1. Gabriel

    how is it that being japanese fluent isn’t necessary? How do you translate it then? I’m taking online japanese classes just to be able to help you out but if there is a way for me to help now just say it! i’ll do whatever i can.

    • You still have to be proficient in Japanese to translate, but with online dictionaries and software, you can easily look up words and phrases you don’t know. I just mentioned that because I’ve seen people who have studied Japanese for years who don’t think they’re good enough to help translate because they aren’t fluent.

      • Gabriel

        I can read the Hades part of the demo just fine with a dictionary, the problem is when they use kanji because i can’t copy the Kanji from the game and paste it on the online dictionary. My only option is looking up a list of thousands of kanji and searching for the one being used. What do you do regarding kanji? If only it wasn’t for that i think i could help since i know how to structure japanese words

      • Anonymous

        Gabriel, Chiitrans will pull the text out of the game and put it in a little text window. You can also attach dictionaries like atlas to it in order to help you translate. I have only a couple years of college experience with Japanese, and I was able to play through the whole game using Chiitrans. I just modify the automated translation when it doesn’t come out right. It will not be as good as Dargoth, but if you have a basic understanding of Japanese you should be able to at least get the gist of what’s going on.

      • Gabriel

        The one on the site i’m learning japanese at. The real problem is inputting the kanji on the dictionary because i can’t use CTRL+C CTRL+V since it’s in a game. This means i have to search for the kanji somewhere else and then copy and paste on the dictionary.

        • Gabriel

          thank you! i didn’t know such a thing existed. But can you please tell me how to get it to work? I’ve downloaded it already but there are some “updaters” and “engine” stuff i don’t really get

      • Desert Eagle

        ITH (Interactive Text Hooker) should work fine. It’s pretty simple to use: You open the game and ITH, and then hook into the ongoing process that is the game. You go a little bit into the game so that text is generated. Text has now appeared in one of ITH’s channels, selectable from the dropdown menu.

      • NoName

        Let me make this explanation even easier. Make sure to have ITH installed and both the game and ITH opened.

        1. Go to Process in ITH.
        2. Search for a process called Game.exe in the process list, click on it, then click on Attach.
        3. Once you’re done, go to the game and either open the menu or talk to somebody. This is mandatory.
        4. If you do so, you’ll see ITH has found see three hookers. Find the one that really shows the text properly (which in my case it’s usually the middle one).

        And that’s it, you’re done. To make your life even easier in the future, click on the save function. The next time you open the game and ITH, the game will automatically attach to your game, skipping 1 and 2 steps. You’ll still have to do 3 and 4.

  2. Anonymous

    I know that there were like, 8 new scenes added in 1.1…

    Seeing as I’m just gonna wait for Dargoth’s patch to redownload the game again, can anyone be an absolute doll and just tell me what monsters got the new scenes?

    Thank ya in advance!~

    • Desert Eagle

      Most of them are Xelvy’s monsters: Sully, Jade, Riot, Little Bug, Vetala and Valto. They are the apoptosis monsters, except Little Bug. Imp and Bandersnatch also got a scene. I think Imp’s scene requires her to wear the swimsuit though.

      All of the battle fuckers got proper illustration as well. They can also be recruited now, although Marie from Iliasville requires you to win against 10 different battle fuckers first.

      …Still no scenes for Medal Queen… 🙁

      • Pyro

        I’m thinking she’ll show up in part 2 as a reward for winning in the coliseum as a prize for some story required mid boss.

      • Desert Eagle

        @Pyro – No, no. She’s already in my team. I went and gave her the 45 small medals required to recruit her but she doesn’t have any request scenes.

      • Desert Eagle

        She’s not outstandingly strong or anything. However, I find it amusing that she’s “Whip Queen”. She specializes in whips and whip skills.

  3. Pyro

    Thank you for the update, it’s a bummer to hear though that Rogue’s hard work wasn’t utilized for the official translation.

    Thank you again for your work on this.

  4. John Doe

    Woah wait a second, did you just say I could help out by just copy pasting the original scenes? sign me up! (After finals week of course.)

  5. Anonymous

    It’s bizarre that they wouldn’t just use Rogue’s translation, especially if the new translation is of lower quality. Maybe they wanted to get his permission before using it and couldn’t because he’s officially disappeared. I find it impossible to believe that Torotoro isn’t aware of Rogue’s patch.

    • Anonymous

      My guess is the problem that Torotoro had with Rogue’s patch didn’t get resolved… Had a problem with the save feature if memory is correct as it could only be saved at special points.

    • He emailed Torotoro and gave him permission to use the patch before he disappeared, but maybe TT never saw the email or didn’t want to risk it.

  6. Anonymous

    About the reused scenes: I’m guessing the rape scenes from a loss are exactly the same but the request scenes seem a bit different; even if just ‘come to my room,’ [old rape scene], ‘let me know if you want to do it again,’ *pass out*. Will there be a way to check for subtle differences between the scenes? I only ask because I don’t want them to be lost in translation. When machine translating the game I enjoy the extra little bit of dialog in the request scenes, especially the ones that say Luka is going to be a father or tell him to become their lover once his adventure is done (makes it so fitting that I made him a whore in my game.)

    • Anonymous

      Amusingly, Prostitute is near-useless on male characters, since they don’t get access to sexcraft skills.

  7. Anonymous

    So you are going to use the 1.11 patch? Should I get 1.11 when it comes out? Personally I’d prefer that since it has updated content and everything, but I’d rather not download a whole other version if it’s not going to be used for the Ilias Continent patch just yet.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        When do you believe the slime girl H-scenes get translated? Or the pop-up messages that appear when something is acheived?

      • The slime girl H-scenes were translated a long time ago, but putting them into the game without having to completely redo that effort with every patch has been a problem.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        What is the release date of 1.11? What website did you obtain info on releases?What is the release date of 1.11? What website do you obtain info on future releases?What is the release date of 1.11? What website did you obtain info on releases?What is the release date of 1.11? What website did you obtain info on releases?

  8. Anonymous

    If you can understand English well, I’m sure translating is simply a matter of interpreting machine engrish. Of course, there are things that it would miss. One person interprets, a Japanese speaker lines the interpretation and the Japanese side-by-side to see if both match in intended message, and then put them into a file to go into the actual translation. More people would make the job faster, of course. This would also assume a team that has adequate grammar. This is simply my two cents though, as I cannot volunteer.

    • You don’t know much about translating do you doing that just a waste of time using machine translation is completely useless and it’s easy to do it from nothing than try to make sense of it.

    • Anonymous

      If only machines where as imaginative as people… Really sad thing is that one line could have multiple meanings and from context and the whim of the translator to pick which way is closer to the original meaning and that is something a machine can’t do well yet. There probably is some program that could have the entire thing translated in an hour, what it produced would be a fun pile of garbage with maybe 5% of the erotic scenes not completely bastardized and seeing as this is a game filled with innuendo that leaves very little the machine would get right… One day we will make an AI filled with smut, a great whore of Babylon, and perhaps fitting to code name it Minagi

  9. I really hope that version 1.11 is the last, in a while, update to Part 1. I downloaded version 1.3 a few days ago so playing with translations will take a while.

    • Grandork

      Eh, Torotoro is doing the correct thing and fixing as many bugs as possible, so Part 2 can come in as smoothly as possible. So I’m guessing we will see more updates, until he is satisfied.

  10. Sal

    Hello I have a small question, if anyone besides me in version 1.02 has also not translated dialogues? (specifically I’m talking about the moment at the very beginning, when Ilias falls) In advance, sorry if it’s written somewhere, but it is difficult to search several hundred/thousand posts

    • Desert Eagle

      Sorry, I didn’t quite understand that. :/

      You’re asking for people who have not translated dialogues from the beginning? That’s 99% of players.

      • Sal

        No, I’m asking because after English patch 1.02a, most of the dialogues that were in the demo version are translated, except for a few odd moments and wonder if it’s normal and I just have to wait for further translation, or if there is something I did not install when I install 1.02a and because of that I have some parts untranslated ( for example, when luke meet small Ilias)

      • Desert Eagle

        Hmmh… Yeah, I think it’s normal. We haven’t had a translation patch after that so there hasn’t been a chance to “plug” those. According to ToroToro’s blog, patch 1.11 should come pretty soon. We might get a new translation patch a few days after that.

  11. Anonymous

    Imo the new translation isn’t too bad. Especially in the fighting and H-scenes I found it more invigorating than rogue’s translation. But yeah some scenes were downright horrendous (I’m looking at you, Nanabi)

      • Anonymous

        Hm comparisons… hard to do without quoting right out of the game. But a few naming differences I can give
        Granberia – Granbellia
        Erubetie – Elbetie
        The Four Heavenly Knights – The Four Lords
        The Monster Lord – the overlord
        Demon Decapitation – “Demonic Style – Neck Cutter”
        Demon Skull Beheading – Heavenly Demonic Decapitator
        Flail Wildly – Blade Flurry

        The Scene with Nanabi I mentioned is the one where Luca falls asleep. My guess is the translator just had a skript and did misunderstand what was hapening there. So that texts like “I thought for sure I was asleep” come out of Nanabis mouth.

      • Civildeviation

        I prefer rogues version… seems like there is a bit more creative interpretation with better writing rather than a straight professional translation with par writing.

      • Anonymous

        Well Nanabi was a clear Negative example that REALLY stuck out. Normally it gets the meaning across quite well even if some puns or fourth wall references rogue translated got lost. And especially in the H-scenes I prefer a well written interpretation than an accurate but bland (And yes I find rogues H-translations often bland) translation

  12. Drawner

    You mentioned the 1.11 will be released shortly, but, what do you mean by that? A few days, a couple of weeks, maybe a whole month, even more? I`d like to know so as to not keeping checking it every day due to eagerness.

  13. Anonymous

    I find really strange that the special CG that appears when you do a specific skill and not all skills of the same type. For example, the one that appears for the Meda girl (Meru Meru) when using tentacle skills just appear with specific skills and not with all tentacle skills, which should make sense since all skills are from the same type. Is that supposed to be that way?

    • Desert Eagle

      Yes. Characters display special CG for skills that are… hmm, “inherent” to them. For Meda, that would be the tentacle skills. For Riot, it’s beast skills that use ATT + AGI in damage calculation. For Luka, it’s swords. For Alice, magic. Sonia gets two special CGs: One for casting spells and one for club attacks.

      And so on.

      • Anonymous

        Mmmmm I see so they are just for specific ones that have something inherent for that character. That is why some tentacle skills display Meda’s CG and other tentacle skills don’t. Thanks! I thought it was my game or something, like Chirp’s request scene that don’t show a CG for some time and then it shows almost at the end of the scene.

      • NoName

        As he said, battle CG appear when characters use skills that they can use regardless of job or race (their “unique” ability basically). For those that don’t have this kind of ability, basically use a skill that relates to their race or appearance (like using a sword skill for the succubus girl that fights with a sword).

        Here’s a list of artists that have made (or not) CGs (and by CGs I really mean that, not just using one of their sprites for that):

        Old artists:
        – D_AM: artist of the slug boss, which has a battle CG.
        – Irodori: artist of the slug nun, which doesn’t have a battle CG.
        – Iwashi no Atama: none of his characters have battle CG.
        – UN_DO: Chrome, Frederika and Saki has battle CG. Some of his other minor monsters do have, but not all of them.
        – Jingai Modoki: no battle CG at all except chibi Alice. Which I am surprised that he hasn’t made any except Alice and Luka, the last one not even implemented in the game.
        – Delphinus: fortunately none of his characters have battle CG. Yeah, I’m not really a fan of his art.
        – Setouchi: with the recent patch, I would say nearly all of his current recruitable characters have battle CG (there’s too many to try to find which one doesn’t). Best thing is the fact that he has finally learnt to give them different faces, Nanabi being one of the best.
        – Xelvy: all of them have battle CG, except the male characters he’s made. Shuri (the shrimp girl) being really cute surprisingly, taking into account how “cool” his other characters are in those CG.
        – Arekishi: except the bunny slime, all of them have CG.
        – Kenkou Cross: her slime has one, but for some reason sometimes a sprite appears instead of her CG, which is a disappointment since I like her CG.
        – frfr: no battle CGs at all.
        – Épée: all of his characters have a battle CG, but it’s basically a copy of Persona 3 and 4 CG when using a Persona and they call out their name. Except Sara for some weird reason, which apart from the one mention has another one.

        New artists:
        – AkazawaRED: artist of chibi Ilias (why not use Jingai Modoki for that, since he’s the best for lolis…). No CG btw.
        – 海の山: Artist of Pochi, plus other girls. No CG (how do you even translate his name as…)
        – Nekomanma (lol this name): artist of the succubus nun and others. All of them have CGs.
        – Sugamon: Artist of the Orc girl. All have CG I believe.
        – Cool Kyara Shinja: the artist of the golem girl, which has a battle CG.
        – 日下部: no idea how to translate his name. Artist of the Melon girl and others, none of them battle CG.
        – kupala: artist of the chibi crab girl and Onahole girl, both have battle CG.
        – Shiruku: artist of that roach, I mean sort-of crab girl in the lab where you recruit Hilde. Has a battle CG.
        – Stealth Kaigyou: or Stealth Newline? Anyway, artist of the lizard girls and others. None of them have battle CG. Has made some doujins that I recommend to read.

        This list shows you which ones will probably make CGs for Paradox 2. Hopefully all of them will try to do one for all the characters they’ve made. I really hope Jingai Modoki delivers, I sure want to see Tamamo battle CG when she’s recruitable. Same for frfr hopefully.

      • Anonymous

        “(like using a sword skill for the succubus girl that fights with a sword).”
        Heh. Devil Fighter isn’t a succubus. Not at all. She doesn’t even have a single level in imp.
        She’s a Yoma.

      • eXitus

        Maybe a typo? Misstranslation? Someone from TTR failed hard? Who knows, it’s her trait… and I like her, shes really cute 🙂 she is a part of my mainteam, cuz cuteness is justice! *makes a dramatic pose* Can’t wait for her scenes to get a translation 😀

      • Anonymous

        I usually see the Trait of every girl and if it mentions some type of skill that is the clue as to what skills make the special CG display.

      • Anonymous

        @eXitus: I completely agree about the devil warrior. That bashful expression as she is forced to wear her ‘traditional battle armor.’ By the time I finished recruiting her she had stolen my heart XD

  14. Anonymous

    I defeated Gnome. She is in the pocket castle and I also have her character entry in the library. But I don´t have her monster entry in the library Something wrong?

    • Desert Eagle

      Have you tried defeating her again? You can fight her again at Death’s. Through the stone door on the 2nd floor of Ilias Temple.

  15. Anonymous

    Just downloaded this this game tonight from the DLsite. I are one sad puppy. I followed the instructions, downloaded all three parts into one folder, and then when I execute the zip file, everything unzips correctly. Yet when I try to launch the executable file, I get a nasty error message and then the game crashes back to the desktop. Apparently I have Version 1.10, and I guess I must have somehow missed out on V1.02. Does that mean if I run Windows 7 without a language pack available, due to only have a home suite 32 bit version… until I get a patch for English that patches 1.10… the game is unplayable? Could use any help I can get to figure this out… I dun like being a sad panda boy.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not to how to use that website… it’s very unuserfriendly and smelled of adiware. I clicked on this… it told me to go there, I went there, it told me to do that… I did that… it told me to download through some crazy account.

      • Anonymous

        It’s what I will have to do, it’s just a bit disappointing is all. I’ll be patient, thanks for the kind words.

      • This is the only way I can react to the news that this week I’ll finally be able to upgrade to a newer version(saw no point in doing so since the interface was in japanese in the newer ones)

      • Anonymaster

        I really don’t mind waiting, especially if it means you can fit more translation into the patch.

      • Anonymous

        Willing to say how much the translation patch will include (that is different from the current one).

    • Anonymous

      It helps if you rename the folder it installed. The folder name is in Japanese signs, and, well, windows doesn’t play well with them. I renamed the folder into something else, and the program ran fine (but still with Japanese text in-game).

  16. I know it’s douchy to ask for this but does anyone have a link to MGQ with ToroToro’s translation, I’m really curious about the text differences since I played the game so many times I kinda already know most of what’s going on word by word I really wanna see if they botched it or improved it.

    • Anonymous

      I second this, but I would be satisfied with just the Nscript.dat file(assuming it still runs on nscripter) if you don’t want to upload the full game. It’s probably only like 10 MBs so it shouldn’t take that long either. All I care about is checking out the script and stuff.

      • Civildeviation

        Might just try the demo and use that as a basis to judge the rest of the translation. Plus it’d prevent smegma status.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you.

        I expected worse considering the Nanabi example but I haven’t seen anything like that so far(haven’t looked at much yet). Actually since Blade Flurry is translated differently when it appears in the story script, it kind of makes me wonder if they had more than one translator. Most of it seems to be decent but there are points here and there with some pretty dumb derps.

        Technically speaking it a superior translation to Rogue’s in the sense that 9 times out of 10 it’s more accurate. Even though I haven’t looked at much, there are a few things that Rogue was just completely off on that the DLSite translation gets right.

        Whether or not the actual writing for the DLSite translation will fit your fancy is another story though. I don’t think it’s bad and there are even some parts that I feel are superior to Rogue’s, but on the whole it can seem a bit dry. It’s not to the point where I can say with confidence that one is better than the other though.

        In cases like the encyclopedia entries, the dlsite version is better though since they’re mainly just technical descriptions and in those cases, the dlsite translation is just plain more accurate.

      • Even if some of the translation is better than rogue’s the nanabi scene the changeing of someone name 3 times and the translation of names in general I mean the overlord, four lords really. it really brings the whole thing down and considering the inconsist translation multiple translators are like you said being use. Also I bit off topic but can someone post their translation of alma elma monsterpedia entry I read that rogue translation was a little off so I’m just wondering what they did.

      • Anonymous

        Alma Elma’s entry from the dlsite ver http://pastebin.com/fE6D4S65

        Now they’re the Four Kings instead of the Four Lords. I also had to fix a couple typos when I posted this. The entry also overuses the word furthermore. It’s pretty obvious that there was a different translator doing this and it didn’t really get an editing past to fix it up and make it sound better. Lazy for a professional product.

        Though it is pretty much word for word true to the Japanese version so it’s accurate at least.

      • Yeah, it’s definitely a more accurate translation job, but way too literal in places and full of awkward phrases. I also don’t like how the fights and h-scenes are written in past tense. That’s mostly a stylistic choice, but it also results in some nonsense sentences. I just got to Slug Girl and saw:

        “Slug Girl grabbed on to Luca’s mucus lower half! The lubrication on Luca’s groin introduced him to slimy sensations!”

        That’s just terrible.

        Also, the translator(s) learned British English, which grates at me.

      • Yeah the literal and awkward phrases makes it look really bad even though it’s more accurate but I do like that alma elma entry is more accurate it show her character better the last line being a good example. So did they change the name of the four spirits to?

      • Anonymous

        I actually take back what I said about it being more accurate. Even in just the encyclopedia entries, the quality is very inconsistent particularly the further you go. I’m going to guess it’s another problem stemming from multiple translators but some of the encyclopedia entries just don’t make sense and have parts that are completely off. Like, a couple monsters in the pyramid are particularly messed up.


        Sphinx’s entry for example. The second paragraph in particular is just… completely and utterly wrong. You can refer to Rogue’s version for the accurate sentence.

        Also it never species that she was created from various magics, it just says that she was ‘created’. Though Rogue’s version fails to mention that fact altogether so whatever.

        I’ll give them credit for actually trying to retain the details about light/holy energy and dark/demonic energy as opposed to Rogue who decided to completely ignore it for some reason, but it’s still not quite correct and the dark energy portion is just glossed over as “magic”

        The Nefer Lamia’s have “While they are bound by the Trial of the Dragon Emblem, to challenge the skills of any brave adventurer, once they lose that sense of duty they wander around in the Pyramid.” in it which is like ??? are you just completely making shit up now?

        I’m starting to wonder if maybe the text in the script file is just an old unused version and the real versions are in image files like I think Rogue did.

        If this is really the final version, I would not recommend this shit period. Even if you want an accurate translation, do not look here.

      • Anonymous

        Actually I made that post too soon because Ilias’s entry is even better
        It’s just so…. wrong.

        Also note how he spells existance? Yeah, he spells is that way EVERY TIME and it’s only present in the Pyramid section with the sphinx. I guess he was in charge of the that section and a few other entries and you can identify him by the fact that he doesn’t know how to spell(or know Japanese for that matter)

      • Anonymous

        Sorry for posting yet again but this one is just too good.

        Sara’s description has “She keeps her trusty magic sword, Granbellia, around under the guise of protection and is really quite a skilled swordsman from all her training, but is still no match for someone well-skilled in the arts of desert sorcery”

        She doesn’t love Granberia anymore. Granbellia is now apparently a sword she just keeps around. I love it. It’s funny because it’s not just multiple translators, but it’s obvious that this translator isn’t even aware of what’s going on in the other parts of the game he’s not responsible for.

  17. Anonymous

    Does anyone know how to send TT a bugreport for his translated MGQ1? I found 2 CtD bugs.
    One is when you attempt to read the skill description of Blade Flurry in the Skill menu
    Another is when Jellyfish Girl uses Devour Preparation and you attack (which you must in order to survive)

  18. Anonymous

    Got bored and wanted to do an experiment; The Dargoth Challenge
    He said I didn’t have to be fluent in Japanese to help;
    My Japanese LV: 0
    My Programming LV: 5-10
    I’m not the best but I get around

    So Here is what I did:
    Found a script that would extract the dialog from the game,
    Got a copy of RPG Maker VX Ace

    Took MGQ Paradox 1.10.01 and decrypted it.

    Then I put that script in the game and got the dialog out
    That is in a txt file DialoguesJapanese.rvtext
    Used Google Translate on the dialog; it caused errors if I put more then 500 to 1000 lines in at a time… That file has around 330 thousand lines… Then with Notepad++ made DialoguesEnglish.rvtext
    Note: this can be modified with no knowledge of RPG Maker though some entries ie “<>” are in Japanese and are used as reference points in game

    The DatabaseTextJapanese.rvtext however caused a crash as it interferes with another script already in the project so that part was disabled… The Database was modified through RPG Maker using Dargoth’s previous efforts as a base. New Actors though where translated with Google Translate

    Patched the Map & Common Event files as described in the language file system.

    Then found the difference between what I did and the default decrypted version of MGQ Paradox.

    That package:
    MGQ Paradox Translation EX.rar 9.4 MB

    Overall I don’t know if this is useful but if bored give it a try (Backup data or create another folder) however note that its Google Translate and not Dargoth Team Superior work. I’m more interested in if this method would help real translators.

    1 – Get MGQ Paradox 1.10
    2 – Decrypt it
    3 – Overwrite files with ones from package
    4 – Give it a try
    5 – Look forward to MGQ Paradox 1.11 and hope its stable enough that Dargoth can actually modify it with confidence

  19. Anonymous

    Unfortunately the Database portion isn’t fully translated as it caused problems and that resulted in a slower manual method at least till a solution can be found, however the wrapping issue shouldn’t be a hard fix;
    Added word wrap script http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/6964-word-wrapping-message-boxes/

    Here is the updated version:
    MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.1.rar 9.5 MB

    Also thank you for taking the time to look at it

  20. Cory

    Can someone tell me who/what to use as the best Thief, and also how the class works unlocking chests and combat wise? :3 I need one to recruit Chrome and also bust open Tartarus boxes.

    • The best thieves should be harpies since they can steal items along with food items and materials and their race learns to steal 4 times in the same turn. Chests are unlocked by EQUIPPING the abiities Lockpick 1(learned by thief job) and Lockpick 2 (learned by Master Thief intermediate job which is unlocked by mastering Thief job). As for combat I honestly can’t say anything they’re more of a support character than damage dealers or tanks.

    • Desert Eagle

      Hmm… I think a harpy would make the best thief. Not only are they agile but they also get access to different kinds of thieving skills you can’t get normally – at least not in part one.

      To open different coloured chests, you train your thief until they get the special ability “lockpick”. You then equip that ability. As long as it’s equipped, you can open the chests that your lockpick ability allows you to open. Lockpick I allows you to open blue chests, and lockpick II lets you open blue AND green chests. Currently, there’s no ability to open steel chests.

      They’re not particarly great in combat. They use dagger skills, so equipping a dagger would be beneficial. You might want to train them in another job later on.

      There are harpies near Happiness Village. There’s also ostrich girl in the desert around Sabasa.

      • Cory

        Thanks so much guys! Could I stretch my luck and see if you know any good pleasure attackers? I’ve been using Remi, but her usefulness has pretty much hit its wall…

      • Cory

        So my harpy is level 16/8/8 Thief((I think that’s what the jap characters mean)). However we can’t bust open the boxes. I’ve equipped all the skills possible on her current roster…

      • The ones you can’t open probably require Lockpick II which you get from Master Thief. As for Pleasure attacks Remi can change race as well and Succubus gets a stronger version of Imp Rape however if I’m not mistaken Promestein gets the best pleasure attack so far in the game and it hits all enemies.

      • Desert Eagle

        I’ve made Nuruko my pleasure attack specialist. My team’s based on who I like, so they’re not necessarily the most optimal choice for a certain role. I make do with them though.

        Anyway, Nuruko. She’s an apoptosis scylla monster. When she has a scylla race equipped, she can attack multiple times. In addition, when she activates the tentacle skill 「テンタクルハイアップ/Tentacle High Up」, she can attack even more times. Both of them combined, she can attack a total of 7 times with her basic attack.

        If you train in Prostitute and Battle Fucker jobs, you’ll learn abilities that make your basic attacks inflict sexual status effects. One of them is “horny” which doubles the damage done by pleasure attacks. Nuruko’s character trait also gives her basic attacks a chance to inflict “slimed”, which ALSO doubles pleasure damage. Both effects can stack, which means pleasure skills would deal 4x damage.

        With multiple basic attacks that can inflict sexual status effects, it’s important to equip a sex toy as weapon. Those glove looking weapons you see occasionally are sex toys. My Nuruko currently has 「クリーチャーホール/Creature Hole」 equipped. Besides increasing damage done by pleasure skills, basic attacks from a sex toy deal PLEASURE damage, not physical. So, when you inflict horny/slimed, it ALSO increases damage done by basic attacks. And she can attack seven times!

        I really like this combo. Besides that combo, Nuruko can attack multiple enemies with pleasure using tentacle skills. If she has Scylla Maid race, she also gets access to maid skills which have more pleasure attacks, support skills and skills that cripple opponents. She’s a keeper. 🙂

  21. CwHart

    I…….reallly wish…….1.11 would come out >.> mostly curious to see how far Dargoth and co have gotten in the game.

  22. Anonymous

    I actually think it will be good to have a way to change to a different race because the most predominant race a have seen in the game is Beast, and well I feel a little awkward to make them all Centaurs or Minotaurs.

  23. BlackWind

    Can’t be long now 1.11 is out if the MGQ:P page link is correct as it now goes to monq_t111.zip now

  24. Chaincat

    Well, I might not be able to hop on board with the actual translations, but I can help make with the proof-reading process so we don’t have awkward sentences. I’ll email you some time after my last final.

    Also, can someone tell me what the official mgq chapter 1 english translation is like? rogue had a few errors but they were few and far between. Is it like a typo or error every few text boxes or something?

  25. Desert Eagle

    Manyeyedhydra just finished his Let’s Play of MGQ Paradox part 1. Though I said “Let’s Play”, it’s not in the form of a video but writing. It can be seen on: http://www.manyeyedhydra.com/

    Obviously, you shouldn’t go there if you don’t want spoilers.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty good, but he skipped a lot. Although crappy machine translation and he doesn`t want to spoil game seriously, so otherwise he made a good job.

  26. Anonymaster

    I understand you’re waiting for 1.11, but out of curiousity, about how far are you translation wise?

  27. Anonymous

    How about talking about favorite characters? One of my favorites is the Vetala girl, her sex scene is something I just can’t find arousing at all but I still like her as a character since Vetalas were one of my favorite demons in the Shin Megami games. Also I don’t know if its just me but she somehow reminds me of Bayonetta.

    • Desert Eagle

      I really like the monster girl called Riot. She’s something of a dragon/beast type apoptosis monster. She looks cute and she has gorgeous, glistening skin.

      She’s part of my main team, and I’ve managed to turn her into a killer machine. Battlemaster is a pretty easy way to do so but it’s still amazing.

    • For now I think any monster girl who has the Vocaloid race available is good enough for me since this race learns a song that boosts Luka’s Holy skills and that’s good for 1-shooting Honey Pots.
      In terms of H-Scenes I would say there’s a few I would like to see like Barney(rabbit girl), Drop, Hip, Christie, Regina, Honey(honey pot), Len, Deiji, Vitae and I honestly would like to see a reverse rape scene with Promestein.

    • Desert Eagle

      Oh yeah. By the way, Vetala has a new request scene in patch 1.10. It might be more agreeable than the first one if you don’t like dying.

      • I think I saw it, it’s a boob job right? Honestly none of xelvy’s monsters are appealing to me except for Deiji that’s the only H-scene I like from his batch of monster girls. Though I must admit his monsters for the most part have really good skills. They’re the only ones to learn Dark skills.

      • Anonymous

        Oh I saw that new scene too and thought it was better at least. For me xelvy’s monsters are awesome characters even if some of their sex scenes are not that good, one of my main teams is made by his monsters; Jade, Vetala girl (I can’t remember her name), Little Bug and that girl named in the game files as Syesta. And with Luka goes Brunhild, the scylla girl (I can’t remember her name either) and Riot. I just love to see them destroy enemies.

    • No, I haven’t replied to very many people. I keep meaning to do that at work, but been busy. I DID get like 20 offers though, and I certainly can’t maintain a team of anywhere near that size. A few guys seemed extraordinarily qualified that I need to contact.

  28. Anonymous

    guys anyone know how to use cheat engine on Paradox i try this guide http://pastebin.com/T6T0YZnz

    but fail a lot T_T
    it will be nice if you make it with photo or video >.>
    is not that hard to use cheat engine on any rpg maker game but i am not sure why is not work for Paradox i try modify scripts for exp *i don’t know where to find job exp*
    use Gemini but it don’t work i am not sure why is not work???

    so plz can anyone help me here (T_T)

    • Pyro

      When searching for something to edit you need to use the search of variable*2+1 so say you have 55gold it’s 55*2+1 for the search followed by as many modifications as needed. Once you find the right line of memory that controls your desired item double click it, and at the bottom replace the number with the proper one, so say you want 100g you’ll need to edit the number to be 201

      However for Exp/Job Exp/Race Exp I’m running under the assumption the memory variable is using accumulated Experience for what gets modified and not Experience required to level. LoL yes I wanted a quick easy way to raise Race Exp 🙂 — This may work using a Negative variable maybe, however more than likely it’ll require you to decrypt the save, alter the data there and possibly re-encrypt it 🙂 so kinda far outside of my realm of just wanting to lazily level my character’s race.

      • Anonymous

        Start the game, load up a save, and Try starting with an Unknown Initial Value search in 2 bytes range. Then do a battle, win, and remember the JP you earned then completely exit the combat screen. Now do a Increased Value By with the value of JP times 2 (Adding 1 is not needed in this search). Battle repeat till you see some good numbers. Anything that is Even can be ignored along with anything that is changing outside the point you gain JP; Side note this will also find Race and this search will catch all party members. Shouldn’t take to long, as these numbers will keep going up till they reach there cap at lv 10. When entering data make sure its Odd else the game will crash.

        So Start the Adventure
        * Cheat – Search Unknown
        Enter and Win a Battle, Remember JP then exit combat victory screen
        * Cheat – Increased Value By (JP * 2); IE: 2 JP earned = Cheat Search 4
        Repeat till you found the right values
        If memory serves me right all JP/Race max around 10000; when entering in Cheat use 10001

        If you have access to RPG Maker VX Ace then try this
        Database > Enemies > 001 – スライム娘 > Note >
        Database > Enemies > 001 – スライム娘 > Note >

        Google Translate:
        On the next fight with a Slime Girl she will max out your JP and Race

        As for the Script it gets processed in that is “ベース/DataObject”

    • I’d like some of his if he didn’t draw yellow cum and give sona a horse face during her h scene oh and the abominations that brutality torure and kill you those too😅

    • Anonymous

      he was in my top 5 favorite artist of MGQ part 3.

      i like his art too sometimes i’m in the mood for somthing kinky or nightmarish if that makes any sense lets just say that playing too many eroge fucked me up 😛

      now with the arrival of some of the new guys in paradox like Cool Kyou Shinja who drew the sand golem girl and the guy who drew the mirage girl are probably gonna overshadow him soon.

      but yeah so far i like what i see.

    • Anonymous

      I like his drawing style, but hate most of his designs. There are exceptions (Lamiaroid, Assassinroid).

    • Touka

      I like Kenkou Cross, frfr, Modoki and Setouchi work, I dislike Xelvy and Delphinus work, and I don’t really care for the others.

    • Anonymaster

      His drawing style is probably my favorite of all the artists, and I like that he does a fair amount of CGs. I oftentimes wish the girls were just a bit more tame though.

  29. Anonymous

    I’m actually glad about the time it’s taking to get out. MGL posted a week ago about finishing all skills and how he’s going to start on items. So there’s still stuff that’s important for playing the game that needs to be translated. I mean, why have a bard if you don’t know what any of her buffs do or equip an accessory when it could be counterproductive towards your goals?
    Also when I do play it I’m probably going to stop wherever the translation ends, but the more non story stuff there is, the more easy and enjoyable the game will be through the part I’m playing.

  30. Anonymous

    No intention of patching 1.10.01? Ilias knows when 1.11 will be released. It’s not that only one of those versions can be patched. Is the patching itself too much work and you try to patch the game as less as possible?

    Just my selfish request, I´m through the game and would try other characters, classes and races on a NG+ file, but with most of the classes and skills untranslated, I’m a little restricted.

      • CwHart

        I wanna bet 1.11 might be the last patch which is why they are taking so long, prolly trying to nail all the bugs

      • This news pleases me. I honestly would love to play the updated version, I got it just to see the new CGs since I can’t really play it untranslated. and this may sound like a stupid question but who is MGL or what does it stand for?

      • NoName

        They may be trying to add scenes for all BFers too, so they don’t just stay in the castle doing nothing. And maybe some extra scenes for other monsters, frfr definitely needs to do new ones for some of them like the Minotaur.

      • Hizumi

        It’s not related, but At least it increases fanbase. We can see it like that. Though, it’s a “new” genre…we’ll have to see how people handle it. However, though i’m glad to see this being put into an anime, i would have hoped for something more serious maybe? Or possibly make something more serious. Regardless, it should be good if it follows the Manga. =)

  31. Anonymous

    It’s a shame that Melk does not have her trait like the other slugs in the game, I mean Elizabeth can always use Rapier and Slime skills, Rosary can always use White Magic and Slime skills; Melk should be able to always use Sword and Slime skills to make them all the same. That makes me so sad :'(

    • NoName

      She’s a beginner’s monster. Not bad for the beginning, but you’ll definitely want to drop it once you get better monsters.

      • Anonymous

        Meh I guess I just will make up for that somehow since I want to keep using her because she is one of my favorites.

      • Anonymous

        You can use anyone. Everyone can unlock every class (even though some aren’t in the first part) and you can raise the stats with special items that are droped later on as much as you like.

        But here is a comparison to show how many monsters are just outclassed:

        Luka (Human, unemployed) and Melk (Landdweller, unemployed), both Level 30

        HP: 756; 700
        MP: 111; 88
        Attack: 86; 69
        Defense: 67; 77
        Magic: 83; 61
        Willpower: 64; 61
        Agility: 88; 55
        Dexterity: 70; 60

        Whelk beats Luka in defense, but this has to with they races. Humans give -5% Defense, Landdweller +10%.

        If someone has another Land-Dweller/Slug at level 30, he could compare them with Melk as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if Melk would lose as well.

      • Anonymous

        To be fair Luka is ALSO the protagonist character. The Protagonist always has better stats then every other character.

        But yes, you can use any character you want, all are viable at least to some extent.

  32. Anonymous

    You could say that her advantage is that she joins you soon, I guess…
    Many monsters have nearly useless traits and are heavily outclassed by others.

  33. Anonymous

    Any new news on 1.11 release date? Sad panda remains vury vury sad, unable to enjoy his purchased content….

    • Anonymous

      well Dieselmine is a bigger and more successful company than Torotoro so yeah the artist that they hired is more skilled than the MGQ artists.

      that said, i think MGQ is better because of the diversity in art.
      i’m a big fan of the violated hero series but MGQ easily beats them in story and gameplay.

      • I agree in what regards story yea MGQ beats VH by far in those 2 regards. VH has the generic hero going to beat the bad monster girl that causes terror. MGQ has a far more complicated plot and developed characters. But honestly I don’t think the original and VH are kinda similar in gameplay style although VH has less skills to work with it’s still kinda the same. I don’t know how much the battles in VH games are based on luck but I know in MGQ battles you’re at the mercy of the RNG.

    • Suzaku

      Hmm i don’t really like scenes from Dieselmine games. The monstergirls are always ridiculously shiny, the bodyparts look kinda strange (boobs, ass, thighs ect), there is a over the top amount of liquid in most scenes and the dialogue of the scenes is decent at best. I think they are far better than Xelvys scenes for example but i like Modoki’s or frfr’s scenes more in terms of monster design and dialogue. But maybe the fact that the first violated hero game started as a really cheap monmuso quest clone is clouding my judgement a bit 🙂

      • You know I read your comment and burst in laughs. I must ask though if the ones in violated hero games are disgusting Xelvy’s snot sperm and pissing inside vaginas rape scenes are delightful aren’t they?

      • Anonymous

        You say that as if those AREN’T delightful. But even if that isn’t your thing, that makes it all the better. Diversity is never a bad thing after all. Even if you aren’t into Xelvy’s monsters or have a thing for urination, there are still dozens and dozens of other options that you can enjoy.

    • Anonymous

      Matter of taste, but I don’t like VH art outside of few scenes. From technical standpoint it’s probably better than most art in MGQ, but it mostly looks super samey and too shiny.

      Also I can forgive poor story in eroge, but gameplay in VH is downright shitty. Not-monster girl enemies, generic enemies without CG, mindless grinding and guessing if you’re supposed to win or lose fights. Fuck that.

      • Civildeviation

        Lets not forget that Dieselmine is the Electronics Arts (EA) of Eroge. Mass produced one trick ponies with little to no innovation. As for the art, I kinda like Dieselmine, the use of background art that is consistent with the MG location adds to immersion.

        That said, I also like Xelvy’s scenes not for the snot-piss-cum combos at times (some scenes are better than others), but because his art adds to the feel of terror in the game (immersion) while also breaking up scene/theme/artwork repetition. I can’t speak for anyone else, but eroge games without diversity in style/scene/intent tend to reduce my overall arousal at best and cause me to mindlessly grind at worst. MGQ is partially so memorable in my book because of this diversity.

      • I would have to say the overall art, I find it more appealing. And the music during the scenes sounds a lot better in my opinion, I will admit that I’m not the biggest fan of pegging and the talking down to the main hero but I guess that’s what reverse rape is all about.

      • Kurobane Sayuki

        I don’t know about you but in my case, VH doesn’t have a single thing that would be better than in MGQ.

  34. Anonymous

    Excuse me, anyone knows where do you find the King/Pope Job permit? I’m already in Sentora but I don’t know if I missed something in Illias continent.

    • Ningyo no Koibito

      That, or they’re putting more priority in Part 2. It’s also possible that with the update, they want to add a bit more.

      • Anonymous

        I’d go with this, personally. Probably just has low priority considering 1.10.01 squashed the noteworthy bug already. The fact that he’s gone so long without an update or any mention of it kind of shows that it’s not really viewed as an urgent or noteworthy issue. It’ll happen when it happens and for now Part 2 is more important to focus on.

    • NoName

      They are probably adding a bit more, namely the BFers content, which they currently lack. But unless the artist is taking its time to make new CGs if they do add new ones, I’m not sure why it takes that much time to add. It’s not that hard to implement in RPG Maker.

      • Anonymous

        It’s May 20, where is the patch for Illias continent!? I’m joking of course jaja. But yeah I personally think that they decided to focus on both the 1.11 version and part 2, giving more priority to part 2 since they can’t be going so long just with part 1. Since the artists need to make lots of CGs I think they probably are working with a deadline or something to present new CGs for part 2 and also for part 1 (if they are planning on adding more), and then there’s all the bug squashing…

      • Arj

        Same here Casian, home sick for weeks with nothing to do, cant wait to be able to do some MGQP xD But still no word on 1.11, so nothing that can be done :<

  35. Anonymous

    So do the patches fix any exploitive grind glitches?

    I Just wondering since I didn’t buy the first part yet since you need a Japanese credit card or something or Japanese PayPal account.

    Also I part 1 fully translated or v 1.11 close to fully translating the first part?

    I plan to make an account at some point not sure yet

    • Civildeviation

      I hope this anon genuinely hasn’t read Dargoth’s responses about Sei Monmusu Gakuen. At this point the project is dropped iirc.

      If you already knew this, please stop reposting. I rather no one sees what I mean when I say I have a proverbial penchant for collapsing Scandinavian bridges.


    I replied to the post before this one but maybe that didn’t help visibility, sorry for posting the same question twice but I’m hoping it gets seen easier here, this being the post about finding help and all. I was wondering if translating Paradox involved decrypting the rgss3a file and then editing directly on RPG Maker VX Ace, of course I understand images have to be edited separately but much of the text is in the game itself.

    • Anonymous

      …I don’t think any of the pictures in-game will get edited – I don’t think any of them even contain text. It’s just a translation of in-game text.

  37. Anonymous

    You guys think Selene will be playable in the next parts? And if she is, will she come with her other 2 pirate girls that appeared with her in part 2? Since they had their own portrait CG.

    • Anonymous

      Talk to her in the item shop. Talk to the merchant that you saved in Iliasville. If you haven’t done that quest, you must do that first. Either way head to the desert area east of Iliasville. If you are rescuing the merchant, head north to the NPC madragora and talk to the merchant, otherwise head west and south of the madragora and examine the tree with a sparkle on it. After that, talk to Vampire girl again.

  38. Mawey

    i have the the problem that if i try to start the game application i get this:
    File corrupted !

    Please run a virus-check, then reinstall the application.
    I dont know what to do, can someone help me please?

    And yes it is Monstergirl Quest Paradox

    • Anonymous

      Maybe renaming the folder before installing works? It is in japanese and your computer may not be able to read it.

  39. Mawey

    the folder names are not really the problem, this is the name, of the game folder:


    the problem is, that it said the rgss301.dll is coruppted and switching this file with the same file

    from a other rpg leads to the same problem

    • Civildeviation

      I’ve had this problem a few times over the years, I had my own system for dealing with it, though others may be better able to help. If ya got it by torrent, I might consider redownloading from the dlsite…torrents, rapidshare, and the like often have faulty programs-karma has kicked my ass there.

      Also not sure what version you are running but mine is game.rgss3a not a rg301.dll in the main folder and a RGss300.dll and RGss301.dll in the system folder, I’d make sure the names are identical with no japanese characters in there. Lastly I’d make sure you have the necessary rpg players.exes to play the game. Hope ya get it figured out.

    • Anonymous

      The folder name is usually the cause of this error. Rename the folder to something without Japanese characters.

      • Anonymous

        If the folder containing the Game.exe is still named もんむす・くえすと!RPG前章, then rename it. Leave the other file and folder names alone. Just change that one.

      • Anonymous

        That sentence was confusing. ‘No’ implies that it doesn’t contain Japanaese characters, but the rest seems to imply that it does.

        Is you system set to Japanese locale? That is, the setting in:
        Control Panel :: Region and Language :: Administrative :: Change System Locale…

      • Mawey

        no it is still in german, and the main problem is the system file rgss301.dll and that it is corrupted by i dont know what

      • Anonymous

        Does that include any German characters? Try temporarily renaming it “MGQ Paradox” and see if it works. The file isn’t actually corrupt, it’s just a generic error when the game cannot read the file.

      • Mawey

        if i rename the file, i get an error file not found, and if i name it the other name again, it says, it is corrupted

      • Anonymous

        Not the file. The folder that the game is in. I’m guessing the ä in mädchen/mädel is causing the issue, if you are using that.

      • Anonymous

        Ah, you were referring to your system locale being in German, not the folder name being in German. I misunderstood that part. You probably need to set your system locale as Japanese.

      • Mawey

        if i change the locale system into japanese, doesnt anything change into japanese signs and by the way i dont know, how to do that

      • Anonymous

        It’s mainly for non-unicode programs. There is another setting for system language elsewhere. The most I have noticed is that the cmd window will display the yen symbol instead of backslashes and nvidia (display driver) settings displays japanese text.
        To change it, go to:
        Control Panel :: Region and Language :: Administrative :: Change System Locale…
        It requires a computer restart to take effect.

  40. Mawey

    yes i have rgss301 and 300 in the system folder too, and i downloaded all three parts a few times, my version is 1.10 and the most folder names are english, only the document names are japanese

  41. Pantie sniffer

    Checking in on the status of This MGQ Paradox: Was wondering if there was any new notable progress with patch 1.11 and the translation thereof. I purchased this game I think over 2 weeks if not 3 weeks ago from the DL website. Due to me having no professional OS, I can’t download Japanese packs for language and type font / translation. I have a Windows 7 32 bit operating system. I tried the suggestion of downgrading my current version of 1.10 to the workable 1.02a… or what ever it was. When I had gone to the site mentioned to fix my issue, it was riddled with spyware and virus. When I tried turning on my computer on the next day, I had to go to an earlier restore point on my hard drive, just in order to get rid of what that site had given my computer in the attempt thereof. Is there by chance anyone willing to upload the workable fix to a mega upload or another common work(ing~/~able) site? I’ve really wanted to play this game, and fill kind of sick and somewhat sad I have been unable to enjoy it so far. . . . . . Super sad panda. Thanks to those in advance for any help rendered to my currently unforeseeable resolution.

  42. Mawey

    i want an english translated game too, do you think they get the v 1.11 working in the next three months? or can you tell me, and sorry that i ask, someone, who is translating v1.10?

  43. Anonymous

    How far is the translation anyway for 1.11? is it already partially prepared or does Dargoth have to start from scratch or maybe replace almost everything?

  44. Mawey

    i dont know,this is his oldest post here, but i want to hear that from him too, how long to the release of 1.11?

    • from that link, and google translating it to english, looks like it’s a typo, because it’s talking about v1.10.01… and the only mention of v1.11 is right at the top, making me think that the whole thing is talking about v1.10.01… and there is no v1.11 forthcoming. especially with it being almost a month ago, and the patches were shot out like a machine gun.

      • Civildeviation

        Might just wait till Torotoro’s usual release date on or the 1st of the month. So I’ll wait till then before getting fussy if there is no mention 1.11 Also I just hope Dargoth and his team have used the lull to move forward with translating.

      • Touka

        Google translate is a mess but there are no ‘typos’.

        The title is “Announcement of the patch file v1.10.01 public” and most of the post talks about 1.10.01 and what it fixes.

        “But we will release the v1.11 it is bug fixes in the near future”
        Patch 1.10 broke a lot of stuff, one of the biggest was with Sara which 1.10.01 fixes. The rest of the bug fixes are in 1.11 which as he said is going to be in the near future. My bet is that it’ll be around the 1st.

  45. Anonymous

    Toro toro released the patch on their site, but not dlsite for some reason. This is their last blog post and site update google translated.


    But we will release the v1.11 it is bug fixes in the near future,
    For “bug that fell error before battle with Sarah” is one serious,
    It will be distributed the patch file v1.10.01 the official site.
    By applying this, error-off bug of Sarah conversation can be avoided.
    only because it does not apply to v1.10, please check the body version always.


    ※ Please copy and overwrite in “Patch” in the folder “Patch.rb” in the game body.
    Error of omission when Sarah and conversation will be eliminated.
    It can not only be applied to v1.10. If the body is earlier than that, the re-DL in the purchase site.

  46. DungeonMasterBobbySmith

    A lightning storm fried my computer’s network card. Luckily, the rest of my computer still works. However I am now forced to download all content via wifi from my PS3 to an usb card, then transfer it via usb card to PC. I decided against buying a new network card for my obsolete PC, and to save up to buy a new computer.

    Anyway, my shitty PS3 browser will only download from a select few data storage sites; depositfiles, faststore, or datafiles.

    Will somebody please re-upload this collection of patches to one of the sites I’m able to download from?

    Bug fix for 1.10.

    Downgrade patch for ver 1.10. (allows 1.02 english patch to be applied to 1.10

    English Patch (dargothtranslations)

    • Anonymous

      Blah blah he said he was going to do it if MGL finishes the skills 100% and the new patch still hasn’t come out. Though, some people are mildly opposed as he’ll still have to do a new one when the new patch comes out which could be any day now, so it’d be wasted effort when he could just be doing more translations or whatever. Not entirely sure how long it actually takes him to actually make a patch.

  47. So that means that the 1.02a patch just contains some translation for the menu and a little bit of the story right?

    I tested it until young Ilias crashes in front of you and that is already only in japanese. Can somebody play more than that?

    • Anonymous

      That that Ilias scene was not translated was a mistake by the team, after that it goes on till the end of the demo

  48. Anonymous

    Well, I finally collected all jobs; now I have an idea of what is best for everyone and feel refreshed, on the downside now starts my wait for 1.11 and translation patch. My hype has calmed down watching videos but I came across the preview of Monster Musume anime and now my hype has raised again… … …Damn.

  49. Anonymous

    Hey guys, quick question. Does anyone one know which skills Nanabi has that use either of her cut-ins in 1.10? I tried quite a few and non of them made her cut-ins appear.

    You would think it has to do with her taoism or ninjutsu skills but they don’t work for me.

    • Anonymous

      I put her in my party to check real quick and every single onmyodo and ninjutsu skill she has that deals damage shows a cut-in for me. I dunno man.

    • Anonymous

      Found out the reason, I don’t remember changing it, but the setting was on cut-ins are off, so weird must have been a mistake since I did not know which settings were which at the time.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry it will come eventually. Either that or it takes forever and dargoth just releases the patch. But I’m sure that toro will release 1.11 before then.

  50. Pantie sniffer

    So, newb here I guess. I tried taking 1.10 and making it be 1.02a… but apparently I don’t know how to do that. Couldn’t get the english translation patch to work either… Can someone point me to a step by step guide, that will tell me how to do all of that correctly?

    • Anonymous

      Use the Manual Patch Method, It is more reliable then the Automated one
      From Post: MGQ Paradox English Patch 1.02a

      Alternative method if the patcher is giving you problems (e.g., out of memory, wrong version when you know you have 1.02):
      1. Download an RPGMaker decrypter
      2. Decrypt all files in Game.rgss3a
      3. Move decrypted files into game directory, overwrite when asked
      4. Rename/delete/move Game.rgss3a so it doesn’t conflict with the decrypted files
      5. Move and overwrite these patched data files

      On step 2: Run RPGMaker decrypter, Open File Game.rgss3a, Tools, Extract All Files; This should make an Extracted Folder containing two folders, Data and Graphics;
      On step 5 Move Downgrade content first and overwrite then move Dargoth Manual Patch data and overwrite.

      Note 1: If Game Folder is in Japanese or Gibberish (A Sad Attempt To Display Japanese) rename it to something like “MGQ Paradox”

      Note 2: Game.rgss3a must be either changed or removed as it is read before the content that you are overwriting

      Note 3: MGQ_Paradox_1.10_downgrade_1.02.rar just extract that to the root directory, it will overwrite data in the Data and Patch folders

      Note 3-2: If you want to try the experimental version use “MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.3.rar” instead of MGQ_Paradox_1.10_downgrade_1.02.rar. DatabaseTextEnglish.rvtext, DialoguesEnglish.rvtext, ScriptTextEnglish.rvtext are text files that contain the translation if you are interested in how much text is in the game, though a few things are still missing. Putting Dargoth’s 1.02a Patch on the experimental is not needed and would probably break it if tried as the EX was designed for 1.10

      Note 4: Dargoth’s “Paradox English 1.02a Patched Data” Goes in the Data Folder

      Should Look Something like
      MGQ Paradox
      Misc *.txt Files

      • Hello, I have used this method and I seem to just get a regular 1.2a patch, with none of the extra cg or recruitment from 1.10. Every time I was prompted to overwrite, I did it.

        At the end I transferred all my saves from my 1.2 folder to the one I used and played from there

        I started with a clean 1.1 install

      • Ok, so it seems the downgrade really does downgrade everything to 1.02, leaving me unable to get the new companions or cg’s before and after the manual english patch. was this intended or is there a way to fix this? Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        Intentional. The downgrade is only there so people who download it legally from DLsite (which only hosts the up-to-date 1.10 version) can get the 1.02 version without pirating the entire game.

      • Anonymous

        Current Dargoth Patch is only for 1.02, downgrading makes it possible to use it with newer versions until a new official patch is released. If you want to try a patch for 1.10 try the EX one. It actually is a translation for 1.10 however at a point the quality of whats translated will degrade. If you knew some japanese you could look through the rvtext with a text editor (notepad or equivilant) and make adjustments

  51. Civildeviation

    Dargoth, is it viable to have any of your team post translation discussions here? I know that if I am discussing a project, I am usually actively working on it; the opposite is also usually true. Just a thought.

  52. Anonymous

    trtr always seems to update on the last Saturday of the month if he didn’t have any other updates earlier that month just to make sure he gets an update in. Personally I would wait another 40 hours and see if he keeps up that tradition.

  53. Shameless Plug Inbound:

    I made a Game. It’s text-based, pornographic, heavy on Game-Over Rape and Energy-Draining, Mind-Enslaving, Cum-Loving Succubi. If that sounds like your deal (and I’m willing to bet that it is) then you should play it. It’s also 100% free. Don’t give me any money, no matter how much you love it.

    Game Title: “In the House of Temptation”

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    Link to Quest Engine:

    PS. “TheWielder” is just my other username.

      • Anonymous

        Oh there the comment is. Guess it just needed to be approved or something.

        Also messed up but the 2nd link isn’t a free resource site that’s kou-g’s muzie account as mentioned below btw. You can listen to a lot of the stuff used from his RPG music albums there for free.

    • Arj

      From the makers of MGQ, I would assume? Tough some are variations of old classical music, like Amira’s theme.

    • Anonymous

      I answered this with links supplied but I don’t know if it got caught in some kind of spam filter because of all the links I posted or what because it didn’t appear.

      In non-link form then.

      The one with the most music used from are tracks from Kou-G’s bought from his generic RPG-use Music album. You can listen to his stuff for free on his muzie account, account number a030542. It’s funny because if you pick a song at random there’s good odds it was used in MGQ. There’s even a song called 黒いアリスの世界. I don’t know if that’s a coincidence or not. Too bad it’s not actually Black Alice’s theme (that would be 戦いのプリンセス)

      He also pulled some from the following free music resource sites.

      Rengoku-Teien(4 HKs music, Alice’s sad theme, epilogue, and some other notable ones)
      フリーBGM Music with myuu
      O-Life Music

      • Anonymous

        Actually in the original series it was just him taking music from Kou-G’s albums but looking at Kou-G’s comments on his muzie account, it seems like a number of his songs used for Paradox were songs he explicitly composed for the game. So I guess it’s technically different from just taking free resource songs in those cases.

      • Thanks anon for the answers I was trying to up some extended versions on youtube and I came across some 3rd party copyright claims, just wanted to know which to stay away from.
        Also I need to stop coming here this often…

      • Anonymous

        That’s why you read before you post =P

        Basically, they’re still playtesting to see whether they actually fixed everything. Also, 1.11 is going to include new dialogue between Ilias and townspeople, and some skills and traits will be buffed.

      • CwHart

        Atleast it’s something, my theory was right and they were play testing the shit out of it to catch all the bugs. Also interesting to hear they are brainstorming MGQ2, but I am more interested ATM on when Paradox Part 2 will come out. and even more so when the next patch will be out.

      • Anonymous

        It says Paradox Part 2 will definitely not be out within a year from now so you’ll be waiting one more year at the absolute least. My guess would be a year and a half so near the end of 2016.

        Plenty of time for the translation to finish before part 2 comes out 🙂

      • So monmusu quest 2(not actual title) is going to be based in a totally different world with a different hero.

        Also no definite date on 1.1, just “wait a bit more’.

      • Anonymous

        Aren’t they a little ahead of themselves? they just released the first part of paradox and they are already working/planning for MGQ2.

        i mean they are struggling so much with paradox bugfixing and stuff, i just hope that the story quality that MGQ 1 delivered won’t degenerate like the works of dieselmine did (monsters and artwork in their case for MGQ it’s the story which is their strong point)

      • Anonymous

        Story-wise, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. If MGQ2 is in the same universe as MGQ1 & Paradox, then Paradox may be a bringing together of stories into one. If that’s the case, then I would prefer if they had worked on MGQ2 first.

  54. CwHart

    I never understood why people keep saying VH had better monsters, sure the artstyle is consistent and by two good artist, but MGQ has enough good art and monster designs to be equal VH games, even if others are abit out there, and the rape scenes themselves always seemed more fappable for me. Sorry when almost every scene has something shoved up the main heros ass, and having the MG always covered in semen it gets old, fast. Anyhoo it’s abit distressing to hear it will take them atleast a year for Paradox pt 2, but as said plenty of time for the first part to get translated. Was hoping to see pt 2 at the end of the year even if I knew it was too optimistic

    • Anonymous

      In the /vg/ thread, Dargoth (or someone pretending to be him) mentioned on the 18th that he would start preparing a 1.10 patch if 1.11 wasn’t released that day.

  55. Anonymous

    Let’s see. They are clearing up all the bugs that have been discovered, as well as increasing the strength of skills and character traits that are too weak when compared to others.

    Sadly it does seem that part 2 will at the very least not be released for a year. I don’t know if this is what it actually says but I love how google translate spit out: “Because it is epic, please understand.”

    Additionally they are working on some other titles at the same time:

    “Monster girl 100 run” seems to be a simple picture based game that will be broken into several parts.

    Monster girl quest 2, completely new characters and world. It will play similar to the first trilogy.

    Monster girl ????, It seems this will be a one shot game based in the setting of another famous game.

  56. CwHart

    Ok for the whole part 2 not being out within a year it is talking about something called Naka Akira according to google translate. I just wanna verify if this is defo Paradox Part 2 or not for anyone who can make it out.

  57. Takata

    All this stuff about versions has been making my head spin a bit. @.@
    It reminds me of Minecraft… need to have matching versions of Minecraft, Forge, and whatever mods you’re trying to use.

    • Anonymous

      Not yet. She will likely be recruitable when we have the means to cure her condition in a later part.

  58. So what are you all doing ingame till the next patch comes out?
    I started mastering jobs for everyone and all my team members have all jobs mastered up to Soldier and Flirt, Apprentice Hero and Noble. Luka and alice have all available jobs mastered, everyone is lvl 30. got 9 mil in gold.

    • Anonymous

      I started learning Japanese. Now I’m looking forwards to find out whether Dargoth will finishe his translation while I still need it.

    • Anonymous

      jesus christ even I don’t do that lol
      I don’t see the point in mastering everything when all you really need are

      Hero – for the SP regen and auto-revive

      Power Fighter – for the ability that lets you survive with 1 hp as long as you have 30% of HP

      the base Summoner class – for the ability that lets you use summons even if you’re not a summoner class

      Summoner – for the 3 summons that lets you heal full HP to party and the one that revives all party members and the one that casts reflect on all party members

      and then whatever class that fits that character the best

      so far Hero and Battle Master are the best classes in general I feel like
      we’ll see if there are any better ones once part 2 comes out which is who knows when

      planning to play the rest of the game on paradox mode

      • I’d have to say for auto-revive Pope is the best job to master Holy Martyr revives you at full health and heals all the party. I found myself using Holy Skills a lot so my Luka is Medium. Purifying Light or Grand Cross with that 7sp song Vocaloids get and you got 12k hit. Although I have to say I did buff Luka’s Will to over 600.

    • Desert Eagle

      I might start leveling up different characters. My favourites -list has been changing quite a bit, and I need to make a final decision on who I want on my main team for part 2.

      But for now, I’m just playing Skyrim (mods are awesome). That, and I might consider continuing learning japanese. It would be nice to be able to read basic sentences.

  59. Anonymaster

    Dear Santagoth,
    How far along in the translation are you?
    Also keep up the great work, and don’t worry about translating 1.10. It’s a waste of time!

    • Jam

      Are you using translation programs such as the “Interactive Text Hooker” + “Translation Aggregator” combo?
      If not, get those two programs (several tutorials available on the web) and you’ll have a rough translation of the Japanese text.

      But to answer your question, you have to talk to them at the pocket castle and it’s one of the options you’ll see for them. I think it’s the second or third one–you’ll know because there will be numerical values beside the text denote how much affection the sexual act will require.

  60. Jam

    Where do you find the vampire bandit? I have the merchant license , but I can’t seem to locate her… Could someone please help me out?

    • Anonymous

      It helps if you only check once a week or so. But I am with you, only one minor patch in 3 months can make a guy anxious.

      • Civildeviation

        We were on a like a near weekly update schedule initially and now we are on a declining random interval reinforcement schedule now… That’s among the worst for reducing or extinguishing behaviors so no wonder that we are in withdrawal. Psych 101 aside, fixed ratio please.

      • Sorry about that, guys. There’s really nothing to update besides we’re working and hoping patch 1.11 comes out so we can release a new translation patch.

    • Anonymous

      A crap ton… Either something that should exist doesn’t or something that should not exist does hence No Method for whatever happen, now if you give more details that would be helpful.

      • Mawey

        i get no method errors in fights if the monster use a attack(some of the monstert attacks causing it), in inns talking to the innkeeper and the top of all is after the fight nero vs angel armor in the cave at the beginning after the rescue

      • Mawey

        Monster Girl Quest Paradox! RPG
        Error NoMethodError For but it occurs, it could not continue processing.
        If there is no information of a similar bug in the official site, [Patch Support],Please report.
        We are sorry for the trouble …..

        Detailed information:
        undefined method `upcase’ for nil:NilClass
        ** backtrace:
        ( ベース/Window ):596:in `process_escape_character'( Window_Base ):265:in `process_character'( KilloZapit – Word Wrapping ):87:in `process_character'( Window_Message ):212:in `process_all_text'( Window_Message ):178:in `block in fiber_main'( Window_Message ):177:in `loop'( Window_Message ):177:in `fiber_main'( Window_Message ):80:in `block in update_fiber’
        this is the error after the fight in the main quest

      • Anonymous

        Interesting… I’m glad I translated that error message process even if it is poorly done, though if you would mention its part of the MGQ Paradox Translation EX would save on confusion.

        I’ll look into whats causing this further but a quick fix
        MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.4c.rar 12.2 MB

        For what the fix does is it checks if whats it is trying to upcase is Nil and if such replaces it with another value as you can’t change the case of Nil…

        Thanks for the error report

      • Mawey

        Monster Girl Quest Paradox! RPG
        Error NoMethodError For but it occurs, it could not continue processing.
        If there is no information of a similar bug in the official site, [Patch Support],Please report.
        We are sorry for the trouble …..

        Detailed information:
        undefined method `upcase’ for nil:NilClass
        ** backtrace:
        ( ベース/Window ):596:in `process_escape_character'( Window_Base ):265:in `process_character'( KilloZapit – Word Wrapping ):87:in `process_character'( Window_Message ):212:in `process_all_text'( Window_Message ):178:in `block in fiber_main'( Window_Message ):177:in `loop'( Window_Message ):177:in `fiber_main'( Window_Message ):80:in `block in update_fiber’
        it is still the same error.and sorry that i forgot to say that it is theEX

      • Anonymous

        Did you update that to 0.4c? Overwriting every file? Its a script error and KilloZapit – Word Wrapping only uses upcase once. If so what enemy are you encountering? Went threw and let a few starting enemies do a good number on me just to test for this and it seemed to work

      • Mawey

        the error is after the fight between Nero and the Berserk Armor in the Forest of Spirits,
        the awakening in Nellis Cave, the first Sentence let it occur

      • What sorcery is this patch! It translates mostly everything into Engrish. I’m really grateful for it I haven’t played a lot with it yet just checking it out and I’ll report if there are any errors.
        Thank you for making this until 1.11 is out and Dargoth releases one for it.

      • blair

        ok, I’m running 0.4c, and it fixes almost everything. There is one place where the error still occurs, which is triggered if you stay at the inn in Rosutorumu Village (Different World) – I don’t know if I need to stay there to continue the storyline, but I think I may have to.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah it does have a bit of lag and the code could use some optimization. Currently it loads all external files first (Roughly 17mb of text from those 3 rvtext files), integrates them threw some evil (Like Ruby will let you redefine constants), then calls for them when needed. Lag is most noticeable at the beginning, also word wrap was used to save on raw editing till a real translator could look at the data so every text tends to go threw a filter before being displayed and Paradox has a few filters the developers put on top of that do things to the text as well (some font adjustment functions to fit more text on screen for example). In good time will clean some of that up and improve speed however the raw concept was externalizing and centralizing the data making it easier to work with as given how much data is actually in this game (Really most recent triple A titles don’t even hold a candle to whats in this game) if I had to manually edit with either RPG Maker VX Ace editor or a hex editor more things would probably get missed and mistakes made plus with this you could use notepad (or equivalent) and if anyone wants a rough idea of what the real translators have before them open up those 3 rvtext files just remember this is part 1 of 3. Thanks for taking the time to have a look

  61. Can anyone confirm that Ranael and Nagael drop anything? I’ll find out eventually I just find it tedious to kill them with actual strategy and I wanna know if they drop anything or I’m just wasting time.

      • Guess their drops aren’t programmed yet but I’m sure they’ll be there in part 2. I also noticed they only have 1 attack as opposed to the original where they had tons of attacks. Oh well might as well go on with the story and see when this patch crashes.Thank you for the info I would have insisted on killing them for some time due to my completionist instincts. Those question marks drive me insane sometimes.

  62. Anonymous

    Can someone help me with this bug please? Whenever enemies use certain pleasure attacks the game crashes, now that I’m in the cave of treasures I can’t beat Nanabi due to her crashing my game before any of my team can even use a move. I have tried on a fresh 1.10 and on a fresh 1.02 install but I still get the bug, does anyone know a fix? Thanks for your time.

    • Anonymous

      Screenshots, messages, or any other technical information about it?
      Also fresh 1.10? Did you update to 1.10.01

      Maps 70 – Cave of Treasures B1F
      Variable 1019 – Ilias Port Events – Value 3
      Troops 125 – Enemy 50 – Nanabi
      Occupation Exp 20
      Getaway level 30
      Race: Inu
      Temptation when using Skills: 3755
      Fellow ID: 1106
      Predation invalid
      Battle recollection disabled

      Skills – 3500 – Attack
      Skills – 3739 – Tail Massage
      Skills – 3753 – Two Moons
      Skills – 3754 – Seven Moons
      Skills – 3755 – Fox Blowjob
      Skills – 3756 – Fox Tit Fuck
      Skills – 3757 – Bound Tail Massage
      Skills – 3758 – Tail Binding

      Switch – 2123 – Nanao second time later
      Skills – 3760 – Fox ninja and rotation wildfire
      Skills – 3761 – Yin Yang: Kitsunearashi

      Skills – 3759 – Restraint Tail Caress

      Went through the Battle In Cave And Hell didn’t trigger anything odd, though I noticed other things that need corrected in the EX
      Also while reviewing data did a minor cleanup of Nanabi (Just Renamed Skills Listed Above, Her Name In Some Places)
      MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.4e.rar 12.2 MB

      • Anonymous

        It’s not a bug specific to Nanabi it happens to most enemies however this is a screenshot of the error I get http://imgur.com/i3VGEiS I don’t think it is a bug specific to the translation as I have tried with and without it, also I am running 1.10.01. Thanks.

      • Anonymous

        That bug is specific to the EX translation. KilloZapit – Word Wrapping isn’t a native script.
        The cleanup of 0.4e should have corrected the upcase issue, that was caused by Database entry for message1; Now if you have an error message from 1.02a that might also be helpful

        From: DatabaseTextEnglish.rvtext
        Skills – 3739
        Tail Massage
        Tail of U is, be of gently patted crotch of E!

        From: ScriptTextEnglish.rvtext
        SkillWords(Enemy) – 50 – Skill – 3739
        Let’s give it let Yorokoba in my tail..

        Ho~o-ra, a good comfortable with bushy..?

        In my tail, please immersed in the pleasure..

      • Anonymous

        Ah. I was using EX 0.4 instead of EX 0.4e, I thought there was only one version sorry, thank you very much for your help and sorry for taking your time.

      • Anonymous

        Not a problem, your error report helped as it made me have a look at Nanabi’s data. Given the amount of data in paradox I fed large amounts of it to Google Translate to give a rough idea of what the system can currently do, limitations it might have, and what needs improved. Google Translate though mangled some of the data and thus I learned Google Translate sucks at mass data translation.

    • That was fast o.o
      Thanks for the fix I won’t have time to test it further I got an exam in the morning and I have to go to sleep(1:36am right now)
      As for the screen thing editing the ini didn’t do it even if I changed the resolution to my screen’s resolution. There’s still black spaces on either side of the screen whenever I go in full screen mode. I’m assuming it’s an RPG Maker limitation? Oh well it doesn’t matter, thanks again for the fix and the speedy reply.

      • Anonymous

        The ini change should work after EX 0.4f; Let me know if you find any other problems and my apologies for the inconvenience

        A script was added that makes the changes; Doesn’t affect native full screen toggle command though and only takes effect when the game starts, if anyone knows a better script that is stable I could see about integrating that instead

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure he does and understands the frustration of his audience, Japanese and ToroToro are tricky things. The next English patch will come out eventually, best to not to obsess over it and let it happen as it may, It will be done eventually.

    • Zaphod-sama

      Maybe if we all raise our hands in the air and gather our spirit power we might awaken Rogue-sama from his slumber and complete the translation?

      i mean it worked out well for Goku, although it has been 15 years since i last tried so i might not be as powerful as i was in my prime.

      • Maybe do the Carebears chant? No seriously guys if he retired he retired and I think it’s kinda disrespectful to Dargoth to wish for Rogue to return, I mean I understand we all want this translation to be completed but Dargoth took over and he’s the boss now.

  63. This has been bugging me for quite a while so I’ll ask here since this is the most active MGQ community I’m familiar with. Is there any way to change the resolution of the game when in full screen? Like stretch it a bit for laptops with wider screens.

    • Anonymous

      Some things can be done with additional scripts but mostly I haven’t seen large use of such. Natively it can go up to 640 x 480 resolution though attempts have been made to get above this I haven’t heard of one that is really stable; However seen a resize script that will stretch it to screen…


      And an update modified a few things so this can be used by praising Game.ini just to see how that looks

      MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.4f.rar 12.2 MB

      • Respect

        How sound are these translations? Are they done in google translate? What is the general quality or accuracy of the lines?

      • Anonymous

        Accuracy is questionable
        1 – Anything imported from Dargoth’s 1.02a translation Great
        2 – Anything imported from Fanservicefan skill edits Great/Good
        3 – Anything imported from Google Translate… Eh Acceptable/Poor

        Google gets basic conversation but its not going to win any awards and as for the more perverted stuff that people would really love well yeah if does that piss poorly.

        But till the data can be reviewed by real people it can be considered better then nothing though if you feel that you want to wait for the best then wait for the best. However if someone is learning Japanese and wants to review some of the lines you can have a look using notepad (or equivalent), edits are pretty easy just don’t mess up the key entries

    • Understood barely I anything. Are these translations machine good not very, certainly an idea get happening but you what will is. I barely understood anything. These machine translations are not very good but you will certainly get an idea of what is happening.

    • Anonymous

      If you have Nvidia go to Control panel > Adjust desktop size and position and change Aspect ratio to Full screen.
      IMO it looks better when it’s proportional.

      • Well changing settings in the ini file making the game stretch in windowed mode to fit my resolution is good enough for me, it covers up all the screen. Also if you’re the one with the patches the names of the new recruitable characters(the ones added in 1.10) does not show up in the little window when they level up or gain a new skill. Just something minor doesn’t affect the gameplay but I thought I’d let you know

      • Let’s see which files did you edit in this update because I really want to keep my database file as it is now. I went through 323 pages of it and made changes where I thought necessary and I will continue to edit the whole file.
        Something else that bugs me is some skills have next to their % and attribute or in between attribute and % *i[146] Are these symbols necessary? Do they change anything regarding the skill do they point to some value or is it due to google translate?

      • Anonymous

        No rvtext files where changed in that update so its safe to overwrite everything but them. i[146] is an icon reference; Some Other Special commands vx ace takes by default:
        Google Might have messed the placement of a few of them up, I would cross check with the Japanese rvtext file just to be safe, the keys are exactly the same. Casian Sarpe Socaci would you mind sending me a link to your edited file when you are done?

      • Yes I will I’m about 1/3 done with it but since I’m no japanese expert nor a google translate decypherer I wasn’t able to edit EVERYTHING to understandable levels. I will probably be able to up it the day after tomorrow and I’ll post a link to it. As for that code I tried looking at the skills in jap and none of them have the code for their specific icons. I tried searching for them(ctrl+F) within the jap file and there are no such entries. They wouldn’t bother me so much if they actually did what they’re supposed to do. The game doesn’t show the icon it should, instead it shows the code for it in the description. So either the icons aren’t there so the code is pointing at nothing or the code itself is written incorrectly.The codes only appear for element based skills.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll look further into why they aren’t displaying correctly

        Looks like Dargoth used them probably to save space
        Skills – 924 Description

        威力:C(力) 対象:敵単体 属性:雷+

        Google Translate
        Power: C (Power) Target: The enemy single attribute: thunder +
        Slashing that was tinged with magical power of thunder

        Dargoth 1.02a
        Power:380%*i[146](Att) Target:Foe Effect:+
        A sword slash imbued with lightning magic.

        Power:380%*i[146](Att) Target:Foe Effect:+
        A sword slash imbued with lightning magic.

      • Anonymous

        Well I learned a few things…
        1 – My apologies when I said KilloZapit – Word Wrapping wasn’t in Dargoth’s Patch, apparently it is along with modern algebra – Global Text Codes [VXA]. For those wondering where it is it can be found under script ■データ設定
        2 – Script modern algebra – Global Text Codes [VXA] was added in EX to do what it does, should fix the display error on Dargoth entries pulled from 1.02a Patch
        Note: For those reviewing rvtext files, you can now use these codes in entries; Paradox has over 4384 icons to choose from and the development team might increase this number
        3 – I’ll state if rvtext files are updated per release from now on; As for this release they are not, only back end items where. Game.ini will only be updated on special occasions and unless mentioned it probably wasn’t updated.

        MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.4i.rar 11.5 MB

    • Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to finish the whole file yet since I was at work all day and barely slept the night before. I still have some work on skills as most of them make no sense and I have to correct some screw-ups I did while “finding and replacing” names and such. Great job on making the elemental icons appear and the other visual changes but there’s still one more minor thing. Chrome’s reverse rape scene goes by really fast with no text whatsoever it just shows Luka tied up Chrome on top then he cums and bam it’s over no one says anything.

      • Anonymous

        It is a lot of data, as for Chome’s reverse rape is a database error when I went from Google Translate and back, one day I will get the bugs squashed; Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
        To Manually Fix:
        1. Open DialoguesEnglish.rvtext in notepad(or equivalent)
        2. Replace “Common Events/4467:chromium 2/”
        With “Common Events/4467:クロム2/”
        Note: Without Quotes
        3. Save File

        Those Who Haven’t Edited DialoguesEnglish.rvtext Just Use This Update
        MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.4j.rar 11.5 MB

        Note: Only DialoguesEnglish.rvtext was changed in this update

      • blair

        Oh, by the way – just in case you didn’t know….

        Thanks so very much for doing all of this! Seriously, what you have done has been a huge thing for a lot of us!!!

        It really has been amazing!

      • Anonymous

        This Update Adds Troops Battle Event Pages Support
        Note: At the moment this only affects Nanabi’s Battle though it might affect more data in the future dependent on developers

        Manual Update For rvtext files (Only if you don’t want to overwrite them)

        Append To End Of DialoguesEnglish.rvtext

        English Troops Battle Event Pages

        Append To End Of DialoguesJapanese.rvtext

        Japanese Troops Battle Event Pages

        Update MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.4k
        Note: DialoguesEnglish.rvtext & DialoguesJapanese.rvtext updated in this release
        Backend items affected

        MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.4k.rar 11.5 MB




        PS: Thanks blair, but it really isn’t that much this just starts to show what Dargoth and team have to sort through so we get a good translation (Along with anyone brave enough to tackle this data)

      • Anon

        I keep getting this error when I enter in certain areas when using your patch 1: Sabasa after clearing the pyramid and Port Natalia’s weapon shop, I haven’t tried any more yet.

        Exception : Errno::ENOENT
        No such file or directory – Graphics/Characters/Mobs02_cip
        [“( Cache ):106:in `initialize'”, “( Cache ):106:in `new'”, “( Cache ):106:in `normal_bitmap'”, “( Cache ):91:in `load_bitmap'”, “( Language File System ):2828:in `load_bitmap'”, “( Cache ):39:in `character'”, “( Sprite_Character ):87:in `set_character_bitmap'”, “( Sprite_Character ):60:in `update_bitmap'”, “( Sprite_Character ):36:in `update'”, “( アイコンポップ Ver1.2 ):139:in `update'”, “( キャラクター表示拡張 Ver1.01 ):165:in `update'”, “( Sprite_Character ):21:in `initialize'”, “( アイコンポップ Ver1.2 ):123:in `initialize'”, “( キャラクター表示拡張 Ver1.01 ):158:in `initialize'”, “( Spriteset_Map ):64:in `new'”, “( Spriteset_Map ):64:in `block in create_characters'”, “( Spriteset_Map ):63:in `each'”, “( Spriteset_Map ):63:in `create_characters'”, “( 改造/フィールド特殊化 ):362:in `create_characters'”, “( Spriteset_Map ):172:in `refresh_characters'”, “( Spriteset_Map ):194:in `update_tileset'”, “( Spriteset_Map ):178:in `update'”, “( 視界制限 Ver1.2 ):192:in `update'”, “( Scene_Map ):89:in `update_for_fade'”, “( Scene_Map ):97:in `block in fade_loop'”, “( Scene_Map ):95:in `times'”, “( Scene_Map ):95:in `fade_loop'”, “( Scene_Map ):104:in `fadein'”, “( Scene_Map ):226:in `post_transfer'”, “( 改造/フィールド特殊化 ):420:in `post_transfer'”, “( Scene_Map ):205:in `perform_transfer'”, “( Scene_Map ):166:in `update_transfer_player'”, “( Scene_Map ):78:in `update_scene'”, “( 改造/フィールド特殊化 ):387:in `update_scene'”, “( Language File System – Text Viewer ):104:in `update_scene'”, “( Scene_Map ):65:in `update'”, “( Scene_Base ):14:in `main'”, “( ベース/Module ):129:in `run'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):118:in `run'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `block in ‘”, “:1:in `block in rgss_main'”, “:1:in `loop'”, “:1:in `rgss_main'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `'”, “ruby:in `eval'”]

      • Anonymous

        Do you have?

        Might have happen if you didn’t upgrade from 1.02 to 1.10 before using EX

        MGQ_Paradox_1.02_upgrade_1.10.rar 78.5 MB

        EX was designed for 1.10 and doesn’t include the graphics updates by default to save on size.

        Try downloading the upgrade and only copy the graphics folder over if you don’t have that file as there is a chance a few other files in that folder you won’t have either

      • Anon

        it says 1.10.01 on the title screen and apparently it also happens when I load when I load torotoro’s 100% save

      • Anon

        Though after using your link its working now, which is odd since iirc I should have been using a fresh copy from DLsite oh well

      • Anonymous

        Yeah that number is affected by programming and sadly using EX effects programming (A lot) so that is less reliable. The 1.10.01 patch is included to take care of bugs however EX is not an upgrade for graphics data (It saves on passing assets that don’t change).

        that comes with 1.10 is an easy reference, if any graphics files don’t exist just check to see if they do, etc..

        Mobs02_cip.png is an update to the BF girls and any time you see them will probably call this file. Just see if that file exist

      • Anon

        got another bug, whenever I request scenes from Eva in the castle the menu doesn’t show up and she just does her first(?) scene with her ass in Luka’s face and giving him a handjob

      • Anonymous

        Looks like unlimited_choices for her got edited incorrectly… Someday I’ll figure how to automate that.

        MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.4l.rar 11.5 MB

        Note: Partial integration of Fanservicefan translations
        DatabaseTextEnglish.rvtext & ScriptTextEnglish.rvtext updated
        back end items affected

        As this updates a map if you are where Eva is in the Castle go to another room and then back for this to take affect

  64. Anonymous

    I’m getting ahead of time but you know I wonder how they are going to handle the grow up versions of the Four bandits, will they be entirely different characters or a kind of transformation thing?

    • Anonymous

      Looks like the have actor placements ready for their grown up versions. Code wise they will be different however someone would probably cry fowl if they didn’t keep their levels and skills so I would assume a transformation that you can change through some process, what will be nice will they double all the h scenes for their adult versions?

  65. Malcovia

    New post by torotoro:

    “By volunteers like, it seems that board of Mont Mus Quest Gaiden library has been stopped.
    Also to the person circle but we have gotten e-mail questions or comments,
    In order us is not a bulletin board that operate, it can not be a contact force to have any.
    Sorry, your inquiry to us, please pardon.

    The update of v1.11, we received a little more just your time.
    Bug fixes and, skills and unique abilities, it is upward revision to such occupation race correction.
    For test items often, please wait a little bit.”

  66. Anonymous

    gonna wait, gonna wait. Had to wait, had to wait… I just hope people there are ok. Know it’s pretty long to translate that much at once, so gonna just say “Ganbare” !

  67. Fanservicefan


    Almost every skillset kinda-sorta translated, with basic job summaries as a bonus. Basically amounted to my middling understanding of grammar and machine assistance but whoever’s in charge of that prototype patch can use it.

    And absolutely no offense to Dargoth. I really do wish him and the other more skilled translators the best of luck in tackling the Paradox trilogy. This is just until 1.11 comes out.

    • Anonymous

      A pastebin filled with pastebins. Its gonna take awhile to match these up to there index by cross referencing them then convert over to the other format… Fanservicefan you sure did a lot of them too 🙂 Thanks. I doubt Dargoth minds as it keeps people that would normally ask for updates busy along with perhaps providing him with data; There is an update waiting in the spam filter that will probably be out before this is done, with multiple links for the people that don’t use mega

      • Anonymous

        Current amount converted/integrated for next update

        Fanservicefan had a question For:
        A few [fool around] dialogues & Translated Combat Dialogues
        Any index to reference there placement? It will probably be a while before I get to them and noticed you didn’t have there source or the Japanese counterpart that I could search for to find there source

      • Anonymous

        That is a shame as I would have liked to placed them in the right spot. also I forgot the “, I ” in that question.. Thanks for answering it and the update

      • Anonymous

        There are roughly a few thousand common events and seeing as the other data isn’t sorted just going down the list isn’t a good point of reference… Battle data can also come from scripts and skill entries. Most of the data is good though it takes time to cross reference the Japanese name to the Index to find where the English translation goes, sort the data by index (sorted data goes faster), and integrate it into the rvtext files. Those rvtext files use the same index as RPG Maker VX Ace editor. I tend to use the rvtext to search for data locations if an index isn’t provided though having an index would have made the process much faster.

      • Anonymous

        Fanservicefan, I had a question of where the Beast pastebin is? The link is the same as Demon Arts.
        Demon Arts: dvgjuP22
        Beast: dvgjuP22

      • Anonymous

        You indexed them Fanservicefan, that is awesome! Most of the current list is from Dargorth and class entries so I’ll cross reference them when I get a chance. Casian Sarpe Socaci that is fine life happens, good luck on those exams! Hopefully before chapter 2 most of the under the hood features are fully operational and most of the major bugs are ironed out. I’ll review your database version once I got most of Fanservicefan list done.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, Compared most of the enemy names, I was surprised they matched up pretty good though still updated a few; Tired so probably finish up later (Item list & Casian Sarpe Socaci update remaining)
        Did you omit enemy 94 for any reason?
        Here is the comparison before I edited things in EX.

      • Fanservicefan


        Ingredients. Not for Cooking, but for crafting. Materials but the brackets say ingredient when I think it should be the other way around. Still left it as is for consistency’s sake.

        By the way, enemy 94 doesn’t exist. After Sylph so it could be the Armored Berserker but I find it odd that he’s not accounted for in the Library(Enemy) Script. Then again, I’m using the 1.02 version so it might be different in 1.10.

      • Anonymous

        It is him. He’s not in that script probably because he doesn’t have any CGs but he’s on the enemy list as number 94

      • There’s one thing I forgot to mention, one of the staves is missing its name completely. Angel Staff/Rod upgrade has no name entry by that I mean the item is there and so is its description but it has no name.

      • Lowlightt

        To be honest its getting hard to keep up todate on these EX translations. Could you maybe make a unique Mega account for it and link the account so that we can just go there to find the latest versions. Though this is just me being nitpicky.

      • Anonymous

        Lowlightt, good point though probably won’t make a new mega just for this however one link for all EX update information. This should centralize things a bit and keep me from bugging Dargoth with the spam filter


        Also used this chance to clean up the readme file a bit

      • Fanservicefan

        Not sure if this’ll prove useful to you as its just flavor text for status effects.


        Might’ve gotten carried away and focused on some effects that technically aren’t in the game yet. On the other hand, the special ones have the same name as the related skills.

      • Anonymous

        Eh it all proves useful in one way or another, Thanks. Added an update feature that should make rvtext updates a little easier. Added DatabaseTextEnglish_Update.rvupd_used as an example
        It is a plain text file, for use rename to DatabaseTextEnglish_Update.rvupd, make sure it is in the game directory, and run game. This will update your DatabaseTextEnglish.rvtext file
        Note: This update is already included and this is just provided as an example for those interested in making update files

        MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.4o.rar 11.5 MB

        Note: While making the feature corrected bugs in rvtext files, all rvtext files updated in this release, backend items affected

      • Fanservicefan

        So it lets people make their own little updates before you do? Also, the job change screen is a little messed up in the formatting. When listing what weapons are available while checking out Warrior, aren’t the weapon names supposed to shrink so they can stay in one line, as opposed to moving down a line and pushing everything out of whack? A little disorienting.


        Forgot to mention that I wasn’t actually done with the States. Well, not even totally done since I only did the ones that actually show up. I think. Some are placeholders but I might’ve ended up including a few anyway.

      • Anonymous

        The update feature will probably be tweaked with time to make it more translator friendly but for now its a start. Also before I had to read your translations, converted them to something the system could understand, then integration; That automates the integration process and could be used to work on sections of the rvtext files instead of the whole thing. As for Job Descriptions well some of it was a word wrap feature (native and added) that was having problems along with a resize feature (native) which does a fun job on some of those jobs. If only it supported scrolling like enemy descriptions do. With data becoming less dirty I removed the JobChange word wrap that was added and made some corrections to display those better using the native handler. Yeah I figured you are still working on data, a ton of it to work with but as it goes it goes; Thanks for your time.

        MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.4p.rar 11.5 MB

        Note: Updated DatabaseTextEnglish.rvtext and ScriptTextEnglish.rvtext
        Backend Items Affected

      • Wow you’ve done a lot of work on this. I didn’t even realize the extent of your effort since it’s hard to keep track of comments on wordpress once a thread goes beyond 100 or so. I can give you access to our file repository so you can translate the actual patch files instead of trying to patch patches… Seriously, shoot me an email or message me on Rizon IRC (Dargoth, or come by #mgq).

        Also, the text shrinking to fit the boxes in RPGMaker is inconsistent, or at least I haven’t figured out the rules it uses. It’s frustrating to say the least.

      • Fanservicefan

        THANK YOU for the compliment! As I said often enough already, this started out as a way to stave off impatience and boredom concerning the rampant delays of the 1.11 patch. Stuff people could reference until you make your move (after TT makes his). Even then I needed a few machines to help me out so while I worked out a few nuances, it isn’t a “real” translation by a professional capable of working unaided. Which is to say, your attempts would be better.

        Case in point, I ended up quitting on the summaries for the intermediate jobs and races because I risked either making it sound too plain, look too short, or flat out getting shit wrong. Which I most likely did in the intermediate jobs. And forget about actual dialogue. Almost every attempt more or less…well, long story short I need a crash course review in grammar in the near future.

        I’m not doing a good job of selling myself here. Nevertheless, I’ll take you up on your offer. Been a while since I used IRC too. Regardless, I’d be surprised and honored if you used even a smidgen of my attempts in your patch.

        OH! Speaking of patch, what do you think of that EX patch? Do you think its more viable then the current method?

      • I actually haven’t looked at your patching methods to compare them, sorry. I’m also by no means a professional at this! I’ve been bookmarking all the pastebins I’ve seen to incorporate into the next patch as well. Checking a translation for accuracy is 10x easier than translating from scratch so as long as the English is reasonably proficient, it’s a huge help.

      • Lowlightt

        Yay, thanks for the pastebin. That will let stay up to date waiting for 1.11 so Dargoth and team can actually begin to work on it then again, I kinda just want Dargoth to go fuck it and be like I’ll start doing the translation now, and then 3 days later 1.11 comes out.

      • Fanservicefan

        Whoa now Dargoth. I’m not the one tinkering with that EX patch. Someone else is. He just happened to end up using my work because its at least better then Google Translate. Honestly didn’t expect that but I don’t mind one bit. Secondly, didn’t MGL finish translating all of the skills? I actually intended to stop there (didn’t do Special and Cooking skills however) but only because I expected 1.11 to be out before or right after I was done. It wasn’t, so I moved on to items (only consumables like food and seeds; surely MGL went as far as to translate the weapons, armor, key items, and panties), job/race descriptions, monster list, and States of all things. I’m sure MGL’s translation is better considering that I basically swiped his Lamia and Alraune skill translations from the demo. Furthermore, he’s a bit more technical with the percentages and somehow getting the icons in the descriptions.

        Long story short, I always put “(partial translation)” within the pastebin title even when it seems “done” because chances are I messed up somewhere. Oh, and I translated the Warp script.


        The second pastebin does indeed contain plenty of attempts but the battle conversations are not my doing.

      • Fanservicefan

        Wait, MGL hasn’t contacted you about the items? And by not finalized, you mean they aren’t edited and specified with those icons and percentages? Also, I sent you an email. Or would IRC be better?

      • Anonymous

        Yey more data, Thanks Dargoth & Fanservicefan

        MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.4q.rar 11.5 MB

        Note: All RVTEXT files updated
        Backend items affected (Updating data functions, though interesting doesn’t do much yet…)

    • Well this should make things easier though I must ask you and everyone else reading this, what the hell is this attribute translated by vessel, it usually comes with pleasure skills. Can it be Dexterity?

      • Fanservicefan

        Yes, 器 is dexterity. I didn’t get it either at first but that’s how Dargoth and the others translate it so I just rolled with it. That and ability can be a shorthand for dexterity. Somehow.

      • Fanservicefan

        Speaking of space Dargoth, the job descriptions keep using demons or just monster in place of monster girls. Is that a space issue too? I noticed that the Noble and Merchant descriptions are just slightly garbled and even as I check the JobChange script its a bit hard to tell how many lines can be held. Japanese seems to play it safe and go with four lines.

  68. Mawey

    lowest difficult of death is normal and she is a real badass enemy far stronger as the arc angels,
    so is it even possible to defeat her? by the way she has a attack dealling + – 8 k damage and regenerating herself with it each hit hitting all party members in combat

      • Copied from “SS” ‘s post from comments on Dargoth’s preious post.:
        Okay, for anyone interested, here’s a Death beating character layout…it does require a lot of grinding, but you can’t really lose.

        Luka – Hero / Valkyrie

        *HP +20%
        *Attack +20%
        *Physical Damage +15%


        *Evasion 20%
        *Magic Evasion 20%
        *Defense 20%

        *SP recovery 10%

        Reina (Harpy Girl) – Overpowering Fist / Wing Harpy

        *Attack +20%
        *Crit Rate 30%
        *Counter 30%
        *Physical Damage +15%

        *Agility 20%
        *SP 20%

        *Evasion 10%
        *Magic Evasion 20%

        *SP recovery 10%

        Pihar (Unfortunate Harpy) – Dancer / Wing Harpy

        Required Equip – Don’t know the name, but it reduces SP costs by 3/4. May NOT be required, but helps.

        -Attack (not important on her)
        *Attack 20%
        *Magic Counter 30%

        *SP 20%
        *Agility 20%
        *Dex 10%

        *Magic Evasion 20%
        *Evasion 20%

        *SP recovery 10% (Required)

        Fairies (The ones in Sylph’s forest) – Sage / Wing Spirit

        Required Equip – White Mage Scroll. Not exactly required either, but it’ll help keep Luka up.

        *Magic 20%
        *All Elemental damage increases

        *Evasion 10%
        *Magic Evasion 20%

        *Magic recovery 2%

        Strategy – Once Pihar is high enough as a Dancer, you’ll get the greater evasion dance and the atk/agi increasing dance. They both last three full turns, cast Evasion on the first turn, then the other buff on the second, after that just have Pihar defend and recast whenever the buffs wear off. With SP recovery 10%, you’ll have 100% uptime. With the greater evasion dance up, Pihar, Reina, and Fairies from my experience will have 100% evasion and magic evasion…so it’s impossible to get hit. Luka unfortunately will not have 100% evasion and magic evasion, but high enough to dodge most attacks.

        Actions I took

        Luka – Don’t know the name, but it’s the purple slash animation attack (Heroism) that costs 3 SP. It does good damage, and only costs 3 SP, so you’ll be able to use it a lot with SP recovery 10%. Luka CAN die, and sometimes will get hit by a life steal attack, which can be very inconvenient. Near the end, I actually stopped healing and reviving Luka due to this.

        Reina – Just use Thrusting Fist and defend when your SP is low for a few turns to recover it. With SP recovery 10% and counter attack you’ll be able to use it very often consecutively due to it’s low SP cost. NOTE: Reina was my main damage dealer as she was invincible and got to attack almost every turn.

        Pihar – Already outlined, she’s the key to the entire operation. Just use both dances and keep them up at all times. You can try having her do other things in between casts, but I found it easier not to.

        Fairies – Not really necessary, any other character with a base 40%/40% or 50%/50% evasion/Magic evasion will work. I used them because I liked them. However the strategy I used for them is their Nature seduction attack (costing 6SP). It does decent damage, and can be used twice consecutively. After you use it twice, just use an auto attack and you recover all of your SP, allowing you to use it two more times. Rinse and repeat. Also, if you intend on keeping Luka alive for damage…allow him to die and use the fairies to revive him with White Magic. This will take Luka above 30% HP, allowing him another two hits without having to use any other actions to heal him.

        That’s it. Reina, Pihar, and Fairies never once took damage. I’m not claiming this to be optimal, as I’m sure there are better ways to achieve much higher damage, but it DOES work and allows you to cheese Death. With that said, perhaps you can optimize it better than I did. Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience to optimize it until the game is fully translated. Have fun.

      • SS

        I have a much stronger layout now (Same strategy, just higher damage output assuming nothing has changed in 1.10), but I haven’t played in a while due to waiting for the patch. Unfortunately the only character I can’t beat is Alice on Paradox…everything else that I tested is guaranteed with that setup. Alice is beatable, but it’s all uncontrollable luck, based on how often she uses her party wipe…forgot the name of the attack.

      • Anonymous

        Monster Lord`s Cruelty? Well that one dark attack (not magic one, since 100% magic reflect not working) which hits all party members for 4 times?

      • To get Phiar you have to talk to her in Pornof village after completing the Harpy sidequest WITH Amira in your party. If Amira is not in your party when you talk to her she will not join.

    • A0

      This is very good news.

      I have been trying to hold off playing until the 1.11 patch from Dargoth… it’s been a difficult journey

    • Anonymous

      If its monq_t111.zip I will kill someone…
      #####もんむすくえすと!ぱらどっくすRPG 体験版 v1.11#####
      ##### Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG trial version v1.11 #####

      Please tell me I’m wrong, screenshots? links?

      • Civildeviation

        Bummer man, both the monq_t111.zip and RE150726.trial from the dlsite are 304mb. Can’t imagine you are the first to confuse what could look like a patch with the trial given the names. Hopefully we wont have to wait too much longer.

  69. Anonymous

    One day… I’m honestly surprised a little, they usually aren’t this slow over there haha. We’re somewhere around what? 3-4 months of waiting on toro for this patch?

  70. Let’s see this is gonna be a really demanding question but can anyone provide the exact location for the Holy Rod? I swear I searched the last dungeon 3 times and I couldn’t find it again e.e

  71. Anonymous

    “let’s release the game early but make them wait months for a patch to make the game playable LOL!”

    -Torotoro 2015

  72. Kessel

    I like it, let them take their time so the first Dargoth patch will include more of the game. Rance 5 and 6 translations are coming out soon anyway so its not like there are no eroge to play while waiting for Paradox.

  73. Anonymous

    Well it’s been a while since my last visit here 🙂 Thanks for sharing the news about Demon Sakura 3 Civildeviation.

  74. nebulablast

    I was translating some manga and I can tell it’s hard, japanese is too different from english, so it feels like the sentences lack stuff when you try to convert to english, it’s like 2 verbs and some conjugation, a lot of stuff you just need to use your creativity to translate.

  75. Civildeviation

    No doubt translating any high context language like Japanese to a low context specific language like english is not easy. Especially because if you are english, you look at what the word “means” rather than the way it was spoken and in what context. Then you have to find a way of saying it without making it lose it’s substance. Can’t say the number of anime I have seen where the translators take creative license to incorporate english colloqualisms to give bland translations life. Half of translation is thus, “writing” ability.

    • Arji

      Dont blame Dargoth, he has said many times that next translation patch will come when the official 1.11 is out

      • Anonymous

        That’s no excuse. He should at least create a time machine and travel into the future to get the 1.11 patch. Sheesh what a lazy bum.

      • Civildeviation

        Dargoth’s seems to have difficulty with motivation unless there is an external impetus; that said he usually has a great record for follow-through on his productions. Also, correct me if I am wrong, however I think Dargoth tends to avoid conflict or apologize and promise to do better when confronted with frustration. At the same time his intentions in these cases tend to usually only creates a flicker of short lasting motivation rather than inspiring longer lasting follow-through.

        Just saying, behaving as ya are, ya may be inadvertently creating an opposite ideal response. At least that is what current research in conditioning behavior indicates.

      • Pyro

        Good news! I’ve come from the future, The writing in part 2 and 3 are superior with a story that will blow your mind. Also Dargoth’s translation were at a slow but steady pace which had quality superior to the official North American release. Also there are 4 hidden monsters that are included in 1.13… hunt well my friends.

      • Anonymous

        I feel kind of left out… Oh great time traveler Pyro, what of the EX project? Also what is Chrono up to?

  76. MGQ Fan

    I need to change Alice’s race, but not sure if I should pick High Yoma, Holy Demon, or Feral Yoma. Or would it be better to choose the basic Lamia race?

    • or you could chose one of the other trillion races she has access to, personally I changed her to Holy Demo and left her like that since she’s maxed out on lvl and job mastery(all jobs mastered).

    • Desert Eagle

      Why not all of them? >:P

      It took a long time but I maxed out every race Alice has available. I then settled for High Yoma because Alice is a melee fighter in my team.

      Either way, you’ll want to master all of the Yoma races at least. Yoma races unlock new rapier skills; Only a true blue-blooded noble can learn all of the rapier skills.

  77. So Low Pro Go Rest

    Hey Dargoth, have you ever considered laying down the translation life and taking up movie roles? I’d think you’d be a huge hit in the new teenage mutant turtles movie. they’re looking for turtles right now.

  78. CwHart

    The patch will come out when 1.11 is out, this makes it where Dargoth and co wont have to rework alot of shit for the latest and most likely final patch.

  79. Anonymous

    not to be that guy but i’m starting to feel like part 2 will get here before we see another update from dargoth….

    • Civildeviation

      Of all the scenes, which ones do you look forward to being translated most? Mine is probably Saki’s stage scene.

      • I hate myself for saying this (because I don’t really like the majority of Xelvy’s girls) but I really look forward to Deiji’s scene. From what I gather she’s the only one not being a dick to Luka while raping him(so far).

  80. Incubusknight

    Reason why we haven’t gotten anything new translated yet is because we’re all waiting for Toro Toro Resistance’s next patch. The patch from my understanding is to fix a number of various bugs that existed and some that came up after the previous patch. As with any patch that’s released for games Dargoth’s Translation patch has to be coded so it’s compatible with the current Monster girl quest Paradox version otherwise we’d get errors.
    So that being said, it be pointless to release an update only to then go back and recode the patch to work with the newer version.
    In the meantime anyone can check for updates from Toro Toro Resistance from their blog and hopefully they’ll release the patch soon.

    (Blog web address) http://b.dlsite.net/RG07939/

    • Anonymous

      Well that’s good to hear. I can’t wait for the first part to be fully translated, and speaking of said translation it seems everything may be translated by July 2016 as an optimistic hope, unless its fully translated by the end of 2016.

  81. Anonymous

    The impatience here is real… Dargoth is providing us a FREE service, he can take as long as he damn wants to translate this. When Toro releases something I’m sure he wont be far behind. Either wait or start taking some basic Japanese classes. I mean realistically if you were to spend an hour or two a day 4 times a week you could learn enough moonrunes in 3-6 months to at least get you by.

  82. A fake

    Dargoth, I’ve enjoyed helping you so far but seriously you need to take it up a notch. This is your project and you’ve barely done anything meanwhile I’m working my ass off here -.-.

    • Anonymous

      Fanservicefan, I’m making a reference list based off differences in EX and standard 1.10 along with other sources. Not sure if its interesting or useful but

      My hope is when 1.11 comes out I can subtract the similarities with 1.10 and match keywords in the new dialogue to perhaps make a slightly better interpretation till someone can really go over the data.