• Anonymous

      Welp i’ve been playing the game for like 2 days and i’ve probably knocked up half the girls in the castle. I think my luka’s gonna have some explaining to do once the adventures over. I would laugh if they actually brought you up on that. Like one of the ending is luka surrounded by angry pregnant monster girls lol. But honestly I suspect they’re just gonna say that what happens in the request scene stays in the request scene lol.

  1. Anonymous

    Sorry, but where can I get the actual games to use the translations with? Not just mgq, but things like desire dungeon and Violated Hero?

  2. Lamia Loveless

    Nice! Now I’m not really that eager to play the game so I think I’ll wait for the full translation. But it’s nice to see that you are making progress and aparently coordenating people a little better now!

  3. Incubusknight

    Thanks for the patch & update Dargoth. And no worries on not reaching your intended goal. All of the work you and your team has done in translating the game is appreciated and I’ll be looking forward to future patches in the new year. Till then I hope you and everyone that’s contributed to this project has a happy new year.

  4. Anonymous

    I was really hoping there would be more loss/request scenes translated 🙁 . Story is fine but I need some quality fap material heh

    anyway, thanks for the hard work, looking forward to the next patch. Don’t really understand why it takes Torotoro to translate into the english language, if anything they lose sales since people are more likely to just use whatever fan-subs are available instead of buying the official product. they have to know how popular the game is outside japan

  5. Anonymous

    I’m getting a wrong version error halfway through patching but my version is really the 1.21.00 one.
    Anyone else got this problem?

  6. Chiron Maximus

    Ok, something’s not right. I did everything right and I know it’s working, since the Reaper is talking normally, but when i try a scene that the spreadsheet said “VN loss/request PORTED”, it’s still bad English, and when I did a seduction, it was completely untranslated. I tried to move the game.rgssa to see what it would do, and it did change, but it was bad english for seductions and the reaper was bad english as well. Am I suppose to keep the rgssa in the folder, or am I messing something up?

    • Anonymous

      Take a raw game. Without any fancy english patch on it.
      Put everything of the patch download into the main directory of the game.
      Execute the executable
      Press on Patch
      And if that doesn’t work, throw your computer out of the window, or report the exact occurence to the great overlord Dargoth
      You needn’t change any files of the original game

  7. Thank you for all your work on this 🙂

    Reminder for everyone, if you’re just grabbing the original files to overwrite your proper game directory, clear out the Patch folder prior to running the patch or you’ll get a wrong version error.

  8. Anonymous

    I LOVE YOU DARGOTH. i check this site everyday just so you know. I should probably set up an RSS feed but it’s more exiting this way. Also Happy New Years, hope you have a monster girl to kiss for the countdown

    • Anonymous

      same for me, can we please get a manual patch release aswel like before? these patch programs allways seems to stop at 50% and give error massages

  9. Anonymous

    When i patch over the old release it say “wrong version” and when i patch over a new unpatched game it gives some Amira.ogg error.. i do have 1.21

    Message looks like this

    See the end of this message for details on invoking
    just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

    ************** Exception Text **************
    System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ‘J:NewMonmusu Quest! Paradox RPG [ver1.21]AudioBGMamira.ogg’ is denied.
    at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
    at System.IO.FileStream.Init(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Int32 rights, Boolean useRights, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES secAttrs, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy)
    at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy)
    at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share)
    at System.IO.File.WriteAllBytes(String path, Byte[] bytes)
    at RpgMakerPatcher.HashedDataStore_DirectoryWriter.WriteTree(HashedDataElement_Tree tree, Action`2 progress)
    at RpgMakerPatcher.Patcher.Run(String directory, String oldTreeHash, String newTreeHash, List`1 extraBlobs, String& error, Action`2 progress)
    at RpgMakerPatcher.Patcher.RunPatchUI_Start(Form form, Action`2 progress)
    at RpgMakerPatcher.PatchForm.button1_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnClick(EventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs mevent)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.ButtonBase.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Button.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

    ************** Loaded Assemblies **************
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.5485 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework64/v2.0.50727/mscorlib.dll
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version:
    CodeBase: file:///J:/New/Monmusu%20Quest!%20Paradox%20RPG%20%5Bver1.21%5D/Patch.exe
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version:
    CodeBase: file:///J:/New/Monmusu%20Quest!%20Paradox%20RPG%20%5Bver1.21%5D/RpgMakerPatcher.DLL
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.5491 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Windows.Forms/
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.5485 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System/
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.5491 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Drawing/
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 3.5.30729.5420 built by: Win7SP1
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Core/

  10. jchris1_2000

    Stopped working

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: Patch.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 5684ea84
    Fault Module Name: KERNEL32.dll
    Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.19381
    Fault Module Timestamp: 554d42a0
    Exception Code: e0434f4d
    Exception Offset: 0003fd1e
    OS Version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 4105

    • FickleArchivist

      Glad there’s more monster girls coming out but those two characters look pretty similar to Lilith from VH 4 and the mirror girl from the VH 4 Side Story.

      1 CG from two characters is no way to judge a game but I’m just hoping there’s more variation. I don’t mean to be a downer, I think they did pretty good with VH 5’s character designs, I’m just skeptical about long runners.

      • Anonymous

        i think there will be some variation. The game is technically not called “violated hero 6”, it is called “violated 6, a new game in the violated series”…So, it is possible there is no hero involved this time.

      • FickleArchivist

        Odd, but that seems like a good indicator of change. Hopefully, you get to play as a nobody because I’m really tired of chosen ones. Chosen One narratives can be done right, like being chosen because they’re the strongest person available or being told you’re special but are really a sacrifice but most chosen one narratives are pretty boring. VH seems to have done pretty well in that regard but without a chosen one, you run into having to explain how Bob the Florist defeated the Demon Queen when she invaded his town and smashed his flower pots.

  11. Chaos Angel of Change

    I just downloaded the patch but every time i open the patch it works until it reaches 50% it goes back to 49% and says wrong version. so what do i need to fix this?

    • FickleArchivist

      The most likely problems are either you are applying the patch to an already patched version of the game or your are applying the patch of to the wrong version of the game.

      If neither of those are the case, re-download the patch and try again. If that still doesn’t work, come back here.

      • Chaos Angel of Change

        It is the first one. so should i re download the game again and load that patch on to that? o sorry for not responding sooner i have been busy doing other stuff today.

    • FickleArchivist

      You walk into them. For the first Tartarus, the guard won’t let you in until you get Amira’s information and talk to the rabbit in the Pornof bar.

      For the second tartarus, after clearing the first, you just have to go through the Rustorumu Caves, visit Rustorumu Ruins and then head to the Tartarus.

      You might be able to sequence break some of this but I would advise against it.

    • FickleArchivist

      Your saves will work fine. You just have to copy and paste them into the newly patched game. I used to swap my saves from patched to unpatched and back to patched versions all the time to check translations. Not so much now seeing that Torotoro has stopped releasing updates.

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks for the new patch but once again like a lot of the others players the patch has the same errors and doesn’t work thus i believe it would be nice to have a manual patch too for each new patch if possible and i ask if someone know how to do the manual patch or can make one please.

      • That’s just Dargoth’s patch applied, decrypted, wrapped up in a little box along with the tool to decrypt it and a simple readme. Really the manual is more for people that know what they are doing and don’t want to get a fresh copy just to change out the Data folder or for those that truly are forsaken by the automation…

      • After I finish Riot’s scenes off I want to push through maps more since part 2 isn’t far off so most of my interest and free time will go more towards that. With that in mind I’ll probably hold off on comparing Dargoth’s changes for awhile.

        Also for EX specific questions there’s a new site

      • FickleArchivist

        They said Part 2 will probably land some time in the summer of 2016. They said it was going to be much bigger than Part 1 and apologized for the long wait. They posted this late spring/early summer last year, if I recall correctly, on their blog.

    • jchris1_2000

      I did the latest 1.21.18 and added 0.5p and it runs fine starting run 2 with Ilias this time for some holy skills

      • If you just placed the EX Data folder on top of Dargoth’s Data folder then you successfully just installed the EX version and uninstalled Dargoth’s version. Reason is that the entire Data folder is placed in the archive because anything less might cause a crash (tried it long ago). Now creating a hybrid is possible using the Prototype version but is a bit more complicated as you need to know what those files do and which one you would prefer…

  13. Spreek

    Thanksarooni for the translation update. I skipped the last one, so I got a whole bunch of new stuff now. Huzzah!

    Random, incredibly minor notes on the translation:
    -In the temple, the weapon maniac says that “scalpels rely on attack and dexterity, like a dagger”. However, he also says that daggers rely on “Attack and agility”. Either of those two has to be wrong.
    -Seeing as “bondage rope” also blinds and muffles, shouldn’t it the broader “bondage gear”?
    -The race name “lowly angel” is probably factually correct, but sounds a bit off. “Lesser angel” would be a more common translation
    -Since you’ll mostly be using “Imp hand job” on female characters, the name’s kinda weird. No clue what a more gender neutral term would be though. Just “imp hand”?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know if it’s the EX patch or Dargoth’s but I think one of them has a more general term for the Imp’s skills where the hand job is called fingering and the blow job is just oral.

      No idea how you’d fix the tit job skill. Not exactly sure what Rami would do to give a tit job to a monster girl either…

  14. Nero

    Eh? No effect?

    I copy this patch and press all of files on ‘Patch’ . And I open the game that still japanese language. Why? What I miss?

  15. Chaos Angel of Change

    Here is a question how do i deal with the harpy problem in happyness village? without translation I can’t figure out where i need to go, and how do i get vampire girl to join my team?

  16. Anonymous

    Thanks Dargoth!

    too bad that the request scene’s are still kinda left out but at least i can go further now 🙂

  17. Anonymous

    Thanks Dargoth, i’ve already finished the part 1, but i’ll do a new run when the translation will be done, u dont let us down, and that’s enough. 😀


  18. uity

    Think I’ll wait for all 3 to come out and be translated,so forever. So much dialogue, and what looks to be a dark world. That desert town had like 5 million npcs. Given all the battle comments like panty guy/alice/illias and the battle talky it will be a bloody miraculous sight to see.

    This games going to be too annoying to play twice (achievement for 777 on slots,nightmare to find monsters in pocket castle and add them as they have different names like molly or some crap not crab girl!, if you don’t have kitsune in your party in the porn town house you perma miss an achievement as it wont open again,–that kinda stuff)

    If your up for a breezier time cheat engine your mini medals and make a beeline top right of the continent to the warp/mini medal castle. Unlock lord/noble class and a character that has passive always lord and is like lv24 with hit all whip. Will kill almost everything except the nanabi/superbosses. The jobs oh so many look very sucky, thief for unlocks, and whatever you need like noble/warrior/priest to use lord and pope whose skills tie into each other. Pope has a skill that heals everyone for 30mp as well as restoring sp so its free megaelixir while lord gets a every buff for 3 turns and 600+% fire and holy phys and magicals,auto life. Only decent thing the others offer are passives and a cluttered menu.

    -Is it possible to recruit the 2 alternate world monsters. Cheated their hp to kill them instead of playing fully and grinding but they seem unjoinable, like 40 fights.

    • Skuya

      Well, it makes sense after all, when you try to talk to them they tell you that they “won’t join a sinner”, so that’s that. I really hope they reappear somewhen later, Ranael wourld be a welcome addition to my party given the fact she consists out of 5 base races or so.

  19. Anonymous

    I wonder if Toro Toro will eventually have enough time to finish the Paradox games, since he is now working on another project too…

  20. Anonymous

    Man, this game has more text than most “normal” RPGs these days, not surprising the translation is taking you guys so long. Great job with the translation btw, it reads very well and it’s funny as hell.

  21. ztztzt39

    Just to know: how many monster girls is there in part 1? They say on the sale page that there is more than 150 but it doesn’t seem so.

    • FickleArchivist

      I believe last I counted there were 162 companions. Of those, six are male, and about fifteen are human females. So there is actually less than 150 monster girls but more than 150 girls in total. Of course, that’s still a lot so I’m not about to get upset over the little things like whether she is a biped or has tentacles for legs when the numbers get the high.

      Something else to note though, the breakdown between new and old monsters I think is about 50/50. It has been a long while since I counted that but I remember it was still in favor of old monster so the break might be closer to 60/40, 70/30 or something like that.

  22. Anonymous

    Every time I try to patch it with the original Japanese version of 1.21, I keep getting a “wrong version” message mid-patching.

    Am I supposed to decrypt it first, or am I supposed to patch it first, or is something wrong with the files I downloaded?

      • Anonymous

        Never mind. I got it fixed. What I had to do was get the original Japanese 1.21, patch it first, then decrypt it.

      • Anonymous

        How did you patch it then decrypt it if the patch didn’t work in the first place?
        i’ve had this problem for a while now and I have no idea what I’m going wrong

      • Anonymous

        Don’t know if it helps,but I found by taking the files from within the patch, and pasting them directly into the game file, *then* selecting the patch function, this stopped the ‘wrong version’ message.

    • Desert Eagle

      She’s not in part 1. She looks like she could be in part 2 though. Luka encountered frog girls in Noah in the original trilogy.

    • Anonymous

      And new monster monster called warmer. In undead species, intelligence is not so high. Whole body in the mucous membrane, it has secreted mucus of Numenume. Prey became nonresistance, …… is sandwiched on its feet and swallow your opponent’s head into the vagina, thereby gradually asphyxiation. Long time over, seems to also be build嫐Ri. · Temptation events in combat and hunt down the enemy …… in crisis enemy, there are things that come to temptation. And if about a little, … as would ride to temptation with a light heart is further temptation. Because such as more pleasant, Let is flowed. And once you this happens, it does not stick anymore repossession is. You are Semetate until ejaculation this leave, it may end up defeated ungracefully. It should be noted that if it is or stomach ride to temptation, his friends would have Tsukashi iso. It went away everyone put Luke, it will be a de facto annihilation. It feels like the Imp against “Monmusu Quest!”. All appeared monsters, have each temptation events are available. Or a Inochigoi, or a reward, or a trap, the form of temptation is different. The ride will and The danger will have been common. Also, raise the favorability of ally monsters, you will be able to “scrounge”. (“Monmusu Quest!” Completely different you begging and are in combat) This is what has been referred to as “get service” in the screen shot that was introduced previously. Or be tempted from the ally, or is forcibly attacked, variety and or scrounge that pleasant from Luke. However situ itself is shared with the defeat H scene, it is the introduction and ending the many different versions of different. Of course, it also is available in plenty new H scene. As usual, we’ll have some time of your time until completion.

      Google translation of the page

  23. One up

    Just thought I’d drop by and say something since this is my first experience playing Paradox, as I’ve waited strictly for the story patch.

    So, one thing I’d like to say is that I was caught off guard by just how many lines for dialogue/items/etc are in this game compared to the first one. It puts into perspective a lot of things when it came to the upload of patched content and the pace at which you’ve worked on this. Being a completionist for these kind of games, I went and talked and looked through everything in the first town, second town, and anything in between. I feel like there were more lines to work through just in the first two towns than there are in most of part one of the original game. I have an understanding now of just how much effort went into the patch. Even if you missed your own deadlines, it still seems like any deadline you set for yourself would be hard to keep when looking at the scope of just how much translating there needs to be done.

    That being said, for how far you’ve gotten through, and for how much more there is left to go, I just thought it’d be nice to let you know that one person appreciates the effort you and your team are putting into this.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Im resigning myself to the reality that I will probably have to make do with the machine translation of this game maybe even for years. I just wish toro and frankly every other vn developer would pull their head out of their asses and realize that a huge number of people want an english translation. It would be really easy to factor in as the game is being made. After the party translations like this are preternaturally complicated.

      • Torotoro paid for his own translation of Monster Girl Quest even after Rogue had already done it for free and gave Torotoro permission to release an official English version using it.

      • CwHart

        Which makes even less sense TBH. It was clear they knew of Rogues why spend money on that when they have other work they could have >.>

  24. khalayia

    lol now im happy. i thought for certain that id have to re-train alice from scratch again after picking ilias for a new game+ but thankfully that wasn’t the case!

  25. Anonymous

    Heyhou, maybe anione has the complete save data? Im having a hard time finding a scene of bunny girl.footjob in pantyhose, only been getting the bare feet one tt. Would really apreciate it, Thanks .

  26. PixelSupreme

    Thanks dargoth and all your helpers for the effort. Really looking forward to every update on the translations. I’d love to help but sadly my moonrune skills are way too crappy for that.

  27. Chaos Angel of Change

    Ok I re downloaded MGQ Paradox loaded the new patch, it loaded just fine but when i put my saved files one the new game and played none of the happiness village dialog have been translated. does this mean that i have to start over from the beginning for the translations to work or what. I hope not if there is anyone that can help me with this i would be grateful.

    • Did you load your game inside Happiness Village? You’ll have to leave the map and re-enter to see the newly translated text. Your game save keeps a copy of the current map in it.

      • Chaos Angel of Change

        well not in that village no, but i was in a town when i saved. should i save the file outside of a town before i move the save file into the new game?

      • You shouldn’t have to do anything like that… I’m not sure what’s going on. Do you have multiple copies of the game and are running the wrong one? Or did I somehow not include Happiness Village in the patch?

      • Chaos Angel of Change

        No, but i will explain the steps that i took to get the 1.21.18 patch to load in. What i did was re download the game, unziped it, then put in the 1.21.18 patch in, it went in fine. that was when i moved the saved folder from the old game to the new one. delete the old one. and start playing on the new game. I hope this explanation helps gives you a better idea of my situation. and i thank you for the help. p.s. the patch i downloaded was off of Mega if that helps.

      • Chaos Angel of Change

        I found a way to fix the problem. I thank you for taking the time to help with this. May you have a good night and may all your translation go smooth for you and your team.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        In the next patch, can you have translations on the “first” and “initial follow up” conversation(s), Luka & his party has with scat captain, panty-teacher, and the perverted guy next to panty-teacher?

  28. Mestri Babblington II

    Sorry if this question’s already been asked, but I can’t seem to find an answer. This is the first update I did from a previous version, and when I paste the data into the folder it doesn’t seem to change anything in my current file (eg. the things in Pornof are still not translated.) Is this because a save file isn’t compatible with a new patch, or I’m just doing things wrong :S

      • Mestri Babblington II

        Okay, I got it fixed. So I’m assuming you need the original Game.rgss3a file, not the one that you already patched, as the patch modifies that file. But a previous patch cannot be overwritten, so you’re gonna need a fresh 1.21 version of that file, and patch it with the 1.12.18 new translation. Hope that helps.

      • Kana-art

        Ok. Now, I still use japanese 1.10.0 patch. How to upgrade to 1.21? Or I will need to re-purchase from dlsite again.

    • Mestri Babblington II

      If I’m not mistaken, here is a link to the update: https://github.com/MGQ-EX/Paradox

      At the top of the little folder interface, there is a “Download ZIP” Option.

      Go to the “Use the Manual Patch Method For MGQ Paradox 1.21” portion of the file, CTRL + F to find it, and follow the steps.

      Any other questions, ask me, I had a bit of confusing trouble getting it to work.

  29. Randomizer

    Really excited to see the progress in game. It may not seem like much to you, but it was well worth the wait. My only hope is you get around to the notice in the Pocket Castle that lists side quests, since it’d be really helpful to understand what they’re saying there. XD

    • Anonymous

      I second that having a clear translation of amira’s info dialogue would really go a long way to making the machine translation more navigable. They did a decent job with it most of the time I can figure out whats going on with some brainscratching lol.

      I laugh every time luka goes Cormorants! every time a girl grabs im tho.

  30. Anonymous

    Many thanks Dargoth and team, your work is very much appreciated and hope you guys stay healthy and strong. Keep up the good work!

  31. Arj

    Sweet new patch, great work Dargoth ^^

    On another note, does anyone know where I can find/buy the companion gift “Jelly”?

    • Desert Eagle

      Jelly? You mean the food? Onahole girls drop that. If you’re planning on raising affection level with that, I suggest you consider using something cheaper and more available.

      If you need information on items you’ve seen before, you can open the in-game Library from the menu. It records everything you see on your playthrough (Of course, if you’ve never seen an Onahole girl drop Jelly, then the Library wouldn’t know it).

      • Arj

        I went for another item instead, as I was going for affection, but the tep about the Library will be really helpfull, thanks alot!

  32. Anonymous

    Hey guys, I seem to have a small issue with Paradox. After I defeat page 65537 and get the book from her, I go to speak to the “pope” like the walkthrough says but he doesn’t say anything different from what he says before I beat page 65537 so I can’t sign up for the guard duty. Did I mess up somewhere or is there a flag I missed? I should note that when I saved before fighting page 65537, I got some strange error that went away after I saved, exited, and came back.

    • PR

      To flag for guard duty, you have to be able to make mithril items. You should be able to find the required item on Saint Amos Mountain in the northern mountain range, west of the inaccessible cave. I’m unsure which conversations are required, but I believe it’s Pope -> Pope’s Guard -> get item -> Blacksmith -> Pope.

  33. Jake

    Went with Ilias so I could have a change of “companion” since we had alice in the previous games. Would like to play both routes, though.

    I’ve noticed there’s quite a lot of dialogue even at the very start of the game, and I’ve come across some Japanese around some battles (rat girls and other stuff).

    Got to applaud you (and your team) on the work so far, can’t imagine how daunting it is to think about doing the whole game.

    I think I’ll put the controller down and wait until you translate all battles/loss scenes at the least, because even though I’ve no doubt I can progress a lot more of the story, the small Japanese bits in battles do annoy me somewhat, simply because I want to read everything going on.

    Take your time guys and thanks for the hard work.

  34. Anonymous

    I looked at the amount of lines on the progress report… holy fucking shit. You are doing what not many people have the patience to do. That’s awesome! Keep up the awesome wok!

  35. Anonymous

    I just finished the translated parts. Great game and great work with the translation. Makes we want to start learning Japanese again instead of just waiting for the next patch.

  36. insane77

    Yo dargoth, or anyone else, do you think they will expand on the temptation system? I brought this up before but I am wondering what you guys truly think about. I can give you my perspective on the matter if you ask.

  37. Anonymous

    Is it a good idea to make Alice a magician? She seems magic oriented but as a noble she can’t use rods and circlets so her spell damage is kinda low.

    • Keltoren

      Just wait til she gets the “Technical Magi” ability. She will start showing more of her true power, and if you want to make her more magic based at that point equip a decent bow on her.

      • Anonymous

        It makes spells use dexterity instead of magic right? (reading from game files here, can’t find it on the wiki). It doesn’t seem that good, I can get more magic as a magician than dexterity as a noble. Maybe I’m missing something I haven’t got that ability yet.

  38. DungeonMasterBobbySmith

    I am currently waiting for the translations from “* DataMap052.rvdata2”, to be cleaned up. Aparently that and “Common Events” contains the rest of Pornof’s conversations needed to be worked on. After those are understandable, I’ll start playing again.

  39. 2-tall

    Y’know what? I am looking at the fight with the Vampire girl. Are you going to take the Japanese version of Vanilla pissing on Luka’s face when he falls for her claim that she got dirt in her eyes or will you use the Rogue version to avoid the watersports implication?

  40. DungeonMasterBobbySmith

    Acually, I’ve been waiting since last year for Panty-Sensei of Pornof town to be worked on. The machine translations between him, Luka, & others hard hard to understand.

    Dargoth has finished the dailog of people standing outside in Pornof. Now its the people inside the buildings that need work on.

  41. Anonymous

    The patch doesn’t work for me. Tells me an “Unhandled exception has occurred in the application” and “Could not load file or assembly ‘System.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, Public KeyToken=b77a5c561934e089’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified”

    I have no idea what that means. I’m using a fresh copy of 1.21 so I have no idea what’s going on with this.

  42. Anonymous

    Some monsters aren’t recuitable for me. For instance, I have the riot at 100, but she never joins my party after I beat her. Did anyone else run into this?

    • FickleArchivist

      All random encounter monsters are recruit-able except the two through the first Tartarus and the Slime Girl. There may be others but those are all I can remember off the top of my head.

      Getting their affinity to 100 does not guarantee you’ll recruit them. Recruitment has three factors, Affinity, Recruitment Rate, and Recruitment Chance. You can raise their affinity and your recruitment rate but their recruitment chance can’t be affected, it is a set fraction. Riot has a very low recruitment chance and it took me half an hour, at 100 Affinity and 200% Recruitment Rate to get her to join me on my first play-through. My current save took me five minutes to recruit her under the same conditions. It is totally random so keep trying.

      I’ve written a full, more technical, explanation here.


      Like many Paradox pages on the wiki, it is incomplete but it should suffice.

    • khalayia

      riot and a few others are notoriously stubborn with recruiting, try putting other like monsters in your party. in terms of hard to recruit though, the worst is sandworm girl.

      • FickleArchivist

        I think Sandworm Girl took me about 40 minutes to recruit. Low Recruitment Chance, Low Spawn Rate, she’s definitely the hardest.

        By the way, OP, if you don’t already know, you’ll want a Demon Hunter or Smooth Talker for recruiting, Demon Hunter from Hunter, Smooth Talker from Informant. Demon Hunter gives a passive 2X for Recruitment Rate or an Ability for 2X Recruitment Rate. Smooth Talker has a Talk Skill, Ally Invitation, that gives 3X Recruitment Rate for one battle so if you’re killing them first turn, wait a turn to set up or make sure your Smooth Talker has high agility to go first. Recruitment Rate Bonuses don’t stack, the game just works with the single highest value among your party.

      • jchris1_2000

        Good thing for part 2 is the talk skill to triple recruit chance, that way you don’t need to have the item to increase it and have something better equipped

      • Anonymous

        I think I recruited Riot after 3-4 fights without even increasing affinity, but I probably was just lucky, she’s the only tartarus monster that joined me too.

  43. x421

    dargoth and friends are truly worthy to step in rogues footsteps, i hope you guys wont get insane translating sabasa and grandol, this game looks like far superior on the mass of text that needs to be translated, but still, very good job, dont give up.

    also i wanted you people to know, there are some request scenes that are slightly different if the monstergirl has a special item equipped, hope there will be more on the other parts but so far i think these are the only ones:
    hiild and rami, if you eqiup a risque swimsuit and request a reverse from hild she will have one, if you ask rami for a paizuri she will wear a cow string bikini in that scene.

    also ive seen some more scenes with the bf girls you can recruit, but i dont know how to trigger them so… if anyone knows, let me know^^

      • FickleArchivist

        The game has some unused CG in it that can’t be accessed. For example, Kate the Maid, has another set of CG that goes unused in the game. If there’s cg for a character but it can’t be accessed by loss, temptation, request or BF, it’s unimplemented right now. Except for Saki and her stage performances because she’s special like that.

        As for Radio, I just checked her folder and she probably needs a certain pair of panties to be equipped. I didn’t even know she has a scene variant and I haven’t collected panties so I can’t really help. Just compare the picture with item descriptions to figure out which one it is, maybe any one will do. She’ll probably give a hint to which one you need when clicking on request scenes so check that out first.

    • Bad Gamer

      Main reason asking I would like to see the dialogue for recruiting for regular monsters when its fully trranslated. But too bad cant have both illias and alice at same time.

      • FickleArchivist

        You can only re-recruit event NPCs like Alice and Ilias, Sonya, Lime, Sara, etc… but not random encounter NPC who ask after the battle.

  44. Bad Gamer

    Has anyone defeated the beserker armor yet? Without using Nero, Trying to see if I can kill it since he does have drops but 35,000 HP is a tuff to take down. Already got the Crystal Armor and almost all the classes done but Grand Cross with 8 different characters isn’t enough to take him out. Or is there a more OP skill out there I need to use?

    • FickleArchivist

      The objectively strongest, damage wise, skills in the game are Grand Cross (Paladin), Geyser (Adventurer), Necrosis (Minor Chaos), Steps Damage (Mermaid Merchant), various Axe skills and a few others I am certainly missing.

      Honestly, there are probably a dozen ways to beat the Berserker Armor so I’m only going to list a few.

      Firstly, Mina can probably kill the Berserker Armor herself with the right set up. Axes skills bypass Defense so she can kill it in a turn or two. Definitely, one turn if you get other companions to buff her or use Strength in Solitude (Hero of Justice) with Luka buffing her. She’ll probably hit 50000 on a critical. I’ll test it out and come back here.

      Alternatively, get everyone the skill Vicarious Clara (Necromancer, I think) to block 3 attacks and stack that skill to make you untouchable or get a bunch of harpies or fairies with the Harpy move Sky Dance to buff their evasion to 100% so he can never hit you.

      Luka with Gnome, Sylph, and Clara can defeat the Berserker on his own too. I just recently did a solo playthrough on the Paradox difficulty, which raised tripled the Berserker’s health to 100,500 and I managed to kill it with moderate difficulty.

      There are more ways than this, these are just the ones I came up with off the top of my head. Paradox is pretty exploitable so play around with it.

      • FickleArchivist

        Luka (Superstar + Encouraging Dance) and Mina (Battlemaster + Strength in Solitude) with Violent Axe hit 30,000 on a critical and Berserker Rush hit three criticals of 15000 each, totalling 45,000. These numbers are probably going to be a lower for someone else considering I force fed Mina every Attack Seed I found but the point is, Mina is one of the best first turn damagers in Paradox. Gnome is really good too with dual Gaia Hammers and the Daisy Bell song buffing her.

    • Bad Gamer

      Used as gifts to raise affection. Just remember doesn’t raise everyones affection just certain monsters that like those things,

    • FickleArchivist

      There is actually a good use for those and I was rather surprised when I found out what it was. Reaper loves those gifts, I was talking to her while fighting and she asked if she could have the beetles I was carrying. I think she also asked for the weeds or rocks but I can’t really remember, it was awhile ago.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks guys. I’ve tried giving them to companions before but none liked those items so far. When I saw even Alice wouldn’t eat them I thought they were there just as a joke.

    • Desert Eagle

      Some creatures that do not eat food, like the machine-type monster girls, are fascinated by that stuff. Also, Vanilla and creatures of the forest like that stuff too. Trying out different gifts with your companions gives you interesting information about them.

    • Sevalle

      I like all of their VH series, plus the ones where females are the dominant one. Shame that none is translating them. I’m guessing majority is more for vanilla and usual rape.

      • Sulphur99

        Maybe Dargoth will decide to tackle it after the team’s done with Paradox part 1, unless part 2 comes out before then.

    • They added a few graphics for the BF girls since people seem to like sexing warp points, Chaos Labyrinth was added as an optional bonus dungeon, some of the Spirits graphics where added since that dungeon will let you summon all 4 of them, and numerous bug fixes along with formula tweaks to make the game more playable.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        Would be nice if, when you sold/stole Sonya’s panties, Sonya’s battle cg would show the lack of pantsu. lol

  45. 2020 the years we all wait,

    – dargoth release MGQ paradox 2 33% patch
    – torotoro announce MGQ paradox part 3
    -Donald trump declare war to the world, yes he become the new president of US
    -Japan announce a DNA engineering that will turn underage girl into a monster girls

  46. Anon

    hey darg bro, please focus on the story 1st xD i really want to know what happened……..Since H-scene i can guess what happend :p

    so i hope u can deliver full story progress (main story) patch at February :3

      • Anon

        i think only the story part are not that much? if he ignores completely the H-scene and other misc stuff and focus only the story part

      • Anonymous

        Aren’t they much though? This game has A LOT of text, not just compared to the original MGQ, but to many normal games released these days. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for the story translation patch too, but February seems waaaaaay too optimistic.

      • jchris1_2000

        Yes it will as part 1 was bigger then parts 1 and 2 of the original story with all the places, story, and quests involved

      • Bad Gamer

        500+ companions last I checked and a lot of them have their own dialogue in conversations so man that a lot of dialogue!

  47. Bad Gamer

    Anyone know how to machine translate games like this? Asking since Im seeing quite a few with same RPG program maker and wanted to know if its possible just have something auto translate even if badly into english. Thanks in advance.

    • Desert Eagle

      Get ITH (Interactive Text Hooker), Translation Aggregator and TAHelper. Use ITH to hook into the game and Translation Aggregator to translate the text that ITH copies on clipboard. TAHelper helps you sort the translation stuff.

      You can also get the “substitutions” plugin for TAHelper. If you think the machine translation is off, you can use the substitutions plugin to create your own translation. All those awkward phrases can be changed to something much better.

      • Rookie

        Nvm, seems like, for some strange reason, the 64 version (which I was using as it says i’m running on 64 bit after all but it seems running the regular ITH makes it shows up, strange but w/e, at least it shows now… ^^; ) wasn’t showing it for some odd reason. :/

      • Rookie

        Well, I got the lines, but they’re not translating to english, i’m at Enrika Village now and I can’t understand the Japanese lines. ^^; And ITH/TA isn’t exactly helping much…

  48. Anonim

    dargoth sama may u be blessed by the celestial wind of fortuna and may each step you take be blessed by the song of life. Have mercy upon us man.

    But please translate it faster o’ dargoth son of dragon, mayor of Paradoxia, King of translation and the god of Femdom.

      • Desert Eagle

        It’s not. It’s about the demo of ToroToro’s other work: Hundred Monster Girls List, or something like that. It’s a collection of short stories centering around each monster girl, in the similar light novel style as the original monster girl trilogy. Minus battles.

      • CwHart

        Actually that was the last update of last year, the first update of this year is the slime ancestor. So happy to see something paradox related

      • Desert Eagle

        Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you meant what was already on the blog instead of what WILL be the first update of this year. That post came out today.

        I think they’re saying that production of Hundred Monster Girl List (The name is just a quick translation from the top of my head) has gone on for longer than expected.

  49. Anonymous

    Can someone explain leveling up in Paradox to me? I get there’s race lvl and job lvl that unlock skills and abilities, but what’s the regular level for? (like Promestain lv 13, Scholar lv 7, Angel lv 5, what does 13 do?). If I use the ability that gives “+50% XP, but half job XP” do I get more race XP, “name” XP or both? Do I get more stats from leveling or just from items and abilities?

    • Anon

      With higher general level you get more general stats like hp, mp, sp, str, dex, etc, while with job and race level you unlock skills. Race and job levels count as the same type, meaning that if you use the +50% XP but half job xp you will also get half race xp.

    • Desert Eagle

      Character’s own level gives you your base stats. Job and race apply multipliers to those stats which give you the actual stats your character has.

      Let’s say that your character’s base HP is 100. They then get a job which has 80% HP (= 0.8) multiplier and a race which has 110% (= 1.1) multiplier. When you add those to your base HP (100*0.8*1.1), you get 88 HP. If your job had applied 110% multiplier instead, it would have been 121 instead. The same thing is applied to all other stats.

      Regardless of what multipliers your job, race and abilities give, your character’s stats will inevitably get better the more you level their personal level. There is a level cap of 30 though; They cannot advance beyond lv 30 until part 2 comes out.

  50. Chiron Maximus

    Welp, with this, a WHOLE lot is untranslated, including the medal queen and her medal menu, and since I forgot how many medals I need to recruit her, I’m s#it out of luck until more is translated,

    • Desert Eagle

      3 Medals: Noble’s Job License
      5 Medals: [Don’t Know]
      8 Medals: [Don’t Know]
      10 Medals: Magical Shield
      20 Medals: Rainbow Dress
      30 Medals: Lord’s Job License
      40 Medals: Caladbolg
      45 Medals: Recruit Medal Queen
      50 Medals: Archangel Bra

      You can recruit Medal Queen if you want to but she doesn’t have H-scenes. At least, not yet.

    • Bad Gamer

      3 Medals: Noble’s Job License
      5 Medals: Falcon Sword
      8 Medals: Magic Cape
      10 Medals: Magical Shield
      20 Medals: Rainbow Dress
      30 Medals: Lord’s Job License
      40 Medals: Caladbolg
      45 Medals: Recruit Medal Queen
      50 Medals: Archangel Bra

      But only ones that matter are Nobles Job License, Lords Job License, and most important Archangel Bras as even Luka can wear it and its literally best armor in game except maybe something better in end game challenge mode. And maybe recruiting Medal Queen if you want to collect all comapanions. Also sidenote most gear near final boss better then most gear from Medal Queen except Archangel Bra.

    • Desert Eagle

      I’d just like to point something out. The previous Violated Hero games were called “Okasare Yuusha”. This one is called “Okasare Hiiroo” (= Hero). The meaning doesn’t change but it implies that this one is different in some subtle way.

      …Well, the website address says “okasare6” anyway.

  51. Anonymous

    I deleted previous vesions and tried this patch oan n orginal MGQ version. But I still got message ‘wrong version’. How can I figure this problem?

    • Bad Gamer

      If you bored you could try the labyrinth its super hard and new bosses there which I wont ruin the surprise who they are.

      • Desert Eagle

        Go to the Temple of Ilias, and go to the 2nd floor. Go through the stone door and click on the sparkling bookshelf. You’ll see the option “Go to the Labyrinth of Chaos”.

        If you’ve never been there before, Death and the White Rabbit will explain some things about the labyrinth before allowing you to enter. After that, just walk in.

        The Labyrinth of Chaos is a pretty tough place so make sure you have the party you want. Only the White Rabbit can help you change party members. (I like to bring weaker members from my castle to the labyrinth so that I can train them, and change them before super bosses)

    • jchris1_2000

      Part 2 was set for spring but with the time it took for updates and bug fixes t was moved to summer. Could be fall before we see it though.

      • Desert Eagle

        I suspect Fall as well, since developing Hundred Monster Girls List (better translation pending) took longer than planned.

  52. Error Message – “File corrupted !
    Please run a virus check, then reinstall the application.”

    Not sure where else to post this so here goes, I just purchased and downloaded the game from DLsite about four or five hours ago, and since then have had this error message every time I attempted to open the game, I have deactivated as many anti-virus software on my computer and browser as I could find, restarted the computer and basically done everything I can think of to fix this.

    I did try downloading the trial version to see if that works and it works perfectly fine so i’m pretty confused.

    Any advice would be cool, i’m really anxious to play the game ^^

    • Anonymous

      delete it, delete the downloaded file, and delete the game. Once that’s done, redownload the game, as your previous download, while completed, was corrupted, and is missing critical pieces. So… start fresh. Shouldn’t be a problem if you created an account BEFORE buying the game.

      • I deleted it and reinstalled it four to five times I think, not entirely sure I made the account BEFORE buying the game though, why would that affect it? Thanks for helping btw!

    • DLSite packs the game into a multi-part archive. Make sure you’re trying to extract the first archive file and that you have all the files (3 for Paradox I think?) in the same directory. Otherwise the extractor will tell you that its corrupted.

      • It installs fine, does the auto extract, it just says
        Error Message – “File corrupted !
        Please run a virus check, then reinstall the application.”
        every time, and i’ve disabled every antivirus software I can find on my computer and reinstalled it a bunch of times :/

    • Anonymous

      – Downloading from dlsite kinda sucks, but it probably wouldn’t install at all if one of the parts was corrupted. Check the file sizes, it should be 700 MB / 700 MB / 265 MB.
      – It still could be some anti-virus background process. You could try temporarily uninstalling all anti-virus software and restarting.
      – Probably not it, but have you tried creating a new folder (best directly on C: or other drive), moving all the game files and running from there?

    • Bad Gamer

      Sounds like Antivirus thinks its a virius in it so download it without antivirius real time scan on.
      1. Turn off Real Time Scanning on Antiviruis
      2. Download all 3 files from DLSite
      3. Extract them all
      4. Try to play it to see if it works

      If not what language you using on your computer? Asking since I know some games like the first Monster Girl Quest works better with Japanese language pack installed and some games do require it installed to work.

      Also what antivirius software too? Because to my knowledge main ones like Norton and McAfee don’t block anything in the DLSite game download or the install.

      • I got a really detailed email back from the DLsite support, after getting the Japanese language pack and changing system locale then reinstalling it, the game now works 😀

    • when you download the game there should be a folder, that leads to a folder, that leads to the game. that second folder will be a mess of letters and symbols and stuff. rename it to someting in english, should work

  53. DungeonMasterBobbySmith

    Will we please get a Valentine’s Fap-Day updated patch? Would be nice to have some of the conversations with the indoor, Pornof residences translated. (Scat Captain, Panty-teacher, Pervy guy next to Panty-teacher, ect.)

    • Anonymous

      Speaking of that, am I going insane or there are two untranslated guys at Ilias Temple? I remember it all being translated in the demo.

      • Bad Gamer

        Why not use the machine translated patch? Its terrible if you are like me and a member of the grammar police but it makes it playable and with new game + at end of part 1 lets you redo when new patch out since saves work in all versions.(Used save from Jap only version to Dargoth to Machine translation and they all work fine.)

    • Anonymous

      I second this, was wondering the same thing myself. Cause I know I’m not going to have any real date except with my right hand hahaha..haha..ha…ha… Feelsbadman.

      • Bad Gamer

        lol but you could always use the machine translated patch. Last I checked it had some of dargoths work and things he didnt do translated by the machine so you can understand more whats going on then just pictures.
        3 links what every gamer of Paradox needs
        Link to readme file with links to download the patch for machine translated one http://pastebin.com/k9MNPZsb
        Guide itself for those who dont want to translate from classes to races to faq on game
        *FAQ is not correct on all parts but should give you a direction to go and some parts arent needed at all.
        And final FAQ is for bosses at end game special mode

      • Bad Gamer

        You could use the Machine translated version which has some dargoths earlier works. Kinda of hard to do it at first but actually quite simple. And with this you can get somewhat an idea whats going on in all scenes since its all machine translated except for maybe a name or two.

    • Anonymous

      Are you asking for the scenes or do you just want to dick around the game?

      Because if it’s the former, TT released a save for Paradox where you have access to all girls in the castle and can request whatever you want from them. Can’t help you if it’s the former though.

    • Bad Gamer

      Was on a previous post by Dargoth. They edited save so you have all monsters in castle with 100 affinity but you still can recruit in game and its at beginning of game but if you want one with game all done let me know and I will post mine afterwards
      Below is exactly what dargoth wrote on post about “Monster Girl Quest Paradox Beginning Chapter Now On Sale” not sure if link still works
      Torotoro put up a save for those who want to look at CG or watch H-scenes: http://vps.zamanen.net/mon-taiken/Save.zip

      • Anonymous

        Regardless of a Valentine’s Day release or not Dargoth your translating is very appreciated! 😀 it makes the sausage between my legs go doki doki ~

      • CwHart

        Huh didnt expect to see another patch until atleast March, granted I know you said shoot for but even then sounds like it is going steady

      • Dargoth Follower

        OMG Omg OMG

        on what % is the next patch? did u complete illias continent? and reach few lines on sentora?

        or u went super saiyan and finish alll of it lol…………….

      • PR

        The spreadsheet seems to indicate that it is currently ~25%. It looks like the map files up to Sylph are mostly translated. The only map missing up to there on the second continent seems to be the undersea temple. There are some missing or unfinished maps on the first continent.

      • Medal Queen Castle and the warp shrine maps are easy to finish, plus finishing up the missing parts from Iliasville/burg. I’m not aware of any other missing maps from the first continent.

      • PR

        Lost Woods and Lemuse Beach, but those are small. Panty turn-ins and Scat Captain are also noted as incomplete, but don’t count the main story. It could just be that the repository is outdated.

  54. Anonymous

    A bit unrelated, but have you considered translating Chimera no Hanshoku?


    It is the latest game by Bakery, which also made Marunomi. Marunomi was translated by Rogue, and was pretty well-received for its surprisingly good storyline, but after Rogue left, it did not seem like anyone was going to translate Chimera.

    In any case, thank you Dargoth for your hard work on MGQ Paradox!

  55. LeoSeo

    Any idea when the next release will be?
    Sorry if this was already answered but i didn’t feel like reading through 300 comments.

  56. keba

    Yo Dargoth, i just wanted to let you know that (despite all of our questionable hobbies.. ahem) Really appreciate all your hard work through translating various games. And to the fact that i enjoy these games (my guilty pleasure apparently, MGQ ftw! and now VH2(currently trying out) )

    So thanks a bunch bud! Really do mean it!

  57. ThatOneJester

    Does anyone know the link to the walkthrough for this game?
    Someone posted it awhile back in the comments of an older patch.
    I already beat the game after it came out, but I wanted to play it again and get 100% completion rating. xD

  58. DungeonMasterBobbySmith

    I hope the conversations in pornof town have improved grammar. (scat capain, pantsu-teacher, and the perverted guy next to pantsu-teacher)

  59. Nicholas

    guys its been forever sence i downloaded the game its saying corrputed please run a virus check how do i make it run again

  60. Dargoth Follower

    valentine day almost over, u guys please pray to our lord and savior dargoth sama so he release the translation to mankind


  61. yup

    Dear Perverted God Illias opposite of Alice the paizuri snake,cursed be her name, please get Dargoth so drunk he finds it smart to let a really big old gal ride on top, shattering his thighbones so he is rendered unable to walk for at least a year and forced to slave away in a chair,doing nothing else, for the good of total strangers who passive-aggressively pray against him.

    • “Fully” is tough to say. There’s still the matter of that damn Scat Captain and the crazy number of lines the Panty Sensei has when you turn in panties to him. Also, Iliasville has a lot of lines untranslated that you’ll only see if you get further in the game and come back. There’s a big chunk of Sentora done though, including the Haunted Manor, Sylph’s forest, San Ilia, Ancient Temple Ruins, and more.

      • Anonymous

        That’s good to hear, actually. If we get most of Ilias continent and parts of Santora in the next patch, I’ll be very happy. Take your time if you need, the game is not going anywhere (neither are we, you’re stuck with us).

      • Anonymous

        On that note, I just wanted to say thank you for doing this for no other reason than because you’re being a kind and generous person. Without your translation skills and selflessness, It’s very unlikely that English fans would ever be able to enjoy this game. I think some people are simply too hung up on the dates you give for patch releases and don’t realize that you’re team is doing this with little support and as a free service for fans. I hope you’re doing well and that you realize for every person who is ungrateful or rude, there are a lot of silent fans wishing you the best. Thanks to all of your team for the awesome work you do.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, Dargoth Time™ made me start learning Japanese again 🙂 (no offense to Dargoth, it’s a productive way to spend your time).

  62. Dargoth Follower

    hey darg sorry and i hope u get well soon, but can u tell me when the new patch comes? not because i want it sooner and act like jackass D:

    its just so i dont need to F5 this blog every 5 minutes xD!

    thanks you!

      • Anonymous

        If you want to get really technical, you can see both Tamamo and Granberia in Part 1 but neither do anything that would warrant any measure of excitement. Granberia appears for one second as a memory in Iliasburg and Tamamo might as well be a whole new character considering how she is acting in Part 1. All the knights are mentioned by characters but their absence tells us more about the plot than if they would actually appear and dump some exposition. Plus, their involvement would overshadow new characters who still need some loving characterization.

      • khalayia

        id be seriously surprised if any of the knights become recruit-able before say part 3 considering how overwhelmingly strong they are. id expect several appearances in part 2 though.

      • Desert Eagle

        I dunno… They could become recruitable in part 2? Lv 60 is a pretty high level too. And there could be something restricting their strength. We know what restricts Tamamo’s true power.

  63. Anonymous

    Can someone please tell me where the heck is that labyrinth of chaos? I’ve just found out about this, – but I just can’t find it

    • Anonymous

      A bonus dungeon to grind after you finish the game, no relation to the story (that I know of). Something like rifts in Diablo 3 if you played that.

      • Anonymous

        I know that, I don’t understand how to get there, – I’ve been searching this up and found out I need a Hades Key that I apperently get from whie rabbit, but WTF, I have never fought her, so how the heck do I get this key now?? Can someone please tell me?

  64. Anonymous

    HOLY F_CK! Are you saying I have played the game for 134 hours and never saw that key??? Have just picked it up, but F)))))CK!

  65. Leeduva

    Hey Mr.Dargoth do you take donations? I enjoyed the Monster girl quest trilogy that you and rogue translator translated and wouldn’t be able to enjoy the game with out it. I kind of feel bad that your doing this for free.

  66. Desert Eagle

    There’s a freaking Resident Evil parody in Hundred Monster Girls List. xD

    …On English DLSite, the game is called “Monster Girl Encyclopedia”. I want to protest against that name.

      • Chiron Maximus

        Resident Evil references in MGQ? I didn’t notice ANY! To be fair though, I never played any of the Resident Evil games, so there’s that.

      • The Noble Shade

        Well, Chapter 1 had a mansion with zombies engineered by a scientist, though I wouldn’t say that it’s a reference, more that it drew inspiration.

        In Chapter 2, the kidnapping of Sera and the Queen Elf’s intentions mirror that of Osmond Saddler’s plot from Resident Evil 4.

        But the most blatant “references” are in the Biolabs Mansion in Chapter 3. Chrome brings in “Frederika Mk 2” and “Mk 3” for the finale, initially armed with a minigun and missile launchers, then reconstructed into a bio-tank. Resident Evil 3: Nemisis had a bio-engineered hulking monstrosity named Nemesis who was armed with a rocket launcher and hunted you throughout the game.
        The appearance, crazed mannerisms, and fight location of the Angel Ghoul are reminiscent of Lisa Trevor from the first Resident Evil.
        And when La Croix reveals her true form, it is very reminiscent of the true from of village chief Bitores Mendez from Resident Evil 4

        There are others, but it’s more “reminds me of it”, than an actual reference.

      • Desert Eagle

        If you like Resident Evil, I recommend you get Hundred Monster Girls List/”Monster Girl Encyclopedia” and play the アレクサンドラ/Alexandra chapter. I’ve been going through that story for a good while now. It’s so long that it could have been sold as a short visual novel game on DLSite. Just keep in mind that it will have all the stuff you might expect from MGQ.

  67. Chiron Maximus

    So, it’s been past a whole month and a half, and I was just wondering how everything was going. Is there any problems conflicting with the patch work, is there any bugs you can’t fix, or anything worth talking about?

  68. Tosixunleashed

    I’ve tried installing the Eng. patch but it gets to 49% and says “Wrong Version” even though I have the original Japanese 1.21 version.

    • Yeah, making lots of progress on getting things into shape for a patch. Not going to happen today though. I’d say next weekend, but then I’m just getting everyone’s hopes up for a guess.

      • Anonymous

        so long as it’s a ‘soft’ release date, no one’s going to get mad if you don’t get it out, i think it was just because you were so certain of valentines day everyone got their knickers in a twist. keep it up dargoth, we wub you <3

  69. Anonymous

    So I remember a people talking about using cheatengine but did anyone ever compile a cheat table for this game that you could just load up instead of searching for values all the time?

  70. jchris1_2000

    Stuck on 2nd play through, can’t get Luddite Village quest to open when San Ilia king says to go. Do I need to kick him as I already had from 1st play through or is it a game bug as I finished the library and mountain again.

    • this isn’t a cheat engine table, it’s a code to make finding results easier, rather than having to rely on math skills, you just search for the value itself. However, you still have to search for the value till you find it, a table involves pointers, so you’d just load up the table, and change what you wanted, without having to search for it.

  71. Anonymous

    So I have recruited 139 chars now, and just now I saw a video on YouTube with Lucifina boss, – there I saw one char that I don’t have yet (guess it’s the last one), Pihar. Can somebody tell me where did I miss that char?

  72. Anonymous

    I was playing this game with chiitrans lite and altas last year. But on my new laptop I can’t install Atlas 14 trial version, because it expired 2015. Any ideas how to get the trial version through other ways?

      • CivilDeviation

        Out of curiosity has anyone ran into the RGSS3 bug where your character constantly moves up or left and your corresponding control doesn’t work? I’m trying to get past it but so far no luck.

        I’ve tried holding the button at various levels, rebooting the game and system, reinstalling the player and game, and using an unstuck file to no avail. Oddly the bug only occurs in RGSS3 games and it occurs in all of em. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Keri Strasza

        on mine its a issue in my keyboard that causes it after alt tabbing,

        its a caps lock issue as far as i can tell, hitting caps lock twice stops it.

    • Anonymous

      I have no idea how to fix that problem, but that used to happen all the time on my old laptop.

      I noticed that it always happened after I alt-tabbed or clicked out of the game to do something else. It was annoying as hell.

      • Civildeviation

        Good to know and thank you for the thought. Yeah it happens at the game startup sadly, I can’t even navigate the menus with my up key. I will be trying a new keyboard just in case it is related but I doubt it will work since the up key is otherwise working outside of RGSS3 games. Other thoughts are much appreciated!

      • PR

        I have heard of that problem happening if you have a gamepad connected to the computer. I think in that case, it was an xbox controller.

  73. Takata

    Here are the typos and other errors I’ve found while playing:
    iliasville poison marsh: soldier: “soldier” doesn’t appear in the text where it should
    ilias temple:
    1F, centre, official: Hellgondo: Diaster -> Disaster
    status maniac: paralysis: Parlysis -> Paralysis
    status maniac: slimed: there’s not big effect -> there’s no big effect (?)
    status maniac: digestion: cleans -> cleanse
    weapon maniac: magic sword: few know if it -> few know of it (?)
    2F, left wing, Scholar: San Ilias -> San Ilia
    iliasburg: near fountain: old man: head -> heads
    lady sutherland, just after clearing bandit cave: “you name is Luka” -> “your name is Luka”
    item shopkeeper, after clearing bandit cave: “want to hold her own shop” -> “wants to own her own shop” (?)
    strategy meeting after clearing south tartarus: swordsman -> swordswoman
    happiness village: travelling mage: “you should be” -> “you should find”?
    boy, in house north of blacksmith: Illiasport -> Iliasport
    south tartarus entry: wrong icon for permit (machinist license) when talking to engineer 2nd time

    • I decided swordsman was fine as a gender neutral noun, even though we do use swordswoman a few times too… Soldier got changed to Guard but I’ll make sure it’s correct in the current files.

  74. meanderingNekomata

    All the loss scenes I’ve tried that say Loss DONE on the spreadsheet either aren’t translated at all or only have a line or two from Luka, the ported ones work tho, did I install the patch wrong or something

  75. Anonymous

    Anyone understands the last update on Torotoro’s blog? Google translate gives mostly gibberish. They’re making another VN?

    • Desert Eagle

      Hmm… From what I understand, ToroToro is talking about an upcoming patch for Hundred Monster Girls List Vol. 1, and the production of “Monster Girl Quest: Paradox” and “Monster Girl Quest 2”. He is indeed making another VN; Monster Girl Quest 2 is planned to be in the form of a visual novel, just like its predecessor. He also says that working on both of those projects doesn’t delay their release significantly.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly? If you look up how much translation costs (let alone translation from Japanese) and how much text Paradox has… the answer would be: A LOT. And it’s not like you can just sit down and translate 24h a day, your productivity goes down fast, 2-3k words a day between European languages is a VERY good pace. No idea how it is with Japanese to English, but it’s most likely slower. That’s without revisions by other people, checking for typos, etc. As someone who has worked in translation I have a lot of respect for Dargoth and friends for taking on this monstrous (heh) project for basically free.
      I’m not saying you shouldn’t donate, you absolutely should, but this is a gray area legally. Torotoro is fine with the fan translation as far as I know, but paying a third party for translation without the original work’s owner sanction is a different thing entirely.

  76. M&M&what else

    I’m a patient man. Oh, yesss. Indeed i am.

    That’s why it’s years that i follow this blog but i’ve never played MGQ:Paradox.
    I’m waiting for the full traslation, no matter how much years it will take. I will enjoy this game from start to end without inteurruptions.
    Yes, i’m the creepy bird of prey waiting in the shadows for a game full traslated.

  77. Arakon

    So I downloaded the Monster Girl Paradox Patch 1.21.18, ran the patch.exe successfully and I go to run it just fine, but when I load it at the top screen it still says Ver. 1.21.00. Did I miss a step, or does Toro Toro just like their numbers in whole format? XD

    • Wolfe Wright

      the patch you got here, won’t change the version number in game, the .18 is dargoths note of how complete the patch is.

      • Arakon

        Oh, OK. So as long as I downloaded the patch.exe from the 1.21.18 link and extracted it, I did everything right? All up to date? *Thumbs up*

  78. Jam

    Hi Dargoth, I was wondering if, along with the story and monsters encountered, you were also translating the pocket castle request scenes and dialogue? Or is that of a lesser priority?

  79. Kana-art

    I still did not use “patch 1.21.18”. I have MGQP ver.1.21 and pasted the patch 1.21.18 on file “patch” but no effect . Why? (T^T)

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