Paradox 2.20 is finally here!

Okay, so not updating this blog since the first of July was incredibly shitty on my part. In 5 years, I’ve never gone more than about 3 months between updates…. To be honest, I thought 2.20 would have been out months ago, and as the delay dragged on, it became a convenient excuse to not get any translation done. And when I’m not getting work done, typically neither is anyone else.

Anyway! Torotoro finally released version 2.20 of MGQ Paradox, and I’m now busy merging everything into the new version. There will almost definitely end up being a 2.21, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Any further versions will just be minor bug fixes anyway.

The new version adds new request scenes for Sonya that depend on what sex toy you equip her with, and it also adds request scenes for Beelzebubs B and C. The meat of the update is in completely redoing the post-game Labyrinth of Chaos and massive changes to weapons, skills, and characters.

I haven’t decided on a course of action for a 2.20 patch given the immense number of changes. Anything we release quickly would be full of outdated and incorrect descriptions from the previous version, but fixing everything will take weeks. I’ll see how things are looking by this weekend and decide. Until then, happy holidays and such!

P.S. I’m going to do another post highlighting monster girl games released this year and some upcoming ones.


    • Gag180

      Damn straight, that length of the last one was getting ridiculous lol. The fact that it’s not broken up into pages makes it rather painful on a phone/tablet.

      • Anonymous

        On the phone, on the search bar, just type a date and use the “on this page” function, worked for me on my phone

  1. ScarletMeister

    Thanks a lot, don’t stress yourself and I look forward to your monmusu game recommendations, so far everything I played from yours and Rogues lists was good 😀
    Have a happy holidays and new year

  2. Sterling White

    Alriiiiiiight, progress!

    Really glad to see progress has resumed.

    I’m not smart enough with code to patch from the bin, so I’m eagerly awaiting the next official patch for the story. In the meantime, I’m having a blast with Zell’s FotBS.

    I love MGQ with a passion, and it’s great to see we have people like Dargoth with the same sort of passion.

    Hope you have jolly holidays, folks.

  3. Civildeviation

    Hurray! And also, looks like the vets called this process from start to finish, not much progress, not dead, and waiting until 2.20 for a comment from our beloved lead translator and team. Hopefully next time the questions start coming up, the newer folk will trust the vet’s experience on how this translation project tends to pan out.

  4. Marcus

    I was just curious. How goes the actual translation so far? I got very excited with the announcment of rogue rejoining the team. Just wondering how goes things on the translation front. hopefully some progress has been made since july.

  5. Anonymous

    We really missed you Dargoth at least we now you’re still alive. I’ll wait patiently for more updates!
    Happy Holidays!

  6. zappky

    I have been waitng months for Part 2 to have its main story translated and was hoping to being able to finally play before the year ends. But it is ok, for the wholesomeness of translation I will continue to wait patiently. 😀

  7. Okay, now that everything has been said, could someone freeze my body and unfreeze it in about 10 years or so ? I wanna play the translated game ASAP with all the updates and merged parts.

    I am willing to pay.

    • Sans

      I dont think they are science people whit crio-chambers in here, and after that you would start aging like REALLY FAST. I mean its a tempting thought, but doing that would be like giving up. Cm’on, we can doo this my friend! The night begins and so begins my “watch”….

      • It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the Bitbucket. I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to Dargoth’s translation, for this night and all the nights to come!

      • @Sans
        Aging really fast? Did you get that from that Mel Gibson movie or do we actually have scientific proof for that? XD
        Anyway, he’ll only rapidly age 10 years. So it’s worth it in my opinion. Sign me up too. But don’t mess up and wake us up too late, like they did with Mel. 😛

      • Sans

        Or you wake up in a post apocalypse world like in fall out. AND THE WHOLE GAMING INDUSTRY IS GONE!!! ALL OF IT! EVEN THE HENTAI !!!!!
        That said – i don’t think aging 10 years in 10 years, and aging 10 year in…. lets say 2 months is the same thing. Physically and Mentally. There should be more severe drawbacks then that.

        • Sans

          I mean i wanna know as well, but im not going to freeze my ass up. And Mel Gibson had the protag plot armor shielding him. But yeah, you go get your ass frozen, and then once you back on track you’ll tell grampa Sans all about it. Spellchek says i misspelled gampa but i’m tiered of trying to fix that one =)

  8. Lol

    Take your time dude, you and every one that’s doing the translation are doing this for free so we will wait patiently for the translations.

  9. What would happen if Luka had a child with (Spoiler don’t read this if you haven’t finished Part 2 you have been warned do not complain if you get spoiled and don’t reveal your inner weebo)

    Black Alice : Chaos Godess ? I mean, I’m sure their child would be incredibly strong, right ? But how would that child affect the other worlds ?

    • passerby4554

      A steam game?! I am so going to follow that! Also, I need to find out where I can get the 18+ patch when it comes out (unless it’s one of those purchases, like Crush Crush does)

    • Yep, just log in, go to “My Page” (button in the upper right), and click “Upgrade Information” for all the games you’ve bought that have been upgraded since release, in order of most recent update (direct link: Alternatively, just go to the game page and click “Download” again. The site ONLY keeps the most recent version for you to download, so if you wanna keep the old LOC from 2.11 or earlier, don’t delete your current copy after downloading the new version.

  10. d00msbane911

    Trying to manually patch 2.20 i was wondering if anyone else was getting a error on map028.rvdata2 when running RPG Maker Translator it stops on said file with a key error, stating given key is not present in the dictionary. Thanks for any help and answers that are provided and awesome work on the translation you all are great people.

  11. Well, at least part 3 will be out with in the next 4 months, they said early next year. however, January is off my list of candidates for obvious reasons. But hey, at least it won’t be too long of a wait! And I’ll probably will have learned Japanese by then.

        • Anonymous

          July seems super optimistic too. Part 2 was released in June ’17, no fucking way they’re going to finish part 3 in just a year. I’m thinking more early/mid 2019.

          • They’ve worked at part 2 and part 3 simultaneously, this was a reason why part 2 was developed for so long. ToroToro mentioned most of content for part 3 is ready. If nothing unexpected happens it should be released in 2018 how they promised.

            • Though it would be wrong to say it was a reason for delay of release. There were different reasons for delay and because of them game wasn’t released even when it was 90% developed. And so people who completed their work on part 2 started doing work on part 3. For example artist already finished all pictures, but programmer still completed only half of his work. Obviously artist will start working on next part of the game.

  12. Alright it’s my turn to ask for technical advice unfortunately. Does anyone know what prevents most H-games to enter fullscreen? I just got a new laptop and it’s been 4 years since I optimized the old one for h-games and I don’t remember having this problem. So far the original MGQ and Paradox refuse to enter fullscreen. There will probably be others but I haven’t yet had the time to move everything to the new laptop.

    • Unfortunately it doesn’t and I suspect it has something to do with the very high resolution of the screen(1980×1080). I don’t think RPGMaker games support this kind of resolution and to my exasperation I can’t change it to a custom value like it was on my previous machine. Also I remember there was something else that RPGMaker games needed installed to run. Something completely unrelated to language. I can’t remember what it was though…

      • Sans

        have you tried editing the properties of the .exe file? You can set a resolution in there, black lines on the side will probably be present thou.

      • Anonymous

        Have you tried Alt+Enter? If that doesn’t work, try hitting F1, checking the option marked ‘Launch in Full Screen’, and re-launching Paradox.

        Also, the thing you are thinking of is likely one of the RPGMaker RTPs. They are only required for some RPGMaker games. I don’t believe MGQ Paradox is one of them, though I could be wrong.

      • Anonymous

        I’m on a laptop with 1980×1080 and it works just fine in fullscreen. Did you mean it goes fullscreen but doesn’t stretch to fit the display? I had that problem on my old laptop and was able to fix it. Check your display and/or graphics card settings and experiment with fullscreen display options (I don’t know what’s it called exactly in English, unfortunately). Iirc there are 3 options: not stretching (so in Paradox that’s 640×480 = can’t see shit on 1920×1080 screen in window or fullscreen), stretch to fill (fills the entire screen, looks like crap because it’s stretched to hell), and fill the screen (essentially 1440×1080, you get two black bars on sides but looks very good otherwise). You want that last one.

  13. Gwaltzilla

    Thanks for all the hard work! Let us know if you need anything. I have been trying to rally some translators in discords for this project and send them to this page.

  14. Sachiko

    As I understand it, this new version of the second part of the paradox? I had not yet passed the second part. To wait for this version?

    • passerby4554

      There’s not much in deviation for either side.

      Here is what they have in common: you get the MS Fish to sail around in, you can challenge Admiral Levi for a tough fight and eventual recruit, you get the [Oceanic Business Permit] job change item that allows you to be a Pirate and a Marine, you only get 3 new companions, and you get a companion request to deal with 3 pirates east of the Navy HQ.

      Here is what makes them different: With pirates, you get the Captain, her first mate and one of the pirates as companions, while in the Navy you get a seahorse marine and an eel marine to start with and eventually Levi with another companion that is gained from a side quest in Goldport (you should be able to tell which one by then); and finally siding with the Navy makes you a Special Officer that is free to earn special supplies from the Navy Storage room near the stairs to the second floor when you complete certain events, while you get nothing on the pirates side except what you grab at the time if you raid the Navy HQ for the Fishy Pirates flag.

      And besides, with NG+, you can do both sides in two different run to see which one you like the best, and considering neither of them are really deviating from the original MGQ timeline, it’s safe no matter what side you pick.

      I have the policy of aiding the Pirates when I’m on an Alice run, since the Navy seemed foreign to me, and the Navy on an Ilias route, but I pray to the gods they add in a third way to settle this debut. I actually have ideas for the “third route” choices for these two sided events, but I’ll put it in a new comment if someone asks me about it.

      Final note: God I got to stop writing so much in the morning when I haven’t even had breakfast yet.

        • passerby4554

          Ok, so as we all know, right now we either have to choose only Lily or Lucia as well as Only Pirates or Navy and succubus chief or Natasha, since the structure forces you to choose and follow a set timeline. But, being one of those people who wants to find a middle ground no matter what, here’s what I’m thinking for a third route that works for everybody.

          For Witch hunt village, you get Lily or Lucia based on which side you choose, but for the “Third Route”, what you could do is set it up that the two would agree to a test to see if a truce can actually be pulled off, by going around the village and learning the whole story as it happened. If you can successfully answer a series of questions for both sides, you get them both to realize this civil war was essentially just a battle for supremacy, something they never wanted for the world in the first place. So, they agree to put each other’s plans into their own, to create one master plan that helps the weak and defenseless by taking down the people in power that are corrupt and abusive, therein complying to both sides. However, if you get one tidbit wrong, they’ll see you “just like every other oppressor” and force you to make a choice there and now, but this time it can be either one of them, or none of them. If you choose neither of them, you’ll end up fighting both of them at once and if you beat them both, they’ll think you just want to take over, but Luka and the rest convince them that they just wanted to end the civil war and to show them what they were doing to their people is wrong. Whether you fight them both or pass the quiz, they decide to join forces and provide aid for the hard times ahead, but since one would join you in the event of the other being defeated, neither would join your party (since by then we all would have them in the army anyways) and provide randomly generated support, from items left for the party in a chest, to magic circles of healing and shortcut portals, to even random support summons in battles.

          For the Navy vs the Fishy Pirates, this one is simple as well; since the Fishy Pirates only steal from other pirates and greedy seafarers, it’s a simple matter of calling a truce between the two sides. Levi, the Navy Admiral, would ask you to deal with them first, then you meet the pirates to learn they’re the Cooper family of pirates (from the Sly Cooper games), then here the choices are made. You can choose either side if you wanted, but the “Third Route” would have you go to Admiral Levi and tell her that you met with the Pirates, that they attempted to sway you and she’ll ask what you decide right then and there. You can choose “They’re not as bad as you think!” which will prompt her to get angry and demand to tell her if they bribed you, to which you can either tell her “They only steal from other pirates!” with leads to you and her talking about it or “We’ll make you see they’re harmless!” which leads to a fight, to which if you win, she’ll listen to what you have to say. Either way, you and Levi come to the conclusion of the Admiral meeting with Captain Bonnie and First Mate Ashel, to which Levi realizes that the Fishy Pirates aren’t as evil as they seemed and that the Navy wasn’t just all sticks in the mud. Admiral Levi will allow the Fishy Pirates to have custody of both their Pirate Flag AND the Black Saber that belonged to Captain Rosa, then they will come to an agreement that Luka and the rest are a part of. The Agreement is as follows: the Fishy Pirates will be registered as a secret branch of the Navy, allowing them to sail freely so long as they continue only to steal from other pirates, the Navy will only engage them theatrically, to make it seem they aren’t affiliated, when in fact they are, and the Fishy Pirates agree to fight beside the Navy in matters of global security, as well as the final battle against chaos. As far as the party goes, Luka will be a Special Officer, like if he sided with the Navy, he will get the MS Fish, since the Fishy Pirates will get a navy ship that they can claim to have stolen, and as well as get supplies for completing events, they will also receive the same kind of random aide that the Third Route of Which Hunt village provides: items left in chests, services paid before hand, and random Pirate/Ocean skill activating in battle. Of course, to better balance this, neither the Admiral Levi, the seahorse and eel marines, or Captain Bonnie and First Mate Ashel will join the group, because, again, they’ll be handling heir own sides of the cease-fire, but they will join the final battle against Chaos.

          Since you can get both the Plants and Insects on your side without cheating or NG+, the only conflict left is the Succubus Riot that occurs in Succubus Village. Normally, you choose either one and to prevent any more massacre, you have Lily or Lucia to talk to the losing side to ease their torment, i.e. siding with Lucia to calm Natasha down, or Lily to encourage Natasha if she won. If you choose the Third Route for Witch Hunt Village, when you confront the Succubus Chief or Natasha, they’ll appear from behind and they’ll talk to both sides and have them come to an agreement, effectively handling the situation for you so you don’t have to choose one for the other. However, if you don’t do the Third Route for With Hunt Village, you can still do the Third Route for the Succubi in two different ways, one is to have both lily and Lucia in the Party, then talking to the man on the left, to ignite a conversation that ends with a truce, or you can use Luka to survive a three-round battlefuck between the two succubi, which will require a godly amount of health, but will end the dispute between he two if done right. Either way, the two succubi will realize this fighting is pointless, come to a truce, then they will grant their aid in various points, from items in random chests, to completing some side-quests that requires you to go from place to place, and ultimately randomly occurring sexcraft attacks on enemies. Like the other two, the two Succubi won’t join your party, however they will give you a succubus crest that will allow you to convince the succubus twins, Lilith and Lilim to leave Alt Succubus Village peacefully, and maybe even join your party right then and there.

          That is what I just thought up for a Third route pertaining to those specific events. as far as any other events that require choosing a side, those will be thought over once all the details are brought together. On a finale note: I did this whole thing in the the morning, but thankfully after breakfast.

            • passerby4554

              I have absolutely no idea how to contact the actual game developers in order to shoot these ideas. At best, maybe Dargoth and his team can contact them somehow and try to pitch the ideas, but that’s just getting hopes up. Really, if they are implemented, I would hope at least to get some credit, like my name in the credits or something, but hey, I won’t get upset or depressed if it’s a no-go. It was fun just thinking those ideas up.

  15. CwHart

    So I am going to be abit of a negative nancy and predict Paradox Part 3 wont be out til December 2019. Any real reason? Well kind of but it isn’t a solid one. Bright side is that the full story would be translated by then for part 2

      • CwHart

        Mostly to save myself from disapointment is that i am expecting it close to when the 2.20 patch came out 2 years from now. Thats sorta how it went with part 1 final big patch and part 2s release. I do honestly hope i am wrong.

  16. I will ask once again, even though it might be impolite. But the hype insinde me has yet to be calmed, to please excuse myself for being impertinent.

    Someone here said that part 3 should be released in 2018 as Toro Toro promised. Could that gentleman or someone else give us the source of this information please ? I feel like I won’t be able to sleep tonight with such good news !

    • Yeah, that might have been me. I remember reading it on the toro toro resistance blog, however I used Google translate so I’m not 100% sure everything was translated correctly. If you want to confirm it personally, Fine. Here’s the link.

      Have fun scrolling through how many pages and reading everything.

      However. Let’s be realistic here. Aside from the updates for part 2, do any of you really think, that it will take half a year minimum for part 3 to come out?

      My opinion: hell no. It’d be way too long of a wait and people would get fed up with the ridiculous wait, causing them to play mgq paradox so much and eventually move to something else and almost completely forget about it. That’s why you release it early… And then make updates for the final part to keep people happy and make them keep coming back for more.
      It’s basic business logic.

      But before that we’re probably gonna get a lot of part 2 updates. So don’t expect part 3 until late april earliest or something like that.

      • Anonymous

        >However. Let’s be realistic here. Aside from the updates for part 2, do any of you really think, that it will take half a year minimum for part 3 to come out?

        It’s been way longer than half a year, Part 2 and Part 3 were being worked on at around the same time.

  17. NoName

    Guys, keep repeating with me this phrase:

    – There’s nothing in Trtr’s blog saying that Part 3 will be released in 2018.

    If you keep on doing this, rest assured that we will reduce the amount of posts of people having delusional thoughts about an early release to a small amount.

    I mean, we had this all the time in 2016 when people kept believing that Part 2 would come out in that year. Until it didn’t happen. Now people will do the same for Part 3. Until it doesn’t happen.

    What I am expecting though is that they release a physical copy of Part 2 when they’re pretty sure no more updates are necessary, just like how they did with Part 1. If everything goes well, maybe a month after the last update is released if it truly solves all bugs.

            • passerby4554

              Oh for Aliphese’s sake! Guys, that’s Odette, the Minotaur milf you recruit in part 2 and that CG is for her Reverse Rape request. I’m surprised no one else had answered this yet, so i figured I’d end this silly goose, or in this case bull, chase.

            • passerby4554

              Ah, right; no need to apologize. Yeah as far as that image, she might be a battlefucker that’ll be implemented in Part 3, or something. Maybe she’ll be an NPC that just has a random CG, but that’s probably pushing it.

            • CwHart

              That image has been in the files since part 1. I thought she was going to show up in part 2. TBH I honestly would be happy if the game did come out in 2018, but I am neither expecting or hoping for it because I was hoping for MGQP2 to come out much earlier than what it did and decided to save myself the disappointment by setting my expectations for two years after the final update (which I am assuming is 2.20, though a 2,21 that catches any last bugs in the game is also possible)

            • Anonymous

              That image of Odette isnt in her reverse rape scene, it is similar but it isnt the exact thing

  18. passerby4554

    Found an error! It happens when I attempt to open the menu, open the party editor in the pocket castle, or enter a battle after initializing a companion’s growth. I used the option on Heliel (the giant hair angel) to see if the affection resets along with the skills, but this error prevents me from seeing if it’s true. [img][/img]

        • passerby4554

          This happened in-game after I tried initializing a companion’s growth; I had the idea it didn’t work with part 2 monsters, which Heliel is, so I tried it with Ragora, a monster form Part 1 that I maxed out way long ago, but the same error occurred. Final note, the patch would not have worked if this interfered with the patch process, so this error is in-game for the super people translating it, so they’ll find it and find what’s causing it in order to fix it.

            • passerby4554

              Making a comment on this page is essentially like contacting them: they’ll see the message and see what they can find. I could drop a comment on the bitbucket, but by now one of them had to have seen my message and told the rest, so there’s no real issue there.

  19. Atomsk

    On the english Dlsite it says on the MGQ Paradox page that it’s the english version translated by native english speakers. Has anyone tried this to shed light on the legitimacy of this translation? Good? Bad?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see anything about that on the paradox page. I think the original(non-paradox) game has an official translation, but it is of lesser quality then the older rogue translation.

        • CwHart

          Only Part 1 of the original trilogy has an ‘official’ translation. I am guessing the sales didnt improve much so TrTr decided to let fans translate the series rather than continue to pay out of pocket

  20. Truepower

    There seems to be a few new side quests included in 2.20, which are from Anteater girl, Bunny girl and Luka himself. Does anyone have any idea what these quests entail; how to do them, do they give anything worth noting?

    • passerby4554

      As far as I can tell from reading about it on the blog, Anteater wants to learn new licking skills, Barbun wants to improve her bow skills and I think Luka is talking about Promestein’s new race change side quests. From what I could tell from the new addition to CommonEvent 0119, which is mostly Promestein’s race change stuff, there is something regarding changing demons to elves, plants to sea dwellers and maybe land-dwellers to demons? I can’t be too sure what with using google translate on specific parts just to read them, but maybe looking at the “ShowMessageFace” parts, we could figure out who is involved in those new race changes and from there, do the quests. Just be sure to save often, so as not to lose any data about it.

    • passerby4554

      I was wrong. Luka was talking about bringing Barbun to the queen elf. That helps her learn a new bow skill, as well as give her access tot he elf race and have Promestien learned to transform slimes into elves! I’ll continue to see what else happens.
      On a side note, I learned where the bulletin board messages are in the translation files! They’re on Map228, so the manual patchers, like me, can translate those lickety split.

    • passerby4554

      Ok, I figured out what the new quests are about. Here is the info:
      Take Barbun to go see the Queen Elf and she’ll learn a new bow skill and Promestein will gain the ability to turn Slimes to Elves!
      Saki wants to learn new dances, so take her to the beach west of Port natalia, an event plays, and three companions learn a new dance, and promestein learns to turn Alraunes into Sea-Dwellers!
      Kyona gets a letter, so talk to her, then take her to the postal master in San Ilia, he’s in the far back left cornor, then take her to the house in the south west of San Ilia, talk to the man in the back, and She learns Agility +40% and an acheivement.
      Talk to Promestein at certain points to further quests and get consultation, as well as turn Land-Dwellers to Yomas!

      Remember! When Luka or a companion gains a new race or job, they lose ALL the equipped abilities, so I recommend jotting down notes of what abilities you have before you all out.So in short, here are the new transformations:
      Slimes to Elves, you’ll need 3 weeds and a Magic Crystallized Tear
      Alraunes to Sea-Dwellers, you’ll need 3 squids and a coiling tentacle
      Land-Dwellers to Yomas, you’ll need 3 skulls and a Spirit Crystal

        • passerby4554

          They become unequipped, like when you swap jobs at Ilias Temple. Sorry for not being clear. Also, here’s a bit I forgot to add: When you help Saki learn a new dance, you need to take her to the Promestien in the foyer of the Pocket Castle, where the shops are, that will ignite the event on the beach.

        • passerby4554

          Also, a small tidbit I forgot to investigate: In Saki’s side quest for new dance moves, Wakame, the seaweed girl, and Jillian, the metal crab apoptosis, get access to the Sea-dweller race, so be careful with them too. Also, one of Promestein’s side quest that gives the ability to transform land-dwellers to Yomas, I believe this is applied to Elizabeth, our High-slug, so be aware when you talk to Promestein again.

        • passerby4554

          Ah, I made an error. Slimes can be turned into Elves ONLY if they have mastered the basic race, Beast. So, the new transformation is Beast to Elves, not slimes. Although, since Slimes can be beasts, I guess it’s Slime -> Beast -> elf.

      • passerby4554

        One final error I found is that it’s not 3 Squids, but 3 Dried Squids with the Coiling Tentacle to change an Alraune into a Sea-dweler. Sorry about that.

  21. Anonymous

    theres a problem or i dont understand all is in japanesse again…why i cant see rape scenes on collected monster…it apears this (………) black window and no sex scenes…its a shame what to do now…

      • Just because I enjoy it doesn’t make her any less of an ass. 😛
        Also, probably incomprehensible gibberish. All the way up until she kills me for shits and giggles, instead of doing the smart thing and keeping me as a slave so she can have a constant supply of semen.

        • By incomprehensible gibberish, do you mean the requests at the PC ? If you are talking about those then it’s just her being an ass. I didn’t read the first request, but I did read the footjob ones. She (in the first)scene) taunts you with her lower kitty while saying that her feet are plenty for Luka. Then, she proceeds to make a bet with him. If he can withstand her feet without ejaculating for a certain period of time, she will let him use her adorable kitty. And if he doesn’t, then she will use energy drain with her feet to kill him.

          In the second scene, she just jests about how nice she is to let you experience high pleasure from a legendary succubus with no risks at all.

          All in all, she is being a jerk. Sad, I wanted her to be best girl with some chara dev’. Like, she will become a good girl, reflect on her actions while staying a tsundere.

          • No, by incomprehensible gibberish I mean that’s what I’ll be screaming when she rapes me.

            Character development? Reflect on her actions? I think you’re expecting a bit much from a game about monster girls raping a cute shota. No matter what, in the end most of them are still gonna be rapey assholes. ‘Cause that’s the primary fetish of the game.
            Don’t blame you though. I too wish the game would allow that much development for all the characters. But that would be too much work. Maybe in a perfect world we could get such a perfect H-game, with so many choices that influence so many things. A man can dream.

          • Hewie

            Come on, surely you should have enough experience with MGQ games by now to know, that a kitty scene with Morrigan, Astaroth and Lilith will arrive with part 3. Oh and a foursome scene with them as well. Naturally with no death end because as he has become way too heroic by the end of part 3. After all, leave the best for last. That’s knowledge which you should know from practice.
            A real question here is ‘will there be a Micaela [u]adult[/u] version reverse rape (with Luka’s complete but unexpressed consent).

            I wouldn’t be so sure about the ‘no character development’ if I were you. Even with rapey assholes such as pretty much all of Diselmine’s characters in games there is sometimes no drain to the bitter end development.
            As for Torotoro, they are waaaay more lenient and open to no rapey asshole developments. Remember in part 3 the second last battle with Illias ? If you lose to her you will get paizuri interrogation until you consent to be her slave for all times.
            What about the scene with cupid and Valkyrie, they do get back at you but not for 20000 years or till death.
            Or the scenes with Erubetie and Arumaeruma ? The final ones are with no deaths as well.
            Oh and Tamamo no Mae’s scene was just awesome. Torotoro are the first geniuses who were able to transform a completely useless loli into something REALLY GREAT.
            Now think again after reading this, remember all the character developments for MGQ p1 p2 and p3, and ask yourself this:
            “Torotoro are guys who don’t slack or leave thing unfinished when it comes to MG hentai. Even Micaela got a scene when all hope was lost after the end of part 3. Would they really leave things like this ? Would they really leave the Morrigan and many other without a ‘reflect on her actions’ and no ‘rapey asshole(that phrase should be input in every dictionary in the world)’character development ?”

          • The VN is one of the only H games where I decided to seriously follow the story. I mean, I was baited by the H scenes and the monster girls, but the story was quite profound too, and I felt a heartache the first time I saw Luka begging people to help him cure his mother, even tho everybody just told him to go away and die with her.

            I know it’s a H game, something most people would just call “Fap material”, but I still think this game has high potential when it comes to gameplay, or how the story goes. Paradox is a big game so it won’t be easy for TrTr but I’m sure they have the power to do so. I believe in them !

          • @Hewie
            I don’t really see much character development with any of the examples you gave. So they don’t kill. Wow, they’ve grown so much. There’s no character development there. They’ve learned nothing. They’re still rapey assholes. Tamamo’s the biggest ass of them all. Setting you up with that shitty test at the end. You saved the world and everyone’s lives, but nope, one wrong move and now you’re a sex slave for life.
            Fuck, Alice loves Luka and she’s still a rapey asshole. She’s even worse. She’s also a hypocrite. Calling him a pervert. Look in the mirror, woman.

            So yes, I think they’ll really leave things like this. I doubt Morrigan will change even a little. Certainly not in her request scenes. Those are set in stone. So even if she gains more compassion in the story, in her scenes she’s still gonna be a rapey asshole.

            But again, that’s the whole point of the game. Hot monster babes brutally dominating a cute shota.

            And that was your first mistake. MGQ’s story is decent. But at the end of the day it’s nothing special. It doesn’t do anything new. And it’s still an H-game. I think you’re expecting a bit much.

            • Hewie


              Ok, I’m bit confused, so let’s look up at some standards here.

              First: MGQ games are of “Reverse Rape” genre. Which means that the main male protagonists/other males will undoubtedly get raped by a female. That also means that there will always be an element where the female forces her way on the male without his consent…somewhat.

              Second: By the axiom:
              “Sexual assault by a beautiful female upon a male of lower tier than her CANNOT IN ANYWAY be considered a rape.”
              Your statement that he is still a sex slave for life is 100% negated. Tamamo no Mae is a green-eyed, big breasted, slim waist, extreme beauty. That alone means that there is no sexual slavery here. Luka earns the privilege to lay down and be sexually assaulted by her and he LOVES it because she is too beautiful.

              Third: not being ‘rapey asshole’ is still rape act by the above axiom WITHOUT: any forms of pain, any forms of ass assaults, any forms of persistent lifeforce impairments, or generally: anything that would cause physical damage.

              This is my presumption but from reading your post I get the impression that your concept of not a ‘rapey asshole’ is romantic sexual intercourse with mutual consent from both sides. If that’s true then don’t you think you’ve gotten the wrong game ?

              “I don’t really see much character development “…
              If you take paradox rpg and compare it to other games of the same genre you’ll find out that this is actually A LOT of character development. Most other games just end up with a you’ve been drained to death and in very bad cases – with an electrovibe in your anal…Game Over.

            • @Hewie
              What? I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not here.
              “Sexual assault by a beautiful female upon a male of lower tier than her CANNOT IN ANYWAY be considered a rape.”
              I assume this is a joke. So I’ll just ignore it. Since, as a joke, I agree. But realistically it’s rape, not matter what ”tier” a person is. XD

              My concept of a rapey asshole is not being someone’s eternal sex slave. Even if he eventually likes it Luka usually has no choice in the matter. That’s rape. In the cases where he does choose he is still treated like an object. Now, that’s not rape, since he consented. But the character’s still act like ”rapey assholes”, as if they’re violating him. Demeaning him in all sorts of ways and treating him as their possession. Now, I don’t have anything against this. I’m into it. That’s why I play the damn game. And it’s the same way I am. And I consider myself a rapey asshole. I’m just saying, most of them are rapey assholes. Even at the end. The Four Bandits, the Harpies, the Succubi, three of the Heavenly Knights. They all have nothing against tricking Luka into being their possession for life in an unfair test.
              So that’s what I consider a ”rapey asshole”. Not the lack of romance.
              Though a little bit of romance wouldn’t kill them. It’s not my thing, but it’s still nice to see occasionally.

              Even compared to most games of the same genre there’s still very little character development here. Most characters get nothing. And even the main three are just generic tropes that barely change at all. Now, Part 3 isn’t out yet so that might change. But I doubt it will. Certainly not to any great extent. Ilias will still have a god complex, Alice will still be a tsundere and Luka will still be a good two shoes. And they’ll all still act high and mighty while secretly being huge perverts.That’s all the character they have.

            • @Hewie
              Oh, and on your first point, you’re right.
              Specifically on this part.
              ”there will always be an element where the female forces her way on the male without his consent…somewhat.”
              You basically answered your question right there on why I consider them rapey assholes.
              That’s enough for me to consider them rapey assholes. Again, this is not a bad thing. I got nothing against them being rapey assholes. It’s what I came to fap to. That’s just how I label them all. ‘Cause they rape, most of the time, and are assholes about it. Hence rapey assholes.

              Except the Unfortunate Friends. They’re the best. Best waifus Never try and rape. Always ask nicely. True saints. Shame they’ll never get any H. They deserve it.

              Though I do wish there was more scenes where the girls get what’s coming to them. The short lines of shock after they’re defeated aren’t enough to me. Luka rubbing it in how he beat them would be a nice touch. Ah, but that’s never gonna happen. A man can dream though. 😛

            • Hewie


              hmmm, Perhaps because I don’t write in forums at all, I simply wasn’t clear enough, so allow me to ask you this way:

              With “there will always be an element where the female forces her way on the male without his consent…somewhat.”
              I was trying to ask that if you find the very fact that he is sexually assaulted in anyway offensive or simply sad and If you enjoy romantic sexual relationships and dislike it when the females dominates then why do you play this “reverse rape” (an actual tag for games of this genre, if you open dlsite you’ll see it) game ?
              Or are you simply expressing your wish for more romance in the game ?
              Or perhaps you say that there shouldn’t be rape in the game. But then what would you replace it with ?

              And as for the axiom: “Sexual assault by a beautiful female upon a male of lower tier than her CANNOT IN ANYWAY be considered a rape.”
              I meant it as a half joke, half true.
              If you consider it seriously, by law this is still a rape. But if the guy actually likes it, can it really be considered a violent act of sexual nature where one side(the female) exploits the other ?
              By your name “Erwin Dedić” I presume that you are a male, so allow me to appeal to the sincerity of yours and every guy in this forum’s heart and ask:
              Would you consider yourself violated if this woman sexually assaults you and says that you are a pervert because you like it?

            • @Hewie

              ”I was trying to ask that if you find the very fact that he is sexually assaulted in anyway offensive or simply sad and If you enjoy romantic sexual relationships and dislike it when the females dominates then why do you play this “reverse rape” (an actual tag for games of this genre, if you open dlsite you’ll see it) game ?
              Or are you simply expressing your wish for more romance in the game ?
              Or perhaps you say that there shouldn’t be rape in the game. But then what would you replace it with ?”

              Ah, so that’s where we lose each other. No, no, no. Not at all. I love rape. It’s my favorite fetish. I’m obsessed about it. Normally I prefer male on female rape, but I love femdom a lot too. I am in no way against the rape in this game. I enjoy seeing Luka violated. Though occasionally my dominant side kicks in and I just wanna punch some of the girls in the face for some of the things they do or say. Especially the more murderous ones. What a waste of a perfectly good shota cock. :/

              On the topic of romance: I’m not really into it. In fact, I usually stay away from vanilla, unless it has really, REALLY good art. So I don’t really care if there are more romantic scenes in the game. Though I wouldn’t be against it. Might be nice to have at least one scene where Luka isn’t being belittled or demeaned by his partner. But whatever. It doesn’t matter.

              ”I meant it as a half joke, half true.
              If you consider it seriously, by law this is still a rape. But if the guy actually likes it, can it really be considered a violent act of sexual nature where one side(the female) exploits the other ?”
              Don’t really wanna get into this, as I’m afraid I’ll say something I might regret. XD

              ”By your name “Erwin Dedić” I presume that you are a male, so allow me to appeal to the sincerity of yours and every guy in this forum’s heart and ask:
              Would you consider yourself violated if this woman sexually assaults you and says that you are a pervert because you like it?”
              I am male.
              And, honestly, it depends on my mood. Like I said, I enjoy male on female rape more. I’m the dominant type. But I don’t mind being dominated from time to time either.
              Though a woman like that could never sexually assault me. ‘Cause I would never say ”no” to that. XD
              Unlike Luka I ain’t afraid to admit how much of a perv I am.

  22. passerby4554

    Ok, so I know there is a save editor for this game, but I;m very reluctant about trying it. I know I can just make a copy of the game to try using it, but other than getting everything I don’t have and such, what are the perks and risks to using the save editor on this game?

    • You get whatever you want without effort or grinding. It’s not a bad thing but later you will find yourself easily tempted to use the save editor again instead of grinding the LOC to get the weapon you want.

      All in all, you just become lazy.

      • passerby4554

        Hmm… I’m already using cheat engine to keep a whole stack of 99 Genius and Ancestry seeds for max job and race, so really i’d only use it to get weapons, armor, accessories, and key items for unlocking races and jobs. Not really sure it’s worth it though, so I’ll think it over.

        • Arj

          How do you cheat to get those seeds? My saves got wiped when I moved the wrong folder to my new computer, and accidentally deleted my main saves… I aint doing all that grinding a second time.

          • passerby4554

            First, to get the seeds, you either find them in the world or use the save editor.
            Second, the cheat engine trick keeps them at max stack and can be used for many items, including weapons, armor, accessories, and even Key items, if one could bother to remember to try it.

            Here’s how it works: first, you need like 5 of the seed you want to use, i.e. Seed of Genius; if you have at least 5 seeds, open the game, then open cheat engine and select RGSS3 Player to latch the program to the game. Use this formula ” x*2+1 “. where x is the number of the item you want to max (I.e. 5 Seeds of Genius = 5*2+1), and put it in the value bar of cheat engine; make sure the scan type is “Exact Value” and value type is “4 Bytes”, then hit First Scan. You’ll see a whole megaton of Addresses, but the one you’re looking for is mixed into there, so what you do next is use one of the seeds on your main character, just to change the value. Once the value has changed, rewrite the formula to be (x-1)*2+1 (If you started with 5*2+1, the next formula needs to be 4*2+1), then hit Next Scan (the First Scan button turns into the Next Scan button) and the number of addresses should drop dramatically. If there is only one address left in the box, click it twice and it will appear in the lower box, then you click the box all the way to the left of the address, which turns on the cheat, then in the Value area of the address (all the way to the right) and click it twice, opening a box that allows you to change the value. When that box comes up, highlight the whole number and change it to 199 (the formula takes the number of the item, multiplies it by 2 and adds 1, so the value always needs to be an odd number higher than 1), then just use the item in the game again, then that item will be at 99 rather than your starting number, and when you use it multiple times, it will stay at 99 so long as the box in the address is checked and the game is open.

            If this guide is too overwhelming, just let me know if a video tutorial would be better; I think there is already a cheat engine tutorial with this game, but if you want me to make one, that’s no problem whatsoever.

          • passerby4554

            Also, that sucks and I’m totally with you on that. If I EVER lost all my progress (and I have a mega-fuk-ton of progress), I would look at grinding and say “AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!” and just use Save Editor to get it all back.

            • Arj

              Thanks, that broke my brain a little to try and understand. I’ll read it again tomorow when my head is a bit clearer. Thanks alot for the help.

    • passerby4554

      What you do is put Hild in your Party and equip her with the Risque Swimsuit as her “Chest” armor. When you use her in Combat, you’ll need to change it to a better armor to make her last longer in battle, but for the request, just equip her with it.

        • passerby4554

          I haven’t actually, and yes, that it has 100% Mp Regen. Although, that seems strange, considering that the highest Mp Regen accessory I have is the Seraph ring, granting an 8% Mp Regen, then suddenly it’s Goddess, granting 100%? A very strange Regen gap, if you ask me; if it is legit, then I would most assuredly would hunt it down, whether it’s 100% or just any normal amount higher than 8%.

  23. Anonymous

    i was looking on galery from patch 2.20, and theres something very curious that im surprise those hacker experts cheat codes over the game havent noticed yet…there ar some ” new” characters on files like a nehor hero named “MARCELLUS” i guess is the one that appears when you defeat part1 last monster, and a monster called TUKUMOKOMATI something like that…who have informetion of them?

  24. Sterling White

    So, out of curiosity, how much is translated in the bitbucket thing?

    Or I guess, more important, what parts of it?

    I’m more interested in being able to know what the characters are saying in the story, so I’m fine if things like items and UIs aren’t translated yet.

    • Anonymous

      Think it’s translated up to the second time you visit the navy HQ, in the bitbucket there are comments on the commits that give an idea of where translation is at.

      • passerby4554

        Yeah, but I think only if you join the Navy, and yeah I was the only one who wrote a comment on it. Besides, the team’s working hard, so let’s give them space/time/ peace by not asking how far the translation is.

        • passerby4554

          They’re just extra CG put in. Maybe it was over-zealousness, maybe it’s a secret plan that involves marriage in part 3, which would have those scenes extended. I guess we’ll never know, until Part 3 or unless we contact the game developers and ask ourselves, but good luck on the second option.

            • passerby4554

              No, but there’s an “Earth Engagement Ring” (Only Earth right now) and there’s CGs of extended scenes that do not occur, so I put imaginary numbers together and made an assumption.

            • If you read Odette’s request scene you will see that it ends on a kind of cliffhanger. If I had to guess based on the other scenes(Rat Girl Spider Miko etc) they will probably add another scene with Odette where after Luka finishes and pulls out he can’t control himself anymore and keeps cumming until he gets her pregnant. That’s what it looks like in the CGs and that’s what happens to most monster girls for the 100 affection scene.

            • @Casian
              Man, that sounds lovely. I’m down for some more impregnation.
              The only scene so far, only translated one anyway, that hints at it happening is Meia’s sex scene.

            • passerby4554

              I see. That makes sense. i just had a thought though: since Rami, Hild, and Pian (Paizuri doll) ask for risque swimsuits to change one scene (Paizuri for Rami and Pain, sex for Hild), maybe they’ll put in special items that’ll change those specific scenes and use EVERY Cg there is, like Chrome with her turning around and kissing Luka, and the impregnation of Oddette. So, not as far as marriage, but a special item foe each character that has more CGs than what their currant requests uses. If someone takes the time to list EVERY companion that has more CGs than their requests use, I’ll save them into a list to review later. So far I know Oddette, Chrome, and Soapy. Who else has them?

  25. takeruattano

    Happy new year , fellow perverted and Dargoth with his unfortunate mates. Btw, there is a bug with Holy Martyr ( Upon death, revives yourself ,fallen teammates and fully heals other alive members) in the Eng patch, it just heals the alive ones and that’s it.If you were the last man standing, and incapacitated which triggering the passive , the game will be error and crashed afterwards.
    It’s happened after the Part 2 game, i think cause Toro has nerfed that skills led to it only revives and heals other members other than yourself. It’s not game breaking bug but kinda annoying and frustrating sometimes so please check it out if you have time, Dargoth.

    • takeruattano

      I have tested it on your eng patch in version 2.11(crashed) and the Toro’s patch version 2.20 (working fine)

      • Xeuras

        That was a well known bug in 2.11, both ENG and JPN. In 2.20 the functionality is different, it no longer self-revives in 2.20 JPN. Cratebox has been keeping a list of the gameplay bugs introduced in his superboss guide.

  26. Anonymous

    hello and happy new year for everyone and one question ^^
    can someone pls be nice and upload a savegame where i can play new game + part2
    100% unlocked? 🙂
    so that i can just play and read the story with no grinding or unlocking ?

    • passerby4554

      If you go into the previous post, you’ll find some links that have save files in them. I uploaded one too, so you can use CRTL + F with my name.

  27. Do you know which food i can give at the rock monster in the entrance of the pocket castle? I try to raise the affection of every girl, but some like her are a pain in the ass.
    And there are no guide for part 2 food/present list T-T

    • passerby4554

      What I do is use cheat engine to find the value and alter it to the affection that matches the highest gift. If you’re trying this for the first time, save before doing this.
      Here’s a simple info run on how to do it:
      1. Open the game and open the save you use
      2. Open Cheat Engine
      3. Click the computer Icon in the top left, then look for and click on the Game.exe with the game.exe’s icon
      4. Go to the Rock Golem, Emeth, and talk to her to ger her affection rate
      5. In the Value bar of Cheat Engine, use ” X*2+1 ” Where X is the number of affection Emeth has (I.e. 5*2+1 [This formula works with items, weapons, and other things])
      6. Make sure Scan type is Exact Value and Value Types is 4 Bytes, then hist first scan
      7. Give Emeth and Apple or any other low teir item until she gains a little affection
      8. Replace the old value of X with the new value (i.e. if an apple gave her 3 affection, then 5*2+1 becomes 8*2+1)
      9. There should be one solitary address bar left in the upper left box (if there’s more, repeat steps 8 and 9), click on it twice and it will drop into the bottom bar.
      10. Click the box on the left of the address to activate the cheat, then alter the value on the far right to be 8001 (because the formula takes the value, multiplies it by 2 and adds 1, which it why you searched x*2+1 in the bar)
      11. give her one more apple or item to see if her affection raises to 4k.
      12. If it does, PROFIT!!!! and use this newfound cheat for max items and easier job/race maxing. If it doesn’t find where you flubbed up and try again.

        • passerby4554

          Well then, you’ll just have to make like 5 of every meal, so that you can try them all. but here’s a free tip: the Inarizushi has an affection boost of 150 for a lot of monster, and it’s relatively easy to get, so try that with Emeth and if they work, grind the gray kitsunes by stealing them with ingredient collection (Chef job lv 9) or Steal Food (Harpy Race lv 10).

          • Well well , i tested everything in my inventory and she love sea thing like crabe or eel for 10 points …
            Sometimes cheating is tempting … i will wait for the part 3

            • The Noble Shade

              If you want to raise affection the legit way, get a party member with maxed out cooking jobs, max out on ingredients, and start cooking.
              You don’t have to be in battle to use Cooking skills. Outside of battle, cooking skills that do damage will just put the dish in your inventory, and skills that buff will put the dish in your inventory and the target will have the buff for their next battle.

  28. chibishiroiryu

    Good good good !
    Happy Christmas, happy new year and good job. ^^
    I will wait for this game to be translated before playing the first tone too.
    I will need to found it anyways.

  29. Hey everybody! Guess what I just found out. WE’RE GETTING SEALED JOBS TOO IN PART 3. I found that on wiki a few moments ago. If sealed races didn’t hype you up already, now it will.

    • What do you mean by sealed jobs and races? Do you mean ones that only certain characters can access by default in Part 2? ‘Cause if so, that was already sort of a given.

      • As in, there were only sealed races mentioned on the wiki just a week ago and now there are sealed jobs too. And no, I think these will be accessible to multiple if not all but it’ll probably require you to have mastered certain advanced jobs and require race change items that will be really really, really hard to obtain. But it’ll be worth it since they’ll probably have god like stats! Imagine bieng able to one hit a LoC super boss on the 100th floor with a normal attack. Ok, I know that they won’t be THAT OP but they probably be pretty damn close, and probably have over a 100 ability points too. They’ll make the kuji-in sword god job look like a chump, I can guarantee that.

        • That’s what I meant. There were plenty of jobs and races (mostly tier 3 stuff) that couldn’t be accessed without items that weren’t available in Part 1 that became available in Part 2 and Part 2 added quite few of the same, so it’s to be expected that they’d become available in Part 3. Personally, I’m looking forward to make Luka a Vampire Queen 😛

  30. 1head1hat

    Hi all, first of all, great work on the translation, loving the game and for me that wouldn’t be possible without the eng translation. I’m just wondering if anyone knows how to view the text backlog. Like when you’re in a conversation or in a battle, how do you see what’s already been said etc? I’m on the part one paradox game.

    • Unfortunately, my team is too strong. I mean, one death sword chaos star without any buff from a singer or a dancer or anything else = over 1M damages. And, ehm, I kinda had to deal something like 50M to defeat a boss.

      So yeah, if you find it difficult to beat (Spoiler stop reading this instant if you haven’t finished part 2) best girl Shikimamo then you will cry.

      • cooke

        First floors are really easy, but on like 300th floor boss stats are getting absolutely ridiculous. Also new superbosses are kinda lame because there arent any special unique rewards for them. Anyways, really looking for the translation, there are a ton of new traits which is really confusing if they are in moonrunes

        • I would say both, since the unsealed one in Paradox was drawn by the artist Shiki, just like the Lilith sisters and the rest of the Ancestors. Calling her like that allows me to differentiate between her and the full-power mode Tamamo from the VN.

  31. Anonymous

    did anybody try manual patching after 2.20? for some reason after the whole process the game from the “out” directory is still untranslated.

    • Look at my google doc that Anonymous posted just above here, that should get you rolling. I have confirmed that the patch procedure now works with 2.20. However yes I need to clean the document up & insert some images at some point or another 🙂

    • passerby4554

      I have a link on this page that goes to a comment chain on the previous blog that has multiple links to video tutorials of me patching the game. Just CRTL +F my name, click the link, then click the multiple links until one works, since people complained some didn’t work for some asinine reason. There are two videos, one ~3 minutes and one over 10 minutes long, so pick your poison and hope it helps.

  32. gareki

    I’ll be back tomorrow it would be a lot to ask for a way to patch easier is that this is very difficult for me thank you

  33. Anonymous

    So I know I’m not the only one who will say this, but it needs mentioned. Even if you have no progress for us, I would rather an update. There is no shame in telling us you are alive and that while there is no progress at the moment, there will be progress in the future.

    By dropping by every few months and going “hi everyone, it’s me. We think we are about X% of the next patch done, sorry for the lack of updates, will keep you posted.” you alleviate a LOT of worry. It’s worth your time, trust me.

  34. Kajukin

    Littel qustion about the manual updateing.
    First i update my game from the master file. But now i update it like the Video from passerby. Now i see thats the way from passery have a larger file. Whats the different between that both files (Download repository and Masterfile)

    • passerby4554

      Well, from my perspective they’re the same, however, because of the team creating the master files v2.20 before updating the repository, I only used the master files to patch v2.20, so right now the master files are the files to use, unless you’re brave enough to try the repository files.

    • Kajukin

      Alice Rapier skills kost no sp.
      And the special status skills have nwe content, and thats isn’t translated…i was confused that Rami didt 4500 Damage with firemagic with the start level ^_^’

    • Anonymous

      It seems to be a problem for the RAW/Japanese version as well. It’s probably a bug in 2.20 where 5% hp regen ability doesn’t work. I’m not sure about the other ones like 10%hp regen for example

      • takeruattano

        Yean even when you use the skills life dance ( 10% hp regen ) it still does nothing. Didn’t happen with ver 2.11 in both Eng and Jap.

      • I think it’s important to actually buy it officially when you have the ability to though, even if you don’t at the moment. Y’know, support the official release and all that.

        • passerby4554

          I know, and I really want to, but no credit card, no desire for one, want for a new computer and a car, and no other way to buy the game, makes my options limited.

          • Old habits die hard and once a pirate always a pirate. I doubt the price of the game would put that much of a dent in your savings for a computer and car Chiron but everyone is free to do as they please on the internet. I consider myself a very stingy person and even I bought it because I want to support the devs. I love their content and I wish for more. Sure my contribution isn’t that much but when added up with all the other stingy people that got convinced by ToroToro’s quality work and art I’m sure it adds up to a nice sum to keep them going.

            • passerby4554

              True, but if they really wanted to drum up cash, they’d do a Patreon, with one of the benefits being a free copy of the game.

            • passerby4554

              It’s fair to assume that; just to clarify, I wasn’t attempting to justify anything, I was just saying something similar to the fact. To stop an argument before it starts, at some point, by the end of the game’s running, I do hope to buy it at one point if I can, but until such a time, to quote Captain Jack Sparrow: It’s a oirate’s life for me. Savvy?

            • If the VN wasn’t fan translated by RT, almost none of us would be here today. Even TrTr’s translation of the first part was not as good as Rt’s. I agree on the fact that getting a game for free instead of buying puts the developpers on a tight spot. But if not for the translation of the VN, I would never have tried to play it, even for the H scenes which I wouldn’t have been able to undestand, back in the days.

              Pirating is bad you say ? Yeah, it is. But it allowed TrTr to actually expend their fame beyond Japan. How many good Japanese games are there that we couldn’t even play because of the language barrier ? How many VN ? How many good japanese products are there that we have heard of but didn’t bother to pirate or look at because we don’t want to use a machine translation that will ruin part of the experience ?

              Everybody knows that pirates will never disappear. You only need one person who bought the game and decided to upload it on the internet to get thousands of pirates all of a sudden. We are legion. And they know it. That’s why TrTr takes advantage of that !

              The fact is that by “tolerating” the pirates on the internet who download the game for free without paying, ToroToro actually gets even more fans beyond Japan. And if they get even more fans, it also means that they get even more people who are willing to support them with money. Let’s be honest : imagine just one second that MGQ was never translated by anybody, okay ? How many people who can’t comprehend Japanese would there be to play it, even with a machine translation ? I would say very few. Since everybody can download a game or a VN for free, it’s nothing special. Everybody is a pirate the moment they watch an anime episode for free, you know. So why would someone bother to pirate something they wouldn’t even be able to enjoy ?

              You know, playing an entire game with a machine translation is annoying. I did it with Violated hero and swore to never do it ever again. Then I tried to play the Eden of Grisaia with yet another machine translation and trust me, you don’t want to do that. It’s frustrating to always be looking somewhere else instead of your game screen in order to understand 30% to 80% of that one character is saying. When you don’t understand, you gotta go on google or try to use different tools. I stopped playing that VN after 5 hours. The only exception where I use a machine translation now is MGQP.

              Now, just look at the DLsite please. How many of us bought the game on the very first day just to be able to play it early even tho they wouldn’t understand a single word ? If I just look at the english page, I can see that TrTr got about 840 people who actually bought Part 2 until now, with over 20k downloads on the Japanese page. TrTr actually made a huge profit thanks to the VN being both pirated and fantranslated. We are all here waiting for the translation of Paradox to come to an end, in order to fully be able to enjoy the game. Which means the game is not fully translated yet. But we are still playing, even tho most of us have to use a machine translation. It’s quite something, right ?

              So, saying that we are actually bad guys because we are pirates is not true. Because there are probably a lot of pirates in Japan too, and those guys can understand the game and play it without any shackle on them. They don’t need to buy the game, they don’t feel obligated to do so. As for us, the fact that RT and Dargoth and the unfortunate friends are translating Paradox actually helped boosting the sales of the game. It also brought a lot more fans together. MGQP was not supposed to be played by americans or europeens, but by japaneses.

              Sorry for the messy text, I’m quite tired to be honest. :c

    • Kajukin

      It’s a awesome work. I downloaded it before (The visual Novel) and if you know it i think you should buy it.
      I save the money on the japanese kredid card only for buying the next part.

  35. gareki

    I do not want to be heavy but still nothing xD passerby4554 I could ask you a favor could you pass me some game files or something I’m a little desperate sorrys a lot The problem is that I am Spanish and English is very bad for me

  36. Belhemot

    Hi question to part 1 who can steal materials ?I know the salon blaksmith can but i wonder if any job can also do it ?

  37. Scwift

    as i see there is no translation for v 2.20, but is there a way to turn my paradox v 2.20 to 2.01?

    i cant read any letters in japanese so its a bit hard for me to play the game :,(

  38. Belhemot

    How do u recruit Leviathan?I beat her on paradox and she has hp like some of the super bosses in Chaos labyrinth like wtf is this

  39. ArsenLuben

    This is a question for Dargoth and his team. While my japanese are fairly poor, through the years of playing of play h-games, i’ve found a wieay to translate games trying to avoid the horrible translations of machine translator programs. Of course it takes me way too long so usually i would quit midway, considering i open 3 to 4 different translation sites and a few dictionaries for cross referencing, but if i can help with the translation even a little, i would gladly spend some time. Although i’m worried that maybe my translations wouldn’t be up to par and it might require a lot of editing and instead cause more harm. Wouldn’t want to put up translation resulting in you having to spend more time correcting my mistakes instead of focusing on translating what you need to.
    I was thinking of maybe putting up a fairly small test translation that i did from an event that is further in the story, and fairly far away from where the story translation is right now as to not mess with the current progress.
    Wondering if that would be ok, and if anyone, whose knowledge of the Japanese language is better than mine, could give me some feedback.

  40. passerby4554

    I don’t know if anyone else made this connection, but I just thought of it. What if Rami’s request to learn how to fly will lead into Promestein learning how to make Imps into Harpies? It makes complete sense! Also, what if there was a companion request regarding the Harpy who wants to swim and the mermaid who wants to fly in Port Natalia? Promestein may realize there is a Miracle Elixir experiment here and be able to utilize the Harpy race to be Mermaids and Mermaids to be harpies??? It would give Harpies the chance to be Mermaids AND fairies! I just thought of all of this right now! Why am I so imaginative and make such long winded comments so early in the morning?

    • Anonymous

      Could be possible, but you have to remember that the characters first injected by Promestein often had characteristics of the race they were being intro’d into. For example, Bunni’s trait had Beast like qualities, Gigi is very reminiscent of fairies using nature magic, Barbun had elf traits since Beast races doesn’t really cater towards the Hunter Archetype and Elizabeth (highslug girl) started of with a noble but land-dweller race made it terrible for rapier wielding, hence the yoma transformation. Canonically and mechanically wise, I don’t really see Rami being turned into Harpy, if she was say.. a thief or dancer, it would make more sense.

      • Then what about humans getting turned into vampires by the miracle elixir? I haven’t been playing part 2, so I don’t really know if there’s a connection or not.

        • passerby4554

          Promestein wanted to study the effects of Vampirism and how humans turned into vampires, ergo Humans into vampires.

      • passerby4554

        The idea just clicked for me, but I guess you’re right; still, I think the harpy and mermaid thing is still viable, so that’s still that,

        • Anonymous

          Well I didn’t want to pull you down completely, but there is hope. There are two NPCs in Port Natalia, a harpy and a mermaid both talking about how the other could swim and fly respectively and how they wish they could do it. There might be a side quest regarding that. So yeah, who knows, there is still Part 3 + extra patches that might have something like that.

  41. passerby4554

    Welp, I’ve reached a standstill now; Since I’ve run out of translated traits, I can no longer max out jobs and races for the girls. If someone can tell me which file contains the traits, I’ll use google translate to get a basic understanding for each girl as I go. Until then, I’m stuck and I woin’t risk maxing them without knowing what they can do.

    • If you use TA and ITH, it is possible to copy the text from the game and past + translate it. You can even use the Google trad option so you don’t have to always use Google chrome or firefox or such. It’s pretty useful. If you can’t then tell me which girls you want to know the traits of, I will try to help as much as I can 🙂

      • passerby4554

        I forgot to say that I found the file that has the traits, so I got it back on the road; It’ll take longer, but at least I’m in motion again. thank you though. I’d send the data to Dargoth, but last time I offered to help, he replied that it was thoughtful I wanted to help, but he had his hands full already, so I guess I’ll just hang on to whatever data I get for posterity’s sake.

        • Hey finally i saw your 30′ minute video, i did everything but running the RUNME there was an error in Items, enemies, weapons, skills and others i dont remember…should i replace them with the original game and run againa the translator?

          • passerby4554

            Well, try to run it again and specifically make a note of what the error occurred after; in the video, I explained that if an error occurs after the maps, items, currentevents, or whatever, it means that if you made any translation attempts, then you go back to what you edited and see what could have caused an error. So, here’s three questions to answer so that I can fully try to help you:
            1) Did you use the most current game version?
            2) Did you structure the folders as I suggested in the video?
            3) If you run the translator again, what is the context that appears before the error?

            • i downloaded the game 2.20 on dl site website i bought the game im fan, its totally normal…and when i use again the RUNME the same error, on those files…will see i translated a monster on ENEMIES but well lets see if its that…the rest i haven´t touched anything, i used all the files the same as i downloaded it from Dargoth NA web page

  42. Yifei Zou

    So how do you get Sonya’s new scenes to activate? Is there some place I have to purchase the toys to euip her with?

    • Belhemot

      Those are the sex toy weapons like tentacle hand and feathery hand ,or at least thats what they look like in the screenshots i saw,andu get them also probably like all the other scens with affection .But i could be wrong since i don’t play past translation

  43. Also, back in the first chapter, Chrome decided (at Alice’s or Ilias’s request) to stop making zombies and summoning ghosts, leaving only dolls… and she wanted to keep working on Frederica. Ergo Zombie-to-Doll. Chrome’s talented enough she could accomplish it without Promestien’s injections, probably; afterward Promestien will mooch ‘samples’ off Frederica, and then other Zombies can follow.

      • i3oi3o

        I’m not sure if Divine Destiny work as intent or it’s bug.

        Seem pointless if Divine Destiny work the same as Division.

          • What. ok hot DAMN the legendary gear is powerful, I know I’m gonna have a tough time looking for them in the files. But it’s gonna be worth it, considering my luka will practically be saitama wielding a sword.

            So OP that the final boss will be gawking as if she saw a planet get destroyed by a wrist flick.

            • Not at all , This guy gets his ass destroyed by Marcellus in 2 turns at the LoC floor 300. The cancel buff/bypass clara all make his whole team standing with 1 hp at the end of the first turn and since his “reserve” team aren’t that good ” he haven’t that kind of stuff for everybody” he lost at the second turn . Sorry if its not clear ^^’

            • @Skeith
              I meant ”bitch” as in challenging, not ”bitch” as in it’s easy with stats like this.
              Basically I was saying that it must be quite a grind if you come out of it with stats like this and it’s still not enough.
              My bad for not being more clear.

            • Xeuras

              Lol, I didn’t expect to see my team posted here. Well, to pass the word over to this side, floors 301+ are where all the really good loot is. Anything you get on the lower floors you’ll eventually need to sell, since even if you enhance it, it’ll still have inferior stats to stuff you pick up on later floors at equal enhancement values. GL in the labyrinth everyone! (Also, Nuruko timestop is epic)

          • Smashmalla

            Those are some impressive stats. But what’s more impressive is that you managed to get a patched version of 2.20, how did you do it? I’ve tried manually patching for about 3 hours but I keep getting “ERROR: the method or operation is not implemented” whenever I run GameSelector.

            • passerby4554

              Did you buy/download the latest version? If so, are you using the address location of that game for the”gameselecter” tool, to make the scripts folder that has v2.20 files, allowing you to use “translator” tool?

            • passerby4554

              Try overwriting all the Ytinasni tools as well as overwriting the files in Script with the files downloaded from the repository or the master file. If this still doesn’t work, then I’m out of options.

            • Smashmalla

              Yep, yep. It’s all working now, I had to use the Yitnasni tools that I had used to patch 2.10, then that got so far and gave me a new error, then I deleted script, and that got it working. Thanks very much for your help.

    • passerby4554

      Here’s how the requests work: in battle, when the enemies have low health, they’ll attempt to seduce you, so if you let them, you have them the victory; in the Menu’s Library, when you defeat a monster, you get her information as far as her stats, her location, what her drops/steals are if you got any, and if you select her, then you can review her rape scene as if you lost to her, and her rape CGs. Finally, in the Pocket Castle, to request something form one of the girls, just talk to her, select request, then choose what you want them to do to you, but you’ll need to have their affection to a certain amount to request something, usually from 10 to 100, but be careful as some girls will kill you in their requests (If there are two options of the same request, the 100 one is the scene, but she doesn’t kill you), unless you’re in to that, you silly sod.

      • Is there any easy way to trigger seduction scenes yet? It’s very random, and pretty much impossible to trigger with any earlier enemies that you can now kill in one hit. I guess that’s one good use for that new character reset function. But it’s still a hassle triggering those.

        • passerby4554

          There is an item that increases seduction rate, but I don’t know how effective it would be. At any rate, you do have to damage the enemies in order for the chance of seduction to happen. Btw, you should join my discord, because it’s already in a good swing! 7 members, 8 including me, and very active!

          • Yeah, I think I have that item. But it’s the damaging that’s the biggest issue. It’s hard to hit that HP sweet spot without killing them.

            I don’t really do Discord. It’s not my thing. But I’ll think about it.

            • passerby4554

              Very easy difficulty does make it easier to initiate a seduction from an enemy, so long as you just use defend, but as far as recruiting, it’s about raising their affinity and based on luck, since recruitment is different between different enemies.

            • Anonymous

              The time spell gravity does damage based on their current hp. Poison and burn status effect too. Those should help until the monsters are srong enough to not be 1 shot.

            • @Anon
              Thanks. I’ve only used the basic spells so far, so I had no idea about gravity. And I never use status effects in J-RPGs, but if all else fails at least I’ll have that to fall back on.

  44. Anonymous

    Found a bug in this when I use quadruple giga it targets my party instead of the enemy and the text transition is slower in battle.

    • passerby4554

      You mean if someone translates the request and rape files for you. Do yo mean to patch the game with them or are you expecting someone to do the WHOLE patching process for you?

      • Arzorx

        no man i mean is someone have the script of the scene or if someone can tell me where is located the script of the scenes to traslated the scenes myself thats what a i mean

        • passerby4554

          Ah. Well than you should have asked that way. Every Rape, Request, Batlefuck, and other things that happen commonly are in the CommonEvent folder. For Alma’s scene specifically, her rapes are 3177 is her handjob rape at the coliseum, not sure which one for her rape in the Lab in the Luddite Village Cave, and her requests are numbers 5731 for her handjob, 5732 for her tail vore, and 5733 for reverse rape, the tail vore. Sorry for the accusation. you wouldn’t believe how many lazy people there are that ask for everything handed to them.

          • Arzorx

            thanks man i found the scenes i am only missing the Luddite Village Cave but i will try to search for that scene let me traslate the scenes and later search the missing one if you remeber the number let know many thanks man you help me a lot

          • Arzorx

            thank you very much man I finally found the scene is number 3385 that is the scene of Luddite Village Cave thank you for giving me your time to answer me and really help me thank you very much

          • Arzorx

            I’m sorry, man, I have a question in the graphics folder in the reverse Vore tail scene there are 6 images, but in the request event, only 3 of the images are used, my question is the same event or there is another one or it has a special condition?

            • passerby4554

              I thin they’re just extra CG to be added in another update or Part 3. There are lots of other companions that have extra CGs, Chrome, Hild, Rami. Just have to be patient about it.

  45. passerby4554

    Everyone, I have taken the initiative and created a discord channel! I made the whole thing myself, and since its my first created channel ever, let me know if I should add or remove any channels. I see this link to never expire, so if you want to chat with everyone in a much more responsive system as well as share pics easier and chat with each other, click this link now and join the Discord! Once you join, Leave a message in the “Introductions” channal to tell me your tag from this blog and whether you are part of Dargoth’s translation team, one of the heavy supporters, like Erwin, Skeith, Ahura, and such, or just a manual patcher or normal player.

  46. CwHart

    So does anyone think they are going to release a follow up to that VN of short stories they released about two years ago?

    • They might after they’re done with part 3. They can’t milk the same franchise for eternity after all. Too bad it isn’t translated though I would really love to know what the hell is going on. Machine translation can’t really accurately translate everything. I for one didn’t understand much.

      • CwHart

        Tbh if they are going to continue that series, i feel it will be their bext release as to gain alittlw revenue while part 3 is completed

        • passerby4554

          Sue crtl +f with guide or tutorial and you’ll find links, or you can join our discord and get to the guides quickly!

          • takeruattano

            Here’s how I do it:

            1. Have a fresh latest version of MGQP 2.

            2. Download the RpgMakerVXAce Translator 0.10c.7z and unzip it preferably in the game folder.

            3. Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.GameSelector.exe, give it the path of the game and let it run its course. It will generate a “Script” folder.

            4. Download the latest master file among the branches and unzip its contents into the aforementioned “Script” folder. It should ask for overwriting, do so.

            5. Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe and let it run its course. If it encountered problems, you’ve probably messed something up. If it finishes without a hitch, it generates an “out” folder. That’s where the translated game resides.

            6. ???

            7. Profit! Enjoy your semi-translation! It’s far from finished but at least the interface is mostly translated.

            Until there’s a new game version, you’ll be able to update the translation starting from step 4 every time the master branch is updated. If there’s a new game version you’ll have to start over, so be sure to have your save files put somewhere safe. If you want to see request and battlef*** scenes from part 1, copy the graphics folder from MGQP Part 1 to Part 2.

          • takeruattano

            Here’s how I do it:

            1. Have a fresh latest version of MGQP 2.

            2. Download the RpgMakerVXAce Translator 0.10c.7z and unzip it preferably in the game folder.

            3. Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.GameSelector.exe, give it the path of the game and let it run its course. It will generate a “Script” folder.

            4. Download the latest master file among the branches and unzip its contents into the aforementioned “Script” folder. It should ask for overwriting, do so.

            5. Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe and let it run its course. If it encountered problems, you’ve probably messed something up. If it finishes without a hitch, it generates an “out” folder. That’s where the translated game resides.

            6. Profit! Enjoy your semi-translation!

            Until there’s a new game version, you’ll be able to update the translation starting from step 4 every time the master branch is updated. If there’s a new game version you’ll have to start over.

    • takeruattano

      About it, I think only Eden and Lucifina events only. Version 2.20 added more side quests to others girls like Rabbit girl, Saki and Seaweed, and mermaid I guess?That’s all about it, I think so.

  47. Hey, dargoth? I noticed a problem with the v2.20 , it’s variables aren’t divided into separate groups, so that may be what’s causing most of the problems.

  48. H.H.

    One question, does anyone know where you can get the armor called: nine tail robe “?
    I guess you will get to beat the alternate size, but … in which of the 5 level dungeons does it appear?

    • H.H.

      Tamamo… alternative tamamo. I’m sorry, sometimes the mobile phone’s corrector makes me write more badly, than a night with a bottle and watching a good game.

  49. Kajukin

    Do i have to download the full game again when the new update come out or give it a option to “Pgrade” it?
    I purchesed it on the japanese DLSITE and dont can read an opinion for it (so my japanes is worst then my english skills ^_^’)

      • takeruattano

        Oh, about the Dlsite, whenever they have a update patch, they will release it into the full game not a seperate one so you should download the game again( if you already bought it of course) and there you go, newest versiono of the game.

  50. Anonymous

    Hi . Thank you for the update and the bitbucket. The game runs fine but I have a problem Iterm Book Library : even if i have many of them and getting new ones every now and then the Item Book doesn’t update. It’s stuck at 0% and no item listed. I reinstalled the game few time with the update 2.20 but nothing change. Can someone help ? Keep up the good work.

    • takeruattano

      May you test out the fresh copy of ver 2.20 first ? ( the Japanese one) and then install the eng patch again to confirm whether if it’s the game problem or the patch. As for me, It’s still working fine, so you can try turn off the Window Defender, FireWall and annoying stuffs when you try to unzip the game. Good luck !

      • Anonymous

        Hi , me again .
        So new copy of 2.20 from dlsite english , no firewall or other things.
        I unzipped the game and tried the Japanese version with the save files from part 1 with all my item listed in the library : result item book 0% no item listed in part 2 .
        tried the patch ver same result : item book 0% no item listed .
        I aquire new items with both version and they are in the bag and I can use them without problems, but they do not list in the item book.
        the game runs fine but the problem is still there and it seems that is just a problem that i encounter.
        i don’t remember what version was, but months ago I did not had this problem. I will wait for a new update or patch or just ignore it, after all it doesn’t interfere with the gameplay .

        • takeruattano

          I’m sorry for your inconvenience. Does the game still give your achievement whenever you complete one? and if you could, would you try it on another computer/laptop to see if the problems were from your computer?

          Because my previous laptop( Win 10) prevents me from saving and memorizing the window sound+ color options, whenever I make change to it, it’s still functioning but the next time I play game I have to redo it all over again.

          Use another laptop which is window7 and it’s completely fine up to now so yeah. I think your window security or updates mess up your date files and prevent it making any change to your game.
          Hope it helps one way or another.

          • Anonymous

            Right now I don’t have other computers to try. The achievements still work. I will use the wiki if in need and I will wait for update or other computers. Thank you for your help

  51. Arj

    Aaah please our Lord Dargoth, please let there be a patch soon. I know it is wrong to beg and nag, but I just lost my job and I seriously need some cheering up!

    • Yikes. Sorry to hear that, pal. If there’s no patch anytime soon then I hope you at least find some other quality monster girl H to ease that pain. Oh and a new job, of course. 😛

  52. OtaKael

    Quick question: Does anybody actually know how to obtain Alchemy materials?

    For those not in the know, amongst the other countless changes to skills, abilities, and weapons, the Alchemy job’s skills recieved a major overhaul. I believe all or most of the old Alchemy skills were removed and replaced with new ones. And now, when using Alchemy skills, Each skill uses up two ingredients:
    1) An ordinary item in your item bag
    2) Newly introduced “Alchemy materials”, you know, stuff like Alchemic Sand, Mercury, etc.

    I still have no clue how to obtain Alchemy materials outside of the new abilities of certain characters who can sometimes occasionally just randomly obtain some, like Lucia.

    • takeruattano

      Yeah, just notice that case after ver 2.20 I couldn’t use Alchemy skills for some reason and turn out it was new stuff ToroToro has changed. But for now, I randomly have the materia which still in Japanese so I don’t have any idea ither what are those and how can I find them ? May wait until new eng patch to get more information from it.

    • Xeuras

      Most of the materials are easily acquired in the LoC. Lucia for example gives you a bunch every time you find her on a floor.

      • takeruattano

        Hmm, I see, thanks. But for now, I’ll wait until LOC gets fully translated instead and Alchemy isn’t my cup of tea. Well, at least until I can understand what are those skills and how powerful they are.

      • OtaKael

        That seems…like a very inconvenient method for obtaining important materials for a job’s skills’ cost. Does that mean you can believably do the Labyrinth of Chaos at any level?

        • OtaKael

          Nevermind, I just answered my own question. It won’t let me enter the Labyrinth of Chaos because I’m not yet strong enough. Well that’s fucking dumb. How are you expected to use Alchemy skills at all then?

          • Fanservicefan

            I believe TTR himself said that as of 2.20, you can only get in there after beating part 2. It’d be very stupid if the Alchemy items are only in there or at least only easily available there. That’s why both Alchemist and Golden Alchemist have a 50% chance of generating an ingredient at the end of each turn.

  53. takeruattano

    Good work with the Translation so far Dargod. So I’ve some a typo from today’s patch that is the (Effect: +) is missing from a lot of skill except Serene Demon Sword and still inheriting effects from normal attack( Which the December 29th’s patch still has). Hope you can fix it in the next patch. Thank you and keep up with the heavenly work.

    • Fanservicefan

      @takeruattano: The + missing is deliberate on TTR’s end. A lot of them got replaced with a “Normal Attack” state which has diminishing returns in terms of proc rate for multi-hit attacks. Stuff like Death Sword Chaos Star and Ninefold Rakshasa have Normal Attack 40% and 33% respectively, which represents the odds of each hit triggering something like Trance Strike or Beast Slayer. Basically a reworked +that got moved to the Effects box. At least I think that’s how it works now. You’d need the VX Ace editor to see it.

      However, the damage formula for Breath skills got reworked to account for the user’s HP (current amount, not MaxHP though the higher the better) and has a *3 multiplier instead of a *2. Not sure how to reflect that in the script itself so I’m waiting on MGL.

      • takeruattano

        Thanks, having wondered about that and so right now we can’t really tell which skills are inheriting the normal attack effect and which are not ? And they made an direct nerf on multiple-attack skills? Does this affect boss and superbosses when they use their multi-hit attack ?

        That is pretty cool but I haven’t seen the Breath skills which use your HP. All I have are those using the Attack, Agi or Dex.

        • Fanservicefan

          All Breath skills are now HP dependent in addition to Att, Mag, or Dex (whichever’s the highest). It just doesn’t say that in the skills.txt script yet, which (for the most part) doesn’t directly dictate how strong each attack is and whatnot. Only what you see in-game when checking them out in and out of battle. Which is to say, changing a skill’s power from 1200% to 2400% doesn’t make it so. They merely reflect what the damage formula says, which in turn is the thing that actually dictates a skill’s power and again, is only accessible via the VX Ace editor itself. The one used for Breath skills…I don’t know how to neatly interpret that into the skills.txt itself but with MGL busy with the trait changes, I may have to figure something out soon.

          By contrast, Demon Arts use the highest of any stat EXCEPT for HP and MP.

        • Fanservicefan

          Oh, forgot to clarify the normal attack thing. From what I’ve seen, none of the multi-hit attacks got nerfed in raw power. They just have a lower chance of triggering any special effects from abilities.

  54. WhiteMage

    I’ve only bought MGQ Paradox part 1. Will the bitbucket “patch” work or do I have to buy part 2 as well?
    If the latter, is there currently any H-scene translated? The story and gameplay (without porn) is average at best, and even if it’s really good, I’m more interested in getting owned by monster girls. Sorry, that’s just my thing.

    I’m also a bit reluctant to buy a game I don’t understand, with a translation that has unknown progress.

    • Anonymous

      The new versions of translation won’t work for part 1, the game changed too much between parts 1 and 2. The final patch for part 1 was posted last year a few posts down from this one, it was virtually done in the story and gameplay departments but a lot (most) h-scenes were left not translated. The bitbucket patch DOES have more h-scenes translated. What you could do is get part 2 (in whatever way, it will work with part 1 bought or not), combine it with part 1 and play it until part 1 ends then wait for updates for part 2.

  55. Tomoya Okazaki

    Everytime I try to install the patch It tells me ERROR: The method or operation is not implemented after running reflex check. how do I fix this?

    • takeruattano

      Originally from Truepower.
      1. Download the RpgMakerVXAce Translator 0.10c.7z and unzip it preferably in the game folder.

      2. Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.GameSelector.exe, give it the path of the game and let it run its course. It will generate a “Script” folder.

      3. Download the latest master file among the branches and unzip its contents into the aforementioned “Script” folder. It should ask for overwriting, do so.

      4. Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe and let it run its course. If it encountered problems, you’ve probably messed something up. If it finishes without a hitch, it generates an “out” folder. That’s where the translated game resides.

      5. Profit! Enjoy your semi-translation! It’s far from finished but at least the interface is mostly translated.

      Hope it helps you one way or another.

  56. takeruattano

    Just found out that even the counter rate is messed up, I test ver 2.20 with partially eng patch and even with 80% counter rate , my members still didn’t counter back which the previous back only 30 % made you counter like a pro in a martial art movies.
    Even my favorite Alma Elma’s move , the Knockout Palm ( Counter attack state) does nothing, I’m dissapointed. =.=

  57. Arj

    Hey all, anyone have any experience with Save Editor Online here?
    I remember using it once on my old test save, and I could edit items with it. However with my new save when I load the save file, I only get “Param set #1 :” and “Variables:” to edit. Anyone know how to get items to appear?
    I recall you need to have a few items in your inventory before it works, but I do have several items, weapons, armors and key items.

    • tylander

      I am having the same issue. You used to be able to hit the “show items in raw data” to be able to input the items/weapons you wanted but since the new update, it hasn’t worked for me. I’m far from an expert, but my current hypothesis is that the increase in possible stats and the new items from LoC may have passed the scope of what the save editor can edit currently. In other words, just like you couldn’t put in numbers for attack, defense, etc. higher than 9999, the corresponding numbers for the new items and weapons might not even exist in the save editor, making the file un-editable aside from what is currently part of the save file itself. I also tried using the RPG Ace editor to no avail so we might just have to rely on cheat engine for now. Like I said earlier, this is all conjecture on my part so maybe one of the veterans like Passerby, Casian and Co. will have an idea.

  58. Hajob

    Is it just me or is anyone else crashing when opening boxes in LOC? I’ve been playing on the translated version than switched over to Raw and to no avail i still crash when opening boxes.

    • Hajob

      *Error – v2.20.00 – 2018-01-16 23:11:38 (Tuesday)
      Exception : NoMethodError
      undefined method `add_item’ for #
      [“( エンチャント/c ):166:in `add_item_data'”, “( エンチャント/c ):135:in `nw_count_gain_item'”, “( エンチャント/c ):123:in `block in nw_count_gain_item'”, “( エンチャント/c ):122:in `times'”, “( エンチャント/c ):122:in `nw_count_gain_item'”, “( エンチャント/w ):32:in `gain_item'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):690:in `command_127′”, “( ひまわり修正6 ):65:in `command_127′”, “( Game_Interpreter ):196:in `execute_command'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):102:in `run'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):500:in `command_117′”, “( Game_Interpreter ):196:in `execute_command'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):102:in `run'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):500:in `command_117′”, “( Game_Interpreter ):196:in `execute_command'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):102:in `run'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):500:in `command_117′”, “( Game_Interpreter ):196:in `execute_command'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):102:in `run'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):59:in `block in create_fiber'”]

      forgot to put the error just incase for future reference

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