Final MGQ Paradox Part 1 Patch

Final MGQ Paradox Part 1 Patch:!GAwmwQoS!0QLtFZMtCf3UHzwvu37O8BPMVXZ77-nQBOBD7-2gW_E

Untested! Literally anyone could have created this off the bitbucket files. This is a patch for part 1, not part 2.

Still waiting on ytinasni to get back to me on getting the translation program to work on part 2. In the meantime, I wrote a script to chop the events file into 8000+ separate files and a script to do some renumbering on RPGMaker function calls so that maybe git won’t barf quite as hard as it was. Probably would have been faster to manually fix thousands of numbering issues than writing the script, but you don’t know when you start that a 5 minute script will take 5 hours. This is why I’m not a programmer. (just replace Perl with Python and that was my day)