1. redtack2009

    it might just be me being a retard but i cleared the data file, put the files in the directory,merged the folders and copied over the files,ran the installer.started a new game and the catgirl is still in japanese am i doing somthing wrong here?

  2. Anonymous

    If you’ve got trouble with backups, consider using version control (like git). It’s not just for code, it works for anything that’s textual data.

  3. Jikorde

    Ren] [Ngh, nngh… hyaaaa… aaaang!]
    During the catgirl’s first part of her scene near the end, Ren’s name is not at the top of the box but on the first line with the text and has a ] just after it.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m having an issue with area 5. After beating Nea and the Octo I can’t seem get the gate to open at the end. I’ve 100% all the other zones.

  5. Uguu

    Thanks a bunch for all your work Dargoth!

    I’m thinking of translating Fantasy World Mindia. I think my comprehension is good enough to do it (the writing doesn’t seem too complex generally), but I need to learn my way around RPG Maker VX Ace first.

  6. evil-one

    I think they maybe done makin’ them patches for Magic Castle RePure Aria Paradise could I trouble you to consider that or わふにゃのくえすと for the next project after you are done with vh3?

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