Recent Monster Girl Game Roundup

So I haven’t done one of these in awhile…

First, if you haven’t already seen, Rogue already translated the demo for Monster Girl Quest 3. The full game is still scheduled for the first half of 2013, but it won’t be soon.

1. Lv1勇者…super long title.

Aomidori’s latest Lv1 game; I’ve just been calling it Level 1 Hero. If you enjoy a lot of the more hardcore aspects of MGQ and VH, you’ll really like this one. At times it can be pretty cringe-worthy, but there are lots of sexy monster girls and scenes. There isn’t a whole lot of game to it, but you’ll probably be glad for that because the interactive elements are somewhat annoying, especially if you aren’t fluent in Japanese. There’s nothing that will stop you from completing the game though. Relatively good art and lots of voice acting. The hero is extremely feminine (his dad wanted a girl…), but he does transform into various monsters and takes a dominant role in some scenes.

If there was any game I’d like to attempt translating, it’s this one, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. The game uses the Livemaker engine, which has apparently been around for 10+ years with no translation tools available. I’ve poked around with the engine, a sample game for it, and Lv1 Hero’s files, and it looks like this would be a huge hacking project that is way beyond me. Short of Aomidori sending someone the game’s project source files for translation, this one’s stuck in Japanese.

2. Chaos Labyrinth

I had high hopes for this game, but it ultimately disappointed me. The art is great and it’s fully voice acted, including the protagonist. It’s even in wide-screen, which is pretty rare for H-games. The problem is that all the scenes are male dominant, and the “monster girls” may as well be humans in cosplay. Half the scenes are just the protagonist having consensual sex with the girls who’ve reverted to human form, and in the monster scenes, almost all of them do that “male off screen so you just see a silhouette of a penis” thing I hate. There’s no interesting monster-on-human sex whatsoever, which completely misses the point of a monster girl game imo. Even Vanadis does a better job than this.

The game itself is a dungeon crawling puzzle game, which may be annoying to play in Japanese. I only mention it at all because the game has high production quality.

3. Desire Dungeon

Half rape-on-lose and half rape-on-win, Desire Dungeon has some nice monster girl scenes, despite the lack of voice acting and mediocre art. The game is a dungeon crawler, except not really because you can only walk forward and backwards. It’s kind of a joke gameplay-wise and also requires a lot of grinding.

Anthemoessa at Hongfire has been working on translating the interface, and Rogue has done a few of the scenes, although I don’t believe anything has been released. I also don’t know if Rogue plans on doing any more on it. It’ll certainly be worth checking out if it gets translated. It desperately needs a scene replayer too, which they’ve promised in patches, but I don’t think has been added yet.

4. Dieselmine’s latest game Total Male Slave

Not a monster girl game unfortunately, but it is about a pair of vampire sisters (and your childhood friend) dominating the protagonist. If you’re really into BDSM, you’ll probably like this, otherwise it’s kind of bleh. It’s also just a visual novel with a few choices of where to spend your day/night in order to “court” the right woman. After getting all three of their endings, you can play again and get a 4th gangbang ending and extra scene.

5. Tsukinomizu’s Lilium Union

A succubus game that hasn’t actually been released yet, but probably will be in a few weeks. It’s made in RPGMaker, but their previous title, Naedoko Dungeon Chronicle, was one of the only good RPGMaker games ever made. Habisain from Hongfire translated the demo already if you want to check it out. The demo isn’t great, but I have higher hopes for the finished product.

There have been a couple other monster/succubus RPGMaker games released in the last few months that I don’t think are even worth mentioning.


  1. Anonymous

    Can you elaborate a bit more about Naedoko Dungeon Chronicle? I want to know what aspects of the game you liked since it’s rare to see someone praising an rpg maker game

  2. Anonymous

    Cheers Dargoth. Since translations are unlikely, are there any sites with CGs out there? I don’t need a link, just want to know if there are :p

  3. Mark A.

    Sorry, but can anyone tell me how to get h-scenes in VH2, because I’m can’t find any encyclopedia button and when I lose it just says End…

  4. Anonymous

    Get a savefile from a forum, just try to google it. Otherwise, you need to lose versus a boss, normal enemies dont have losing scenes

  5. angrywhiteboy42

    *Cough* India Ma Fantasy World *Cough*

    I KNOW the art is shitty, but it’s the only one of these games that gets that seduction is a thousand times hotter than rape.

    • Are you talking about 幻想世界マインディア? It has a couple good scenes, but most of them were just a static picture of a succubus with text. It also suffered from the usual RPGMaker problem: including 10 hours of atrocious JRPG combat.

      • angrywhiteboy42

        Yeah, I never know exactly how to translate that name. Mindia? Something like that.

        And yes, the combat is bad and the art is static, but the fact remains that it’s the only succubus game I know of that is entirely focused on seduction instead of rape. I get nothing out of a dude being physically forced to submit to a hot lady, even if the art is great. A well-written scene of a dude being talked into giving up is way, way hotter.

        Not trying to change your mind, we all have our own tastes.

  6. Sajuuk

    well not all games will be translated. its a shame but we must be glad with what we get.
    and its only thanks to translators like dargoth and rouge that we get to play some of those games that will never be translated ottherwise Sasha translations is also good

    • Anonymous

      What is Sasha translations?
      Can you give me a link? I tried to google it but there are only translations of russian name

  7. Flaris

    A nice look at what’s out there. Seems like the only good news is that MQ3 has that demo out :). Even just because of the story I’m still calling that one of my most anticipated games (H or not) of 2013.

    Too bad the 5 don’t look like a good fit for translation (aside from the first one, but more of an issue on livemaker engine). Will check out the demo on Lilium Union and hope the finished product turns out well there.

    I guess for now it’s a matter of taking it easy and waiting for something to catch your eye? Did put a ton of time into VH2 after all. Certainly deserve a break.

    • Well, Rogue’s been working a little on Desire Dungeon, and Lilium Union looks like it will be translated too.

      For now, yeah, I’m taking it easy and hoping for something good to come along. Putting that extra time into more Japanese learning.

  8. Anonymous

    I’ve been playing that lv1 game but don’t know japanese. Hasn’t been too much of a problem, but I just want to know if there is anything to do in the fight scenes besides pressing z once.
    Also, if there’s a general explanation of what’s going on in the game somewhere that’d be nice too.

    • Anonymous

      looks like to update the game it has to be re downloaded from dlsite (or whoever it was bough from) so unlesss ya bought it it doen’t look like it can be updated.

      I was using google translate though so something could be lost in translation.

      i’m more interested in the additional content it looks to be talking about on the level over the patch notes myself.

  9. zaku

    For the Lv1 Hero MG game;
    As of the moment I get the same error as I did when trying to run the game trial “Lv1 – – – has Stopped Responding” (I have installed correctly and used AppLocale and changed language settings), Also I have changed the names so they do not contain the foreign character. I cannot get anywhere past the main menu and as of the moment there is no real forum for the game out there yet. Any suggestions are much appreciated
    ~ Side not: I appreciate you for letting us know what is out there and what wont be worked on Dargoth =3

    • Anonymous

      for some you need to lose the battle like the 4 elements , but for the ” tree lady” I can’t figure it out.

    • Anonymous

      And after playing it for a bit I have to say this one is really really good. I hate mmo-s but i kinda liked the gameplay… Now that is weird liking the gameplay in hentai game.

  10. Anonymous

    If someone could help me in a confusing part of the LV.1 Hero Aomidori game. I progress up to a scene with a purple cat monstergirl. Mousing over different parts of her causes a circle appear. I’ve tried using the Z key but that has no effect. At a certain point a timer runs out and she scratches me and I lose a leaf. I have no idea how to progress/pass this scene.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for your help Dargoth. I am a bit embarrassed to say that after completing that scene I find myself in the same position. There are no new tiles to click on that I can discern as continuing the story. I went back to that side-scrolling field and took the alternate path but was swiftly crushed by a winged succubus with furry legs and spit back out into the menu. Is she defeatable?

        P.S. I wish the engine allowed you to translate this. It would have been great.

      • Anonymous

        Has anyone worked out the specifics of this yet? I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every branch of paths in 000, 001, 002, and 004, and clicked all the options for the H ones (003, 005) as well and nothing’s coming up.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, my bad, worked it out a bit later. There were buttons down the bottom of the screen covered up by my taskbar, found them while looking for menu buttons and turns out some of them advance the story.

  11. Anonymous

    Judging from what you said about Chaos Labyrinth, the chances of translation are pretty low….but is there any chance at all? Like if anyone else is working on it at all? Or do I just have to play it untranslated/not at all?

  12. Blackstream

    For #1 hero, could someone possibly tell me what the stats are on the character sheet from top to bottom? It seems like I can run dungeon paths to raise stats, but I don’t know what any are, other than HP and Level, and I suspect the one just below HP is battle power or something.

      • Blackstream

        Awesome, thanks. And do you by any chance know how you’re supposed to raise your love gauge thing? I see a lot of events that are >100, and I know I went from 50 to 100 at one point, but I haven’t figured out how to raise after that.

        • Just play through the main story and it’ll go up. You really shouldn’t have to grind quests for stats either. Make sure you’re giving the key items to Yggdra to raise your mating level too.

  13. Anonymous

    I know it probably won’t happen, but have you tried asking Aomidori for the source files to translate Lv1 Hero?

  14. Axel

    I actually like Chaos Labyrinth, Debonosu strong point in their games are the RPG elements, they also tend to go with the cute/moe girls and Vanilla story so the heroines in Chaos Labyrinth are not full blown monster girls, those who follow thier works know whats coming and they get what they want. 😉 <3

  15. Anonymous

    about level 1 hero, do you think there’s a reason why his father raise him as a girl instead of a boy?

  16. Anonymous

    according to the story about level one hero, i think his father heard about a prophecy about a hero, a hero that is said to be a “man above all men” so i think his father thought that man must be not human at all, so he wish that his wife gave birth to a girl, but unfortunately she gave birth to a boy, so he have no choice but to raise him as a girl instead of a boy.

    • passing chaos

      did the “zombie lamia” Gardenia make anyone else want to cry

      by the way to beat the final boss the hero has to become a girl

  17. Dargoth, do you happen to know what engine Chaos Labyrinth is in, and whether there are appropriate unpacking tools available for it?

    I know there are people who are interested in playing it for the dungeon crawler aspect alone.

    • No, I don’t know what engine it is. Crass (I think) was able to unpack some of it, but the output script files were a combination of text and compiled code that were a real mess to look at.

  18. CC

    I do hope CHaos Labyrinth gets translated. I’d like a game with less rape and more actual sex in it. (Desire Dungeon does this well), though I do like the idea of monstrous monstergirls, rather than just girls with a pair of horns or wings. Oh, those are nice too, but there has to be more than just that.

    • Chaos Labyrinth uses an uncommon engine that didn’t appear to have any tools written for it last time I checked. I was able to extract some of the scripts, but they were in an almost unreadable format and putting them back into the game would have been very challenging.

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