1. Anonymous

    some odd sounding crashes .. I do have a side question I know dragoth is working hard on this game and im thankfull he is but I guess im a little curious when the H sceens will start to get some work on them if its later that’s fine just curious is all??

      • Menthols

        Yup I check his Bitbucket daily. I even manually patch my game when he releases big updates on it. Still though I’m a bit curious what the translation order will be. I’m assuming battle shouts, Talk dialogue and whatever is left of the menu and UI will be finished next. Then battle surrender and the pocket castle h-scenes saved for last?

  2. eganrad

    Your two new patch are considered virus by avira (false positive), they are automatically put in quarantine, and when I try to restaure them, it works, but they are put in quarantine again immediatly after. (only the application “patch” is affected, “Patch.exe.config” and “RpgMakerPatcher.dll” are still here)

  3. Anonymous

    Im getting that annoying “wrong version” thing again, even though i already installed the previous translation without a problem.

    • Anonymous

      Dont listen to the other guy, he mistook the priest with the pope, the priest is in one of the houses in the city, he still wears usual priest clothing so just check out every house until you find someone with that.

  4. Anonymous

    hes in the cave in the town you go left and you enter a new zone at the end witch will have a cave then enter the cave he be right next to entrance in the cave. once you enter the town go left then up then left again to change zone after that go to the cave from the town map dont go back to the world map

    • Noar

      Yes. Some of the main characters such as Alice/Ilias/Sonya will make comments even if they’re not in your party, but you can remove all allies from your active party and fight with only Luka.

      • Anonymous

        It’s easier if you boost your defense and use Sylph and Gnome. Then use focus and the best attack you have in alternance and you can beat her with something like 6 turns.

  5. 7++

    Heya, I started and finished my game on one of the early Machine Translated versions of 1.21, and I have about 30 hours in that save. I patched a copy of MGQ 1.21 in a new directory, and I managed to copy my savefile into the new translated version, but whenever I try talking to most NPC’s in the castle it shows me their sprites for a second then immediately quits their dialogue.
    Is there something else I need to copy apart from the save file, or do I need to completely start over now?

  6. Anonymous

    You’re a legend man.

    By the way are all the camping scenes translated? I know in the spreadsheet it says they are but I swear on 1.21.50 after *SPOILER* beating slyph with Ilias in party when I woke up in the pocket castle the second half of the scene wasn’t translated as well as the camp in the desert. It worked fine everywhere else.

    On patch 1.21.51 it was translated though… Maybe another bug fixed? Or maybe I managed to mess up clicking the patch button somehow.

    Well whatever it all works now, anyways keep it up!

  7. 7++

    Just wanted to say that I’m getting crashes in the minicastle at most NPC’s when asking for “Request”, or “Vanilla’s Shop”. Still, great work so far. 😀

  8. Anonymous

    In newgame +, how do you trigger the cutscene at Mt. Saint Amos siding with Alice? I know I don’t have to do it in ng+, but I do want to see what Alice’s version of that cutscene is like

      • Shatteredsun

        I found two more little bits not translated first is radio in the library in the tower when you talk to her the second half of it not done the other is a bit at the end before the credits everyone says a single line which is not done yet I guess their both hidden somewhere.

        Besides those scenes I think everything main story wise is done is done thanks for all your hard work.

    • Anonymous

      What? NO! the Game is version 1.21 (the lastest version) the .51 part is just the patch version so you obviously get the latest patch

  9. Anonymous

    some one else having trouble recruiting spider girl,lamia and melon girl? i have Amira smooth talker but not lvl 10 yet all monster have 100 affinity but they won’t join me.

    is this a bug or is it luka that needs to upgrade his talk ability please help

      • Anonymous

        Ok so these monsters are just harder too recruit then?

        is there anyway to increase these ods? or actually view the recruitment chance of a monster?

        i searched through the monster book and can’t finds stats like that.

        so how exactly did they calculate that formula of recruitment chance is what i wonder.

        • Skuya

          Reminds me of back then when I tried to ally with the Onahole Girl. That was just plain mentally painful – I looked for her for about 3 hours in that Tower of Magic, finished off about 190 Onahole Girls until one of those finally joined Luka’s Harem. I’m somewhat glad I got that done, but part 2 is already waiting to continue this misery.

          On the contrary, the Sandworm for example was quite easy to ally with and she’s known as one of the monsters with most difficulties to recruit, so i the end, it’s up to your luck.

      • Civildeviation

        The abilities in the hunter and monster tamer as well as the in-game battle abilities of the informer and smooth talker jobs aid in recruitment. You can also use the item, recruitment ticket (gambling award) in the Pornof village to help with recruitment rates still not a sure deal by far. All recruitable enemies have a “in party” or “not in party” description in their library file. Non-recruitable bosses do not have this.

      • Anonymous

        They found the recruit chance but just haven’t put it up on the wiki. Just keep grinding and use the Smooth Talker Talk skill Ally Invitation to triple their recruit rate in every battle and pray

  10. Thomas

    Very nice, that bugfix patch was released promptly and seems to have helped many people; great job!

    Thank you Dargoth, much appreciated.

  11. 7++

    Currently getting LOTS of crashes in certain areas.
    – All vendors in illiasport
    – most vendors (90% of the time) in your castle
    – Lots of synthesizing vendors
    Not sure if these are too specific or not but:
    – using the “Bow” attacks with golden bow equipped with the Rabbit hunter woman.
    – using “Holy” attacks with promestein

    Hoping these’ll get fixed soon, and thanks for the translation so far! 😀

      • 7++

        Have you tried any of the things I listed? If only I get them, I actually want to know what could cause it.
        I know I used some vendors and Rabbit hunter as a companion with no problems, but now they all crash instantly (the RGSS3A crash).

      • 7++

        I just got past the Illiasport bit, and now I don’t get of the crashes I listed earlier. I “think” getting past that bit fixed everything, but I have no idea why it would do that. Now that I’m in sentora I don’t get any of the crashes, everything works perfectly somehow. o_O

  12. Thomas

    Hello Seven,

    I just tested and everything works fine on my end, I guess these crashes are specific to your version. As Anon suggested, maybe try a fresh install?

    Good luck

    • Anonymous

      Go east of the Tartarus after you beat the final boss and clear the game and you’ll find a copy of the Tower that will contain the first floor and basement along with all the enemies (the basement also has a chance for mimics and Honey Pots to appear in random battles and every pot that had a honey pot inside it will have a new one to fight as well)

  13. Anonymous

    Got this crash error a few times, sometimes when trying to save, I just recently got it after doing NG+ at the part where Ilias descends for the baptism.


    Some of the text I managed to copy from the error


    [Japanese]RGSSError [Japanese]

    [Japanese] :
    failed to create bitmap
    ** backtrace :
    (Cache) : 106:in `new'(Cache) : 106:in `normal_bitmap'(Cache)

    and more after that I didn’t get to copy down

    • Anonymous

      Some of the text I managed to copy from the error


      [Japanese]RGSSError [Japanese]

      [Japanese] :
      failed to create bitmap
      ** backtrace :
      (Cache) : 106:in `new'(Cache) : 106:in `normal_bitmap'(Cache)

      and more after that I didn’t get to copy down

  14. Skuya

    Is it intended that a certain Grandeur dialogue isn’t translated after you talk with Don Father and leave the room (as of 1.21.50, didn’t apply .51 yet? Too bad though (While I can understand it’s not part of the main storyline as it wasn’t mentioned anywhere). =/

  15. Request help

    Any time I try to load the patch I get this message Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. Access to the path is denied. What is it talking about. Does anybody have a similar problem and if they do can you please tell me how they fixed it.

  16. Anonymous

    Ever since the last patch my game starts lagging every 10 seconds whenever I use the interface, anyone else have this issue?

  17. jchris1_2000

    I had that start to happen last patch so I copied the Japanese files that were not patched from a main game folder over to the folder I did patch. The game will still load and display in english but for some reason needs to verify the Japanese files exist to.

    • jchris1_2000

      The files I had were mostly graphic like character pics and casino images but it still came up for about 10 files before being resolved

  18. NekoCrimzon

    Does anyone know where those pictures that come up when a character uses a certain skill can be found? or at least what characters are confirmed to have them? (example being when you use holy light with Ilias or any club or heal ability with sonya)

    • Anonymous

      there all in picture folder in graphics once you extract the game.rgss3a but il warn you if you do extract it you also see pictures of stuff not in the game well i never saw them one example is sonia has 2 different transform baste on who you travel with i think since the pic names are soniamanyu and soniamazda. if she does transform in the game then nvm,

      • NekoCrimzon

        Thanks for the info, sucks i wanted to see what characters had those little attack images and what not but i dont want to spoil myself in the process. guess i’ll just try all the abilities i can with every mon girl i get.

    • Anonymous

      Anyone know where the pictures of character battle poses are located? I couldn’t find them anywhere in the Graphics folders. Graphics>Pictures is almost all loss scenes except for the BF section. No Saki doing her superstar poses, Rumi swinging her med kit, or Sonya swinging her club–Nothing like that. All the other Graphics folders I looked in are texture maps and backgrounds.

  19. Menthols


    Whenever you use Dargoth’s translations patch you have to do it on a fresh japanese copy of the game and it has to be version 1.21. What you want to do is have 2 versions of MGQ. Make one the current patch you are playing, and leave the other as an untranslated version 1.21 copy.

    When Dargoth releases a new patch make a copy of the Japanese version, patch it, then copy and paste your save directory to the newly patched game. This is to ensure you always have a fresh copy for future patches.

  20. Blink

    sorry for interrupting your work, but what tools do you use to translate rpg maker vx ace games and how do i decrypt the files?

  21. unidentifiedphantasm

    Dargoth i have a question for you, right now you will translate the rest of the game but what happens if Part 2 is released and the translation for part 1 isn’t finished? Will you start working on the translation for part 2 or will you complete part 1 and then move on to part 3?

  22. Anon

    Hey does anyone know if you absolutely need to have Sonya or Ilias in your team in order to see their dialogue? Like, would they still talk even without them in my party?

    • Anonymous

      “Special” characters like Promestein Hilde Sonya Alice/Illias etc all speak without being present in the party.

      Only exception is if you skip the recruitment of them.

    • As long as you’ve recruited them, Sonya and Ilias/Alice will always be present during storyline events. However, you will miss out on the random banter they have when talking to NPCs. Other characters required for story events like Sara and Hild will show up when needed as well.

      • Shatteredsun

        Kind of a pain really wish they was a way to see all the banter of every character even if their not in the party 7 characters is really not enough

  23. Anonymous

    i dont know i this is a script error but for vetala, dark hole has 1/10 (hp and mp ofc.) and for vitae, it shows up differently as 46/10. btw is that percent of hp or amount of hp taken?

  24. Anonymous

    Question (Gonna try to be spoiler free.)

    So, how does NG+ work? Do you have to re-gain the girls as party members and they stay the same level? That seems to be the only viable way in my mind cus of the either-or recruitable girls like the one in the Witch’s village.

    • Civildeviation

      Girls stay the same level and are always deployable and do not need to be re-recruited. In witch village you can get the “other” choice to add to your permanent party. That said, you can only have alice or Ilias on your team, however both retain their levels on the third playthrough on up.

  25. Anonymous

    i think i’ve found a bug:
    i can’t gain the quests to update vanilla’s shop after the one in Monte Carlos (Witch hut onwards)

  26. DizzyPatron

    Hey Dargoth, I minor typo fix for you that you could iron out in the next patch: when Marie explains battle fucking to Luka in the starting village she uses the word “come” instead of “cum” which makes no sense given the context, it’s repeated a few times throughout the explanation, just something to look into.

  27. Anonymous

    Uh, Papi’s Smithy is broken. When you get her crystal equip mastery, she just gets stuck on last equip seen (Iron/Gold/Mythril) and doesn’t offer any choice despite saying the line.

  28. Anonymous

    I wish I could cyrofreeze myself until part 2 and part 3 come out and are finished. Just finished up part 1. This wait is gonna be murder.

    Also seems like one story sequence isn’t actually translated, when you go to visit the Don, that scene was missed it seems.

  29. Anonymous

    Keep getting “wrong version” even though i have the latest official game. I thought it was just plug and play but i guess i am not doing something that needs to be done before i can run the patcher but i have no idea what it is i need to do. can someone help me? I even tried patching a pirated version and it still doesn’t work.

  30. ethan

    Is they anyway to unlock both Alice and Ilias at the pocket castle? i have completed the game twice one with Ilias and the other with Alice thought this would unlock both of them on my 3rd run. They released a 100% save many months ago that had Alice and Ilias in the pocket castle so i thought that you could.

    • Civildeviation

      This was answered earlier, no you cannot have both alice and illias during a single playthrough. It is one or the other.

  31. Alan

    Does Dargoth has an email? How can I contact him? I cant play the game and its really frustrating dont know how to fix this. I tried everything.

    • Alan

      Ok but how do you do it? I wanted to play this a month ago. I dowloaded what i think its a fresh copy of 1.21.00 in here https://sukebei.nyaa.se just search Monmusu Quest and the first one you find. Downloaded it and have this as files: Audio, Fonts, Graphics, Patch (which has some weird file Patch.rb which I cant open), System, the actual Game, Game, Game.rgss3a, and post notes in Japanese which I cant use since they are encrypted I think. Please help!

      • Alan

        Do I open the Game.rgss3a and then put the patch on the patch folder? Do you have any idea? I really wanna play this and Dargoth isnt answering 🙁

        • You just copy all the patch files into the main folder (the one with the game.rgss3a in it) and run the application called “patch”. The folder marked patch is from when ToroToro patched the game after the initial release, not Dargoth. Also, to play the game after you’ve patched it, click on the little dragon head, not game.rgss3a

      • Alan

        I know this may sound weird but can I email you so I can show you? Because I dont think you are understanding me but if I you dont want, I guess I’ll try some other way.

  32. Anonymous

    if you have rpg maker vx ace you can put the game in that then go to actor page and you see the max lvl witch is 99 but you need to add a new script the one i have is Yanfly Engine Ace – Adjust Limits once you get to lvl 99 with that script you be able to lvl up alot more i think its to lvl 9999 you can google it and it will tell you all you need to know about the script, i dont know if there a way to cheat the level cap. p.s i didint add the script to mgqp i have it on other game.

  33. Another question, but how many party members are there? I’m up to 158 (though my library says 157, so I guess Luka isn’t counted?), and the only one’s I know I don’t have are Alice (I chose Illias), Lucia (I chose Lily), and the Medal Queen. Also, are Luka, the Pope, and Samson the only male party members you can get?

    • Anonymous

      There’s at least two other male character I can think of, right away, Pilates and… John or something? The guard that you meet at the poison swamp can be recruited at the Temple, and the Pope’s holy knight bodyguard guy will offer to join as well.

      • Got ’em now, thanks. I went through the wiki, and it seems the only character I’m missing aside from the 3 I mentioned is the “Panty Master”, who I assume is that one guy from Pornof.

    • Anonymous

      You can have Lily and Lucia. Lily even has a special phrase when you have her in your party when fighting herself or talking to Lucia at the Pocket Castle.
      All you have to do is play New Game +, and choose to fight the girl you recruited before.

      • I realized that, since I made a NG+ file to test if Lily was still listed as “party member” in the monster book. Since characters like Lime and Illias changed to “not party member”, I figured she must carry over. Also, I recruited Panty Sensei 😛 I had completely forgotten about the “stealing monster girl panties” thing because I never did it. Now I just need to finish up a couple things and I can start an actual NG+ to get Lucia and enough medals for the Medal Queen (I spent most of my medals on the job items for Noble and King/Pope jobs).

      • Civildeviation

        If ya didn’t mention it already, you can get the scat guy from Pornof onto your team by bringing the red taoist katsuni. Also ick!

    • Anonymous

      my count is at 162, you can also recruit the pope’s head guard guard by talking to him, the guard from the start of the game who was yelling a Lime (he’s in the job description room to the right on the first floor of illias temple), and a few I found easy to miss were Bunny-chan, the BF in monte carlo’s casino, and salaan (the assassin leader) who is also a BF.

  34. Anonymous

    So I tried to patch the game, but I noticed that there are some dialogues that are English while others (sometimes with the same character I’m talking to) are Japanese. Is that normal or am I missing something?

    For example, I requested a Reverse Rape from the Mandragora and I noticed some parts of her dialogue are in English while the rest is in Japanese.

    • Anonymous

      if you look at the bitbucket spreadsheet on the previous update it will state Mandragora 3 40/50 lines translated.
      Look at this sheet to see what has been translated in terms of character dialogue.

    • Fanservicefan

      Much of the sex scenes and profiles for returning monsters are very nearly identical in text. I cross-referenced with the nscript of the original trilogy a while back. Any bits of a scene that are in Japanese are new lines.

      • Wobby Wobman

        The request scenes in the castle are actually all very different though, since they’re not post-battle rape. The english text from the original trilogy in these cases is more or less used as a placeholder for whatever reason, while the japanese stuff at the beginning and end is the “Oh, so you *want* to get fucked by me?” stuff.

        So basically, they should have entirely different text once the translation is done.

  35. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the Neo Iron Maiden in the last Tartarus tower is recruitable? I’ve killed 30 of these things with an Affinity of 100, combined with a Monster Tamer’s Recruit bonus active, combined with a Smooth Talker’s Ally Invitation before killing them. Is it just a stubborn one? The ones that have given me a hard time before have never made it to 10 kills with this set-up without joining.

    • Skuya

      They are recruitable, but some monsters aren’t quite happy to join some sinner, I guess.
      Oh, and while we’re at it, to recruit the Onahole Girl I spent more than two hours fighting them in the Tower of Magic. It was annoying.

    • Anonymous

      Cool, thanks for the answers, people. I’ll grind them ’till they give in I guess. I think I was getting frustrated on them because I made that my goal before going to sleep that night, which didn’t look to be happening anytime soon.

      Thanks for the tip, Civildeviation, I think I’ve read that, but I continue to do overkill to be sure. No new monster is defeated until she’s been properly chatted up and her panties stolen, including bosses.

      Skuya, sorry to hear that. For a pretty non-spectacular H-scene too. I was disappointed by it anyway, but pocket castle addition, yay.

      • Anonymous

        I just got the Neo Iron Maiden. After 10 more failed tries(And a lot of fighting other monsters for the chances), I tried once without Ally Invitationing her, just as an experiment. I still had the Monster Tamer bonus on. She recruited on that one. It could just be coincidence, but that was interesting.

      • Civildeviation

        Yeah, not sure if Ally Invitation in the Smooth Talking job works as it is supposed to. I know it doesn’t stack with other recruitment perks, but it almost seems like it negates other ones. Most I’ve seen happen is that it seems to work best if the enemy is defeated on the same turn it was used rather than on subsequent turns. Could totally be magic thinking on my part though.

        Also did you know there is an achievement for getting a royal flush (poker) and straight 7s (slots) when gambling?

      • Anonymous

        I tried all of the gambling methods once. The poker interface looked untranslated and was extremely intimidating to me, so I closed that out as soon as I could figure out which button did that. I did slots probably less than 5 times and decided, as in real life, gambling isn’t for me. I think I read somewhere in-game or wiki that having a Gambler job impacts your luck on the games, but it wasn’t to be for me, so I bought the tokens that I needed to purchase my bunny suit from the prize lady, and got the hell out of there.

      • Noar

        Money is a non-issue in this game so the gambling is really only there for kicks or achievements. Even early-game, you can make 100k in a few minutes by recruiting Stella (Nameless Slums battle fucker) and repeatedly running to Death/Alice to get wrecked.

    • Rodrigo Silva

      get a skill called “invite for party” in the informant job and a accessory called “invitation” in the casino prize,
      Will make it much easier.

  36. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth, just wondering if we could get more of a regular monthly update from now on? Not a monthly patch, obviously, just a little short post to let us know the progress/what you’re working on?

  37. Anonymous

    Wow came back here after a year and I’m blown away by the progress. The translation work done so far is amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  38. Anonymous

    I am getting a wrong version message whenever I try to apply any of the translation patches. Is there something I have to do before patching? I have version 1.21.00 and it is freashly downloaded from an offical site so it has not been translated yet.

    I tried useing a patcher on multiple computers and even trying to apply the patch to a pirated version so it’s not just my comp or the game files I downloaded. Either whats wrong is the patcher itself or I am not doing something I need to do before applying the patch or I have a outdated program like flash for example. Can somebody please help me?

  39. unidentifiedphantasm

    Is there any place where we can discuss the story of Paradox? It seems rather interesting and has a lot of potential.

    • Civildeviation

      It is interesting especially now that it is translated. A good bit of story telling though I worry that the plot twists may be a bit predictable.

      **Anticipated Spoiler**: Marcellus is dead in an unknown grave and it is actually a future Luka trying to fight the upcoming chaos and apoptosis. He realized that it wouldn’t happen over one timeline/history as too much time had passed and there were too many causalities. As such, he set up breadcrumbs that he knew he would follow through different dimensions and timelines so he could fight the apoptosis and chaos appropriately. My guess is that each Monster lord has a different idea for what the future should be and as a result is in conflict; the same is true for the Illias faction. I anticipate we will eventually at the end of chapter 2 be exposed to the chaos faction.**

    • Anonymous

      4chan.org/vg has the /mggg/ board which is about monster girl games in general. MGQ is frequently (like pretty much daily) mentioned there.

  40. passerby4554

    Ok, just thought of two things.
    1) If you wear a suicidal wrist or have the ability Suicidal Training, will Unyielding Fighting Spirit take hold or will it not work?
    2) For the ability Strength in Solitude, do party members in the Reserves (the extra four slots) count towards the max or is the max always 75%?

    • Noar

      Unyielding Fighting Spirit simply works depending on current HP. Suicidal Training won’t break anything, but your HP always needs to be at 20% or less for the stat boost. So if equipping a Suicidal Wrist brings your Max HP down to 10, then your HP still needs to be at 1/10 or 2/10 for Unyielding Fighting Spirit to work. Another note: depending on the character’s maximum HP, Goddess’ Protection/Phoenix Feather may or may not bring them into UFS range when revived. I think the HP just has to be an even number but it may be more complicated than that.

      What I usually do to keep Unyielding Fighting Spirit active is simply equip a Suicidal Wrist, then unequip it, then use a basic Herb or two. That way the character is below 20% HP but can still use HP-costing skills like Vicarious Clara and Demon Flame Dance without worry.

      As for Strength in Solitude, I don’t think reserves count at all. But I will test it right now to make sure. Strength in Solitude is equipped and 3 active party members are dead. Here I have a naked Luka with 426 base Agility. Reaper has 752 agility on normal difficulty and 426*1.75=749. As expected, he does not move first with 3 dead party members but does move first after I then equip him with a Dagger+ which gives 4 agility. Now I unequip the dagger and have one of the reserve members killed. Luka does not move first.

      So no, reserve members do not affect Strength in Solitude.

      Also note that Strength in Solitude does not benefit from missing party members if you have less than 4 party members traveling with you in the first place. With no party members tagging along, the Luka in the previous test cannot outspeed Reaper even after bringing his base agility up to 632. I imagine that the “missing” in the ability description refers to eaten party members that cannot be revived until after the battle ends. But I don’t feel like testing if/how that works as it would be a hassle to get my party members eaten consistently.

  41. vince

    i try all the method that i can do to activate the patch but it’ still stop at 49 & it says wrong version.. i download at least 4 paradox ver.1.21 all fresh copy but still fails.. i set my unicode at japanese.. & do exactly as the instruction in youtube.. it is so easy but, it always fails.. im using win7 32 bit.. is it my pc? im sorry for the long sentence, but can somebody tell me some step by step instruction.. much appreciated..

  42. passerby4554

    Ok, 3 things.
    1) What program do I use to edit the game data?
    2) Where do I download the program?
    3) Is there a page with step by step of how it works?

    • Anonymous

      if you want to edit like the monster drop rates or make items and weapons/armor stronger or other stuff like that all you really need is Rpg maker vx ace you can google it, then you just put all of the MGQ paradox files in the new project folder for rpg maker. to get a new project just open rpg maker click on file then new project then just save that it will make a file with your new rpg maker game then just copy all of the paradox extracted files into your new project then when you reopen rpgmaker you should see all of paradox maps and everything else so you can edit what ever you want just make sure you save after or you lose everything u edited if you need help google it or look up a video on youtube. just make sure you dont change any events to much or you may break the event/game if it was an impotent event.

      • passerby4554

        I meant to just translate certain scenes so I don’t have to wait for the exact stuff I’m looking forward too. I don’t want to mess with stuff like that, since I’d probably break it every time. Just to translate some scenes, nothing huge.

    • Noar

      If you just want to translate stuff and not mess with game code, grab the patcher and files off of Dargoth’s bitbucket. You would follow the same steps as manually patching the game, except you would modify the .txt files yourself first.

      https://bitbucket.org/dargothtranslations/paradox/downloads has the patcher, the original Japanese scripts, and Dargoth and friends’ current build. The patcher has a readme with instructions.

      • You can also register for an account on bitbucket and submit any translations you make directly to the files. All the H-scenes and seduction stuff is in CommonEvents.txt.

        • passerby4554

          I just might do that. I already made an account so I could comment and such. (I’m Chiron Maximus on there, just so you know.) If you want me to help, assign me tasks, so I don’t get my stuff mixed up, and I’ll have them done as early as I can! Just comment me on bitbucket and I’ll be on it.

  43. Anonymous

    if dargoth does not answer you can translate it by putting the game in rpg maker like my last comment and editing the events on the maps but since he said that the story done all maps events should be translated so all you need to do is click on database or f9 in rpg maker then you click on common events all h-scene and bf text are all in there once you click on any event the blank contents page will fill with every think for that event after that you see @>text then you right click then click edit witch will pop up the text box for that line i chose a random line it looks like this
    n with what ever she is saying then you just remove the Japanese writing and replace it with your translaten then you click ok and you move on to the next text part of the event until you get to the bottom for that character event after you done you save to make sure your changes stay
    the only problem with this way it will take alot of time and you also have to play test to make sure you text does not get cut off but there are arrows to show you where the text will get cut off so you just have to press enter to go and put the rest of your text there just like a comment once it gets to the end of the box.

  44. Anonymous

    well i found an old post from dargoth on ulfm how he was translating paradox witch is
    h t t p s :// bitbucket. org/ dargothtranslations/ paradox/ downloads witch will make all the text form the game into a normal Text Document but after you have to patch your game to see your changes but in rpg maker since your changing the text from how the game was made you wont need to patch your game after its up to you to chose how you want to translate the game from i put some spaces in the link just in case you cant post links

    • Civildeviation

      Has anyone figured out a way to use the last MGQ-EX patch and to update it with Dargoth translations?

      I’m nigh terrified of going back to full moon runes and machine translation.

  45. Anonymous

    Well. Will you be aware of the last bug you mentioned? You know. The game crashing by use the Puff Puff with a flat chested character.

  46. NewPlayer

    Excuse me, noob here. When i try to patch this ver. [1.21.51] it failed midway [reach 49%], anyone know the reason? And before patched this patch on MGQ paradox 1.21 i had patched the 1.21.30 ver.

  47. Okay, so I just finished my second playthrough, this time with Alice instead of Illias, and I have to say, I think I liked the Illias route more. Don’t get me wrong, I like Alice and all, but while she’s definitely more tied to the overall plot than Illias, she doesn’t seem to have as much of a character arc. With Illias, she’s constantly being confronted with her prejudices (often right after she states them) and is often proven wrong. Also, she’s also been confronted by extremism either directly or indirectly related to her (the Alternate Illiasville and Luddite Village respectively) and it seems to bother her. It’s clear that by the end of the game she’ll have significantly grown as a person, and I really enjoy when stories do stuff like that. With Alice, she’s pretty much fine the way she is, so I don’t really see her growing as a character too much (especially since unlike Illias, she didn’t really seem any different at the beginning of Part 1 than she did at the end).

    • Anonymous

      I just can’t bring myself to play Illias. It feels too icky. Give me a rotten slug vagina any day. No, really–Have any good picks of rotten slug vagina?

      • I highly recommend playing the Illias Route even if you don’t like her, since she constantly gets contradicted or proven wrong and there’s really nothing she can do about it in her current state. So you might be able to find some satisfaction in that aspect of her route.

  48. I just watched the original PV for Paradox and that final image of Sonya is….worrisome, especially given what is mentioned in Part 1 about “following the correct history” and the fact that she doesn’t exist in it, as well as the design of the final boss of Part 1 and those 2 enemies in the Chaos Labyrinth. I hope there’ll be a way to save her by the end of Part 3. I like her as a character and I don’t want that sacrifice to have to happen, damnit!

  49. Anonymous

    Quick question!
    is Dargoth translating the H scenes or is he done now that the story has been translated?
    there’s also a lot of npc pocket castle banter that hasn’t been translated.
    is he gonna translate 100%

      • Anonymous

        We don’t know. There hasn’t been any updates since Septemeber, I think? We’ll probably get a big update with something more concrete early in 2017.

      • Civildeviation

        That would be lovely and if there is one thing we are continually reminded of in this part of the gaming industry is that less updates more often than not equates to less progress. I would love it if the reason for the lack of updates was because they don’t want to feed the copy cats out there but that seems unlikely.

      • Anonymous

        Should expect another update this year? Not rushing, just asking because I haven’t played through the story yet and I might have some time after Christmas.

        • Pretty much everything story related is translated. The only untranslated parts are from the battle text, pocket castle party member interactions, sex scenes, about 2/3 of the Battle Fucker sidequest, and some comments by your party members that only shows up if they’re in your active party. All story events and characters in towns/dungeon dialogue is translated.

  50. Anonymous

    Does anyone know how to get the extra cg’s for some of the battle fuckers like marie? I’ve seen cg’s with her and extra cg’s that look like she made luka cum more than once .

    • passerby4554

      As far as anyone knows, they could be request scenes that will be put in when Part 2 comes out. I know I’m looking forward to the countless new things in Part 2, especially the part with Yamatai.

      • Anonymous

        oh okay , it seems like a lot of content is already being prepared or teased in part 1 cg’s for part 2 . Who knows , maybe there might be an update and we get the request system back .

  51. Wobby Wobman

    Yo Dargoth, is there any chance for smaller, but more frequent patch updates? I know I’m an impatient asshole, but now that most of the story stuff is out of the way and it’s time for the porn scenes maybe it’d be fine to just have 2 or 3 new scenes with each update. This would’ve sucked for the main story, but the porn scenes are mostly isolated from the plot anyway.

      • Personally, I’m not really interested in most of the H content in this game. The themes just aren’t my cup of tea. The only ones I’m really interested in are the ones involving characters I like, like Sonya, Hip, Illias, and Lime (Lime’s probably my favorite girl in the game, just such an adorable personality).

      • Anonymous

        @Dj Quinn – I mean, the depth of MGQ is certainly what’s made me return to it again and again, but kinky H is how I found MGQ, and kinky H is the core driving force behind MGQ. Its content is something special–I get it–But damnit, so is its kinky monster sex!

  52. Anonymous

    there few untranslated and misspell i want to point out if you dont mind, i defeated a boss or i been defeat, and when i use any special move, and when i recruit a monster girl its not translate into english and you misspell town when having a conversation with the gang when the village that all

  53. Balkoth0069

    I know I would be brand new to this, but I love to learn new things, and breaking things down, figuring out how they work, and then putting them back together, is my forte…so I would like to try my hand at this, if I were to pick up the Sei Monmusu Gakuen translation, what would I need, program wise?

  54. Anonymous

    hello im seeing alot of updates in bitbucket commit. can someone show me a way how to add those in my game manually? thanks.

  55. Xoverguy

    To dargoth and his team I just wanted to say a huge thank you and applaud for this update, not only for the clearing of the main storyline but of the attention to detail in terms of the descriptions of attacks in the battle interface. Two examples are the following: I had no idea that Luka’s Heroic skills “Rising Heavenly Inferno Slash”, “Red Lotus Heavenly Cyclone”, and “Red Lotus Flame Dance”, were “Effect: +” Skills, due to it not displaying this in previous versions. Same with the fact that the Makina Attacks “Kirlian Range” and “Trial Punisher” both IGNORE DEFENSE AND ARE “EFFECT: +” !!! When I realized this, that immediately made Valto God Tier in the Labyrinth of Chaos.

    In short, your attention to detail and translation upped my gameplay to high levels, making strategies I did not think were viable, viable. Kudos to you and your team, and I await the next update with great anticipation.

    Lastly, dont get discouraged when part 2 comes out due to the workload. Rome was not built in a day, and you guys are actually moving forward on the project, which is more than can be said of other cases.

    Good work guys. Keep it up, and Merry Christmas. Be safe and God Bless to you guys and your loved ones.

  56. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth why u don’t make patch than don’t need fresh copy of Japanese version every time? It’s real pain in the ass store 2 version of game constantly. Is it possible to make patch in archive and just overwrite files when patching?

    • Anonymous

      Is it really that much of a pain? Trying to make a patch that overwrites existing files is going to make way more problems for Dargoth and yourself than storing two versions of a low-resource game.

  57. Papa's Oranges

    Hey, Dargoth, I would love to help you. I have a bit bucket account but I don’t quite know how to use this… I did download the paradox folder though.

    • Anonymous

      Judging from the usual time between patches being months, I would guess not. The most recent one was less than two months ago, so I’d say the earliest we’ll get one will be around January, unless Dargoth does some kind of Christmas miracle

    • Anonymous

      My estimation is February 1st, or the 14th as kind of a Valentines Day thing, based only on patch release times of the past. It’d still be cool if he trickled out a few new H-scenes for Christmas. In the meantime, I guess I can work on getting all the rare affection gifts since the 50% patch revealed what those were(By the way, Dargoth, some of those affection gift descriptions don’t match the item you receive, such as the Medal Queen’s top affection gift once she’s recruited. She’s supposed to give some kind of medal, but you actually receive a ribbon.)

  58. Anonymous

    alright i created a shop that sells Genius seeds for 1g just so i can see job skills and when i was lvl up the magician job all my spells icon look like an onion like my fire spells the icon looks like onion its a small brown ball with leafs sticking out of it look at older ver and saw what the problem was the fire with onion icon has a smaller icon pic(the pic with all icons for gear and spells if you didint know) then the other ver that a easy fix for me if im the only one that has this problem

  59. Anonymous

    well that all the jobs i can do max out all jobs i can except for 4 jobs 1 is berserker and the 3 advanced jobs since i dont know what item you need for all 4/ if you can even get the item.

    • Civildeviation

      Merry Christmas then. For my Christmas gift, I wish the Vatican would move the celebration to February 20th or December 19th. Mwahahaha. Happy holidays whatever ya celebrate, well except the things on those dates.

  60. Anonymous

    Merry christmas and thanks Dargoth for translating this game! I really loved this series when I accidentaly discovered it.

  61. Kenshi

    hey Dargoth, back i belive in October, i asked you if the TL would be done by christmas, and you said for sure the story and nearly all gaming aspects would be finished by christmas (today) and that only the h-scene’s wouldnt be finished.
    well, is that patch going to sometime b4 midnight? or did RL get in the way and delay shit again? =/

      • Skuya

        Well, not only that but the whole LoC (which is the only part of the game that keeps me playing atm) isn’t translated atm, including some rare items and the Black Market Delivery. I don’t really care about the H-scenes though as that’s not the reason why I’m playing this game, but I’d love to understand what skills I learn in LoC and what items I get when doing Black Market Delivery.

        Regarding the story: What’s missing so far is the Merlin-Lazarus scene in Grandeur and only that. I don’t remember anything else.

        In any case, thanks for your work so far, I really appreciate that.

  62. Blep

    hello theI’ve been thoroughly enjoying MGQ paradox thanks toy your translation, so thank you for that, I’m kinda confused though, the patched, only the latest one is required or are they for specific parts of the game?

  63. Anonymous

    I’m finally starting a full story playthrough today, I haven’t touched the game since translation ended around the harpy village. Thanks again for the translation!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, it’s a massive project. I realized this once I started hitting the big towns. And San Ilia! Wow! You’re going through way faster than me, but I chose to grind for a very long time before progressing past Harpy Village.

    • JessesanMan

      I try installing it, but it stops at 49% and says I have the wrong version. I don’t know if it means the game or what. How do I fix that?

      • Anonymous

        Start with an untouched copy/newly-extracted v1.21 of the game and copy the whole thing into its own directory which will become your patched game–Maybe name the folder something like MGQP v1.21 Translation 51 Percent. Make sure not to overwrite your untouched/new copy elsewhere or your old playthrough if you’ve already been playing another version..

        Copy the extracted Dargoth patch files into the directory you’ve created (above) for the patched game, and run “Patch.exe”. I don’t know if this game/patch needs it, but I always start anything with/for these Japanese games with Locale Emulator in Japanese/Admin Permissions which saves me a lot of errors and crashes.

        If you had an existing playthrough in another directory, copy the “Save” folder from its directory into your new patch version directory. If you’ve generated a new Save folder somehow in your new patched directory, just replace it entirely with your old Save folder in order to continue play where you left off.

      • JessesanMan

        Thanks for trying, but that didn’t work. Redownloaded and unpacked a fresh copy of mgqp v1.21 but it still says it’s the wrong version when running the patcher. Is there a page on the site with instructions on how to install the patch?

      • JessesanMan

        Nvm, got it to work. I had it outside of the main folder and hadn’t put it in in the fresh copy. Now translated and about to enjoy.

  64. Rando

    Not sure if this’ll be seen: Radio’s dialogue in the library was left half-done. There’s some untranslated bits after she talks about how there’s no one left to read the books everyone left behind anymore.

  65. Rando

    Some more mistakes I noticed.

    1). The Pope skill 13th Law: Iron Hammer’s description is wrong. The Auto-Hit and + effects are put over next to Target instead of Effect, which is missing. Also, the skill also causes Ascension, which isn’t mentioned at all.

    2). The Demon Arts skill Sun Sphere says it’s only single target, but it actually targets All Foes.

  66. Anonymous

    ok, thanks for the hard work and stuff but i don’t inderstand one thing – why h-scenes are not top priority to translate? it is hentai game for god sake! cheers, and happy new year ;]

    • Because for most people, the story of the Monster Girl Quest series takes precedence over the H content, so being able to experience the whole story is top priority. Also, unlike most H games, there are no H scenes you have to do to complete the game.

      • Civildeviation

        oooooor, Dargoth and his team prefer the story content and that is what keeps their interest while translating. Dargoth has made it quite clear he will translate the h-content and its something he is dragging his feet about since for him the different H-scenes are largely the same content in different order making it less enticing.

      • Anonymous

        hold on there, what about the Alice scenes where you resting with her in the hotels?
        or are you talking about the RPG?

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous OP – I agree with your point about H-game before adventure game, though I’ve come to accept the necessity of the story and core functionality as priority–And it’s a good adventure game too! I do hope though that Dargoth has some passion on the H side of things too, which I’m positive he does, or he wouldn’t be in this work. Mainly, I’m just excited for any new content translations. Keep up the good work, Dargoth and team!

  67. Anonymous

    Anyone ever beat the game with just Alice and Luka? Apparently you don’t have to talk to the old guy in illiasville and just continue with just 2 people.

      • Civildeviation

        Why stop there, we should try playing the game with a full job bracelet; never level Luka; and play him only on Paradox mode while not equipping any items or weapons. Better yet; lets do that until we get to floor 10,000 in the Chaos dungeon without cheating, then we will be a real men deserving of respect from all in the circle jerk party.

    • Anonymous

      What do difficulty settings actually do? Increase enemies’ HP / damage? Anyone knows specific numbers or %? I can’t find it on the wiki.

      • Anonymous

        Ok, I found in on the Japanese wiki by accident, if anyone else is interested it’s base 100% stats for enemies on normal, 75% on easy, 50% on very easy, 125% on hard, 150% on very hard, 200% on hell, will and defense only increase by 10% and 20% on very hard and hell. Paradox difficulty is different with 300% hp, 500% attack and magic and other crazy shit.

  68. Rando

    Another error I noticed; when you finish Justice Kaiser’s sidequest, she tells you that you have to master the Soldier class to get the Hero of Justice job. However, Soldier should be Guard, right?

  69. passerby4554

    New post up on the MGQ blog!!!! According to google translate, it says there’s hasn’t been any “movement”, so it must mean production for the middle chapter of Paradox, but he said from new year’s Eve to New Year’s three days, the updates will be more frequent, AND there are pics for two new kitsunes! A three-tailed red kitsune that the blog says mastered ninjutsu and is a talented fucker, and a four tailed back kitsune that the blog says is a samurai who will either use her tails or will “commit” to a defeated foe, meaning Luka. I am so pumped!

      • Civildeviation

        … well at least he will be more transparent moving forward. Wish I had been wrong about predicting the no comments = no progress bit.

    • Anonymous

      And right after the cute kitsunes it’s… setouchi’s polar bear (meh even for setouchi’s standards) and whatever the hell Xelvy drew this time. Oh well, I guess there has to be balance between the sexy and the “what?” and “nope”, someone probably likes those too.

      • Sigh. Don’t remind me. I’m a very patient man. And I never bitch at anyone to hurry with anything. But when it comes to porn, my soul (and my crotch) hurts when I have to wait.

        • That’s how I’ve been thinking for a long while now. I mean, I doubt Dargoth would start on Part 2 until Part 1 is either finished of just about finished, so this way I’m waiting for the game instead having a game I can only barely understand with my basic Japanese and waiting for it to even start being translated.

      • Yeah. I agree. No rush for Part 2. Way better if it comes out after the translation’s done. After all, no point in getting new kinky monster sex when I haven’t even fully enjoyed the scenes in Part 1 yet.

    • Skuya

      What’s even funnier than the monster girls itself (none of these hit me on the spot, really – I don’t like kitsunes, the High Minotaur is okayish, The Giant Orc and the Polar Bear Girl are strange, and this Xelvy abomination looks just what an abomination looks like) is the fact that they used the Hellgondo background from MGQ for the Kirin. If Part 2 indeed goes that far as it was in the original trilogy I’m more than excited since I want to know what happened to Remina in Paradox.

  70. Anonymous

    It’s cool and all, new girls, but the mian question still stands. Part 2 when? 2017 just started so the possible wait is still very long.

    • Anonymous

      Supposed to be 2017, it’s been delayed a lot already. My guess would be late spring or early summer but maybe I’m to optimistic.

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t they announce the date and released part 1 of paradox within a super short time window? Could be sooner than we think.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I can only imagine they would want to make sure they can absolutely deliver on the release date before announcing it.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like Great Cow Demon (spitballing, my Japanese is rusty), and Lorelei. Looks like the Cow demon one is descent of an originally super powerful demon (with same title) and Lorelei is a powerful mermaid. Lorelei has some similar artistic motifs as the Scylla and Charybdis from Cecil’/ Adventure Side Story. It’/ probably the same artist, but the eyes of Luka in the Lorelei on is a little different to the human eyes in Cecil’s Adventure so I can’t be 100% sure.

  71. Anonymous

    Just to let people know, but while Raise (White Magic skill) being used on a living character is working fine, using Revival (Unarmed skill) on a living character will still crash the game.

    I don’t see it mentioned anywhere and am not sure where else to put bug/error reports, so I’m just posting it here.

    • Skuya

      I think it’s just DEX, but it might be like it is with Sword skills (i.e. Machina Skills do more damage if you wear a gun, similar to Swors Skills DMG => ++ if you wear a Sword)

    • It’s not, you can still only have one of them. You’ll probably be able to do it in Part 2 or 3, but who knows. You can recruit both of the gals from the witch village if you do 2 playthroughs, though.

  72. Anonymous

    with rpg maker you can just add a 1 line event to make the other you dont have join you it will be also cool if you get to fight Illias/Alice once you meet the other one you didint chose on you quest just to see how strong you become.

  73. Anonymous

    forgot to add it may add problems to the game if you did that and added both to your party since where you meet that again happens because you have other in your party so having both of them i have no idea what would happen to those events.

  74. Insane77

    Currently working on a modification to the game that allows the battle to continue even after a temptation event, Also setting it so that temptations can occur multiple times in the same battle. If anyone is interested in it let me know, I managed to successfully get it to work and now I am just testing. Will soon modify overall damage recieved so that it does percent damage still, but less allowing for more opportunities to break free if you care to.

    • passerby4554

      Sounds epic, but I’ll wait until everything’s been debugged before I sign up. Wouldn’t want to mess up anything just for multiple temptation scenes in one fight.

      • Insane77

        Understandable, I got it to even work with bosses that compatible, and i managed to extend temptation events using a looping method. But to extend every monmosu temptation I would need to handle them individiually, so far I have imp, orc girl, dodomeki and slug girl done.

    • Anonymous

      @Insane77 I have a suggestion, could you make it to where the flavor text in combat doesn’t ‘auto scroll’ to the next bit of text, press Enter, Z or hold X instead? Sometimes the text is too long to read within the amount of time it gives, it’s not just an option you can turn off.

      • Insane77

        I have had that same problem too, It typically doesnt matter when the text is not translated but I think I can take a look, probably in the menu system itself. Otherwise I would have to basically split the text in a way that is not weird.

  75. NekoCrimzon

    Just gonna ask again in hopes i get an answer, does anybody know where the splash images are kept? the ones that pop up in battle when some of the monster girls use certain abilities, from what i have seen they aren’t in the folder with all the other cgs.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed. I have been all over the directory, and as far as I can tell, they are not in there. I suspect that they are hard-coded into a larger file and cannot be extracted without something that can deconstruct whatever that file happens to be. This was probably dictated by the framework of the engine for faster loading or something.

      • passerby4554

        Wait, are you two talking about the cut-ins that play when a companion uses a skill? Those are in the pictures folder after you apply the patch; some of them aren’t used yet, but when those do, it will be exciting.

      • Anonymous

        @passerby4554 – If that is so, then I have a challenge for you:

        Tell me the exact name of the file of Rumi, swinging her medkit as she does when she casts heal. Any picture at all of Rumi with a medkit will do.

        I do not believe you will find any such image anywhere in the game directory, including Graphics>Pictures.

        There are 2,344 images in that folder. An amount large enough, that many people assume missing things are there without actually testing it.

        A couple of other examples of things you will not find there include: Sonya swinging her club, or elements of Saki’s stage performance.

      • NekoCrimzon

        And these were in your pictures folder passer? i can seem to find the at all, just to clarify i am checking in this directory. (Monster girl Quest paradox) /Graphics/Pictures

        • passerby4554

          If you did every process for adding the patch, then they should be there. If there was an update to the patch that stopped that, I might not have noticed it at all, since when I get a new patch, I make a dupe of the original game, put that through the patch, then move the pictures and other folders that have altered items over the newer folders, so I save my altered work without worry. tell you what. I’ll make a second patched game with the current patch and not move anything over, to see what happens.

      • NekoCrimzon

        Alright, thanks man, all this just because i want to know what i would have to edit in order to change my own battle cut in.

        • passerby4554

          Ok, when I restarted the process with a fresh copy, I kept getting the “Wrong version” thing, so first I used RPG Maker decrypter with the game.rgss3a and that’s how I was able to access the cut-ins, but when i tried the patch again, it said wrong version, so something is wrong with this most recent patch, but the key fact here is: the RPG Maker Decrypter is how I was able to access the cut-ins as well as the character stills in the first place (The stills meaning the cg of the characters in their normal and varied states.) If you’re seeing only the rape cgs, which is the only thing that shows in the fresh copy version, then something went wrong for you and I am unable to help any further. Seek the help of those wiser than I while i figure out where I went wrong with this new patch.

      • NekoCrimzon

        Well the game and patch work find i just cant acess the cut in or stills, which makes me wonder how i would edit them, but thanks anyways Passer you helped solve solve the main problem i asked about.

        • passerby4554

          It’s a conundrum for both of us. I’ve been patching with Dargoth and his team for a good long time. Before we had to use RPG Maker Decrypter before patching, so that ‘s how I first got them, then afterwards, when a new patch came out, I did the process and moved the stuff over that I didn’t want to lose. At one point, i was able to change the stills of the characters and they would change as well; one example was adding a line to the Lizard thief a’s frown to turn it into a smirk, but at some point,t he update did some hardslam of consistency and now, the changes don’t work. I’m thinking somewhere along the line, the patch skips the process of the Decrypter, so the stills and cut-ins won’t change because the decrypter never separated them. … I do have an Idea though. I’m going to make a copy of my regular game (ver. 1.21.50) then delete the rgss3a file, then see what that does. I will respond with the results momentarily.

        • passerby4554

          Ok, I figured out how edit the stills and cut-ins will work, which was actually a problem for me all this time! What I did was use the Decrypter on the game.rgss3a file like i used to, but this time just moving the data folder to the directory and deleting the rest of the extracted files along with the game.rgss3a file, and when I went to find my changes, they where there!!! So, since you have the game already patch, just use the RPG Maker Decrypter on the game.rgss3a file, extract all files, move Data to the main directory, move over the graphics you want to keep, but be careful you don’t overwrite any existing changes you already made to any rape scene, then delete the extract folder with the game.rgss3a file. It’s that file that forces consistency, the scripts inside of it being the only thing that makes the game run, so simply remove it after all is done and then edit away!

      • NekoCrimzon

        Thanks for posting what you found out, now with that i should be able to edit some of the cut in for when i want to. (question is though how would i go about adding a cut-in for a character who doesnt have one) But that,s for another day

        • passerby4554

          Adding a whole new cut-in??? That is something that would require the help of Dargoth and his team, or a professional who know show to work the game, because I can’t find the mechanic anywhere in the scripts. When you find out, let me know, cause I want to add in cut-ins for certain pleasure attacks.

      • Anonymous

        @passeryby4554 – Sorry for not believing you, but yeah, there is definitely a decryption step that did not happen in our case. None of my Picture files begin with “ct”. Thanks for the tips and links to get them!

        • passerby4554

          No problem. If you want to have them and edit them yourself, use the RPG Maker devryptor on the game.rgss3a file, extract all files, move data to the directory and combine graphics folders (without overwriting any changes you might ahve already made to any rape cgs), delete Extract and the game.rgss3a, then edit as you please.

    • passerby4554

      Ok, After a little checking, I did find that the icons for every skill, item, ability, and such are all … kerbobbled. It might have been something in the game.rgss3a that made them click where they needed to be, but with it gone, it doesn’t apply as it needs to. If you have no problem with this, then by all means don’t worry about it, but if you do, then I would suggest keeping the file nearby, just out of the main directory to edit the stills and faces of idle cgs and conversation parts, just until someone figures out what it needs to play the icons in their proper places.

  76. NekoCrimzon

    Can you name one of them Passerby? i cant find the and dont want to spoil myself, (couldnt reply directly to you)

    • Anonymous

      if its the name of the pic that show up when your companion use some skills here one name for sonia ct_sonia1,png that the name i see for the skills images in pictures folder

      • Anonymous

        I have those folders and pictures but I think I used the RPGMaker extraction program from Dargoth’s earlier posts to get them. Maybe. I don’t remember, it was a while ago but I defiantly didn’t download them anywhere else, they’re in the game files and can be viewed.

      • NekoCrimzon

        Maybe, i’ll have to check my older versions to see if the have the pictures thanks to the extraction program,

  77. Anonymous

    btw when talking to the nekomata (the area in the llias temple where each type of monster is gathered to describe themselves), the word “pleasure” is misspelled to pleasurr.

  78. Anonymous

    Hey if anyone can help iv looked for a walkthouhg for the game i found one months ago but cant find it if anyone can post a link that would be helpfull

    • passerby4554

      Setbacks, yes, but certainly not dropped. It’s a difficult process of translation and testing,If you look back in several comments, you can find links to download the entirety of the game’s scripts, as well as instructions as to translate and assist the team. I’m doing so by attempting the translations and sending my rough drafts to Dargoth to be improved and input in..

      • Anon

        Cut the emo catastraphizing crap; unless you wanna be seen as a whiny entitled generation Me troll. It doesn’t help the translation move faster and only satisfies your angst at the cost of respect. As I assume you wont respect a please in there, I’m just saying it as it is.

        That said, looking forward to the next patch, and it’d be awesome to get an updated progress report even if it is minimal.

      • Anon

        It was directed at the initial post, not Dargoths. Stand by what I said even if I had that rebuke coming since I went down a level to make my point clear. I could have said it nicer, just didn’t want it to go ignored as so often happens.

      • CwHart

        ^ The guy wasn’t even saying anything harassing. Alittle ignorant to the usual pace to pose that question, but not harassing. If anything you overreacted dude and hardcore.

      • Anon

        It was a disproportional response. On my end, I apologize as I don’t want the community to respond like I did to each other. I think it was a displacement of frustration I’ve been having with all the bogus misinterpretation of the news in the US since the election.

        His post to me really came across as another melodramatic misinterpretation, this time of no recent updates = the melodramatic suggestion of a dead project.

        I apologize for the displacement and overly heavy handedness of my censure.

    • Eugene Calitz

      Sorry if i was a bit “emo lol”, just heard on one of my friends twitter that Dargoth stopped translating. I forgot the Question mark at the end of my initial comment.

    • I think it’ll depend on your own preferences, but I personally love it. The story is interesting, the humor is enjoyable, the party recruitment is fun because you can see the party members slowly start to fill up your “base” (they’re not just a list to swap in and out), and the DQ VII-esque job system is fun to play around with.

    • If you enjoyed the original and either love playing RPGs or don’t mind playing them, then I definitely recommend it. It has all the charm, humor and, most importantly, porn of the original, and more.

    • Anon

      It takes all the awesome stuff from the individual Dragon Quest games (Party customization from III, monster recruitment from V, Job changing from VI) and improves on them several dozen times over. There are like fifty jobs, dozens and dozens of races, you can make a party of any of the two hundred or so Monsters you can fight in the game along with twenty or so female battlefuckers who all except one are human and a bunch of crazy male characters such as a “Scatman” who is very obviously Char Aznable, yes, THAT Char Azable, a panty thief sensei, and some soldiers of various quality.

      It has the same awesome characters from the original trilogy show up AND gives some characters the more screen time they deserved (*cough*ImpsbanditsEvaChrome*cough*) While also adding a bunch of great new characters (like Saki, sparkle~). The only issue is that you don’t meet the Heavenly Knights in part 1

      The setting of Monster Girl Quest gets expanded on even more. You get to visit and explore locations from the past trilogy and see how the events of the game changed the locations in some subtle and not so subtle ways. While also getting to visit places you didn’t get to visit in the previous trilogy.

      It adds on to the lore of the older title and simultaneously starts a brand new, yet recognizable story, while also in a way continuing the story of the previous trilogy. It can also get very emotional at points. The Final Tartarus dungeon for Part 1 for instance is actually heart rending.

      If the porn is what interests you, every last female character has at least one H-scene with several CG’s. The main characters are likely to get even more scenes as we get more parts.

      I’ve played over a hundred hours already. And just like the original trilogy is my favorite Visual Novel, Paradox is unironically up there as one of the greatest JRPGs I’ve ever played. And I’ve played quite a few. And this is just pat 1 of 3. And it’s anything like the original trilogy, we haven’t even begun to see how good it’ll get.

    • Anonymous

      RPG maker is just a tool, the game itself is great. It’s not like the VN format is some amazing gaming engine either and yet the original trilogy is what it is.
      The biggest issue with Paradox is probably a lot more filler combat than in the original but you can avoid most of it with abilities and items if it annoys you. On the upside you get a sequel to the original’s story, a bigger and more open world, a party, much more complex combat and character system (more complex than in most modern RPGs), sidequests, interactions between companions and NPCs.

    • Skuya

      So the original Anonymous is biased toward RPG Maker games?
      While it isn’t that good to cover heart rending scenes (Iliasville Alt, Luddite Village, Administrator Tower), it does its job well and Torotoro did a great job choosing RPG Maker for it.

      What one that only comes for porn may criticize is that so far, there are no real must-sees like in the original trilogy (you’ve been forced to watch the sex scenes with Alice and some spirits, which isn’t the case in Paradox yet), yet I think it’s good that it’s like this so far.

  79. Ilias

    I try to restrain myself from playing this too much because I don’t want to become overpowered and have no challenge in the parts to come.

    Anyone feels the same?

    • Anonymous

      Well, you can always make a copy of your saves for when part 2 is released.
      As for myself, not so much, I’m used to powering through RPG games anyways

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to start again once the next patch hits. Use different companions, select different classes, maybe choose a higher difficulty, that sort of thing.

    • Considering we’re gonna have, like, a hundred new hot monster girls to grind in the next part I’m not too worried about maxing out my current party. If I ever feel they’re ”too stronk” I’ll just use the new gang instead.

    • Anon

      Haha, not for me! Especially not for Luka. I’m currently grinding every job for him. I’ve already done all the races. He’s definitely stronger than Luka from the orginal trilogy was at the end of part 1.

    • Skuya

      Well, since there’s so many monster girls, I guess I’ll level a whole new party when part 2 hits. Guess I can think of 7 Monster Girls in MGQ I like.

    • khalayia

      anyone know if its being released on the english website? im sure im not the only one that can’t work out how to make an account on the japanese site

    • Anonymous

      “Scenario and H scene are supervised by us, It becomes the official story after the ending, ADV “Monzushi · Kusetto!”
      Don’t know how accurate google translate is here but this is interesting.

      • passerby4554

        Dargoth, I know a lot of us know how to do the patch, but something’s been happening and some of us are getting wrong versions. I did what I mostly remember to do to make a dummy version of 1.21.50, but it keeps saying wrong version no matter what I do. I don’t want to be that guy, but to save everyone form constantly asking “what do I do with wrong version”, maybe you should put in a txt document that has every step people need to do in order patch it correctly. We’d all have the answer and you guys wouldn’t get the constant “Help! I have the wrong version!” or “I keep getting wrong version! what do I do?!”, so please take this into serious consideration.

  80. Aaron

    I mainly play RPG cuz of gameplay and RPG stuff and I luv the grinding aspect…I think that it order to contribute to the playability aspect of the game, the parts where the monsters ask u some choices to choose from (to raise affinity possibly) has to be considered cuz I’m tired of choosing he wrong one and guessing like desire dungeon treasure chests b4 I got the mimic skill and the item…

  81. Rando

    Not sure why, but on the list of Battle Fuckers you can teleport to from the Pocket Castle maid, Juska/Justice Kaiser is listed as Caesar.

  82. Anonymous

    Anyone else thinks it weird that the San Ilia King can’t always use White Magic but can always use Holy skills when he has no Holy skills at all?

      • CivilDeviation

        Shrug, maybe think of it this way; San Illia King worshipped Ilias in his early years; but without her presence in the paradox universe he cannot utilize the abilities he had. Alternatively, having changed his idol from religion to technology he lost his abilities?

      • Anonymous

        Sure he can get holy skills eventually but he doesn’t even have the right 1st level jobs for these. Kinda like if you got Luka at level 20 with warrior/hero tree jobs and a “can always use cooking skills” trait (which would make sense for the character). Oh well.

  83. Anonymous

    Are all the sex scenes finished? Including the Battle Fuckers and in the Pocket Castle. I’m sure the story is done by now, mostly missing the seduction for each monster and all that, right? I could wait until March if thats the case. Rather have about 95% done. Cheers Dargoth!

  84. Anonymous

    I just wanna make a quick shout. Dargoth, you are doing gods work now, bringing monster girls to the english-speaking world. I just wanna let you know we all realy appreciate what are you doing. I hope your resolve stays strong.

  85. PoorScribe

    Hey Dargoth and company, I have to give you guys a huge thanks for working so hard on all of this. I have no idea how difficult it is to translate all of this text, coordinate with the other translators and editors, and still deal with people asking about patch releases every day, nor would I wish to. That said, you guys are providing an awesome public service by working through this and know that for every person asking when the next patch is coming out, there are very thankful for the work you’ve already done, and the work you continue to do. This goes not just for Dargoth but for everybody who’s been working on this translation project, thanks a lot guys!

  86. lordkane01

    I know it isn’t really monster girls but I learned something amazing Kyonyuu Fantasy got translated and is now being sold under the name Funbag Fantasy how amazing is that? I have waited for years and years for that translation now all we have to do is convince them to do the sequal Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden as well. So go buy it and message them that they should translate the sequal.
    Ok adrenaline induced message end

    Nice job so far Dargoth between you and all the original English monster girl games that are being made I’m so happy thought it would be years before English originals would get made but so many have been popping up recently on the internet makes me happy honestly great time to be alive. Only thing that would make things better is if someone made a translation program that actually reliably translates Japanese into English then all the games we want could get quick translations but that probably wont happen for a while.

    • Anonymous

      If you mean a good translation and not the gibberish machine translation produces, then it’s not happening in any conceivable future, language, meaning, context, humor and all that are way too complex for our technology today.

    • We’ll get a good Japanese->English translation program at the same time we get artificial general intelligence. Although once that happens, good translation is going to be very low on the list of breakthroughs we’ll be excited about.

  87. Anonymous

    hey for the casino in grandoll, when u purchase 1500 coins, it says it costs 2000 gold when it actually should say 20000

      • Anonymous

        Not worth the effort. Alma Elma loli voice, Erubetie pink vagina, Luka with a typical hentai-boner sized dick, generic hentai with “Monster Girl Quest” trademark as only value.

      • CivilDeviation

        Only 10 minutes or so long, no continuity of story, and what Anon said. Also it is highly encrypted so you’ll need to download a specialized media player and use the password and username given in your receipt. So of questionable worth in my book.

        Also, again, please don’t pirate it, it’s available on our dlsite and doing that will hurt the proprietors and feeds gaijin hostilities….

      • The Noble Shade

        I knew it’d be “meh” at best, but I want it because I’m starved for content and lore on this series, and this is one of the only monstergirl hentai animations that I know about (though I’m not big on hentai animation). Also, it doesn’t look like total ass.

        Though, I agree, Erubetie with a pink vagina is dumb.

      • Only 10 minutes long. And it’s encrypted. Well, I no longer find myself in a rush to see it. I’ll just wait patiently for it to pop up on some streaming site. If anyone ever even bothers to post something that short and low quality. Man, and I was really hoping this would be the start of a wave of monster girl hentai anime. And hopefully a wave of femdomXshota hentai anime. Such a lack of both. Such a shame. Truly, we live in the darkest timeline.

  88. Anonymous

    I know it was said many times before, but I can`t get myself to dig through all the comments…

    What is the current state of Paradox Part 2? Heard its coming out this year?

    • No one knows. This year seems overwhelmingly likely considering there are 11 months left and given Torotoro’s previous pace, I can’t imagine he needs more time than that. As for whether the release will be February or December, that’s anyone’s guess.

      • Anonymous

        expect there to be a trial edition as always and usually 6 months later, that’s when it officially releases approximately…wish i can follow torotoro on twitter for frequent updates but unfortunately it’s private…

  89. Sevalle

    They took the least looking monster girls and made this. Except for Erubetie, they are all succubus. If you’re expecting something like Nanabi, you’re gonna be disappointed. Animation is pretty average, but glad that they stick to Luka being dominated. I was expecting. like 90% of hentai, that main dude takes over and fucks them till’ they pass out. Still, glad that there is something like this. I truly hope we get more of monster girl anime hentai in the future

  90. Anonymous

    Oh man i think this never will get fully translated :), this started around 2015 and we are 2017, i am scared of what gonna happen with the other 2 parts.

    • It’s still being worked on, there’s just a lot of work that has to be done. This game has more lines to translate than the all 3 parts of the original combined. It’s a lot more work and you can’t expect it to be done in the same time frame.

    • Anonymous

      Still a lot have been translated in part 1 so we can safely suppose translation for part 2 will be shorter since most class/objects/races are already translated.

      • Arj

        With all the UI translated, and a huge chunk of items, magic effects, and other such things, even if they add more in Part 2 I think it will be a huge load off to already have so much done.

  91. Anonymous

    All I want is the rape scenes translated. Come on its MGQ. Im not playing this because its a RPG, Im playing it for the rape scenes.

    • Given that it’s MGQ, I think it’d be just as believable to say “I’m not playing it for the rape scenes, I’m playing for the story and gameplay.”

    • Anonymous

      Both would be good. But I’ll take story over porn. I can tell from the pictures what’s going on, I can’t play the game or understand the story without a translation.

      • Civildeviation

        Pretty sure, they are not “purely” playing it for the story; as there is a giant set of better produced and graphically games out there with better “story”. Not saying ya can’t play something mostly for the story, but lets not underplay the sexual gratification even if not that which is most emphasized.

      • @Civildeviation
        Oh, no doubt. I agree. I was just telling him that, as surprising as it is, there are people who play this game ”mostly” for the story. I find that odd. But hey, different strokes for different folks. Personally, I like the story. But I don’t think it’s as nearly as amazing as some people make it out to be. Certainly not amazing enough to play the game just for the story. The perversion and kinky setting is what gives the game its charm. It’s what makes it stand out. It’s lore and comedy revolve around it. Without it this game would just be another random RPG Maker title filled with a lot of RPG and anime tropes and cliches. But that’s just my two cents.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think anyone plays it JUST for the story (that’s only a joke, with MGQ being a porn game and all, I swear I’m only playing it for the story hurr) but you shouldn’t dismiss gameplay and story because they’re in an ero game either, I started playing the original because of porn but I got invested in the story eventually, like I know a lot of people did. Most modern RPGs are so shitty I’m serious when I say Paradox was one of the better ones in recent years, pretty graphics and large budget don’t mean shit if gameplay or writing suck.
        As for playing it ”mostly” for the story I look at it this way: I care about 20-30% of the porn tops because that’s the porn with characters I like or from artists I like, I won’t even see the rest unless I accidentally lose a fight, so naturally I want gameplay and story translated first because I need that at or close to 100% to actually play the game. Obviously I want that porn content translated too but the scenes people want will be different for everyone (and I really, really doubt there are many 100% porn completists out there). Maybe main/most popular characters could be translated first? Like if everyone voted for 5-10 characters they want scenes translated and then top however many would be given a priority? Just throwing ideas out there, Dargoth probably has some sort of plan for translating the h-scenes.

      • @Anon
        I’m not dismissing the story or the gameplay. It’s a fine story. I just think people over-exaggerate its greatness sometime. At the end of the day it is an h-game. That is its main focus. That is how it drew fans in the first place. The good story was just an added bonus. One I feel wouldn’t have worked as well if the game was set in a non-erotic typical RPG. The idea of having every monster be a female that desires to rape you adds so much to the world of MGQ. Without that it would just be a comedic game filled with tropes and cliches. Everything from your first enemy being a slime, to your character having an amazing heritage, to the last boss being god. It’s the perversion of those cliches that makes the game unique to me. It has everything every other RPG has, but it’s all covered in a layer of lust and kink. And Paradox, of course, is an improvement in every way.(Though I wish some characters had more scenes. Hopefully the next part will rectify that.) Especially when it comes to gameplay. The original’s gameplay was, quite frankly, garbage. Very grindy(as in some fights take too long) at times, and very luck based at other times. RPG Maker really makes MGQ shine. It transforms it into the game it always should’ve been.

        I’ll be the first to admit that I do not have much of an attachment to the story or the characters. I like them, but otherwise I think the characters are all pretty standard hentai/anime characters. And the story is a pretty standard J-RPG/anime story. This doesn’t mean, however, that I think Dargoth should translate the porn first. While I’d like that, it wouldn’t really help much. Translated porn doesn’t serve me any good if I can’t progress through the story to get to said porn. I understand the need to translate the story first, and I am not against it. I also get that not everyone enjoys most of the porn in the game, like me. And that is another very good reason to focus on the story first.

        I feel like people might be misinterpreting my comments. While I sympathized with the OP and his desire for more porn, and expressed confusion towards people who care more about the story than the porn, I was not agreeing with him about translating the porn first. I simply wanted to inform him that he should be a bit more patient. I have nothing against the game’s story or the people who play the game for the story. I disagree on its greatness. But that’s just my opinion.

        I apologize to anyone who felt I was bashing the game’s story or their love of it. It was not my intention.

      • The reason I say I like the game mostly for the story is because I actually don’t like the porn in this game. It’s all themes I don’t really care for (femdom, masochism, vore, etc). I love the gameplay, especially the job system and seeing the pocket castle fill up as you recruit more characters. The story is pretty good, maybe not as amazing as some people say, but good enough that I am invested and interested in what happens next (as far as cliches go, there’s nothing wrong with having a lot of them as long as you execute them well). I enjoy quite a few of the characters, especially Sonya, Lime, Hip, and Illias (while Alice felt more involved with the plot as a character, Illias felt like she had more of an arc and I found her more interesting, especially her reactions and comments). While I agree that the erotic and kinky nature add to the enjoyment of the world, for me it’s mostly because it allows for more humorous dialogue based on it, not because of the actual porn. It all boils down to the fact that I don’t like the porn this game offers, but the game itself has a lot more things to enjoy and draw me in (and, outside of enemy nudity, doesn’t really have any unavoidable erotic scenes) so it’s still very much worth playing.

      • Anonymous

        Nah, it’s cool, man, I get people who want h-scenes over story, it’s a h-game after all, I don’t agree (in this case) but I don’t think it’s unreasonable. And, no, it wouldn’t work without the hentai content but just the fact that people even talk about it in terms of story vs porn says a lot, in most hentai games gameplay and story are hardly even there or are so bad they might as well not be (cough cough Violated Hero cough).

      • @Dj Quinn
        Nah, I get ya. Not your kind of kink. I believe ya. (Even though my heart doesn’t want to believe ya. How can anyone not be into cute shotas getting dominated by hot babes? Inconceivable. :P)

        I wasn’t trying to imply that the cliches were a bad thing. Quite the opposite, they’re some of the best parts. A lot of the comedy and perversion revolves around the cliches. Most of them are played for laughs. I was just saying that without the element of kinkiness the cliches would just be that, cliches. The kink adds a new level of… almost kind of satire… but not really satire… something like that. I don’t know what to really call it.

        I didn’t mean to sound like the characters were unlikable. In fact, I like most of them. (And occasionally I wanna punch most of them, but that’s a different topic entirely.) Illias’s character in Paradox in particular is one of my favorites. I already liked her in the original, but there she was just your typical ”insane villain revealed to be tragic villain” character. Her predicament in Paradox offers so many moments of comedy and character development that the previous game lacked. She’s so likeable that I’m at the point where I hope the game won’t end with us having to restore the timeline to its original state. ‘Cause that would be a bummer. And boring.
        What I was trying to say is that the characters are your typical hentai/J-RPG protagonists. Much like how every harem anime has all your typical girl stereotypes. The tsundere, the kuudere, the childhood friend, the tomboy and so on. MGQ follows a similar formula. Which is not to say that the characters are unlikable or even bad. I find them all to be charming. Just not very unique. Of course, that is unavoidable, since it is a porn game based on dominant women. So naturally they’re gonna have very particular personalities to fit that fetish.

        Again, I reiterate, I was not trying to disparage the game’s story or characters or any people who enjoy the game for those elements. I was simply sharing an opinion which, I guess, kinda got out of hand.
        It’s my own fault. I’m too perverted for my own good. My mind just cannot understand the logic behind ”partaking in porn for the story.” Trying to imagine it is like trying to image oblivion. My brain just can’t wrap itself around it. I know it’s a real thing, but I just can’t comprehend it. XD

      • @Anon
        The first Violated Hero or all of them? Because I find the story in 2 and 3 to be rather amusing. Nothing to write home about, sure. It’s a hentai game after all. But nowhere near as bad as some other games where I just skip all the dialogue because it’s so mind-numbingly dull. ”Just get to the porn, dammit. I don’t care about your stupid ninja vs demon war. I got 10 different anime that tell that story way better. I just wanna see some tentacles in some bitches. Christ.”

        Anyway, yeah, I guess it’s just a matter of perspective. As good as the story of MGQ is, I still feel its porn stands high above it. But that’s just my opinion. But I also don’t agree with the porn being translated first. I’d honestly prefer a healthy medium between the two, but that would be hard in a game of this size and scope. Translating the story first makes sense. Especially since none of the porn is mandatory and related to the story.

      • Oh, and just to clarify. I do not prefer porn over story or vice versa. Just because I find more enjoyment in the porn does not mean that that’s all I want. A good balance between story, gameplay and porn is very important. I’ve dropped many games because they emphasized one over the others. An h-game that is too plot heavy, but gives you too little porn is not fulfilling enough. Because I came for the porn, and yet it’s giving next to nothing. At that point I might as well play a AAA RPG, since I’m not getting any porn anyway. On the other hand, an h-game with a weak story, or no story, that constantly drowns you in porn, is no fun. Same if the gameplay is bad. The magic of an h-game is that it’s a GAME with sexual content. If I just wanted porn I’d go watch a hentai or look up Rule 34. No, I want to play. I want a good story that also involves copious amounts of sex. As much as I downplay MGQ’s story, it is still good enough that it kept me playing. At no point did I think ”Eh, I’m bored. I’ll just download a 100% save.” That means a lot coming from a guy like me, who plays ”mostly” for the porn. As much as I praise the porn in this game it wouldn’t have been enough to keep me interested had the story been meh. Especially not in the original game where the battle system was very irritating to me.
        I just wanted to get that off my chest. Make sure people know where I stand. I’m neutral. But I support translating the story first, because it logically makes more sense.

        • passerby4554

          Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Let’s all just agree that we play the game for our own reasons and just wait like patient children/teens/adults.

  92. you probably dont get this enough, but TY for all your hard work in translating this. this series has a surprisingly good story and i appreciate the fact you work so hard at getting a quality translation of it out to us

  93. Anonymous

    I’m new to this site, but relatively familiar with the Monster Girl Quest games

    and I was wondering if the game is compatible with the Mac OS or do I have to install something like Wine and other support/variations?

    I don’t intend on getting boot camp because I’m a Mac person and I don’t have anything else to run windows

  94. aaron

    I have a fresh copy of the Japanese game and whenever i try to patch it i get the same wrong version error every time. I really would like to play this game, any suggestions?

  95. GJbindels

    So work is still being done on mgq paradox. it looks like an intresting game.
    Sorry if this has already been asked before.
    Also what is this about an anime episode if there is such in excistance where can I find it.

  96. TakeruYamato

    Um dargoth , can you please consider to fix this key item Magic Book Of Secrets ( Allows you to change job to Spiritualism ) acquired by done the mimic girl’s request ?
    – On my first walkthrough(before Sabasa was translated ), i could have this item after completed all the Hauted mansion ‘s event and talked to Mimic but after patch 1.21.51 and in Ng+ I can’t trigger it no matter what , she just keep saying this line and all :
    “If you defeat them , and talk to them , won’t they calm down ?Once you calm everyone down , i’ll give you a thank you gift “

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