1. Anonymous

    You should help RT to increase the translation speed, why don’t they release an English version themselves I’d gladly pay 50 bucks for that. But, alright take your time, you and RT got a life and I seriously appreciate your translations, thank you very much, but if I could make you work faster with a money incentive I would :p

      • WildFour

        So much monmusu pride you two have, and the insane translation speed to boot. It’s rather surprizing to hear that you’re doing this for fun.

      • Anonymous

        It’s understandable. He’s got his own writing style, and so do you. It’d be a little bothersome if MGQ switched from Rogue’s style to a mix of your styles.

        Most people wouldn’t consciously notice it, but the differences in word choice and the like would make if feel off for everyone.

        It’s going to be interesting to see how you handle Desire Dungeon.

      • Desire Dungeon is probably going to be a bit of a disaster style-wise. We’re trying to finish it in advance of MGQ coming out and probably won’t put the time needed into editing and QA.

  2. Monster-Girl Lover

    After such a long wait, just have to wait about a month now for the conclusion to the trilogy. Looking forward to it, as well as any other project you might take up.

    • AnonS

      That is if you can read Japanese. It’ll be a few months for the rest of us while we wait for Rogue to translate.

  3. Anonymous

    I post this comment every time a new MGQ game has it’s release date announced, but I’ll say it again, “best news I’ve heard all day.”

  4. Safin117

    Well then,time has finally come and my body is ready.Dargoth good luck for you and RT with translating we are all counting on booth of you

  5. Sajuuk

    when have they ever made an english version of a game, that is as great as this,
    the only games ever translated by those guys of magagamers or the preach prinses ans jast usa, to name a few, well most of the games they translate are boring in the story department, they shoud have translated games like kamdori academy meister and the dungoung one of that still i am happy to hair that monstergirl quest part 3 has finaly a release date, hope they translate it soon.

    • Lowlightt

      Well unfortunately the client size of official translations is rather low, as the majority of Western H-game players are Pirates yarg. This makes it high risk to release any specific game for sale with an english translation. So the majority of H-games are stuck in the fan zone.

      • Anonymous

        Clearly it needs the money to improve the gameplay and so on.
        But what I don’t like about it, is that you will have to face a lot of the same enemy’s, that gets boring very fast for me, no matter how well it’s done.

  6. Brave

    With Rogue dropping out of the game (with our sincerest thanks and best wishes of course), any chance you’d consider working that nebulous future post-MGQ3 project, assuming it’s an interesting concept?

    Also, yay great news and all that 😛

    • Depends what it is. It could just be a line of figurines or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an anime (probably H-anime), and there are already lots of groups to translate those.

      • Brave

        Fair enough.

        Call me an optimist, but I’m pulling for another VN. ToroToro brought a great take on the genre, I’d love to see him keep it going strong.

      • Anonymous

        MGQ anime?!?
        My body will never be ready
        When they going to announce it?
        The anticipation is killing me

      • Anonymous


        Well, they’d have to make it first… or even think about making it.

        It does not exist right now.

  7. Flaris

    I swear, I don’t check the site in a few days and everything has happened!

    The bomb is dropped and suddenly this game is going to get released pretty soon. Of course will be waiting for Rogue’s great translations, but I’m just excited that we have a fairly locked down release date.

  8. Anonymous

    I wondered about the announced “monster girl quest related” project that should have come out in may. So I was searching a bit and came across this site. Saw it before, so I know the succubus pic is new. unfortunately google translater could not help me to understand what it is about…

  9. Anonymous

    It came out. Hooray!

    If anyone snags a hard machine translation patch (think google translate quality), I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate being able to at least play the game through with a small understanding to get the major spoilers out of the way… before being spoiled by other people who can read Japanese. I’m so glad I got in a rushed playthru of MGQ2 like that so I wasn’t spoiled. 😀

  10. Anonymous

    I wondered since in japan all erotic stuff is censored and since that is not necessary here, why dont they sell an uncensored version for the western market like there are some of hentai vids. Would it be illegal to uncensor the game or is that even possible to edit it that way?

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