1. Wildhawk

    Well ya it has been a few months but Iv been her long enough to know it will take a while but ya is Valentine’s Day a posibily for a patch .. also a side note to the MG videos im sure the will be ok .. but the monster i want to see will probibly be skiped over nothing like the scary looking ones that eat you more like the four bandits or the lecubus or even the cute imp just saying the last one with the hair is probibly just for the movie

  2. Really hoping the MGQ anime will pave the way for even more hentai of that genre. The lack of monster girls and shotas in hentai is just depressing. Here’s hoping the next episode has some sweet Four Bandits action. And some best waifu Granberia too.

    Ah, so much monster girl porn, but so much chex mix. Curse you, language barrier. Curse you! *Cries.*

    A potential patch release day, but no promises? That’s good enough for me. Keeps the spirits high. And keeps something else high, if you know what I mean. Kikiki.

    • Man, that Level Drain 3 shit is so good. I just wish I knew what the fuck was going on. Seems to start with the typical RPG trope of a party of heroes going against a ”demon” in a castle. And then, I guess, he gets amnesia? Or maybe he gets addicted to getting violated? I don’t know. I’m really curious about the course of these events. Like, what makes him suddenly want to visit monster girl brothels? I mean, aside from the obvious answer that it’s the right thing to do. But what is his goal? What is his purpose? What is his favorite color? Is he just a fucktoy now? Because, if so, that’s a pretty great purpose in life. I’m envious. Ah, so many questions, so little answers.

      • All 3 games are linked so 3 is a direct sequel to 2, which is a direct sequel to the first one. I think the conceit in the first game is that you feed the succubi levels to power them up so they can defeat the Maou. In the second, you have to feed levels to gain access to the highest floor of the brothel where the person you’re after is at. In the third game… I have no idea what reason you have for visiting the brothels. From a gameplay perspective, you get permanent stat points on every level to distribute so getting drained allows you to accumulate more than 100 levels worth of points. Maybe that’s worked into the protagonist’s motivation somehow. I never actually played through the story of any of the games.

        But yeah, Maou kicks your ass at the start of Level Drain 3, drains you to level 1, and leaves you with some amnesia in the process. Gotta work your way back up to level 1 and confront her again.

        Weird, I don’t see sound settings anywhere. Just use the windows sound mixer.

      • @Dargoth
        Ah, so that’s the story. I get it now. Thanks, D.
        Hopefully someone will translate this some day, so I can get it even more. It’s a pipe dream, I know. But I gotta keep hope alive.

  3. Anonymous

    I rather have a status update now that all items and entier story line has been complete it only leaves probably npc, sex scenes, and side quest

  4. Anonymous

    question about the MGQ paradox english patch.

    is the whole game included with the patch or do I have to download the game separately?

  5. passerby4554

    Oh man, I am SO getting Eroico RE! I’m glad FOBS got a shoutout and I so can’t wait for a link to a translated second part of the OVA! Lastly, don’t feel rushed to put out a translation so soon; we’d be ecstatic for a patch of things so far, but if you don’t feel like releasing a patch, then just tell us, we’ll forgive nad wait patiently.

  6. Anonymous

    Holy shit, Succubus Prison looks amazing. Shiki and Jingai Modoki AND it’s animated? Too bad I’m choosing stuff at random in the demo but maybe we’ll get a translation, it doesn’t seem like a story-heavy game like MGQ.

  7. Dark Master

    Since you’re looking at monster girl games, I thought I’d also share a short game that I worked on during a lewd game jam some months ago: One Last Hunt.


    There were also a few other monster girl games in the jam as well, probably the best of those is primarily a futa on male game.

  8. Anch

    The other day I found a visual novel called ‘Monmusu! Gyaku Rape Gakuen’.
    Apparently, it takes place at a highschool for monstergirls, but beyond that, I can’t figure much out.

    • Anonymous

      I liked it, but it is extremely heavy on story with just a bit of H here and there. It’s machine translation or nothin’.

  9. Anch

    Also very interested in Level Drain.
    Really hoping one or more of the games in that series gets an english translation.

  10. passerby4554

    Ok, can anyone help me out with One Last Hunt? I got a list down with terrain effects, but whenever I get to the monsters, then still beat me! I did get to a point where I could attempt to tame, but they seem impossibly strong to beat! anyone know of a walkthrough or something?

    • Dark Master

      Here are some basics that should help you know how to beat the foes. Each enemy has one stat that they’re strong in, normal in, and weak in. You also do extra damage based on your current stat to the enemy, regardless of the result in the minigame. Taming becomes available when one stat hits zero, and is by far the best way to deal damage. It will also do extra damage for each stat point you still have in the categories you’ve broken your opponent in. Regular attacks are a waste of time.

      Your goal on the map should generally be to maximize the stat your enemy is strongest in while also maintaining their weakest stat so you can break through it faster. Then when the fight starts, break through a stat as soon as possible to start taming. Weakening their strongest stat is a good secondary goal so it takes longer for them to break through yours. They will always tame if they can.

      • passerby4554

        I see. I got past half way in health when I fought the minotaur some time ago. what I did was use the Damage Willpower ability first, thinking it would make pleasure attacks better, then use normal attack, and follow that pattern til her willpower broke, then did Tame, Attack (since you can’t tame more than once), and followed that pattern, but then I lost. The main problem is that when I get to the shooting minigame for the abilities and the cirlce thing for taming, the game lags for some reason, making it harder to hit all the targets in time, and the only minigame that doesn’t lag is the dodging game, since it’s mostly in black, but that one is annoying in of itself, although I am getting the hang of it.

        I made a list of things that happen in the terrains, but I think it;s not complete; Also, seeing as I have no idea what stats the monsters would have, I had to assume based on general knowledge of their biology, i.e. Minotaur Strength, Harpy Speed. If you can, could you maybe set a small list of their stats? I really appreciate your help!

      • Dark Master

        You’re right on the strong stats. The weak stats are agility for minotaur (hard to get moving with all that bulk) and willpower for harpy (easily distracted). I can’t say much about the performance, I didn’t have access to a lot of systems to test on when we were making it and me and my dev partner haven’t touched the game since the jam finished.

        Use your second action to reduce stats, always reduce stats if you can’t tame. The game is intended to be possible to lose, but you should be able to win every time if you’re decent at the minigames and have the right strategy. When making the game, I never lost unless it was intentional and most people who play it and figure out a strategy find the same. The last thing I’ll say is that the minotaur is the slightly easier opponent, since the initial map has 3 plains spaces instead of 1 for the harpy.

        • passerby4554

          O.O You were one of the people who made the game??? Wow. Thank you so much for this information! I figured it’s be easy to lose, but winning is the key trouble here, but I’ll keep at it knowing the great advice!

        • passerby4554

          Yo Dark Master, I finally beat the Minotaur and the Harpy! But I’ve run into a problem: the Lamia didn’t unlock! Is she a special feature for those who bought the game or is there a trick to unlocking her?

        • Dark Master

          She doesn’t exist, we planned on having three girls for the game jam but didn’t have time to finish the Lamia.

    • Edale

      I don’t know if there’s any actual new content yet, but the graphics quality get a HUGE upgrade.

      Massive attention to detail (to the point that you can see the protagonist’s dick floating around inside the slime girl while she rapes you), and MUCH smoother graphics.

      Just download the new version from his main site and pop the “eroico_unlock.dll” from your old version into the root of the new version, and you’re good to go.

      Oh, and DirectPlay had to install on my comp the first time I ran it, which is odd, because I thought I had all the DirectX runtime components installed already… Probably just another case of Win 10 being weird.

  11. Edale

    From what you describe, I really like the concept of level drain, does anyone know if any of them have an English translation?

  12. Anonymous

    No offense, I just think its funny but since you started translating this game I also started learning Japanese very soon I won`t be needing a translation anymore 😀

  13. Cio

    I must said i really am impressed with Succubus Prison. I love the concept and those Shiki-bus is really something. The clocking system and how to search and trying to free from the succubuses is unqiue. And those multi ending and true ending is good!

  14. Anonymous

    Dargoth I have a question. Did ToroToro turn down the insults in Paradox or is it just your translation style. I am not complaining or anything I’m all for less insulting from monster girls but I found it really unusual compared to the original trilogy. Just curious about it.

    • Anonymous

      Some of the monster girls are insulting towards Luka, even in the requests. The most obvious I believe is Riot. Additionally, the requests are generally calmer as Luka is now a ‘fellow'(friend?).

      • Anonymous

        Luka does get ashamed when he enjoys sex with some of the insect girls though. It is for the greater good to make a giant army of insect girls for whatever may be coming though, so he should be happy about it >:(

  15. NoName

    TOKYO Tenma Devil Prison sucks. It’s basically a port of the mobile game to PC. Here’s the problems:

    – There’s zero story, something the previous game at least have.
    – Recruiting demons (the normal way) is as simple as just having a piece of meat, having your main character as a specific level or just beat them, compared to the previous one which made you fulfill conditions which was more interesting.
    – And guess what, they also added for some fucking reason the gatcha, so you’ll have to roll the majority of the demons. There’s also one requiring eggs, but the majority of the monsters are in the gatcha, and there’s a limit to the amount of monsters you can get from there.
    – The maps are boring, with basically nothing but monsters or chests. The chests are unrewarding as they only give normal items, not even equipment (which has to be bought and there’s like 15 equipment only). The battles are uninteresting too, even more than the original game which is a challenge.
    – Plenty of bugs here. Some monsters will disappear from your recruitment room if you make them join your party, which means you’ve lost them completely. In the special random dungeon, plenty of times you’ll be spawned on top of the walls, with no way to escape other than Cheat Engine and manipulating your position (because some smart guy didn’t program the game so walls wouldn’t count as floors to spawn), and more shit that will affect your gameplay.
    – In order to watch the sex scenes, you have to first unlock the monster in the game. Then you have to open a second game (there’s two .exe in the folder), and input the password that every monster have in the recruitment room. That second game (which is basically a menu) is frankly annoying to move around, and I’m baffled they force you to do so much bullshit if you want to watch a specific monster.
    – The sex scenes are bad too. Some are too long and feel like they just repeat their lines but with small variations, the others are downright short, and none are voiced, even though the monsters are voiced in the first game (albeit with barely any dialogue using it).

    I am really pissed and disappointed. The first game had flaws but was at least fun to play. This thing is not worth anything. Automatically skip it, you’re not missing this. Just go download the CG, it’s the best option here. Seriously, if at least there weren’t gamebreaking bugs and if the CGs and everything were in the actual game and well implemented, and if there was some actual story, then I would have been able to deal with the gatcha mechanics (or at least part of it). This is

  16. Dekumon

    The second episode of the anime was just released. I hope you plan on subbing this one as well; you did an amazing job on the first one!

  17. First

    If I remember right back when the demo for mgq first came out there was a discustion on the spelling of luka’s name(luka, luca or luke) in the end luka was the slighly more popular spelling

  18. passerby4554

    To anyone who has checked every monster request, other than Rami and Brunhilda, is there any other monster that changes their requests with the Risque swimsuit outfit? I was testing out the chaotic eyepatch with a small team of apoptosis monsters, who I never really use, when ir ealized they still had their equpiment, so in my regular grind save, I did the option to unequip all standy monsters, and I got 4 of the swimsuits when I only ahd one in my inventory and Rami and Brunhilda were the only monsters I know who alter their requests with it, so i am confused.

  19. Anonymous

    Hey guys, was just wondering, was anyone able to use any kind of text hooker (ITHVNR, AGTH, …) with Succubus prison ? Tried it for a few hours but no luck yet.

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