1. Anonymous

    hey dargoth, after you’re done with violated hero 3, could you maybe translate just the ashikoki scenes from Kanzen Osu Dorei, S&M is not my thing, but it looks like the ashikoki scenes are pretty good.

  2. Jikorde

    During Cyclops blowjob scene, Ren says
    “Her tender limps rubbing the surface of my dick feels incredible.”
    Limps should probably be lips.

  3. Anonymous

    I just found out that the batch file isn’t compatible with Windows 8. I don’t know how to get around the problem personally, I’m just letting you know.

  4. Anonymous

    Thank dargoth, like this VH3 will be ready for Christmas^^
    Also, when you will finish translating VH3, if you don’t have any other game to translate in sight, could you try to translate ROBF? the current version is 4.1, i have no idea if it’s the complete one but, i looked at the game, and it have a total (for now) of 85 monster girls, and it’s animated for what i saw, so if you can translate it, could you do it after VH3? thank in advance.

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