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      Wish I could edit these. But whats on your priority list atm; have you done bits an pieces of SmG or all paradox stuff?

  1. Edale

    Well, last demo I just got all the monster girls and watched the new h-scenes. This one, I’ll actually get all my levels and everything available in the demo capped. Will make playing the actual game so much easier without having to do all the initial level boosting.

    • Anonymous

      You`re now presented with “Choose difficulty” option before starting the game, and it affects gameplay a little now (on VE, you have regen and enemies take continious damage if they attack you); perhaps some bugfixes, Lime got a new CG when she`s using her pleasure skill and it`s all I`ve noticed so far.

  2. Grandork

    Hey Dargoth, I know you are busy transferring translation into the trial version, but do you know if the trial version came with files from the retail version that can be translated?

  3. Anonymous

    Another change is that they lowered the level cap from 10 to 5 (most likely not to make it too easy by just spamming the demo before the game comes out, and to make it quicker to get to the cap in and of itself.) This is strangely only for base level as job/race level seem unaffected and still go to 10.

    Also, little bit a flavor difference but saving leaves a picture of where you saved in the save slot. probably still more small changes like that, maybe even changes to skills/abilities learned by some classes but no way to confirm except till translation for demo is up.

  4. Goddess Ilias

    Well thanks for the News and yes happy chinese new year to everyone. Nice to see MGQP making progress im really looking forward to the full version. I should also start building my Dargoth Pantheon in Minecraft, next to the one of Rogue.

      • Andronymous

        I was looking forward to sei monmusu gakuen but I’ve tried the paradox demo and hot damn! I can’t wait for the full version ! Plus I’m pretty sure that it’ll keep us entertained for a longer while. So yeah , keep up the good work man and thanks for everything.

  5. NoName

    And here I was, bored as heck and looking for something to have fun with, and I spotted that update in the blog LOL. I went right here expecting you to have seen the update too Dargoth. Btw, when you release the future patch, will you solve the problem of character names not being translated when using a previous save?

    Oh, and if we’re already getting a demo, this is really good news. That means we should get the full game soon (and by soon expect 1 month at least). Otherwise what’s the point of releasing a trial to allow exporting the save if the game is still not ready yet?

  6. NoName

    Report No.1

    Raimu aka the normal Smile got a battle CG, and it’s damn sexy. Not bad Kenkou Cross.

    Let’s put here all changes you see.

    • NoName

      Report No.2

      – The Earthworm girl, the Mandragora and Alice got new battle CG (Alice CG is the one in the trailer) and they’re quite good. However, for the Earthworm girl and Mandragora I can’t seem to trigger the CGs (I just extracted the Graphics with the tool Dargoth used, that’s why I know they exist). Neither the dog girl nor the Bunny Slime have one (why not, Arekishi, you did the 3 imps!!!).

      – The dog girl still doesn’t have a camp scene… really? It’s not even hard to add an NPC in that part…

      – From the Graphics folder I can’t see some new plants with tentacles in their mouth as CGs (a normal monster, not a monster girl). So perhaps that means there will be normal monsters too, something I wasn’t sure so far.

      And I think that’s all the changes I can say. As Dargoth said, it’s just the same demo, but ready to port to the full game.

  7. Michiru

    Ohh can’t wait for the patch to work for this version. I might actually see I can get it working on my pc then. I never have luck with rpgmaker games though…

  8. WildHawk

    Well Dargoth i can understand you are very busy with other things which is why i can understand why you did not continue translating the other VH game but i herd there’s another group trying to translate them, if you can link to them if you know.

  9. Anonymous

    So there is new CG in the game that doesn’t show up/triggered?

    thats actually bothersome, i remember the CG from the succubus witch that had also CG that never triggered during gameplay.

    she had a full blowjob CG set however it was never used (only in the hugging scene were a small part of it was used however when the climax scene came the CG shifted to the breast smothering CG.

    I hope it gets noticed and fixed its a huge pain in the ass if a CG can’t be triggered.

    • Anonymous

      If you extract graphics from the original MGQ there are monsters/characters that never show up in the game. They don’t have full CG sets or anything, but they’re there, sometimes things are made and not make it into the final product for some reason.

      Or it could just not be implemented properly yet, Paradox is still WIP. If this CG appeared in the new version of the demo, my guess would be they’re in the process of implementing it in the full version.

  10. Anonymous

    So I just downloaded the demo but when I try to run the exe I keep getting a file corrupted please reinstall message. Do I need rpg maker to run the demo or change any settings on my computer? Any help would be appreciated.

  11. Anonymous

    Only 303mb ? how big is the demo ? Mannnnnn i want the full ver is at least 2gb big, or even 4gb like Kamidori Alchemy Meister.

  12. apache2813

    now i’m royaly fucked… i hope i have dinner by june.. well i can’t really complain… i’ve coped with Aeon Genesis slow progress for a long time now xD

  13. WildFour

    Wait what? So the ‘coming soon’ in the video meant an updated trial and not the full release? Or did I miss an update posted?

    • Grandork

      Trial. Testing should take about 2 months; fixing, packing, shipping should take about another month of so, so we should expect it in May.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t break my hopes!!! I was thinking we might get an announcement for the release date at the end of february.
        I mean for the testing phase i hope he picked up some guys that can go at it full time so i hope it won’t take that long

    • NoName

      1. No, there’s no virus from the patches.
      2. The game doesn’t have a release day yet.
      3. They haven’t yet mentioned the price of the game, but expect a similar price compared to the first Monster Girl Quest game.

      Any mentions of release dates at this point are mere speculations. When the official date is released, the /vg/ section of Monster Girl Quest, Dargoth’s blog and the Monster Girl Quest wikia will instantly announce that, so don’t worry. They may do another update at the end of this month, and if not, wait for another month, as they usually do an update near the end of every month.

      • Anonymous

        Precisely, up to last christmas, they always did their updates on the last saturday of the month, which unfortunately is exactly the last day for this february

    • Grandork

      Uh? If you mean translated, no. If you mean Retail dialogues: “There doesn’t appear to be any new content in the updated demo.” – Dargoth. So No.

  14. Anonymous

    Man if i keep hyping my self this much i won’t hold untill the release… i mean i’m watching the trailer video several time a day already

    • Grandork

      Relax bro, these type of things are better when unexpected, if you keep psyching yourself out, you will get tired before the release and meh it.

  15. Anonymous

    Umh i’m trying quite hard to translate the last sentence in the last blog post from torotoro. And my limited knowledge of japanese grammar and the use of a kanji dictionary, to me this is looking like we cant ransfer save data from the 1st trial to the commercial version.


    Right now i’ve tried doing it to the last trial version and it seems to work. I’ll notify if i find some crash inducing bugs

    • Anonymous

      Umh the game crashes if you try to open the config menu and if you try to access the skill of characters from the menu.

      But everything else seem fine. It even carries the translated name of characters.

      Anyway most likely a mistranslation from my part. Maybe that なく in 問題なく wasn’t for negation but for enphasis

    • It says “In addition, save data from the version 1.10 prior to the bug fix will be able to transfer to the commercial version without issue.”

      Different versions:
      Versions 1.00/1.01 where data can’t be transferred
      Version 1.10 prior to a bugfix where data can be transferred
      Version 1.10 after the bugfix where data can be transferred

      He probably should have called the most recent release 1.11 to avoid confusion, but oh well.

      • Anonymous

        Oh so i got it right about being able to transfer but he was speaking of one of the new versions.
        Thanks for the clarification

      • NoName

        Well, the version he’s mentioning is the current demo one. It appears that when they released the demo, there was a bug that didn’t let you increase Usa/Rabbi’s affection. They updated the game to fix that bug, something the majority of us didn’t see since we didn’t have the time to get the first version of the released demo. They’re mentioning this version. Not the first trial demo released.

        Tl;dr we currently have the 1.11 version of the demo, but there was a previous 1.10 that contained a small bug, which was instantly fixed. Both allow for data transfer to the full game.

  16. Anonymous

    About the transfer saves thing: must you copy the saves from the demo to the full game manual? or will the games have the merge/transfer option like the previous trilogy had?

    • Anonymous

      Umh seems about some bugs that were found in the trial version.

      They also talk about the diffuculty level and the fact that if you only once go to lower diffuculty level, that will be wha appears on your record.

      And someting about a possible Monmusu2 which will regard a whole new world with new characters but i guess that will be after the paradox trilogy is done

  17. Anonymous

    Um I wanted to ask something regarding the previous demo, its about some skills that have ” *2 ” in the damage description. The skills are Falcon Slash, Rapid Fire, Cross Amber and Rapid Knife Throw. Now what I want to know is: The damage of those skills are supposed to have double damage for the numbers after the ” * “? Or are supposed to multiply the damage for those numbers? Because when I used them the damage was really low and well that’s strange since even if the base damage is low, with those numbers it should be better right?
    Does this skills have some kind of bug or is it just me? I feel this way because you would think a final skill obtained for the Warrior job (Falcon Slash) that also cost more SP would do more damage than the first skill obtained in that job (Double slash). Does anyone had issues with this too?

    • Anonymous

      I think the *2 indicates that you are going to hit twice.
      This might be better if there will be some weapon of buff that makes you apply on hit effects, or for elemental skill that can apply stasuses, but for now many skill that do this deal less dmg than other skill with single attack that cost less sp

    • NoName

      Well, in RPGs those kind of skills usually do the same damage as a single attack if you add the damage of both attacks. This has some advantages and disadvantages:

      + As the user above said, if there’s a chance to inflict some status ailment by hitting, using a skill that hits twice is a good option since the chance to inflict such status is calculated for each attack. You also have a higher chance to get a critical with the attack since you’re attacking two times.

      – There’s a chance you may miss an attack, which will end up in you doing less damage, which is the most common problem in these kind of attacks. Also, if the opponent has some ability that makes it counter at random, this is dangerous to use because each hit may trigger that counter. Some games do have that unfortunately. Attacks that hit twice also tend to be more expensive in MP usage than single hits, unless that single-hit has some special properties.

      Basically, just use the most appropiate one depending on the situation. RPGs are basically like that, knowing which ability is best used against each enemy.

      • Anonymous

        Ah thank you so much for the info you two! Now, let me see if I’m getting this right; so the damage in this skills are calculated in a way that is already acknowledged you hit twice, so you don’t see the two hits but rather the damage as a whole, so even if does less damage, it counts as two hits if you wanted to inflict a status ailment correct? That explains why I couldn’t see more than one hit, because I was just seeing the whole damage of the skill. As brute force this skills are not very effective, but they are better at specific situations.

      • NoName

        Let me put the best example. Apprentice Heroes in Paradox learn a useless skill called Flail Wildly, in which it hits 4 times, but the accuracy is a PoS. You’ll get reaaaaally lucky if it hits 4 times (or even that it hits once lol). You’re supposed to get 4 hits if that happens, with 4 messages indicating so. If you miss, the game will also tell you that. You don’t get the total amount of damage for all the attacks, every attack of the multi-hit attack is calculated separately. If you’re not getting more than one message, that’s a single-hit attack, simple as that.

    • Monster-Girl Lover

      The *2 is just there to show it hits twice and deals the listed damage % twice. It’s basically done that way since it’s far shorter to say “Hits:2” or something, and space is valuable since we only have so much room on the first line.

    • Anonymous

      Knowing Torotoro, if there will be no delays, this will be our April’s Fool’s present to cheer up after getting fooled.

    • CMrC

      I thought it was gonna be middle to end march but this is still fine
      Also not anon anymore^^

    • NoName

      My god about fucking time. I am currently making all characters to level 5 with all races and professions maxed. If I ever complete it, I may end up sharing it alongside for some extras like 99 of certain items.

      Yeah, I’m cheating for that. Getting lvl10 of all professions = nightmare without cheating.

      • Andronymous

        Really ?! How do you do it ? I’ve tried with cheat engine but I can’t find how . I know i’ve got to find the values with value * 2+1 but I only found the money ,how did you find the job and race xp values?

      • CMrC

        you need to do a scan for “unkown value” first, than acquire some exp, and scan for “decreased by value”.
        Be careful of eventual exp multipliers.
        Also i think fraction results are always approsimated by defect. To be on the safe side check on the status menu by how much the “xp to next lvl” value is decreasing after every battle

        Also once the full version will be available cheating won’t be needed as much to avoid hours of grinding, since we will have accses to areas with higher lvl enemies

  18. Daniel

    I imagine getting a translation for the new demo won’t take nearly as long since the two demos are nearly identical, save for a few additional features. Is there any sort of unofficial guesstimate as to how long it will take?

    • Before April 1st? I’m working with other people with different timezones and schedules, plus the technical difficulties involved with the new demo have taken some time to solve.

      • Gray

        How come that it takes more than a month for the translation patch? The old demo patch was almost finished, right? Are there that many new things in the new demo?

      • I hesitate to say there are lots of new things, but the way the internals of the game files work have been changed in lots of places. I can’t just replace the new demo files with my old translated ones or anything like that. Plus I have multiple people working on different aspects and coordination has been tough the last few weeks since we’ve all been extra busy.

      • Civildeviation

        Careful now, we don’t want to motivate Dargoth into giving us an April Fool’s hyperlink that is actually Patience training. Though it would be hilarious :-).

  19. Anonymous

    i have the 1.10 version however i’m not sure if it is the one with the bugfixes.
    does anybody have a link for the real latest version of 1.10?

    • Anonymous

      In the village, you recruit the Slime Girl by rescuing her from the swamp on the east side of town. After that, enemies may ask to join your party after battle. By conversing with them, you can increase your chances of recruiting that type of monster.

      • Anonymous

        I cannot seem to enter the swamp. Every time I try to go in, they turn me around. Is there any npc i need to talk to to trigger that event?

      • Anonymous

        You must trigger the event with slime girl stuck in the swamp. I think it shows up after you get baptized.

      • Anonymous

        Thx for the tip, I found the trigger for the event. You have to talk to the old man in the house with the 2 chests on top after getting baptized to trigger that event.

  20. Anonymous

    I got 1 Q. The full game will be in 3 parts as the fist Quest? So What will be realised now will be just a first of 3 parts?

  21. Obsidious

    Are you going to translate the battle texts early on? I don’t know what other people’s expectations were when they first tried out the demo translation, but I found it kind of disappointing that the battle texts were not translated yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for you doing this in your spare time, I would just like to know what to look forward to.

    • NoName

      You’re not missing that much for not being able to read the battle texts. I can read them using ITH+AT and they’re really nothing special. Perhaps Panty Steal skill from Playboy is worth translating just because it’s hilarious to see Luka and even Sonya acting like total perverts when using this technique LOL.

  22. Anonymous

    Hi, just curious; a quick question if anyone can answer. Based on the current rate for the demo translations, how long would it take for the full game to be translated after the release date? Also, is there a place or something someone can setup for donations and or contributions (however you’d like to phrase it) to specifically speed up translations (maybe dedicated translator) on the demo as well as the full release (when it arrives) so as to have people diving into right away instead of waiting months on ends for possible partial translation leading into the full one? The reason I’m asking, is because the previous games were made truly enjoyable because I actually was able to read the story as opposed to skipping stuff and viewing the art-work because it was in another language. I definitely wouldn’t enjoy Paradox unless it was translated and I understand that takes time, effort, and energy which is generally volunteered as a non-profit behavior to assist the community. I’d like to do my part anyway I can since (donations) since I don’t have other computer abilities such as programming or transcribing.

    • Anonymous

      I think with college, right now isnt a good way to gage the time. All I can say is don’t have an estimation and just see how things go. I know the anticipation can be a bitch, but I’ve come to realise that it will get done when it is done, and I am fine with that myself.

  23. Arj

    Gaah, cant wait for the patch, so I can start preparing in the new demo version!… Gonna be so overpowered by the time the game comes out xD

    Keep up the great work, you glorious man, you paragon of perverts! We love you!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to burst your bubble but you can only level up to level 5 in this new demo, which is still quite weak as luka still can get two hit killed by an imp on hard (which is the recommended difficulty, right in the middle). Sure you can push race and job up to 10, but that doesn’t get you that far either and if you level up any monster in your party up to 5, you are likely to miss some dialogue.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, besides the level, race and job your companions also have affection and it seems to increase with every battle. I saw some random japanese lines pop up mid battle in the english demo from time to time and you definitely get different dialogues when you speak with them in your castle after you gained more affection with them. Its propably no big deal since the monsters in the beginning are not really interesting anyway, but you should probably avoid interacting too much with alice/ilias and sonya or you risk missing some things.

      • eXitus

        Ah okay, I was actually aware of that, but thought we were talking about an 100% translated demo and you were talking about conversations that are somehow “locked away”. But I doubt that will happen (100% translated demo), since MGQ Paradox Part 1 seems to be on its way to completion and will most likely be out before dargoth is finished.

        I just hope that there ain’t anymore “new” stuff that complicates the translation further, like in this new demo.
        Let’s pray for dargoth that it’ll be smooth sailing with the completed game. 🙂

      • NoName

        That is not true, afaik. You don’t get new dialogue when you raise their affection in the castle, it’s always the same dialogue, afection 0 gives me the same dialogue as affection 3000. And the comments that happen mid battle are most likely from the monster side, which usually happen. You won’t miss anything for interacting with them.

  24. Anonymous

    Anyone know if this would work on MGQ Paradox? (http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/17964-language-file-system/) If so, maybe someone could put together a picture and/or video demo, possibly? I’m a noob when it comes anything program related but I’d like to take a stab at attempting a full-translation for the demo myself. I just haven’t a clue on how to import/export all the line back and forth. Man, if only there was a third party program that could extract all the text via VX ACE and put it into Notepad or MS Word then do all the hard translation and click a button and *poof* it all goes back to it’s original location but obviously overwrites the Japanese text with the new translated text. You’d think by 2015 someone would have designed something for the eroge community but meh, fresh out of luck in that department. *sad panda face*

  25. Anonymous

    Man, I understand that it’s an actual RPG this time so it’ll take a while to translate, but the fact that it would have taken 7 months for the fully translated demo before the problems, it seems like all three parts are going to be released before we get the fully translated part one. Any chance of speed picking up once it actually comes out early April?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think Dargoth is really going gung-ho on the demo translation because…it’s a demo. Still don’t see why people are so enthusiastic about a very incomplete…DEMO.

      • Grandork

        Plus, there are new technical difficulties that have to be solved, most of his time is spent on solving these and learning to coordinate with the peeps who are helping him. Once that is solve, the translation time should ramp up quickly.

      • eXitus

        On that account we can be somewhat happy that this new technical stuff appeared in the newest demo. Now dargoth and the others can adapt to it before the actual part 1 is out, although I have not the slightest how they can adapt, since I have no idea about programming and stuff. Even though I own a copy of VX Ace… >.<

      • Anonymous

        All the problems are worked out no problem. I’m sure we’ll have a hiccup or two on release, but nothing that will slow us down for more than a day or two. I haven’t done any actual translation on the demo in 3 months.

      • Anonymous

        Well we want the demo for a couple of reasons. The first being the fact that pretty much everything in the demo is going into the main game. So every bit he translates here is a bit more for the main game. The demo isn’t some out of the way, made for demo only kind of thing. It’s literally the beginning of the game, the tutorial. So having that translated will have a good base for Dargoth to work on.

        Second of all It’s very VERY doubtful Dargoth is going to get out a speedy translation. I know he is just one man and I’m not trying to compare him with Rogue, who was honestly a god at translation with how quick he put stuff out, but Dargoth, no matter how you feel about it, is kind of a slow translator. So giving us a fully translated Demo to grind on and fiddle with while he translates the game is an absolute must. Not to mention the grinding in the demo will DIRECTLY help with the real game.

        Thirdly, some people are kind of worried. As has been pointed out, this is just a demo. And as you’ve pointed out an INCOMPLETE demo and not particularly large at that. Yet, it’s taken seven months and GOING to translate just this demo. My estimates is a year and a half, if we’re lucky, with a better estimate to two years for a fully translated part 1, assuming nothing goes wrong that could push that to two and a half to three years. Sure, people are genuinely glad that there even IS a translation, but it looks like this is going to be a translation that will literally take YEARS and YEARS to do. The more time goes on the more time it looks like a translation for the full game is going to be if the time spent on the demo is any foreshadowing.

        It’s also been like three months since the last update so we have no idea just how much he has translated in that time. If we were to get a release with the updated content to KNOW just how much he has done so far at least SOME of that fear could be put to rest. As it stands we don’t even know the bare basics of what he’s actually done. Maybe it’s fully translated, maybe he’s only done two or three things. We have no idea.

      • I appreciate your concerns and understand the frustrations. I’d assuage them if I felt I could do so without making promises I can’t keep. I’m really, really hoping that the game comes out, we get a process in place, and make regular progress. I’ve been very good at this in the past when I was just working with myself, but working with others has practically put me in a paralyzed state of not knowing how to get things done efficiently, which has resulted in not getting things done. It’s been frustrating for me as much as it has been for you.

      • Anonymous

        Oh shit never mind, I just read the previous two posts. I’m kind of curious why nothing would get done though. Seems like you could just claim a part of a job and do it, so even if someone else does the same thing it’d be their fault. I assume you can communicate through email or something.

      • eXitus

        Knowing that there atleast IS some progress on a daily basis, however small, is already enough for me. There are Eroge out there whose Translation died either midway or shortly before it was finished, which is far more frustrating for me, than waiting for something that will definitely be finished, even if it’s under the lable “Someday”.

  26. Anonymous

    Forgive me for potential stupidity, but, if you wrote in to Torotoro about doing the English translation (for free, as you already are), would he not be open to sharing or tweaking something very hindersome? He was brought attention to the fact he had a big English fanbase when he hosted his Q&A, and then afterwards I believe he posted a job listing for a translator?

    It might be a long shot but why not send some correspondence in the hopes he supports the idea of a fan translation? I’m sure his sales went up a bit with the previous ones, I had seen many comments about purchasing the game – and it’s not like you offer or link to a download.

    • Grandork

      From a business perspective it’s kinda hard to endorse free translations, especially since he’s tentatively trying to sell an English version of MGQ Pt I~III. Let’s think of it this way, out of 100% people who downloaded the English patch, only about 10% of those actually bought the game, so those 10% already endorsed Torotoro. Now, of the people who did NOT buy the Japanese version, how many of them would buy the English version once it’s out? I’m guessing maybe 1~2% of them and another 1~2% from the people who bought the Japanese version, just to endorse Torotoro.

      But here’s the problem, he knows how many people (western) are willing to pay for the game only because there’s an English translation in the first place, so he can’t really hold it against the translators. Now that he knows there’s a market here in the western, he might want to sell a translated version of the game. Problem is Japanese Devs are notoriously hard headed and xenophobic, with the idea that the Western Culture just wouldn’t “get it” and I believe that, to a certain extent, they are right, if the Otaku culture is already looked down in Japan, here in the West it’s even worse, especially if the Media ever decided to “Report” on this genre of game that is being sold in English.

      • Civildeviation

        That was a nice and thoughtful post. I am curious though, what makes ya think that only 10% of the fanbase buy the game? Is that a generalized stat or an estimation?

        While Robf4u’s developer fits the hard-headed and xenophobic paradigm, I’m not sure gaijing-prejudice is as prevalent in the younger generations. Perhaps a less cynical outlook might be the financial constraints and the fact that lolita cartoon sex depictions that are popular in Japan can be legally construed as inappropriate-child-sexual material in country’s like the US.

      • eXitus

        Yeah, the lolita stuff is pretty borderline, although I do like some of the character settings – even in the H-games. But on another note, most of these lolita’s in H-games come with a 18+ age, not all mind you but most (At the very least, most of whom I saw in H-games.).

        On topic I have to say that I truly doubt that torotoro will give too much support, atleast in the open, for the Fan-TL. Aside from the Xenophobic stuff, from what I heard and read about correspondence with Studios and independend developers from Japan, they are somewhat greedy and/or touchy people. (No offense intended!)
        To me there seems to be some kind of silent agreement on their site that one shouldn’t help Fan-TL’s too much. Well, maybe I am just imagining or misunderstand many things. ^_^

      • Grandork

        @Civildeviation It’s just an estimate, a generous one, since I believe that not even 10% bought the game, because there’s a big difference between what was sold on the ENG version of DLSite and how many times the game was downloaded.

  27. NoName

    In 4chan, /vg/ section of Monster Girl Quest I posted a save with both Alice and Ilias route having maxed characters. Alice has more completed content than Ilias though. Go there and grab it, it’s a link to anonfiles.

  28. NoName

    Oh well, you posted the link. Didn’t want to make the website complain about spam (normally it’s susceptible to links). Btw…


  29. Civildeviation

    Confirmed at http://b.dlsite.net/RG07939/ Awh, I must have committed genocide in a previous life though, it comes out the day I leave for a no electronic vacation. Have fun folks! Oh and preemptive b-slap on anyone wanting to post something crass about masturbation.

    • Anonymous

      Well to be fair at least you have something to look forward to when you get back ^^ and Dargoth won’t be done with the translation for a couple months yet anyway.

  30. Anonymous

    Can someone explain to me whats different in the new updated version of the demo please, I honestly don’t see any difference except for the new picture saves and that’s it. Thanks in advance

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