• Anonymous

        After you run the Decrypter, in the folder that you ran it in there should be a Folder named “Extract” in there there should be 2 folders named “Data” and “Graphics”, move those two folders over into the MGQ Paradox Folder overwriting the duplicates.

    • Anonymous

      Its pretty simple. You just put the decrypted files into the game folder.

      I realize that I’m just repeating what the step says, but it really can’t be simplified any more.

  1. gadgetfeak

    The nortan says that the decrypter is a trojan, and if i turn the antivirus off and run the file, it closes automatically

    • VirusTotal gives it a 0/52 detection ratio. You could probably upload “Hello World” and get at least 1 anti-virus program calling it a virus on that site too.

  2. Sajuuk

    Thanks for the work Dargoth but I hope you are not giving up on St. Monmusu Gakuen
    I have played a little of this mgq game demo, seems to me like a remake of the Original MGQ, only than in rpgmaker, correct me if I am wrong,

  3. Anonymous

    To people that have been tracking it more closely than I have: how does the ratio look in MGQ Paradox of “normal”/attractive monster girls to body horror monsters? More like part 1 (95% normal), part 2 (~70% normal?), or part 3 (~40% normal?)? Not that I won’t play it regardless, I’m just gonna be more hyped if there’s going to be a return to the less freaky stuff with 10-titted flies laying eggs in your ass or whatever

    • Anonymous

      Considering that Xelvy (the guy that did all the machine monsters, like Lamiaroid etc) got a lot more monster this time, I’d say it goes more into direction of part 3.
      Just have a look at the game homepage, the preview monsters are 50% “normal” 50% “freaky”. I like a bit of both… except those mutated angels were a bit too much xD

  4. Anonymous

    Its great that you found a way to translate this game. I will be looking forward to more progress on the demo and in the future the full game. Good luck

  5. Obsidious

    Thank you for your efforts, though I’m going to wait for the next release – no coitus interruptus.
    How compatible is RPGMaker with Linux/Wine?

  6. Sajuuk

    how are you translating paradox did you find some took to get all the tekst out or will you translate it manual with rpgmaker vx ace after dyripting the game ? just wondering

  7. Excellent work Dar πŸ™‚ That was quite unexpected….din’t think that you would translate the demo.

    For those who have troubles following the patching process here is what you have to do ( I’ll simplify for you) :

    1) Download the decrypter, open it and choose the ”Game.rgss3a” file.
    2) Under the ”Tools” option extract all files
    3) This will create an ”Extract’ folder with 2 sub-folders : ”Translation” and ”Graphics”. They will appear in wherever file you have the program
    4) Delete ”Game.rgss3a” from the game’s file to avoid getting the error
    5) Copy and paste the two folders ( Translation and Graphics ) into the game directory. Choose to merge and overwrite everything
    6) Run the game.exe and enjoy πŸ™‚

    It is that simple

  8. CivilDeviation

    Has anyone figured out how and if it’s possible to either get the quest in the Sutherland Inn? Also is it possible to beat Alice or actually fight the Rabbit girl?

      • Anonymous

        How can you possibly cheat on this? I managed to get up to the Alice boss fight, but heard of people passing it with cheats. The only real cheat i found was debug mode, but all the options there are un-translated.

      • Anonymous

        do you guys mind sharing how to get the Alice boss fight i couldn’t figure out how to bring it up thank you i would appreciate it

  9. Monster-Girl Lover

    Hey Dargoth, would it be possible at some point for you to give a list of the skills/abilities that the characters/classes/races learn as they level? I’m sure that others are curious to see this as well. I managed to rip into it via VX Ace, but it’s my first time trying it out, and I couldn’t find anything regarding skills gained by character level. Luka learning Double Slash or whatever it’s called at character level 3, for example. Any info on this would be great, and good luck on the translation, it’s looking to be a massive undertaking, but it should be a good game.

    • I couldn’t find that info either, but it has to be there somewhere, right? It’s hard to find things because of all the cross-referencing by ID numbers. The skill list itself has hundreds of entries, most of which aren’t in the demo.

      • Monster-Girl Lover

        Yeah, it looks like loads and loads of stuff was just ripped straight out of the skill and class menu, since there’s over 4k skill IDs, and they’re spread out a ton. I’ll try doing some more digging, once it’s translated maybe I can make better sense of it, I use ITH and TA mainly, but even they can only do so much.

      • Monster-Girl Lover

        Good news! I figured out where the data for the characters’ level-up skills are stored. It’s in the Actors data, in the notes section. I’m gonna try and get a skill/level list set up, so that people can see what each class gets.

      • Anonymous

        That’s pretty good news about the skills data. Since it all appeared like jibberish when I tried to open it could you give a sneak peek and tell the maximum level needed to get all class/races skills?

      • Monster-Girl Lover

        Yeah, in the demo at least, everyone maxes out at Lv 10. Pretty much every class/race gets a new skill every level, with Luka/Alice/Ilias being the main characters that learn some new skills via character level. Most of the other characters don’t get anything from character level except for Mimi, Pochi, and Usa.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks a lot! I was thinking of waiting for the translation since there seemed to be a ton of people to talk to both at the starting village and Iliasburg, but if 10 levels is the max then maybe it’s worth playing it through now, and just revisiting the cities for the more understandable dialogues when the translation is out.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know if it’s a bug or something intentional but Sonya doesn’t seem to be bound by the character level cap. Got her to level 12 and she still doesn’t say complete like everybody else. On a sidenote humans can be really fun to level. Bondage rope + xp full focus + the ability that doubles your xp and slashes your max hp to 1/100 = 8 times the normal xp. If you could get the playfulness ability (my game crashes when I try to make her a playboy to get it) you could even get the bonus to 12 times normal.

  10. Anonymous

    um it only translated up to when i got out of the house is that all that has been done or am i experiencing an error of some sort

  11. Michiru

    Good job Dargoth. Thank you for giving us a little insight into the new game. You are so amazing and great for doing so in such a short time.

      • Anonymous

        Monster – Jap Name – Possible Americanized Name

        Slime – Raimu/Lime – Lime
        -No change needed
        Bunny Slime – Usa – Rabi/Rabbi
        -Usagi is the japanese name for rabbits, so Rabi would fit. Sticking to Usa wouldn’t be bad either.
        Namekuji/Slug Girl – Meruku/Melk – ?
        -I don’t know the connection between slugs and the name.
        Paizuri Imp – Rami – Rami
        -No change needed. Cool she has a name now.
        Handjob Imp/Rumi – Rumi – Rumi
        -No change needed. Her name was in MGQ.
        BJ Imp/Remi – Remi – Remi
        -No change Needed. Her name was in MGQ.
        Mandragora – Ragora – Ragora
        -Her name is the last part of Mandragora, so no need to change.
        Dog Girl – Pochi – Pochi
        -Pochi is a common japanese name for a dog, calling her Spot or Fido would be weird.
        Mimizu/Worm Girl – Mimii – Mimi
        -Mimizu is the Japanese name for Earthworm, so unless you can get a normal name out of Earthworm, Mimi is fine.

        Maybe Dargoth should try a Strawpoll here and /MGQG/ to see if Americanizing would even be worth it/wanted. Or only weird Japanese names would be Americanized.

      • Anonymous

        I’d definitely prefer the names to be more like they appear on that list, keeping them based on their Japanese counterparts, if even changed at all. I agree that if their completely off-the-wall Japanese, they may need to be changed but we did have names like Shirohebi, Kejourou, Tsukuyomi, and Tamamo and no one seemed to mind back then.

      • Anonymous

        I would prefer not translating names. Things like Lime are fine, as these are what they actually came from, but Usa has my vote over any shortened Rabbit.

  12. Anonymous

    Hopefully not too Americanized. I shudder to think about would have happened if The Heavenly Knights had names like Susan or Foxxy.

    • mikceron

      agreed about knights for main characters its good, but that slime you can meet as normal enemy as well, so i think bunny slime sounds good for it.
      basically i mean that story characters called by names and simple enemies something simple.

      • Anonymous

        I think you should just keep the simple names such as Slime girl and Ant girl. Like unless they’re an important character just call them by their type/race.

      • Well, they have names beyond “Slime Girl” when you recruit them. Plus it’d be confusing if you saw “Slime Girl attacks Slime Girl” in combat.

        From the demo, I’ll probably change the slime to Lime and bunny slime to Rabbi. Might do something with the slug girl name too. The others seem all right as is.

      • Anonymous above dargoth

        I didn’t know they got names when you recruited them, just meant the names for enemies πŸ™‚

  13. Anonymous

    All hail dargoth! King of the internet perverts!

    Seriously, I had no idea how to recruit any monsters so I kept getting owned by the pink boobie slime

    • Rue

      It’s pretty easy to do it solo, just raise your level until level 3 (gonna take a while) and your attack will one-hit-kill the blue slimes.

      And don’t forget to use struggle when binded lol.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s impossible to recruit anyone until beat that slime. Had beaten tons of slimes after getting to 100 friendship, and even got the pink slime to 100 friendship and nothing happened even though I replayed that battle a couple of times too, First pink slime I beat afterwards, and she offers to join the party.

  14. Anonymous

    Is there anyway to play the game in full screen mode? I turned my desktop resolution down to 800X600, but its still pretty small.

  15. Anonymous

    How much of it is translated? I dont know if i made a mistake patching it but when i go out of the house everyone started talking japanese.

    Anyways thanks for the patch.

  16. Anonymous

    I’m nervous about where this game’s story is headed. Whatever happened to Luka and Alice being, y’know, married?

  17. Sageofoblivion

    Seems like a diffrent story some of the basics are still the same but maybe in this version Illisa was not an a-hole.
    had only one problem with the instructions in my gamefolder there was no Data folder but i got one in the extraction so no matter.
    How long is the demo?

  18. DargothFan

    Thanks so much for the patch! It’s great to experience this new MGQ with some English!

    That being said… does anyone know where to go after you get the Key to Hades from the town? I’m totally lost as to where to go next. I gave up talking to random NPCs since I can’t really understand what they are saying. Thanks in advance!

  19. Anonymous

    Anyone know how the talk thing works? Or recruitment? I see dialogue options pop up, sometimes multiple times, but nothing ever seems to happen other than my ‘sp’ getting consumed.

    • You give them stuff or answer their questions correctly to improve your friendship score. The higher the score, the more likely a monster will ask to join your party after you defeat them.

  20. Desert Eagle

    Huh… I’m a bit stuck at later parts of story, after Iliasville. I’m not sure where to go, and talking randomly to people doesn’t seem to work.

    If I’m reading the machine translation correctly, I’m trying to find Amira in order to get information. I followed her trail as much as I could but now it seems she’s been kidnapped by a gang of bandits. The people are saying something about “mountains” and “west”, so I assume she’s been taken there. The two caverns to the far west aren’t available on demo though.

    Is this the end of the road? I’m pretty sure there has to be something. The monster section of my library is 88% complete; There has to be something still left.

    • Anonymous

      I think it end of demo here.By the way if you go back to poison swamp after recruit slime in Iliasville you will find soldier stuck it help him and you will receive soldier key then go to the south cave in the BF2 you will find lock chest open and talk to the soldier again you will receive letter.

  21. Anonymous

    Is it possible to stay in that expensive inn in the second city? Looks like it costs 100,000 moneys. I’m not gonna grind that lol.

    Was thinking maybe that’s where the “mob_maid” in the pictures folder could be.

    • Anonymous

      The mob_maid in the pictures folder is in a building a bit to the northeast of the second town. She says that she will be a battle fuck (like the girl that is on the cabin next to the village on the world map), but not available at the demo. I did grind enough so when I sold everything I could afford a night at the expensive inn and the only thing you get is a good night’s sleep that’s 10000 more expensive than at the other inn of the town.

  22. imercenary

    Awesome, but I’d rather wait for the full game than play the demo. Heres to hoping the intro of the full game is (mostly?) the same as the demo so you can copy and paste your demo translation into the full game.

    • I’m definitely hoping to diff and merge the demo translation into the full game with little hassle. I’ll be very sad if Torotoro decides to move things around in the files.

  23. CheatingCheater

    Can I ask if you translated all demo or only main part?
    Becouse I don’t know if I did something wrong that only some first lines at the beggining are translated

    • It should be easy to copy over all my work from the demo to the completed game. That way, when the game comes out, I can have a full interface, battle, item/skill/etc patch out within 24 hours along with the first hour or so of the game.

  24. Anonymous

    Good work, we are waiting for the next update (and the release of the full game πŸ™‚ )
    You’re one of the best. With Rogue.

  25. Anonymous

    How large is the demo exactly? An Hour or so of playtime?
    Also will it take long to translate, Dargoth? Cause I’m dying to try it out πŸ˜€

  26. Anonymous


    For everyone slower than me:
    -You must recruit Alice/Illias, Sonya, and Reimu in Illiasburg before you can recruit any other monster girls

    It took me forever to figure that out. lol

  27. Anonymous

    i’m a little lost at the moment..

    so i just got illias to follow me and were about to move out when illias says somthing about visiting the village chief north of the village but i can’t find him.

    also the white haired imp is in the strawberry field eating without permission or somthing but she won,t leave the field what do i need to do with her?.

    and when we arrive at the large village north illiasburg i believe it is called the bunny girl shows up and drops the hades key.
    luka says somthing about visiting illas temple 2F. so when i go there i unlock the big iron door and end up in the underworld where i find a cave entrance at the back however it is impossible to go through there.

    so can anybody explain what i.m suppose to do now/.

    • Anonymous

      1.go talk the village chief in illiasville he will give you a key to open door in the village basement treasure room (right side of the village) after you left house Sonia will joint you
      2. After you recruit Imp(beat her in the fight have change to recruit her) go talk to the 2 imp, first one in the field your mentions and the second one in the basement in 1. she will joint you

      • Anonymous

        Thank you ive found the village chief and Sonja joined the party.
        However when i go down the basemnt where the purple imp is hiding she won,t do anything because she’s scared how do i recruit her and the white imp?.

    • Anonymous

      to recruit White Imp and purple imp you need to capture imp first,she will find at standard enemy in the cave below the illaisville.First go to the right side of illaisville in the poison swamp you will find slime girl go to help her and she will join you now go to the cave fight imp after you win have a change that she will join you(I spend 30 min. to recruit)

      PS. seriously Sonja? In her Japanese name in call Sonia -,-

      • Anonymous

        ah i see now thank you for the help.

        btw i just typed “sonja” because i forgot if her name was Sonja or Sonia hehe πŸ˜›

  28. Anonymous

    Sorry for the bother, but the link for the patch download doesn’t work ^ ^
    (I don’t know if it is just for my PC)
    (P.s.:I’m an Italian fan, sorry for the bad english ^ ^)

  29. Anonymous

    how do i switch monsters in group?

    i.m at the castle base when i talk to the maid i don,t understand what to do next to drop off a monster and get another one in the party.

    • Anonymous

      We can have party member max 8 character but only 4 can fight other than that it move to castle it 2 way to switch
      1. if you want to switch between party member go to menu screen pick option 6 you can switch whatever character you need.
      2. if you want to switch the other character that didn’t in your party go talk to the maid in castle pick option 1.
      Hope it can help dude.

    • Anonymous

      you can switch monster in group by – go to menu screen pick option 6 chose whatever party member you like to fight.

  30. Anonymous

    What happend to the combat CG?.

    It doesn’t show up.
    For example Mandroga fellatio and titfuck CG or Slug girl new scene’s?.

    They show up in the CG part of the monsterpedia but not in battle.

      • Anonymous

        well do you remember the cut trough scene’s in battle with the previous trilogy.
        for example if you get binded a certain CG will appear.

        or if a monster uses a specific attack a cut-trough CG will appear with a matching orgasm/climax.

        the mandroga girl has a fellatio and boobjob CG cut-through during battle.
        however these don’t appear during battle.

        they are however viewable in the monster book.
        the imp has a similair CG during battle wich also doesn’t appear during battle and the slug girl.

        i think somthing went wrong perhaps with the translation but i don’t know if i;m the only one who noticed this.

      • Anonymous

        For example the madroga (plant girl) and Imp and slug girl have certain CG that is showed during battle instead of the losing rape scene.

        like in the previous trilogy if you get binded by a attack or a monster uses a specifick attack a certain CG will appear.

        However i only get the rape losing CG scene.

        I don’t know if i;m the only one with this problem or that it is a common problem?.

      • Anonymous

        i followed all the setup step without a problem (like extracting and moving the files to the required location and i didn’t get any errors so i don’t know whats going on maybe a bug or somthing?

      • Anonymous

        It’s probably more of an issue with the demo itself than the translation, as I have yet to install any translation and witnessed the same thing for the mandragora. Though I don’t remember them getting one of those “would you let me make you feel good?” type of dialogue from her in battle so that might have to do with that.

  31. Anonymous

    i do hope the missing CG is yet to be implemented in future patches or the full game.
    it would be dissapointing if those type of CG only show up with the seduce dialogue since that rarely happens that would mean you have to replay a scene maybe 30 times to get those dialogue with the CG.

    it isn’t much of a problem with the old monsters but seeing the promis of the new monsters it would be a shame if not all of the CG is used.

    is there a way to inform torotoro resistance about this?.

    • Nanashi

      You should check the monster lord castle lobby, where the people/monsters recruited are stationed when not in your party. When talking to them in the castle they can give you presents, you can give them presents (γƒ—γƒ¬γ‚Όγƒ³γƒˆγ‚’γ‚γ’γ‚‹) to augment their affection or, when their affection (ε₯½ζ„ŸεΊ¦) is high enough, make requests (γŠγ­γ γ‚Šγ™γ‚‹) to them like in the previous MGQs but this time out of battle. The CGs you saw that did not appear in the rape scene are most likely in these requests scenes.

  32. Anonymous

    Tip: When you can, go to the cave near the city and keep stealing from the imps until you have at least 4 bondage ropes. Then equip them to the 4 inactive people in your party (assuming ofc you have recruited enough monsters). They will still get double xp and since they are not actually fighting, the paralysis, blindness and silence doesn’t matter. Also if you are strapped for cash go to the forest near you town and go looking for bunny slimes. Sometimes you can steal from them a bunny core that goes for 500g and the other monsters there are the not too tough slimes, and slug girls (which also have a stealable +10% magic accessory that goes for 250g and can drop slimy mucus for upgrades) and the free inn from your town is right next when you might need it.

  33. Anonymous

    There’s a bug with the flee ability of the thief. If you manage to escape with it (it will fail if you use it while Luka is bound) then the game shuts down.

    • Anonymous

      There is also a NoMethodError when you defeat some enemies after having changed your class. Noticed it first when I tried to have Luka as Unemployed and the game crashed after my first win, and it crashed when again when I tried it a bit later. I managed to have him as Unemployed a bit after that when I had changed some classes in my formation, and when I changed a monster from hunter to warrior it crashed again after the first battle, although I had leveled Luka before as a Warrior with no problem.

  34. Gary

    Great stuff, much appreciated.
    Don’t suppose there’s any updates on Violated Hero IV? I was looking forward to playing that.

  35. jomppa89

    http://www.ulmf.org/bbs/showpost.php?p=572391&postcount=2172 translation of blog update

    The will be approximately 550 monsters in the game (with around 200 of them coming from previous chapters). RPGs often make “new” enemies by changing the color scheme of an earlier existing enemy. That won’t be the case here.
    About all 550 monsters will have H scenes for defeat and temptation events, and all of them can become companions.
    However, most monsters reappearing from previous chapters will reuse their old CGs.

    so much new monsters <3

  36. Monster-Girl Lover

    Hey Dargoth, I finally got the level up list for characters/races/classes completed!


    Shows all the skills that a character/class/race learns on level up, as well as exactly what that skill does in terms of damage, cost, enemies targeted, effects it might have, etc. Prob won’t be able to do something similar for the full game, but this is at least useful for people playing the demo to see what types of skills characters get as they develop.

    • Anonymous

      That really helpful, even on skills I had unlocked I didn’t know the damage formula. One small note though, the near-death training gives a *2 xp multiplier and replaces the *1,5 one from desperate training. Have you figured out how to unlock the noble and merchant classes or did you only find their info in the files?

      • Monster-Girl Lover

        Noble is Alice’s default class, only available to her in the demo. Merchant can be gotten by everyone, but must be unlocked. Talk to the merchant in the upper right corner of the herb shop in Luka’s hometown and you’ll get a quest to go to the hill to the far east of town, he’ll also give you three Full Moon Grass to help against the Paralysis a Mandragora’s scream inflicts. Once you get there, you’ll find the other merchant has been paralysed by uprooting a Mandragora. The game will ask if you want to give him a Full Moon Grass, and once you do, he’ll head back to the other merchant. Go there, talk to them, and pick the bottom option, and you’ll get the Merchant class, 500 gold, and a copper sword.

  37. Well i found a way for you guys to get through some of your translations and help pass the time so dargoth can finish making the OEP (Official English Patch). I’m just going to say that this method has helped me for previous games like VH3. i’ll get to the point i have recently tried this on the MGQ paradox demo and it worked slightly but i gives a good description of whats going on in the game.
    dargoth i hope i’m not doing anything that will offend you i just want to help pass the time if this does offend you then ill just take down my comment immediately upon your request. with that said.

    Please keep in mind the translations will rarely be perfect but MOST of the time it will be hard to make sense. The best to expect is getting the gist of what is being said and going on.

    You will need these two programs:
    ITH (Interactive Text Hooker): https://mega.co.nz/#!EgFj3BTI!0_3N1Sdz5XzNALpnR2ctKzh9sHh5fSocA1GJwO544xw

    Translation Aggregator: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=203058&stc=1&d=1310314767

    After you download the two tools and you have the game you want to test it on lets go!
    Run MGQ
    Now run ITH
    click on β€œProcess” and click on your game’s name exe. Most likely it will be “Game.exe”
    and then click on β€œAttach”
    Now play MGQ until you reach some Japanese dialog. Now click on the drop down menu in ITH.
    Once you have done that in the drop down menu there will be three choices to choose from for me i chose “0003”. Now run Translation Aggregator then click on MGQ and continue the japanese dialog.
    Now you will see Translation Aggregator use several different translation sites to try and get you a good translation. So thanks guys for reading. Also if you have an anti-virus software like me (i have norton) it says it will have a virus but you have my word its not. i WILL answer every comment i can Happy making sense of this game guys.

    • If there are other people who can understand japanese only in romaji, I recomend using jparser and mecab with Translation Aggregator, it’ll give you options to see text in romaji, hiragana and katakana… It’s better than the machine translation, for the ones who can understand…

    • Enonymous

      Hi, when I click on “attach”, it says “Failed to attach ITH to process”. Do you know why that is? Am I doing something wrong?

  38. Sageofoblivion

    Im wondering what your current focus in the translation is it the menu system or the story?
    I usally loath to ask these questions but at first I thought it would be the story but in the end the menu seemed like a better basic thing to do.
    As for the English versions of the names I would sugest to mix it up or even be original with the names.
    But take your time build a solid foundation that can be used when the full game comes.

  39. Anonymous

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for your work, Dargoth! Really appreciate all the effort you put in those translations, I’ll be looking forward to MGQ Paradox for sure πŸ™‚
    Take it easy,

    • Make sure you’re decrypting the files in Game.rgss3a and copying them back into the game’s directory (assuming you didn’t just run the decrypter from the game’s directory in the first place).

  40. Anonymous

    Im getting an error called No such file or directory – Data/Animations.rvdata2 theres much more but it seems pointless to put it all here

  41. Anonymous

    I have no clue where the extracted files are. It says success and there are no files anywhere the extractor is. Can someone just link their game .rar’d?

  42. Anonymous

    I hope you come out with some program to patch the files later on because this is a pain in the a$$ to patch as it is.

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