1. ♥♥♥

    yay thank you very much. I hope you do the 4th game is to your liking as I seem to be just addicted to being violated.

  2. Cio

    I will be like another people that disappointed if you choose didn’t translate the 4th series >.< Because Succubus were always my fav, and at last she is coming as main antagonist this time. But i will respect whatever your decision about VH4. Actually i already in debt and grateful that you have translated VH1-3, MGQ series along with RT, and many more.

    Ah, btw, thank you for your hardwork for VH3 so far, i'm looking forward for Santa Dargoth this year 😀

  3. Anonymous

    Massive thank you Dargoth for all your work. I echo the thoughts above in that I do hope you translate the 4th instalment of VH but this is all from the goodness of your heart so if you decide against it, its totally understandable. Hope you have a great christmas & new years!!

  4. Kagero

    You should still do VH4 since you’ve translated all of em so far…
    possibly poll which character to translate at a time or something to have it be a side project.

  5. Anonymous

    If it were purely for H-scenes ya VH4 would be great, but honestly I’d like to see ya do an actual jrpg that has H scenes. Diesel is likely to just keep producing cookie cutter variants so long as they are profitable. I for one would like to see them get out of their comfort zone.

    Whatever ya decide, thank you Dargoth!

  6. Crimrui

    Hope you do VH4, I don’t mind whatever you pick up, as long as it’s girls raping males. Cuz’ we have enough vanilla already and you’re the one of the few ones who translate stuff like this.

  7. Anonymous

    I know I’m in minority here but, I wouldn’t feel bad at all if you pass up translating VH4 for MGQ paradox. Maybe I’m just bitter at not getting the girl I wanted in the poll :P. (I seriously don’t see why people would choose a cow out of all the monsters as the next storyline boss).

    If MGQ Delicious Lunch doesn’t suit you, there are short H games running on VX ace you can tamper with. I’m guessing you’ll be using Hasbian’s tool instead of manually translating the game? If so, maybe you can ask Hasbain if you can help him translate Lilium Union for the experience?

    • Kurei

      Yeah me too. Please for the love of the monster girl goddess, translate this fine piece of work (VH4) 🙂 Reason is, you have done a really good job up until now…and it is very difficult to find someone committed like you… If you do decide to stick around with VH4 maybe it would be of immense help to find someone you can share your work with, making it easier for you to focus on other titles. Whatever your decision, thanks for translating VH2 and VH3 so far. I know many of us would donate for your efforts.

  8. Anonymous

    can understand about VH4 the story for VH3 was not my fav so far but I hope you get some experience for rpgmaker hope it’s easy to learn.

    • Anonymous

      The story for VH3 was… dear lord, the ending if you fight and defeat the last boss when she is at full power just makes me want to throw my computer. I don’t know if I’m even going to bother with giving VH4 a chance as far as story goes.

  9. Anonymous

    Translate whatever you like, dargoth. You have top tier tastes, so whatever you end up doing, it’ll be good.
    Still, I didn’t know there were any RPG maker games already out there that you’d be interested in translating. I’m curious to see what you have in mind

  10. JB

    Thank you for your translations Dargoth, I would love for you to translate MGQ Delicious Lunch, that would be incredible! Thx for all you do!

  11. Anonymous

    It’d be nice to see an rpg maker game translated. I don’t currently know of any rpg makers games with *finished* translations thus I’ve never been able to get through one. Just don’t have the patience to check every single persons dialogue in every town until I happen upon the quest destination XI

  12. Anonymous

    Have a happy Christmas everyone, also does anybody know how to unlock the other scenes in Violated Hero 3? I am having a tough time.

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