1. Anonymous

    Happy new years to you dargoth. I hope after this that you take a little break because I know this is going to be a huge project.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you Dargoth! While I give myself cancer I hope you cure the game of this soon. Have a good new year, friend.

  3. Incubusknight

    Happy new years Dargoth, as always take your time and don’t stress over it too much. We all appropriate the work you put into translating these games.

  4. Anonymous

    Ugh, stuff is still untranslated. I shall continue to wait for a complete patch~. And now, to get some kemo…

  5. Anon

    Oh, a couple things…

    1) Alice’s race is listed as Yoma instead of Lamia… Is this intentional?

    2) Is there a way to make the window larger without going full screen? The game window seems tiny as is, but full screen stretches the art.

    • NoName

      Alice can be a Yoma, Beast, Lamia, Scylla, Land-dweller and Sea-dweller. If you go and change her race you will see those options. By default she’s a Yoma. Remember, just because it has a tail doesn’t mean it’s a lamia. In the original games she’s depicted as a high-class demon/Yoma.

  6. NoName

    A problem already found, some of the jobs and races get some words under other words (for example, I’m reading the word “do” but I can see under it the word “can”, or do not resize properly.

  7. Anonymous

    soooooo…. the world is generally a better place when people keep their promises huh?
    I remember hearing that around here a while back
    I wonder who said it?…………

      • Anonymous

        he originally said on his Dec 23 post
        ‘the demo translation won’t be here for Christmas, but will be here at new year’

        that seems sort of like a promise/guarantee to me

        of course, now that he’s failed he changed the text

    • Anon

      It’s not a promise or guarantee unless someone uses the word promise or guarantee. Other wise it’s just something someone says with the intention of making it so. Unforeseen circumstances occurred. Stop biting the hand that feeds you just because he couldn’t feed you when he was expecting to.

  8. Curian

    Thanks for your hard work and happy new year.
    Btw, Can i ask how to fix the error “Failed to load script” pls T_T

      • Anon

        When does the error appear for you? Did you properly unpack everything? I don’t think you need .91, but I was using a file that already had .91.

      • Curian

        When open the game. But It seems to need apply the .91 patch first. It’s good to play now.
        Another question, anyone know to find the active quests list ? Cant find from the game’s menu T_T

      • Anon

        Don’t think there is an active quest list… You just have to pay attention to the dialogue and hope you remember everything I guess.

  9. CivilDeviation

    Dargoth, thanks for all this! Question for ya though, are ya still finding translating rewarding? If not, but ya want to, let us know if ya need anything we can do to help. Happy new years!

  10. lygarx

    Since it uses a type of RPGmaker that doesn’t have a save game editor available. I had to go in to it directly to change the game to give me some cheats. I like to cheat. even in original trilogy, I used cheat engine to give myself unlimited hp and sp to be undefeated.

  11. bestfriend

    wow… way to start New Year’s Dargoth. I don’t care for the update but you sound like you are a mess. Go slap yourself a few times and restart man. The most half assed post dude are you still drunk from that party last night. HAHA dumbass =[]!

  12. NoName

    Things the patch translates:
    – All H-scenes in the castle, except one with Alraune (the blowjob option).
    – Some lose scenes in combat (haven’t tried them all, try it yourself).
    – Race and job description.
    – Locations that you can head with Harpy Wing.
    – The guy who describes the Tartarus locations in that hole area and all soldier NPCs.

    Things still not translated:
    – Conversations in castle.
    – Conversations in battle.
    – The investigators in the hole section.

    Also, Dargoth, is it possible that your translation patch increases the XP you get so we can see if all skills are properly translated (I mean letters showing properly, not outside the box). Leveling up Race is just waaaay too tedious unfortunately, and unfortunately Alice has more than one race so checking them all is really hard.

    • mikceron

      alraune you mean mandragora?
      also is there some way to make that text of attack of monster stoped so you could read it (not auto skiped i mean)?

    • Anonymous

      It should be possible to use cheat engine to increase xp artificially. You may also be able to modify Enemies.rvdata2 in the Data directory to change monsters’ awarded xp.

      • Anonymous

        The images with the 2 imps (ev_inp_hf#) appear to be unused, or are accessed in a different manner than the other event CG. For other CGs, the base file name appears in the CommonEvents and/or DataEx files. That is not the case for those CGs.

        I also can’t find reference to ev_inp_hc# (main imp in cowgirl position) or ev_inp_he# (main imp boob job from below).

      • NoName

        The problem is that if I do that from RPG X Ace I cannot use the patch anymore, since everything is restored to Japanese. And I tried and tried, but I can’t find the goddamn XP value for some reason. Usually I would manipulate the amount of total XP a character has but unfortunately this game doesn’t show that amount.

        Also, all those imp CGs do nothing in case somebody asks again. In the demo only a few are implemented, the rest aren’t. Don’t worry, once the full game is released you’ll be able to see those scenes.

      • Anonymous

        After some experimentation with editing the XP values, the Job XP is in plain text and the regular XP is in binary. Modifying things to values out of the expected range will cause the program to not recognize the file and fall back to the untranslated one in the Data directory, instead of the Translations/Data directory.

        The XP value for the Slime Girl is stored as the tab character after @expi on the third line. Changing that tab character to U will increase the XP to 80. The job XP is stored on line 24 as . The 1 can be increased to up to 9 and still be recognized.

        For manipulating the total XP value using cheat engine, set it to unknown initial value, use the ‘increased by…’ option, and enter 2 times the XP value that you gain. The game stores most values as 2n+1.

      • Anonymous

        What kind of variable should we be looking for 4-byte?
        If possible can you give a detailed way on how to find this addresses? (kind of like the tutorial :P)
        I’m new to cheat engine and i haven’t been able to find nor the heal or the exp values

      • Anonymous

        4-byte hasn’t failed for me before. You could theoretically use lower bytes, but then you would be placing a lower cap when you edit them (127 for 1 byte, 32767 for 2 bytes).

        Unless otherwise specified, settings should remain at their default values.

        A pastebin with steps to avoid a wall of text:

  13. Anonymous

    do you have to start a new game if you apply the new patch or can you use the old save file?.
    I already completed the demo so.

    • Anonymous

      You should be able to use an old save file. I think the only thing that doesn’t change is the recruited character names. Some translations may require changing areas (enter/exit a town, for example) before they apply.

  14. Anon

    Don’t know if this is the correct place to post this however, this forum seems to be the one with the most recent activity. All places and suggestions I have been given so far haven’t resolved for me a fix. I just recently purchased MGQ 1 from the DL website. Problems: The game is obviously Japanese, that I have ascertained. Though, all of the patches they have out there for MGQ 1 have been taken down from mediaflare and are no longer downloadable, so unfortunately I cannot currently fix my issue. I did notice that there was a ‘project’ on the dl website, where they stated “Update to the English version is planned for this product” but I have since never seen one presented. It is a bugger that I paid 22 dollars for something I cannot use, but more importantly, I am frustrated at the inability to play of what people say from all of these forums, is such a great game…

    Any help for this dilemma would be appreciated for anyone reading this post.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    • Anon

      Also, another thing I noticed:

      A few minutes ago, upon attempting my play at the game, while not understanding Japanese at all, the game wouldn’t even make it past the scene with the angel at the beginning, something about language on line 99 or something like that. I realize that you have to have Japanese support available for this game, but from what I’ve read, it already comes with Windows 7. I have Windows 7 home version 32 bit. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but if I am supposed to download something for Windows 7 updates, I didn’t see any options for language packs. I have my region set for Japanese, but I think that might be as far as I was able to get.

  15. Anon

    Wow, I had no idea it was that simple, and no idea why I didn’t find that specific link in all of my hours of searching… I downloaded that patch, and thanks to you, made it past the beginning, I am guessing everything will go smoothly from here, as long as I follow the guy’s instructions. I really appreciate the time you took to read my last post and help, it means a lot. I can now hopefully enjoy this game the way I was intended to to it’s entirety. Have a great night, and weekend, whom ever you are or where ever you are from.

  16. Anon

    Thanks to the both of you and everyone reading this, if you were stuck like I was and this was helpful to more than just me, maybe my questions were enough to make a difference to others as well.

  17. Anonymous

    thanks dargoth for translating this demo.
    All thats left to translate are a few scenes and the adult allis scene.

  18. Anonymous

    omg finally cheated gold to stay in inn for 100000 and all i get is achivment lol.
    so the bandits stole amira and in trial you cannot get there what about woman in inn witch says that you too weak to go to harpies village is there a way to change her mind?and anyone opened all chests?in blue you get orb and in other 3000g what in 2 others?

  19. Anonymous

    Dargoth, you should just abandon the demo. In the whole scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. I don’t even plan to play the demo. I’ll wait for the finished game and I know I’m not alone in thinking that.

    MGQ Dinner still needs translation as well as that lengthy Sei Monmusu Gakuen project. Not to mention a couple more Violated Hero games, but I guess you stopped doing that series, right?

    • Anonymous

      Content in the demo will be present in the final game, so translating the demo is akin to translating the game. So it’s certainly useful, even if we were to assume that literally nobody played the demo (which, of course, isn’t the case).

      • Anonymous

        Demos are not always exactly the same as the fully released game. While it can be assumed to be mostly similar, dialogue or game progression could be altered enough to warrant Dargoth’s work on the demo null and void. I’ve played enough demos to see that small changes are common, and the occasional demo where things were drastically different from the finished product.

  20. Kyusumu

    Just wanted to say thanks for the update Dargoth! You’re doing an awesome job thank you!

    To answer the above poster, I believe the stuff that gets translated in the demo will also be used once the game is released so they’re working towards that.

  21. khalayia

    Happy new year dargoth, you’ve done an excellent job on the demo so far. my only question is whether your translating all this by yourself; if thats the case then its likely that the full game will take years to fully translate without assistance. If you need help then please don’t hesitate to ask.

  22. Anonymous

    Don’t worry about it Dargoth, just take all the time you need. Besides, we’re just looking for translations for the demo, not the full game. when we get the full game, then we will ask for translations, but for now, just take your time with the demo.

  23. Anon

    Can’t seem to locate a workable English patch for MGQ Part 2. I’ve just recently beat part one, and loved it, I wanted more, so naturally, I downloaded the second volume. Though, I’ve scoured the forums, I’m either not very good at locating the fix, or one doesn’t currently exist. If anyone could help me locate a workable patch for MGQ 2 that isn’t already offline, I would greatly appreciate it.

  24. Anon

    I seemed to have found a link that was riddled with virus’s but I got past them and was able to download the full English version for MGQ2. Thanks again in advance regardless, have a good night everyone.

  25. Anonymous

    we’ve had enough of your promises dargoth

    next time you pull a fast one, expect there to be consequences
    lol jk not rlly

  26. Anon

    Was able to get a hold of MGQ 2 full patch translation from a site that was riddled with backdoor trojans / wanna be virus’s, that I had to slap down, in order just to download the patch file. Haven’t had much luck trying to get a working / safe patch for MGQ 3. Just downloaded the last installment of that great game, but unfortunately I still haven’t learned Japanese. :/

  27. Anon

    Yeah, the game has been a lot of fun, really rich in story, was kind of surprised that there was so much story involved within the game, thought it was just mindless sex and vore. Cried a few times even, but I am a sensitive one I guess. Kinda stuck on a monster though, made it to the castle where I have to fight Lamiaroid.

    • Manc

      Why not lower the difficulty to normal and use Ilias’s evaluation? And yeah I agree on the story, especially part 2. Loved it!

  28. Anonymous

    I have 3 questions. 1) do the race/job levels stay at 10 or do they go higher? 2) Not to seem a testing tom, but when is the next translation pack coming out? 3) Should the full game come out, will we be able to transfer save files from the demo or will we have to start all over?

      • Anonymous

        WHAT?! Do you know how long I farmed in the demo?! Ah that’s bull. Oh well. With the full game, I can just worry abut xp at first, then when there are powerful monsters that give massive job points, I’ll farm jobs there.

      • Anonymous

        1) In the real release the jobs go way above 10 and unlock other jobs, 2) Translation comes out when it comes out, Dargoth does a grand job the more interesting question is when will something beyond the demo come out so he can really see the behemoth before him? 3) Nope you start over, perhaps use cheat engine to save yourself some grinding to leave more room for the content

        • Anonymous

          1) I guess that makes sense. 2) You’re right. I just need to be patient and let him take his time. 3) If I could use a cheat engine for the game, I would. If there is one, please link it. If not, then I better prep for a whole new level of farming then. But seriously, you would NOT believe the amount of farming I did. I even figured out a technique for the best farming.

      • Anonymous

        http://www.cheatengine.org/ The program itself is called cheat engine. The game left-bit-shifts the stored values and sets the least significant bit to 1, so it’s not as simple to use as with other games. There was a pastebin with instructions somewhere in the first page of comments for using it with xp and hp.

        • Anonymous

          I hear that. I’m not even sure how the whole thing works. You’d think there was a step-by-step with images to guide you.

        • Anonymous

          As I said, I’m a bit of a visual reader, but if you’re suggesting I try it half-cocked, then by all means, why not give it a whirl.

      • Melkor

        But I dont think the hp one works, I keep narrowing it down to one entry but when I change the value, my game crashes.

      • Anonymous

        There’s an upper limit to the HP value. Also, you have to make sure that the value you change it to is odd. 255 is a fairly high value that works (by entering 511).

        The checkbox to the left of the entry after you save it in the bottom section will lock that value. Locking it won’t prevent a one-shot-kill, but it will prevent gradual loss of HP.

      • Anonymous

        Modifying the XP value should work the same way and should also require that the number you change it to be odd. After finding the single entry, double-click it to add it to the list at the bottom, then double-click the value column for that row to edit it.

        To be safe, I would change it to 1 XP before a level, then obtain the level from a regular battle. To do that, you would take the remaining XP value shown in-game, subtract 1, then multiply by 2. You then add that number to the value that is already present.

      • Anonymous

        Depends on what’s already there and how much XP you need. For example, if the current value was 1245 and your remaining XP to level was 100, you would change it to 1245 + (100-1)*2 = 1443.

      • Anonymous

        There are some skills (mostly from human race, but also in other races/classes) or equipment (hard job bracelet, bondage gear) that modify the multipliers. You can also just start with only Luka in party, then add characters once you have found the address for his XP.

  29. Melkor

    Is anyone else finding recruiting hard? since I can’t read the ‘talk” text i pretty much have to gamble, and its not paying off.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s my advice: Train Luka and another companion in Hunter, until they both are at job level 10, or at least until you get the “recruit monsters 1.5” abilities. Equip them, then fight the monsters normally, and in much shorter time than you think, new monsters will pop in.

        • Anonymous

          Well, I found a handy strategy for the fastest farming. First, you will need to acquire the abilities “encounter double’ and/or “encounter quintuple”, have them equiped to 2-3 of your characters, main team or otherwise, and you should get an encounter every step or 2. If you don’t, get more of the said abilities. Then, in the config, set battle text to fastest and auto, and omit battle text, since it’s still untranslated, then simply walk right next tot he entrances of Ilias village and temple, so that when you need to stop at the inn, you can just head to Luka’s inn for a free rest, and you’re right next to the temple, so you can do a quick job/race change. There is another step to this farm, but first, I need to know if you got to Illiasburg.

      • Anonymous

        Okey, then go to Ilias temple, go upstairs, go left until you see the four people (you can explore the area if you want. there is a series of chest to the right. If you obtained pick lock 1 for one of your thieves, then you can open the blue chest, for a major stash of money.) then go up. There will be a door between two guard, that is opened by the hades key. It leads to the area that you wake up in when you are defeated in combat. I surmise it’s the area you can go to to defeat bosses you’ve beaten, like the bunny slime and two slimes you fight in the mountains. Talk to the figure in black; she’s a reaper, and she is able to change the difficulty of the game, as well as give you a bonus boss, but trust me, do NOT take on this bonus boss. With the limits you have in the demo, you could never take it down. Now when you talk to the woman in black, there iwll be three choises, and since they are untranslated, they mean “change difficulty”, “Secret boss (possible Secret bosses in the full game)” and “never mind” in that specific order. YOu choose the first one, which is “Change difficulty”, then you can change your difficulty settings from “Very easy” to “Paradox”, which is, to put it light, but bluntly, INSANE!!!!! For the fastest farming, set it to “Very easy”, and then just do the steps I said before, and in no time, you’ll be swimming in XP and Job XP, as well as rack up race points, since every enemy defeated counts at a race point.
        So, to put it simply
        1) Acquire 2-5 “Encounter Double” or “Encounter Quintuple”
        2) Equip them all
        3) Set difficulty to Very easy
        4) Select the characters you want to level up
        5) Set combat dialogue on auto and on fastest speed, and omit battle speech.
        6) Stay exactly right next to Ilias village/temple entrances
        7) Farm, farm, farm
        8) Do this until the full game comes out
        9) ???
        10) PROFIT!!!!
        Had to do that joke. In all seriousness, do steps 1-6, then rinse and repeat step 7, and in no time, you will max out everything from base levels to jobs to races. Once everything is maxed out, undo all these settings, then go over what you believe will be a good starting team for when you play the full game.
        … wow that is the biggest comment I have ever done.

  30. Melkor

    don’t you need a high level in the thief job to obtain encounter quintuple? how am I supposed to grind it out til I get that? lol

    • Anonymous

      If you have Rami, then go get Remi in Ilias village stock room, which is the entrance right of luca’s home and past the blacksmiths to the right, and Rumi, in a strawberry patch, to the left of Luca’s home, his home being the inn. Once you have them, set them in your reserves, along with a fourth being whoever you want. Have ALL of them take up the flirt job, then just farm around Ilias village, using my advice as best as you can. They will learn “Encounter double” and “Encounter Half” immediately in the farming. Once they learn it, equip them. But above all, keep those flirts in the reserves, cause if you use them in combat, 90% of the time they’ll do something stupid. Luka would trip, sonya would paralyze herself, rabbi and Alice will dig up pits, that 50% of the time they fall into,

    • Anonymous

      If you’re referring to Dargoth, no he’s not, and trnaslating, even if it’s just a demo, is not as easy at it sounds, and if you’re referring to me, unless others ask something, yes I’m done.

      • Matt

        Dargoth, if you want to, we can translate those for you, just post a txt. If it’s just a Word, and not a sentence, Google Translate + Some thinking will get the results.

        • Anonymous

          Dude, if it was that simple, He would have finished ALL of the Translations within 4 weeks of the demo being released.

      • Matt


        The vast majority of text in this game isn’t just Words. It’s sentences. Sentences require a LOT of thought, because the translation rarely is straight. It requires an acute understanding of grammar and other things, besides just the Kanji. Now, Words on the other hand require no understanding of Grammar, just Kanji and thinking. Simple things like Long Sword (ๅคชๅˆ€) and Short Sword (่„‡ๅทฎ) to a little more complicated things like Soldier Bee (ๅ…ต้šŠ่œ‚) and Grizzly Cub (็ฐ่‰ฒไป”็†Š). While it won’t take Dargoth a long time or mind power to translate those, it’s still a pain in the ass to do 68 of them.

      • NoName

        … About the Obtained [item] translation, don’t they just use one single phrase and using the id of the item that is gotten they replace the value in [item] for the proper name? Are you telling me they actually coded more than 68 individual descriptions, one for every item? WTF.

    • Anonymous

      are there like videos of all the losing scenes of the game? that would be cool because otherwise you have to play for a long time for the encounter you want.

      i had the same thing with milia wars you couldn’t save so you always had to start over. thats probably the thing that withholds me from playing games like these.

      • Chiron Maximus

        When you fight and beat a monster, you get the monster information in the monster book of the library. Best part, you don’t need to lose to the monster to see it’s rape scene, and most rape scenes can be scene as companion requests when you recruit them.

        • Chiron Maximus

          You play as Luka, an apprentice hero who sets out to find his father. YOU can change formation in the group so the one leading can be a girl, but when you play, win and lose, you are Luka, since the game is of his story and that of his companions. So when you lose, Luka gets raped, but if LUka cums or gets incapacitated, the others can fight on, so there is no rape scene if you win and Luka is already down. If the whole party falls, or you choose the “give up” option, you get raped.

  31. Anonymous

    Man if it’s taking this long for the demo to finish it’s probably going to take years for the full game. Also since this game is a trilogy you’ll probably be forced to translate the same items, skills and dialogue from the first game over again huh. RPGs tend to do that. At that point you might want to consider finding a partner for all the repetitive work or a workaround. Assuming that’s how it’s going to play out.

    • Matt

      It’s quite short, and you have access to the full gallery after you beat the second boss. It’s not really that great.

  32. Matt

    Hey Dargoth, any chance we getting the full patch by the end of the month? Or are you just gonna save your energy for the full game?

    • I might release something at the end of the month, but there’s still a lot of junk like the presents file and battle yells to do after the more important battle stuff I’m working on now.

      • NoName

        Honestly, if it’s just screams or similar, you can skip it IMO, you’ll have to deal with this in the full game release anyway. Also we are all clever enough (hopefully) to realise what Yaaaaaaah! is. Perhaps for things like spells in which they recite extremely clichรฉ phrases is worth doing, but oh well.

  33. Got some news for you bloggers. The official website of Demon Angel Sakura 2 announced that its going to release the English version on the 23 of January which is ( yep you guessed it ) today ๐Ÿ™‚

    • NoName

      I am mighty surprised! The English is worth reading! Not broken english taken from a translator! Do they have someone in their team that has a good level of english?

      • Yeah I think that they did a good job with the translation as well. Aki who is the circle representative was involved with the story and scripts, so he might have been responsible with the translation, or English scripts.

  34. lokisam

    Question about this Peniban Quest i saw some comments up does anyone know if someone will be translating that one? also will it have those puzzles for western players to prevent them from playing the game?

    • Matt

      Peniban seems like your generic run of the mill H-RPG Maker game. Story wise I’m willing to bet on generic just to keep the Hentai going. It’s got an even higher grade of Fetish than MGQ, and that’s saying something. So I’m with Dargoth on this one, I doubt someone will translate it.

      • Cio

        Better still focus on MGQ Paradox ๐Ÿ™‚ I will still play both since i’m a femdom fan, and hiyoko banchou were the one that brought me to this cursed world ~.~

  35. Chiron Maximus

    And with more farming on the Demo of Paradox, I just figured out a legit “Get-Rich-Quick” plan for everyone! Follow these easy steps for easy G”
    1) Follow the directions form my “Easy JOb XP Farming” comment
    2) Train 2-3 Theives for stealing and steal rate increase
    3) Steal from Slime cores, herbs and Boomerangs fro Slimes and Earrings from Slug girls
    4) Gather 10 of one or of each
    5) sell them (I think selling them at Illiasburg gives a better price, idk)
    6) Start again for fast and easy profit!!!

  36. CivilDeviation

    Many of us are displacing excitement back into the demo because the full-game isn’t out yet. It’s understandable, though considering the time versus gain ratio…. youch. Nothing will be transferred and strategies are unlikely to be viable. I’ll spend my time getting carpel tunnel by hitting the refresh button on Torotoro’s blog…

      • Matt

        Not that it will fail, just that it won’t be viable. Such has, spending 1 hour doing your strat vs 1 hour progressing, where progression yields a higher amount of EXP / Gold, since enemies are stronger and the gains are higher. Although, I think it’s viable just to get some key Jobs in place before getting father into the game.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Oh. Uh … So, basically, when the new game comes out, I’ll have to go through and rediscover my strategies, then update them for others to use?

  37. Anonymous

    Any chance the demo will be finished, or are you just going to put off the boring parts until the full game’s out?

    • Chiron Maximus

      We’ll just have to find out when it happens. Patience yields rewards. Besides, the full game has over 500 monsters, over 100 jobs, and nigh on infinite customizations to program in. In the demo, there are only a few things left to translate (As far as I can tell): Achievements, battle text, Ragora fellatio scene, the slug girl rape scene, info in the Library, character dialogues outside of rape/requests, and all other manner of stuff that will be easy/normal to translate.

  38. NoName

    Torotoro’s blog updated. Basically showing the Watermelon girl and some freaky monster.

    Also, Torotoro is recruiting testers for the game. Payment’s 10000Yen if you do your job. Limited amount of slots available, so if you’re interested go right now (obviously you need japanese knowledge to be able to communicate with him). Taking into account that testing usually lasts a month or two aprox. and then solving problems found takes time depending of the amount of troubles found, game should be probably expected between May if you’re an optimist and Summer if you’re a realist.

    • http://b.dlsite.net/RG07939/archives/51733594.html

      Also damn, so much for February. I guess I better put some serious effort into this tester application so I can get started on the translation before the official release. Torotoro was rather cold about foreign-language translations in the past, but since he’s putting resources towards an actual English-compatible ONScripter version of MGQ, maybe he has changed his mind.

      • Anon S

        I think it was only because they figure the English speakers will just mock it and pirate it. But the MGQ community showed otherwise, and I’m certain once he realized many of us wanted to pay for the game to show our appreciation, and a lot of that came because of the translations, he probably came around.

        Most of our issues with each other are misunderstandings and lack of exposure. Despite different races and cultures we’re all essentially the same. Especially us perverts. Our perversions unite us!

    • Civildeviation@Gmail.com

      Seems like 2/3s of these games are hastily being scrapped together with most skimping on depth of gameplay, plot, artwork, originality, or length. Instead we get gimicky repeats between the actually decent games. I hope that others along with myself cease financially supporting half-baked goods and instead pay a bit more for the good ones.

      • I think the game is ok, for what it does provide us with. Depth of gameplay ? plot ? originality ? Sure these games do not have indepth or any kind of originality both in plot and gameplay, but that does not make them half bad for what they are, and most of the games really lack these elements. If you only support games that are original in every sense of the way….then you will need to look really hard to get them. Besides it only costs 14 bucks…Some people value these ”underdog” type of games, and are grateful to the artists and developers for putting the effort necessary to draw attention and get some support.

        It’s easy to be demanding and set high standards for the developers if you are not part of the process of game development, art, etc. yourself.

      • Civildeviation@Gmail.com

        Rest assured I’ve helped with my share of betas and understand the length, financial strain, stress, and risk that can go into good game design. That said, it seems we may need to agree to disagree on the difference between supporting an indy-game maker and when and how to set precedents for quality.

    • Wf72

      It’s just not civil taste maybe. Bet he’s just not into the scene or something cause its too vanilla, just like me.
      The voice acting and art is good really, and above standard.

  39. Anonymous

    TTR updated their blog yesterday, it seems they are now selecting beta players from ~400 that applied. I reckon we might get a release date somewhere near the end of this month/beginning of next month.

    • NoName

      I highly doubt it. The beta testing will probably last a month or more if there’s a lot of bugs and problems, then you have bug fixing and rebalances that the beta testers have found, which will probably take another month or more if there’s a lot of problems.

      So yeah, expect to see it released in May if we’re optimistic.

      Also, Dargoth, tell us if you get selected from the beta please.

  40. Anonymous

    Maybe a stupid question, but can you run Paradox in a mode other than a tiny window or fullscreen with stretching?

  41. NoName

    So good news people. It appears Torotoro will release a new trial version, and in this one you will be able to bring your save to the full game. Also it seems he was really surprised to see applications from 6 different countries too. Hope you got selected here, Dargoth. Did you tell him you wanted to do a translation of the game?

  42. NoName

    If you haven’t received any e-mails by now, you should probably assume you weren’t chosen, Dargoth. Guess you’ll have to rely on the future demo to do something.

    • Yeah. If the next demo contains all the scripts and database files, that’ll make the transition from demo to full release much, much easier, which is all I wanted the tester version for in the first place. I’m still disappointed that he didn’t respond to me though.

      • The Noble Shade

        I know why KC has reason to have some contempt for his American fans (I may not be phrasing that right), but does Torotoro?

      • Alex

        It’s possible that he thought you were a liar trying to get a free copy of the game or something. did you send him a copy of your translation as well? address any possible worries he might have in regards to trusting you?

        • I linked my blog, and yeah, I told him I was a friend of Rogue’s who did the MGQ translation. Oh well, it’s likely that he ONLY wanted testers and wasn’t planning to provide advance copies for any other reason, including translation.

  43. Matt

    Hey Dargoth, last time I asked you if you were gonna finish the Demo Translation or just save your energy for the Full game. With the new Trial, that will allow save transfer, will you continue translating this demo or just wait for the Trial to come out and start from there?

    • NoName

      There really isn’t any point for him to continue with this trial version after Torotoro said he would release another trial version that will be compatible with the full game. Yeah, he can reuse the translation for that new trial, but the stuff that remains is so minor that there’s no point putting a lot of hours into that ATM.

      • Finnegan

        I dunno, I think it would be nice for there to be a more “conclusive” translation for the more “conclusive” demo.

      • JustaFan

        i wouldnt say that. Everything in the Demo will be in every upcoming demo and the full game. With other words if he translate all that now he doesnt need to do it later. If the demo would play in the middle of the game i would say ok. But the Demo starts right at the start. So translating it now is the only logic thing in my eyes.

      • Anonymous

        JustaFan is correct.

        This ‘minor’ stuff will need to be translated regardless of whether it’s done now or later. Waiting until you have access to more stuff to translate before translating the minor stuff that you already have access to now makes no sense.

  44. Kappa

    Hey Dargoth, thanks a lot for doing this. Rogue was a hero (albeit a fake one), and so are you. I really can’t wait to see what Paradox is all about.

  45. Anonymous

    Uh, Dargoth, it`s month and a half passed since 1th January, and you hoped to finish translation by that date. Did you found some hindrances?

    • Chiron Maximus

      I think it has to do with how many people are still talking on this blog! It keeps lighting up with new entries and it distracts him from his full goal. Or at least, that’s my opinion.

      • Matt

        Lol, nop. He already explained why:

        “I donโ€™t particularly see a need for a next patch for the demo, but I might release one anyway”

        “Iโ€™m still working on the current demo, just not very quickly.”

        Dargoth was never the fastest translator out there, even when he wants to get stuff out quick.

        Expect a version of the Demo when the Trial comes out, maybe after a month of the trial is out, he will have the Trial fully translated.

        • Chiron Maximus

          I’ve been waiting patiently since this update when the year started. Since a new trial’s coming out, I can wait a little longer, with the hope that the new trial is even better than the current one.

      • The new trial isn’t going to be any different content-wise. It’ll just have the files in formats that will allow your saves to transfer to the full game. Fortunately that should mean a lot more of the item, skill, etc. data will be in the new trial, which makes my life a lot easier.

        Right now, the things left to translate in the trial generally fall into two categories:
        1. Throw-away lines that need to be changed through replace-all. This is work that will have to be repeated when the full game comes out and won’t save me any time now.
        2. Files that were hacked together to create a trial and will change, perhaps drastically, in the full release. These should be “fixed” in the new trial.

        There are other things like the h-scenes repeated from MGQ, castle dialogue, etc. that weren’t part of the last translation release, but were finished back in December. I’ve held off on those because I didn’t want to release a new patch every week or two with minor updates, and now that I know there’s going to be a new trial, I’m just going to wait for that to include everything.

  46. I posted a message, but I don’t see it, so maybe it was lost somewhere in the submition process.

    I wonder if you are interested in making this translation collaborative, rather than making it alone, like for Violated Heroine (VH) which is translated on Assembla by several people. I would be glad to participate in this one, as I already do for VH, although I spent more time on making an editor to help translating rather than translating directly. Other people could join also to provide some helps, like making an installer, or other utilitary stuff.

    What do you think about it?

    • Matt

      Decrypt the .exe, will yield an “Extract” folder, copy and paste Data and Graphics folders from the Extract folder into the game directory, delete the original .exe, now extract everything from the patch into the game folder, play!

  47. 1Hit

    Has anyone run across an issue, Not sure if it’s just because I updated to Win7 64bit However, whenever I try to run any rpgmaker VX pro game, or 2008. My pc will instantly blue screen, I have looked for fixes however none of them seem valid. Just checking if anyone here has resolved that issue if they have had it.

    • sazaju

      I use Win7 64b but I don’t have any problem. Also it is on a virtual machine, which is generally less reliable than a proper installation on the system directly. Just a stupid suggestion: if you did not do it, try reinstalling the RPG Maker runtime.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for your comment and suggestion. I have installed those as well. The old games still run without an issue, like Metal succubus, and the old imma price (seed) (refill) (lefill). It really boggles my mind.

      • 1Hit

        The error is apparently with either my SSD or Ram. Or it could be an issue with HD’s larger than 1TB. Either way it seems I am pretty boned now, it worked perfectly on my PC before I updated to 7 64bit.

        The error I recieve is Kernal_data_inpage_error.

  48. The very core of your writing while sounding agreeable originally, did not really settle properly with me after some time. Somewhere throughout the sentences you were able to make me a believer but only for a short while. I nevertheless have got a problem with your leaps in assumptions and one might do well to fill in those breaks. When you can accomplish that, I could definitely be impressed.

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