1. GraveRobberJ

    The fact that if you ever did get translation tools for RPG maker that I would have to choose between (potentially) wanting ROBF OR Tokyo Tenma translated it just cruel 🙁

  2. KaiZoegret

    No sooner do you finish 3, then 4 comes out. Lol is all I have. Paycheck at the end of the week so waiting till then for it. Just want to know if you plan to translate this one too?

  3. Learch

    “this kind of puts a damper on being able to translate something like ROBF or Tokyo Tenma in the meantime. So people who really want VH4 translated may get their wish after all.”

    It strikes me as interesting that you didn’t even consider the possibility of taking a break from translating for a while. ^^; Thanks for working hard for us, Dargoth!

  4. anonymous

    cant help but notice Amu from VH2 is in one of the pictures

    yet another masochistic shota hero who looks identical to the last 3…..

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for being so dedicated for us fans out there, I really appreciate it. But take a break, and have a good one for New Year’s and New Year’s Eve!

  6. Kurei

    Thanks again for everything so far. Personally, I am very delighted to hear ( or see in this case ) that you might take up translating VH4 after all 😉 As others have said you do deserve some rest and I wish you enjoy your New Years Day.

  7. Anonymous

    MGQ Paradox is months away? Figured it would be far longer considering unlike the first one, this one wouldn’t be split into 3 parts and come out as a whole game, because the original took somewhere around the span of 2+ years to fully come out.

  8. Anonymous

    i’ve played demo and it seems like good game only small thing that bugs me was that the background of the dungeon and some of the music is the same as in VH3. It’s nothing big i know, also i hope there will be some consequences after using monster ”assistance” because it’s kind off op

  9. Anonymous

    I see no problem with this. I rather enjoy the VH games though il admit they are very formulaic and it might be nice to have something a bit different. I kinda like the formula so its all good. Though i’m secretly hoping for a monster girl game where the main character isn’t quite such a masochist.

    • anonymous

      It’s about time the hero wasnt a wimpy Masochistic shota who looks identical to all previous ones. Also less exaggerated ejaculations seriously VH3 puts elephants to shame

      • anonymous

        pretty sure a couple actually put hose’s to shame with the output. All breeding animals turn green in envy at the output of a kid.

    • Anonymous

      I know srsly rather than being erotic it just makes you feel inadequate lol. At least in MGQ they sorta explained it but still it annoys me.

  10. WildHawk

    ill be honest i am a little sad and unless I missed it I’m a little sad they did not pick the witch that was busty and a loli as a character in the game

  11. Anonymous

    You’ve done some great work dargoth, but don’t be afraid to take a break or two man. I’ll probably play VH4 once I’ve caught up, but most likely once there’s a patch out for it.

  12. Anonymous

    I know you may be peeved at the the new Violated Hero 4 game, maybe the story or style. I would like to see a translation for it, many more would agree, but If you don’t, that’s fine, even though i would love to see what they say. Still though, does anybody know how to get a 100% in Violated Hero 3? I managed to to get 79% in the replay section, I need help with getting 100%.

    • NeoDarklight

      Same here. I know there’s some sort of New Game Plus thing you have to do (I found this out from the comments section of the Violated Hero 3 section of erogedownload.com). Here’s the copypasta, if anyone can make sense of it-

      Zworden says:
      December 27, 2013 at 7:59 pm
      welp, I just gonna help you with 7 scenes (which I think you really don’t have since it’s tricky)
      at the second time fighting fan mei (the first one is where you died by first hit)
      immediately cast seven luminaries seal (with 25 magic and 125 magic power) then win it normaly, then continue on until area 9, after fighting both fan mei and sei mei you’ll get a double paizuri scene

      and for the other six is ending scene
      1.Restart/Load your save file in second fight with fan mei after you finished the game once
      2.(5 Luminaries etc etc)After you win there’ll be an alternative choice Don’t Give Up and give everything you got (at first gameplay you should only got Look around for anything that could help)
      3.Put A stop to this
      4.Recall What sei mei did to me
      5.Become Concerned
      6.At Area 9, before you fight yukki onna there’ll be a new set of choice. and I’m sure you should know what to do after that point both fan mei and sei mei will give you 6 scene (3 each)

      and for the last one, idk what you must be missing, perhaps the second boss at area 10 before Lei Ling

      • NeoDarklight

        Figured it out. Start the game on New Game Plus mode (“Start powered up”, you start at lv 20), then take all the choices listed as you come across them. The last choice will be “remember Lei Ling”, “Remember Fan Mei”, and “Remember Sei Mei”, and each one changes the final outcome of who you end up fighting. Watch out- the other two are harder, especially since you don’t get that massively damaging technique you get while fighting Lei Ling.

  13. White Mage

    Please translate Violated Hero 4, I can’t get enough of these. This also encourages me to buy the games, as otherwise I just have pictures with text I can’t read.

    Happy new year everyone.

  14. Anonymous

    Heads up to anyone who’s planning to buy or play this, the game has some pretty bad glitches and script errors that lead to shutdowns in several fights and that are basically impossible to bypass. Might as well wait until a patch is out or something.

  15. James Turok

    Also, if people are unaware, Amu from Violated hero 2 is in the 4th game. I think she sells you items, correct me if I am wrong.

  16. James Turok

    I also love the style of the game, not for the rape scenes, but you all know that in most hentai’s the man is overpowering. In these games the women have it, and its quite nice to see them torturing the male species for once.

    • NeoDarklight

      And now, you have ended it.

      I don’t play these games for the femdom, I play them for the art, the voices, the monster girls, and occasionally the story. Personally, I’m waiting for a game that has monster girls, gender neutrality, good artwork, and a decent plot. Voice acting is optional.

  17. Anonymous

    Yeah translate from last to first scene, rather than the normal way. Much prefer that, the beginning scenes are mostly fodders monster compared to the finals.

  18. Anonymous

    Before I started playing this game I really wished that Dargoth would translate it for us to enjoy it in all its glory. Now I’m not so sure after actually playing it.


    It has gotten visibly less appealing mostly in the characters design, most evidently in the Plant Girl’s outer appearance, which pretty much looks like a slut past her prime who’s putting way too much makeup on her to make it look she’s still sexy. Another good one is the Kraken, who has something awfully closely similar the Sarlacc’s mouth in a certain movie, or the tentacle insect girl who’s anything but attractive, some of them on the contrary would scare off anyone who isn’t drunk enough to mistake a real cow for the Cowgirl. Even the succubus girls pale in comparison to Xueli from VH2 or the kyuubi after, as something is missing from them that would make you go “Hot damn!”.
    That is not to say this game doesn’t look good from an artistic point of view, especially if you look at the better know Monstergirl Quest or Desire Dungeon, but it still failed to meet my expectations. Which is a shame, really.


    Another big disappointment, with the exception of the Oni and maybe the Cowgirl, all of the monsteirgirls are recycled from previous installments of the series. I didn’t bother looking up the names, but they go something like this:

    Mimic – VH1, first floor
    Android – VH2, first map
    Slime – VH1 first floor, VH2 – second floor, VH3 both maps
    Plant Girl – VH3 – first map
    Insectoid – VH2 second floor, VH3 second map
    Lamia – VH1 second floor, VH2 second floor
    Cyclopses – VH3 – Not sure where, but I know she’s there.
    Wolf in heat – VH2 second floor entrance
    Sphinx – She didn’t appear in the other games, but what she’s doing to her catch is pretty much what the guy suffered from in VH2.
    Kraken – VH3
    Succubus – VH2 first map

    You’d expect that seeing how large the Monstergirl Encyclopedia has grown on Fakku thanks to a certain artist, Dieselmine would be able to make much more varied games, and even a theme they’re centered around. In this case however, you get none of that. Seriously, wtf.


    This is actually worse from how it was in VH3, because while it may seem the same at first glance,
    they removed the special attack variant of the melee and magical charges. Now you only have one special attack which is based on the girls you have defeated until then, meaning you can ask one of them to get you off thereby acquiring power for them to launch a stronger assault. Problem is that it’s completely meaningless, because the stats are still improved the same way it was in VH3, by improving either your physical or magical attritubte you can make one of them stronger. And here’s the problem, if you focus, say, on your magical attacks, you pretty much rule out all the girls save for the succubuses, as none of them will be able to put a scratch on anyone like that. On the other hand if you are a melee bruiser, it still make no sense to have this many girls behind you, as they don’t have different skills, their moves are based on the attributes you have points in. So yeah, nothing to see here.


    Voice acting is still pretty good as it’s been ever since the first game. The BGM somehow miss the nice atmosphere it had in VH3, but it’s still good.


    So yeah, this game has its good points but ultimately fails to deliver. I wouldn’t recommend it that much unless you’re really longing for some reverse rape by monstrous monster girls, in which case, just the CG gallery should suffice. By the way, to those who say the scenes were less painful to watch here, I would like to mention that to my understanding, the guy gets skewered by tentacles here too. Or other objects for that matter. Take that however you will.

  19. Kurei

    I respect your opinion and review about the game. However, I would like to point out some things here that you mentioned, and therefore giving the game a more let’ say positive light. The art is still brilliant, the color pallets and schemes are top notch and really the same here compared with the other titles. I would agree that some girls are less appealing than others, but this gives the game variety and motivation NOT to lose :P. The succubi have the same level of hotness compared to Xueli and the generals from VH2 in my opinion ( it all comes down to taste). I think the succubi are a good addition in this series. I would kinda agree with the lineup that the girls are somewhat recycled, but it needs to be understood that some of them were selected through voting. Also maybe dieselmine thought that giving monster girls similar characteristics was a less risky way to promote the game. Now about the gameplay I wouldn’t agree that its worse just a little bit different from what it used to be, and since stats affect the effectiveness of certain MG’s while weakening other’s this is gives the game again variety and choices. The magic system is sweet though ( come on…he is milked and used as a source of power by the other MG’s to deal dmg XD ). Ultimately if you liked the previous VH games or games that have masochistic elements and MG’s in general then you will enjoy this game. Even the MGQ games has at some points some weird monstrosities going on if you think about it, but its still fun and gives you a good reason not to get raped. I would still like the game to be translated, cause there aren’t many quality based games like this to be honest ( with this genre ). I mean you only have the MGQ games and maybe Tokyo TENMA that have the same reverse rape elements. Other MG games pale artistically speaking and maybe gameplay wise. Generally, it should be noted that these games were designed on purpose to have over the top bizarre masochistic scenes with ridiculous looking monster girls while also providing some hot ( or even fapable ) scenes with attractive looking ones. For some this controversy is what makes these games interesting and enjoyable.

    • Anonymous

      The MG Encyclopedia has a 100+ monstergirl entries translated, all of them connected to regions or places they inhabit, which could make for a good start for their games, much like how VH3 was featuring youkai from Japanese mythology and folk tales. If Dieselmine bothered to pick MGs from such areas, or just take it into consideration, then it’d make for a much better game as their selection wouldn’t seem so random. I know this is supposed to be a nukige and as such, just a means to have a nice night. Heck, MGQ started like that as well and look what it’s become. If a small doujin circle was able to make their games that well received, these guys should be able to as well.

      And the gameplay, there’s no variety you speak of, as all of them get their damage from one of two stats, killing any need to distribute the points you get from leveling up more evenly. As long as you have a sufficient amount of points in Magic Power or Strength.you’ll pull through with just one MG. The only possible reason I can find to choose others is that they only have 2-3 lines each when they are asked for help, which doesn’t make this feature that good. Having bonus scenes for all or just some of them in case you DO stick to one and get a steaming hot session would make a lot more sense, because it feels like the Milking-with-tail is just there to make the redesign of the gameplay less bothersome. On the same note, Amu’s services are only heardhinted, but not shown, which is a real letdown.

      So yes, I know it’s a matter of taste when it comes to monstergirls, but I still say that VH4 is a lot less appealing if you look at their other games.

      • Roflcakes

        I agree about the battle system and using MGs. I pretty much 1 hit KO’d everything until I died, and I made it pretty damn far without saving.

      • Kurei

        Hmm I see what you mean. I agree that they could improve a lot more but the game is still fine for its genre and for what it is. Its main strength is the art, the scenes and voice acting. And besides that at least VH has gameplay or ”rpg”elements compared to their other generic visual novel titles which outnumber even the stars themselves nowadays.

      • Anonymous

        This circle sells really amazing work in art and voice acting but it falls on it’s face when it comes to gameplay and plot, I agree with the MG part, Kenkou Cross encyclopedia is filled with monsters and explanations but Dieselmine is mostly picking them at random, that’s why I liked VH3 more, there was a theme for the monsters.

  20. WildHawk

    ill be honest the one thing i would like them to add but would probably make it longer to bring out is a little animation to the sceens maybe not all but some would be nice but that’s just me

  21. James Turok

    To everyone trying to get 100% on Violated Hero 3’s Replay section. Zworden is telling the truth.
    1.Restart/Load your save file in second fight with fan mei after you finished the game once
    2.(5 Luminaries etc etc)After you win there’ll be an alternative choice Don’t Give Up and give everything you got (at first gameplay you should only got Look around for anything that could help)
    3.Put A stop to this
    4.Recall What sei mei did to me
    5.Become Concerned
    6.At Area 9, before you fight yukki onna there’ll be a new set of choice. and I’m sure you should know what to do after that point both fan mei and sei mei will give you 6 scene (3 each)

    These are the choices that you need to make when the game gives you split second decisions. As describe, you must beat the game once and there will be another choice when you beat Fan Mei with using 5 Luminaries attacks, chose the second choice “Don’t Give Up and give everything you got”, this can only happen once you beat the game once. Then follow the rest of the instructions, you’ll eventually come towards Area 9 where they’ll give you three choices, think about Lei Lang, Fan Mei, or Sei Mei. Choosing one will change the out come of who you battle with in the final boss fight.

    • James Turok

      Only problem is, the final boss fights with Lei, Fan, and Sei are very tough. Sei Mei took me at least 10 tries to beat her. Also, to get the Rape scenes where Ren becomes Lei his lover, you need to do the 5 Luminaries attacks and when a cut scene plays Yamato will fight seriously, I think we all know what will happen when you twin the fight.

  22. Hizoku

    just finished VH3 and you’re already thinking of moving onto VH4? damn dargoth, you’re committed xD
    but maybe you should take a break from the VH’s and try translating something else or take a break? …it’s not a DLsite game but, Sei Monmusu Gakuen looks like it’d be an ok monster girl domination vn to translate.

  23. Anonymous

    anyone remember the name of the hooded girl in VH2? anyway she’s in the 4 one and she run’s some kind of shop? what the hell does she do?

  24. Anonymous

    Such a big disappointment… VH1 started nice, then VH2 was amazing. VH3 was already meh, but the new setting gave lots of hope. Problem is, that they improved nothing at all. There would be so much things that could make their games better (mostly storyline stuff) but they did absolutely nothing.

    You should get the CG then go on with your life, imho.

  25. Anonymous

    It’s seems like instead of taking the time with VH4 they just released with little improvement over last one it’s not bad game it’s quite good but…… hope they will do better job with next one

  26. Anonymous

    if anyone is intrested manyeyedhydra is doing a lets play on his bog of this game its really funny plus if you guys like monster girls look up his stories they are amazing 😀

    • Kurei

      Lol XD I did read some of his reviews and enjoyed some of his books in the past. His commentary on the game is quite hilarious 🙂 Especially this comment cracked me up : ”Like all VH protagonists he’s actually an ambulatory bag of concentrated semen shaped like a man”.

      • 2-tall

        I can’t leave comments over there. So can someone do me a favor and post the message on part 1 of manyeyedhydra’s let’s play comment box that the blond haired goblin monster girl type translated from katakana is “Bitch”. I am not joking transliterate that shit and it definitely says bitch.

      • @2-tall Yep, spotted the name. Thought all the wandering mooks would be ugly-cute again, but VH is better with this one. Surprised you’re not able to comment. I don’t have any blocks in place. I must have screwed up the blog settings somewhere – would explain why I get so few comments! 😀

  27. pedropars

    Hm i dont really know if i want VH4,honestly it seems every game the H-Scenes are getting more and more violent,i didn´t really enjoy VH3 much due to that.

    Still if Dargoth translates it i´m probaly going to play anyways xD

    • Is there really demand for that? I can’t recall a single person telling me they actually LIKED the first one, and that was after I did a ton of work replacing and normalizing sound effects and creating MGQ scenarios for extra convenience.

      • Kurei

        Indeed. Vore is not my thing either. Even Dargoth stated above that there wasn’t much support or positive feedback regarding his translation project on Breakfast. Personally, seeing characters getting eaten alive in the most ridiculous ways is not really that great. But hey, everyone’s fetish is different… By the way Dar, have you considered what to translate next ?

  28. Damien

    I’d really like to see MGQ Delicous Lunch translated too. It’s so rare to find vore in games so when Breakfast and Lunch came out I was amazed.

  29. Anonymous

    I love all things Monstergirl, I also loving vore makes lunch even more appealing. Aside from the images in the games I also really enjoy the text and dialogue, thats why it would be great to see it translated Dargoth.

  30. Anonymous

    In VH4, there are 4 sex scenes after the squid woman boss in the gallery (I’m going to assume they are two because each boss seems to have a part 1 and 2 rape) and I can’t figure out how to unlock them.

    Does anyone know how?

  31. Kurei

    So you rather want Dargoth to translate a game which is 100 % vore based, has half decent art and voice acting compared to VH4 ? And plus its smaller in size and doens’t last that long making it less worthy for a long term translation project ? come on now guys…..

    • Kurei

      I shall comment here as well. Tons of games like VH 4? Not even in the slightest dude. It has superb art and sexy voice acting, plus it has gameplay elements we all loved about VH. Apart from VH or MGQ, there arent others at all with the same quality.On top of my head I can only think of Demon Master Chris ( which is already translated ) and Tokyo Tenma. That’s about it. Most of them are either made with RPG Maker programs, or are just mediocre visual novels where you break your Ctrl button just to get all the sex scenes.

  32. Anonymous

    I like Violated Hero more than Lunch. Some monstergirl kill people in both, but at least in Violated Hero there’s some loving monster girl too.

    • Orphen

      I second that…VH 4 is such an awesome masterpiece in my opinion that should not be overlooked ( or left untranslated )

      • Anonymous

        As Fluttershy said in response to someone else, we’re not saying VH4 shouldn’t be translated. We’re saying it shouldn’t be translated /first/~<3

  33. Anonymous

    I fell in love with the VH series as well as with the 4th installment. It makes for a fine collection and if it gets translated, that would we great….no scratch that…it would be orgasmic 😉

    • Fluttershy

      He could still do VH that but I think lunch should come first. He said it wouldn’t take that long to translate and then VH could be done making everyone happy. Its not like one or the other so I think that lunch should be translated because VH will probably be translated at some point. So to continue this voting thing I vote both if that’s okay with you.

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