• BJ

      I cant seem to get it to work no matter what i do anyone have skype or anything so i could get explained how to get this patch to work I have used every method on here.

      • passerby4554

        I have a skype Bj. Send a request to thomas.wilkinson.777 and then let me know it’s you and not some random person, cause I get random skype requests more often hat I’d like. Also, I just woke up, so I’ll need some time to decompress.

        • bob jones

          I can seem to get the patch to work however I can’t get save data to transfer over, but when I use the application for the Japanese version it works.

          • passerby4554

            Your save data may be of a different version than the one you are using. If you were transferring a lesser version to the newest 2.11, then it would be fine, but is there a chance you are trying to transfer the save of a later version to an earlier version?

            • bob jones

              I am moving the save data from part one which is version 1.21.00 to part 2 which is version 2.02.01.

            • Junnininja

              I am having the same issue, where the Japanese.exe loads my save file, but the English one disregard it’s existence

  1. Just wanted to mention to those who still haven’t recruit Queen Elf, you do use the second option in Colosseum for Silver Trophy, the options there correlate with race. Angel is easiest, choose second option, second-last option for next page, choose the one with the “sky” character.

    Poseidoness is recruitable with one of the sea Bosses, not sure which, probably Kraken or Queen Mermaid.

      • Aryan Pandey

        Where do you find the 2 leaders? I have defeated the queen fairy and the spider princess, I don’t know where to look for the rest.

        • Vampires are on the island in the north eastern portion of the map, and mermaids are on what looks like a mountain area to the west of estus(or whatever) village

      • wew

        Where do you find the 2 leaders? I defeated the queen fairy and the spider princess, no idea about the last 2…

        • If you are talking about invasion, San Ilia and Sabasa.

          If you are talking about attacking them at their home-base.
          Press Q to get world map. Vampire queen is in grey island North-East. Mermaid queen is in the mountains west of Esta, should have a shiny sparkle.

  2. Leciel

    Thanks for everything. I hope Luka’s custom sword and the shirt from the original trilogy are capable of being upgraded even more. I also wonder if the LoC has new gear in it.

    • Leciel

      Okay so the sword can go up to “Justice Custom” from what I have found so far, and the shirt can be upgraded to +++. Hopefully they can go even further.

            • First sword is custom sword or something like that. It is the only one of its kind and will probably end up becoming the new Angel Halo. Armor is normal stuff, but people who play VN obviously know about Enrikan shirt, and like the sword, it can become stronger and stronger, though it is not unique. Both Custom Sword and Enrikan Shirt have the most synthesis stages so far.

            • I already knew about the sword…. its the shirt that i didnt know about nor did i even recall its presence in the vn…. then again its been years since i played lol… So…. Where can i go to turn the Enrikan Shirt ++++ into the Enrikan Beirun so I can turn it into Pandemonium???

            • You see i was initially thinking this was going to work like the vn did… you help the plants but the plants start harming the insects and then you fight the plants to make them stop so the whole thing can be resolved… which…. obviously was not the case here… whooops

            • This will probably piss you off since it is so hidden in plain sight. Elf Queen area, the elf and fairy standing next to each other directly to your right when you teleport to the Elf Queen.

        • Leciel

          Hey you mentioned Halo Night Custom. I currently have Fractal Night Custom. Where do I go for the Halo upgrades?

  3. Desert Eagle

    (I have tried avoiding spoilers, and tried not to describe their appearances too much)

    Hey, I tried reading some of the Japanese names, and I would like to make a few suggestions about them:

    メイ/Mei: I think “May” might sound better. I believe it bears considering that she’s from Succubus Village and that “Mei” sounds a bit oriental.

    アンフィル/Amphil: Considering what she looks like, would you think that “Unfill” is more fitting? When you look at her, you can that there’s nothing inside her; it’s like she’s a husk or the outer shell. Besides, don’t you think Amphil sounds a little amphibian? I suspect very few would agree that she’s a frog.

    リボ・リボ/Libo-Libo: I googled her name, and found things like Ribonucleic acid (RNA), Ribonuclease (RNase), Ribose, Ribozyme, etc. I find it very likely that her name’s related to RNA and DNA. If you look at her H-scene, you can see how she entwines closely with Luka, almost like a DNA strand.

    ジェライラ/Jerraira: The “Raira” part of her name could be “Lyra”. I believe the lyra part makes very much sense if you consider her outer appearance. My suggestion would be Jelyra.

    • Skuya

      Now, I’m very curious about the Chimera Beast and AD-5, Q-5, S-2 and A-3.

      I’m quite sure you’re not wrong, though (especially with Jelyra). In my own translation files her name was Jelyra as well, even though it’s Google Translated. “Unfill” simply looks somewhat weird though and Libo-Libo… well, yeah.

      • Desert Eagle

        I agree that Unfill is a little weird. However, I believe that level of weirdness suits her thematically, considering what her race is.

        Oh, and Libo-Libo… Sorry, I didn’t include my actual suggestion. My suggestion is Ribo-Ribo, as in, the first four letters from Ribonucleic.

    • Skuya

      Right, one, two things after I looked at the files (I’ll not cover everything here, maybe go back to look at it later)

      > Shouldn’t “Elyciel” be actually “Elysiel” after the Elysium flower? Then again, “ciel” is french for “sky”, so it’s not like it isn’t off at all.

      > Same goes for “Heliel”, since she consists mainly out of hair, I guess it’s “Heriel” (which is also her image’s name, but those are sometimes wrong as well)

      Alciel & Uranus are fine though.

      > For the Frog Girls, their names are listed as two despite being actually three (it includes the purple one not being found in the wild).

      > Bloom is also somewhat strange considering it’s the name of the Bromine Girl, and Bromine smells pretty awful (I’m aware it has another meaning, but it simply looks strange).

      > The Chimeras… well. I’m not happy with Q-5, but you did a good job for the rest. I need to look it up myself.

      The rest is pretty much decent. There are some strange differences regarding the Original VN vs. Paradox (like Kyoryuu Giant Dragon or Lencubus Rencubus), but it’s not that of an issue, I guess.

  4. Anonymous

    I unzipped it, said syntax errors on some things.
    Ran it, it seemed like it worked, it created the spare copy of the game in the /out/ folder.
    BUT only the title on the game window is translated, menus and everything else still in Japanese.

    Not sure if my experience is a unique issue on my end or not. Back to text hooker + auto translator for me!

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I can read instructions perfectly well.
        I am saying that for me the zip file gave syntax errors and the game.exe in the out folder, which is also the shortcut, ONLY has the game window’s label translated.

        I can tell I clicked the right game.exe (or the shortcut) because the original game.exe still has an untranslated label on the window.


        And before remarking “but you need applocale”, yeah, I play Japanese games on my system just fine, I’ve got that covered. In fact, I’ve already beaten Paradox Part 2, Ilias route at least. It’s just a LOT more convenient to not have to scroll through skills 1 at a time and wait for the translator when using more obscure skills.

    • Skuya

      Right, I got it to work thanks to some guy in Monster Girl Games General #134.

      Thanks a lot, if you read that.

  5. Skuya

    > Enemy and character names (although anyone you’ve recruited will still be in Japanese for now)

    Why was I so hasty with recruiting the girls I wanted?

    Anyway, good job on that patch.

  6. Question. Can I delete the normal version of the game? I say it because I see that in the folder “Out” is already the game with the patch, completely independent of the original [Or so I think]. I say it because, now the folder weighs 9GB and if it is not already necessary the original folder of the game, then I delete it.
    And another question, – sorry for my curiosity – through this new patch method, it is no longer necessary to have to reinstall the game in order to install the next update that you do or will still be necessary?

    But I’m retiring for now.

  7. Sulphur99

    Oh yeah, I have a question for those who have been playing Part2. Do any of the old monsters get new scenes? Was really disappointed that some only had 1 scene that was the same as their loss scenes.

  8. So what are the Update Files? Do I need those? Is that version 2.02? ‘Cause I can’t find a download link for that version anywhere so it would be neat if that was the case.
    Man, this is all way too complicated for my tiny brain. Guess I’ll give it a shot.

  9. Dargoth, does this,

    {For best results and greater chances of future compatibility, I recommend using 2.02. However, if you only have 2.00 or 2.01 and don’t want to download another 2.31GB, you should be fine with the older versions for now.}

    mean that we will be missing some events or cg or bug fixes that were in the 2.02 patch after all? Or is this more about potential errors between patch and game?

    • Never mind, I see the patch rb is in the file, so any new things in the 2.02 patch are likely in Dargoth’s patch. So you probably were talking about potential errors between your released patch and the version.

      • Anonymous

        For some reason, my files in the original game are in Japanese, but the translator is showing ????????? on some files

  10. hey guys, i was wondering if anyone could give me a hand,
    im a little confused with the versions…

    “Note: This patch is technically compatible with versions 2.00-2.02 of Paradox and potentially with future versions as well. For best results and greater chances of future compatibility, I recommend using 2.02. However, if you only have 2.00 or 2.01 “”
    Ok so im guessing i had an out of date chapter 2 (v2.01.00) from looking at this post,
    so i logged into DLsite and clicked download,,,

    but the game comes up “v2.02.01”
    is this the most up to date version of chapter 2
    (Downloaded 02/07/2017)

  11. I don’t know what I did wrong but it’s still Japanese. I followed the instructions to the letter. Didn’t shut off any of the programs until they told me. Everything ran smoothly. I used version 2.01. Can’t get my hands on 2.02 sadly. And it’s still in Moonrunes. I tried the English shortcut. Tried running it from the out folder. With an without save. Nothing. Just a bunch of chex mix.

    CORRECTION: It seems the town names in the teleport list are translated. But nothing else.
    So it did work. Just not completely.

    Bummer. Oh well. Guess I’ll just wait for the next patch. Game ain’t gonna go anywhere.

    • Smashmalla

      Same, although I’m using 2.02 the only translated parts seem to be the teleport town names, and my character names.

      • Alright, I figured it out. Thanks to Skuya who pointed me to a dude on Monster Girl Games General #134. For some reason when you unpack the files(at least with WinRAR) the Japanese text in the Scripts folder turns to gibberish. This happens quite a bit to me with various games. I can never figure out why. Sometimes not even changing my locale fixes it.
        The dude Skuya pointed to posted a Mega link to a repacked zip file of the patch that didn’t have this issue. When I used that to patch the game it worked perfectly. At least for now. Might still be some issues. But at least the title screen, skills and so on are all translated now.
        Hope this helps other wayward souls such as myself.

        • Do you have a Japanese language pack installed? Without one, Japanese text will often turn to gibberish. If you haven’t, just search “Japanese language pack for [insert your operating system here]”.

          • When I search for ”Japanese Language Pack Window 7” the first link says you get it through Windows Update. I can’t find it there. Maybe it’s because I’m using Windows 7 Professional. Bummer.

      • Smashmalla

        Tried quite a few times and got no progress, however thankfully the new 7.ZIP file which was uploaded worked first try. Thanks a lot Dargoth!

  12. SelphiusXYZ

    Dumb question…. how do you see what version you have? Also is there a way to update the version without having to download the entire game over again from dlsite? My connection isn’t very reliable

          • Gag180

            So if I bought this game on a guest account that gets removed after about a week or so, I can’t update unless I wait for a torrent that has the latest version? I could have sworn I updated part 1 through Totoro’s MGQ Paradox official site, but I can’t for the life of me find it anymore.

  13. SelphiusXYZ

    Also the whole recruit names staying english or japanese thing…. whats up with that? Just curious.

  14. Dargothhhh I have a requestttt pleaseee…. Aside from menu items… can one of the first things translated please be Amiras dialogues when you ask her for information about what to do next in the pocket castle? Also the request board in the pocket castle? PRETTY PLEASE?????

  15. Dehan

    Thanks for your hard work. A bit sad that part 1 will probably not be fully translated untill part 3 is out with the way you seem to kick it down the priority line with part 2 out but i’ll take what I can get. Thanks again

    • yariel

      it might be wise jumping around …
      because complete translation for 3rd season means,1-3 all get translated …
      (considering that annoying NG+ makes you start all over from 1st season story again)

      I really think they should let you choice NG+, from the start 1st season or at the start of 2nd season game …

  16. Thanks Dargoth, just tried out the patch and it works perfectly, and as I thought before it even upgrades the game to 2.02!

    Hope then next patch with all currently translated lines comes out ASAP.

  17. Anonymous

    When closing GameSelector window when finished, cmd.exe say:
    ‘cscript’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
    ‘xcopy’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
    What i’m supposed to do?

    • Stop using Windows 98 or playing the game through an emulator? Or maybe your environment variables are fucked up.

      Assuming the GameSelector part worked, you can copy the Translation Files into /Script/ and then run Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe yourself. Then copy the Update Files into /out/

      • Anonymous

        So simple ^^. Thanks a lot Dargoth. (and i’m not on Window 98 but 7 by the way, don’t know why i have issues)

  18. Abusive

    yea I’m having problems too. Patch goes through, takes a few minutes, all the windows tell me to hit any key, I do. Only thing translated is the new title screen picture, everything else except for my parties names are in japanese

      • Abusive

        Sadly same issue even with 7z I’ll keep trying diffrent stuff, but if it doesn’t work no worries, hopefully by next patch all the small errors will be fixed.

        • Abusive

          Ahhhhhhh It works! I didn’t see the new 7z download you added till now! It works, thank you so much Dargoth. <3

  19. Dando

    so I followed the steps but nothing changed going to the new icon that say the english version i clciked on t and nothing happened except telling me the shortcut lead no where…help i wanna play >.<

  20. Anonymous

    Can you recruit Dargoth in this game? I’m sure he’ll be a welcome addition to the party. Maybe there’ll be a hidden super boss named Rogue.

  21. Smashmalla

    umm, is this a bug? (Spoiler)

    I defeated Yamata No Orochi, she joined me and now I have 9 party members?

    • Nope. After you get the ship, your party is expanded to 10. There’s a later event that expands it to 12. It also carries over to a NG+, so you won’t have to wait to have a 12 person party if you do one.

  22. @Dargoth

    Fun question, with this new patch procedure, are you looking to utilize this to allow for incremental updates to the translations so people don’t need to keep an archive of the raw game?

  23. JP

    So um, the patch ain’t working for me. It gets to the very end and then has an error about the RJSS301.dll could not be found.

  24. Smashmalla

    Oh dear, could someone translate this real quick. It’s an error of some sort I’m getting when trying to save my game. Not sure if this means it’s going to be a corrupted file.
    The time and party update on the save file list but not the image.

    • It just means it couldn’t take the screenshot when you tried to save. Your save (including the save you just made) is fine. Close the game and reopen it and try to save and it should take the screenshot. If it still has a problem, try restarting your computer. Either way, it doesn’t hurt your save.

    • yariel

      usually get conflict with other viewing program (Ex : ACDSee, or FireFox) or not enough free Memory, increasing your PC Memory might fix it …

  25. Has anyone encountered anything in the game related to those pictures in the trailer about Hild and the masked baby? Hild didn’t really seem to do anything significant in this part, so unless I missed something, it seems sort of weird that they were so prominent in the trailer. Maybe they’re supposed to be indicative of something in Part 3, like that Sonya picture at the end of the Part 1 PV?

  26. Claw

    Sorry for bringing up a simple problem, but in the sexual scenes of the normal(untranslated) game, you can press up on the keyboard to view all the previously said texts and sentences. Much like what you could do in the VNs.

    Yet after translating using the patches, whenever you press up on the keyboard, it shows the outline for the words but no actual words, just a blank screen. This has been happening since the original paradox game, but I was hoping it would have been fixed by now.

        • The text log is a feature I never use in visual novels, and one that for some reason likes to break when you shoehorn English text into Japanese games. What’s the point of having a log ONLY for h-scenes, anyway? If you don’t remember what a line said, just advance a few lines ahead and you’ll be guaranteed to see the same line repeated.

          • I find it helpful when I accidentally skip over dialogue by clicking twice or something.
            And honestly, I only need it in h-scenes. At least when it comes to visual novels. I usually skip to the good part in those anyway. Who cares about the story of ninja chicks or magical girls fighting demons? I can watch a dozen anime that tell that better. Just let me get to the tentacles, dammit. XD
            Though I also had no idea this was a feature in Paradox. Among other things. I was complaining to a friend a while back about there not being an auto-scroll button. But recently I found out there is one. Now if only the text was faster. Nothing’s ever perfect. 😛

          • Claw

            Well I am glad I brought it up then. Also when reading such scenes as these, in my opinion it is better to see the actions that lead up to the climax, then just the climax itself. Plus, you might find certain lines or paragraphs even hotter when read together, and may accidently skip them.

            It adds extra details and tidbits that you can enjoy as a whole, like you can re-read all the teasing and movements before, during, or after the climax. Just a thought. Anyway thanks for listening.

  27. Ok i am still at the beginning area or should i say where should i go after i am done beating the gyrados at the marine HQ?
    There is a small town on the north of the marine HQ and what should i do?
    That paste bin Walkthrough are shits, he did miss most of the content in the game
    What i learn from this chapter 2: Illias route and alice route (so does the monster u can be recruited from both routes are different). For example alice route can recruit pirate mermaid girl, In illias route sea horse girl and marine fish general girl (you cant recruit pirate mermaid girl in illias route)

    • Whether you side with the Navy or the Pirates has nothing to do with your route. Just like with Lily and Lucia, you can side with either of them on both routes.

        • Anonymous

          You go to the town, fail to read moonspeak, and leave for grand noah. The pastebin didn’t really miss much, he just skipped a lot of details that are important to know what to do and didn’t tell us how to side with the navy. Either way, you can always join either side

  28. Daniel

    I cannot for the life of me get this to work at all i keep getting a error and it wont translate at all, i tried 10 times and follwed the steps each time

  29. Anonymous

    patch success, but after patch my crit rate can’t stack any more, battle master + 15% and ability +30% but crit rate still 30%, the same thing with evasion

  30. Wildhawk

    Damn follow the directions but it didnt work .. when i play the game in the out file its still all japanese help lol

    • do you mean even the names and the skills/ items that you got from part 1 are in japanese, or text when you talk to an npc? The first would be mean something went wrong with your install, the 2nd would be intended, they are still working on patching over the script for text.

  31. Anonymous

    Dargoth, EVA scenes in part 1 are not translated!!!!! I don’t get why you’re working on part 2 when EVA ISN’T TRANSLATED IN PART 1 Xd

  32. CwHart

    May have taken longer but this was alot more reliable of a method than the old way that usually took 2 to 3 tries before getting 100% translated. Thanks man

  33. Rando

    Dargoth, I don’t understand your choice of translation for a few of the Job names. You translated 神銃士 and 魔弾の射手 as God’s Eye and Devil’s Eye respectively, but that doesn’t make sense? Something like Divine Gunner and Magic Marksman would be closer to the originally meaning. I’m not sure how you got “eye” in either of their names.

    Also, you translated マスターソーサラー as Master Swordcerer? I can understand you changing some names like Item Master and Library Lord, but shouldn’t this remain as just Master Sorcerer?

    • I don’t know man. I haven’t translated shit since the game came out. I HAVE spent like 80 hours writing and editing scripts, performing file comparisons and merging, and other realllllly fun things like that. The names of everything — characters, places, jobs, whatever — were rush jobs done by different people. They’ll change.

      • Rando

        Well, I trusted you’d do a once-over things when you finally shift over to translating the text, but I just wanted to confirm. Whoever translated those names, though. Lessens my confidence in whoever you recruited to help out.

  34. zappky

    Love you all dargoth and friends. I will continue to wait patiently for more translation. ^_^

    Hopefully everything will be translated before the end of this year.

    • yariel

      the 1st season need almost 2 year for full story translation …
      also Dargoth still struggling in script section …
      (I know it’s hard since I already check the script beforehand)

  35. Anonymous

    Hmmm is it just me or do not all the companions not show up in the pocket castle?

    Is there like a few floors I’m not seeing?

  36. Desert Eagle

    The translation works great! Thank you! 🙂

    It is SO relieving that I don’t have to use Translation Aggregator for every item, skill and ability, especially when re-assigning abilities after job/race change! It’s a lot more pleasant experience with the translation.

  37. Anonymous

    Finally got it to work. Just needed to install a jp languarge pack (thought I had done that previously). For all Windows 10 users out there: Settings > Time & language > Region & language > Add a language. You can add a new lp in 1 click

  38. jchris1_2000

    I am glad to see the release but will wait for early updates and more English to get into part 2, although the Lilith Sisters are expected to be in NG+ part 3 later this year so could be a big MGQ story line to follow 🙂 Just wait till they meet the 1/2 Seraph with even more skills who could be traveling with Tamamo at the time.

  39. CwHart

    Really? Because I am past that part and already talked to the king and I didn’t get it, or is it from someone else?

  40. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the 3 girls you fight when you went back in time to get the orb from the monster lord’s castle are recruitable? If you can how? Thank you.

    • Someone mentioned that you need to have the Witch Black Alice from Alice’s route in your party before fighting them. Not confirmed though.

      • They aren’t recruitable. The library doesn’t list them as potential party members (on the third page every enemy in the enemy section it list if you’ve recruited them or not, and if it doesn’t have that at all, they’re not recruitable as of the current Part).

  41. Anonymous

    Thanks for all the hard work. It’s amazing that I get to enjoy these games largely thanks to your hard work. It’s appreciated.

  42. PolarDog

    Not sure if I have done it wrong, or what, but I’m using the v2.00.00 version of the game, and when the patch “finished”, the only things that were translated were the application name, the main menu image (not the text) and the string that says “Load which file?” when loading a savefile. Everything else was still in JP.

    It also changed my version number to v2.02.01 (the 01 I suppose is the patch version, since it was back on P1).

    Not sure how to proceed.

    • Sounds like the same problem others are having: your OS is turning the japanese file names in the scripts into gibberish. Try the 7zip file.

      I need to find a real solution to this. Maybe a self-extracting archive?

      • PolarDog

        As far as I’m aware, my laptop does support japanese characters, and while I can’t understand it, I at least can confirm it is not random gibberish. The only thing that shows as random gibberish is the clean version of P2’s application name. Everything else is in working japanese.

        And the .txt file inside the .7z version of the patch that says “If you see the name of this file in random gibberish, you’ll have a bad time.” is in japanese too.

  43. Skuya

    I need some help with the Minotaur Sidequest.

    The walkthrough isn’t of much use – it says I need to talk to Cerberus (I recruited her, so I guess I did that), then talk to the guy in the PUB. I didn#t find any PUB in Grand Noah only that resaurant with Liru, a Slime Girl and some others. Talked to everyone there, then went to the Minotaur Blacksmith. She didn’t give me the letter, so I thought I already got it and went to the Minotaur Guard in the castle. She wouldn’t let me in. Two choices, and neither one lets me enter. I’m sort of lost. Does anyone know what I did wrong?

    • The pub is in the upper left alley of Grand Noah (it can be hard to find if you don’t know it’s there). Talk to the guy with red hair in it and then the Minotaur in the black smith and then the Minotaur at the end of the cave leading to the Minotaur castle, and THEN you can get into the castle.

    • Anonymous

      I remember having to talk with a red-haired guy inside the pub in Grand Noah. It has a pub, it’s just hidden somewhere in an alley I think on the left side of the town, if I’m not mistaken. There should be two red-haired guys, I talked to both, then went to the blacksmith and the Minotaur girl gave me the letter.

    • Skuya

      Gosh, I found it. The problem was me being unable to distinguish a Pub from a restaurant. Thanks, guys.

    • yariel

      Pub and restaurant is quite different …
      In Pub, you can buy drink and alcohol …
      In restaurant, you can buy cooked type food (great for gift)…

  44. Anonymous

    I can’t get the red orb from the elf princess, i’ve already done all the shrines in yamatai and talked to the elf queen, but I still can’t get the elf princess to spawn. I’m at a standstill with the game.

    • Possible Reasons:
      Make sure Dullahan is in your party when you talk to mayor.
      After you defeat Shirohebi, you need to talk to Queen Elf one more time.
      Princess Elf is on the bottom floor right side of Snake Shrine.

  45. SelphiusXYZ

    Anyone know if elf princess will eventually be recruitable? I want her…. and usually characters with full cg/portraits are recruitable at some point or just very important to the story….

      • Desert Eagle

        I recommend that you spend a little time and get Aegis shields for your group. Best shields in game; they have magic evasion AND they boost ATT and MAG stats. With a little pratice, it gets easier to score 777 on slots.

  46. foxloliforlife

    Hey Dargoth, is the process to make your own manual patch the same in part 1 or is their anything different.

    • Essentially the same, with the caveat that the 2.02 update replaces a missing image and adds a patch.rb that overrides a few script functions. Oh, and there’s the English title screen image too. You’ll have to copy those files into the /out/ directory after running Translator.exe.

      The batch file I provided is just performing the whole process for you. You can open up RUNME.bat in a text editor and do the commands yourself.

  47. Anonymous

    I’m just curious as to how much of pt 1 is translated. We talking 80%, with battle dialogue, etc or just story, majority of items, and a few names?

  48. Wildhawk

    Dargoth i have a question why is the patch different from your last ones is it because your using a different program or something else?

    • Abusive

      Think he said he was doing it this way so you don’t need a fresh copy of the game everytime you wanna patch it.

      • Wildhawk

        Well hopefully it can be fixed maybe im doing something wrong but i swear i followed all the instructions and no go

    • Have you talked to all four royalties after defeating all Queens? (Grangold King in the storeroom, Pope, Noah Queen, Sabasa Throne)
      If yes, did you make sure to go back and talk to Queen Elf again? Make sure to repeat the conversations a few times to be sure.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve beaten all 4 of them, talked to all four royalties after defeating them, then talked to the Queen Elf, went to Yamatai, defeated the snake lady, talked to the Queen Elf once more. The Princess Elf isn’t showing near the snake shrine though.

            • Anonymous

              Ok, I finally got it to work. Who could have known, that that quest to save that bear monster thingy from Yamata-no-Ororchi (or smth like that) cave would be THAT important for the story. I died a little bit.

  49. Anonymous

    heh, beat leviathan today…had no idea spamming dance invitation would work. Team was around level 28 on very hard…I figured someone has done better

  50. Rando

    It seems like new dialogue has been added in some earlier bits. What I’ve noticed so far is that Papi finally has dialogue for when you bring her into the boss battle against her. There’s also now an alternate scene for when you defeat Nanabi, instead of the game just treating it as if you’ve lost. Hope you guys can catch this stuff.

    • yariel

      Choose Natasha side, bring Lilim too (the tentacle sorcerer which vote to spread tentacle magic)
      anyone who want to know the dialogue, PM me at ULMF, it’s quite spoiler …

  51. Arj

    Does anyone know if you can get the Succubus Witch in this part? My favorite monster, and I know the CG’s are in the files, but can’t find her ingame.
    Also looking for the giantess girl, one of the few others I can’t seem to find.

  52. Anonymous

    Can you recruit the Sea Horse Girl, and Sea Slug on the same play through if you sided with the pirates? They still show up in random encounters and you can raise their affinity, but I wasn’t sure if it was set up to prevent them from actually joining, or just made it more unlikely.

  53. Anonymous

    Does anyone know how to get the last orb? I got Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple and silver ones, but can’t seem to find the last one 🙁

      • Talk to Queen Elf, do Yamatai Quest (Specifically, go stop Shirohebi’s rebellion like in VN), go talk to Queen Elf again, go back to Snake Shrine, you should see a Princess Elf, go into building north, go to the right. You should get Red Orb and a lot of nice stuff.

      • Make sure you have Dullahan in your party before you talk to the mayor. He is the guy in the northmost building in the first part of town. The sign outside should be yellow.

          • Quik

            I just can’t seem to get princess elf to spawn for the red orb, beaten all 4 queens and talked to all 4 royals. Defeated shirohebi and talked to queen elf again after the fight but the princess just never seems to show up in or outside the snake shrine.

            • Anonymous

              Ok, I finally got it to work. Who could have known, that that quest to save that bear monster thingy from Yamata-no-Ororchi (or smth like that) cave would be THAT important for the story. I died a little bit.

  54. Gent777

    Ok, so I:

    – Got v. 2.00 for Part 2
    – Downloaded your English Release for Part 2
    – Ran RUNME.bat and used the Part 2 V.2.00 in a different directory to avoid the clutter

    But whether I open “MGQ Paradox English.exe” or “Game.exe” in the /out directory, I still get Japanese. Am I missing something?

    • Anonymous

      This is a very common problem. If some files in folder Translation files->Scripts are in gibberish (they are in japanese) , then you need to set your computer to japanese locale.

      • Gent777

        Is that it?

        Because when I open what I have for Part 1 with the recent patch for it, it’s still English translated, even when my locale is US.

  55. Anonymous

    im playing part 1 and and made a holy knight and at lvl 9 got great defense witch does defend reduces damage taken to 25% instead of 50% should-int the number% be switch or im i missing something.

    • Smashmalla

      No, that’s correct. Defend reduces damage taken to 50% with great defend it reduces damage take to 25%
      So you take 1/2 with normal defend and 1/4 with the great defend.
      Note that it says “to” not “by”

  56. Anonymous

    An error came up in plantcect village when talking to Smith besides mermaid merchant an error pops up.

  57. Desert Eagle

    Whew! Just beat MGQ:Paradox RPG Part 2! Looking back, it’s pretty amazing how long it took.

    During my playthrough, I notíced something odd – possibly a bug. For some reason, I wasn’t able to equip two weapons anymore. No matter what job or what accessory, the offhand slot always remained as “Shield” -slot. It made me sad.

    • Desert Eagle

      Fighting “Nyanko”
      Can always equip fists.
      Can always use “Unarmed” and “Thievery” skills.
      Increased power of “Unarmed” skills
      Increased Critical and Evasion rates.

        • Desert Eagle

          I looked her up in-game and used Translator Aggregator to translate her trait. Having some basic knowledge of Japanese helps me understand which parts are their own words and create substitutions for them.

          Actually, I’ve made a very long list of substitutions for my Translator Aggregator. I wonder if that’s a file that can be shared?

  58. Xoverguy

    I am so excited to play this game, although I am having trouble trying to find version 2.02, though However, I’ll try to wait it out…and eventually it should pop up on the net.

      • Xoverguy

        Wait, do you mean Dargoth’s Patch? Seriously?! I was trying to wait it out since apparently 2.02 has some bug fixes and event updates that part 2.01 does not have, but has dargoth indeed integrated the updates of the game thus far in the patch, and not only the english translation?!

  59. Anyone know if we are actually supposed to have a boss fight with quetzalcoatl or tezcatlipoca? if so how do we trigger it? because it seems like there should be such a fight for them…… and yes i did encounter them in the colliseum… but i feel like they were supposed to be fought somewhere else first…

  60. Been seeing some theories on the Internet about the relationship between Black Alice and Heinrich, starting from the first Paradox PV, and now with Heinrich and Witch Alice.

    There is a very interesting script where if you recruit Witch Alice and try to face Black Alice in the Monster Lord Castle while she is in your party, Witch Alice will teleport away, which may be that she is the actual Black Alice in reality. When you recruit Heinrich and face Black Alice while he is in our party, Black Alice will be away and only her teddy bear is there.

    I wonder if anyone knows what exactly each of the two say when you try enter the throne room? If this confirms the theories, it would be absolutely delicious.

  61. Rando

    Dargoth, since it was revealed that some monster girls are actually named after their own race as a tradition (I forgot which conversation this was, but it should be in a conversation with a Queen monster), you should change Kitsu’s name to Kitsune.

  62. Can anyone tell me if the dog girl side quest and the rabbit girl sidequest can actually be finished? if so how? Also where are dog girls i might not have found to talk to yet?

    • Use library and look at the third page of the monster book. With the exception of Alma Elma who cannot be recruited, those with “Recruited: XXX” can be recruited.

  63. So can anyone tell me about any job change items that are easily missed? I beat the game and still have a few jobs requiring jobchange items so i wished to know which ones i can still find in part two and which will be in part 3

    Also can anyone tell me if there are any miss-able characters to recruit in part 2? like how in part one you could recruit all of the bfs, also the guard from illiasville, scat captain, panty sensei, samson from sabasa, and john from san ilia?

    • Desert Eagle

      Have you talked to Amira yet? Rumour speaks of a house where a mysterious woman has been sighted. If you want a job change item, you should go there.

      …Well, I’m telling that, but I’m pretty certain you went there straight after beating the game. That’s the only one I can think of.

      As for recruitable monster girls, I’m struggling with two monster girls currently: Manta Ray Girl and an angel called “Ashiel” or something. Manta Ray Girl is a rare encounter on the open sea, but the angel I’m not sure about. I have to keep looking.

        • CivilDeviation

          Alciel assuming that is it, is the big pink one with a giant tongue and 4 were angel bodies that come out of tentacle like appendages found in the last dungeon. She took me roughly 2 hours to recruit, I imagine her recruitment rate is obscenely low. If you haven’t updated the game, I’d so so to 2.0201 as Torotoro improved the use of various recruitment skills.

          • Xoverguy

            Just now I ran into Manta Ray Girl and caught her on the first shot. My strategy for recruitment is having Luka and Stella (The homeless battle fucker from the slums in part 1) as my talkers to up affinity to 100. Alice is there to use Weakening Dance/Time Warp Dance/Sparkle, in order to keep the opponent from getting too aggresive, while Shinifa is used for Song of Defense/Song of Energy to avoid running out of SP. (Due to Stella having issues with running out of SP for Ally Invitation at the worst moment)

            Basically I work them up to 100 affinity, and when that happens I have Luka prepare the finishing blow, Stella throw in the Ally Invitation for the x3 recruit rate. I also swap out Alice for Lazarus, as I think (not sure) that the Godfather Job gave him Recruit +100%, but I put him on the active party in case that is needed in order for the ability to work. With that I try to maximise my recruit chances, making them extremely high. The amount of failed recruits that I have had under this strategy can be counted on my two hands still. That being said, given what people have been saying, I am surprised Manta Girl came quietly for me.

  64. wew

    How do you recruit/fight Queen Alraune (alra priestess, but looks like the one in Part 3 of the original MGQ series)?

    I’m talking about the ones named as “ev_a_emp” in the Graphics\Pictures folder.

    • CMrC

      You don’t fight her.
      You get the base one from the plantsect village questline, and she get upgraded to the new versione during the queen alraune quest.
      In order to see that CG you need to request her while she is in that form
      (You can now switch form of some party members while they are in the castle like for Sara, Mefisto, Alra priest, not sure if others)

  65. Kamil118

    Dunno where to put it so:
    there is an error in translation of Illias’s Angel Feathers skill, it says that the target is one foe when it’s AOE skill (it’s in “final part 1 translation” thing)

  66. Anonymous

    Sorry for I sound stupid. I went the pirate route, got the dark rapier in the cave and the pirate flag from the Navy HQ. Where is bonnie in my pocket castle? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of and don’t see her or any of my new pirate girls.

    • Skuya

      She’s in her ship (which is Luka’s ship now as well). Go to the 2nd last option of the Pocket Castle Maid and teleport to the ship.

  67. Smashmalla

    Does anyone know where to get the ultimate makina weapon? the level 10 makina master skill which costs 16SP

      • Smashmalla

        Hmm, well, I’m missing 3. However I have no idea where I could’ve missed those chests. I’ve found roughly 8, and just did a NG+ so I’m fairly sure I’ve checked all the main dungeons and such. I guess I’ll keep looking around.

        • Xoverguy

          If you are talking about the Hyperion, it is in an abandoned area with poison swamps and grave markers and a huge lone building. It is in the desert to the west of the Succubus Village and east of the third accessible Tartarus. However you have to go in there prepared to fight or with an ability to minimise encounters since its crawling with chimeras from part 3 of the VN. They are at the level of the archangels from alternate illiasville and can do some damage if you are not prepared. They are also extremely sturdy with over 120k hp each. They are recruitable though.

          Now for my own Question. Is Godfather Lazarus different from the Lazarus we know or are they one and the same?

          • Xoverguy

            And now something else. Has ANYBODY finally found the Blade Scythe that has been MIA since part one or did Torotoro completely forget about it?

            • Truepower

              If you’re referring to the Beam Scythe, I found it in the ruins in which you chase after White Rabbit towards the end game. It’s in a platinum chest that is accessible by climbing two vines on the second screen from entering.

  68. Anonymous

    anyone got a save file? i have no clue were im at i cant remember what im supposed to do. and how the heck to i stop random encounters

    • Desert Eagle

      If you don’t remember what you were doing, ask Amira. She keeps track of your adventure and any piece of information you come across.

      Random encounters can either be stopped with ability “No Encounters” or an accessory.

  69. Anonymous

    Still doens’t work for me, it only translates the title, i already download both versions.
    Maybe it’s just me, but meh, i will just wait for 50% or more. im only posting just so you can check if there’s something wrong and you can fix it in future patchs.

  70. Anonymous

    just a question about the ship what will happen if your on some random island and you click give up by mistake is there a way to get your ship back?

  71. Smashmalla

    I doubt there is, but is there a way to make the battle cut-ins activate on all skills? I love some of them so much that I often refuse to use moves that won’t activate the cut-ins.

  72. Anonymous

    Thanks for this 🙂 I am hoping to contribute after the git gets all merged into the master branch.

  73. Xoverguy

    Question. I have seen that Archangel Ranael and Nagael from alternate Illiasvile got a huge buff. Does anybody know if they now have any noteworthy drops or if they are recuirtable?

  74. Smashmalla

    I ask a lot of questions here, but seriously. Did they make it harder to recruit girls or something? I’ve killed 170 high minataurs, and 50 manta girl (Who is really hard to find.) With 300% recruit rate and 100 affinity, is this really bad luck or have other people had a hard time with recruiting in the past?

      • Smashmalla

        Got Ocean (Manta girl) finally, after 5 hours of grinding. Was just having really bad luck, I was already using 2.02.01

        • Smashmalla

          Also, very useful trait for grinding Chaos Labyrinth. Seems to be a random chance to preemptively use an Ocean skill which hits all enemies, I’m currently getting 50K damage if it procs, so insta-killing most floor 1-200 enemies.

        • I had a lot more luck with the Manta Girl. Didn’t take too many tries to recruit her. I also found that the spawn rate was a lot higher for the in the area south of the Illias Continent, particularly in the are just west of the peninsula to the south of Pornof.

  75. Anonymous

    I am having issues finding the blue orb. I tried taking a guess of where it is based of the original trilogy meaning kraken would have it but that isn’t helping me as she is recruited. I have gone back to the area she was in, in the original trilogy and no luck there.

  76. SelphiusXYZ

    So I was looking atound ttrs special save file and I am curious… Does anyone know where to go to recruit the red haid jojo looking guy in the green clothes???? -must 100%-

  77. SakuraHeinz

    thanks for the first translation hope the new classes get translated soon, working with google translate drawing signs is horrible slow to translate stuff =D

  78. CivilDeviation

    Really hating the drop rates in this one; trying to get all the items dropped by, stolen from, and what not for all the new enemies. Seems like the enemies with seed drops are a bit ridiculous. Easier to farm with in Chaos dungeon or using the rare item on death ability.

    • I was so sad when she had nothing in the original. I was sure she would at least have a ”bad end” scene in the epilogue.
      I pray to the Hentai Gods that she gets something. And the Battle Fuckers too. At least let us request their Battle Fuck scenes if they’re not gonna get anything new. It’s a drag having to go to their original locations just to see the scenes. Especially if they remove the ability to teleport to them for good.

  79. SelphiusXYZ

    Hey Dargoth, two things I wanna point out/at
    You might want to change “Invisible Hand of God” to “Unseen Hand of God” so it doesnt get cut off and read “Invisible Hand of G” on the job select screen…

    Also why is it that most times youve updated the patch.. a certain Job name keeps changing? I speak of course of Automaton which became Evil Marta and is now Evilmaton..whats up with that yo?

    • Evil Marta still makes me chuckle. Also, apparently the translation program is anti Automaton. It thinks they’re all evil. Dammit program, stop being racist. You’re all machines. You’re all equal. XD

    • Desert Eagle

      The race’s name is “ebirumaata”, which transliterates as “Evilmata”, or, more naturally, “Evilmaton”. Google translate must have mistaken “maata” for Marta.

  80. WhiteMage

    Paradox 1 and 2 translations will be merged together. Does that mean I have to buy Paradox 2 in order to get translations for Paradox 1?

    I bought the first one, because of the femdom and monster girls, because that combination is hard to find. Everything else in the game is a nice bonus, but not the main focus. Since the story of part 2 is a priority here, I don’t feel like buying the second one.

    Is there anyway I can help proofread some of the translations, while avoiding major spoilers? Descriptions of a town Luka is in or something. Anything that doesn’t include major plot points or H-scenes.
    Even if I can only help a little, it still helps.

    • Chaincat

      Story was always the priority since part 2 of the main trilogy, really. But yeah, apparently there’s a new system in place forcing dargoth to use a completely new editor to translate the game, so all translations will be for a merged game. At least, that’s what I gathered from some of his past posts after part 2 dropped.

  81. SelphiusXYZ

    Idk about anyone else but I really wish the yellow cumshot guy would draw far less of the characters…. and that whoever drew alice, illias, nuruko, the 4 spirits, the 4 bandits, the 4 knights, all of the kitsunes, all of the battle fuckers, micaela, lucifina, and the nekomata girl would just draw the rest….

  82. Anonymous

    Jeez, why did I even bother browsing through the library? I was just interested in some cute CG’s, but… The horror, that I witnessed… It’s like, wow. The guy that drew Gnosis’s CG’s… Let’s just say, that the guy has TOO MUCH imagination. I wasn’t this wtf since forever. And it’s saying something, cuz there are a lot of vore in the game. I think I will have nightmares. Why can’t every angel be like Valkyrie or Cupid?! Why??

    • CwHart

      While I am sure more monstrosities await in part three, I do hope we get some legit sexy angels too. Atleast Shion and Eden are still sexy and we have Micha and Luci’s adult forms to look forward too >.>;

      • Skuya

        I’m looking forward to Delphinus’ Angel Abominations instead. There’s nothing wrong with infinite imagination, if you ask me.

        Alciel left me more impressed than shocked (so much I immediately added her to my main team), Heriel not so much, sadly (mass of hair, basically – reminds me a bit of Endiel with her nightmare tent tbh), plus they both share the same races. Uranus is a probably a bit weird (especially her scene) and Elysiel is … well, basically another Berryelle, at least more or less.

        Nevertheless I like all of them. Probably better than the 5th generic succubus.

        That said, what I’m not that happy with is the Xelvy Angels – Gnosis is sort of okayish (full machinery is always fine for me), and from the rest i only like Raphaela & to a lesser extent Gabriela, the rest is just not my taste. Metatrone & Sandalphone almost look identical, except for their weapons.

    • Desert Eagle

      I very much enjoy xelvy’s works. In fact, 3/4 of my group is filled with xelvy’s girls. Odette the Milftaurus in particular was charming.

      Though… Huh. Then I saw Zwinckel’s H-scene. Just… how the heck did xelvy manage to get a dick in this game?! And not one, but two?!

  83. Anonymous

    what are the traits of queen harpy ,the two pirates, ( bonnie and ashel) and awakened sara, please

    • Desert Eagle

      Lucretia / Queen Harpy:
      The Bewitching Queen of Harpies
      Can always use “Dancing” and “Wing” skills.¨
      Increased power for “Dancing” and “Wing” skills.
      SP cost for “Dancing” and “Wing” skills halved.

      The Petite Pirate Queen
      Can always use “Sword” and “Pirate” skills.
      Greatly increased power for “Pirate” skills.
      “Pirate” skills cost 1/3 more SP. [Yes, more, not less]

      The Multi-Talented Executive Officer
      Can always use “Thievery”, “Cooking”, “Medicine” and “Service” skills.
      Increased power for “Cooking”, “Medicine” and “Service” skills.
      The power of “Medicine” and “Service” skills depend on ATT [instead of DEX]
      At the start of combat, there is a chance for pirate skill “Cannonfire Support” to activate.

      Sara (Awakened):
      The Fallen Princess
      Increased power of pleasure-attribute attacks.
      Can always use “Ruling” and “Sexcraft” skills.
      Increased power for “Ruling” and “Sexcraft” skills.

      • Skuya

        While you’re at it, I’m interested in the traits of Alciel, Seraphy/Dagon and Vivi/Guivre, that’d be a great help.

      • Desert Eagle

        Aura Succubus
        Can always equip swords, knight swords and magic swords.
        Can always use “Sword”, “Spellsword” and “Sexcraft” skills.
        Greatly increased power for “Sword” and “Sexcraft” skills.
        “Sword” and “Sexcraft” skills cost 1/3 more SP.

        Rumble Angel
        Normal attacks execute three times.
        “Holy” skills execute twice.

        Sephyra / Dagon
        Drifting Dagon [It says “fuwafura” but I wonder if that’s “fuwafuwa” mispelled?]
        Increased power for “Tentacle” skills.
        Evasion & Magic Evasion greatly increased.

        Vivi / Guivre
        Half Light, Half Darkness
        Can always use “Holy” and “Dark” skills.
        Increased power for “Holy” and “Dark” skills.

        • Skuya

          You’re great, Desert Eagle, thanks a lot for that.

          I noticed Alciel doing Double Grand Cross when using her in LoC and was pretty surprised by that, but in addition normal attacks x3 is pretty insane, I fully agree with Dj Quinn on that (doesn’t stop me from using her in my main team though).

          Guess the other two will do fine as well. Seraphy is somewhat disappoinging since I haven’t found a good use for Tentacle Skills (and Scyllas aren’t the best stat wise) and I’m still not sure if I should replace Regina for Vivi or not.

          Thanks again!

    • Anonymous

      in order to recruit her and queen alraune you need to make peace. If you done everything right, the bird thingy and cat thingy will show up, and you will need to defeat them (the black alice followers)

    • Desert Eagle

      Instead of choosing a side, listen to the stories of both sides, and then try to negotiate peace. If you do that, you’ll be able to recruit both Alra Priestess and Queen Bee.

  84. Anonymous

    i’m sorry guys but i have a question.. when i ran the runme and it finishes, all i see is the ( BLOB ) folder and nothing more.. is that the out folder?.. and what should i do next after that?

    • Anonymous

      after running the runme, it says i were supposed to pick a directory with game.exe in it , but i always lunch it on mgqp part 2 because there is the directory..

  85. Jake Mertlich

    The game is pretty laggy compared to the 1st part, even after the patch is applied. I think it has something to do with the japanese text, but i’m not sure.

  86. towboat421

    Why doesn’t this project have a patreon? I see the donate button just curious is all also thanks i’ll give when I get paid Monday.

    • Desert Eagle

      I played and beat this game in Japanese. I used Translation Aggregator to help understand the story – and there’s also Dargoth’s translation patch which translates UI, items, skills and abilties.

    • Most people play with a combination of the translations Dargoth provides and a 3rd party program such as Visual Novel Reader “VNR”, Chiitrans, and/or something else.

    • Kajukin

      Okay and that does it work? Would somebody leave a link to download the programs to go through the game a littelbit…and hopefully through the h-Scenes?

  87. Smashmalla

    For anyone who doesn’t know, getting the Dark Fist class to 7 gives an ability for 50% crit rate. Just thought I’d mention it, someone may find it useful.

    • Desert Eagle

      Oh yes. I’m training all of my party members in martial arts just to learn +crit% ability. Spellcasters in particular benefit from it, since there’s not much else they can use red ability points on.

  88. Anonymous

    how to finish vanilla shop quest and recruit vampire queen? i got stuck in getting some wine and a carpet, the guide says to talk to salaan but nothing happens?

    • CivilDeviation

      have you near maxed out Vanilla’s shop with all the inventory items? I know for me this can be a rough game to play via the guide rather than reading through a hook-translator program.

    • Desert Eagle

      Well, first you try to recruit Vampire Queen. Her condition for joining you is that you help her with world conquest – in the economic sense, by setting up the very first Vampire Pub.

      Vanilla and Vampire Queen discuss about this. First, you need a location for Vampire Pub. They want to set it up in Sabasa, and Vanilla suggests the house that Salaan is in currently. Go negotiate with her about obtaining the building she’s residing in.

      Next, the high-class pub you’re building needs a grand, red carpet. You’ll have to go acquire one from the sheep girls on an island west of Marine Headquarters. If you can get there, getting the carpet should be easy.

      And of course, the pub has to have wine to sell – high quality, of course. The criminal underworld has dealings with wine producers – go negotiate with Don Father, that is, Larzarus about it. He should either be in Gold Port or in your Pocket Castle.

      That’s all the steps you need to complete the sidequest. If nothing happens when you talk to Salaan, I can only guess that 1. You haven’t started the sidequest, or 2. Vanilla isn’t in your group. I’m not sure Vanilla is required to be in your group though…

  89. Gag180

    Anyone able to give some ideas on how to machine translate this game on Windows 10? It’s difficult enough finding a text hooker but the best one I’ve found (ITH) doesn’t work on 10, not even the 64 bit one that is supposed to. I have the W10 Anniversary update, before I had that ITH started but crashed when you tried to hook the game now it doesn’t start full stop. The 64 bit one starts but the game doesn’t appear where you’re supposed to select the process to hook
    Any tips on resolving this, or perhaps an alternative?

    • devavizard

      Visual Novel Reader works fine for me as long I don’t buy/shop/forge. Also make sure its up to date.

      • Yes Visual Novel Reader is the best options in my opinion too. I have 3 translators working at once and In my opinion you can understand a very large amount of the dialogs. Played trough the story with it, and I was surprised how much I was able to understand of it.

    • i3oi3o

      Check your windows version.
      go to cortorna and type “winver”.

      Mine is 1703 OS build 15063.413 and AGTH, ITH work fine.
      You can also try ITHVNR.

      • Gag180

        My windows version is 1607 OS build 14393.1358, does that mean my version is older or newer than yours? I would have thought windows would keep itself up to date, unless of course its a bit different than what Windows update is related to

  90. Bob

    Does anyone have any idea how to unlock the Advanced Jobs or even some of the Intermediate jobs? The wiki doesn’t help much and I can’t find a reliable source. Same goes for races.

    • You will be able to unlock quite a few of the advanced jobs as you advance in the story.

      After you beat each Queen monster after they attacked the 4 main human capitals, go back to the corresponding rulers to get the job (and race) change items. Also visit the King of Remina when you go to the past. You can also get a job change item in the pocket castle casino (after you recruit Lazarus).

  91. Anonymous

    Says Im missing a dll file so i cant run the RUN.ME. Where should i get such files and where do I put it

  92. Anonymous

    need help with vanilla shop quest in part 2

    how to advance after upgrade from witch village,
    every time i checked her shop she only says same thing

    sorry for bad english

  93. Anonymous

    Possible SPOILER alert. Can we recruit Sabasa King in part 2? I saw his cut-ins in graphics folder, but I didn’t find him in the game 🙁 And what about Granberia in a dress? Never saw her in the game too.

  94. Anonymous

    Dargoth-sama, why in the new progress.xlsx the “edited” column is missing? It is replaced with the % one

  95. Anonymous

    Huh… after beating Chrome’s sister and recruiting her zombies, in the library next to their names it says (zombie) I wonder if we’ll recruit them non-zombiefied in part 3?

  96. Anonymous

    Dargoth on one of your post I said this got me curious to learn Japanese. Little did I know how annoying it is or that I’d actually do it. See you in part 3 #Beginner Japanese

  97. Desert Eagle

    Hey, just a little reminder… If you’re looking for something to do, why not visit Grandeur’s theater again? With new monster girls recruited, new plays have become available.

  98. Anonymous

    Strange… Strength in Solitude (+25% to all stat for each missing or defeated party member) and Genji gloves (allows dual-wield) don’t seem to be working for me. Anyone encountered the same problem?

      • Smashmalla

        Some classes and abilities which aren’t translated yet have weapon specialisation. This greatly strengthens your attack if that weapon type is equipped, the trade off is you can not use a second weapon regardless of whether or not you’re using the Genji gloves or even if the class e.g (battle master) can equip two weapons.

        I think I read in the next update they were doing something to both multi-weapon and weapon specialisation, but the google translate is so bad I couldn’t get an exact read.

        Some of the 10 cost Special skills which aren’t translated are such weapon specialisations, and the only class I personally know of which has weapon specialisation built in is Holy Lancer which is Spear.
        There are other’s with weapon spec built in, but I don’t know them off the top. (Master Swordcerer might be one.)

        • Anonymous

          ok, I got it. I just thought the weapon specialisation was an ability, but it appears that if I pick an advanced job (only tested on Blademaster) I immediately can’t dual-wield.

  99. Smashmalla

    So, I’ve found that Cupid of Lust gets nullify elemental damage as an ability. Does anyone know of a job which gives that? I would like my other characters to get that as well.

  100. Anonymous

    so lost in this japanese game -_- what character is better with fighting skills? i never was a adept but found it’s pretty powerfull.

  101. foxloliforlife

    I was looking at the bitbucket for the translation and noticed that the Source files where there, does this mean that a patch could be made that translates stuff from part 1?

  102. Since I finally got access to the mimic island can someone recommend me a battle theme for the game that will not annoy the living crap out of me? I plan on doing some grinding and experimenting since the glass cannon setup I had in part 1 for Luka doesn’t really work anymore in part 2 and if anyone has any high damage output setups for Luka I’d be really greatful

    • Anonymous

      Ludwig Van Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata. Really, try it, it fits surprisingly well for the game.

    • Skuya

      Regarding Damaging Setup: Magic Converter + Convert Magic + Heavy Magic grants you a lot of Magic and Willpower. Either use Grand Cross, Nirvana or whatever Mage Spell (Omega Blaze, Frost Ozma, Lambda Spark, Supernova) you like.

      • Desert Eagle

        If you also mix in Spirit Summoner and summoning magic, your spellcaster will have access to Sylph. If they invoke Sylph, they gain the same Wind Spirit’s Protection that Luka has, giving them +50% Magic and greatly increased evasion. Not only does it make spells stronger but it also helps your glass cannon evade attacks.

      • Which job gives Heavy Magic? Maybe that’s what Luka’s missing to 1-2 shot monsters. I got so used to that routine in part 1 that it kinda annoys me to see monsters survive purifying light casts from both Luka+Promestein. Not sure if I have access to Spirit Summoner yet. I just beat the Elf Queen so I’m probably missing a few jobs.

      • Skuya

        Funnily though, I looked on the wiki and nothing says you get Heavy Magic (except for Lily) – and confirmed it – non of my part 1 characters has Heavy Magic, so it’s restricted to a part 2 job or part 2 race.

        Out of my Characters Luka, Shesta and Riot have it. I tried to compare the jobs of those three and my guess is it’s race-related (Worm Summoner for Luka, Spider Race for Shesta and something else for Riot).

        I’d try the 3rd tier of Library Lord/Magic Scholar, but honestly, no idea.

        • Smashmalla

          How much damage should a mage be doing? I could not figure out how to make them decent in part 1 and haven’t bothered since then.

          My 2 Dark Dragon Knights deal 140K single target un-buffed.
          and my Mermaid deals 60k-120K AOE un-buffed.

          Should a mage be doing more, less, or about the same?
          (Without buffs/de-buffs)

          • Skuya

            Depends. How much attack do your Dark Dragon Knights have and what skill do you use (ie. Multiplier)? Do you use Mastery or Skills that passively buff the weapon they’re wearing?

            I think my Eater (= no passive increase) deals about 150k multi-damage with either Akashic Record (dark) or Supernova (apparently fire, but I don’t know – can’t be reflected either) at about 3,500 Mag, which is fine.

            • Smashmalla

              My dark dragon knights have about 1400-1500 attack. Using a non-translated skill which seems to be certain hit? (Spear 7SP/12MP) Using the last synthesis-able Holy lance and excalibur. I can’t give much more information sadly as I can’t read it XD

              This is using god’s fist rosary 100% crit.
              Micaela and Eden, (might have Spear bonus.)
              No mastery.
              +30% spear ability:

              At least, reading this I know that mages can do some decent damage, but I think I’d struggle to keep them alive.

            • Skuya

              Well, of course, if you get hit by any physical skill as a Mage, your’e like totally screwed, which is why physical evasion in particular is good.

              If you use Heavy Magic, it’s most likely the Magic will exceed the Willpower by a bit, but Magic damage/Pleasure damage isn’t much of an issue if you have ~2k-3k Willpower as well (but only 100 Defense). Not to mention Magic can be dodged and reflected.

              Actually what you should have mentioned is that you always crit. Supernova/Akashic Records crits at 3,500 Mag for about 200-300k, but I guess I’ll look it up in LoC later.

        • Anonymous

          Strange, I just maxed out all Lily’s jobs and races on Lucia, bud didn’t get the Heavy Magic. I only got the Light Magic.

    • Desert Eagle

      I heard that it was made more doable? At least I think I read that from ToroToro’s blog. I know I tried it back in Part 1. The slimes raped me for two hours before I decided to switch down to Hell mode.

      …Maybe I should try Paradox mode again…

  103. SelphiusXYZ

    Inb4 I spent too much time in part ones chaos labyrinth that playing anything but paradox mode is too easy….

  104. Desert Eagle

    So. The question. What’s your main team like?

    My team is:
    (Luka), Alice, Sonya, Lily, Riot, Shesta, Lippy (Little Bug), Valto, Odette (Misstauros), Aranje (Arachne Lord), Mei (Succubus Maid), Airy (Queen Fairy)

    • I tend to run story related characters only…but also what makes sense based on the two paths one could have picked…
      So… for the Alice run… My team by the end is Luka, Alice, Nuruko, Sonya, Hild, Sylph, Gnome, Undine, Salamander, Mephisto, Alimagea(or whatever her fake name actually translates to), and Morrigan
      For the Ilias run… My team by the end is Luka, Ilias, Promestein, Hild, Sara, King of San Ilia, Queen of Grand Noah, King of Grand Gold, Lazarus, Merlin, Heinrich, and Eden.

    • Anonymous

      I have every cutest girl in the game in my team plus Lazarus. Lazarus is a fucking badass in paradox.

    • My team by the end of Part 1 was Luka, Ilias, Sonya, Rami, Lime, Promestein, Nuruko and Hild. Haven’t played much of Part 2 yet, so there’s been no change to that.

    • Skuya

      That’s quite the monotype run. Sort of. Shesta’s Insect, Aranje’s Insect, Lippy’s Insect.

      Not that I’m any better.

      (Luka), Alciel, Eater, Luxuru, Maiden, Riot, Regina/Vivi, Lucretia, Seraphy, Shesta, Ragora/Dolie, Levi

      Yeah, half of my team is Apoptosis (excluding Maiden if you want to).
      Some other notes:

      – Regina/Vivi (Guivre): It’s probably either one or the other since they’re both single-race Yoma. I’d love to use both, actually since I love both of their designs but they could make use of another race (Succubus for Regina and Angel for Vivi).

      – Luxuru/Maiden: Same problem as above – they both do the same since Doll = Apoptosis now. Luxuru has mor use in the long run because of Double Attack and Bind Strike 30, while Maiden’s Passive sadly is not of much use because Nightmare Embrace is too weak to be of use compared to other damaging skills.

      – Lucretia (Queen Harpy): Only there for stealing things. One Skill – Chaotic Theft – no idea if stage 3 Thief gets it, but that’s the only reason I use her. Another boon is definitely the Evasion-boosting song, but since we got Mandragora Scream, Sparrow Dance and Seaweed Dance in LoC1, I doubt it will be exclusive to Harpies in the long run.

      – Ragora/Dolie (Blue Dryad): Ragora is, like Seraphy, part of a way of dealing with the first opponent that joined me (without being forced to, like Lime or Bonnie) – those will always have a special spot in my party. I’m thinking of removing her for Dolie (which I like as well), but that’d be very painful for me. It doesn’t help that they both are single race plant, so on paper even Elysiel (the voracious angel) would be better. Ragora has a small niche in Sparkling though because of her passive.

      – Seraphy (Dagon)/Levi (Leviathan): The latter is just plain awesome – Setouchi did a great job in desinging Levi, however, there’s some conflict between her and Seraphy (which is the first monster that joined me in part 2). Seraphy is Scylla/Sea Dweller (at least 2 races, even though I thought she’d be Mermaid if you look back at the VN) while Levi is Sea-Dweller/Dragon and Scylla is not good in particular.

      – Alciel (yeah, that Eldritch Abomination): Had her in the party before I realized she’s insanely powerful with Normal Attack x3 and Holy x2. I had the choice between her and Heriel as it turned out they got the same race combination, unfortunately – and while in theory Alciel could probably be Lamia as well (look how she moves), I have absolutely no idea for Heriel. Plus, Heriel is arguably the more boring choice.

      – Melissa (Maccubus): The 13th inofficial member, because Levi isn’t leveled yet. While being the only succubus (apart from Alma Elma) I’ve ever liked apperance-wise (red hair = good), I can’t even hide how disappointed I am with what TrTr (and the artist who drew her) did so far. No new scenes, fine. I can live with that – then being a one-time-only enemy with a different look which goes back to her old look when she joins you (plus, single-succubus race – not even human). No, thank you.

      • Anonymous

        Team at end of part 1
        Illias RT:

        pt.2 I suspect team will be like this
        Luka/Riot/Illias/Saki/Eden/Micaela/Lucifina/Mina/Chirp/Queen Harpy

        haven’t finished alice rt yet but doing it solo with luka/alice right now.

        two bad there are no topics about builds

  105. Anyone know the exact trigger for getting Vanilla’s last shop upgrade before starting Queen vampire’s sidequest to build a pub? From what I read it’s supposed to be a fried newt but talking to the shopkeeper in Magistea Village yelds no additional dialogue with Vanilla in your party and I think I have talked to everyone in the village with no results whatsoever.

  106. brad mason

    This is so stupid, nothing I do will make the princess appear so I can get the red orb. I’m literally tearing my hair out in frustration! I’ve beaten all 4 of the queens and spoken to the respective kings of the castles. Went and got the other 3 orbs, then went to the queen elf and spoke to her. Went to Yamatai and spoke to the village chief with Dullahan or w/e in my party and went to the snake shrine. Defeated Shirobi or w/e and returned and spoke to the elf queen. Went to the cave just outside yamatai and saved the stupid bear, returned her to the shrines. Now no matter what I do the princess will not show up! I’m basically locked out of any further progression.

    If anyone has help it’d be much appreciated because this is ridiculous. I’ve followed so many guides and absolutley nothing is working.

    • Did you do the cat shrine and cheer up Tamamo? For the cat shrine, you need to talk to the priestess in the place with all those Nekomata and then talk to a certain Nekomata (Sonya will pipe up when you find it) then talk to the priestess again. For Tamamo, you just need to talk to her in the house in the Kitsune shrine (if you progress the story too much, this may get done for you, in which case you may need to talk to someone there to raise the flag (I’ve never missed it, so I don’t know). After that, talk to the village chief afterwards and he should give you an item that gives you access to certain special classes like taoist and ninja. You *should* be able to meet the Princess Elf now.

      • brad mason

        Dude I seriously cannot thank you enough. It all sorta worked out lol. Managed to talk with the Nekomata and do that part, but where Tamamo is supossed to be (I assume) there were just some foxes I believe blocking the house. Went and spoke to the village chief anyway, then went back to the elf queen and now its worked. I never would have figured that out by myself, so thank you sooo much lol.

  107. khalayia

    hey guys im still having trouble getting the patch to work. getting system/RGSS301.dll could not be found. any help would be greatly appreciated

  108. Wildhawk

    One day ill get to play this game one day .. sucks i can see others playing and cant figure out what the problem is like the prevous patches

  109. I see I have to ask for help again. I can’t for the life of me find the sparkling spot where I’m supposed to enter on the world map. Can someone provide a screenshot of where it is or is there a map out there with all the world map locations marked?

      • CivilDeviation

        Assuming you are trying to find the “seed” for plansec princess or the Northern Sea area I’d go to Goddard and up to the top right coast. Up there are a couple of sparkling points kinda like that near Natalia Port.

        If you are looking for something else, please specify “what you are looking for” or in relation to whom.

          • Desert Eagle

            Hmm… Well, one sure way to find it is to go to Gold Coast north-east from Goddard, and then follow the coastline tightly. The spot is on the lefthand side, marked by a tiny, shining star, but if you follow the coastline, you will automatically find it.

        • Thanks I wouldn’t have looked there. Was going around in circles near Gold Port. Btw what translation program are you using? ChiiTrans is starting to annoy me with all its crashes and VNR doesn’t do anything anymore.

          • It’s VNR (Visual Novel Reader). It was abandoned by it’s creator, but other people picked it up a month or two ago and now it has a version that is working.

            • http://vnr.aniclan.com/upload/Visual_Novel_Reader(EN).rar

              I only have the direct link, I don’t know which forum post did it come from. There are 2 downloadable offline translators that VNR can use I’m fairly sure those can be used without Internet connection, I can’t provide any help to those because I set those up more than 2 years ago and have no idea how to do it anymore.

              If you have internet access tho I recommend using the Google translate option as a 3rd, since in my experience on an average that service gave the most accurate translations. And if something was gibberish you could almost always put together some meaning from the other 2 translations.

              Also something to keep in mind, there is an option in VNR that hooks into RPG maker and directly exchanges the text in the dialog window. I found this to be very unstable and buggy, crashes 95 % of the time for me, so I would not recommend using it. I think it’s called embedding in the options.

              Another thing is to set a hotkey up that pauses translation, because it can be slow or may crash if you’re skipping text with space while it’s trying to translate.

              Please keep in mind that these are machine translations so don’t expect much, but sometimes it’s just enough to understand the meaning, for example:

              Hope it works for you!

            • Thank you this will be really helpful since I have other games I want to try it on. I’m not expecting anything spectacular as I’m sort of used to machine translations I just wanted one that doesn’t crash every hour or so and allows me to play the game fullscreen.

            • For a “sort-of borderless windowed mode”, I recommend using http://www.digitallis.co.uk/pc/ResizeEnable/ . A Little hack that enables resizing windows that shouldn’t be resized.

              After stretching it to your side and bottom of you screen, then use (while trying to keep aspect ratio) use the Full screen and “ratio” option on VNR’s side menu (near the side of the game window). That will make sure that the translation font is not pixellated and easier to read since the game won’t force your resolution to 640×480.

            • I spoke too soon. It seems I can’t download VNR from your link. The download just stops after 90 or so MB tried 7 times in a row last night and I couldn’t get it and I know it’s not my internet my internet works fine.

            • Thanks for uploading it there it seems to work somewhat but I can’t get it to translate anything unless it embeds the translation in the game itself. How do you keep the original game text and get the translation on top or at the side?

  110. Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone could give me a hand, (Cheers).

    I’ve just finished Paradox chapter 1 (still using the first chapter game so it doesn’t automatically carry over onto chapter 2,, ill most likely hold off doing chapter 2 till its give or take 75% complete….. anyways

    Just finished chapter 1,,, i was wondering how do i star LoC now?
    and also how do i start new game+ ? (that way i can recruit both lily and lucia)

    ((the information on lily’ lucia and the related side quest as been changed but last time i checked i could have swearn it said something about being able to recruit both,,,))

    thats why i want with lily first, as im using ilias in this playthought im following the “sort of a power-abuse route”
    ((ilias spends most of the game telling me to wipe out the monsters, and lily wants to make the strong submit,,, so it seems good enough to class it as the power-abuse route for me at least lol))

    Cheers for the heads up 🙂

    • You can have both Lily and Lucia but only in NG+
      To start NG+ go to Ilias Temple 2nd floor and through the big doors. Talk to the Reaper and she will give you the option to start your game again.
      Near her there should be a bookcase. If I remember correctly that’s where you get the option to access the LoC.

  111. Anonymous


    I was just wondering how the “Apply Part1 Translation to Part2” process is going? Any news regarding that? Also… Is Rogue actually helping with the translations now?

      • Anonymous

        (Serperate from the person who you replied too) super excited about the next patch. I’m really amazed by all of the translation team’s progress and can’t wait for the next patch to come out. (Hoping I can play through the pirate area at least XD)

  112. THANK YOU DARGOTH ohh dargoth please forgive me last time i made mistake install your godly patch on monstergirl quest part 1~3. I AM SORRY~

    Anyway i am waiting complete walkthrough to be there before playing hAHAHHAHAHAHAH THGANKSSSSS

  113. Bezerker

    I refresh this page every hour.
    Also I have great party. I’ve got a Gunner / Smooth Talker / Battle Fucker Ilias
    A Royal Guard / Tao Swordsman Luka
    A 3 Star Cook / medusa / Pope / Sage Sister Lamia
    A Berserker Minotaur
    A Black Marketer / Item User Shadow Girl (ha get it cause its a shadow and shadows are black)
    A Ninja Hassan
    (Soon to have Dragon Knight Harpy Queen, Monster Tamer Dryad, Valkyrie, and Magus fist Salamander)

    • Get Harpy Queen Spirit Summoner, Trickster, Divine Songstress. Equip the abilities Evade Physical 30% and Evade Magic 30%, summon Sylph, Equip some nice status effect nullity and you have an untouchable character.

      • Bezerker

        i’m purposely choosing non-meta choices since my party is already good enough to take out Ashtoreth in LoC without Vicarious Clara. gotta enjoy a bit of difficulty.

      • Anonymous

        She is not untouchable. Some skills and spells with auto hit effect are undogdeable like holy, dark, and makina. Clara and electromagnetic armor are still necessary

      • Skuya

        Guess probably the best choice would be an Apoptosis + Resist Pleasure and Holy/Dark (as an accessory if it exists).

  114. Anonymous

    When I first got a dialog menu, prompting to continue the story in Part 2 (The one that takes you to a meeting in the Pocket Castle VIP chamber if you accept), I declined so I could level up some more in the familiar Part 1 areas, but I haven’t seen that prompt again. Anyone know how to get that story continuation to trigger again after declining it?

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the suggestion, trannon1!

        Let me explain in more detail: Part 1 is completed, and Andramalech is defeated. Only the first level of the tower is open, with the upper levels, and Andramalech now inaccessible.

        I’ve loaded and initial English patched Part 2. Once you exit the pocket castle or a city in Part 2, Alice says something(untranslated) and you have 2(untranslated) options. The top one takes you to a meeting and what I assume is the kick-off for Part 2 story. So, I chose the bottom one, and Luka said something, then I got to keep playing without the meeting thing happening.

        Now, I’m wondering how I initiate that again, within Part 2.

        • Anonymous

          You can’t see the meeting if you declined to do so. I think it was implemented to freshen up the plot details for people who haven’t played in part one for a while and isn’t necessary at all to progress the story.

          To progress the story, go to the tunnel north of Luddite village.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, Anon!

            I wanted to hold off on that meeting until a Dargoth translation was available for it. I had been playing about 10 hours after declining it in favor of leveling up, and was starting to get paranoid that I’d locked myself out of progression.

            I’ve got a save point before the meeting, so I can go back and watch it, but I was worried that if it was tied to progression, I’d wasted my time with leveling.

            On the plus side–As a result of trying to figure things out, I got Visual Novel Reader working for Paradox since my Interactive Text Hooker/Translation Aggregator combo seem to be obsolete these days, and I never got them working for Paradox.

            I still want to wait for Dargoth before playing the story, but that will help me navigate in the once-again-untranslated Part 1 areas for leveling a while.

            Thanks, you two for the input!

            • Anonymous

              Isn’t it the same meeting, like the one that we got after finishing part 1? (I think we got one at least) If so, it is translated already, you just need to finish part 1

            • Anonymous

              @Anonymous – I’m really not sure what’s in the meeting. I finished part 1 with Dargoth’s fully [story] translated version (1.21.51) last year. I don’t remember specifically what all was said at the end of it, other than being outside the ruined tower and getting a message about continued in Part 2.

              The other Anonymous says it’s a recap, so maybe I’m not missing much, but really, all I want to do right now in Part 2 is level in the old areas until a decent English story translation patch is available.

              I’m grinding any and every Beginner/Intermediate job that could possibly be of any use to my current party and reserve.

  115. One question, can you recruit any of the rabbits? To white or to black [Death or Shinigami, as you might call it]? I say this because reviewing the “action” images of combat, there is one for each one of them and I was wondering if they can be recruited in any way or, if Totoro left it there, nothing more like an Easter egg than it will come Future in part 3 of the game or future updates.

  116. Something interesting I notice, when you run from enemy battles, there is a higher probability for your next encounter to be the rare encounter.

  117. TilusBlazk

    Ummmm I’m confused… Am I an idiot or something? i downloaded both part 2, the english patch for part 2, patched it without a hitch, i start the game, and its the start of the first game… is this supposed to happen or did i screw something up?

    • Yes. Part 2 is a continuation of Part 1 and includes all of Part 1 in it except the art (which can be added by copying in the graphics folder from your copy of Part 1 if you have it). You can’t start at the beginning of Part 2 unless you copy an end game save from Part 1 into the save folder for Part 2, otherwise you still have to play through Part 1 to get to the Part 2 content.

  118. SelphiusXYZ

    Is heinricj actually recruitable in the ilias run? If so, how and when? Because it certainly isnt handled the way it was with alicetromeria

  119. Chaincat

    How far does Ilias route diverge from Alice route, seeing as the walkthrough follows Alice route? Also, how do we side with the Navy?

    • Ilias and Alice has the same storyline location-wise, though conversations and enemies are different. You side with the navy by talking to the Purple Mermaid in the North-West.

      • Chaincat

        Alright. What do I miss out on by siding with the Navy? The Pirates miss out on two monsters according to the pastebin…

        • That’s it. Miss out on Sea Horse and Sea Slug if you side with Pirates. Miss out on Blue Mermaid and Pink Mermaid if you side with Navy. Only other difference is that the Navy town becomes hostile if you side with pirates. Leviathan joins you either way after you bring Selene to her.

          • Chaincat

            Ah, I see. Out of curiosity, do you know what the pirates/navy are saying? What the moral connotation is or anything? I kinda just sided with the navy since flat is justice.

            • Anonymous

              basically One Piece, the Pirates only attack bad guys and never civilians but the Navy or at least Admiral Leviathan want to take them out because “they could become a threat”, that’s it apparently. FYI Leviathan also kills you in the first version of her H-scene because “soliciting a member of the navy is a felony and punishable by execution” or something, her second scene just has her spare you to “scare you straight”.

              She pretty much comes off as a hardass and stickler for the rules compared to Bonnie.

  120. Xoverguy

    Quick Question. Does anybody here know if somebody on the internet that at least started working on a Job/Race list with translations of the potential new skills that it brings to the fold? I do recall finding a Job list specifying most of the new advanced jobs but that is all it does. I am asking since I have been recruiting a lot, and for recruits like Leviathan, I have noticed some heavy duty skills that I assume are powerful given their 20 Ability Point costs and the sort, but cant really know how they work. I tried to use a text hooker like Visual Novel Reader, but no dice, although I think I did something wrong there. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Xoverguy

        Can you link me to an up to date version or tutorial of chii trans? Everything i have seen in the net about it seems terribly outdated. Didnt it lose google support as well at a point?

  121. I assume there is no 200% job exp ability given by any advanced job? Mastering advanced job is a pain even on mimic island where you’re guaranteed a minimum of 30 JP with 2x bracelet on. Or is there any other place that’s better for grinding jobs?

    • Sulphur99

      The tower to the right of Saloon has Honey Pots and Mimic. Granted, other monsters pop up there too, so it might be better in the long run to go for Mimic Island.

    • Desert Eagle

      Yes, there is such a job: Grandmaster Maid lv 10. Mastering Maid gives +50% Job experience, which lead me to believe Grandmaster Maid would give the 100% version. As soon as it became available to me, I made all of my party members learn it.

      Well, for human characters, it might not be as useful. At max level, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using 100% Job exp or Job XP Full Focus -ability. I reasoned that Job +100% will come in handy in Part 3 when they begin leveling again.

    • Yep I know of Grandmaster Maid ‘s ability the problem is no matter what combo of abilities you put there job exp gain doesn’t go over 200%. I find it frustrating that some abilities don’t stack as others do for example magic converter+conversion ring.

  122. OK WOW… I Got a vastly different and unexpected ending on the illias route vs the alice route… and now i am trying to figure out if it was just because it was the illias route… OR OR OR if it was because I did not have Nuruko with me… because well.. illias still hates monsters so I play by her rules in this one…can anyone confirm or deny this for me?

    • Alice Route, Nuruko will transform into Chaos Nuruko who is the spirit of Chaos and stop both Ultimate Sonya and Ultimate Andramalech.

      Ilias Route, Ultimate Sonya will erase herself together with Andramalech but create a version of herself from a bit before, then erase everyone’s memory of the occurence.

          • Well, Luka HAS been shown to be able to get glimpses into other worlds, like when he got the memory of another him and Alice being told he’s an angel after the Berzerker defeats him or how he saw images of a human disguised Micheala when he encountered and somehow knew her name when he met her on the mountain. There’s definitely some sort of connection between Paradox Luka and the chaos, so I don’t think it’d be too much of a stretch for him to resist Apoptosis Sonya’s memory wipe.

            • Anonymous

              + he saw Granberia in Illiasburg and shown some really impressive calculus skills. Maybe he is a robot built to prevent the end of the world, just like Hild, but more powerful?

        • Try bringing Alicetromeia with your party when you go fight Black Alice in the past using Tartarus, something interesting happens. I am guessing that either they are one and the same or they know of each other’s existence despite being from different parallel worlds.

            • Anonymous

              btw I just NEED to know the dialogue when we pick the second option when we talk to her xD I think it will go like this: “-Welcome heroes! So, you think you are strong enough to defeat me? -Ummm, nah, we’re just passing through, buy. -…What?”

          • She’s the same, she leaves your party to go to her throne when you enter her throne-room. She’s also doing a very bad job at hiding it. I’m interested what will happen if you can recruit present Black Alice (in part 3) and then bring Black Alice from 500 years, “present” Black Alice to meet Chaos-God Black Alice. Now that would be a fun tea party.

  123. Desert Eagle

    Hey, a little heads up: it’s possible to pickpocket Small Medals from Boxed Girls.

    …Well, the name I prefer for them is Girl-in-the-Box. Not only can you read “sheltered/boxed girl” from it but it’s also a reference to Jack-in-the-box, the symbol of surprise.