1. Anonymous

    So did I get it right there would be 43 girls with total number of 190 CGs?
    That is very promising
    Do you have plans to translate it? After MGQ3 of course

  2. Monster-Girl Lover

    You actually can defeat the girls, it just requires going into your items and using a healing item after taking a couple hits, it seems. The lack of HP metres during actual combat is rather odd, but the game looks hot at least. I can’t get any of my text hookers to properly hook into the program, so if anyone could give a solution for that, I would be most grateful.

    • Dear Guest

      I keep hearing good things about it and tried the demo.
      Not being able to understand jack shit doesn’t seem worth it though…

      • Anonymous

        ROBF is actually really good. I managed to beat 29/34 of the story quests without understanding any text. Got by with sheer persistance and power of will. If any other games are worth translating in my books I’d say it’s ROBF.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely a fun game. The CG is limited, but pretty good. The gameplay is great, and it’s really fun experimenting with the different builds you can run.

    • Thanks for sharing that one. I think it’s going to be really amazing once it’s finished, although the version number has only gone from 0.02 to 0.07 in 5 months… At least it’s still being worked on. It’s strange that the game dumps you into the action with no intro and then loads up on story scenes during the alarune section, but I guess later versions will address that. Needs music and the stock sound effects could be better, but the 2 scenes are incredibly hot.

  3. Anonymous

    Did they say something about Cherry Crysis having Guro because and I am not sure It said guro in katakana in a book in main’s room followed by option to turn off guro something(have trouble with kanji).

  4. Moby

    Well if you do decide to do this one as well (or any other games) I’m sure everyone would agree that we can wait as long as it takes. Being patient in order to fully enjoy monster girl games is a small price to pay (and we non-translators never have the right to rush translators, so waiting is totally fine)

  5. Sajuuk

    even when the last part of MGQ comes out it will still take a long time to translate, so for those who not understand japanese it will still take a long time before we can enjoy it, still Luky there are translators out there who translate the good games.

  6. Anonymous

    Game looks fun, hope it gets translated by someone at some point, I love Battle Fuck systems and not enough games have good ones nowadays.

    • Well, it’s hard to call it a battle fuck game when it’s completely one-sided. Your “skills” are kind of a joke, and as far as I can tell, you aren’t supposed to be able to win. There’s no story or gameplay, just a few dozen rape scenes. Nice art and good enough music / sound effects at least.

      • Anonymous

        Makes sense, I tried the demo and liked it well enough but I had no real clue how anything worked. The art was nice though indeed.

        I wonder if Erotical Nights 2 is still in production? Now that game knows how to do BF.

      • Lowlightt

        Actually you can win fights. First you need to aquire some items, and then gear. Equip the gear and with the use of items you can pull a fast one and win some fights. Then level up and increase those skills and move up the food chain so to speak.

  7. Anonymous

    I tried the demo and liked the art, looks like it has a lot of potential. How is Desire Dungeon by the way? I’m looking forward to the translation but honestly havent looked too much into it.

  8. The Kin

    There an english patch for this game at all yet? Sorry if it’s been answered. I read over the comments and didn’t see anything mentioned except some uncertainty of translating it.

    • The Kin

      Actually, scratch what I asked. I doubt it’d be worth translating. From what I’ve been looking at, it’s more like a glorified CG gallery than anything.

  9. Sajuuk

    seems to me this game has an engine similar to rpgmaker or simply it is made with rpgmaker, the game it self looks fun hope it gets translated one day but first and most importend is to see MGQ part 3 translated,

  10. The Kin

    Thanks for the reply, Dargoth, I appreciate it. I’m kinda curious if you wouldn’t mind my asking. How did you learn japanese to translate it? Furthermore, what resources would you recommend on someone wanting to study it? I’ve tried a few grammar books and such, but the vocabulary is really the hardest part for me. I know nothing of written kanji either. I was thinking Rosetta stone, but those are really expensive and not an investment i’d want to make if they didn’t pan out. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks..

  11. Anonymous

    Anyone know where to find #23? I can find all others, but I’ve circled the map like 5 times trying to find that last one :<

  12. mikceron

    played trial seems very similiar to 1 game, but there is bosses as i understand.
    so there is already a full game or only trial?

  13. mikceron

    what you think of vanadis games? i finished game with lamia it’s just visual novel romantic, but it was very funny in first half and art is nice.

  14. Gops

    Kinda bummed that it seems unlikely you’ll be translating Violated Quest, but hey, we’re all at your mercy. I’ve been messing around with the demo for Violated Fantasy, and it seems decent. Or at least there might be more of a story to it. It would be significantly better if I could understand any of it. Any interest in translating that one?

  15. Anonymous

    Seconding interest in Violated Fantasy (ie the sequel). Also, out of interest, how time consuming is it to do interface translations only? Games like ROBF and Violated Fantasy which have complicated battle/upgrade systems that make them pretty tricky to play without knowing the language… I feel like if it’d only take a couple of hours, that might be a good “return on investment” (I honestly have no idea what makes people like you and Rogue generous enough to pour their time into these translations).

    Thanks a heap for Desire Dungeon, btw. Enjoyed it more than MGQ, the H-scenes integrated into the gameplay a lot more seamlessly.

    • I’ve done a few interface translations, and it never works out for me. The games always seem to update and ruin my patches right after I release them. I’ll take a look at ROBF once its final update is out, but I don’t remember Violated Fantasy having interesting/difficult gameplay at all. You have heals and attacks, and the most expensive ones are typically the most cost efficient.

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