End of 2013 Monster Girl Game Roundup

Edit: Apparently Violated Hero 4 is also being released this year, on Dec 31. The spec page says it’s going to be wide screen this time too.

All right, it’s been forever since I’ve done one of these. There are tons of monster girl games and visual novels being made, but like any genre, most of them aren’t so great. Here are a few that are all right at least.

1. Tokyo TENMA

Tokyo TENMA is a Shin Megami Tensei-style monster girl RPG with first-person dungeon crawling gameplay. You recruit girls (by having sex with them) and construct your party with the ones you like best. The dungeons are fairly well designed, although the game is extremely easy so there’s no tension. Plus you can save at any time. I beat the final boss in one hit, although there is a (supposedly) harder bonus dungeon. The story is paper thin, and this is only the first part of what will apparently be a longer series.

On the hentai side, this game is great if you like stuff like Violated Hero. Half the monsters are sadists who dominate the protagonist; the other half are masochists who let him take the lead so there’s something for everyone here. All the sex is consensual, but the sadist types go a bit further than the protagonist signed up for. The only complaint I have is the lack of sound effects, but good art and scene design makes up for it.

2. Monster Alchemist

This is one of the most polished and well-designed RPGMaker games I’ve ever seen. That said, the art is surprisingly bad and the scenes have no sound effects. I didn’t see many of the h-scenes, but the ones I did see weren’t so great. For me, the point of an h-game is the hentai, but if you’re just looking for a good RPG with monster girls in it, you could do a lot worse than this one. You play an alchemist who collects ingredients and crafts stuff, including the girls themselves.

3. Dirunween ディルンウィン-現世編- 行け勇者よ! 違う、俺は魔王だ!!

More of a visual novel with fights, kind of like MGQ. It’s really easy and the gameplay is nothing special. Art is nice, but unfortunately the actual sex in the h-scenes is extremely short. If you’re just looking for some nice-looking monster girls to ogle, this one does the job.

4. Dramara Quest

This is a Dragon Quest clone with monster girls. I downloaded a complete save rather than actually playing the game so I can’t tell you if the gameplay is any good. However, the art is pretty nice as are the scenes themselves and the sounds. Maybe a little bland and not enough variety, but what’s there is hot. It’s slightly animated too, which is a plus.

5. Elements! (Power Up)

Elements came out last year, but an “expansion” of sorts just came out. You’ll need the base game and the expansion to play. It’s a sandbox game where you get 5 days to stop the island you’re on from sinking. Lots of crafting, material gathering, buying/selling, etc. It’s very much a cosplay-type of monster girl game, and I didn’t find the h-scenes all too exciting, but it’s a solid game anyway.

6. 魔に堕ちし者-Lilly-

This is a short visual novel about a futa succubus. In the prologue, she all but destroys a kingdom, killing the king and capturing the queen. The princess escapes, rebuilds the kingdom, and trains as a swordsman as Lilly the succubus sleeps. The flunkie monsters can’t finish the job so they wake Lilly up to do it. You get the choice of whether Lilly rapes a mother or her daughter, then she turns them into succubi. If you let the princess kill them, she beats Lilly and has sex with her retainer. Otherwise, she’s captured by Lilly who rapes her in different ways you get to choose. If you pick the bottom option every day, you’ll get an unbirthing scene (I called it vore, but it’s really not since the princess doesn’t die). 1-2-2 is a special ending too. That’s all there is to it, but it’s really hot (and somewhat demented too). Futa succubus, yuri, hypnosis, aphrodisiacs, anal, petrification, unbirthing, lots of oral, and more. The title is something like “One who is corrupted by a demon.”

7. Monster Girl Quest Delicious -Lunch-

The sequel to the set of scenarios I translated earlier this year. It’s not out yet, but there’s a demo out you can download from DLSite. Release date is the end of the year, conveniently right when I finish VH3. I might translate it since it’ll only take a week or two.

Violated Hero 3 English v0.82

v0.82 https://mega.co.nz/#!2A4SGDyB!EByQkWF3RMpA-tdimzknsFe2BXAt6QBkflzJCK7mO44
anon https://anonfiles.com/file/278817ced9a91937a767ad1da84ee4d8

Added for this patch:
rp17 (Kohaku 1)
rp18 (Kohaku 2)
rp19 (Fan Mei + Sei Mei paizuri)
rp20 (Lei Ling 2 feat. Kohaku)
rp21 (Lei Ling 3)

Rogue is releasing the final patch for MGQ on Dec. 6 so I’ll skip next week. Hopefully I’ll have all the H-scenes done in 2 weeks and then the miscellaneous text done before Christmas.

In MGQ paradox news, Torotoro released some more information. You can find it translated here: