Desire Dungeon English version 0.90

It’s probably about 90% completed. Going to be pushing it over the weekend before playing MGQ, although Rogue is obviously going straight to MGQ as soon as he gets it. Hopefully we’ll have DD out in a few days for those of you who want to wait for an English translation to play MGQ.

Actually, I might just throw up a version .9 patch tonight after a little playtesting to make sure it doesn’t crash during normal play. It’s really easy to patch (you just drop a file into the game directory). For those of you who want to obtain a copy early, it’s デザイアダンジョン in Japanese, RJ096876, and on DLSite.

EDIT: All right, here’s a patch of what we’ve got. The rest is up to me, which includes the final boss and most of the succubus loss scenes. A few days probably isn’t happening; a week is more likely. The game is fully playable up to the final boss though, so if you don’t rush through it you should be fine. There are guaranteed to be some crashes if you go off the beaten path so save every time you’re in town.

As for the game itself, the townspeople have new things to say each time you reach a new floor of the dungeon. Their advice is useful. Don’t walk by clicking arrows: either use the mousewheel or put your cursor over the arrow and hold space. Holding space or ctrl will speed through text too. There’s some grinding involved, especially if you want the S-rank equipment, but not too bad if you’re holding space or ctrl. Each monster has 2 hentai CGs, although 4 scenes in total (2 win, 2 loss). The succubus has more; final boss may too.

*Get the latest version above*

Just drop that into the game’s directory and you should be good to go. Saves may not be compatible with the Japanese version, but will be from this point on.


  1. Anonymous

    Thanks brother.

    I will most likely purchase MGQ when it first comes out, even though I will wait until it is at least partially translated before playing.

    • KaiZoegret

      If its a paypal issue use points instead. Go to the g-rated section, purchase points on ur account, and use those to buy the game. Points = price in yen.

  2. Uguu

    Thanks, Dargoth! Your work is always fantastic. And please throw up a .9 patch, we’re all anxious to see it!

  3. Randomdude

    Ya No matter what browser i go in it doesn;t seem to let me click thru to anything remotely resembling a Payment screen i tried chrome and it craps out on clicking the pay button firefox gets further but does not seem to translate for me so its not going either

  4. Randomdude

    I was trying to buy desire dungeon so i could use your Translation but i also what mq3 so thanks! i don;t speak a lick of japanese but i imagine with the first 2 i played i can work my way thru the third. blind

    • Brave

      Ran into the same issue. Of note is that the normal executable won’t crash, only the word wrap one crashes, if you’re really curious (the line isn’t remotely important, I wouldn’t bother).

      • The line was just too long. It was fine without word wrapping, but wrapping introduces some extra spaces that pushed it over the limit. Took 10 seconds to break it into 2 lines. I’m sure there are more of these hiding in the game. Nscripter is a bitch. Save often. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Anyone got any idea how to beat Lilim? She just charm me and it’s before I’m even given a chance to fight

  6. Anon

    Typo in the ‘pissed-off’ fairy loss scene. “It’s ture I could make irreperable scars”; ture –> true

  7. Jikorde

    Typo, Dragon Newt lose scene- “She moves gentlly after my ejaculation, quickly bringing me to another orgasm.- gently, as in one L

  8. Anon

    Haha, so the ‘win’ H-scene for the succubus is translated but the drain lines on Sexcalibur aren’t translated yet. You work in mysterious ways Dargon

    • The 0.txt file is the same one I’m working with. Open it up and see how horafying translating something in nscripter is.

      add %p_mp, %damage_buf / 5
      if %p_mp > %p_maxmp mov %p_mp, %p_maxmp
      gosub *dungeon_stat_view
      goto *battle_fuck2

      Don’t know how I missed that one line. :p

    • Haha, now that’s the kind of wacky thing that hasn’t been tested well. What even possessed you to do that?

      Turns out that bug is actually from the original developer. There’s no such function as *battle_damage2 so it crashes. Should have just been *battle_damage. He’s released lots of patches for this game so apparently no one has ever found that one before.

      • Anonymous

        kinda my thing when doing any type of game I like. check any and everything for different kind of text I have not yet read.

        • The developer really thought of everything. There’s different text for losing to each monster at level 1, different text for running away at various levels of monster arousal, lots of text for various skill usage…

  9. Anonymous

    Noticed how theres an ending for each girl you have all 4 scenes with. Is there a harem ending if you manage to leave while you have all 4 scenes for every girl?

      • Anonymous

        Oh, sorry about that. Hope I’m not too late. Both .exes and its the same crash at the same time. I have no idea what’s causing it.

      • Anonymous

        Its been in Japanese locale for the past two or three years now. Even running them both as Administrator doesn’t work. Strangely, it came with nine save files but loading those caused a crash too. And if that wasn’t bad enough, it may very well be the game itself! I removed the patch and it STILL crashes at the beginning!! I’m stunned that no one else seems to be having this issue from what I’m reading. And again, I’m DEFINITELY in Japanese locale!!

        • The saves *should* crash the game actually, though it sounds like maybe your copy got corrupted during extraction/downloading. Or maybe your computer really hates it for some reason…

      • Anonymous

        Downloaded it from elsewhere. Starts without crashing but I can’t play it for much longer right now. Hopefully there won’t be any issues once I can spare some time. Just one more question. Are there lolis in this thing?

      • Anonymous

        I’ll take my chances. And one more question (hopefully for real). Is there way to run this game and not have it auto-configure the resolution and take up the entire screen?

  10. Brave

    Personally didn’t run into any other bugs in the translated sections apart from what was reported here.

    There’s a chance that leg may have been typo’ed as lag in the Vampire’s Ero Attack victory scene, but I advanced the text too quickly and forgot to recheck before shutting down.

    There isn’t a log function, right? I tried most of my keys seeing if I could look at previously viewed lines, but had no luck.

    • Kirlrik

      I second this question, the music in the game is pretty good, specifically the music for each girl. It’s a bit more of a synthesized style than, say, MGQ, but there’s something about it that I really like.

  11. mikufanboy

    Not sure if anyone else got this but the game crashes when I fight mimic. It seems to happen when she’s about to attack besides using miasma wave. It happens on both of the .exe. I have physical damage as my primary attribute.

  12. 2-tall

    Well I sometimes kinda like to look for text I haven’t read in games I like. that is why I used w-attack of the sorcerer. when I was playing this in entirely japanese I also came back to the sorcerer after learning a stronger magic spell to see how she’d react to it when you show her the good stuff. That also got some text I hadn’t read until that point.

  13. Hedoro

    Are the encylopedia entries and the menu buttons part of the 10% not yet included? Or have I somehow done something wrong?

  14. Bwamp

    Thanks for translating this game!

    Is is true that there is no ‘easier’ way to replay H-scenes than to find the girl again? You only seem to get the CG’s from the menu, not the scenes.
    (And could anyone upload a 100% save? This game is grindy as hell..)

  15. Anonymous

    This game IS grindy as hell, but fortunately you can use cheat engine on it really easily. Just search for your HP/MP values, get hit/use magic and look for the ones that change, and then lock those values. I’ve never actually used cheat engine before and it took like a minute. Unlock the MP value when you want to surrender.

    While the monstergirls are cute in this game, I don’t think I like the scenes as much as the ones in MGQ. I think its do to the fact that they drop you off in town after their done… I like bad ends more for this sort of thing.

  16. Anonymous

    This game is quite easy on normal mode.

    Early on,
    – Against most Angels: Choose that “Echo of Sylph” or whatever you want to call it. 7th option, first window, gives a grey sylph icon when used.
    – Against most Chimaera/Monsters: Choose the grey Undine one, 8th option.
    – As you reacquire spirits, you can summon the actual Sylph/Gnome to counter your opponent’s use of the fake ones. Their Sylph will make their hits attack multiple times and quickly, but your Gnome will reduce the damage a lot. Their Gnome will make their attack strong and a successful bind inescapable, but your Sylph will evade it.

    Once you get Salamander,
    – Most enemies will drop with 8-point Counter => Salamander refill => 8-point Counter. You can also use your 4-point to finish them, or summon an appropriate spirit. This remains true for a LOT of enemies, even with boss music, straight til the end of the game.
    – You won’t be able to use multiple spirits in concert until those 4 nemesis chimaeras are beaten. In general, if a foe isn’t going to die to the above combo, use Gnome.
    – Keep the general rule of Sylph vs plants and most angels, Gnome vs other things.

    Higher HP foes near the end,
    – Get the first 3 spirits up, dump SP as appropriate, refill with Salamander. It’s a lot like the last fight in MGQ2.
    – On the special fights where you control another character, use all their SP moves once and a new move costing 0-1 SP should become available to auto-win. If not, just keep attacking and using moves, it might work. (I dunno how I did the 1st one’s trigger.) On the 4th of those fights, just spam the highest SP move, attack, and use only the highest SP move. You’ll get a 5th option costing 1 SP.

    On the last bosses,
    – That new ability in the 8th slot which costs 1 SP and causes Sylph to fly by is completely useless and does nothing… until the end of the last boss. When the last boss gets angry at ~10% health and the scene shakes and Alice says things, give it a turn, then use that ability to trigger the ending.
    – One will dispel your spirits whenever you have 2 up. Use this to your advantage. Keep Gnome up unless you need to summon Undine to counter her Salamander or Sylph to counter Gnome. When low on SP, use Salamander. If it’s your 2nd spirit (which it should be), she will dispel your current one and Salamander… allowing you to use Salamander on demand for infinite SP basically.
    – On most of these, you will get a lot of free assistance in damage dealing, so your priority with SP spending is spirits and healing to survive. You can still use SP offensively, just don’t forget your priority.
    – On the 2nd form of a boss with multiple forms, watch the sprite and guard on the turns when the boss reveals a dangerous portion of its anatomy.
    – On the 3rd form of the same boss, listen for a sound effect at the end of the boss’ turn sometimes. This will indicate you need to guard or be caught in an inescapable grasp.
    – On the very last boss (you’ll know because the healthbar is massive), feel free to save in-combat whenever someone comes in to start talking. It’s a good 10 minute fight and there is some auto-loss potential.

  17. […] Part 1 City: 7041 Part 2 City: 5175 Part 3 City: 0/15603 Part 1 Story: 19700 Part 2 Story: 19600 Part 3 Story: 727/27500 Part 1 Battle: 56400 Part 2 Battle: 83000 Part 3 Battle: 1080/88600 Encyclopedia: 1/93 (I’ll change this to line numbers later. Right now it’s number of monsters) Total: 1807/131796 (1.4%) Taken from RogueTranslation site. Also we can expect new translation out next week. More info HERE […]

  18. Tats

    If you want the game to be “easy mode” and don’t want to use Cheat Engine or anything like that, open up the 0.txt file and anywhere where you see normal text at the beginning of the game, for example, find this line here (Ctrl+f that shit):

    “Well then, perhaps I should start by looking around town a bit, I think to myself. There will still be plenty of time to explore the dungeon after that.”

    Add this as a new line under it:

    “add %exp_now, 99999”

    That will raise your experience to 99,999. AFTER you talk to everyone in town for the first time, rest at the inn and then you’ll be at Level 30. No need to grind for exp anymore. Works wonders since loading saves crashes my game.

  19. Anonymous

    I cant beat lilim! Help! I know you’re supposed to use Mirage at the beginning of the fight but there is none! She casts Charm right away before you could do anything

  20. just a question! i just finished the game, and can now leave the town! do i leave alone or does some girls come with me? because the barde sayed: will she really let you go off alone? ????

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