Desire Dungeon English version 0.90

It’s probably about 90% completed. Going to be pushing it over the weekend before playing MGQ, although Rogue is obviously going straight to MGQ as soon as he gets it. Hopefully we’ll have DD out in a few days for those of you who want to wait for an English translation to play MGQ.

Actually, I might just throw up a version .9 patch tonight after a little playtesting to make sure it doesn’t crash during normal play. It’s really easy to patch (you just drop a file into the game directory). For those of you who want to obtain a copy early, it’s デザイアダンジョン in Japanese, RJ096876, and on DLSite.

EDIT: All right, here’s a patch of what we’ve got. The rest is up to me, which includes the final boss and most of the succubus loss scenes. A few days probably isn’t happening; a week is more likely. The game is fully playable up to the final boss though, so if you don’t rush through it you should be fine. There are guaranteed to be some crashes if you go off the beaten path so save every time you’re in town.

As for the game itself, the townspeople have new things to say each time you reach a new floor of the dungeon. Their advice is useful. Don’t walk by clicking arrows: either use the mousewheel or put your cursor over the arrow and hold space. Holding space or ctrl will speed through text too. There’s some grinding involved, especially if you want the S-rank equipment, but not too bad if you’re holding space or ctrl. Each monster has 2 hentai CGs, although 4 scenes in total (2 win, 2 loss). The succubus has more; final boss may too.

*Get the latest version above*

Just drop that into the game’s directory and you should be good to go. Saves may not be compatible with the Japanese version, but will be from this point on.