1. MrSledge

    Hmm…MGQ Trilogy, MGQ Paradox Trilogy…these guys sure like to milk the cow dry.
    Glad there’s people to drink all the juiciest milk. It’s Torotoro after all!
    I just hope the story is as good as it was in MGQ, because, let’s face it, that was the main fuel of the series.

    • MrSledgeIsRetarded

      herpderp second trilogy means milking and not just continuing epic series that fans want
      let’s all jump on the “i’m cynical and cool” bandwagon herp

  2. yuki

    VH 5? Whaaaa??? Theres no way in hell it’ll be good (aside from the art) with that kind of turnover speed.

    And I wonder which new artist(s) Torotoro is gonna bring in this time around as well. They were starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel in MGQ3 (I’m sorry, but some of the angels were just terrible) and could use some new blood/ideas.

  3. James Turok

    I really did enjoy Monster Girl Quest, despite the hentai scenes, the game did possess a tremendous story about coexistence with the monsters and humans living together. I enjoyed the final fight with Goddess Illas, it had me on the edge of my seat.

  4. Roflcakes

    Faster releases of VH = lower chance of translation D:

    They need to slow down, but I hope it’s good (and contains good fap material).

    • Kurei

      Yeah true, they need to slow down a bit….I mean I love the series and the formula works for me perfectly, but some new mechanics and upgrades would make the series a lot more fun. Again, there is potential for VH 5 to be improved and polished. Otherwise, I am excitingly waiting for some updates, and hope they delay the release of the game. so that Dargoth can catch his breath. If its the same quality as the previous titles then its definitely a buy for me.

      • Roflcakes

        I’m sure it’ll still be the same quality, but I feel that they won’t improve gameplay after they made 2 games in a row that weren’t too great (besides the art). Not saying I hate the game though.

  5. 2-tall

    So the side characters’ h-scenes are just recycled and reused. 🙁 NOOOOOOOOOO!!! At least make new cg for the side characters.

    • Anonymous

      would you have actually wanted new cgs for the Canaan sisters? I mean, you can only vore so much of Luka’s body before it literally isn’t there any more

      • 2-tall

        When you put it that way, hell no. I’d actually forgotten all about the vore. blocked the vore out of my mind cause it was disgusting.

  6. WildHawk

    a small part of me kinda would wait till all three parts are out but that might be a year or two after the game is released and that’s a while for one game

  7. Cio

    As much as i love VH series, it should be more focused on gameplay and story, not just a speed. They already have art, if only they have a genius writer like torotoro…

    MGQ Paradox, i really have high hope for this game. A trilogy seems promising that torotoro knew what they are doing.

  8. Sevalle

    You can bitch about VH all you want but at least it’s fully fappable. MGQ franchise has it’s own problems too. No I’m not trolling. Yeah, I know they are a pretty small team and I love the game and it’s characters to the bone but let’s face it the art was only occasionally good, depending on what artist was doing it and how he felt at the moment. I’m still pissed about certain characters. Like Angel Ghoul, superb art but horrific rape scene angle. I’m still surprised to how Succubus Witch had quite a few attacks with art to this very day.

    Seeing the new pictures show that it’s gonna be same crappy quality. Background is as dreadful as ever. I personally hope that someone will pick the game and remake it with entirely level of Kenkō Cross and frfr level. And no,I’m not talking about the lame 3d attempt on the kickstarter…

    • Kurei

      Well said Sevalle. I recall pointing out that MGQ also has some monstrosities going on, meaning that some rape scenes are not really that enjoyable artistically and I even think that some are a lot more cruel and violent compared to VH scenes ( Lab rape scene anyone ?). I like MGQ but I love VH. Each to his own really, one gives a good story with more emphasis on variety and gameplay while the other emphasises more on the art xxx scenes and voice acting. BUT I am more inclined towards VH cause the scenes are a lot more erotic and 99 % of the VH girls are hot as heaven and hell combined. Coupled with the voices that sound so sexy its really a turn on for me. MGQ is just too alien, and the monsters really kill you off or even eat you alive (vore). Although artistically speaking the MGQ concepts are interesting, emotionally or sexually most of them aren’t. In the end its really what you are looking for and what you enjoy most but for me….VH takes the cake 🙂

      • Sevalle

        True. All kinds of fruit is there for people to pick it up. No need to bash, just pick whatever you like right? XD. I personally enjoyed combat and conversations more in MGQ but girls and rape scenes with voice acting are far better in VH. And honestly after all said and done I come back for VH to fap, So yeah, I hope Dargoth finds some time to translate VH4…

      • Anonymous

        Thing is tho i definitely think that the new iterations should try and do what they do better than before. Honestly in MGQ they would just focus on making the monsters they have good it would improve the game tremendously. Totally agree about Angel Ghoul as soon as I saw her I was like yeah … and then she has like 1 cg and its so bad. On the other hand VH is well VH the quality is very good but the story and game structure is terrible. That game could benefit with more attention to the plot which is currently little more than an excuse for the shota to go get raped by monster girls. Sequals should push limits not attempt to simply rake in more money on he same tired old formula. However while VH is clearly guilty of this il reserve judgement till i actually PLAY mgq paradox. Speculation is Speculation.

      • Anonymous

        What really makes all of the MGQ xxx scenes great are the evaluations you get after losing. Ilias is pretty hilarious, especially when she comments on most of the angels.

  9. sageofoblivion

    So new scenes for favorites that means the knights, chrome. the bandits,the harpy queen and the imp most likely possibly more.
    And im sure there will be many new monsters and a really good story.
    It was most likely something tototoro came up with when MQG was made.

    • Sevalle

      I like to support projects whenever I can, especially a good h-game, but they have unusually high pledge expectation. Honestly, the last few goals has some things that should have already been in the game or move it far lower at least. And other then that, the main dude’s look sucks balls. The monsters are ok from the looks of it…

  10. WildFour

    I seriously hope that dieselmine does not screw this one up again… I cannot help but to feel that VH3 suffered a drop in quality of the voice acting… There was just something missing that didn’t make it flip me like the first two did.

  11. Anon

    here is to hoping that VH5 has a harem ending and a non harem ending. that really annoyed me in VH4 when i beat the game it automatically went to the harem end i want the system they did back in VH2 for something like that

  12. HK-47

    I hope they work longer on VH5 it’s really not that hard the gameplay was fine with VH3 and even VH2 so they don’t need to come up with something new, the story should be decent it doesn’t have to be masterpiece they should work hard on new girls and for f**k sake enough with boobs 3 times bigger than a head and tentacles in the ass also some interesting theme like arabian them or ancient greece could be great, as for the paradox it’s great that it will be trilogy i hope we get awesome story and art

  13. Anonymous

    There’s something that’s been bothering me for a while, and I don’t know where to look in previous comments to see if it’s been asked. In the VH games that you have translated you didn’t translate the monsterpedia entries, are you not going to translate the monsterpedia entries for MGQ paradox as well?

  14. milothefirst

    i will take on the ocassion to make a quick review of VH4. but first a comparison between franchises and my own personal opinion. I first got introduced into the monster girl genre with MGQ as a recomendation from a friend, at that point i would only play a visual novel for the story, and if it had fap material i wouldnt ccomplain. after some hours playing i really got into it, an interesting mid-cheerful story, an upbeat rpg-ish battle theme, and the need to use your brain during battles (with exception of technically not having random encounters), but there was something that was a real turn off, and that would be the h-scenes, such a high amount of guro and vore, it was just disgusting. while i do not condem someone for having such taste, i am unable to understand myself how one could posibly get a boner by the idea of being eaten alive or watching skinless flesh. then by browsing some hentai cg i found VH1, which was a huge surprise, such sense of aestethics, stylish curves and elaborated coloring (ex: the mandragora), i had hardly seen any hentai media with such quality, and to top it decently scripted femdom dialogue (magic warrior). while MGQ had indeed rape, the script on the h-scenes was so mediocre that one would feel the intercourse as very dull. that made the franchise a keeper for me. then it went improving. in VH2 not only was the gameplay polished but the H-scened got even better, to the day i havent been so turned on by a woman voice and speech as i did by xuli, and to top it up they got a funky sound track for half the rape scenes. now then VH3 was interesting, on the on hand, the change of map made it less chalenging, on the other it made the r. encounter less anoying. on the one hand every single girl was dominant and sexily voiced, on the other it got more hardcore including some torture and pegging (which i am not a fan of). and oh the music, now every single rape soundtrack was gold. and the story was if anything less generic than the previous games. now with VH4, what a HUGE let down, all the high quality music of previous games just disapeared, and just like the music half the girls were drawn in a BBW-ish fashion instead of the aestethically fit that was a trademark for VH, not sure if they were just being lazy or if somehow concluded wrong that fans wanted that, and to make it worse they made it even more hardcore with the pegging and high amount of tentacle rape. seriously diselmine, if people choose your game instead of MGQ is because they prefer your concept than theirs, so stick with your elegant style and high quality femdom, dont try making it more grotesque.

    • Anonymous

      The quality of VH 4 is the same ( AMAZING). Anal stimulation is also part of sexual experiences, for both genders, and it can be pleasurable if you are comfortable tying it. It all comes down to preferences. As mentioned above by Kurei and Sevalle the scenes in all VH games are a lot more arousing than in MGQ. And about the argument, that VH has gotten ”more” violent, THINK AGAIN….MGQ is a lot more violent, and the girls intentionally want to kill or drain you so that you can die, or keep you as a lab rat so that you can undergo horrible rape experiments, or eat you alive, or dissolve you, or kill your existence by not reincarnating ever again (what ?)….the list goes on. Let’s face it, VH 4 is just different, not better or worse and people don’t complain about the violence and tentacle raping in MGQ, which is very questionable in my opinion, heck even black alice’s teddy bear is…omg….or how about the final boss in MGQ 3 ??? So no VH is a lot less violent and sexy. The girls are a lot more likeable there. The only thing that would make the series a lot more fun would be to make it a little bit bigger, and polish the story. Otherwise I still love the franchise, and beggars can’t be choosers …to some extend XD. Truly, VH girls want to rape you in an ero or masochistic way so that you learn to enjoy your situation and become a sex slave, so that they can enjoy it too. MGQ girls are bitches who want to toy with you and dispose of you like a used tampon. So yeah, I shall also side with VH here, without saying that one game is ”better” than the other but I like it more :P. Finally, to kinda ”defend” the thorn pussy argument….pain and pleasure are inter- changable, too much pain becomes pleasure, too much pleasure can become pain, that’s the idea behind it. Even if you fuck too much normally you might experience pain after an amount of time during intercourse. Your butt hole, anus, prostate is an erogenous zone….etc….VH won me over, and VH 4 is still fun and excellent if you go beyond those expectations.

      • Anonymous

        you certainly have a solid argument, however i think you got me wrong in some aspects. first, of course i dont think VH4 is in any way nearly as violent as any MGQ, and as i said i stopped played MGQ because of that but i am still playing VH. regarding pegging and violence, yes, it is just not my cup of tea, i dont really have too much of strong feelings against it, and in fact diselmine at least tried to balance it. what i really think was a drop in quality was the music which was getting better in each game until now. and my main critic is the change in characters aesthethics. what got me in the franchise were characters like xuelli, dora, the elf from the 1st game, the kitsune, and such. so i am not glad at all when they made half the characters BBW-ish with absurdly large breast, i still fapped to some of them, but i dont like them as much as the previous style (which still is present in a couple characters of VH4). to me VH4 was still a good game, worth the money and the package waiting, it is just that i felt let down, seing how the art and music quality droped (tom my own tastes and standards), when it had only being improving in previous games

      • Anonymous

        Now that I think about it, I don’t see why people say VH is violent, but MGQ isn’t. People should see some of the brutal scenes in MGQ lol.

      • ChaoticNemisis

        Yes, there are violent scenes in all of them. However, By not violent, I believe we mean that the violence ratio is quite low. In the recent VH, not including 5, as I have not played it, have had a large portion include violence. Up to 50% I believe in one of them. or it felt like it.

        On top of that. I agree with Dargoth. Though I don’t mind the cutting and pegging scenes, when over 75% of your scenes involve at least one of the 2, it gets really annoying. I find those very situational. The original selling point of the “monster girl” from MGQ(which IMO started the trend) was the punishment of the player through sex. It wasn’t sex with punishment, which appeals to the more hard-core masochists, but the sex WAS the punishment, which appeals the the small inner masochist in almost all males. I have no problems with it becoming their own neiche, but their overall market size would be smaller.

        IMO I found the scenes in the first 2 games, specially 2, to be well ballanced and, well, great. 3 and 4 not so much. The after story DLC for 4 was a nice change, and really good(with my limited ability in japanese).

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for clarifying, it was not my intention to reply as a counter argument…sorry for not stating that. See it as an add on to what you said. Just wanted to say my own opinion on VH 4 and generally about MGQ. Overall, the game is not perfect and it can or could definitely improve, but I am fine with it, and it’s still fun ( personal opinion ). The only thing they could do is to make it a little bit bigger, and create some sort of more appealing story. Although I was not a huge fan of oversized boobs…this game surprisingly delivers it well XD. I mean Milfy’s or Milky’s rape scene was hot. Even the red ogres pussy and thighs were niiiice ;0. The only girls I didnt enjoy was the worm/slime girl and Machina’s first electrocuting scene. However her second and third were hoooot ( that ass dude is amazing). But every VH has a couple of them that you don’t enjoy really…… I love the VH series, and I don’t really compare them with each other. There are some things good about them and some things bad. The concepts that I enjoyed until now…are still there. Again, I respect to what you think, don’t worry I didn’t misunderstand 🙂 The arguments that I provided were generally intended towards MGQ and not you as ”you”. But for the guy who thinks differently.

      • milothefirst

        ok, no, thanks to you. it is always nice to hear what someone else who shares a like for the same series has to says, and it is always understanding skills improving to debate with others. as you said, in any case is still enjoyable (yes, that ass, LOL. athough my fav by far was the sucubus parthner/last boss lilizu, and then the mechanica maid)

  15. Kurei

    Such mature arguments, and opinions…. Thank you for stating me above, and for sharing the same points of view. Overall, I too love the VH series, and don’t really compare them with previous installments, cause if there wasn’t VH 1,2,3 then 4 would be considered still a great game. It could improve no doubt about it, but its still enjoyable for what it tries to do, and for the first time they took ideas and concepts from the fans themselves through the voting system, which was good for some people and bad for others. I am happy to see that others are aware that MGQ is not so nice and dovey erotically speaking. Even the concepts although interesting and unique, can be perceived with negativity and disgust. Alien shaped girls, robo chicks with weird looking tentacles, and mutated angels that would leave even the X Men baffled.That lab scene in MGQ is definitely excruciatingly violent beyond measurement. Heck the intentions themselves from the MGQ girls are reallyyyyy threatening and a turn of. VH girls on the other hand just want to turn you into a sex slave, thus making you enjoy your condition, and this happens either through pain or pleasure or both. Anal/Prostate stimulation is true and pleasurable, and I don’t really think its violent. The only Violent thing that was stated above is Machina’s electrifying scene which turns into a really hot ass shot rape scene :). So even that turns out in the end to be a really good scene after all. BUT THAT IS NOTHING compared to what Luka goes through. Awesome Art, Voice acting, and Scenes from VH over the story and indepth from MGQ for me guys (in this case not in all games). I agree that they could make it a little bit bigger, and a little bit more challenging, without having to go through too much trial and error, and forcing you to watch something that you don’t really like. The only thing that MGQ has that I wanted to see more is Alice,Tamamo and Erubetie ( Not Alma Elma..she kills you….that bitch….. and Lilith is waaaay more preferable as a succubus both in looks and intentions….and that voice…..dang). They are amazing. Again both games emphasize on different aspects, both are fun but VH is more enjoyable for me personally, and maybe for others for the reasons mentioned.

    Also well mentioned that pain and pleasure are interchangeable. It’s like Yin and Yang. For example hot can turn (or perceived by your nervous system) into a cold experience and a very cold experience into hot.I enjoyed, Milfy as well as Red Ogre too, altough I am not a fan of oversized boobs either. So more + points from me here.

    • Sevalle

      You seem to use less and less words to troll. Is your brain melting from all the common sense?

      Aside from my childish taunt, do forgive me for that, I applaud the mature conversation here. It’s a bit enjoyable to see people being civil despite different opinions. And to put good arguments as well. I’m not being sarcastic I’m truly positively surprised.

      But anyway, Dargoth what was your opinion on the Lv1 Hunter to Otomo ga Monster game? How was that game?

  16. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    since dieselmine is crazily rushing with their games, may i suggest if you’re planning on translating VH4 that you only translate the H-scenes, i mean i’m sure that almost everybody are just playing it for the scenes, plus its story is kinda meh

    • milothefirst

      and the battle system instruction at the beginig. i got two ending alredy and i still don understand what i did and when to triger the branchinng. i think it has something to do regarding how much you used lilith in battles

    • Roflcakes

      I actually asked him this before, but 75% of the game is already the H-scenes, so yeah it’s pretty much translating the whole game.

  17. Anonymous

    Feeling a little bratty, I called the VH franchise regurgitation failure when I heard about VH3’s demo. Dargoth has a bit of influence on how well the game will be received, if he translates it, they probably get more sales. A reduction in sales might be the impetuous needed so that they actually put effort forth in the game. But even so it may still not happen.

  18. Anonymous

    According to camel’s blog monster girl lunch got a content update the other day.
    I looked at it and it seems to add an option during the succubus witch scenario.
    When she plays with him in her mouth/tail their is an option to swallow him.
    Also looks like a few images were added to the Cassandra scenario that show more of her
    entire body during the scene.

  19. HK-47

    Most of the people already assumed that VH 5 will be rushed and bad it just got announced and that’s all we know right now it could even turn out to be the best of all VH at least wait for more info before you start to complain

  20. Michiru

    I don’t know… I love the art for VH but for me it really got too disturbing with all the anal penetration for my taste. I haven’t played VH4, but I played the rest and it just seem like it just added anal rape to every fricking h-scene there was. I like MGQ for the story mainly. Though I do have a few favorite monsters I never minded watching the h-scene. Some were a little much, but I just found the game more enjoyable than the VH series. Though like I said I go for story rather than the h-scenes. I do like some of the earlier VH endings, but it just got too much for me after seeing monster after monster having tentacles to anal rape the hero with.

    • Johnny Cage

      Ah, come on, the anal penetration is disturbing? Dissolving your body and being sucked till you die horribly is whats disturbing. VH has only few deaths while MGQ has a TON of them. If you’re telling me that anal is much worse then getting dissolved then I seriously question your way of thinking.

      I understand when people say that VH sucks balls cuz’ the story is boring and you have no connections to the characters. True, they just didn’t nail the atmosphere. In that regard MGQ exceeds VH by far. But when I see shitty comments like how VH is bad because it has a sexy girl doing an anal action, it makes me wanna puke of rage.

      And strangely nobody is commenting on Xelvi’s horrific monsters where 90% of you wouldn’t stick your dick in it. But that’s ok, the story is interesting right?

      It seems to me like monsters can eat your dick in MGQ and people would be still bothered with anal scene in VH. Logic at it’s finest…

      • Anonymous

        Well I think that people ”mentally bypass” the really bad sex scenes when they think of MGQ. Otherwise there is no other reason. Your rectum/prostate is an erogenous zone, and it stimulates both genders sexually. I too am baffled by people who think this is violent. How about the Beezelbub sisters rape scene in MGQ 2 ? Huh ? Even Ilias was horrified. VH is nowhere near the level of violence that MGQ has. Even Okasare Fantasy and Okasare Quest have more quality when it comes to how erotic the scenes are portrait compared to MGQ….seriously….MGQ has a nice story and the main characters are very interesting. That’s it.

        • milothefirst

          I think the whole “violence” discussion started because people misunderstood one of my arguments. when in my original comment i said i didnt like how they to started increasing the amount of violence and anal sex i meant them as different things. i dont particularly like anal stimulation, i already stated so, but what i meant as violence was real hurtful stuff, for example in VH3 when the sort of ninja-weasel cut you multiple time, or so do the half insect and how the faerie literally insert her arm in his urethra. on a different note, i think i might have been too hard on vh4. yes as i said, one of the things i was looking forward too was the music which then resulted in a big disappointment, and yes i didnt like how they made half the girls curvy in the wrong way. but on the other hand they did improve the ahegao in the girls which is very hot, although i still prefer the serious-condescending expresions that they did in VH2 y and 3.

      • Michiru

        Actually I never said I liked the vore part of the game. I said I like the story, bot the losing scenes. My favorite ends are mostly the kitsune endings, four bandits, and all the slime endings that Luka ends up as a slave.
        I don’t think VH is violent. I just don’t see the point with all the anal rape for every single h-scene. I mean come on, there is other ways to torture a guy into pleasure without messing with his ass. At least MGQ has different types of endings even if alot of them put people off. I mean I was horrified at the one ending with Black Alice. *shivers* At least there is an option to turn off the vore for the game.
        I’m just not one to keep watching the same type of rapes over and over again without it really changing ya know?

  21. Anonymous

    Haha it would be funny if Gilgamesh had multiple personality disorder, trying to prove to himself that he is well… himself XD. Not intended to be offensive…just a hilarious thought.

  22. Gilgamesh

    The point is that everyone who likes VH and being fucked by an anal tentacle is a homosexual mongrel, its a shame that they exist in this world at all.

  23. Anonymous

    I agree with what was said earlier that you should only translate the H-scenes. This will save Dargoth a lot of time since the story really isn’t paid attention to in VH.

    • milothefirst

      not like i care for your tone, but in any case what would stop them to continue with this fashion would be to not buy the game. not translating it wont do anything if people still buys it

        • milothefirst

          you might think this attemp to “role playing” is fun and all, but it just ends up making us wonder if you are old enough to legally buy/play this games. dont get me wrong though i enjoyed fate/zero, but i can’t hardly think how calling himself and acting as a fictional character is suppoused to either make us take an adult and his argument seriously or find it fun enough to continue the gane, so if you dont find the game atractive thats find by me, and feel free to comment as why they are not worth buying, but seriously quit the role playing it is just lame. you can keep the alias but if you try to emulate a fictional character’s manner of speech again i won’t dignify your comment with an answer

  24. Tyr

    Can’t speak about story(MGQ was always superior on this point) but the art on VH4 was amazing and the sex scenes were really hot!
    So I look forward to the next release. 😀

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