Violated Hero 3 English v0.82


Added for this patch:
rp17 (Kohaku 1)
rp18 (Kohaku 2)
rp19 (Fan Mei + Sei Mei paizuri)
rp20 (Lei Ling 2 feat. Kohaku)
rp21 (Lei Ling 3)

Rogue is releasing the final patch for MGQ on Dec. 6 so I’ll skip next week. Hopefully I’ll have all the H-scenes done in 2 weeks and then the miscellaneous text done before Christmas.

In MGQ paradox news, Torotoro released some more information. You can find it translated here:

Violated Hero 3 English v0.71

VH3 English v0.71!2MYyhIJb!daX3-GSWrPCdN2WHYuwLOHvamjM7U2vTk9lrIgpJ2Rc

Short patch with just Mizuchi (the samurai lamia girl). I didn’t think I could get a second one done before Sunday, and I’ve wanted to release these on Friday anyway.