1. Wildhawk

    Boo you didnt make it for Valenties day Zero stars … lol JK too bad its not a big patch and Its odd your site was nuked but hopefully this one will stay up .. I had your site on my list of websites visited condidering how long patches take .. i might come here too often XD but its cool you got your’s going agian.. Cheers Dargoth.

  2. Erwin Dedić

    Yay. I’ll take whatever I can get. Sonya and Hild is good enough.
    No need to apologize. Wasn’t your fault.
    I hope that, in spite of what happened, you still had an enjoyable Valentine’s. Thanks for all your hard work, D-man.

        • You can, you just need to copy them in AFTER you successfully patch it (saves work between patches; in fact, they even work when put into an unpatched copy). You need a fresh copy of the game for the patch to work, and a fresh copy has no save folder. A save folder is created after you open the program the first time, whether you save or not, and that messes up the patch. Also, if you try a patch and fail, you can’t try to patch it again, so you’ll need a new fresh copy. What I personally do is I keep a fresh, unpatched copy of the game on my computer and when a new patch comes out, I make a duplicate and then patch the duplicate. This is mostly because when I bought the game, I didn’t have a DLsite account, and when I made one and did the “link all games bought from this computer in the last so and so months”, it didn’t get added to my account (basically, I’ll need to buy it again if I don’t do this).

  3. Gag180

    Damn my PC’s security didn’t like this patch much, first Chrome warned me it could be harmful then my antivirus tried to block it. Had to run it as an admin just to be given the option to tell my antivirus to ignore it…
    Ah well it’s all good now. Good work on another patch, I’m holding out for Miranda and Deiji to be translated, it’s not quite up to them yet.

    • Sonya’s already got enough to worry about being someone who doesn’t exist in the correct history in a world that will destroy itself if it veers too far from that history, let’s not think too hard about her porn scenes.

        • Sonya and Assasinroid just both have the same artist (Xelvy), so that probably explains the similarities in their design. Sonya doesn’t exist in the original timeline because her mother Karen (the priest of Luka’s father’s party) was killed well before Sonya would have been born (the events surrounding it are a large plot point in the original MGQ). In the Paradox ‘verse, Karen didn’t die as she did in the original, but instead completed her journey with Marcellus, then went back to her hometown and married a doctor and had Sonya. Shortly after Sonya was born however, there was a landslide in a neighboring town and, what with them both being healers as well as the kind people of people who rush to the aid of others without a second thought, Sonya’s parents went to help the people. They saved a lot of lives, but ended up dying themselves. They didn’t have any relatives, so Sonya was sent to be raised by Lazarus in Illiasville. You can hear that whole story about Karen I just mentioned from asking Lazarus about Sonya.

          It’s unlikely that Sonya is the ONLY person in the Paradox ‘verse who doesn’t exist in the original due to her would be parent dying before hand (or making different life decisions), but she’s the only one we’ve seen in the story and is a main character, so that makes it a noteworthy thing about her.

          Side note, I’m hoping that in Part 2 or 3 we’ll get to visit Karen’s hometown as well as maybe the town that had been hit by the landslide. It’d be interesting to see Sonya’s reaction to it all.

        • jchris1_2000

          That’s the long way of putting it with spoilers for those who just skip text in the game, So yeah she’s a person now but seems odd she looks so much like Assassinroid, could have made her a bit better, or obvious f it turns out being true.

        • There’s not really any spoilers in my explanation. Lazarus can give you that explanation about Sonya’s parents early on if you just talk to him in his house, I was incredibly vague about Karen’s death in the original (being very vague), and Illias will tell you early on that Sonya doesn’t exist in the original timeline whether you chose her or not. The most spoilery thing I said was that you don’t meet anyone else like that, which isn’t much.

          If you regularly skip text in the game, it’s hard to imagine that the story is important enough to you that you’d want to avoid spoilers.

          I think it’s just the artist using the same facial structure and a similar hair cut. Besides, she can’t be Assassinroid if she never existed in the original timeline. Wouldn’t make any sense.

  4. Anonymous

    Ok, I haven’t download the patch and I’m already confused. Which sex scenes are completed? From the battle castle you mean?

  5. Passerby4554

    Awesome! With this sight, all the posts are easier to find and in full honesty, I like this website’s structure better. Can’t wait for the awesome work you put into this new patch!

    • Passerby4554

      …Yeah I can’t get the patch to work. I really don’t understand what’s wrong. I use a copy of the original 1,21 of the game, I decrypt, I move the rgss3a, then I patch, but nothing worked. I’m starting to think this game has it out for me and I’m unable to enjoy the patch until a new patcher comes out to replace this one that denies me, and most likely many other players, a chance to enjoy this new patch. Did the patcher change in any way, or a new type of 1.21 copy came out?

  6. Steph

    Hey Dargoth one information please. If you could say from 1-100% (full text including everything), how many % progress have you made till now?

      • Anonymous

        Awesome man. I’ve kinda thrown this on the back burner ever sense you decided you were translating it, and I’ve specifically been waiting until it’s more or less in a playable state in all English. Glad it’s getting closer, keep up the good work.

  7. kreggur

    Does anyone have a 100% save file that works properly? Mine is old and has weird bugs like not being to add new party members

  8. Gungho95

    First off, welcome back, WordPress is forever my enemy for ruining my valentines lol

    Second, so i installed this update with an unmodded version of the game, but Sonya and Hilda’s scenes are still in Japanese, am i missing something?

    • Passerby4554

      Did you move or delete the rgs3a? You need it there for the patch to work. Turns out, patchers don’t need you to decrypt the game anymore.

      • Gungho95

        no I left it alone, just copied the patch folder contents into the un-modded game folder, installed successfully. games in english excpet Hilda and Sonya’s scenes

        • Gungho95

          since it seems to be working for others i just kept trying to re-install it all a few more times. eventually i was able to see Sonya’s english text, and one of HIlda’s scenes (not the bikini one). so stubbornness wins out

  9. Incubusknight

    It may have been late for Valentines day but ::Shrugs:: I’m just happy to be able to enjoy the game in english. Thanks for the patch Dargoth.

  10. BillyMasakado

    Phew 🙂 ( skipped a heartbeat ) I thought we lost you there for a second with WordPress’s automated system. Well I guess it was a good opportunity to transfer to your own domain after all. I am liking the design and feel of this site already to be honest. Thank you for the OVA subs by the way, I quite enjoyed them. All the best wishes for your new website and continuous patch progress.

  11. So am I right in understanding that with this patch the story, side quest, and battle dialogue is pretty much done,and all that’s left are the H-scenes?

    I have a beginner-intermediate understanding of Japanese, so the
    h-scenes actually sound better to me in Japanese, but the main story and dialogue uses a lot of kanji that I’m blank on, especially the more explainy parts.

  12. Karharot

    Thanks for your work. Without you those of us who don’t know the original language would not be able to enjoy this great game.
    Thanks again 🙂

  13. um idk if it’s on your end or not but with luka both his hero blood trait and his races let him equipped swords no matter what but if you set noble as your job you cant use swords unless you have sword master sword equip ability so is this a bug?

  14. Anonymous

    Ok, so I’m having a slightly problem. I don’t remember how I patch it before but its not working for some reason and I’m getting frustrated. So I downloaded the clean 1.21 version from 2 sites, one of the games was in English and one of them was in Japanese. Both games had a folder named patch from 2 years ago? ( I don’t know if that’s the mistake and I need to delete it). So I downloaded your link and extracted the 3 things for both games, I patched them and I’m still getting a wrong version. Last time I did it, it was easy. Am I doing something wrong? Appreciate any help.

      • Anonymous

        If you found the game in English it’s repackaged with machine translation or an earlier patch from Dargoth, the patch won’t work because the game files had already been modified. You need an unmodified Japanese version 1.21.

        > extract a clean installation of Japanese version 1.21 from the archive. Don’t delete or move any files, do do anything else with it
        > extract the files from the v1.21.54 patch archive to the game folder
        > patch the game
        That should work, if it doesn’t the problem is likely with the game files you downloaded. You might also try renaming the game folder to not include any Japanese characters or better change your system locale to Japanese, I don’t know if that’s necessary because I just keep my locale in JP but it sometimes screws with JP games if you don’t.

        • Anonymous

          Thank You! It finally worked. Just out of curiosity, what exactly is translated? I know about Sonya and Hild sex scenes. But what more exactly?

        • Anonymous

          Lol who knows exactly (aside from Dargoth). A few sex scenes, combat dialogue, the missing events (like the one with Lazarus someone asked about earlier), some editing has been done. Probably some minor stuff not worth mentioning.

    • Anonymous

      If I’m not wrong,
      Imp: Alternate paizuri scene
      Hild: Alternate reverse rape scene

      It’s best you look it up, kinda hard to describe.

  15. Arj

    First of all, great new site. Gave me a heart attack when I noticed your old blog was down.
    Great job on the new patch too!

    Secondly, and on another topic entirely; Does anyone know of any good strategy guide for a noob to the Chaos Labyrinth? Like what race/classes are good to level and what skills and such.

    • lavos

      Assuming you go without waiting to do anything else*, that you don’t care about having specific characters(trust me it is a pain) and only mentioning what you build the strategy around not all the abilities and equipment that can be useful(check the wiki it has list of both and also what the NPCs you will find through the levels do) to make this short.

      Holy is generally the best since they always hit&damage and Subterranean Insect gets a ridiculous willpower modifier(350%). So the easiest and quickest set up is four of them with Paladin mastered to get Grand Cross using the Pope job. You might want a harpy in place of one so you get to use Chaotic Theft(steals from four random foes). As you go through getting Endure(Power Fighter lvl 6) becomes more and more important since you might not get to hit otherwise.

      For superbosses if you feel up to actually doing it check the guide http://pastebin.com/PFZBHsWA and decide how you prefer to go about it. Or give up once you realize how potentially frustrating they can be.

      *Otherwise farming Sphinx for a bit so you don’t run out MP as easily or, if you really farm like I did, at all is a good move. Also if you have a good enough team to quickly kill her 50 job XP makes her the best place to quickly get jobs maxed while getting mystery nuts. Getting Archangel Bra for everyone you use who can equip it and Gaia Robe(the one you get from defeating the reaper) for everyone else is another.

      Crisis hairpin, outside Labyrinth you get it as gift of from Miyabi, can be extremely useful too since when under 20% it actually triggers Daystar with 1-turn cooldown, might feel cheesy and kinda removes much of the challenge so I personally don’t use it but up to you.Caladbolg is as powerful a weapon as you can get outside the Labyrinth but it doesn’t boost willpower so if you are using the strategy about it is useless. Magical Shield is always good to have though.

  16. alex bowzer

    I’m having trouble with Vanilla’s quest. I’m at the part when she’s supposed to get shurikens but i can’t seem to get the achievement. I’ve talked to the shop keeper in the port and I’ve talked to the samurai as well, nothing happens! please help.

    • Brad Mason

      I could probably get to that point with cheat engine, using the stones of promotion and stuff, but it takes a ridiculously long time considering the amount of companions and stuff. I’ve maxed out about 4 people so far.

    • Tal

      No Save File, but an additional patch for Dargoths Patch. @Dargoth: I hope this is ok.

      With this patch, all new companions will have maxed out Jobs and Races (except for those jobs / races that require a job item not included in the game)

      To use this patch follow this short manual
      – Extract a new copy of MGQ Paradox (be sure that there are no additional folders or files i.e. folder “Save”)
      – Apply Dargoths patch 1-21-54 (my patch will only work with this version)
      – Apply my patch (overwrite the 3 Files) (Download here: http://ul.to/p2dggemb)
      – Start a new game

      Again, thanks to Dargoth for the translation patch!

      By the way, sorry for my bad english, i am not used to write or speak english 😉

    • Brad Mason

      If you were asking me about the characters, then yeah probably at least a few months lol it gets really tedious after a while :/. I maybe play it once a day, and try to max 1 person a day if I can.

      If you wasn’t asking me then I apologise for the needless reply xD

  17. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth, thank you for all your work in translating. With long term projects such as this people can get impatient waiting and start to feel entitled to an update which I can assume is very discouraging to the translation process. Luckily it seems the small community here has been very respectful even during the hiatus. I’ve been following the MGQ translation project since Rogue was working on the original trilogy and just wanted to offer my thanks and support to you and anyone helping you with the editing. Best of luck.

  18. Anonymous

    Where would I get the right version of the game that is needed for this translation? My initial google search didnt turn up anything.


  19. Anonymous

    Having trouble with upgrading Papi’s shop. I have gold (and mithril) ore in my inventory, but I can’t get her to start making gold (or mithril) items. Any clue on how to get her to take it?

        • Lavos

          June of 2015. 11th to be more specific so almost four months short of two years still.

          Personally I started playing in December since I was told the main story was finished which surprised me since I wasn’t expected it to be that fast. Sure there are some crazy translators that pull it off within months but the norm is several years thus as far as I am concerned Dargoth made a pretty solid progress.

        • Anonymous

          A lot of that depends on the game’s length, not just on the translators. And Paradox is a long game. It could probably be done in a couple of months if it was a job by a professional team but as a thing done by fans in their spare time I don’t think it’s going slow at all.

    • Menthols

      I can’t stress how difficult this game is to translate compared to the average VN. The thing is, with a regular VN you have a straight, linear story, even if there are branched paths it’s still very linear.

      What makes this game difficult to translate is the RPGMaker aspect of it, think about it. No matter which scenario you’re progressing through there will be sets of dialogue variables for just about every single party member in the game. That’s a lot of monsters, with a lot of different dialogue.

      Especially more important party members, think about it. Ilias has her own complete set of dialogue for the entire game, then Alice has a completely different set. So in a VN where a scene may be 50 lines, in this game it’s 50 lines plus 100 other variable sentences. It’s really a ridiculous difference. Top that off with all the equipment, items, skills, and combat dialogue, it’s really a huge project.

      To really get a grasp on exactly how much has been translated I recommend checking out Dargoth’s Bitbucket, it’s pretty damn crazy. He can add commit branch that alters or translates over 1000 lines in some sessions.

      So yes it could be faster, but I just hope everyone appreciates how much effort Dargoth is putting into this project. With that said, thank you for the work Dargoth.

  20. Oglifatum

    I kinda experience pretty unbearable slowdowns playing this…Anyone knows how to solve it?
    (And no while my specs are not the best, they are certainly enough for RPGMaker game)

    • Anonymous

      I have found the frame rate of RPGmaker can be made sad by having things like music playing in the background, at least on my laptop. Try running it with no music players, or browsers open and see what occurs. The EX translation version with the decrypted file will likely be worse

  21. shizukanaikaku

    Hey its cool. small patches are better then no patches as they let us know you’re alive and still working on the translation and with no news about Paradox Monster Girl part 2 (at least that i know of) I see no reason too rush you progress (not that i would want to rush you even if part 2 where to come out tomorrow) Take care ^^

  22. Skuya

    Meh, LoC & the Black Market Delivery still didn’t get translated, how sad ;_;

    Anyway, take your time though I appreciate and admire your work on MGQ:P so far.
    You you have some sort of priority list, now that the story’s fully done (probably with the Lazarus scene this time compared to 1.21.50)?

  23. omni

    hmm i finished the fight with astaroth, and now luka cant use heroism skills, it has a red symbol next to it in the skills menu

    • lavos

      That means the skill is hidden, press shift on it again to change it back.

      Didn’t find much use of it since I don’t do auto-battle and the A + UP/DOWN allows reordering the skills to put the ones you use on top anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, Siren is unavailable in Part 1. Same can be said for several other characters like Angel Soldier, Nekomata, Alraune, etc. who appear as NPCs in towns with recognizable sprites+portraits.

  24. OverlordMastema

    Is there anywhere that we can see(or just someone that can tell me I suppose) what h-scenes have been translated? I’m sorta setting this game on the backburner because I don’t want to go through it without getting those scenes as I play. I got up to when you leave the Tartarus place, and it seemed like none of them were translated from Pornof and everything past that, aside from returning monsters.

    Is there just a gap there of untranslated or is nothing new translated from that point forward in regards to the h-scenes? And I haven’t played any farther, but it all of the main story translated as well or if I keep playing will I reach a point where I need a walkthrough to figure out what is going on?

  25. OtaKael

    Say Dargoth, have you perhaps considered releasing an interface patch when Paradox 2 comes out? You’ve already translated all the races, jobs, and equipment from part 1, the menus, character names, etc. All you’d have to do is transfer all of that over and then handpick the new stuff from part 2, voila, interface patch!
    ….Or is it not that easy? I sure hope it is. It would be nice. I know enough JP to get through most dialogue fine, but I dread having to sift through menus and stuff. Even putting that aside, I think an interface patch would be really nice for those who just wanna jump in immediately even without JP knowledge (At their own risk, of course)

    • Anonymous

      Speaking of that, do we even know how part 2 is going to work in relation to part 1? As an addon? Save import? Can we return to part 1 towns in part 2?

      • lavos

        Presumably it would be how the original trilogy worked unless they find another method is better.

        As for returning I think that is a given, it is how RPGs work and there is too many things tied to current towns that would be weird if they suddenly moved. I think we are likely to have longer adventures in other worlds though.

  26. Joseph

    There is a typo in the conversation between Hiru (leech girl) and Melk (slug girl), Hiru says “jelous” instead of “jealous”.

    Something else I noticed is that one of the npcs occupying the civil servants lounge in Illias temple mentions that “the war against Grand Noah will be severe”, I think it should be “Grangold” instead of “Grand Noah”.

    When viewing a h-scene you have the option to hide both the name and text box but now when selecting this option the name box remains on screen leaving only the text box hidden.
    I’m not sure if it’s just me experiencing this since I don’t recall anyone else bringing it up before.

    • Sulphur99

      Erm, Grand Noah and Grangold are two seperate places. Grangold = Queen Ant place, Grand Noah = Colosseum place. I don’t know the context of the conversation in question though, so if I’m wrong in my assumption that you are mistaking the two, then please forgive me.

  27. firstlords

    Quick question about game mechanics. Do different characters have different base stats or is it completely dependent on job/race and abilities/equipment?

      • Anonymous

        It’s character based. Saki and Brynhild are pretty good I guess. If the characters had no impact on the stats then there wouldn’t be much point in having so many of them.

        • firstlords

          I assume that boss-type/story-related/bonus characters are generally stronger. Like nanabi, the tri-slugs, Luka, Alice, Ilias, sylph, gnome, etc. Yes?

  28. Anonymous

    I believe that is Joseph’s point. The Big war going on on Sentora is Grangold against everyone else.

  29. Anonymous

    Hey, just bought the game and tried using patch and got the “wrong version” not sure what I have done wrong

    • Anonymous

      … I am an idiot, you have to put patch things into the actual game file not the same folder… apologies

  30. Anonymous

    guys,,, is the one on the sukebei is legit? the game i mean… cuz i cant patch it with this one.. got the “wrong version” things everytime.. :/

  31. Anonymous

    I know you haven’t edited the castle maps yet but this one might be tough to catch. When you talk to Meia in the castle with Chrome in the party, Chrome will ask about a mermaid corpse. The portrait in the dialogue box isn’t Chrome though.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. It really does nothing. Doesn’t unlock anything, teaches no abilities or skills for leveling it, provides no skills/abilities for staying in it, and is statistically outclassed by any other job overall.

    • I’d like to hope there will be some use for it in a later part. At the very least an achievement or two. Otherwise it’s a pain in the ass for completionists like me.

    • firstlords

      I was really hoping it would be like the freelancer job in FFV. Starts off the weakest, ends up the strongest

    • Anonymous

      I think in the early stages of the game some of the classes that are now unlocked by gadabout were unlocked by mastering unemployed.

  32. Anonymous

    Yes! Its been a while since I visited this place, so the main story is translated right? Just a question before I play the game again: Are the shows in Grandoll’s theater translated as well? I seriously want to understand what they are doing

  33. Anonymous

    So this is sort of bothering me, but shouldn’t “Makina” be “Machina”? Just judging from how it’s supposed to be technological artifacts and all, the spelling seems weird to me.

    It’s not like I really need the translation or anything (tsun), but my japanese reading speed is beyond slow. Nice job.

  34. Anonymous

    The monsters from the tartarus rifts are pretty solid. So are the creations (???) Angel/Experiment XX-7, Little Bug and Canceroid. Miyabi the cursed doll and Carrie the ghost were pretty good too. They are not quite there with the story related characters, but are not bad either, and selecting the right class really and equipment fixes some of the problems. There are some real turds aswell though….

  35. Kirashi

    Hi, I had a question about the information I found in the monster girl quest wikia:
    How come there is so much information about nero and the 6 ancestors? We can already know who eaxctly really is Nero and the same goes for the 6 ancestors. I didn’t read everyhting because of the spoil but it really sounds like information you would find in the next chapter of paradox

  36. Anonymous

    When you fight Asteroth for the first time (don’t know if there is more then 1 fight, still playing) when she attacks it says Cobra girl instead of her name

  37. Koldstare

    Magicraft Apprentice name appear inside dialog box in ilias temple.
    Sometimes, Astaroth is addressed as cobra girl in chaos labyrinth.

    Also equipping Drain strike ability and any multi hit accessory like proof of final initiation,Iai patch,proof of initiation only activates drain strike and not the effect of accessory.

  38. Anonymous

    I know this is unrelated to paradox but Dargoth do you know what happend to MGQ Dinner and lunch?

    it stopped working with all browsers.

    does someone know a solution for this? i bought it on Dlsite and was my favorite vore game.

    please help.

    • Anonymous

      The adobe flash update blocks flash from running on things that might not be a trusted source. So on Internet explorer when you get the black screen, right click and open the global settings. Go to advanced tab and hit the trusted location settings. Add the folder for them into the trusted files. Same for firefox but for chrome I have not found a way to run them.

  39. Brad Mason

    Not sure if this question has already been asked, but has there been any confirmation or even hints at when part 2 is gonna be released?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve heard that they once said on their blog that it should come out sometime in 2017 don’t quote me on that, if I were to guess they will probably have it done by October, but that’s just my guess from it being in 2017 supposedly and wishful thinking.

  40. Anonymous

    We’ve got an update on torotoro’s blog! Highlights via google translate:
    – In the middle chapter, you can play the continuation using the save data in the previous chapter. You can also integrate the previous chapter and the middle chapter, you can enjoy it as one game.
    – The middle chapter also contains the data of the previous chapter, it is possible to advance the story from the beginning.
    – The content of the middle chapter is more than the previous chapter, which is roughly 1.3 times to 1.4 times the previous chapter. More than 200 monsters appear, most of them can be companionized.
    – In the middle chapter, further balance adjustment is added.
    – There is no plan to release the trial version of the middle chapter.
    – The middle chapter ‘s PV will also be released on Friday, March 24.

    What’s PV? Beta testing version?

    • Skuya

      You can steal the Secret Axe Scroll from any Minotaur Girl in the Chaos Labyrinth, for the Secret Spear Scroll you have to rely on luck since there’s no monster that drops a Spear Scroll – open a Chest (most likely beyond F100) and cross fingers.

  41. CivilDeviation

    Just don’t get excited for Micaela’s Sword of Heavens if you already have Excalibur; SoH isn’t nearly as good and is Luka only. 🙁

    • Civildeviation

      Hurray, finally beat all the superbosses including reaper. It feels good, but gotta say, it’d feel better if I didn’t use the guide. Using the honeypot as a battlemaster/mimic set for mana burn with slime double turns did the trick for reaper. Wonder what part II will bring :-).

  42. asdf

    looks like paradox 2 is coming out soonish if it comes out before part 1 is finished translated i think translating the new game should have priority over translating part 1

    • Billy

      Well if it is true that the 2nd game integrates the 1st game plot as well, I don’t think that its going to disrupt the translation project. Unless of course they change the scripts…

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s just a question if high priority content (story and gameplay) from part 2 takes precedence over lower priority content (h-scenes and all that) from part 1. I’m all for story generally but IMO finishing part 1 to 100% first would be better, we risk a scenario were h-scenes are abandoned until years in the future while parts 2/3 have their entire stories translated. Depends what Dargoth thinks, I guess.

    • Anonymous

      More than likely, part 2 won’t be touched for a while if part 1 is still being translated because all of the patches that come out shortly after the release can cause a lot of hassle.

  43. Anonymous

    If the balance changes apply to part 1 if you combine parts 1&2, then I’ll probably start a new game when 2 comes out.

  44. SelphiusXYZ

    I really hope that the first thing dargoth and co work on when part 2 comes out is any compatability issues that might ensue between the patch and the COMBINED PART1 and PART2 thing….

  45. Anonymous

    I’d recommend finishing translating part 1 first, so part 2 is out of the “new patch changes half of what was already translated” phase, when its translation starts.

  46. Anonymous

    So Dargoth, have you seen the recent post on Torotoro’s blog talking about Paradox Part 2?

    The MGQ wiki got all fired up with that, and I’m hyped as f*ck to watch the PV.

    (And, obviously, the game itself, now that I have 100% progress on my Part 1 save.)

  47. Anonymous

    Out of curiosity, is there a point in translations where the % will speed up near the end? Or is it going to be slow and steady wins the race? I’m just curious and to when i should expect a finished translation so i can play it D: .

    • Anonymous

      Dunno if it will speed up, however you can play it now. Story is done 100%. H-stuff, battle-fuckers and some interactions are not. But the game is 100% playalbe start to finish.

    • NoName

      Yep, it’s here. New character, which is another Alice. Also fuckton of new characters in this release, and some really nice special CGs courtesy of Xelvy and UN_DO, thank God to them.

      Dargoth, if you see something interesting in their dialogue, please comment about it.

  48. Anonymous

    The PV is insane, so there’s a possibility that Part 2 comes out by the end of the month. RIP schedule. Does anyone have a 100% save & a link with a synopsis of the story from Part 1? Thanks in advance

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts on the trailer besides Tamamo hype. That magician girl who looks like a main character reminds me oddly of Black Alice, alt Black Alice? Also I think Morrigan joins the team potentially from the video showing her attack cut in and also I’m wondering now if we are finally get micaela Abe lucifina in this part XD

      • Went back, the character name is “Alice Toromeria”, though I’d hazard a guess at “Tromelia”. Probably an Alt Black Alice. The video made me even more worried about Sonia as, aside from that picture near the end, it was when she showed up that things became glitchy.

      • Anonymous

        The Micaela and Lucifina that showed up are sealed, look at their bodies and faces. Full power Micaela and Lucifina would be too much for part 2.

        CGs near the end are pretty hype

        Shows Nuruko unsealed or something, Black Alice with an angel wing, Alma and Lilith together, not sure if they’re joining up or fighting, and more hints at Sonya

        • Anonymous

          I’m really wondering if that’s Lilith tho, wouldn’t it be interesting if it turned out to be Alma Elma’s mother instead XD as I recall in part 3 of the original trilogy she mentioned something about her mother not liking her because she liked fighting or something ? so maybe it’s different now in paradox ?

        • Anonymous

          “I’m really wondering if that’s Lilith tho, wouldn’t it be interesting if it turned out to be Alma Elma’s mother instead ”

          That’s impossible because the Lilith Sisters all got ganked in the Great Monster Wars.

        • Anonymous

          I was actually meant I feel like it isn’t Lilith since the person before me said they thought it was Alma Elma and Lilith at one part and I’m wondering if it’s actually Alma Elma’s mother

    • Anyone see the abs on that harpy chick? Nice!
      Yay for Micaela and Lucifina. Is it finally time for some wincest? I wanted Micaela to drain Luka dry since the day I first met her. Fingers crossed we finally get that.

  49. Hm, there seems to be a new area in the Pocket castle, if that wooden area where Luka’s talking to several sea monsters is what I think it is (you can actually see the maid in the upper right when he’s talking to the sea horse girl).

    • Anonymous

      Good catch. I guess it isn’t surprising when you think of the total volume of girls that are in the game that TT would need to expand the pocket castle

  50. Anonymous

    PV is super good. However that comming soonTM killed me, comone. We wont see a story translation for this till 2019, this will be just too big.

    • Anonymous

      1. some interesting dialogues:
      – Alice blaming Lilith for disguising as a queen and corrupting Grangold king and whole Grangold kingdom
      – Queen Vampire trying to conquer Sabasa by force
      – Alice asks Tamamo what her mother(Alice 15th) planning, but Tamamo refuse.

      -Zion : “You’re not Ilias-sama I serve.”
      Ilias : “Not me…!? Then… the other-”
      Zion : “Unlike Gnosis, I’ll beat you up mercilessly even if you’re Ilias-sama from other world.”

      – when the party moves forward to the other Ilias
      temple in the new snow continent, Sonya says “It somehow feels like
      that’s the place where my journey ends.”

      – Alicetromeria : “Oh, my… it seems like you’re in
      some trouble. May I help? You don’t need to pay for it. It’s a favor for
      a kin… no, will it better called… a favor for a descendant? Fufu.”
      Alice : “…….”
      Alicetromeria : “Then let’s go and beat the monster lord’s army. It’ll be funny. Ufufu…”

      – El : “I, the succeeding queen, will not run! I’ll beat all human’s allies up!”
      Alicetromeria : “Aah, poor princess mermaid. Will you perish into the bubbles…?”

      – Micaela-chan : “Good to see you, Ilias-sama… Here advents Micaela.”
      Lucifina-chan : “Good to see you, Ilias-sama! It’s Lucifina!”
      Luka : “…? ??? ??????”

      2. some main character introductions:

      -Luka : Hero who opens the gates between worlds seeking his father
      -Alice : Wandering monster lord who banished by her mother
      -Ilias : Goddeess of creation who were losted by the world
      -Sonya : Priest and childhood friend who loves clubs -> (noises) -> IRREGULAR
      -Alicetromeria : Black magician of senselessness and ambition
      -Micaela-chan & Lucifina-chan

  51. I wonder if Alice Tromelia is an alt Black Alice that had been brought to the side of good by either an alt Heirich or maybe even an alt Luke, since that painting in the video seems to be of a Luka looking man and Alice Tromelia (though Alice Tromelia’s face is torn from it).

    • NoName

      Nah, my opinion about this is that it’s Black Alice when she was travelling around the world with Heirich, before he realised she was the next Monster Lord.

      I suppose by getting her heart broken, it means that Heirich, once he realised her true identity, completely rejected or even tried to kill her, and she, who most likely developed feelings for her when she was travelling… well, took it really badly.

    • Anonymous

      The clothes of that Luka looking man are very close to what Heirich was wearing in the original trilogy, so I bet that painting was of Heirich and Black Alice since those two were implied to be in a relationship but something horrible happened that torn the two apart, that would explain why the painting was torn and we will find out what was that horrible event that turned Black Alice into a homicidal maniac

      • Anonymous

        They weren’t, Rogue fucked up translating that part. It’s “He destroyed Black Alice who we love and respect” /not/ “he destroyed Black Alice’s love”

  52. Anonymous

    Holy shit, this trailer. The only thing I don’t like is that they didn’t show unsealed Alice and Ilias.

  53. Anonymous

    Some more things from the trailer:
    1. Sonya segment shows what looks like a camp scene with 10+ companions.
    2. Hild segment has what looks like a baby who has the same mask as Sonya near the end.
    3. They missed a censor bar for a second at 01:09.

    • lavos

      Oh that is awesome, I tried through the game to keep the most plot relevant characters and/or those who tended to talk but even if I ignored useful things there is more than 8 so I had to choose and I was dreading the issue the moment a new one came up so now at least for a piece of part 2 I won’t have that issue and when it comes at least I can keep more of them.

  54. NoName

    Summary of trailer:

    1. Pretty much confirming that there’s something wrong with Sonya, as they make her part in the trailer appear glitchy and that CG (plus LoC but not going further here with spoilers).
    2. The three Shiki Succubus will join your side, seems like, as you can see the battle CG of the younger sister.
    3. As mentioned before, 12 party members which I agree to that, though active party still consists on 4. But honestly, you’re pretty much unkillable with a full properly leveled party at this point of the game…
    4. Chibi Lucifina and Michaela joining you! I’m all right with that, we need more angels honestly.
    5. Also confirmed that there’s a second Ilias in the current world they are, apart from the one that is on your side (that is, if you chose Ilias, don’t know if Alice side applies that too).
    6. A certain mask appearing constantly in the trailer, most likely representing monsters like Adramelek.
    7. Nuruko appears in adult form. Yeah, hard to see but you can see her zipper which is undeniably hers. Well, she does have the Minor Chaos race so… that kills all theories that Hiruko is Nuruko though.
    8. New member who suspiciously looks like Black Alice! With rabbits and bears included, and I wonder who has those elements too! And she’s related to Heinrich too because of that photo (if it’s him, which most likey is true)! They really aren’t trying to hide who she is, it’s really obvious. The only mystery here is to make sense of that horrible name of hers which makes no sense except for the Alice part of it.
    9. Sketches of Bryn (or some similar thing) showing she can get pregnant, and the mask I mentioned before appearing on the child.

    And most important, tons of new monsters appearing just by seeing the trailer. Seems like the artists went on a field trip in this game. Arekishi went full pirate of the caribbean, UN-DO had fun with some CGs and monsters, Jesus Christ your eldrich abominations in your CGs Xelvy, Jingai Modoki keeps making nice lolis, Shiki seems to like shading monsters to make them more mysterious (also Shiki made adult Tamamo too, so it seems they’ll discard Jingai’s version to keep consistency with the other six ancestors) and Setouchi seems to go back to making four-legged monsters again (and congrats to him, he has more excuses to draw more Alice).

  55. Anonymous

    Well, part 2 is looming behind the corner now, nuuuuu da HYPE!!!! da fire in the loins it produced! er, as a side effect, im hyped for the story above all…..

  56. Erebos

    Heh, I always thought, it would be very interesting if Black Alice joins Luka’s party somehow and it seems that this dream of mine will come true in part 2. I wonder, what will happen if two 8th Monster Lords will face each other?

    • CivilDeviation

      Part II’s release date is “coming soon”; we have no idea if that means hours, days, weeks, or months. Also, bahh why isn’t it here yet!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think they will release it this friday, they would have announced it already. When part 1 came out the PV was released 3 months before the game, so it can be anytime from first weeks of April to 3-4 months from now on.

      • Anonymous

        There’s no demo and I imagine beta testing will be much shorter with gameplay already ironed out so I think we’re looking at 1-2 months tops (I’m hoping for late April) but I don’t really have anything to back it up.

  57. CivilDeviation

    General fyi, don’t be too “hand friendly” when part II comes out. Kinda gross sentiment, so don’t read below otherwise.

    Too much “action” can lead to fibers growing in your manbits, and uhmm, getting them removed requires a monster needle to your stallion. Trust me, ya don’t want that. Worst pain ever.

    • SelphiusXYZ

      Ok just a question for my personal concern… umm… is once or twice a day with a week off once a month enough for this to happen? I AM LEGITIMATELY CONCERNED

      • CivilDeviation

        It’s hard to say about frequency, the argument for overuse is one of two things I’ve learned. 1) Causes impairment in other important aspects of your life because you are consistently skipping out to pop. 2) Overly vigorous (tight fist) method can lead to desensitization and can cause physical damage, which I think is what happened to me.

        • 1) Other important aspects of my life? Well, there’s no such thing. So that’s one less thing to worry about.
          2) So I need to be gentle? Where’s the fun in that? XD

        • CivilDeviation

          Here are a couple generalist sources, If ya don’t trust me, I can go find more formal studies.


          Also, technically I have expertise in the area of sexual health especially as it coincides with relationships and psychology, not that it matters in this anonymous forum. Kinda fascinating how overly vigorous stimulation can do damage, also a bit like the underside of those high intensity fleshlamps, most of the folks I’ve seen who use them “a lot” have problems with intimacy as well as problems getting off because of lack of stimulation during partnered sex. No warning sign on those products!

          Kinda leads to the aside, why do you think men are drawn to monster girl media?

        • Relationship issues are the least of my worries. I have way bigger problems than chronic masturbation. Such as being unable and having no desire to form emotional attachment. Well, unless monster girls suddenly become real. No, wait. Even then I’d just be in it for the sex. 😛

  58. Anonymous

    So not sure if anyone has asked this before but I was curious whats the difference between Sonya’s two H scenes, kinda was curious considering when I rushed through it once I thought it looked the same but I haven’t bothered to actually check what is the exact difference. Would appreciate it if someone could tell me what’s the difference please.

    • SelphiusXYZ

      Ok just a question for my personal concern… umm… is once or twice a day with a week off once a month enough for this to happen? I AM LEGITIMATELY CONCERNED

    • SubjectAlpha

      In the first scene she’s more reluctant, hesitant, and nervous. It’s not too good of a blow.

      The second scene, however, she goes full on femdommy blowjob cocktease and really fucks with Luka’s foreskin and such.

  59. MaZe

    When I refought the Morrigan boss fight (to get her panties) I spend some time talking to her and she asked me what the current Succubus Queen is like. One of the answers was “She is a master martial artist.” which I chose. Morrigan answered with a worried expression “Seriously? Then she has a lot more in common with her ancestor than I thought.”
    (Quoted from mind, might not be totally correct)
    And considering that Alma and Lilith have a very similar color scheme so I suspect that ancestor is Lilith.
    That could make for an interesting battle

    • Anonymous

      maybe she meant Minagi? And as Alma replaced in part 1 by Morrigan i’d say they have more in common as they both do what they want.

  60. Anonymous

    Hey if anyone wants a good rpg game to kill time till next update there is a good one out there and for free too. Dont wanna add a link to sounds like an add bot or some a**.
    Games name is
    Renryuu: Ascension On Gamejolt

  61. Anonymous

    So when part 2 is released will we be able to combine the one with the english patch and at least have the moves of the party in english?

  62. Anonymous

    So when the alt-Black Alice says “no, will it better called… a favor for a descendant?” I wonder who is she talking to. You’d think it’s Alice but I think in the original they said Black Alice had no children and the monster lord line passed to her younger sister. We still don’t know who is the female ancestor of Luka and Marcelus was, and Alice XVI once said that monsters (in human form?) can very rarely give birth to males so… maybe?

    • Sulphur99

      I mean, it’s highly probable that Nero is Luka and Alice’s son, so I imagine that Monster women can give birth to men. And given Nero’s full form, monster men might not even be that far off. Same goes for angel men, since Luka exists.

      PS: Nero’s heritage sounds like something out of a shounen manga now that I think about it…He’s part human, angel and monster all at the same time…

      • Anonymous

        Nero and Neris being kids of Luka/Alice from the original trilogy is all but confirmed, Alice even says in part 3 that they’re going to have a son and a daughter but I’m wondering if it’s just me reading too much into a poorly translated line (can you call someone a descendant if they’re descendant from your sister?) or torotoro is dropping hints at Luka’s line coming from Heinrich/Black Alice from the male side. A male (human-ish) child would obviously be skipped for a monster lord position or maybe even hidden with Black Alice going all mad and evil and curiously we were never told (that I know of) who Heinrich had children with.

        Nero is like that, he even looks like an edgy anime protagonist when he wants to pass for an ordinary traveler, no wonder he has OCD.

      • Anonymous

        Also I just realized that on top of everything else it would make the Luka/Alice relationship vaguely incestuous. Hm.

        • Heinrich died like 500 though, right? There’d be enough generation to pass that it probably doesn’t matter too much. Illias is way more incestuous, since she’s basically his grandmother. Also, since loli Lucifina and loli Micheala are going to be in Part 2 and Neris was flirting with Paradox Luka, it seems that there may be plenty of actual incest in Paradox. Well sort of, since they’re all alternate dimension versions of his relatives. Unless the “Evaluation Illias” (who I’m pretty sure is the Paradox Illias) does something to Luka, which I wouldn’t know since I haven’t lost very many times in Paradox.

        • Skuya

          I totally forgot there’s that 3rd Ilias which does the evaluations. I’m curious if those will be weighted more in the 2nd Part since in the original trilogy some fights were actually hard without evaluation for the 1st time.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not so sure the third Ilias giving evaluations is a real living thing. When you lose to the reaper she just kind of…BSODs.

          Like, “Category error 666” followed by “Entering safe mode, reboot system? Y/N”

          • The evaluations for the first apoptosis monsters seems to reveal that the evaluations are pre-recorded programs, but also that there’s a real Ilias monitoring them who can take manual control if necessary.

        • Anonymous

          Hmm… does that mean there’s one Ilias who monitors multiple worlds at the same time and she had these pre-recorded to save time?

    • It may also be that she’s not referring to her own descendant, but Luka as Heinrich’s. If Luka is descended from Alice Tromelia and Heinrich, it would mean he has both holy energy and a bit of dark energy, which might explain why her can open the Tartarus doors (’cause chaos). It wouldn’t really explain why Marcellus can though, unless Lucifina did something to him or he’s traveling with someone else with chaos powers who can open them.

      • Civildeviation

        Might be that the “Luka” character is able to open dimensional doors not because of innate “chaos” in him, but because he is the paradox. If the imperiled generations (or time jump labs-Brunhild and Promesthein) recognize that the generic Luka can’t battle or fight the oncoming Chaos, then it stands to reason that he was produced in a lab with the trait for controlling time and space. Might also be that Luka’s father or a future Luka was a lab tech in a different dimension that produced this rendition.

        There are a lot of ways to think of it, though I doubt this will be a straight lineage monster girl + Angel as it doesn’t address the special qualities of “this Luka” being able to open doors at will.

        Kinda fun to speculate, but even if we do chances are it wont be so linear as undoubtedly there will be gaps the moment they included dimensions and time differences.

        • Anonymous

          My theory is that perhaps this “Luka” we are playing as is the child born from Brunhilde that is foreshadowed in the trailer and that’s why Luka’s DNA activated her when they found her and that’s why White Rabbit mentioned how this Luka is “flesh and blood” (at least I think she did) but that’s just a theory a GAME THEORY! sorry I had too 😛

        • Anonymous

          I think another Luka from a different timeline built Brunhilde in the future and sent the lab into the past into the Paradox world to help the Luka we’re playing. If Luka himself is somehow artificially created I’m not sure. White Rabbit says something like “this Luka is smarter than the custom-made ones”, so I think the one we’re playing is somehow more “real”, closer to the proper timeline (from the original game), if that’s even a thing.
          It gets really confusing when you have parallel worlds that intertwine AND different time flow / time travel on top of that.

  63. Rando

    I’m not sure if you’ll catch this, but the Automata race had its name hanged to Evil Marta when I went to change Hilde’s race at Ilias Temple.

    Similarly, I believe the Purifying Light skill (under Holy skills) is missing an effect? It should have Ascension involved in it, since I’ve often seen enemies Ascend after getting hit with it. The Demon Slaying Thunder skill has Shocking/Ascension (50%) listed under its effects, so I don’t see any reason why Purifying Light shouldn’t have it either unless it wasn’t originally involved in its description.

    You might want someone to double-check your patches.

  64. Some guy from the wiki pointed a mistake in the descryption of the skill “The Flame Dance”. It says “Summon flames with a special Lamia dance” but is learned by Kitsune Geisha race.

    • Anonymous

      Yup it’s on YouTube named. “Monster Girl Quest RPG: Paradox Part 2 PV English Subtitles” by TornSkyTranslations. Also if you go up a bit you can find what the characters are saying in trailer as well (as in not just the big text that shows up as the video goes) Enjoy 😀

  65. Anonymous

    Does anyone know a good build for Vanilla ? Wanting to use her more but I don’t know for sure how I should build her for damage and what she can do best.

    • Anonymous

      Ditto to this question. I’m grinding away in preparation so I can run through NG+ and enjoy this game fully.

  66. Anonymous

    This might have been pointed out, but for some odd reason, when you fight Astaroth, some of her messages are labeled ‘Cobra Girl’ as if Cobra Girl was the one speaking. I don’t know how TT managed to do that one…

  67. Anonymous

    Not sure if it’s been said before, but just want to report that Grand Noah’s Queen’s final present (I think 4000 Affection?) is wrong. It says that she gives a Spear Medal, but she actually gives out a Mini-Ribbon.

  68. Anonymous

    sorry if it has been mentioned before but is this patch gonna be 100% of the game translated, or another partial one?

    • It’s been mentioned only partial but a lot has been translate whats mostly left are the scenes and battle shouts. That is a bit suprising not even Luka’s shouts has been translated and most of them are pretty straightforward

      • Sulphur99

        If they’re that simple, their probably saving the easiest for last and focusing their efforts on the bulkier chunks.

  69. What’s with all this recent negativity? We wouldn’t want to discourage anybody. I really appreciate Dargoth’s continuing commitment. He’s really not obligated to do anything so taking him for granted would be a mistake. .

    • NoName

      The result of the release of the trailer, which made people jump to get a complete translation before the second part comes out. Just treat it as a white noise, it’s impossible to stop them unfortunately.

    • lavos

      People keep spamming this kind of extremely rude(to say the least) question and every time I can’t help but thinking I would gladly wait longer for final patch just out of spite.

  70. Anonymous

    Trailer for chapter 2 is out on Youtube! Now it`s a race: will you be able to get a 100% patch for chapter 1 before or after it`s released? Both things would be great news, though, and thanks for your work,

      • Anonymous

        I`m sure you`ll have time left. If they had an actual close release date, it`d be on the trailer. Also, seems like plenty of people have posted annoying comments on the subject. Sorry for bothering, and thanks again.

  71. Brad Mason

    Is it weird that I’m looking forward to the story of part 2 more than I am the sexy times with the monster girls? Lol, like I started playing it just for the sexy times, but now I just wanna know what happens next.

    • Yes. It’s completely insane. Honestly, now I’m not even sure you’re human. You must be one of those lizardmen I’ve heard so much about. Clearly it’s the only logical explanation. 😛

      • CivilDeviation

        Nah dargoth is of the ghost and minor chaos race; he disappears and when he reappears you don’t know quite what he’ll do!

    • Arj

      Back when I started with MGQ I was just in it for the monster girls…. nowdays I am just in it for the story… Made a huge text document listing all the plot points of the original VS Paradox, wrote down information on all the characters, locations, and current events, as well as my theories, and try to solve as many mysteries before Part 2 arrives…. I need a life.

  72. Anonymous

    I’m curious about something, why are there cg in monster girl quest paradox for the BFers that you don’t see during the BFs yet I’ve seen them online and also in the original trilogy I’ve seen cg in the game that I don’t know how to see like with doppel luka. Just curious if anyone knows why 😛

  73. Anonymous

    I have just received confirmation that Dargoth will release his next patch when you put all of your body pillows in a circle, light a candle and pray to the hentai gods (I.E. Illias). She will then slap you for believing me

      • Anonymous

        Gotta say, that trailer for part 2 does give much of the spook. So many things, wonder what else they added to the game

      • Skuya

        Well, I somehow hope there will be old/new warped Angels for Part 2 except for Cupid & Valkyrie. Plus, new Apoptosis, yay.

        • Anonymous

          What? No, I hope they keep the casinos, I loved the minigames. And there would be no point in playing if the rewards were all shit.

        • Skuya

          Actually more “interesting” minigames were appreciated by me. Casino is fine and all and LoC is decent but I wish there would be a bit more than that.

          Regarding Rewards: They’re not even that good, plus you can always buy them with enough money (about 300k or so).

          Anyways, I’ve not even beaten the casino in full yet. Royal Straight Flush (or whatever it is called) is missing.

  74. Brad Mason

    No lie, I’m probably checking this page at least 3 times a day waiting for the new patch. My body is not ready for it lol.

  75. LostDGod

    Doing the same. Although I can never emphasise enough how grateful I am for this translation I still hate when Dargoth misses the deadline and goes silent for days on end…
    I don’t really care if the schedule for the release has changed but I would still like to know so because checking for updates multiple times a day like this is heartbreaking every time.

  76. Astora

    Thank you for the patch Dargoth 🙂 !

    If you need any help to work on this project, I would like to help, whether with translating or editing. Is there a way to contact you directly ?

    • Well, I used Chrome’s auto translate feature, but luckily it seemed pretty clear. Basically, it says there’s a rumor that the game will be out on Golden Week, but not to believe it. They’re currently testing the game for bugs and such, and the work required would be impossible to accomplish in just one month, so don’t believe any rumors about release dates.

      • Anonymous

        I love how MGQ creates so much excitement tortoro has to make an announcement debunking false release date rumors and say people should stop sending emails asking about it, lol.

        • Anonymous

          Nah, it’s not really as fun as you think, you gotta write “reports” on what, how and where you found all bugs. And depending on the bug, you may as well wait for another version as it completely breaks the game, and after some time you wish you would just get a stable game.

    • Arj

      Pretty much debunking fake-news that Part 2 would be released this Golden Week. It’s in play-testing, but will be a while longer. Don’t fall for hoaxes.

  77. Anonymous

    Purely from damage dealing perspective should I keep Alice as a noble and use technical magi or switch to mage? Because as I see it you can’t get nearly as much dex as magic and you miss out on most of black magic and elemental boosts from items. Even if I equip a bow (which makes rapier skills pointless) and a dex boosting accessory I get maybe 70-80% of magic I have as a mage and no boosters. I’m talking normal progression through the game, not maxed out on everything after chaos labyrinth.

    • Anonymous

      I chose to go through the mage branch simply due to the fact that her trait always allows her to cast black magic, so it might be more useful to have in the future. She wasn’t bad going from mage to sage. There are better builds for her, but it isn’t important if you’re just concerned about the main story.

      • Civildeviation

        I went the max out approach,but for higher difficulties ya really gotta work in conjunction with the race you have Alice set with and the trait bonus. Alice sadly struggles in this department since ya pretty much need to go Yoma to High Yoma with black magic initially. Though you’ll soon find that demon arts tend to out pace most of the black magic spells for group damage. So I’d boost magic with earrings or go for agility. Fast spells make a huge difference. Add in a harpy with encouraging dance and sky dance; and a singer with song of offense and ya have a pretty good damage set up. It’ll help then if ya just use elements or black magic appropriate to the weaknesses of the enemy at that point.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I don’t want to min-max or anything but I’m going to start again on harder difficulty and I wanted to confirm what I already thought: Alice as noble is ok at everything but great at nothing. I’m a little concerned about lack of agility for demon eyes skills and survivability (mage compared to noble looks pretty bad, but Yoma is good and Alice can equip most armor so she’ll probably still be tougher than other mages) but I guess I’ll see how it works out. Thanks for help.

        • Wow. Didn’t realize how in-depth people went with maximizing their characters in this game. I barely change my party members or use any stat buffs or jobs related to it. Though I suppose you have to if you wanna play on higher difficulties. Me, I’ll just stick with Normal. Labyrinth’s a bitch enough as it is. Don’t need more of a challenge than that. In fact, might even lower the difficulty just so I can get those goddamn achievos. XD

        • Skuya

          Maximizing chars is not even necessary. Someone beat the game on Hell Mode (2nd highest difficulty) without any increased EXP & Job EXP (that mean that guy just beat the game with the characters as they were).

          Magic is easier to acquire than Dexterity (even after Chaos Labyrinth) because of Convert Magic (plus, you can even stack that if you want to), so yeah. I’ve got easily 650+ Magic on Mage characters but Dexterity is pretty much capped at about 550 for the characters/classes I use. If you know how to get more than that without using seeds, let me know.

        • Anonymous

          Gameplay in Paradox is not bad if you like this kind of JRPG party based system, but people who are into it will optimize stats and classes even without the intention to cheese, so higher difficulty is a must if you want to have a challenge. I’ve played on hard so far but now that I know how the game works more or less it’s got too easy. It’s good that they designed it this way, if someone just wants to see the story and h-scenes, they can turn the difficulty to easy.

          As for magic vs dex, I haven’t even beaten the game yet but trying builds out with Alice around Sabasa I can stack around 350 magic with regular items but I only get close to 300 dex when I use a gale bow (so rapier skills go out the window) and the rainbow dress from medal queen that’s way stronger than other items I have at the moment.

        • Skuya

          Yeah, I suppose you’re right. I myself have only Luka (completely) maxed – except for Unemployed as it doesn’t do anything, but that’s one more job, oh well – and a few characters close to maxed (Luxuru, Eater and Shestra are the closest ones and Ragora, Ilias, Regina, Reina and Maiden are about half through the jobs) on my main save state.

          So when TrTr finishes part 2, I’m considering to level up completely new characters which aren’t even maxed (More Apoptosis, yay + some other monsters from the original trilogy). Sort of a shame I consider ditching the part 1 characters but well.

          For the challenge, I tried to do something similar to the guy which did the No EXP no JEXP Challenge – some kind of Nuzlocke Challenge for Paradox, but softened up a bit – you’re allowed to befriend the monster you encounter first (if there’s two or more you can choose) in a different encounter as well, but only one monster from each dungeon, no monsters from the open world (RIP Kazura ;_;) and of course no EXP/JEXP, but on Hard difficulty (since you get less monsters).

          It’s actually kind of fun, perhaps I’m gonna continue that at some point (Need to beat Morrigan atm, but I haven’t tried yet). I never thought Mimi (the Earthworm Girl) couls be so awesome and annoying at the same time. Guess why.

        • CivilDeviation

          @ Erwin Dedić; if you play on paradox, through Chaos Dungeon on higher floors like 100+, or face super bosses the game starts requiring some coordination and planning to do succeed which is impressive considering its in the H-game genre.

          Maxing out a couple toons, using seeds, and coordinating buffs after a couple play throughs seems necessary at that point though I’m sure some folk who are really determined have found ways around it or by rolling the luck machine. We all play differently and some of us are particularly masochistic in the gameplay arena!

        • @CivilDeviation
          Yeah, the only masochism I’m into is being sucked dry by a monster girl. I’ll leave the Paradox difficulty to the pros. Which I certainly am not. It’s one of my life mottoes. ”If you can’t beat it to death with a stick, give up.” XD

  78. VW

    Anyone have any clue as to how to contact Dargoth? I need to ask how to change the most commonly used font so that the game can work on my Linux computer without spacing out letters.

    • Anonymous

      If you don’t mind changing the font for everything, all you need to do is open the game files with RPG Maker and do a small adjustment to the Main script where the default font type and size is set. I’m not Dargoth, but yeah, that might be a simple enough fix.

  79. HOOOOLY SHIT this was awesome
    i new to your whole project of translating this game dargoth but oh i so thankful that you did that
    i played monster girl quest a long time ago and a friend showed me two weeks ago the trailer of the paradox part 2 so i though “maybe that translation of the first one i heard about on hongfire is already finished if this torotoro guy already releasing part 2 this year”

    AND IT DID..sort of, all the plot related dialogue is so there no reason to complain (as if someone has the right to complain for a FREE patch)

    so i just wanted you to know that i truly fuckin grateful for the time you have spend on translating this and just wanted to know if you are going to translate the second one when it comes out

    i could go on and on about all the nice and maybe a bit of critical opnion about the translation but i just write too much for no audience anyway soo
    peace and until the next game comes out..probably

    PS: this probably has been asked before but since i couldnt find out on my own do you have some sort of donation page ?
    also forgive me if i wrote something wrong on this long rant of mixed joy and happiness but english is just not my native language

  80. Anonymous

    Rogue, I miss ya buddy…. not a complaint, just a thought…. hey its free translation, so no right for complaints anyways. The hype gets gewd at least, like waiting for gta V to get released, drool and wait for 2 more years for pc version to actually play it xD, but it’s all worth it in the end 😉

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if Rogue sometimes lurks around here to see how the stuff is going with Paradox. I wouldn’t admit if I were him though, it would be like 200 comments in a day begging him to help with the translation.

  81. Anonymous

    I manually patched out of curiosity to see Morrigan and Astaroth’s scene and found a typo in Morrigan’s scene.

    “A launch another volley of semen at Morrigan’s command, unable to put up any resistance in the face of the disgrace and despair consuming me.”

    should probably be

    “I launch another volley of semen at Morrigan’s command, unable to put up any resistance in the face of the disgrace and despair consuming me.”

    Morrigan’s so sadistic, it’s hot.

  82. CivilDeviation

    Seems like there has been some movement behind the scenes :-). Any idea when your hoping to release the next patch?

  83. Eastpower

    Hmmmmm……….so i saw the trailer for MGQ Paradox Part 2 and im a little bit puzzled.
    Looks like this Series will get more Drama then the last.
    I mean it looked to me that Sonya will become your enemy at some point and who knows if you can save her or if she even want to. If the last Pic with that masked woman was Sonya then maybe she will not so easily come back. (Looked like some extremly crazy and fucked up maniac to be true)
    I hope that we are not meant to kill Sonya because she got a extremly strong brainwash or something like that. I mean until now we dont have Angel Halo. So maybe the only way to give her peace is to kill her. I already see the scene before my eyes. After you beat her she comes back to her senses and begs you to kill her because the bad unfluence (could be anything) already start to take her over again. And without Angel Halo and/or at least grown up Alice/Illias it would be extremly hard to set her free from whatever happens to her.

    Another thing is if Luca will find out that Nero and Neris are his children from another reality. And another thing is why Neris somehow dislikes Alice. At least i think it is because of her reaction against Alice when they first met in the Cave with the Poseidon Bell.

  84. YamatoTakeru

    Um dargoth , can you please consider to fix this key item Magic Book Of Secrets ( Allows you to change job to Spiritualism ) acquired by done the mimic girl’s request ?
    – On my first walkthrough(before Sabasa was translated ), i could have this item after completed all the Hauted mansion ‘s event and talked to Mimic but after patch 1.21.51 and in Ng+ I can’t trigger it no matter what , she just keep saying this line and all :
    “If you defeat them , and talk to them , won’t they calm down ?Once you calm everyone down , i’ll give you a thank you gift “ Thank you for your dedicated works »’ω’«

    • Anonymous

      You know the story and the majority of the gameplay content such as the side stuff is translated right? If you’re going to be waiting for stuff like every h-scene or the battle shouts, you’ll be waiting a while…

      • Anonymous

        We HAVE been waiting a while, and how crazy that someone should want the H-Content translated in a H-GAME…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the game part of the game is basically all done. Some minor story stuff like monsterpedia or battle talk in the later parts is still untranslated but aside from h-scenes you can play from start to finish in like 98-99% English.

    • Maybe Badjou doesn’t care about the story. Yes, it makes sense now. He’s waiting for the full translation so he can enjoy the best, most important part of MGQ. Those sweet, erotic, violent, passionate, extreme, sexy battle shouts. At last, I have found another battle shout fetishist. I am not alone! Oh happy day!

        • Yeyeyeye! He should be the strongest character and the hardest to recruit. And his only attacks should be various damaging and buffing battle shouts. Including, but not limited to, profanity and lewd remarks. XD

        • Yeah, I figured that was the case. I feel ya. The experience is definitely better when you don’t have random lines of untranslated text flying at you every once in a while. And soon, by the glory of the Hentai Gods, we shall get that experience.

  85. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth, do you have any idea how your team will proceed with the translation once the second part comes out? Assuming you guys press on into part two, which I wouldn’t blame you if you want to say fuck this at this point and jump ship…

      • libyaxsniper

        I get that! I’m following other devs myself, and the websites look “radio silent” until a blog update comes up, which takes a while to happen, if the update contains downloadable content (1-3 months)

        I do check your bitbucket, you guys have been making a lot of great progress lately, keep up the good work, we’re rootin’ for ya!

    • Essentially, yes. However, not everyone pushes changes immediately, some people submit files by email, and others create pull requests that I don’t always merge promptly (none of those at the moment).

    • Anonymous

      But we have Part 1’s story translated. Sorry but after two years, I’d rather have Part 2. I’ve clocked in probably 200 hours of Part 1 at this point. It’s time for the new stuff.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve played around 1 hour of part 1 because I’m waiting for the full translation, so what use do I have for part 2?

        • Anonymous

          Really? The story of Part 1 has been translated. Only minor stuff like some battle dialogue, requests, and H-Scenes remain untranslated, but the important stuff is done. You might as well play Part 1 now, because when Part 2 comes out, Darg probably is going to go straight to translating Part 2’s story.

  86. Anonymous

    Does anyone know how to get the handjob scene with lihitinu/blond centaur ? Do you need her to be at a high affection level or something?

    • Anonymous

      The hand job scene is just her temptation during combat. Some monsters have cg only accessible when you give in to their temptation.

      • Anonymous

        Oh , where do you fight her then? I’m trying to unlock all the cg’s but she’s one of the few i don’t have . I can only find her in illiasport which doesn’t trigger any combat .

        • Anonymous

          Go north of the starting village, past the second village she hangs around there. It sucks that it’s a temptation only scene, as it’s one of my favorites, I hope to god the scene is translated if this next patch ever releases.

      • Anonymous

        Mmmm past illiasburg? is she encountered as a wild monster or is there something i need to do to trigger an event with her? I can’t seem to find lihitinu .

        • Anonymous

          iirc I was meeting her near a cavern randomly with rafflesias too. It’s been too long to remember which cavern it was though, sorry.
          If you want you can fight her in Hades (using the bookshelf) and can access to temptation attack with this artificial fight.

  87. Anonymous

    Mmmm past illiasburg? is she encountered as a wild monster or is there something i need to do to trigger an event with her? I can’t seem to find lihitinu .

      • Anonymous

        Damn , i think i’m just too strong or something , i can’t seem to encounter any monsters lmao . I wonder if there’s a way to forcefully encounter monsters or make it easier to encounter them , i tried equipping low level monsters as party members already but its not helping.

        • Anonymous

          Random encounters (like the Centaur) should always be available. Make sure you’re not equipped with anything the reduces (or voids) random encounters and you should eventually find her. As others have said, you find her around the outskirts of Iliasport–she can also be found near Port Natalia in the grasslands.

          And if you’re trying to get that CG scene, I recommend equipping someone with Perfume of Arousal–this makes monsters ALWAYS attempt temptations once they’re reduced to 50% HP.

        • Arj

          Check your equipment and skills, so you don’t have any encounter reducers equipped. There are also a few items/skills that increases encounter rates, so if you have those, put them on.

  88. TooManyNumerals

    Trying to get the Dragons Seal (Totaly not for Granberia, what are you talking about?)
    But the sphinx is like 50x harder to beat in this game, most of my attacks just bounce
    off of her….anyone have any ideas on what to do?

    • singingdragonlord

      shes one of the mega bosses that prob werent even suppose to be defeatable till the later parts were released. (others being the fox thing that stays in the cave after you get the bell, the grim reaper like character that appears whenever you die, and the two angels that are past the first pit thing, as well as the entire labyrinth of chaos) heres a guide to deal with all of em https://pastebin.com/PFZBHsWA , just take note this will take ALOT of job xp grinding also note that the bosses mentioned in the guide are the chaos labyrinth versions, so the actual sphinx might not have the full move set, less hp etc.

      • Civildeviation

        Felt a bit like an optional boss like in Final fantasy 7 going from Ruby to Emerald weapon. Totally doable and far easier. Superbosses in chaos dungeon… yeah definitely meant for part 2 until someone realized using the summoned “clara” is OP.

        As for Nanabi, Sphinx, Alice, and Death ya best grab Pyhar (the unfortunate Harpy), build her into a “superstar” and get her races up and you should get a dance that boosts evasion, magic evasion, and agility. That combined with the summon Carabuncle will let you go far with those optional bosses. Just remember, damage goes up if you stack buffs, like offensive song, inner focused spirit, and focused mind. GL

  89. Dante

    Hey Everyone,

    i have a Problem with the patching, read some comments and try some of those things, but unfornately none of them works.

    Things i did:
    Tried to patch the old english version 1.2
    Tried to patch the Japanese 1.2 Version
    Changed my location to Japanese
    Changed the Name of the Folder
    Gave the Programm adminstration rights
    Deleted the Save File

    None of them works 🙁 at 49% it always say wrong patch

    Hopefully someone could lend me a hand there 🙂

      • Dante

        Could finally find the error…..ashamed of myself but i didnt have the 1.2 version, i had something that doesnt even had a version number. After i redownloadet the game and checked if it was 1.2 (it was) it finally worked. But Thank you Quinn 🙂

  90. Civildeviation

    Interesting… just got Lucifina’s panties and turned them into to Pornof. Got the line “these are devil’s panties pretending to be an angels.” Guess that might explain the whole Luka being able to open chaos doors bit.

    • I like to think that means Lucifina was wild in the sack. She and Marcellus were probably into some very kinky shit. Mm. She can be your angel and your devil, indeed.

      • Civildeviation

        Heheh, that too! Could be be me reading too much into it or a red herring; though forshadowing wise it would explain part of the storyline.

        • Civildeviation

          And… during the conversation with Alice and Sonia in the castle after opening the first door; there is the comment that maybe Luka can open doors because of “lineage”…. 😛 That makes multiple foreshadowed factors.

        • Civildeviation

          Agreed about Promestein, she really needs a scene with a direct rape where-in she demands Luka to rate the various types of stimulation, note the amount of semen extraction, and what not.

          Also, if it isn’t done already, I’d love to have Saki’s scenes translated, the exhibitionism one seems quite fun.

    • Anonymous

      I actually would love to see Chromes scenes done soon XD I always use her in the party cause she’s one of my favourite party members as a character and for what she can do. P.S good luck on translations Dartoth and friends 😀

  91. Link

    Does anyone have a save file that completely unlocks the library? I think it might be a system save file or something. I want to get the library 100% unlocked so I can see all the different scenes, but it won’t ruin the game for me since it won’t really spoil the story.

    So, does anyone have a system save whatever it is that fully unlocks the library 100%?

    • Anonymous

      The only thing we know is they’re playtesting it and it won’t be released in at least a month. So late May or June at best, probably later.

    • Sulphur99

      At least that confirms that Luka will get Angel Halo at some point. One has to wonder if it’ll lock out all other weapons for him though.

      • Anonymous

        I was thinking maybe they commissioned the art and didn’t use it in the end but I can’t imagine why.

      • Anonymous

        I doubt it will lock out. It will probably just sit unsellable like the custom sword leaving you to use whatever you want still. We’ll probably see luka acquire it in part 2 or in part 3 as a top tier sword. If Luka is to try to get back to doing things as closely as the original timeline, Nero will have to give Luka the Angel Halo at some point.

  92. Anonymous

    Is it really impossible to get monster milk from milking the monsters using the milking skill to get the monster’s mother’s milk anymore?

    This is serious question that turned silly quick,

    • lavos

      So I was told was the case for the normal game, never bothered testing. Can still get in Hades or the Labyrinth though.

        • That’s the implication from Toro Toro’s last blog post at least. They also said that it’d be “impossible to finish playtesting in under a month” when squashing rumors about a golden week release date and some people have chosen to interpret that as it taking at least a month (I personally think that was just in response to the rumors, not about ho long it’ll take them). It’ll probably be out sometime this summer, probably early summer (June-early July).

        • Kell

          Best news of the week so far! thanks! Also, I think its definitely going to be a late May/early June release, so just in time with the semester ending. Great!

        • Anonymous

          Well, we don’t really know anything for sure but May release is the most optimistic interpretation of “can’t be done within a month” from late April but they’re in the final stretch at least. Realistically it’ll probably be June or later depending how many bugs and balance issues they find during beta testing. I love how h-game makers don’t want to release a buggy product while lots of regular companies these days just sell a broken mess that they maybe patch later.

  93. Civildeviation

    Anyone else finding themselves continuing to play through the game in “preparation” for the next part? Hope they hurry up with Part II, my Luka is beginning to feel like a Super Sayan Goku; and that does not bode well for the recommended level “24 with one to two advanced classes” mastered.

    • I’m actually waiting for Dargoth to finish the patch so I can go through the game again. Been a while since I last played and I’ve kind of forgotten a lot of shit. Grinding out all those characters’ jobs and races will give me something to do while I wait for the translation of part 2.

      • Anonymous

        Same. Also I don’t want broken characters for part 2, it would suck if I steamrolled over everything because I used 1000 seeds or something. I might level up a some weirder classes and races for abilities, but that’s something to do when I recruit monsters I miss playing through the story.

        • Yeah, overleveling with seeds would feel a bit cheap. Maxing out every character’s job and race is enough for me. Especially since there’s going to be so many more monster girls to level in the next part. I’ll probably completely forget about the part 1 characters. I barely use anyone but the main cast anyway. XD

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, maxing out jobs (even all of them if you have the patience) probably won’t even do that much because of the limited ability points and skill use restrictions.

        • Anonymous

          Battlemaster Luka max seed dual calibur genjis + proof of final initiation here… I’ll be steamrolling everything solo cuz i’ve grinded the labyrinth too fucking much! ;-;

  94. Anonymous

    personally haven’t finished the game yet or grind seriously on it . Waiting for the next patch I pray its a huge one

    • Sulphur99

      Given the amount of content in just Part 1 of Paradox, Part 2 is probably going to be just as time-consuming. Not that that’s bad.

      • Anonymous

        They said 30-40% bigger than part 1, so that’s pretty fucking big. I have 40h in part 1 and I haven’t finished it yet either.

        • Anonymous

          40h? 300+h here, mah man Luka is on his merry way to 500 in every stat by seed and ultimate equip grinding on labyrinth… most of the cast became masters of everything cuz i’ve job grinded Sphinx until max level with almost everyone… I really hope there’s more content on part 2 cuz i’m sure i’ll be steamrolling almost everything by then (nervous laugh.tiff) I’m not having FUN anymore!!!

  95. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth, when part two comes out, will you be able to play it and give us a review of it or something? Does anyone know of a good source of someone who speaks Japanese who would play through it and post about it?

    • Sulphur99

      ManyEyedHydra, I guess. He did an entire playthrough for Part 1 back when it wasn’t fully translated.

      • CivilDeviation

        Hydra reviews the occasional H-game, but doesn’t know japanese. He is estimating based on chitran/ITH and translation aggregator.

    • Anonymous

      Someone on the wiki might play it and then update the pages, I remember stuff being there before Dargoth translated these parts in part 1. It could be based on machine translation though, I don’t know, I’d rather avoid spoilers as much as I can.

  96. Anonymous

    Is there any way I could go about using a program that just does some shitty google translate of part 2 when it comes out, so I could vaguely get what was happening? Would be so much better than waiting a year for a 50% patch.

    • Anonymous

      To each their own, I guess but I’d rather wait for a story patch (even if it takes years) than play with machine translation. Someone will probably do a machine translation pretty fast, there was one when part 1 was released.

    • Jesus. That’s a lot of work. No wonder I failed last time I tried to install one of these programs. Probably missed, like, a dozen important steps. Yeah, I’ll stick to waiting too. This technology is too confusing for me. XD

      • Civildeviation

        Simple method albeit with quite flawed translation is downloading AGTH and translation aggregator; then look up hooking codes for the specific game. Plenty of manuals on how to do those out there It does take some fooling around to get, but can be highly rewarding. Especially if you want to explore games that will probably never get translated like the original ROBF.

        • Nah. Way out of my league. Besides, call me lazy, but it feels like too much work for a flawed translation. I’ll just continue relying on the kindness of translators. Take whatever games I can. Whatever games they give. Hope a few I really want are among them. Don’t often care for the stories in these games anyway. They’re rarely worth the time. I just like them to be translated because it’s much easier to maneuver through them when all the menus, instructions and dialogue options aren’t in chex mix. And, of course, the h-scenes are better when I can understand them. XD

        • Touka

          …what? The original ROBF game has been (mostly fully) translated for a while now.

          Last time I played it (a year ago) the only things that weren’t translated were about half of the game over scenes and 3 or 4 lines of random NPC dialogue near the end of the game. You can play through the game and understand everything that’s going on without issue.

          ROBS4U on the other hand is translated just enough to play through the game, menus, items, quests, etc. The majority of the storyline is not translated and the game will frequently switch between English and Japanese after the Medusa fight.

        • …what? ROBF game has been (mostly fully) translated for a while now.

          Last time I played it (a year ago) the only things that weren’t translated were about half of the game over scenes and 3 or 4 lines of random NPC dialogue near the end of the game. You can play through the game and understand everything that’s going on without issue.

          ROBS4U on the other hand is translated just enough to play through the game, menus, items, skills, quests, etc. The majority of the storyline is not translated and the game will frequently switch between English and Japanese after the Medusa fight.

  97. Anonymous

    The patch comes when it comes. Their is this thing called life, meaning a life outside of Monster Girls people. Unless of course….thy entire lives revolve around it. *Fetal position while rocking back and forth biting nail* “I need this in my life, I need this in my life”…rinse and repeat.

    • Anonymous

      1.21.54? Pretty much. You can run into some Japanese in battle talk and companion interactions in the pocket castle but you can play from start to the last boss in like 99% English. Most h-scenes and new monster encyclopedia entries are not translated.

  98. Anonymous

    Brynhildr’s “now i’ll quite literally milk your balls out” translated h-scene when? both the battle loss rape and the risqué swinsuit ones plz???

  99. Anonymous

    Is there a save that will also have library entries? I downloaded a couple of the saves I saw here and they do not have entries in the library? Something I am missing with the save file or what?

    • Anonymous

      Follow up to that….Also when I use the saves it reverts back to Japanese. Is there a way to stop that or am I just doing something wrong here?

      Thanks for any help.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve noticed it too. Seems like encyclopedia entries are handled separately from saves. You’d probably need to get some other file from someone who unlocked everything in part 1.

      • I’m pretty sure your library information is kept in the “SystemSave” file found in your save folder. It’s a type of “global save” and is the reason your library is shared in all playthroughs, even if they’re not NG+.

  100. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for all of your hardwork, it has been a joy to read all of your translations over the years. Small question will Luca be going “faaaaaa” in the hscenes again? I seem to remember it being phased out as translations went on throughout the various games. I’ve come to miss it and have been hoping it would make a resurgence.

    Once again thank you for your hardwork, including all the other translators who have made this come together.

    Also another small request. could you after a couple weeks late of an estimate, tell us in a small message that yes it is delayed and you are expecting it in 2-3 months or whenever you do have the time for it.Just to cut down on the dozens of questions all asking the same thing.

  101. kleppie

    How can we reach out to Torotoro to let him know a lot of us English speakers are super into this shit? I appreciate the work, and this game has so much dialogue compared to the original 3 hidden away I know it’s got to be a nightmare to end all nightmares on your end. Wildest dream if Toro would have this stuff on offer in English @ release.


    • Anonymous

      Well, part 1 of the original trilogy got an official translation and it didn’t sell that much better than the rest. It was years after it was translated by Rogue but still, if that was a test to see if they should translate Paradox I wouldn’t hold my breath for an official translation, sadly.
      It would be great but realistically it’s probably way too big of an investment for way too little (if any) profit for a small h-game dev.

        • Chinpa

          Yeah that was a bad translation, most of it didn’t make sense to me, as if used a standard Japanese>English tool and they be like “OK we’re done, let’s put it up”

      • Anonymous

        If they couldn’t understand why A translated version almost 3 years after the initial release didn’t sell well, I’m not sure anyone could explain it to them…

        • Anonymous

          Oh, I’m not even saying that’s the reason, I have no idea why they did that translation, it might be completely unrelated but translation (even poor translation of porn games) isn’t cheap. For a game of Paradox size they’d probably pay more for translation than profit from sales of the English version. MGQ has a dedicated English-speaking fanbase and sold pretty well compared to most h-games in the west but it’s still a small fraction of overall sales. Some of it is probably because of piracy, the concept of paying for a porn game is really weird to a lot of people but in the end the western fanbase is probably relatively small.

        • Anonymous

          Just to compare the numbers:
          English dlsite
          Part 1: 2203
          Part 2: 1535
          Part 3: 2001
          Paradox 1: 1656

          Japanese dlsite
          Part 1: 23042
          Part 2: 21053
          Part 3: 18597
          Paradox 1: 20410

          I don’t think you can get it anywhere else, and physical copies sales gotta be 99% Japan. 10% more sales from outside of Japan is probably really high compared to most h-games but I’d assume most of these were bought by people who know Japanese or use unofficial translations. If I was torotoro I’d look at translation as a risky investment for a marginal profit.

        • Anonymous

          That would be the most logical option from my point of view, but last time with the original trilogy, he chose to translate the Japanese version of the game from scratch even with Rogue’s (better) translation available. Whether or not there’s a good explanation for that, I don’t know, but he didn’t opt to just list the translated form last time.

        • Anonymous

          For some reason he can’t (or won’t). Who knows why, I don’t think he ever commented on that.
          Also that doesn’t really solve anything from the consumer perspective. Even if torotoro made unofficial translations into official ones we’d still have to count on fan translators to do them in their free time, however long that takes. We were talking about a scenario where the English version would be available on release or shortly after, which could only happen if torotoro commissioned one while still developing the game. Whether that translation would be better than a fan translation is debatable.

    • Anonymous

      Would be great to know how. I’ve been trying to manually change the dialogue. There has been MGQ_EX project where I can clean up the dialogue manually. I’ve been trying to use the “language file system” script to extract but no luck =\. If only someone got a working script to extract these into rvtext files…

  102. Wanna ask, newb here. At the very beginning what difficulty to start with? I wanna complete this game in one run. (Had experience where difficulty changes how the story goes)

    • Anonymous

      If you want to be a Pokemon master and collect all the girls, you’ll find yourself pretty overpowered and I think at least ‘Hard’ would be a good difficulty.

      If you don’t really care and just want to go through the story and play the game, Normal is fine. If you only care about the h-scenes, pick Easy. The difficulty you choose doesn’t change how the story goes in this game.

    • Anonymous

      If you’re unfamiliar with turn-based JRPG systems start on normal, then you can up it once you figured it if you want to.
      If you think you know what you’re doing hard is probably a good place to start.

    • I’d say just go with Normal. It’s a decent enough challenge, but not too hard if you just wanna get some monster girl sex. It doesn’t really matter what you choose though. It doesn’t’ affect the story and you can change it at any time by talking to Reaper.

    • Skuya

      On my first playthrough, I went with “Very Hard” and it was more or less of a cakewalk already. I mostly play games on higher difficulties because I don’t want to blaze through the whole game as MQQP is something that I want to entertain me for long.

      To make it short, the game offers to be challenging for those who want it challenging. If you want to blaze through the game, the game offers you to do so.

      I’d recommend Hard, actually if this isn’t the first JRPG you’ve played.

  103. daedy

    You should get a patreon Dargoth. Harness the power of obligation and financial freedom! it will massively speed up the translation 🙂

    • Anonymous

      What’s the best way to explain that you have a gap in your resume to an employer because you were being paid to translate monster girl hentai games?

    • I’ve thought about it, but Patreon is just more work. Creating extra obligations is the last thing I want to do, and I already have a lucrative career.

      • Chinpa

        I’m still gonna donate €50 if you manage to finish up the translation part 1 anytime soon, lot of H-events in the castle with the monster girls I wanna read. Dark Elf, Sara, Chrome I think too and Eva the shotacon succubus

        • Anonymous

          Speaking of that, are the h-scenes with monsters from the original the same as in the original or did they write new stuff for them?

        • Some of the old monsters have new scenes, but most are reused. There are a few differences here and there to account for changes in the story, although there are a few goofs where paradox h-scenes reused from MGQ have lines that don’t make sense in context.

  104. Bradley Carson

    So, Dargoth, a question for the uninitiated. Just how difficult are these translation patches to make? I’m aware it takes time and many series have had serious delays due to it (Looking at you, Yakuza,) but I’ve always wondered what the difficulties are.

    If you do see this, and answer, thanks in advance.
    I’m glad there’s people out there who learn Japanese so I don’t have to /s
    (In all seriousness I just can’t retain languages other than English because I’ve no reason to use it.)

    • Translation has most of the same difficulties as any other type of writing (or creative work in general). It’s mostly a matter of time, effort, and motivation.

      • Anonymous

        I can’t speak for Dargoth but IMO it’s just not worth it. You’d still have to look at the original all the time to make sense of the gibberish machine translation produces, with that amount of editing you might as well write from scratch in the target language. Japanese > English machine translation barely makes sense with simple stuff like website interface, I can’t imagine what it does to a video game with long dialogues, jokes and colloquial language. So it can be done but I don’t know if it’d really speed up the process at all.

        I guess it’s an option if you simply don’t know the source language but the end result wouldn’t be very good no matter how much you edit it.