Aznable.

        And thirdly, I’ve put a lot of information up on the Monster Girl Quest wiki, not so much lately because I’ve been busy. This includes a guide for all small medals and seeds and in-depth guides to farming. No pages on specific characters yet though but lots of pages on items, stats and game play elements.

      • Interesting, still Alice already starts out with mage skills….and if you want to change Ilias you have to change her from the gitgo. It’s weird because she starts as hunter and gets holy spells but magic stat never seems to take off.

  58. Arj

    Hey, unrelated to Paradox, but seems the best place to ask. I know Dargoth have done MGQ Delicious Breakfast and Lunch, but does anyone know if there exist any translation for Dinner anywhere on the net?

  59. Jam

    Hey, so I understand that the upcoming end-of-year patch will cover everything on the Ilias Continent. Does this also extend to the request scenes in the pocket castle? Since the monster girls on the Ilias Continent will have their scenes and dialogue translated, will, say, the harpies have their requests in the pocket castle translated as well? I am most curious about this. Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      No, format your hard disk and throw your PC out of the window.
      (I.e. nobody here knows what “your file” is, nor, in what way it is “corrupted”, so you won’t get any help, if you don’t add some more details.)

      • Is the folder it’s in contain Japanese? If so rename the folder
        Does the game start untranslated?
        * If not check the download of the original game and perhaps redownload it and try again
        * If yes try patching again and see if that works
        Did you check that your antivirus scanner isn’t messing with the files, they’re all clean by default so if it flags anything it’s a false positive.
        How exactly did you patch it?

  60. Xoverguy

    I heard in what seemed to be a recent 4chan-ish forum post, that Torotoro might be bringing in another update patch. Does anybody know if there is any truth to this? If so, I hope, although it seems unlikely, that it be an update patch making more of the Job/Race trees in part one available. Although in retrospect they might have caught on to the Hairpin of Predicament = Critical HP Daystar item in the game and might want to patch it, although I never really use that to begin with, except for when I am labyrinth climbing. Any potential info on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • FickleArchivist

      Just checked their Blog and Website and didn’t see anything about that. I think they have a twitter account but I don’t know if it’s private or deleted or something. I don’t know where else to look for any confirmation.

  61. CwHart

    I want to buy a physical copy of Monster Girl Quest for a secret santa/white elephant party, anyone know where I can purchase it?

    • Anonymous

      If this increases the MGQ fandom as well, then it is fine.

      I despise Kenkous “bible”, because monsters get downgraded to perfect loving beings that have love and sex with you all day in an utopic world.
      I hope the MGQ community keeps a level of high demance.

      • FickleArchivist

        I’m not much of a fan of setting either but I can appreciate what’s it’s done and the impact it has had so I’m glad it’s getting translated.

        In it’s defense, while a lot of the newer monsters basically boil down to love and fuck you forever, Kenkou Cross has stated that the bible is written in the biased point of view of the scholar writing it. There are traces of racial tension in numerous sources and the backstory to the setting has all the monsters as being traditional monsters that would eat and kill people before a succubus became the new monster lord and mind raped them all into waifus. The stuff you’re being told about the monsters and world isn’t necessarily accurate although it can be interpreted literally if you so choose. MGE is more of a template than definitive guide book to its world which helps explain why it’s been so influential among the monster girl community.

        Also, what do you mean be “demance?” Is that a spelling error or do you mean like de-romance, removing exaggerated elements and not skipping difficult issues? I really enjoyed the grey and gray conflicts in MGQ while still acknowledging that some people could be good or evil with complicated or simple reasons behind them.

      • Desert Eagle

        Well, that’s what it is. MGE was designed to be a utopia. Its world has its own conflicts too but basically it’s just meant for people to enjoy monster girls.

  62. Schwarzritter

    I can’t wait for the new patch~

    Also Dargoth, since you need more people who know Japanese… Have you tried looking/recruiting at Fuwanovel? There are many people who speak Japanese there and MGQ Paradox is pretty popular, so the chance that someone could help is high.

    • I’d definitely like to find people interested in translating monster girl games, but not so interested in recruiting random mercenary translators. I’ve been a member at Fuwanovel for years and always felt that they’re entirely VN-focused with no discussion of games like paradox.

      • Schwarzritter

        Hmm… fair enough!
        Though I believe they would gladly discuss/help with it, so keep that in mind in case you changed your mind o/

  63. MonstersRule!

    Can someone tell me what the difference is between Dargoth’s patch and this EX patch that everyone seems to be talking about?

    • sazaju

      Dargoth is a manual translation, EX is mainly based on machine translation (Google translation if I remember well). So EX covers a lot more than Dargoth so far, but the quality of the translation is poor. EX also integrate the translation of Dargoth, so people who are in a hurry and do not read Japanese at all might be interested in EX. For people who are picky with the quality of the translation or who can somehow understand Japanese, it is better to restrict to Dargoth’s translation.

      • MonstersRule!

        Ah, I see, thanks for the explanation. Sadly, I don’t the grammar nazi in me will ever be satisfied with anything machine translated v.v. Still, it’s nice to have options.

    • If your bored give it a try, some areas are decent. Definitely a good alternative to some of the text hookers (you don’t have to switch to another screen every time you want to see whats displayed). Some features the EX has is the ability to rename Luka along with other characters if you choose (yet that is still a work in progress). Also it’s not an exact copy of Dargoth’s as there are other differences. No real reason to be restricted to anything as you don’t really lose anything by trying it. A few people actually try the Original, Dargoth’s, and EX’s just to see what the differences are.

      • MonstersRule!

        The original o.o? As in the untranslated version? I might give EX a try provided it can run smoothly along Dar’s patch, but from what I’ve seen of the patching instructions, it looks sort-of.. complicated.

      • Yeah it looks intimidating but really it’s not that complicated.
        Decrypt the data (not really much different then extracting an archive)
        Put that in the main game directory (simply moving files around, basic file system stuff)
        Rename or Delete a file (more simple file system stuff)
        Overwrite with the EX archive data (understand cut, copy, and paste? simple as that)
        And play the game
        It can easily be done in less than 5 minutes, if you got the storage to copy the Paradox folder with Dargoth’s patch, rename it to Paradox EX, and go through the install steps and you have one folder with Dargoth’s and another with EX’s.
        I actually have like 10 copies of Paradox on one of my drives (someday I really should clean that up…)

      • Did you extract all the data in Game.rgss3a? Afterwards that data is all placed in an Extracted folder which that has to be moved back to the main game directory.

        The Graphics folder should be around 1.29 GB
        The Data folder should be around 62 MB

        EX overrides the Data folder but does rely on the decrypted Graphics folder

      • MonstersRule!

        I had downloaded a file called paradox master that came with the decrypter, and when I ran it, it was talking about something Like MakerVX, and stuff of that sort, and then when I picked one files just randomly showed up in the folder, I assumed that was the stuff I needed to put in the directory, so I hopped it over. Maybe I already screwd up at that point.

      • So let me see…
        Did you download the latest EX version from

        Then used ‘RPG Maker Decrypter’ that is included in the archive
        Went to ‘File -> Open’ and choose Game.rgss3a from the Paradox folder
        Then ‘Tools -> Extract All Files’
        Should have generated an ‘Extract’ folder containing two subfolders ‘Graphics’ and ‘Data’
        Placed these in the main game directory
        And overwrote any data with EX version

        It’s true that decrypter also has a button to ‘Generate Game.rvproj2’ but that’s more if you have the RPG Maker VX Ace Editor installed and you want a quick project file to open it up in that editor.

        Someday I should look into a nice screen capture software and maybe post a video of this….

      • If you overwritten the Data folder, have the rvtext files in the main directory, and changed Game.rgss3a to something else then when the game loads it will be in English. You can even play with the rvtext files with something like Notepad++, they’re just big text files

        And unless a new official version (like 1.22 or whatever they plan to call Part 2 build) comes out all that you have to do to update is just overwrite the old data with the new.

      • MonstersRule!

        It appears to be working correctly, thanks for the help, I can finally understand the text when “talking” to monsters, it was driving me up a wall that I couldn’t before v.v.

  64. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth I was curious if you are releasing the patch on Christmas or on New years day ? Also as a side note I was wondering if you could do Illias’s request scene if possible please.
    – Tamam0

    • I’m aiming for 12/30 so everyone can drown their sorrows of a new year with the sorrows of an unfinished translation patch. πŸ™‚

      Ilias and Alice are the first request scenes in file order so I’ll get them done (today). As of now, it looks like random NPC dialogue in Iliasport, Midas, Rostrum, and Enrika won’t make the cut.

      • Schwarzritter

        Sasuga Dargoth

        Although, if I may ask, why do you favor translating request scenes over the “Talk” scenes/actions?

      • Requests are easy to access and are likely to be seen by a lot of players, some many times over. The in-battle stuff is inconvenient and therefore less likely to be seen.

      • Anonymous

        “The in-battle stuff is inconvenient and therefore less likely to be seen.”

        You’re probably right. Whose gonna use gameplay in this game? No need to know, what you’re doing…

        Sounds like another patch you can completely ignore, if you actually want to “play” further than Ilia’s village.

      • Anonymous

        To the anon above me, instead of getting salty you might as well wait patiently.

        If you are so discontent with how Dargoth is doing the translation make one yourself.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Dargoth, I will be looking forward to the 30th then. However I think you got it wrong in what text is more important to be translated. Request scene text will be seen more often yes but whatever they say during the scenes have little to no importance to the story or gameplay. When you “Talk” with enemies during combat is sometimes relevant to the story and if they ask a question it affects gameplay aswell. Recruiting monsters is a pain in the ass when you have no idea what to answer when they ask a question, so please Dargoth prioritise them higher.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Unfortunately, he’s right. While I would love to see the request scenes I asked for fully translated, including the Saki’s Night Live scene, Storyline and combat conversations are more important.

      • The questions/answers have been high priority, but I’ve been trying to get someone else to do those since they’re not terribly hard to translate. December is obviously not the best month for free time though.

  65. MonstersRule!

    Is it possible that the power reading for the White Mage skill “Mega Heal” is incorrect? it said the power was 130%, but if that were true that would make it weaker then the basic Heal skill that the priest gets (150%), I tested both heals and this is definitely not the case, so the only conclusion I can draw is that Mega Heal is actually 230%, not 130%. Can anyone confirm?

    • sazaju

      By checking the original text (Skills.txt, skill 1461), it seems that no factor is given, so I guess Dargoth got them from another location and added them for having a better description. What I can see though is that for Mega Heal All (skill 1463) it is 300% (the original version also do not have any factor). So I assume it is also 300% for Mega Heal. I let Dargoth check and fix if necessary.

  66. Anonymous

    I’m I the only one who has a problem with the installation of the patch? I can’t get past the 39% and then gave me a error message telling me something like “Microsoft .NEt Framework : lot of text then You don’t have enought space in your dd” but i have more than enought space which is weird so could someone know the reasons of my predicament ?

  67. Anonymous

    Thanks for the help MGX_EX it worked perfeclty and yes i do know about the storage concept like i said before sazaju i had far enough space to use the non manual patch but once again thanks to the two of you for helping.

    • sazaju

      Looking at the message description, I was expecting that you had your game in a specific drive and that .NET was creating some temporary files in the main drive, leading to a space issue even if your game is on a drive which has plenty of space. Thus my comment. But if you are able to get what you want with the manual patch, then good job. {^_^}

  68. ClanCrusher

    I’ll be honest, I’m kinda hoping more request scenes get finished than just Alice and Illias. The loss scenes are certainly fun, but for some reason it’s a lot more fun watching Luka request something from one of his followers and then realize how far in over his head he is when they follow through. They’re easily some of the best scenes in the game (so far), and the verbal abuse they heap on him for requesting those things really feels like icing on the cake.

    Still, I do have to agree with what others have said before me. The story and battle dialogue should definitely take precedent…though I’m still holding out hope for Riot.

  69. Schwarzritter


    I just wanted to wish you a nice and Merry Christmas Dargoth (a bit ahead of time, since I won’t be here for couple of days starting today)! Keep being awesome~

  70. khalayia

    hey everyone, just found a minor bug bit it might be a one off. I started a new game+ and picked ilias instead of alice. after leaving the village she didn’t initiate the pocket castle scene and there was no sign of it in the key items. after trying to fix it for about 5 min, i restarted and started a new game+ and it righted itself. only difference for the second attempt was that i didn’t use any seeds on her or equip any items.

  71. Tamam0

    I just wanted to mention that whoever put “I’m a figget

    Also thanks dargoth.” is someone else and I decided to log in just to mention this
    – Tamam0

    • Chiron Maximus

      In the current part, no. In a future part, possibly. Also, side note to Dargoth and the others of the amazing team, considering the thousand list demo thing I found, will there be plans to translate that demo?

  72. Angra Mainyu

    Ehm, I really dont know where to post so let’s just say it here. I am studying modern languages, so i’m quiet fluent in english, french, spanish, dutch, and i can manage Japanese. So, what must I do to help ? I love this game, and seeing how you do much for us I really want to help. Just tell me what to do. πŸ™‚

    • I mentioned more details a few weeks ago, but what we could really use are:

      1. great English writers to do editing, especially those who want to make h-scenes sound sexy. Just being fluent in English isn’t enough if you suck at writing and someone else has to re-edit your lines; and

      2. proficient Japanese readers who can at least communicate effectively in English.

      • Angra Mainyu

        So, just being able to translate from Japanese to English isn’t enough ? Hm’, gotta improve my writting skill then ! :3

    • Anonymous

      haven’t played in awhile, but I know it’s explained in the “instructional area” of the temple of the first town, the one where you change jobs… go upstairs and talk to people, one of them tells you what the + effect does.

        • sazaju

          Check everywhere in the temple. It’s not said it is in the first floor, but I also remember something there about that.

      • 342:ハピネス村屋内/017:EV017/Page 01/001
        Traveling Mage
        Some weapons, have special hidden potential.
        When Equipped, dedicated skills become available.

        342:ハピネス村屋内/017:EV017/Page 01/002
        Traveling Warrior
        Try it out, just buy and equip the γ€Œiw[474]」 sold here.
        You will notice the γ€ŒWeapon」 command becomes available.

        342:ハピネス村屋内/017:EV017/Page 01/003
        Traveling Warrior
        With that, weapons provide special skills…
        By looking at the description “[Staff+]”, look for the “+”.

    • Anonymous

      symbol, +, a technical means if you have activated some skill as spellblade poison, if you use the technique, which has demon slayer dance +, allows the effect.

  73. MonstersRule!

    I’ve been wondering.. Is there someway to get rid of skills/jobs you don’t like on a character? There’s so much skill crap on Luka that it’s a pain to navigate through the menus.

  74. Anonymous

    Dargoth, you used to do a roundup of new/upcoming monster girl games every few months, and I found a bunch of awesome stuff off those. Any plans for another of those? I’m still hanging out for a game that can somehow top Desire Dungeon

    • Chiron Maximus

      Any game that would top Desire Dungeon would either be a sequel tot he game, I actually thought up and written down an idea for such a sequel. or a hybrid of Desire dungeon and many other games, though that choice seems very unlikely.

    • I’ve been planning another roundup for a while, but I’ve been consistently disappointed all year. I’ll do one in January for all the monster girl games I found in 2015.

  75. Anonymous

    I’m getting a “wrong version” every time I try to patch at 49% completion.
    I’ve tried decrypting game.rgss3a and it still didn’t work.
    How do I manually patch it?

  76. Anonymous

    I was wondering will current savegames be compatible with the new patch. I know we will have to re patch a fresh copy but can we just copy over the old savegames and go?

  77. insane77

    One thing I felt was incomplete was the temptation system. I mean I find it weird that the temptation system isn’t flexible enough to scale with you as you become stronger. In that, as you level up you are given more room for error the stronger you get. I noticed that even the weakest of monsters once you get to level 30 seem to do the same amount of damage and can even still one hit KO you the moment you agree to give in. For some monsters it makes sense, I can get some of the invites actually and understandably leading 1KO’s, but the rest of the monsters seem to be able to dominate you regardless of your characters willpower or strength despite how weak you are.

      • Chiron Maximus

        I’ve noticed that too. Dargoth and the others are doing their best to translate the game for us, and since translation is time consuming, with difficulty changing rapidly based on circumstances, there are bound to be bugs and such that are unintended, and other times what we think is bugs, could just be part of the game, like in the difficulties Easy and Very Easy, whenever a character finished their turn, they heal and the enemies take damage, even if we don’t attack. When I took a fight in Normal, neither of those things happened, so what I thought was just a bug, was actually just a normal function of the game. So, my point being, we have to be patient and alert them of any bugs or odd circumstances in the game and hope they can do something about it.

  78. Chiron Maximus

    Hey Dargoth, I know that this is mostly for monster girls, but I have to ask. Have you made, or considered making, a translation for the game Kariyume? It’s the game where you play as a boy and you use a soccer ball to fight against a succubus who’s causing mischief and turned the girls of his neighborhood/school into horny maniacs (Since the game is translated in only one or two spots, I had to guess the story).

    • Anon S

      Oh that’s from excessm/zzinger. He has 2 other games out, the previous title was also good and I think is that kid’s brother or something. And then the one after is more an RPG.

      I am a huge fan of excessm, moreso than monster girls. He put the script up but as far as I know there’s no translation. There used to be a now defunct forum that used to be good to find this stuff, including monster girls, but nowadays I don’t have a source for any of it so I just don’t follow it.

      I do occasionally look at excessm’s site though, he puts up new illustrations every once in awhile.

      • Chiron Maximus

        So there’s no point in looking for a translation? Dang. I beat the game with luck and what I could learn from guessing. After beating each part, it said something about an extra, and I tried to get the stuff, but it’s asking for a key, and I have no idea how to get it.

      • Anon S

        The key is just a code for illustrations. I think I had them somewhere, but you can probably just find galleries for the game on sadpanda anyway.

        • Chiron Maximus

          I already found the passwords online, but thank you regardless. I was just hoping for a translation so I could actual read the story, but oh well. The only problem I have with Kariyume now is the stage editor not working. Every time I try to use it, I get an error I can’t read and it closes. I posted a comment a blog talking about the game, but so far no response.

  79. Randomguy

    You aren’t missing much of anything. the first two folders are just the CG that shows when an enemy gets you off, and the third makes you have less health for a super-hard mode. I don’t have the password anymore but I can upload the files if you want. And the problem with translating the game is extracting and re-injecting the text, not so much the translation itself. There isn’t a ton of text.

    • Chiron Maximus

      Oh is that all? I already found a site that has those pics up, plus pics from the other “Kariyume” game, or something like it I think. I figured the translation could just help me understand the story, cause it looked interesting. Ah well.

    • Randomguy

      As it turns out, extracting/re-injecting the text wasn’t so bad. Unfortunately, they’re stored as images and my translation skills are limited to interpreting and re-writing machine translations.

  80. Anonymous

    I find it funny the night when Dargoth releases the mini patch people are up all night waiting and commenting about it but when the illias continent one happens no comments on it XD

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see a full Ilias Continent patch to comment on.
      Going by Dargoth’s latest comments, I don’t expect one in the near future either…

    • Sevalle

      Yup, and honestly the designs are a bit uninspiring. God thing is that the main character looks less of a shota on few images, even if he is one…?

      Just wish 4th one was translated… fully.

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