August Monster Girl Game Roundup

Since August has been such a great month for monster girl and reverse rape games, I wanted to point out a few releases that you may be interested in playing. If you just want 100% saves of these games, check out and ctrl+f the Japanese title, or google the site if the game has been pushed off the front page.

1. Violated Hero 2 犯され勇者Ⅱ

You obviously haven’t missed this one if you’re reading my blog, but I thought I should give a mini-review of the game anyway. Now I’ll be the first to admit that the first game wasn’t all that great, but the sequel is an improvement in every way. It’s twice as long with twice as many H-scenes, plus all the women this time are non-human, unlike the first game that threw in three humans (and an elf that was close enough). The story is essentially the same, but the added length  and choice to go with the “big bad + 4 henchman” formula worked out great. Each of the Demon Generals has her own personality, and you get lots of story scenes with them before you actually meet and fight them. It’s not Monster Girl Quest, but the added characterization is appreciated and goes a long way in making the game more interesting to play. The battle system is better too, but ultimately still a pile of crap. At least you don’t have to grind this time.

The art and voice acting speak for themselves and put 99.9% of the games on DLSite to shame. It’s hardly believable that a couple people at Dieselmine made this game in 8 months.

2. Monster Girl Academy 聖もんむす学園

This is the latest monster girl visual novel from Vanadis. They’ve made a few of these focusing on specific monster girls, but this time it’s a school full of them.

You play a human professor hired to teach Human History in an all-monster-girl academy, and obviously they’re hot for teacher. There’s no gameplay because it’s a visual novel. You just read and (I assume) make a few decisions here and there. I haven’t played more than the demo, although I did check out the h-scene gallery.

It has full voice acting and very good art, but like other Vanadis games, it’s fairly vanilla. Don’t expect much beyond the usual handjobs, blowjobs, and consensual sex.

3. Mononoke Village 昇天! もののけ村!!

The next two aren’t exactly monster girl games. Mononoke are spirits from Japanese folklore, but for our purposes, they’re essentially monsters.

This game is totally lacking story, but it does have unique gameplay. It’s a 2D side-scroller where you only move to the right, attack, defend, and use special abilities. The enemies don’t move at all. The gameplay is fairly bad, to be honest. If you get hit, you lose and get raped. If you win, there’s a chance you can make the mononoke your companion. She’ll give you a special ability, and you can have sex in town. So essentially, the game is half rape-on-lose and half rape-on-win, although it’s hard to call either situation rape. The protagonist doesn’t say anything in the game, and since he’s released after sex, it’s hard to say whether he’s enjoying it or not. As for the mononoke, they aren’t exactly complaining when you choose to have sex with them either.

Art is about average. There’s no voice acting, but the game does have moaning and good sound effects.

If you want to play it, I did a bare bones translation of the menu and weapon/ability bonuses to make it easier to play:

4. Mononoke Quest もののけクエスト

You play Jun, a young Japanese salaryman who gets on the train after work, falls asleep, and wakes up in the spirit world. That’s about the time I got tired of reading the text.

This is an RPGMaker game, although it’s kind of a point and click adventure with JRPG battles and some walking around. I haven’t seen any full walkthroughs posted, but you’ll probably need one because finding where you’re supposed to click on screen and what to do with the items you do find is a huge pain in the ass.

I haven’t played much of it and there isn’t a 100% save available, but from what I have seen, the H-scenes are pretty hardcore. For example, in the first scene, you’re transformed into a dildo, and the second scene is a gangbang complete with pegging. I don’t think Jun lives through very many of these either. It has sound effects, but no voices or moaning. Average art quality.

5. Succubus Queen 淫魔の女王

This one isn’t a monster girl game, but it’s male protagonist reverse rape with a battle-fuck system made in RPGMaker. All the women are succubi, and there are some cat-girls, elves, etc. mixed in there.

You play a high school student who is dared to enter a haunted old schoolhouse alone at night. Upon doing so, you get magically teleported to a world full of succubi. A succubus takes pity on you, teaches you sexual techniques for three days, and sends you on a quest to meet the Succubus Queen who can hopefully return you to your world. On the way, you have sex with succubi and try to make them come before you do, or else you lose.

Be warned that the tutorial is absurdly long and the battle system is somewhat complicated.

The art is below average, but not terrible. It’s the kind of drawing you see in all the shovelware RPGMaker games on DLSite.

Violated Hero 2 ending list and 100% save

100% save:!fQo1hCjY!UnzvMS_6ItYMaZhMqxEgI0eNP6YIuDSccD58Dp3W3s0

(just put that in the /savedata directory)

Like the first game, there are three endings in Violated Hero 2: a victory ending and two failure endings. In order to get two of them, you first need to answer the demon girl Amu’s questions correctly when she visits you before you enter the castle. The correct answers are:

1. Because I want to bring happiness to the world.

2. Answer that it felt good, but with regret.

The actual text is subject to change, but both are the second options. After you defeat any one of the other demon generals, Amu’s far left door will open so you can fight her. When she’s defeated, you have the option to take her power or decline. Taking her power is the only way you’ll defeat the final boss, and the power boost scales based on how many of the generals you finished off.


1. Defeat the final boss. You’ll want to kill all the generals for the power boost.

2. Lose to the final boss with any of the generals dead or undefeated.

3. Lose to the final boss after sparing the lives of all of the generals. Harem ending.

Violated Hero 2 Initial Patch

Update: Found an error, download this new version or you’ll crash at the forest warp.

Updated version 0.032:

If you downloaded the old patch, here’s an update of the one file that needs fixing. Just copy into the game directory and overwrite.

If you used my patch for the first game, you should be no stranger to the installation process. Unzip everything to the game’s directory and run the .bat file. The readme has instructions for a manual install if something screws up. This hasn’t been extensively playtested so I can’t promise it’ll work flawlessly. If you do have a problem, you can just rename the .xp3 file back to data.xp3 and play in Japanese without problems. One thing to note is that since the Japanese text isn’t word-wrapped, sometimes the end of characters will get cut off on the right side of the screen. No big deal.

In this initial release, not much is translated. The intro, tutorial section, “meanwhile in the throne room” story section, and all the choices in the game are translated, plus a few lines before the choices so you have some idea of what you’re choosing. All the battle text is translated as well, although the entire interface is put together with pictures that are going to be a huge pain to edit into English. You shouldn’t have a hard time playing the game in its current state though; most everything is self-explanatory. I reused the options screen from the first game so the colors don’t match, but that’s a small price to pay to save an hour in Photoshop.

Further updates to the game will be forthcoming every few days. All you’ll have to do is copy new English files and overwrite the original Japanese ones. Very easy.

I plan to knock out all the storyline files this week and then begin on H-scenes. I’ll put up a poll later in the week so you guys can vote on the order you want the scenes translated in. So keep your favorites in mind when you play.

Translation progress: 190/5774 (3.3%) (only includes dialogue and narration)

Violated Hero 2 犯され勇者Ⅱ~勇者なのに、ちんちんをピクピクされてばかりのボク…~

As you may have noticed, Diselmine has released a sequel to the game I translated earlier this year. I’m currently in the process of translating the new one. If you’d like to purchase the game, it’s on the Japanese DLsite here:

or English here:

It took me two months to translate the first game, although this time I don’t have to deal with learning how to extract and patch the game. My Japanese has gotten better too.

The monster girls seem to mostly have 2 rape scenes each instead of 1, and the total number of rape scenes has been upped to 39 and a bonus (versus ~18+bonus for the first game). It also appears to be much less grindy than the original, although if you played the translated version, I had removed most of the grinding from the game by tweaking the numbers. I probably won’t mess with this one, but I haven’t played it much yet.

The game has a ton of images with text, including names of enemies in battle, the tutorial stuff, interface items, etc. Even the nameplate has your character’s name written into the image. Very annoying. I probably won’t end up translating most of these images, unlike the original game which was nearly 100% in English.

On the subject of names,
the protagonist is ルシア – Rushia/Lushia. Lucia seems like the best translation, but that’s a female name. Maybe it’s appropriate that your shota hero has a girl’s name…
the main antagonist has her name written in kanji as 雪麗 (snow beauty) but the pronunciation is シュエリー. It actually shows up in variable names as Shirley in English so I’ll have to go with that, but… Demon Queen Shirley? Really?

So anyway, I’m planning to throw together a basic patch with some options, battle text, and the first few story scenarios on Monday. After that, I can easily post translated scenes as I finish them, which will be simple to copy and overwrite the Japanese ones.

One mistake I made with the original game is that I never took a full line count at any point. Based on the labels used for saving games, it was around 2400 lines (one line = one screen of text, which may be one word or a few sentences). This game is over twice as large. I intend to do the basic combat and interface stuff first (which isn’t included in the line counts), then the main story, h-scenes, meeting and before/after dialogue, and finally the monster battle dialogue (stuff like “take this!” and “ouch that hurt!”). If I work at the same pace as last time, it’ll take 4 months for the entire game. Hopefully before MGQ part 3 comes out. No, there’s no date on that one yet, don’t ask.

Translation Progress:

Non-H Scenes: 135/2511

H-scenes:  0/3263 lines (0/40 scenes)

Total: 135/5774  (2.3%)