1. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t recommend uploading anything to anonfiles I can never download anything from it and I know lots of other people have same problem with that site so might want to use a different site as back up.

  2. Anonymous

    Once again with the lack of H scene dialog translation on the demo huh 🙁 Oh well, looking forward to the 33% in a “few” months from now.

    • Anonymous

      Sure are whining a bit for not doing it yourself. I’d say the gameplay engine, and even the main story beyond that, is just a tad more important than the specific text of any given h-scene.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, for h-scenes I more or less have an idea of what they’re probably saying and what’s going on.

        For gameplay stuff, it’s a real pain figuring out what the abilities are and what skills do when you can’t read it. :/

  3. Thanks for the translation by the way I’m surprised that the first loli llias wasn’t translated did you forget or didn’t think it was a big deal? not that it really matters.

  4. Anonymous

    While trying to apply the patch I got a “wrong version” error.
    Do I need to get the latest TT patch for this to work?

  5. Lying too your face

    I’m getting a wrong version error when I try to apply the patch. I know I have the 1.02 version of the game it says so when I open it.

    • Anonymous

      It does that, the manual patch would be nicer as it seems you have to do a clean install every time making updates less updates and more like new releases… Delete paradox game folder, fresh clean copy of game 1.02 to paradox game folder, apply patch… It would also be nice if the program mentioned what is was doing and why it thought it failed a version check around 50% in; Besides that thank you Dargoth and team!

  6. Anonymous

    Dargoth The patch works if you have v1.02.01 version with the patch release Torotoro or has to be just version v1.02?

  7. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me if it’s only me or is the part just before the camping (just as you approuch illiasburg) untraslated, while in the camp it’s translated

  8. Autismo

    I’m just waiting for the “talk” skill interactions to be done, even though it’s probably going to be the last thing to be translated.

  9. Anonymous

    try as i might i can seem to patch the game even with a clean 1.02 version of the game it always say that i have the wrong version and stops at 49%

      • Anonymous

        nope still not working and now i’m getting a system out of memory exception error on top of that….. just my freaking luck.

      • Yeah sorry about that. The patching process is still a work in progress and needs more optimizations. We’ll improve it and offer some alternatives in the future. For now, reboot your system and close other programs to free up memory – the patcher can easily eat up 2 gigs while it works. As for having the wrong version, it’s probably something stupid like a text file that doesn’t belong in one of the directories. You may think you have a clean version, but try downloading a new one anyway. I had the same problem myself.

  10. CMrC

    Dargoth you are our hero, sincerely thanks for your hard work.

    Btw i didn’t read the unfortunate mermaid innate skill before. I clapped to that while laughing my lungs out.

  11. Not Gilgamesh

    I guess I have to ask…Where do I download the 1.02a? otherwise I am going to have to just wait till Dargoth releases the 1.1 patch.

    • Desert Eagle

      I’m not sure I understand? The download link’s right there. It’s the translation patch meant for game version 1.02.

  12. Anonymous

    I have found a few places so far that are missing translations (Demo Content), I don’t know which ones are intentionally left out for this patch or not but I will list what I found.
    -A few lines when meeting tiny Ilias for the first time
    -A few lines when setting up camp for the first time outside Iliasburg
    -All battle related speech (Including the Talk skill)
    -A couple of skills such as Sweet Worm (Mimi) and Flail Wildly (Luka)
    -The text explaining the skill Dissolving Liquid overlap and makes it barley readable.
    -The skull symbol status effects in the Status Resist screen

    Thats what I could find that I know where part of the demo 🙂

    • sazaju

      I think they speak about the 1.02 complete version. Not sure the trial has been updated consequently nor will be in the future.

  13. Anonymous

    I’ve seen that the game has some errors, just like when I’m defeated by the centaurs from the north and when I select the Skills or the Configuration on the Menu for example. When I do one of them the game crashes and closes automatically. That’s unfair!

  14. Anonymous

    hi. ive bought the game from the dl site. appears when the game is extracted i get a “file corrupted. run virus check and reinstall” anyone else getting this?

    • Anonymous

      You get that error when the folder has Japanese characters in it. You can fix it by renaming the folder, or running the game in a different locale.

  15. Desert Eagle

    Is there a job that lets you learn “Dark” abilities? Does “Spiritualist” learn any of those? I’d like to make one of my team members learn a job that lets you use Dark abilities.

  16. sazaju

    Dargoth, it could be nice to release a zip of the maps in parallel of your patch. This way, people who fail using your patch can learn a bit more to extract the maps and just replace them with yours.

  17. Lying too your face

    damn wish i never deleted the decrypter I had, cant get to ulmf.org to redownload it and every other decrypter links to a download that no longer exists >.<

  18. differentrbowser

    opening the game as administrator gets me pass the file corrupt message, since replacing the ‘corrupted’ files from a different download of the game didnt do a thing

      • cool. I am translating a few RPG maker games myself. I don’t really know how to do the other methods other than actually having RPG maker and doing the grunt work and I haven’t found the other methods practical for me yet. Well if you feel like sharing an in depth step by step method that would be nice. With pictures helps too.

  19. Anonymous

    Hey guys I have question about the game, I was reading other people’s experience with the game and a lot of them talked about fighting the reaper. Can somebody tell where I need to go or what I need to do to fight her, cause I walked all over the place and have no idea what to do.

  20. Anonymous

    Dargoth, thanks for the alternative method, the patcher gave me an error but the old method works very well and now the game run translated and without error, thank you very much ^^

      • Yep I know but there’s something else I wanna ask, there’s a grayed out entry in my monster book right under the Mimic entry, I assume that monster beat me up and I haven’t encountered it since? Is it Nagael and if it is can she be recruited? Or beaten.

      • Grandork

        Sorry, I’m not pushing forward with the story without Dargoth’s translation, thus Mimic is the strongest monster I’ve killed, nothing under it.

        Also, if you have trouble Recruiting, you should really level up Hunter on Luka in order to get 1.5x Recruit.

      • Believe it or not I already mastered all of Luka’s basic jobs and I did go for the 2x Recruit skill from Demon Hunter and mastered the class as well. The only monster I’m having trouble with so far is the Spider Girl, but I’m not sure if I was using the 2x or 1.5 Recruit ability when I tried to recruit her. I kinda gave up and started stealing panties. No idea what they’re good for but what the hell I have to do something till the full translation is ready or till Part 2 comes out.

      • Grandork

        It’s just luck, I recruited her after the third battle, yet took me over 30 battles to recruit the Catfish.

    • Anonymous

      no, the way you beat monsters doesnt affect their chance of recruitment, you just have to beat them over and over again until they join you. Some just take longer then others.

  21. Arj

    Stupid question here! If I have a Special Ability such as Encounter Double on one of my party members, but not the 4 Active members, just one of the 4 reserve members, does it still work, or do they need to be one of the 4 Active?

      • Civildeviation

        One difference is that only members in the active party get the +1 affection per battle. Luka does not need to be in the active party for this to occur. It can make getting the scenes for some of the particularly picky members easy to access.

  22. meanderingNekomata

    I don’t mean to pressure you or anything but I wanted to let you know that there is indeed at least 1 person (me) still interested in Sei Monmusu Gakuen (Likely many more people as well) and likely will be on into 2016. Whenever you get around to it, know that I look forward to it and think that you’re doing a good job all things and potential circumstances considered. I know how frustrating it can be to make less progress than initially planned on something and just wanted to offer my support. I wish you good luck in the MGQ Paradox translation and appreciate what you’ve done with it so far.

    • Grandork

      Unfortunately, Paradox will eat all of his time. Once he finishes Part 1, Part 2 will most likely be almost out.

      • meanderingNekomata

        I know, just as part 1 is doing for me and I look forward to part 2 as well. But as for Sei Monmusu Gakuen I’ve already been waiting for someone to translate it for over a year and just knowing that it will be translated eventually is a relief. Also knowing myself I’ll probably play through MGQ Paradox it all over again once the english patch is out which should take a while considering I like to try to get everything. Plus I’ll be playing part 2 after that and I also have plenty of other irons in the fire to attend to in the time between games.

  23. Anonymous

    The translation for Eva’s innate ability has confirmed for me that she is the ultimate support character

    • Grandork

      Mary is the best Tank also imo. 25% Counter, targeted 75% of the times. My only problem is that skills are so OP that anything else is pointless.

      • Civildeviation

        The language “Targeted 75% as often by enemies” is rather confusing for me. 25% more often or 25% less often would be more clear.

      • Grandork

        @Kurobane It’s not a question of Difficulty. Skills just deal too much damage and you can make a build that uses SP and MP, allowing you to spam skills the whole battle.

    • Anonymous

      Civil, that’s just how the abilities were written originally. Better to translate rather than try to “fix” the wording to fit with an arbitrary feeling for what is more/less intuitive. The elemental resistances are the same where “Lightning 75%” means you take 75% as much Lightning damage, ie 25% less. And the same for the SP/MP cost reducers.

      This actually factors in with how innate %s will stack with Ability %s, they’re multiplied together. So if you have a 150% weakness to an element, and get a 75% damage passive, it ends up around 112%, which is 150% x 75%. Less math than 150% – (150%x25%).

      It’s a preference and different people will find different methods of math more/less clear than others.

      • Civildeviation

        I agree that phrasing is more or less intuitive for each person, so by no means does my preference speak for anyone but myself even if I wish it did. :-).

        That said, I disagree on how to translate. A skilled translator in my book uses knowledge of both nuance and actual definition in both languages to produce something new but accurate to the intent of the original author. Had Rogue simply stated “cute” for every time kawai was used in the original MQG it would have come across as dull and repetitive imo.

        As for OP abilities and characters, finding them is fun, spamming them kinda takes the enjoyment out. That said, game balance with so many characters and abilities is a beast of a task and I am not sure that game-balance is Torotoro’s highest priority. We may just have to *deal* or wait for modders.

  24. Mokou

    First if all, great job and thank you for doing this dargoth we all apreciate

    Next, how do you recluit queen harpy or chrome? if anyone knows please tell me

    • Anonymous

      Don’t think you can get the queen harpy yet; Chrome is a quest, detailed better in a previous post but go to her mansion, beat everything up, and she should join your party

      • Anonymous

        That’s to unlock Spiritualist from the mimic in the mansion. To recruit Chrome, you have to get an item from the cave leading to the tower between San Ilia and Sabasa.

  25. Hey Dargoth found a bug in the house west of the general store in luka village when you try to talk to her she bugs out and nothing happens she was working before this patch so it’s ever this patch or because I meet the white rabbit.

  26. Desert Eagle

    Lv 10 Orator learns a Dragon Shout. 😀

    Too bad it looks more like “Yol Toor Shul” than “Fus Ro Dah”.

  27. Anonymous

    Thank you for getting so many of the abilities, skills and racial traits translated its very helpful now I don’t have to try and remember what the skills do based on position in the list which is what I was doing before.

  28. Anonymous

    I have a bug where the picture of Amira is shown all the time in the middle of the screen but no conversation with her. I can move around but entering a different map or save and quit won’t help. Please don’t say i messed up my savefile?

    • Anonymous

      Doing a battlefuck is the way to go. BFs solve more problems than I thought. BTW: many thanks to Dargoth and his team for all their work, keep going!!

    • Anonymous

      (Same dude here) I assume I cannot advance in the story, because the speech of amira won’t show up if I talk to her. As far as I know she has to join my party, so that I can continue the game. I did not make any backups from my savefile. Is there any way to fix this bug?

  29. Anonymous

    Guys, i need a little help..

    I don’t have an international credit card, there’s any hope for me to buy Paradox ??

    Thanks in advance ! 🙂

  30. Anonymous

    Hey I found a bug, when you ask about synthesis to the blacksmith in Illias Village his portrait changes momentarily to the dragon pup’s one. It’s not really that big of a deal but I thought I should report it.

      • That one is almost definitely my fault, not Torotoro’s. Little things like that is what made copy-pasting from the demo to the release version a nightmare. I’m sure I copied the portrait numbering that was used in the demo and didn’t correct it for the release.

    • Anonymous

      Winmerge binary difference between decrypted v1.02 and decrypted v1.03
      Actors.rvdata2 Animations.rvdata2 Armors.rvdata2 CommonEvents.rvdata2 DataEx.rvdata2 Enemies.rvdata2 ExVersionID.rvdata2 Items.rvdata2 Map002.rvdata2 Map005.rvdata2 Map006.rvdata2 Map007.rvdata2 Map018.rvdata2 Map029.rvdata2 Map030.rvdata2 Map031.rvdata2 Map036.rvdata2 Map051.rvdata2 Map067.rvdata2 Map070.rvdata2 Map100.rvdata2 Map126.rvdata2 Map127.rvdata2 Map139.rvdata2 Map140.rvdata2 Map142.rvdata2 Map164.rvdata2 Map185.rvdata2 Map219.rvdata2 Map220.rvdata2 Map226.rvdata2 Map228.rvdata2 Map230.rvdata2 Map235.rvdata2 Map251.rvdata2 Map270.rvdata2 Map276.rvdata2 Map337.rvdata2 Map340.rvdata2 Map343.rvdata2 Map350.rvdata2 Map351.rvdata2 Map355.rvdata2 Map359.rvdata2 Map377.rvdata2 Map378.rvdata2 Map379.rvdata2 Map419.rvdata2 Map463.rvdata2 Map464.rvdata2 Map465.rvdata2 Map477.rvdata2 Map545.rvdata2 Map550.rvdata2 Map576.rvdata2 Map586.rvdata2 Map604.rvdata2 Map616.rvdata2 Map624.rvdata2 Map625.rvdata2 MapInfos.rvdata2 Scripts.rvdata2 Skills.rvdata2 States.rvdata2 System.rvdata2 Tilesets.rvdata2 Weapons.rvdata2

  31. Anonymous

    Strange, the second request scene with the slime girl only shows 3 CGs but when I see the folder I see that It should have 4 CGs, the last one does not appear in the scene. Does anyone else has this problem?

  32. Anonymous

    does anyone know what i need to do before i can go to enrika ? , i already got the chef permit , and back in illiasville , then i’m going to enrika , get shell but after i got to enrika there’s nothing happen there

  33. JustaFan

    Ok im done with the story. Only things left are Nanabi, Sphinx, Death Reaper and the Phoenix. Last one i cant get because my quest bugged like it looked. As i entered the city i examinine everything in the house nearby the quest house. Then i talked with everyone in the city. After that i leaved the city and continued with the story. Now that im done with the Story and i found the walkthrough for this quest i tried to complete it. But even if i make all steps i cant get the password from the hooded guy in the pub, get no talk threads with the girl in the Tent near the Inn and dont get the key from the green cloaked guy in the Inn. Cann someone say me if i did something wrong or do i really have somehow bugged my quest because i didnt finished it the first time?

    • Desert Eagle

      I can’t remember every step of that quest well; I remember only that I didn’t have any problems with it. That was during ver 1.00 though.

      I’m not sure what to tell you, considering you have a walkthrough. You enter town, you investigate the huge influx of phoenix feathers and snoop everywhere. A house has to be investigated and some phoenix feathers may have to be bought there.

      • JustaFan

        Well the Walkthrough says:
        1) Go to the House near the locked Warehouse and investigate anything in it.
        2) Go to the Tent near the Inn and Talk with girl inside (looks like the special BF which is the only one i still miss because i cant complete the phoenix quest and so she is still part of the quest and dont want a contest).
        3) Go to the Pub and talk with the hooded guy on the very end of the bar. You should get the option to pay him for a password.
        4) Go back to the girl in the Tent near the Inn and exhaust every dialoge with her.
        5) Go to the Warehouse and try the door again to see a scence.
        6)make your way back to the pub and speak with the man in the green cloak sitting at the bar to receive the key.
        After that you can go in the house, examinine the jar in the middle cell, fight then the phoenix and recruit her. And with that the quest is done and you have the phoenix. I can examinine everything in the house, can talk with the girl but cant buy a password from the hooded guy. So i have no speech options with the girl and i cant see the scene or get the key for the House. Is anything wrong with the walkthrough of the quest? Do i need to make other things?

      • Desert Eagle

        Mmmhhh… Everything sounds about right. There is a black hooded man in the bar, and he should sell you the password. The man in the green cloak is a thief whom you can hire to steal that key for you.

        The woman you mentioned is called Don Dahlia, by the way. She’s the leader figure of the town and also the one running the phoenix feather business. Everybody’s really careful around her; If someone crosses paths with her, they mysteriously meet with an… accident. And yes, she’s a BF opponent too. After the mini-quest, she sells tickets that let you have a BF with her.

        Try searching the house again. Also, try searching and interacting with other stuff around the town as well. I have a faint memory that there were several things to discover around the town. The usual RPG approach: “If you can’t progress, interact with everything.”

        Your problem might also be solved by updating to ver 1.03 (or going back to 1.00). You create a new directory for that version and leave it untranslated. You then copy your save files and put them in that directory (Create a backup for them too!). Then try completing the quest. When you’re done, you can copy that save file back to the translated 1.02 version and then continue your adventure. Again, it’s good to create a backup for your saves in case something goes wrong.

      • JustaFan

        Ok will try that. Have at the moment a lot to do with leveling jobs and races. By the way. It is possible to fight the reaper right? And if you win will she join you? And another question is how to fight alice in her older form. Saw it on the save game from another guy that i could re fight her. And if you can fight her how? I mean she has 60k Life and her other attributes are very high too.

      • Desert Eagle

        Umm, I have no idea. I’ve never encountered Alice in her adult form – in MGQ Paradox, that is. That might be because I chose Alice as my companion instead of Ilias.

      • JustaFan

        Hmm yeahh the guy from the save took Illias. Maybe that means people who choose Alice can fight Illias in her adult form. Hmm but that wouldnt fit. Illias adult Form should be too powerfull to get beaten by any Part 1 Group. Even if you have the best Equip and all Jobs/races from Part 1 mastered.

  34. Aaron1248

    Um guys I have a problem with mine…every time I try to start up I keep getting “Corrupted File” errors from the game…plz help ;___;

  35. AnonZ

    Seems that 1.03 is out, Is there any way to downgrade to 1.02? Or is there a possibility that the 1.02 translation patch is also compatible with 1.03?

      • Well that’s the part I suck at, I didn’t even manage to figure out how to get Sara to stop raping me or how to turn in the crystal ore guess I’ll just have to wait and see if someone figures it out.

      • Anonymous

        For Sara, you have to enter the locked house in Sabasa by talking to one of the guards in the tavern. Then, go to the oasis northeast of Sabasa, then the pyramid west of Sabasa. Turning in the crystal requires at least finishing the Sara mission.

      • Grandork

        Casian, the trick here is to be patient and wait for Dargoth to finish translation. I guarantee that it will go much more smoothly.

      • Yep I understand waiting is imperative to inderstand the whole plot but I’m trying to get to learn mechanics weaknesses etc so I can have a smooth play through when the translation is finally out. Thanks Anonymus for the pointers.

    • Anonymous

      Those jobs are available, but only on certain characters. The 3 Kitsunes can become Tao Swordsman (above Overpowering Fist), Taoist (below Summoner), and Ninja (below Master Thief). The Minotaur can become a Berserker (below Power Fighter). The items to allow others to change into these jobs do not appear to be in part 1.

    • Pyro

      You can’t at this point — unless it was added in 1.03. From what people are saying Sphinx and Harpy Queen aren’t recruit-able in this part.

    • Desert Eagle

      Yeah, I don’t think it’s possible to make Harpy Queen your companion in part 1.

      Before she can join you, you must first cure her of the sickness that affected harpies. The fruit you had helped you cure most of the harpies but it wasn’t enough for Harpy Queen. Being a queen, she is much, much more powerful than her underlings, and thus she requires a bigger dosage of the cure.

      So, in order to cure her, we need to acquire another one of those fruits. Supposedly they grow on an island somewhere (I think it’s an island of alraunes). Not only do we have to find a way to sail there but we must also be able to deal with some monster (vampire?) that has decided to reside there.

      None of that is possible in part 1. Part 2, maybe? I feel really bad for Harpy Queen, and I want to cure her as fast as possible.

    • Desert Eagle

      Not really. If you side with Lily, she will join you. If you side with Lucia, she will join you instead.

      I chose Lily, by the way.

  36. Anonymous

    Does anyone know the actual method for unlocking “Character Book” CG? I’ve gotten it on a few characters, but others don’t seem to unlock…

    • Pyro

      You need to raise your affection level with them by having them in your active combat group, once you raise it to certain levels “usually 10 for the lowest one” open the pocket castle and remove them from the party then talk to them and make the request. This will present you with the scenes and open up in the Character Library pages.

    • Pyro

      oops 2nd reply since I was asleep last night when I replied apparently. You can give them gifts while in the pocket castle as well to raise affection levels “Don’t know how well this works though”

      • machinaforce

        Yea you want to have someone as a chef or three start chef every monster likes a certain dish but be warned most of them will require you to be high level chef

  37. Desert Eagle

    So, I managed to farm 27 small medals. I got them after killing- Sorry, defeating a total of 350 Mimics and Honey Pots. That’s roughly 7,7% drop rate, and it includes the 2x Drop Rate -ability for the most part. All of my characters (except Alice) have mastered all of their races.

    With 27 small medals, I had a total of 45 small medals. I used them to recruit Medal Queen. It worked; She’s now my companion.

    Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any H-scenes. At least not in part 1.

    • Desert would you mind sharing your tactic for killing the Honey pots, what skills do you use and can you kill it in 1 round? I can only kill them in 2 rounds using Purifying Light with luka and Promestein Vanilla’s cape drain move and one of the imp’s succubus rape I guess(can’t read japanese)

      • Desert Eagle

        I’m not sure if my tactic will be efficient for you. Ever since I began my game, I’ve been playing on Hell mode. Honey Pots are a considerable threat on that difficulty level so I adjusted my tactic to be as smooth and safe as possible. I could have lowered the difficulty but I just decided to roll with it.

        In my usual group setup, there’s 1) Luka, 2) Someone who can inflict Blind, 3) Someone who can cast All Enhance Guard, & 4) Someone who can heal the entire group.

        Honey Pots and Mimics are considered as Ghost type monsters. If you have Ghost Slayer abilities, it might be a good idea to activate them. Their greatest weakness are Holy attacks but natural elements (earth, water, wind) work as well.

        I begin combat with “Blind”, “All Enhance Guard” and a group heal (e.x Mega Heal All). Most of Honey Pot’s attacks will miss, including the stun, when she’s blinded. Usually, Honey Pot takes the first move which is why I have someone cast group heal – to heal the damage immediately. “All Enhance Guard” will halve all damage Honey Pot does to you. I refresh “All Enhance Guard” on the 3rd turn after I cast it, before it expires.

        In the meanwhile, Luka begins combat by casting Magic Sword technique “Spellblade Holy” (gained from Valkyrie race). After that, I have Luka focus entirely on spamming Heroism skill 不死斬 (“Undead Slaying”; My poor attempt at translation). Combined with Spellblade Holy, it will deal some serious damage at a low SP cost. Or you could just spam 不死斬 from the beginning.

        Also, Honey Pot can sometimes be inflicted with stun and bind. If one of you active party members has the accessory “あやしい宝箱 / Surprise Box(?)” equipped (obtained from Mimic at 2000 affection rating), you get a chance of stunning you opponent(s) at the start of combat. If you managed to stun Honey Pot with it, the battle will go A LOT smoother.

        Sorry. That was pretty long.

      • That’s ok I love detailed stuff, since I’m only on normal difficulty I won’t need to go all out on defense or healing I do use blind as well but thanks for pointing out she’s a ghost and that skill. But you know something pissed me off really bad about this mob, Merchant gets a skill that does 3k damage for 500 gold honey pot doesn’t get damaged by this for some reason. Thanks for the pointers.

      • Desert Eagle

        Hahah! I know. I tried throwing money at it too. But when you stop and think about it, Mimic and Honey Pot take the forms of treasure containers: chest and pot. Why would “treasure” harm a treasure container? 😛

      • Oh yea I figured it out, that skill does damage by the formula Lvl X 100 so max damage it can do in this part is 3k which I have to say is pretty good for the most part

    • Anonymous

      How do you farm those mimic and honey pot ? Do they appear somewhere as random encounter ? So far I only found those searching pot and chest but I don’t remember seeing 350 of them.

    • CMrC

      I think you missed a lot of medals in your playthorug, there should be areound 40 that you can find hidden in drawres, wardrobe, pots, etc…
      I think i got 51 of them, with 6 from amira’s first 3 gift and about 3 from mimic/pot girls drops

      • Desert Eagle

        I didn’t miss them. I just spent those medals on Noble and Lord/Pope job items.Sorry I didn’t mention it.

      • You don’t have to have any of the slug girls in your party, just the slug medal in your inventory. I read somewhere around here that the slug medal is proof that Luka can coexist with the slug race and that’s why the slug queen will join

      • JustaFan

        Alright it worked. So i have all monsters with exception of Phoenix (looks like it is a little bugy by me. More about that a little bit higher), the reaper (if she is recruitable) and Alice in her older form. But i dont think that she will be recruitable because you already have the little alice. By the way for me it looks like the Tier 3 Jobs/races are not available in the first part. For everyone of them you need a Item which is not included in the first part.

  38. Grandork

    Hey Dargoth, could you please check Technical Magi (Talent in the Magic Group)? Either it doesn’t work in the game, or the translation broke it, because it does not work as intended ;_;

    It says “Causes Black Magic, Time Magic, Summoning and Demon Arts skills to use Dexterity in place of Magic”. Made a test with 70 Int and 140 Dex, did 300 dmg with Mega Fire and Fire Waltz, changed it to 120 Int and 90 Dex, was doing over 600 dmg on both.

      • Grandork

        Thanks, one more thing, how hard is it look at what Race and Jobs give per Level? I would like to make a Guide, with what everything gives, in order to help people to make a build.

      • JustaFan

        How do you mean that? Do you mean what attributes they give? If you want to know that i think no one can answer you that. All Jobs/Races gave you a persent raise or lowering of the basic attributes of all the chars. To exactly know what they give you, you would need to know what are the base attributes of all the chars and i dont know if there is a way to do this. If you mean what abilities and attacks the jobs and races gave with which level it would be hard to gave an answer. If there is no official guide about it you would need to level all the jobs and races and write down on which lvl you get which attack or abilitie.

      • Grandork

        @JustaFan Lol, how did you get so confused with what I said? XD

        Anyway, what I meant is what Talents and Skills it gives per level. And no, I don’t plan on leveling all jobs and races and writing it down. What I wanted to know is how hard is it to look at the data through RPG Maker. That’s something Dargoth would know.

      • Grandork you should have said something earlier. I would have written them down for you since I have all my basic jobs mastered and plan to master every unlocked intermediate job as well.

    • JustaFan

      Ahh wasnt that confused. Hmm ok Dargoth maybe know that. Or is able to find it out. But i dont think that he can tell you. Many Tier 2 Jobs and races are not translated yet. So he would need to translate them first. But if you want i can tell you. At the moment i try to level all races/jobs on Luca. Alice, Sonia, Promenstein, Brundhilfe, Sylph, Gnome and Chrome. So if you want to know about a specific jobs race that i dont did until now i can write them down for you. Depending on the time i have daily i could tell you 3-4 jobs and maybe 1-2 races.

      • Grandork

        Sure, but it may be quite annoying for you to level everything. There are a LOT of Races and Jobs, plus you have to pay attention to when you level, so you can see what it gives, you can’t just hold A and go grinding like crazy.

      • JustaFan

        Well like i said. I Plan to master every Job and Race with some chars. I bet it will be helpfull in Part 2 if you have all jobs and races mastered with luca and maybe other chars you will keep. So just gave me 3-4 jobs and 1-2 races. If i dont have mastered them yet i will do it within in the days and write down what you get with which lvl. But will be tough if abilities and skills appears that are not translated.

      • Grandork

        Let’s just wait on the next patch by Dargoth, I’m sure it will cover most, if not all, of Combat. I’m also going to wait for Dargoth to answer. If it’s not that hard to Decrypt the game and open it up in the RPG Maker, thus allowing me to see inside the data what you get per level, I will just go through there. Just hoping Dargoth will actually look at this comment again, since he is really busy XD

  39. JustaFan

    Hey guys. I level jobs and races at the moment. And i found out that the Demon Trainer has a nice attack. If you use Monster Servant a random Monster appears that makes one of his attacks. But the best is there are even monsters that are not included in part one. So far i got Centaur and Alraune from the very beginning from Monster girl Quest 2 and an unknown red skined Oni/Orc with a giant club.

    • I honestly doubt that any attack could be stronger than Purifying light at this point in the game but I may be wrong For me Purifying light deals 4.2k damage per hit I haven’t found anything stronger yet and I did master demon trainer the attacks are mediocre. And if it’s based on luck I wouldn’t call it a reliable source of damage. What was reliable for me at least were the whip attacks paired with expel strike 2 binding whips were almost always enough to wipe out an entire party.

      • Anonymous

        I think that he wasn’t talking about the damage of the attack but that it can summon monsters that aren’t in the game yet.

      • JustaFan

        Thats right. But the red skined orge/orc did make 2k damage to two enemys. Ok there are better attacks for sure. But i think for only 1 SP its not that bad. Maybe you can even get attacks from High lvl Monsters like Granberia or so in the later parts. I only think its interesting that there are Monsters who are not in the game. And this red skined Oni/orc monster i didnt even saw before in any game. Ok it isnt that nice. It has more muscles then a bodybuilder. XD

  40. Incubusknight

    Hmm patch notes also seem to make mention of another update after 1.03.

    (machine translated)

    “The next update will be a big thing.
    Is not limited to bug fixes, I am planning a variety of additional elements.
    As a time, and we plan to April mid-late.” -torotoro

  41. Desert Eagle

    Have you been training your team in a lot of jobs and races? Is your swordsman plagued by useless boomerang techniques? Are there other skills that are just uselessly taking space in your combat menu?

    I realized a little while ago that it’s possible to hide some of your skills in battle. When you’re out of combat, go to your party menu and skills. There, by pressing SHIFT, you can mark your skills to be hidden in combat. It’s actually translated in there (“1: Hide in Combat”) but I never noticed it until now.

  42. shotgun2010

    They updated the main game again on April 01 over on DL Site, assuming the patch won’t work with it again.

  43. Silly question, how do you steal materials? Cook steals food and I found a skill inder Special that steals panties but I can’t find the one that steals materials anyone know?

  44. Grandork

    Anyone know if there’s a way to give more than 1 present at a time? Getting to 2k giving +3 Happiness presents takes close to 10 minutes -.-

    • Well you could try cooked foods, some of them give even 20+ or you could just mash z and a alternatively z cancels the monster girl’s comment

      • Grandork

        Still don’t have Cook, since I won’t advance the story without translation. This sucks =(, +20 would help XD

      • Desert Eagle

        Nope. If you want to cook, you have to use it as a combat ability.

        I advise you not to make lowest tier foods just for variety. Higher tier foods can give 40, 60, 90 or 105 affinity rating. Depending on the person, of course. The highest I’ve recorded is 150 which is from inarizushi, stolen (Steal Food) from silver two-tailed foxes.

      • Grandork

        Hm… So that means leveling Cook to a respectable level and also being lucky that they actually want the food.

      • Anonymous

        Or just having a Harpy steal inarizushi from the silver kitsune for the ones that like that. There is at least one other food that generally gives more than it, but inarizushi seems to be the best renewable food.

      • Desert Eagle

        New record. Hild is crazy about Barbequed Chicken and Sashimi. Each gives 195 affinity rating for her. Normally those foods give 27…

  45. Anonymous

    I have a question does anyone know what skill you use for the stolen materials you can find it in the enemies section it looks like this
    – Dropped Items

    – Stolen Items

    – Stolen Ingredients

    – Stolen Materials <—- This section still has ???? on all monsters because I haven't found the skill to get this item yet.

    – Stolen Panties

      • Anonymous

        That seems to be the case. I have a harpy without any thief levels. It has an ability 素材を盗む under thief, which steals materials. It also has one for food, and one that steals normal items from a random opponent 4 times.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for telling me that never considered it would be from harpy but thinking back it was kind of obvious when you talk to the one harpy in the Ilias temple she did say harpies learn thief skills that no others learn guess I should of used my brain more. Would have never found it because I am still using Lime because I just like the irony of taking weakest monster of most rpgs a slime and turn her into a boss killer makes me lol.

      • deuxvolt

        Nice way to be a jerk, are you that much of an ass to shun someone for asking about a progression report like how Rogue did so people could have a ETA of the next patch or the full patch? Dargoth obviously doesn’t have to do it but it’s a simple question you didnt have to be rude with.

  46. Anonymous

    I have a couple questions.

    1) Is it possible to recruit every monster girl in the game, or are some unrecruitable? I’ve had trouble getting some to join me.

    2) Is it possible to customize your menu or to have it stick to a previous decision? It sucks having to press down six times to cast the same skill. 😛

    • Pyro

      General consensus on girls you can’t recruit…
      Harpy Queen
      Grim Reaper — Maybe, haven’t seen much about her not being recruit-able or being able to be recruited.

      Not sure on #2, not playing on a hard difficulty until the game is fully translated.

    • Anonymous

      You can’t have it stick to a certain skill category, but you can remove skill categories that you don’t want to use. From the main menu, pressing shift while highlighting a skill category will not display that category in combat for that character.

    • Desert Eagle

      Don’t forget Queen of the South Sea, Kraken. We’re carrying her in our key items, and we haven’t figured out a way to restore her in part 1.

  47. Anonymous

    What happens, when you download the game and then apply the patch (which won’t work, due to version error) then realize you can’t downgrade since there isn’t a selection for it on the purchase… I’d called that a “you’re screwed moment” if any, because that’s where I am right now. Hopefully, next patch will come out at some point so I can play.

  48. Anonymous

    How do you initiate the Lily quest and how do you finish the Sara questline after getting the Sphinx blood?

    • Desert Eagle

      The quest in Witch Hunt Village is triggered by finishing Sara quest.

      If you have Sphinx’s blood, go to Sabasa castle and march in the throne room (The guards don’t mind). Sara should be there. Demand that she drinks the blood and expect resistance.

      • Anonymous

        I tried going up there and the ‘translation’ says something about envoy from san ilias or something…won’t let me go up there.

        On topic of initiating things, how do you also initiate the ghost mansion quest? I can’t get up the stairs. Hard to figure out where to go when you can’t Japanese. 🙁

      • Desert Eagle

        Ah. You probably need to finish stuff in San Ilias first before you can advance Sara quest.

        Let me do a quick check list of things to do in Natalie area…

        1. Finding the missing people from Natalie Port – Go meet Queen of the South Sea
        2. Exploring the library of San Ilias castle
        3. Obtaining mithril from Mt. Amos to create Mithril equipment
        4. Escorting King of San Ilias in Ludait Village
        5. Exploring the haunted mansion
        6. Obtain the power of Sylph
        7. Getting information from criminal organization in Monte Carlo
        8. Investigating the appearance of a succubus in Monte Carlo (Need info first)
        9. Visiting the tower west of Monte Carlo on an errand
        10. Investigating Lubiana village
        11. Sabasa

        This is roughly the order of what I did in Natalie area. See if there’s something missing from between – maybe you can advance your quest(s) after you complete them.

        In the haunted mansion, you just have to go upstairs. There’s also a Mimic in there that gives a mini-quest. She wants you to visit every room and make them quiet again.

      • Anonymous

        1) Done
        2) Done
        3) Done (Not 100% sure)
        4) I haven’t done this one, maybe this is what I have to do.
        5) Haven’t done this one either
        6) Done
        7) I talked to an NPC that mentioned something about Lazarus, but that’s it.
        8) Haven’t done this
        9) Haven’t done this
        10) Haven’t done this
        11) Up to the blood point.

        Wow, I’m missing a lot.

      • Desert Eagle

        Okay, I think that confirms it. You need to help King of San Ilias first before you can advance the story.

        And yeah, the name of Lazarus means a lot to the criminal organization in Monte Carlo. *hint, hint*

      • Anonymous

        Alright, I’ve gotten a bit farther. I’ve managed to complete the haunted house, but Monte Carlo I’m clueless on. I received the information from the guy for 110 gold but can’t enter the tent.

        I also went to Lubiana/Rubiana and went to the puppeteer’s tower, and that’s as far as I’ve
        gotten with that.

        Lastly, I beat Succubus Sara and she joined me…and that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

        How do you continue the rest of these? I’ve been talking to all the NPCs in town trying to make something out of it.

      • Desert Eagle

        Alright, I’ll spell it out for you. Lazarus is an influential person to the criminal organization. If you got a recommendation letter from him, that would make things a lot smoother. So go back to Iliasville.

        As I briefly mentioned, before you can investigate the succubus case, you need info from the criminal organization. First Lazarus, then stuff.

        If you’re done with Sara quest, I think you need to head back to Ludait village. I think it’s pretty urgent too.

  49. Anonymous

    I know this would only be an issue for a OCD completionist but has any one managed to acquire all 3 dropped items from defeating the harpy twins? I got bananas and the blue feathers but after 3 hours of farming with 2x drop rate the third item has not appeared. I just want to know if it is bugged before I leave it as a stain on my completionist record. FYI, I’m still on version 1.00 with no translations.

    • Anonymous

      The last one shows as Breeze Cape (+10% evasion accessory) for me. I was probably still using version 1.00 at that point, but I’m using 1.02 now, so I can’t be certain that it dropped while I was using version 1.00.

    • Civildeviation

      Good question and one we will find out eventually.

      I am more curious about the latest Alice and Nero as well as Miciah & Luka’s mom. If the simple hypotheses hold true and Torotoro depicts sexual acts with Luka then he will be crossing into a new fetish.

    • Grandork

      Is this a reply to my question? If it is, is that place only acessable if I finish the 3 Thieves quest?

      • Civildeviation

        Yup, I didn’t hit the right reply apparently and Desert missed it. As he had said, you are outta luck if you want to do it without passing the current translation point in the game. Otherwise if you go to the porn village in the SE of Illias continent and into the basement casino there you can get the 1.5 job exp amulets. Also, I’d recommend poker over slots, it took longer but was much more forgiving for me.

      • Grandork I’m sure you can get one early on, I remember that before you cross over to sentora you should have in your inventory 1 of heach hard job and hard grow bracelets, one’s from a BF and the other one I can’t remember. But you should be able to get one in a chest or as a reward for something.

  50. ztztzt39

    In the first demo, by looking into the files, there is an adult version of Alice to fight. Somebody knows how?

    • Anonymous

      Through a dialog with the grim reaper. Don’t ask me which, it wasn’t translated in the demo and I was just randomly trying things.

      • ztztzt39

        Yes, I found but she seems unbeatable. And I don’t see any script to let you win. (but I didn’t looked at everything)

    • Civildeviation

      If you beat her in the demo it crashes. In the current full release of the game you can beat her and beat Grim albeit the latter is just a bit more fun than grinding to fight Ruby Weapon-if ya catch my drift.

  51. Tyler Jurpik

    I’m having trouble downloading the patch.
    It says at the mega download site that it is 5.8MB, but all I get is 1.1MB.
    When I try patching my game it gives me an error, am I doing something wrong..?

    • Niander

      I just tried redownloading it and it worked fine. If you are using Chrome try disabling the phising and malware protection as that might be what blocks it ?

  52. Anonymous

    I have been playing the game for some time now and I just realized that Illias trait (Goddess of Creation) does not halves MP for holy skills or weapon based skills. Could it be a bug?

    • Anonymous

      Most holy skills have roughly twice the MP cost than their SP cost. Ilias should have them about equal, or off by one. Keep in mind that it’s only MP that is halved, not SP.

      • Anonymous

        Oooh I see so its already applied, I knew about the SP but I thought the MP it will be halved the moment the skill is cast; It was just a misunderstanding on my part jaja thanks for clarifying that for me. Since I don’t have anyone else in my party who can use holy skills I wouldn’t have known. Once again, thank you for the help both of you XD

  53. nrogara

    I just bought the game and this english patch is saying wrong version.
    In the game folder there is a txt saying “解説書v1.03”. Could it be a new version?
    Am I screwed until the next english patch? 🙁

    • Niander

      Yes 1.03 was released not too long ago, so if you bought it recenly it’ll most likely come with that, and will be incompatible with the current translated patch.

      • nrogara

        I also seem to have another copy of the game where is is patch 1.01. Do you happen to know where can I get the official 1.02 patch?

  54. Cellulanus

    I think I’m going to avoid downloading and patching the game until toro finishes patching on their end.

    I don’t want to constantly re-download the bloody thing. Waiting for more translated content is probably better too.

    • Grandork

      I have XD

      One good way I farm Job Exp is by using Rumble on Luka and Bondage Rope on everyone else, then forcing his hp down to 1. He will always go first and 1 shot everything with the boomerang. And since your turn doesn’t end, you don’t regenerate, allowing you to keep that up 😀

    • Grandork

      Actually, I must have tested it wrong. For some odd reason on Alice the Regeneration is happening before the attack, odd.

    • Bookmarked to respond when I get home. If he’s trying to use the wordwrap script that comes with the old insani xp3 tools, I know that one doesn’t work. I had to update it for VH2 and then again for VH3. Hopefully my VH3 version works with VH4 and that’ll be real easy.

  55. Anonymous

    Hey guys, for some reason the skill Holy Shift from the job Holy Knight doesn’t show an animation when you use it, is that how is supposed to be or did it happened to someone else too? I’m still in the 1.02 version of the game by the way.

  56. Anonymous

    Hey guys, does anyone know where I go to fight adult form Alice? I see people talking about it and but I have no idea where to find her.

  57. Anonymous

    is there a list of how and/or where to unlock intermidiary and advance job list and where to get the items to unlock some of them?

  58. Anonymous

    the patch stops at 49% and says ‘wrong version’. is this because i have version 1.03 or is there another issue. can i safely use rpg maker decrypter method to patch if i have this version?

  59. Anonymous

    Is it possible to revisit the 3rd Tartarus tower if you beat the game? I went down the pit into the hades door way to see the circle but no ladder up to the other side.

  60. Grandork

    Well, I decided to stop being a lazy fuck and depending on Dargoth and decided to find out how to mess around with the game, turns out it was quite easy, lol. Anyway, got Basic Classes, will work on Basic Races next.

    Link: docs.google.com/document/d/1Q47LWpHzR7WvUN7c_4Xwxgf-YGNDUJqE7YNmvClb7As/edit?usp=sharing

    • Anonymous

      Most likely in Part 2 since Nekomata wasn’t in Part 1 in the original trilogy and the monsters atm are just a mirror of what you saw in the Original Part 1.

      Part 2 i’m going to say for sure is gonna have her when you have to visit the town with the ninja elf/samurai elf.

      • Kurobane Sayuki

        But Part 2 will mainly have Four Heavenly Knights and Fernandez (and I’m not sure about the latter)! Yaaaay~


  61. Anonymous

    So dargoth any clue on the progress of the next translation patch. I really want to see how the four bandits go in paradox.

  62. Anonymous

    So dargoth any clue on when the next translation patch will be realsed. I really want to know what the four bandits are in paradox.

    • Kurobane Sayuki

      I’m really wondering about the Necromancer/Medium/Puppeteer summons since the names were not mention in the original trilogy at all.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, they were. Remember Chrome? Her family specialised in three traditional crafts: Necromancy (self-explanatory), Ghost Summoning (Medium) and Puppeteering. Since Alice prohibits her from continuing to use Zombies, she starts using Ghosts, which backfires hilariously. In the end, she settles for Puppeteering.

  63. Do Sylph, the fairy group and the twin fairies share affection level? They all have the same fir me and I don’t recall using either the fairy group or the twins or giving them any gifts.

  64. khalayia

    at the start it mentions weapons/armor etc that can be continually upgraded throughout the game to eventually get to legendary levels, has anyone got an idea about which items are capable of this or the process to do it so far?

    • Desert Eagle

      So far, Fish Boomerang has been pretty upgradeable. And yes, Luka’s Custom Sword has several upgrades.

      Gold rapier has been pretty upgradeable too. It upgrades into Earth Rapier, then Lamian Rapier and finally Lamian Rapier X. The last one is a weapon that gives a nice magic boost and has a chance to confuse the enemy on every strike. One of my favourite weapons. 🙂

      • khalayia

        i spotted the fish boomerang one but can’t find the upgrade process, can you point me in the right direction if possible?

      • Desert Eagle

        Well, the process is started with a boomerang and a fish, of course. The blacksmith in the slime girl village creates the first one.

        It’s upgraded into “Fish Boomerang+” in Iliasburg, and then further upgraded into “Fish Boomerang Custom/おさかなブーメランカスタム” in Enrika. You can then upgrade it into “Mother Nature’s Fish Boomerang/大自然のおさかなブーメラン” in Natalie Port, and then upgrade it into its plus version in San Ilias. Its last upgrade is done in Monte Carlo where it becomes “Mother Nature’s Fish Boomerang++/大自然のおさかなブーメラン++”. After that, nothing. I’m guessing it will receive more upgrades in part 2, being such an iconic weapon.

        If you need further information about weapons, you can find it all in Party Menu –> Library –> Weapon Book.

      • Desert Eagle

        Oh right. I should also mention that Mother Nature’s Fish Boomerang++ has all the natural elements imbued into its attacks. Whenever you hit with it, you hit with a water/earth/wind attack. The element is decided on which one the enemy is the most weak against.

    • Pyro

      For weapon/armor upgrades you’re looking for shops with a Blacksmith Hammer on them, sometimes it’s in the same building as the Weapon/Armor shop other times it’s on it’s own or even found in certain fields, at which point you can Synthesize upgrades if you have the proper components.

      • khalayia

        ty desert and pyro; to clarify my question was relating to the process by which to upgrade it since the japanese wording made it quite hard to find out where to go to perform further upgrades.

  65. khalayia

    im fairly sure luka’s custom sword is one such item but ive only found one upgrade for it so far which wasn’t much compared to other items available

  66. Grandork

    Finished Advanced Classes… Man there is a lot of pointless classes >.>

    Link in this topic: ulmf.org/bbs/showthread.php?p=643309#post643309

      • Kurobane Sayuki

        You can learn Demon Decapitation if you go Dark Elf, oooooh!
        or if you go Dullahan, you can learn Bloody Fissure Thunder Thrust (Are Dullahan and Fernandez related then?!)
        Tried to find Death Sword Chaos Star but didn’t find it (prob will be available story-based, rather than race or class-based).

      • Death Star Sword Chaos is available to Luka through story I believe and he learns it by the end of this part, I don’t remember when though but I know you learn it because my Luka has it along with a million other skills I don’t really use

      • khalayia

        i just finished but haven’t got death star sword chaos although that may be because i chose ilias for the first playthrough

  67. Anonymous

    man i salute your patience for marking every things the advance class gives, but a simple question that i have to ask none of these classes have the lockpick IIi needed to open the grey steel chest.

    • Desert Eagle

      As far as I know, the ability to open steel chests doesn’t exist yet. It might become available in part two.

      • meanderingNekomata

        Lockpick II is available when you get to lv. 7 of the Master Thief job which is in intermediate jobs. I had Pochi master 3 basic jobs; thief, merchant, and hunter and then checked intermediate jobs and Master Thief was available. I also changed Pochi’s race to Lunatic Beast beforehand but not sure if that has anything to do with it.

  68. Grandork

    I just learned something while making my guide. When the skill says Effect +, it means that it acts as Normal Attack, thus every Ability you have that affects Normal Attacks, will affect that skill also.

    • Desert Eagle

      Oh! That’s useful to know! Now I know why rapier skills trigger Lamian Rapier X’s special effect.

      I’ll have to look through my main team’s skills again.

  69. Grandork

    Dargoth, Skill 985: Charge Ray is missing Effect: + in it’s description.

    Also, I’ve updated Basic Classes to include Description, should look nice now =)

    Link in this topic: ulmf.org/bbs/showthread.php?p=643309#post643309

  70. Anonymous

    In what way does your job/race effect your stats? Is it passively or does it effect your level up stats? For example, if I level up as a Basic Job, am I losing out on stats as opposed to leveling up as an Advanced Job? (i.e. Apprentice Hero vs Hero)

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, do you mean it just amplifies your base stats (passively)…or does it make a difference on your stats WHEN you level?

        I’m only asking because I want to play around with it and optimize…don’t want to lose stats by leveling up too fast without changing my job.

      • Grandork

        Don’t think so, the Parameter Curve for all Jobs and Races are all the same, so they shouldn’t affect growth while leveling.

      • NoName

        Jobs are like special equipment item. You have your base stats. When you choose a job, that job lowers some of those stats and raises others. That’s the only thing it does, just like any armour in the game. Your job has no influence in the way your stats are raised. This game is not that advanced LOL.

  71. I went through Toro’s save to see if I missed anything and apparently I missed a monster girl that looks like a black scorpion with 2 red tipped tentacles and a sort ofhelmentt on her head.By where she is liste in the encyclopedia it looks like she should appear in Luditte village dungeon but she didn’t for me and I grinded there quite some time till I got all the steals and dropped items from XX-7 and the little bug. Am I the only one who hasn’t encountered her?

    • Desert Eagle

      She’s called Canceroid (At least, that’s what I call her). She’s indeed down in Ludait/Luditte dungeon but she only appears deep in the dungeon. Go to the HP/MP restore point and keep walking around it until you encounter her.

  72. Desert Eagle

    So. I managed to acquire 40 small medals more. I went back to Medal Queen and traded for 40 small medal option.

    I now possess the famed sword Caladbolg/カラドボルグ.

    Unfortunately… It’s not a normal sword. It’s something called “魔導剣”. I’m not entirely sure what it means but I think it’s “Magic Sword”. None of the jobs I’ve come across have the ability to wield a magic sword. I can’t use Caladbolg.

    I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. Ah well, at least it’ll wait for me in part 2. Hopefully.

      • Anonymous

        That or he looked up names for magic swords in history Caladbolg is one of the less heard Irish names for Excalibur after all. Don’t know if you ever noticed but the Japanese like to name swords in games after the ones in legends.

    • Grandork

      Magic Sword is for Tier 3 Classes. Kuji-In Sword God, Tao Master and Cosmic Magus use it. Pope is just an exception XD

      • Anonymous

        And Magiknights (and, as mentioned by someone else, Sages). So, half the jobs that can use magic swords are tier 2.

    • Desert Eagle

      Mmmh, and Sage can use magic swords as well. I gave Caladbolg to a sage in my group, Shesta. Her insect techniques are finally powerful enough to be considered respectable.

  73. Grandork

    I’ve updated Advanced Classes to have Description on skills of translated Classes.

    Link in this topic: ulmf.org/bbs/showthread.php?p=643309#post643309

  74. Anonymous

    sorry if this has been asked before, but is there anything we can do with the puppeteer tower yet or is that in part 2?

      • xDyaN

        Yeah, but how to you get into it for the initial visit? I saw that people got in, and that’s the only thing that i couldn’t do, can someone give some infos pls?

      • Desert Eagle

        You go there on an errand from Chrome. She was going to start studying puppeteering but she didn’t have enough of the special thread needed for it. So what better place to get it than from the legendary puppeteer’s tower?

        So yeah. To answer your question, you first have to clear ghost mansion and then talk to Chrome to start the mini-quest. You then go to Monte Carlo/モンテカルロ.

        It should be noted that Chrome doesn’t actually know where to get this thread from – that part was left up to you to figure out. In order for your character to figure it out, you have to gather information in Monte Carlo. I’m not sure who exactly knows anything about puppeteer’s tower there but I think someone there does. You might have to visit the criminal organization there to get that info (You need a letter of recommendation from Lazarus).

        Once you know the place’s name and that it exists, you walk south-west from Monte Carlo, into the cavern and go through it until you reach the tower.

        More info can be found in this walkthrough: http://pastebin.com/zaNGkJF2
        Puppeteer’s tower is there too, under mini-quests.

      • xDyaN

        Yeah, i’ve done it like it was wrote there but nope, nothing happened, i will retry again tho, probably i’ve messed up somewhere xD

      • Anonymous

        Apparently some people said that you have to try to enter the tower after defeating Chrome and receiving her quest, but NOT finding the parts at the bottom of the mountain in order to enter it. Can anyone confirm if thats true, if it is that’s really stupid.

      • Desert Eagle

        It’s been a while since I was at puppeteer’s tower but that shouldn’t be possible. Alice told me constantly not to go downstairs but go over the bridge to the tower instead. You should have been blocked from taking the wrong route.

        However, I had already defeated Chrome at that point. I’m not sure what would happen if you decided to skip Chrome and go to the cavern instead…

  75. Desert Eagle

    I… Whew… Whooh… I finally defeated Death! On Hell mode! I think the battle lasted almost for an hour! I also defeated the encounter that preceeded Death; I think it was good practice.

    Can’t complain about the rewards. 🙂

    • JustaFan

      @Desert Eagle: And? Could you recruit her? By the way. Do anyone know where to get the best equipment in Part one? I mean things like strongest Sword and such stuff.

      • Desert Eagle

        No, I could not recruit her. Maybe in future.

        Death does drop a very nice piece of armor though. It might even be the best in game so far. I’ve also heard that the 50 medal option at Medal Queen is a piece of armor too. The reason I didn’t go for it was because it’s called “Bra of the Archangel”. (I suppose I could give it to Sonia though…)

        I don’t know any particularly great weapons though. My Luka wields a sword called Runeblade Earth/ルーンブレード・アース, which gives a good balanced boost to both Attack and Magic. I like it because the four spirit summons use magic in their damage calculations. I had it made in Grandoll/グランドール

        I did acquire a sword called Caladbolg from Medal Queen (40 medals) but it’s a magic sword. Currently, only pope and sage can wield it. It gives a nice chunk of ATT, MAG and DEX though.

      • JustaFan

        Ah ok. And which chars/jobs and races do you used for the Battle? Maybe i try to battle her too. But i think i need to complete a few more jobs and races to get better abilities in order to beat her.
        Hmm that means Death, Adult Alice, Harpye Queen, Queen of the North See and of course the Endboss and the three Succubi Sisters are the only chars that can not be recruitet in part one.

      • Desert Eagle

        The characters I used were:

        1. Luka – Valkyrie – Hero
        2. Lily – Worm Summoner – Magical Librarian
        3. Shesta – Arachne – Sage
        4. Riot – Wyvern – Battle Master

        Everything I had taught to my team were put to a serious test when I fought Death.

    • JustaFan

      Ok i tried to fight Death. Didnt knowed that you need to fight Adult Alice before you can fight her. After i beatet Alice the battle with Death instantly startet. Well first round she maked a skill that dealed 4-5k Damage to all of my chars. With other words: Instant Death. Dont know how to beat her. And when i hear about beating her on Paradox im sure its not possible in Part one. Even on Hell its a pain in the ass like Desert Eagle sayed.

      • From what I know their are two ways to beat death stacking evasion which I believe you need luka,unfortunate harpy, sylph I’m not sure on the 4th member but a ability(magic counter I think) that reflects one of her attack helps to lower her health down much faster or getting a team with both the ability that makes it so you can’t die when you have 30% or more health and being immune to instant death and lots of healing also works.

      • JustaFan

        I fightet her again and tried the Evasion stuff. i Dodged a lot of attacks. But in the end. She uses two Rounds in a row a normal attack or so that maked over 7k Damage on every of my chars. Maybe it was a instant death attack dont know. But even without that. If she hit me with normal stuff it makes still to much damage. So it isnt possible for me. Need to wait for more progress with the translation to understand more of the stuff. Thats means i will stop playing the game until the full Translation came along. When that happens i planed to start from the beginning again to get all story stuff. And maybe then i try to beat her again. If it still doesnt work then i hope you can still fight her in the second part too with the same strenght she had in part one and blow her away in 2 Rounds. XD

      • Desert Eagle

        Try equipping the defense ability “Endure”. If your characters suffers a fatal wound while their HP is above 30%, they can survive it with one HP left. That will protect your characters against one deathly attack from Death.

        Another way is to use Summoning. Two members of my team had access to summon spells. Necromancy gives you a summon called “Vicarious Clara” which adds a “three layer deflector” to the summoner. What it means is that everytime the summoner would suffer a harmful attack, one layer is used to negate that attack. Perfect defense against big attacks.

        It should be noted, however, that she IS Death. Some of her attacks have a chance of instant death applied to them. So even if your character has Endure or Vicarious Clara, the instant death effect can still get through. On top of that, she can cast confuse on your party members. Those two mechanics can potentially ruin things. They shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with though.

      • JustaFan

        Ahh i just wait. Until now i have played the game too much. Need a break from it. And because the Phoenix Quest line is bugged by me and i want to get all the story i would either start to play from the start when the translation is done. Until now i got a good feeling for the mechanics and all that stuff. By the way Desert Eagle. Do you think Death is Beatable on Paradox with only the Part one Stuff that you can get?

      • Desert Eagle

        Yeah, I think she’s beatable on Paradox mode. It shouldn’t be too different from Hell mode; Just longer.

        You know Honey Pots? Monsterpedia says that their health is 10k. But when I fought them on Hell mode, I’m pretty sure their health was 20k. I think Hell mode doubles any HP value the monsterpedia states. Based on my experience with Slime Girls on Paradox mode (*shudder*), I think Paradox mode triples or quadruples the base value.

        Death’s HP is STAGGERINGLY huge – and that’s just the base health; The reason the fight took almost an hour for me was because Hell mode DOUBLED it. Paradox mode would take quite some time to beat – especially if her defense is higher.

        I don’t think the option for having a re-match with her exists in 1.02 though. I think I’ll wait until the next translation patch, same as you. 😛

      • JustaFan

        Hehe i fightet one Enemy group oudside the last Tartarus entrance. I got one shotet by them XD
        Yeahh there are too much thinks i dont understand but which could help if translated. So waiting is the best option. And i think over 80 hours play time are enough for the beginning XD

    • Desert Eagle

      I’m kinda hoping some of the monsters get alternate h-scene that don’t result in Luka’s death.

      Oh, and I’m also hoping that Medal Queen gets H-scenes.

      • Civildeviation

        “In addition there will be some new castle sex “request” scenes as well as new illustrations. Also apparently with this update some highly demanded monsters who appeared in Chapter 1 (not 100% if this is in reference to the 1st chapter of the original trilogy or the 1st chapter of Paradox) might now appear and be recruitable.”

        I doubt that means from MGQ considering that would either be the 4 heavenly knights, kraken, or the chimera dryad. If it’s from this one, that could mean Harpy Queen, Sphinx, succubus Sara, Rameru, nagairu, the last boss, or two of the three succubi. My guess is Harpy, Succubus Sara and/or Rameru/Nagairu.

      • Desert Eagle

        @Grandork – But there are already non-lethal vore scenes. If you’re good friends with the monster girls, they won’t cross the line and kill you. Vore monsters will use diluted stomach acid that doesn’t act too fast on you or something else along those lines. The other deadly girls will stop their act before you actually cross the border to afterlife. Some monsters, however, don’t have the non-lethal option which makes me sad.

        @Civildeviation – It can’t be Harpy Queen. We’d first have to have access to the island where we can acquire the fruit needed to cure her. The other harpies might get new scenes though; Their artwork was re-done in chapter 3 of MGQ. Maybe we’ll see something like that.

      • Civildeviation

        @Desert, good point for Harpy Queen. I’m glad some vore scenes don’t have happy-endings. The contrast between bad and good ends needs to be maintained if you want a sense of uncertainy, excitement, and surprise. Torotoro knows this.

      • Desert Eagle

        I don’t know… How much surprise do they need more? The scenes are already so full of imagination that they themselves are already enough as a surprise.

        Besides, any suprise that these scenes have vanishes after the first time (that is, after you watch it completely). Is it really worth it to make some girls’ request scenes death-only? They are, after all, supposed to be your comrades, even if only loosely. It means a lot to me, and very possibly to others too, that the chance for co-existing exists with these girls.

        Besides, we already have loss scenes for bad endings.

      • Civildeviation

        @Desert, I used to feel that way during the original MGQ game and wondered, how does Luka build “true coexistance” if some of the monster girls are voracious, if not mindless carnivores. Then I thought, dammit I want a happy ending. Funny enough, after getting married to a writer and having my tastes in stories become more complex I found that short of a DIsney flick I rather prefer the imperfect co-existance ending now.

        That said, I’m glad that you find the true co-existance in this game means something for ya, whatever the reasoning. It’s just ironic that two people both enjoying the game beyond it’s eroge content find that we crave somewhat opposing ideas for peaceful resolutionsI

      • Desert Eagle

        Are you actually happy with the way things are now, though? Wouldn’t it be enough to give everyone a choice?

        At some point, I wanted to add Apoptosis Valto to my team but because she only has a lethal H-scene, I scrapped that idea. When I heard about new H-scenes, I was hoping that girls like her would get a non-lethal version to their scenes. If they did, that would broaden my choices for my main team.

        My point is, I don’t think there’s any actual value in keeping some girls deadly-only that would justify it. If there is, there’s not much I can do about it. To each their own. I just wish the freedom of choice would be enough for people.

  76. deuxvolt

    The feeling when you beaten the game and are on a grinding fest but then suddenly one morning your computer wasn’t to start up properly and you had to factory restore your computer because it became that bad and I lost my save. Depressing times… welp time to wait for the full translation patch to give it another go. </3

    • Ningyo no Koibito

      Ouch. I am very sorry that happened. How many hours did you invest grinding? There may be a way to avoid doing that again, although most may prefer not taking that route….

      • deuxvolt

        I think I’ve invested about a good week, half into beating the game and the rest to just grind out job exp at the final tower where the honey pot rooms were =/

      • Ningyo no Koibito

        deuxvolt – That’s quite a bit. There’s an external app called Cheat Engine, but I cannot help you with how to use it here if you want to take that route. It’s not illegal, but I’m sure use of that is frowned upon by some.

      • deuxvolt

        Can I ask you for help outside or I would overall have to research into this on my own? Is asking for a copy of another person saved file is also frowned upon?

      • Ningyo no Koibito

        Asking for another save file is probably not a bad thing. We have save files available for the original Monmusu Quest at Monster Girl Unlimited and will probably have them for Paradox, too. If you want further help, contact me (same nickname) in the Monster Girl Unlimited forum.

    • Desert Eagle

      Ouch! I’m really sorry for you. 🙁

      I, too, have invested a lot of time into MGQ Paradox. At some point, I got scared that something like that might happen. That’s when I started making backups. But, uh, I guess that wouldn’t help against factory reset – unless I put the backup on a memory stick.

  77. Anonymous

    First off, sorry for asking this. You’ve all probably heard this a million times before.
    I have 1.02 version of the game. I downloaded the 1.02a english patch, put it in the patch directory, and ran it. Stops at 49% and says wrong version. Thought this was no big deal, I have an rpgmaker decrypter after all. Ran the file, got the data and graphics, all good so far. I then put the data file in the game directory and copied over the graphics folder, overwriting when applicable. I then deleted the game.rg3ss file. At this point the game still runs, but in japanese.

    From here on I’m not sure what to do. The english patch only contains the patcher, no actual files to copy over. The patcher itself still thinks the game is the wrong version, thus wont work. So I’m not sure where to get the patched files to move over.

    Again, sorry for the trouble.

    • I’m going to be honest with you I don’t really get half of what you just said why are you deleting file why are you touching the data and graphics and why do you have a patch directory if your only now doing the patch you should have a patch directory. All you have to do is have a fresh Japanese version 1.02 put the patch file into the main directory and run it also the patch has 3 file so I don’t know what happen to the other two so download it again.

      • Anonymous

        well if you read my comment I said that the patcher doesn’t work, which Dargoth gave an alternate way of installing should that be the case. However I am having issues with the alternate install, so I was asking for help with that.

        As for the 3 files in the patch folder yes, I stated that incorrectly. There are 3 files in that folder. What I am having an issue with is step 5.

      • Anonymous

        You said that the english patch only contains the patcher, but the alternate method shouldn’t contain the patcher. It should a decent amount of data files. Are you certain that you downloaded the files from the second set of links in the post, instead of the first? The zip file downloaded should be “Paradox English 1.02a Patched Data.zip” instead of “Paradox English Patch 1.02a.zip”.

    • Grandork

      The first link was for the patcher, se second link was for Data/Graphic files, that’s what you need to download if you are going through the decryption route. Are you sure you downloaded 1.02? Because there is a 1.03 and a 1.01

      • Anonymous

        In Reply to Anon and Grandork:
        Thank you for your help. Indeed, I had downloaded the patcher file instead of the alternate path file. An obvious mistake, I’ll admit I’m a little embarrassed I missed that.

  78. Anonymous

    I have Amira recruited and no one can change to the snitch/agent job. Is the job exclusive to Amira? If not, how can I get the permission item?

    • Desert Eagle

      Recruiting Amira isn’t enough – you have to complete the Phoenix sidequest and then talk to Amira again.

    • Desert Eagle

      It should be completed then. If you talked to Amira afterwards, you should have received the job item for the Informant job.

      Is the item 情報屋の掟 in your key items? It’s below “Business Permit” and “Enlistment Permit”, and above the machina key items. Its icon looks like a piece of paper that has been neatly folded at some point.

      • Anonymous

        Nope. I talked to Amira in the pocket castle. She was talking about how I should go to the South Tartarus Field. I only have three permissions (soldier, merchant and fortune teller)

      • JustaFan

        i think you need to talk with her in a city. You got the quest in Illiasburg when i remember back right. Look if she is there. If not try to find her in another city.

      • Anonymous

        I found her in three cities. In Iliasburg as well (in the big Inn). Nothing happened, I got an achievment and an accessoire.

      • Desert Eagle

        Searching for Amira in different cities is a miniquest. You get nice little stuff if you manage to find them. It’s not related to the Informant job.

        Hmmm… I really can’t think of any reason why you don’t have the job item. You should have it. The only reason I can think of is that it’s a bug.

      • It’s not a bug, I had to restart and lose about 50+h of grinding because if you pay amira and she joins you before you solve the quest the job is lost or at least I haven’t found a way to get it after that.

      • Anonymous

        You can get the job even if you paid amira (I did it), you need to talk to her is the castle to start the quest and then complete it (beware, it was buggued in v1.00 and didn’t work, was corrected in v1.02 and should still work now).

      • Anonymous

        So if you pay her and visit the bunny girl in the prono village you get the job? The problem is that I already finished the phoenix side quest and have recruited her.
        Can´t believe that you actually can miss permissions. But maybe you can get them some other way…

      • JustaFan

        Ok after i talked to Amira in the Castle and used the almost last talk thread i managed to get the phoenix quest done. I needed to make all steps and now i have the Phoenix. But i dont know if i have the job now. Is the Job Informant? Or is it the one between Merchant and Flirt?

      • JustaFan

        Ah sry didnt saw that Desert already said that it is the Informant Job. Ok so this is done. But what about the job between Merchant and Flirt? Which one is it? And where do i get it? Or isnt it in part 1?

      • Desert Eagle

        The job between Merchant and Flirt is the Fortune Teller. You can get it by trading a Hard Grow Bracelet to a fortune teller in Pornof. It’s pretty easy to spot her, she’s under the tree.

        This job should be quite beneficial to you; It gives the 1.5x Item Drop rate ability. If you master it, you can upgrade to Gambler which gets the 2x Item Drop rate. Very useful if you plan to go after small medals, or want nice items in general.

      • JustaFan

        Ah that was the thing with the Orc girl right? I need to take her with me so i can talk with the fortune Teller and make the trade right?

      • JustaFan

        Hmmm ok which city is Pornof? All my Cities are untranslated when i use warp or a Harpy Wing.
        Man i really ask a lot in the last few days.

      • Desert Eagle

        Mmmh… No… Orc girl shouldn’t be necessary for the trade? You can take Hip with you if you want though.

        Where is Pornof? It’s east of the 1st Tartarus Hole, and south-east from Iliasville. It’s the town of the jobless and the perverts so I was hoping the name would tip you off. 😛

  79. JustaFan

    Hey guys. I have a question. I bet many asked it but is it possible to play the game with an Xbox360 controller? And if yes do you need some software for it?

  80. Anonymous

    Toro Toro put an update today about a 1.10 patch which will happen at the end of april (If google translate is correct).
    Does that mean you will wait to release any more translation patches until that patch is out, Dargoth?

    • Grandork

      I think he will wait for the patch, so everyone can get it and install the patch, without the whole “I downloaded 1.1, but patch is 1.02” problem.

      • Anonymous

        yeah pretty sure that’s the plan. Still anoying the download the whole game again but that’s mostly because my internet does not download that fast so downloading the same game can get annoying. But still hopefully dargoth does not have too much trouble with the new patch.

  81. Anonymous

    The item guide in the game says I can find cheese in ilias village, does anyone know where? I’d rather not farm rat girls for my cheese.

    • Desert Eagle

      I have no idea. I tried to find cheese as well, and the item library said I could find cheese in Iliasville. I couldn’t find anyone selling cheese there though. An online wiki doesn’t acknowledge that cheese can be bought there either. My best guess is that someone selling cheese will be added there later.

      I farmed rat/mouse girls too, so I could make pizza and pizza dumplings. I ended up giving up on it and just focused on making the other high-class food stuff. It worked well for me.

  82. JustaFan

    Ah shit still cant stop playing. XD
    What is the best spot to farm Job exp? The Tower behind the last Tartarus is no option because i cant enter it anymore.

    • Desert Eagle

      Why can’t you enter? It’s right there. I grinded Honey Pots there all the time.

      …That came out wrong.

      • Civildeviation

        The Tartarus gate tower can’t be entered, however a new tower appears after you beat the game in the present dimension. Just grind pots in the basement.

      • JustaFan

        Shit i never taked a look over the possition where the tower was in the other dimension. XD
        Ok then thanks. That will help a lot.

  83. Anonymous

    Hey guys I have question, is there a reason why I can’t equip a boomerang and a sword, or a boomerang and a dagger using the Battle master job? I do can equip a sword and a dagger so I don’t understand why those other combinations are not good. Is it because I’m using the 1.20 version?

    • Desert Eagle

      Perhaps those two weapons are simply not compatible? Not all weapons can be dual-wielded. I couldn’t combine two fangs weapons, or a fang weapon and a fist weapon. I could, however, combine two fist weapons.

      My advice is to just find a weapon combo that works.

      • khalayia

        its most likely a fact that one is ranged and the other is melee or the fact that one can hit the entire enemy and the other can’t. not sure about the fang and fist combo though.

  84. Does anyone know where the Lamp Genie appears more frequently, I’m trying to get all the monster girls monsterpedia info including drops and steals and she seems to be quite elusive.

    • Desert Eagle

      Around Sabasa, I think? You might want to equip two “Encounter Quintuple” abilities if you haven’t already. That speeds up the process of cycling through encounters.

      • Yes I am using quintuple encounters, the thing is I don’t really skip battles because ever since I started playing rpgs I could never turn down exp job exp items and money I was just wondering if the was more common as an encounter elsewhere since I’m already done stealing everything and getting all the drops from cactus girl, scorpion girl and ostrich girl

  85. khalayia

    hey dargoth, not sure if anyone’s mentioned this before but alice’s trait says HP cost of skills is halved…. farily sure it should be sp or mp ^^

    • Desert Eagle

      No, it really does mean HP cost. Skills like “Black Hole” and necromancy in general require HP in their casting.

      • Desert Eagle

        I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. Are you asking for a race that makes use of Alice’s halved HP cost? (Personally, I just made Alice master all the races). Or are you asking for a race that gives a boost for MP and SP?

        I’ll assume it’s both. If you make Alice master Spiritualist (the irony), she’ll learn the ability “Skill: Summoning”. That allows Alice to use summon spells regardless of her job. Mastering Summoner, Necromancer, Medium and Puppeteer will give her more summon spells to use, and necromancy gives the zombie spells which use HP.

        If you want to improve SP and MP of a character, you could master Hero and Sage jobs. Hero gives SP Regen +10% at job level 7, and the Sage job gives 3/4 MP cost and +1% MP Regen. Pretty solid choices.

  86. Anonymous

    hello, i have a question, the two (i think) monestergirls that appear in the other ilias are recruitable? i can beat them now

    • Anonymous

      Those two angels are not recruitable in part 1. Their encyclopedia entry lacks the line that is there for other recruitable monstergirls.

  87. Anonymous

    So what’s the consensus on the best classes so far? I’ve beaten Nanabi, but can’t seem to beat Sphinx. Unless there’s a special way of going about it. Also, what’s the best weapon from each category and how do you get them? The blacksmith stuff kind of confuses.

    • Anonymous

      Also, is base evasion character dependent? What dictates it? Like Unfortunate Harpy (Pihar) has 70% base Evasion and Magic Evasion, yet all other Harpies have 40%/40%…is it all character dependent?

      • Anonymous

        If you look at Pihar’s entry in the Character Book, it tells you that the extra evasion/ magic evasion comes from her trait. Each character has a unique trait which should be given there. In most cases, it is always being able to equip a particular item, always being able to use certain skills, damage boosts to certain skills, or a copy of an ability.

    • Civildeviation

      Character traits and jobs/races are important. That said, what is best entirely depends on your play style and strategy. Probably more than anything else, it is important to grind advanced “abilities” such as the Power Fighter’s Endure ability. From there, I’d use characters who also have traits that are congruent with their role/actions in the party. For example, having Luka use Hero skills to benefit from the 1.3x damage bonus and Illias/Rosary as a summoner so they can double as white magic casters.

      I’m sure you will find something that works well for ya. That being said, if you are trying to kill bosses; I found that I like to have everyone with the “endure ability” and two healers/summoners that way I can heal everyone and if need be use phoenix in the event of a a near party wipe or carbunkle to reflect massive damage.

      • Civildeviation

        Oh and make sure Luka’s (or anyone for that matter) is set to a job and race that add to your intended setup. For example:, I like Luka to be a Hero or battlemaster with valkyrie so that I can really amp up damage multipliers while using Hero attacks to benefit from the 1.3x damage modifier.

      • Something rubs me the wrong way about this. Isn’t it illegal to use Rogue’s translation to make a profit? I mean did they ask for his permission? Is he getting rewarded for his hard work?

      • Grandork

        @Casian It’s the other way around. It’s against the Fair Use to make and distribute derivative work of another’s IP (although there have been cases that were ruled Fair Use, even though it was a derivative work), like a translation of his work. Thus, if Torotoro wanted, he could have C&D Rogue’s translation. At the same time, the translation belongs to him, for the same reason stated above.

      • Anonymous

        I just started the officially translated MGQ Origin and while I didn’t play far, it does look to me that they didn’t use rogues translation but made a new one or they massively edited it

    • CwHart

      I may be talking out of my ass, but isn’t it only illegal if it was more monetary gain or giving away a paid product? Far as I know rogue never gave away the game only offered a translation for it, and he never attempted to profit off of it. Granted I guess it’s a moot point since Toro has been so cool about all of this from the start.

      • Grandork

        In case of derivative work, he doesn’t even have gain anything, the IP owner just has to prove loss of future revenue, and in case of translating a game into English, it’s quite easy.

  88. Anonymous

    Could just be me, maybe i messed something up, but every time i run the game and get defeated, i get nomethoderror and the game crashed. Rather frustrating, actually.

    • Desert Eagle

      Remember the Key of Hades the white rabbit dropped in Iliasburg? That key opens a stone door on the 2nd floor of Ilias Temple. That door leads to a special place where Death resides. You can also re-fight previous bosses there.

  89. Anonymous

    Could someone here advise me on how to find Rami?
    Shes the big-breasted Imp of the three Imps… I can see the one in the farm, the other in the warehouse, but I just can’t find the third one. Have a feeling if I find the third one I can get all three of them recruited…

    • Anon

      She is a random encounter in the Cave of Trials, just south of Iliasville. Walk around in there and fight for a while, there’s a small chance that she will join you after fighting her. Once you have her, simply talk to the other two Imps with Rami in your party and they’ll join you as well.

      • Anonymous

        AAH… I ran full half encounter plus accessories to reduce encounters early game(To the point that all new story-based recruits are higher levels then Luka, Sonya and Alice despite me using them since the very start) so…yeah. I reduced random encounters quite a lot back then.

        I just had to know where it was at before I go and run quad encounters at that place… Walked around starter village with quad but to no avail, thanks for the info.

  90. khalayia

    hey everyone, if youve got a party that can beat death, could you also beat those super strong angel hybrids at the end of the first tartarus?

    • Desert Eagle

      Yes. The angels are piece of cake compared to Death and Alipheese the 16th. You can unlock their entries in your monsterpedia by defeating them. That, and 15 Job experience is all you get.

    • Civildeviation

      I wonder how they will deal with the “endure” and “stacked evasion” mechanics in the following games. Seems like they could be really overpowered.

      • Desert Eagle

        Well… Alipheese the 16th already had a pretty good counter against Endure. “Monster Lord’s Cruelty” (I’m guessing that’s what it was) hits random party members multiple times. Hard. Having 1 HP left doesn’t help against a 2nd attack. So yeah, multiple hits is one thing.

        I don’t know about evasion but you could just up the hit rating so that one certain attack will hit the target.

      • Anonymous

        Monster Load’s Cruelty also ignores 100% evasion and magic evasion. I’m not sure if hit rate actually allows you to bypass evasion or just decreases your chance of missing due to your weapon.

  91. Anonymous

    hey guys. ive been looking at the walkthrough(cant understand japanese so not sure whats going on) but im at the slum part where i need to talk to a woman in a tent, followed by talking to a hooded feller at the pub. he is supposed to sell me a key or code so i can enter the storage building. but he doesnt. what do i need to do?

    • Anonymous

      The hooded person sells you the password for the woman in the tent. After buying the phoenix feathers from her, she will kick you out of the tent. If you chose Ilias, she will have stolen the key at this point. If you chose Alice, you have to go into the tavern and get the key from the person with the green cape.

      • Anonymous

        tried that. but all the hooded guy gives me is 3 windows of text and the same with the woman in the tent. the storehouse remains locked(i assume thats what it says when i approach the door, nothing happens)

      • Anonymous

        Is the hooded person asking for money? If not, you need to initiate the quest with Amira and/or investigate the house near the storehouse.

        Did you already buy the phoenix feathers from the woman in the tent? If not, you need to pay the hooded person in the tavern and choose the appropriate dialogue options from the woman in the tent.
        After this point, the woman in the tent should only give one window of text.

        If you still can’t access the storehouse after that, you need to speak with the green caped thief in the tavern to get the key.

      • Desert Eagle

        Is it possible for you share the save file? Maybe if I get to see the problem first-hand I can figure something out.

      • Anonymous

        is ok. i started over, and it worked this time. i think i may have selected something wrong with amira earlier. anyhow, thank you for the tips guys. much appreciated 🙂

  92. Pablo

    Does anyone know how to get inside the puppeteer tower? I have heard that people have gotten into it and when i read the walkthrough it said it was possible but I did everything the walkthrough said but it still says its locked when I tried to get into the tower.

    • Anonymous

      I got into it on my first playthrough, but not my second. The differences were that in the second, I didn’t talk to Chrome after defeating her to hear about the quest and I got the item in the bottom of the cave before approaching the tower.

      • Pablo

        Well I did talk to her after I defeated her and I went and got her item. Do I have to go to the tower first before I get her item?

      • Anonymous

        That seemed to be the case for me. The requirement to see the cutscene in there is to have talked to Chrome after defeating her, but not have obtained the item from the cave.

      • Pablo

        Is the tower scene important? I grinded for hours after I have beaten the game and I really don’t want to go back and redo everything just for one scene.

      • Desert Eagle

        Strange? You should have been blocked from going downstairs if you: 1) Talked to Chrome, and 2) Knew of the tower’s existence (Gathered info in Monte Carlo).

        Well, you should have been semi-blocked anyway. Alice told me not to go downstairs, and she told me it again when I attempted to do so anyway. I went to the tower and saw the cutscene.

      • Desert Eagle

        @Anonymous — I don’t think investigating Lubiana is a requirement. I did the investigation after I had visited the tower and seen the cutscene.

        Kind of you to share the save file though. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t expect it to be either. It’s possible that you set the flag in either Lubiana or Monte Carlo. I didn’t have a save file after Monte Carlo and before getting the item, so I just used one from before Sylph and tried to find out how to trigger the cutscene.

      • Pablo

        Thank you for the save, I think my problem was that I didn’t go to monte carlo and learned of the tower’s existence until way after I have already completed Chrome’s quest.

  93. Anonymous

    Managed to beat Death. If anyone’s interested in my character layout, let me know. It took forever, as I’m not gear optimized, but I never at any point felt like I was going to lose even in the slightest.

  94. Anonymous

    Can someone please tell me which ones are the skills that activate Radora’s battle CG? I have used a lot of skills but none of them seem to activate it.

      • Desert Eagle

        Aaah. The mandragora girl. Her name is Ragora though, not Radora. (The katakana for “do” is ” ド “.

        Hmmm… How to unlock battle CG? Usually, the entry is unlocked in your monsterpedia simply by defeating them. You can then just click on it and see all the CG.

        If you want to trigger a temptation attack in combat, it’s fairly random. A monster girl is likely to resort to temptation when they’re below 50% HP. You can make it go quicker if you equip the accessory “メロメロの香水” (Love Perfume?). I haven’t tried it myself but it should make her use temptation attack much sooner.

      • Anonymous

        Ah, thank you all who answered! I was actually talking about the portrait that shows when some characters use a certain skill type (like when Rami uses Black Magic). I already triggered thought, with singing skills, and now I feel like an idiot for not noticing that even AFTER she says in the castle that she loves her singing being heard. Still, thanks for all that info Desert Eagle, since I didn’t knew any of that jaja.

      • Desert Eagle

        Oh. That kind of battle CG. I was thinking of the CG for temptation attacks. Imp, orc girl and centaur girl have special CG for their temptation attacks.

  95. Civildeviation

    Neither are quite accurate, some monsters have specific battle and rape cgs. The rape cgs can be seen in the library-monster section however not the sex scenes. Many of these cannot be seen in the castle. That said, a lot of folks can’t seem to unlock cgs in the library/character section. Though goodness knows it may change come two weeks.

    • Civildeviation

      Ya can’t, at least until you move the main quest forward quite a ways. I believe it is by camping outside Sabasa. Though others may know better.

  96. Civildeviation

    Anyone have the king of san ilias suddenly leave their party after having completed the game? For some reason, I have him with one playthrough but not the other.

      • Grandork

        Anyway, Cnby26@ulmf translated it:

        Some more information about v1.10 is up on the blog, including what we can expect in the new update.
        They’re still shooting for the end of April but the date ultimately depends on the length of DLsite’s product examination process, which could possibly delay things.

        Included are a wide range of bug fixes.
        New UI options include:
        -the ability to order/rearrange skills
        -a config option to skip combat victory messages
        -the ability to register and display favorites in the item/equipment screen

        New game elements include:
        -8 sex request scenes with new illustrations
        -new illustrations for all battlefuckers who lacked an appropriate “sex illustration”
        -all battlefuckers can now be recruited (giving gifts and castle request scenes are currently not available)
        -five male characters met in this chapter are now recruitable
        -new game plus is now available for this chapter

        “New Game Plus” will allow you to start the chapter over with all of your levels, equipment/items, and companions. The only exception being Alice/Illias, allowing you to run through the chapter again with a completely different starting companion.

        During production the average character level at chapter completion was hypothesized to be around 24.
        The second chapter will be balanced to reflect that.
        If you’re worried about gameplay balance and cruising through things too easily in the next chapter try to keep your levels in mind.

      • Anonymous

        Who are the five male characters? The only notable male characters are the pope(already recruited) and Lazarus(which I doubt is gonna be in our party in part one).

      • Civildeviation

        Yeah, no to the scat guy. Might end up being the knight captain or possibly some of the trainers. I did like giving the panties master the death panties and alice’s panties. 🙂

      • devartet

        only males i remember with an immage are the pope, lazarus, merlin,sabasa king?, nero, angel slayer berseker armor?, i doubt most of them will be recruitable yet

      • Desert Eagle

        Maybe those five guys are not those who currently have artwork. Maybe they get their artwork in the upcoming patch.

        Oh, one notable character is the mafia godfather. He’s pretty old though. And there’s also- …Hmm. Wait. I better not mention him.

      • Anonymous

        The 5 males are indeed a point of confusion. I’m just gonna assume Lazarus is one. I doubt the mafia godfather, that just screams to show up later in the plot. As someone said, maybe one or more of the male job describers.

        I don’t even rightly see the point of adding many recruitable males anyway, it doesn’t seem like a popular or desired addition to this game’s genre. Heck, I can hardly see the appeal of adding so many recruitable normal human girl BFs. I’d feel a little differently if it were established characters, so I’m a-okay with my buddy Lazarus, and even that guy you get half way through part 1 (it doesn’t hurt that his Trait is really good too).

        I at least hope Witch Hunt Village’s BF has the Worm Summoner race, it’d be pretty sad if ALL of them were normal humans (except Enrika’s Elf BF).

    • Anonymous

      The xp and job xp seeds are drops from mimics and honeypots, respectively. Some other seeds are a rare steal from certain monstergirls: HP from the Reaper, Strength from Sandworm girl, Agility from the insect in Hild’s lab, Defense from Shellfish girl.

      • Anonymous

        HP seed farming is fairly easy. Bring Pihar with 100% evasion and magic evasion, have her use the harpy racial 4x steal until she takes it, then surrender. It probably helps to have the ‘skip previously seen loss scene’ option on. It’s faster than the other ones, where you have to get a random encounter.

  97. Anonymous

    Hmm, according to torotoro the intended level to go into part 2 is 24 with only one senior position mastered. Well I always have a tendency to get over leveled as I go through rpgs. My moto in them is go where I need to last.

    • Desert Eagle

      I, uh, may have been abusing the bondage rope accessory to level up my characters. 😛

      Oh well. It’s always possible to crank up the difficulty if things are too easy.

      • Desert Eagle

        Also, even though I leveled up my team, I was planning to replace half of them in part two. So, half of my team will start from the bottom again.

        And if that’s not enough, I can use just “Encounter Half” to halve my exp gain. Eventually, things should be balanced out again.

  98. nrogara

    Are there several people who progress in the game in spite of the fact that the translation seems to end at illyasville?
    Personally I cannot do that cause I feel that understanding the story is important for MGQ

    • khalayia

      you can understand it to a point with translation programs, some are better than others (im having alot of trouble with chiitrans for some reason…………)

      • You know I tried to understand it well not it but the rape scenes for obvious reasons with Chiitrans but honestly I have no idea what potash means why Luka says encounter when he cums and many other words that have no rhyme or reason in the given context. Furthermore some words aren’t even translated and this program always puts the name of the character that’s speaking somewhere in the middle of the sentences. So translation programs aren’t really good at what they’re supposed to do.

    • Desert Eagle

      Yeah, I do that. Beat the game too.

      I know the basic hiragana and katakana letters so I am able to read some words. Translator Aggregator setup helps me read the stuff that I can’t read by myself. If the translation makes a mistake and I know what it is, I use the substitution plugin to fix it.

      I think I’ve even learned new words and kanji while playing.

  99. Anonymous

    I got obliterated by a mimic in the cave of treasure, lost almost 2 hours of grinding because the game crashed and I forgot to save, but rather than feeling angry or disappointed I burst out laughing because I remembered Alice’s words that only an idiot would open a chest that was so suspiciously located in the middle of a room… …oh god I’m an idiot.

    • Desert Eagle

      Sorry to hear that. Glad you had a laugh though. 😛

      Something similar may have happened to me in the past because I save my game almost neurotically after every battle and event.

      • khalayia

        my simple answer to that is don’t leave an area until every monster in that area is easy to beat, but yes, saving often is a good option

  100. Manga God

    How do I find the demo of the 1.02a so that I can get the patch to work? Cause I can’t find it for the life of me…

    • Anonymous

      Also there were no new versions of the demo after the full game was released. If you want a demo with partial translation look in the posts from around February.

  101. wildhawk

    i read the new patch update coming but i have one question if anyone can answer it for me maybe i missed it or its obvious and i just don’t know but who are the Battlefuckers are can anyone tell me

    • Desert Eagle

      Do you remember Marie from Iliasville? The one with pink hair, pink clothes and her very own CG? She has a tent outside Iliasville. She’s a battlefucker, and every human girl like her is a battlefucker as well. You meet them in most towns and some places.

  102. PeacockPrincess

    So I just bought the game off of DLSite, but it’s at version 1.03. is there some way for me to downgrade to 1.02?

  103. SS

    Okay, for anyone interested, here’s a Death beating character layout…it does require a lot of grinding, but you can’t really lose.

    Luka – Hero / Valkyrie

    *HP +20%
    *Attack +20%
    *Physical Damage +15%


    *Evasion 20%
    *Magic Evasion 20%
    *Defense 20%

    *SP recovery 10%

    Reina (Harpy Girl) – Overpowering Fist / Wing Harpy

    *Attack +20%
    *Crit Rate 30%
    *Counter 30%
    *Physical Damage +15%

    *Agility 20%
    *SP 20%

    *Evasion 10%
    *Magic Evasion 20%

    *SP recovery 10%

    Pihar (Unfortunate Harpy) – Dancer / Wing Harpy

    Required Equip – Don’t know the name, but it reduces SP costs by 3/4. May NOT be required, but helps.

    -Attack (not important on her)
    *Attack 20%
    *Magic Counter 30%

    *SP 20%
    *Agility 20%
    *Dex 10%

    *Magic Evasion 20%
    *Evasion 20%

    *SP recovery 10% (Required)

    Fairies (The ones in Sylph’s forest) – Sage / Wing Spirit

    Required Equip – White Mage Scroll. Not exactly required either, but it’ll help keep Luka up.

    *Magic 20%
    *All Elemental damage increases

    *Evasion 10%
    *Magic Evasion 20%

    *Magic recovery 2%

    Strategy – Once Pihar is high enough as a Dancer, you’ll get the greater evasion dance and the atk/agi increasing dance. They both last three full turns, cast Evasion on the first turn, then the other buff on the second, after that just have Pihar defend and recast whenever the buffs wear off. With SP recovery 10%, you’ll have 100% uptime. With the greater evasion dance up, Pihar, Reina, and Fairies from my experience will have 100% evasion and magic evasion…so it’s impossible to get hit. Luka unfortunately will not have 100% evasion and magic evasion, but high enough to dodge most attacks.

    Actions I took

    Luka – Don’t know the name, but it’s the purple slash animation attack (Heroism) that costs 3 SP. It does good damage, and only costs 3 SP, so you’ll be able to use it a lot with SP recovery 10%. Luka CAN die, and sometimes will get hit by a life steal attack, which can be very inconvenient. Near the end, I actually stopped healing and reviving Luka due to this.

    Reina – Just use Thrusting Fist and defend when your SP is low for a few turns to recover it. With SP recovery 10% and counter attack you’ll be able to use it very often consecutively due to it’s low SP cost. NOTE: Reina was my main damage dealer as she was invincible and got to attack almost every turn.

    Pihar – Already outlined, she’s the key to the entire operation. Just use both dances and keep them up at all times. You can try having her do other things in between casts, but I found it easier not to.

    Fairies – Not really necessary, any other character with a base 40%/40% or 50%/50% evasion/Magic evasion will work. I used them because I liked them. However the strategy I used for them is their Nature seduction attack (costing 6SP). It does decent damage, and can be used twice consecutively. After you use it twice, just use an auto attack and you recover all of your SP, allowing you to use it two more times. Rinse and repeat. Also, if you intend on keeping Luka alive for damage…allow him to die and use the fairies to revive him with White Magic. This will take Luka above 30% HP, allowing him another two hits without having to use any other actions to heal him.

    That’s it. Reina, Pihar, and Fairies never once took damage. I’m not claiming this to be optimal, as I’m sure there are better ways to achieve much higher damage, but it DOES work and allows you to cheese Death. With that said, perhaps you can optimize it better than I did. Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience to optimize it until the game is fully translated. Have fun. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much for all the advice! If I feel like it I’ll just modify a thing or two, now its time to do like Dante and beat up Death.

      • SS

        I had no problem with her personally. With Endure you should be okay. Her battle is considerably shorter and easier than the battle against Death.

      • Desert Eagle

        Hmm. Endure doesn’t help much on Hell mode. Alipheese the 16th’s ability “Monster Lord’s Cruelty” hits so hard that a character with Endure will die from two hits. The only way I was able to deal with it was by using Vicarious Clara.

    • Sadly the endure skill were you can’t get killed when above 30% hp is a bug which will get fix next patch it only suppose to work once per battle

      • SS

        That’s unfortunate, but unless they’re changing Evasion, the strategy should still work. Luka can get a ton of evasion. In my fight against Death, he got hit maybe 10 ~ 12 times. However, I let him die because when he DOES get hit by her vampiric attack, it would set me back several turns, making it fairly inconvenient. The three other characters had no problem. As far as I can tell, you probably don’t even need Pihar. As long as you have a character after Job/Race choices who has 40%/40% and the two Evasions with the dance….they shouldn’t be able to be hit. Endure isn’t even necessary when you can’t be hit.

      • Desert Eagle

        Darnit. My strategy to defeat Death relied entirely on the Endure ability. Back to drawing board.

        I could try that strategy but… Well, I want to defeat Death with my own team. I could take some pointers from it though.

      • SS

        I’m going to attempt it on Paradox soon. I’m sure at some point Evasion and Magic Evasion are going to take a hit too, not just Endure.

      • Civildeviation

        Good, I am glad that endure will get nerf, it would have made difficulting scaling for the 2nd and 3rd part really hard tricksy.

    • Anonymous

      All characters can learn cross-class Summoning. You can speed up both Alice and Death (and Sphinx) by keeping up Carbuncle’s magic reflect buff. This will cause their AOE magic nukes (NOT Monster Lord’s Cruelty) to reflect onto them for huge damage. Having Death’s AOE fire nuke reflect on her for 4x 25k damage… that’s a big time saver.

  104. SS

    Can anyone recommend, possibly with a link, a good machine translator? The one I’m using did the job okay…but it crashes a lot and isn’t very good overall. All recommendations are appreciated.