Patch Delay

Sorry guys, no patch tonight. I had planned to just release whatever I had, but at this point I don’t like the idea of releasing a patch that’s 95% “playable” when I could delay a bit and get that number to 100%. It’s been a long road to this point, and we’re still only halfway through all the text in the game so thanks for bearing with me for so long….


  1. Incubusknight

    Waiting a bit more won’t kill us. Take your time till your happy with it Dargoth and then share the fruit of you and your teams labor.

  2. Balkoth0069

    Thanks for the update, and like many have already said, take your time, and enjoy this road! On another note, to all who keep putting Dargoth and his team down for missing a deadline, which by the way, Dargothtranslations makes tentatively. May I remind you, had Dargothtranslations not picked up the torch on these rare jewels. They would still be “diamonds in the rough”. Pretty to look at, but you could never know their true beauty! So, if you can be quick to speak, and critcal, then by all means, why don’t you learn how to translate, edit, tweek, and do all the things Dargothtranslations can do, and you go ahead, and do a better job…can you?

    • Edale

      JULY 11, 2016 “P.S. I’ll update later this week with some other monster girl games you should be paying attention to.”

      Next post, 2 1/2 months later:

      SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 “Monster Girl Games/VN in Development”

      Yea… date predictions and Dargoth don’t mix well. Take them VERY tentatively.

      @Dargoth Is the next patch going to have any of the h-scenes translated, or only story?

  3. Anonymous

    Take your time for this one Dargoth, itll be worth the wait…. I can finally continue my badass prostitute job luka

  4. Anonymous

    It is definitely better to release 100% of the story whenever it may be, thanks for the effort you guys put into translating this. Some may not look at it this way but Dargoth and his team are giving their free time for this, and time is the most valuable thing we petty humans have. Respect.

    Whoever is reading this, may you have a wonderful day 😀 . Cheers!

  5. Anonymous

    The work isn’t good when it’s finished,
    it’s finished when it’s good.
    – A poster at my workplace

    Take all the time you need, some of us waited 4 months, a few more days ain’t gonna kill us.

  6. Chiron Maximus

    Well, this was honestly a half-surprise, but patience is a virtue and rewards those who wait, so take your time and make it the best you’ve got!

  7. PunBunny

    So what exactly will be translated to 100%, only the full story or also rape scenes in pocket castle, BF content, seduction scenes, and Labyrinth of Chaos?

    • Dcw2021

      It will be 100% of the story and everything you need to play the game. The pocket castle, talk events, and flirt actions are about 66% done. The h-scenes, battle cries, seduction, and gift responses have barely been touched.

      • Wobby Wobman

        Barely, as in, maybe only 1 or 2 new scenes? Might as well just wait until the translation is actually done then and skip this patch. Hope it’s still a bit more than that though.

      • Menthols

        I personally disagree. As long as the story is translated we can go through and complete part 1. Since this game gives you access to the library, you can go back and watch any of the hentai scenes whenever you want.

        So for now we can just enjoy the whole story when this next patch comes out, level our characters, unlock all the hentai scenes, then once the translation is finished we can watch any of the scenes that we have been missing out on.

        So IMO Dargoth made the right choice by doing the story elements first, it just makes sense to prioritize it because of the monster library. I’m sure people who are just playing this game just for the porn would disagree, but you can’t please everyone right?

      • Sevalle

        Alright, that is pretty bad. If there are no h-scene conversations then I guess it’s best to forget this game and one day when I see it on one of the blogs that post h-games, I’ll know it’s complete. I was thinking this would be a half-like patch where you have everything translated to a certain point. I don’t want a 100% story with nothing else translated. Don’t get my wrong I’m grateful but I want a full experience if I’ll play something fully.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Bro, just wait patiently like it’s a birthday gift or something, cause the wait is well worth it and it’s easier to wait if you stop whining and moaning about it.

    • Chiron Maximus

      You hit ESC, then select Library, then Enemy library, then find the enemy you want to see, then enter for either loss scene or cg. Or you can open the game folder, then graphics, then pictures; in there is every cgs, cutaways and such in there as well as some spoilers for stuff not yet available or seen in the later parts of the game.

  8. Rye

    Thanks for going through with all of this man. Nice to see your work on translating this understandably big project.

    Just ignore the hate in some of the comments man; we’re behind you.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think that’s exactly something Dargoth has control over. About a year back when I transferred a lot of my Hentai games from one HDD to another, almost all my saves were erased. What I’ve been doing for Paradox, is I make two folders, one is for the current patch and one is a clean slate as if I just got the game new. I store the clean slate folder on another drive, be that a different HDD, SSD, USB or external drive, and when a new patch comes out, I make a copy of the new slate, use one of the new slates to install the new patch, move my save file onto it, delete my game with the older patch and repeat.

  9. Civildeviation

    Don’t expect an answer from Dargoth on when, though I share your desire to know. He will most likely not respond. Much though we may want to expedite the process he will go his own pace as he always has. Furthermore anyone here for awhile knows that the first reported deadline is usually missed or the patch is less than suggested. If I get proven wrong on this, I’d be delighted and surprised.

    On an aside, using the EX patch, I was delighted to discover a fast way for money, buying eggs, turning them into friend during the status screen and selling them. 🙂

  10. Suzunaan

    Oh well, it’s either waiting or learning to read moonrunes anyway, so it’s not like we really have a choice here.

  11. Anonymous

    I was even thinking about learning moonrune deciphering since I kinda play a lot of stuff in that language, turned out to be harder than learning to code in java xD. So patiently waiting for dargoth 😀

  12. Kenshi

    Shroomy, if you still follow this blog, please come back to the channel, i need to talk to you. to everyone else, hiya! lol

  13. Anonymous

    Honestly, it’s true that this patch has taken a long time, But if anything I’m thankful that you haven’t got tired and just abandoned it.

  14. PunBunny

    If you want to spend hours grinding money, while you’re certain it works, you can take the shortcut, get cheat engine, find your money value with this formula: #*2+1 (replace # with the amount of money you’ve got) This stuff is usually in binary but exact value 4 bytes works with *2+1.

    This cheat works for money, seeds, health, stamina, mana, and pretty much every consumable. Oh and also affection, easy thing to set to 2000. Just don’t try to adjust value for exp earned, utter waste of time and high probability of crashing your game, while seeds are fast too. All you need are 1 backup save and 4 seeds of your choice.

    • Menthols

      The developer for Paradox said to expect part 2 in early 2017, or by the end of 2016 at the absolute earliest. Dargoth mentioned it in one of the earlier patch notes if you’re curious, I think it was his 1.21.36 update.

  15. Anonymous

    Dammit, every time I misread patch delay to patch day on this post xD. Not complaining, I know it takes time. Keep it up Dargoth! 🙂

  16. Menthols

    So I was curious on the progress so I went to Dargoth’s bitbucket and he had a new progress sheet updated for download. So according to his most recent updates (which was 3 days ago), the translation progress is now at .493087%.

    Now don’t hold me to this because I’m not positive how it works, but I think that’s the progress he’s been going by. Once that number is at 50% I think the story translations will be complete and the patch .50 will be released. So I could definitely be wrong, but I’m somewhat expecting the patch to release sometime this weekend. Again I could definitely be wrong, so don’t get hopes up high, it’s just a guess.

    For anyone who’s curious to see how the progress looks go to this link, click view and it will auto download. You can use google spreadsheets for free to view it if you don’t have a program for it. The Bitbucket site is a really cool website because you can check out exactly what they have been recently translating, it’s pretty interesting (just don’t spoil yourself).

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for that info mate, it’s awesome to hear. I hope the patch gets released this weekend, if not then oh well, wait a bit more i guess, no other options. Still, no biggie though.

    • Practically all of the untranslated content in the game is hentai, stuff characters say when they use skills in battle, and little miscellaneous text triggers. I do still need to finish translating Amira’s side quest dialogue, an event or two that got missed, and advanced race descriptions. Maybe a few other things (I keep finding more…). The real problem is that the editing done is inconsistent and turned out a lot worse than expected in some files. I’ve gotten more help from people, but trying to find editors who are willing and capable of doing a good job is hard. My attempts so far haven’t yielded great results… (incoming messages from past editors wondering if I actually hated their work). That’s after completely ignoring the 90% of offers for help that inspired zero confidence.

      I was prepared to release a patch last weekend thinking that it’d be okay to have some grammatical errors here and there, but entire important story scenes were just plain butchered. So now I’m going back through them all, and also having more competent people help me edit them. I keep getting more offers to help with editing, but I have terrible editor PTSD now or something.

      • Menthols

        Thanks for explaining the situation. I apologized if my comment added any pressure. I saw the completion percentage, got excited and jumped the gun. Looking at it gave me a real sense of how big this translation project is, it has such a huge amount of lines compared to the original MGQ.

        Finding skilled translators through email must be so stressful. People sometimes underestimate how difficult quality translating can be. I really wish I could help, but I know my limitations and skilled writing is definitely one of them.

        Thanks again for all of your hard work, it’s really appreciated.

      • Anonymous

        Having said all this, are you not able to release it and title it as Rough Patch? Then maybe iron it all out in the next patch release.

      • Anonymous

        We’ve waited for a long time, a little more won’t hurt if it means the translation reads better, IMO that’s the whole point, if I wanted gibberish I’d play the machine translation.

  17. Chiron Maximus

    Just asking three questions.
    1) When you finish this 100% patch, what will you guys do?
    2) Will it be possible to rename our companions again?
    3) Has anyone figured out why you can edit the CG of a sex scene, but nothing changes when you edit the CG and face of a character during conversations?

    To explain my third question, the CGs in question are the regular character CGs and the face cg when it appears in the text box as they speak. A long while ago, I was able to change them, mostly just adding an up-curve to the mouth of Liru, or Lizard Thief A, so that it changes from her normal frown to a small smirk, but then after an update, it no longer changed. I made sure to move my altered files to the new version after it was updated, but even if the file is changed, the CG and the Face that appears for her conversations, does not appear as thus. I further tested this by switching the eyes on Anastasia, the Lamia, so that her eyes are wide open when she’s smiling and half-closed when she does her open smile and changed her conversing faces files as thus, but still nothing changed. Not even giving a smile to Page 17 worked, and she only has one CG and face. Either there something in the system files forcing a Consistency or this is a bug in the Matrix.

    • Chiron Maximus

      Also, just to be clear, I did make sure to save the files as the same type as the original. I use and just press save when I’m done editing and it always saves in the spot where I drag the original image from, and I tried editing the files in Battlers, but that failed too.

  18. Anonymous

    I’m glad progress is still being made, but a little disappointed that the sex scenes seem to be lower priority. I gots to get my fap on.

  19. Disco

    So, I’ve got to be competely honest here, first off, major props to Dargoth for even doing this. I don’t know a lick of Japanese, yet I love and adore Japanese style in its near entirety, so for your continued effort on the project, I salute you.

    In less sunshine aspects however, I just gotta be real for a second here.

    I stopped watching the progress of this translation project roughly 2 months ago, I came back fully expecting that there hadn’t been much, I understand that translation is a weary task. But why for the love of God do you keep setting these release dates for yourself? Not to patronize, but you have actually never hit a deadline before!

    I don’t have issue with patience or waiting for the finished product… but it’s just straight up saddening to see hype go around for a new patch coming soon, just to see yet again a patch delay.

    tl;dr: Please stop posting deadlines for yourself. It makes everyone, including you, (presumably) sad.

    • Chiron Maximus

      Bro, so what if he doesn’t make a deadline? Deadlines are just made through estimations and guesses and sets a criteria time instead of just saying “It will come out when it comes out …”, so the fact he put up a deadline is the fact he set his mind to a specific point. If he doesn’t make the deadline, then it means he hit snags and problems that need to be taken care of. More to the point, I’m actually glad he’s not made his deadline this time; I would have enjoyed having it right away, but the fact he passed the deadline and explained that it still needed more work means he wasn’t yet satisfied with the project. The more time someone puts into a project, the better it is all around; It not like a project that would determine a company’s profit chart or product production. If he needs to work on it more to make it better for us, then we need to have more faith in him and be more patient and if you just presume how people feel because of a simple patch delay then you’re no better than the other whiners who can’t wait for something good.

      • Disco

        I think you direly misunderstand me. I prefixed what I said with encouragement and attempted understanding. I was not complaining about this issue in specific, I was just saying setting deadlines seems pointless. I’d rather he just said ‘It’ll be done when it’s done.’

        Clearly you didn’t take the time to read what I was trying to convey, and thought i was just some dick trying to bully Dargoth some more.

        I have plenty of faith in Dargoth, I’ve been watching this project silently from the beginning. I simply saw a trend with his deadlines, and like I said the first time, that really isn’t the issue at all.

        • Chiron Maximus

          I did read your comment and you sort of did come off as a dick. Sorry if I came off as arrogant or over-reactive, you just might want to be more careful next time, because one wrong thing and you can cause a storm that would ruin anyone’s day, especially here.

      • Civildeviation

        My opinion, but I don’t think Disco came off as a dick in the first sentiment. Appreciative, frustrated, and confused perhaps, but not hostile. Still hard to read intent and emotion in text though.

        In this case Chiron I think you started Troll hunting season a touch early, rest assured you’ll get your chance!

        On an aside, for those who play games in windows 10, what text hook program do you use? And do you have any problems getting custom codes to work? (I use ITH with the fix, but can’t seem to get the custom codes to operate).

        • Chiron Maximus

          Bro, trolls don’t care about seasons, so there is no “tad early” for Troll hunting. Besides, if I was fighting a troll, I’d use a different tactic. I’m now sure Disco meant no harm, I just wanted to let him know to be careful.

    • Anonymous

      I think that’s because if he didn’t set a deadline he would be getting 10 times more questions like “when is the next patch?” and “are you dead?”. It also helps to motivate yourself if you have a deadline and let the people know, even if you don’t meet the deadline in the end.

      • Anonymous

        What anonymous said, tbh its prolly what Dargoth expects if he does not hit a snag, but he did and you can never really predict them even if you sort of expect them

  20. PunBunny

    “Anonymous: Guys Quest failed is out

    Oh ffs here we go again, game uploader should either upload it on or not at all. Not gonna waste my time creating 293487304987130492 accounts on an equal amount of unique sites and pay a 12 dollar bill for virtual coins so in turn I can buy a soft-copy of the game. You’ll have to verify your account first, and your credit card because these sitemaster hypocrits like to show off how gloriously law-abiding citizens they are when not offering their products to minors. All they accomplish is wasting everyone’s time and inbox space with useless spam and newsletters.

    On the good side, the game is DRM-free, won’t take long till someone put a copy online for us to pirate. These are dark days when supporting the true artists is more of a fuss than getting your ripped copy fuss and virus free.

    Anyway, thanks for the heads-up.

      • Anonymous

        I tried the manual patch instructions as best I could


        2) Run ‘Ytinasni.RpgMaker.GameSelector.exe’
        3) Edit the files in the Scripts/ directory
        4) Run ‘Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe’. This puts the translated game in the Out/ directory.
        4a) Test the game
        5) Run ‘Ytinasni.RpgMaker.PatchMaker.exe’. This puts the patch in the Patch/ directory.

        I followed these and tried running the new patch from the Patch directory but it gets to about 50% before “wrong version” comes up and it stops.

      • Menthols

        You seem to have did the instructions properly. Remember when you use gameselector.exe , make absolutely certain it’s the current version of MGQ Paradox and make sure it’s fresh, not patched with a translator, it has to be a fresh copy, it has to be version 1.21.00

        One final thing to note. You do not have to run patchmaker.exe . If you did everything correctly, you can simply go into the folder labeled “out” and the translated game will be in there. The 3rd and final step of patchmaker is really only for guys like Dargoth who are releasing official patches for people to download, so none of us have to bother with that step.

    • Chase Sykes

      Hey Dargoth, Im trying to use the rpgmaker translation program and it first tells me to use the game selector. I booted that up and inserted the location of mgq paradox and i get n error saying
      “ERROR HashDataStore detected altered file” and it closes out. any idea what to do? been really wanting to play recently since ive been waiting from the beginning for you to finish the story translation, ive held off this long haha. thanks for your time!

      • Menthols

        Make sure you are putting in the proper directory path that contains game.exe . You also have to make absolutely certain it is a fresh copy of MGQ Paradox. It cannot be a copy that was patched with Dargoth’s translations, it also has to be version 1.21.00.

  21. Chase Sykes

    Hey there, Just taking a look through the scripts at the moment and I noticed under the Items.txt file the first item “Herb” may have an error this is what I copied

    Name “Herb”
    Description “[Item] Target:Ally Effect:50 HP RecoveryrnMedicinal herb that recovers 50 of an ally’s HP.”
    // Dropped By Enemy001 “Slime GIrl”,

    I’m not 100% but will the capital “I” in the word Girl cause it not to drop from the enemy? I know sometimes capitals can cause this in some coding so i just wanted to let ya know while i noticed it!

  22. Chiron Maximus

    Just thought of it, but does the difficulty affect the drop rate of items from enemy monsters? I know the easy difficulties damage the enemy and heal you and allies at the turn’s end, but since I haven’t tried the harder difficulties, what do those do besides alter the enemies hp?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it has an effect. I looked into this and couldn’t find anything that would seem like it affects it in the files.

    • Noar

      Difficulty also affects enemy stats, including Agility. I can easily outspeed Reaper on Normal difficulty, but I need a few agility boosts for my fastest character to outspeed her on Paradox. (As Dargoth stated, difficulty settings do not apply in the Labyrinth.)

  23. Anonymous

    Guys this might be a bit unrelated but do any of you guys have problems with playing monmusu quest delicious dinner and lunch?

    for some reason when i start the Index.html nothing happens i get a black screen.
    i read that chrome no longer supports Java related things but i also have this with IE and firefox.

    Does anybody have the same problem or anyone know a solution to this?

  24. Anonymous

    Heya guys, I’ve tried and tried and tried, but I can’t seem to win on a paradox difficultly. Is it just impossible to beat slime girl, or can you, with insane luck?

    • Anonymous

      From a new game at level 1? It was annoying on hell. Haven’t tried paradox. Would have to rely on a lot of luck but abusing the save system you can open all the chests in the area before fighting one to make it easier. Save the fire orb and prepare for a grindstone before bunni.

      • A.T. Rips

        does anybody know how to open the grey/steel chest? Lockpick 3? (dont see it though/doesnt exist…yet) what skill do you need? or you just cant open it yet for part 1…maybe im wrong idk

      • Anonymous

        I’ll give that a shot. I’m just trying to do things to pass time while I wait for the patch. lol

        We will see if that works, but I’m skeptical that slightly better armour and weapons will be enough for the mighty paradox slime girl.

      • Menthols

        You can’t open the steel chests yet. It requires lockpick 3 which we cannot learn yet until part 2. We only have access to the blue and green ones.

        To the guy trying to fight slime girl on paradox, that’s pretty ridiculous. I wouldn’t bother on Paradox difficulty until you have at least a full party of recruits. Hell is a manageable difficulty if you grind a lot of levels, but paradox is insanely hard without a decked out party. I think it’s more for New Game+. Keep in mind you can change the difficulty at any time by either dying, or talking to the reaper in Hades gate. Just lower the difficulty, recruit a full party, then try cranking up the difficulty when you have a party you’re confident with.

        Does anyone know if the difficulty levels effect the Labyrinth of Chaos? I don’t see the point of it if you could just put it on very easy difficulty.

      • The Labyrinth and some scripted fights force the game to normal difficulty. I’ve heard of people beating enough slime girls on paradox difficulty to get to level 2, but it definitely requires a string of good luck.

      • Anonymous

        Personally, I plan to use the highest difficulty, that doesn’t rely on luck to win fights, at the start, then (job) level grind a bit as soon as I have a full party (for more battle versatility), then increase difficulty to Paradox to keep the game challenging.

    • Civildeviation

      It’s possible to beat the slimes on paradox though rather impractical since basically you are playing a slot machine for dodges and crits. If you are trying for kudos, beat the labyrinth bosses without cheating the game or reading the how to guides.

  25. Anonymous

    you can open the steel chests if you have find the Item ” Godly Thief’s Gloves ” you can find it in the Labyrinth

      • Chiron Maximus

        Knowing the kind of rarity for that item, which would be the same tier as the Excalibur sword, it’s most likely in the green chests that appear after super bosses.

      • Civildeviation

        Godly Thief’s Gloves can be found about anywhere below floor 100 in any box. I have one in one of my saves. Do note, that saves seem to become more likely to get corrupted the farther down the labyrinth and more items, gold, and abilities ya have.

      • Skuya

        I don’t even have my party half-maxed and can clear the bosses on F100 easily (didn’t get Adramelech, Morrigan, Lucifina and Micaela so far though and lost against Reaper). At F101, the item quality increases a lot and so does the difficulty of the fights (from F1 to F100, it’s a cakewalk, basically). I don’t have the Genji Gauntlet (I really really really really wanna get that one =/) nor the Daystar Hairpin nor the Silver Chest Gloves.
        One question though to those being beyond F300: Does the item quality/difficulty increase again drastically after beating the boss on F200? I’m only on F210 though, and I didn’t notice any increased item quality from F200 to F210.

    • dcw2021

      Last I heard the last maps were just finished being edited. Depending on the time it takes to compile everything into a patch, I would say tomorrow is a good bet.

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