1. Learch

    A couple of things:
    1) The encyclopedia entries seem to be a bit bugged: the entry for the harpy seems to take on a few lines from either the dragon newt or slime’s entry.
    2) How do I get the last accessory (Erotic Fighter Badge)?

    • 1) Bah, that’s a common problem but I didn’t have any problems on my end. Wonder why it’s messed up for you. Anyone else having that problem?
      2) I think it’s from getting every scene in the game and then leaving town.

    • Anonymous

      2.) Win against a monster girl twice, and lose against a monster girl twice. Beat game. Leave town. Start New game with Erotic Fighter Badge in inventory.

    • Jikorde

      It’s not really Aroduc’s choice, Xuse(the maker) licensed the normal edition to J-ast, who after 2 years of failure tranlsators leaving and being bad, hired Aroduc to finish it. I really don’t care which version of the game we get so long as we get it within like a year or two.

  2. LegoTechnic

    Haven’t encountered any game-breaking bugs yet, but haven’t tried the mimic.

    The Moebius skill text when you cast it yourself is still untranslated, just fyi.

    • LegoTechnic

      See all four sex encounters with a monstergirl (2 loss, 2 win), then beat the final dungeon master and leave town. If you complete all 4 encounters with multiple monsters then the one with the most encounters gets the ending (no clue on ties).

  3. Anonymous

    I was getting the mimic crash previously, then decided to delete the save files and started over and it worked fine. No idea why, just thought I’d put that out there

  4. user

    Line 51436 in the v1.01 patch is damaged, according to the 0.933 one it should be:

  5. Anonymous

    So I want to get this, but I can’t navigate the Japanese on the dl site. Can anyone help me out here?

    (Or maybe a torrent cough cough)

  6. Anonymous

    I still get the same crash when hovering over Kappa’s Cucumber. http://puu.sh/3ro8a.png

    It has something to do with the description, I’m guessing, and somehow the loincloth is tied to it.
    I’m completely stumped on how to fix it, however.

      • Anonymous

        It seems the gloval.sav was corrupted, as getting rid of that fixed the problem. The save where the problem originated no longer works as a result. Either way, it seems to just have been something gone wrong on my end. At least the (near) 100% save came out at the perfect time to replace mine 😀

        To elaborate: The problem occured on any new saves (and even the ~100% save from here), but removing the gloval.sav broke the save where I started having the crash; all other saves are now free of it.

  7. Anonymous

    My game keeps crashing whenever I get some kind of ending (defeat or ero-victory) with the witch on floor one. I also can’t challenge the dungeon master.

    • Edale

      For some reason I can’t load any pages from mega.co.nz, could you upload that completed save to another site?

  8. Anonymous

    Just wanted to say a big Thank You! Dargoth for your work and allowing us non-Japanese speakers to enjoy this game. Very much appreciated 🙂
    You rock, sir!

  9. OAS

    I’m not sure if this is an old but there’s a typo in the werewolf fight:
    “The Werewolf spins around, sending out a devEstating kick” — should be devastating.
    Thanks for all the hard work Dargoth, and Rogue too!

  10. Anonymous

    Can someone tell me what happens after you guys leave town?
    Because the game closes down after that. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or not.

  11. Anonymous

    I Don’t know where to get this game. I can’t buy it off the maniax dlsite page. Is it available on melonbooks.com or the english page of DLsite?

  12. angellus

    Thanks for translating this ;D
    I liked that this game includes consensual part whit monster girls as well ;D
    Cos lets face it, if some slimegirl came up to any of us, we would totally do it ;P

  13. bookies

    I got the endings for monsters of level 1 and level 2 dungeon monsters, but couldn’t get any for the level 3 dungeon monsters even though I got all 4 scenes for the monsters… Any ideas why?

    • bookies

      To be specific, I couldn’t reach the endings of monsters in dungeon level 3 and the siren, slime, and all midboss monsters (monsters at the 100th step).

  14. 2-tall

    Thanks a lot for translating these games. I can’t read kanji so I miss out on the storylines when there is one to be had.

  15. Anonymous

    Can you make the game run windowed? Mine seems to be stuck in full-screen and I use a widescreen monitor so it stretches the game extra-wide which doesn’t look very appealing.

  16. Edale

    Someone should make a txt file with a transcript of each of the different monster’s endings, would save me hours work trying to see them all in-game.

  17. Moby

    Thanks a lot. Loving this game so much.

    Unrelated, but the VH3 site is being updated frequently. Would seem VH3 is focusing on Japanese youkai… We got a Yuki-onna, Kitsune, Nurikabe, Daidarabocchi, and a bunch of others I can’t read (pretty sure one’s a nekomata) Definitely looking forward to when you do another great job on it too.

    • Edale

      You need the armor that mentions “knowing a succubus’ heart” in the description (coat of black dreams), this prevents her from taking off you’re armor.

      150 ero attack (impure wave) helps, but I’ve done it with the holy water sprinkler (120 ero attack) at level 30.

      skills that you need are X-Heal (angel, floor 3), and Battle Cry (Dragon Newt, floor 2).

      you need to be at least level 29, though level 30 helps alot.

      get to a succubus fight after sleeping in town, and without using battle cry, even once. use items to heal to max health and willpower before fight.

      use ero attacks every turn, when you’re willpower runs to a danger level, use battle cry to max willpower out, followed by x-heal to ensure enough health to cast battle cry again (don’t cast it again yet though), continue with ero attacks until you need to heal willpower again, followed by x-heal. rinse-repeat. with luck you’ll just finish her off before you can no-longer heal.

      You might be able to get away with a heal instead of a x-heal after the first battle cry, but you need x-heal for the following ones.

      • Anonymous

        I did it with midnight silks, sexcalibur, and level 30. Really, level 30 is the important thing here if you haven’t beaten the game or gotten that BS armor (which I haven’t found yet). You get like double your HP and MP which makes your recovery moves so much more powerful, fights are basically a joke. Mix that in with a weapon that lets you outpace the succubus’s drain, and the fight becomes pretty easy. I don’t even think I needed to heal, because I believe I only battle cried once.

    • Anonymous

      There’s an easier way, guys. First, defeat Ouroboros with ero. She gives you a skill called Moebius. After that, find the succubus, and attack her physically until she has only a sliver of HP left, then use the skill on her to switch her MP around with her HP. Granted, this MP skill costs about half your bar, so, be ready for some resistance even after you use this skill, and yes, coat of black dreams is definitely necessary as well. You should also be at level 29 or so. Still, it worked for me the first time I tried it, so.. yeah.

  18. redtack2009

    so… the real question is what’s the plans for a next project mr dargoth? are you taking a well deserved holiday from translating until vh3 comes out or did you have plans to translate another between now n then?. boss work on the desire dungeon btw its a good game and i appreceate the translation

      • redtack2009

        aah awesome i didn’t realise it was so close. ain’t no rest for the wicked eh?….wait….THE TIMING! give or take a month or so by the time rogue has finished translating mgq3 and by the time im done playing it. its just possible you will have done the vh3 translation NEVERENDING MONSTERGIRLS 😀

  19. Ryuuzaki

    Thanks for the Hard Work, Dargoth! You are awesome. But, hey guys I have a question… I am new in Monster Girl games… Well, I discovered it in some hentai site, but, which game did you guys think I should play first, VH or MGQ? Well, I heard VH has better CGs, but MGQ has better story or something, is that true?

    • MGQ has a great story and is very worth playing for that reason alone. The Violated Hero games are pure hentai material with no real story to speak of. Definitely go play MGQ, and if you’re still looking for more monster girls after that, check out the VH titles.

  20. SilentWill

    So is the only way to get an ending is to “Leave Town” or do you actually have the option to marry one of them like Ouroboros said? Because I would really love to marry them XD

    • 2-tall

      Yes, you have to leave the town. If affection is high enough with your desired other she will be waiting for you outside of come chasing after you.

      • SilentWill

        Also is there any way to get a Harem ending? I’ve tried getting 2 wins and 2 losses against every girls, because I’ve heard some rumours, but I guess they’re false? 🙁

  21. Anonymous

    When I start a new adventure/game after having achieved a monster girl’s ending, I do not have the bonus accessory.

    After viewing the ending and the “thanks” the game shuts down by itself. I reopen it and make a new game, and my inventory doesn’t have the erotic fighter badge.

    I play by opening DesireDungeonwrap.exe, and the book at the title screen remains unchanging no matter how far I’ve played. All of the entries have a basic description in English of its effects on the left page, and a block of untranslated Japanese on the right page.

  22. Edale

    When you beat the floor 1 boss with physical attacks, she gives you an armor. Do the other 2 bosses, or any other monsters, have a special item from beating them a specific way or something like that? I know there’s a weapon called lilim’s rod for example, is this won from the floor 2 boss for example.

  23. kebab remover

    Mine crashes every time I seduce the sorcerer, is that a common issue or is mine just fucked up>

    • kebab remover

      The error is:
      l>I move close and hug her.
      >isp SP_FLASH.”a;cgscrflash.png”,0,0

  24. Anonymous

    As a sidenote, I’m a little disappointed the endings didn’t come with a new CG or at least a new sex scene with the old cgs. But oh well. Hopefully there’ll be a desire dungeon 2 someday with more stuff.

  25. Anonymous

    Is it strange that I’m getting random letters in place of numbers and random letters in place of the left and right buttons for the treasure chests?

      • Prototype909

        Game is called 犯されファンタジー~淫乱モン娘と4つのクリスタル~ on the english DLsite it’s Violated Fantasy -Lust MonMusu and the Four Crystals-

    • redtack2009

      i saw that and played the demo….its kinda like his other one exept its possible to win now. pretty fun and some well drawn cg’s

  26. Anonymous

    Thanks for the translation. Good job as always, Dargoth!

    On another note, I was finally convinced to play and finish ROBF (http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ112559.html), and boy, am I left speechless. This game is… something else. You guys should try it out (you included, Dargoth :P). It’s got above average art quality and the gameplay depths and mechanics are very outstanding for an rpgmaker hentai. Definitely one of my favorites of all time. No translation available yet, sadly (I went through the game with the help of some barely-understandable guides out on the internet and my sheer determination to clear the quests).

    • Anonymous

      how you play the demo, I tried downloading it and I keep getting a error message about some missing audio Bgm file.

  27. Anonymous

    I cant beat lilim! Help! I know you’re supposed to use Mirage at the beginning of the fight but there is none! She casts Charm right away before you could do anything

  28. Anonymous

    Could someone upload the patch on Mediafire? I’m in italy and my shitty provider has locked anonfiles and MEGA :'(

    Sorry for the poor english…

  29. Master Metroid

    Hey Dargoth, Ive read the English readme, but Im getting an error on launch. http://imgur.com/ellMzuJ is exactly whats on screen, so Im not sure how to respond to that error. Ive tried the version from MEGA and the version from anon, with the same result.

    The locale is set to Japan and the files dont seem to be write protected or account protected. Could you perhaps provide some recourse?

  30. Anonymous

    Could someone post a download link to the new MGQ Side story/cg set thing? It’s RJ116613 on dlsite. I can’t find a link to it that hasn’t been taken down or is fake.

  31. Wf71

    Say dargoth, VH3 website got another update again today. Aside from the new char and CG they finally told us the gameplay mechanics. Can you give us picture about the new info?

    *sorry for posting here, because old article is often overlooked

  32. Reth Eldirood

    I am experiencing a bug when I attempt to load a game which I have saved. I get the bug whether I use the main .exe or the wrap version. The bug causes an error message to pop up and the game crashes afterwards. The clear parts of the error message are as follows:

    o.txt line 821

    |y_innkeeper z
    > >I heard you’re exploring the deepest level

    There is an OK button, and then it crashes.

    Any idea what causes this?

  33. Anonymous

    Question on the patch: do I run the dungeondesirewrap exe in Japanese locale?
    I’ve tried running it regularly, but my screen goes black and nothing else happens.

  34. Anonymous

    I dont see the variable text, amount of hp, cost of things, exp gold I have or damage I deal etc, what I need is the font the game use, but I dont know wich 1 is it, can some1 tell me wich font the game use so I can download it?

  35. jayneedshelp

    so i cant seem to start up the game is just gives me an error any fixes there is a comment above that shows the errow and he said hhis cpu seems to read the files wrong i cant seem to find out how to fix this

  36. theblindoldman

    erm how do i make the screen smaller..ive done it before, but deletd on accidetn and had to reinstall…anyone know?

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