So Paradox 2.20 is buggy as hell

If you’ve tried to do much playing on version 2.20, you’ve probably noticed that it’s full of bugs. Torotoro hasn’t announced a 2.21 patch yet, but it’s certainly in the works. Until then, it’s hard to recommend playing this version. We’re continuing with the translation, but I don’t think I’ll be releasing a translation patch for 2.20. However, as usual, the latest files are on the repository and are (almost) always guaranteed to work. Just grab the RpgMakerVXAce Translator and a zip of the master branch from Or just wait until all the problems are fixed.


  1. While i have not played 2.20 yet I suspected that it would be buggy, I also thought that you would not release a patch in 2 seconds but would wait so no time would be wasted. While I’m happy that my guess was right I also would have loved a surprise like that there is no bugs and its all finished. Oh ce lavie

    • passerby4554

      I need to click that stupid box when I do my first comment so that I can subscribe. Wish there as a bigger button at the top of the page, but oh well.

    • Degenerate

      Excellent, I’ve been looking for a discord channel to keep myself updated on TL progress as well as the game itself.

  2. CwHart

    Thanks for the info, I havent even touched 2.20 as of yet cause I knew it prolly has its share of bugs. Also curious is Artee (Rogue) waiting for a certain patch before he continues his translation, or did he take a break. Notice he was been gone since October.

  3. Cellulanus

    For now I’m just going to wait for a complete translation patch. I’ll be happy as long as I know you aren’t dead.

    Please don’t die.

  4. No

    Lo and behold, for He, The One, The Only, the Chosen by Fate to provide has appeared.

    Alas, fate has presented such a perilous journey, a dangerous struggle that Dargoth The Almighty and Rouge, he who descended from Odinsleep, will have to overcome.
    Faith shall remain in the hearts of us, lesser beings, waiting for the promised patch, for it is the One who can appease the needs of those below Him, The Only, The Chosen.

    May His holiness remain untarnished as He scouts the Moonrune fields.

    • passerby4554

      If you download the master files or the repository, there should be a file called “progress” to see how far everything is going.

      • Sterling White

        So, how exactly do the files work?

        It’s a bunch of internet explorer-opening files containing what, to me is, complete gibberish.

      • Menthols

        Progress hasn’t been updated in almost a full year, so I don’t know why people keep telling others to check it. The only way to see how much progress has been done is to tediously check through the commits on the bitbucket page. If you’re curious about H-scenes then look for notable commits that mention them, or certain contributors like Artee. Or of course you can manually translate it and check through the castle 1 by 1. I doubt progress will be updated until Dargoth creates a new official patch.

        • passerby4554

          We do have a small ring of amateur translators that choose specific requests to translate. Some of our translated scenes were even put into the game, and if you had any real patience, you would do the process everyone else is doing. there has been more progress than you think, and you’d know it if you had bothered being patient.

            • Menthols

              Of course I was talking about the progress file, not actual progress. Thank you for pointing it out though, some people struggle a bit with common sense.

          • Menthols

            @passerby4554 “and if you had any real patience, you would do the process everyone else is doing”

            I just can’t help myself, did you even read what I wrote? Are you referring to the process that I detailed for the guy above who asked how far along the translations are?

            I figured I would give him some actual help since your reply to him was completely worthless. Or is checking the progress file that hasn’t been updated in 6 months “the process that everyone with patience goes through”?

            Also let me clarify I’m not complaining about the progress file not being updated because, yes I do have patience and I understand that it gets updated when a new official translation patch is released. I’m saying that I don’t understand why people like you keep telling others to check it when it hasn’t been updated with all the new translations.

            You are misinforming them and leading them to believe that no work has been done when in fact a lot of work has been done since then, because you are too lazy to give them any real help. Eh I don’t know what I would expect from a guy who uses “we are” and “our” when referencing the translation team, even though he’s not a part of it.

            • passerby4554

              For one thing, I am not misinforming anyone about anything. and secondly, how dare you. I will let this go, but in the future, try to restrain yourself.

          • Seigi no Mikata

            Passerby we are getting tired of your passive-aggressive comments and pretentious attitude. You claim to be putting out the lion’s share of the translation work with your ‘team of four’ and attempt to be a smartass over here on the comments section. Why hasn’t Dargoth and co. picked your team up if you are so considerably skilled and efficient?

            Maybe because you’re a right asshole is what. Take the discord channel you’ve set up for instance. I’ve been a member for quite a while, watching as you run it into the ground with shitty management and insistence on having people comply with your idiotic whims.

            “I will let this go”? Who in the fuck exactly do you think you are? And no, I am not the other guy you were responding to. I’m simply someone who was looking through the comments and noticed what a downright highfaluting shit you were being. Eat some humble pie, Passerby.

            • ArzorX

              well I invite you to check the bitbucket and review the scenes of honey pot, succubus monk and the 2 scenes of spider princess that were made by the group that passerby mentioned so if they are that bad that scenes wont be uploaded in the bitbuket

  5. Anonymous

    When i enter labyrynth of chaos white rabbit say’s something about medals,
    I’m not so good at kanji, but what she meant is that these medals will not be accessible until part 3?

    • Anonymous

      As far as I can tell, there’s a medal reward at some point in the Labyrinth that won’t carry into the 3rd chapter, as it will appear in the 3rd chapter. The medal is only for ‘self-satisfaction.’ It recommends creating a separate save to be safe. Presumable, the medal(s) will just be removed from your inventory when importing into Part 3.

      The text is in Map644, event 8 if you need to reference it.

  6. Tomoya Okazaki

    This is probably a stupid question, but does Laplace and the drain lab make it into this chapter? Just curious to see if anyone knows. Thanks and leaving a comment so that I can keep tabs too ^_-.

  7. Anonymous

    Hey btw, what about Part 1 Vore Scenes ? Is there an update on part 1 patch, and how does this work? I have only 2 Exe things in the rpg translatoor thing, there should be 3 there

  8. Gareki(sp)

    passerby4554 I’m sorry did not answer before, I tried the game these weeks it’s great I just wanted to say that you do a good job, keep going 🙂

    • passerby4554

      Well, thank you; just to be clear, I’m not really a part of the translation team, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to help others here and there,

  9. Aaron Martin

    So are we talking game breaking, screw your save file bugs or “that’s not quite right” but still playable bugs? In any case thank you very much Dargoth and team for translating this, and continuing to do so. Huge project and you deserve tons of respect for doing this. Peace and prosperity to you and yours.

    • Konstantine

      I’m pretty sure this ““that’s not quite right” but still playable bugs” . And I’m not sure ToroToro will fix those bugs, as he mentioned already that 2.20 is last patch for second part. Anyway if you want to play, you can just use files from repository.

      • CwHart

        There is always a final patch to clear up whatever issues are in the game. I cant see them ignoring whatever bugs might be in the game, specially glaring problems

  10. Kajukin

    Could we make a list with the bugs here that founded? I startet a new game in 2.20, and it will help me to figured out what praty i will make ^^
    soo RAPIER SKILL on ALICE are buggy
    Some thing else to notice?

    • Smashmalla

      Things that don’t work.
      HP regen (per turn) skills/abilities
      Counter/ magic counter
      Evasion/ magic evasion
      Divine destiny (lasts 2 turns not 3)
      Auto revive’s granted by skills like the medicine one.

  11. jchris1_2000

    Any idea when they will finish part 2 for a translation to be done? I can play through 1 again and finish leveling everybody with the current classes I suppose but an idea would be nice

  12. Boss

    Hi, im finding a problem using the Ytinashi Translator. After doing the steps in wich i use the game select and the modifications in Script, when i try to run the Translator.exe, it throws an exception during the process, Saying: ERROR: reference to object not establiced as instance of an object(or something like that, my console is not in English) right after: Building armors.rvdata2:

    System.NullReferenceException: Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un objeto.
    en Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.Translator.DataFile_Items.BuildDataFiles[StreamType](RubyObjectBindingMap objectBindingMap, Dictionary`2 textFileLines, Dictionary`2 resultStreams)
    en Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.Translator.Run(Boolean runExportPhase, Boolean runImportPhase)
    en Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.Program.b__0()
    en Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Initialize.Run(Action fn)
    en Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Initialize.Init(String[] args, Action fn)

    Does anyone know how can i solve it?

    • Ritokure

      Had the same problem, and as far as I can tell, this is simply a compatibility issue – long story short, I’m 99% sure 2.20 is NOT compatible with 2.11 and earlier.

      For example, I checked the script extractions of versions 2.11 and 2.0 and compared them to Dargoth’s translation. It has plenty of small differences that makes them incompatible, like for example the fact that in the original 2.11 and 2.0 the Labyrinth of Chaos is in the file “Map646”, while in 2.20 and Dargoth’s translation it isn’t.

      So, I’m pretty sure your only options are to either dig in Dargoth’s BitBucket for an earlier, compatible version or update your MGQ:P to 2.20 and get used to bugs for now.

      • They are no longer working from a patch for Part 1, as everything from Part 1 is in Part 2, sans the Part 1 sex scenes (though they can be accessed in Part 2 if you copy the graphics folder from Part 1 into Part 2). The Part 1 content in Part 2 will be translated, however the story content for Part 2 takes priority.

    • Kajukin

      No. But it seems so…they whant this Product as a stand alone Product and with this amount of buggs it couldn’t…in my Opinion ^_^’

  13. MGQPfan

    Wouldn’t it be faster to decript the “.rgss3a” file to translate the data in RPG maker (Making a new project and then copy paste the data and ressource files)?
    That way you could just copy paste the translated stuff from part 1 to the file of part 2.

  14. Anonymous

    The goddess Ilias appearing in the original trilogy and the same one that is sealed or and another and the Goddess Ilias appearing at the beginning of the Paradox and another and the Goddess Ilias who is at the end of Part 2 of the Paradox and the same one that appears at the beginning of the game someone draws my doubt.

    • The sealed Loli Illias is the one from the original Trilogy. The one from the beginning of the game is the Paradox Illias, who’s also the one destroyed at the end of Part 2. I can’t remember if its confirmed or just implied, but the one who does the evaluations is actually a copy put there by the White Rabbit to play out the dialogue, similar to the Tamamo copy she uses to trick Nanabi in Part 1. There’s also the Illias who’s in charge of the “Angels won the Great War” world that the Seven Seraphim are from, but we haven’t seen her yet.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you and I read somewhere and that the ilias of the world in which the Archangels won the war that makes the assessment when you lose to Sonia Chaos

        • Fanservicefan

          Kinda hard to read your comment but yes, Angel World Ilias conducts the evaluation when you lose to Sonya Chaos.

            • passerby4554

              I used google translate to get a basic understanding. She greets Luka and says that she’s a different goddess than the one he knows/has, then she explains about Sonya Chaos, then finally ends with a “I hope to see you again soon”, with the lewd face icon to boot. In full honesty and to my knowledge, it’s the only Ilias evaluation that doesn’t chide Luka for losing, other than Adramelek I think.

            • Arj

              Thanks! Man, I can’t wait to play Part 2 in English. I played it in Jap, but I have no clue what anyone said… It’s kinda funny though, just seeing what happens, but not understanding what is said.

  15. Anonymous

    Sorry for Asking but i remember a mess of translation for Paradox part 1, you could get the idea of what was happening anyway, i don’t know if it was all with google translator but there isn’t one like that for part 2?

    • Anonymous

      Not that I know of, but I know you could get the translate app for your phone which works on images. It’s a little slow but you can get an idea of what’s going on.

  16. Anonymous

    So I havn’t updated part 2 at all, downloaded the base game from the dlsite when it came out and never updated it because I was scared how it would react to the patch. If I manually patch from bitbucket will it only work for the new version?

  17. No

    Hey Dargoth, a little question/doubt.
    Have you considered changing Chrome’s name to Kurome?
    Rogue said that at the time he didn’t know that Chrome was actually Kurome (for her sister is called Shirome).

  18. Ana

    I’ve been thinking about trying to translate the game myself for months, but all the same decided to wait for the translation. However since I was too much anxious about discovering what will happen further in the storyline, I finally decided to break open the decrypted archive and edit the non-translated things.
    So far, I’ve only managed to translate the events from the Finoa Village, but there is one thing I’m not sure about. If I somehow manage to finish the translation, I’d like to put it up somewhere where others can easily get it. However, I haven’t got a single clue about making patches and things like that, so I’d probably have to upload the entire game directory, which will be quite tiresome.

    • Fanservicefan

      Not the whole directory. Just the map file.

      However, from what you said you seemed to have made your attempt via the VX Ace editor itself as opposed to using insanity Ytinasni’s patcher program, which rips all that stuff (maps, scripts, etc) as .txt files that you can freely edit and can easily be sent around via bitbucket, email, pastebin, and such. Assuming you haven’t used it yet and you saved your work via the VX Ace editor, you can use that program to extract the scripts and whatnot.

      Though if I’m wrong, do let me know. Dargoth can use the help and I’m sure he’d like to see how you did.

      • Ana

        Yeah, it was the editor itself. I tried using the patch program, but it just refuses to work on my laptop. I did save the work, but have no idea which script is the exact one I have to use. It’s not brilliant work, as I have no enormous knowledge of Japanese, and neither it or English are my first language, but I’d be glad to help in any way I can, as I have a lot of free time on my hands.

        • Fanservicefan

          Hmm, what error pops up when you try to extract the scripts with the patcher program? It uses up a lot of memory when it’s active and makes a separate “blobs” folder containing clusters of the game as a whole (as opposed to the decrypter which merely extracts image files and various data in its proprietary .rvdata2 file format) so you’d need some space as well. Even more when recompiling since that process basically takes the stuff from both the “blobs” folder and the scripts you changed to incorporate whatever you changed into the game. A way to test things before making a custom patch.

          But I digress. The Finoa Village map files are “Map025.rvdata2” for outdoors and “Map026.rvdata2” for indoors. If you know Dargoth’s email, send those to him. Alternatively, chuck it onto some filesharing site and I’ll check it out myself.

          • Ana

            The patcher program always tells me I shall use the directory with the game.exe file, even when I’m doing so. Whether it’s because I’m using Windows 10 or something else, I don’t know. Never saw his email, but I think it wouldn’t be troubling to find it. If not, I’ll be glad to send it to you.

            • Fanservicefan

              I feel more comfortable with you using a file hosting service. MEGA, Mediafire, and the like.

            • Ana

              Fanservicefan – Yeah, sure, I’ll put it up on Mediafire probably, when I’m done with at least 2 or 3 more maps.
              Casian – Could have, yet I felt more like using RPG Maker directly, since I haven’t been using it for ages, and I wanted to get familiar with it once again.

            • Ana

              Anyways, here is the first translated map –
              I just want to see whether it works on someone else’s laptop/PC.
              It’s v 2.11.00, but I think it should work on another one.
              I tried to keep most of the lines as close to the original as I could, but for the others I had to improvise a bit. It’s not as good as Dargoth’s, but I enjoyed doing it, and I hope it will be useful to someone 🙂

  19. Anonymous

    If I ever get to go back in time being a kid again knowing what I know now.

    I promise I’ll learn jap and help Dargoth translate these games!

    • MagamiNoMeshitsukai

      Well, it’s never to late… I’ve started Japanese two years ago because years ago I had so much fun learning English as my second tongue and wanted to recreate that feeling (aaand just having played the original MGQ there might have been another reason as well).
      I don’t regret it…

      • 女神の 召使

        And that typo in my name just goes to show that there still much to learn (damn romaji). Let’s do it properly this time

  20. Anonymous

    I’m chilling at Port Merle waiting for translations. How far can I venture in the story before finding japanese text?

      • 女神の召使

        Your definitely gonna see a lot of Japanese from part 1 onwards. Only the first 1,5 areas after that are fully translated after that only the dialogue that matters storywise.
        Everything up to the colloseum has those translated story bits I believe (I’m already past that point but thats the last story relevant bitbucket entry).

  21. Anonymous

    Why do a lot of the request scenes not work? The screen just goes black and says “……….” then nothing happens.

  22. Anonymous

    Just a small suggestion, when part 3 comes out, it will obviously come out on DLsite Jap site first, prob a week later it will come out on the english site. If you can wait the week, or buy it twice, I’d suggest waiting and buying it on the English site. Hopefully if toro see’s how many english fans MGQP has and are willing to buy their games…….they will start translating the games themselves, and stop forcing us to rely on Dargoth!

    Just a thought.

    • FlamingoOverride

      An official english patch for the original MGQ bombed. Not going to happen. Fans don’t want to pay extra for english, and translating these things cost money, even for Dargoth and Co.

      • lordkane01

        Well if the official English translation for MGQ had of been decent people would of bought it but there were many areas where the translation was poorly done.
        Kind of sad when random people doing it on there own time are more accurate then official translations but I am used to it as even with manga the ones that get released in the U.S. often have parts that are just totally wrong especially in the naming department.
        So for now you get better quality from people like Dargoth and other translators that do it on there own.

  23. Anonymous

    So something just came to mind.


    Heinrich joins the team on the angel route. If you go back in time or in the future or whatever to an alternate reality…. Say the original time line. When Heinrich visits the sealed sinners prison, he is going to see his name, and possibly feel his ghost much like how Luka did.

    I’m just curious if this happens, how do you think he will react seeing his name being imprisoned by the goddess he currently worships so much.

  24. Anonymous

    Anyone else getting constant and random lag spikes/fps drop?
    Happens frequently when opening the menu.
    Tried this on a fresh, untranslated copy and got the same results, was this also part of the Bethesda-tier glitchy experience?

  25. B.L.

    Hey guys, I’ve got a technical issue. My copy of Paradox 2 doesn’t have a Script directory to put the new translation files into, it has Audio, Graphics, Save, and System directories. So…where do I put the new translation files for Yitnasi?

  26. H.H.

    Excuse me, could someone happen to me at the ITH (Interactive Text Hooker)? I do not know why, but when I download the official page and open it, I always get an error when I try to use it in the game and this, before, did not happen to me.

  27. H.H.

    Also … is there someone of kind soul, who has a save of the game, with all the characters of both routes? And if possible, with some of the complete maze finished? It’s just that … I reset my computer and I lost my saved and so … I need help.

    • EbonyCaesar

      I have all of the characters from both routes except panty sensei and the third perverted friend (I forget his name). I haven’t done anything with the maze yet thought.

  28. Anonymous

    as I do not know Japanese would like to know why in that tartarus there are two black alice’s and why one was accompanying the hero heinrich.

    • Arj

      If you try to fight that worlds Black Alice with Heinrich in your party, she won’t show up. If you try it with the “witch Black Alice” in your party, she will leave your party until you exit the castle. So it’s probably the same one you fight as is in your party, but as to why I have no idea… Maybe she was doing the same thing with Heinrich as Luka and Alice did in the original trilogy.

      • I’ve heard there are some implications of Black Alice and Heinrich having been like Luka and Alice in the original trilogy (which I still haven’t played) and that their falling out may have been what turned her so evil, but I’ve also seen some people say that Lillith and Lillim’s line about how Heinrich stole away Black Alice’s love was a mistranslation. The alt versions of them in Paradox seem to confirm it, however.

    • tylander

      I am having the same issue. You used to be able to hit the “show items in raw data” to be able to input the items/weapons you wanted but since the new update, it hasn’t worked for me. I’m far from an expert, but my current hypothesis is that the increase in possible stats and the new items from LoC may have passed the scope of what the save editor can edit currently. In other words, just like you couldn’t put in numbers for attack, defense, etc. higher than 9999, the corresponding numbers for the new items and weapons might not even exist in the save editor, making the file un-editable aside from what is currently part of the save file itself. I also tried using the RPG Ace editor to no avail so we might just have to rely on cheat engine for now. Like I said earlier, this is all conjecture on my part so maybe one of the veterans like Passerby, Casian and Co. will have an idea.

      • passerby4554

        I’m a veteran? Heh, and they say flattery gets you nowhere. Anyhow, he’s right. I’ve personally used the save editor, but I had to use an old save that was before 2.20, since opening the save editor with a 2.20 save doesn’t work for the item raw data. Tylander’s theory has some solid conjecture, and it could very well be the reason it doesn’t work right now; as far as I can tell, I think people are trying to work out the kinks or waiting until 2.21’s patch in order to see if it works then. We just have to be patient and I bet by the time it’s the summer of this year, either 2.21 comes out and we can use Save editor again or 2.21 comes out and we can just play normally. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

        • tylander

          Wow! I honestly wasn’t expecting an actual reply. Thanks for providing some clarification since up to this point, I only half believed my own theory XD. I hope you’re right that the save editor will be updated to accommodate saves for MGQP2.

          As an aside, although I’ve never needed assistance with the patching process, I appreciate all of the contributions you’ve made to the community with your tutorials for those not as technologically savvy as the rest of us. I thought it would be nice to mention this since I see a lot of comments thanking Dargoth and Co. (as they well should), but basically zero comments thanking you for your efforts as well.

          • I never used a save editor before
            can it multiply those exp and skill point consumables so you can upgrade your favorite waifus to top performance without needing to farm the la croix tower for years until they get max level max job?
            still waiting on part 1 until part 2 is playable

            now the second question: is there a table with every item by number somewhere?
            because it shows the items and equipment by number (ex: item#216) instead of their names (ex: angel seed) and i’m afraid of changing something i shouldn’t instead of just getting 99 of archangel/genius/ancestry seed and be done with it

  29. Hello Guys,

    @Dargoth and his mighty team ^^
    Shirome discovered that the multiplier you assigned to the dark skill from Sonya’s chaos weapon is wrong
    You put it as 1400%, but it does more damage on a per hit basis than eternal darkness, which has 1800%.

    Thanks you so much for your hard work guys.

  30. Anonymous

    Hello o/ I have a doubt about buff skills, for example, if i use Page 1001 of Divine Protection that rise all status will stack with the dance skill that makes the same thing ?

  31. Kajukin


    I have to chose wich part i will go, Marine or Pirate. Are both translated jet?

  32. Anonymous

    anyone know a game like mgq paradox without the hentai part? like a classic rpg with good story telling and a bestiary of classic mythological creatures. thx

      • I played this a bit ago. It should be mentioned that there IS hentai in it, but it has a lot more focus on the story telling. It’s also a strategy RPG akin to something like Fire Emblem rather than Paradoxes Dragon Quest-style gameplay. There are also three different main stories diverging at the first chapter based on which of the three heroines you choose as your main love interest (you commit to a path by making a choice during an event with one of them in either chapter 2 or 3 (there’s an event each for two of them and doing and NOT doing them and/or /choosing to follow through with the events will set you on the third path). i suggest doing them in the order of the Swordswoman (this story is better if you haven’t played the others first), the Magician girl (the best overall story imo), and then the Elf (not a great story, but a good cooldown from the other two).

          • There’s no route or merged plot where you get all 3 (though there is ONE scene involving all 3, but you need them to be equipped with NG+ only costumes), you have to play through the game 3 separate times to see them all. There are a lot of secondary female characters who have scenes with main character that can be done in any route, though.

        • BTW there are other two games in this series with similar gameplay, you can check them on vndb. Castle Meister is better (imho) than Kamidori in terms of plot, but have only one main heroine (no routes) and not so good (imho) gameplay (in Kamidori you can enjoy it for 150+ hours, in Castle Meister is about 70-90 and then it become boring)..

          • If their’s an English translation, I’d be interested, but as far as I know the only Eushally games with translations are Kamidori and that baby making Bancho game. I sort of want to play Himegari and that elf slave princess game referenced in both plus that goddess fighter thing series that Yuela’s cameo costume is from (guess I just want to play all the cameo costume games, come to think of it :P), but from what I’ve heard most Eushally games go untranslated do to too little interest for the amount of work they take to translate.

            • Konstantine

              Most of Eushully games have full interface translation patches, all gameplay is translated, but story isn’t. Though their game with best plot (Ikusa Megami Zero) have full translaiton, but quality isn’t good.

              Both games mentioned by me have interface translation. You can easily read the story with machine translation and/or Parser dictionaries. You just need basic knowledge of Japanese and enough patience to adjust your brain to broken English.

  33. So buggy that we dont even have it on anime sharing yet…
    I want the new sonia scenes :(((((
    not a single good doujin release, and MGQP2 still isn’t playable yet, this year started crappy

    • You can buy it from DLsite. Part 1 and Part 2 are about 30 USD each. If you buy it rather than tracking down a pirated version, you’ll be able to get the updated versions of the game as soon as they’re released and guarantee that they’ll be compatible with Dargoth’s patch.

  34. Andy

    can someone pls help me to understand the manually patch. the read me file says something about ytinasni.rpgmaker.patchmaker.exe. but i can not see it anywhere.

  35. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me how far the progress is thus far? Im currently doing the marine/navy arc and see a lot japanese fragments, not sure if thats a sign that Im already at the end of the translation or it was just overlooked though.

  36. S45

    Anyone know why I can’t use ‘Stealth Steal’ at all? Every single time I do get my characters to listen to me and use it, I get a message sayng ‘couldn’t steal anything from X’

  37. Anonymous

    Warning this question may contain spoilers from Part 2 of the game
    A doubt I have, I heard about the Loli Illias and the Illias of the Original universe, but in the end Luka kills her AI goes my question as that he came back to life and ended up in the universe paradox.
    Another question I have and the paradox was originated when Illias of the paradox did not destroy Remine, ai another question, why they were trying to bring Henrich back.
    Sorry if some of the following points have already been answered before.

    • insane77


      The loli ilias that is your companion is the illias of the original universe. The paradox was caused when luka defeated Black Alice and she was sent to another time line due an experiment that was conducted there, which lead to the great disaster that created the tartarus pits. I do not believe that the luka we are playing as is the original, rather we are the paradox luka.

  38. Some Random Dude 101

    Why is the size repository file in bitbucket changed after downloaded? It said it was 75.5MB, but shrinks into 14MB when downloaded?

  39. Anonymous

    While everyone is waiting for a new release you should check out the Monster girl quest new game plus by Ectasy. The discord has been getting some new test builds recently.

  40. OtaKael

    Out of curiousity, can anyone confirm for me whether the japanese DLSite release is also bugged? I know the english one is, but I was reading the japanese reviews on the JP DLsite and none of them seem to mention any bugs or problems. They’re all unanimously praising the game, which is not a problem of course, the game’s amazing, but it just makes me wonder if maybe only the english DLsite release got fucked.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure it’s both. There’s a blog or something where people post bugs for Paradox that TTR sometimes posts in and from what I saw, they were well aware of the issues. (The site is aimed at Japanese players.)

    • Anonymous

      I’m almost sure JP and EN DLsite releases are the exact same thing, unless it’s an officially translated game of course. And most reviews were written long before 2.20 so even if people are angry about the bugs it’s not going to get review bombed in real time, it’s not steam lol.

  41. Arj

    Hey, I have a spoiler heavy question.

    In the original trilogy, Marcellus and his merry friends killed Alice XV, but they never did that in the Paradox universe. So do we know where the Paradox’s main-universe version of her is, or what happened to her? I might have missed that, or just can’t remember…

    • Marcellus never killed her, but when the Tartarus popped up, she went investigating in the one leading to the “Monsters Won The War” world. She disappeared for years, but showed up again after the White Rabbit knocked Alice XVI to Illiasville at the beginning of the game. I believe she started helping out the 3 ancient Succubi sisters (though I might be wrong about this part) and eventually asked Marcellus to kill her at the end of Part 2 to help slow down the chaos, which he does (presumably when she went into the Tartarus, she learned about the paradox and that’s why did all these things after coming back).

  42. Anonymous

    Is it me or do the most recent files in bitbucket crash the game? I’m getting a crash on start-up related to a script called Script_00000254_【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 (as far as I can tell)

  43. Anonymous

    i want to ask if anyone can fix this

    *Error – v2.20.00 – 2018-02-16 18:26:19 (Friday)
    Exception : NoMethodError
    undefined method `<' for nil:NilClass
    ["( ベース/GameObject ):320:in `targets_for_opponents'", "( ベース/GameObject ):244:in `make_targets'", "( ターゲット拡張_102 ):264:in `make_targets'", "( エンチャント/note ):1687:in `block in invoke_counter_attack'", "( エンチャント/note ):1679:in `times'", "( エンチャント/note ):1679:in `invoke_counter_attack'", "( 修正8 ):69:in `block (3 levels) in process_invoke_item'", "( 修正8 ):67:in `each'", "( 修正8 ):67:in `block (2 levels) in process_invoke_item'", "( 修正8 ):51:in `each'", "( 修正8 ):51:in `each_with_index'", "( 修正8 ):51:in `block in process_invoke_item'", "( 修正8 ):44:in `times'", "( 修正8 ):44:in `process_invoke_item'", "( ベース/Scene ):645:in `use_item'", "( 変数拡張 ):192:in `use_item'", "( Scene_Battle ):592:in `execute_action'", "( ベース/Scene ):612:in `process_action'", "( 付随/時間停止 ):350:in `turn_end'", "( ベース/Scene ):609:in `process_action'", "( Scene_Battle ):48:in `update'", "( Scene_Base ):14:in `main'", "( ベース/Module ):130:in `run'", "( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):118:in `run'", "( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `block in ‘”, “:1:in `block in rgss_main'”, “:1:in `loop'”, “:1:in `rgss_main'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `'”, “ruby:in `eval'”]

  44. ScarredMercy

    So, does anyone have a guide as to how to manually patch the game with what translations have been done so far?

    I swear I saw something like it awhile ago, but can’t seem to find it again.

    • Better to copy and paste this to some file in your pc. 😉

      1. Have a fresh latest version of MGQP 2.

      2. Download the RpgMakerVXAce Translator 0.10c.7z and unzip it preferably in the game folder.

      3. Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.GameSelector.exe, give it the path of the game and let it run its course. It will generate a “Script” folder.

      4. Download the latest master file among the branches and unzip its contents into the aforementioned “Script” folder. It should ask for overwriting, do so.

      5. Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe and let it run its course. If it encountered problems, you’ve probably messed something up. If it finishes without a hitch, it generates an “out” folder. That’s where the translated game resides.

      6. Profit! Enjoy your semi-translation!

      Until there’s a new game version, you’ll be able to update the translation starting from step 4 every time the master branch is updated. If there’s a new game version you’ll have to start over.

    • I dont know why but the comment auto scroll doesnt works anymore, at least with me, then :

      1. Have a fresh latest version of MGQP 2.

      2. Download the RpgMakerVXAce Translator 0.10c.7z and unzip it preferably in the game folder.

      3. Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.GameSelector.exe, give it the path of the game and let it run its course. It will generate a “Script” folder.

      4. Download the latest master file among the branches and unzip its contents into the aforementioned “Script” folder. It should ask for overwriting, do so.

      5. Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe and let it run its course. If it encountered problems, you’ve probably messed something up. If it finishes without a hitch, it generates an “out” folder. That’s where the translated game resides.

      6. ???

      7. Profit! Enjoy your semi-translation! It’s far from finished but at least the interface is mostly translated.


      Here the link, it will maybe works with you :

  45. Anonymous

    Hey, so I have two situations where I keep crashing that I’ve discovered so far. This is using the latest commit with 2.20. One is with Alice when I switch her to the Magician job and the other is with Sonya when I switch her to the Battlemaster job.

    After I’ve made the switch, if I go to either the Equipment or Ability pages, the game crashes when I try to exit the menu, regardless of if I made any changes or not. I wonder if anyone has encountered the same issue and has a fix? I think what I’m going to do for now though is just open my saves with the raw copy of 2.20 and make the changes I want there. Hopefully this issue is resolved in the next commit.

  46. takeruattano

    Just found out that ToroToro has added new lines for an event ( ver2.21) where you defeat Nanabi by yourself in the first encouter instead of needing a hand from Neris.Not yet translated so I’m really curious what they were saying tbh.

    • Anonymous

      That event was always there, it is just that usually you won’t be able to beat Nanabi on 1 turn unless your party is very op (which is hard with part 1 alone)

      And for what Neris said, she just commented on how strong Luka was and that there wasn’t any need for her to help.

      • takeruattano

        Nah man, I’ve beat her since part 1 ver 1.21 in one turn and the script just omitted the part where Neris used Granberry’s special move and it counts as she helped Luka so yeah I don’t really think it was there the whole time.

        • Anonymous

          Well, maybe not when it was just part 1, but I got that scene back when I was doing a second run with Ilias after clearing part 2 with Alice, and that was months ago.

          • takeruattano

            Maybe that’s the case. Cause I did a lot of NG+ in part 1 and just recently saw that scene after I did a NG+ in part 2.

  47. Anonymous

    Ah nice! Thank you so much for your hard work! Do you have a pateron or something i could donate to?
    Also quick question for anyone, im going to wait to complete the first one, and need to know has it been translated completely yet? If not has Sluggy stars been translated?
    Thanks for your help

  48. Some Random Dude 101

    I don’t really get how dargoth’s translation works. I check in the Paste Bin every time there was an update, yet in the progress file, the total number of translation remains the same…

  49. kami-Ge

    Hello, I’m sorry if its meant for somewhere else, but this thread looks the most active.

    So I am trying to categorize the “special” floors of the labyrinth of chaos, where you may encounter strange and odd things. I read all kanji but no moonrunes, and so will *try* to categorize the ones I have already seen. Any input from the vets who’s been in LoC much longer than me are welcome to add to this ^^.

    All description will include -> how to beat -> what prizes there are

    – someone (polar bear/mermaid merchant) getting attacked by lizard bandits -> beat lizard bandits -> random item
    – small map with Shenron from dragonball -> asks a question “what is your wish”. Several answers including 1 get weapon 2 get armor X world domination, as well as many more options i cannot read -> weapon was just a yellow weapon for current tier
    – pond with slime and another char (I had Eva once, Lazius once) in house to right side -> Need to catch fish. IMPORTANT catch the fastest fish which yields tasty fish, feed tasty fish twice to character on right -> get yellow item. If you catch “awful fish” twice, its game over, no items and go to next level
    – pond with lamia (anastasia), lamia falls into pond, Ilias comes out as spirit of the pond, 3x lamia comes out (Amira, Anastasia, shirohebi) and asks you which one fell in.-> answer correct -> get item. I suppose the one falling in could be another character, so make sure u pick the right one.
    – small room with ilias and alice and male, male is asking which one he should marry. -> i think both choices gives u items? Only had this once
    – Granberia/alma elma -> super tough fight -> choose one type of armor mastery (including ones u cannot get otherwise in part 2 such as gi/dress/robe mastery) for one character and a yellow item
    – superboss floor with white rabbit -> super difficult bosses, i had Alice 8th (could not even get thru first form > no idea what rewards r, prob rare items. note u can escape to next floor without fighting superboss
    – chest floor -> lots of chests with lots of spawns
    – NPC character -> NPC character dependent
    – Pirate vs marine -> choose one side to help, battle other side -> yellow item

    Any help padding this out, then transferring it to the LoC wiki page would be much appreciated.

  50. kami-Ge

    Next up, I had a few game mechanic questions to see if the vets can help me with, as I am trying to suss out how to beat the superbosses without the division destiny rondo crisis maid boost infinite turns with an electromagnetic armor every turn.

    1. evening moon dance – says it nullify all magical damage, does it cancel holy dark and the special elements like nuclear (super fire) and the chaos elements. Or is it that all the “autohit” attacks r unaffected by evening moon?
    2. chaos elements, dafaq r they?
    3. taoist interception formation -> autocounter all magical damage. Does it counter holy dark and super elements?
    4. vs Granberia’s quadriple giga -> is it considered a magical attack or physical? Can it be nullified with the lamia moon dances/dragon pulse song, can it be countered with the physical counter skills
    5. monster lord’s cruelty -> considering the superboss’s stats r like 100s x normal, each hit is enough to kill. Therefore any way to survive it besides 8x electromagnetic armor + endure and wish it passes?
    6. Autohit breaths (fire, ice, the combination etc) – I think I have tested and the evening moon dance does block their damage, not their status effects. Can anyone confirm this is also the case, and can holy/dark attacks be blocked.

    As always, praise b to dargoth and the team for bringing this gem to english. To think, I initially looked down upon the eroge nukige subgenre. I now see the error of my ways, this is the true Kamige

    • Well Well, i stopped playing the game but if i remember correctly :
      1) Doesn’t nullify dark/holy/chaos and i think its the same for nuclear
      2)Hum, best element in the game ?
      3)I really dont know im sorry, i dont use “counter abilities”
      4)Certain hit cannot be nullified, i dont know about the counter
      5)MLC one of the most dangerous skill in the game, well once its used you are fcked without a full protection…,and dont forget holy martyr or miracle of the goddess. You can always boost your dark resistance, in the new LoC its easy to do.
      6)Auto-hit/certain hit cant be nullified by a lamia dance, same goes for holy/dark since their are a auto hit element itself.

      If something is wrong, please correct me.

      • kami-Ge

        how do u get started on the LOC? I only recently started, having trouble by the level 3 trials and the level 200s. Without the BS counter abilities i have no idea how to proceed.

        Oddly enough I note issues with 2 of my counter members, Amphil the apoptosis and naho the slime doll. Amphil for some reason keeps countering my own party wide buffs such as daisy bell, hero song etc, nullifying its effect for other members and reducing my armor walls. That was initially due to the 100% counter rate of “vibration armor”, but even after I took it off, where the status screen shows 0% counter rate, amphil will still counter my own song/dance buffs.

        The same was also seen once only by Naho, who countered her own song for some odd reason.

        party-wise i run twin supports with dance, song, alchemy, service, slime, summons. Aliceometria is hybrid support with dance taoism magic science and acts as magical canon vs the physical reflects, and Alice as main offense (physical), permanently below 20% hp to take advantage of 50% stats and spirit legacy (crisis 2* turns).

        Any ideas on how to get started on LOC grinding (I have some lvl7-9 items) would b much appreciated.

        • You’re too much into counter abilities, the beginning can be hard yes. What i do :
          At the beginning i farm the trial cave labyrinth only.
          Agility is essential . With both spear or first for every member with spear/fist mastery. In the beginning at the start of every fight i used : Hero song/ Null physical lamia dance ( if i know i cant finish the battle in one turn( for the floor 4 when yu begin)).
          Then with the rest of the active team i used my best skill available. (I like holy spear skill), and MLC with Alicetromeria.
          If you can get some dark skill boost stuff or gem Alicetromeria can be a monster pretty early.
          I farmed the floor 4 a lot, once your stuff is ok, yu can go to the normal LoC and farm a legendary gear from floor 300-310, then repeat.
          Floor 5 monsters are much harder than monsters from floor 300-350 if i remember correcly.

          Sorry if its not clear :s

          • Ho and Sonya/hild with heavy magic and a good magic stuff ( fist can give magic stat) can be usefull if you use Divine dragon ( advanced summoner job) when you start LoC.

          • kami-Ge

            ohh i c, thanks. Yes indeed, your legendary 2.20 saved game does show you to favor an attack orientated setup with focus on the angels and the spear skills.

            I suppose my major major problem is trying to use LoC as both an item farm, and to improve my team at the same time, so i keep changing up my classes as one job/race gets maxed and I go on the next one, unlike your everyones a pirate king getup.

            I shall try then to finish my job/race mastery, then rechallenge LOC. Thanks for your advice ^^.

            … dont counter with your daystars? XP

            • Well no, when i started the LoC , Daystar was bugged xD.
              There’re some weapon that give autofull power at the beginning, its because of that im more oriented atk. But i always have 2-3 magic dealer just in case in my main team.

              Once your active team kill everybody you can put some new members in reserve for training them. But when you start the LoC no, you dont have that luxury, you need a full team prepared to fight.

              Well have fun ^^
              Ps: If you are oriented atk, put heavy fist and forceful spear abilities , it will greatly boost your atk with both weapon.

            • kami-Ge

              heavy fist/forceful spear makes it so instead of calculating dmg as (atk+agl)/2, it just straight up used ATK?

              So assuming auto-full power, the dmg calculations now go from (3*atk+agl)/2 into straight 3*ATK, am i correct in this understanding?

              Better start using those abilities then, so far i have always let the weapons use their natural calculations.

      • Yeah :
        Master Scholar Job
        lvl 10: Nuclear – Magic Science (Nuclear 1400% ^ of Mag, Dex), Target: All Foes, Effect: Ignore Def, Auto-Hit
        Makina Master Job
        lvl 10: Ragnarok – Makina (Nuclear 1800% Dex), Target: All Foes, Effect: Ignore Def, Auto-Hit.
        There’re some more new elements

        • kami-Ge

          yes, though due to makina needing the actual key item, Ragnarok cannot be used, so only the skill “nuclear” from top tier magic scientist can be used.

          if you talk to reaper/white rabbit who have like 10 different lines which differs everytime u talk to them, they do mention the special elements. I suppose they are all auto-hit ignore defense versions of the regular 6 elements.

  51. Anonymous

    Hey, just a head’s up to Dargoth and whoever else has access to the commits, the Script_00000159_図鑑%002fカウント.txt file is still causing an issue with certain jobs and the game crashing on certain menus in the latest commit. Luckily there’s the file the Anon who helped me out earlier provided in the thread but it still needs to be updated in the master branch.

  52. takeruattano

    Holy Shit, I don’t know if it was the original game’s intention or because of Dargoth’s unfortunate friends fix the bugs that cause this:

    Everytimes someone in your party counter or magic counter, they end up nullify the wholeparty-attacking moves like DayStar which is OP as fuck.
    For examples: The angels in the Alt Iliasvillage, whenever they use the snake tail on the team, my Alma Elma counters it and it does not deal damage to other members, one time my
    Bunni just countered the Suprise Box from Mimic Girl, it went away after she did it too ( I put her in the first line of the party)
    Same for Nanabi’s Taoist Exorcist

  53. takeruattano

    What actually the ” Demon art Eyes of Rage( enemies become berserk)” does? I thought it was like buff the enemy attack’s power and they can’t use magic pleasure,ect but instead all of their skills are buffed( Attack, Mag,Dex 50% up lol) and they can use all type of skills which mean you dig your own grave when you use this skill,especially when playing in Paradox difficulty.

    • Enemies are stronger, but targeting is random XD, you can feel satisfaction from enemy’s frustration because of not being able to choose target freely.

      • takeruattano

        More like It’s me getting irritated cause now they’re capable of killing my whole party in 1 hit. Good game well designed skill ToroToro.

  54. kami-Ge

    FOUND THE PROBLEM, phew, it was totally bugging me.

    So basically kept dying in LOC cos one of my characters (Amphil) kept countering my own team buffs (songs/dances/quicks), leading to Amphil deleting my own team’s walls, negating my buff for everybody, and generally being an ass.

    Initially i thought it was due to my ability “Vibration armor”, but it persisted afterwards. I think the problem came from a characteristic in one of my rare LOC spears, which had a “omni-counter” 万能XXXX (i assume they say counter as the first syllable corresponded with the KA in LUKA).

    So basically i take off this spear, and no random counters occur. Guess i better get myself sum new spears ><

    Any way of communicating to TRTR, as this omnicounter for your own team's buffs seems…..pretty "counter"-intuitive.

  55. kami-Ge

    i read somewhere that after u hit a species with a corresponding slayer attack (e.g. harpy with harpy slayer), all damage to that harpy is increased, even non-slayer attacks, but I have not been able to reproduce this in test conditions. Anyone knows if its true or not?


    All Hail Dargoth

  56. takeruattano

    After the latest bitbucket ( Feb 27) All Saki’s dancing and singing are capable of seducing her own team members and enemies like
    Curse dance : Inflict poison, blind, seal now can seduce enemies
    Hustle Dance and Encourage Dance : Buff and heal teamates now can Auto-hit seduce them??? lol

    These things are not in the previous patch which I can confirm this.

    • takeruattano

      Even the Bosses and Allies which are immune to seduction now still can be affected by it 100% don’t know if I should be happy about this OP Saki now or not.

      • kami-Ge

        not sure if OP or wrecks the whole team, since if ur teams all seduced, only Saki can move, and shes gotta keep on dancing right?

        • takeruattano

          Nope she seduces herself too that why it’s breaking the game. So as long as i refrain from using her for supporting and just use Dancing , Singing to debuff, inflict status to enemies , she is broken.

  57. shwi

    Anyone planning to translate any H scenes? I’m thankful for all that’s been done so far. But it’s been months since any H scene has been translated if I read the commit section

    • Anonymous

      There’s a team of four translators, myself included, doing translations. We’ve actually put out a very good number of them, but they haven’t been merged into the game yet.

        • Anonymous

          hey passerby i just wanted to ask if there was something difficult about the scenes. I barely understand Bit Bucket or GitHub but when i browse through the commits section i only rarely seen scenes added. Is it just the fact that scenes are longer entries and of course they take longer or is it some weird coding thing?

          Thanks for all the work so far though.(really don’t want this comment to be seen as some kind of accusation thing sorry if it comes off that way.)

          • ArzorX

            that’s because dargoth its busy with other things so he upload some scenes from time to time or he only upload the minor ones like library entries or some little changes like skills etc the scenes need more time for him to check so you have to be a little patient my friend

            • Anonymous

              Thanks for answering! Honestly I was just curious, I am perfectly happy to wait for a game to be translated that I would have no chance otherwise to enjoy.

      • Anonymous

        Wait, do you mean that there are scenes that haven’t been merged onto bitbucket or simply that haven’t been put into a patch? Just wondering if bitbucket is still a good way to track progress of things. Thank you for your work btw.

  58. kami-Ge

    By the way, is the MP drain still a viable tactic for LOC? I haven’t used the mana drain strike setup very much so far, but from my tests so far:

    – mana drain strike now is a separate category and therefore does NOT stack with chaotic attack (thru the nekomata dance or innate), tentacle up, double triple attack or any of the multi-normal attack buffs, sort of like how previously bandit/mug attack does not stack with them.
    – in using the godly dragon lance skill (25% HP/SP drain, 10% MP drain), doing apprx 1Million (not the japanese MAN 10,000 unit) of damage, I am draining in the order of 100k MP., and at no point does the enemy appear to stop giving MP. Does that mean enemy has high MP above the 9999 ceiling in 2.11, or is the godly dragon skill just translating a portion HP damage into MP?

    If anyone can advise what they test on the above, would b highly appreciated

    • kami-Ge

      karma/history repeats itself, just like Alice XVI did with Luka, Alice VIII travelled with Heinrich in the latter’s quest to defeat monster lord, both again found Ilias to b the monster she was. However Heinrich decided to go at ilias alone, not asking for help from spirits and Black Alice. This is speculated to be why, Black Alice was said to have “lost all her love because of Heinrich”.

      A plot summary for part 2?

      tries to follow proper history -> shit hits the fan every where u go (Grand Noah war with Grangold, undine salamander) -> monster army under Alice XV attacks humans -> space time dimension hopping to find the 6 orbs to summon garuda to go Hellgondo to stop Alice XV -> detour to snow continent because of interruption to mana -> real diarrhoea hits the fan -> u learn reason why this paradox world is most important, and where paradox happened -> further stuff to do on your to do list

      Manyeyedhydra ( has a very entertaining and epic “let’s play” text blog post series for part 1 (50 parts) and part 2 (ongoing currently 47 parts) which goes through the story in slightly more detail, as well as pictures, thoughts, speculation and the like. You may like it there.

      • Huh. But I thought Alice VIII was the worst of Monster Lords and that Heinrich killed her? If she became Black Alice after his death, then who killed her? Ilias?

        And thanks for the link and general summary.

        • kami-Ge

          well that’s the way everyone thought, but with new information that appears to be coming to light, it is easy to speculate that maybe Alice VIII and Heinrich had the same fight, defeated Alice, refused to kill her, Ilias came down scene. Given the other circumstantial information, i think its likely that Alice VIII aka Aliceometria became batshit insane after finding out Ilias killed Heinrich, and became Black Alice who now knows no love (heart = broken when lolirich died) and lives only to cause wanton destruction of Ilias’s playground, since Alice VIII is 8 times diluted from Alice I and no longer a match for Ilias.

          Potentially it was Ilias who killed Aliceometria after she found out Heinrich;s death, but Ilias felt like she could be useful and saved her, forced her to swear fealty etc, which can also allude to why Black Alice was constantly scheming behind Ilias’s back in the original history

  59. Anonymous

    Not sure if it’s been overlooked, but just wanted to inform you guys that there’s some untranslated lines when you recruit monster girls that come in groups like the zombies or the fairies. Basically, the first line of their dialogue is translated, but the dialogue from their friends isn’t. Not sure if that’s known or whatever, so just putting it there, Not a big deal, just kinda breaks the continuity of everything.

  60. takeruattano

    After the english patch, there is a minor race ( or type of skills are buggy)
    Lippy ( Little Bug Girl ) with Insect skills sometimes freeze the game now ( Didn’t happen before) and lower her Att,Mag,Agi,Dex,All Def without any reason( especially when uses Group Leader and Group Action ( Attack and Insect Skils acts thrice/twice)

    • ArzorX

      no nvm trtr find bug and take down the link to the download with this message
      “A serious bug was confirmed in v 2.21
      Currently we are taking procedures for immediate release.
      Please be careful not to download it.
      I am sorry.”

      • Heh. I love how hilarious that sounds in my head.
        ”Here’s the bug fix version that fixes all the terrible bugs. Oh no! There’s an even worse bug in the bug fix version! Never mind. Please wait.” XD

  61. Version 2.21 is up. They managed to fix their bugs. Here is the message from the blog:

    “Again, v2.21 with the bug fixed was released on DLsite.
    Just to be sure, please do not forget to back up.
    We truly apologized for the inconvenience and we apologize.”

  62. Kajukin


    Shoud we wait until a Update come from Dargoth or still manually patch?
    There are changes in the game to take out the bugs, so far i understand the bitbucked commends. So it would work if i patch with the normaly bitbucket masterfile or would it crash the game?

  63. just finished the first Monster Girl Quest trilogy. looking forward to playing Paradox. but I’ll wait till its finished and fully translated. you’re doing gods work

  64. Anonymous

    Any possibility of a bare minimum UI patch for 2.21? I just want to run the LoC with Translation Aggregator but it really lags out my system when it has to translate the whole UI etc.

    • Anonymous

      can someone tell me why i get the error ”Object reference not set on an instance of an object” please??? i am not that much of a genius but i seriously want to play and i can’t run the patch Q^Q

      • Anonymous

        Where does this message pop up? If you are trying to patch 2.21 with 2.20 files that could cause it. There are updated files on the discord for 2.21 if that’s the case. 2.21 added a few things that wouldn’t be referenced in the old patch files.

        • Anonymous

          i have 2.21 and the message pop up when it tries to translate the map folder, for now i will try the discord patch and hoping it work and thanks for the help^^

    • Anonymous

      i have TA, but what is LoC ? id like to try to play the game in the meantime, how do you even get it to translate the UI?

    • Anonymous

      Scrolling up like 5 post was a bridge to far for you huh… Updated files for 2.21 are on the discord, the bucket hasn’t been updated to 2.21 yet and I think Dargoth is waiting to see how stable 2.21 is first. So it’s possible, just search for post from either Steve Judd (The Bug King) or MGQ_EX.

    • Anonymous

      He’s currently working on the Monster Girl Quest games for now so prob don’t expect anything till all of MGQ paradox part 1 – 3 are out and translated.

      • CivilDeviation

        Problem is, it seems like the Sei MonMusu fans ask about progress and never stick around long enough to learn the answer. I’ll commiserate that It’s certainly disappointing to wait 3 years without a finished product.

        Yet 3 years of never figuring out the answer indicates that responsibility at this point has shifted not to the item in question but to the questioner for having yet learn the answer.

  65. steven peter

    I just bought part 2 and have tried to install the patch also downloaded the master files from the update site im on v2 21.00 an when i try install the translation patch i get this message

    error the method or operation is not implimented press enter to continue then the other window tells me i was ment to pick a directory with the game file in it which i have done (i unziped the file into the game directory so i wouldnt have to change anything)

    is this because its version ? or should the patch install anyways ? 🙁

  66. Guys, I’m having a problem patching the game. Using 2.10 ver since this ver is buggy and I managed to do finish the game selector and copy the files into the scripts folder but when I run the translator, it says that I need to run gameselector first before I run the translator.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    • FunFun

      I recommend joining the mgq paradox discord if you have any questions/problems. A lot of friendly and helpful people here that will help you in a heartbeat. You can find the link if you press ctrl + f and search for discord. Hope to see you there ^^

    • FunFun

      The progress file in the latest master file shows what’s translated and what’s not. You can find it on the bitbucket. You can find the link all the way at the top of this post, or by pressing ctrl + f and searching for ”bitbucket”. Once there (if you follow the link that Dargoth posted all the way at the top) you should be at the download section. From here, all you have to do is click the branches button (not the one on the left hand side) and download the file called ”master”. Inside the master file is an excell file called progress which is what you want. Hope this helps ^^

      • Ellis

        That file hasn’t been updated in a while mate, I highly doubt it’s even closely representative of what’s been translated.

        • FunFun

          Yeah, idk how many months ago the last uppdate on it was. There’s a decent amount missing from it, but even though it’s kinda outdated, it still gives somewhat of a overview of translation.

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