Final MGQ Paradox Part 1 Patch

Final MGQ Paradox Part 1 Patch:!GAwmwQoS!0QLtFZMtCf3UHzwvu37O8BPMVXZ77-nQBOBD7-2gW_E

Untested! Literally anyone could have created this off the bitbucket files. This is a patch for part 1, not part 2.

Still waiting on ytinasni to get back to me on getting the translation program to work on part 2. In the meantime, I wrote a script to chop the events file into 8000+ separate files and a script to do some renumbering on RPGMaker function calls so that maybe git won’t barf quite as hard as it was. Probably would have been faster to manually fix thousands of numbering issues than writing the script, but you don’t know when you start that a 5 minute script will take 5 hours. This is why I’m not a programmer. (just replace Perl with Python and that was my day)


  1. Anonymous

    So will there be an edited patch since this is untested or are you halting work to go directly into part 2?

  2. Anonymous

    thanks Dargoth, How do I donate to you and all the people who help? Or does donating to you automatically get divided up?

  3. Frelop

    Writing a way to automate a task taking longer than manually doing the task itself? You misunderstand, that makes you a programmer.

  4. Sweet! Thanks a lot, D!
    So, how much is translated here?
    I’m assuming it’s obviously not everything, since working on the merged version would be the better option. Less of a hassle.
    I’m guessing by the version number it’s, like, 76%?

    • Oh god, the Part 2 CG is amazing. Especially the monks, and the amazon, and the youki and, oh sweet Hentai Gods, Wukong. The abs, the thighs, the breasts. It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven. *single tear* It’s perfect.

    • Anonymous

      There’s still a number of H-scenes with no translation (like slime queen’s) or partial translation (like Promestein’s), as well as some untranslated dialogue (like gift reactions) and codex entries. That being said, there’s a LOT more translated in this patch than in the previous one. In particular, the loss scenes to Astaroth and Morrigan are now translated, which is great.

      • I see. So not much more from what was already translated when I manually patched the game myself, like, a a few days ago. Morrigan and Astaroth were translated when I did that. Oh well. The wait continues.

      • Anonymous

        Feelsbadman , I was really looking forward to the promestein scene’s being translated , perhaps for the most part of the game , it was that i really wanted translated .

  5. Salizar

    Ask and I shall receive



    THANK YOU DARGOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Abusive

    Nevermind Dargoth sorry I just answered my own question about donating when I re-read the donation page. Sorry I could only donate 50, I’ll try and donate a bit more next month when I get paid. Thank you and everyone who helps you translate games <3

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks for releasing this, Dargoth! I was going to replay part 1 anyway, so having the translation be as complete as it will get is nice. I appreciate all the hard work you and everyone helping you has done on this project.

    I hope the problem with the translation program can be fixed before too long. I’ve already bought Part 2 and started playing, but hoo boy I can’t read Japanese to save my life and I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on a lot of things.

  8. lavos

    Thank you. I assume, perhaps optimistically, I would eventually manage to get the latest translation on my game if I tried but I got several people into the game and would have to figure out how to create an executable patch for them, which I was rather leery of.

  9. Anonymous

    Hi guys! Alright I bought the part 2 game from the english DLSITE. I also have a complete save of part 1. So, where should I go now to start part 2?

  10. Dude, that is rude, remember your manners… Also… IF you could have done this in 30 minutes then why didn’t you?
    In fact…go through part 2 and make a patch for it right now and give it to us in one week if you are so confident.

  11. Ahura Mainyu

    If Dargoth and friends can translate the main story + the interface and the skills/abilities first, then I would be happy.

  12. Anonymous

    Frankly, if I were Dargoth I’d put the whole translation businesses on hiatus to play through part 2 : P
    Thank you for all the work.

    • I barely touched part 1 for months after it came out and didn’t actually finish it until nearly 2 years later. I end up “playing” the game through reading the text files instead…

      • CwHart

        I hope that didnt ruin the experience for you, if it did I am really sorry it did. You and the others put in alot of work for nothing cept thanks in return so if anything you have every right to enjoy the game before working on it.

      • Anonymous

        Are you some hentai monk on the radiance path ? Lol, thanks you again, again, and again for all the good stuff Dargoth. A thousand of thanks wont be enough to express gratitude …

  13. Leciel

    Just wondering – Is there a way to get a rough translation of the game files so we can play Part 2 without an official translation by you and Rogue?

      • Menthols

        I have a program that is pretty much a text hooker, combined with internet translators. It hooks into an RPGmaker game, automatically copies all the text on screen, then translates it into “rough engrish”.

        It has many problems though, sometimes it doesn’t copy+translate the text, and almost all of the time the translations are absolutely awful.

        This is pretty much as good as it will ever get though. Japanese is a difficult language to translate into English, machine translations always end up really terrible. They are good enough to get an idea of whats happening, but details and personality will be completely lost.

        If anyone is curious though I can upload it, but I’m not sure if I can put a megalink in these comments?

      • Menthols

        Are we creepy weirdo degenerate freaks for wanting the little bug’s hentai scene? I think we are. Whatever I don’t care, were all degenerates for fapping to hentai monster girls. ;D

        • I’m not really interested in the little bug, but I personally really like the style of the artist who did her, Sonya, Hild, etc. I really like the way they do shading and shininess and such. It looks rough and polished at the same time and all their pieces of art are really nice to look at.

    • Anonymous

      Part 1 is still getting translated, it’s just the final patch for the standalone part 1. It’s going to be the combined 1&2 version that gets updated. At least I hope that’s the case. Doing patches for both versions would be a lot of unnecessary work, everyone is going to combine their games as soon as that’s possible with the English translation.

  14. Anonymous

    Thanks for your efforts!
    I just found that the scene around Sara in the Sabasa Castle is untranslated, but now the game is much more accessible! Thank you so much, guys!

  15. Purple-Hat

    i love you much dargoth, this is a very happy day for me, I’ve actually held of this whole time waiting for the English patch in order to play this first part of paradox. I’m also going to start learning Japanese through Rosetta stone, maybe if i excel through it i can help out with part two!

  16. that 1 guy

    uh just patched it seemed to run fine at the very least but is this the last patch i noticed the mqe in the library the monster backstories isn’t patched at the very least … i hope at least ALL dialogue (aka story, fight, recruit, and scenes) is good if so then i could care less about the mqe

  17. NekoCrimzon

    Just incase anyone was confused like i was this patch isn’t 100% complete, Just it is the last patch for part 1 as part 1 and 2 will be merged, so all future patches if my guess is correct will be technically part 2 patches even if they are translating part 1 H-scenes.

  18. Anonymous

    So, those who want to play at least the first part completely translated will still have to wait until the third game is out for 2-3 years, because you were too lazy to finish part 1 before 2 was released and decided, having two games half translated is better than one game fully done? You’re the greatest *slowclap*

    • Bob

      You’re not very bright, are you? Part 2 contains part 1; there is no reason to keep making patches for part 1 at this point. Once a suitable patcher is made, the completed work in part 1 will be ported, and work will begin on part 2’s story; the side stuff(monsterpedia, h-scenes, etc) will still be done, eventually.

      Also, this is a fan translation, so it doesn’t really matter what dargoth does, so stfu.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, part 2 contains part 1, so what?
        Part 1, contained in part 2 or not, ist still only partially (no pun intended) translated, and will most probably stay like this for a long time, because the new stuff in part 2 is “more important” than the old stuff from part 1, that was already the least prioritized beforehand.

        • Bob

          And? All that’s left untranslated in part 1 is a few skill dialogues(which will likely get done sooner rather than later), some h-scenes, and the monsterpedia entries and maybe some of the character sheets? Literally nothing that matters to play and enjoy the game.

          And, again, it’s a fan translation. Dargoth and co can choose to translated what they want, and either you are happy with it, or you learn japanese and do it yourself. You’re not paying for shit, or contributing in any way, so stop complaining.

        • Anonymous

          Well… isn’t it? For most people the interface and story in part 2 are more important than side character’s h-scenes from part 1. And we don’t even know for sure if parts 2&3 are going to be prioritized over finishing part 1. Could be that Rogue finishes part 1 files and Dargoth & rest of the team starts working on part 2 or something. Just speculation but so is “part 1 won’t get 100% until 3 years after part 3 comes out”. How the fuck do you know.

          • Ahura Mainyu

            So, if I understand you correctly, you’re mad cauz you can’t fap since you don’t understand japanese ?

            I mean, the only things left are H scenes, some things in LOC (in I’m not wrong, but those are not numerous so fck it I could play it till the end even with that) and the Monsterpedia entries + character sheets that you can find on the wikia, for most of them. Are you saying you are unhappy because you can’t fap to some of the monster girls you like ?

    • Arj

      Yeah, they were “too lazy” to spend their free time translating a giant game for free in a timeframe you concider good. Why don’t you just go learn Japanese then, and do it yourself?
      Never, EVER, whine about free stuff done by people in their free time “taking too long” for you.

    • Anonymous

      Then go learn Japanese or use machine translation and fuck off. Dargoth and co are doing this headache of a translation for free so they can take however long they need to. Don’t like it then don’t use their patch and do it yourself.

  19. Psych0taku

    Hey so I’m having a weird problem that I just can’t figure out. Basically the patch isn’t translating the game for me for some reason. I place it in the folder with a fresh installation of the game. Run the patcher and it reaches 100% no problem. But when I start the game it’s still in Japanese. I’m on windows 10. If anyone has any advice or knows how to solve this I’d be very grateful. Thanks.

  20. Anonymous

    Is there an up to date changelog for what scenes are translated? One of the older patches had a link to an excel spreadsheet, but I’m not sure if that is up to date

    • Anonymous

      I had the same thing. My problem was that I extracted the patch to the patch folder and not the general game folder.

    • Anonymous

      You need to have a fresh copy of a 1.21 patch version of the game with the folders in Latin characters, and no save files directories. Hope this helps.

  21. Anonymous

    Ooh boy. Got too used to having the menus translated. Opened the menu in part two and immediately got overwhelmed by all the moon runes.

    Goes to show how much these translations improved the experience for me.

  22. MaZeW

    Simple Question: You are trying to patch a clean original japanese Paradox version 1.21, right?

    And not the already patched english version. You need a clean version.

  23. Anonymous

    Is there a changelog for part 1>2 transition? I’m not talking about new skills and jobs, just what was rebalanced, like that +10% stat stacking thing.

    • Anonymous

      Just talking about bugs and bugfixes and repeating that part 2 has the data from part 1 except h-scenes.

  24. Anonymous

    Dargoth can you please post a notice when the whole content of the part 1 is translated? From what I understand since the part 2 of the Japanese version of the game came out, you don’t want to create new patches to the part 1, yet part 1 content is not completely translated. Could you please notify when the whole part 1 is translated? I appreciate your volunteer translation as a translator working in a different language pair 🙂

  25. Demolion

    Does anyone already know if we can go to Hellgondo in this part? If so is the Garuda girl implemented in the game to do so, like in the original trilogy?

    • Anonymous

      I dont know for sure but im betting on yes whit going to hellgondo and SPOJLER didnt saw garuda in the pictures folder so i think she might not be in the game (yet?).

  26. Arj

    Oh my good god in heaven and hell, I just looked at some of the image files for the games ( yeah, I spoil stuff for myself ), and I still can’t stop laughing. Even as I type this I am laughing uncontrollably… I can’t wait for this to happen….

  27. Anonymous

    Perhaps we could get a machine translation like the one we got from the 1st game. That would be awesome in the meantime

  28. Help dargoth-san
    I’m getting a wrong version error, what do i do? My game is v1.21.00, and i already had your last patch, but when trying to update it with this one, i got this wrong ver error

  29. insane77

    Library entries still untranslated on my end. But the progress appears to be significant game play wise. Anyone else got something to report?

  30. insane77

    Update: Scene with sara in the castle is not translated. Is it the same for others? Ill keep looking as I play.

    • Anonymous

      No need to mention it, I think dargoth knows best which 25% of the game are still left untranslated ;). And part 2 gameplay/story probably takes precedence over missing scenes in part 1 anyways.

      • insane77

        Yeah thats what I figured ultimately, I still think this is pretty freaking amazing though, beforehand I still had to rely on a guide after the later half of the game so I am skippy.

    • Anonymous

      Considering all the patches part 2 will have, dargoth and co prolly should hold off until the final patch is out otherwise they will be hit with alot of rework like before. Personally I am hoping to see part 1 100% completed (At the pace best for dargoth and co a course) Before them digging into part two. But that is their call

  31. insane77

    Ok, A lot of stuff is confirmed to be translated. Multiple scenes are not translated. In fact, id say many are not based on a run through with the girls in the castle. Probably a bug or it simply just not being translated. However the game is 100% playable, with dialogue actually helping and pointing you in the right direction

  32. Artee

    Just wanted to chime in on some of the part 1 untranslated H-scenes, as those were what I was focusing on:

    Here’s a sort of ordered “priority list” I was going down as I was doing them.

    The names under GOR are the ones that are untranslated game over rape scenes for those respective characters. If you see (repeat) it means it’s almost completely a duplicate scene from the original trilogy. That’s why they’re at the bottom – Because they’re the same scene mostly copy-pasted over (usually a few changed lines at the start and end of the scene).

    Under Castle are the UNIQUE castle scenes left untranslated. That means scenes that are wholly unique to the castle requests. So as you see “Vetala” listed under GoR, but only “Vetala 2” under castle scene, you can infer that the first Vetala scene (Vetala 1) is a duplicate of the Vetala GoR scene.

    So if you notice, as people ask about Sara’s scenes, they’re all duplicates of the Sara scenes from the original trilogy. There’s one or two changed lines but they’re basically the same, so those are literally at the lowest priority for me to port over as I’d rather spend my time doing new scenes.

  33. Ahura Mainyu

    Ok guys, just so you know, this is not a 100% translation patch. We all know this but some people are still asking, because they don’t understand why the patch isn’t complet yet was announced to be the final one for part 1. Just to make it clear, Part 1’s translation is not dropped. It’s not abandonned, okay ? It’s just that since Paradox is a big game, and since we’re all going to merge all the parts together anyway, then working on part 2 will be as efficient as working on the rest of part 1.

    The gameplay, the story and the interactions between characters are about 95 to 100% done I think. As for part 2, it will take the time it has to take before we get to play it in english.

    Yes, we all want to fap on some particular H scenes, but you see, asking the translators to translate Scene A implies that someone will ask them to translate scene B, C, D, etc … In the end, it would be just like asking them to translate the whole game, right ?

    Just be patient boys, our priority isn’t to fap. Don’t forget that this eroge is more than just fap material. Once the story, the gameplay and the items are translated, fapping will be even sweeter ! So pray to the Holy Neko so Dargoth and his crew receive the strength and the courage to translate at least the most essential parts ! 😀

    All Hail Our Translators ! 😀

    • ”our priority isn’t to fap”
      Heh. Speak for yourself. Not only is it my priority, it is my goal in life. Nothing else matters. XD
      Praise be to the Hentai Gods.

      • Ahura Mainyu

        We all want to fap. But we gotta deal with what we have !

        (It would be great if Morrigan’s scenes and requests were translated tho :^) )

        • Yeah, man, I know. Shame they didn’t manage to finish Part 1 before Part 2 though. Was hoping they would so I could then replay it fully translated and 100% it. It’d give me something to do while they worked on Part 2. Oh well. Live to fap another day. Or something like that. 😛

          Morrigan’s rape scene in Part 1 is translated. It’s great. Does she have more in Part 2? I haven’t gotten far sadly. The enemies in the cave are twice as tough when you don’t know which skills you’re using. XD

            • Neat. Can’t wait.
              Don’t worry about spoiling me. I have no self control. I already skimmed through the CG folder looking for all the fit babes. And will probably give it a more closer look tonight. XD

            • Anonymous

              Not gonna lie I wanna see that Morrigan scene now but I will avoid looking at anything I can so I avoid spoilers till the actual story and townspeople are done being translated (since that’s where I would like the translation to be before I start since I like talking to npcs)

    • Anonymous

      “our priority isn’t to fap”

      Not sure how I feel about you speaking for everyone like that. Pretty sure I don’t like it.

      • WhiteMage

        For me the only thing that matters are the H-scenes. Everything else is a nice bonus.

        I hope this will get translated soon.

    • Anonymous

      I laughed at ‘our priority isn’t to fap’. I started really enjoying the game when I realized that it was… a fun game, and not just a means to fap. I was so used to playing to lose in the original MGQ trilogy that I wasn’t prepared to try to play and win first then request things later.

      Still looking forward to when all the scenes are translated of course, but I’ve gotten way more time out of this game just playing it as a fun RPG than I would’ve ever expected.

    • Craig!

      The original MGQ was just fapping, no matter what people in denial want to believe.
      But Paradox is actually pretty damn good as a game, yeah.

      • SelphiusXYZ

        No.. no.. no.. It was about wannabe hero uka in his naive journey to make the world a place where everyone can coexist, the monster lord alice who took an interest in him and followed him on this journey, the places they have been, the trials they have been through and the battle against and defeat of that corrupt bitch of a goddess illias and the unshakeable bond that has formed between hero and monster lord as a result.

  34. Anonymous

    I’m not sure if I’m just patching it wrong or not but the patch says I’m using the wrong version why is that

  35. SSS909

    Anyone already passed part 2 and recruit monsters and can lend a save. I am stuck idk Japanese , but save will help me visit monsters in Hades and re-fight them.

  36. Life is a cruel mistress. I waited and waited said I won’t touch myself using the scenes until the ones that seemed most interesting to me would be translated. No honey pot and no desert scylla Q.Q
    On the other hand thanks to the translation team for its hard work.

  37. Anonymous

    Out of curiosity. Does anyone know if there is a tier list out there somewhere? With the best people to have in your party based on race/skills/class

    • Ahura Mainyu

      Not really but I believe in part 1 the best offensive job is Battle Master. You should still go through Hero, Hero of Justice and Summoner to get some interesting skills and abilities, such as transform (You can use it even if your active job is not Hero of Justice. You get +50% for all of your stats, it’s neato), Vicarious Clara (This thing is busted. You get 0 damages for 3 hits, and you could stack it infinitely in part 1. Still good in part 2 but you can’t abuse it anymore) and the SP regen to spam your skills.

      As for the supports, Superstar and Pope are great. Make it so the pope is focused, so they will die, resurect and heal all your party members. It’s interesting to give abilities and items that make it so your Pope is targeted more often. As for the superstar, welp, you gets boosts, you get heals, you get to debuff your ennemies and it’s great.

      Now, for the races, Slimes are good damage dealer since Division allows them to act twice in a row. A battle master slime is very strong, but you will have to protect it.

      Angels are good pope since they can resurect twice in the same fight.

      Yomas are good for everything, and they have good stats too.

      As for specific char … Everyone is good. I could do the LOC with Pyhad and Amira, so believe me when I say that your battle plan is what truly matters. Of course, some might have weaker stats, but the seeds are there for you my friend. I farmed so much that Luka now has over 950 atk. In part 1. If I felt like it, I could have transformed Amira into a Godess of War, so pick the char you like of find sexy asfck, of funny. Have fun bro !

      • Anonymous

        Wow thank you. I was about to do another play through with new game+ and was curious since I just kinda rushed my first play through for the story. Thanks for the info. ((Yay part 2 game out. Boo I can’t play till it’s in English.))

    • Anonymous

      What’s been said is pretty good advice for the large boss fights, so I’ll just add that if you’re planning on slogging through a bunch of floors in the labyrinth of chaos, you can easily dispatch of most enemies with a combination of status songs/dances and predation monsters.

      Saki with her sparkle song and sexy dance (with all of the status chance boosters,) means that she can disable almost every group in the game at 100%, and they can be immediately taken out by mimic boa (for stun vulnerable enemies) or the pitcher plant predation skill (trance vulnerable.) The only mobs that really pose a threat are some of the harder apoptosis who are immune to most statuses. Off the top of my head, Shinifa and Valtela have to be fought normally, and I think a few of the dolls as well.

      This set up also means that as you progress you can safely have four or more of your party in useless jobs with hard-job wrists farming experience for useful skills like Endure (power fighter) and of course Vicarious Clara (necromancer.) Just switch into their main classes before boss fights.

      As far as actual tier lists, are there any differences between characters besides traits and race access? I’ve always assumed that Papi at the same level and experience is the same as Miranda, even though logically you’d think the latter would have better stats.

      If everyone’s equal, then the best characters are the ones with the best traits and access to the most races. For example, Honey Pot can master all of the slime races, then change back into a ghost race and keep access to those slime skills, plus they all activate twice with her trait. Lime is cute and you can stat her up, but +30% to throwing skills isn’t quite as good.

      Alice/Honey Pot/Vitae/Hild/Nanabi/Saki are all really strong. A tier list is kind of hard in general though because the only time it matters (far in the LoC,) you’re looking for super specific things like improved status % or characters who can abuse certain game mechanics. For the normal game a tier list is kind of overkill.

  38. Anonymous

    what shall i do after i bought part 2 just restart the game from scratch or unpack them together or?:D im so bad at this stuff

    • Just copy your Save folder from Part 1 into Part 2’s folder to continue where you left off.
      And Copy the Pictures folder from Part 1 to get all the h-scenes from Part 1.

  39. Anonymous

    Does anyone know what to do after the cave in Luddite Village? I go to the town but who do I speak to continue?

  40. Demolion

    I saw somewere that the six orbs were reintroduced in the second part.
    If there is no garuda girl to hatch does anyone know what is their purpose now?

  41. Anonymous

    I wonder if they will ever Introduce a futa Monster girl. I can’t remeber any of they have. I mean I think I remeber lapis and maybe a few of the other machine or tentacle monsters inserting things in Lukas ass, but none with cock or balls. ((I know it wouldn’t make sense story wise because monster girls need men’s semen)) But maybe a new created monster, or apotheosis monster, or even just a regular monster girl that shoots blanks.

    • Yeah, high slug has one, but it barely counts. It’s smaller than some of the tentacles he’s taken. I need Luka to get dicked by a huge one. Fingers crossed.

        • Anonymous

          LOTS of people hate futa with a passion, especially when it appears in stuff focused on other fetishes. I think they might just not want to go there.

          • That’s a terrible point. LOTS of people also hate vore but that doesn’t stop them from putting it in. The primary fetish of MGQ is monster girls raping a shota. Futa works well there. It’s not the odd one out, that’s for sure. You already have ass rape. Might as well add a few dickgirls to do it while we’re at it. Anyone who isn’t into it can just avoid those scenes.
            If they don’t wanna go there than that’s fine. It’s a bummer, but so be it. But I highly doubt people not liking it is the reason why.

            • Anonymous

              I don’t really know if that’s the reason, I’m just speculating. Torotoro used to do tons of Q&A, maybe he answered it at some point, I don’t know. I do know that a lot of people (western audience at least) would flip their shit if they added it though. I know it might sound weird in the context of a game that has vore and xelvy monsters but futa is a very polarizing fetish.

            • I doubt TT cares about what the western audience wants. They certainly don’t care about what fetishes we prefer. They have two demographics they cater to with this game: RPG fans and monster girl rape fans. They get you in with that and everything else is up to you. That’s why the fetishes are so diverse. There’s something for everyone. And if you don’t like something just avoid it. No reason to make a fuss about it. That would be childish. Not including a certain fetish because a few people might not like it would be a lousy move from a business standpoint. They would attract a lot more fans of that fetish than there would be idiots who would just drop the game because ONE of the DOZENS of fetishes in the game isn’t to their liking. I’ve seen people complain about vore and xelvy’s art. I doubt any of them are going to not get Part 3 because it features both. I understand you’re just speculating. But your points are illogical to me. There’s no reason to not include it. Unless the staff themselves REALLY hate it for whatever reason. Then I guess it would make sense. I’m already following one such Patreon game, where the creators don’t like futa. Such a shame. Everyone should appreciate the glory of futa. The perfect woman. Can both get dicked and do the dicking. Beautiful.

              And futa is nowhere near as polarizing as vore. A lot more people dislike vore than futa. The hate list is pretty much:
              1. NTR
              2. Guro
              3. Vore
              4. A bunch of other things I’m probably forgetting
              5. Futa
              6. Everything else
              Now, that’s just from my experience on the Interwebs of course. I don’t claim this to be an accurate list. XD

            • Anonymous

              “Not including a certain fetish because a few people might not like it would be a lousy move from a business standpoint. They would attract a lot more fans of that fetish than there would be idiots who would just drop the game because ONE of the DOZENS of fetishes in the game isn’t to their liking. ”
              Ehh no that’s just wrong. Then why not add scat and guro if you can only gain more people by adding more fetishes. Precisely because it will turn off some of your core audience that came for the monster girls and hates these things. If you make a fetish game that tries to appeal to every fetish it won’t appeal to anybody. I said western audience because I have no way of knowing if Japanese fans have the same subsection of people who avoid stuff with futa in it, but I assume they do.
              Personally, I can take it or leave it but in my experience a lot of people have this reaction to futa that they won’t even come near anything with it, even if it’s not the main focus.

            • Scat and guro are far more disliked than a chick with a dick. There’s also nothing that comes close to those fetishes in this game. Meanwhile, pegging is a thing. Adding dicks would hardly turn off more people.
              And I can still bet you my left nut that they wouldn’t lose more people than they would gain. It’s silly to think that way. No one is stupid enough to not enjoy a game because it contains a few scenes of a fetish they dislike. People bitch about the vore in the game yet they still play it. Something as minor as futa would not tip the scales. And with Japan’s love of traps I doubt they have many people who hate futa. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s as popular as any fetish. Why like one type of dick more than another. How foolish.
              Of course both mine and your opinion on this could be totally wrong. You say they don’t add scat and guro because it could turn off people. But there could be other reasons. Again, maybe the staff just doesn’t like it. Or maybe they just never thought about it and it would feel out of place to add it now. That might also be their train of thought for futa too. We can’t know unless we ask them.

              You’ve clearly had way different reactions to futa than I. Most people are indifferent if they don’t like it, as far as I’ve seen. Sure you’ll find many people in the comments of futa related works spewing vitriol. But you’ll find that in the comments of any fetish. From my experience of just talking to people I’ve found way more people who don’t care, followed by fans and then haters.
              But that’s just my experience. The reality could be completely different from either of our experiences.

              You’re right. You can’t please everyone. Which is why this game isn’t for everyone. It’s for people who like female on male rape, monster girls, furries and so on. With stuff like that already in there, futa isn’t too far of a stretch. It fits in a world where the females want to humiliate and dominate a male. Scat a little less so. And gore is already covered with vore. Sure, it might not be as brutal as some gore fans like it, but Luka’s still melting and dying. So it’s close enough.

              I don’t know how this pointless convo started from me just hoping there would be futa, but I don’t think I have anything else to add without repeating myself.
              So I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.
              Neither of us know the real reason, and neither of us claim to do so.
              No point in spamming Dargoth’s comments section with this topic when neither of us know enough and we can’t seem to come to an agreeable conclusion. (Assuming I’m even talking to the same person.)
              So let’s just part on peaceful terms. I’ll continue hoping for futa and you can continue hoping for what you want.
              As a wise man once said: ”You do you, and I’ll do me, and we won’t do each other. Probably.”

          • Abusive

            ID personally like a futa monster or two. I avoid scat gore and vore like the plague, but if they are apart of a hentai or h-game I like, as long as it’s in skippable scenes, and other scenes that I enjoy are free of those three, then I will not stop playing or watching the hentai because of it.

            That said I do enjoy some weirder stuff, like Futa and NTR.

            Anyways this doesn’t matter, I wish I could goto sleep till part2 is fully translated so I can binge play it, then go back to sleep till part 3 is fully translated! Everyones so happy P2 is out, and Im just sitting her like……I can’t read it……..I can’t play it………..wahhhhhhhhhhh

            • There is nothing strange with NTR – this is most popular “plot fetish”. As example – netorare thread in anime-sharing is most active among any other thread. Also there is nothing wrong with futas themselves. But when someone fuck male protagonist in his ass with a dick – this is definitely homo. So if you are straight male and associate yourself with MC, then such thing are large turn off for most people. This is not question of fetishes, this is a question of your sexual orientation.

            • @konstantinudachliviy
              ”definitely homo”
              Well, there you go pegging fans. You’re all gay, ’cause you like it when women pound you in the ass. XD
              Let’s remove all the scenes where Luka gets tentacle fucked too. Just to be safe.
              People seriously need to get over their sexual insecurities and just enjoy the porn. Who cares if there’s a dick? The rest is all hot woman.

  42. samuraimich

    hmm you forgot to translated one monster girl the little bug monster girl in the castle or in other words Lippy

    • Anonymous

      Note that I haven’t played the game, I just have access to the world map through RPG Maker.

      I can see an island northeasti-ish of the second Tartarus you go to (in the first game) with one tree that seems like it might fit the bill.

      • If that’s the magnifying glass shaped island, it’s just “Mimic Island” (with random encounters of Mimics and Honeypots and such, so good for recruiting if you haven’t yet). I believe during the harpy village quest it’s mentioned it’s to the far west (though I may be wrong). If possible, could you post an image of the world map?

  43. Sage

    Yo fam, remember the machine translator who disappeared? I’m currently working on the H-requests for the new girls and I have to inquire something:

    -Do I simply machine translate and send you the pastebin for redaction or do I try to make them fappable-ready?
    -Isn’t it better if I send you a link to a Mega folder containing text files for each monstergirl request? A single file will get eventually more difficult to work with.

  44. Anonymous

    so looks like your going onto part 2 seems it will take more time before i can finally start part 1 i know the story is done and all but if i lose a fight i want to be able to read what being said since i want to play on the hardest setting.

  45. Anonymous

    Just wondering, is there going to be an EX Patch for part 2 when we can merge them together? Their special cheats really helped me out getting back to where I was when I deleted a previous version like a damn idiot all with my save files

      • Anonymous

        yeah, there are some Henriche’s pics in the graphics folder, so we will definitely see him in the game. I doubt he will be recruitable though.


          You can recruit Heinrich, actually (I did it last night before going to bed). Just go back to the Alt Succubus town after starting the six orb quest, talk to the rich lady in the house in the northwest of town with a maid in front of it (you may need to talk to Heinrich and/or the sailor in from of the ship first), then go back to the in and talk to Heinrich. You can then take the boat to a cave/dungeon to the north (I stopped for the night just after entering the cave, so I don’t know what happens after you beat it; I assume Heinrich stays in the party, though).

          • Anonymous


            Sorry to bother you, but I am stuck once again. I have recruited Heinrich, queen/princess Alraune, queen harpy, and both squid queens. I have also gone to sphinx and retrieved an item and Yamatai shrine where the lady gives a whole bunch of stuff.

            Things I think need to be done is recruit fairy/elf queen, vampire queen, spider queen, mermaid queen, and perhaps both snake girls in the the shrine.

            places I can’t get access to is both snow mountains, ruins with the test subjects running around and that place north of those ruins with the magical floor pieces that seems to do nothing yet.

            • The answers to almost all those questions can be found in this guide:

              Just a heads up for what it doesn’t cover: I recruited the fairy queen, but I don’t know how I did it, I just went back and talked to her after progressing the story a bit. For the Elf Queen, the Gold Trophy can be gotten from the “survival” challenge at the Colosseum (third option), but I don’t know how to get the Silver Trophy (still trying to figure it out myself; let me know if you figure it out). I believe only the white snake girl with red flowers in her hair is recruitable. If you didn’t do the Part 1 half of Vanilla’s (the little vampire bandit) quest, you can use this guide:( ). If you know katakana, you should be able to figure out the locations to go for the Part 2 half. The only things you may need to know is that after speaking to the shopkeeper in Grangold, talk to the witch in the store house with the king and Ant Queen, when she mentions an elf in Yamatai, it’s the one in the white snake house and you need to talk to her multiple times (I assume she wants you to have done something, but I had already done whatever it is was before hand so i just had to talk to her twice), and there’s one or two of the shopkeepers afterwards that you’ll have to talk to twice as well. You’ll know you’re ready to talk to the vampire queen when, upon looking at her store in the castle then leaving it, she mentions something in those Japanese bracket quotation marks.

            • Anonymous

              thanks for the help. I think i encountered a big problem for vanillas quest it wants me to speak with mini(phoenix) and some how I don’t have her(checked castle/companion list). i went back to those slums to see if she is there but nope. so now I have no clue on how to find her.

            • If she isn’t behind the counter of the upper right of the entrance hall (the black smith area) of the pocket castle and she’s not in your party, then there are two possibilities. One, you either never did the Dahlia/phoenix tails side quest, having possibly opted to pay Amira for the info instead, or you told her she couldn’t join after the boss battle. Double check Hades to see if she’s a re-fightable boss in there. If not, you may have just not done the quest. Also, start up Part 1 and play the file you continued from and check Hades in that as well. I’m not sure, as I haven’t done a NG+ in Part 2 yet, but Part 2 may keep bosses you beat in previous playthroughs in Hades in the NG+. I say this because I have both Lily and Lucia in Hades in my Part 2 save, where as that’s impossible in Part 1 because you can only fight one of them and bosses only appear in Hades if you’ve beaten them in that playthrough (again, in Part 1). If all this fails, you may have to wait until a NG+ to recruit her.

  46. Anonymous

    Does anyone know where the beelzebubs are in the castle, i used the complete save game on totoro’s site and cant seem to find them.

  47. SelphiusXYZ

    Can anyone tell me what to do to recruit the goblin girl? I cant seem to find the warehouse i am supposed to examine

  48. SelphiusXYZ

    So present observation… numerous request scenes, side quest dialogues, library data entries, and a few menue items remain untranslated ir only partially translated….

  49. Anonymous

    Looks like a 2.01 version was released to fix a game breaking bug involving quest items and the sphinx.

  50. Anonymous

    Guys I need help. I’m at the point in the game where you have to collect the Orbs from Sphinx, Poseiden, and Princess Elf. I’ve gotten the Orbs from the Elf and Sphinx, however I can’t find the Orb from Poseiden. I’ve been told I have to go to the Gold Coast, east of the Poison Swamp. However when I get there, I don’t see a sparkle tile anywhere to teleport me to her. Any help would be appreciated, cause I can’t progress through the game at this point.

      • What to do after those orb? im a little stuck, i beated queen elf,plant,spider,vampire,mermaid. Queen fairy is missing i guess but i dont know where she is. And that ship is sooo damn slow T-T

  51. Ahura Mainyu

    I think Arisutoromeria (the Alice the 8th that give you a BL when you ask) is named Alice. Romeria is probably the teddybear, right ? 😮

    • For the patch, are you patching the version 1.21 RAW version of the game? — Previous patches it didn’t work if any other patches were applied.

  52. Okay, since I asked about it a little bit ago, I found out what happened to the women of Luddite and thought I’d share with the rest of y’all. The sisters turned them all into Succubi and they went to live in Succubi Village. The reason for the conflict in Succubi Village when you arrive in Part 2 is because a man had escaped from Luddite and the mayor of Succubi village gave him refuge. The monsterfied women from Luddite, and more specifically the purple skinned Succubus you see when you enter, want to kill the man. The decision you make at the end when choosing sides is basically whether or not to have him killed.

      • The decision decides whether or not you get the purple succubus or the mayor succubus. There are also 3 special succubi around the town you can fight who’ll join after you make your decision, but I don’t know if they join if you side with the mayor, as I chose the purple succubus and am still clearing up side quests/recruiting missed enemies before I start on a NG+.

    • Damn, that makes sense. How could I forget that? I knew that was an ability they had, the succubi in the original game did it too, but it just slipped my mind.
      I guess I just assumed everyone there needed to die for the paradox to be fixed. Hell, maybe they do. Nice job, Lilith Sisters. You might have doomed us all because you were too nice. 😛

      • Ahura Mainyu

        Don’t forget to take a rest too, you haven’t stopped working on the translation for a while right ? 😮

      • Chaincat

        well, that’s reassuring at least. So long as I know which button lets me hit things harder and which button lets me talk to them I’ll be fine. Like Ahura said though, you should take some rest when you can. You’re doing Ilias’s work, Dargoth!

          • Chaincat

            Nah, part 2 looks like Ilias love. We get angels and Ilias gets a new scene. Alice only gets one of her knights.

            • I meant that Dragoth translating a game that’s all about monster girls and bringing it to a wider audience isn’t exactly something that’d mesh well with Illias’s teachings, so I wouldn’t call it “doing Illias’s work” 😛

  53. Desert Eagle

    Is anyone else having problems recruiting Sea Dragon Marine and Sea Slug Marine? I’ve been trying to recruit them for 1-2 hours. I think I’ve just been (very) unlucky. Is there perhaps a place where they cannot be caught at?

  54. Just a heads up for those trying to collect all the characters: There are two different color Driads in the World Tree and, even though they share affinity, they count as two different characters to recruit and you recruit them separately, meaning they’re NOT “group characters” like the Zombies or Fairies or the Nefertiti Lamias.

  55. Chaincat

    So, I was exploring the castle with the dev save and I found freaking Kakyoin. Someone please tell me where we get Cherry boy in-game so I can avoid him like the plague so he doesn’t bang Luka’s mom?

  56. Desert Eagle

    Now I’m stuck trying to recruit Ittan-Momen girl. That can’t be a Navy/Pirates thing. I think I’m just unlucky, just how I was unlucky with Sandworm.

    • Desert Eagle

      Interesting. I was grinding Ittan-Momen girls for a good while and couldn’t recruit them. But after the 2.01 patch, I got one after two battles. Either a coincidence or the patch adjusted their recruitment rate.

      • Skuya

        Do you mean that Sea Ghost in the Tidal Cave? I wish I got that one, too. The only one I got was Dagon, unfortunately. But then, Dagon ist cool.

  57. Thanks for the spoiler you cunt

    Damn, I beat Leviathan. I wonder how I can recruit her though. There’s a dialogue asking if she wants to join, then she reminisced about her sailing the seas, but she refused because she’s the Admiral of the Navy.

        • After you go through the Tartarus and complete the event on the other side, four cities (San Ilia, Sabasa, Grand Noah, and Grangold) will be attacked by four different monster clans. Save all four cities and you’ll be let into the outer seas. At that point is when you can recruit her.

    • Desert Eagle

      I managed to beat her too, after hours of combat. Perhaps we’ll be able to recruit her further in the game, when we’re closer to lv 60.

      • Skuya

        Beating Leviathan on Hell difficulty at Lv32-34 took me about 15 Minutes. I also though she’d join after that, but no, sadly she doesnt. She drops some kind of seed though.
        Happy farming!

  58. Hav!c4

    So can you recruit Lucifina, Michaela , Prime Promestein , Heavenly Knights in this game? How do they look , what is their level , how strong they are ? xD

  59. World, I have a question.
    I still do not start well part 2 but is it supposed to be the final part or is there going to be a part 3 in the future?
    Because of being the final … I shit on all the creators and designers who worked on the game. Check it quickly and without knowing any Spoiler that there is no CG of Neris. Really? REALLY? There is Lucifina, her mother with Luka. There is Sonya CG in crazy, possessed or because she was a traitor. [I ignore it, since I do not want to spoil until I see it, the truth.] And of course, there are many bizarre girls, doing bizarre things. BUT NONE OF NERIS. I do not care if it was Luka or not. But, seriously? There are even new scenes for other monster girls. But none for her. [Clearly, there is not for Alice, but if for Ilias, which makes choosing her “route”, for the moment, do not bring new ZUKULENCIA] Anyway …

    In short, and for those who do not want to read all the above I wrote, but want to answer my doubts and heal or clarify my hurt soul.

    Part 2 is the final part? Or is there more to the future?

    As with the Battle fuckers at the beginning of part 1, then implement new scenes for the future game or there will be no more updates?

    My desired desire to see, a scene of Neris, only stayed in that, in an impossible dream or desire? Because if so, how sad, just as sad, as if there had never been an official CG of Micaela …

    As Ilias said well in the event of the legendary cook of the town that is located in the second Tartaro. “What a waste of talent and possibility” … more or less I think.


      I had a look at the CGs and as you have no pictures of the pupeeter or the “re-animated” Alices (previous monster lords), it pretty much confirms that it’s not the final part (and I think they told “3 parts” right at the beginning when they were releasing the first part)

    • Ahura Mainyu

      You are not strong enough yet to get Nero and Neris in your party. Wait for part 3 before that. As for Michaela, well … Michaela-chan is in the castle, with Eden and Lucifina-chan. Trust me, she rapes our lil’ shota quite well.

  60. Anonymous

    I feel like i’m missing something.
    I’m playing through part 1 right now, and i was under the impression that it was finally done and translated, hence the part 1 final. But if i request, say, a blowjob from the slug nun, nothing is translated in that scene.
    Was i mistaken? I thought all the h-scenes would be translated? Or was it just the story that’s supposed to be done?

  61. CwHart

    I don’t think the Kunoichi Elf Trio are in this game. I wonder if they are being kept til part three or were cut all together. Shame I was looking forward to them, but still alot of good stuff in the game

  62. Xoverguy

    Question that I really want to know before anything else. Are the Job and Race lists expanded, or are Job and Race levels expanded to accomodate for more skills and abilities? (I always thought that if the somehow for some reason dont expand the Job/Race list they would raise the level cap for both to level 20 (part 2) and 30 (part 3) respectively. But I am dying to know what they did with Jobs/Races.

    Secondly, and I apologize in advance if this is kinda against regulations, but has anybody seen a torrent or the sort of version 2.01 yet? If we cant talk about such things here, I apologize and retract the question.

    • Frelop

      A bunch of jobs and races were added, mostly advanced, but a few intermediate. There’s a list of translated names in this comment section if you want to check it out.

      • Fanservicefan

        Only jobs, of which there are 58. Not races. Although I did count the latter. About 90 new ones to choose from, assuming I miscounted slightly.

        • Xoverguy

          Wait, do you mean that they only added new jobs but not races? Or did you mean that the translated list that was mentioned only covers jobs? Regardless…where can I find this list?

          Personally i really want to transfer my save and try the game but I want to wait until Torotoro patcheas all the bugs they are going to patch out of part 2, so I dont have to waste time downloading updated game copies just to be up to date with the proper patch for the future english translation patches.

          That being said…its time to Equipment grind in the Labyrinth of Chaos. If Sonya Maiyu was any indication, I wouldn’t put it past Torotoro to drop Black Alice’s allies (From the Puppeteer Tower teaser scene in Part 1) as super boss spawns in Part 2, making equipment farming all the harder. Especially so if they made it so that Vicarious Clara/Electromagnetic Armor/Group Defense cannot stack barriers anymore.

    • There are a few new races… btw since i had alice maxed on all her races for part one… god that took forever… it didnt take long for me to notice she has access to one more intermediate race immediately at the start of part 2… On that note am I the only one who still prefers to play with alice rather than ilias?

  63. Incubusknight

    Thank you Dargoth and everyone who helped in translating this gem of a game. It only became a huge hit among the english speaking audience because of your guys efforts. You deserve every bit of praise here and I look forward to seeing the next chapter of this great story translated. Thank you.

  64. Anonymous

    I just want to watch all H-scenes. There is a pocket castle save file, but you can’t see the “true” defeat scenes that way. Is there already a save file with all Defeat Scenes unlocked?

    • Gra$$bro

      Yeah i need that kind of save file too , with monsters recruitable so i can use them . That save is just monsters in castle and you can’t recruit them

  65. callum14

    every time i try to patch a pop up saying ”could not load file or assembly ‘System core” how do i fix this?

  66. Anonymous

    does anyone know if it is possible to resize the window of the game?
    I would love a slightly (significantly bigger window).

    • Anonymous

      You can maximize the game window by going into your Task Manager. Other than that, nothing else you can really do.

    • You can enter full screen mode by pressing F11 (plus the Fn button if your computer has one; if it doesn’t, don’t worry) or Alt+Enter. This works for all RPG Maker games, outside of those made using MV, as well as Renpy games and Unity and the like. The F1 even works on internet tabs.

    • Anonymous

      I somehow managed to do that in config. There was an option “window / full screen”. I can’t find it now for some reason.

    • Skuya

      Don’t thik so. I spent a lot of hours completing the encyclopedia (i.e. stealing food, items, materials) and going after the drops. Never encountered one so far, at least not in that area.

  67. Anonymous

    Hey guys fast question ! Before i go to part 2 is there a way to modify my save file and make all characters lvl 30 and their classes & races aswell ??

      • Anonymous

        Yeah i found your save but i dont like that you have used seeds of power etc on characters making them 2 op ! Thats why im asking how to do !

        • SelphiusXYZ

          They arent that Op, I’ve actually been having trouble with part two on paradox mode. With these exact characters. And only the ones of both saves teams have been seeded at all. With the exception of junk doll girl that is specifically built so she survives long enough to have a chance to steal panties. Items, milk, or ingredients…and with edits its only posdible to mess with lukas stats…. which I did to drop him down from 9999 everything to 3200hp and 2100 everything else to keep him balanced with everyone else on the… main character team

          • SelphiusXYZ

            Keep in mind also that alot of the characters are even slightly op because their wieldimg weapons and armor from labyrinth on top of bonuses from the jobs and race classes they are assigned. Ie if a character with 1000hp has a job that adds 100% to hp, a race that adds 120% to hp, and one of those items… they suddenly have 4-5000hp…. there is a lot you can mess with

            • Anonymous

              Welp my luka full drops from labyrinth has about 1400 hp so your with 7000 hp seems kinda out of place but anyway i started using cheat engine and im doing progress thanks anyway

            • SelphiusXYZ

              Unless there is some kind of dhort cut it will take 5 days of your time jist doing that….if you have less free time than I do it will take even longer

            • SelphiusXYZ

              Also how did you get through the chaos labyrinth and super bosses with a luka that has less than half the hp that the monsters encountered in there put out as damage?

            • Anonymous

              Timewarp dance does the trick most of the time to get by monsters and super bosses, also i stuck up buffs and kill them with luka or i just go with crisis hairpin and daystar the shit out of them simple as that ! BTW after adding 400 power seed to luka he had 1600 attack even as battle master with excalibur and king of hearts so yeah i think you made your luka pretty op 😛
              P.S. I havent tried to go further than lvl 101 floor

            • SelphiusXYZ

              I kinda wanted luka to be as tankey as possible lel…. with the other characters mostly on support or panty/milk/ingredient/item theiving duty……… MY GOD THOUGH DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY ATTEMPTS IT TOOK ME TO GET THOSE THINGS FROM MICAELA, LICIFINA, SONYA M, AND REAPER!? never again thanks….i like to not hate my life lol ._.

  68. Anonymous

    I have a question. Do the gold & item drop rate 100% ability is stack? can I stack up to 200-300%? or do they have limit.

  69. One thing I really like that they added to Part 2 is that any companion you have that can appear in a camp event WILL be in the camp, including those in the Pocket Castle, instead of just those in your party like in Part 1. They even changed the camp events from Part 1 to do this as well. Near the end of the game it can get a bit ridiculous in the amount, though XD

    • They did? Sweet! Super glad to hear that. I’m all for replayability, but that was just a drag. I even contemplated saving before camps and then reloading and trying out different party members, but I was too lazy. 😛

    • Anonymous

      Ahhh so that’s why there was so many companions in the trailer at the same time. They didn’t increase the party size after all. Still pretty cool.

      • They did increase the party size actually, just not THAT much. After you get the boat it increases to 10 and after you track down and fight the leaders of four clans that had previously attacked the four cities and then talk to the monarchs of those four cities it increases to 12. The increase carries over to a NG+ by the way, so you don’t have to wait until you get back to those point again.

        • Anonymous

          They did? Sweet, I only checked if part 2 works with my save and it still only had 8 after import so I assumed it was 8 all the way.
          Now the problem is I have about 20 companions I want to have in the party by the time I get to Iliasport but 8>10>12 is awesome too.

  70. Anonymous

    So i’m having a issue with the patch, when it get to 50% its says that I have the wrong version, I tried download the game again but the same error message appears, what do I have do to?
    Thanks in advance


      Apoptosis Sonya. She changes back after you win and rejoins the party and she unlocks the “minor chaos” race (similar to how Luka unlocks the angel race after losing to the berserker armor).

  71. Ahura Mainyu

    I’m still exploring the game at my pace, so … Could someone tell me if choosing Ilias or Alice locks or unlocks some other recruitable companions, like Morrigan-chan ? 😮

    (Yeah, I’m slow, I wanna enjoy every bit of this game since I waited so long for it T.T)

    • Illias gives you Heinrich, loli Micheala, loli Lucifina, and Eden. Alice gives you Morrigan, Alt Black Alice (the witch one from the trailer), and Lillith&Lillim (the ones from the VN; they count as one character).

      • Ahura Mainyu

        Wuw, i’m not there yet, how comes it happens like this ? xD

        Looks like I will have to go NG+ since I want Morry-chan 😮

      • Anonymous

        If you start new game plus do those characters stay in the castle or are they only for specific routes.

        • They’re in the castle, like with Lucia and Lily. Alice and Illias are still the only ones who don’t carry over (I mean, technically Sonya and Lime don’t either, but that’s not important ’cause they can be re-recruited right away).

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for your answer. Good to know that you can still recruit all the monsters but just have to do multiple playthroughs. Another question if you don’t mind. For the new game plus for this part do you have to do everything over again including part one stuff or can you only do part 2.

            • You have to do Part 1 as well when you start a NG+. If you skip the dialogue and chests, it should take you less than two hours to reach the beginning of Part 2, provided you know where you’re supposed to go. This includes technically optional stuff, like the Harpy Village stuff, Sabasa, and Witch Hunt Village though, so if you skip those, you could probably do it in under an hour (don’t know how this would affect the story, though).

            • SelphiusXYZ

              Whoever was asking about a blue from girl…. you do get a blue/purple (?) Ish one when recruiting the first frog girls you encounter they come ss a group when recruited

            • I want to know if the blue Frog Girl is fightable so as to add her battle data to my enemy library, which doesn’t happen unless I ACTUALLY fight and defeat one, just like if I only fight three of the 6 kinds of Fairies, only those 3 will be in my enemy library even if I recruit them. I already recruited the Frog Girls, which is how I even know about the blue one.

            • SelphiusXYZ

              Could be just very uncommon for it to spawn then maybe… like the black fairy or somthing that i didnt know existed for a long time

      • Anonymous

        Goddammit I need to stop reading this comment section if I want to keep my plan of not playing part 2 until the story is translated.

  72. Anonymous

    I wanted to ask a huge favor for those who already completed part 2.
    Can any of you please tell me how many different branches and what monsters are locked/unlocked from those within part 2? I want to prepare for which monsters I want for the first playthrough.

    Looking through all the comments I already know about route-specific ones like Alice/Illias (you can still put them if you want), and I saw about the pirates and navy but those I don’t know if its because you take sides and you then can find them in other area of the game or it was because the recruitment rates were just too low (that ver2.01 fixes)

    I greatly appreciate if you can tell me

  73. JP

    I just bought MGQP part 2, and it won’t run. So I got a pirate copy and it runs fine. Does anyone know whats up with that?

  74. zappkt

    I was so happy that part 2 came out ,but reality hits me, i dunno moonrunes. Go back patiently waiting for more complete translation

  75. Leciel

    So are there new items in the LoC now? Seems like it would be hard to make a more op set of items than the genji armor set or ribbon but who knows.

  76. so awhile like in march i transfer laptops (but windows 10 sucks its utter hot garbage the app os suck so much) and when i opened the game it worked just fine and after i patched it with the new patch it worked if a bit slower then normal and some keys werent working like the speed up key and text was super slow and the option didnt fix anything then froze and crashed and ever since then my rgss3a player wont work i tried uninstalling and reinstalling rpgmakervxace and rtp100 since they were seemingly broken in the file transfer without it making a effect until now because when i tried to look up issues that was a suggested fix … and i tried deleting and reinstalling the game fresh a few time and evening going back to a previous translation version as well as redoing the current but its still broken the game just freezes then im forced to mainly close it because it unresponsive with it saying rgss3 player has stopped working any suggestions

  77. FluffyKitten~~

    So just bought MGQP. First porn related thing I have not torrented.

    Thanks Dargoth and all of you who work on translating, so kittens like me can enjoy those games.

  78. krykan

    I found a minor typo. When talking to a wolf girl in combat they say “anchient” instead of “ancient”

    Full context: “The elders told me not to go to the old castle that is nearby. It seems there used to be anchient and powerful weapons there.”

    I’d change it myself but I’m not sure how.

    • There’s a side quest involving the pirate mermaid. Talk to her in your ship in the pocket castle (DON’T put her in your party) and sail your ship directly east. You’ll see a ship in the ocean which will have three pirates on it that you can BF. To my knowledge, there are 36 BF in this game, so if you’re missing 3, I assume those are the 3 you are missing.

      • CMrC

        Umh this is worrying coz i alredy have those 3. I thought i was missing only one or two :O
        I think i will go through all battlefuckers CG from pic folder and do them from scratch 1b1. It could be i missed some in a ng+ from first part.

        Since we are at it how many amira’s are there? I think i got 22

        • Here’s a list (compiled by a user over on the wiki, not me):

          マリー (Around Iliasville) (Part1)

          エリィ (Iliasburg) (Part1)

          ステラ (Nameless Slum) (Part1)

          ドン・ダリア (Nameless Slum, only after Phoenix Girl quest) (Part1)

          バニィちゃん (Pornof) (Part1)

          ルイズ (Happiness Village) (Part1)

          メイリン (House in the entrance of Medal Queen’s Castle (Around Midas Village) ) (Part1)

          ケイト (Midas Village) (Part1)

          エリッサ (Enrika) (Part1)

          フィーズ (Ilias Port) (Part1)

          ナイチンゲール (Ilias Port) (Part1)

          テレサ (Port Natalia) (Part1)

          マリア (San Ilia) (Part1)

          ジャスカ (Monte Carlo) (Part1)

          ナイア (Sabasa) (Part1)

          サラ (Sabasa) (Part1) (It’s Sarah)

          サラーン (Sabasa, only after Sarah’s quest) (Part1) (it’s the assassin girl, you know, the one in black clothes)

          メロディ (Grandoll/Grandeur) (Part1)

          ウィッチ (Witch Hunt Village… You know, the one with the quest with Lucia and Lily) (Part1)

          オーラン (Saloon, after the Lizard Girl’s quest (you know, the one with the lizards bandits) ) (Part1)

          After that, I’m not sure, so sorry if it’s wrong 😉

          ジーナ (Marle Port) (Part2)

          ミリオ (Navy Headquarters) (Part2)

          ララ (Finoa) (Part2)

          ジュリア (Grand Noah) (Part2)

          さつき (Yamatai Village) (Part2)

          弥生 (Yamatai Village) (Part2)

          ルーファ (Magic Academy (Well… You know, the one with Mephisto and the loli insects monster girls) ) (Part2)

          マジカルまりんちゃん (Garuda, only after Magical Girl’s quest) (Part2)

          アウグスタ (Grangold) (Part2)

          マグダ (Gold Port) (Part2)

          アレリア (Succubus Village) (Part2)

          オフィリア (Lady’s Village) (Part2)

          ショウキ (Snow Heaven (Village in Snow Continent) ) (Part2)

          アリアドネ (Pirate’s Ship, only during and after Bonny’s quest (the pirate’s captain you can recruit at the beginning of Part2) ) (Part2)

          クレスタ (Pirate’s Ship, only during and after Bonny’s quest) (Part2)

          グロリア (Pirate’s Ship, only during and after Bonny’s quest) (Part2)

          オーロラ(Remina Alt (in Item Shop)) (Part2)

          • SelphiusXYZ

            The one about the garuda and magical girl quest… ummm… how do I start that quest and where to go for it? I am currently just about to enter grandgold and wondering if I missed it?

            • You go to Lady’s Village (northwest of Suucbu Village), talk to the maid in front of the mansion. Go inside, have a conversation with Cassandra and Emily, the maid will join you. Go to the mountain to the east, beat the boss. Go to the town south east of the poison swamp and talk to the magical girl (she’s in the house you couldn’t enter the first time you were there). Go to the poison swamp and fight Cassandra and Emily (after which they’ll join) then go further into the swamp and at the north east of the map, you’ll fight the Succubus Witch, who’ll join you afterwards. You can now BF the magical girl back at her house in the town.

            • SelphiusXYZ

              Ahhh si I would not have been there yet…. i was confused because it was listed before a grandgold bf…. i was thinking the listvwas in the order of which you could encounter them

          • CMrC

            Thanks for the list. I was going crazy coz i didn’t miss any in part 2, but i must’ve forgetten 3 of them in part 1 during a ng+.
            They where the Enrika, Montecarlo and Saloon ones.
            Well i guess i’ll max some more jobs and than go to ng+ with Ilias sama to “catch ’em all”.

    • Are the part two battlefuckers even recruitable? if so how? I could have sworn that in part one you could recruit the bfs by talking to them again after winning…

      • ToroToro said in one of their earlier posts that the BF won’t be recruitable in the initial release, but there will be a later patch that lets you recruit them. I believe it was the post shortly before the game release where they mention some nerfed things, the removal of the BF teleport (as it can mess with sequencing) , and that Frederica being able to use Magic Swords was a mistake on their part but they decided to leave it in (probably ’cause it doesn’t have too much of an effect on balance and such).

  79. Anonymous

    So will the missing hentai scenes ever be translated? The work is appreciated but every time a hot looking scene is all moon runes it sucks.

    • Fallen Sun

      Whenever someone gets around to it. If you or anyone you knows Japanese, I’d suggest working on it yourselves because the way things are shaping up, Part 2 story translation is going to be taking priority from this point on. BitBucket does allow for users to contribute to the overall project in small ways such as this if you can figure out the game’s script, and it would be nice to see some people do this to translate some of the leftover Part 1 stuff.

  80. Kek

    I don’t want to sound nitwitty but part 1 hasn’t been entirely translated yet… some dialogues from the end game girls are still in JP

  81. Marcus

    I’ve noticed the slug nuns scene after losing is untranslated too would it be too much to ask to do minor updates to fix these things?(possibly more if I find any)

  82. Hey guys.
    i was wondering if someone could help me.
    i bought paradox’s chapters 1 and 2 via dlsite.

    now ofcourse chapter 1’s patches work.
    (to which they are great btw).

    when i started chapter 2 i clicked on what i would guess would be “new game” hoping to start off at the start of chapter 2, however i found that the game starts me right from the start of chapter 1.
    (yes im that it was chapter 2 i was using as i borrowed a save with a finished chapter 1 save and managed to continue).

    so it seems that chapter 1 automatically has chapter 1 merged with it.
    (but i copied the how to merge guide on “” just incase).

    so my question is…
    i was wondering (if its possible) how would i use the chapter 1 translation patch on the start of chapter 2?, so i could play from start to finish, like the origina MGQ merged chapters

    or am i simply stuck with playing the chapters one by one and importing the saves untill theres a full merged translation patch released ?

    Cheers for the help guys.

    looks like us heavenly knights fans get to see our fav knight again,,,
    not sure if they are recruitable yet as ofcourse i cant read japanese and i havn’t got that far yet… i had a poke around the chapter 2 pictures and it looks like all 4 knights appear in the game :D,,, altho i cant tell if erubetie as any scenes as shes only got the one picture.

    • Anonymous

      “when i started chapter 2 i clicked on what i would guess would be “new game” hoping to start off at the start of chapter ”
      That’s how it works. You need to either have a save to import from the end of part 1 or start from the beginning of part 1. Part 2 is essentially part 1 + part 2, so it starts in the same place as 1. You just need to move pictures from part 1 to part 2 folder to access all the h-scenes from part 1, but other than that part 2 has everything from 1, there’s no start of chapter 2 in there technically speaking.

      “i was wondering (if its possible) how would i use the chapter 1 translation patch on the start of chapter 2?, so i could play from start to finish, like the origina MGQ merged chapters”

      Not possible to use part 1 translation on part 2. There are some difficulties but a working translation for part 1+2 it’s coming soon(ish). See the last post by Dargoth. For now you can either play the translated part 1 then import the save when the translation import to part 2 is sorted out or wait until the translation is ported to part 2 if you want to play with the changes from part 2.

        • Thank god….
          (now i just gotta work out why my posts wasn’t appearing on dargoth’s donation page)

          Anways yeah, thanks for the heads up.
          After finding out alma and granbria appears in chapter 2 im hyped to play the second chapter.

          im looking forward to having the heavenly knights in my party

          • SelphiusXYZ

            I havent beaten part 2 yet and have only just gotten to salamander…. but… you may be as annoyed as I am in that they shove all four of those heavenly knights waifus in our face soo many times by this point only for them to say they cant join us less than exact words

            • mmm :P.
              our fluffy tailed knight is cool, but not my personal fav.
              that title has to go to our fiery dragoness,

              im just hoping i can get the willpower to try complete the game with the 4 heavenly bandits :P, then the main characters of the game before i complete the game a 3rd time with the true heavenly knights ^.^.

              (only doing do because some of the special dialogues that each members have are funny)

              for example seems alice and papi share a fear of ghosts and its so adorable lol.

  83. CMrC

    For those of you who don’t want to try and navigate all the see:

    Left of the island with the alraune queen there is “Mimic paradise”, a small iland with a cave full of mimics.

    If you go north from there you’ll find a small island with a lost polar bear.
    Lead her back to her village and you’ll be rewarder with 3x medals, 3x seeds(dont remember which kind) and some more stuff

    This is what i found hope i didnt miss anything

    • Did you actually beat her in the fight? If not, that may be why. It also may be because it’s intended as an unwinnable battle, similar to how the Berzerker won’t appear in Hades even if you beat him with Luka.

      • SelphiusXYZ

        I keep forgetting thats a thing….. i have used my chaos labyrinth superboss strategies from part 1 for the whole game so far lol

  84. EXPlainPls

    I’m having a small issue,

    Whenever I complete a battle and gain XP, Luka doesn’t gain any for his base level, only for his race and job. His ‘level’ remains at 82XP and won’t move.

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks, and congrats on finishing this project

  85. Hey, Dargoth! I LOVE your works in translating hot Monster Girl Games. I just downloaded the patch to put into my game, but an error comes up saying it’s not the right version. The game is V1.21 and I know the patch is 1.21.76. Right as the Patching reaches 50%, an Error message pops up saying ‘Wrong Version’. Is there a version 1.21.76 of the main game I can’t seem to find? All I can find on the usual torrent sites is 1.21. What do I do?

    • The patcher is really picky about your v1.21 files being exactly what it expects. Remove your save directory and any other stray files in the game’s directory that aren’t from the game itself.

  86. SelphiusXYZ

    Anyone know if it is possible to recruit the carbuncke and giant uhhh dryad (?) Woman you fight in grand noa? Or will I get another chance later???

  87. Vergil

    for those who played paradox 2 is there a way to get alice there if you got ilias in part 1 ?
    i just completed a new game plus of part 1 and choosed ilias now instead of alice and while ilias is better plotwise she not better gameplay-wise so while i did it just to see what was diferent i got disapointed and don’t want to get stuck with her for the rest of my life,

    so is there a way to get alice back on part 2 and if so does she keep her mastery of classes and races from part 1 even though in my save i dint picked her ?

    i will only play part 2 after a full plot translation and side quests like the first game (i dont care about the translation of the hentai scenes, battle shouts and stuff) so i just want to get this out of my way and redo a third playthrough of part 1 if there no other way to have alice back

    • Skuya

      The one you didn’t pick carries over her stats, equip and whatnot over to the next playthrough you do with her. In other words – nothing is lost if you decide to side with the other heroine.

      At the moment it is not possible to get both in the same playthrough.

  88. Marcus

    so they just left some of the scenes they didn’t like untranslated? Slime queen couldn’t have been that bad? perhaps “Final” should not have been used in the patches title since that implies that its finished.

    I actually jumped head first into playing this thinking it was done. I guess I’ll just have to revisit any scenes I liked that weren’t finished later when they’re done, might as well keep playing now.

    • “Final” as in the last one they’re doing for Part 1, It’s not completed. They’re going to focus on Part 2 since it include Part 1 in it, though they’re focusing on the story of Part 2 first. The leftover content from Part 1 will eventually be translated as in Part 2 patch.

  89. Fryz3

    I tried to patch my game but it gave me a error message saying wrong version. I’ve got 1.21, I thought this version would work with the patch.

  90. Ok… So this is bothering me… Forever ago both the dullahan girl and cerberos girl asked me to help them both with their quests… I got the dullahan girls quest done almost instantly… but have no idea where cerberos girls quest requires me to go… and I feel like I should have finished or at least gotten a start at it by now… considering I am currently as far as the point where the vampires, mermaids, spiders, and elves/fairies are attacking the cities….

    • Talk to the red haired guy in the bar, then talk to the Minotaur in the black smith. Go to the cave to the east and talk to the Minotaur at the end. Go out the other end of the cave and enter the broken castle. Beat Sun Wu Kong and then Minotaur Queen further in. This is where the quest ends, but here’s how to recruit the Minotaur Queen: Get 10 sukiyaki dropped by the enemies in the castle (looks like food on a black plate; you can find 2 in the pots in the entrance of the castle). Take the sukiyaki to the Minotaur in the cave and she’ll give you a special horn. Go back and talk to the Minotaur Queen and she’ll join your party.

      • SelphiusXYZ

        Bar in which city? I had assumed grand noah since thats where we meet cerberos but realized it has no bar

        • In Grand Noah and by bar I mean the pub. The pub is down the alley on the left side of Grand Noah (near where you exit to the Colosseum). It can be a little hard to find if you don’t know it’s there.

          • thankyou muchly…. speaking of recruitment… Is there a list anywhere of bosses or powerful monster girls that can be recruited after being fought and how to recruit them? specifically thinking of harpy queen(the alraune or whatever won’t let me into the world tree dungeon) and the leaders of the elves, fairies, vampires, mermaids, and spiders….Also the ant queen… Btw do we ever get lazarus and merlin back in our party?

            • SelphiusXYZ

              Thankyou. On the topic… sorta… vanillas shop side quest… is there a way to MAKE her ask for the next Item? I just got her shurikens for the shop… and now no matter how many times i Interact with her shoo she just keeps mentioning selections in san illia instead of asking for the next item…. I have had her shop complrte as far as part one would allow before but new game + resets it everytime much to my dismay….

            • SelphiusXYZ

              It almost seems like something in the code stops you progressing with her shop unless you pass one story related event per shop task…

    • Beat all four monster clans, go back and talk to the four monarchs in their kingdoms (specifically in their kingdom; talking to them in the pocket castle if you’ve recruited any of them doesn’t count (for the pope, talk to the fake pope in his kingdom)), and then go back and talk to the Alraune Queen and she’ll give you the fruit (you may need to talk to her a couple times in a row). You can’t get the fruit until that point in the story.

  91. Irregular

    It seems that it doesn’t work on mine, even if I clearly have the 1.21.00 of the raw game, when I run the patch it stops at exactly 49% and then says “Wrong Version”. Is there anything I can do about it?

    • Anonymous

      Try getting game from another place. Worked for me when i downloaded another version of the game or something.

      • Irregular

        Thanks for the tips but I would like to, if possible, try another alternative aside from dling the whole game again (I have trashy wifi with 50Ko/s of dling which would take half a day to get 1.6gb of this game. And there’s also the fear of it not working again despite all the effort and time spent). Though if REALLY there’s no other solution then I’ll have to take another half day to dl and pray that it works this time.

        • Slench

          I agree this is BS. I have an outdated version as well and cannot patch due to being outdated.

          Needing to redownload the entire game (which most of us got for free in early 2015) is not even possible anymore. Not only that, but it has to be an updated version of the game to be compatible with this patcher.

  92. MajinKaan

    How is this a final patch when not even all of the text have been translated? Please finsh translating part 1 instead of translating part 2. Some defeat scenes are still untranslated :/.

  93. Anonymous

    can anyone give me the right link for the game download? i’ve been searching, but i think i’m doing something wrong… looking at the wrong places. (mean the game compatible with this update)

  94. chibishiroiryu

    Hello !
    Just to be sure : The chapter 1 is fully translated, it’s that ? 🙂
    I will wait for the fusion with part 2 so i can already play with the first part. ^^

  95. Anonymous

    Okay, basically – I have fresh RAW version I just downloaded from dlsite. I unpacked, renamed folder and deleted japanese doc files yet patcher still says I have wrong version. What Im supposed to do?

    Version of game 1.21

    • Anonymous

      Nevermind I found solution to the problem:

      If you found the game in English it’s repackaged with machine translation or an earlier patch from Dargoth, the patch won’t work because the game files had already been modified. You need an unmodified Japanese version 1.21.

      > extract a clean installation of Japanese version 1.21 from the archive. Don’t delete or move any files, do do anything else with it
      > extract the files from the v1.21.54 patch archive to the game folder
      > patch the game
      That should work, if it doesn’t the problem is likely with the game files you downloaded. You might also try renaming the game folder to not include any Japanese characters or better change your system locale to Japanese, I don’t know if that’s necessary because I just keep my locale in JP but it sometimes screws with JP games if you don’t.

      Dear Anon-sama who wrote that in Patch 1.21.54 thread
      Im very gratefull for that explanation as solved my problem without complications. I hope you read this and don’t mind I share that instruction

  96. dirtycuckingfunt

    So considering this is the “final patch” does that mean that untranslated monster girls like the honey pot will never be translated?

    • Civildeviation

      Think of it this way, the whole game will eventually be translated, but Part I by itself will receive no more patches, when Part III comes out, then Part I and II wont get any more patches but all the content within the games will be translated.

      • dirtycuckingfunt

        Yeah that makes sense. Sucks a bit that it will take so long to have any one part of the game translated. (4-5 years?) But I appreciate the effort at any rate. Thank you for clarifying that.

  97. Sean

    Dude, I’ve been at this for 3 hours now and keep getting the 49% error. Please someone help me, I have tried everything on this forum and nothing will work.

  98. I posted a link few post above. In the link yu can find the 2.11 partially version of the game…
    Well other than this I Just find out that there are no rapier mastery available … that make the bloody rose useless T-T

  99. Anonymous

    I don’t know what I did wrong but after I patched the game and pasted the old saves from old game that has the older patch. But when I try to load the game, it gave me some kind of warning written in japanese but I still can click ok and the game still playable, after I tried open the menu then the warning appeared again and when I tried to save, the game give me an error which also written in jp and then just crashed.

    • They could get in legal trouble if they did that ’cause they’d be illegally distributing the game. If you’re getting errors with the patch, try removing your save folder and trying again. If that doesn’t work, it’s probably ’cause you’re using a pirated copy that’s been tampered with, so either find another source or buy an official copy..

    • Only error I ever got when patching Part 1 was when I removed the Japanese README files before attempting to patch the game. I guess, for whatever reason, the patch needs those. Just restoring them from the Bin and running the patch again solved the issue. Don’t know if that’s the problem you’re having though. But if it is, either because you deleted those files or downloaded a version that didn’t come with them, then try restoring them or finding a version that has those.

      • The patch basically needs the file to be EXACTLY the same as when it’s a fresh copy. That’s why the save folder messes it up, as the save folder doesn’t appear until the first time you open up the game. Adding, deleting or changing anything in the folder with mess with the patch.

        • Ah, but you see, the save folder never messed it up for me. I patched the game a few times with the save folder there and it worked fine.
          I don’t think the patcher cares if there’s any extra files in the folder, just that all the ones that are supposed to be there are there.

    • Anonymous

      If you want that, you can find an already patched to English versions on torrent sites. If you have a normal copy:
      – have fresh installation of the latest version of the game, don’t move anything, don’t modify anything, don’t copy/paste saves yet etc
      – If it still doesn’t work, change you system locale to Japanese, you can also try renaming folders to not have any Japanese symbols
      – just in case: this patch is for part 1 only, it won’t work with combined 1&2

  100. Anonymous

    Annoying, want to restart from zero and thus download first part in dlsite… But the patch say the usual wrong version thing even if i didnt touch the files. I assume the part 1 didnt get new update wich turn patch useless? I already changed settings in jap thing and play part 1 with this patch a while ago so dont know what to do.

  101. Anonymous

    Hum are you sure this patch 1.21.76 work with this version of the game? In worse case cant we get the previous one 54 thing?

    • Anonymous

      “Unzip to a completely fresh copy of the game directory, run patch.exe, click patch. If you get an error, you have the wrong version of the game.”

  102. Anonymous

    This is a bit too late, but thank you for your efforts Dargoth. Coming back to Monster Girl Quest series after 3 years really worth it.

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