So Paradox 2.20 is buggy as hell

If you’ve tried to do much playing on version 2.20, you’ve probably noticed that it’s full of bugs. Torotoro hasn’t announced a 2.21 patch yet, but it’s certainly in the works. Until then, it’s hard to recommend playing this version. We’re continuing with the translation, but I don’t think I’ll be releasing a translation patch for 2.20. However, as usual, the latest files are on the repository and are (almost) always guaranteed to work. Just grab the RpgMakerVXAce Translator and a zip of the master branch from Or just wait until all the problems are fixed.


  1. While i have not played 2.20 yet I suspected that it would be buggy, I also thought that you would not release a patch in 2 seconds but would wait so no time would be wasted. While I’m happy that my guess was right I also would have loved a surprise like that there is no bugs and its all finished. Oh ce lavie

    • passerby4554

      I need to click that stupid box when I do my first comment so that I can subscribe. Wish there as a bigger button at the top of the page, but oh well.

    • Degenerate

      Excellent, I’ve been looking for a discord channel to keep myself updated on TL progress as well as the game itself.

  2. CwHart

    Thanks for the info, I havent even touched 2.20 as of yet cause I knew it prolly has its share of bugs. Also curious is Artee (Rogue) waiting for a certain patch before he continues his translation, or did he take a break. Notice he was been gone since October.

  3. Cellulanus

    For now I’m just going to wait for a complete translation patch. I’ll be happy as long as I know you aren’t dead.

    Please don’t die.

  4. No

    Lo and behold, for He, The One, The Only, the Chosen by Fate to provide has appeared.

    Alas, fate has presented such a perilous journey, a dangerous struggle that Dargoth The Almighty and Rouge, he who descended from Odinsleep, will have to overcome.
    Faith shall remain in the hearts of us, lesser beings, waiting for the promised patch, for it is the One who can appease the needs of those below Him, The Only, The Chosen.

    May His holiness remain untarnished as He scouts the Moonrune fields.

  5. Anonymous

    When i enter labyrynth of chaos white rabbit say’s something about medals,
    I’m not so good at kanji, but what she meant is that these medals will not be accessible until part 3?

    • Anonymous

      As far as I can tell, there’s a medal reward at some point in the Labyrinth that won’t carry into the 3rd chapter, as it will appear in the 3rd chapter. The medal is only for ‘self-satisfaction.’ It recommends creating a separate save to be safe. Presumable, the medal(s) will just be removed from your inventory when importing into Part 3.

      The text is in Map644, event 8 if you need to reference it.

  6. Tomoya Okazaki

    This is probably a stupid question, but does Laplace and the drain lab make it into this chapter? Just curious to see if anyone knows. Thanks and leaving a comment so that I can keep tabs too ^_-.

  7. Anonymous

    Hey btw, what about Part 1 Vore Scenes ? Is there an update on part 1 patch, and how does this work? I have only 2 Exe things in the rpg translatoor thing, there should be 3 there

  8. Gareki(sp)

    passerby4554 I’m sorry did not answer before, I tried the game these weeks it’s great I just wanted to say that you do a good job, keep going 🙂

    • passerby4554

      Well, thank you; just to be clear, I’m not really a part of the translation team, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to help others here and there,

  9. Aaron Martin

    So are we talking game breaking, screw your save file bugs or “that’s not quite right” but still playable bugs? In any case thank you very much Dargoth and team for translating this, and continuing to do so. Huge project and you deserve tons of respect for doing this. Peace and prosperity to you and yours.

    • Konstantine

      I’m pretty sure this ““that’s not quite right” but still playable bugs” . And I’m not sure ToroToro will fix those bugs, as he mentioned already that 2.20 is last patch for second part. Anyway if you want to play, you can just use files from repository.

      • CwHart

        There is always a final patch to clear up whatever issues are in the game. I cant see them ignoring whatever bugs might be in the game, specially glaring problems

  10. Kajukin

    Could we make a list with the bugs here that founded? I startet a new game in 2.20, and it will help me to figured out what praty i will make ^^
    soo RAPIER SKILL on ALICE are buggy
    Some thing else to notice?

    • Smashmalla

      Things that don’t work.
      HP regen (per turn) skills/abilities
      Counter/ magic counter
      Evasion/ magic evasion
      Divine destiny (lasts 2 turns not 3)
      Auto revive’s granted by skills like the medicine one.

  11. jchris1_2000

    Any idea when they will finish part 2 for a translation to be done? I can play through 1 again and finish leveling everybody with the current classes I suppose but an idea would be nice

  12. Boss

    Hi, im finding a problem using the Ytinashi Translator. After doing the steps in wich i use the game select and the modifications in Script, when i try to run the Translator.exe, it throws an exception during the process, Saying: ERROR: reference to object not establiced as instance of an object(or something like that, my console is not in English) right after: Building armors.rvdata2:

    System.NullReferenceException: Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un objeto.
    en Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.Translator.DataFile_Items.BuildDataFiles[StreamType](RubyObjectBindingMap objectBindingMap, Dictionary`2 textFileLines, Dictionary`2 resultStreams)
    en Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.Translator.Run(Boolean runExportPhase, Boolean runImportPhase)
    en Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.Program.b__0()
    en Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Initialize.Run(Action fn)
    en Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Initialize.Init(String[] args, Action fn)

    Does anyone know how can i solve it?

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