1. Anonymous

    I know that a lot of people are probably a little upset that the new patch isn’t that big, but really this patch could be one of the most important ones. I assume it’s better to get all the tedious and boring editing stuff out of the way now so that the next patches can have more stuffs. Keep up the good work, Dargoth!

    • It’s up to date in terms of the patch and everything I’ve done. Some of the other people helping me translate and edit have work done that was held back for next patch that hasn’t been pushed to the repository, however.

      • Much can I donate to you in order to translate the entire game in like say; in “One Month”? If this is possible; I be happy to help you accomplish goal.

    • Takata

      I was asking more about the style guide and list of translations for proper nouns and game-terms. There were some inconsistencies in the last patch with “Trance” vs “Ecstasy”, “Seduction” vs “Temptation” and “de-lust potion” vs “de-love potion”.

  2. C.C.

    The sight of progress is enough to aspire anyone, thanks for your hard work, and keep us updated if you need more editing help or any kind of help in particular

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks dargoth. I’m also looking forward to a return of that whole “Monster girl games roundup” post thing you used to do, found some awesome stuff via this. I still think your/rogue’s translation of Desire Dungeon is the best thing to have happened from these blogs, that game seriously is better than MGQ/VH yet it’s so rarely discussed.

    Here are some games in case you’ve missed any of these:
    *ぶるーすきんの森 / FOBS (?), Forest of Blues or something like that I think. You can find it by googling for “zell23 game”, it’s very similar to Eroico in gameplay and style, although the enemy variety so far reminds me of Repure Aria too. Currently in alpha, being updated fairly regularly with demo releases.
    *I think they maybe made a third ROBF game, dunno, I didn’t even play the second because once I got over how much I loved the art I realised the writing/mechanics were actually pretty bad and lack of any different CGs or positions on win/loss made it pretty boring to play
    *There’s a pretty cool text game called Night Games by a guy calling himself Silver Bard Games, the combat system is really great. The enemies are quite vanilla but very detailed, and I guess it counts as a monster girl game since it eventually does have a cat girl & two succubi. Still being updated.
    *OneSyota/Kariyume sequel called ParadeBuster, it’s a first person swordfighter in a kind of House of the Dead horde style, I think it’s geared towards VR headset use. Demo is out.
    *Not that new but not mentioned here: Repure Aria got a sequel. It’s the same engine as Repure Aria but a bit more complicated and more varied, there’s a basic translation and some useful 4chan pastebins
    *Also not particularly new and I can’t remember if it was mentioned here or not, but Monsters n Girls is pretty good too

      • Anonymous

        Oh yeah, the demo for that is great too. Really highlights just how awful the guy trying to make MGQ3D was, in fact I just googled it and it looks like he’s still operating his kickstarter every so often to let people know he’s “looking into all the hype around blender” lol

      • Anonymous

        MGQ3D, I forgot that was even a thing and for a good reason, it looked like crap then and it looks like crap now. Good 3D is hard to do, if you can’t pull it off it ends up looking like… well, like MGQ3D.

    • Cool, thanks for the list. I am definitely going to mention FOBS and Monster Girl Island, but didn’t know about the others. A Repure Aira sequel is most appreciated…

      • Anonymous

        The problem is the guy want to make a game for a larger audience, I don’t think it would work, MGQ without sex is kinda pointless.

      • Chiron Maximus

        It would be AWESOME if you did FOBS, but considering the game is in constant development right now, I think it would be wise to wait until it has a major amount of text, because there’s just the main menu and a few skills in the game that have text currently.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for the update. Take your time, man. We’re not going anywhere and part 2 is not coming out any time soon.

  5. Dcw2021

    You can also talk to characters in the pocket castle, up to the 4 bandits, and all of the presents are translated.

  6. sazaju

    6% is a lot better than 1%, Dargoth. And infinitely better than 0%. So nothing to be ashamed of, especially with such a huge stuff.

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks for the new patch Dargoth and don’t worry, 6% is better than nothing 🙂
    But I have a problem: I got the 1.21 version of the game and the patches don’t work. Can someone tell me what’s going on please?

    • Anonymous

      Sorry for the double post but I have found the problem so… Yeah ^^ Everything’s alright 🙂
      Have a nice day.

  8. Anonymous

    Firstly, cheers Dargoth and friends!

    Secondly, I noticed in the game cg’s some extra cg’s for the battle fuckers (A few where maria makes luka cum over and over it seems) Are these used for any scenes in game, and if so, how do you unlock them?

  9. Anonymous

    Mmm…Is there a way to get the translation for the demo? i tried getting it but the first link says it’s no longer there, the “anon” site is dead and i don’t think the normal patch will do it =/

  10. Anonymous

    Thank you for the hard work, Dargoth and team!

    However frustrating the progress may seem to you, I know it feels great for many of us that You guys are still at it, and that patch is very much appreciated.

  11. Anon-y-mouse

    Still having a warning that tells me to virus-scan and reinstall. Can’t play the game. Please help.

  12. Anonymous

    If I patch a fresh copy will I still be able to use my current save file? I presume I just copy paste the save file to the new fresh copy (just want to make sure so I don’t fuck up anything)

  13. Sulphur99

    Thanks for the patch, Dargoth. I hope you’re still in good health while doing all this. Hoping for more content in the future.

    • From what I can tell:
      You can safely play the main story up to Witch Hunt Village in English.
      A few of the battle-fuckers on Ilias were translated.
      Pocket Castle gifts have been translated.
      You can now talk to all the Monsters on the Ilias Continent.

      That’s what I’ve noticed so far. Aside from that, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal else.

      • Xoverguy

        Up to Witch Hunt Village translated…so close to the Third Tartarus and the Dying World/Universe… I dont want to seem pushy, however, I would suggest that priority be given to finishing the main story almost linearly so that we can see the “end” so far.

        The reason that I mention this is because…I will admit…the flashbacks in the Administrators Tower in regards to the last gasps of Human/Monster civilization kind of pulled an emotional string with me… Seeing everything fall apart and the brains and geniuses just having to acknowledged that they are screwed, while civilians are falling/transforming left and right…I am almost certain that when Dargoth gets at segment completely set up, the emotional feels train is going to hit me full force. And in all honesty, I cannot wait for it.

        Paradox is doing its spiritual predecessor proud. I respect Rogue for giving us MGQ’s translation even though he is no longer here. And I also respect Dargoth and his assistance/friends for letting us see this story as well. Cant wait to see what else comes up. Keep up the good work.

      • Rezz

        The Translated is up to Witch Hunt Village? O: but mine not O:
        after i defeated Astaroth something i quite forgot the name, one of the three succubus.. it said we need to go to witch hunt village.. but before going there we need to go to Grandeur.. i dunno what grandeur is but i think Grandeur is Grandoll.. it’s not translated there either o:

  14. x421

    thanks for the patch. seriously, you guys are doing a great job, take your time as long as this translationgroup doesnt die.

  15. Anonymous

    Well still good to hear that the english patch is still going on 😀 & i love you that you translate this games 😀

  16. Anonymous

    If I just patched the newer version and the fresh copy of the game directory for version 1.21 and I still get an error? Does anyone have the good version of the game.

    • apache2813

      You need it to be completely clean. Which means no save files. Also put the patch in the game directory not in the patch directory.

  17. LunarBeam

    Just an awesome work.. simply great what you’re doing but there are some parts actually untraslated:
    1) when I attack Luka’s attack message is still in japanese
    2) Bunny Slime description in the Monster Book is in jap also
    I started the game just today so I don’t know if there is something else to report. Anyway this translation project is wonderful, congratulations!

  18. Anonymous

    “this patch does let you talk to all the monsters in battle on the Ilias Continent”

    That’s actually a lot done imo.

  19. Cellulanus

    From the sound of it next patch might be the point where I actually buy and install the game. I want to buy the game to support the creator but can’t justify spending the money until the translation is a good way along.

  20. Chiron Maximus

    Did a bit of exploring to talk to monsters, but I already found some still in Japanese. The lamia, chimera and the worm villager in the Ilias temple basement that still are in Japanese, and other than Amira hiding around the places, there’s no other monster on Ilia Continent in Jap.
    Side note and question: I found the BF that I missed. Also, I heard form someone that the EX patch got to 0.5s, but I didn’t see any links or such. can anyone lend me a hand/claw?

  21. Anonymous

    Yo guys i need some help,

    i have the 100% save from Torotoro and my own saves where i have about 6%

    i wanna have the full access in the monster book but every time i copy my own saves in the folder over the 100% saves it keeps getting 6% process and vice versa.

    the 100% one takes the first save slot so i thought skipping that file while overwriting it would solve the problem but that doesn’t help either.

    does anybody know how to get the 100% save file to work with my existing save files?

    • Chiron Maximus

      have you tried renaming the save file to a number that is blank? For example, Save03.rvdata2 to be Save07.rvdata2?

      • Anonymous

        Thanks 🙂 seems like that worked.

        it showed 6% but when i started scrolling down i could also see the monsters i haven’t met so it works.

        however for some reason this patch works on my 100% save but i think not completely on my own saves because for example when i’m in the pocket castle my companions greet me in English in the 100% save however on the others it’s still Japanese.

        i guess i messed something up with the saves then?

        it’ doesn’t really matter since i will restart when the full translation comes out so yeah thanks again.

  22. strate7

    I noticed a bunch of grammatical errors throughout the game so far, and I was wondering if there’s any way I could help correct them. I already offered to help with the cleaning up process a few posts back but I guess I wasn’t good enough. If I can help please let me know.

      • Anonymous

        Hey dargoth is the bit after the spoiler fight in the forest supposed to be still in Japanese on the Alice route atleast the translation cuts off about half way when talking to Alice, Just wondering because theirs main story stuff translated after it.

  23. Anonymous

    can someone help me? my mgq paradox run fine before but i haven’t play since the last patch, then few days ago when i try to play again the fps drop to like 30-45, can someone fix it thanks.

    • Chiron Maximus

      Well, you know you can change the audio files right? Just put your nightcore music into the files then eport them under the same name and type, but take care with which files you change, cause I believe the best effect comes from choosing the right music for the right moment.

    • Desert Eagle

      I used to grind Mimics and Honey Pots. Nice amount of job exp, and a chance to get a Small Medal.

      Now I’m in the Chaos Labyrinth, training other monster girls. Everyone takes turns being a Merchant and using Super Gold Throw to end the fights quickly.

    • Noar

      Once you can one-shot her, Sphinx is good for grinding as well. Unlike other bosses, she always gives job EXP and MP seeds even when you fight her again.

  24. Anonymous

    Thank you guys for the fast replay… one more question i have the lastest version 1.21.00 but it comes to an error… do i need to install again a new version or what..?

  25. Thank you guys for the fast replay… one more thing i have the lastest version 1.21.00 but the patch ends to an error any ideas? do i need to install a new version..? there is a new version of the game..?

  26. Anonymous

    Hi guys, I have a question about the game. I recruited Eva, the Succubus near Monte Carlo and her special ability is “Can always use Dance, Sing, Serve, Thief, Mercantile, etc…” but in game i can’t use dance or sing skills thoughs she mastered the flirt job. Anyone have an explication ?

    • Chiron Maximus

      Mastering flirt unlocks greater jobs that will grant her more skills. Mastering any Basic job with any character will unlock better jobs in Intermediate jobs, then finally in Advanced jobs when prerequisite jobs are mastered. So, since you mastered flirt with Eva, start her off with other basic jobs that would grant her more skills, then work to Intermediate jobs when you’re ready.

      • Anonymous

        I know that, the problem is that I can’t use some skills Eva has in game. She supposely can use a great number of skills whatever the job but it doesnt work.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Some skills are permitted to certain jobs/weapons, and even if you have them, if you lack to necessary SP to use them, you can’t use them until you have enough. If you do have everything AND the needed SP amount, then I have nothing else to say at that point, because that shouldn’t happen.

      • Anonymous

        I have enough SP to use them, besides, mercantile skills use gold instead of SP and I can’t use them neither altough I have more than 200.000 G on me. I just don’t understand why Eva’s trait doesn’t apply. The skills don’t even appear on battle.

        • Chiron Maximus

          If they’re not appearing in battle, then you may have them hidden by accident. Go into the menu and see if they have a red japanese symbol at the end of the skill name, then you have to hit shift with it selected in order to unhide it. Also, you can only use skills if you have the job or the accessory/trait that enables those skills. If THAT doesn’t help, then you be beyond my knowledge.

      • Noar

        One of the game updates turned most character traits with potential drawbacks into equippable abilities that cost 1~2 points. For Eva, I believe it is an untranslated 1-point ability under Special Abilities. She must equip that ability to be able to use the skills associated with her trait regardless of race/class.

  27. Anonymous

    I can’t remember how to update the game with the new patch. I have the raw zip files for v1.21 and the Translation EX 0.5o and now I just downloaded this patch, but I can’t patch anything because every time I use the patch.exe, I keep getting an error. What steps do I need to do in order?

  28. Anon-Y-Mouse

    No answers to the ‘virus scan and reinstall’ issue? Anyone? Please?

    I want to play this game, but I can’t. Clean installs, patched installs, nothing seems to work. Please help.

    • Chiron Maximus

      Depending on where you downloaded it from, it varies on the answer. If you downloaded the game from the site everyone else downloaded it from or bought it, there are no viruses. For the patches, if you clicked the links provided above in the post, then there are no viruses. Obviously, if you followed all these steps, then there are no viruses and your virus detector is as paranoid as a nekomata in a werewolf den.

      • Anon-Y-Mouse

        Not sure where everyone else downloaded from, but I guess I’ll be looking for another link.

        Thanks for the advice.

        Also, it’s not the virus detector, it’s something with RPG Maker itself. Avast Virus-scans don’t seem to track anything.

  29. Joip

    Can someone help me with my completion file? I jotted down some specifics I’m unsure of and can’t for the life of me find out with googling (ALICE chosen)

    Mithra castle (anything to it)
    Nero ( I thought I remembered him being recruitable in HV but seems not
    Lazarus- Also know he was recruitable but seems not (Illiasville)
    Cave blocked north of Ludite and Town above it (correct in assuming part 2)
    Puppet tower just has the scene right not explorable?
    In Monte Carlo are Terence and Eric @ the wpn shop recruitable somehow?
    In Grandoll was the Executive Man recruitable?
    In Grandoll I’m missing 2 performances @ theatre. page 5-2,5-5. Am I correct in assuming these are tied to Illias and the other Witch hunt choice?
    The admin tower appeared in the normal world yet some Japanese message appears going to 2f. Is it not explorable here?
    Was La Croix recruitable somehow?

    * Was it possible to save Micaela? This part of the game threw me off because I got a vibe I COULD with the robot talking about Chaos levels. Much like in Sylph forest I killed the Superboss that showed up and got to keep Sylph yet I faintly remember sylph dying on a partial play with Illias?

    *Is the chaos dungeon this empty in part 1? I’ve encountered a few new npc’s (a new girl merchant for example,maybe recruitable later) but it looks like no scenes from the super boss fights just some panties to steal. I used CE to bring myself to floor 10000 or something really just buffs up the same people and ensures 100f chest loot is good like ribbon or something.

    Finally who is the best party? Right now I’m using Luka,Unfortunate Bird who is fully evading everything and 2 other birds with decent evasion (I know Slyph is better than both but I’ve not bothered to cheat her class mastery given the fact the ANGELIC race traits that Luka got look very nice like nul elements/multi status/etc and I’m waiting on p2 to reconsider humans)

    I’m considering a NEW Game + with Illias and it would be nice to know if affection levels carry over because they are a massive pain to even cheat and male companions like guard/samson because I’ll be less thorough and forget about them.

    • Mithra is not accesible yet
      Nero and Lazarus are not recruitable yet
      Cave north of Luddite is for part 2
      Puppetter Tower has only that small cutscene and not exploreable yet.
      In Monte Carlo there is no recruits
      In Grandoll only Saki is recruitable
      Don’t remember those performance-need to check out.
      2F in Admin Tower is destroyed
      La Croix is not recruitable yet
      Micaela should die for the sake of the world.
      Armored Berserker can be killed-you just need to level-up and use proper skills
      Check Chaos Dungeon page on the wiki and Several Guides.http://monstergirlquest.wikia.com/wiki/Labyrinth_of_Chaos/Paradox (Can not post two links.)
      Affection does carry over-you only need to fully unequip Alice or you will be playing with her again.

  30. Anon

    So. I I’m trying to patch my game. But I need to patch it to 1.21 first. It won’t let me do it though. When I try to play the game after patching it I get an error message. “Script ‘Japanese symbols ver1’ line 26: NameError occurred. Uninitialized constant Object::NWPatch”. I dont remember how to fix this. Any help please? This is before I install the English patch.

    • Chip

      I believe a common fix for several issues is to remove the Japanese characters from the folder name. Instead of #!$%$&%& (lol) name the folder MGP,Fapquest9000,etc. Last resort would be downloading 1.21 itself fresh.

  31. Anonymous

    I wait patiently for dargoth’s updates and I’ll continue waiting patiently. Keep it up and hang in there.

  32. Anonymous

    Dargoth, make a read me on your bitbucket so that people can more easily join in and help! Especially people who are experienced writers/editors, but are not fluent in Japanese.

  33. AnonS

    This is a good community so no one will say anything. Ok that’s not true, there are always some trolls. But the majority I’ve noticed have always been good about these things.

    But it really does show you how amazing Rogue was back in the day. And sort of makes you understand why the man seemed to burn out and do a clean cut and leave.

    Dargoth I hope you stick around for a long time, just to communicate with us. I’ll patiently wait for the translation as it comes, maybe one day somehow we can all as a community speed it up, but who knows.

  34. Anonymous

    Would you tell me where can I download a good versión of Monmusu Quest: Paradox? I downloaded the patch but it is uncompatible with the game. What website would you recomend me?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t know about you, but have you tried running 7zip with Locale Emulator and/or the patcher on Japan locale too?

    • Anonymous

      Also, watch out if you have Windows Defender. Activated, it might download most of the folder but not everything.

  35. Karharot

    Many thanks for doing this! This game is great and it is thanks to you that we can play it 🙂

    BTW – the gift that Kamuro gives at 2000 Affection is Purifying Water not Magic Hairpin which is listed on her present list (the Magic Hairpin is given by the Kitsune next to her). Dunno if you care since this is really not important but I just noticed it so I’m informing about it just in case 😉

    Good luck with all that you are doing 🙂

  36. Noar

    Seems like there was a really big oops involving the level 5 Zombie Doctor ability. Surprised nobody ever noticed this; it was present in the last patch as well.

    Additionally, it seems like many predation skills are translated as eating a “bound AND partially digested foe,” but from my gameplay experience only one or the other is needed (they work on bound OR partially digested foes). I don’t know what the original text says but that may be another oversight.

    • Desert Eagle

      Is the problem that it doesn’t tell you that it triggers upon death?

      (I also have Shinifa in my 2nd group!)

      • Noar

        It doesn’t explain what the ability does, and is the only ability translated like that. Even skills always describe their effect. I also think it’s pretty confusing to translate a passive ability using the exact same format as an active skill, but maybe that’s just a personal thing.

  37. Anonymous

    Speaking of other monster girl games, have you heard about Quest Failed, as well as Monster Girl Island on patreon?

  38. Anonymous

    Hey, can someone give me some advice? Is there any good way to farm small medals? I killed plenty of honey pots and didnt saw a single one drop small medals. Also is it even possible to beat Reaper in this part? If it is can someone tell me a good strategy, party etc.? I finished the game so I can train up any character for this.

    • Anonymous

      use doggy and worm girl to dig dig dig. use simple ememy’s but don’t hit them. just use defend. digging up that scream plant get’s annoying thou

    • Noar

      When you’re farming for medals, make sure you have a character equipped with the ability Item Drop *2. If you have Gnome in your party, you can change her to the Dark Fairy race and she’ll have that passively. Otherwise, anyone can learn it as a level 9 Gambler. (Multiple instances of it won’t stack.)

      You can also make farming more efficient by changing all the text settings to fastest in Options. If your party is strong enough to easily one-shot the mobs, you can equip Reckless Masks to your 4 active party members together with the Encounter Quintuple so that you just have to walk one step while holding A and Z to end fights instantly. I don’t think it takes more than a couple of hours to get 99 Small Medals while farming with maximum efficiency.

      As for Reaper, the main key to beating her (or anything, really) is to spam the skill Vicarious Clara. It grants a character immunity to damage for the next 3 hits it would take, and can be stacked. You’ll also want immunity to Instant Death. Ghost and Minor Chaos races get natural immunity to this; otherwise, the Fox Geisha skill Song of Death or the Item User skill Prevention:Phoenix Tail grant your entire party immunity for 10 turns.

      Once you get those two skills up, you can basically fight her forever using any sort of damaging strategy you want. The Makina skill Electromagnetic Armor and the Insect skill Group Defense do the same thing as Vicarious Clara but cost SP instead of HP and only last for 2 hits. You could combine those skills with Endure if you’re having trouble getting past the first turn, or alternatively try using the Wing Harpy skill Sky Dance to boost your party’s evasion. Pyhar or Chirp would be the best harpy for this; the former has higher evasion, while the latter has the unique skill Sparrow Dance which grants your entire party immunity to Sleep and Confusion for 10 turns. Chirp will teach her unique skill to any character in the active party if you encounter her in the Labyrinth.

      • Anonymous

        Wow that’s realy in depth, thanks a lot. I was searching some info by myself so I know now about the Clara. Looks like there will be a lot of farming ahead of me :). It’s hard to belive how much can be done in this game by overbuffing and stacking. Again Thank you.

  39. Ravhasun

    Could someone please answer me to my simple question?

    Is fight after Sylph and Heinrich translated for you? I have got only few lines in english and others are in japanese, does anyone else have it?

  40. anon-y-mouse


    It seems that my anti-virus doesn’t like files with japanese names, so I just had to change the name of the file. Voila, it works!

    Thanks to the MGQ Wiki for their help, and thank you Dargoth for being a Straight-up G and a Bonafied Stunt! ‘Cause you Can’t! Teach! That!

    • Daniel

      Wait, where did you hear this Noir? I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find any information on when the next chapter will be coming out.

      • Torotoro’s latest update (and some previous ones) are clear that the next chapter in Paradox won’t be out until next year. It could possibly come out early in the year, though.

  41. Alan

    Dargoth, I know you are a busy finishing this project and when you finish that you will go to other projects. Can you reconsider translating this game: Meikyuu Touha: Monster Girls. Really Intrigued. Please! I’m not saying now or in a year but whenever you get a chance. If you cant do it for some reason, can you reconsider getting to someone else then? Love your work!

  42. Anonymous

    Hey just wanted to make a quick shout to all who posted tips and such here. Thanks a lot. Thanks to you guys I beaten Reaper and now I’m slowly progressing whit the chaos dungeon. Could not have done this alone.

  43. Anonymous

    So… next week update with games/VN overview. I know you said that you wanted to look at couple of more projects before posting here, Dargoth, but then can you at least delete that last line from your post?

  44. Anonymous

    So nobody has a 100% save file for VH5 even though someone posted it a few months back (although the link is dead)? Seriously? Come on, someone help me out here please.

  45. Just a reminder: Seven Seas Entertainment is releasing Monster Girl Encyclopedia in 2 months for around $24.99. It will be hardcovered, uncensored, and will feature the updated images of the older monster girls.

    • Desert Eagle

      I’m tempted to order one… I wonder how much the shipping costs are?

      Or… whatever. Even if shipping costs add a bit more price, getting a hardcovered Monster Girl Encyclopedia should be worth it.

  46. Anonymous

    Just leaving a comment, spoils ahead of course.

    Anyone find it strange that Luka changes jobs every couple of minutes in the story? When you meet Micaela you’re changed to Hero, and when you find out you’re an angel you switch to Lowly Angel.

    • Desert Eagle

      Chi Pa Pa!

      Well, it doesn’t really do anything. You can give it to one of the girls and see if they like it.

  47. MGQ Player


    When I checked the Graphics > Pictures folder, I saw a picture of Don Dahlia different to her scene as a battlefucker. She just stands in the picture with different parts of her body with a semen at her stomach. It looks like Luka came just by looking at her. I remembered a long time ago I was able to trigger the scene but now that I’m doing my second run, I can’t seem to remember how. Anyone knows? Thanks.

  48. firstlords

    Minor spoilers ahead for those who still care (I am one of those)

    I’m currently about to get sylph. Which is great because Luka finally Race changes and I’m no longer wasting all those Job XP. Only problem is, there are a few lines of unavoidable text after you beat sylph that is not yet translated. I really don’t want to miss anything important. Can anyone give me a translation?

    • Anonymous

      It’s translated for Illias, but not for Alice. I can’t translate it but i’d imagine it’s the same sort of lines

        • Anonymous

          Of course, because she is more kawaii and make compliments, at the same time Alice complaining all the time and talks about food

      • LeZhayr

        Actually until Sabasa (played just until Sabasa) Illias is more interesting than Alice. Paradox Alice is not the same Alice everyone loves

      • Kunaral

        In-character for Luka, it’s the most logical choice. Either you believe she’s Ilias, in which case she’s your goddess, or you don’t, in which case she’s still an angel from heaven, and represents the only known remaining connection to your goddess.

        Frankly, it’s a little disappointing that Sonya and Ilias have so little interactions, since the former is a priest of the latter.

  49. Anonymous

    Dargoth, just letting you know, there are some errors when talking to the informant about the “ELKA COMPANY” and “ELKA” treating Lazarus as “HIS” brother, and the talking to Lazarus about getting entry to the “ERUKA COMPANY” and Lazarus saying that he met “HER” at a pub or something….

    • Anonymous

      Actually now I think about it… there is a fair amount of proofreading needs doing……. I would be willing to do it when you get further in your translations….. Assuming you send it as script on a note or txt file…as I don’t know how to personally crack into the patch file…. If you would like me to do so say so and i will contact with you.

  50. Friendly Author

    So I’m not sure if I’m the only one who feels this way, but I’m confused as to why we are trying for perfect translations on the first go? I do get your point on wanting the translation and style to be perfect. It’s theoretically a good plan; it just isn’t working in practice.
    As I’ve read from your notes, that is a huge undertaking for you and right now the game is unplayable for most of us at this point.
    So why not do it like a normal game release? Do the basic imperfect translation and release it so it is officially playable. Then see if there are bugs and get input from the community. Finally fix the game into its “perfect” state in a series of patches. This would remove some of the pressure of people desperate to play the game and makes it so you have a lot of additional help. I’ve actually published two fiction novels and would love to help you translate and get the style you like. Unfortunately, I do not speak Japanese so I can’t help in its current state. However, if the game were in the “rough” English state then I could help smooth things out and get a consistent style! (I’m sure I’m not the only English speaker who would be willing to help)
    Please let me know your thoughts and if you disagree.

    -A Friendly Author

  51. Desert Eagle

    If you’re interested in checking out another game, “Harem Fantasy -Good or evil will save the world-” is a pretty good game. It’s not about monster girls but it has a very good gameplay which resembles MGQ:Paradox.

    The story takes a lot of elements from older Final Fantasy games – dominantly from FFV but also from FFIV and FFVI. The main character is a young man with amnesia who’s trying to get his memories back. Along the way, he’s joined by three beautiful women (Bra sizes: big, bigger, biggest), and his quest transforms into protecting the four crystals and saving the world.

    Combat works on ATB system. You can choose from three different modes: active, semi-active, wait. If you choose “wait”, your opponents will sit tight and wait for you to choose your move. In active mode, they won’t wait at all; While you’re fumbling to find the right spell, the enemy might already have made a second move. Up to you what kind of challenge you want.

    Characters have their own level and – like in FFV and MGQ:Paradox – a job level. They can choose a job for themselves and master it, gaining permanent abilities from it (My own team is Knight, Thief, Monk and White Mage). The skills are fairly varied too, making for interesting combat tactics.

    There’s also one more twist in how you experience the story: an alignment system. Over the course of the game, you make choices that define your character. Your goal is to save the world but you can be either good or evil about it. For example, your very first choice is to either A) Save the girl, or B) Watch her get raped by goblins. It depends on what you want to do.

    • Desert Eagle

      I forgot to mention one more awesome aspect. Each of the main characters have their own sprites and art for each of the jobs they equip. Each of the girls will look completely different depending on what job they have equipped. It’s really cool.

      • Fozze

        The game is pretty darn good! Kinda lost atm tho, what do you do after Cap’n big tits mcgee gets taken by that demon pirate? been to that cave at the very start and killed the insect thing and stolen his treasure, saved the princess, done the solo events and touched the brown hairs tits.. now what?

    • Anonymous

      do you know if there are similiar games but in english? if not even just the same gameplay (job, class, ecc) would be good but only english. thanks

  52. Anonymous

    Hey, I have a small question to Dargoth. What will you do when part 2 hitts? Will you pick up that or will you go for 100% on the part 1 first?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see the point of translating part 2 before part 1 is entirely or mostly done (whole story and gameplay elements, h-scenes for main characters etc).

  53. Anonymous

    This game is awesome, and thank you Dargoth for translating it. Hope the next patch is not too far away, but still better late then never :D. Cheers!

  54. Anonymous

    found out you use ytinasni’s tool to translate the game i was thinking you extract Game.rgss3a file and then put all files from all folders in rpg maker vx new project witch will show everything just like if you made your own rpg maker game.

  55. PoorScribe

    Hey Dargoth and company, I’m an experienced copy-editor and someone well versed in the English language. I sent you an e-mail some time ago offering help with a sample of my translation of the Chrome encounter, but have yet to hear back. If anyone could point me in the right direction as to how I can help this project, I’d be very grateful. I’d love to help expedite this process.

  56. Alex

    Hi guys. Is it possible to cook the Salad (or Miso Soup) and put it in the inventory. Basically, I want to use it as a gift for a girl. It works with Fried egg, but when I am trying to cook the Salad it requires to chose a character who is going to eat it.

    • Anonymous

      After choosing a character to eat it, it will also show up in your inventory if I remember correctly. This way you get the buff associated with the food and the food itself in the inventory.

  57. Does anyone know how to get those alternate BF scenes? In the files, there are graphics for a nude Saran and Olan. And there’s actual penetration with Kate. Google didn’t help me at all…

  58. Wobby Wobman

    I finally caved in and started playing this with the partial patch, (I was gonna wait until it’s completed.) and I gotta say, I love all the sex request scenes you can have with the girls in your party. When I read about those, I thought it was all lovey dovey consensual stuff, but Luka is still basically getting overwhelmed and raped, only that now he’s thouroughly loving it, as opposed to the “Oh no, please stop!” nonsense from the regular game overs. Great stuff.

    And I gotta ask, even though this has probably been answered a million times already…the regular game over scenes from all the monsters that were brought over from the original game…the text feels similiar yet very different. Is the japanese text in these scenes the same as it is in the original game and it’s just the translation that makes it feel different, or were the game over scenes already rewritten in the japanese script.

    Either way, for the most part I prefer the english text in Paradox.

  59. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth, what happened with “P.S. I’ll update later this week with some other monster girl games you should be paying attention to.” It’s been some time since you said that so it’s not unreasonable to ask what going on there 🙂

    • Yeeeah… So I had a huge backlog of monster girl games to play and I assumed I’d find a couple to recommend. Didn’t happen. The only good parts to the games I’ve been playing require knowing Japanese…. Then the Fallen Maidens game sucked. I still owe that post, I know, but I was really hoping to have some great recommendations.

  60. Anonymous

    YESSS omg, can’t wait for October! hype is real….cuz I don’t wanna play the game until main story gets translated at least. Thank you Dargoth! 😀

  61. Chuck

    When this thing is completely translated, I’m thinking of writing a mod with some consensual and egalitarian sex scenes, and maybe even happy ends with various monster party members.
    Would anybody else be interested in helping with that? There’s a lot of monster girls to write for.

    • Anonymous

      One of the main appeals for MGQ is the femdom aspect. Yes, it’s generally a result of the rape itself, but it’s one of the main factors of why this game is so appealing. I also doubt you have experience with RPGMaker and coding in general, not to mention there’s already someone doing a similar mod and adding their own monsters and dialogue as well. In short, even if you find people who want to write for your mod, I doubt there will be much of an audience.

      • Civildeviation

        Wish ya the best of luck Chuck.

        Don’t suppose there is a more exact term for this sexual interest than femdom or reverse rape is there?

        I’ve been frustrated to find that femdom usually encompases female dominating females in BDSM. Reverse rape on the other hand seems to only be used in Japanese converted gaming industry.

      • Wobby Wobman

        Yo Civildevation, reverse rape, or rather 逆レイプ is the term used in Japan. I don’t think there’s an exact equivalent for this in western porn, but then again, I don’t really see the kind of reverse rape you see in japanese porn in western porn all that much.

        It’s *not* just used in Hentai, it’s used in regular japanese porn as well, for stuff like this.


      • Anonymous

        >One of the main appeals for MGQ is the femdom aspect. Yes, it’s generally a result of the rape itself, but it’s one of the main factors of why this game is so appealing

        Consensual/egalitarian doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t ‘femdom’ in flavour, since he’s here playing MGQ in the first place he was probably describing something like the girl-specific ending cutscenes of Desire Dungeon as well as the “victory” scenes (which are still more femdom than not)

        If you haven’t played Desire Dungeon, instead just imagine the various loss scenes in Harpy Village from MGQ1 and replace Luka with someone who whines about his situation a bit less. That’s probably what the OP means

  62. Incubusknight

    Scroll up in the comments or press ctrl+f and type in “Dargoth” to find posts made by Dargoth. Those last two questions have both been answered.

      • Cwhart

        Actually its a wierd issue with my phone. Somethings comments you responded too are showing up on my phone but not on my computer for some reason. Those comments are not showing up as well as any responses, including yours, to them. I don’t get what is going on with that O.o

      • Anonymous

        It’s not just your computer. His comments disappeared on my desktop the last time I was here too. Strangely, I can see them again and I’m on my computer.

  63. Corruption_

    Forgive me for possible ignorance, How do I check how recent a comment is? trying to gauge progress against comments 😛

  64. Random

    Hello Dargoth, I wanna say I am cheering you on. To others this translation might seem superficial but to us at the comment section it is incredible work. as they say : “Gambatte!”

    • Incubusknight

      I just use the Chrome translation app.
      It’s not perfect but you can get the gist of what’s being said. If someone want’s to actually translate it then great but until then here’s the actual post with chrome translator.


      During too long, … because it Kangaemono also the blog update stagnates
      will introduce the mystics who also face showed in the previous chapter again.

      – Quetzalcoatl once there had been faith in the land of the jungle as a “snake god of the sun.” Like the Sphinx, who is one of the “ancient of God,” which had been revered in each district. In fact it is not a God, not only integrally giants monster boasted a power in ancient times. After the Holy Demon War, the records and lore by goddess alias was away buried. Quetzalcoatl will come committed to play a man of human beings. If grabbed her, it would be insulted to become tattered.

      · Tezcatlipaca presence that is a false god to combat Quetzalcoatl. In fact is not a God, integral mighty ghost that existed in ancient times. After the Holy Demon War, the tradition was to leave buried again. It mystics of Jaguar, but the person is convinced yourself that it is a cat. If grabbed the Tezcatlipaca, it will be brought in forcibly copulation. Surprisingly I am friendly, it might be tied to marriage.

      Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipaca is bad very relationship. It has been engaged in a clash since ancient times, but the settlement does not seem to still attached. Once have been two-body with God phase fight with full force, come waging a fight to the hero Luke with its reserve capacity.

      In the future, the blog update is scheduled to become irregular. Also there is a large movement, it will be from dawn the year. Apart from the “Monmusu RPG”, it will cause great surprise everyone next year there is also (of course a good way) Notice. Slowly and carefully stored the energy this year, please wait for the next year.


      So just to summarize it’s just a bio for the two new characters and Torotoro saying updates will come randomly but we’ll have some good “surprises” in store for us in 2017.

    • Noar

      Job change item isn’t available in part 1, same as Ninja/Taoist. Only characters who start with the Berserker job can use it.

  65. Noar

    Does anyone know if Eva’s time stop skill where she draws the world card is currently unique to her character trait or exists as a possible result from an accessible Oracle skill? At first I thought it could happen via Oracle of the Goddess but now I’m not so sure.

  66. Anonymous

    I have a question, someone knows how luka can learn the skill Chaos drive? in a youtube video it comes out that has it, but does not tell you where or how he got it.

  67. Anonymous

    Almost October xD…..man iv’e been counting the days xD. Wish I was good with japanese and scripting to help, but sadly I suck….in those areas too. Keep it up Dargoth! peace

  68. RetroCop


    I know that you’re closing in on the next patch update, and that the release of Part 2 is still on the distant horizon. But are you still in need of editors to help work the rough translated bits into English? And if so, is there some sort of method for selecting participants (sending them a string of rough text to de-Engrish, for example)?

    Asking ’cause I’m interested in helping, if it wasn’t clear.

  69. Anonymous

    PEOPLE! You can help by NOT pestering Dargoth. Rest assured, he has a team of capable hands as it is, and, barring some development (like the world ending or something) Dargoth is working his hardest to produce the next patch. Patience and some perspective go far longer than pestering him about the next patch.

    • Chiron Maximus

      You can’t really blame them for the spam though. Most of them might have missed the previous messages form Dargoth and don’t really know what’s going on, so they say something without really even knowing. We just have to tell them what’s what so that Dargoth and his team can focus and not have to worry about responding to us.
      On a personal note, I can’t wait for the next patch; if I remember right, it’s next month I think.

  70. Anonymous

    So when the patch comes out in october, will all of the lines of text for main story be translated only, or some more sex scene/battle text stuff too? Would love to see the little bug get translated rape scene and battle text (or however it’s called).

    • Anonymous

      Not really sure myself, I’d say dip into the adventurer class for sure for some free boomerang skills and keep her equipped with said boomerang. Then from there, any job with high dex or high attack or some variation. Haven’t played in a while so I’m a little rusty.

    • Chiron Maximus

      Anon does have a point. I’ve taking to the idea of having every character maxed every job/race level they can do, but it’s up to you.

  71. anhitamoonfire

    “P.S. I’ll update later this week with some other monster girl games you should be paying attention to.”
    Several months later…

    • Anonymous

      He already explained that his expectation weren’t met as most of well-appreciated parts he found required knowing Japanese, and he still wants to make that post as soon as he finds new good ones.

  72. Anonymous

    Since next patch will have main storyline I replayed the original MGQ for shits and giggles and actually thought about something, I know it probably won’t be until Paradox part 3 but we probably will have the option to, as special bosses, go against Tamamo no Mae at full power and Alma Elma only using her martial arts. Oh man, that’s gonna be hard…

      • Chiron Maximus

        Well, considering in Paradox there is the ability to turn Luka, Alice/Ilias, Sonya and all kinds of recruit-able monsters, including side and main story bosses, into ultimate badasses that have mastered every job and race they have access to, I think the playing field is equal.

  73. Civildeviation

    Luv ya Dargoth and Team; kinda wondering, how is that release for “Early October is more likely” coming along? Should we let ourselves get excited for it?

  74. Anonymous

    I dont know about you guys but i dont know why but this patch give problems in the main history, the events of enrika, the treasure cave and the goblin girl dont happen, i tired starting from zero but is the same

  75. B-Spiral

    Hey guys, can i get some help? I JUST purchased the game and tried to use this patch to translate it but it says I’m using the wrong version. Am I doing something wrong, or was I unlucky and the game got a new update that I won’t be able to translate until the new patch comes out?

  76. khalayia

    note to self and others, the translation on the hentai sites for monmusu quest movie royally sucks! who refers to aliphese as satan?

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