Violated Hero 3 English v0.82


Added for this patch:
rp17 (Kohaku 1)
rp18 (Kohaku 2)
rp19 (Fan Mei + Sei Mei paizuri)
rp20 (Lei Ling 2 feat. Kohaku)
rp21 (Lei Ling 3)

Rogue is releasing the final patch for MGQ on Dec. 6 so I’ll skip next week. Hopefully I’ll have all the H-scenes done in 2 weeks and then the miscellaneous text done before Christmas.

In MGQ paradox news, Torotoro released some more information. You can find it translated here:


  1. Jikorde

    Fan Mei+ Sei Mei typo
    “I can’t even string a complete sentence together anyone as my whole body convulses.”
    anyone should be anymore.

  2. Anonymous

    Great work as always my friend. Can’t wait for the finished product. Take all the time you need. But wow, MGQ Paradox looks like it’s going to be freaking LIVE!!! 150 jobs? Monster Companions? 200 Monster Race Classes? SP AND MP? Lightning fast combat speed for grinding? Running around on an Over World? It’s like playing a Final Fantasy, Pokemon and a Hentai game all in one! I’ll never sleep again…

  3. Anonymous

    K, MonMusuQuest Paradox RPG -> To complete 100% with everybody maxing everything. I think it should take me around… half year.

  4. moonblack

    Some typos I noticed:
    1) When meeting Fan Mei and Sei Mei, Sei Mei says “Ren-chan really is softhearted. From his point of view, you are I are both his enemies, yet he stops us from butting heads anyway.”

    It should be “you AND I are both his enemies”

    2) During the Lei Ling and Kohaku scene, one of Lei Ling’s lines:
    Pleasure that no normal human would never get to experience…

    I think in this case “never” should be “ever”

    3) One of Lei Ling’s battle lines: First a small information window appears and says this:
    ;;Lei Ling/re2017

    After that her line (in the game) is:
    Lei Ling/rei2017] Ha!

    I have screenshots if you want to see the above errors

  5. Anonymous

    Found a typo at the Purane battle. When you damage her if you get her around middle health she says “Purane/pla2032] [H-how have you done… this much to me…!] “

  6. Anonymous

    How do you get the last like 9 scenes for the game? Does it have to do with the choices that you have to make in the game?

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