• Eb

      thats the spider-crab lady that is in the last map, explore the all the tiles on the map, its easy to skip on the way to the final battle.

      • anonymous

        ah i see the games bugged out on me because i have 100% CG scenes but there is no event for that spidercrab lady so its left me at 96%. guess i gotta do it again

  1. James Turok

    I think it created a bug that prevents the game from playing. Even when i change the data.xp3 name or deleted, the game does not run. Thoughts?

  2. James Turok

    I keep following the instructions, and I discovered something, when running in the command prompt most of the data in the data folder is corrupted. I only seem to get two bgi images rather then all of them.

  3. James Turok

    Something is wrong with the translation, i have tested the first two violated hero games with he command prompt and they work just fine. Something is wrong with this one. Either it’s the file, translation, or i need to buy it again and preform the translation patch again. The data folder is corrupted when I preform it. i am going to try some tests on other computers to see if it works.

  4. James Turok

    I fixed the problem, I had to re-download everything and start from scratch. Good thing I saved the files from my purchase. Sorry for all the trouble.

  5. Anonymous

    Is there any possibility that you are translating the Compendium? I would really like to know what does the entry of Sei mei/Nurarihyon says, and the one for Daidarabotchi.

  6. Anonymous

    Anyone else get a crash when they try and make it full screen from windowed? The window size it forces is slightly too big for my computer

  7. raze

    hi dargot i have the same error for the 3 VH it’s say he can’t found xcopy when i do the easy installation when i do the kirikiri.exe it’s close instantly any idea how to solve this cause i finished the mgq(1-2-3) and i wanted to play this game and knowthe content of thedialogue thk foryour hardwork and hpe you can help me i have teamviewer if you want to check what is wrong

  8. slonsyxo

    Hi, I also get the startup.tjs error. My game comes with the massive .xp3 file, but not with a /data folder, so I get an error if I try to run it without the .xp3 file on hand.

  9. I’m getting a really weird bug–right after I beat the kitsune, and Nea retreats with her, I skip way ahead in the game, where Ren is apparently aware about the whole yamata no orochi thing. I intentionally lost to Fei Mei the first time in order to unlock the scene, so it’s not that I beat her first try. What’s going on here?

  10. newbie

    sir dargoth! i got a question. i’m playing Eng version of VH2/VH3 now.
    is there any way to repack data folder to xp3 archive?
    i’ve tried some way(krkrrel.exe, kikiriki.exe -c -i infolder -o out.xp3)but failed at all.
    maybe some enc,dec problem.. oh.. not sure. anyway thx for your patch.

  11. Anonymous

    Not sure if this is just me or if it’s the way the game is designed, but is it extremely slow in moving from space to space on the maps? It takes 7 seconds for me to move each time I click an arrow before the next arrow/random encounter appears. Is this normal? It really makes gameplay drag so I wasn’t sure if this is an issue with me or just really really really bad game design.

  12. Anonymous

    How do I access the alternate endings, exactly? I’m on NG+ super powered up, did heavy damage to Fan Mei in area 5 so she powered up mid-fight, reached area 9 and beat the ice witch but didn’t see any choices, so carried on + reached area 10 and beat the empress both with and without using sei mei’s spell. Fully explored every area too. What’s gone wrong?

    • Anonymous

      Never mind, worked it out. It’s a little while since I played through for the first time and I didn’t remember that there had already been the option “Look around for help”, I assumed that was the Sei Mei path and “Fight with all you have” was the Fan Mei… God damn it.

  13. Anonymous

    I’ve used the install batch but the game titles are all still in japanese. I am running in japanese locale. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  14. StriderAnarchy99

    Okay, I keep having a problem where the 5th area’s gate doesn’t go down. Anyone know what I should do?

    • Anonymous

      Did you figure out how to get past this? I’m also having the same problem, would appreciate a save file after this part.

    • Anonymous

      Did you figure out how to get past this? I’m also having the same problem, would appreciate a save file after this part.

  15. Fabby

    is there anyway someone could make a video guide for me? It’s the first time I’ve tried anything like this and nothing is really working i would really appreciate it. When i get to starting the game i get this error. Here is a screenshot.


    maybe someone could get me a step by step screenshot guide, if anyone has the time once again, i would really appreciate it. thanks.

  16. Chuck Norris

    I’m also having a problem of Startup.tjs i read the comments did everything but still nothing helps
    So can i just get your copy of System folder from the data folder because i’m pretty sure it would fix everything. Thanks and i’m hoping for your quick and favorable reply 🙂

  17. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth, I have a bug after I start new game+ with the better start stats….. Every time after I beat the kraken and slime girl in Area 5, I can´t get trough the sealed way…. I tried literally doing anything I could do 100% up to that point, but it still wouldnt let me trough. I tried starting another NG+, didn´t work.

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