Running Violated Hero 2 in applocale

EDIT: Note this isn’t necessary any longer. Patch 0.20 and later all include this fix.

If you play Japanese games regularly, you should really just set your system locale to Japanese to avoid any problems. However, if you’re dead set on sticking to your region and want to use applocale, you may have noticed that VH2 doesn’t work. I fixed this and I’ll include it in the next patch, but until then I uploaded the system file you need to change.

Step 1: Rename the game’s directory so it doesn’t have any Japanese in it. The English patch won’t install properly if the directory name is in Japanese and your system isn’t set to Japanese.

Step 2: Run the English install batch file. This doesn’t need to be done with applocale or anything; it should just work even if the filenames appear to have ???? in them.

Step 3: Copy this file, config.tjs, to the game’s directory, overwriting the original:

Step 4: Launch game with applocale.

I tested this in Win7 with HF pAppLoc available here: I didn’t test it extensively, however, but it seems to work.


  1. Anonymous

    i cant seem to the get either the japanese or the english version to work…i have my computers region set to japan and i have it set so japanese is used for non unicode i i put the patch files in the game directory and then ran the patch batch file but it wont work
    might you have a clue as to what i did wrong?

  2. psycadelic

    hi hmm when i try to run the gamea fter folowing your steps but end pp with a litle small screen with 4 buttons on it and a big blue screen with a bunch of text in it, and a litle screen saying ??????????????????????(syntex error), what im i doing wrong?

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