1. Awesome! Can’t wait to get Luka violated by even more hot monster girls. Seeing some good shit in those screenshots already. Like the purple chick. Man, that’s some beautiful art. And the buff blonde elf chick. And the buff red-head. And the other buff red-head. Oh man, so many fit, toned babes. The best kind of babes. They’re all perfect. I’m so excited.

    Soon-ish is good enough for me.

    • Oh, and thanks for all your hard work. Sorry. I got so distracted by sexy buff monster girls I forgot to give you guys credit for everything you’ve done. XD
      Without you I wouldn’t be able to understand all these amazing h-scenes while I fapped to them. And the story too, I guess. 😛
      You taking the time out of your lives to give us a free translation is a commendable thing. I appreciate that a lot. Hentai Gods praise you. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Good to have more updates, thanks.

    “Soon-ish” is sooner than I expected, I won’t hold my breath, but it sounds like you’ve got good momentum for this last stretch, awesome. Thanks to all those involved that have contributed to this project.

  3. Anonymous

    Holy shit, that’s some nice news. I’ve been having a really shitty time at work and IRL in general recently and this made my day. Godspeed you crazy fucks ;_;

  4. In other words. If rouge helps. Then there will be a patch in English already by default as happened with the original saga. Yeah.

    Of course … I appreciate your efforts to translate Part One. Which, if I remember correctly, is not yet complete truth.

    In another point. The only thing you want is to please, please, PLEASE. That the creators give the option that there are other true endings. Not like at the end of the original saga, where the endings with other characters, were classified as bad. More than anything … because I wish … I wish Neris had CG and even a good ending. Instead of simply returning to your original timeline.

    • I’d be happy with just a bunch more ”bad endings”. Or as I like to call them ”best endings”. I really hope Paradox is gonna have a whole bunch of different endings. And hopefully not all of them will just be one extra rape scene. God, what I wouldn’t do for a Slave Luka ending. Maybe even a post game where you get to train him to be obedient. Oh man, I’m asking for too much, I know. It’s a pipe dream. But I can’t help myself. I want it so bad. XD

    • Anonymous

      Are they really bad endings? They’re not true/canon endings but you can’t really have more than 1 canon ending (if you want a sequel like Paradox). Epilogue Tamamo or Granberia ends aren’t really bad endings. BAD ending is getting eaten by a Delphinus angel.

      • Considering most of them involve Luka getting raped and degraded by the very people he risked his life to save and protect, I’d say they’re pretty ”bad”. Tamamo and the pirate chick are the only one who just ask you directly for sex, and the Sabasa King asks you to marry Sara. Everyone else just ambushes you. Because somehow getting raped proves that you can’t resist temptation and are unworthy to marry Alice, I guess? What? Man, the reason for those last scenes is so dumb and they’re way more cruel than any other rape scene in my opinion, considering these are all people you trust or saved now turning on you. But they’re all soooo good. I need more. I want more.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I mean, I agree the whole test thing is pretty dumb (as are the players who don’t see obvious h-scene ambushes like this) but relatively speaking I’d say getting raped and dominated by one of the knights is pretty good compared to 99% of endings you get if you fail somewhere during the journey. The epilogue endings are not real “proper” endings, like with Alice though, that’s true.

        • @Anonymous
          I don’t think anyone is that dumb. Pretty sure we all saw it coming and most of us probably still clicked the ”wrong” choice. It might not prove if Luka can resist temptation, but it definitely proves I can’t. I like most of those girls more than Alice anyway. XD

          Nah, man, I get what you mean. The epilogue endings are definitely miles better than getting eaten or wiped from existence. We fully agree on that. But they’re still pretty mean-spirited and ”bad”. I mean, your reward for saving everyone is imprisonment in a basement or similar, getting drained dry every day forever, without mercy, and you don’t even know the real reason why. Tamamo is cold, letting that just happen to you. At least when it’s a random monster you expect that shit. Not from someone you know who’s just inviting you for a victory meal, or to give you a present. That’s low, even for monster girls. Some things never change I guess. There’s peace in the world and everyone is coexisting, but most monster girls are still cunts. :/
          Ah, but I love ’em all the same.

          And yeah, like you said, they’re not ”proper” endings. The game treats them like any fight loss or bad choice in the game, by giving you the option to retry. Hopefully Paradox will have at least a few ”real”, ”full” endings.

        • lowlightt

          Err the point of the tests were that they were dumb and if you were dumb enough ( in Luka’s case) to not see them coming then you weren’t worth it. They weren’t a test of us the players they were a test for Luka because lets be honest, Luka is pretty dumb.

        • @lowlightt
          I’m not saying they’re dumb because we can see them coming. That’s just a gameplay mechanic anyway. You get the choice so that you aren’t forced into a ”bad ending”. With the silly excuse that Luka has a ”bad feeling”. They’re dumb because they’re illogical. Falling for them doesn’t prove that he fell for temptation. Tamamo is the only one who actually does the test right. She asks Luka directly. If he accepts then he clearly isn’t loyal to Alice. Everyone else sets him up with promises of something else. It’s an unfair test. It’s just another reason to get Luka raped more. To give us player some more scenes with our favorite girls. Which I’m fine with. But that doesn’t change the stupidity of Tamamo’s reasoning and the unnecessary cruelty of the test.

          • lowlightt

            They were tests to see if he was good “biological” candidate. He is being chosen as a “mate” for the demon queen. He much meet some basic criteria. If he “Luka” is to dumb not to follow a group of succubus into the backroom and get caught then he probably isn’t the best doner candidate on the intelligence scale now is he?

            • @lowlightt
              Nope. She specifically says it’s a test of the spirit, to see if he can resist temptation. She says he received lewd invitations to test that. Except he didn’t. In most cases he just gets tricked. By people he trusts in some cases. It has nothing to do with his genes. At no point does Tamamo say anything about his genes. He’s already the perfect candidate. He’s the strongest living being out there. And the only requirement is that he has to be stronger than the Monster Lord. The whole test is just Tamamo’s dumb idea. And another reason to put more H-scenes in.(Which, like I said before, I’m perfectly fine with.) Besides, I’m pretty sure intelligence isn’t hereditary. At least I don’t think we have any scientific proof of that. So even if he was an idiot, it wouldn’t matter. His strength and lineage alone make him an ideal candidate.
              Now, I guess it’s possible Rogue mistranslated what Tamamo says. But I highly doubt that.

        • Anonymous

          “It’s just another reason to get Luka raped more”

          Might as well be the tagline instead of “Lose and be raped”

        • @lowlightt – Well, Luka lacks experience/knowledge and discipline. As we see in Paradox and even in the original MGQ with him learning things at a breakneck speed, he has considerable potential. In paradox you also see at one point that he can calculate numbers like no other human (essentially a walking calculator). With the right edcuation (and motivation) Luka could become one hell of a scholar/researcher, he would put the best minds irl to shame.

  5. Also and taking advantage of that I am in a community of lovers of monster girls. They know if the “Monster girl Encyclopedy” will have an official story or something. I mean, so many characters created – and they still do – must have a purpose. Since aside, each one brings a “fragment” of history. And as the creator of that franchise and that of Monster Girl Quest work together. – As you can see in the section, where it puts who was the Monster girl design – I hope and they should have something in the hands. I say … even took a game that although, although not part of the original story and a Spin-off. He gave more or less, good foot for it. As was the Monster Girl Quest Roe. They supported the creation and animation of more works of that style. As you can get to find.

    • Anonymous

      There’s a MGE game, it’s… not great to put it mildly. Has really cool sprites but the game itself is barely a game, it’s hard to even compare it to MGQ.

        • First

          oh nvm I know the one your talking about, yeah the sprites are cool. there is also the game KC started making then put on hold till MGQ was done.

  6. Anonymous

    Oh my goodness. It’s almost time 🙂 Now…please for all that is holy/unholy, do not delay any longer Torotoro. On the other hand, you guys have come really far with this project. Thank you for your contribution. Let’s enjoy the fruits of your labor and of course Paradox Part 2.

  7. Anonymous

    >and cross our fingers that the transition to the next chapter goes smoothly.

    It’ll just be five months of patches, no biggie.

    • Anon

      I mean. While I’d personally prefer if it’s just one good giant game. I didn’t mind the patches too much for Part 1. They added a LOT of stuff I really enjoyed to the game.

  8. Anonymous

    Ah Dargoth, don’t you just hate it when you finally finish something just before the deadline, and then immediately have another project because you were cutting the deadline?
    The work of a translator/localisation is never done.

    Also I give you 5 cookie points for finishing this, gj gj

  9. Anonymous

    “Considering most of them involve Luka getting raped and degraded by the very people he risked his life to save and protect, I’d say they’re pretty ”bad”.”

    Well that happens in the true ending too…

    And Dargoth finally stalled long enough that rogue came back out of hiding? Impressive.

    • Eh, it’s more consensual there. Sure Alice is the dom, but Luka loves her and doesn’t mind having sex with her. Even if it is rough and degrading. Besides, I doubt Alice keeps Luka as a sex slave in her basement for the rest of his life. In fact, I know she doesn’t. ‘Cause the anime is canon apparently. And it takes place after the events of the game.

  10. NoName

    Woohoo, next part release date announced! Hell yeah!

    And holy moly, how did you manage to drag Rogue out of the realm of gods?! Did he find life up there boring?

  11. Anonymous

    That is great news, and also thank you for all of your hard work Dargoth, I know trying to translate this game is a great undertaking but me and a lot of people greatly appreciate it.

  12. Anonymous

    What i thought Rogue was done with all the translation and will never come back 0_0

    Thx for the hard work ^^

  13. Anonymous

    Wew, just like Rogue to show up in our hour of need and help finish the translation before part 2 drops.

    • Skuya

      At left is Loli-Micaela, at right Loli-Lucifina if that’s what you mean.

      Below are some others, Morrigan and a Succubus Fighter. I’m more interested about the Delphinus abomination though, guess it’s really awesome.

      • Karharot

        Sooooo… In MGO Luka was molested by his grandmother, in Paradox he already has his not-yet-born-future-daughter going after him. And now his lolified dead mother and lolified dead aunt are going to join the team? That is an… unusual environment to grow up in ;P
        Though truth be told I hope that there will be a way to reverse the lolification once overpowering the characters will no longer be an issue. Especially when it comes to Alice and Micaela, I really prefer their adult forms.

        • Skuya

          Actually I think the same as you. Even though I like Micaela’s Loli version as well (frfr did really good tbh), I prefer all four adult versions for those characters as well.

        • Karharot

          @ Skuya
          Yeah, Micaela “loli” form looks better than the others, probably because she isn’t as “loli” as the rest 😉 But her adult form was hotter 🙂

          @ SelphiusXYZ
          No, I just somehow misspelled MGQ (no clue how I managed that).

  14. Thank you for all your hard work out to Dargoth & every member of the team that’s contributed to the Translations / Editing / troubleshooting 🙂

  15. Anonymous

    Thank you for all your hard work. Now when part two comes out you can combine it with part 1. Will the patch for part 1 still carry over to the 2nd part keeping the menus translated or will it not work well when combing them?

  16. Anonymous

    This is indeed a moment of celebration jaja I thank you for going through the big ordeal of giving a complete translation! Now, I wonder if in part 2 you can get at least a few angels with you, I specially look forward to Cupid and Archangel Mariel

  17. Cross

    Is it bad that this excites me more than ME:Andromeda ever did pre AND post release? Thanks for the effort, both of you. I love enjoying the quality of your work.

  18. Gwaltzilla

    Thanks for all your hard work. It is nice to see you and Rogue working together it’s like a JRPG storyline. You picked up the torch my friend and have done awesome things for the community. Good luck on future patches and are you and Rogue going to be working together for Part 2? Having 2 Demi-Gods working together in the community sounds awesome!

  19. AnonAmongAnon

    Rogue and Dargoth team = MGQ dream team.

    Thanks you so much for providing us with your good work and time guys

  20. abcd

    And Lo, on the first path Dargoth beheld this game and said ‘Fuck, mate, this shit is killing me. I need some help to handle all these hot monster girls’.

    And there did a mighty cheer bellow from the heavens, and the visage of the Rouge, the original, He Who Left, split the clouds in twain and descended saying ‘Yo, dawg, I got your back’.

    And there were pronz. And it was good.

  21. Anonymous

    I’ve never really posted here. If this is the real Rogue coming back to help translations, I’m happy. Given how his translations were for the past 3 games was amazing! After a long absence he has returned! I’ve always appreciated the work and hope you stay for a long time.

  22. Anonymous

    This just made my day! Thank you for so much for returning Rogue, and thank you so much for sticking with this Dargoth!

  23. CivilDeviation

    Mmm, Dargoth and his/her team are amazing. While Rogue helping out is wonderful news lets not forget who picked up this project and pushed it through the months. Thank you Dargoth!

    • Civildeviation

      Does anyone knows a good VRN or other hentai game that requires high emotional intelligence over trial and error to get through? If so I’d love to see it. One it’d be fun and challenging and two quite possibly, educational.

  24. mip

    “Some guy named Rogue”… that phrasing made me smirk, seeing as we’re talking about the one who translated the original MGQ

    • Anonymous

      Hey, it could be some other completely unrelated guy named Rogue who also translates Japanese Monster Girl games 😀

    • I hope so. There’s something so enjoyable about watching Luka get dominated by someone smaller than him. It’d be neat to get some more scenes with them. Preferably some gangrape scenes. And a few scenes with the Four Bandits would be nice too.

        • @SelphiusXYZ
          Oh god, I wish their adult forms would get some scenes. They’re so hot. I was so sad that they didn’t have any scenes in the original. What a waste.
          I also felt the same about Micaela. But she’s definitely gonna get some now. So there’s hope for the Four Bandits.

  25. Civildeviation

    Dargoth if it is appropriate to ask how and what Rogue is committing to help? I loved his previous work and get that folk are happy to see him alive, but I worry that if he isn’t committing to a large role that folks here might benefit from knowing so they don’t hype themselves to unrealistic expectations for the movement of the rest of the project.

    • Anonymous

      Seeing the progress in bitbucket, I’d say it increased at least 5 times the speed. That says it all.

  26. Arj

    Dargoth, I hope you’re not taking peoples Rogue hype as us being any less happy with you. We love you too Dargoth!

  27. Man, glad to hear that Rogue’s back again. Still, the translation project this time is a lot larger and even with his help, will take awhile. Keep doing God’s work Dargoth team and Rogue!

  28. anhitamoonfire

    Which will be faster, dargoth, or part 2? Find out next time on.. well, probably this site on june 23rd.

    • Anonymous

      Eh, Dargoth is going at his usual slow but steady pace and Rogue doesn’t have the time to go full power, so safe to say part 2. Next patch seems to have some pretty nice stuff in store though, so that’s good enough for me.

    • Anonymous

      You mean Dargoth with full patch for part 1? Then part 2 is a safe bet but if they want to release another partial patch (which they should IMO) it could be sooner than the 23rd.

  29. Anonymous

    Master Dargoth and master ROGUE OMG!, big thank you for both of you guys (and whoever else is working on translation), and the hype is freakin on! hell yea!

    By the way, i am anonymous now but soon I will be creating a 3d monster girl game, i have so many ideas and lewd shit in my head (consequence of these games i guess xD) Inspirations are MGQ, succubus prison and monster girl island.

  30. Anonymous

    Wait, Rogue is back?

    Now we got Dargoth and Rogue trasnlating monster girl games? Sweet christmas!

  31. Anonymous

    I need some help.

    I downloaded the latest torrent but found that the BGM does not play, ever. Even when the bar is set to full.

  32. CivilDeviation

    Notice the nearly daily updates until Dargoth noted Rogue was part of the team again? Notice how it suddenly has been 4+ days? Maybe it’s simply coincidence, or a cat died, or folks didn’t have time after memorial day.

    That said it might be because of folks differential treatment of Dargoth & team versus Rogue and hit Dargoth or the team’s motivation. Please consider what you post and “secondary interpretations” because their are implications to something so seemingly benign statements like “WE MISS YOU ROGUE!@#!@” and such.

    I doubt Dargoth and friends are delicate flowers, but even if Dargoth was nonplus from such statements, other contributors to the translation might be… and I gather we all want this translation project running smoothly after all and to avoid personal “hickups”.

    • DassJennir

      Or maybe it was because until 3 days ago it was a weekend.

      No reason to reach out with conspiracy theories…

      • CivilDeviation

        I don’t blame anyone who initially reacts poorly to being called out by someone they don’t know especially if it is based on observations and interpretation. Maybe I’m off base for some or all the team in this instance, I own that.

        But please, don’t intellectualize and minimize responsibility when this sorta situations happens all around us from time to time.

        For example:
        It’s like the teacher who gives a Gold Star to the child who got an A on a test while their best friend who studied with them got C+ and goes home to then brood and feel like a comparative failure for a day and subsequently doesn’t put effort forth on the next test… It isn’t the teacher’s intention to hurt the other kid, just the opposite, but they didn’t consider how such a seemingly benign action can have consequences.

    • Anonymous

      I dont think any of us would still be doing this if we were that sensitive. Just be paitient and keep things positive and all is good. Progress continues every day even the progress is not reported.

    • Anonymous

      People were happy that Rogue’s back, of course the comments were about him, what the fuck are you even on about? If Rouge was translating and Dargoth came back to help there would be a similar reaction. We can’t even say that we’re happy about Rouge being back because it might somehow make Dargoth & team feel sad? What is this, tumblr trigger warnings?

      • Civildeviation

        Truer words haven’t been spoken, and a bit of practice working those “mirror neurons” does the world a whole lot of good. Well except for the sociopaths who presumably do not have them. Kinda like the Typhon from Prey I suppose.

  33. Civildeviation

    Yes, a tumblr trigger warning is quite apt. Perhaps I should have posted it like a cheerios health ad; “consideration may help keep the project on track:.

    • Anonymous

      The problem is that you’ve convinced yourself that the project went off track based on nothing. Dargoth and others are probably as happy as we are that they have more help with the translation (and not just any help but the guy who introduced MGQ to us poor schmucks).

      • Civildeviation

        Possibly and I own that. Though it’s curious that the valid phenomena I described isn’t even being entertained as a possibility when there is no evidence to legitimize the contrary either. At the end of the day, a call for a bit more consideration harms no one, even if I am wrong. If you can’t see that as prudent and simply want to dismiss my suggestion for caution than I am not the one being closed minded.

        • Civildeviation

          Anyway please look at my original post, I never stated folk “did” sabotage the motivation and used hedges such as might to suggest a possible explanation, so it really isn’t fair to suggest to say I convinced myself of something. Regardless of the explanation, my request for more consideration is still pragmatic in the off-chance I the possibility I highlighted was correct. Anyway, I’ve said my peace, made my point, and am rearing to delight in our shared love monster girl quest. I hope there are no hard feelings.

          • Anonymous

            Very strange comments.

            Rogue is the guy by whom we all know about MGQ, its natural his return would be praised by fans, especially previous ones who followed Rogue from the first trilogy until now.

        • Anonymous

          No problem, man. I think people reacted the way they did because it seems really far-fetched to find anything negative about Rogue coming back, I guess it’s theoretically possible but if that of all things was to sabotage the project it would be the weirdest shit ever.

          Then again, if I was working on this giant translation for 2+ years and the guy who translated the previous 3 games by himself came to help I probably would be slacking off a little more, but it wouldn’t be because of the comments 😛

  34. Xoverguy

    Well. Part 2 is on its way…now we might eventually see the continuation of the story…and I am very interested and apprehensive at the same time to see what horrors Xelvy and Delphinus grace us with in the next 2 or 3 tartarus pits.

    However, about Rogue helping Dargoth, I don’t think its the actual Rogue we think it is given the following quote I took from RogueTranslations latest blog post, back in January second 2014:

    “Well, it’s been a fun ride. With this post, I’m changing the password to everything associated with RogueTranslator, and locking all of the accounts down. From now on, anyone using this name is not me, and anyone posting on 4chan or other sites is not me either, even if they manage to crack the tripcode! Thanks for joining me in having fun with these games. Have a good life!”

    However, regardless if this Rogue is the Rogue we know or not, assistance is assistance. Hopefully this might help Dargoth in the long run, as he will need it with part 2 almost out. Still, I applaud Dargoth for getting as far as he did, and believe in him for the future.

    Last thing here. When Part 2 comes out, can somebody check if they patched over the Crisis Hairpin giving Auto Daystar to the user it is equipped on? If they do patch it, thats going to render my Sandworm Girl Pope useless. T.T oh well. Seeya all, be safe and God Bless.

    • Anonymous

      Well, 2014 was quite some time ago. Maybe he is the real Rogue, maybe he isn’t. Even if he came out and said “look, I’m the real Rogue, I’m back for real” it could still be someone else, it’s not like we know how Rogue looks like or anything, he could be the pope IRL for all we know.

  35. Anonymous

    Guys can you just STFU with all these conspiracy theories about this is not Rouge and Dargoth being offended and jealous about people excited about Rogue and shit. You don’t look smart when you’re coming up with these craps. You just look stupid.

  36. Anonymous

    Hello, just want to report a typo.

    If you talk to Sheep Girl in the Pocket Castle with Bunny Girl (I forget their names), one portion of their exchange states:

    “You’ll catch cold here so be sure to go to bed in your room.”

    I’m guessing that should probably be

    “You’ll catch a cold here so be sure to go to bed in your room.”

  37. i have a question. The translation of Paradox is 100% or there are some details(if u can tell me where/what parts isnt translate), and thx for the translation Dargoth 😀

  38. Anonymous

    Huh, really? Today I learned. If you don’t mind saying, where do you live? I’ve never heard the expression being used without the ‘a’.

    • The Midwestern USA, though I spent my first 11 years living on the east coast. I don’t know how often I’ve heard used by the people around me, but I’ve definitely seen it in plenty of shows and movies. I believe it’s also used to mean get exposed to chilliness and become really cold, but I’ve seen it used both ways.

    • Crom

      Was just about to note that. Having translated some paradox scenes i was interested in for myself, and then some of the old MGQ scenes too because i wanted to compare how close i could get to the original Rogue translation, i was at first quite surprised to see that Rogue has given himself severe creative freedom with most of these translations. I mean i get that the girls being especially mean is probably more his kind of thing, but come on now. There are cases where he really just makes shit up to let the girls sound like sadistic assholes.

      For those who don’t know, most girls do not insult Luka’s worth as a man 5 times in between every orgasm, and at least half of the girls talking about degrading him to a fucktoy of some sort never mention anything similar. Most insults are creative freedom too for many girls, with the exception of a few girls who were made to sound sadistic on purpose, because they actually are.

      So Dargoths translation can definitely be considered to be much closer to the original text.

        • Crom

          Well pretty much any scene i translated had some notable changes or additions to the overall tone of the scene. Some smaller things happen regulary, like using the word pathetic multiple times even though it isn’t actually used, or talking about raping or violating Luka even though just the Kanji and Kana for “fucking” or having sex were being used. I would have to look trough my notes to look for more specific things again, but i am quite sure i remember multiple cases where a little to no insult scene suddenly turned into one of the “bash luka” sessions we came to know.

          It’s not that i don’t like them to announce in more detail what they are about to do, and some extra insults every now and then won’t hurt the overall flow, but i feel he kinda overdoes it. That takes away the intended effect of the actually sadistic girls insulting luka, because you are used to reading it by that point.

          Let’s just say i translated quite a few scenes of interest from many games already, and in almost none of those were the girls so specific with what they were about to do or anywhere close to being that insulting.
          The only game that came close to it, was a Dieselmine game where you are someone brought into a fantasy world, without getting better attributes, meaning you are so weak that your 3 female companions have to do almost all of the fighting for you and you have to make it up to them in the bedroom (mostly forced, of course).
          The girls look down on you, they openly tell you how worthless and weak you are and they are all designed to be sadistic and don’t give a shit about your personal feelings, yet even these scenes sometimes can’t compete with some of Rogue’s scenes in terms of the girls being assholes. Go figure.

          Still incredibly thankful for everything Rogue did for us, because at that time, this was the first game of that sort i actually played and i never would have even considered it if it wasn’t translated already. I knew jack shit of japanese language back then and didn’t even know this fetish could be appealing in any way.

          • Artee

            Hey I appreciate your input, and I freely admit to being loose with a lot of the phrasing, especially when it gets onomatopoeia heavy as I think there’s no good way of transmitting the tone that Japanese’s heavy use of it entail.

            I find it interesting that the opinion is that I made them /meaner/ than in the source, as I thought every other word out of their mouths was about how awkward and pathetic Luka looked. It’s been a few years of course, but I distinctly remember trying to lessen the amount of bashing, not increasing it, as I thought the excessive gloating of how shameful/awkward/miserable/pathetic/embarrassing Luka was in that moment was getting repetitive and old. I even remember doing word counts for things like 惨めな and such having their word counts outnumber my own uses.

            I also agree that Dargoth, and pretty much everyone else, is much higher quality than I am. As I told Dargoth before, I’m the fast-food version of a translator, and I’m by no means great at it. But I do it for fun, and I have to keep myself entertained too or I’d lose drive to do anything 🙂

            Thanks again, and I’ll be paying closer attention to ensure I’m not intensifying bash sessions on accident. But I still feel like, even in paradox, they sure do insult Luka a lot for everything.

            • Sulphur99

              So Artee is Rouge then? I remember seeing that name in the commits for quite a while now. It’s nice to know you’ve been around.

            • Ah, so you tried to lessen the shit talking? So the girls were even more punchable in the original Japanese? Interesting. Learning so much in this thread.

            • Anonymous

              ^ It depends on the interpretation. You have two translators, one thinks they were made harsher, the other that they were made milder. Insults are very language and culture specific, when translating them you pretty much have to think of a rough equivalent for the situation (which may not even exist in your language) and try to fit it with the context.

            • Djennir

              Just translate as you like Artee. I am sure we are all gratefull to you, Dargoth and everyone else working on this project.

            • Anonymous

              Still prefer the Rogue translation thought, insults are welcomed in a femdom game, and i dont like the goody-goody speech in a world where all the chicks are cute and appealing, would be too much. Rogue translation is appropriate and felt a lot better than the torotoro official translation anyway. By the way even if Rogue add his own variations in the story it was so well introduced in the given context (and fast) ….

              Actually i truly would like to see the Rogue Style coming back, the actual luka seems too self-confident and the girls needs to dominate more.

        • CivilDeviation

          Interesting, that Rogue borrowed from that time honored bard tradition of changing the story just a little each rendition. I wonder if the fanfare for the game would have been half of what it was should it been a straight translation.

  39. Anonymous

    Dargoth could you please change the format of the comment section? I’ll be honest here, its a pain in the *** to check who is replying to who and where the source of the replies is. 2/10.
    Please change to a format similar to reddit’s if you are willing to and it doesn’t take more than 10min of your time.

    About the patch, I would rather wait for you to translate all the names (characters, items, skills, locations, etc…) in part2 and compile everything but if you want to release it soon its your choice. I’m grateful regardless.

    Thank you!

    • singingdragonlord

      “change to a format similar to reddits”
      how about you just kill yourself instead? you would be doing us all a favour

      • Anonymous

        9gag user detected.
        Reddit’s comment section format is pretty good (and the best to my knowledge), I have no idea where that hate comes from but its not logical.

        First of all, its a suggestion not a demand, and therefore you have no right to badmouth and fill this page with meaningless statements that do not contribute to anything whatsoever just because you disagree. Also I did ask for it only if it didnt take more than 10mins. Words are powerful you should pay attention to them, it implies in this case how important I find this change.

        I’ve been bothered with this format ever since I started following Dargoth Translations back when he was still translating Violated Hero a few years ago. Certainly I can’t be the only one. Thought it was some sort of domain’s limitation but thats clearly not the case.
        When you can have something better at little cost why not strive for it?

        Don’t reply, the opinion of close minded conservatives mean little to nothing to me in the first place. Just wanted to clarify my previous comment since it wasn’t clear enough.

        • Anonymous

          You know what made it look like a demand more than a suggestion? When you said it will only take him 10 minutes of his time. Are you even aware of how wordpress works? He has to find and “PURCHASE” a whole new WordPress template with a reddit style, extract it, upload it and install it. Not to mention it will be a custom comment section so it will be impossible to IMPORT all of these current comments of ours to the new reddit style comment. Now, if he has to code it himself, he’ll take him weeks, which involves HTML, CSS, PHP, JQUERY and JAVASCRIPT.

          10 minutes of his time? You’re talking out of your ass.

          • bebb

            there’s some miscommunication here. He wasn’t stating that it would take 10 minutes out of his time but asking to change it if it only took 10 minutes(which by your comment, we know isn’t the case) and if he was willing to do it. He stated in his reply that this is what he meant.

            the way his comment was worded can be easily misread as a statement if you only skimmed over it so it’s quite understandable. Just don’t jump to conclusions and shamelessly accuse someone of something he hasn’t done.

            One other thing, this is to the original poster. When you replied to singingdragonlord, you called him a conservative as an insult. Why? There’s nothing wrong with being a conservative(even though I’m not one myself) and being a conservative does not make someone closed minded. It’s kind of worrying that you painted a picture in your mind that someone that disagreed with you and insulted you has to be a conservative.

            • Anonymous

              ^And the defender of justice and righteousness arrives. He’s an asshole. Period. He even gave the comment section his own score of 2/10. The team is doing its best to translate the whole game before part 2 arrives and he’s complaining about the comment section. Does he even donate? Probably not. Freeloaders like us should just stfu and be grateful. Not the “I’m grateful and thankful but f*cking fix the comment section because it’s a pain in the *ss”.

            • bebb

              I completely agree that he is an asshole(mainly from the second comment) and changing the comment section is completely redundant as this is a place for translation, not discussion. I will agree that he does like an sound entitled prick.

              The only part I complained to you about was the part you claimed that his suggestion was a demand for stating that it would only take 10 minutes to change it. This was false, that was all. Hell, I don’t care how much you rip into him, as long as it’s based on truth

              ya know, you probably should have complained to him with what you replied to me with instead, I have no problem with that comment.

              also, defender of justice and righteousness? lol, that’s the first time I’ve ever been called that in my life. I just got a bit of ocd. I’m the kind of person that gets annoyed when someone quotes someone else and doesn’t use the exact quote word for word. Does that count as ocd? or is it something else?

            • Anonymous

              Ironic how you love to talk about “misquoting” and “miscommunication” and then right after you “misquote” me by saying I claimed that his suggestion is a demand. I said his suggestion “looks” like a demand because of the way he delivered it and I quote myself: “You know what made it look like a demand more than a suggestion?”

              I suggest you take your own advice.

            • bebb

              so you’re not claiming that his suggestion was demand? well, guess I interpreted it wrong. Sorry about that.

              So let me get this straight, you complaining about:
              -the way he delivered his suggestion seemed like a demand
              -he’s complaining about the comment section instead of supporting the translation
              -he’s claiming it will take 10 minutes to change the format of the comment section

              is this correct? I’m assuming it’s mainly the second one

  40. Rando

    Just in case you didn’t see it, the last patch accidentally changed the Automata race name to Evil Marta.

  41. Kakyokin

    Is there a way to check the translation progress other than this site. Also Dragoth, Rogue(artee), and team thank you for this wonderful game translation. It truly thank you because this is my favorite genre of eroge on my favorite platform (rpgm). You guys put in the best work so keep on chugging.

  42. AhuraMainyu

    Heya, I’ve got a pretty important question : where is the save file ? I dont want to lose my progress once the translation is over 😡 Thx guys !

  43. Anonymous

    After so much time part 2 is almost out? My body is ready.

    Couse of that i wanna ask you fellow belivers what do you think we will see in part 2?

    I belive we will see an AltLuka in one of the tartatuses. We even saw in tartarus 2 that that was the time Luka would be alive but we just didnt have acces there. So I strongly belive that in one of the remaining Tartatus we will go to a place and time were AltLuka is in fuckable age.

    2. Will we see some evolution on spirits? extra buff skills on Luka are cool and all that, but in MGQ we saw spirits power evolve from useless to op. More of that perhaps?

    3. Some more angels???

    4. I realy wanna know wtf happend to 4 kinghs. I know we will see Tamao but what about the rest?

    5. I have a strange felling about Grandor(not sure if i writte this right), the town whit colloseum. Some arena battles mayby?

    And finaly how much incest we will see? we know there will be loli mom and aunt, but will Alice the 17th join as well?

  44. AhuraMainyu

    Dear Dargoth and Rogue, please, give us an ETA so we know when the translation might be finished, you said soon-ish but my body isn’t ready yet ~

  45. seven20six

    I just wanted to say thank you to Dargoth, Rogue and the entire team for your hard work. It’s greatly appreciated!

  46. Today I remembered I haven’t checked on this site for over a month. What I found is better than anything I expected. Rogue is back and part 2 has a release date. On the other hand, the Spanish translation of the first trilogy is still going at a snail’s pace (I feel sorry for my non bilingual cousin). If I didn’t know English I’d be royaly screwed! Thank you Dargoth and everyone else involved in this project for making it possible for me to play this game.

  47. Hey there. Really appreciate what you’ve been doing, and been manually patching from bitbucket to keep up on things. Haven’t really seen anywhere for bug / typo reports or the like (maybe I’m just oblivious), so I thought I may as well comment a few here as I find ’em. Just two small things for now (easily fixable).

    1) The Succubus Nun has a dialogue option where she says she gives you a Holy Stone (item ID 75 I believe, from looking at the scripts). However, the script is coded to increment item slot 19, which is Holy Water. Either the dialogue is erroneous, or the item number got mixed up (I’d guess it’s the latter).

    2) In the Rabbit Girl’s (Barbun in the text) last Request scene, there is a line where her name is misspelled as Burbun. Minor, but just thought I’d mention it. (On a side note, the typo made me realize I liked Bourbun as a name for her thanks to the whiskey and rabbit puns, as well as the overall sound of it. Just been manually tweaking that in the scripts myself.)

      • TL;DR at the bottom, ’cause this got long.

        General RPGMaker game tip: hit F1 to configure controls.

        1) Make sure you have a clean copy of the game.

        2) Go to https://bitbucket.org/dargothtranslations/paradox/downloads/ and download the repository (click “Download repository”) and “RpgMakerVXAce Translator 0.9i .7z”. Unzip the contents of those folders.

        3) Find the path of the game directory where you have the clean copy of Paradox installed and copy the path name. For example, C:\Users\CGiraffe\Desktop\Games\MGQParadox

        4) In the RpgMakerVXAceTranslator folder, run the .exe that ends in “GameSelector.” This will bring up a command prompt which, after initial processing, will bring up a dialogue box in which you should paste or type the Paradox game directory. Hit “OK”

        This will create a folder called “Blobs” in the Translator folder. It will begin rapidly filling up with small files with odd names. Do not close the command prompt. This may take a while; it’ll be complete when the contents of the “Blobs” folder take up the same amount of space as the original directory did. You’ll know it’s done when the command prompt tells you to “Press any key to continue” and a folder called “Script” has appeared in the Translator folder. Feel free to press any key to exit out of the command prompt, or close it manually at this point.

        5) You now have a folder called Script in the Translator folder. This more or less contains the data you want to edit. To update to the most recent committed version from our lovely translators, delete the contents of the Script folder and replace them with the matching contents of the repository (the other zipped file) you got earlier (Everything except the .gitattributes file and the progress spreadsheet).

        5a) (Optional) At this point, you can make any personal tweaks to the text. I’d recommend being careful if you don’t know what you’re doing; changing pure dialogue / descriptions is simple enough once you find them, and you can also rename characters by doing a simple Find/Replace thing in Actors and CommonEvents (these’ll all be .txt files), but I’d advise against messing with the numbers or surrounding script unless you REALLY know what you’re doing, as that actually codes more important stuff,

        6) Once you’ve got the Scripts the way you want, find the .exe in the Translator folder that ends in “Translator.” Run it; you’ll get another command prompt. Just let it chug along until it gives you the prompt “Press any key to continue.” Do so to exit the prompt.

        7) You now have a folder called “out” in the Translator folder. This should contain a patched copy of Paradox and supporting files that should play as is. Feel free to copy this folder (or the contents) elsewhere to play, copy over your save directory, etc. Of course, test to make sure you didn’t break anything. 😛

        7a) If you want to make an executable patcher like the ones that Dargoth’s been releasing, run the .exe in the Translator folder that ends in “PatchMaker” and fill in the details for where you want to put the Patcher, what you want to call it, and what description you want to have pop up when it’s run. At this point you don’t need to run it yourself, but you can use it to spread a personalized patch to acquaintances if you so desire.

        That should be it.

        tl;dr version


        1) Go to https://bitbucket.org/dargothtranslations/paradox/downloads/ and download the repository and Translator (first two options, most likely). Unzip both.

        2) Run the GameSelector in the Translator folder and input the path of a directory with a clean, unzipped copy of Paradox. Wait until it finishes.

        3) Folders called “Blobs” and “Script” should be in the Translator folder. Ignore Blobs. Replace everything in the “Script” folder with stuff with the same name from the repository. Edit as desired.

        4) Run the Translator in the Translator folder. Wait until it finishes. Your patched game files are in the “out” folder. They should be good to run as is. Import save, test stuff, etc.

        4a) (Optional) Run the PatchMaker in the Translator folder to create a Patch exe like the ones Dargoth and friends have been providing us.

        • Thought I’d also mention that after you’ve manually patched once you don’t have to run the GameSelector for subsequent updated patches. You can skip ahead in the Translator folder and:

          1) Leave the “Blobs” folder from the first patch untouched. (I don’t know if this is actually needed aside from getting the raw scripts to translate in the first place, but I haven’t felt inclined to tinker with it. Better safe than sorry.)

          2) Remove the “out” folder.

          3) Replace the contents of the “Script” folder with your updated translation / repository / what-have-you.

          4) Run the Translator exe again; functions as per usual (creates a new “out” folder)

          Saves time as opposed to re-generating “Blobs” and “Script” from scratch.

    • Oh, and as a bit of a note for whoever’s doing name changes; it seems that the names for the characters you talk to in the Pocket Castle are scripted in the Maps folder, specifically in the given map for that section (seems to be relatively large file-size Maps roughly around the 230-280 range). Those haven’t been updated as frequently as the rest, so when you interact with characters there they’re labelled with some of the older names (Look Through, Barnny, etc.)

      Just seemed like something that could be easily overlooked.

      • Seems to be a bug/typo/whatever you wanna call it for the Grand Noah Queen’s 4000 affection present. The list displays Armor 1598, the Spear Medal, as the reward, but the actual reward she gives is Armor 1590, the Mini Ribbon.

        Relevant code is in the Map278 file, lines 72 and 145.

  48. NoName

    So new update in Torotoro’s site. Here’s the summary:

    1. First, it reassures people that bringing the save data to the middle chapter is as simple as you did with the trial version before the first chapter, just move it there. Seems some people were a bit scared of the process.
    2. Second, characters with multiple forms (Sara as an example with her Succubus form) will have the ability to switch between them in the castle. Obviously you’ll have to do the event or story part that unlocks their form (that’s how we will get things like Adult Ilyas or Alice most likely). The forms share everything, so you don’t have to grind them again.
    3. They know that the mountain with slimes right at the beginning of the game is basically impossible without being lucky in HELL or above difficulty. So they balanced that part so people are not stuck there at that difficulty. Only that part, of course, but it’s enough with that part IMO, because after that you get companions which makes that difficulty possible to attempt, while in the mountain you’re alone which is the main reason it’s so hard that part.

    • 1) That’s certainly relieving to know.

      2) That sounds pretty interesting. I do wonder how that’ll work for folks like me who tried a playthrough where they didn’t rescue Lime and therefore didn’t get the Pocket Castle or ability to recruit monster girls. (Been goin’ on a self-imposed Ilias Cruise)

      3) On the one hand, that seems like a very valid balancing concern. Until you get your first level it’s entirely based on luck to crit, dodge, and get a preemptive strike in. On the other, I spent 5 hours clearing that darn mountain and kinda sorta want others to experience the slimy purgatory. 😛 Ah well, still got the memories.

      • @Cobalt_Giraffe
        2) Huh. I had no idea you could do that. Never tried not saving Lime. I just assumed you got the Pocket Castle no matter what. Interesting.

        • Yep, if you don’t save Lime you don’t get the Pocket Castle and can’t recruit monsters. You can still get humans such as Battle Fuckers, but standard recruitment (and even some story companions you can meet in a Tarturus) is a no-go. Also locks you outta the Soldier job, since Lime triggers that quest as well and the chest doesn’t seem to be lockpickable. If you exceed 8 party members, then the maid from the Pocket Castle will somehow materialize in the Ilias Temple for party management, which is nice. You still somehow end up in the Pocket Castle for story events that occur there, but you’re locked out again as soon as you exit.

          Lime’ll still be huddled in that swamp waiting for ya should you ever change your mind.

          • @Cobalt_Giraffe
            Wow. That’s neat. The maid appearing in the Temple definitely confirms that this is an intentional design choice and not just something they overlooked. I suppose one could pretend that choosing whether to save Lime or not decides what kind of person Luka is and if he even wants Monster Girls to accompany him. Don’t really need the Castle then.

            • @Dj Quinn
              That one I knew. ‘Cause I clicked the ”Forget It” option when trying to leave the village and Luka just calls him an old geezer and leaves. But then I reloaded immediately.

            • Yeah, tried it once myself just to see if it’d work, but I couldn’t follow through ’cause I like Sonya too much. I’m still REALLY worried about what’s going to happen to her. I know something bad’s going to happen to her, no question with her situation as a person who doesn’t exist in the original timeline (not to mention how BOTH the PV for Parts 1 and 2 end), but I just hope it’ll be possible to save her.

            • Huh. Wasn’t actually aware of that bit with ditching Sonya myself. Nice find. Kinda curious how that’d affect the way the story plays out, seeing as her very existence attests to her importance.

              Just did a quick test myself, and it seems like ditching Sonya also precludes rescuing Lime (and therefore keeps you outta the Castle and all that). On top of that, your first encounter with Nero normally occurs after Sonya forces her way into your party. Kinda curious how things would play out down the road if you skip out on all o’ these.

              Also makes ya miss out on runnin’ away from Nero. Gotta love Ilias freaking out at the “simple traveler” screwin’ with spacetime.

            • @Dj Quinn
              Well, if you’re lucky we’ll get multiple endings.
              Realistically most of them will probably just be various non-canon ”bad end” h-scenes. Much like in the original. If we even get that. But who knows. We might actually get differing story endings. That would be neat. Maybe you could even choose to let everything be wiped out. That would be the lamest ending. No more monster girl sex. ; _ ; At least the semen slave ”bad end” would have sex. And plenty of it. XD

            • M

              well part 1 was mostly on rails storywise, but hope they at least make alternative endings for factions you choose or something like that.
              also hope in part 2 they show that very lewd priestess there was mentions about.

    • Anonymous

      2) makes sense and seems a lot better than having multiples of one character. Although if the forms share everything that means Sara in her succubus form is still primarily a swordmaster with a sword boosting trait, she just gains the succubus race like Luka gains lowly angel and switching between forms will only change her CG, battle cut-ins and story reactions (maybe?). Succubus is a better race than human but still. Dunno, guess we’ll see.
      I wonder if unlocking Sara’s succubus power will happen at the succubus village.

      • Anonymous

        I believe it said unique aspects of the character would change (which I presume would include their trait) when switching forms., it’s just that everything else (levels, jobs, races, and skills learned) would be carried over. So I would expect Succubus Sara to have a trait that is more focused around Sexcraft or pleasure attacks as opposed to sword skills.

  49. Anonymous

    Original poster here.

    You are right I don’t know how wordpress works and I know nothing about code either. I thought there could be a chance that all he had to do would be copying a better code from some forum and integrate it with minimal changes required. If that was the case 10min would be doable if the comments were stored in some sort of database and had not to be manually imported.

    Im awful with words so I don’t blame you for judging me. Maybe if I had said something like:

    “Heyo Dargoth! Thank you for all the work you have done so far! Im trully grateful because if not for you I would have missed this awesome game.
    Also, although unrelated, I’ve always thought the comment section could be improved a bit. I’m always troubled to check who is replying to who. If you think the same way I do and it doesn’t take much of your time please consider changing it to anything you would like (I recommend reddit’s comment section style).
    Once again thank you for all the effort you have put into this!”

    Although its essentially the same I said I doubt it would’ve the same consequences. I did say I was going to be honest though, those were the words that came out naturally with no fabrication whatsoever.

    And about the insult at the end of my reply, I was simply being stupid. Shouldn’t have replied hotheaded. I don’t hate conservatives, I simply disagree with them almost every single time.

  50. AhuraMainyu

    Guys, I have a question for you (If u didn’t play until Astaroth’s fight, don’t read, spoiler alert) : Do you actually think the Lilith sisters are kind ? I mean, they did destroy Luddite village and kill all the men and boys, but it was heavily implied that those guys, youths included, were raping the girls and women. I’m sure because before the destruction, there was a little girl saying how great the Luddite village was, she even wrote something like along those lines on the wall of her house. But when the village was destroyed, all I could read then was “die die die die die die die die die .. “. Do you think the Lilith sisters did this not only to enjoy themselves, but also to save the girls ?

    • Arj

      Spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned!

      From what I understand of what they say, they seem to want to prevent the end of the universe by making the timeline as close to the original as possible. Luddite Village did not exist in the “right timeline”, which is the original games (probably), hence it needed to be destroyed to make that world more alike the “right timeline”. I personally don’t think they cared about saving the girls, but simply did it to correct the “wrongs” of that world.
      One thing I noticed, is that they said “I can’t believe killing one person caused so many ripples”, which to me seems to imply that the entire paradox thing might have started with killing one person in some timeline, and they seem to be aware of the cause of it.

      Of course, most of this is speculation at this point.

    • Yeah, I agree with what Arj said. They probably didn’t care. I mean, it’s not like they saved the women. They killed everyone. They just wanna fix the timeline.

      • Ahura Mainyu

        The person who was killed … Could they be the one whose grave is at Illiasburg ? The one nobody know who is resting in. Lazarus talked about a grave that must never be found in a letter, or something like that. Could it be someone we know ?

          • Arj

            Or Luka himself, in another world. We’ve seen one dead Luka (or at least his grave) after all, could very well be that the whole thing started because in some timeline, Luka died early on.

            • Anonymous

              I was thinking it could be Sonya’s father or mother and the whole “they died in the mountains” is a cover-up. Especially with all the weird stuff we know about her.

    • FYI, the little girl’s writing was meant to be a secret message spelling “HELP” vertically. It got lost in translation/editing originally, but is present in the current files.

      • Ahura Mainyu

        How do you read it ? Vertically it gives

        A fun Village
        Wonderful smile
        Pure life
        Feels like heaven

        Without you indicating it I wouldn’t even have known it was a secret message 😮

      • Ahura Mainyu

        Ah, I think it gives something like this in japanese :

        Tanochii Mura
        Suteki no hega (my romaji sucks, forgive me)
        kegawanai inochi
        tengoku no you ni

        If you take the first japanese letters it gives Tasukete, or Help in english. Bruh, I love this game, it’s filled with so much adult content other than porn, and yet with tons of childish things that make you laugh and smile a lot. ALL HAIL TORO TORO RESISTANCE. ALL HAIL ROGUE. ALL HAIL DARGOTH.

  51. Ahura Mainyu

    Guys, I forgot to recruit Junk Doll Girl, but the thing is she is in the third Tartarus’ world, and I cant access it anymore, what do I do ? Do I really have to play in NewGame+ to get her now ? 🙁

    • CivilDeviation

      The basement and lower floor of the tower are reconstructed in the main timeline so just go back there after ya finish Aldramech and see the credits.

      • Ahura Mainyu

        Thank you so much dear comrade, for now my puppeter’s team is complete ! If I could bestow upon you the almighty Pantsu of Morrigan (that I kept enshrined in my basement for me to pray every night) I would do it without any ounce of hesitation ! Once again, thanks. =)

    • Eeyup. The only one. It’s quite fascinating really. Would you care to donate your body to science? Perhaps we can figure out the cause of this unique phenomenon. Promise it won’t hurt. Well okay, maybe a little. XD

    • Anonymous

      Nah. MGQ lures you with h stuff then you play for the story and combat, it’s a common phenomenon. I still like the h content though.

    • I discovered mgq because someone in the comments for monster musume no iru nichijou on mangahere mentioned playing it while waiting for that mange to update with new chapters… I gave it a look… and I did not regret it… the story is easily the best aspect…

      • Anonymous

        I discovered it by the music (4 heavenly knights’ one especially) on Youtube. Someone talked to me about it, I was like “seriously ?” and I got curious.
        Since then I’m completely into monster girls (not necessarily for H stuff). I got corrupted by MGQ xD

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, the music is really good too. A lot of it is free classical music (with a twist) but hey why not borrow from the best.

    • Anonymous

      Mgq was my first vn, i saw it listed under games on a hentai sight. I thought ‘so like a dragon quest game where the monsters are girls and fuck you?’ I loved dragon quest 8 and some of the monsters in that were pretty hot so i gave it a shot. I pirated it first and fapped to every monster up to the second dark elf. Sure not all the monsters were my thing but i still surrendered to every monster just to see what would happen. I slowly lost interest in the h-scenes after a few to many vore scenes but by then the story had me. I played through to the end of part 2, part 3 was not out, and loved it so much i bought parts 1 and 2 even though i already had them and beat them. Ive been an avid monster girl and vn fan ever since.

    • Skuya

      In fact I’m quite happy that Paradox 1 doesn’t force you to watch H-Scenes unlike the original trilogy. That was a point when I just blazed through the text hoping nothing relevant for the story is going on.

      I hope as well that will be the same for Part 2 & 3 (so you can just play it like a RPG without the Hentai Aspect or watch the scenes either when you lose of if you actually want to), but I really don’t expect it to happen. It’s still a H-Game after all.

      • CivilDeviation

        Seems like your baser needs are going through a bit of a reaction formation their Skuya. No shame here, well unless ya go too far the other way by sliming voyeuristic description of your fapping process. Ick!

        For me, I had just discovered gaming with adult content and was perusing the simple online games until a message talked about the Violated Hero series and through that MGQ game. It was really quite provocative as I had never seen gaming, adult content, and story together, let alone so many forbidden and new non-vanilla sexual fantasies depicted. Reverse rape caught me like fire to oil with my passive and socially appropriate way of expressing my sexuality. A game where masochist men can enjoy themselves without feeling the derision stemming from contemporary masculine sex roles. The MGQ game really hit an underlying socially oppressed form of sexuality and made it safe to explore and enjoy through fantasy. It was brilliantly on target for the time it came out.

  52. Anonymous

    I have been following your progress these last days and it seems that you have been working very hard. With more than 75% translated I am very excited that the last patch arrives soon.

  53. Anonymous

    Not gonna lie I noticed prob 15 minutes last night after he had posted some stuff and damn nice work Rogue, I have to admit that I didn’t expect that kinda speed at all XD also thank you Dartoth and crew for all the work you guys have been doing, I love how much dedication you guys have had to doing this and how much you have translated over all this time. Keep up the good work everyone and if you ever need a break that’s all good we will wait if we need to 😀

  54. Anonymous

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. In all seriousness thought it would take another year for part 1 to be completely translated. No joke, very happily suprised. Being patient and not complaining has paid off! Thank you for your hard work.

  55. Ahura Mainyu

    Where do you see the progress ? I want to be overjoyed too ! 😮 + Thanks Almighty translators n(_ _)n

  56. Nicodemus

    Im just happy the translation will be finished the next patch I dont care if it comes out before or after the second game comes out im just happy it will be finished hopefully…also is anyone gonna try to make a guide for the second game even if its in Japanese text

  57. Today I learned (and tested) that Predation skills such as Assimilation (Angler), Swallow (Boa Lamia), Spider’s Meal (Arachne), and Eater’s Predation skill and ability which say they require a “bound and [partially digested]” foe actually require a “bound and/or [partially digested]” target.

    Also turns out that the other Predation skills that single out a different prereq condition (Mimic Boa with Stun, Genetic Assimilation with Poison, Intoxicating Pitcher Plant with Trance) also work with digestion.

    Only need one or the other for it to work, and now I’m realizing predation skills are much more versatile than I previously thought (aside from Blob Boa, which is unaffected by this realization)..

    tl;dr: Any predation skill works with digestion, and the other status effects in the description are alternative choices that also work for that move. Only need one on your target and you can chow down.

  58. TooManyNumerals

    Greetings, fellow hentai gamers!

    The college semester has finaly drawn to a close and I now find myself with a large amount of free time.

    With this newfound free time, I would like to develop a new side story for MGQ Paradox within the RPG maker engine.

    The project is currently within the early stages of planning and we still need quite a bit of help to make this a reality.

    As of now, the roles we currently need the most help in are:
    -Plot editing
    -RPG Maker Development (Maps, Events, Interactions, Etc.)
    -Creation of character portaits
    -Creation of sprites and other texture assets (Static and Dynamic)
    -Creation of character artwork (Battle cut-ins, cutscenes, etc.)

    If you are interested in helping with the project, please don’t hesistate to contact me at one of the posted outlets bellow.

    I thank you for your time, and hope to hear back from you!

    Email: Crazyjrocks25@gmail.com
    Skype: Crazyjrocks

  59. Noar

    I previously mentioned that predation skills only require one status to work, but the translation still says “and.” I think it should be changed to “or.”

    And yes, predation skills are very usable. I abuse them to rapidly clear 4-digit labyrinth floors. Saki or Ragora’s Sparkle with Song Success Up+Singing Status Scroll can stun even resistant labyrinth mobs more than 90% of the time. Then you can just use Mimic Boa. Only five or ten normal enemies are immune to this combo, including lamias, Bandersnatch Girl, and a few endgame apoptosis monsters. Ironically, it works great on Mimics & Honey Pots and can even instagib some 10-floor bosses, including the 4 bandits, Meia, and Chrome. Similar effects can be achieved with Sexy Dance + Intoxicating Pitcher Plant & Curse Dance + Genetic Assimilation, which should work on lamias.

  60. Anonymous

    I hope I don’t sound like an asshole with this question but is the yariel guy from ULMF Paradox thread contributing to this translation or is he just doing his own thing? I don’t know if he speaks Japanese but his English posts are gibberish, he’s obviously not a native speaker, and he’s apparently doing battle talk translations. I don’t have an account there, I found it when looking for something else. Again, I don’t mean to shit on anyone, I’m just a little confused.

    • No, he hasn’t contributed anything. I checked out that thread and he says he’s going to submit his translations when he finishes, but he’s translating talk events that were finished months ago…

  61. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth, I’ve come across two mistakes in the patch, when fighting Astaroth in Hades, during her untranslated dialogue her name comes up as [Cobra Girl].
    The other after the fight with Armoured Berserker in the pocket castle Ilias says “It seems as if we have were saved by Alipheese the 17th”.
    You and your team have really picked up the pace It’s appreciated especially by people like me who are useless with Japanese (my memory sucks, once it took me 20min to remember how to say kettle in my native language) but do try to keep at least some blood left in your caffeine stream.

    • Anonymous

      I already mentioned to Dargoth a while back about the cobra girl thing with Astaroth and it’s been fixed

  62. Ahura Mainyu

    Just for information, do you think the magic swords will be usable by other races/jobs later ? For now, only sage and pope use them. Quite sad since this weapon is pretty stronk 🙁

  63. Anonymous

    Oh my Gawd, in the third picture from the link to the chapter 2 are those vampires above the elf girl? damn i love vampire girls because they….suck…. (bad pun intended), hope they aint zombie girls. Thank you guys for translating these awesome games!

  64. TooManyNumerals

    Hey dargoth, perhaps you could help me out-

    I’ve scoured the paradox game files and I’m largely unable to find the resources used within the game (such as textures, scripts, and animations) is there something I’m missing to be able to use these resources within a side story?

    • Anonymous

      All CG/pictures (what animations?) can be extracted with RPG Maker Decrypter (there should be a link in Dargoth’s earlier posts or in the comments there).

      Dunno about scripts.

    • Anonymous

      the scripts they used are in the script editor in rpg maker i extracted everything some time ago and put everything in a new rpg maker vx ace project then all you have to do is open the script editor and there all there the top part is mostly the scripts they every project starts with just open your project and just copy the scripts from one project to other and for the animations you taking about skills/attack animations there in a folder inside of graphics called animations unless you mean something else.

      • TooManyNumerals

        I see, everything pertinent seems to be compressed into RGSS archive, im assuming that decryptor you mentioned is the program I need to open a file like that?

        Could you link it to me?

        • Anonymous

          the decrypter i use for rpg maker game to extract the game.rgss3a is this http://www.mediafire.com/file/3ps81u5opyasn07/All+decrypter.rar just run it then find the game.rgss3a with open file after you click tools extract all files witch will make a folder called extract will everything from the game.rgss3a i think you can just drag the game.rgss3a on to the decrypter then all you have to do is copy and past them in rpg maker project folder with other folder the game had since rpg maker games have folder of everything but most of the other stuff is in game.rgss3a

            • TooManyNumerals

              W͎͎͍͚͇̺̖̗a̮̬̦̘̥i̯̭̤̫̙̦̯t̫̖ a̩̖̹̰̜̲͓ m̞͉̜̖i͎̘͖͓̯n͓̥̞̗̦u̬̯͔̟̙̻ͅt͈͍͚̳̲͇̹̳e̹͖͖͓̲̗̙̻,̯͚͓͉̰
              ͙̱̱̤̳̝͚̲Ṱh̬͉i̟̬͖̮s͔̻̪̗̥ i̪̣͚͉̗̭͉s̜̪̭͔̹̜n̯͓̲̮̻̼͕̹t̙͚̱͚̖͇ a͙̭̼̞̠͇̭̱ d̥͓͈̮̗̖̤̳ͅe̝̲̦c͔͈̠͕̠͎̫r̮̦y͈̪p̺̪͚̳̦͕t̯̬̙͕̲̺̗e̟r̥͉
              ̜̗̺̟̝̮̤T͔̗̻̝̤̳H̗͓͈I̳̪̦̦̝̜̳S̲͓̞̤̘͚ I͉̰͖̞̹ͅȘ͚ͅ T͕͕̞̮̺̬͇̞H̻̩̠̼E͉̥̣͚̭̲ Ḍ̘̤̭̰E̲̳͎A͙͈̹D̖̘L͔͇̟̮͖̘̭̘ͅY͎̜͓̮̬̟ p̞̞̯̟̹͙̘̯R͕͈̫0̙̹̼̦͓̳̠͕n͈ V̝̘̞̻͓̪i̫͕r̳̪̹̦̭̱ͅu̻͙͙̬s͕͎̹

    • Nicodemus

      Hey guys I looked on the Japanese dlsite and the game is there avalibel for preorder along with several monster girl games offered at discount price, why would they offer that deal along with putting the game up early do you think there not gonna release it for the English dlsite.

      • Ahura Mainyu

        Welp, this game is quite popular ya know, so they MIGHT sell an english version one day. Because people like me wouldn’t mind paying for the game if it was already in english. Monster girls is the new black, like they say.

      • Anonymous

        Why wouldn’t they release it for English DLsite? MGQ is one of the best selling things there. It probably just means it’s a promotion for the JP DLsite.

        • Anonymous

          I tried posting the link earlier but I think the site thought it was spam and blocked it. Go to the DLsiteManiax twitter, the link is the first thing from the top.

          • Noar

            Yep, found it. It doesn’t show up if you search for it on the regular site, and the URL for the page has “announce” instead of “work.” As far as I can tell, you can only put it on a wishlist, not preorder it, but I can’t read Japanese and I don’t have a Japanese DLsite account so I probably shouldn’t be talking out of my ass. Regardless, I don’t see why they wouldn’t put it on the English DLsite.

            • Anonymous

              Dunno why they didn’t do the same promotion for the English DLsite. Maybe it’s because paradox part 2 doesn’t have an English store page yet? It’s kind of weird but maybe they’ll extend it for the English site when it’s all set up, closer to the release date.

  65. Oh man, it only now occurs to me that Part 2 is going to have the Colosseum in it. Sweet! I hope there’s a whole bunch of fights, challenges, tournaments and optional bosses you can do there.

  66. Ahura Mainyu

    Could someone tell me what happens when you take Chrome with you and then talk to Lacroix in the end of Part 1 ? 😮

    • Anonymous

      Nothing special. It was really dissapointing to start a whole new game+ just to test it and get like 2 lines of dialogue from Chrome. She says something like “…sister…”.

      • What are you talking about? They have a whole dialogue about how this La Croix is not her sister and how her version of Chrome is long dead (though in not so direct terms). You may need to talk to her directly before advancing the story for the conversion to happen, though (I can’t remember).

  67. Galoga

    Rogue is… BACK?????

  68. Ahura Mainyu

    Is it normal that when I watch the lose scene with the Shellfish girl, Luka says things about breaking the taboo and such ? I mean, it’s not supposed to be like that in Paradox, right ? Did the translator copy past the lose scenes of MGQ, or is it normal that it’s like that ?

    • CivilDeviation

      Probably an oversight in the translation team. It’s easy to miss though because of like a 50 line encounter or so, all are identical but like one line. :-X

    • Anonymous

      It’s probably due to the timelines paradox. At least that would be my excuse for forgetting those if I were torotoro.

  69. CivilDeviation

    Unless it has been fixed after Rogue’s battlefucker update to the bitbucket, the Port Natalia battle fucker has several untranslated lines if you successfully beat her.

  70. OtaKael

    I asked this in a previous post, but I can’t find it anymore and I don’t remember if you answered. Are you going to make a interface patch to cover all the items, menus, and skills, abilities, races, etc when it comes out? Since I’m assuming that’ll be the easiest to get a patch out quickly and make the game playable ASAP for those desperate enough to trudge through JP dialogue themselves. As someone who knows enough JP to handle dialogue fine, it would make playing the game easier by bounds and leaps if at least menu stuff was TLed.

    • Yeah, hoping to get everything that’s currently translated, including all the interface, skills, items, etc., into a patch asap after the part 2 release. It’s going to depend on whether the translation program itself needs updating, whether there are any game-breaking bugs that TTR has to patch, and how well our ‘source code’ management system can cope with the changes. Best case scenario is that we have a patch up in under 24 hours. I don’t even want to guess at a worst case.

      • Arj

        In case Part 2 starts with some dialogue, before you get back free map movement, that would be best to translate quick too. I bet a lot of people wanna go back to the Admin Tower and level, once the level cap increases, but don’t wanna miss any dialogue.
        Let’s hope Part 2 starts with a short “go here to continue the story” thing, and then free movement right away.

  71. Bernaregna

    Roguer + Dargoth = paladins of translations. You bring us commoners the truth behind those japanese texts.

  72. Anonymous

    Just want to say thanks to the person that made a tutorial of how to manually patch. I never tought it would be THIS easy and now I have a game with a good amount of the rape scenes translated. No need to wait for an official patch people, patch it yourself and good fap!

    • Ahura Mainyu

      It is not. Now you are doomed. You will post every single translation update of that fabulous game here now that you have shown us something most of us have been waiting for months. :3

    • Anonymous

      i was translating succubus prison for a couple of days i even posted a comment about that on ulmf then couple more days later a new thread came out with people translating succubus prison and everyone was commenting ya someone finally translating this game completely forgetting about my comment since there maybe better then me i stopped translating it.

        • CivilDeviation

          Sorry man, makes me think of those times when ya say “awesome sauce” in conversation and no one reacts only for someone else to say it 5 minutes later and its praised as hilarious and the best thing ever. Getting passed over like that sucks. If the pride isn’t too bruised, maybe offer to help? Just a thought.

          • @CivilDeviation
            Been there. It’s no fun. Especially on sites like YouTube. I always get paranoid, ’cause my comment might’ve been deleted or marked as spam, but YouTube never tells you when that happens. So then other people say the same thing and get all the praise, and meanwhile I’m wondering what I did wrong. XD

    • Link

      Yeah, I noticed that over on ULMF I wonder what happened to the translation of that other game that was made by the same people, The Academy of Loli Succubi. I haven’t seen an update for that one in a while, and that’s the one I’m most interested in.

  73. OtaKael

    I distinctly remember a cave blocked by stones near Luddite Village that was never brought up outside of being able to see it. I imagine that’s where your first destination will be.

  74. I’m trying to work on some library stuff while waiting for Part 2 and I have a question regarding milking. Do all monsters have unique milk or only certain ones and, if the latter which one’s? Also, can I get all the unique ones using the replay fights in Hades?

    • Ahura Mainyu

      I suppose you can, since I got the panties I needed in Hades. As for the milk … I dont know, I never tried to milk someone in the game for now 😡

      • I’ve only gotten 5 different milks so far, as the chances of it working seem low on most characters. The only time I got it to work the first try were the Minotauros and the Star Slugs.

        • Finished getting all the milks aside from Lucia (need to do another playthrough for her), Sphinx, Hades Alice, and the Reaper (not counting LoC bosses, since I haven’t really done the LoC and don’t plan too until the level cap is raised in Part 2).

          • Finally got around to doing a NG+ and got Lucia’s milk. By the way, on Very Easy Mode, by eliminating encounters (Encounter Half on 3+ characters), not doing treasure chests or searching things, and skipping dialogue, I was able to reach to right before the final boss (3rd floor of the tower) in an hour and a half, including all the side/optional dungeons.

    • Far as I can tell, every enemy character you fight except the Armoured Berserker and the two absurd Angel variants through the first Tartarus can be milked (been collecting it myself).

      If you can’t milk ’em, the game will flat-out tell you the foe is unmilkable; otherwise, it’s just a matter of RNG.

      I actually took a look at the code and there is certainly variation in the milking success probabilities. Early game characters and some particularly susceptible ones (Minotaur, Elf, etc) tend to have a 1 in 2 chance of being milked. As you go along, the milking chances for the regular encounters will generally decrease (to 1 in 4, or 1 in 8). Lesser bosses like the Four Bandits and Meia tend to have a 1 in 8 chance. More potent characters like Chrome or the Queen Harpy have a 1 in 16 chance, and the real powerhouse or milking-resistant characters have a 1 in 32 chance of being milked (Morrigan, Reaper, Brynhildr, Sphinx, etc.). Let me tell you, trying to milk a Brynhildr on Paradox difficulty that is spamming Def-Penetrating attacks is not pleasant before Clara.

      In short, you can milk all but three enemy encounters, and Hades does work for collecting milk (as well as stealing items).

      On a slightly related note, Armoured Berserker doesn’t seem to get any stronger on Paradox Difficulty. But the Angels… ouch.

    • lavos

      Nagael, Ranael and Armored Berserker are the only ones that don’t have unique milks. And yes you can milk the monsters in Hades.

      As for chance I think it is like 10-20% in general with the superbosses having lower ones.

  75. Demolion

    I don’t know if anyone noticed but in the Grand Theater of Grandeur the stages 1 to 5 submenus of the manager are still untranslated even though the progress sheet saying that everything in that map is translated.

    • Ahura Mainyu

      Saw that, but well, only the title of the plays aren’t translated. The rest is, if i remember correctly.

      • Demolion

        As well as in the last performance of saki (the most expensive one) there are parts untranslated as well, but maybe that may count as his H-scene

    • Ahura Mainyu

      If i’m not mistaken, the only things untranslated atm in Part 1 are some H scenes and requests, the services in the LOC, the lines of a lot of companions when you offer them things they like or not, the titles of the plays in the Grand Theater, the line where the White Rabbit says “Mushi ka yo” when you ignore her and keep advancing in one of the Tartarus (I think it was there, dont remember quite well, and I dont know if it’s been translated since the time I was there), the description of each monsters (but the wikia is quite complete so it’s not that important) and ehm maybe some evaluations ? I dont know since I dont lose on purpose since we can get the H scenes anyway :3

      The main story is translated, and the interactions of tons of companions are too. So ehm, all that’s left now is our fap material, I think ? ‘-‘

  76. Colvinal

    Anybody got a complete save (Or mostly complete save) I could borrow? Laptop died and don’t wanna have to regrind to get my castle harem back.

  77. Frelop

    Does anyone know why I am having problems with manually patching the game? When I do this, the menus are untranslated and while dialogue is translated, it doesn’t have any line breaks.

  78. Excuse me, by chance there will not be someone who knows how to get the Nine Tail Robe that comes out that exists in the labyrinth of chaos. I saw in wikia that existed, but I can not find, as well, the Marvelus Sword.
    If someone could tell me or give a Save where it is already in the inventory, I would appreciate it. Is that … literally, I spend more than 60 hours looking and nothing.

    • CivilDeviation

      If you’ve seen videos of said items, love to see em, been through all of chaos and never found either. Might be someone pulling your leg.

        • Guromi

          I looked a little at the game files, and I didn’t find the Nine Tail Robe and the Marvelous Sword on the chests events, but it’s inside of the datas, so I don’t really know (like anon said, probably not in part 1)

          The Marvelous Sword doesn’t seems to be that useful though, I think it should be somewhere, since it’s not really powerful, but I’m not sure
          The best sword you can get at this point is probably Excalibur (Green Chests, you know, the ones you get on the 100th floor, 200th floor…), I mean, it’s like +99 to everything, even more if you’re using Battle Master or Genji Gloves (dual wielding) (also Green Chests)
          You can also get the Sword of Heavens (loot from Micaela), if you don’t like random

          And the best Robe is probably the Gaia Robe (Reaper)
          The best armor set would be the Genji one (Green Chests in Labyrinth)
          And the Archangel Bra (Medals) is a good idea too, I think

          If you, like, really really want to get the Gaia Robe and the Marvelous Sword, you can also save edit, there’s an easy guide on the wiki 😉

  79. Xoverguy

    I have a petition for Dargoth or whomever might be able to help me here. If anybody has the time, can anybody check on the coding for the Secret Slayer Tome? According to the description, it says it raises the power of Slayer skills by 50% or something like that. However, I have been running some damage calculations and I have realized that the Secret Slayer tome is not impacting at all in said damage calculations.

    I have tested this in 2 major scenarios:

    1. Using an “effect:+” skill (Wide Smash from Battle Master) with the appropriate ability equipped (Doll Slayer) against normal game Adramelech

    2. Attacking with a innate Slayer skill (Demon Slicer (Yoma/Vampire Slayer) from Hero/Apprentice hero.) against Alice the 16th in Hades.

    In both cases, I have noticed that the Secret Slayer Tome did not have any effect, nor positive or negative, on damage calculation, which seems odd unless the effect is not as simple as it is written. This being said, I would also like to check on the innate race or job skill known as Slayer Boost 50%, for the same previously mentioned reasons.

    If anybody can enlighten me on this situation, or if anybody knows the true effects of this accessory/skill, I would really appreciate hearing about this. Thank you in advance for your time. Have a good night be safe and God Bless.

    • Guromi

      I don’t really know about these things, but it would be probably nice to try Slayer Tome too 😉
      I looked a little at the game data, and it seems that the Secret Slayer Tome and the Slayer Tome have the same script, so if I’m not wrong, the Slayer Tome should have the same problem too… maybe?

      • Xoverguy

        I tried the normal Slayer Tome against Alice the 16th and it gave me the same damage values it was giving me when I was using Demon Slicer with the Yoma Slayer ability active. In short, nothing changed.

        I also retested using the bearbones normal attack and nothing more, given there are some abilities and/or accessories that only apply their effects to non-skill normal attacks (Such as Drain Strike ability, and the Dark Thoughts accessory.) Still nothing. Only slayer ability was applying, not the Secret Slayer Tome

      • Can’t speak for the Secret Slayer Tome as I don’t have one on hand, but I’ve been testing the regular Slayer Tome and it seems to be working for me.

        Testing in Hades against Imps and Mandragoras. Using Don Dahlia, level 26, Unemployed (so no passives), using a Socom and Gun skills, Wind Shield, Golden Tiara, and Blue Jacket bring Dex to 170. No abilities unless specified. PARADOX difficulty (x3 enemy HP, x5 enemy offence, x1.5 enemy defense, x2 enemy speed)

        Testing ability: Plant Slayer.

        Tested on: Hades Mandragoras.

        Attack: Spray and Pray (Takes on abilities of normal attack)

        No ability, no accessory: ~1000 damage.
        No ability, Slayer Tome: ~1000 damage.
        Plant Slayer, no accessory: ~2000 damage (+100%, or x2).
        Plant Slayer, Slayer Tome: ~2600 damage (+160%, or (x2 x1.3)).
        Suggests that slayer boosts are multiplicative. Oddly, Plant Slayer seems to be twice as effective as it should be, though this could be due to defense calculations.

        Testing Skills: Bird Shot and Succubus Slayer Bullet (Testing SSB, but Bird Shot has same base power)

        Testing on: Hades Imps (Succubi)


        Bird shot, no accessory: ~1200 damage.
        Bird shot, Slayer Tome: ~1600 damage. (+30% damage or x1.3, even with wrong species)
        SSB, no accessory: ~2400 damage. (+100% damage or x2)
        SSB, Slayer Tome: ~3200 damage. (+160% damage or (x2 x1.3))

        So, in my experience, the regular Slayer Tome seems to provide the damage boost, Species-Slayer skills and abilities seem to provide double the expected boost, and the Slayer Tome seems to boost Species-Slayer skills even if they target the wrong species.

        Further testing could certainly be done with the passive Slayer Boost abilities, and potentially also with Stinger or Ocean Anchor to see how the boosts apply to species-slayer defense-ignoring attacks, but I’ve only got so much time and the query was about the Slayer Tomes.

        If anyone could point me to where the coding for the Slayer Tomes are I could try to piece together what the scripts actually say, but no guarantees.

        • Xoverguy

          I appreciate your input. Now I wonder if my copy of Paradox, at lest the Japanese version before the patch is bugged. I don’t think so though given its the 1.21 version as usual. Maybe I am making a silly mistake in something that should be more than simple. I have been running the calculations on Luka given that higher base damage would show the difference better, unless I am missing something. Ill check back here in case anybody has any other ideas that I might have missed.

      • Further testing on Normal Difficulty with Chrome. Level 20, untrained (Necromancer Imp) equipped with only a Dead Man’s Scythe (and Slayer Tome when applicable). 110 Atk, 103 Magic, 103 Dex. No abilities except Zombie Slayer when tested.

        Test 1: Engineer Species Slayer Def-Ignoring attacks: Ocean Anchor + Stinger (Same base power, OA is Sea-Dweller/Mermaid Slayer, Stinger is Harpy Slayer)

        Tested on: Hades Harpy

        OA, no tome: ~420 damage
        OA with tome: ~550 damage (Again, + ~30% or x1.3 even with wrong species)
        Stinger, no tome: ~810 – 890 damage (Again, damage doubled instead of just +50%)
        Stinger with tome: ~1110 damage (Again, damage + ~160% or (x2 x1.3))

        Results are consistent with previous test even when attack ignores defense. (If anyone knows how damage is calculated in this game when defense IS a factor, I’d love to know.)

        Test 2: Dual Slice (takes on trait of normal attack) with Zombie Slayer ability and Talisman (Damage is per hit)

        Tested on: Hades Zombie Swordsman

        No ability, no accesory: ~320 damage
        No ability with Slayer Tome: ~320 damage
        No ability with Zombie Slayer Talisman: ~600 – 690 damage
        Zombie Slayer, no accesory: ~600 – 690 damage
        Zombie Slayer with Slayer Tome: ~800 – 860 damage
        Zombie Slayer with Zombie Slayer Talisman: ~600 – 690 damage

        Thus far, the previously found multipliers seem to hold, even when ignoring defense. Slayer Talisman boost seems equivalent to Slayer Ability boost, but the two do not stack.

        Also, not very formal testing done, but I set the earlier Don Dahlia to Bowmaster for the Slayer Boost 50% ability and it does seem to stack with the regular Slayer Tome, though I didn’t record many numbers at the time.

        Of course, can’t say this is definitive without having some other sources confirm it works for them. Not really sure what the particular issue with your situation is, and can’t really guess since I don’t have any numbers to go off of or particulars about the job/race/equipment of your tests. I was wondering if maybe your character had the Slayer Boost 50 passive from a job overriding the tome, but my crude test with Don Dahlia earlier had too consistent a difference (roughly 4200 vs 5150 with same skill) to be attributed to damage variation, so I’m fairly sure you would still see a difference.

        Only got a few ideas as to what could be causing the issue thus far, aside from something funny in your versions coding:

        1) It could potentially be the intrinsic damage variation throwing off your numbers. I don’t know your numbers, so I don’t know how much of a range they had or what your sample size was.

        2) Perhaps your damage numbers were low. As you mentioned, differences are easier to detect the higher the damage values are, and high enemy defense could also potentially have an effect. Would also make the variation in point 1 even more obfuscating relative to the total damage.

        3) Maybe your targets weren’t particularly susceptible to slayer skills? I’ll admit that I’m not as far as most in this comment section and have yet to encounter Adramelech myself, but I assume she’s an Apoptosis type. Thing is, while Apoptosis allies you get have the Minor Chaos race, an advanced form of Doll, they aren’t inherently weak against Doll Slayer abilities as “Apoptosis” is considered a separate category by the game. Now, when you recruit them, you’ll see they have a secondary type (Sully is a Sea Dweller, Jaide is a Doll, Shesta is an Insect), and in enemy encounters they ARE vulnerable to that secondary type (Out of Sully, Jaide, and Shesta, only Jaide takes extra damage from Doll Slayer abilities / attacks). I don’t know what Adramelech’s secondary type is, or if she even has one, as I have yet to encounter her myself (From CG’s in the game files, I’d guess she’s part angel).

        As for Hades Alice, she seems to be an interesting case. She’s listed as a Yoma, and I compared damage with a Luka on Normal using Undead Slicer and Demon Slicer on her, as they have the same power. Undead Slicer did ~2500 damage (~5500 on a crit) while Demon Slicer did ~3200 damage (~6600 on a crit). Sample size here wasn’t as large as I would like, but there does seem to be a clear difference. The thing is, it’s only about a 20% difference or so, as opposed to the +100% I’ve seen in all other tests. If similar scaling applies to the tome, then the effects of the tomes would be reduced to +6% and +10%, which could go unnoticed amongst the damage variation. Do note that my previous testing numbers were against standard mobs, not bosses.

        So, it’s possible that boss monsters, or maybe monsters with a mixed genome or other significant power, have a resistance to species slayer skills (Alice does have access to many other races…). There’s also the matter of her defenses being significantly higher than most foes.

        Maybe try beating up a shrubbery in the early zones and see if any changes in damage numbers become apparent then? As for me, I need some sleep. I spent too long running tests and searching through code to make this post. =P

        • Xoverguy

          Thank you Cobalt Girafe for your extremely valuable input. Given your findings I got a bit curious and took a few hours to amass my own data. It is not all that polished but the following should bring out my findings and I will say right now, that I DID find out my problem with the Slayer tomes.

          Here are my calculations and discoveries:

          Luka as a battle master/high angel

          2 Sword of the Heavens (Holy booster 50% each)
          1 Lamia Crown
          1 Genji Armor

          Attack is 569

          Relevant Abilities:
          Sword/Physical/Holy Booster 15%

          Shadow Girl from battle replay in hades (apparent ghost)
          Using Wide Smash (MultiWeapon, Effect+)

          No slayer ability, no slayer tome: 14K-16K

          Ghost Slayer, no slayer tome: 17K-22K

          Ghost Slayer, Slayer Tome: 18K-23K

          Ghost Slayer, Secret Slayer Tome: 18K-22K

          Ghost Slayer (ONLY EQUIPED SLAYER
          ABILITY!!), Secret slayer tome: 19K-22K

          Luka as Unemployed/high angel

          No relevant equipment (only wind knife which only buffs stats)

          Attack is 282

          No Abilities starting out

          Same Monster Girl as before
          Using Undead slicer as base, given Wide Smash is not accessible.

          No slayer ability, no slayer tome: 3.1K-3.5K

          Ghost Slayer, no slayer tome: 3.0K-3.4K (Was too weak to properly guage)

          Ghost Slayer, Slayer Tome: 4.2K-4.4K

          Ghost Slayer, Secret Slayer Tome: 4.7K-5.0K

          After this I had a theory…what happens if I test on a char that is NOT a Battle Master?

          Alice As Pope/Sea Palace Maiko (Seadragon Dancer)

          Venus Shiled
          Lamia Crown
          Archangel Bra

          Attack is 335
          Dexterity is 452

          Abilities: Skill use: Ninjutsu & Fire booster 15%

          inferno dance (Ninjutsu: Effect+)

          no ability nor tome: 4.9K-5.3K

          ghost slayer, no tome: 6.3K-7.1K

          ghost slayer, slayer tome 6.9K-7.9K

          ghost slayer, secret slayer tome 8.1K-9.4K

          So after this I determined that something of the battle master job was conflicting with the tomes. However I did a quick run and changed Alice into battle master and slotted her with two Enhancer swords, hypothesizing that the Dual Wield was what was conflicting with the Slayer tomes. However, this was debunked when Alice dealt around 4K to shadow girl with Ghost slayer only, and 7K when I slapped on the Secret Slayer Tome. With this I deduce that there is something about my Luka’s current setup that is conflicting with the Tomes. Currently I am thinking it might be Sword of the Heavens, given the fact that only Luka can weild it.

          I ran even more equipment tests. So far, by what I can see, it seems that any amount of equipped booster weapons (AKA Holy/Earth booster 50% and the like) conflicts with slayer tomes PERIOD. You cannot have anything that boosts an element and the slayer tome running at
          the same time equipped. In short, if you have a setup like Sword of the Heavens or Gaia Hammer or Wizard Rod…you can’t use the tomes. If somebody can confirm this for me I would appreciate it. I am not sure if clothing like the Gaia Robe (holy and dark +30% booster) would conflict as well.

          Well, I went crazy for 2 hours if not more amassing this data, and I am exhausted. Bed time. Have a good night, be safe and God Bless to all.

          • Huh, nice find. Glad that’s figured out.

            Did a quick bit of rough testing to check that out. Pickin’ on more Mandragoras with the Don. Tried out a couple combinations of elemental tomes and slayer abilities. Main weapons compared were Fire and Lightning Bows (Elemental but no boosters) and Fire and Thunder Rods (Elemental with boosters).

            It certainly seems like the boosters suppress the effects of an individual Slayer Tome, but the results are confusing….

            (Cue inspiration and time-skip)

            Okay, did a bunch o’ fiddling and the results get REALLY confusing with what stacks and what doesn’t, weaknesses and resistances all coming into play, and this is the only thing I can think of that sorta makes sense:

            If you look at the System.txt file on bitbucket, you’ll see on the 41st line a list of “Attributes.” I believe this to be the list of damage types, and on it you’ll see the various Slayer species as well as the damage types you’d expect (and Gravity, Coin-Toss, Self-Destruct, and Recovery damage types).

            This leads me to believe that (species)-Slayer is treated as an element / damage type the same way that Fire, Holy, Physcial, etc. are in this game.

            Now, as you know, the game doesn’t multiply or add weaknesses; it just chooses the element that has the highest damage modifier and uses that for calculations. From what I’ve seen, species-specific Slayer attacks are equivalent to a 200% elemental weakness (Tested with Plant-Slayer Lightning Bow vs Slime-Slayer Fire Bow on Mandragoras).

            What I find to be the real kicker here is that Boosters seem to work the same way. From what I can tell, the game looks through all applicable Boosters for your chosen attack and applies the highest one EVEN IF IT DOESN’T MATCH THE ELEMENT CHOSEN FOR DAMAGE CALC.

            What really confused me and led to this realization was how elemental weakness was interacting with the Bowmaster Slayer Booster 50 passive.

            On Don Dahlia, level 26 Bowmaster, FireBow only, No equipped abilities unless specified, against Mandragoras, Paradox, Spray and Pray:

            (Numbers are approximate averages; I got tired of reaching for the tilde)

            No abilities:
            Fire Bow only: 1400 damage
            Fire Bow + Fire Tome: 1600 damage
            Fire Bow + Slayer Tome: 1400 damage
            Lightning Bow only: 700 damage
            L Bow + Lightning Tome: 800 damage
            L Bow + Slayer Tome: 700 damage

            Slime Slayer (Slayer Boost 50 passive comes into play, but target isn’t weak to this Slayer “element”):
            Fire Bow only: 2100 damage
            Fire Bow + Fire Tome: 2100 damage
            Fire Bow + Slayer Tome: 2500 damage <——-
            Lightning Bow only: 1050 damage
            L Bow + Lightning Tome: 1050 damage
            L Bow + Slayer Tome: 1250 damage <——-

            Plant Slayer (Slayer passive is in effect, and target is as weak to this Slayer element as is to Fire):
            Fire Bow only: 2100 damage
            Fire Bow + Fire Tome: 2100 damage
            Fire Bow + Slayer Tome: 2500 damage <———-
            Lightning Bow only: 2100 damage
            L Bow + Lightning Tome: 2100 damage
            L Bow + Slayer Tome: 2500 damage <———-

            Arrows indicate a cumulative 80% Slayer Boost in effect

            Note that in the second block, the greatest elemental weakness is to Fire. However, the Fire Tome (15% boost) has no effect, yet the Slayer Tome (30) DOES, and it's cumulative with the Slayer Passive. If you notice in the Fire Bow + Slayer Tome example there, the Slayer Boost passive actually overrides the Fire Tome boost.

            I'm gonna do one last test with my Monster Hunter again, since that way I'll be able to run numbers with the Rods (i.e. Booster weapons, since my saves don't have quite as an expansive armory as I'd like), but for now my working theory is this:

            When you attack, the game chooses the BEST applicable damage type (slayer types count as a damage type/element) and the HIGHEST CUMULATIVE applicable booster for damage calculations, EVEN IF THEY DON'T MATCH.
            Slayer Boost effects boost every slayer "element," but ONLY ONE DAMAGE-TYPE BOOST IS IN EFFECT for a given attack.

            I believe that Gun/Breath/Club/etc Booster abilities and scrolls are a separate matter, as they are a skill category and not a damage type.

            Will be back once I do the final test.

            • Xoverguy

              This here is kind of slapped together but I will drop this in for anybody who wants to run their own confirmation testings.

              Tested against: Dark elf fencers

              char used: Melty as a Monster Tamer/Monster Hunter (Job and race both give passive slayer boost 50% which stacks)

              Testing attack used: Tackle (Beast, Effect:+)

              600 to 700 damage no slayer multipliers at all nor Elf Slayer

              2900 to 3300 damage both slayer boost 50% abilities and single slayer boost 15% With a “Wind Strike” weapon and Elf Slayern (I think it was main gauche wind)

              3600 to 4000 with both slayer boost 50%, the single slayer boost 15%, and secret slayer slayer tome and Elf Slayer; BUT without any “Strike” or “Booster” abilities (Used wind knife, which ironically boosts evasiveness, not wind attribute)

              4500 to 5200 with both slayer boost 50%, the single slayer boost 15%, and Elf Slayer; And an Oroborous Whip, but WITHOUT a Secret Slayer Tome. What throws me off here is that the Oroboros Whip is a high tier weapon, but at the same time, if all Slayer Boost passives conflicted, we would still see a huge decrease in damage. The fact that it only went up seems to confirm that the passives are ok with element boosts.

              I need confirmation with a weapon that is not the Oroboros Whip (nor Earth Booster since elves resist earth) but by what I can tell, “Attribute Strike” or “Attribute Booster 50%” conflict or nullify the Slayer Tome and Secret Slayer Tome, but they DO NOT conflict with the “Slayer Boost 50%” and “Slayer Boost 15%” Passive/Equippable abilities, which is some good news.

              thats my two cents for now. feel free to confirm or disprove this

          • TL;DR at the bottom, ’cause good lord, this is a text wall.

            Final test. I think we can wrap this up now.

            Tested on Hades Mandragora. Used Cindy / Roper, level 30, Monster Hunter, Black Mage, only equipped with a Fire / Thunder / Golden Rod. Paradox Difficulty.

            Mandragora takes regular damage from Slime Slayer and Thunder attacks, and takes double damage from Plant Slayer and Fire attacks.

            Attacked with Tackle (+ Effect skill)

            Note: I did Golden Rod tests last, and used a Seed of Magic to account for the 2 Magic points it lacks compared to the other two rods, even though it shouldn’t matter for the attack I used.

            Golden Rod = No Boost
            Fire Rod = Fire Strike + Fire Boost 50
            Thunder Rod = Lightning Strike + Lightning Boost 50
            Fire Tome = Fire Boost 15
            Lightning Tome = Lightning Boost 15
            Slayer Tome = Slayer Boost 30
            Slayer Boost = Slayer Boost 15 (I believe it’s 30 in functionality)
            Slayer Passive = Slayer Boost 50

            Numbers are approximate averages. Rounded to benchmarks for ease of understanding (as damage tiers for different combinations).

            Case 1
            No abilities:
            Golden Rod only: 280
            Golden Rod + Slayer Tome (Inactive): 280
            Fire Rod only: 850
            Fire Rod + Fire Tome: 950
            Fire Rod + Slayer Tome (Inactive): 850
            Thunder Rod only: 425
            T Rod + Lightning Tome: 470
            T Rod + Slayer Tome (Inactive): 425

            Case 2
            Slime Slayer (Activates Passive):
            Golden Rod only: 425
            Golden Rod + Slayer Tome: 520
            Fire Rod only: 850
            Fire Rod + Fire Tome: 950
            Fire Rod + Slayer Tome: 1030
            Thunder Rod only: 425
            T Rod + Lightning Tome: 470
            T Rod + Slayer Tome: 520

            Case 3
            Slime Slayer (Activates Passive) + Slayer Boost 15:
            Golden Rod only: 520
            Golden Rod + Slayer Tome: 580
            Fire Rod only: 1030
            Fire Rod + Fire Tome: 1030
            Fire Rod + Slayer Tome: 1160
            Thunder Rod only: 520
            T Rod + Lightning Tome: 520
            T Rod + Slayer Tome: 580

            Case 4
            Plant Slayer (Activates Passive):
            Golden Rod only: 850
            Golden Rod + Slayer Tome: 1030
            Fire Rod only: 850
            Fire Rod + Fire Tome: 950
            Fire Rod + Slayer Tome: 1030
            Thunder Rod only: 850
            T Rod + Lightning Tome: 950
            T Rod + Slayer Tome: 1030

            Case 5
            Plant Slayer (Activates Passive) + Slayer Boost 15:
            Golden Rod only: 1030
            Golden Rod + Slayer Tome: 1160
            Fire Rod only: 1030
            Fire Rod + Fire Tome: 1030
            Fire Rod + Slayer Tome: 1160
            Thunder Rod only: 1030
            T Rod + Lightning Tome: 1030
            T Rod + Slayer Tome: 1160

            These findings seem to support my theory that the highest cumulative applicable attribute boost is what’s applied to the damage calculations.

            Note that an elemental rod gives its corresponding attribute a 50% boost, and an elemental tome adds an additional 15% to that, for 65% with Rod and Tome.

            In Cases 2 and 4, the passive Slayer Boost 50% is active and the tome provides 30% for a cumulative 80% with passive and Tome.

            In Cases 3 and 5, the passive Slayer Boost 50% and Combat ability Slayer Booster 15% (which I believe to actually be a 30% boost) are active, and with the Tome for an additional 30% the cumulative Slayer attribute bonus is at least 95% (or 110% if my belief is correct).

            Note that Fire Rod (Fire Booster 50) + Fire Tome in Cases 2 and 4 produce a lesser boost than Passive 50 and the Combat Ability Slayer Booster, supporting that the Ability is stronger than listed.

            Relevant Interpretations:

            In Case 1, the base damage is 280. With a Thunder Rod’s Booster coming into play, damage is increased by ~50% as expected, and boosted further by a Lightning Tome. The Fire set, being doubly effective, does double this boosted damage.

            In Case 2, the passive activates, giving everything a +50% due to being Slayer attribute. Note that the boost is equivalent to Case 1’s Thunder Rod boost, and that the two do not stack on Case 2’s Thunder Rod. Here the baseline Slayer Boost is equivalent to the baseline Elemental Boost. Not that the Slayer Tome and Elemental Tomes both provide their expected boosts, with the Slayer providing a greater boost. Fire weakness multiplier works as normal, independent of which boost takes effect (Fire Rod with Slayer tome uses +80% Slayer boost instead of 65% Fire boost, but is still fire elemental for purposes of weaknesses)

            From this point on, the Slayer Booster 15% is assumed to have a 30% boost, as it fits the data.

            In Case 3, the passive and equippable abilities activate, giving everything a +80% Slayer boost, as everything is part (Slime)-Slayer Attribute. The key thing here is that the ELEMENTAL TOMES / BOOSTS ARE OVERRIDDEN. With tome and rod, the elemental boost is only brought up to 65%, and therefore the greater 80% Slayer boost is applied instead. Slayer tome stacks as normal, bringing cumulative Slayer Boost to 110%. Golden Rod is equivalent to Thunder Rod, Fire Rod maintains an edge because the elemental weakness modifier is calculated separately from Attribute Damage Boosts.

            In Case 4, everything is also Plant Slayer attribute and thus does double damage due to weaknesses. However, the base Slayer boost is only 50%, since only the passive comes into play. When an elemental rod is paired with its tome, the cumulative boost for that element is 65%, overriding the slayer boost, but when a Slayer Tome is equipped the cumulative slayer boost is 80%, and the slayer boost takes precedence.

            Case 5 is essentially another example of the cumulative slayer boost of 80% overriding the cumulative elemental boost of 65%. Note that the Golden Rod numbers match up with those of the elemental rods (with and without the Slayer Tome), indicating that the elemental boosters are not a factor in the final damage calculation, as they have been overridden by the greater boost.

            A single 50% Holy Booster would match, but not stack with, the boost provided by a Secret Slayer Tome, and 2 of them (like the first tested Luka had) would certainly override it. At that point, you’d get better returns from equipping more Holy Boosts.

            TL;DR and Conclusion:

            [Species] Slayer is a damage type just like Physical, Fire, Coin Toss, Holy, Pleasure, etc.

            Slayer Boosters/Tomes boost the base power of all attacks that have a slayer type (whether intrinsic or added through an ability / accessory), just as Fire/Ice/Lightning/Sonic/etc Boosters and Tomes do the same for their damage types.

            Elemental weaknesses are calculated separately from attack-type boosters. (Hit a Mandragora (plant weak to fire) with a Fire and Slime Slayer attack with a Slayer Tome equipped. You’ll get the double damage from the Fire weakness AND the x1.3 from the Slayer boost, even though they don’t match).

            Attack-type boosters seem to stack additively for the same type.

            And the key point at the heart of it all, the one that started this research crusade: When multiple attribute / damage-type boosters are equipped at once, the strongest cumulative boost that can apply to your attack is the only one that will take effect.

            Also note that Tomes are different from Scrolls, and Attributes (Fire, Pleasure, Physical, Yoma-Slayer) are different from skill categories (Sword, White Magic, Breath). Pretty sure the skill categories boosters apply independently of what’s mentioned here.

            • Gaaaaaah, one last bit. Seems the racial and job slayer boost passives DO stack with each other. So, with those two, plus a regular slayer tome plus the equipable ability and any slayer ability, a Monster Hunter can receive a +160% (or a x2.6) boost on Normal Attacks, +Effect Skills, and Slayer Skills against any target. That’s doubled to provide slightly over 5 times regular damage if you’re using the correct Slayer attribute. Secret Slayer Tome would bump damage up a bit above that too. Math adds up in my tests.

              And yes, I tested and skill class boosts (Like Bow Booster) do stack with all o’ this other nonsense. Cindy’s running around doing 6 times her base damage (Hopping? Shuffling? How DO roper girls move around?). NO MORE LOOSE ENDS.

              Yeesh, Land Dwellers go hard.

      • Huh. Out of curiosity, I took a look at the Japanese scripts (as provided on bitbucket) for the Slayer Tome and Secret Slayer Tome item descriptions, and THOSE scripts say the boosts should only be 15% and 30% (note that these are the descriptions and not necessarily the actual coding for functionality).

        Did Torotoro goof up somewhere? Did the values or coding get changed somewhere in the translation process? Is this all just a sleep-deprivation-induced hallucination?

        Eh, whatever. CG’s gonna hit the sack.

      • Ah, screw it, one last thing I tested: Slayer Tome boost stacks with the Slayer Booster 15% ability that Monster Hunters (Intermediate Land Dweller race) learn, and they work even in the presence of the Monster Hunter’s Slayer Boost 50% racial passive. Didn’t test rigorously, but the ability seemed to boost more than just 15%, and again affected even mismatched Slayer skills.

        Interesting finding here though. Used Cindy (Roper) as a Monster Hunter Adventurer with a Gale Bow+. Has the racial passive Slayer Boost 50%.

        Fought: Hades Mandragora.
        Attack: Rapid Fire (takes normal attack effects). Damage is per hit.
        Difficulty: Paradox
        Note: Racial Passive is in effect through all tests.


        No Slayer, no Booster, no Accessory: ~400
        Slime Slayer, no Booster, no Accessory: ~620 damage (Turns normal attacks and + attacks into Slime Slayer, and seems the Passive takes effect now, even on wrong race)
        Slime Slayer, Lamia Slayer, no Booster, no Accessory: ~620 damage (Multiple Slayers don’t proc the Slayer Boost multiple times)
        Slime Slayer, Slayer Booster 15, no Accessory: ~740 damage (Procs even on wrong slayer ability)
        Slime Slayer, no Booster, Slayer Tome: ~740 damage
        Slime Slayer, Slayer Booster 15%, Slayer Tome: ~920 damage

        Plant Slayer, no Booster, no Accessory: ~1160 – 1280 damage
        Plant Slayer, Slayer Booster 15, no Accessory: ~1440 damage
        Plant Slayer, no Booster, Slayer Tome: ~1440 damage
        Plant Slayer, Slayer Booster 15, Slayer Tome: ~1620 – 1880 damage

        Sample size was a bit small ’cause I’m tired, but results are interesting. Seems the racial Slayer Boost ability does what it says, while the Monster Hunter Slayer Booster 15 ability seems to have the same effect as the regular Slayer Tome. They all seem to stack, but the numbers aren’t accurate enough (and brain isn’t awake enough) for me to determine whether they stack additively or multiplicatively with each other (since they’re the same type of boost they might be added, which is my guess), but they DO stack multiplicatively with other modifiers.

        The most interesting find for me here was that they all trigger on attacks that have ANY type of slayer, even if it’s the wrong type or if it’s achieved through an ability affecting a normal or +effect attack. So hey, a Monster Hunter (or other being with access to that race, such as Alice), can pop on the tome, the boost ability, and any Slayer ability and suddenly be doing a little more than double damage to anything with +effect and slayer skills. And double that if you’ve got the right type of slayer. Anything else with access to the passive through a job (Bowmaster) can get close too, just without the Monster Hunter learned ability. (I assume the Job and Race passives don’t stack, as they usually don’t in my experience. If anyone else bothers to test this, I’d be interested in confirmation.)

        And with that, I think I’m finally through with all the loose ends that would keep me up. Finally time to sleep, before the birds start up with their morning chirping.

    • Ahura Mainyu

      Why don’t you copy your save, paste it on a fresh copy and try again ? Maybe, just maybe, Torotoro was the one who fcked up ? 😮

  80. Anonymous

    For those using in-progress patches, is there any detriment to patching now until waiting for the finished Part 1 patch? I know RPGmaker games have some finnicky stuff with save-files, so I just want to make sure there won’t be permanently JP names or anything if I stop being patient.

    • Anonymous

      Everything should be fine, just don’t forget to backup your save, just in case. You will need to remove your save files from your game folder before patching it anyway.

  81. Bob

    :orgasm_word => [“\\nI’m being forced to some…”, “alice_fc2”, 1]

    This should probably be “forced to come”

  82. Ahura Mainyu

    I’ve been wondering for a while, but it seems some girls have CG you can’t see yet. Is it normal ? For exemple, it is possible to copulate Eater, like, she leans on you and you fck her, but the scene is nowhere to be seen in Part 1. Same for Don Dahlia, I’ve seen CG where you could see her boobs, or her with Luka’s milk on different parts of her body, but I haven’t figured out how to unlock those CG. Any idea ?

    • Ahura Mainyu

      Same for Kate, there are CG where you actually have sexe with her. Not just her doing a handjob and licking your nipple, but real sexe, with penetration. How ? Just how ? xD

  83. dassjennir

    Compiled a version of the patch last week to start playing.

    One question: To benefit from the Monster Tamer passive do i need to keep a character in the fight or just being between the 8 people is enough?

    • Ahura Mainyu

      Having the Monster Tamer between the 8 is enough I think, since it’s probably the same about the encounter rate. I personally gained more gold when I had Bunny chan in my team, and she wasn’t even participating in the fights. So I believe it’s the same with recruit passive.

  84. By the way, now that I fall, Rogue is going to translate is supposed to part 2? If so, how long does it take to go out in English? And more important, when it will leave part 1 in full English. It’s not about generating pressure, it’s just a doubt that I have.

  85. Anonymous

    Sadly, Rogue is going out of town and this is his message:
    “Going out of town for a while, this will be my last update until after P2 is out.”

    That means part 1 won’t still be translated fully even after Part 2 release.

  86. dassjennir

    Is it possible to recruit the Harpy Queen without using some save editor/cheat in part 1? (since Nero only have one Yggdrasil Fruit fruit).

    ps: Damn this game knows how to hit you on the feels sometimes. 🙂

    • As far as I’m aware, you can’t recruit her in Part 1 (I don’t even think she’s coded in as a playable character yet). If you check her entry in the Library you’ll notice it completely omits the line about whether she’s joined your party yet or not.

      But if you look at the 4th image in the link in the newspost about Part 2 you can see the Gift/Present giving interface for the Queen Harpy, which suggests that we should be able to recruit her in Part 2.

  87. lordkane01

    Rogue came back guess that means I can stop making sacrifices to both the goddesses. Wait what if me stopping causes him to leave again??? OH NO double the sacrifice efforts no triple them must work harder no creature is safe from becoming an offering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Ahura Mainyu

    Hey, I just wanted to ask you how could I translate my game ? I mean, I have the knowledge and tools, and Dargoth and his crew will be quite busy with part 2 so I wanna complte Part 1 for myself at least, but I don’t know how to extract the dialogues and reinject them 😡 How do I do ? 😮

  89. SelphiusXYZ

    Give it time and I will make a save where luka has average stats and every monster/human/bf is recruited and all jobs and races in part 1 for each are maxxed for optimun choice in team setups

    • Anonymous

      We’ll find out. It should be possible to just merge the translated parts into the Part 2 scripts if the structure is the same, so I highly doubt there are going to be issues moving forward.

  90. Takata

    Rogue? Really? After Rogue translated MGQ3 so fast, then promised to stay out of translating from then on, I was thinking that he might have been terminally ill. o.o

    • Roughly pieced together by my rudimentary Japanese knowledge and Google-Fu. A more accurate translation would be appreciated.

      Link: http://b.dlsite.net/RG07939/archives/51792186.html

      There seems to be a quick comment at the top about Micaela and Lucifina interact with Eden. as shown in the pictures.

      Next bit is about how people were confused whether attacks that listed multiple stats used one or both for damage calc, so they’re rewording it for increased clarity in the base Japanese (our translators seem to have already provided clarity with their translation).

      After that, there’s like an author response thing to people’s frequent questions/concerns.

      First bit is people claiming that Battle Master is OP and breaks balance. Torotoro says it’s supposed to be that powerful and won’t seem quite as ridiculous once new jobs are unlocked / added Notes that Ninja’s are also powerful, but are mostly limited to Kitsune’s in part 1.

      Second bit says people have been complaining that Dual Wield is OP. Author says higher jobs (I think) that will be introduced will have a function called “Weapon Mastery” or some such. If I’m reading this right (which I very well may not be doing), it’s claimed that when the proper weapon for the given job is equipped, it’ll be roughly 2.2 times as powerful as Dual Wielding that weapon would be. Weapon Mastery and Dual Wield can’t be used together, as no job will have both. (BUT WHAT ABOUT GENJI GLOVES?!)

      Third bit is asking about the unmarked grave in Illiasville.
      Author says it’s NOT the grave mentioned in Lazarus’s letter.
      Says don’t expect anything special from the unmarked grave, but the one mentioned in the letter WILL be important.

      Fourth bit asks “Why does Frederica learn Skill Use: Magic Swords” (which I’ve wondered myself).
      Torotoro says: Chrome goofed. ….okay, we goofed. But hey, it’s there, so you may as well use it.

      I don’t entirely get the fifth bit, bit I think it’s more or less about players getting really attached to the game characters and not wanting them to leave the party or otherwise disappear from the game.
      Torotoro: Aye, they’re hot. Don’t worry, they won’t leave for good. Temporary departures aren’t out of the question though.

      Last bit says “This story better not all be a simulation / dream”
      Torotoro: Those endings suck. This isn’t one of them. Don’t worry.

      • Oh, and in the bit about increased clarity for whether calculate damage from the one of the listed stats or both, they do seem to mention one other change.

        Seems that racial skills (Insect, Tentacle, and the like) which may have utilized a combination of stats (Att + Dex, for example) in the first chapter are instead gonna focus on utilizing a single skill to take advantage of a race’s inherent strengths (maybe like Dex focus for Scylla Tentacle skills?).

        I’m unsure if this is gonna be through adding new skills / races, reworking the existing skills, or both.

        Again, this is all a very rudimentary translation on my part so feel free to correct it as needed. There’s a reason I’m not translating the game myself. =P

  91. Ahura Mainyu

    There is a high chance we could recruit Morrigan in Part 2 since I saw her cut in on ennemies in the trailer. But, do you think we could also recruit Astaroth ? I don’t want Lilith tho, she mercilessly killed a child so she should be burning in hell.

    • Anonymous

      And you are fine with Morrigan? she massacred the rest of that village (exept that other guy that Astaroth killed) Honestly, that trio should be burning in hell, if trtr will give me an option to execute them, I will (they won’t though)

        • Eh. They’re no worse than any other monster girls he’s recruited so far. Most of them don’t have anything against enslaving or murdering him. At least the Lilith sisters have a good reason for doing what they’re doing. They just happen to also enjoy doing it. XD
          Like most of the bosses so far we’re probably just gonna beat the shit out of them and then they’re gonna want to tag along. I sure as hell ain’t gonna say no.

      • Ahura Mainyu

        I’m not fine with any of them, but … I don’t mind the anti-hero stuff. Killing the few to save the many is one thing that I understand. But they find pleasure in what they do, they enjoyed killing every single one of those villagers, so of course I don’t want any of them in my team. But, I wouldn’t mind adding them to my team then letting them die against every single ennemy I find. I would be great to see them die again and again. Kukukuk.

        • Personally, I’d be happier if, since their goals now align, Luka convinces them that their methods are wrong. Y’know, redemption over destruction. I mean, half the fun of Illias in this game is her character development, so I wouldn’t mind it for some other villain characters as well.

          • Ahura Mainyu

            Welp, you’re right. But i’m still taking those three to the scat captain tho. I hope there are interactions between them !

          • Anonymous

            “I mean, half the fun of Illias in this game is her character development”
            That’s so true ! I had so much fun with dialogs with Illias about recruiting monster girls. If we recruit Morrigan&co, I hope there will be special lines.
            If I’m not mistaken, they’re the 3 direct “children” of Minagi… and Illias hates Minagi more than anyone !

            There is interesting and/or funny conversation possibilities here.

            I wouldn’t mind recruiting them because… well… think about all the man-eater/human killer monster girls, we already have (and they’re not obliged to kill them technically, as any meat can do and they can extract sperm without killing humans)
            After that… one more or one less…

      • dassjennir

        They killed everyone even children and the women who were being opressed. I don’t think they will be anything other than the bad guys in part 2 and 3.

            • Anonymous

              Morrigan just turned them into “dried fish” with her orgasm beams, Lilith and Astaroth were too busy fucking the shota and teen boy respectively.

            • Some of the slug girls are futanari, like the High Slug. Probably because slugs in real life are hermaphrodites (also, fun fact about slugs, the first one to tear the other’s penis off gets to be the father when mating :P).

            • Ahura Mainyu

              Some girls in part 1 will get even more H scenes, butwhat will be Morrigan’s requests ? If she uses her aura to jerk us off then it will be a bit of a letdown.

            • @Dj Quinn
              ”(also, fun fact about slugs, the first one to tear the other’s penis off gets to be the father when mating :P).”
              That’s hot.

              Oh yeah, I forgot that the High Slug had a futa scene. Probably because it was so short. I need more. Preferably with bigger dicks. Tiny slug dicks just don’t cut it.

            • CivilDeviation

              Well much though I don’t like Futa it’s already been toyed with, just watch the RIOT scene. Also succubi in this series appear to have multifunctional tails.

              As for Morrigan, I think she is into electro-play, so it’s hard to say whether folks orgasm into a husk instantly or orgasm as they get fried from electricity.

              I think the Morrigan sisters will kinda be fought like heavenly knights in this one, they probably wont be full on enemies but not allies until part 3.

          • Ahura Mainyu

            They have such an ability, since they sucked dry the high angels during the monsters vs angels war.

    • Maiingan

      If you look at the trailer at about 2:04, you see her fight a monster. Doubt it’s a scripted event, so we should be able to recruit her.

      • I figured it out almost immediately after posting this ^^;

        In case anyone is wondering, you need to give the Elficilin you get from doing the shell sidequest (the shell is found on the beach you find if you leave the Enrika forest (or whatever it’s called) from the south) for the elf in Enrika to the doctor on the second floor of the University.

  92. Anonymous

    Is there any way (through save editing or other means) to access characters earlier in the game than normal? Playing through the Illias continent with the three imps and 10 different beast monsters is kind of repetitive, and there are a few monsters I like who aren’t available until the game is 90% over. It would be cool to be able to start the game with level 1 versions of monsters you can’t find until later, but that seems to be a more involved process than using a save editor.

    Maybe it would be easiest to start a new game + with the characters I want and change my experience/job/race levels back to 1… is that even possible?

    • Anonymous

      No you can’t. You can only obtain the monsters that are available on Part 1. Check wiki to know which ones.

      It’s not about save editing btw, the data of the characters you want doesn’t exist in the game, so we would need to add them inside with all the necessary info required for each one. Which is not a good idea since it can create conflicts with what already exists. Btw, kudos to the Cecil mod guy for adding her, but I wouldn’t use his mod since most likely it will bring problems if he selected an entry in the database that may be replaced soon with a monster.

      So in other words, just wait for Part 2 that will be released on June 23rd. If the monsters you want are not in that part, well, you’ll most likely have to wait for a few years.

      • I don’t think he’s asking for monsters that aren’t in the game. He’s asking for late game Part 1 monsters. For example the Lizard Thieves or the Junk Doll Girl.

  93. Douglas Napier

    Hey Dargoth, this may be a very dated question solved at one point or another by someone, but do you have any clue or idea at what the “Cursed Sword” fighting style is most like, or most related to in swordfighting? Wondering if anyone knew because of her “Battle stance” in the gallery.

  94. Anonymous

    Hey, there was an update on MGQP blog. Can someone translate this? Google Trans isnt very good at this.

      • It could still come out Friday. The 23rd is part of “Late June” in my opinion. I don’t know if not giving a release date is normal or nor for the English DLsite, since I’ve never really been anticipating a release on the site.

        • Anonymous

          Can’t we still purchase it from the Japanese DLsite if it’s not up on the English DLsite this friday?

            • Anonymous

              Yeah I’ve been asking around, seems like a lot of people haven’t. They also don’t know typical procedure when a game on DLsite goes up on the English and Japanese sides. I think this is the first time people in the west have ever anticipated a release on there.

  95. Anonymous

    On the Japanese DLsite release date is 26th and on english its late June. Will we realy get it on 23th? Even if i bet there will be a few updates till we get a final ver.

    • You’re looking at the 5/26 announcement date on the Japanese DLSite. Release is still planned for 6/23 at midnight in Japan. DLSite even has a special promo page for it: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/promo/monpara2

      I’ve never had a problem buying from the Japanese page, but some people do run into issues with their credit cards being declined. That could either be from messing up the process somewhere or fraud protection from your credit card company if you don’t normally buy things from Japan.

      • Blake

        Thats generally the case with my card, but not only with the japanese site but the english one as well. It lengthens the whole process for me because i can’t really send them money and download the game. Only alternative is to download the game from other sources. It takes a few days for someone to upload it though and in this case, with the game being around 8gb big (according to dlsite) it will take quite a while before i can actually play it. Damn it Japan, get your shit together.

        • Have you tried calling your credit card company? Just tell them you want to buy from a Japanese retailer online and are having difficulties.

          • Blake

            Well i am not having a classic credit card from some company. I have a card from my bank. Money has to be transfered to it every single time i want to use it, so there is no risk of anyone being able to steal money and getting me into trouble (happened to someone i know with a normal credit card, he had months of legal shit to deal with afterwards). Problem with this card is, that it has some limitations that are hard to bypass, especially when buying things outsite of Europe. I was only able to buy stuff from America once so far (tried several times), and never anything from Japan (recently tried buying Rance 6 from Mangagamer for days, then gave up and downloaded it for free after looking around for a few minutes).

            With so much time and effort necessary to give eroge companies my money, i always end up pirating it in the end because, sadly, it is actually faster with less work involved despite the shit download times.

  96. Anonymous

    Things I got hyped about when watching the trailer again :
    -Get to speak with Tamamo but also the ancestor of Lamias/Harpies (I forgot her name and lazy to check)
    -Battle against Lilith
    -This Black Alice Final Battle’s theme remix.
    -Speak with Zion, more info about these new archangels !
    -This new human sorceress. I hope, she’ll be Marisa-like in her behaviour, like charging right ahead.
    -Recruit Morrigan

    On other topic. People noticed how the screen becomes …. corrupted? when they show our dear childhood friend ? We already knew, Sonya was propably the key element about chaotization ofc but I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT IT ! I hope we’ll learn things on that topic.

    • Anonymous

      The ancestor (Saja?) seems to be in a cutscene with one of the new angels so I don’t know if we’re going to meet her in part 2.

      The “human” sorceress… my guess is she’s an alternate world Black Alice or a close relative.

      • Yeah, she’s definitely Black Alice in disguise or an alternate version of her.

        I’m also fairly curious about that painting of her and Heinrich with her face torn out of it. It makes me wonder about that whole “mistranslation”. It also makes me wonder tthat if it was a mistranslation, maybe Torotoro heard about it and was given inspiration to do something in a similar vein in Paradox.

          • The one that implied Heinrich and Black Alice were in love and that Black Alice became evil because it didn’t work out. Supposedly the line that made people think that was actually a mistranslated one.

            • Ahura Mainyu

              … Could it be that it worked out in this universe ? If it did, does it mean Luka has Black Alice’s blood in him ?

            • Who knows. We don’t know what happened to the Paradox-verse Black Alice, since the only one we’ve seen is the one from the original games. I would have thought the deviation in history started at The Great Disaster 30 years before the game, but the paradox could have caused ripples in the past as well, I suppose.

            • Arj

              WHAT? That was a mistranslation? I really loved that whole idea. That’s disappointing… And the image in Paradox part 1 trailer of Black Alice and the Berserker (who we all know who it is) really added to that…

            • Ahura Mainyu

              And I believe you, but as a fanboy I can’t bring myself not to ship those two together. They look so cyute like that !

            • Anonymous

              Ok 1. I don’t see any smile since we can’t see their faces thanks to the text blocking them and 2. That’s not Heinrich that’s his insane soulless husk fused with the Angel Halo aka the Berserker Armour

  97. 0s8-

    Any tips for setting up a machine translation to p2? Ie, most accurate service,easiest program to use. I discovered mgqp1 late enough the patches did it for me, will not be the case this time.

  98. DarkKingSmG

    Can anyone patch their game and post a mega link. I tried to patch it with the latest bitbucket progress but I didn’t do it properly. I get an error rggsss utc 8.

    • CivilDeviation

      My guess is that she will either go succubus or archangel depending on whether you are aligned with illias or Alice. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if she is the one who leaves the party for part II and is the creation of a greater power.

  99. Menthols

    Geez Dargoth, Rogue, and 1 other named Monster_Girls_Lover have been on a freaking translating frenzy on the bitbucket. Commits being launched at minigun speeds. Freaking awesome I love it.

    I hope Rogue sticks around for Part 2. Having 2 Demigod translators is twice the fun.

  100. Fun question, sorry pretty sure there’s a link buried that I overlooked 🙁

    Does anyone happen to have a 100% save file for part 1? I think mine is missing about 4 or so girls & grinding everything to defeat Death is painful.

  101. Steph

    That giant Tartarus at centre will be place where you gonna probably fight Final Boss of part 2 and i got some news and speculations that Sealed Castle at South Ilias where the legendary weapons were will be probably place of final boss fight. Hype is real !!! Main bosses might be Original Ilias or other grown Ilias if you pick Alice and Alice I if you pick Ilias. Those are still predictions by community but it has a lot sense. What do you guys think?

    • Anonymous

      Nah, I think Sonya will be the final boss. Or some other really powerfull Apoptosis. (maybe even that white rabbit? cuz she seems kinda fishy) Alice won’t be the final boss, she is beatable in part 1. Also, I think that we will go to that castle during Monster Wars time, and will fight Ancestors and Archangels to get the good gear.

  102. Anonymous

    There is so, SO much hype here… and for a porn game. Having played it, I understand and am also hyped, but wow… that’s gonna be a bit surprising for a while. Also… Beelzebubs. That should be fun to translate, when you get there.

    • Now that’s real interesting. Here’s roughly what’s been said, far as I can gather.

      1) There’ll be more Battle Fuckers to recruit, but they won’t actually be recruitable until an update is pushed shortly after release.

      2) The ability to teleport to Battle Fuckers from the Pocket Castle will be removed because it caused some goofs with story flow / accessibility / coding. May be reconsidered if there is significant demand for its return

      3) There seem to be concerns about certain skills, particularly those used to avoid damage, being nerfed in part 2, or being calculated / processed differently. Torotoro says not to worry, there’ll be even more absurd abilities coming.

      4) Abilities such as “Attack up 20%” will be recalculated to include the additional stats from equipment instead of just the character’s bas.e stats. (SWEET! Though this does make Light Magic less appealing.)

      5) A more advanced Chaos Labyrinth will be included in an update after the initial release. Distinct from Part 1’s labyrinth, and has a separate record for deepest floor. Will have more equipment up for grabs. May make the main game too easy if you go for it.

      6) Alice and Ilias routes will not meet up. In fact, they’ll actually diverge into significantly more distinct routes as we progress. (I’m suddenly thinking back to how that little Main Gauche discussion in Monte Carlo specifically mentioned planning for the future in regards to specializing the dagger as either Wind or Poison to target either Dark / Corporeal or Holy beings.)

      • On one hand I’m happy the two routes will diverge. Makes for great replayability. On the other, my completion side is screaming in fury at the thought of not being able to get ALL the girls in a single save file. XD

        Shame about that Battle Fucker teleport being removed. I used that quite a bit. Hopefully people will demand for its return.

    • Anonymous

      This is a TL;DR of the Post. The machine TL actually does an okay job but I’ll make it concise.

      1. Battle Fuck characters in the Middle chapter will be recruitable, just in a later update.

      2. There is a bug in the middle chapter that happens when you do the battle fucker teleport. This has been removed as it messed up flags in the story and it is too much of a pain to try to fix.

      3. Because of the super powerlessness of the characters at the end of Chapter 1, people are asking if Torotoro will nerf some skills. Torotoro says that the Middle and Final chapter will have even more powerful abilities so it seems to be a constantly scaling thing of skills and enemy power.

      4. On abilities with variable percentage like “Attack OO% up”, these will also take into account equipment. Don’t be surprised if characters suddenly seem more powerful than when left off.

      5. There will be an entirely new Chaotic Labyrinth to take into account the middle chapter.

      6. (Imo the most interesting), the Ilias and the Alice stories will not converge, instead the stories will become vastly different from each other.

      • Anonymous

        … what the fuck, ToroToro? You beautiful, beautiful madman. The second game is gonna be substantially bigger than the first, and the third one may just be even more so. What the fuck?

        • Frelop

          The best part is, with what they’re saying about ability progression, the final boss is just going to be two sides going super sayan on each other

          • Anonymous

            Would be pretty cool if the final boss (after all the ancestors, chaos monsters, alternate world characters ect) was whoever you didn’t choose at the start of the game.

    • Anonymous

      Well we all know the chant: Hype! Hype! Hype! When i come back form work it should be realy close.(for real tho, this much hype for a RPG-maker porn game? trtr you made a monster)

      • Anonymous

        I know. I’m not even going to play it until at least the story is done (so a year if it goes super well?) and I’m hyped.

        • You have more restraint than I do. I’m gonna struggle through it just for those sweet, sweet h-scenes. And then cry when I get stuck before getting the ones I want the most, just because I can’t understand a thing. XD

          • Anonymous

            Oh I might take a peak into the CG folder here and there, I just don’t want my first playthrough to be with machine translation and h-scenes in Japanese or with machine translation… well, they’re about the same as looking at the CG outside of the game to me.

    • Blake

      If you really can’t buy it, download it from the hentai games section of the anime-sharing site. Most games are uploaded there several times over multiple hosts, but not for too long because it is a known site. So you gotta act fast or else you might not be able to get it (it will be reuploaded after most significant updates though).

      • Man, I just wish they’d use better hosts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mega or Mediafire used there. Everyone just uses those crappy hosts where you gotta download 12 parts for an hour each, and then wait before you can get the next one. Count me out.
        Then again, I’ve only looked up older games there. Maybe new shit does get Mega links and it just gets taken down after a while and no one bothers to get it back up.

    • Anonymous

      Seconding nyaa, torrents are much better. Other sites usually have tons of shady adds and terribly slow downloads if you don’t pay them (and who the fuck pays for pirated stuff). Really, you should buy it, but if you can’t – torrent it.

  103. Anonymous

    Dargoth, so will you have another patch for Part 1 by the same date Part 2 releases? If its about 90% done then its fine by me, hopefully just the pocket castle scenes and most of the monster scenes are done.

    • Kajukin

      Yeah i hope so too. Of corse the story ist mutch important, but its still an erotic game, so it would be nice.

  104. Anonymous

    Totally off subject from MGQP but does anyone have the English translation for Violated Hero 5? A person called 211Rudens made one apparently but it got taken down. So I’m late to the game and missed out. If anyone downloaded the patch before it was taken down, mind sharing? You’d be helping out a lot of VH fans, myself included. Thank ya. Also, keep up the great work Dargoth. I’m surprised you got the original legend on board for this translation but I ain’t complainin’! Cheers everyone!

  105. Ahura Mainyu

    You know what ? I think I will follow Japanese classes. I don’t want to wait one year before playing this masterpiece of a game ! 😀