1. Yes! That’s all I need. Just to be able to know what skills I’m using in battle. I can’t even beat the first cave. Had to run like a bitch from every encounter. I think I have Luka set as Cook or Informant or something like that. None of his skills do shit. Or they just end up healing somebody. XD
    Thank you, D. Thank you and the rest of your hardworking team. I love all of you. Full homo.

  2. Anonymous

    Would that also include the names of the recruitable characters? I heard that the name of the characters are tied to the save, so if you recruit them with the japanese characters for their name it stays that way even if it’s translated. I

    • Guromi

      For a while, my character’s name was in “english version”, but when I played, after some time, the names were “japanese”, so maybe there’s a “verification” thing in the script, so after some hours of game, the names are normal again? I don’t know…
      But when I tried to rename Luka by his “englis version” name by using the RPG Maker editor, after some time, Luka’s name was “english” again 😉

    • We have some code added to the Ilias Temple priest that updates all the character names whenever you talk to him. Don’t worry about recruiting monsters in Japanese; their names will get translated in your save once we have the priest up and running.

      • Antonio

        Hello im playing the chapter 2 i bought it lol..im lost…i defeated the sea woman ihave a boat now to navigate…i got the ancient snake woman..(yes like in the visual novel) also i help the bee queen and got the plantqueen but i cant go further…i got stuck…dam i need the english…or some guide…

    • If it’s like the last patches then yes the names become saved in the save file so they’ll remain untranslated even after the core game is translated.

  3. passerby4554

    Am I the only one who can’t seem to get on the NT > Browse website to get the second part of the game?

      • passerby4554

        Seeing as I can’t seem to find it, a download for it must not be available yet. Iw as going to ask if it was better to wait for a patch before downloading the game, but seeing as a download is not there, my question has already been answered.

        • Part 2 is up on nyaa.si. Just search for ”Monmusu” under the Games category. But it’s only the 2.00 version. No 2.01 there yet. But you can find a link for 2.01 in the comments of the previous post. Someone posted it there. Hopefully Dargoth won’t get in trouble for it.

          • passerby4554

            I tried that, but got nothing, and when I used all categories, only hit was the OVA dubbed. Thanks for the direction to the link the other post though; now to just wait for our friendly neighborhood Dargoth.

  4. Anonymous

    So this next patch will just have UI and combat stuff from part 1 imported to part 2, correct? No part 1 story, h-scenes and other stuff that was translated in the final patch for part 1? Asking because I want to start a fresh playthrough with the part 2 changes, take as much time as you need.

  5. Thanks for the spoiler you cunt


    So Luka was called ‘Destroyer of the World’. Interesting…

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you for the quick turn around. I can use the machine translator for most of it, but the interface in English is vital. You guys are Awesome.

  7. Something funny happened yesterday. I was replaying the game on Alice’s route to get characters I missed and the route exclusives and when I got to the Berserker Armor, I had all my characters use their strongest attacks…and I beat it before it in the first round before it could even attack. I did NOT expect that, even if 3 of my 4 characters were level 60 (Alice was about level 30) XD I didn’t realize it skipped the Micheala dream if you beat the Berserker Armor either, so I was surprised by that as well, though not entirely upset with not having to change my race back from Lowly Angel 😛

    • Three characters at level 60 is enough to wreck him in one round? Wow. I thought you had to be as OP as Nero to do that. Didn’t realize that fight is so easy. I assumed he was end-game boss levels of difficult.

        • Damn. I had no idea. Didn’t bother trying to fight him again after the first time. I just figured he was, like, the Omega Weapon of the game and that you had to lose that fight unless you were, like, level 80-99 with god-like skills or something. Good to know.

      • It probably helped that I put a few playthroughs worth of seeds on Luka (though that only made him do about 1.5-2x as much damage as Illias using the same attack) and had Part 2 equipment and a bunch of 20% to 30% stat boost abilities on my characters.

  8. Arj

    From what I saw when I tested Part 2 out, you get thrown into a cutscene right away, so I’ll hold off until that one is translated I think. But great work getting things to work with Part 2! You guys are miracle workers!

    • Demolion

      Suposedly that scene is already translated (because it’s the last scene of part 1), with the exception of the alice/ilias’s dialogue at the begining (just asking if you what to see it or not)

  9. Rando

    Will this patch also include translations for all the new classes/races and their respective skills/abilities?

  10. Anonymous

    This is pretty much what I expected and hoped for.
    Give us a playable patch as soon as possible. The dialogues we can do our best to machinetranslate it and get the best we can with it.

    I started to play but I pretty much stopped switching classes because I wouldn’t know what I am doing.
    This leaves me with characters that cannot really progress that much beyond the state I was at the end of chapter 1

  11. Leciel

    Honestly for the time being I would be very happy with just an interface translation so I know what city is what for teleporting and what I am equipping. Other than that I can tolerate the dialogue being in Japanese. Thanks for everything as always.

  12. Desert Eagle

    Whooh! I managed to beat Yamata no Orochi at party level 35! (If you remember her from the original MGQ at Yamatai)

    I equipped Crisis Cape to Luka and Riot, and kept their health below 25%; doing so gave them +75% Evasion. With additional evasion from Sylph and Beast skill “Lunatic High”, both Luka and Riot were able to dodge each and every single physical attack. On top of that, Riot is immune to fire damage, so she didn’t have to worry about Yamata no Orochi’s fire breath. As for Luka, I had him equip all fire resistance stuff. After that, his ability to nullify DMG below 300 allowed him to nullify the fire breath attack as well.

    I had a little trouble making use of the other two party members. Alice also had +75% evasion but she was susceptible to dying to fire breath. No one else could dodge attacks, so I decided to make Lippy a suicider. I equipped accessory “Will” to her; whenever she died, she buffed all other party members’ stats by 50%. A very welcome buff.

    But ultimately, I discovered something interesting. I had ressed Alice with Einherjar, and in her berserk state, she did something to Yamata no Orochi. I don’t know which ability she used but she was able to petrify Yamata no Orochi. In her petrified state, she was nothing more than a punching bag.

    So yeah. I defeated her and, frustrated about her loss, decided to join me. I now have lv 55 Yamato no Orochi in my team of lv 35s. 😛

    • Xoverguy

      If a person has been playing Part 1 almost religiously (such as I have) and been rerunning labyrinth of chaos to a point that I currently have 350 hours clocked on the game…most of the early enemies in part 2 should be easy to very easy to beat given they do not have a form of gimmick or the sort. Will is a staple on all of my team. No serious team member that I have used in the LoC can be without it, same for Holy Martyr.

      About Alice petrifying Yamata no Orochi. I thought it might have been one of her Demon Eye’s skills but I realize that she doesnt have one that petrifies (Unless she learns it in part 2). The only thing aside from that that I think could be it is that Alice casted Fossil if she was a time mage.

      However, when I get around to playing part 2, I am wondering if I should switch difficulty to paradox or just use some randoms that I have seed speed grinded Job/Race wise, since most of my dream team (Luca, Valto, Shinifa, Vitae, Alice, Promstein, Nanabi, one more I forgot.) is fitted with LoC high tier part 1 equipment.

      Lastly. Can anybody confirm to me on the low if they patched the auto daystar out of the Crisis Hairpin? Keep it silent though since I don’t actually want them too. That’s the only thing that is keeping my Holy Pope Devil Hammer 100% critical hit Sandworm Girl relevant.

        • Xoverguy

          I don’t want to seem like an ass, but the reply to that quest is a bit of a mixed bag for various reasons:

          1. I don’t really have access to a file storage system on the net unless I am missing something that I should know about in that aspect.

          2. Most of the reason I have a handful of the general part 1 Cast battle ready is due to the fact that I use Cheat Engine to maximise the Job and Race seeds every time I need it for leveling up the jobs and races required for the Labyrinth of Chaos, given that they cut down a potential 2-3 hours of grinding to a mere 30-45 minutes. I do this since real life is a thing but I do not use cheat engine on anything else except Archangel seeds, the first ones which I got in LoC.

          3. This last reason I do admit is a bit selfish. However, a lot of the skills and equipment that I got from the LoC were due to me rerunning the same countless times and fighting the bosses countless times (in terms of equipment). And I terms of the skills (Lily’s/Promstein’s Dark Matter, Alice’s Dark elemental skills, Page 666 of the End) due to constant savescumming that took hours to days to get RNG on my side. My save file you could say is a bit of a trophy to me that I do not feel 100% up to parting with.

          That being said…A side of me wouldn’t want others to have to go through the aggravation I went through of having to rely on RNG for stuff to drop or people to appear. Like when I was hunting for a Secret Fan Scroll, and like how I am still hunting for the Page 65000 NPC in LOC to teach my own Page 65000 “Page 666 of the end” due to synergy with her Grimoire buffing ability. Would you believe me if I told you that I somehow ran into the Reaper NPC 4 TIMES GIVING ALICE ALL HER DARK SKILLS AND VALTO ONE OF THEM?! And that stupid tentacle librarian has yet to show her face?!!!! #ScrewProbabilities #IGotBadRNG

          So, I am a bit on the fence in terms of giving out my saves, but I might be inclined to in the future. Once again I apologize, and I hope I didnt make myself look like too much of an ass

        • Anonymous

          Thanks CivilDeviation! I would’ve replied directly but the thread hit it’s reply limit. I should’ve made myself clearer in my explanation, but for future uploads you will probably want to use https://mega.nz It has no wait times or expiration dates for downloads! Zipping the entire save folder with 7zip or Winrar before uploading might also be useful. I hope that didn’t sound ungrateful, just trying to make things easier for you

  13. Ja

    I feel stupid for asking but I red here: https://pastebin.com/yKjNkSME

    123.) If you want to recruit the giant minotaur, farm other minotaur until you get 10 sukiyaki. You can tell which one because they drop it, it’s on a black plate and the first kana looks like a “t” with a loop in it. Can’t miss it.

    So i farmed and I have 10 now but when I talk to her she says something, then Sonya speaks and lastly cerberus speaks but I am not able to recruit her. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong.

    PS. I am on the alice route and did already collect the six orbs

  14. Anonymous

    Is there a way to make a new game plus for part 1? I would like to play the game without losing my save. I was able to transfer my old save file successfully. How do you start a new game plus though ( with my current items etc ?).

    • CivilDeviation

      Spoiler Question:
      What tough fights or character recruitment have you found?
      1) The Admiral (giant sea dragon?) w/ recruit with Cpt Selena quests completed
      2) Minotaur Queen (recruit as described by post above)
      3) Yamatai Hydra thingy (recruit just beat her)
      4) Plansec black alice faction fight, persuade for peace in both plansec and insect mountains (can recruit both afterward)
      5) Black alice (alternate world), (no recruit but nice items after all 3 forms)
      6) 4 Queens (Elf, Spider, Mermaid, Vampire), all recruit-able via tasks described by amira.
      7) 6 necro queens used by La Croix (recruitable after beating them)

      I’m hoping there are a few more hiding out there…

      Also, Luka in his offensive angel (advanced tier) race using the Berzerker top tier job is a wrecking ball. Granted with the number of seeds I fed him, he should be, but he soloed all 3 forms of black alice for me which is still kinda broken.

      • CivilDeviation

        Oh yes:
        8) Harpy Queen (recruitable through world tree fruit, not sure what the parameters are to get it other than finishing that area.
        9) Sphinx (recruitable after Sara goes to town in Sabasa?)
        10) Fairy Queen (Recruitable after plant queen in world tree?)
        11) Kraken and North Sea monster queen (recruitable after Kraken is turned back via the Mermaid Queen, may have to finish eli (princess mermaid) quest line)
        12) Old Plant Queen (the flower like one), after finishing succession plant queen questline requiring you to get a seed on the gold coast.


        • Nonanymous

          13) Candy – Bring her, in order, a chocolate bar, a cake, a pudding and parfait (she outright says this, but it’s hard to translate :P).
          14) Queen Ant – You must have done the Yamatai quest for Arthur to get access to this. After you complete that, four youths are found in front of the mayor’s office. Talk to them, and they scatter around the world. Find them in Port Natalia, Succubus Village, the Forest of Spirits and Harpy village (in the inn). Return to the mayor. Then, if you’ve completed the Succubus and Lady’s Village, return to the ant queen.

          • Nonanymous

            One that’s not in the pastebin walkthrough:

            15) Natasha. This needs to be done before you go do the succubus village quest: Side with Lily during the Magistea quest. Take her to Luddite Village after its destruction. Inspect the crate that the girl carved things into.
            Now, if you have Lily with you when you enter the battle between Natasha and the Mayor, Lily will urge you to side with the former. Do so, and she’ll talk Natasha down after the battle with the mayor. The man is spared, and Natasha joins your party. The mayor is too heavily injured to join, but isn’t too angry.

  15. Anonymous

    Yeah, I get wanting to keep the save to yourself as an accomplishment, and you don’t seem like an ass at all. That Reaper encounter rate is amazing tho!

    • Heckin Tago

      I was surprised They included new ones from the VN then the neko gets cut short.
      Also, there are scenes from the centaur and orc girl that only can be seen by submitting to them. Seems unfair.

  16. Anonymous

    Can somebody help me i follow the walkthrough from that guy on pastebin and i was running smoothly until 98.) First, you need to go tell all 4 royals (in their respective castles, Grangold king is in his shed) that you won, and they give you a shiny thing. Can somebody explain to me who is fourth person i need to talk to ( I talked to San Ilia King, Queen that looks like medal queen and that King who can tranform into something like a monster. They all gave me the seal but where is fourth ?

  17. is rouge helping you dargoth sir?,only saw his name mostly in mangafox(if he is the same person)..goes by the name rouge translater..hope hes not stressing out with manga translates too.. best wishes and be in good health always..hoping for part 2 to get fully translated xD

  18. Anonymous

    Does anybody know how to unlock the advance race versions for High Angel? I have the upgraded version of Valkyrie and Cupid, but can’t find High Angel.

    • CivilDeviation

      Didn’t find it either, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are character limited at present such that Illias, Lucifina, and Micaela have different base races or jobs that others can’t get yet. Kinda like Ninja, taoist, and berzerker were for part I.

  19. Anonymous

    I’d first like to say thank you and anyone else who contributed for creating the translation and giving such liveliness to the characters’ dialog! After updating all of the part 1 maps, item names and descriptions, and dialog is the plan to initially translate the most important new dialog (where to go/major plot reveals), or will you just start from the beginning and go to the end chronologically?

  20. Xoverguy

    Guys…I think you might want to refer to this: https://pastebin.com/PFZBHsWA

    This pastebin was the superboss guide for Part 1, and the guy was generous enough to update it with new info on the more hidden mechanics of the game while at the same time providing updates in terms of part 2. And provide updates he did. Here are some updates extracted from the pastebin with my opinions:

    part 2 notes:

    – vicarious clara is now 2 layers, and recasting only refreshes the layers rather than stacking them (Not the best news but with the new jobs and races, we wont need it)

    – hairpin is fixed (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!)

    – endure hp threshold nerfed to 30%, advanced giga fighter job gets ability with old 20% threshold (Might not be too bad a change, but have to wait and see)

    – basically every advanced race/job is capable of insane damage (slime is probably still the best though) (Amazing)

    – use of in-battle buffs has become monstrously more effective (Double Amazing)

    – outspeeding superbosses is a lot easier (Triple Amazing)

    – auto revive skills still don’t work (Hope this is not talking about Holy Martyr and similar skills, and if it is, I hope its a glitch that gets patched)

    – timestop negation with Naia still works (Interesting thing in part one. For some reason Naia’s Tarot of Fate at the end of each turn ability negates LoC Reaper’s 3 turn time stop. Never knew of this until recently, and never used it to cheeze, but might be decent if one can learn how to use it properly. Surprised they havent patched it yet.)

    It also has some info on some AMAZING notable skills in the Advanced section of the Jobs/Races list…and ill tell you right now…the meta as we know it was thrown under a truck….new power is approaching…

    • Xoverguy

      Abilities resetting? What do you mean? That they unequip themselves despite saving? Or that her Jobs/Races levels get reset to default?

      • Yes, the abilities keep resetting/unequip from themselves after I restart the game despite saving before it. Only happens to only her though. Job&Race stays the same.

        • by the way the problem lies in MGQP2 because I tested if the phenomenon still occurs with someone else save file and it sill happens. I started to notice this after I transferred my save from part 1 to part 2 MGQP. Hope this helps.

      • Probably since, with now over 350 characters, bugs with individual characters are harder for people to come across, especially if they have preferred party. I mean, I’ve probably not used more than 20-30 of them for any significant amount of time.

    • The Honeypot bug is mentioned in ToroToro’s update of the new version (2.02) as one of the ones fixed, so if you download the new version, it should work fine.

  21. Desert Eagle

    I don’t get it. How can I enter the Minotaur Labyrinth? The lady at the entrance demands a permit of some sort.

    • Desert Eagle

      Alright, I get it now. The breadcrumbs to enter the Minotaur Labyrinth start with talking to the information broker at the Grand Noah pub. Thank goodness I found a Japanese site that tells this stuff.

      It was so frustrating. I went to Yamatai first, and when I came back, I couldn’t remember what to do about the other request. Nobody would give me a single reminder about what I had to do. Not the queen, not Caesar, no one.

      • Skuya

        Ask your beloved Unfortunate Lamia.

        That aside, I skipped A LOT of locations in my own walkthrough. Not sure if I should do them or not. Pretty much everything that wasn’t required to progress through the story was included like Noah Mine, Minotaur Cave, Succubus Village, the Beach Location next to the Swamp, Gold Cave, two Villages (Lady’s Village & Succubus Village, probably) and the North Hill next to one of those Villages.

        And even worse? My Main Character (Riot) is Lv52 already. No EXP Accessories, no EXP Skills, nada.

        Looks like starting with a Lv30 party most likely completely destroy the leveling balance (if you level normally).

        • Desert Eagle

          Oh right. Amira. I forgot she existed for this precise purpose. I guess it really has been a long time since I played Part 1.

        • Are you not supposed to be level 30 by Part 2? Because I was, like, level 28 at the end of Part 1 with little to no grinding. That’s just the level I was after all the main and side quests. I then got to 30 by going around recruiting girls I missed.

          Unrelated side note: Oh, I am so hype for the Minotaur Caves. The Minotauros and her sweet, sweet abs are amazing, but they have such a lame h-scene. I’m looking forward to some proper buff cow-girl action.

          • Skuya


            Don’t know if you actually play the game yet (because there are a lot who don’t and I can fully understand them, really), there’s some little hint (also back in part 1) – the monsters you can recruit in the Administrator Tower are Lv23-24, later monsters in that Connection Cave to Port Merle are Lv24-25 – which tells you that the “optimal level” is Lv24-25 for part 1 – not only it was also confirmed by TrTr at some point, but you were Lv24-25 in the original trilogy when you beat Gnome.

            I just got some monster which was Lv43 when I got it. Without the +6 additional levels from Part 1 we’re looking now at a Lv46 Riot, which is manageable and completely fine – as in part 1 if you don’t do grinding but process normally, you’re looking at a Lv27-Lv28 Luka when you finish the game (mine was Lv27).

            Now, I know that all of that is disregarded when looking at 2 Items – Monster Avoidance Bracelet and Full JEXP Bracelet with their own disadvantages – the former stops encounters entirely, leaving you no chance to recruit them and the latter is an issue if you actually want to use your Accessory Slot as you have to put it on all characters you’re using.

            • I haven’t played much of Part 2. Moonrunes are too confusing. Had to run from every fight ’cause I don’t know what my skills do. But if the enemies in that first cave are level 25 and my level 30 party still struggles with them then I guess there’s no worry about me being overleveled. XD

            • Skuya

              Oh, yeah, that. It was a pretty horrible sight at first but I was sort of prepared for this kind of issue.

              First off, back in part 1, I readjusted the Skills and Equipment, so I know what I always want to have on at least 1 of my characters (Item Drop x2, Gold Drop x2, Recruiting Rate x2, Preventive Strike UP). I copied all of the japanese skill names in a document and put the translation next to them. It’s actually harder if you don’t know what your characters do, but for my main party, everyone has some kind of role, i.e. not all of them do damage.

              If you know what your characters do, you can go on and look for Skills and Abilities that suit their role (f.e. Reina having Chaotic Theft and Steal Rate x2 since all she ever does is stealing stuff from enemies, that kleptomaniac harpy).

              Then, you get used to the moonrunes the more you look at them. At least I do, and it helps a lot not looking up every skill again on my document.

              Oh, and some hilarious “missclick” regarding Moonrunes: So far, I’ve engaged every battle (which may be the reason I’m overleveled as well). When I wanted to run for once, i didn’t know where that button was, didn’t want to look in the document and pressed somthing – which was the “Surrender” option. XD

            • @Skuya
              Man, you’re way more prepared and invested than I am. I’m a lazy son of a bitch. I used only, like, 8 or 9 characters during my run of Part 1, just spamming the strongest attack or magic moves they had, healing when needed and never using buffs, and I still don’t know what each of them can do. I don’t think I even noticed that each character had a unique trait. XD

              I’ve run from battle over two dozen times now and I still keep forgetting which button is the Run button and misclicking Surrender or something else. All those chex mix symbols look the same to me. 😛

            • @Skuya
              It would be very interesting if she did. It could work, as long as you got them back after the battle and as long as it was limited to when she grabs you.

    • Talk to the red haired guy in the pub in Grand Noah, then talk to the Minotaur in the black smith. She’ll give you a letter and you’ll be able to get in. Also, talk to the Minotaur by the end of the cave. She’ll ask you for 10 sukiyaki (in Japanese text: すきやき), which is dropped by all the enemies in the Minotaur castle except the normal Minotaur from Part 1 (it looks like food on a black plate). Give those to her after you finish the dungeon and she’ll give you a special item. Go back and talk to the Minotaur Queen and she’ll join your party.

    • Skuya

      Happens I guess, but I’m completely fine with Wednesday. I’m interested what the Monster Girls all will be called (except those that have their own names in the trilogy, like El)

      • Honestly, I assumed he was talking about next Monday in the original post. I completely forgot it was Monday when he posted it. Lost count of the days and assumed Monday had already gone by.
        I don’t mind waiting. I just wish I could go through Part 1 again while I waited. I started that a few nights ago but then I remember that the camp scenes are improved in Part 2, so I’ll miss out on everyone’s dialogue if I get to them in Part 1. Unless I save before them and then reload. But I’m too lazy. 😛

  22. Anonymous

    Need help finding Spider Princess. I already defeated Queen Mermaid, Queen Elf, Queen Alraune and QUeen Vampire. Yet i can’t seem to find Spider Princess on that island to the north of the big ass Tartarus in the ocean.

  23. Sorry if this has been answered already I’m just too scared to look over all the comments, because I want no Spoliers.

    Is there a list that shows what changed in PART 1 with the PART 2 release (without PART 2 spoilers)? I want to know if I want to start another NG+ should I wait until merge the 2 games, or should I just use the old 1.21.

    • Skuya


      – Daystar Hairpin doesn’t work anymore (fo those loving to grind in LoC)
      – Vicarious Clara never goes beyond 2 layers of Defense, alining it with Group Defense and Electromangetic Armor
      – If you actually want to do NG+, you need it to do before the merge and save, because you need to play through part 2 to start NG+
      – Some Bosses had their stats boosted from part 1 to part 2
      – Stat Boosts work nop on top on everything, giving them a huge boost
      – Same for In-Battle Stat Increase


      Can’t think of more. If you have no intention of playing part 2, you shouldn’t merge them yet. Then again, actually nothing stops you from having both…

      • Anonymous

        >Some Bosses had their stats boosted from part 1 to part 2.
        Yeah, Sfinks seems stronger than Reaper 🙁 Oh well, I farmed her enough times already (my Luka has 1500 mp, don’t ask why I did that)

      • Skuya

        Since MP isn’t even that much of an issue, I refrained from that, but gave my main party about 180 MP seeds (I think everyone had about 200-250 MP at that point). MP is more or less useless anyway if you go for some character that uses MP because you can regenerate ridiculous amounts of MP with Post-Battle Rest etc.

      • Skuya

        Oh, and about the bosses – yeah, it’s a shame they all didn’t get their stats buffed at some point – I mean story-wise, you shouldn’t be able to beat them, so adjusting their stats is the minimum an expectationd I’d have… but oh, well.

  24. Anonymous

    Hi i would like to ask, since one kind man land me a save file for full part 2 with all monsters , but seems like i have problem. He probably put auto mode or something and whatever i did i cannot change it. It’s like this i want go to Hades and re-fight monsters but whenever fight starts Luka immidiately attacks and i cannot control him. If anyone know how to change this please tell me 🙂 .

    • Xoverguy

      If it is only Luka attacking on his own, check out to see if He has a Reckless Mask or a Frenzy Mask in his accessory slot. Both masks look similar in icon to Jason Vorhees mask from the former movie. If not check in the special abilities section to see if he has the Berzerker ability on him, since I am sure that they would have given us the Berzerker Job in part 2. If that still doesn’t work. Try to go to the priest in illias temple and change job/race, since that usually unequips all abilities and all incompatible equipment on the character, and then check if you got control of him. I can’t offer much more information than that Given that I havent really experimented with Berzerker due to the probability of choosing an incompatible attack type, compared to your job/race, is pretty high. However, given that now stat buffs (apparently both in terms of abilities/accessories, and in battle buffs) stack with Equipment in part 2, it might be worth it to use berzerker.

  25. Anonymous

    Great job, Dargoth and Co, and I would like to thank all the people who are readily available to respond to some questions related to the games. Personally I think that translating Amira might be the most important step in paradox. That’s because she helps you with the quests of the game. So even if part 2 will remain partially translated for some time Amira can help to progress the game immensely.

  26. Anonymous

    ShowMessage(“\\nThe carrots have grown!”)
    ShowMessage(“Bunni has stolen carrots from a feild!”)

    Typo (“feild”) in there

    • Anonymous

      Request scenes I am guessing, but then again chrome had some cg that never was shown in the actual game

  27. yariel

    Excuse me, Dargoth-sama …
    can you sometimes check my partial at ULMF ?
    some user badmouthing it, I want to increase the quality of Partial …
    may I ask for few advice here and there ?

    • yariel

      I realize my work MUST get deleted after you release patch …
      but at least this is a momentary stopgap …

    • yariel

      BTW, I must says my partial heavily use your translation …
      If I don’t have permit for it, then I will stop doing it … sorry for that …

  28. Anonymous

    Is it possible to replay battle-f*cker h-scenes after you’ve recruited them? I’ve tried talking to them in the Pocket Castle and looking them up in the Library index to no avail.

    • Demolion

      go back to the places where you recruited each one of them.
      if they’re not in your party the shoud be there.

  29. Erebos

    I don’t know if there are any hints in part 2, but in part 1, after the fight against Nanabi, Neris showed some kind of hostility towards both Ilias and her mother. In the case of the Goddess of Creation it’s understandable, but what about Alice? Is she just jealous because of her instincts or there’s something else?

    • CivilDeviation

      Character specific depending on storyline. I’ve only found 2 so far Plansec princess and Sara. Likely the others will be in part 3.

  30. It kind of pisses me off that so far in part two best waifu has been shoved in my face twice now with no signs of being able to ever recruit her…I need my fluffy tails……. :I

  31. Anonymous

    Can you activate New Game + now in part 2 and if you do , do you start from very beginning of part 1 or at start of part 2 ?

    • Anonymous

      yes, you can. Just like in part 1, you can go ng+ only after beating the final boss. It will send you to the very begining of the game (begining of part 1)

  32. passerby4554

    Two things.
    1) I finally beat reaper, and actually beat her twice in a row (was so i could get steal info, but I’ll have to do more for that one other steal Xp) and yet she doesn’t offer to teach a dark skill to anyone. Am I missing something or was someone way before lying?
    2) I decided it may be more prudent to finish my group maxing in a second playthrough, however I would like to know if anyone remembers a specific spot or several where you find a Seed of Race/Promotion, so that I can know for sure.

    • Skuya

      About question one: Erwin is right. If you encounter her in the Labyrinth of Chaos, she teaches one of your monsters Demon Thunder Dust, Demon Ice Burial or Demon Flame Dance. If you want all three, you need to find her three times.

      For the Seeds of Promotion, you need to either farm LoC Chests or Honey Pots. No ideas about Seeds of Race, but that *mostly* isn’t an issue because most (not to say all) monsters have less races than jobs, if you’re looking for maxing everything.

      That said, *any* way of grinding is better than wasting your time farming seeds from Honey Pots. Sphinx is easily doable in part 1 with one or two Subterrean Insect Popes and gives 50 JEXP every time you defeat her.

      • In Part 2, there’s an island west of the world tree where, in the little area on it, there are wild mimics, honeypots, and hacoiri (the new “mimic” in Part 2). Since they give 15, 25, and 30 JXP respectively, it’d be way more time efficient to grind for JXP there than farming a super boss. You also may get some seeds and mini medals in the process as well ;P

      • Skuya

        At least that’s better then farming the Admin Tower Basement. Too much junk there.

        But ye, in part 2, farming Sphinx is more or less of a pain. You better don’t fight Sphinx in Part 2 for JEXP.

      • passerby4554

        I meant Seed of Lineage, not promotion. I already got max of those. But as far as the Reaper, I didn’t know that since I don;t usually go for the LoC. heck, with what power troops I have now, I should just try it with Reina, Piana & Pii, and Chirp, since they’re the team I beat Reaper twice in a row with. So I’ll see if I can find her in LoC and even try getting the gear there while I’m at it. Thank you Skuya for the info and Thank you DJ Quinn for the tip when I play part 2.
        Now, to clearly ask my question the way I wanted to: where can I find Seeds of Race and Lineage?

        • Civildeviation

          Farming wise, only LOC with the sub-bosses every 10 levels in the chest on the right, better ratio there then elsewhere. There is not a place to farm them, unless there is a monster that has them as random drops or stealing items in Part II. Even so, they’d likely be rare and would require a lot of fights to get a handful.

          • Skuya

            First off, I have no idea what you mean by “Seed of Lineage”. XD

            In my version (which is still 1.21.54) there are only Seed of Fortune (+EXP), Angel Seed (+more EXP), Seed of Knowledge (+JEXP), Seed of Promotion (+more JEXP) and Seed of Race (+REXP) as well as Archangel Seed, Angel Seed and Seed of Ascension which give a ridiculous abount of EXP, JEXP and REXP, respectively.

            Second, probably the most reliable (= you know what you get) way to get is doing multiple playthroughs. You can’t reliably steal or drop them from any monster (Mimic drops Seed of Fortune and Honey Pot drops Seed of Knowledge though if you want that) and only some bosses do always drop them.

            If you’re actually hardcore enough, you can connect LoC on floor 50-89 with farming Superboss Adramelech. Pray for enough seeds of your choice on Floor 50-89 and 90, save after the boss, do F91-100 and attack the blue flame there. If it isn’t Adramelech, save and repeat F91-100. Reason is that Adramelech (which is by far the easiest superboss, but still, be prepared) drops Archangel Seed which is equivalent to a whopping 12 Seed of Race. Considering I have 14 in my inventory, which is 3 playthroughs, It’s probably better than blazing for the game for about 3 Seeds of Race or so.

            • passerby4554

              Just to establish a game plan for getting seeds that increase Race EXP, I should grind levels 50-89 of the LoC? Won’t they drop in any of the chests from Floor 1 and up?

            • passerby4554

              Disregard my last comment, I just got a second seed of lineage, now I’m hunting a second angel seed and seed of promotion, and having found those in the first 10 levels, I answered my own question. Thank you regardless!

            • passerby4554

              Drops from barrels, pots and such are random based on area and depth into game, so i guess it never just happened. I had Lineage a long time ago, but used it like an idiot. When I went into the labyrinth (after getting the last of the steal data from the bosses and reaper), I went to the 51st floor and found the mermaid who sold it to me right then and there. Seeing as that is a thing, I’m going to keep going in til I find one more, then I’ll be all set. And before you ask or think, if you haven’t already assumed that I was using cheat engine, then I hide that fact better than I thought. that’s the whole point of finding the seeds in the first place: get enough to cheat engine them into infinity and max everyone without the long ass grind. I know it defeats the purpose and eliminates the satisfaction one gets after a long grind, but I ran out on that when the second part was published, so now I’m on a spree to max the last of the recruit-able before a patch shows up for part 2.

            • @passerby4554
              Wait, items you find in barrels, pots, cupboards and shit like that are random?
              Damn. I thought they were set. Found a lot of good shit in those.

            • passerby4554

              Drops are random in those spots or they are set items, either way once it’s found, that’s it for that playthrough.

            • passerby4554

              I really don’t know whether they’re set or random, since I’ve only played one playthorugh, and I don’t even remember what I found where/ All i know is that it happens only once for a playthrough when you find it.

            • Skuya

              I’m pretty sure for a normal playthrough, everything in the normal world is pretty much set, no random stuff involved. If you find a seed or a Small Medal in a barrel it will be there in future playthroughs if you do NG+.

              The only place where pretty much everything is random is the LoC.

          • @passerby4554 @Skuya
            Alright. Good to know. I never encountered a J-RPG where items like that were random, so the thought that this game would have that baffled me. Glad to hear that’s not the case. Would’ve been a hassle not getting the same items. Imagine finding an herb where you previously found a seed. I would lose my shit. XD

    • Skuya

      UN_DO this time did actually pretty good. I didn’t like his art at first (mainly because I remembered him mostly doing the Zombie stuff), but Quetzalcoatl & Tezcatlipoca are really good for example (and a bunch more, of course).

      I for myself am pretty happy we got new Delphinus stuff.

      • Yeah, while I don’t really find Delphinus stuff “attractive”, they are fun to look at and I think he does a good artistically, especially with textures and making them not look flat.

      • Skuya

        That’s basically the same reason I like Delphinus’ girls. From some perspective, it’s not something you want to look at if you want to see sexy succubi or the likes. On the other hand, most of them look huge, impressive and somewhat badass, which is why I like them.

        Of course, as you said, his art even complements it, he’s really good with textures and the art style is pretty unique.

      • Skuya

        Oh gosh. Please let me forget that frog and the other monster girl that looks like a Mawile. I was like “When did frfr actually draw monstrous girls?” and then that other game came to my mind.

    • Anonymous

      Modoki’s the best IMO. Un Do is very good too, he got a lot better since the first MGQ. Xelvy’s definitely talented, I just don’t like most of his designs.

    • Anonymous

      I have a hard time judging xelvy’s CGs because so many of them are super niche. The advertisement is like ‘if you have a fetish for this specific amalgamation of chimera parts, pissing, anal insertion ‘and’ vore, then this scene is perfect for you!’ There’s a ton going on in most CGs, a lot of times unnecessarily so.

      Though I think you’re looking at it from a more artistic standpoint, of which I know nothing about. Just from a fapper’s perspective I tend to like the more tame monsters and simpler scenes, but I enjoy at least a couple monsters from most of the artists.

      Looking at the CGs from part 2, I’m not as much of a fan of some of the new artists, but I’ll wait to see how everything is implemented.

  33. Desert Eagle

    Anyone have problems recruiting monster girls from Magical School? I don’t think there’s any “choose your side” involved there.

      • Skuya

        Are they? I thought only Yoma (as it was stated by some representative in the Ilias Temple) and Apoptosis (because they’re feral abominations) have a decreased recruit rate.

        Then again it makes sense because of Dahlia.

    • yariel

      I already edit the file and I see they join as “package” / “team” / “group” …
      Junior Magic School, Senior Magic School and Mepthisto (Magic School Teacher) …
      This “Package” type is quite harder to join you, but once they join, 2-3 enemy will form a package … and yeah, only 3 from Magic School …

      Make sure their affection maxed (with Praise) and use “Ask to Join” Talk skill …
      Equipping stuff or skill which increase recruiting also helpful …
      that will increase their chance to join you for sure …

  34. Blake

    Really annoyed by how many entire scenes and dialogues are recycled, kills any motivation of trying to translate some of the scenes from the get go. I mean come on, many scenes are really short, it can’t be that hard to come up with a few new lines worth 1 to 2 minutes of reading. You can almost count the amount of old monsters who got entirely new scenes on one hand, and the general variety still leaves a lot to be desired.
    They added a lot of forced kissing and breast worship at least, so the insane amount of generic blowjobs got some competition, but i still can’t fathom what problem torotoro writers have with forced cunnilingus scenes. There are like 5 or 6 monsters out of the several hundreds who even have attacks like that, out of which like 4 have game over scenes with it somewhat involved, and only 1 having a entire request scene (succubus sara). This type of domination is so heavily linked with the femdom genre that i can’t understand why this game even has more reverse birth or other strange scenes in it.

    I mean just look at the new game + mod from ecstasy. His scenes are a lot better in general because the monster girls actually have some enjoyment with the sex scenes and are not just doing “bussines as usual”, but he has several forced oral scenes despite the mod being so small.

    • Arj

      “His scenes are a lot better in general because the monster girls actually have some enjoyment with the sex scenes and are not just doing “bussines as usual””

      This line right here is why I lost all interest in the H-scenes of these games.
      I know the monsters see humans as “food”, but come on, at least show some emotion!

      • Blake

        Luka’s reaction is not making it better either. While the girls pretty much all go over their usual business routine, he has the exact same reaction with pretty much every girl. It does not seem to matter whether the girl is rough or gentle, using him or eating him, a low slime or a very high level succubus. He never shows any initiative, whines no matter who he has sex with, comes pretty much instantly and even his phrases are the same most of the time. It was fine for me in the original trilogy because i really mostly played it for the plot, but the plot of paradox is mangled shit and with even more monsters involved, it seems this is developing into quite the problem.

    • dassjennir

      Since he does have hundreds of monsters in the game it makes sense trying to cater to every single fetish possible.

      in the end if you don’t like it simply don’t lose (which isn’t hard to do apart from some bosses) or ask for sex in the pocket castle. For instance, I don’t fancy lolis so i don’t go requesting sex from then after recruiting.

      So the same way you like the breast worship you can be sure there is also people who like the cunnilingus. 🙂

      • Blake

        Well i did not complain about the fact that they are trying to catch every fetish, how absurd or disturbing/disgusting it may be (looking at you Xelvy, must have been one hell of a trauma). My complaints are more about how basic things like cunnilingus are almost entirely missing (as i said, ONE dedicated scene only) while there is a abundance of freakish content for the special 1% of people. There are also many scenes with the same content being way too similar to each other.
        I mean just look at some of the scenes. The scene cg of Succubus Sara and Sara is basically the same, only changing her look, and they even recycled it 100% for the Serena scene. The Elf and the Dark Elf have the same picture too, even though one must assume the corruption would lead to a drastic change in personality and behavior. Hell it gets worse. The Kunoichi Elf and the Wyvern share the exact same small window picture, with only the most minor differences despite the monsters having not even the smallest resemblance to each other. There are more monsters who don’t even have a proper cg. They got even lazier than before and at this rate i get concerned for part 3 if this keeps up is what i am saying.

        If so many cgs get recycled, and the variety goes to more freak content that most of the players can’t get anything out of, they could at least be bothered to write new dialogue for the old scenes they already reused the cgs for. So far, that does not seem to be the case though, as even more dialogue seems to be copied straight from the original trilogy than in part 1. I saw it two times already that the same copied dialogue that a monster had in the original trilogy was used in both the lose scene, AND the castle request, and believe me, i have not checked many of them in detail quite yet.

        • Anonymous

          The kunoichi elf/wyvern problem goes back to one artist who worked heavily on MGQ2 (pretty sure it was Thomas.) In my opinion the art itself was rather mediocre (like what is Queen Bee supposed to be?) but the complete lack of CGs was what really killed the monsters he drew.

          Thankfully he didn’t contribute a lot to later games; the only thing he drew in MGQ3 was the heavenly knight dolls that were already revealed in MGQ2, and I don’t think he has contributed to Paradox.

        • Chaincat

          Yeah, they could stand to have more vanilla stuff. I only know vampire girl does forced cunnilingus and there isn’t even a cg. Granted, I’m overall fine with it, since the stuff they do hit on I like personally. They’ve definitely taken a quantity approach to the monsters, though, so only the story ones and fan favourites get anything interesting. What can you expect, really? They’re trying to push the game out in a timely manner.

          The problem of recycled cg is really an artifact of part 1 and 2 of the original trilogy. They didn’t really put much production value into some of the monsters back then. I haven’t noticed any blatant reskins in paradox monsters at least. I haven’t noticed any monsters that don’t get cgs from paradox, but I recall that happening in the original trilogy a few times… So, really, the problem of recycled assets and corner cutting isn’t a new one, I wouldn’t be too concerned with it, seeing how we still consider the original trilogy a success with how many corners they cut and monsters that got no cgs. I’d just be concerned with their emphasis on quantity over quality this time.

        • Man, I remember when I first got to the Yamatai elves and the Wyvern. They were so hot. All of Thomas’s girls are pretty hot. I ”lost” faster than I ever ”lost” before just to see those scenes. But then all I got was that small window and I was so disappointed. I still jacked off. But it was a disappointed jack off. ; _ ;

    • Anonymous

      There’s enough content at this point that you can probably guess the general breakdown of scenes. If you don’t like it you don’t like it, I don’t know what else to say. If you’re super picky and hate everything except one specific thing then you’re probably better off looking in more specific places on the internet. MGQ is more about quantity than quality, so I wouldn’t recommend it for any specific fetish really.

      Recycled scenes I’m fine with since they add a lot of content that wouldn’t otherwise be there, and it’s not like I remember all of the original trilogy scenes. It’s sloppy that some of them seem un-proofread and aren’t even sufficiently adapted to the Paradox world (like the bee girl scene referencing the taboo from MGQ1,) but it’s not making me not enjoy the game. I wish they added some new content for the more popular monsters too, but oh well.

      Personally I enjoy Paradox as a game first, and there are certain monsters and scenes I can go to for the H part. I feel like in general an RPGMaker game doesn’t lend itself to fapping as well as a visual novel does, so I’ve shifted priorities.

    • Anonymous

      That’s not a problem specifically with Paradox, but with the entire femdom genre: Most of the time, anything sexual happening to the guy is just another way to torture and humiliate him, and doesn’t include any _sexual_ enjoyment for the involved female(s).

  35. Anonymous

    after you buy and extract the game how do you just start from scratch or can you jump into the new enemies from the start?

    • Thanks for the spoiler you cunt

      You’ll start on part 1 because part 2 is both part 1 and 2 combined, unless you have an existing save file from part 1. Copy your save folder from part 1 and paste it to part 2. If you don’t have any, just scroll through the comments, there’s someone who shared his save file. To see the new area from part 2, go to Luddite village, travel north and you’ll see a cave. That’s the start of part 2.

    • Anonymous

      If you only have Part 2, you start at the beginning of Part 1. You cannot skip to the beginning of Part 2. Until you integrate Part 1, all of the Part 1 monsters will have no loss cg or scenes. I assume that they also don’t have any requests in the castle. To integrate, you need to copy all of the files in your paradox folder > graphics > pictures as well as your save folder into Paradox Part 2.

  36. Anonymous

    The final boss is sonja, right? But what if she never joined Luka’s party? You can avoid recruiting her. Has someone already test it?

    • Demolion


      Not tested it but for what i heard when you reach the snow region White Rabbit appears to Luka with her and Naruko.
      With that they’ll join you.


      • Aw bummer. That’s no fun. Makes sense though. They have to make the plot progress somehow. They already have two different routes in the game. Asking for more would be too much.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe somwhere in the middle of part 3, we will be forced to go ng+ to correct all our mistakes and save the world (not like just going back with all your abilities, but with new dialogue and stuff). We won’t take Sonja with us, because she is the soure of the paradox.

          • Guromi


            Well, she’s not exactly a Paradox, since she’s not important enough to be so (I think?), she’s just a girl who shouldn’t be here and who can transform to an Apoptosis? Maybe? Not sure yet though :3

            Also, I verified about Nuruko and Sonya if you don’t take them through the datas, and it seems to be true.
            At the Snow Continent, you will find White Rabbit with Sonya and Nuruko, and you will have to talk to Sonya, because White Rabbit is sleepy. She will talk about her adventures, then she will join the team, along with Nuruko (you also get the Pocket Castle here, since you didn’t get it)

            Also, it seems that recruiting her makes the game think that you’ve got all the blocked events

            (You unlock the event with the slime on the poison zone in Iliasville, the game think you already did the dialog with the village chief, and that you talked to Nero afterwards)


  37. Anonymous

    I was following the walkthrough but ran into a problem. It looks like I have only 5 orbs. I updated the game to where the sphinx bug might have been the cause but that did not work. In the game I assume I am missing the yellow or green orb based on my key items. The issue is I am unsure what to do next. Is there a different event in the Alice route that I need to do first?

  38. Skuya

    I looked into the files a bit (thank you for the new VXAceTranslator, Dargoth) and eh, I’m quite curious what happens to the (nick)names of some Monster Girls when they’re translated.

    Either Google Translate is just horrible (it worked for some, but not all) or TrTr has a weird way of naming their characters.

    • yariel

      RPG MAKER TRANS should be adaptable to most vesion …
      however, it won’t work if the game producer make extreme change in it …
      (it’s rarely happen tough, so go ahead and try it)

    • Still at v2.01 unless Torotoro is secretly releasing patches…

      I’m going to forego the old patch.exe at least until he’s done patching the game. Using the translation program and manually copying files should be compatible with every Japanese version of the game.

    • Anonymous

      *Shudder* Anyone looking at that thing is twelve as are those who decided it was a good idea. I assume it is for the Unbirth fetish, but Great Madokami, what the hell were they thinking?

        • Guromi

          Nope, not yet, at least, but I think she will be recruitable (since she have a blushing sprite we’ve never seen in the game until now, and the monster girl generally blushes when they gives you presents) 😉

    • Skuya

      Does that thing even look like Adramelech?

      For me, that’s some cell with some bunch of cables and the girl as a core… well, probably. Only Delphinus knows.

  39. Anonymous

    So this went from Monday night, to Tuesday or wensday night, to Thursday or Friday night?

    Wtf do you even know what your doing?

  40. Desert Eagle

    Does anyone have any advice for how to use Alice? I’m quite lost at how to make the best of her talents. Should I make her Zorro with her rapier skills, or find a way to enhance her magical abilities?

    And no, I’m not looking to replace her. Yet.

    • passerby4554

      Seeing as I used her for my first playthrough, I had her max out everything by the time I got to the end of part 1. What I have her doing is King, since she’s the monster lord, and focus mostly on Ruling and sometimes rapier skills. I have her boosted up for full engage combat as well as purposely support abilities to deal damage and keep the group going. It’s really dependent on your playstyle and your choice, but I definitely recommend having her max out 75% if not all the jobs you can, just to get the best abilities form every job.

        • CivilDeviation

          I gave her dark skills from LoC since she can naturally use them, stay pope class for part I and use dark skills once ya get em.

          • Desert Eagle

            Improving the dmg of dark skills is working pretty well. Currently, at lv 47, one hit from Darkness or Darkness Eternal deals 9000-10000 dmg, and can crit for 21000. She’s able to pull her weight.

            I think the biggest problem for me was understanding how ATT+AGI. With rapier skills, the dmg is calculated based on the combined total of ATT and AGI. However, for some reason, I was trying to find a balance between ATT and AGI stats. In reality, it didn’t matter which stat was higher as long as the combined total increases. Now I’m giving Alice a lot more ATT, which strengthens both rapier and dark skills.

            I’ll try to make her into a King/Queen at some point, but right now she’s occupied with learning other occupations. In time, the battlefield will know the majesty that is Alicefeeze the 16th.

      • Desert Eagle

        Making her a king sounds OK… Only, she can’t use Ruling skills outside the King/Pope job. She has to fight with some other style in the meanwhile.

    • Anonymous

      If you’re just playing the main game as intended then having her become a king and focusing on her rapier skills is the best move. By the end of the game playing normally she’ll probably be your most reliable damage dealer unless you have Luka as a battle master.

      If you’re grinding in the LoC, she has access to the sea-dweller race, and she makes arguably the best sea palace miko. You can master all of the gadabout tree (superstar/prostitute,) and keep her demon eyes skills (which work off dex anyway,) so she can simultaneously fill a mage and support role.

  41. Anonymous

    I’m happy for every word translated even if it takes years, but things were really picking up when Rogue helped out briefly, is he coming back at all? Still holding off playing through part 1 till it’s 100% translated and it was so close

    • Anonymous

      Dargoth himself said that the translation for part 1 won’t continue and that they’ll be translating part 2 content anyways.

        • CivilDeviation

          A bit off Anon, he said it was the final patch for Part I (stand alone). Part I translation will continue but only in the merged game which includes Part II. In effect, it is your last translation for Part I if you only own part I, but it is not if if you own Part II.

          • Anonymous

            No, I’m referring to a comment made by Dargoth where he said that he was going to prioritize the content from part two over the old content. It might have been in 4chan, I’m not sure where I saw it. What the other translators working on the project decide to do is up to them, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for any of the untranslated content remaining from part one to be worked on any time soon.

            • Anonymous

              Rogue posted his priority list for the remaining scenes at some point in the comments recently, which would imply that he’s still working on them. There was a pastebin with the order things will be translated and everything (the lowest priority scenes being the ones that are repackaged from the original, etc.)

              Not sure on timetable, but the content in part 1 will be translated at some point.

  42. Anonymous

    so is this the same as last time in terms of how you patch? like I just extract the files from the game and then replace the files with the base and scripts and then patch the game from there.

  43. Anonymous

    Question for those experienced with the LoC.

    At what point do you start finding the really good stuff in chests? I’m about to pass floor 200, and the best thing I’ve ever found was a Hyper Wrist.

    • Skuya

      You can get decent stuff before F200, but beyond that it starts getting interesting because they drop more reliably and you get less trash like those lesser scrolls. To be honest, most of the stuff you get in chests is more or less crap, except maybe the Stat +X% booster (like your Hyper Wrist). It depends what you want.

      Good thing is you can restart from F200 if you lose, which is good.

      In any case I find it rather funny that you get most of the (trash) LoC 1 Items during part 2 in blue chests as if they’re something special.

  44. Anonymous

    Congrats, you’ve reached the point where some of the really nutty stuff starts to turn up. Start prioritizing chests over progress and see what you get.

  45. CivilDeviation

    Dargoth, out of curiousity do the patched over skill translations reflect all changes in descriptions from Part I to Part II? Like Clara summons only providing 2 layers instead of 3 (+stacking)?

  46. CMrC

    Are all of the jobs obtainable?
    I seem to be missing the top tier jobs for the adventurer, the job item for the top tier pirate class and the job item for the job right under 聖魔導師 (the top tier for the priest).
    Anyone got them?

    • Guromi

      The only advanced jobs you can’t get are…

      Magical Girl (23th)
      Pirate King (33th)
      Admiral (34th)
      Magus King (56th)
      Goddess’ Apostle (57th)
      Corrupted Hero (58th)

      Not sur which job you’re talking about, since I translated my game with the patch, so if you can say the number… 😉

      • CMrC

        Those are the ones i was talkinga bout thanx.
        How did you patch the game? Is there a readme i can follow to put togheter the scripts?
        There are many .txt but i’m not sure how ot launch them

        • Guromi

          It’s a little bit complicated, but I’ll do my best to explain 😉

          1) Download “RpgMakerVXAce Translator 0.10b.7z” on the link
          2) Click on “Branches” (there’s on top “Downloads | Tags | Branches”, you click on this one)
          3) click on the zip download of the “base”
          4) Not sure if the scripts are compatible (when I downloaded these, the name of the files was bugged so I didn’t touch it), but if you want to try, download it too by clicking on the zip download

          5) Once everything is downloaded (don’t forget to rename the files, to be sure to not forget which one is “base”, for example), extract all the things, then open “RpgMakerVXAce Translator 0.10b”

          6) launch “Ytinasni.RpgMaker.GameSelector.exe” and put the complete directory of your Monster Girl Quest Paradox 2 file (for example : “C:\Program Files\MGQP2” ) (If you want it to be quick, you can put the Graphics files somewhere else, and put it back on the final file once it’s done, at least, it worked for me 😉 )

          7) Once the game is fully extracted (the software should tell you), open the Script files, and you should find some .txt files like “Items.txt”, or “Actors.txt”

          8) Open your “base” file, and copy and past all the .txt files here to the Script files (the one with Items.txt, Actor.txt…)

          9) Once it’s done, if you want to try to see if the script translation works, you can open the script file inside of the script file (If I remember correcly, your directory should be something like “RpgMakerVXAce Translator 0.10b\Scripts\Scripts”) and put all the translation of the script inside it

          10) After this, run the “Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe”, it should put your file back to the game, then you just have to launch it to see if it worked (don’t forget to put the Graphics files back if you put it out ! 😉 )

          Feel free to comment if there’s a bug or something like that 😉

          • CMrC

            Holy Ilias you are a life saver. Even if AGTH+TA is becoming quite good i lost so much time for everything that was not just text.
            Guessing i could even use them to apply a machine translation to the rest of the game while i wait for the “one and only translation” from our gods XD

      • CwHart

        How do you get the Machinist Advance class? Out of all the ones you listed I cant get it makes that the only one I am missing

        • CwHart

          Assuming the Advance Magical Girl is the one that requires mastering black, white, time, summoner, and Sage classes if not I am missing that one too

  47. Mr.Yo

    so wait I can use that translation program to get a rough machine translation of the game? i did not quite understand what the link was for.

    • Best bet if you’re not decently technically inclined.

      Download and properly label the game with version number from DLSite after purchasing it
      Extract the files & move them to a folder without a Japanese folder name like MGQ2
      At this point I normally keep a separate folder named MGQ vPATCHREV RAW
      Copy the Image folder from your MGQ1 folder into the MGQ2 RAW folder & merge the images – don’t overwrite
      Copy the files from the RAW folder to the MGQ2 folder
      Apply the official patch that Dargoth releases in the MGQ2 folder.

      When new patches come out
      Delete All except “Save” within the MGQ2 folder
      Copy a clean copy of the RAW game files into the folder
      Patch the game with the new language patch in your MGQ2 folder.

      If you don’t want to wait for the prepackaged patch, the patch instructions for the Bitbucket method are a few posts up.

  48. Anonymous

    I finished this game today and i can say this shit is hard as fuck and my reward is a blue haired succubus no spoiers

  49. Anonymous

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but does anybody know what the island with the corpse and diary do? Is there any event on it or is it a part 3 thing.

    • CivilDeviation

      Not 100% sure, but I anticipate it is going to be a spot for the 3 labs that were used in the regular MGQ universe in Part 3.

  50. Nonanymous

    I’m pretty sure that the big reveal at the end is a massive red herring. Not only does the explanation not make much sense, but it seems to be deliberately set up to not make much sense in a way that A) players would notice, B) the characters would not.

    Spoilers (and textwall) incoming. Since most of you are probably working off the walkthrough, a quick recap of the big reveals at the ending:

    1) The one who gives all the exposition at the end is the Ilias of the Paradox universe. The Ilias you can have in your party is the Ilias of the original universe, or at least a tiny remnant of her. Heaven actually survived the events of the great disaster, falling to earth, with the snow continent being its remnants.

    2) The cause of the paradox, as Ilias explains it. Thirty years before the start of either game, there was an experiment in Remina. Being advanced both magically and technologically, they were doing all sorts of odd experiments. The biggest of these was the construction of a magical generator that mixed dark and holy energies. The intent was to use this generator on the blade of the goddess to call forth the spirit of Heinrich and have a friendly chat with him. Ilias didn’t like this, so she smote the town and started getting to serious work on her world re-creation plan.
    At least, that’s how it was supposed to happen. However, during the original trilogy, Ilias would weaken the fabric of reality through her time-looping of Luka (evaluations), with even more damage being done when she died. This weakness meant that, instead of summoning the spirit of Heinrich, the experiment summoned Black Alice (since she was also tied to the blade, it having killed her and all that) from just after she died. So she was drawn back in time after her death, which prevented the event that would start the chain of events that led to her own death. Paradox. The timeline shattered. More than that, she still had the White Rabbit serum in her when she died, allowing her to absorb the massive dark and light energies of the generator, turning her into some kind of weird light/void hybrid goddess. She swept across the world, recreating it in her image, turning the inhabitants into bizarre mockeries of life (apoptosis creatures). Due to the space-time continuum falling apart, these creatures

    3) There are four main universes involved in the events of Paradox. The original universe is obvious. The paradox universe is only one step removed from the original universe, making it one of the roots of the multiverse, and meaning its stability affects a lot of other worlds (which is why creatures from other universes are so interested in the paradox universe). There are two ‘Unique Histories’. We’ll call these the Light Universe and the Void Universe. In the former, the angels won the great war, leading to a universe of complete order (read: No one has any free will except for Ilias). In the latter, the monsters won the great war, leading to a universe of complete freedom (read: anarchical hellhole where the strong are free to consume the weak). Both of these universes are advanced and concerned with the stability of the multiverse, but for obvious reasons they don’t like each other. They think the Paradox universe is doomed, and their attempts at following ‘true history’ are merely attempts at prolonging the inevitable while they put their plans into action. The Voidies have put a big soul drain spell on the paradox universe, drawing the souls of all dead into their universe. Essentially, they’re trying to maximimize casualties while adhering to history, which is the reason for them causing the big war between the human kingdoms, and slaughtering Luddite village. The Lighties by contrast are trying to find those humans worthy of being saved, and drawing them into their universe (the populations of the villages with the missing inhabitants)
    The second generation seraphs and recruitable!Promestein are from the Light Universe, while the succubus sisters are from the Void universe, with Alice XV cooperating with their plans. The Grand Noah Tartarus seems to lead to the Light Universe, while the Helgondo one likely leads to the Void Universe.

    4) Sonya is an apoptosis, and a big one too. She’s en par with a fully powered Adralamech. Her transformation is triggered when the succubus sisters and second generations seraphs clash. To make it worse, she summons an Adralamech, with the two of them basically tearing apart reality. She manages to overcome her programming, and sacrifices herself, resetting the universe to prior to her triggering, leaving some kind of weird time echo in her place (though the time echo isn’t aware of this, and the only difference is access to the apoptosis race)

    Now, here’s the reasons I think it’s a lie:

    1) The paradox was triggered by a massive amount of holy and void energies being gathered around a sword once used by the hero Heinrich, and which was later used to slay Black Alice. Say, that sure sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Yeah, that’s basically the final attack from the original trilogy. An event that, conveniently and inexplicably, has been erased from Loli!Ilias’ mind? The events are so specific that it’s hard to imagine that was unintentional.

    2) Further, how did the Remina generator give Black Alice such a power boost? We’ve already seen what combining the energy of Ilias and a powerful Monster Lord looks like, and it’s not ‘universe-conquering’. Given how Loli!Ilias talks about it, it doesn’t seem like the Remina generator was some sort of godlike device en par with that.

    3) The apoptosis monsters as creations of Black Alice don’t quite make sense either. Eater, sure. But most of the apoptosis seem to be computer-themed (especially evident when interacting with the bodies in Wester Grangold, which doesn’t fit her at all. Further, in the north Sabasa tartarus, we saw people turn into apoptosis from mere exposure to chaos, without any need for Black Alice.
    However, the most important thing is the transformation of Sonya. What triggers that is the fact that the lilith sisters and the second generation gnosis are fighting, and fighting between parallel worlds is forbidden. That is, she transforms for some sort of rule-enforcement purposes, which seem to be for the protection of order rather than the disturbing of such. Her ability to request a temporal reset (she doesn’t seem to do it herself, just request it) is also counter to the explanation. (the reset erases people’s memories of this event, so the characters still wouldn’t know this)

    4) Paradox!Ilias behaves oddly. Luka only needed to enter the snow continent because Paradox!Ilias’ presence was disturbing the mana lines, and he needed to further disrupt the barrier around the heavenly Ilias temple to reach her. Not only is this a major divergence from true history, it also nearly caused a world-ending disaster. Plus, she keeps zapping the White Rabbit, despite the latter seemingly working to advance the plans of the former.

    5) We know the original timeline did not end with the defeat of Ilias. After all, the original game had an epilogue. Further, if the original timeline was fully consumed, where did Nero and Neris come from? They can’t have come from either the Light or Void universe, and yet they’re clearly extra-dimensional entities intefering with this universe, which contradicts Paradox!Ilias statements that only two universe are doing so. They also seem to be clearly benevolent, yet oppose the white rabbit, who seems to be working to guide the player towards Paradox!Ilias.

    6) This explanation doesn’t explain two major things. First, if Luka and Marcellus have nothing to do with the whole interdimensional schebang, why can they open those gates? Secondly, why the bizarre actions of the White Rabbit? Removing Angel Halo, trying to kill Luka, preventing Luka from entering the tartarusses until he acquired a spirit, none of these seem to fit for someone who is trying to maintain true history.

    on a shorter note, I can’t figure out how to get some of the monsters (Ilias route).
    -The library implies I should be able to recruit Lilith&Lilim, but I can’t find a way to do so.
    -Is there a way to recruit the Tanuki Girl?
    -My library also seems to be missing a monster in the final spot, any clue which that would be?

    • Guromi

      Don’t forget about Nuruko, in Alice’s route, it’s revealed that she’s a Fairy like Sylph and Gnome, but for the Chaos element 😉

      Also White Rabbit take Sonya to Luka if you don’t get her at the beginning… Strange if you think about it, since Sonya isn’t “important” to the original plot 😉

      You can recruit Lilith&Lilim in Other World n°4, if you go to Hellgondo, there’s a shrine, and a priest who’s alone. If you talk to him during Alice route, he will be mind broken by Lilith&Lilim and she should appear in the shrine, you just have to talk to her 😉

      Tanuki Girl isn’t recruitable yet

      The last monster is Tamamo (the new version one), you have to beat her during the Grangold’s events 😉

        • Guromi

          Also, it wasn’t White Rabbit who took the Angel Halo, but Nero, because it would be “too dangerous” 😉

      • Xoverguy

        Wait…are you telling me that you can actually recruit Alternate World Tamamo? The one that is from the Monster Girl dominant world?!!!!

        • Nope, at least not in Part 2. Enemies just aren’t added to the library unless you beat them. If you die, their name is added, but it’s greyed out and there’s no details about them.

    • I’m gonna go with the easy answer. It’s a J-RPG h-game about paradoxes. All three of those usually have story inconsistencies, things that don’t make sense and plot holes. For different reasons, of course. I never expected this game’s story to be perfect. Then again, they might surprise me in Part 3 and somehow explain all of that. 😛
      Not that they have to. Like with most games and anime, I’m just here for the crazy ride.

    • Anonymous

      Oh no… please don’t say that Black Alice will be the final boss once more (because it seems like it will be the case) And Ilias will be like: Ha-ha! CALCULATED!

      • yariel

        Well, there are several prediction based extracted picture …
        Dark Alice is one of possibility …
        Crazed Ilias also might happen …
        Hild goes deformed by chaos but fight deformed Adramelech …
        etc, etc … might or might not happen …

  51. Dante

    Does not let me patch says that there is an error in the startup program and when patching stays in 49% saying wrong version anyone can help me ??

    • yariel

      You need a CLEAN RAW without any patch or editing before applying Dargoth translation …
      Also, if you already applied before, you still need a clean raw AGAIN …

  52. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for these regular updates Good job on all the hard work am so very much looking forward to it as you guys translate it.

    • yariel

      at 2nd season, there are A LOT status fix in level up but not only at Lv 30-60 …
      it actually fix Lv 1-60, and have correction too even if you already have reach Lv 30 at 1st season game …
      I also already check the skill damage formula, more than 50% get increased damage formula by 120%, only very few get weaken / nerved …
      and as “Dj Quinn” said, the enemies get absurd status update …
      one secret boss (Spink ?) before only have 50000 HP now have 400000 HP or more …

      • Anonymous

        i finded a secret place in the sea that are not market in the map and i think its have relationship to the island named ??? because is the tomb of the description in the diary of the island

      • Anonymous

        Oh, so THAT’S why I killed reaper at the very begining of part 2 with Luka only with that Battle Master combo (crazy time 80k per hit)

  53. Chaincat

    I’ve been wondering, does anyone know how to get like 90% of Chrome’s cgs to show up in-game for her second request? As it stands, only he01-03 and he06-09 show up for me. Are they just outright unused or am I missing something?

    • Chaincat

      We don’t even get the hf cgs as far as I know. Anyone else know, or are they doomed to remain in the cgs folder without scenes forever?

  54. Xoverguy

    Potential spoiler alert…but its in Japanese so it might be ok but….this does not seem like the Tamamo we know and love….

  55. Thanks for the spoiler you cunt

    How to recruit Heinrich? I now have all 3 orbs and I need the last one. I went back to Succubus Village (Tartarus) and all Henrich is saying is he thought I already left.

  56. I wonder if, since Part 2 basically opens up all of the Paradox world to explore outside of the mountain north of Yamatai and Paradox Hellgando, that Part 3 will have larger (aka more to explore) alternate worlds? Specifically I think we may get to explore more of the “Monsters won the war” world and the “Angels won the war” world. I think it’s not too much of a stretch, especially since the “500 years ago” world let us explore a lot more than the previous 3 tartarus did.

    • Skuya

      Probably, I guess so too. All that’s left for Part 3 is the Yamatai Mountain and Hellgondo and the 3 leftover Tartarus, which may lead to some thought that in one of the Tartarus, there’s another huge world to explore. On the Angel side, were’re going to look on another Heaven besides the Paradox one, probably.

      Looking at it from another perspective – the monsters. All that’s left from the original trilogy is most of the Angels (the named ones, mostly), a bunch of machines (Drain Plant, Assassinroid, Knightroid, Trooperoid, Laplace), some Chimeras (Hainuwele etc., Chimera Prison, Chimera Chariot, Chimera Dryad), a few undead (Ferme Sara, Angel Ghoul), the monsters from the Monster Lord’s Castle and the ones from the Navel of the World.

      In other words I think they’ll play a huge role in part 3.

      • Nonanymous

        There’s another island with two towns in the west we can’t access, but yeah, we’re definitely running out of room in the Paradox Universe.

        I think that the third Tartarus might be a future one. The possibility has been seeded by the Luddite Village laboratory, and having a future where the Seekers of Truth won would complete the set. Plus, from the monster completion perspective, it’d be the logical source for the biggest remaining chunk of monsters: Zombies, machines, chimera, the replicant, artificial spirits and the next dolls would all logically appear in such a place.

  57. Anonymous

    does anyone know where to find the girl with one horn on her head and in the pics she is called Ikkaku thanks in advance!

  58. Anonymous

    Where do i put that 15 Data files to patch it ?
    I replaced game.ini with old one but idk where to put the Data file to actually patch it anyone knows? I did my best and it doesn’t work…

    • Sulphur99

      Don’t think there will be one until Torotoro stops putting out patches. That, and the program for patching in the translation still needs work.

      • Anonymous

        We’ll probably still see the basic interface patch sometime in a day-weekish. Like you said though I doubt any serious new translation work will come until the initial Torotoro patches slow down.

        • CivilDeviation

          Mmm, might not even get the interface patch; honestly I’d use to RPGMaker patch instructions above and do it manually. Personally I was a bit intimidated to do it the first time thinking I’d screw it up, but it really isn’t too difficult and takes maybe 5 minutes.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, tried that out. Ran gameselector, saw the script directory. Replaced all the files with the equivalent English txt’s. Ran the translator which seemed to put the game back together into a new out directory. Then jumped into the new directory to try it out, and everything was still in Japanese. Will take another look tomorrow.

          • So just to make clear, the bitbucket above has everything that would go into the UI patch that Dargoth is releasing? There isn’t anything missing? Because if so I’ll definitely do it, just don’t want to deal with the possibility of installing an unfinished patch.

            I saw that the files seem to include v 2.02 as well, can it be confirmed that the bitbucket files upgrades the game to 2.02?

            • Yes, the files on the bitbucket repository upgrade the game to 2.02 assuming that you also copy over the official_update_files branch and the maps_202 branch. Everything will be merged together and packaged up soon™. Currently missing: new item, weapon, and armor translations and porting over some old monster encyclopedia profiles (bug hunting on this one).

            • Can’t reply directly to your post Dargoth, so I’ll reply to mine.

              That’s good to hear. If everything in part 1 remains translated and the only things missing are some new items, weapons,and armor, Then i’ll definitely dl it if the exe is not out by tomorrow or maybe monday.

              Encyclopedia entries aren’t even an issue, though I admit I do like reading them, and hope they will all be translated in the far future.

  59. Anonymous

    did anyone realize that the picture of dragon scale harp is a boomerang, I think Torotoro has some mistake

    • She’s in the port town near Grangold. She’ll talk to you as soon as you enter the town, then you’ll find her in a building just to the right. After talking with her (which I believe you have to do a couple times to advance), you’ll find her at the docks on the north side of the port. She’ll take you to an abandoned ship, in which you’ll need to find a key that’ll open a door on the ship to a room with the 3 Beelzebubs, who you’ll fight (after you beat them, they can be found at the Dango shop near at base of the Yamatai Shrine and they’ll join your party), and after you beat them, go through the false wall to the left (it’s a little thinner than the other parts of the wall) and you’ll find a chest with a key. That key will let you into the nearby treasure room, which has the orb plus a shortcut out via the rope ladder.

  60. Leciel

    I really hope that we’ll be able to upgrade Luka’s custom sword more and the shirt he wore in the original trilogy.

  61. Arj

    — SPOILER (I guess?) —

    What the heck happened to Alma Elma and Granberia? Why did they change their sprites?

    • Anonymous

      Is frfr not around to contribute to Part 2? He’s the one who drew them before, but I don’t recall seeing any new monsters from him when looking through the picture folder,
      just some more battle fuckers (though I could be wrong.)

      That’s what happened with Alice and Kenko Cross, so it wouldn’t be the first time. It would be rather depressing if that was the case, as the new models are a step down imo.

      We’re probably in for a different Erubetie when she finally shows up as well.

        • Anonymous

          What the…! you haven’t….! Go to your room and don’t come out until you’ve finished the entire original trilogy!!!!! 😛 Seriously though if you like Paradox and get the chance it’s worth the play through, even if you don’t watch all of the ‘endings’.

          • I’ll get around to it eventually. The main thing holding me back is the VN format. As much as I love Paradox for it’s story, the gameplay is something I love about it just as much (collecting characters, watching the Pocket Castle slowly fill up, the job/race system, etc) and I haven’t exactly heard good things about the original trilogy’s battle system 😛

            • Anonymous

              It’s definitely a fap simulator more than a game. The story is good and you’ll probably enjoy the dialogue throughout, but the battles not so much if you’re after gameplay.

              I do think they fit well for what the game is designed for, but it doesn’t play like a real game like Paradox does. There are monsters you’ll lose to the first time just off gimmicks and then they’re simple next time. There’s also a few prevailing strategies that auto-win most fights that you’ll find on your first time playing.

              I forget if ‘EX’ difficulty (you oneshot all enemies so you can skip the fights) is available without beating the game, but that could be an option.

              Plot/story alone though I would definitely recommend playing it. I think a lot of plot points and character stuff comes off better there than it does in Paradox (which makes sense considering it’s the ‘true’ history I guess…)

        • Anonymous

          You’re right, I missed her scenes looking through the folder somehow. It seems that the three heavenly knights featured have their same scenes from the original trilogy, but Alma Elma and Granberia got drawn by new artists because they needed more CGs.

          I’m still sad if there’s no new frfr heavenly knights CGs, but I guess there’s still a lot of good stuff if they reuse the content from the original trilogy. Now I’m just hoping that we get adult Alice back at some point in part 3 so they can reuse those scenes. It’s been too long since non-loli Alice.

  62. Anonymous

    Does anyone know how to get the exe file of MGP Part 2 to read in the RPG Maker Translator it wont read the game directory or a example of what I have to type

  63. Exval

    In part 1, I find that some of the lose/request scene like slug nun/slug star lose scene remain untranslated. Will those be translated later on?

  64. Does anyone know if the guy named MGQ_EX (at least his wordpress username) who made the EX machine/partial translation for the first part of the game a few years back still around? Or is anyone planning making a similar “quick” translation for the 2nd part? I remember it being compatible with Dargoth’s patch and just translated the parts that was missing from the Human translation.

  65. Tenchi2k

    need better, more clear instructions on what to do with these zip files, cause i do not see any exe for a patch, or these files and folders to replace. so what do we do with them, and what does minus items.txt mean?

  66. Towboat421

    Welp I have tried arranging this myself and it just won’t work I’ll play a little without I being translated but hopefully dar comes back.

  67. Anonymous

    Dargoth should change it back to his original post and can say he just ment next Monday. Or maybe next year Monday. How long does it fucking take to translate shit that most of it was translated in part 1. This is amatuer speed and making me regret donating 5 dollars

      • Towboat421

        While the attitude is unwarranted I can understand the expectancy of some of the people posting, I would like to ask where you receive this information from as I have been trying to cover the progress more intently but have been unable to.

      • I agree that the person you reply to is way too antagonistic, and pointlessly. I don’t doubt there are reasons for the delays, but I can also understand the frustration. From what I can tell, either Dargoth is going an extra few steps by translating all the additional items and people in part 2 (I thought he mentioned that the new translations are what’s holding it up?), or something unforeseen came up.

        Ultimately its Dargoth’s project to run, and he has a monopoly on the whole translation of this massive game, and we have evidence that he has worked on it (or at least compiled the work), and released that work to the public before. So he is the least lazy person here in this game’s respect.

        Ultimately he is the only game in town, and if they hate his style, they can feel free not to check for updates (you know they won’t do that) ;).

  68. Quick questions.
    1. Can you get open the silver coffers in Part 2?
    2. Do you believe that, in this part or in the next, you can use the legendary weapons that were created by Ilias and Alphinna 1 °? The ones mentioned by Ilias or Alice when you visit the ruined castle with the pedestals.
    3. And something foreign to the game. You as you think it will be the end or end of the game. Personally, I hope you have several possible endings and that each and every one of these is canonical. Since, if it were not so … what sense would it have throughout these two parts and the next. They have made you choose between two sides or postures always.

    Anyway, that’s all for now.

    • Anonymous

      Those chests are openable in part 1, you just need to find the godly thief gloves (which appear randomly in chests after floor 100, more commonly after 150.) Though I’ll note that what you can find in those silver chests in part 1 are incredible underwhelming and not worth it at all. I think the most annoyed I was playing this entire game was when I opened the silver chest with 25k gold in it… though the second ‘martial artist knowledge’ wasn’t much better.

      I haven’t played any of part 2 yet, but I would assume that there’s a ‘master master thief’ job with Lockpick III to get them more naturally there.

  69. Pomme

    Anyone knows how to get beyond lvl 30 in part 1 ? Once my characters are lvl 30, the exp remaining to lvl-up is “COMPLETE”.

    Thank you !

    • 30 is the level cap in Part 1 and 60 is the cap in Part 2. The only way around that would be to artificially raise it by cheating/hacking the game.

  70. Antonio

    im stuck…i can go further of plantvillage it appears a dialogue of alice saying you cant enter other villages…also i cant do nothing dont know what to do…i took the 100 serpent woman…i have everything…i cant enter in a locked hause..and a brokencastle cant enter either…need help (chapter 2 – paradox)

  71. passerby4554

    Ok, I need a refresh on memory. If I remember right, ther is a weapon called the Excalibur, found deep in tartarus, which is suppose to be the best sword in Part 1, aside from the magic sword Caladbolg.
    See, i wanted two powerful swords (using Rune Blade: Earth right now) for Luka to duel wield in battle master, so should I hunt for them in tartarus, knowing which floors would help too, or should I look for what i would assume to be an even better sword for Luka in Part 2?

    • Anonymous

      Excalibur IS the best sword in the game Caladbolg isn’t even close to it’s strength. Is is a random drop from a green chest in LoC, wich you can access only after defeating a Super Boss (every 100th floor you have an option to fight her) The best strat to farm Super bosses is to start at floor 51 and blaze through LoC til floor 100, defeat her, repeat. There is no point in going farther if all you want to do is farm Super Bosses. I don’t know the best strat to defeat them in part 2, since I never farmed LoC in part 2, but they should fall pretty easy, considering the normal bosses of part 2 had more HP than LoC Super Bosses of part 1 and I don’t think that trtr buffer their stats since they are supposed to be beatable in part 2 (I think) Reaper in Hades ans Sphinks in the regular world were no problem tho. Here is a complete Super Boss guide for part 1 https://pastebin.com/PFZBHsWA you can find all the rest information on Super Bosses here, when it gets updated to part 2.

      • passerby4554

        Got it. Thank you. I will do my best, and pray to both Godesses the Super Boss Isn’t Reaper, cause I got her when I tried Superboss once and I had no chance.

        • Anonymous

          Reaper isn’t the hardest one. The hardest, I believe is Micaela because of the annoying physical null + reflect. The only way to beat her is by using magic, and you don’t have that much mp (I took her down using necrosis)
          Btw in part 1 none of the Super Bosses were meant to be beatable, you had to cheese them with Vicarius Clara (null 3 attacks, stakable)

          • passerby4554

            Ah. That would have been nice to know, considering when I fought a superboss right after my comment, I had to face F#CKING SONAY MAZDA! I could do NO damage whatsoever, except for one freak holy attack I had Luka use. That Clara tip could come in handy for me though, but back to the real reason I was going to do this comment: should I use seeds to make Luka all 9s in every stat? I got so frustrated going through the labyrinth because of all those stupid binds, not to mention the Apoptosis reflecting all physical damage. So, should I make Luka an absolute GOD or just try to keep my patience?

            • Anonymous

              Well, why not? That’s what I’ve been doing with my seeds. I am not even close to all 9’s after ~100h of LoC Super Boss grinding tho

          • passerby4554

            Ok, now I’m being smiled upon. I decided to make Luka a God, and the next three super bosses are Sonya Manyu in a row, and I beat her every. single. time. In order, I got Ouroboros Whip, Excalibur and Blood Rose. I believe it is safe to say I can grind super bosses, especially if they keep being her; also, I got genius seeds, so next chapter when I want to job max my companions, It’ll be snap and done. I’ll stop for the night, but next time, I’ll grind til I get every item and multiples of some.

  72. passerby4554

    I just got the Godly Thief Gloves! Now I can get Platinum chests, but problem is, I can’t remember where they all were. I got the one in Ilias Temple and i remember on in the temple of legendary weapons, but that’s it; anyone have a list of them all?

  73. Kajukin

    I can’t anything read about the Translation.
    Is something Happening about it? I cant Play the second part…:'(
    And i buy it on the release <:-OMy Computerskills are to less to find a autotranslation to Play it until dargoth get a new update.
    Somebody have new News or a way who i could Play it a littelbit with a machine translator?

  74. passerby4554

    Welp, I’ve jsut played thorugh both Alice’s and Ilias’ Campaigns, got every companion, gotten a “swaglord’s stash” worth of rare items, excluding several medals, accessories, and the Genji glove, All companions are maxed out for jobs and races as well as outfitted with best race and job based on trait, skills, or basic character preference, and set my two save files to start off ready for next part when a viable translation comes out.
    … Wait. Was I trying to ask a question? Since I got nothing left to do in the game ‘cept … private time, I don;t know what to do in it.

    • passerby4554

      Figured I could just play a little of the second chapter, despite no translation, and i figured out that when you enter the cave near Luddite when it’s open, three new monsters are ready to recruit right of the bat, and when you get to the port town on the other side, that’s the first encounter of the marine seahorses. Couldn’t go any further, so I just checked out other stuff int he castle, and found Ilias giving more stuff, not to mention the fact that her new rape scene requires 300 affection. Good to know for other monsters with more requests past the 100 mark.

  75. passerby4554

    When version 2.10 comes out, if it’s not out already, can someone let me know when a link for it hits sukebei? I want to limit the number of visits I go to there, so I don’t think myself crazy and impatient.

  76. I Really more or less do not like Google Translate when translating this crap and rewriting the **** scripts. it more or less Sound like nonsense. the upside is that i know scripting. but word interpretation is not my strong-suit.

  77. Kajukin

    Can someone tell how far the Translation is?On the first day the game Comes out i buy it and i have to wait sooo Long :'(.
    I know dargoth, you give your best, but maybe a littel update or something like that would be nice, so my hopes go on that one day the game will translated ^_^

  78. Anonymous

    I’m starting to translate the files by myself I thought “Man this is so easy”, but I realized there are 2298 “Common events” files and 814 “Map” files. Dargoth said he was going to finish translation of part 1, but I don’t know if he’s translating everything from 0, because it’s been already, I don’t know, 3 months? and he just translated the game until the navy part. So I guess he must be busy with university or something (also the guys who are working with him).

  79. Anonymous

    I’m now wondering if you want to have parts 1 and 2 as one setup that we have to dump the files from part 2 into part 1 or something like that now, since I kind of want to have the smooth flow form point A to point C…. eventually.

  80. S45

    Is there a way of starting a game plus in part 2 (version 2.02.01)? Reaper doesn’t seem to have that option listed – I’ve tried every option listed and nothing works.

  81. shwi

    Can’t wait for part 1’s content to be finished. I’m willing to wait months if need be but I humbly request you prioritise Part 1’s content before moving on to Part 2. But i’ll be ok with whatever you choose ofc.

    • ArzorX

      well all the part 1 h-scenes will be translated soon but I can only speak of the h-scenes dunno about the other files translations.

      • shwi

        That’s great news. There’s a couple of untranslated text ( that i’ve come across ) in Part 1 outside of the H-scenes but nothing obtrusive. Once all the H-scenes of Part 1 are done outside from a random line here or there it’d be essentially a completed translation to the average player.

        • ArzorX

          yeah thats correct my friend but well dunno how many time for all that h scenes of part 1 to be translated, but well dargoth has uploaded a lot of the scenes translated by the doku doku team gonna wait to see when he will upload all remaning ones.

  82. do we have a more current update? the game is on 2.23 and i think the translation stops after the four shrines story segment in yamatai. havent played passed alma stalling morigan and astaroth, but the translation definitely stopped in the throne room with the witch and queen

  83. Anonymous

    Hello, I’m stuck at searching the orbs, cause, when I got my blue orb from the past, my ship always disapeared. Can u help me and sry for my bad english 🙂

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