Violated Hero 3 English v0.71

VH3 English v0.71!2MYyhIJb!daX3-GSWrPCdN2WHYuwLOHvamjM7U2vTk9lrIgpJ2Rc

Short patch with just Mizuchi (the samurai lamia girl). I didn’t think I could get a second one done before Sunday, and I’ve wanted to release these on Friday anyway.


  1. Passing Chaos

    excellent work! As a fan of this game I thank you for doing something I can not, wish I could, but I am failing the class.

  2. Jikorde

    Typo, When Kohaku first shows up she says
    “Uhuhu, I didn’t it’s ever be my turn..”
    One period to many, and there should be a think between didn’t and it’s

  3. Jikorde

    Typo, first Yuki-onna line when she appears
    “/yuk0001] [Aah, you came. You brought heat to me.]”
    The start should not be there, and she does not voice the line..

    • Huh, wonder why my word wrap script garbled that line but none of the other similar ones. Must have something to do with the kanji in her name sharing a byte with an ASCII character.

      It’s nice to get all these fixed one at a time instead of releasing a patch with 100 bugs. πŸ™‚

  4. Anonymous

    Soon the Great Fap will begin. When the 2 games will be translated to their finest we will fap as if there is no tomorrow. Amen.

  5. MrSledge

    There’s a bug in the game, I think. When I use the Spell of Seeing on the Taihou. it doesn’t register
    it in the List of Youkai. I’m at 97% completion, got every CG and Replay and it’s the only damn thing left missing. Other than that, great job, Dargoth.

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