1. Anonymous

    Thank you Dargoth, would someone be so kind as to inform me weather chromes hentai scenes has been translated? I have no idea. Please and thank you

  2. Loli kitsune or bust

    i installed a fresh copy from dl site but when i patch it half way a popup shows up saying wrong version

  3. Anonymous

    Well looking at the excel 23 hentai scenes on illas translated, 10 edited and theres 53 in total D: far as ilias is concerned.. Then request,talk,seduction still have a long way kinda sad considering how long its been going but considering the amount of text and issues hes run into its understandable .

  4. Anonymous

    Please sopme one help me i try to run the patch even the new one but for some reason all my computer does is load it when i say that i mean the wheel pops up and spins around. I tryed troubel shooting compatibility but that dosent work all it does is load nothing pops up. When i run it by administrator all it does is basicaly run it but then i cant exit out the folder. If you had this problem please message me i really want to play the new patch

  5. Slaanesh patrolman

    WOW, not only we’ve got some AWESOME action on Redamz Monster Girl Island game, but we also have “The Monster Girls team” that creates yet another game for perverts!
    Lets support them too guys!
    p.s. don’t forget to buy/steal/salvage an Oculus Rift from your neighborhood for better experience.
    p.p.s. Dargoth, thank you for your translations! Try starting patreon campaign or something ….

    • Anonymous

      I would totally be down to support a patreon campaign. I can’t do anything to help, so giving some support is all I can do.

  6. Anonymous

    Just took a quick look inside. Are you going to fix the changing font sizes in the menus in later versions? It’s a bit irritating. (But not a major concern, of course translating is more important ;).)

  7. Insane77

    Hey dargoth, did you find anything in the script of the game that controls how the temptation system works? I posted a while back about how it felt incomplete and static. There must be a fix or something we can make so that, the stronger you get the longer you will last and can take temptation events. Is there something we can do? I am not sure how to contact toroto resistance to suggest the idea. In my opinion it would make progression in the game more apparent and fulfilling,

  8. Chiron Maximus

    I can’t download the patch at all!!! The link for mega says the thing is deleted and the alternate link says danger every time I press download on the page!

    • Chiron Maximus

      Also, since it’s been so long for a new patch, I kind of forgot how to put in a new patch. I know it starts witha fresh copy of 1.21, but that’s as far as I can remember.

    • Refresh the page and try the mega link again. The originally linked file was removed, but the updated one is still there just fine.

      Extract a fresh copy of 1.21. Extract patch files to the game directory and run patch.exe. Click patch button, cross fingers.

      • Chiron Maximus

        Got it. Thanks Dargoth! And what I meant was whether to put the ex patch in first, then run the english patch, or the other way around. I’ll figure it out.

    • Slaanesh patrol

      Approximately 30% of the damn game is translated. With present speed you will have to wait for 1 – 1.5 years untill the translations complition. We have to get assistance for the Dargoth in this matter.
      Im going to start studying Japanese language next week, but it will take sometime before I get well at it to translate the damn game 🙁

  9. Anonymous

    Argh. I won’t play it until the 16th or later, but at least I’ll have something to look forward to during 2 busy weeks. Thanks for the hard work, Dargoth and helpers.

  10. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth, I was curious so I took a look at what you use to translate and I’m just wondering why you are using Ytinasni Translator instead of RPGMaker Trans.
    As far as I could see, using that is a lot easier, and you keep the original Japanese text as well. Might just be me but I just see it being faster and easier to spellcheck, etc with RPGMaker Trans instead of the Ytinasni Translator.
    Sorry if this question has been asked before, I’m just a curious bystander.

    • Anonymous

      RPGMaker Trans has a few nice features but also some flaws
      It tries to sum up similar lines so you don’t have to translate as much but that also means it’s pretty hard to say when an area is actually complete, it makes reading the files less intuitive, and there is less creative freedom as yes just gets translated across the board so the responses become bland.

      It isn’t that good with praising scripts. It crashed a few times when I tried it on a different game.

      Ytinasni Translator is more straightforward. What’s actually in the game gets converted to the translation files without it being scattered to the wind so where there is more text it reads like it does in game.

      As for keeping the original Japanese well you could just keep a non translated copy of the project files for reference since only translators would worry about having both copies. That also has an effect on how the two differ:
      RPGMaker Trans I believe uses a Search & Replace method so it matches up the Japanese and if found replaces with the English otherwise it just ignores the line (That could make Official Updates a bigger pain in the ass if it doesn’t report on what lines it’s ignoring)
      Ytinasni Translator just matches up the Original Game and if successful then updates the game with the newer content.

    • RPGMaker Trans wasn’t exactly in a working state when Paradox was released, and it’s way too late to convert over now even if I wanted to. Backwards insanity’s program does everything I want it to do anyway.

  11. This may be a weird place to put this question, but whatever. I got to Enrika and heard about the 3 Monster Lords and I have a spoiler-y question. Is “Alice the 17th” the daughter of Alice and Luka from a parallel world? With the silhouette and name, that’s the only thing I can think of that makes perfect sense.

      • Is that a “maybe, but I’m not going to tell you” or an “I don’t know, but probably”? Sorry, I just can’t tell from your phrasing.

      • sazaju

        If it was a “maybe, but I’m not going to tell you”, he would fail by telling that it is. So don’t ask, just assume it is “I don’t know, but probably”. {^_^}

        • I went through the Sylph battle (though I reloaded afterwards since only about half of the following scenes were translated) and I now firmly believe that Neris (Alice the 17th) and Nero are the children of Alice and Luka of a Parallel world. Neris calling Nero bro, Nero transforming into an Alice like form (purple skin, white hair, and sideways red eye mark on his forehead), and Nero being able to use Holy, Dark, and Time magic (Holy and Dark indicating his lineage and Time magic appears to be related to Chaos created by merging Holy and Dark) doesn’t seem leave much room for other possibilities.

      • khalayia

        the other possibility is that he’s also mastered the t3 mage job which requires basically all the mage skills as per-requisites………

    • Sulphur99

      I honestly think that they’re less from a parallel world, and more from the original world. As in, the original MGQ.

      • I agree, I thought so as well. Unfortunately, I only have a copy of part 1 of the original and I haven’t even played much of that, so I didn’t want to be too presumptuous of the story. I had heard the two fall in love, but don’t know all the details. Also, in regards to Neris hitting on Luka when she meets, I wouldn’t put it past this game to have Neris try to get with a younger parallel version of her dad. In that same vein, I wouldn’t put it past Toro Toro to put a recruitable, doable, parallel Lucifina in either part 2 or part 3 of this game.

      • You should definitely go play the original VN. But yeah, I was poking fun at you because everyone believes that theory already, which seems pretty solid given what you’ve now seen so far in Paradox.

        Also, we might chance Neris to Nelice so her name is closer to Alice, which was certainly intended.

        • I’ll get the other 2 parts when I have some spare money to get them off dlsite (it’s hard to find reliable not dead links to free copies and this way I can support the creators). I don’t really know anyone who plays H games and I don’t spend too much time in place/forums where people would discuss this game so I’m out of the loop on what is common knowledge. Everything I know about Paradox is from first hand experience and my Japanese knowledge is limited to kana, a few kanji, sentence structure, and conjugation, so I have to rely on the patch.

      • JustaFan

        I too think that Nero and Neris are Lukas and Alice children from the normal Monster Girl Quest. Nero looks in his normal form like an older Version of Luka and when he transforms his look is very similar to Alice. But one thing bugged me extremly from the ending of Paradox 1. ATENTION PLEASE HERE IS A SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DONT WANT TO SPOIL YOURSELF DONT READ ANY FURTHER!!!!!!!!

        At The end a guy that looked like an Older Luka saves you from the final Boss. But the way he looked shows me that he had a though time. I dont remember it complete but i think he lost one arm. The think that bugs me is the following: Lets really say that Nero and Neris are the Children of Alice and Luka. And you see a mature and strongly injured Luka at the end, what happenend to Alice? Is Alice maybe the cause of the Paradoxum? Or maybe the cause of the Paradoxum take place years later in the normal Monster Girl Quest and Alice died because she tried like Luka to stop it what would explain Future Lukas lost arm and so. On the other Hand o thought about time travel. Maybe someone traveld through time back and changed a few things. The Future would change instantly. In other words Lets say Monster Girl Quest is over, Alice and Luka are finally married and have children and the World is at peace. But someone mighty is not happy with this situation and travels him/herself back in time or send someone to change the past and that way the future too. That way everything changes and in the end instead of bringing peace to the world Alice and Luka where more Rebels then peacemaker to fight the new reign of the manipulator. In these many years maybe Alice died and Luka lost his arm. Could be possible that Alice got somehow killed and Luka seek out revenge and in a rage storms against a strong group of enemys or an enemy army and in that fight he lost his arm and maybe shortly lost his life but his children saved him. Maybe because of some spy stuff or spy agents in the enemy army or so Luka get the information that the timeline should never have happened like it did. Then as last resort and to repair the timeline back to normal he decided to send back his Son and Daughter (and later ge goes himself). And so we have a Paradoxum which would like i said before explain Mature Lukas look and why there are for example High Level Angels exist that shouldnt exist. Because they traveld through Time to protect their new reign and secure that the timeline never get repaired. I know that all is just my thinking of it and maybe isnt too realistic but i think that Paradox has nothing to do with other Dimensions and just with Time Travel. Because the first thing that god changed (well at least the first thing from what i know) is that Lukas father and his Party didnt reached the Monster Lord Castle. This way he didnt died and Alice Mother too. This special event changed the howl future. Then they gave White Rabbit to their colaborators in the past (ok i dont understand if the rabbit girl is a physical form of White rabbit. This part in my Theory is weak and is surely wrong) and used the Seal of the Grand Anchors on Alice and Illias to prevent them from getting a thread. Because even if both dislike each other extrem they would never allow something like changeing the past or just give the reign of the howl world and the heavens to someone else and maybe even would cooperat to prevent the change of the timeline, what would be an extremly strong Coaliation to be messed with.
        Like i said just a Theory of myself. Some points are not really that logic but there are one or two things that could be possible right i think. So who played the game till the end and readed this roman what are you thinking about my Theory? Do you think it could be this way or do you have your own?

        By the way: Hi DesertEagle. Long time no seen^^

      • JustaFan

        A little bit. And i have another Idea. At the beginning Illias in her Mature form appears before Luka. But as she beginns to tell Luka something important (it doesnt sound like something that has to do with Alice, the monsters, the war and her wish for him to beat the Monster Lord) she slowly disappears in an effect that looks like an TV if you play with the cable. Nevermind. It sounds like she wanted to warn Luka that someone trys to change the Timeline. Maybe at that moment or shortly before it someone appeared before Illias to speak high of this ultimate plan which not even she could hold off. As she starts to say that she would never led that happen this strange disturbance beginn and Illias realized that she already losed to the enemy or the enemy explains to her what they have done. So she decides to try warning Luka (because she knows who he is), but before she can she disappears and we have loli Illias. This theory gets a little bit hold because when i remember right the first time you meet loli Illias she dont knows Luka. Ok i dont know what happens when you choose Illias as partner at the start. Maybe she knows Luka and just because of the shock act like she does. So to comfirm this someone who choosed Illias would be needed to check.

  12. UPhantasm

    Is the Red Kimono Brown Kitsune translated? What about the Cactus Girl? How far does the new patch go to in terms of story?

  13. nick

    Dargoth if you have translated to haunted mansion then you dont have much left in terms of storie, youll have the desert, the towns that are in it and the spirits of gnome and sylph in those if i am correct

  14. Incubusknight

    Just want to say thank you Dargoth for all your hard work in putting together this translated version of Monster girl Paradox.I’m glad you where able to find the help you needed and I look forward to when the final version of the English patch is complete. Until then keep up the fantastic work and I hope you and the team get a well deserved break after this is all done.

  15. Arakon

    Just a quick question: I’m having a blast with this game so far, love the RPG elements and learning the ropes; but how do I know when I’m ready for the next Area? I’m currently level 4 (I think) and am farming in the Cave of Trials to the south.

    • For your first time yu never know , but if you follow the story carefuly you should be fine, buy the best gear in each town then follow the story.

    • Desert Eagle

      Follow the story and recruit every monster girl you come across. You should be fine. Of course, doing that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll steamroll the monsters in the next area but that’s part of the fun.

      • Anonymous

        Honestly I found Paradox to be really if you follow that suggestion. I played it on Very Hard and never had trouble with any of the bosses since RNG will cause you to grind so much.

  16. Slaanesh patrol

    Strange, when I patch the damn game it says Error Wrong Version
    What in the name of POWER … !!!!?

    • Chiron Maximus

      Do you have both the most recent EX patch and english patch? If so, then first, get a fresh copy of 1.21, then put the english patch in, run the patch program, then put the ex patch in, then BOOM/, you’re done.

      • Slaanesh patrol

        Ive pirated the damn game
        You are telling me that they patch it the same way as Steam of Lord Gaben does?

  17. Where are the Nekomata and Scylla (non variation)? I made it through all the translated content, but I have yet to see them. I feel that Nekomata NPC in Illiasberg and the various Scylla NPC’s are mocking me, saying “here are some generic monster girls you won’t even encounter for a long time, but will be there every time you pass”. I can understand the Vampire and Medusa in Enrika, you only see them there and characters aren’t frequently mentioning the species (Scylla) and they don’t have portraits when you talk to them (both). It’s annoying and makes me feel like I missed something.

    • khalayia

      from what i can see in mine there’s 3 scylla, desert scylla in the safuru desert ruins, ustrel in lily’s mansion and sables at carlos hill

      • And the Nekomata? That’s honestly the one I’m most intersted in because it’s sprite been taunting me the longest. By taunting I mean the sprite is in Illiasberg when you first go there early in the game, but I have yet to see one in battle and I’m at just before the Sylph battle.

  18. khalayia

    yeah, the neko’s are not available yet, however its not surprising considering where their hometown is. we should see those in the next release

    • In a game full of recruitable doable monster girls that is just a mean tease for a perverted completionist such as myself. Darn you Toro Toro…

      • khalayia

        lol if you wanna talk about a tease, how about being unable to recruit the 3 succubus bosses………… or queen harpy for that matter!

        • Them I can understand, being unique bosses and all, but the Nekomata was generic. Also, I have been to Carlos Hill and recruted Sables, but I wasn’t paying too much attention to the names at the time it seems. Since I’ve basically finished the translated content, I’ve been going through places that don’t have dialogue upon entering and recruiting a bunch of characters. I had maxed out most of my main party characters level to 30 waiting for the this patch, so I’ve just been grinding classes and such.

    • khalayia

      yeah im doing the same atm albeit at a likely faster rate. that and farming small medals through new game+ for archangel bras

  19. khalayia

    its possible that particular neko traveled with the samurai in the castle as well but thats just speculation

  20. Steph

    Thanks for new Patch . It’s not that big but we followers like all of this cuz this means that whole project isn’t dead and as long as it’s like that we can hope one day to see whole MGQ Paradox translated 🙂 . Btw does anyone have good save file , i deleted my game to download it again for new patch but , i deleted whole folder including save , pretty much whole work of 4-5 months is dead . So please if anyone has good , builded party share a save file .

  21. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth out of curiosity what’s your plan for the coming patches? Are you planning to finish the storyline first and then gameplay stuff or just translate a bit of everything?

  22. Anonymous

    Can anybody give me a step by step rundown on how to use the patcher to patch Paradox? It keeps saying wrong version for me and I don’t know what I am doing wrong. If nothing else can someone hook me up with the files I need to manually patch it myself, since I can’t find it in the link that Dargoth put up (must be getting either lazy or dyslexic lol). Thanks in advance for the help.

    If you just want to send the files to me here is my email: Nasser.Salah001@mymdc.net

    • Desert Eagle

      Make sure you have an unpatched version of the game. In other words, a game that is freshly downloaded. Work the patch on that version and transfer the save files to it afterwards.

      Also, make sure you’re using Japanese locale.

  23. TooManyNumerals

    Yo Dargoth, thanks for the hard work, I just had a quick question:

    When i go to install the new patch, i extract the files into the games root folder (where audio, fonts, graphics and whatnot are), then i run the .exe for it to freeze at 49% returning with the error “Wrong Version” Im at a loss considering its a fresh copy of version 1.21.00 from English DLsite

    Am I installing it wrong? or has something else gone amiss?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Make sure you don’t have a save folder or other random files in the directory since they can cause issues with the patcher. I suppose there’s a chance that the version of the game on the English DLsite is slightly different than the one on the Japanese site? I seriously doubt it though.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not a problem with the version, I patched the game downloaded from the English DLsite today, works like a charm.

      • TooManyNumerals

        I re-extracted the game from the zip file I downloaded from DLsite, not running it at all as opposed to my other game copy…for some reason that worked…

        Makes me wonder if the game generates any other files other than the saves upon initialization/ gameplay

  24. darknessblade

    dargoth why not release the next version containing the whole translated story.

    this way we can play it again and again without any issue.

    after that you can take it easy on the rest of the game.

    if they release V2 please complete story first then all H-scenes.

    that way everybody can enjoy the game to the fullest without having to wait a year for getting trough the game

    • That’s the plan, but the translator doing the rest of the story has other commitments to juggle. I’m working on filling in events, battle fuckers, text-heavy gameplay stuff, etc.

      • Chiron Maximus

        Say Dargoth, what translation method are you and the others using? I would hazard a guess that you and others get people fluent in the language and ask/hire them for translations. If that’s not the case and you’re using machine translations to start the whole translation process, then what programs are you using? I’m wondering, because if you’re using machine translations to start with, have you tried Ginger? I got it recently and it’s actually pretty good.

      • No one’s doing machine translations here. I don’t consider myself fluent in Japanese, but the writing in H-games is basic and I know Torotoro’s style and word choice very well at this point. Classic Japanese literature is beyond me, but stuff like this is no problem. I can’t speak for krytyk, but his Japanese ability is more than capable of correctly translating this game as well.

  25. Anonymous


    On a side note, do you ever feel burnt out or like giving up? This is a huge assignment to do by yourself and I’m both glad and surprised this hasn’t fizzled out like 99% of internet projects do. Just know that we appreciate the work you’ve done and you are making a lot of people very happy just like Rogue did.

    Thanks again.

    • I’m not doing it by myself fortunately. The rotating nature of help and people’s desire not to be personally associated with translating porn keeps me from advertising the “team” so to speak. Honestly I do worry about snubbing people that secretly want credit for their work, but I’ll leave that for a later date.

      I’m hardly enthusiastic about this project (or translation in general), but I almost never feel burnt out on it either. I make a bit of progress every day, and the time I spend doing this isn’t a burden. It’s nice for my overall well-being to have a few long-term goals to make consistent progress towards; giving up just seems like it would hurt more than it would help.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, thanks for the swift and articulate response. I can certainly see how sorting through lines and lines of dialogue repetitively and trying to translate conversions to both make sense and not sound awkward can be grueling work. It’s great that you are getting some help though, even if the team is small. Keep up the good work guys.

        also check your paypal, your next case of beer is on me.

      • TooManyNumerals

        Its just a real bitch that you do all this for free, and then read comments of people getting pissy with you….

        OG Dargoth

  26. I

    Hey guys, im having an issue installing MGQ: Paradox on a machine with Windows 10 installed as an OS….oddly enough, it had worked once before….but after trying to extract and run again from the old files, it doesn’t do anything but claim “File Corrupted” I downloaded a fresh copy from the English dl site and it still does the same thing.
    Anyone else having the same issue?

    • Anonymous

      Try changing your system’s locale to Japanese or using one of the various tools that will do it for you (e.g. HongFire’s pAppLoc).

  27. Anonymous

    someone can upload the manual vertion of the patch, i mean the one you just copy and paste all the .rvdata2 in the data folder

  28. Lokisama

    Sorry if this has been asked before when i press the Auto function in battles my party members only use melee attacks that includes mages also, I see there is some kind of feature in skills when you press Shift to disable them for the Auto function but no matter if i have them disabled or enabled my team members only use melee am i missing something?

    • Noar

      It seems like the Auto function gives characters a very high chance to use regular attacks regardless of their stats. If you want them to have any form of AI you’ll probably have to use Reckless Masks or some other form of berserk.

  29. Noar

    I got a crash while fighting a trio of Kitsunes in the labyrinth, right after I picked up my first Vicarious Shikigami accessory too. I haven’t unpacked my game or messed with any files; is this translation-related or an error in the base game?

    • Noar

      I found two of the (probably bugged) auto daystar hairpins between floor 100 and 120. That’s probably the most “superior” item in the game, but other than that, I didn’t get anything worth mentioning until the 200s. My favorite item so far is the Frenzy Mask, a more powerful version of the Reckless Mask that gives +100% attack and two moves per turn instead of the normal version’s 50% attack.

      I only just made it to floor 300, though. Been fighting Sonya Mazda for the past 3 or 4 hours; my team setup going in was not one good for damaging her.

      • khalayia

        at least you can handle her at that lvl. i still haven’t beaten the floor100 super boss……… didn’t help that it was one of the top 3 hardest

  30. Sulphur99

    @JustaFan There was no reply button on your comment, so I’ll post it here.


    Now I didn’t read through the whole wall of text, but I’d just like to tell you that the “Older Luka” is actually Marcellus aka Luka’s father.

  31. PoorScribe

    Hey guys, just wondering if weapon skills are weaker if one uses a different weapon than the skill type, i.e. Luka equips a club and uses the sword skill double slash, will the skill do less damage than it would for a same stat sword?

    • Yes, that’s exactly how it works. The damage will still be good for similar kinds of weapons (e.g., a dagger skill used with a sword), but much worse if you’re using a completely different kind of weapon.

      • khalayia

        on that note, im not sure why but Sonya’s damage seems to always be really low compared to everyone else regardless of whether i equip her with a decent club or other weapon. normally i don’t use her but im fairly sure shes gonna get alot better later.

  32. Anonymous

    Is there a way to completely remove monsters or humans from the party and castle? I want to get rid of the slime you get in the beginning.

    • UnidentifiedPhantasm

      Why would you want to get rid of people for future runs? If its because of space constraints, i believe the castle as it is is capable of housing 500 monsters, i mean there are a lot of sections with a lot of space.

      • Is there an actual limit to the characters you can recruit? I assumed you could recruit one of everyone. Also, wasn’t there a line early on theat said it could house “close to 1000 people”? Aren’t where characters are in the castle predetermined and exclusive for that character? I already have 122 party members.

    • Chiron Maximus

      For the sake of answering a question, I think you can take her to the reaper and talk to her about removing companions. I know the option is called ‘remove male companion” or something, but I ever really tried it out with anyone. So, may as well go check it out.

    • Bad Gamer

      Yes you can remove Lime from front lobby but requires you to either get a illegal version or legit version from steam of RPG VX Ace Maker. BEEN GOING NUTS WITH IT!!!! Gave Luka and 3 other people I like max stats in EVERYTHING!!! but still Chaos Dungeon hard if you attack normally on an enemy that reflects all attacks back to you. Also gave myself all the best gear ;p.

  33. Anonymous

    For anyone having trouble patching make sure it’s a clean 1.21 Japanese version of the game.

    I made the mistake of using the old machine translation and it never made it past 50%.

  34. RedAlipheeseXVI

    Does anyone else get a “unhandled exception has occurred in your application there is no space on disk” error when trying to patch? I made sure to use a clean japanese 1.21 version, but when I click patch it’s stuck at 0% and I get this error message. It worked perfectly with earlier patches, and now I’M DYING to find out what’s up with the 3 monster lords, the powerful succubus and zion! (I played through Enrika and the passage to Sentora on machine translation) Can anybody help me?

      • RedAlipheeseXVI

        I have over 16 free gb. It would be ludicrous to even think about the patch taking more than that… The thing is that’s what it always says and it stops at 0%. I changed to japanese locale, made sure it’s a japanese clean version, and ran it as an an administrator, but I always arrive at the same result. I am using windows 8 as an operating system. What could be the problem?

      • RedAlipheeseXVI

        Thanks for the answer Khalayia, but it wasn’t that. Turns out it was the disk space in my system partition. You see, I have a system partition and a separate one where I keep my games on my laptop so as not to lose all of them when I, say, change the operating system. I had over 16 free Gb on the games partition, but I had only 1 in the system one and apparently I needed over 2 free Gb there in order for the patch to work. (I know my computer is full, but hey, in my defense, this is my old college computer and its hard disk space is just 250 Gbs…) I actually solved this issue long ago and forgot about the post, but in case anyone experiences the same problem don’t forget to check your system partition even if your game isn’t there! Hope my advice helps someone, and excellent job with the translation Dargoth!

  35. Anonymous

    Does anyone know exactly what the different difficulty settings change? So far with my testing the only difference I’ve seen is monsters get more health, they attack stronger and levelling up requires more exp.

    • Desert Eagle

      That’s pretty much it.

      Initially, I tried to play the game on Paradox mode. After being raped by slime girls for two hours and having only defeated 4-5 of them, I decided it wasn’t gonna work. I lowered difficulty to Hell mode. That allowed me to progress.

      So yeah. Monsters are tougher and they hit harder. It seems that on Hell mode, monster girls’ health is two times higher than what’s written in their library entry. That applies to all the bosses too.

      • CivilDeviation

        Yeah, Paradox mode with a fresh start is like rolling a 20 sided die and hoping for a 1 against slimes. There literally is no way to tip the fight in your odds early on except by a minuscule amount by escaping enemies long enough to pick up the one piece of usable armor in the area.

    • Noar

      Easy and Very Easy difficulties also seem to give the party HP regen and cause enemies to damage themselves each turn.

    • Anonymous

      Buy it from DLsite. If you don’t want to do that, you can find a pirated version in under a minute if you just google it.

  36. khalayia

    well, currently doing a 4th playthrough. i have to say that whoever is doing the story line translation your doing an absolutely amazing job. not only is the main story translated really well but all the normal sprites in the towns are also translated. considering that last patch it was only fully translated up to the harpy village that is amazing progress for just over 2 months, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bad Gamer

      What you want exactly? Max stats or 99 of all Bonus seeds or all the pro gear or max exp in all initially available jobs to Luka? Been going nuts with RPG Maker editing game saves to give all I want so if want something I will be happy to upload one.

      • Danny

        Willing to share what exact program? I have rpg maker and I see no way of editing game saves files

      • Bad Gamer

        Would need a decrypter but got it from one of the first posts about MGQ Paradox from a link dargoth put. It decrypts file so you can have access to it. It reopens the project for anyone to use on this game since it was made using RPG Maker.

  37. Anonymous

    Just curious, how many levels is “mastering”? Also is the mastering requirement the same for all fields? (So is the level required to master a job the same amount required to master a race or character?)

      • Anonymous

        Additionally, some jobs/races require a lot more exp than others so even if everything goes up to ten, some take way longer to level than others. Good rule of thumb, the more advanced or powerful a job is, it’ll lake longer to master. Noble takes more exp than other basic jobs because there are no downsides aside from kills and weapons it can’t use and Superstar is an advanced job that requires two other advanced jobs mastered to use it so that one takes a long while to level.

      • Anonymous

        It’s a reward from the Medal Queen. Doesn’t cost much small medals either. She sells the Lord and Pope title in a bundle for like 40 medals too iirc.

  38. SirMalo

    Dear Dargoth, for me you are a hero. You and some other guys spend so much time for the translation without getting a proper reward at all. I really appreciate it and want to say it again from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your effort.

  39. Anonymous

    Are all of Neros skills obtainable already? Like how do i get Daystar and Ninefolded Rakshasa?

    Also, why did you rename Flash Kill into Dispel Slash?

  40. Ai Bell

    Honestly, I would love to help if I knew Japanese…. I’d use google translate but half the time, it gives me trash for translation…. Thanks for the help so far Dargoth, Much appreciated

    • SirMalo

      Well it translate word for word but it cant put it in the right positions to make sense. You can understand the core of the case most of the time but after some hours youre crying out for some quality. Also some jap jokes are impossible to translate without destroying the joke by doing it. This works for a lot of languages btw….

    • SirMalo

      There are 3 options. You know jap, you use a normal translation prog and get eye cancer or youre good in guessing. The 3 original mgq wasnt that much of a challenge because very linear story but in paradox it can be a pain in the ass if you have to look for a certain person/thing without knowing it.

    • machinaforce

      I played thru the machine translated version three times and I’m playing a 4th thru Dargoths patches… I’m just a bit mad I had to restart from scratch my saves from the machine version are cause the game to be in Japanese… Mah hard work.

    • Bad Gamer

      Use machine english translation version known as EX translation when you get to where dargoth finished to.

  41. Anonymous

    Hey can someone help me install the game? I’ve tried it once and the text was a bunch of question marks and then when I tried to play it was corrupted.
    According to the website you’re supposed to change your region and language to get rid of the question marks, but I’ve done both, restarted and redownloaded but still getting the same problem.

    • Desert Eagle

      You can copy the error message if you hit CTRL+C when it pops up. But, I suppose that’s not very helpful in this case if it’s nothing but question marks.

    • Desert Eagle

      Okay, wait. “Region and Language”. Did you remember to change “language for non-unicode programs” to Japanese? If it’s not set to Japanese, then you would definitely get question marks instead of Japanese letters. The other settings are not important.

      Go back to Region and Language settings and check the “administrative” tab. There should be “language for non-unicode programs” or something like that. Change it to Japanese and then see if stuff works. (Re-downloading may or may not be necessary)

    • Anonymous

      Once youve talked to her at the merchants place in Illiasburg you go to the merchant in illiasville and someone in there has a quest for you, do that, go back to Vanilla and back to the merchant in illiasville, then you can ask her to join you.

  42. Twin_X

    I have a few questions. Sorry if it’s wrong place, but I have run out of ideas where to ask.

    Does anyone know what happened with tlwiki? It’s down an I see no alternative. I tried to use english patch for VH4 from that never10 site but I can’t open kikiriki (I seem to have it in VH3 directory). It flashes and closes instantly. Anyone can help? I have Windows 7 if that’s helpful.

    • Sulphur99

      “Flashes and closes instantly”

      Just checking, but have you set “non-unicode programs” language to Japanese? I seem to recall having that problem when I didn’t do that. Just to be safe, make sure that you unzip the rar/zip file while it’s set to Japanese too.

      • Twin_X

        I switched regional settings to japanese and then downloaded the game, the patch and launched kikiriki. Still under japanese settings. And still kikiriki won’t stay open. Command window appears for a second and closes instantly.

        Is there something else I should switch to japanese?

      • Sulphur99

        Yeah, regional settings and unicode settings are separate I believe. Go to control panel>Clock,Language and Region>Region>Administrative>Set Language for non-Unicode Programs. Unless you already did that. In that case, I dunno what to do.

      • Twin_X

        Sulphur, that’s exactly what I did.

        Anonymus. That can be useful. But how to launch it? I mean how should line to launch in in cmd look. I scarecely used cmd in the past so I don’t remeber many things. Also do you mean cmd console itself or the “run” command used to open cmd console and some programs?

      • Anonymous

        Basically, you start cmd, then navigate to the folder where kikiriki is located.
        (For example
        cd games
        cd VH4

        Then you type

        kikiriki.exe -i inputfilename* -o oufputfolder**

        * Usually data.xp3 or patch.xp3. If you don’t specify a path, it looks for the file in the current directory and fails, if there is none
        ** For example “data”. If you don’t specify a path, it creates a subfolder with the name you put there in the current directory

        So, if you put kirikiri in your VH 4 directory, then the line would probably look like

        kikiriki.exe -i data.xp3 -o data

        But actually, all of this is mentioned at the Never 1.0 site.

      • Anonymous

        Wait. So I don’t launch kikiriki by opening Kikiriki.exe itself, but I should do it all by cmd console? I tought I should open Kikiriki console and put that “kikiriki.exe -i data.xp3 -o data” line there.

      • Anonymous

        “So I don’t launch kikiriki by opening Kikiriki.exe itself, but I should do it all by cmd console?”


      • Twin_X

        Thank you all for help. It finally worked (Even if I fucked up dozen other things on the way :P)
        I really missed this fun gameplay, along with collecting monster entries and H-scenes. But it’s not the same without translation. I’m one of those guys who likes context and plot in their porn XD

  43. CivilDeviation

    Not sure how helpful it could or may be, but I am on my 12th play through and have a team built up for working through Chaos Dungeon. Also was fortunate enough to get the glove for opening platinum treasure chests. If someone wants the save, I will also find a spot for it.

    Luka is pretty bad ass, though I’m sure folks more diligent than I and those who have cheated have stronger toons.

  44. Steven

    Anyone knows close ( not needed exact ) date of part 2 of MGQ Paradox , is the project going on will Torotoro continue ?

    • UnidentifiedPhantasm

      In certain computers, like mine and i assume yours, though i could be mistaken the game can’t be put on fullscreen, i tried recently to use an app called anotherfullscreen but to no avail 🙁

      So what i do to play is go to control panel and put my screen’s resolution in the lowest possible

      • Anonymous

        Fullsceen works fine on my desktop (with correct aspect ratio), but shows only a black screen on my laptop, it depends on your display and video card drivers.

  45. doingitfordacookie

    Yo dargoth, you forgot about translating the lamia in the basement of Ilias temple and a warrior and scholar to the south in the second floor of the ilias temple.

  46. Anonymous

    First Dargoth you are amazing.
    Second someone know if it it’s posible to configure the use of skills, not only normal attacks when the auto option is used in battle?

    • UnidentifiedPhantasm

      I believe the auto attack function bassicaly makes everyone using normal attacks not skills 🙁 it really sucks, in battle we’re better off just fighting manually

    • UnidentifiedPhantasm

      Well i can certainly tell you that the patch has no trojans, ran it with my antivirus found nothing.

      • Yeah I just tried it a few moments ago on a virtual machine and nothing (bad) happens – unlucky I get an error OutOfMemory-Error but thats an other story
        So Idk why some Scanner on Virustotal say there is a Trjan in it… I will rate it good

      • CivilDeviation

        Might be a pre-existing virus on your system, the AV program itself might have been infected, the AV program may be faulty or may have a overly high screening standard leading to false positives.

  47. UnidentifiedPhantasm

    Dargoth can i make a question? When your translating the game, are all the ” choices ” dialog differences ( chosing alice or ilias ) files in the same ” texts”?

  48. Bad Gamer

    Random question. How did you unpack the rgss3a file in the game to get access to it? Been dying to do it myself and modify the game myself.

    • Bad Gamer

      Never mind found it on previous post about the MGQ Paradox Demo Translation v0.1 page where you already had it available.

  49. Anonymous

    I have a question, – so I’ve been playing this game for 112 h, and I don’t quite get one thing – Library -> adventure log ->all adventures, there the “Luka raped by a companion” is still at 0, – isn’t it strange? What does it mean exactly? Is there some specific way or something?

    • khalayia

      its quite rare but occasionally during battle one of the companions can get affected with a debuf that can turn them against luka, forget what its called

      • Anon12

        I believe you are thinking of temptation/seduction, afflicted party members will attack other members of your party. In the case of enemies it makes them target only the males in your party.

      • Desert Eagle

        I guess this would occur when Luka’s HP reaches 0 due to a companion molesting him while under temptation/seduction debuff.

    • Chiron Maximus

      As far as luka and the Other humans right now, only Luka can change his race, and I can’t tell you to what or when, cause that’s a spoiler. There may be a possibility of changing the race of the humans in the future part, but we’ll just have to see.

      • Noar

        There are several human/worm summoner hybrids you can recruit, and the chimera girl from the last building also has access to the Human race. If a human has access to any other races, you can change between them normally at the Head Priest.

        Other than that, Luka is the only human that gains access to previously unselectable races throughout the course of Part 1.

  50. Chiron Maximus

    Um Dargoth, I think we have a huge problem. When I was putting a memember into my party and I looked at them in the menu, there name was not there. When I tried to fight with that companion in battle, it crashed. I tried a request scene with a monster that appeared with no name, and her requests worked just fine. I looked at the party edit menu to see what members had missing names, and well … see for yourself https://www.mediafire.com/folder/i6mzykjz2ebbp/MGQP_Name_bug
    Also, as far as the error’s message, I’ll open the game back up, Print the screen, and put it in mediafire to show you.

    • Chiron Maximus

      Here’s the folder that has the error that occurs when I try to fight alongside a nameless companion. It also has a picture of an odd name glitch that I’m pretty sure you guys didn’t intend. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8mbojgfzl342d/Error_page_and_additional_glitch
      The bug error can speak for itself, but I can explain what I think happened with the Name glitch. Before, in previous patches, we were able to change the name of our companions and characters, but with the recent patch update, we lost that feature and the names should have been restored back to normal. Problem is, the patch did revert the names on one save file, but the others were unchanged, showing that one file has the Slime named Lime, but the other save still has the name “Aqua”, from the earlier patches.
      Now, The first save file is my main file, that I use for playing the story and grinding levels and such, my second save is going to be my playthrough with Ilias when the full translation for the story is done, and my third file, the one with Aqua, is a file that has my Luka as a poor, defenseless bum that I use to initiate sexy times from enemy and companion alike. I can use my first save file to set up the basis of my third save file, and save over it so that the bug is fixed, but as far as the bug’s existence, I wanted you all to know about that, so it can be looked at. *phew* I think I’ll take a break now. I sure can write a lot when reporting a simple bug.

  51. Anonymous

    ***potential small spoiler***
    Is it true that at some point in the story Luka gets bumped to warrior and apprentice hero level 10 for free? I wanted to level those up anyway, but now it kind of feel like a waste.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah he does a little after getting into the second half of the game as long as your not playing on very hard or something pick a class like solider or hunter or something else.

  52. Anonymous

    Hey guys i have a problem with the Vanilla(vampire girl) quest. I followed this guide here http://pastebin.com/zaNGkJF2 on what to do and finished the part where I talked to the guy in Monte Carlo, but then it said to go back to the samurai in illias temple. I did that but nothing happened, he just gave me his same generic dialogue instead of the quest dialogue. Is the quest bugged or am is the guide missing something?

  53. shaamat

    I Think There is a bug in this patch, when I reach gnome in the Safaru ruins I cant find her have someone found this bug?

      • shaamat

        I know, I have done that like 6 times before and she appears in the ruins.

        however this time she dissapears in the oasis and i cant fight her im stuck I can only see her whe she moves (If my savefile got corrupted I will loose like 12 mastered mid classes with luka)

      • shaamat

        NVM I really forgot this time to get Sylph this time (this is embarrasing) I did monte carlo before forest of spirits this time so thats why.

        Btw when I managed to get luka lvl 10 in every job ill upload my savefile

  54. Takata

    Here’s a list of typos I found and other lines I thought could use an edit. It’s harder than I thought to keep track of everything in such a large script. So many rules for capitalization, translation of in-universe terms, etc… >. lowercase “vampire girl” ?
    -luka- “Going until sharing your secrects with us…” -> “secrets” (whole sentence needs an edit?)
    -travelling merchant- “You rescued an important partner for me. This help does not even make a refund.” -> edit?
    -no speaker- “The shop of Vanilla can now sell medicinal plants!” -> “Vanilla can now sell medicinal plants at her shop!”

    -travelling merchant- “For medicines, a Mandragora should be of relevant help.” -> lowercase “mandragora” ? Also, “relevant help” sounds odd…
    -luka- “I remember there is a Mandragora spending her time in Talus Hill…” -> lowercase “mandragora” ?

    talus hill:
    -vanilla- “I am Vanilla the Vampire Girl.” -> lowercase “vampire girl”?
    -vanilla- “I would like to make a business of the three types of cure…” -> edit?

    -vanilla- “Oooh! A Phoenix!” -> lower case “phoenix”?
    -vanilla- “…you’re right. From now on I will play fair.” -> edit? Also, Vanilla’s image on the left doesn’t match the line’s tone. Could use a sadder facial expression if possible.

    harpy village:
    -no speaker- “Vanilla negotiates an arrangement with the Harpy.” -> lowercase “harpy”?

    -vanilla- “Now I need some Echo Grass and other restoratives.” -> “Now I need some Echo Grass and Restoratives.” ?(because “Restorative” refers to a named item that you will be able to sell after this section.)
    -vanilla- “Only a skilled doctor would deal in these kinds of drugs…” -> “those kinds of drugs…”? (since Echo Grass is currently “far” from her)
    -luka- “Dark Elf in Enrika” -> lowercase “dark elf”?

    -vanilla- “I would like to sell Echo Grass and other restoratives in my store…” -> “I would like to sell Echo Grass and Restoratives in my store…” ?(because “Restorative” refers to a named item)
    -no speaker- “Vanilla negotiates an arrangement with the Dark Elf.” -> lowercase “dark elf”?
    -no speaker- “Vanilla can now sell Echo Grass and restoratives at her shop!” -> capitalize “Restoratives”?

    -vanilla- “My new product will be shurikens!” -> capitalize “Shurikens” since it’s an item name? (Not sure, since this may be interpreted as referring to a whole set of items, not just the one named “Shuriken”.) (Many more instances of “shuriken” in lowercase follow.)

    rami flying sidequest::
    slime mountain: “I guess we better go see if she’s all right…” -> “we’d” ?

    • Takata

      Two more questions that got cut off for some reason:
      The U in “Uncle Lazarus” is always capitalized. Is this intentional?
      Some in-universe names are surrounded by square brackets, but not others. Is this intentional?

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t the last line for Rami’s flying sidequest correct?

      “I guess we’d better go see if she’s all right…” would mean “I guess we would better go see if she’s all right…” which sounds strange. The original sentence doesn’t really seem incorrect to me.

      • That “we’d” is “we had” not “we would”. “I guess we had better go see if she’s all right…” does make sense as sentence. I can understand your confusion, though, as there are at least four word that can be a part of a ” ‘d ” contraction (would, could, should, have).

        • Chiron Maximus

          IMO, they should say “…Let’s go see if she’s alright.”, just to simplify and make it less confusing.

      • Takata

        I thought capitalizing it made sense because she’s referring to a specific item named “Shuriken”, not a category of items like swords or spears (although I couldn’t be sure at that point). (“Shuriken” actually resides in a category named “Combat Tool”, along with “Fuma Shuriken” and “Grimoire Page”.)

    • Noar

      I don’t see why you want to capitalize the names of potential items but not monster girls. Also, I don’t think there’s any situation where you would leave Mandragora lowercase anyway, since it’s a genus.

      • Noar

        Most of your corrections were referring to a specific individual rather than a race. I find it ambiguous as to whether or not that falls under the line in the style guide. I also don’t think the shuriken or restoratives are being used as game terms in Vanilla’s dialogues. But I’m not a member of the translation effort.

        I’ll just say that Mandragora should be an exception regardless, since I’m pretty sure you’d never leave it lowercase when referring to the type of plant even in real life. And while we’re giving user feedback on these specific lines, I think that the plural of shuriken should be left as shuriken.

    • Anonymous

      Here are some steps to try regarding installing:

      – make sure that your game is the newest version (1.21.00), it should tell you what version you’re running on the title screen in game.
      – make sure that it is a completely fresh copy. Which usually means can’t patch a game that has already had an older patch. You have to redownload the game the new files.
      – if it still doesn’t work, try disabling your anti-virus software while its patching, just in case it interferes for some odd reason.

  55. OtaKael

    So…..not a suuuuuuuuuuuuper big deal, buuuuuuut. I feel like this would be the best place to bring it up (not a bug/typo or anything related to the translation, just the game in general).
    I’ve been farming Riots in the Tartarus near Alt Restrum for about….half an hour now? Maybe more? at 100 affinity, and not a single one has attempted to join. Am I doing something wrong? Is there some sort of prerequisite before monsters from Tartarus join you? Or am I just super unlucky? Just about every monster I’ve ever fought has joined within about 5-10 attempts after reaching 100% affinity. Hell, Page 57 (as I believe they are called) from the San Illia Castle Library tried to join TWICE within 10 tries..at 25 affinity! It must’ve been over 50 by now for Riots and no luck. Anyone know?

    • Anonymous

      It’s just RNG slapping you in the face. There’s nothing about special about recruiting. There are set probabilities for monsters and some of them are lower than others.

      At one point, I had farmed the same place for like two hours trying to recruit a monster girl. I ended up opening cheat engine and raising her affinity to like 1000. So… if you think you’ve had enough, there’s always that option.

      • OtaKael

        So I went back to the other Tartarus, recruited both Shasta and Jade, then went back and finally managed to successfully recruit Riot. But boy did that sure take a damn long time.

    • Noar

      Smooth Talker gets Ally Invitation which triples recruit rate for one battle. It also helps to have a party member be a Monster Tamer or equip the ability for Recruit Rate *2.

  56. Boyan Gigov

    Hey, I’d like to ask a question that someone will hopefully answer instead of it getting burried under all the comments.

    Does Dargoth have any intention of continuing the VH translations? Last note regarding it that I found is from 2014 when VH5 is released, but since then it has been silent. But I haven’t seen any announcement that he won’t do them, so perhaps after he’s done with the MGQ? If you know, please respond.

    • Anonymous

      As far as I remember no, there are no plans for that. Never 1.0 translated the sex scenes in VH4 I believe and I don’t think anyone has touched VH 5 or 6. Even if Dargoth did have plans to translate VH it would be several years because Paradox will take about 3-4 years to be fully released and translated by my estimation, maybe 5.

    • I have no intention of continuing the VH translations. Paradox is already enough work, and if I wanted to do more translations, there’s Sei Monmusu Gakuen always lurking at my back.

      • Ninja Bob

        I don’t mean to be “that guy”, but are we getting a May translation? Also, wouldn’t it be easier just to translate the game by area rather than focusing on the story?

    • So long ? =( , i have been putting off MGQ paradox because it have not been fully translated. If it is going to be that long then i should just play until whether has been translated X(

      • Skuya

        If you want to play it for the story and not spoilering yourself for the first playthrough (because the first one is the best one in a lot of cases) better put it aside.
        About the translation, if I had to guess, it won’t be long until the next patch. It’s already June after all and if I look back, the translation was updated every 2 months or so.

      • Desert Eagle

        Meaning it will probably be released in Autumn. If anything unexpected happens or they simply need more time to polish the game, the deadline will have to be moved.

      • jchris1_2000

        It was moved from spring to summer already after all the bugs in part one that took time and wanting to make sure it would be ready. had it on his blog last year

  57. Takata

    It’s a little weird that gold armour and weapons are better than iron armour and weapons in this game…

    Also, anyone find it odd that Ilias (and to some extent, Luka) can equip the heaviest categories of armour in the game? Ilias just seems too small for heavy armour…

    • Anonymous

      Never played a game in which Iron wasnt lower ranked than gold to be honest.

      Would make no sense either since gold would be naturally more expensive, making it pointless.

      Illias can equip armor because she is an angel, races give you certain armor abilities, only humans have characterspecific differences.

      • Takata

        There’s Minecraft, where gold is rarer, but less effective in tools and weapons than iron, presumably because gold is a bit softer than iron in the real world. I realize how the game mechanics permit Ilias to use heavy armour. I just thought it was odd since Ilias seemed a bit small for it. …Also the Enrikan shirt is kindof weak this time (although it does seem good for Clothes-group armour). In contract, in MGQ, it was considered very good by Alice and the armoursmith.

        Unrelated: Hild’s speech pattern and personality reminded me a bit of Ikaros from Sora no Otoshimono.

      • lowlightt


        Not to be that guy, but actually in minecraft Gold is far superior to iron. Gold is actually better than diamond. It does more dmg in weapons, and protects better in armor than diamond and or iron. However it has the weakest durability to match. So gold is actually the goto pvp gear as its high performance low durability.

      • CivilDeviation

        Or perhaps it is a gold alloy kinda like steel… or maybe the MG all who for whatever reason carry gold are reticent to hit things quite so pretty or are allergic to it. At the end of the day for me it is suspension of disbelief. Dargoth when ya get the chance to make another update please, save us from such inane conversation.

      • Takata

        @lowlightt: Are you sure? The minecraft wiki shows that gold is inferior to iron in every way except for mining speed and enchantability, which are mostly outweighed by the extremely poor durability, attack and defense.

      • Anonymous

        The Enrikan Shirt was never said to be a super effective armor. It was just a very well made shirt, and since it was lightweight, it complemented Luka’s fighting style.

        And anyway, since it was the only armor upgrade in the game and you get it in the first city you visit (with no way to avoid it), it was more of a plot device to send Luka on another side quest.

        If you compare inagme values, actually the shirt has even gotten better, since it retains its 25 armor, and this time it has magic defense too ;).

        • Chiron Maximus

          You know hat would make the whole equipment thing REALLY easy? Special weapons for each character that levels up in power and changes in attributes based on the character’s job/powers. I know there was a place with legendary weapons, but I think those aren’t for use, except for returning them.

      • You know Chiron I a so glad that idea wasn’t used in Paradox because last time I played a game with that mechanic it was horrendous. It was released only in Japan for the Super Faicom and the story was on par with a 3rd grader’s “What did you do this summer” project everything was random, the encounter rate was way too high and the occasional helpers were way too overpowered. The only thing it had going for it was the art style which to my understanding was inspired by a popular manga or TV show from Japan from back then. I can surely say that was the WORST jrpg I’ve ever played so far.
        So I’m glad Paradox uses a variety of weapons and armor instead of just 1.

        • Chiron Maximus

          I suppose you do have a point there. I’m just the kind of guy that likes simple solutions to complicated things (Wrote a paper about that actually). so I guess I’ll jsut have to worry about farming enough gold to make the problem moot. Not hard of a task, considering how I’m doing nothing but job farming right now, since we have nothing else for the game, and before you say it, I do know about new game plus, but I want to wait until the whole of part 1 is translated before that. Btw, did you or any of the others look at one of my other comments? About a bug that affects the cgs?

          • No, I have not I stopped following the blog long ago knowing that some time must pass before any progress is made. A lot of time actually I still consider visiting Dargoth’s blog an early visit. I don’t blame him for the slow progress like some other anons I saw comment around here. Nevertheless I stopped doing what I did because it wasn’t good enough and from what I saw even though I know EX and Dargoth were in contact with each other none of the things I actually corrected and translated made it into Dargoth’s last or next to last patch. The items in particular which I revised 3 times and next to none were left without an understandable description.There were still some still in jap in Dargoth’s patch. That aside, job farming is a good way to pass the time and starting a new game plus will limit your job farming as the best place to farm job points and I think everyone else knows is the basement of the last dungeon you can go to in part 1.

  58. Loli kitsune or bust

    Hey dargoth i have a question regarding your updates, so lets say every few days i come back and see that progress has been made is it possible that i can download the updated files from the bitbucket, create my own patch than keep playing?

    • Yep, you sure can. Grab the RPGMaker extraction programs in the post, run the game selector, replace the script files with the newest ones from bitbucket, and then run the translator.

      • Anonymous

        how exactly do you make your own patch i downloaded the things i need but there isn’t exactly detailed instructions.

  59. Anonymous

    LMAO, after years of no progress and giving up on this fool I finally check this site and what do I find- Dargoth begging for help and asking other people to do the work in the last post- no shame. Bro, admit you were wrong to take on this project. You should have focused on something within your ability. Know your limits in life. Don’t get an unjustified aspiration to fulfill your ego, you’re not Rogue. Look how long this project has taken wow, and its still terrible, plus everything else is just dead. This translation project has gotten stalled so many times, and you’ve lost a lot of support with your old supporters for a spinoff that is mediocre. Just give up on project and leave it to someone else; go back to the way you were Dargoth- you know that saying stick to your tools of the trade or whatever. You were brilliant and great and skilled at the things you already knew. Go back to your old self. I’m not hating on you (maybe the beginning a little but only for action not the person; also maybe to grab attention, sorry). I like what you’ve done. I think it is time you just say fuck it, its okay to drop it. I applaud you for your work you’ve done enough but the RPG thing is just a shit, most ppl have already beat the game and the slowness is not worth it. Just go back to translating…

    • Anonymous

      But Dargoth would have known from the very beginning that this translation would be a pain in the ass, but he’s still doing it. And besides, he’s doing it for free, so I assume that if he wanted to stop translating this he would have done so already.

    • Anonymous

      what the difference how much is translated if 2 part isn’t even out yet and when its be out there is couple years more until 3 part arrives, so i think he still has plenty of time to translate it.

      • CivilDeviation

        Wow, the anonymous in the first part of this thread reminds me of my sadistic clients and iirc this is the same fellow by writing style that a year or so ago said the same thing then. I pity him, as even if he has enough intelligence to be high functioning or to read people, he seems to be the type that lacks the sort of insight and empathy of emotional intelligence to reflect on himself and how he impacts the world.

    • Anonymous

      >no progress
      Weird, I played for 20h+ on the April patch and it was mostly English outside of h-scenes. Must’ve imagined it.

    • Anonymous

      It’s been less than a year since TTR finished patching part one of Paradox, how is it even possible to have “years of no progress”? Hell, the majority of the storyline is translated and nearly the entirety of things relating to combat is translated.

    • Ai

      Lol, You must be either blind, or one hell of a idiot if you can’t see what he has done. He has taken on this job alone. Something that fools like you wouldn’t even try to do because you wouldn’t be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel like Dargoth can. Do you know how many people in this world long for a translation to their favorite Japanese games? It has gotten so bad that even Japanese companies are thinking twice about localizing and yet, here we have people who take it upon themselves, whether as a team or solo, to translate the game they love and everyone else loves. It is because of his translations that I and many others even know what we are doing in battle. If not for that, I would be lost in Japanese letters. That aside, I was also curious of the story. People like you might only play it for the H-Scenes, but I play it for the story line it raises and with Dargoth’s work, I’ve gotten a good grasp about what Paradox is about. I will not tell you to apologize (Cause I know you wont… =_=) but I will ask you not to shame Dargoth. As said before, he is doing something you aren’t doing and possibly can’t do. Don’t shame him for that unless you’re jealous. Keep going Dargoth. We may not have your back in what you do but we do got your back against forum sadists like sadist above.

    • Anonymous

      Years? with an s?
      MGQ paradox released about a year ago. Year, singular. And he has been updating consistently since then.
      Yea he has asked for help, but so what? Most translation teams consist of several people to begin with. And his pace has been relatively normal, compared to many other translations at any rate.

      • JustaFan

        Hahaaha let it do someone else??? Are you fucking serious???? I bet 1000 dollars that when Dargoth would stop translating this, no other would continue doing it. Out there are a tons of RPG maker games that are good and not nearly as long and so text based like MGQ Paradox. These games are out since years and no one ever startet to translate them. Sooooooo do you really think anyone would start translating this? The answer is easy: NO ONE!!!! And whats that shit with no progress?? He makes it for free and its a hell of a long game if you translate everything with good grammar and look. Dargoth knowed it from the start and sayed so too. And even if it is a pain in the ass he doesnt give up. That have nothing to do with ego or lets say it this way, how i think of dargoth his ego wouldnt let him cancel the translation. I think he is someone who wants to complete what he started, but he doesnt startet it because of his ego. He translated because he want to grant us the gift that we can play the game without problems because we dont understand anything. Dargoth and all others here share the liking to Monster Girls, good Stories and just a awesome time. I dont know why you came with those false arguments but please, read, think and then post something. Oh and by the way dont bring Roughe into this. We all appreciate what Roughe did for us, me inclusive. He translatet MGQ 1-3 for us for free. But that doesnt mean that Roughe is better or so then Dargoth. They are both great man who give us a lot without getting something back from us. So next time dont bring this topic up again because its just unfair against Dargoth AND Roughe.

  60. Selphius

    Please don’t give up on this sir, I believe in you.

    Oooh btw… can i suggest… for when you start doing more of the seduction/rape/etc scenes… that you start with all of the main “story” characters ones first? IE Sonya, Alice, Illias, Hild(?)

    Also about battle mechanic translations… in case you were not aware…. how long is luka gonna shout that japanese whenever he attacks? o.o

    • Godot

      I think the battle mechanics are even more troublesome to translate than any story/rape scenes are. Mainly because every single character has multiple lines for everything attack they do, and even though these little quotes are short, when you take into account a bunch of battle cries for every character, it would probably get real difficult.

      • CivilDeviation

        Eh both are true. It’s a huge project and Dargoth’s pacing has often been lackluster. It’s easy to lose perspective and become disappointed about someone putting other priorities in front of a side project. It’s also makes sense that if the project were to be dropped and someone else picked it up it might go faster. Then again, it might not and the project could end up like so many others, dead and dropped. The aforementioned poster has a lot of other edges in there that make his behavior malicious and deleterious. I think most of us would take slow progress, with bursts of energy, and at the end a reliable product over a failed series of half-baked inspired attempts.

        It isn’t sunshine and roses but I believe in Dargoth and his team; that and I like how the translation quality is far above an infantalized elementary level.

      • Anonymous

        Pretty sure nobody would pick it up. 95% of Japanese h-games never get a translation, of those that get picked up many never get finished. A translation that’s dropped, picked by another team AND finished? Yeah, that’s not happening.

  61. Rookie

    I REALLY am looking forward to the next patch, even if it doesn’t come this month, I really am… <3 Your work is, as always, very nice, Dargoth. 🙂

    • khalayia

      im just really happy with the story line completion speed, its pretty awesome. at the current rate id be surprised if it took longer than 3 months

      • Ninja Named Bob

        A story patch will probably take upwards of 2-4 months. A seduction dialogue patch (including bosses and probably battle-fuckers) will probably take about 3-4 months depending on speed and consistency of support. A battle patch will probably get lumped either with seduction or a loss scene patch, roughly 6 months. Just my estimations based on progress so far. Don’t forget, aside from issues with people offering to help and then vanishing, Dargoth has taken since last summer to get to 30%. Now, with people who are still around plus the option of combining his patch with the EX_patch, it’s likely we’ll see some momentum in spots.

        Still not sure why he didn’t just do it by location, given that it’s probably easier to do all the dialogue in a region (stuff like first continent’s cities, then the area around each city, then caves, etc.) Probably something to do with wanting to do story-based stuff first rather then take the alternative and have people wait for updates to the story.

  62. Rye


    Just wanted to say excellent work with the translations. Can’t wait for the next one.

    Also there are a few issues back in Iliasville, might have skipped over a few lines (i don’t know) and also the mustache guy in the middle of the garden (forgot his name), when you click on him, he will look at you for a second and turn back, no lines are spoken at all. So maybe something got erased or i don’t know, just that something might be bugged with that guy.

  63. Anonymous

    Dargoth, you’ve been forgetting to chat with us in the IRC channel, some of us dislike blog’s cause ppl like to antagonize others into rage and there is no ‘kick/ban’ option for those kinda jerks on a Blog.
    So please let us know whats going on in the chat channel from time to time. Thanks~

  64. Anonymous

    probably stupid question, but translated scenes of girls from mgq in japanese is also exactly the same as in mgq?

  65. Anonymous

    great work. i just want to say something. i installed the patch (1.21.30) but for some reason my antivirus say that patch.exe is corropted or something and delete it. for now i make do with the exe from the previous version (1.21.18). but i just finish harpy’s village/tower. and in midas village it’s all japanese. could you help me?

  66. Anonymous

    hello. i just love your work. however, in the recent patch, this one in fact, when i activate the patch, once it reach 49%, it stop and a message with “wrong version” appears. am i doing something wrong?

    • Anonymous

      >most of /mgqg/ moved to /monster/
      Dunno how true is that, but /monster/ is a really good board. The MGQ threads activity comes and goes though.

      • Anonymous

        Nah. The site has problems (mostly technical) but recently some people got real mad because there was a crackdown on very questionably legal stuff that was being posted on some boards. Don’t believe everything you read about 8chan on other sites.

  67. Anonymous

    hello. i just transfered my save files to a new version. does someone knows how to transfer the library. please

  68. Jam

    Hey, I was wondering whether or not the progress file is updated whenever new translations are made. If not, is there a place I can go to see the current progress? Thanks.

  69. Anonymous

    does anyone knows how to unlock metal chests? there doesn’t seem to be any upgrade after lockpick II.

    • Anonymous

      Its quite clear that there are more classes to be added in further MGQ: Paradox chapters. Among them, an advanced thief class that can open these metal chests, presumably.

    • Anonymous

      The labyrinth (unsure of what floor) can have a chest that lets you open them. The treasures inside them really aren’t worth it if you’ve gotten that far in the labyrinth though.

    • Anonymous

      What? Having it untranslated is great. Theres a sense of mystery and excitement when you don’t know what the hell is going on.

      • Anonymous

        In addition to the EX patch, it might be helpful if you follow manyeyedhydra’s let’s play walkthrough for Paradox. I found that those two things were enough to get a pretty good grasp of what was going on.

  70. Anonymous

    I notice some of the combat dialog even before harpy queen isn’t completely done. rat girl has some japanese characters as well as that planet girl with the leaves on her head. I think theres a few more. Also your parties characters also have some japanese characters. I think they something like haiya or something of that sort.

  71. Ben Dover

    This will fade away slowly unfortunatly… I’m surprised that there aren’t many people trying to translate this other then Dargoth. Guess most of the people are only into males raping girls. Damn.

    • Ai

      Nah. It’s just that not everyone likes to work on things like this for free or that none of us commenting can translate anything. Hell, if not for my current living expenses right now, i’d give Dargoth about $50 for his work. It ain’t nothing compared to what industry translators make, but at least, it’s something to show that many care and are grateful for his work or rather, if I knew Japanese, I would join him in translating the whole game when we’d both have time. To say it’d fade away, I don’t think that will happen so far we cheer him on. Our cheers wont pay the bills, I know, but they will raise his morale to be able to continue the project and receive all the credit for his work.
      Once again Dargoth, Good work so far xD Keep that spirit up and you’ll finish this eventually. I have high hopes for you, and so does all your fans here ^_^

  72. Anonymous

    Dargoth, you’ve been forgetting to chat with us in the IRC channel, some of us dislike blog’s cause ppl like to antagonize others into rage and there is no ‘kick/ban’ option for those kinda jerks on a Blog.
    So please let us know whats going on in the chat channel from time to time. Thanks~

    *bumped comment*

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t seen him post recently.

      Summertime is approaching, so there’s the possibility he got eaten by sharks on a trip to the beach or was abducted by aliens or something.

  73. Just posting to say great job, you’ve done a lot of awesome work in the past and present! Interest still lives for Sei Monmusu Gakuen and I will wait patiently for you to get back to it whenever you can. Continue the fight with MGQ Paradox and SMMG! がんばれ!

  74. CivilDeviation

    Do we have any idea what month or what year part 2 of paradox is anticipated to be released? I had thought it was Summer 2016 or was I mistaken?

  75. PervertMasterRace

    Hey Dargoth, I have a question, are the translation files on bitbucket up to date? It says “Last updated 2016-04-20”, I followed your instructions, downloaded and checked the files last modified date and tested them comparing to the ‘Progress spreadsheet’. There’s quite a few things missing… I have only tested the H-scenes to be honest because as for the story I’m waiting for the full patch before I re-start the game again.
    If the files are up to date and it was me who messed up somehow, could you make a very quick and simple guide as to how to manually ‘patch’ the files?
    Sorry for bothering you with my selfish request, feel free to ignore it if you aren’t in the mood for it. Also thanks a lot for the translation!

      • Anonymous

        Dargoth, you’ve been forgetting to chat with us in the IRC channel, some of us dislike blog’s cause ppl like to antagonize others into rage and there is no ‘kick/ban’ option for those kinda jerks on a Blog.
        So please let us know whats going on in the chat channel from time to time. Thanks~

        *bumped comment*

  76. Anonymous

    It’s telling me error 503 service temporarily unavailable when i try to download. What should I do?


  77. Anonymous

    what should i do after i download the patch because when I run the .exe it makes me play another game

  78. Anonymous

    01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100000 01100100 01100001 01110010 01100111 01101111 01110100 01101000 00101100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01100001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01110111 01101111 01110010 01101011 00101110 00100000 01000110 01110010 01101111 01101101 00100000 01100001 00100000 01101101 01101111 01101110 01110011 01110100 01100101 01110010 00100000 01100111 01101001 01110010 01101100 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110110 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110010 01101111 01100010 01101111 01110100

  79. Anonymous

    please, translate Monster Girl Quest Dinner, i have the full version, but i dont understand nothing

  80. Anonymous

    Thank you, you are awesome Dargoth, and everyone who has been helping you translate on this project. I just got to the point after San Ilia where everything became Japanese again and was super sad, but I figure I’ll have to wait for the other two parts of the trilogy to come out anyways before I can finish it haha.

    You rock!

  81. Anonymous

    Also, people with issues, make sure you enable Japanese in your system locale settings, otherwise program won’t run. Control Panel > Region and Language > Administrative > Change system locale (to Japanese).

  82. Anonymous

    I can’t believe it’s June 2016 and we still haven’t gotten a release date on Paradox Part 2. I’m getting nervous now on whether or not Part 2 will come out by the end of 2016.

    • Anonymous

      if i remember correctly certain date for part 1 was said about 1 month prior so probably for part 2 will be simillar case, although maybe will be demo for it as well.

    • Anonymous

      In the last Paradox post Torotoro wrote that there will be less updates on the blog “until completion”, so the next update might be the release. Part 1 release date was announced only like a week in advance.

    • UnidentifiedPhantasm

      Don’t worry, the more time spent on the translation = more content

      The last patch had content up to Harpy village, however with 2 months Dargoth made a stagerring amount of progress translating the main story and a bunch of other stuff to Chrom’s Mansion and San Ilea

      • UnidentifiedPhantasm

        Forgot to mention

        Its been 2 months since that awesome patch, that means that the main story might be almost all translated.

      • dcw2021

        I cannot speak for when the next patch will be or what all content it will add but you will at least be able to talk to all of the monsters on the Ilias continent.

  83. Anonymous

    Please. Need help. Been trying to patch for sometime now. Can’t dl from dlsite says file is broken. So I used torrent. Got ver 1.21 and attempt to install appropriate patch only to get an error message. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong in particular.

      • Anonymous

        “Error. Wrong version.” For the patch. I have tried dlsite once before but it says game.rgss3a file is broken or something like that. So I just downloaded it using a torrent. Version is still 1.21. I’ve placed what I thought was the appropriate patch in the game folder and attempted to run it. I’ve tried mostly all versions of the patch yet they all stop at 49% and i get the same error msg. I have not messed w the game in any way. So I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

    • C.C

      Do you not understand what this:

      “As usual, run the patch in a fresh copy of the 1.21.00 Japanese version of the game. If you get an error, it’s almost definitely something you’re doing wrong. Unless I screwed up (again).”

      Reinstall the game and patch it afterwards

  84. Rezz

    I hope you don’t drop this project.. Well at first i played MGQ Paradox for H-scene , same i did with the original MGQ but the story is really great i really like it.. i know it’s not an easy project but i hope you don’t drop it 😀

  85. Chiron Maximus

    I found something between a bug and a glitch. Just gonna say this first, since there’s editable stuff in the root folders, how was I suppose to resist editing a few things. Anyways, I found something off that I think is happening due to the patch fusion. I already brought up the name’s being reset, but now it seems that when I try to edit a picture or face of a monster, it doesn’t change like I wanted it to do. The altercations to the rape CG’s work fine, but it seems that I cna’t change the look of the character’s cgs and faces in conversations. In a previous version, I did change a face and cg around a bit (just added a small line to the Lizard thief a’s face and cg to make it look like she’s smirking) and it worked then, but with the update it defaulted back to normal and changes are not happening. There has to be a thing in the programming forcing the default, even if the root file is altered, and for the sake of others that want to do some artwork edits, this has to be fixed.

  86. Anonymous

    Anyone else notice that there are scenes in the game, that even though you can see them in the library you cant actually get to them? Example, “Lippy” has a scene where luka is gagged while she does her business but neither the pocket castle request or losing to her in battle produces the result? I know a monster girl like Rami has an alternate oppai scene if she is wearing a risk suit, but there are scenes that cannot be accessed no matter what. Any details you guys can share? Also when this gets completed I may try to change the temptation system a bit so that it makes more sense. I never made sense to me that the same monster, no matter how strong you become, can off you in just 1 turn and others that you cant break free from.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Reina has a newer and better-looking CG set, but it’s used for bind attacks. What a shame, it would have served the loss scene better than the old art.

      • Chiron Maximus

        Well, you can always use the CGs and edit them to be the Rape scene. Won’t be a snap, but if you know what you’re doing, it’s easy enough.

  87. NoName

    Just a question, this patch is compatible with future releases right? Because if I port all my saves alongside the general save data (the one that has all unlocks of this game) I still have all character names in English when I go change my job, and I’m not sure if this will affect me in the future.

      • NoName

        By future releases I meant more the Part 2 and Part 3 yet to be released. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough.

      • Oh, well no one has any idea how Torotoro is going to handle those. The translation patches shouldn’t break anything down the road though…

      • NoName

        Okay, that’s all I needed to know. Since we’re slowly reaching summer, I want to be sure the progress I’m making is worth continuing or not, because if I have to start the game from the beginning if I use your patch I may as well stop playing now.

  88. Anonymous

    Yeah thats thing that has been getting me for some time, how do they intend to implement the future releases? Is there some kind of merge software or something? If anything My guess is that they may make use of the rggs3 data file or probably add another with a change to scripts to make it functional. Then there is the question of what if the person has not played the first part, I beleive it was mentioned that they may make it so that the game sets you at lv24 based on player reports from the first part, but im still stumped in that regard. I myself am working on getting ALL characters to level 30 with all races leveled.

    • Anonymous

      Good question. I really hope we’ll be able to merge part 1 with future releases, it would feel disjointed if we couldn’t re-visit areas and quests from part 1. How many people who don’t have part 1 are going to buy part 2 anyway?

    • NoName

      Using as reference the demo, you could grab the save data and directly put it to the released game, and it worked. I suppose it will work the same way. Hopefully, because that means there really isn’t anything to worry about unless Dargoth’s team has made changes to ids or other things that will make the game unable to recognize certain data. Hopefully that’s not the case.

  89. Skuya

    Well, one kinda stupid question regarding some (rather weird) game mechanics:
    Does anybody know if the way a monster is defeated is anyhow related to the drops?

    Thing is – A certain always-eating plant has eaten over 150 monsters roaming the wilds and I never got any of the drops listed when a monster was eaten. I’m asking now if this might be just bad luck (as 150 eaten monsters aren’t even that much) or if it is to be supposed like this – after all it’s logical. Think of what’s left of Luka if he ever gets eaten.

    • Skuya

      Problem solved, btw. Got a Deluxe Herb from some Lamias after they got eaten. Since I wasn’t running around with Drop Rate+-Abilities, I suppose it was simply bad luck.

  90. Chiron Maximus

    Quick side question, has anyone heard about or found a translation for the game Lilith Battle? I can play it for the most part, but I have no freaking idea what’s going on.

    • Chiron Maximus

      Ok, I was able to unlock everything through some chat help, but I still have no idea what’s going on text wise. Has anyone found or heard of a translation for Lilith battle (りりすばとる) or am I just gonna have to deal with Jap text?

  91. CMrC

    The blog has been updated and it seems that MGQP2 most likely won’t be out in this year (if i interpreted teh google translate correctly) 🙁

    • Yeah…

      We’re currently working on Paradox part 2, among other titles. Apologies for the already long wait times, but we don’t expect any major updates/releases this year. There will probably be a lot come next year though.

      Since we’re hesitant to go so long without showing anything, there will be an update to the Hyakuran site on Sunday the 19th. It won’t be a continuation of the “main” story, but rather four new moderately-long folktale-style stories. Future updates to this blog may be rare and irregular so please bear with us.

      • Anonymous

        They’re waiting for Dargoth to finish the translation to make sure part 2 is incompatible with the english version of part 1.

      • Anonymous

        “There will probably be a lot come next year though”
        Sure there will be a lot of cum next year, as my balls will blow up until then.

      • Anonymous

        For a moment, I didn’t realize that you were quoting the devs, and thought you were saying their wouldn’t be any major updates this year… That woulda sucked.

      • Anonymous

        Well if Part 2 won’t be released for another year what about say translating Hyakuran or going back to one of your other projects?

    • NoName

      I sure hope the reason they are taking so long is because of the amount of content part 2 has, and not because they have split the team on doing multiple tasks, without having enough manpower to handle all of them.

      • Anonymous

        Considering part 1 was at least the size of parts 1 and 2 from MGQ with more monsters, skills, and locations would say this part will be at least the same size and cover through Sentora. If you add in the side quests, monster members to get, BF, and Chaos area it was really big and time consuming without trying to master the jobs.

      • Skuya

        Well, I wasn’t getting my hopes up for a release this summer anyway. Probably early-late autumn, but it being relased 2017 is a really deep cut though.

  92. Civildeviation

    Well crap, here is the latest update on Torotoro after good translation:

    “Currently , Mont Mus Quest ! Chapter is manufactured in the beginning and the works in RPG.
    I’m afraid to have kept you waiting great value , but the big move is probably not in this year .
    If in the next year , there may be things that can be many things public .

    Too long period of time , because also hesitate not issued the work ,
    We will update the site towards the monster daughter hundred list on Sunday of the 19 days .
    Rather than a feature of the continuation , it is scheduled to publish a longer of this new short 4 .
    Both , it has become a folk tale -style short .
    We will continue a long interval of blog update , but will be irregular , we would appreciate your understanding.”

    Best I can tell is that we might get a picture update this Sunday on the regular log, but the actual MGQ Paradox 2 is delayed til next year. Gotta say, this is disappointing if I am seeing it right, and frustrating that they waited until the approximate time of the release to say they wanted to delay another year. Probably one of those teams that needs to do regular updates to help them stay on schedule.

    • Anonymous

      So it is time to sacrifice all the cute living creatures to hasten this project!! ALL HAIL THE GREAT DEMONS!! ACCEPT THESE SOULS SO WE CAN HAVE THIS GAME FASTER!!! AS WELL AS THE PATCHES!!!

      ~cries in the corner~

  93. Anonymous

    I am surprised they decided to push another graphic novel instead of focusing on their main bread winner. I mean, I go to DLSITE and find that MGQ and MGQ P are much more popular than the other products.

    • Anonymous

      i don’t think they focusing on it that much, as i understand stories for it already written so the main part is cg’s.

    • Anonymous

      Their other products are probably a quick and easy way to get additional funds while making more MGQ. It’s hard to even compare a monstrous (heh) game like Paradox to the モンスター娘百覧 thing.

  94. Soreg

    I’m sorry for asking, but do you oficially drop Sei Monmusu Gakuen translation? Can’t find any information about it since 2014…

  95. Xoverguy

    Ok, I am posting this here since I am officially stumped. I got back to playing Monster Girl Quest for leveling up chars and running the Labyrinth for items, but there is something that has been stumping me for the longest time.

    I have been looking forever to try to find Lily in the Labyrinth of Chaos, as I heard that she can teach one of the chars the unique skill known as Dark Matter (Magic Science Job Skill Class) However, I have checked in the two beaches that are available and the underwater temple, where I have understood that she can be found, but I have never found her at all.

    Now I am beginning to wonder if she is not appearing due to not recruiting her in my first playthrough of part one (I accidentally recruited Lucia). If this does not affect my chances, could anybody give me an idea of where her NPC sprite might appear in the two Beaches or the Underwater Temple area? Since I usually scour these maps from top to bottom to try to find her, and the way the maps are built combined with the constant random battles borders on infuriating.

    If anybody can give me an idea on finding her, I appreciate the help in advance. Have a good night all, be safe and God Bless.

    • Anon78

      She does indeed appear in those locations you mentioned albeit rarely, just keep trying until you find her. Whether you recruit Lily or Lucia is irrelevant, I sided with Lucia and i’ve had Lily appear occasionally in the labyrinth. I assume you have found other characters in those three locations? If so then you already know where to find her, as randomly encountered characters always spawn in the same place for each location.

    • Rawr

      Lily seems to be ridiculously rare. I found her once fairly early on–I think it was the Oasis map. After that, I’ve kept Promestein in my party 24/7 in hopes of teaching her Dark Matter. Yet I’ve traversed thousands of floors and found Reaper at least half a dozen times, all to no avail. A little frustrating.

      • Xoverguy

        Thanks to all for the replies. I really appreciate the help, and I too am searching for Reaper so as to get Alice the last 2 Dark Elemental skills she can get. (Looking for the Electric and Ice ones, as I already got the fire one.)

  96. Cyber Surfer

    Gotta ask…..you haven’t posted anything since April…..it’s June now. Are you alright Dargoth? I know it’s rough with the translation loads, and by all means take your time with that if you need it. But hows about a post to let us know you’re not dead?

  97. Jam

    Hey guys, is there a place we can go to see an updated progress spreadsheet? Or is it manually posted here by Dargoth?

  98. Anonymous

    When the fuck is this shit gon be finished. I’m madder then two fat bitches wearing the same dress. Dargoth yoou better hurry up son, before I dab on ya bitch ass.

  99. ztztzt39

    In MGQ normal (1+2+3 Eng), I have a regularly a music bug. Does somebody knows how resolve it?
    Basically, the music loop on 5 seconds some times then resume. This happens irregularly and most often on Title screen and autosave data but only the first time I go. If I launch the game via a shortcut, it happens more often. When it’s just the title screen, I can deal with it, but it happens also often during the story, I must cut the music to not lose my sanity.
    I started a thread on the wiki: http://monstergirlquest.wikia.com/wiki/Forum:Music_bug

    • Chiron Maximus

      Did you convert the music file to anything other than an OGG file format? They have to be OGG files in order to work, and you have to keep the original name in order for the file to play normally. Also, considering I’ve altered music and sfx files regularly on MGQ, NG+, and Paradox, changing the music inside the file does not impact on how it plays, just the length of how long it plays until it loops. If you explain how you are changing the files, I can figure out what went wrong.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Ok, what files are you attempting to change? All the music stuff is in the BGM folder. Pretty much every one knows BGM is the where the game music is basically stored, but I have to ask if I can help.

      • ztztzt39

        I didn’t change anything. All I have done was: unzip all the games, patch them, english patch them, fuse them, add some side stories (normal side stories). Also, I don’t think that the music files are modified. If that was the case, the music should always be bugged. And it doesn’t always happen, nor at the same spot. I think it’s more the music reading that bugs.

        Sorry for the late answer, I was away.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Wait, side stories? Paradox doesn’t do side stories. I think you might have the games mixed up.

      • ztztzt39

        It’s MGQ normal (or 1+2+3, as you wish) (said in the original post). Not paradox. I know the site is about the translation of paradox. But I know too that most of the MGQ fan are here. So if I have a problem with it, I thought it was here that I had the most chances of help. I didn’t see a reddit for MGQ and I didn’t get much help on the wiki.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Wait what? I’m confused. If the problem is the original game, then I have no idea what went wrong. just try redownloading again.

  100. Anonymous

    Hey does anybody know what ”X weapon booster” actually means? For example, the demi-humans have scythe booster. What does that actually mean?

    • Noar

      It basically boosts damage by x% whenever you use a normal attack or associated skill with that weapon equipped. So Scythe Booster 15% would boost damage by 15% whenever you equip a scythe and use a normal attack, Scythe skill, Multiweapon skill, or Dark skill.

      • Anonymous

        Not the original anon, but I’m curious, how do you know to associate Dark skills with scythes? Is there a way to tell in-game?

      • Sulphur99

        There’s a description on the top of the skill when you select an ability. You can probably find the % there.

      • Noar

        If there’s no % and it just says Scythe Booster then it should be 15%. I believe that’s what all weapon booster effects are, except for higher tier accessory items.

        I get my information on skill associations from the descriptions of the weapon booster scroll items. They may be somewhere else, but I’m not sure where. You can view the descriptions on the wikia at Paradox/Accessories if you don’t happen to own all of the items in-game for reference.

  101. Anonymous

    Dargoth, could you find it in your heart to translate Delicious Dinner as you had once planned? I loved your translation of the other two and this is the final part. For we that really enjoy vore this series is the Holy Grail and you would be elevated to God status in the vore community by translating Dinner. We would never ask you for anything again!

    • Anonymous

      You just have to fetishize the moonrunes. Swell in the submission of being eaten by a cute monster girl while being so hopelessly beaten and confused that you don’t even know what the message text says hora hora.

  102. Installed both the latest English patch and version of the game.I extracted the English patch into the game folder but the game starts in Japanese. I don’t fancy playing it in Japanese, honestly. Help?

  103. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to be a bit more specific about what it’s called. I’m a bit slow. What I’m doing is following the RPGmaker instructions in the extractor. But what’s giving me the most hassle is the first step which is to enter the game directory into the box. Does this sound about right?

  104. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth, there’s a couple of people, including you, who mention the Hyakuran site. Is there an english translation of that game, & what’s the site?

  105. insane77

    Hey dargoth, how have you been holding up. After checking out the sheer amount of lines and stuff to be translated one must call to question how you are managing. This is A LOT to do,makes me wish i was fluent in japanese.

  106. Can we get an ETA on the next update, please? This month? Next month? The month after? Next year? It’s been almost three months and a bit since your last blog post and it would be nice to know if you’ve died or not.

    • Maybe this Thursday or more likely the weekend. Although work since the last patch has been mostly editing and minor translations to clean up and fill-in gaps from the last patch…. It’s work that needed to be done, but not the kind of progress that’s going to make you fire the game back up.

      • I see. I’d be lying if I said that I was happy about this. When can we expect the main story to have finished being translated? That is what I (and many others, I presume) are most excited for. I’m hoping before October but I don’t expect that.

  107. Xoverguy

    Ok I just wanted to drop in this data for anybody who would prefer it and the sort, but here are some things that I discovered in terms of damage calculation and stats for monster girl quest paradox, which might make it easier if you are trying to maximise damage output.

    1. Percentage Stat buffs (Attack +20%, Enhance Attack, etc) seem to apply only to your original base stats, not including any boosts from any of your equips. Those equips are their own stat boosts.

    2. When it comes to percentage stat boosts, they stack compoundedly, example:

    Mina the Minotaur currently has 500 Attack on her. We equip her with the Frenzy Mask which gives her a 100% boost at the cost of going berzerk, and then we activate her Berzerker Ability, which does pretty much the same only for a 50% attack boost. The math would be the following:

    500 x 2 x 1.5 = 1,500 Total attack

    3. Lastly, I have determined that, if one is using the Job Class “Hero of Justice”, specifically for the abilities known as “Unyielding Fighting Spirit” and “Strength in Solitude”, If you also have the equipable abilities in your combat abilities list, they do NOT stack with Hero of Justice’s innate UFS and SIS. I think it is similar for the corresponding items with the same effects.

    4. On and about Strength in Solitude, you can’t fool the system into activating it by having less than 4 members in your party in general. It seems like the ability only clicks if you have a KO’ed or Vore’d ally. Although I do not know if it only applies to allies in active combat, or allies in the passive roster as well.

    That is my contribution to the game mechanics. You guys can confirm it if you wish. Now I have my own question. I have heard that if one has a specific weapon equipped and uses a skill corresponding to it (Ex: A Sword Skill with an equipped Sword) it gives a 50% bonus in the attack. Is this accurate?

    Secondly, when it comes to Battle Masters being able to equip double of identical weapons for the most part (excluding bows, flails, whips, Devil/Chaotic equips, etc.) Would it be possible to essentially get double bonuses from the boosters? (These bonuses being the Same skill as weapon type bonus, Weapon Boosters +15%, and the respective weapon scrolls (+15% or +30% variants))

    That is all I wanted to post. Thanks in advance for the help. Be safe and God Bless.

  108. SirMalo

    Yo…..is there any problem? Its 3 months tomorrow without any update. No wait….this is not a rage comment or a reproach. Im just curious. <3

    • “Maybe this Thursday or more likely the weekend. Although work since the last patch has been mostly editing and minor translations to clean up and fill-in gaps from the last patch…. It’s work that needed to be done, but not the kind of progress that’s going to make you fire the game back up.”

      • That was said like 2 weeks ago though. So it means nothing now.

        Don’t mean to apply pressure or anything, I can fairly read Japanese so I’m not exactly constrained from playing and can mostly make out what’s being said (only the stats screen translations are necessary for me, and those are were mostly done like a year ago). I somewhat miss some of the heavy kanji explanations, but I more or less understand the overarching story.

        Heck in some ways I prefer the Japanese, as I see more nuance in the different verbal styles than I usually see in the English translations. Those damn Kanji explanations though.

        I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Dargoth just said f it and dropped the game cause he didn’t want to deal with whiny entitled people. I certainly don’t see anyone else willing to step up and translate it.

        By the way is Dargoth still looking for help with Translation? To my knowledge he seems to have gotten the extra help he desired…?

        Best bet for most is to learn some Japanese as always. Useful life skill too to learn another language as well. A few years basic knowledge and mastery of hiragana and katakana will allow you to understand 80-90% of the story.

        Well in anycase part 2 most definitely won’t be out this year, possibly not next year too, but Dargoth as of now has no need to worry about being left behind by a new release.

      • Noar

        That wasn’t said 2 weeks ago. The Thursday in that message referred to the 30th, and right now it is the Monday the 4th or Tuesday the 5th depending on your location.

          • Anonymous

            We still appreciate what you do, Dargoth, especially since pretty much all of us couldn’t do this if we even tried. Just keep doing whatever you want to do man.

    • Skuya

      Just wait and see. Dargoth has announced the next Update, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wait. I bet it will explain what has been going on the last few months .

  109. haha. I told you that this is gonna be an unfinished project

    you should have been better off translating MGQ dinner which is simpler yet you challenge the impossible

    • Chiron Maximus

      When you challenge the impossible (Which this game isn’t, it’s just really, REALLY big) you grow stronger for it, and the stronger you are, the better your future projects are, so with Dargoth doing Paradox, his skill grows stronger, therein making any project he does next all that much better, including MGQ Dinner. So please, don’t tell Dargoth how he should spend his time and just be patient.

      • It’s taken Dargoth a year and a half to release the 30% patch. At this rate we’ll have the whole of parts 2 and 3 out before Dargoth even finishes 1. I can get some minor bumps whilst translating which might slow you down, but this is just taking the piss now.

        • You do realize Dargoth is doing this for free, right? That means he has a life and job outside this project, so it’s something he does in his free time, not full time. Just be happy someone’s bothering to do it at all. I’d rather have a small hope than none at all.

      • At the rate this is going. it’d be easier to just buy the bloody thing. If Dargoth were to go on Patreon (or any similar site) and start releasing “backer builds” to those who donate a monthly fee to him or a large sum of money. They would have priorities with the translation whilst the non-backers would continue to get them at the normal rate but slightly faster than we currently are because he is also being paid to do it now.

        Sure, he might get some hate for it but the positives would outweigh the negatives. I would honestly just much rather pay the damn money for it so I can support him whilst also getting access to the translation slightly earlier. I am sure others would happily do this also, if they wish to support Dargoth.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think you can make money off of translating someone else’s game. Ignoring that, Patreon isn’t going to be enough to financially support him and he has no reason to quit whatever job he’s in just to fucking translate a porn game. You have no sense of perspective.

      • I was not implying it as a “full time job”. I was implying it as something which would help him make easy money in exchange for devoting a bit more of his free time to translating the game. I don’t believe I’m going too far in asking for this.

        As for the amount of money… you’d be surprised. Take Fenoxo, as an example. He makes about $19,000 a month just for making a porn game. And he isn’t the only one, rest assured There are people who make similar amounts of money. Off a porn game. And considering that MGQ Paradox is just as popular if not more so than TiTS, I don’t think it would be too hard to build up that amount over time. I don’t expect him making thousands of dollars within the first month, but that amount will slowly but surely grow. And this isn’t even taking it into account as a full time job.

        Nontheless, if what you say is true about you not being able to make money of translating another companies game (which I also doubt), then all of what I said is irrelevant idea. It was merely an idea. The short version of this is: why has it taken a year and a half to translate 30% of a game?

        • Chiron Maximus

          … And my point is completely forgotten and overtaken by conversations that were associated with my point.

      • Anonymous

        There are ~66,500 lines to be translated for Paradox. I don’t consider he’s had a year and a half to work on it since TTR released the final Paradox patch just shy of a year ago. So, given 30% of it is translated, we have ~22,000 lines translated to English, in which the priority has gone to UI, skills, items, storyline, and apparently much more recently the Talk option with monsters.

        Get the line count from the original trilogy and ballpark the time it took Rogue to translate it, factor in the fact that RPG Maker games are a pain in the ass to translate, the natural difficulties associated with organization when working with a team, and TTR’s patch spam and make your own conclusions on whether this is acceptable progress for something that a group of people are doing for free and in their spare time. This type of progress was to be expected and I think that people who were expecting this to be >50% translated by a year were underestimating the scope of the project.

      • Skuya

        It’s not like this project is going to run away soon and part 2 is far in the future as well, so… *shrugs*
        The only thing I really wish for from Dargoth are more updates on the progress. I mean it’s been three months since we last had an update (at this blog), and I’m not even counting the patches. Like, announcing some future patch for example.

  110. dcw2021

    It’s going to be at least a half year for part 2 to come out anyway, just be patient. We are making progress on it everyday, even if only what we can do in our free time. If you really want to help things along learn some basic Japanese and offer your own free time, there are hundreds of lines that are just very simple greetings or statements. Otherwise, you can only wait. And please, watch your language and be respectful.

    • How much do you consider basic? I took a few years of Japanese in high school, but most of what I retained was reading kana (my strong suit) and sentence structure, and a few basic kanji. I have a ton of free time at the moment, as I have no job or school and live at home (I know, I’m a loser :P). Is there any way I could help?

      • dcw2021

        Well, from what I have seen from what needs done I would rank things like this in terms of difficulty from lowest to highest:

        1. Pocket castle gifts: All the item names are already translated, just a matter of matching the items to the translation. Could technically be done by anyone if they are careful and use google translate and searching through the item list to find the right one. Just takes time really.

        2. Battle cries: More a matter of consistency than actual translation as many of them don’t use actual words and when they do it is at most a simple statement. More time consuming than anything else.

        3. Enemy Attack statements: Simple statements or shouts, like the battle cries, some of which are sexual. They have little or no external reference.

        4. Pocket castle gift responses: Probably just simple statement of how much they like it, but I the file hasn’t been decoded so I don’t know 😛

        5. Play events: Usually just a comment from the character followed by a description of what they are doing, but some of them are very confusing even to Dargoth. Every character has 5.

        6. Pocket castle conversations: Typically 3-5 lines of a short back and forth between two characters. Some are easy, others are hard.

        7. Most town conversations: I believe these are covered for the most part but most of them are simple comments.

        8. Combat Talk events: Almost every character you fight has a section where they make comments about themselves or what is happening, a Q and A section, a section where they ask for items, and a section where they give items. How difficult they are varies widely based on the character.

        9. Seduction events: Almost every character you fight has one. These require accurate translation and good writing to accurately portray what is happening and make it appealing. And of course it is all dirty stuff 😛

        10. Rape-Scenes: Similar to the seduction events just a lot more of it and need to be made to the appropriate level of nice or horrifying. And of course it is all dirty stuff 😛

        11. The main story: Obviously the most demanding in terms of translation and writing. Best left to the experienced translators.

        Heh, it goes to eleven. Anyway, I believe that covers everything. Just browse the files here:


        Find something you can make sense of and shoot Dargoth an email asking to help.

      • Anonymous

        Hey, I could do #1. Just to be clear, it’s as simple as changing the gift names in the Maps files corresponding to the Pocket Castle, right? I just went over to Map 227 and think I see how it works and it seems simple.

      • dcw2021

        Yes, it is just matching the item names in the pocket castle map files with the translated item names in the items file.

      • Anonymous

        Cool. Gave it a shot and most of them were pretty straightforward. Had to use the item descriptions for a few of them, but I’m pretty confident in accuracy. Sent an email to Dargoth to ensure it would be okay to continue, but I feel like I could get these done pretty fast. Glad to be of some help!

      • I want to help but… I can’t understand any of this bitbucket shite. Anyone got a link to a decent guide for bitbucket or am I just an idiot? Praise to Dargoth and his Unfortunate Friends. I can come to grasp as for why this is taking such a long time to produce updates.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Dcw, your first post in this line helped put things in perspective and gave a nice fresh voice. Civil Deviation

    • Anonymous

      Also if you download the bitbucket files and look inside the file updates are from the fourth of this month, so if you wanna manual patch tahts cool

  111. Anonymous

    srsly guys … just chill .. he is doing it more or less alone and its a HUGE project for a single person … needless to say that he has some RL stuff to do too …

    • Anonymous

      Yeah how dare someone who’s doing this big thing for free make me wait longer…The nerve, man. I know it’s been a while, but damn these people need to chill

    • Anonymous

      I keep hearing people say he is doing it alone. But from the posts he has made its shower he is not alone. A lot of people translate stuff and send it to him. He does have a fairly big team helping him out. But 3 going on 4 months of clean up? I have a hard time believein he ONLY is coming out with a clean up unless he was doing it once a week.

      • Look, I agree with you. This is getting ridiculous now. BUT, he and his team are still doing it for free and they have every right to drop the project whenever they wish. I doubt many other people of their skill level would be around to finish it if they did just drop it.
        So just be greatful they are doing it in the first place, okay? Whining isn’t going to make the update come out any faster than it already is. If you want to help, shoot Dargoth an email (if you have some basic knowledge of bit bucket and the Japanese language).
        In the words of Quinn, “I’d rather have a small hope than none at all”.

      • Anonymous

        What a shocker someone who didn’t actually read what I said and jumped the wrong way. I said I don’t believe dargoth when he said he is ONLY coming out with just a clean up.

      • Bear in mind, that message was not directed solely at you. But anyone else who might be considering having yet another rant (despite me being one of those people). If I did misinterpret your message then I apologize for that. But what are you implying here? That he has some kind of surprise for us? I sincerely doubt that, as much as I want to believe it. The only logical reason would be that he and his team simply haven’t had enough time on their hands to push out an update these past few months.

  112. insane77

    Not gonna lie, i was looking forward to a patch but I understand the undertaking. If anything, Toro delaying the game gave dargoth time to just focus on this one, plus theres no point in getting impatient, after all he said it himself that the patch was just to get a couple things done, its not like its a massive patch or anything.

  113. Alan

    Dargoth, I’m new to this but I wondering when exactly are you posting the next update. I appreciate your work on this, it really is great.

  114. insane77

    I guess the issue is that we are constantly checking to see if the update is out. Why dont we just get off and stay off the site for a couple of months so Dargoth and his team can work in peace? If anything, I’d say the expectation and in some ways, suspense, is making us impatient despite just how big this translation project is in the first place. If the update is just a couple tweaks here and there than I would rather wait until theres a big update that has been made. Shouldnt be too bad considering there are a number of other H-games coming in.

  115. Anonymous

    I get he’s doing it for free but it’s never a good idea to commit to a date and then leave people disappointed when it’s not ready by then.

    • Anonymous

      The problem is everyone wants a date and constantly asks him, and he probably doesn’t give an answer for this exact reason. And when he eventually does decide to give an estimate date, everyone is upset when it takes longer than he said.

      Honestly everyone should just be chill, it’s not a major patch anyway so I don’t get all the hype over it

  116. Anonymous

    Anyone who hasn’t clued themselves in yet, here’s the series of events:
    >Dargoth says he’ll do the patch
    >Anons everywhere cheer
    >Turns out he might need some help
    >Tons of anons offer, few (if any) actually make good on their offer
    >EX offers to share what they have
    >A lot of it is broken English, or questionable dialogue, so editing becomes the focus
    >Set back for a while, TTR releases a patch
    >Except this patch essentially resets all the progress Dargoth made
    >RPGMaker text insert is a bitch WITHOUT having to translate from one language to another
    >And now the patch resets EVERYTHING if you don’t have a backup version (I believe Dargoth did, or else Illias Continent wouldn’t be as complete as it currently is))
    >Except your helpers are now decreasing, and the pile of shit that needs translating/editing/processing has somehow increased
    >So you ask your supporters for help
    >And it’s looking good, except some errors were made
    >The past 3-4 months have been cleaning up text and dialogue
    >Whatever amount of progress you’ve made overall is minimal because of this.

    tl;dr this entire translation project has been rife with bad luck.

    • Sulphur99

      ._. There was another patch? Or were you just not writing it in the correct chronology and was just listing the misfortune?

      • Sulphur99

        Yeah, but if it’s chronological, then shouldn’t the patch be before Dargoth asking for help? I seem to remember patch 1.21 being released, then Dargoth asking for editing help. Ah well, inconsequential in the long run.

  117. Anonymous

    Since “1.21.30” made the start of the game finally playable (so you can finally get an impression of the gameplay), I’d have no problem with the next patch being 1.21.100, even if it takes a while.

  118. insane77

    In the end Dargoth, take your time for this patch and future. You got time, there are a number of H games being made on patreon that would keep people busy. They just gotta find the ones they like and things keep moving on.

    • Anonymous

      A lot of the patreon games are questionable just on whether people are still working on them or not. MoGI Origins for example has been in developmental Hell for 3 years because the guys working on it had no idea what they were doing to begin with and continue to run into bugs and such. Deva and his pal (The Last Demonhunter & Order of Light respectively) make okay games with no CG and iffy writing. Gabe (Queen Opala series) has “quality” content, but it’s a bit niche. I could go on, but I’m sure the point is made.

      The other thing is, not everyone enjoys western-made hentai content for one reason or another, the common one being a lack of quality and/or consistency in updates which leads to interest waning and the project being ultimately abandoned for any number of reasons. MGQ: Paradox is one of the VERY FEW non-western H-Games that gets fan support via translation patches and the like, so it’s somewhat understandable that people would be a bit impatient. THAT SAID, I’ve stalked- “watched” the progress on this patch for the better part of a year and the amount of stuff Dargoth has had to deal with coupled with some anons getting up his ass about the progress being minimal by comparison to Rogue has been justification enough for him to abandon the project.

      Honestly, if not for Dargoth, I doubt too many people would care this much about porn.

      • insane77

        Yeah i know what you mean, I paid for mogi origins as well and I still have yet to see a completed game. I dont mind it much given other games. And i agree with some of the western patreons, some just seem so half-assed and others think that text only will get them by. At least with paradox you get so much more built from the original novel.