Since many people have asked, I decided to put up a donation button. Thanks for anything you wish to give, but don’t feel obligated in any way. This isn’t a way to pay me to translate certain things nor am I going to hold translations hostage for money. However, donations will at least offset the cost of buying games.

Please consider using your money to buy the games I translate and support their creators. Indie H-game makers are not behemoths like Activision and EA; every extra sale an H-game gets has a real effect on whether more games like it are made in the future. Monster Girls are very popular right now because they’re making money.

If you already have a PayPal account, you can just donate money to without PayPal taking a cut of the money. Otherwise, if you want to use a credit card or other form of payment, use the button below.

PayPal Donate Button

I have a bitcoin address if you’re into that sort of thing. 1LRGWQzJoQHDopsK8UdJeiJuQhGbf8obnQ


    • Cio

      Ooo, i forgot to comment, i will only support the game that i understand, that’s why i respect appreciate translator work, and willing to pay both the translator and the game. Just like MGQ that from the start i didn’t bought it yet until Rogue start to translate it i immediately bought MGQ. That’s why i really respect any translator!

  1. Cio

    Umm, can someone help me how to donate? When i click Review Donation and Continue, it keep tell me to fill the ‘state’, but since i’m not in US, it should be blank, right?

    • Cio

      Ah, At Last! I just type AA in state and it’s working…

      Here is my receipt for donating dargoth: 57P379547F1949717
      Please consider it as my gratitude to your work until now. If i can only request, i just want you to work the translation that you like and willing to. I will keep donating more as you trans more 🙂

      And please if you have succeed in RPG Maker matter, i will just request 1 game to be translated, it is Mindia… 🙂

      Thanks in advance, Dargoth!

  2. Anonymous


    I want to donate, but I would prefer to do so with bitcoin because my credit card is not private. Is there any chance you have a bitcoin address?

  3. ExposedLamia

    Donated $50.00. Have no idea if Paypal took a cut or not. First time using it like that. Regardless, Enjoy it Dargoth <3 !

  4. ClanCrusher

    Here’s $50. Put it towards whatever will keep you alive, comfortable, and healthy so you can finish the translations. If you manage to shoot the moon and actually finish Ilias Continent by the end of the year, I’ll donate twice that much when that update hits. If I can finish Ilias Continent and then walk through the Pocket Castle (with all the Ilias Continent recruits) and STILL not hit any Japanese text, I’ll donate three times that.

  5. Cody

    Just donated $15. I wish I could donate more but the US to AU conversion rate sucks right now. :p
    I know it’s not much but I just wanted to show my appreciation. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing, man!

  6. Chinese man

    Just donated. Did you got the full amount or PayPal took a cut? Just checking,not sure how it works.

    On a side note when will there be a new update?

  7. ClanCrusher

    Here’s another $50 for your continued work on this game. As before, I give you this donation completely guilt free. You can keep it for yourself or give it to whoever you feel would benefit most from it. Kick it back to the Devs of MGQ Paradox if you feel like it. Whatever you choose, I just hope to see more translation patches in the future and more quality editing of the H-scenes.

    And you should most definitely NOT take this as a subtle bribery attempt to get Riot’s H-scenes translated and edited. Nope. Not at all. No guilt here.

  8. law24

    Iv maxed out in the game paradox ( i think). And your translation was a great help. I will support you *throws money at Dargoth* , buy yaself as nice pizza.

  9. PunBunny

    Will donate €50 if the new update comes indeed in the first half of October! Hopefully most part, if not all will be done by then.

      • PunBunny

        That’s awesome! Got my donation for you ready on release. I enjoyed MGQ Paradox Part I because of your work, you guys deserve a donation of some kind from us all!

  10. Rodrigo Silva

    i wanna donate, but since i live in Brazil i don’t know how to resolve the problem to convert the Real in Dollar, or the paypal do all the work for me?

  11. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth.
    i’d like to donate, however if at all possible would it be ok for me to ask a questi… my bad 2 questions.

    1st = Would you mind telling me how many translators are on your team, as i’d like to donate some money as thanks evenly to the lot of you.

    2nd = Considering at the time when RogueTranslations was translating the original MGQ, i couldn’t afford to donate to him/her back then however being the original get me loving the games, and me being unable to find a donate tab for him/her, i’d like to give my thanks to rogue aswell.

    maybe i should have said 4 questions…

    3rd – is there a limit on how much you’d accept, and how often?
    (for example,,, i’d love to beable to donate whenever i get the chance and the money spare)

    4th – After the MGQ games,,, is there any chance you and the gang might work on translating the “battle goddess verita / Ikusa Megami Verita” games ?
    (or if they are already being translated,,,, any chance i could get an heads up to whos translating them).

    i learnt off monster girl quest from a game called alchemy meister, and learnt of vertia so im insanely interested in them 🙂

    Cheers for the heads up, the hard work, and in general just being great guys and girls 🙂

    • Those aren’t easy questions to answer. People come and go, and the line between a translator and someone who’s helping, but not exactly translating, is blurry. Some people contribute a tiny bit of high quality work; others contribute a lot of… “lower” quality work.

      I can’t say for certain about Rogue, but I’ve always gotten the impression that he values his privacy and doesn’t want his Rogue persona connected in any way to his identity. Sending money to people is virtually always going to create a trail so I don’t think it was ever worth it for him. Maybe I’m wrong or he’s changed his mind. It’s something I need to bring up with everyone, to be honest, especially since I’m sitting on a lot of donations that haven’t been distributed. I’ve had helpers explicitly refuse money and tell me they don’t want to be associated with hentai translations; others are more free with their identities.

      There’s no limit to the amount I’d accept or the frequency, I suppose. I’m not hurting for money, but I don’t speak for everyone. It’s gotten a lot harder to deal with donation money as more helpers have contributed to the project, but more or less money isn’t going to make that problem go away or get worse. I am serious about your money being better spent buying games rather than sending it my way, though.

      As for #4, MGQ is already more work than I can handle.

      • ”don’t want to be associated with hentai translations”
        Blasphemers! They bring dishonor to the Gods! They deny the true nature of man! To the tentacle pits with them!

        jk 😛
        Well, unless they want the tentacle pits. I don’t judge. In fact, I encourage. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. Dave

    fair does :).
    MGQ is the kind of game you can play but no talk about in public lmao.

    reason i was asking about rogue, is because of a past post where you said “some guy called rogue” is going to help you… so i just figured that would be best time to actually give my thanks for MGQ’s translation.

    But all in all, i can understand the massive need for privacy
    (i’ve got paradox and the original just called MGQ and MGQ:P on my pc lol)

    and finally in regards to the donations.
    ill leave it up to you on how you spead out the % of donations.
    (guess i was just hoping i could give you and rogue the thanks due for the work done :3)

    and no probs to verita’s translation, never hurts to ask 🙂

    • The WordPress spam filter apparently hates you. Maybe after clicking “not spam” on a dozen of your attempts it’ll figure out that you’re not a spammer.

      • fingers crossed to this posting on the first try ? lol

        just goes to show i dont know how to use this as im not sure where “not spam” is, and how to connect this account to your blog (shrugs)…

        Anyways. please accept my aplogizes if you had to deleted god knows how many of the my posts if they shown up.

        just got to but a gpu support bracket for my pc then ill be free to start donating to you lovely people.

          • ,,, had to delete * and just got to buy *
            if your looking at my spelling mistakes and laughing… join the group. im lol’ing at my cock ups aswell.
            RIGHT!,,, ill stop spamming msgs now and just leave it at that.
            ill donate on a mouthly basis if my wallet allows =)

  13. rikkisixx

    Hey, since this is an old post, I just want to confirm before donating: Are you still accepting donations through that Bitcoin address? If you are, I’m gonna donate what I can to show you appreciation for your work on MGQ and MGQ:P

    Thanks for your amazing work

  14. Danieke

    Made a donation, It’s not much, mate. But I really appreciate what you do. I should really learn japanese, tough. Dem porn games are not going to translate themselfs.

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