1. Anonymous

    So now we’re waiting for 1.21 to fix any new bugs they accidentally implemented with 1.20? *grins und runs away*

  2. Anonymous

    Glad to hear from you! When will you be releasing this new patch? I miss when you had more updates like you did with VH.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for the hard work! I was scared for a bit that we would had to wait a few months on a new update.

  4. v1.20 includes:
    -new cut-ins for 4 companions (Ilias, Candle Girl, Watermelon Girl, Seaweed Girl)
    -some existing scenes’ CGs have been renewed (Page 65537, Sea Anemone, Cobra, Scorpion, Sphinx, Sea Cucumber, Leech, Bee, Centipede, Meda, Roper)
    -two mini events have been added (Rati, Gigi)
    The rest of the updates’ contents are more-or-less covered in my previous post.

    A few notes about the “Labyrinth of Chaos”.
    You can access the Labyrinth after clearing the game by examining the bookshelf in the Netherworld. Before you plunge into the Labyrinth you should speak with Death and White Rabbit’s for advice at the entrance.
    Since the Labyrinth of Chaos is a special dungeon there are a couple of rules.
    -You cannot converse with enemies
    -You cannot recruit enemies
    -Enemies will not try to tempt you
    -There will be no H or Evaluation scenes if you are defeated.
    -Chances of escape from battle is incredibly low, and escape skills are disabled
    -Abilities and equipment that reduce encounter rates are also disabled

    One last note. The milking skill will generate unique milk depending on the monster you use it on. Ultimately it’s for collection purposes only. They don’t lead to any special effects or events.
    It should be noted that “Demon’s Milk” which was available until this update, will still appear in chests in the Chaos Labyrinth. So don’t worry if you didn’t collect any.

  5. Previous post
    Unfortunately v1.11 has been delayed. It seems the decision has been made to consolidate and ultimately release a larger update, v1.20.
    Features planned for v1.20 include:
    -some new battle cut-ins
    -CG updates to some existing H-scenes
    -enhancing/modifying some existing race/class/job abilities
    -the milking skill will now yield unique milk from different monsters. Unique dialogue has also been added for monsters you milk. (obviously you cannot milk the berserker armor)
    -A new post-game dungeon has been added called the “Labyrinth of Chaos”
    -Ilias event bug fix
    -smaller bug fixes

    The Labyrinth of Chaos is the centerpiece of the new update.
    -The dungeon features infinite floors which, along with treasure chests, are randomized whenever you enter a new floor. (The floors are taken from the pool of dungeons in chapter 1.)
    -Almost all of the monsters from chapter 1 appear, however don’t think that their strength is the same.
    -The deeper you go the stronger the monsters get, and the better the loot.
    -A boss appears on every 10th floor. To proceed you’ll have to beat them. Of course the bosses also get more difficult the deeper you go.
    -You can only save in the labyrinth immediately after beating a boss

    Essentially a challenge dungeon, there are an infinite number of floors and enemies increase in strength infinitely as well.
    There is no goal outside of personally challenging yourself to see how deep you can go. However it should be known that the deeper levels may feature unknown and powerful items. There are no new erotic scenes in the dungeon so don’t force yourself if that’s all you’re after.

    The Labyrinth of Chaos was originally planned for the very last chapter. However, players managing to defeat Death was unexpected and proved how powerful players could become. Remember that the recommended starting level for Chapter 2 is Level 24, so if you’re worried about balance try not to over level too much.

    Development of Chapter 2 is well underway. Other projects are also progressing smoothly.

    credit Cnby26


    Also, any idea when the full translated trilogy comes out?
    I don’t wanna play them part by part again.

  7. CwHart

    You have to redownload the game from the dl site, and sorry you’ve been having a rough weekend guys. I’m sure hearing us moan and complain didn’t help much either.

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks for all the work you put into this Dargoth!

    I’m sure this gets asked a lot but to people that have played most of the game already, how much new content is there and how good is it? I’ve played a small chunk and the h-scenes of new girls seemed kind of…. low budget? Still super keen to play if just for the rest of the BF girls though, those are fucking awesome

    • Anonymous

      A lot of the new girls don’t seem to have many/long scenes. Except Xelvy’s girls >_<

      And some of Undo's like new slug girl have detailed scenes.

      As always, it's a mixed bag with this series.

  9. Anonymous

    could we get a status update of where you currently stand with translations? I expect it to take a loooong time to complete the whole game but a rough idea would be great.

    also, what are you prioritizing as far as translations? the story? the H scenes? the gameplay screens?

  10. Fanservicefan

    HOLY SHIT really?! I kinda dropped out due to doing all I could but…
    Downloading right now!! Not sure about this conversion stuff though. I took care of the items, weapons, and armor but….eh, we’ll discuss it in IRC.

      • Fanservicefan

        IRL stuff kept me away but thankfully that was after I took care of most of the items and equips. Apparently there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be rearranged. Some scripts got changed and shuffled about but I won’t know to what extent until I actually see and compare for myself. As for part 2 of Paradox, no real clue. I kinda suck when it comes to dialogue so if I’m still around I might deal with more of the same. I just hope I find the time to brush up on Japanese before then.

  11. Anonymous

    please a link to the full version of MGQ Dinner free and patch, please i beg you, since 2013 im waiting for this, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

      • Anonymaster

        I doubt it, my bets on the next one, (Or maybe the one after that) when he releases a patch and goes quiet for a while. (The one after if there’s a bug fix.)

  12. Anonymous

    Oh thank gosh it’s finally here 🙂 We have been waiting a while haven’t we
    P.s I really need to use my account to make these messages don’t I 😛

  13. SS

    I don’t know if anyone would mind helping me out here, but DLsite messed up my order and I can’t redownload MGQP. I own the game and paid for it, but I don’t know if there’s any other way to get 1.2. If I can’t get DLsite to honor my purchase, would someone mind e-mailing me a copy of 1.2? This is all assuming they don’t fix it.

  14. Anonymous

    I hate to be that guy but do you have a vague estimate on the time it will take to put your next patch out?

  15. hmmm… Hey dargoth, do you have any idea of how far this translation patch will go? will you go for the entire game, or take it to a certain point and then continue with another patch later?

    Keep up the good work!

  16. Flaming Dildo

    After walking around the castle viewing random scenes, it’s about damn time they made this patch! It started getting boring, but now this’ll be good.

  17. 7++

    I have a short save where I’m somewhat before the end of the demo, still a couple of hours in. I can safely just continue with this 1.03 save into 1.20 right? I’m pretty sure I read somewhere before if i could, but i can’t find that again.

  18. ragm54

    Wow, Ok, I thought we would have needed to wait at least a couple more of months for the patch to come out.

      • Civildeviation

        And if you haven’t already; buy the game… $25 isn’t that much given the hours of gameplay and enjoyment especially if you consider cutting down on other vices for a short while to afford it.

        • If you don’t have a CC/Debit card you can buy points via PayPal via the non Ecchi part of the site & utilize points to purchase the game.

      • I am with you on that Cellulanus, I plan on buying it only after it’s finished and the translation patch is done too. I haven’t downloaded the demo either. I can wait. Just following on here to see how far the progress is and such.

      • Starway

        Welcome to the age of 9 year olds playing grand theft auto and call of duty and 13 year olds playing porn games.

      • Anonymous

        Fun facts (cause some people are stupid and like to jump to conclusion)

        Nope I’m not underage and I can buy M game on steam and the like just fine.
        I have other reasons why I can’t get a credit card to work with that said site.

        I also know where I can get the latest ver. for free but I was willing to buy the game to support the creator. I’m not sure why some people here can’t be open-minded and helpful like Pyro. What a D&ck…

      • Civildeviation

        It sucks to be misjudged, sadly, given how “adult” and “ESRB mature” games are permeated with underage gamers, many who have yet to develop the emotional maturity to handle the material or add to their online communities, it makes sense that you’d be miscategorized.

        Also, I’d avoid insulting the person who misjudged lest you lower yourself to a similar level.

      • Anonymous

        It’s just anon vs anon vs anon. Don’t you people have something better to comment on?
        You can’t even tell if that one was the same anon from before. Maybe he just a troll?

      • Starway

        In case I came off rude I was just making a joke that no one seems to ever cares about age ratings on games I don’t really get why anyone should care what age someone play games at.

      • Starway

        Oh and no offence this isn’t meant to be a attack on him and I might be wrong but I think the second one is not the same guy as the first considering if he know we’re to get the latest version for free he wouldn’t of needed to ask for it and the first guy says he doesn’t have a card but the second one says he can’t use his card on that site.

      • Anonymous

        Well what I don’t understand is the fackt that all kids are conidered imature. Shure,they are not fully dezvolted emotionally,but some of them,atleast the 14 ones, already know everithing about sex…
        I even see adults who are more imature than children.

      • Pegi18+ Kids go to bed

        Dont take yourself higgly kid, just because you go on site you shouldnt doesnt make you a man. And no, 14 year old crybabies dont know anything about sex. Just because a few have seen your daddy porn dont make you a mature adult at all, just immature and pervy brats.

        By the way retards exist for all ages, but kids just are kids and serious/pretentious/emo kids are still kids nothing more, nothing less.

      • Really isn’t a big problem if a 13 years old is playing a porn game, after all, the sexual mature start in the 12-13, I am currently 19 years old, but I’ve been playing porn games since I was 12 years old and nothing bad has happened.
        (sorry my english, im spanish and i’m not ussed to write in english)

    • Anonymous

      It’s not hard to find if you look for it.

      Go to sukebei and look for it, this has been said already if you bothered to read the comments.

    • MrT

      go to a page called sukebei and look for ”Monmusu Quest! Paradox”
      Oh and bye the way people, some of us don’t have credit cards because we can pay on cash, which is on what our economy should be based on.

    • MrT

      go to a page called sukebei and look for ”Monmusu Quest! Paradox”
      Oh and bye the way people, some of us don’t have credit cards because we can pay on cash, which is on what our economy should be based on.

      • Anonynymouse

        Ph c’mon, go sent some money on paypal, then use that. Any bank transfer is accepted from paypal, I know because I did it in the past.

  19. Anonymous

    I think I found a glitch. Eva’s first request in the castle takes you the place where you go when you lose a battle.

      • Unfortunately that’s the name of the game in programming, sometimes when you fix a bug you introduce more, so it’s possible with this big of a patch an additional bug may have made it into the game.

      • Anonymous

        128 bugs in my goddamned program,
        128 bugs in program,
        Take one down, patch it around,
        Now I’ve got 256 bugs in my goddamned program.

        That, while an exaggeration because the numbers added humor, is fairly accurate in the realm of programming. Things can interact in ways that you neither expected or wanted, or someone made a typo somewhere that you need to dig out. One fix can break something seemingly unrelated to what it was fixing, which is always fun to deal with.

    • Anonymous

      If TT needs to, he’ll put out a few bugfixes. Giving bored people things to do while they wait was the ultimate goal of 1.10 and 1.20. Having gotten to the current endgame, I’d say that chapter 2 will be released late 2016-early 2017. The amount of content is massive as it is, and if the rumors of MGQ2 are true, there will be a lot of story-related crossover between games. Prepare your markers and boards… we may need to make a few trees.

  20. Chiron Maximus

    Ok, seeing as I’m stuck and have no idea how to proceed, I’m gonna say a few things.
    1) When does chapter 1 end? I am currently at the period before fighting sylph, and I cannot continue after, because an error occurs during a cutscene a little afterwards.
    2) Is it possible to beat gnome without Sylph? I reached max level for most of my main team (Which are Luka, Alice and Sonya, in that order which will always be like that) and I’ve been able to go to Safaru and a little beyond. I can’t go further, cause I can’t find the way to go further.
    3) If I can find her without getting Sylph and/or gnome, where do I find Eve and how do I enter the Doll tower?
    4) For a few things, I sure said a lot.

    • Anonymous

      1) Chapter 1 Ends after completing the Third Tartarus. You require Gnome to enter.
      2) I fought Gnome after recruiting Sylph but I did not use her abilities at all to win the fight. I don’t know if Gnome’s event will trigger though if you have not already recruited Sylph.
      3) Eve? Do you mean Eva the Poor Succubus? She has an event in Monte Carlo but only after you progress through the storyline after recruiting Sylph so unfortunately you shouldn’t be able to recruit her. The Doll Tower does not seem to be enter-able at this time.
      4) Now I said a lot too.

      • Chiron Maximus

        1) Got it, so I still have a ways to go.
        2) I see. I’ll give the fight a try and do what I need to.
        3) I meant Eva, but Eve and Eva are way to close. So I need Sylph to recruit her, but I can’t cause the game crashes during a cutscene after Sylph’s fight, and if the doll tower is unavailable, then where do you find junkdoll?
        4) I should learn to make my questions shorter, huh?

    • CwHart

      Doll tower requires you to enter it after Chrome asks you to find her puppet stuff and you need to enter before you pick the puppet stuff up

      • Chiron Maximus

        I got to chrome and she asked me to find her stuff, but when I tried to enter the tower, it was locked.

      • Anonymous

        Same anon as above. In the tunnel between the abandoned town and the locked tower, there are several lower floors. At the bottom floor are several chests of various lock levels. One holds the Junk Doll required to recruit Chrome. I blundered around without even getting the quest so once I picked up the doll, my companions told me this is the doll Chrome wanted and as I progressed to the surface, my companions would comment that the doll is around here in reverse order. In short, the doll is in the tunnel, not the tower, and you can find it without even triggering the quest but you might have to complete the Haunted House first at least.

        • Chiron Maximus

          I completed the mansion long before going into the cave, and of the three chests in the lowest floor, I could only get the lot from the red chest. The blue one was locked by magic and I didn’t have Lockpick III; so, according to you information, I got the stuff to recruit Chrome now?

      • Anonymous

        I should probably make a name already, I’ve posted enough. Anyways, I just popped back into my game to check which chests I opened. The Doll is in the blue chest. The green chest I didn’t open because I didn’t have lockpick II at the time. Firstly, I was playing on 1.02 at the time, I don’t know if that makes a difference or if it was a bug that was patched later. As I said before, I was just blundering around exploring when I found this room. When I clicked on the blue chest, it just opened and said this was the doll chrome was looking for and I had no idea what the fuck my group was talking about. I went back to Chrome and she joined up much to my surprise. If Chiron’s and Anon’s chests are locked by magic, then I don’t know what to do because mine just opened when I clicked on it. Have you two already initiated Chrome’s recruitment quest? Did she specifically tell you two to come here or is there a series of hoops to jump through? As I said, I started the quest at the end.


        According to this guide, the item is in the green chest but I’m staring at the locked green chest in-game right now with Chrome in my party, the one in-between the blue chest locked by magic and the steel chest. Upon opening the green chest, I find a common ring that reduces S/P usage to 3/4.

        In summary, something is seriously wrong and I doubt logic can solve it. I’d recommend talking to Chrome and seeing if she gives any hints on retrieving her doll. I’m might have picked up a key item along the way but the only ones that may work is some yarn roughly translates to “a special use for a mechanical doll” and a jewel which states, “to destroy dark magic illusions” but hell if I know where I got them from. Maybe explore around Chrome’s mansion?

      • The yarn is the thing Chrome wants and won’t join you unless you pick that item up. as for where to find it, it is in the basement of the cave that leads to the tower south of monte carlo I can’t recall in which chest but it’s there, I did it twice since I started a NG+ although you keep all your recruits I like dungeon crawling so I went there too.

      • Anonymous

        Good to know that it is yarn she wants. I just steal everything that isn’t nailed down and read what it does later. It is definitely in the blue chest but the problem is that, that chest is locked for Chiron and the other Anon. Casian, do you know if there was anything special you had to do to unlock it? I don’t suppose they just forgot to equip Lockpick I. It can happen, I’ve made too many silly mistakes like that.

        • Chiron Maximus

          I have Lockpick II on, but it said that it was magically locked, but if you really think that’s the problem, I will investigate again.

      • Chiron Maximus

        Ok, after i talked to chrome again, I went to the cave again, and this time Alice and Luka talked about the tower, so I went there, and I was able to enter, where I saw two cutscenes, then after going back into the cave, there was talk again about the lowest level, so I went back down, and sure enough Iw as able to open the blue chest and get the stuff. Now I will go get chrome and then will report back on the possibility of fighting Gnome without Sylph.

  21. Kirashi

    I don’t know if you are joking John but I already saw the comment but I can’t find any update patch on dlsite, that’s why I ask here…

    • Civildeviation

      Just redownload the game from the dlsite. If you go down to the “upgrade” section it states that the base game was updated on 7/11 and that is version 1.20. If you are worried about save files just transfer them over.

    • JohnTitor

      Click older comments and it’s at the very bottom.

      “A “Link” is up to “update” your game over at sukebei”

  22. Anonymous

    probably better places to ask this but you gentlemen seem helpful so what the hell, can you recruit the sandworm girl? been trying for a while now and she doesn’t seem to want to join me at all.

      • Anonymous

        I really want to know how they handle the recruitment formula. Some girls I recruit first fight at 25 affection and others take a half an hour to an hour to recruit at full. What sucks is that the hard to recruit ones usually have a rare or uncommon spawn rate like Sandworm girl or Riot. But as far as I can tell, all random encounters can be recruited except for the Angels after the first Tartarus. They just tell you to fuck off you filthy mud crawling, sin-infested, low born mortal when you try to talk them.

      • Anonymous

        It’s pretty simple. Just the base chance(so far those are 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16 depending on the monster) with the denominator divided by affection/100. For example, bringing a 1/4 chance monster up to 100 affection will bring them up to their base 1/4 chance and leaving them at 25 will result in a 1/16 chance.

        The RNG can seem to be finicky though.

        Sandworm is one of the few 1/16 along with being a fairly rare encounter so she’s probably the toughest to recruit.

      • Desert Eagle

        Ah… No… The memories! The memories of trying to recruit Sandworm Girl are coming back! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

  23. Anonymous

    Also, the Sandworm’s sprite is adorable. I wondered how they would handle the Giantesses’ sprites because, you know, GIANTESSES. I assumed they would just shrink them down and after recruiting Banachi, who is pretty big but more of a mini-giantess, I thought they’d just make them all human sized. But then you recruit Sandworm Girl and have her sprite tower over everything. When I first brought her into a building, I just imagined her waiting outside with one eye looking in like something from Attack on Titan or maybe her trying to force her head into the door frame and being too tired and stubborn to realize she didn’t fit meanwhile the shopkeep just cowers in fear or freaks out because of the repair bill.

    • NoName

      We already knew they would have big sprites since we had a joke image release referencing Attack of the Titan where we could see the sprites of giant monsters like the Sandworm or the Ultima Weapon.

  24. Anon-Perv

    I still have 1.02, but I’ve been using Google Translate and RPG Maker to go in and edit some of the stuff.

    If you want, just contact me over e-mail. I’d like to help out, even if it is a little, whenever my schedule allows it.

  25. Chiron Maximus

    Ok, I got chrome and frederika now, and I found and got all the lizards and the oni girl. Here’s a question that should have been asked a long time ago: Where do I find the item that allows Humans to go into their intermediate race, whatever it is called?

    • There is no intermediate race item implemented for humans yet. the only intermediate race of humans that I know of is Worm Summoner. Only Lily, Lucia, the worm villager and the suck vore girl can access this race as far as I know.

  26. This is gonna be another one of those long waits. I can feel it. The wait is proportionate with my desire to try the new dungeon which I can’t because I can’t get through the jap text….

  27. Anonymous

    Excuse me but does someone knows what is that thing in the main menu under “Load”? I think its says “Autosave”. So more specifically how do you even autosave in this game?

  28. Anonymous

    I wonder how the new races of the lamias will be, they most likely will use the gorgon at some point, maybe the most advanced ones will be Echidna and Wurm (that cross between dragon and serpent). What do you guys think?

    • Anonymous

      I think Alice is already an Echidna. The monster lord is more than a simple Lahmia I think. And they are originally described as the primogenitors of all monsters. Sounds about right?

      • Civildeviation

        Lockpick skill I and II for the thief and master thief classes respectively. Lockpick I opens blue boxes, lockpick II opens green boxes. We cannot open silver (steel) lockboxes as of yet.

  29. Anonymous

    Amusingly, it would seem that a handful of characters, notably the BFers, no longer display their names in menu screens.

    • Hmm I wonder what causes that one… I’ll look into it further once I finish sifting through the map/common events dialogues, currently 139/1,156

      Database is rebuilt
      ScriptText mostly good, might have missed a few things

      Would go faster if they didn’t rename some of the maps for aesthetic reasons

      Thanks for the info

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        MGQ_EX, does the last updated patch also fix the “dog girl dig” problem… I’ll elaborate. I had my dog girl dig for items and I encountered a similar error that crashed the game. It could be the same “code item doesn’t exist” error you mentioned.

      • Well DungeonMasterBobbySmith, didn’t know that was a bug till now though progress was done not sure if it fixes your problem till tried; Also if you could tell me what error it throws along with some digging locations would be great. Also she digs… it is sometimes a blessing and a curse how much content this game has

        Errors are normally saved in the main game directory

        Current EX 0.5 for Paradox 1.20.00
        Please upgrade Paradox to 1.20 before using EX 0.5

  30. CwHart

    FYI they are planning for patch 1.21 soon, IDK if this is going to turn into patch 1.30 with more shit added or not but yeah.

  31. Mawey

    s there a new patch or not? and echidna is the name of the mother of all monsters, are you sure it is a race in the game?

    • Anonymous

      Echidna being ‘the mother of monsters’ is a setting present in Cross’s MGE and has nothing to do with MGQ. There’s no reason why it can’t appear later on as a race.

      I don’t think it will though.

  32. NoName

    Well well well, apart from some bugs, apparently Gnome’s present list is fully unlocked, meaning you can get all of her presents. That’s a bug since you’re supposed to only get them in the closing aka last part. They say it won’t cause problems in your game if you already got them. So I suggest you get them before next patch removes that.

    Btw, the last present at 10000 affection is an engagement ring of Earth (absorbs Earth damage). Yeah, an engagement ring, no mistake about that. Perhaps that means we may really be able to choose our ending when we beat the game.

  33. plucku

    its called edging. mgqp is out! its only part 1. oh. its not in english.oh. its in english but it was machine translated. this thingy speech of horny making words hurt you lukazi as spoken by he who reaps !oh.

    before you know it oh-oh-oh ragegasm. what a cruel exotic bitch torores is lol

  34. Simon

    need help with translating legend of c-blade(new dieselmine game), so far what I did is decrypted the data files, deleted the old encrypted Game.rgss3a file, created a new project file for rpg maker vx ace attached it to the graphics and data folders. Now i can open the game in rpg maker vx ace and edit the script ressources or whatever. My problem: I cant find the text boxes in the script to translate change them, found some event choices, though, in the script I could edit/translate, also found how to rename the inventory stuff armors, items…, but I am more interested in translating the actual text passages of the game and I can’t get there.
    It sucks that I am stuck, I want to get to translating this game.
    All help is appreciated, if I get a hang on how to find the text boxes and edit them, I will also translate other rpg maker games, I like.

  35. Simon

    Ok I found a neat tool, browsing this site “RPGMakerVXAce Translator 0.8h” thanks, to whoever created this tool and the post, I can finally get to work.Hopefully the game will be translated next week + I hope this tool won’t create any errors in the script, so everyone can enjoy the translated version, when it’s done.
    Translation will be somewhat a bit interpretive, since I just started learning Japanese reading Kanji Hiragana etc. , so alot of stuff will be machine translated by online translators, meaning the final translation is what I made up in my head combining online translators and my little knowledge of the language, I hope it won’t be that bad…

    Cheers Simon ‘this site is a gem’

  36. Simon

    hmm, ok now I kinda figured out how to find and translate all the map events, like talking to guards, people in town…, still it remains a mystery to me how to find the textbox messages linked to the cg events, help would be appreaciated, my eyes r buzzzing, reading that tiny game code in the editor. I rly need help fiding the text boxes for the event cg’s, no clue where to look for them.

  37. Chiron Maximus

    I read in the comments somewhere that someone was making a fix for the dialogue in the game? That he was using Google Translate and taking coed from the game to change the text to English? How is that going and where can I download it when It’s done?

      • Simon

        yeah the machine translations out there, normally use google translate or other internet based translation services to turn Japanese into English. You still need software to read out the Japanese text though, so your machine translation software can copy paste the excerpts into the internet machine translation sites, I myself use ITH, it works on many h-games, works extraordinary good on rpg maker games. just type in ITH into google you will probably be directed to the right site, to access the machine translation sites I do use mecab and translation aggregator, but you don’t need that, the important thing is ITH so you can extract the japanese text, but dont go looking for wonders, machine translation, does suck, apparently I had more fun playing the game with my little knowlegde in Japanese, than playing it with the machine translations, even when the machine translations make some sense, the vocabulary used is just weaaak.

        • Chiron Maximus

          … Wow. I was just looking for a download for a dialogue fixer. Was kinda tired of the jumbled words and the sentences that don’t make sense, and I also wanted to have the cut-ins.
          Side note: Anyone notice that there is no cut-in for the Dog Girl, Pochi? I’m not sure if there are any other monster girls missing cut-ins, but I noticed Pochi missing one.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Pardon my french, but it didn’t do shit. The only thing I found it changed, was that when I tried to request services from Promestein, I didn’t even get to choose which one to do, it just did one of the random choices, I’m not sure which one.

  38. Simon

    oh guess, I totally missread what you wanted to know, I personally dont like dialogue fixer’s, sometimes they make stuff even more weird. Still stukk on the damm h-scenes. I figured they are somehow stored in the s_data folder as .sl files, sadly I don’t have a clue how to use or decrypt .sl files, to translate the h-scenes of the game. Heeeelp me pleassseee.

    • Chiron Maximus

      By dialogue fixer I just mean a patch or something that makes the dialogue understandable and in proper sentences. Besides, how could it get any more weird?

  39. Simon

    trust me with adding stuff, instead of blanks, you got additional curiosity popping up that make it even harder to make one ounce of sense, without knowing one japanese word.

    • For 1.20; if the patch does something I’ll deal with it when it comes…

      Current EX 0.5 for Paradox 1.20.00
      Please upgrade Paradox to 1.20 before using EX 0.5

      Things still need done, unknown bugs to squash, clean up the dialogue, etc but I throw it to the wolves… may Ilias have pity

      • Glad to see you managed to get the 0.5 EX out. Starting Friday I’ll be on vacation and I’ll have a lot more time if you need help with anything my limited skills could help the patch with.

  40. Galgano

    So I don’t know if this has been discussed yet, but what is DL Site referring to when they say they have an official translation of Monster Girl Quest? Not Paradox, but the original game. Did they take the translation from Rogue?

      • Galgano

        On a similar note. I recently got a new computer and I’ve been wanting to get my old games on this new one. Will I have to download MGQ 1 from Eroge Downloads to get a proper version of the game or will the english patch overwrite the DL site english patch?

    • Yes and it seems that the translation is underway. Sadly we were not provided with some indicator to see how close to 100% the process is now

  41. Chiron Maximus

    Here’s a question and a statement.
    Question: Can Luka learn and use ANY pleasure attack?! The only one he knows so far is pafupafu, and that’s useless ability on a guy!
    Statement: I found a crash bug. When i used Bribe on an enemy, I crashed. not sure what error I got, but I crashed.

    • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

      The Dog Girl, Pochi, had a missing cut in? That is news to me.

      I knew her dig ability had crashed the game. I believe the game was pulling up wrong item codes.

      However, MGQ_EX has informed me he/she fixed that in the latest patch.

      Current EX 0.5 for Paradox 1.20.00
      Please upgrade Paradox to 1.20 before using EX 0.5

    • Desert Eagle

      No. Luka cannot learn pleasure attacks.

      You can make him a prostitute if you want but he won’t be able to pick pleasure attacks from it.

      • Luka can learn Pink Typhoon and Sexy Beam as pleasure attacks plus a summon that does pleasure damage. Other than that I’m not sure but for now that’s about it for his pleasure arsenal. What he can’t learn at all are Sexcraft skills. And probably no other male companion can learn Sexcraft.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Yoi. They should, at the very least, learn Fondle, Sweet kiss, or ass slap, if the game creators would be kind enough, that is.

      • He’s also a smooth talker? =))
        Since he can always use Talk skills. But hey he’s the all around best char at least in my team he’s the only one that can dish out the highest damage.

      • Desert Eagle

        If it interests you, you can train Luka’s speech skill until he learns the ability to read erotic stories out loud. Hearing them arouses enemies and makes them twice as susceptible to pleasure attacks. Very handy.

        Training speech skills for Luka is not a bad idea anyway. Luka can always use ‘Talk’ skills.

  42. Kitriel

    So if I bought 1.2 how do I use the current patch to get the english into the game. Is there a way I can roll back my game to 1.02a?

      • cwhart

        Dargoth pretty much confirmed its dead some time ago. Hell after this monster of a game he’ll probably want to take a breather. Hopefully will be up for the whole trilogy cause I can only imagine how hard it is to translate what is essentially a full rpg compared to vns with rpg elements

  43. Gadgetfeak

    I keep crashing most of the time after most battle when using EX. This the log
    *Error – v1.20.00 – 2015-07-20 17:00:38 (Monday)
    Exception : NoMethodError
    undefined method `pop’ for BattleManager:Module
    [“( XS – Popup Item ):114:in `block in gain_drop_items'”, “( XS – Popup Item ):110:in `each'”, “( XS – Popup Item ):110:in `gain_drop_items'”, “( トリス戦闘回想 ver9 ):286:in `process_victory'”, “( トリス戦闘回想 ver9 ):313:in `process_victory'”, “( セーブ不具合対処 ver7 ):296:in `process_victory'”, “( 基盤システム/ゲームマスター ):47:in `judge_win_loss'”, “( 戦闘/本体 ):84:in `process_action_end'”, “( ベース/Scene ):452:in `process_action'”, “( Scene_Battle ):48:in `update'”, “( Scene_Base ):14:in `main'”, “( KilloZapit – Cache Back ):257:in `main'”, “( Base/Module ):129:in `run'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):118:in `run'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `block in ‘”, “:1:in `block in rgss_main'”, “:1:in `loop'”, “:1:in `rgss_main'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `'”, “ruby:in `eval'”]
    *Error – v1.20.00 – 2015-07-20 17:20:09 (Monday)

    Anyone knows what to do? i use v1.20
    I guess it something to do with item drop pop up system… anyway to disable it? kinda annoying

  44. Nudelsuppe

    Yo, does anyone know whether Dargoth accepts help from not particularly skilled individuals (no japanese/no programming)?? Like flaming impatient fans in the comments, telling him each morning via skype what a wonderful human he is, or doing translation-project associated busywork for dummies?

    • chrissi

      you could just write a mail to him, and ask. That is what I did, after I got no response from him when I posted several times in the forum, turns out dargoth is a realy nice guy, trying to help out!

    • If using EX modify


      To EIther




      Save Game.ini Then start the game

      Fit works nice on wide screen displays
      Full is the default full screen

      • Anonymaster

        Oh wow, thanks for the tip! Is there a way to just make the window bigger, without going full screen? On my monitor the game window is tiny, but full screen’s a bit too much. I’de just like to double the resolution or something…

      • The script used for that does have an option for Resize but I haven’t tested it… Set to Resize and specify the Width and Hight.


        Default is upped to 640×480
        Note: Original Developer had a warning that this could cause a crash if the proportions where extremely off.

      • Anonymaster

        Awesome, I hope you release your EX patch right after Dargoth releases the 1.2 patch! Those window resizing features are extremely handy.

  45. Chiron Maximus

    Ok, a few things. One, where can i find paintgeist? I figured at the mansion, but she’s nowhere to be found. Two, does anyone have an idea when Dargoth’s next update will come? And three, if Dargoth’s update is a looongs ways away, does anyone have a simple patch that will allow me to continue in the story past the forest of spirits without crashing?

        • Chiron Maximus

          I see. Well, I can’t get to her, because I need Gnome to clear the way and I can’t get to Gnome without progressing in the story and I cna’t do that because my game crashes every time at a certain point in a cutscene after fighting Sylph and the mysterious creature (Of whom I completely recognize, but will remain anonymous for spoiler preventing), so there is absolutely no way for me to get her at this time. I need a patch, or that the very least, a change in the coding, that will prevent the crash, so that I can proceed.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Yup. Been stuck there for a good long time now. Been farming while I waited for a patch to fix it.

    • Anonymous

      Talk to her. Then go do merchant quest at ilias village. Mandagora one. Then talk to her again. Then talk to merchants again. Go to where mandagora was. A tree will be sparkly interact with tree. you get a beetle. take it to vampire girl. ??? profit

  46. Anonymous

    I’ve been getting this error every time a battle ends

    *Error – v1.20.00 – 2015-07-23 02:16:18 (Thursday)
    Exception : NoMethodError
    undefined method `pop’ for BattleManager:Module
    [“( XS – Popup Item ):114:in `block in gain_drop_items'”, “( XS – Popup Item ):110:in `each'”, “( XS – Popup Item ):110:in `gain_drop_items'”, “( トリス戦闘回想 ver9 ):286:in `process_victory'”, “( トリス戦闘回想 ver9 ):313:in `process_victory'”, “( セーブ不具合対処 ver7 ):296:in `process_victory'”, “( 基盤システム/ゲームマスター ):47:in `judge_win_loss'”, “( 戦闘/本体 ):84:in `process_action_end'”, “( ベース/Scene ):452:in `process_action'”, “( Scene_Battle ):48:in `update'”, “( Scene_Base ):14:in `main'”, “( KilloZapit – Cache Back ):257:in `main'”, “( Base/Module ):129:in `run'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):118:in `run'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `block in ‘”, “:1:in `block in rgss_main'”, “:1:in `loop'”, “:1:in `rgss_main'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `'”, “ruby:in `eval'”]

    I know that Gadgetfeak had this problem but I can’t seem to find a fix to it

  47. Nonsense

    I guess I’ll be waiting a long time for a complete translation. Am I the only one here who simply can’t enjoy a game like this if I can’t even read the menu?

      • Anonymous

        So far they are the real hero’s of the MGQ:Paradox translation. With that said in the history of translation games it takes about half a year to really get things done. Dargoth is a little less than 5 months into the release of the game. I have faith in him to catch up and do the real heavy hauling. Lets see what gets churned out in the next 60 days.

  48. Anonymous

    i use ex patch,, but theres still untranslated word when selling a certain armor/weapon,,, can someone translate it?

    • Well if there’s new pieces of equipment then it’s possible if no new equips were added then it’s impossible I personally went through ALL of the equips and gave the ones I could translations so that they make sense.
      As I am done with my finals MGQ_EX would you like me to go over the equips again?

    • Casian Sarpe Socaci, hopefully your finals went smoothly 🙂

      Quite a few things where added like a ton of milk, ah some many fun spoilers… If you wouldn’t mind going over it that would be great, though most of it should be translated to some extent I’m assuming that the special item Anonymous is trying to reference probably has something to do with the note system though its also possible I missed something. I know for the enemies there is a note override so a fancier name can be used, same with skills, so its probably true with items though I need a few samples to test that hunch further…

      • English Database Changes With Paradox 1.20

        Yeah looking over a few notes there are “Special Sale” (特殊売却) entries… Now the two part task of finding where the code looks for it so it can be overwritten, and translating those entries. Paradox Purification System probably will makes it more trouble then just changing the notes…

      • “Special Sale” (特殊売却) Note is pretty unique and only has 5 real entries in the database, Unless proven inaccurate these should be what they translate to.

        Although Material Not For Resale, You Sure You Want To Sell?

        Although Not For Resale, You Sure You Want To Sell?

        Synthesis Material Not For Resale, You Sure You Want To Sell?

        Synthesis Material, You Sure You Want To Sell?

        A Chi Pa Pa! I do not need…

      • I’ll go over the item section tomorrow since I got home really late and I can’t really focus right now. I did manage to see new items and I think they’re running out of imagination. I mean Ilias Brew? Really? What’s next? Aliphese Extract? Anyways I’ll go over the items and I’ll even try to add Icons for the elements instead of actual text, I’ve seen the consumable stones have that but I’m not going to change the attack from letters to % since I’m not sure how that is determined and even if you gave me the exact formula I would get the result wrong because I’m horrible with math in general. Also I’ve seen some lines under notes and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, still with jap text are those values of some sort or should I attempt to run them through google translate and try to make sense of what they mean? Or will they screw up something in the game if I tinker with them?

      • Thats alright, be sure to get rest. The database changes are the only new entries in the database so only those entries really need a glance.

        Though the notes do have useful information they really aren’t used at face value… Paradox has an interesting purification system that before production all notes are parsed through, altered, and reassembled in DataEx.rvdata2. So even if you did change them unless you rebuild that file they won’t be read as Paradox is heavily coded to use the purified data.

        I could go into more detail about the notes but I simply leave them as is as if I find some code that references them I can quickly search all notes, pack em down to just the unique entries, and develop some override for whatever code uses them. Like there are over 662 entries for Special Sales though after they are compressed down only 5 real entries.

  49. Anonymous

    can someone tell me every position of bf girls. i think i missed one.
    form the picture folder she have silver hair and name of the picture ev_mob_touzoku

    and is it possible to recruit slug queen and the sphinx..?

  50. After seeing Chrome in the haunted mansion, and having her run away, where the hell does she go? when i talk to Amria, she says the quest still isnt done, so she has to be somewhere

    • Chiron Maximus

      have you played the first MGQ? If so, remember the story when you fight Chrome. If you haven’t, Check EVERY part of the Mansion.

    • She goes just outside the room you met her in, after you talk to her there she falls down through a hole and ends up in the basement that is accessible via the entrance on the main floor that was blocked by a bookcase before. So basically from where you enter the mansion you just go north a bit then you should be in a place where there’s a few prisoners and at the very bottom you will find a long hallway with pillars on each side, Federika and Chrome should be there and will initiate a boss fight after you talk to either of them I think, or just Chrome, I’m not sure.

    • Fozze, if you’re taking about the first time she’s running away then she slips through a secret passage on the right wall of the room about the middle where two parts of the wall seem to be connected. There at the part ever the new wall begins, there is a secret passage which Leeds to another room.
      After that a scene will trigger and chrome will be carried outside and hides in the hallway between a box and a shelf I think. Hope that helps you and other readers here.

      • Don’t mind the strange typos/words that make no sense at all in my previous post, I love my Autocorrect on the phone… Always thinks that it’s more intelligent than I am.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with anon. Girls with wings or tails and animal ears shouldn’t jump directly into the definition of monster girls. They are only half way through.
      BTW I’m wondering if tomorrow is the day we finally get the dam english patch. It’s taking too long now considering they are simply getting the translations together and placing it corretly in the newest version. I’m expecting it to be released this weekend at last. Hopefully tomorrow.

      • Anonymous

        Sunday is the earliest I would expect, but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t done until next weekend. But maybe I have low expectations.

      • CivilDeviation

        Not sure what we’d call these pseudo-MGs, but I agree it is frustrating running into this stuff when looking for non-humanoid artistry.

        If there is an update come Sunday I will be elated, if not, drat. Sadly, the latter means indignant boys from Generation Gimmie-Now will be coming out from under their bridges. Anyone have robo-exploding goats?

  51. NightmareChild

    How do you get into New Game+? I’m not seeing the option in the menu.

    On another note, anyone one know how to get how to get into contact with toro toro? I want to ask *read: beg* him to make succubus witch a companion, and give queen of grand noah sex scenes, and a request option for the Battle fuckers wouldn’t be too bad either.

    Then again these things will probably be added with part 2, so it might be pointless to ask.

    • Anonymous

      I believe New Game+ is a mod. Or if you’re talking about the mod, I dunno cuz I don’t have the mod.

      And I’d be incredibly surprised if Succubus Witch didn’t show up in part 2 or 3 somewhere. Pretty sure she’s one of the more popular monsters.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        Anybody have a fix for the original MGQ for the “Ika Musume” extra. My game always crashes during it.

      • JohnTitor


        I had some problems with certain lines in some mods, fixed them by adding or removing spaces and capitals in the lines that caused the error.

        Go into your mod folder and find the Ika Musume exta, open the story file and replace all of the text with the text here http://puu.sh/jdegb/f303e27eb7.ini

        If that doesn’t work, experiment with it a little. Search for the lines that caused the crash and edit them a bit.

      • NightmareChild

        Illias Temple second floor. After the Third Tartarus hole you can use NG+, When talking to death it should be the second or third option and she’ll ask you twice if you’re sure you want to restart. In NG+ you keep everyone you’ve recruited (along with their levels, jobs, stats, and items), but the shops in the monster lords castle seem to be reset.

    • Anonymous

      I presume you are talking about the new game+ for the original MGQ game. This link will give you some info: http://monstergirlquest.wikia.com/wiki/Monster_Girl_Quest:_NG%2B
      There are 2 new game+ mods. The one made by SpasMaran is a dropped project, cool; short and incomplete.
      The other one is a work in progress although the team is slow as hell. Its better overall especially the begining (part1), it almost feels like the characters retained their personality almost perfectly. But then as the story goes on, it feels like they switched the writer or he went full retard because all of the characters became much dumber, they use childish speeches and they don’t stick to their old personality anymore. But hey it’s a work in progress! Here’s the link for their website: http://mgqng.blogspot.com/
      If you loved clearing the game then you probably should try those mods out.

  52. Anonymous

    I presume you are talking about the new game+ for the original MGQ game. This link will give you some info: http://monstergirlquest.wikia.com/wiki/Monster_Girl_Quest:_NG%2B
    There are 2 new game+ mods. The one made by SpasMaran is a dropped project, cool; short and incomplete.
    The other one is a work in progress although the team is slow as hell. Its better overall especially the begining (part1), it almost feels like the characters retained their personality almost perfectly. But then as the story goes on, it feels like they switched the writer or he went full retard because all of the characters became much dumber, they use childish speeches and they don’t stick to their old personality anymore. But hey it’s a work in progress! To find their website simply search “MGQ NG+” on google, it should be the first result.
    If you loved clearing the game then you probably should try those mods out.

    • Anonymous

      The mod is pretty good and entertaining, but yeah I felt that their personalities made a flip somewhere. Specially Luka, who becomes too full of himself for my taste, when Alice says or does something to him he almost always answers along the lines of: “I could kick your ass if I wanted to so shut up”.

    • NightmareChild

      I talking about the ng+ within Paradox. Ex already told me how to do it. But thanks to your comments I checked the blogspot, and apparently they had updated, so now I get more monster girls to play with.

      • JohnTitor

        Toro did as part of the 1.10 update, not a mod.

        After beating the chapter you can start over and keep your levels, equipment, companions with the exception of Alice and Illias which you’ll have to choose between again.

  53. Anonymous

    there’s a bug when using the EX patch, when u hide a skill using the SHIFT button in the skill menu but u can still see/use them in battle…

  54. Anonymous

    When i try to start the game with the EX patch i get an error saying that graphics/casino/pokertrump is missing, can anyone help?

    • Thats an old file present even in the demo so probably something went wrong when decrypting Game.rgss3a. Did you put all the decrypted files back in the main game directory? Graphics Folder should be around 1.28 GB for Paradox 1.20

      • Anonymous

        Fixed it, turns out i was just doing the decryption process wrong and wasnt adding in the
        decrypted files, thanks for the help.

  55. Gadgetfeak

    I can’t find the skill for milking, after using EX patch,it used be there… am i mistaking it for something?

  56. MGQ_EX here is the latest database file I’m not sure if I used the latest version of the EX patch and I hope that’s not a problem for you
    Things that have been changed:
    -Almost all weapons and armors revised and given proper descriptions the ones that sound nonsensical I had no idea for their description
    -Some key items revised
    -Accessories descriptions. I’m not sure how many, up to Race Killer book or scroll
    I had to stop because I felt like the accessories aren’t going to end and I have some family obligations to attend to soon.
    I said I hope it’s not a problem with me updating because I saw the skills have all the wrong icons in the menu and items have no icons at all. Some of the text at the bottom overlaps(button description) and I’m not sure if those things are contained in the database file and you fixed them and now I’m giving you the descriptions in a file that’s outdated. Also I would like to ask for a recommendation for a translation site that’s a tad more accurate than google translate if you happen to know any.
    Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!QFJVxYiT!4ugRjwApVokkfIZSg3OR5VW7EsGv9ctgdIAOPlypjhA

    • Thanks Casian Sarpe Socaci and have fun with your family; Paradox is a long way coming and there isn’t any good reason not to enjoy life

      As for translating I found a few things besides google translate but its a mixed bag…

      This seems to be a coin toss but sometimes its more produces better results, it will either be in line with similar translators or it will do its own thing; Most though seem follow suit with Google

      Not really good for sentences but if one particular word stands out it might help and it sometimes even goes into multiple meanings
      Tesabaki = Handling

      If a word looks doubled it might be a sound effect

      And though if someone fluent in the language could glace over this would be extremely helpful my compiled list of things I came across (The deeper down the rabbit hole the more I add to it…)

      • NoName

        Look Through

        Err… it’s a name, why did you write something that is clearly not a name LOL? Luxur/Luxuru seems the closest one to sounding like a name.

        Banyi Chan

        Should be Buny/Bunny-chan. I mean, it’s the girl with the bunny cosplay. Though I suppose it may conflict with the other bunny girls if they have similar names, in that case guess it’s fine this way.

        While the second is up to you, the first one is obviously wrong and should be changed.

      • Thanks NoName

        Lets see, “Look Through” I think came for Dargoth’s patch.
        I wonder which has a nicer ring? Do those that love her have any opinion on this?

        Now “Banyi Chan” was a direct google translation of 1.10. I can see about changing it to
        Both sound better its just whether to keep the ‘chan’…

      • If there are no objections here is what I’ll revise to:

        Look Through (ルクスル) To Luxurie
        A Mix of NoName’s recommendation of Luxur and a play on Luxury as it sounds better to the ear… At least mine.

        Banyi Chan (バニィちゃん) To Bunnie
        Bunny-chan shows up every now and again in translation though it doesn’t use the same wording as Banyi Chan so I’m guessing its just fellow Bunny Girls and changing her to that would keep her unique.

        Thanks once again NoName for taking time to look these over

      • Desert Eagle

        I think Luxur sounds better. It’s simply closer to the original name. It’s also possible that “Luxur” is something that’s been taken from a longer word and made into a name. Some names in MGQ:P are like that.

        Umm, how much of this word list can I look through and comment on? I’ve read it a bit and I’ve already written quite a lot of stuff. Opinions, reasonings, that sort of stuff. I think it might seriously spam this thread though.

        To begin with, I think you misspelled 「ラゴラ」. It’s put as “Radora” but the letter 「ゴ」 is “go”, not “do”.

      • Just remembered Bunnie is to similar with Bunny Slime… hmm, though she is in a bunny costume she is still in costume…

        Banyi Chan

        Bunny Suit

        Bunny Chan

        Bunny Slime



      • Desert Eagle, if you got comments on it I would love to hear them. Fanservicefan started posting list on pastebin.com and I followed suit. I do update the main list when I find new words and such but its usually stable and I rarely change definitions unless I figure it was wrong.

        Luxur rang to much like Lex Luthor, would be nice to know what her name originated from or how Dargoth got Look Through.. My play on it was luxury onahole… yep they sell those

        Lets see Actor 59 ラゴラ Radora also comes from Dargoth’s patch
        Ragora sounds good and reflects with the wiki

        Also going through some things
        Haut-Rhin (オーラン) Probably should be Orlan

      • Desert Eagle

        Yeah but like you said, not all of these name suggestions are yours. A lot of them are from Dargoth’s patch. Maybe I should wait for patch 1.20 before making a huge list of suggestions?

      • Perhaps, then again given the size of the Paradox it might be one of those typos that just got missed (many people underestimate the amount of overall text in the game). In Dargoth’s repository it looks like the names from 1.02 haven’t been changed (though the entries from 1.10 have been entered they aren’t translated yet). Desert Eagle it might be a good idea to just look over the actor names (a much smaller list as that reference list I have just throws everything and anything I find in I also use it as a filter to help clean up the dialogue) Saying it came from Dargoth’s patch isn’t bad though if enough entries are found it might be nice to shoot him an email (given the size of the forms that would be more convenient to have one big list of typos instead of a hundred individual suggestions scattered about)

        As for the EX though I’m taking notes on what you and NoName mentioned. It will take a little more effort to change actor names (rpg maker likes to put copies in the saves) but I already got a rough concept on how I’ll do it just by adding a sparkly book in the pocket castle that calls a mass rename script then people can use it and save (should also fix another bug associated with EX).

        Actor 59 is just a typo
        Actor 94 has a few variants however one thing we can all agree on is shouldn’t be Look Through
        What should Actor 94 (ルクスル) be named?

        Actor 548 seems to be deliberate to sound like bunny but slued, though the current came from Google Translate
        Actor 562 was one of the BF girls from 1.10 that was also Google Translate

  57. How does one open the magically sealed blue chest for Chrome’s item? I read that someone somehow triggered a talk scene between Luka and Alice and was then able to enter the tower. No matter what I try I can’t seem to trigger this. I’m using Ilias, is something different for her?

    • Anonymous

      Hi, I was one of the anons talking about it earlier. I also had Illias with me. After completing the mansion questline and beating Chrome, did you talk to Chrome in the basement? I’m fairly certain Chiron said, that the chest opened after returning to chrome, talking to her, and then going back to the chest. The magically sealed chest opened for me when I first clicked on it but I exhaust everyone’s dialogue so I didn’t even know there was a problem until people started mentioning it here. However no dialogued triggered for me, Illias and Sonya until I was leaving the cave which was strange.

    • Anonymous

      Oops, just re-read your post after my reply. You cannot enter the Tower in part 1. I believe one the guides mentioned you can trigger some dialogue at the tower but not actually enter it. I’m assuming you’ve already found the blue chest but, just in case, the blue chest is the tunnel between abandoned village and the Doll Tower, at the bottom level, next to the green and steel chest.

      • Yea, I found the chest, but I can’t open it. I’ve been back to chrome multiple times to see if it triggers. If nothing else works I’ll just try again in NG+. At least I’ll have something to do then 😛

    • Hey Viktor, you have to visit the village where every one disappeared first (the one left to cave where the blue and green chest is) and talk to one of the guys first (don’t know which one, I suppose you talk to everybody there) then the tower event will trigger and you’ll see some nice foreshadowing and the puppet master will tell you to go down the cave (you might have to go and talk to chrome first so that she will tell you to get her the madou book).
      Auer the tower event an event in the cave will trigger where either Ilias or Alice will tell you to go to the bottom.

      • NoName

        Visiting that tower has nothing to do with exploring the empty village. You need to head to the cave before the tower AFTER beating Chrome. Else, you will completely miss the scene the moment you enter the cave before the tower.

  58. Did someone already Beat Sonya Maju at Chaos Labyrinth lv 100 or whatever she’s called?
    I tried to use the combo with Pihar and Sylph, fairies and Reina, which I used to beat Death, but first Problem with Sonya is that she’s freakin fast, so that I even don’t have time to cast that Harpie dance with Pihar (even faster than Death with freakin 700+ Agility).
    When I’m lucky and Pihar is able to dodge that 6000+ aoe, then I’m confronted with the second problem. Even with 100% physical and magic dodge rate from Harpie dance plus base 50~60% dodge rate my whole party still gets hit from every attack…
    Seems like TTR built in some kind of attack Type that is neither physical nor magic…
    The party survives 1 time because of endure and goddess revival, but then gets wiped out pretty quick.
    Also all characters of mine only hit for 700 damage. XD
    Also thus pretty much prices that Sonya is Adramelech or at least will transform into something evil.
    So does someone have a strategy to beat her or have shady beaten her?

    • Anonymous

      Taken from Rpg Maker she got 978 Agility + some Parameter for +100%Hitrate some 50% debuffs for pretty much anything.
      7 out of 12 skills are a guaranteed hit

      • Anonymous

        Maybe with a high enough defence and agility to survive a hit ist doable.
        Just heal everyone to full life and hit her bit by bit.(She just got 200000HP)
        (This is considering you actually can survive one hit, haven’t tried the labyrinth yet)
        oh and just so you know there are harder bosses.

        • There are even harder bosses? Like which one? The hardest was Death (haven’t tried to beat her on Paradox Mode, though) in my opinion, at least before that Sonya. Where can I encounter them? 😀

    • Rawr

      I’ve only been playing on 1.10 so I don’t know if some of this stuff has changed, but you could try one of the insect girls with access to the Subterranean Insect race. They get some crazy DEF & WILL bonus, like 450% or something, and also learn Absolute Defense which changes the modifier when you use the defense option to 5%. Their stat % also applies to seeds so each seed should give several points of defense/willpower. And for damage you could try the Oni girl from the cave with the lizards. Buffed and Einherjar’d I had her alone doing upwards of 50-75k damage a turn against Death. The attack bonus from the auto berserk accessory with 1.5x attack stacks with her berserk passive.

  59. sazaju

    I tried the EX translation, but there is just no way for me to play with a Google trad… I understand better the japanese. I’m sure it can help others, but for me it’s hopeless, it just cannot enjoy the game with such a bad english. Just waiting for Dargoth’s translation. It is just a pity there is not easy way to contribute, like on Assembla, so one could just provide some pieces (s)he translated and let the main people check and integrate.

    • As far as I can see it EX isn’t meant for the story, it’s just for the gameplay. Everything I edited was item, skill or equip related if you want to enjoy the story be patient and wait for Dargoth to finish. Even if it is bad English work was put into it as well. So if you’re not content with the EX patch and know Jap better stick to Jap version, no one’s forcing it down your throat.
      You’re not even giving constructive criticism you’re just whining.

      • Because yours is more constructive? It does not even consider that I said “for me” and that “it can help others”. Could be I am not the one who is just “whining” {^_^}. Don’t expect people to say only that it is sooooo great. Criticism is good too, then feel free to consider it or not.

      • I apologize if that came out too strongly it was 4 in the morning and I do lose my temper from time to time. I come here all the time and I’m kind of tired of people expecting EX to be something close to what Dargoth will release at some point. The only reason these kind of comments bother me is because what I took care of I didn’t just rearrange jumbled words to make decent descriptions out of what google translate barfed out, I actually researched the weapons and armor names I edited, looked them up and such and that takes time. I do not expect anyone to say it’s great because I know it’s not, but people probably make such comments because they only look at the dialogue and not the misc things in the game.
        Again I apologize for my outburst that wasn’t appropriate of me, after all everyone has the right to an opinion.

      • I also noticed and really appreciated to see Vanilla with all her merchant items translated, and it was a big good point for me, because the descriptions here are for many extremely similar, so hard to make any difference between each item. But at some point, items and techniques are used several times, so you can try and learn the interesting ones and remember their effect, which is not the case for dialogues which come once for all.

        In the future, I recommend you to simply ignore the (parts of) comments which seem to step on your work. If they do, they do not deserve to be considered, if they do not, then you need to take a good sleep before to come back. Feel proud of your work independently of the comments: unpaid works are proofs of the purest interests, which make them among the most valuable activities.

        Well, this is my opinion. {^_°}

    • Criticism is good, EX is a relatively open project. It stands for Experimental after all… Those rvtext files are just plain text files you can open in notepad++ or something similar.
      Cleaning up the Database makes skills and menu items better.
      Cleaning up the ScriptText makes special dialogue and menus better.
      Cleaning up the Dialogues make the overall game better.

      Sadly that order is also there respective size of content…

      There are a few menu items that are hard coded but I try to keep the important stuff open.

      I haven’t set up anything like Assembla though I do have some update code if you only sent the piece you worked on it could be integrated. If enough people not helping Dargoth wanted to help out it might be useful… Perhaps I’ll look into it 🙂

      • Maybe I could make a git repository, so any one could participate. Not sure if people are fine with using git, though.

        I could also make an editor to simplify the modification process. I did it for another translation project on Assembla, but the files are completely different here, so I would need to make a completely new one. I am a programer, so this kind of thing is also interesting for me, don’t know if people would be interested, though.

      • One thing to note about programming is the Language File System, one of the core scripts EX uses, original developer is working on a rewrite of the system and when it releases I’ll have to consider whether to update in kind.

        At the moment rvtext files are a simple 2 dimensional array [entry key, content] and over time I wrote ruby code to sort the data, update it, and for the dialogue file split it into individual maps, common events, and troop events. This unfortunately uses the RPG Maker engine as I was lazy and didn’t take the time to figure how to take that code and make a pretty interface in I think Glade is the Ruby GUI… Its been awhile.

        For dialogue its especially useful to split that data up given its size.

        Dargoth uses Atlassian Source Tree software and bitbucket.org for his repository though a more open repository sounds more fitting for EX. He uses Ytinasni RpgMaker Translator which fully decompiles the project and when completed recompiles it where the Language File System alters key components of the project then overlays the rvtext data on top of it.

        Hope this bit of information as interesting sazaju 🙂

    • Anonymous

      When you win a battle and you see that you’ve gained some amount of Job exp, that same amount is also given to Race. Accessories or abilities that specifically affect job exp won’t affect race exp.

  60. Anonymous

    Announcement from dargoth -> New patch soon(ish)
    Two weeks later -> Not even an estimated date or info how it’s going
    Comments -> ~90% from guys playing the machine translated version anyway

    • I wonder if the translation was progressing all those months and we are just waiting for the the way to patch it on 1.20 or that any translation was halted months ago and it is only now restarting.

    • Scarlethill

      Why the hell would they want machine translations? they suck ass…. I for one need a REAL translation so go Dargoth!!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure whether this lag means that they translated a lot that needs to be converted for the patch or that translation was and is going very slowly. Fingers crossed for the former….

  61. Sevalle

    I still don’t understand how can people satisfy themselves with machine translation. I play games to enjoy it fully, not partially. It’s like playing SRW games, yes I can play through it while finding some summary and menu translations online, but it feels like I’m playing it halfway and leaving it. It feels like I half-assed the game, missing important conversations along the way that makes me like the characters. In this game, everything is important. From story to NPC interactions to item descriptions.

    • It is easy to understand if you consider that your very last sentences “In this game, everything is important. From story to NPC interactions to item descriptions.” does not have to be true for everyone. For some people, the point is only to go to the fight, or go the the H scenes, or whatever, so all what is around that is not really interesting and just reduces your playing time. Like on some ero-games I just keep the CTRL key pressed to pass the dialogs and go to the meat. If you did that for some games, then you should start to understand that other people, who don’t have the same opinion about what is important, should do the same for this game, and only focus on what allows them to play their own important parts (e.g. understand the interface to fight properly).

      I also want to understand every tiny details of this story, which I find to be really rich and interesting. I am also a translator (not official though) and a perfectionnist. And all in all, this is why I cannot be satisfied by such an approximate translation and why it actually decreases my enjoyment. Surely I am not the only one, but as surely this is not the case of an overwhelming majority neither.

    • The same reason people play early releases and betas… The joy of playing something with the expectation of replaying it again. Insight, exploration, etc, as those that wanted to wait the full year for this game to be completed and then months later for the complete translation probably wouldn’t be on the forms when only part 1 is out and still being developed.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, I’m also waiting for Dargoth translation to proceed with the storyline but every once in a while I play the game just to farm a bit of XP and gold and a machine translation is quite helpful for that. Some of the menu options and almost all of the items are not translated so it gives me a good idea of what is being displayed.
      Dargoth should at the very least come here every few days and tell us how’s the translation going. Doesn’t take more than 5min.
      I really don’t understand what’s taking so long since the translations were ready and we were just waiting for 1.2 to come out. Of couse he can’t simply copy paste it because there certainly are some changes but not something that would take even 2 days to work around it let alone 2 weeks. This is just a guess but I think Dargoth is probably adding some of the EX translation he had not translated yet and making it better and that’s what is taking him so long.

      • Shellfishgirl Victim

        I’m confident about seeing Dargoth coming out of nowhere and say “Surprise first patch released with almost 50% of the storyline and uch stuff of the previous one !”

        One day, maybe next week or somethin, at last he didnt forget us Monster girl fanatics ^^

      • Anonymous

        @Shellfishgirl Victim
        I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he did that although that’s exactly what I really hope he doesn’t do. I would rather have 2 patches within 1 week than having to wait yet another week for a single bigger patch.
        Pretty sure everyone else feels the same.

    • Shellfishgirl Victim

      RPG with engrish Worth nothing. Machine translation is only Worth about action games or non-text based games. In RPG to appreciate you needs an accurate or well inspired translation (suc as rogue did with MG serie)

      • @JohnTitor
        It depends on the people. I won’t make a game theory thread, but if it is commonly agreed that everyone follow some sort of utility optimization, it is well known that no utility function is common to everyone, and thinking so would be a big mistake.

      • Desert Eagle

        I know a little japanese myself so I use the substitution plugin of Translator Aggregator to inject my own translations in the machine translation. Thanks to that, it can now create much more fluent text than without.

    • If you speak about beating her during the story, yes it is feasible. I already have her in my castle. You should exp a bit though and find some good strategies to maintain your party alive. I think you can find here and there some strategies, I already saw some of them for other powerful monmusu discussed in older comments.

    • Skuya

      The fights vs. Sphinx, Alice and especially Nanabi are possible as well without the harpies and such (at least on Normal and Hard). I used a team of Luka (which buffed himself and attacked), Ilias (quite nice due to “Guard All”, but not really necessary though), a Time Mage (in my case Shestra, the Tartarus I Insect Girl) and someone who really can dish out damage (like a Battle-Master, I used Regina for this)

      Buff Regina & Luka every two turns to the limit and the battle is not that difficult. Reginas Double-Edged hit for about 14k dmg. Apply Time Stop when necessary, though it requires a bit of luck.

  62. Anonymous

    MGQ_Ex, what program did you use to extract the RPG Maker text files? Between Dargoth and yourself I’m inspired to start doing basic translating for Succubus Quest as I play through it.

    • DerTraveler Language File System 1.3 (I edited Paradox version of this a lot…) And RPG Maker VX Ace editor

      This might not be the best system as there are a few out there that will do similar things.
      This slows things down a little by externalizing all the dialogue (or at least the better part) then notepad++ to read the rvtext files that it generates.
      The plus is you don’t have to rebuild the project to make simple changes.

      Dargoth uses Ytinasni RpgMaker Translator 0.9f (unless he got an update I’m not aware of)

      This will fully decompile the project and make it easy to read (even without RPG Maker VX Ace editor) however it has to be recompiled before you can see what changes are effected, overall more robust but minor changes become a pain. It also has a patch tool but given 1.02a release its not stable and manually creating a patch from the generated project is better.

      Extra tools that are used include RPG Maker Decrypter, Notepad++, WinMerge, WinRar, and lots of hours trying to make sense of puked up google translated Japanese…

      Perhaps I’ll looking into Succubus Quest later, though the vast amount of my time is still in Paradox.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for going into such great detail. I’ve been trying out RPG Trans at http://rpgmakertrans.bitbucket.org/ It’s useful except for the bug that doesn’t pick up on the first line of dialogue in some XP games, which is an obvious deal breaker until they fix it.

        While I can’t speak Japanese, adding multiple machine translations together gives a decent picture of what they’re trying to say; it’s certainly a lot more clear than I expected once you have 4 translations going at once. I’ve taken the liberty of interpreting the intro and the first town in Succubus Quest into English, though any cultural references are going to be lost in translation.

        I really appreciate the detailed list of useful programs you’ve provided. Playing around with these, I can see how much work goes into this – not to mention the critical contextual thinking involved in translation. So thank you very much.

        With any luck I’ll be joining you in translating these great games. It’s nice to have a side project to work on. Thanks again to both of you for the inspiration.

  63. Anonymous

    Do we know what Dargoth’s next patch will contain (roughly)?
    Specifically, is he going for a full translation, or incremental partial patches?

      • CwHart

        If I was Darg I prolly wouldn’t update as often as people wanted cause I’d be too focused on other things, ya know like life.

      • Around one update per week seems to me to be reasonnable. Especially if it is to say two lines like:

        “I completely forgot to work on it this week! Just too busy. Hope I will find some time soon.”


        “I made a few lines, but I feel that I am on a flat period now. I will make a small break and go back to it in two weeks (hopefully).”

        or, if we are lucky enough:

        “Oh gosh, I made a lot this week, although it still remains so much… I made like 2% more, but it was a hard 2%, I had to search a lot how to rephrase it. It is easier in general.”

        I am not saying that he should stick to some one-per-week rule and vow abstinence during one year more each time he misses some deadline, but I would appreciate (he does what he wants, I am only giving my opinion) to not wait two months before to hear something about the advancement.

    • There are actually 4 sex toys that are better than the succubus hand. Feather Hand, Angel Breast, Tentacle Hand and Creature Hall(I think it’s supposed to be hole) in that order. If you finished the game already and you have none of those 4 it means you either don’t visit the blacksmiths to synth items, don’t buy weapons or don’t search dungeons thoroughly.

      • Well that was just a guess. I didn’t take the liberty of changing weapon armor or accessories’ names unless I was 100% sure. Again I must ask is the jumbling of icons for everything a side-effect of the EX or did I do something to screw them up?

      • Thats why I did a little research, seems to be the most accurate given context.
        Jumbling icons? All the ones you did for [Mag Rock] look correct, there is a difference in Power from a letter (Paradox translated) and a percentage (Dargoth Specialty)

      • Let me give you a visual example. Or more than just one. What I’m talking about is that in my copy of the game all the skills, weapons key items have the wrong icons when you look at them in the menu. Consumables and collectible items( e.g. Milk) have no icons next to them at all along with armors and accessories. Even the ones in the achievements section don’t look right. They’re replaced by other probably default-looking icons instead of the bronze gold and silver stars.

      • What I’m talking about is that in my copy of the game all the skills, weapons key items have the wrong icons when you look at them in the menu. Consumables and collectible items( e.g. Milk) have no icons next to them at all along with armors and accessories. Even the ones in the achievements section don’t look right. They’re replaced by other probably default-looking icons instead of the bronze gold and silver stars
        The images I put up need to be approved by dargoth since they’re just links but I’m sure you get the general idea of what’s happening. The ones I put with the Mag Rock items couldn’t have been wrong since I used the weaker rocks’ descriptions as a template icons included. If you didn’t know about this it means something went wrong on my side and I’ll get a clean copy of paradox and re-patch it see if that fixes it.

      • like I said something got screwed up on my side not sure what I did, but I re-patched on a clean version and it seems to be working just fine. I have a selfish request for the next update, could you run the milk getting messages through google translate or at least the one you get when you fail to acquire it. I’ll see what I can do within the hour and maybe finish with the accessories before I go to bed maybe I’ll have an update for you before I go to work tomorrow that you can include in your next release (goddamn scrolls).

        • Eh I’m not sure how long this is gonna take, google screwed up and I thought there were double entries, good thing there’s a 15% and 30% boost accessory or it would make no sense.
          The katana was translated a sword and when I first saw it I was like “Wtf is this?”
          Also there were the gloves are there already Thief Gloves in the file because I couldn’t find them so I named the Trowel Thief as Thief Gloves.
          I consider myself very proficient in English but only as a foreign language since it’s not my primary language. I looked up what trowel really is and I honestly burst in laughs thinking how someone could use it to mug somebody else.

      • Casian Sarpe Socaci, I ended up sidetracked and didn’t get much done… Added to many icons to the database… I started originally to finding how many unicode dots ‘・’ were messed up to that conversion error then I seen some minor things wrong, then not so minor, and down hill. Glance over it and see if it looks better or worse; Added a test save in slot 6 (should have every item, oh and there is one addition that won’t work outside of EX) and an Icon list.

        MGQ EX_testing_save.rar 297 KB

      • DUDE! Is the thing near Luka from the save actually in the game? Even if it isn’t and if you made it good job. How did you sneak in the song that plays when you use it? You’re a traitor for choosing Ilias over Alice >_>.
        On topic, I’m sure it took a lot of work to get those icons in the descriptions and I know how much hard work it is but in my honest opinion I think status aliments should remain words instead of symbols. I honestly feel more comfortable reading what can happen instead of being shown a picture. Or let me put it in another way there’s 25 possible status effects including the death-type ones. I’m pretty sure no one will memorize every one of them and will only get confused when reading descriptions. I personally admire what you put yourself through to get those icons in the descriptions and testing what each looks like what but I think wordly description of the status are more straightforward. It doesn’t look bad, it just looks confusing.
        That’s my opinion if you decide to stick with it or not I’ll keep helping regardless. I’ll look over your Ninjutsu list a bit later and see if I can make out anything and also try to finish with the demon arts and what’s after. I really hope the database file didn’t give you the trouble it gave me so to avoid future problems I’m going to have to ask you to suggest a text editing program. I used MS-Word at first and I got fed up with how much it took to copy text over selected text(replacing basically) then I used WordPad, most of the things I did in the last file were done with it because I noticed it was a lot faster and there was a lot of select text/paste over it to do. So if you think you know something like a combination of these 2 that would be nice. Again emphasis on speed.

      • Casian Sarpe Socaci that item is technically in every rpg maker game, though Paradox should have its own flavor with Garuda Girl “Galda” probably much later, oh and a small warning that some references to maps exist that aren’t included in Paradox yet and if you venture to areas you couldn’t normally it will crash though still enjoy the view. That music track is just field3.ogg and is only there because it didn’t exist and with that function would crash otherwise.. You can listen to or change the background music by swapping out ogg audio files in “MGQ ParadoxAudioBGM”. Tis true though funny with Little Ilias is she has slightly more dialogue, though its more because she has a roundabout way of saying things where Little Alice is to the point. Revert the status ailments sounds good, some of it was just mapping most effects to icons and I thought I went to far anyway so your input is really appreciated. I did cut some of the wording down as the really long ones currently cause problems, RPG Maker only natively offers 2 lines for descriptions (and I think each line can be around 50 or so characters) and you can fit a lot more in Japanese then English… I’m looking to see if something could be added to increase the amount of text descriptions can have without shrinking them as after a point they are either to small or overlap becoming worthless.

        Currently I use notepad++, notepad-plus-plus.org, because sometimes higher editors will alter the file in undesirable ways, encoding in UTF-8 without BOM, using the TextFX Characters plugin to handle some data filters. It seems to work fine with speed, at least better then the default ms notepad, though if you make an insane search/replace request it has problems (like replacing a few million things at once) however it will track edits and gives you interesting details.

        • Ok then one more thing did you change anything else in the database file I gave you other than the icons for status effects? I’m asking because I wanna know if I should continue on the one with the icons or on my own file there’s still a lot more to do as far as I can remember I gave up probably halfway through the Demon Arts since it was already evening and I kinda had enough for the day. I’ll try notepad++ and see how it does but for now I need to know if I should continue on my own database file or on the one you gave me.
          Also I know about crashing the game, I knew it would crash if I went to certain areas but I did it anyway. Twice. :))
          I also opened the platinum chest and was not impressed with the contents.

      • A few things where changed in that one, some Names were reviewed and corrected to match the other list I’m working with and I’ll have to probably do some evil magic to make that list look pretty and match the database… I’ll go through and change the Status Icons back to names but as that one contains most of your work and corrections its probably the more updated one, also next release will try to correct the item descriptions view. After a bit of research I stumbled on a little line which lead to some corrections, item descriptions will now use 4 lines instead of 2 (I figure double the default sounds like a good start) and a custom word wrap was made to handle items containing “Target:” differently as those seem to be stats then description instead of just description. It does shrink the item list view a bit but that benefit seems worth it…

      • Ok so I’ll work on yours then. After messing around with the Script database file I finally fond the culprit who’s causing the invalid byte error. And it’s wordpad. whenever I edit one of those files and save afterwards I get that error when I try to start the game. I did get Notepad ++ and I’m going to start using it from now on.
        That’s a great find! Now if we could only crack Dargoth’s % calculation of skills. Well you…i have 0 knowledge regarding programming. I’ll see what else I can do and when I have a considerable amount I’ll up the file on mega.

      • Casian Sarpe Socaci, here is the current EX with cleaned up Database

        MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.5e

        A few things are probably still rough around the edges but given all the work that went into it so far I figured mid as well release it because I still haven’t got to that 25% in the Common Events for Chaos Labyrinth

      • sazaju

        If interested, I have some programming skills to share: Java language, I can make complex computation and design graphical interfaces. I already mentioned it, but I would like to make a specialized editor, like I made one for Violated Heroine translation on Assembla (the editor is on GitHub).

        I also have a personal server, so I can create personal accounts for some people who are working on Paradox stuff. If you think it can simplify the storage and sharing, instead of using external websites. For instance, the authorized people update the file on my server with a FTP client, and anyone can access it through a persistent HTTP link. I (or someone) can even make a simple website to have a nice display and organize all that. If some people are interested, contact me by e-mail (sazaju@gmail.com), I will see what I can do.

      • Well that surely looks like territory I’m not gonna step in I honestly look at that picture for like 5 minutes and I still don’t think I actually understand it. I didn’t get anything done today due to family stuff hopefully I’ll get something done tomorrow or the day after. It’s days like this when I wish I were at work, after 3:30pm no one bothers me there anymore. I didn’t even get to take a glance at what’s new in the last EX patch. I’ll check in after I update the database more and I’ll try to come up with “words of defeat” for the script file. I really wanted to do that for some reason.

      • Thats not a problem Casian Sarpe Socaci, enjoy time with the family.

        As for whats new a few things:
        * ScriptText Update
        – EX now handles script call display_skill_name
        * Testing Rename Function In Map 228 – Pocket Castle 1F South
        – This can be found by the big door with the sparkling sign, I made one on the left side and if you examine it there is an option to rename actors. Please make a backup of your save before using just in case. Also as most names are hard coded it only effects menus at this time.
        – Thanks To NoName, Desert Eagle, And Everyone That Participated In “What should Actor 94 be named?” the following actors have new default names:
        ‘Look Through’ To ‘Luxuru’
        ‘Banyi Chan’ To ‘Buny’
        ‘Haut-Rhin’ To ‘Orlan’
        ‘Radora’ To ‘Ragora’
        – Note: For Rename Change To Take Effect Please Test Newly Added Rename Feature
        * Override The Item Description Help Menu To Use 4 Lines Instead Of 2 And Added Word Wrap Which Tries To Keep Each Line Bellow 60 Characters (Along With Filtering Any Items That Have The Word “Target:” Specially, “I’ll Probably Make Some Corrections To This Later)
        * Obviously The Updates We Made To DatabaseTextEnglish.rvtext
        * A Few Updates To DialoguesEnglish.rvtext Though Not As Much As I Originally Wanted
        – Also I Noticed A Few Missed Entries And Have A Patch For That Until The Next Update

    • Desert Eagle

      Probably by waiting until part 2 and then finding them in another location. Or part 3.

      …If you want to, you CAN try raising your affection level with them. Those angels refuse talking with you but you can still flatter them using a high level speech skill. Flattery always raises the affection level by 5; It’ll take some time to get to 100 but it can be done.

      I raised affection level with both of those angels to 100 just for the heck of it. However, maybe that affection level can be carried over to their recruitable counterparts in the future? Maybe, or maybe not.

      • Chiron Maximus

        I know for a fact that the angels you’re talking about are 100% non-recruitable, and I highly doubt that they’ll become recruitable in the future. I could be wrong, but for now I believe I’m correct.

      • Desert Eagle

        The underlying idea of MGQ:P has been to make every monster girl recruitable. I believe Ranael and Nagael are no exceptions to that. Just not in part 1.

  64. ramna27

    Is there a new EX translation? I tried one i found on ULMF, but for some reason it made me auto submit most of the time.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        MGQ_EX, During the screen you first run into Iilas (near slime village) there are some untranslated words that appear above her.

      • Thanks for finding that DungeonMasterBobbySmith
        Map 012 – Iliasville Mountains – EV057
        Script: display_skill_name(“さばきのいかづち”)
        should be
        Script: display_skill_name(“Thunder of Judgment”)
        Probably a few places that do… I’ll create a filter for those script calls later and see how many are affected, perhaps I’ll clean up the Iliasville Mountains dialogue next while I’m at it.

      • Anonymous

        Is there a way for me to translate the text from Japanese to English? It used to be English when it was version 1.02, but it turned back to Japanese when I updated it to 1.21 and used your EX decryption.

  65. So hype for the new patch! Just finished the game with gibberish engrish and only got the general gist of what the story is about. Not to mention that talking to random npc’s is worthless. Saving ng+ for the patch! Even if some people seem pretty pushy, i can assure you that we all appreciate your hard work, Dargoth & Co. Keep it up!

  66. Anonymous

    excuse anyone know because I get error when installing MGQ Paradox EX I can not open it by coming out error, unable the file: graphic / casino / poker thump there any way to fix the error?

    • If I’m not mistaken I beat Sphinx unintentonately with Luka alone. Make him a medium, give him a convert ring, archangel bra, holy rod and anything else that increases willpower or magic, I didn’t need Endure for this fight. Cast Sylph and Gnome over and over and you should win in no time.

      • Anonymous

        oh, can you pls tell me where to get a lot of small medal for archangel bra, and where to get holy rod and the ring?

      • Small medals are dropped by Honey pots and mimic girls in the basement of the collapsed towertower after you beat the game. You can get the ring a number ofpornofin pornof casino, witch hunt village, steal from jellyfish girl or fairy B or get it as a gift from Lucia lisa or crowley. The rod can be obtained from a chest in Lucia’s tower.
        Desert, you don’t need anything polished, just Sylph and Gnome as summons and you can beat Sphinx alone just try it, see how easy it is. I also managed to beat nanabi with that strat and again with dumb luck I beat Alice too. Carrie scared her with that paralysis inducing skill at the start of the battle, Daisy Bell, Purifying light. Monster Lord went down in 3 turns.

    • Desert Eagle

      She can be beaten. You need a full lv 30 party with skills and teamwork polished to a certain degree.

      Beating her is completely optional though, and it only gives an achievement.

    • Desert Eagle

      …? You mean upgrade the race “human”?

      I’m not sure such a thing exists. Well, at least not in part 1 yet.

      • Anonymous

        Well, “Worm Summoner” (What Lily, Lucia and the Witch Hunt Villagers are) is an upgrade to the human species, and is counted in the game files as such – if you cheat yourself the necessary upgrade item, you can upgrade your humans to tentacled monstrosities.
        If you don’t want to cheat, you can still get them by recruiting Lily/Lucia, though only for the characters that already start with that race.

        Then there’s an intermediate race that has Fallen Angel, Noble Yoma (yes, those two are advanced races that you can’t yet unlock) and Human as prerequisite.

      • Desert Eagle

        Oh yeah. Worm Summoners. That’s definitely a direct upgrade from humans.

        I should have remembered that. Lily is part of my main team. Others upgrades are not really available in part one so I like to avoid talking about them.

    • Anonymous

      Some people (in “Witch Hunt Village”, pretty late in the game) start out with the advanced “Worm Summoner” (or something like that) class, which is an advanced human race – but only characters who already start with that race can “get” it.

      There is also one other advanced human race, but it has some crazy prerequisites that you won’t be able to get in the first part unless you directly modify the game files.

  67. Anonymous

    Not sure if this is an error but whenever I tried to use cooking to make something, they just kinda disappear and not shown in my item box. Like whenever I made Octopus dumpling, I just wasted all the ingredients and there isn’t even one Octopus dumpling in my Item menu.

    • Chiron Maximus

      Yeah, I have the same problem too. I try to cook something, but I never get it. They should either fix it, or fix it and add a feature where you can cook food outside of battle.

  68. Here’s what I done so far MGQ_EX. Although I didn’t mention it for every entry I wrote here everything could use a 2nd opinion since some descriptions were left as google translated them because I had no clue what they were trying to say. I have no idea how Ninjutsu skills are divided some are for everyone some for kitsunes? Anyways I wanted to share this before you release EX 0.5d. It was a shame that I couldn’t remember the code for sonic and bio Icons else the list would be even more complete. So if you have any other volunteers that could look over these and see if they fit or not that’s be great, Too much talking, here’s what’s been done and the download link to the database file.Any questions I’ll answer since I check here very often, too often for my own good.
    Accessories-Revised Descriptions
    Some Panties-Revised descriptions
    Time Magic-Revised names and descriptions (Zero Shift needs to be revised I couldn’t make out what it was trying to say)
    Taoism-Added Element Icons, revised description and messages(messages and descriptions need a 2nd opinion)
    Ninjutsu-Added Element Icons, revised descriptions and messages(descriptions and messages need a 2nd opinion)
    Justice-Added Element Icons
    Mercantile-Revised messages
    EX-Item-Revised messages and some descriptions
    Oracle Skills-Revised messages and descriptions
    Dance Skills-Added Element Icons, revised messages and descriptions
    Sing Skills- Added Element Icons, revised messages and descriptions
    Talk Skills-Small Revision
    Magic Science-Added Element Icons, revised messages and descriptions
    Alchemy skills-Revised messages
    Magic Book skills-Added Element Icons, revised messages and descriptions
    Machine Skills-Added Element Icons, revised messages and descriptions
    Cooking Skills-Added Element Icons, revised messages and descriptions
    Medicine Skills-Added Pleasure Icons, revised messages and descriptions
    Service Skills-Aded PLeasure Icons, poorly revised descriptions and messages
    Ruling Skills- Added Elemental Icons
    Heroism Skills-Added Elemental Icons
    SexCraft Skills-Added Pleasure Icons, revised messages and descriptions
    Demon Arts-Added Elemental Icons, revised descriptions and messages

    • Awesome Casian Sarpe Socaci!

      I’ve got to clean up some of my list after I’m done.. Been over a day and I’m only 75% done with that file… Though once it it should be an overall nice update

      Ninjutsu Skills (As I interpreted them as I transverse through Chaos…)

      1 – Skull, 2 – Poison, 3 – Blind, 4 – Mute, 5 – Dizzy
      6 – Sleep

      I’m not sure what Sonic is… perhaps something in the range of 7-15

      • Well all that took over 12h of editing so don’t stress yourself over not finishing. Something went wrong with the file, I got an error after I tried to start up the game after altering the file, something about an invalid byte sequence in UTF-8. But you can fix that by copying the text in a clean file.

  69. kana-art

    I have a question. After Luka leaved the mansion that have a old man (mafia?). How to do the next step? What ‘s the mission?

      • kana-art

        Thanks. I have another question about the chapter of Lucia and Lilly. I came to Witch Hunt Village. How can I get in to their house or tower? I talked to everyone in this village but not effect.

      • Desert Eagle

        Correction, have you RECRUITED Sara? You don’t have to have her in your team but you must have solved the problem related to her.

      • Gadgetfeak

        I had the same problem before, your supposed to talk to both lily and lucia in that same village first, one of them is in the mansion straight ahead, and other in the basement of the building in northeast most place

      • Desert Eagle

        Hmm… What blocks you from getting in? Are you getting small cut scenes with Sara in them though?

        To begin with, try talking with villagers. I think Lily wants you to do that before meeting her.

    • Anonymous

      Just a suggestion. You might want to start it from the beginning then save the NG+ after dargoth release his patch. If you somehow lost the save file and just want to ask for the save then please ignore me and my stupid post.

  70. Chiron Maximus

    I’m about to enter the feud between Lucia and Lily, and I was wondering which of them was better and/or not evil. Btw, here’s a bug: when I talked to Lily, there were no words, but then the choice came up and I had no idea what I was selecting.

      • Chiron Maximus

        Are you sure? When i talked to Lucia, with the patch that makes every sentence make little to no sense (although I have found very few sentences that fit the part), and got the idea that her and the rebels are stopping Lily from expanding her control, or something. I have no idea who to choose, cause I want to know which choice won’t give future consequences and will yield a partner that’s the strongest of the twp.

      • Desert Eagle

        Lily, as you may know, didn’t exactly have a great childhood. She gained power and spread that power to others who had suffered like her. That power was then used to kill the men who had commited horrible atrocities against them.

        Lily seeks to spread that power elsewhere as well, to seek girls who have been horribly mistreated and give them power to help themselves. People may or may not die as a result of that but… those who can’t help themselves would actually get help.

        Lucia believes that spreading the power they have would be a disaster. She wants to contain it within Witch Hunt/Magister Village and keep it there. It probably would prevent people from being squeezed to death by tentacles. However, the fact is that the power will stay in the village, and never be used for others. It will just be their little priviliege.

        It’s not exactly a black and white decision. Give help or prevent possible deaths. Just choose the girl you like. It should even be possible to recruit both of them if you play on NG+.

        • Chiron Maximus

          I see. Well, far be it from me to deny strength to those who need it. I’ll help Lily; Also what do you mean both in NG+? You mean to say when you enter NG+, you keep all the girls you recruited and can recruit the ones you haven’t? Like if you choose Alice in the first run though, you’re saying in NG+, you can have Alice from the first run and then choose Ilias, so you can have both in the NG+ run? Is that what you’re saying?

      • Desert Eagle

        No, I don’t think it will work with Alice and Ilias (I haven’t tried). It should work with Lily and Lucia though. You see, once you choose a side, you can’t recruit the other girl. If you play on NG+ and choose the other side, you should then be able to have both Lily and Lucia in your team.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Well, that’s interesting to know, but before I try NG+, I’d like to know that I can get both Alice and Ilias on my team, cause I’m a bit ocd and don’t like to leave choices unchosen.

    • Desert Eagle

      I chose Lily.

      …Because reasons.

      (She’s part of my main team too. She’s lv 30 with over 500 magic and completely mastered summoning.)

  71. Dargoth, you need to start talking in the irc chat room more often, even if u don’t talk about this topic, just to let us know you dident have a stroke and lost the abilty to chat or worse. please.

    • Desert Eagle

      I’m not sure what dishes she likes. She likes grapes, jam and curry though. (She might like bean jam buns?)

      • Chiron Maximus

        Where was this when I started this game with Alice?! This would have saved me LOADS of time! Well, I guess I can have it ready when I’m ready to start my campaign with Ilias.

      • Yep that’s where I got the info as well. Chiron I know it’s a hustle and no one wants to do it but if you read through the comments of the previous posts you’ll find a lot of useful stuff that spreadsheet included.

        • Chiron Maximus

          … You do realized how many posts there are right? *sigh* I suppose I’ll try, thought even if I used Ctrl+F to find links, it would take a long time.

          • I do realize how many there are but don’t go back to all of them just the previous 2 ones. I learned a lot about the game since those were the ones that made me start following the site. Tell you what if you got any question about the game just reply to one of my comments I have that little notification thingy and I’ll try my best to help you. 😛

            • Chiron Maximus

              I may just take you up on that. For now, in case I need to in the future, are there any other guides and lists that would come in handy?

            • Well aside from that spreadsheet there’s a bare-boned walkthrough out there but I don’t have a link to it anymore since I sort of know what and how to do to get through the game. Except for getting all the goods in Vanilla’s stall.
              Also apart from this you could try ULMF Paradox thread. I’m sure you’ll find useful info in those posts.

            • Yup that’s it. The one and only walkthrough I know of. I have in mind making my own detailed version but that’s a project for the distant future, something like that takes a lot of organizing and thought. And I’ll only do it if someone else doesn’t beat me to it. Whoever did this did it very rushed. Not that I blame the guy, it was pretty helpful to me and other people.

    • Desert Eagle

      Lemon the ustrel is probably the best cook. She can always use cooking skills and she gets 130% bonus to her cooking skills.

      There’s also Eva who can always use Thievery, Mercantile, Oracle, Dancing, Singing Cooking, Talk, Medicine and Service skills. She doesn’t get a bonus to her cooking but if you want a support character, she’s a pretty good choice. Although, sometimes she’ll ignore your order and instead uses an oracle skill.

  72. I cant seem to find the place called Penglaishan where Rami wants her third attempt at suicide to happen. Does anyone know where it is? Knowing Toro im guessing its in part 2, but i thought i’d ask anyway.

  73. Eden

    Does anyone know how to trigger an opponent to tempt you ? I ‘ve been trying to trigger the new harpy sisters scenes but no luck

    • Chiron Maximus

      They need to take some damage, but not be defeated in order for enemies to temp you. Not all enemies will tempt you though, and there is an item that makes the temptations come more often. It’;s called the lovestruck perfume (might have a different name for you) and you get it in Port Natalia.

      • Eden

        Thanks. Is there anyway to see those scenes without having them tempt you or CG is the only thing available?

        • Chiron Maximus

          You can find every available CG, from character images to rape CGs, (Unless your download was bad) in the pictures folder located in the graphics folder. IMO, the CGs with the girls looking right at you are my favorite. Oh, just as a heads up, if you haven’t gotten all the way through chapter one yet, I recommend using the search bar to jump right to the CGs that start with “ev_”, since those are the temptation and rape sequences and you would avoid the CGs that contain spoilers.

      • Eden

        What I meant was that is there anyway to request them trigger those new scenes. I know that I can go throw the library and find the CG but I want some texts. Just like how you can request them in MGQ trilogy.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Each wild monster has only one, two at most for some monsters, temptation scenes. If they do implement a request system in battle, it will take a really long time for the developers to add in all those lines of code and then test it to see if it works, and you know that would make the game take EVEN longer.

      • Anonymous

        Just notice younger harpy CG cannot be triggered when they tempted you. Is there anyway to swap the new CG pic in place of the old CG pic so that when I request them in the castle it will display the new CG ?

    • Anonymous

      I meant code wise and not swapping pic names in the picture folders. I just don’t see what rvtext (database, script, dialogue) link to those pics.

      • Probably not going to find a reference in the EX files for those as they are called outside of dialogue.

        Lets see Harpy Sisters, using an AstroGrep search game directory, file type ‘*.rvdata2’, and text ‘ev_hapy_bc’ seems to point to
        Common Events/2027:誘惑:ハーピーツインズ
        Common Events/3027:ハーピーツインズ
        Common Events/4211:ハーピーツインズ1
        Common Events/4212:ハーピーツインズ2
        Common Events/4213:ハーピーツインズ3
        Dialogue for those events can be found in DialoguesEnglish.rvtext

    • Chiron Maximus

      Soldier. Have a beast, or any other race that can’t have a shield, master this job and they can have a shield whenever the ability is active.

  74. Anonymous

    anyone have a cheat engine that can max out the Lv/Job/Race exp ? I don’t really want to grind for chaos labyrinth

    • Desert Eagle

      Mmmhh… No, I don’t know of any cheat that allows you to max out everything. If you really don’t want to grind, I think your best bet would be to use someone else’s save file for it.

      • Cheat Engine

        Used as a memory editor for applications. When a game starts it is loaded in memory, as you play variables get updated in memory, well if you have an idea of how the data is flowing you can use it to figure it out and make changes in your favor.

      • NightmareChild

        (Video Link at the Bottom)

        Leveling Job Xp is the easiest. Simply set you’re entire party to a new job (putting them all at level 1), then go out and fight. take the amount of job Xp you gain and put this into cheat engine Xp*2+1 and hit New scan then First scan. Get into another battle and repeat the process. After 3 or 4 battles you’ll be left with 8 addresses (or however many party members you’re working with). Change their stats to 9999 and you’ll max out their job.

        (ALWAYS make sure it’s an odd number, otherwise the game will cash)

        For everything else just use the skill seeds.For example. If you have 5 Life Nuts. Do a new scan (5*2+1) Use a nut and do it again (4*2+1). Once you get the address, congrats. Infinite Hp Up.

        Also this trick works with nearly every item. Herbs, money, Gold Coins, Armor, etc.

        Here’s a long video that shows you how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzkZw2ilUuw

    • Gadgetfeak

      Here is the instruction
      set byte to 4
      scan for unknown initial value
      after a fight, not the amount of xp or job xp you received
      scan for increased value by
      for the value enter xp*2 then scan next,
      do until your left 8 addresses (8 party) for xp or until left 16 cause job + race xp
      then all the value to 9999(should be odd number),
      fight again, then you should maxed lvl

      • HotGear

        You need to install the program cheat engine then run it and select the program from a list after clicking the flashing box, after this to find the value:
        If this game is on RPG Maker then you have to multiply the value your looking at by 2 and add 1 onto that.
        For example, if I’m looking at a value of 2 in game the value I search for is 5.
        Just keep doing this until your left with the least amount of values in the box and make sure the value you set it as is also multiplied+1 otherwise it can crash the game.

      • Anonymous

        Ok this is what I did:

        I open the cheat engine, click the flashing box, open file to mgq.exe
        scan for unknown initial value => run around then encounter the creeps => defeat them
        then i choose increased value by => enter the value of exp I gain + 1 then next scan
        Don’t see anything on the left side

      • storm

        I still have terrible luck with cheat engine in this game when trying to give exp to any of my party members that didn’t start at level 1(pretty much everyone minus luka)

      • HotGear

        Sorry for delay (if you were waiting) you need to multiply the value by 2 then add 1 the new value every time you scan. Sorry if this is hard to understand.

      • Gadgetfeak

        your supposed to enter the value of the xp gained times 2
        do not add one to it (cause we are finding the increased value by)
        unless you know whow much xp you have currently, the times 2 + 1

  75. element

    so I updated to the ex .5e and my old save games don’t work it gives me an error noise when i try to load.

      • element

        worked, thanks for the help. was the second save the problem? that ones the 100% unlock from version 1.00

      • Sweet, I’ll work on implementing a solution. I forget which one it is but the error is on my part, after researching I was testing a script and it was accidentally released in 0.5d; modern algebra – ATS: Special Message Codes, it didn’t function as intended and I removed it but it added some arbitrary information to the save and actually locks the save to that script. The fix involves loading a version of EX that has a crippled version of that script, run a special uninstall script to remove it, then save the cleaned save… As I realize what I just mentioned sucks I’ll add something special to the patch, an option for a humble apology. Nothing to fancy probably the option for money. Though I plan to test your save a bit more before I release a fix just to be sure.

      • element

        Glad to help, wish i could do more to help the ex patch but i don’t have any notable skills except passion for monster girls.

      • Element, that in and of itself is a notable skill! I know errors are annoying and those that report them instead of just saying this sucks helps to fix them. Though I think I’ll look into Git repository for an official troubleshooting tracker to help ease the burden and more easily document errors.

        However This Should Work, Keep A Backup Of The Afflicted Save For A Few Days Just To Be Safe….

        EX 0.5d_Save-Fix

        Updated To Cripple modern algebra – ATS: Special Message Codes
        And Process To Remove That Data From Saves Affected
        1 – Load Up A Save That Is Problematic
        2 – Go To Map 228 – Pocket Castle 1F South, If You Are Already There Leave And Return
        3 – Should Be Sparkly Scroll On The Left Side Of The Big Door, Go There
        4 – Choose Option “Can’t Use EX 0.5e Do To Save”
        5 – Uninstall Script Will Run Removing ‘Game_ATS’ From Your Game
        6 – Save Your Game And Reinstall EX 0.5e
        7 – Optional, My Humble Apology Before You Save Take Something For Your Trouble
        Though Only For Your Active Party (It Was Faster To Code That Way…)
        * Give Me Money!
        * Grant Me Power!
        * Make Me Lovable!

  76. Anonymous

    Getting close to a month after update. I’m in no way trying to rush dargoth but, we have had almost zero ( two posts ) communication through this whole process. Sometimes all it takes is a quick “hey I’m alive and, this is what’s been happening over the last few weeks.” Even if there’s nothing substantial worth saying it’s nice to know someone is still looking at the site.

  77. storm

    I’ve also got the same issue as element. none of my saves worked after updating though i wont be able to upload a save for a while since im away from my computer that has the game on it.

  78. Anonymous

    How exactly does someone cheat in items? I’ve seen a few posts about that, and I’ve got no idea how they do it.

    • Anonymous

      By using Cheat Engine.

      Essentially it allows you to change values of things in your game. It’s as simple as downloading the program, hooking it up to your game, and then searching for numbers. Let’s say you’ve got 120 G. You search for 120 and the program will return a huge list of addresses pertaining to that numerical value, one of which pertains specifically to the amount of gold you have.

      You buy a herb for 10 G. Now you have 110 G. Well, now the program lets you search for addresses pertaining to the value 110 from the list you previously got. Hopefully you get the idea. Eventually you’ll single out one address which you can directly input any number which will give you as much money as you want.

      If you’re clever you don’t need to know the initial value of whatever parameter you want to manipulate, which lets you master jobs and races very easily.

      It doesn’t let you completely break the game or anything, but it’s very, very easy to use.

      • Anonymous

        I’m well aware of how to modify values using cheat engine, to give you more of something you already have a few of, I was under the impression people were using some debug menu to add items they didn’t already have, that is what I was asking about, adding items you don’t already have.

      • storm

        alright i got the combo box to work but i cannot find the address for alice and sonya’s exp/job exp. I found it for lime since she starts at level 1 so starting at 5exp after beating a slime worked but it only found limes after following the unknown initial for alice/sonya.

      • here, for all you cheat engine guys, just right click value type, and define new custom type (auto assemble) delete everything in there, and replace it with the following script, save it, and you no longer have to do any math, just search for the exact value:

        alloc(PreferedAlignment, 4)

        db ‘RPG VX type’,0

        dd 4

        dd 1

        //The convert routine should hold a routine that converts the data to an nteger (in eax)
        //function declared as: stdcall int ConvertRoutine(unsigned char *input);

        //Note: Keep in mind that this routine can be called by multiple threads at the same time.

        push ebp
        mov ebp,esp
        push ecx
        mov ecx,[ebp+8]

        //at this point ecx contains the address where the bytes are stored

        //put the bytes into the eax register
        mov eax,[ecx] //second fun fact, addressing with 32-bit registers doesn’t work in 64-bit, it becomes a 64-bit automatically (most of the time)
        shr eax,1 //shift right by 1 bit (divide by 2)

        //and now exit the routine
        pop ecx
        pop ebp
        ret 4

        //The convert back routine should hold a routine that converts the given integer back to a row of bytes (e.g when the user wats to write a new value)
        //function declared as: stdcall void ConvertBackRoutine(int i, unsigned char *output);
        push ebp
        mov ebp,esp
        push edx //save the registers
        push ecx
        mov edx,[ebp+0c]
        mov ecx,[ebp+08]

        //at this point edx contains the address to write the value to
        //and ecx contains the value

        push eax
        push edx

        mov edx,[edx] //edx now contains the original value
        and edx,1 //only save the first bit

        mov eax,ecx //eax gets the user input value
        shl eax,1 //shift left by 1 bit (multiply by 2)
        or eax,edx //add the bits of the original value

        pop edx
        mov [edx],eax //write the new value into the old value
        pop eax

        //everything is back to what it was, so exit

        //cleanup first
        pop ecx
        pop edx
        pop ebp
        ret 8

    • Anonymous

      In addition to the Cheat Engine thing, it’s also possible to decrypt the game files using “All Decryptor” (or something similar) and then literally rewrite the game with RPGmaker VX Ace.

      That way, you can easily place NPCs and boxes that give whatever you want anywhere in the game.

  79. Is death supposed to drop anything? I defeated her, got the achievement 死に打ち勝った者, and death will not let me fight her again, however I did not get any experience or loot. Error? or is that fight utterly pointless?

  80. Arthas

    why i return at floor 1 when im already at floor 33? there is no checkpoint? and i cant save too inside the labyrinth of chaos.. wtf

    • Desert Eagle

      I believe the idea of Chaos Labyrinth is that you try to go as far as possible. The level you get to and get defeated at is your highscore. “Clearing” Chaos Labyrinth isn’t the point. It’s how far you get what matters.

      Well, that, and getting to floor 100.

    • Depends John, Short Answer No.
      Beautifully Crafted Dargoth’s Team Fully Translated? No… Last I new 1.02a was probably 20% and I’m a bit physicked to see what the weekend brings.
      Machine Mutilated With Good People Making It Better EX Fully Translated? Maybe 80-90% range
      Though only going off what I personally reviewed, the efforts of Casian Sarpe Socaci, and what was incorporated from Fanservicefan and Dargoth’s 1.02a patch it is probably around 30-50% with some parts being borderline acceptable though improvements are regularly being made

  81. Anonymous

    What race and job should Rami have cause im having her on my team for the labyrinth. Man I just love this girl and how she got teased every time

    • Desert Eagle

      Have her master all the magic jobs? Black Mage, White Mage, Sage…

      Of course, if she’s a caster in your team, her magic must be “min/max’ed”. Have her equip everything that increases magic.

      • Anonymous

        Well I already maxed everything related to her race and job u mentioned. Is there any other job that should benefit her?

      • Desert Eagle

        Well, to be sure, there’s Time Mage, Spiritualist, Necromancer, Puppeteer, Medium, Pope… Spiritualist will let you learn “Ability: Summoning”, which will allow the character to use Summoning magic.

        But really, make sure to min/max that magic. For example, equipping “Combat Ring” will lower her attack and defense but it will increase her magic by 150%. Alternatively, you can equip “Heavy Ring”. Equipping it doubles the mana cost of all spells but it increases magic by 150%. There are also shields that give a flat boost to magic, like Magical Shield and Dark Shield+.

        Some characters can learn abilities that have the same effect as Combat Ring or Heavy Ring would. Lily has the ability “Heavy Magic”, for example. I’m not sure how it will be for Rami but I suspect future caster jobs will teach those abilities.

    • Desert Eagle

      Heck, just scroll up and take a look at the main post. “Updated translation patch this weekend, I promise”. That was updated not too long ago. 😛

      • Anonymous

        And yet, ToroToro released v1.21 before Dargoth got the next translation out =P

        Let’s see if he’ll actually release a version for 1.20 this weekend, a version for 1.21 some time later.

        Well, at least he isn’t dead.

  82. Anonymous

    I read someone else having problems with EX patch save files and I tried it out and I’m also having problems.

    Apparently if you move save files that were used in the EX patch to the untranslated game and start 1.20 without the EX patch, the save can’t be loaded. Is there a work around to this or will I have to start over?

    You’re able to access the load screen and see a save file, but cannot select it.

      • Anonymous

        Worked, thank you! Had fun playing around with the maxed races and jobs for a bit too.

        I loaded up 1.20 and tried out a couple of things just to make sure everything was okay. I noticed some characters have their names missing but I think I remember reading about this being an known issue right?

      • Actually EX 0.5e has a function that should fix that, same sparkly scroll different features (though if you saved in that area you have to leave then go back to use the new features, a quirk of RPG Maker as it saves the map you currently are on); Though Rename needs a bit of work, I got an update ready for that but for now put those actors in your party and restore defaults, rename them to something else, or wait and when Dargoth releases his update I’ll update a custom list with the names he uses in his next patch.

      • Anonymous

        I’m getting an error that says:

        Script *some Japanese text I can’t copy and paste* ver1′ line26: NameError occurred.

        uninitialized constant Object::NWPatch

      • Not sure, though the NWPatch is it working with the patch system. What version of Paradox are you working with? And if upgrading which version did you come from?

        Lets see 1.03 didn’t contain that system and I believe it was added around 1.10

        Closest thing I seen was
        ▽ パッチスクリプト読込 ver2
        ▽ パッチスクリプト読込 ver3

        Are you using the EX system? If so what version?

      • Missing mobs02_cip has nothing to do with saves. It was added in Paradox 1.10 and your missing assets. EX doesn’t add game assets.

        Two ways you can fix that.
        1 – Download a clean copy of 1.21 from the official website and decrypt Game.rgss3a again to get the new assets
        2 – Upgrade to version 1.20 using the readme
        For Those Coming From 1.02
        For Those Coming From 1.10

        Once you got the latest official Paradox files re-install EX

      • Anonymous

        Ok, I got it working again, but it’s still in Japanese. I followed the steps involving For Those Coming From 1.02 and 1.10 and even copied and pasted the rvtext files that only has English in the name (and it’s all from the EX 0.5f).

      • Anonymous

        Ok, I followed the steps involving For Those Coming From 1.02 and 1.10 and copied and pasted the rvtext files with English in the name (all from the EX 0.5f folder), and the game is working, but it’s still in Japanese.

      • Anonymous, you are almost done now finish off by going from 1.10 to 1.20 (otherwise you will still be missing assets)

        Then re-install the entire EX 0.5f (every file in that folder should be in your game directory overwriting the original files)

      • Anonymous

        For reinstalling the entire EX 0.5f, do I still have to do the Decrypter steps or skip that and just copy and paste everything into my directory?

  83. So the sandworm girl hits like a truck. Got her at lv 26 with the killing earrings that makes her attack twice and she hits for around 1k per hit. Her def is at 450~ too, so she can take a beating. Only downside to her would be her speed which is very low

    Thought id share in case anyone is looking for a gal with some brawn

    • Desert Eagle

      Are you training Dahlia / Sandworm Girl to be a “multi-hitter” or do you use her abilities as well?

      I have a multi-hitter in my team too: Nuruko. She can hit an enemy a total of seven times, each consecutive hit potentially being double or triple the original damage. I had her hit a lv 25 random monster for 600, 800, 1600, 3200 (crit) and it was down. There were even three attacks left.

      • Anonymous

        Planning on using her as a tank and get someone else for multi-hitting. Was just suprised to see her rek the monsters in the final tower by herself 😛