1. Unfortunately, I can’t buy from the Jpn site, so I’ll have to wait until it’s put up on the Eng one.

    Also, thanks for all your hard work, Dargoth! I wish you luck and I don’t envy the task you have ahead.

  2. Praise the Hentai Gods! Now to just wait for someone to upload it to nyaa.

    Just copy the Graphics folder? Neat.

    Bummer about the translation program. Hopefully you’ll get it working in no time. No rush.

      • Yeah, ’cause I’m totally not buying the game just because I’m a cheap asshole. If I could I’d buy it. But I’m a poor asshole, so I can’t. If I ever win the lottery I’ll be sure to buy every game I ever pirated. Until then though, my desire for porn must be sated. By any means necessary.

        • Menthols

          No, what Ahura is implying is that you can always manually patch the game, whenever you want. You can find all the details in previous posts from Dargoth if you search a bit.

          This is the translation link, it’s being updated weekly:
          bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/dargothtranslations/paradox/

          I don’t really want to go into long details because it would be way too long of an explanation, but I’ll give some small details to anyone interested.

          This is the patch creator/extractor/translator Dargoth provides in a link:
          RPGMaker extraction program for Paradox: https://mega.nz/#!B15hFb4D!6wvwOfCAkUba9PRraLEWhWuRSkJvXsqgcl-SvWvTpUA

          So download that, then go to the bitbucket link in my post. On the left of this page you will see a download icon. Click that. On the new page you will see a “Branches” tab, click that, then download the Branch “Master” file.

          The Master file is the current most up to date raw translated files for MGQP, it’s the files that you use to create an english patch.

          Follow the instructions provided with the translator(or look them up), you will be adding Dargoth’s Master branch to the translation folder, then create a new patch with it.

          If the program he recommended doesn’t work(it should), there are many others online. Just do some google searches for “RPGMAKER translator programs”.

          Just like Dargoth’s patches, you will need a fresh copy of MGQP. It seems a bit confusing at first but it’s pretty simple once you figure it out. Good luck.

          • Gim

            Those instructions are a little vague and i’m getting wrong version error in the patch, i didn’t understand the part that asks me to edit the files in the scripts directory, maybe i’ll just wait and hope they release the official one soon…

      • Menthols

        Ugh that’s rough man. I really hope you guys find a work-around. I was always hoping Part 2 would be a much easier project simply because a lot of it would be re-used text that could be replaced and/or transferred over to Part 2.

        I’m keeping my fingers crossed for lots of luck and a work-around to this issue. Thanks for all the hard work Dargoth.

  3. Anonymous

    AWESOME! Wow, on the Japanese DLSite MGQ Part 2 rose straight to the top sellers! How I wish it had more of an influence on other countries so we could get an official English translation

    • Official eng tranlation = licensed by an studio that will destroy fantranslations like Dargoth-sama by DMCA’ing the hell out of him, then censoring all the ero from eroge, and i do NOT want a yenpress situation on my monmusu quest!

  4. Arj

    That’s some awful news on the translation issue. It’d be an impossible task to re-do all the work on items/skills etc… I really hope you guys find some way to copy over the Part 1 translation into Part 2.

  5. Blake

    Aaaaaand it has already been uploaded. Gotta love how fast the internet connection of some people is. 4GB seems to be the combined size of part 1 and 2, because the stuff ready for download is only 2gb big, and that user is not known for fucking up.

      • Blake

        Hentai games section of Anime-sharing, can’t post a link in here as far as i can remember but it is easy to find (title is in japanese). Hosts are rapidgator (shit, and only with premium), uploaded (meh, kinda ok) and katfile (shit). It is the first thread so far but, knowing this section, it will soon be flooded with other threads. They tend to be shortlived though, so if you want or have to go this route, be quick about it.

  6. Anonymous

    Is there going to be some sort of a final(ish) patch for vanilla part 1 before you guys start working on a merged version?

  7. Anonymous

    Someone posted the game on Anime-Sharing already. But you would have to use one of those really slow hosting sites where it takes hours to download one part and you have to wait hours in between downloads as well.

    • Arj

      Yeah, why can’t people just use torrents? I hate those crappy “pay us or a tiny file takes 7 hours to download” sites.
      I’m on a minimum budget for 3 more months, so I’ll buy the game eventually either way, but I wanna play now too!

      • Anonymous

        I feel you with these shit sites…
        One of them requires prenium. The second went for 12 hours long download. The third one told me “de-activate adblock”. I do it, close 3 windows trying to install viruses aaaand the website tells me to wait for two hours before “next” download…. LIKE IF ASKING ME TO TURN OFF ADBLOCK IS A DOWNLOAD???
        Fuck these things…. I’ll buy the game in a few weeks (salary) but I can’t wait xD

      • Anonymous

        I think the reason is they’re getting a cut from the adds each time someone has to go through the cycle of “wait 5 seconds, close 2 malware porn tabs, complete 3 captchas” when trying to get to a download. Not saying that it never happens on torrent sites but it’s much more rare.

      • Blake

        Well, in many countries torrents move in a dark grey area, so you always take a risk using them. You also have to know a lot more to use them safely. I was never caught back in the day when i used torrents like emule, but i have no idea how it works today and no desire to find out. The fees you have to pay if you get caught are quite high in my country, so i rather wait the 5 hours my download of paradox part 2 is taking right now (downloading from 2 hosts at the same time) than to bother with torrents.

    • Anonymous

      Rather but it legit, still will, but might have no choice but download it from there since it isn’t out on the English site

  8. Fanservicefan

    “currently dead in the water waiting on a fix for the translation program so that it’ll work with part 2.”

    Is that why RpgMakerVXAce Translator 0.9i has been stuck rebuilding the Common Events script for over an hour now? I want to see if the encounter list matches up with the script from part1.

      • Fanservicefan

        So I’m not seeing things when Windows tells me that it’s 25MB. While the first one was a little over 10MB…

        Dude, this goes without asking but will you upload Insanity’s program in the Bitbucket as soon as he updates it? Not sure how much I’ll be able to help this time besides porting over repeating h-scenes (which RT–if he is who everyone says he is–might want to retranslate himself) but I want to at least take a look. Only alternative is RPGmaker itself.

  9. Ahura Mainyu

    It’s great to see that a lot of people are supporting Torotoro by buying their game. I’m not saying those who don’t buy are bad guys, but i’m saying that Torotoro will be happy since they got over 5k DL in less than a day. They might prepare something nice for part 3 ? 😮

    Happy Torotoro, happy tomorrow !

    • Dyon hoogenhuyzen

      I truly want to support him badly for his work, I really do, But DLsite does not allow paypal payment for adult goods… and the credit cards are out of my reach.

  10. CMrC

    Tonight so much fapping took place that ages after the events, people would start to call this night the “white night”

    Hail monstergirls! Hail the demigod translators!

  11. Anonymous

    I’m curious, for those who actually have the game right now how do you actually play through it without any translations? I’m glad I had VNR before it got shut down but the machine translations from google are horrid

    • I don’t have it yet myself, but I’ve played through quite a few games in Japanese (both H Games and imported handheld/console games), so I usually do it by using my knowledge of kana, visual ques, paying attention to specific kanji (particularly for names of places), and a bit of luck.

    • Ahura Mainyu

      I personally use Translation Aggregator + Atlas, Excite, Infoseek, Mecab and Honyaku for the translation, and Interactive Text Hooker to automatically copy-paste the text from my game to the translation machine. Since i’ve been watching animes for 5 years now, I can understand 80% of what is said in the text just by looking at the roumaji one. The english translation of the machine helps a lot too, so I can understand almost everything.

      Only problem is that it takes about 10 to 15 secondes to read and understand a single sentance. It’s annoying but can’t be helped !

      • Anonymous

        You’re insane!
        I watch quite abit myself but I probably can’t do without the subtitles. I don’t know an ounce of Japanese Characters at all! Thanks for the insight I’ll probably try to use those to get a proper translation!

        • Ahura Mainyu

          I think my brain registered how the sentances are formed and quite a lot of vocabulary after watching over 2k episodes of One piece/Bleach/Naruto/Naruto Shippuden/Detective Conan and such.

          If you’re going to use those tools, you might have a hard time finding them, but they are definitely on the internet so don’t give up friend ! 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    question about merging from what i heard part 2 does not have the request of part 1 in it so what the point in adding the pictures of part 1 into part 2 i also heard that part 2 has part 1 in it already just with out castle request so what’s the reason to add the pictures from part 1 into it?

    • Requests are all there in part 2 assuming you copy the pictures from part 1 over. If you don’t have the pictures copied over and you request a scene, you’ll just get a “…” reply and nothing else.

  13. Ilias did nothing wrong

    Once a stable patch for translating is out will you be hopping to part 2 to do the main story? Or sticking to 100% part 1? Sorry if this has already been answered.

    Main story > Requests :^) > battle and talk dialogue > side stories > townspeople

    Anyways full support for whatever route you take, thanks for doing what you’re doing

  14. Anonymous

    i would like part 1 to be 100% first so i can fully enjoy everything when i wait for part 2 to get translated that just me

  15. Anonymous

    Alright guys if you cant wait for the game, a very kind gentleman posted it in the paradox thread on ULMF. Just go to page 146 of the thread and look for the guy that posted a wordpad which has the link to the mega link.

  16. Anonymous

    so by starting to translate part 2 does that mean it have everything of part one in it? all bf lost scenes etc so that mean you dont have to finish part one fully since part 2 have everything of part one in it?

  17. Anonymous

    Already stuck cant progress and have a hard time fighting. HA! No choice but to wait for translation from part 1, so atleast I can fight.

    • Anonymous

      Did you stop at the area where you fought alma in the original trilogy for the 2nd time. I am saying it this way to avoid spoilers.

      • Anonymous

        I Stopped after the 1st cave. After that I went on a yolo ride somehow got to the main continent and kinda run around. Hard to tell anything about spojlers since, you know I dont understand a word.

  18. Skuya

    Reminds me, I lost the bet I did with my mate – was hoping to get from LoC F300 to F555 while he finishes some Fire Emblem Game (which he did, yet I didn’t “finish” LoC). Gonna spend some bucks on a ottle of beer for him.

    Anyway, it’s great to read and see this game is getting more difficult again.

  19. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth I’ve been curious about this for a while but why did you pick that icon for yourself ? Just curious 😛

  20. Anonymous

    Any idea where we have to go at start ? I want to discover new areas but I have no idea what to do >_<

    • I was able to go through the cave north of Luddite, but that just leads to a port that won’t take you anywhere. I didn’t talk to anyone in the houses, but the sailor by the ship mentons Grangold.

      • Anonymous

        I tried talking to nearly everyone (except the countless monster girls, all the same) and it seems it didn’t change anything. It’s hard to play without any understanding of the language xD

          • Frelop

            If you really want to play before it’s translated, you can use a tool called Visual Novel Reader, as it has a built in translator that gives subtitles to in-game text with machine translation.

  21. SelphiusXYZ

    And I am still working on the ultimate part 1 saves… even with the shortcuts it’s taking longer than expected


      lol I’m stuck on the pirate ship now… I went once on it, I got more or less kicked out and then went on it again and I can’t find how to go back to town.
      Talk about a stupid way to get stuck !


        Ok if you get stuck too, you have to talk to the neko, then back to the food store.
        It seems we have to choose to go ally with the pirate or the navy.

  22. Anonymous

    Ah, that’s an annoying roadblock. Feels odd that the format changed to such an extent. Does that mean that second part already contains all the story content from the first part save for the images? That seems rather wasteful.

  23. Ahura Mainyu

    To those who don’t have the game yet, here is a fun fact.

    The picture folder = 1.41 GO.

    The rest is less than 900 MO.

    We took all this time to download it cauz there is a LOT of pictures.


    SPOILER Nice to see Princess Granberia and School Girl Alma Elma 😀 SPOILER

  24. Anonymous

    Looking through Picture folder made me happy. Emily is there. And so are my favorite incestuous succubus twins. I hope they’re recruitable.


      Don’t get your hopes too high about Emily. It seems, they put all the sprites from the first trilogy. There are all Black Alice forms from the pre-final boss fights, Alice all sprites (the one where she opens the tail from before the first rape scene at the very start of first game, the one where she’s going to eat you at the treasure cave, etc….)

      • Ramez Hachicho

        Honestly though .. I like the plot of mgquest but i play it for the h-scenes and I want to read them in English. Right now I feel this will just be years more translating the plot of this game only to have it all one upped by the final part. I realize dargoth is doing this for free. But to me the h-scene dialogue is what sets the mood. I know you guys probably think I’m being selfish but I can’t help but feel a massive crushing feeling of disappointment right now. I’m not saying I’m expecting everyone to up and change their plans. But when I heard rogue was back and working on part 1 I was very excited and now I just feel as though I got the rug pulled out from under me. Because of the focus on paradox it’s been a very very long time since any of the really good monster girl games were translated. And I’m very sick of being told to “be patient.” If someone tells me a good reason I can understand I will drop it but right now .. I’m just a very sad panda.

    • Frelop

      Because getting part 2 in a playable state and completing the story is prioritized over finishing H-scenes and battle text.

        • Anonymous

          Except that there is a ton of hentai translated for part one though.

          Don’t get me wrong, there’s a few scenes I would have loved to see like Saki, but I’d prefer seeing story content from part two over seeing large spider girl’s hentai scene translated. There’s just too many random girls that aren’t that great and not worth the effort.

          • Ramez Hachicho

            Really? If all the good girls are translated then I am a lot less disappointed. But from the last time I played it it seemed that basically the translations stopped around harpy village and almost no girls translated past that. I guess I will give the last patch another try .. I took a look at the CG for part 2 .. In some ways I am happy in others rather let down. Some things I really hoped for ingame just not happening.

            • Ramez Hachicho

              Nope most of them still untranslated. Including the good ones. I don’t think I’ve had a new English monster girl game from Dargoth in at least a year .. maybe two. I’m just .. tired of waiting. I think maybe I’ll check back on this blog again .. In like another 2 years? Probably be halfway through the much bigger part 2 and still very little translated h-scenes. I can’t believe nobody sees a problem with this .. I know your not obligated to do this .. But .. I’ve officially lost interest in this blog entirely. I might as well just download the part 2 images and keep them in a nice folder.

            • dassjennir

              Most of part one is already translated , sex scenes included(i finished it last week). Just make yourself a patch to play it, or don’t.

              It’s your choice. 😉

    • Anonymous

      Dunno about Tier2 jobs, cant tell if there are more or not(prolly are), but holy Ilias, the number of Tier 3 jobs.

      • Frelop

        Looking at the list, there are actually more tier 2 jobs and races as well, though they also require job change items.

  25. Anonymous

    Some tips for those playing with out the translation follow the original story and if you can have a version of the translated part 1 running near the other game. I have set up my laptop near my computer in order to make sure I use the right skills. At some point I may need to turn down the difficulty but for now it has been working out to help me unlock path ways to advance the story. Hope this helps.

  26. Anonymous

    Any chance we could get an actual complete patch for Part 1 when all of the work is done? I’ve been doing my damndest to try and get the whole Translate thing to work which i’ve seen mentioned on this site by others but it seems my computer is just playing havoc with trying to compile a patch, so I’m really praying we get a pre-prepped patch from Dargoth at some point rather than just getting the raw data…….

  27. Personally I just want the interface of the menu and the moves and stuff to be translated. Like NONE of the actual talking text and story have to be translated. I would like to know WTF the new moves and stuff do to be honest instead of test and fail lol.

    I’ll be patient but IMO, as soon as just the characters names, moves and menu interface is done, you can release a patch and dont worry about story for now.

  28. Anonymous

    Anybody else know a way back into the castle with the 3 kitsune enemies didn’t recruit them yet and can’t get back in.

  29. Bob

    Do you plan to begin translation immediately even though you can’t put the translated files in the game, or are you going to wait until you get a working patcher?

  30. Redtack2009

    So I tried to start it and the download I got just started me again at the start of part one? The dl site said it was possible to start straight from part two so how do I do that?

      • Redtack2009

        Ughhhh I never fully finished part 1 because it wasn’t fully translated and i suck at figuring things out. Don’t suppose anyone has one do they?

  31. Trestration

    So, I moved my save folder into mgqp 2 and the first thing I wanted to do was check for some new CG in the castle. The new ones load, the old ones dont. Cant even see the rape scenes in the library. The button is greyed out. Feelsbadman

    • Trestration

      Edit: Realised that the pictures etc. of part 1 were missing in part 2. Just move every folder from part 1 to 2 and dont overwrite when asked. Fixed it for me

  32. Skuya

    Does anyone have a clue how to extract the files properly? Tried to do the extraction myself, but I guess it doesn’t work properly.VXAce Translator got somewhat stuck at “rebuilding CommonEvents” for about 1 hour now.

  33. Question: After merging the games, does the translations carry over, or all the translated menus and itens that you get from part 1 will go back to being moonrunes on part2?

    • Goes back to being Japanese. That translation program doesn’t work on Part 2 (so they need to rework it) and all you’re really “merging” is the images from Part 1 (and your saves, obviously).

  34. Moonrunes, moonrunes everywhere . Just bought the game for totoro’s support but i must wait now T-T. Want to see Alma Elmaaaaaa.
    Too bad for me i dont really like those new bgm added. GJ for the patch and like always thanks for your hard work Dargoth and his unfortunate friends ^^.
    Have Fun for those who can play the game.

  35. Anonymous

    so awkward.

    So I checked and these characters that I think are recruitable.

    Elf queen – awesome
    harpy queen – awesome



    If there is factions in here, gonna be hard pressed not to pick angels.

    It seems like heavenly knights are left till part 3 and lilith/astaroth as well.

  36. Skuya

    Guess Double Convert Magic still woks in Part 2? My Sunny/Sables got 2,7k Willpower now but I thought it heavily got nerfed though.

  37. Next time read the post properly ok?

    It takes a very “special” person to ask that when the Blog post you’re commenting on explains just that:

    “To merge the two chapters, all you have to do is copy the Graphics/Pictures directory from the old game to the new one.

    To copy over your saves, copy the entire Save directory (not just a single save file) from the old game to the new one.”

  38. Sir Dargoth
    May I also help in translating part 2?
    Just a bored translator here with nothing to read & I need to replay Part 1 since I destroyed my save it seems

  39. Lex O-one

    So… How do you continue the game using the old saves after fusing? I do get some sort of a meeting scene, but other than that – completely oblivious where to go or what to do.

  40. Anonymous

    Anyone know where you are suppose to return to after you complete each invasion? I read I was I’m suppose to return to where the Queen Fairy battle was. But I don’t remember where that it.

    • The Fairies were in Grand Noah. I believe you have to talk to each monarch in their own city (the pope (talk to his double), Sara (go to her throne), The Queen of Grand Noah, and The King of Grandgold (he’s in the storehouse to the right of the castle). An event will prompt where you’ll meet with the 4 monarchs in the Grand Noah castle and then you’ll be able to go to the outer seas.

  41. L2

    I finished the game, maybe I’m too hyped and got way too high expectation so I’m kind of let down when finishing the game.

    Don’t get me wrong tho, the plot is really nice and all the tension and stuff when you uncover more and more things (not to spoil you so I won’t say anything).

    But the Monster Girls that appear in this 2nd part, I would say aren’t as good as part 1, and most are re-used from the original MGQ, which means the H-Scene & text doesn’t change.

    I’m very very hyped to be able to recruit some of girls that can’t be done in part 1, only to be disappointed no new H-scene to the originals. Even the strongly advertised ones in the trailer gives a very rushed feeling of their H-Scene (and only one option).

    Hopefully there will be patches that will add more stuff into it.

    So far, game is great, story is amazing, the plot is OMFG, while the H stuff is I would say very very mild and non exciting compare to all previous titles.

  42. Lex O

    Is there some sort of trick to catching/recruiting seahorse girl and that other purple one, or I’m just plain unlucky?
    I’ve got like every other monster girl I’ve came across so far (which is about 4-5 towns after you get control over the ship) except for those two.

    • CivilDeviation

      Depends on the faction you chose, iirc pirates get 2 special characters to start whereas Navy get too regular generics. You cannot recruit the other side in the same playthrough from what I’ve seen so far.

        • Lex O

          My guess:
          first choice – Pirates or Navy (though I choose Pirates mostly because it’s they were first NPC that seemed to offer some progress, and the characters they offer are pretty good)

          second – Plants or Insects (at least I assume so ;D )

          Other than that so far can’t think of anything else. Oh also I seem to be unable to enter in certain locations like mountains to the north of Yamatai, cave on the island – entrance is blocked by some spider girl and another cave in Plants/Insects area – entrance there is blocked by some sort of mermaid.
          Help, please? <3

          • CivilDeviation

            Can’t go to mountains north of Yamatai in part II I think; you’ll need to progress the story for the other two.

  43. Lex O

    CivilDeviation – THANKS! Jeez, I’ve spent hours trying to catch/recruit those two monster girls and turns out they are faction locked.

    Oh one more thing – how do you open the gates blocking the “outer seas”? I’ve stormed the Navi Fort, defeated all there was to defeat, but gates are still closed (

  44. Lex O

    I’m at a loss again here, slowly going crazy.
    It seems that you need to “solve Yamatai Shrine ‘problems’ ” in order to get job scroll for Samurai and a few other professions from the village elder, at least scraps of info I’ve found imply so.
    Thing is that there’s literally nothing else to do there! Won all the battlefucks, recruited Yamato no Orochi, saved the fox girl’s panda-friend, “helped” snake girls and progressed far enough into the story for Tamamo disappear somewhere from the Shrine – elder still won’t give the damn item…
    Moar help, please?
    Also what’s that village on the island to the North-East of Yamatai? It’s completely surrounded by mountains and no luck so far finding out what’s that and if it does anything.

  45. Lex O

    Yet another thing I’m curious about – there are two closed doors with loots behind them: on the ship, where you fight 3 bug girls (like in MGQpt2) and one in second part of Tartarus pit in the desert where creepy bodies all over.
    Question is – how do I open them? I’ve explored areas around them completely, but no luck so far.

    • For the ship, the key is in the room where you fight the bug girls. The is “fake wall” on the left side that you can go through (if you look closely, it’s slightly thinner than the rest of the wall).

      For the Tartarus, there’s a cardkey you get when you beat Part 2. It opens that door plus the building in the ruined town near the Tartarus.

      • Lex O

        Huh… So you get the “advanced hero” profession AFTER you beat Part 2? Great game design, really. Is it just my imagination, or the game is too elaborate for it’s own good?

        Anyways… Awesome! Thanks a lot for your help )

      • Lex O

        Yet another case of “no idea where to go” – beaten Black Alice, but after that dunno where to go.
        Already spoke to every NPC in every major city – nothing new. King at the city next to Black Alice castle has some sort of question or whatever to which I can answer yes/no but neither options does anything.

        Help, please?

        • You’re not supposed to fight Black Alice, as she’s just a super boss like the Sphinx was in Part 1, you’re supposed to fight the three enemies in the east tower of the castle who are guarding the orb. Also, the king will give you an advanced job class item if you’ve recruited Heinrich and say “yes” (need to be on the Illias Route and be at the orb collecting part of the story to recruit him; if you are on the Illias Route and haven’t recruited him, go talk to him in the inn now).

          • Lex O

            Oh god.
            Well, I have defeated the 3 enemy boss in one of the towers. Looks like the problem now is – where the other orbs?..
            Also I’m not on Illias route so I guess I can forget about that advanced profession item.
            And who’s Heinrich again? The “Luka” from another world? If so I guess I can’t recruit him too.

            • There a six orbs. The Queen of Noah gives you one automatically, one is from the Elf Princess (you need to do all 4 Yamatai shrine quests and then talk to the elder, then talk to the Elf Queen and then go talk to the Elf Princess at the top shrine in Yamatai), one the Sphinx gives you, one you get from Poseidon at the coast near the poison swamp (you can enter her temple from a shiny spot on the beach (you probably need to have done the side quest involving Meia and the little boys in Port Natalia), one is from the treasure room in Serena’s ship, and the last is from the east tower in Alt Black Alice’s castle.

              After you get them all, go to the magic circle in a clearing near the 4th Tartarus. Nero will appear and say some stuff. You can now go to the snow continent (enter through the cave on the north side).

              Heinrich is Luka’s ancestor from 500 years ago. He’s the one who killed Black Alice (before Illias saved her) and, upon learning the truth about Illias, took the Angel’s Halo and invade heaven, massacring angels until the holy energy destroyed his body.

  46. Lex O

    Oook. So I need just the Poseidon’s orb.
    Another question – how to enter minotaur castle? In walkthrough I’ve found – it says to talk to somebody in pub in Grand Noah, then to minotaur at the blacksmiths shop, then to minotaur at the end of the cave to the west of Grand Noah, then you can find some pink minotaur at the castle or something but dialog ends with me being turned around 🙁

    • You need to talk to the guy with red hair in the pub (which is in the alley on the west side of town) and then the minotaur in the blacksmith’s will give you a letter. Also, you need to have recruited the Cerberus (I’d be surprised if you didn’t, but I thought I should mention it) as the quest is from her.

  47. Anonymous

    Beat part 1 a few weeks ago, and now I’m planning to play around with part 2 for a bit. However, I cannot seem to figure out how to merge my save directory properly. Every time I copy my save folder from part 1, the game just doesn’t load any of my files. It just changes the colors scheme of my menu to red, since that is how I set it in the first game. Any help on this?

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