1. superlablabluee

    having tons of fun with the game, but not quite understanding how you fill the gallery..probably just me being retarded, Anyone got the answer?

    • Dear Guest

      There are game over rape CGs, you get them by the MG mounting you before you press start to continue.

  2. Anonymous

    The difficulty is absolutely ridiculous. Easy mode is impossible mode and i dare not imagine how difficult normal and hard are.

    • Dear Guest

      Blocking by pressing “down” helps, just move forward cautiously – it’s Dark Souls all over again.

      • Anonymous

        Ha! That is just what I was thinking. Except I keep yelling “Hey! No Touching!” instead of general obscenities when I die.

        And the amazing chests aren’t quite as big 😉

  3. Brave

    The gameplay in this looked a lot of fun to me, will check out for reasons beyond the typical ‘yay monstergirls’.

  4. Anonymous

    Took a solid couple hours to beat, had a bunch of fun because of the general difficulty, there is one horridly hard jumping puzzle in this game in level 2 where a turret fires at you while you have to chain together 6-8 jumps, took me a good 40 minutes to get decent at it. Well worth the 5 bucks.

  5. Anonymous

    That was really fun to play, some difficult parts took several times for beating them.
    pressing down to block helps, as said above and also you may press up and hit simultaniously to cast magic.
    As I said, great game, but how the hell do I beat the boss, looks like a vampire and also invincible…
    Maybe its not intended to be beaten…?

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, never thought about that since I tried to dodge the snake of balls that apear in different patterns and noticed they cannot be dodged…
        I´ll test it soon…

  6. Anonymous

    I have no idea why my dick reacted to the sprite sex so much. Considering that and because the gameplay’s a bit fun, I’ll buy it. Thanks for telling me about it.

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