• I’m pretty worried, myself. Even if the writing and characters are good, JRPG battles and dungeon exploration are going to seriously slow down the pace of the story. Even if done well, I think the gameplay elements are destined to be a drag on the story/hentai aspects where MGQ shined. In my ideal fantasy, he’d create a VN with no actual gameplay and use some of the cash he got for top-notch art and full voice acting.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah but that’s not good either, I like this idea myself. It might be an H-game but that doesn’t mean that we should throw the gameplay out of the window just so people can jump from one sex scene to the next, giving something to the base that likes games and want to play with the monsters is good. The main problem, like you said, is the serious slow down of dungeon exploration.

        But this is just a rough idea, it’s too soon to say anything about it… and who knows, maybe he’ll change things later for the better.

      • TS

        Meh, I liked Pokémon Dungeon enough and this sounds gameplay-wise kind of like a simplified version, without as much focus on the items. It could work. COULD.

  1. Cory

    That means anyone without RPG maker can’t play it right?

    ..fuck T_T.

    Ah well, keep up the great work Dargoth! %30 ALREADY! You have one hell of a pace going. If you keep up a solid pace, you might be done by the end of October~

      • shakey2

        If you don’t translate it and rogue doesn’t then I’ll pick up on translating it. I love the MH series and unlike the previous MGQ games this one is in RPGmaker and it just so happens that I’m quite good at handling RPGmaker.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh, this sounds pretty nice! I always did like the system in Devil Survivor.

    I guess this means if Rouge decides to translate the game he’ll be cooperating with hasbian since it uses the VX engine. I can’t wait to train me some monster girls~

  3. Anonymous

    I played some amazing RPG maker games like Cherry Crysis and Virgin Island so I’m not too worried.

    Looking forward to this.

  4. Anonymous

    From what I see in the screenshots, the game looks somewhat similar to ROBF (layout-wise; the gifting-item-to-girls and the skill window especially). In retrospect, probably because it’s made in RPGMaker, but eh, I’m not complaining. Looking forward to this.

  5. CwHart

    Comment involves some spoilers I will mark when the spoilers start

    Eh I hope lvl grinding isnt too important. TBH MGQ games were very straight forward, you fight read the story, a MG shows up, you beat her read more story, then another, and every fight has an H scene. This one I doubt every fight has one. I mean maybe, but instead of just running into them you will have to rely on some sort of RNG system and I am sure the ones in previous games such as Slug Girl will have the same H scene. But atleast we get new MGs like the Kappa Girl, and will get to see more of the *Spoilers* 6 ancestors of those monsters. Maybe even a proper rape scene involving Eden who I am betting is now taking up Illias’s role as Goddess.

  6. Anonymous

    Kinda burnt out on Luka. Wish they’d try something a bit different, but, as long as it’s fun, and has good H-scenes, I can’t really complain.

  7. Cio

    Hmm, actually i’m one of those that love the gameplay aspect. So i’m very interested with the RPG element and they even the battle system will be like FF IV-VI and can swap party member. So i guess the hero is shota like Luca, and since toro toro said the hero is SPOILER, i bet he is Heinrich or Luca’s father.

  8. Anonymous

    I have a few theories about when the game will be set.
    I think it will be around Heinrich’s time, the way Eden is clothed gives me a younger impression and the other two angels look really strong in the Hierarchy ranks and there is no way they wouldn’t be there when Illias was vulnerable against Luka. The only reason it means they weren’t there is because they were vanquished in a previous war – the one with Heinrich.
    Also main hero is a spoiler so I guess it’s Heinrich and it can’t be Luka’s father since he travelled with a party of humans not monsters while we know nothing about Heinrich’s party.

    • Anonymous

      Haha I don’t really have any Japanese knowledge so it was just a random theory for me too out of what I’ve seen till the rogue’s 37% patch 🙂

    • Passing Chaos

      only one flaw in that logic is that on the monster introduction page has the first monsterlord and two of the six ancestors whom were all sealed away before the second monsterlord took over iirc.
      the monsterlord Heinrich fought was the eighth Black Alice.

  9. Anonymous

    Wow. Two weird new monsters: UN-DO draws something kind of normal looking and there is a monster girl that is essentially a floating head + Boobs

    • Anonymous

      At least it’s better than MGQ3 where it’s all just Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs.

      • Passing Chaos

        there are only about 10 boob-centric monsters and 2 or 3 more with over sized boobs that’s not that bad given the number monsters in the game. oh note that I didn’t count Eden’s transformed state and I think the Succubus Eva has the best boobs in the game.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely. Looking at this from a “Lean” perspective, I think this new layer of RPG will not be “value added” (means that the customer is willing to pay for it’s creation). The battle system in MGQ was value added for me because it involves ero attacks; however, I doubt it will be the same for this one (ero vs non-ero skill sets against the hero vs the monster girls seems awkward)

  10. Anonymous

    Someone tell the bloke his idea for an RPG has already been done several times before, usually with mediocre to passable results. Slave Quest and Tokyo Tenma immediately come to mind, and even their fancypants ero animations weren’t enough to stifle my yawns or maintain my interest.

  11. Anonymous

    The continued use of RPG Maker VX/A as an engine for H games baffles (and disappoints) me. I guess I should wait to see the finished product rather than early screenshots with stock menu skins before I pass judgement though. As long as the H scenes are still nice, I won’t complain too much anyway.

  12. yuki

    Call me impatient but I hate the RPG Maker combat system. Its so slow and shallow I can’t believe so many developers still try to use it for actual gameplay.

    That said, I hope the writing is still up to par in the next game. Call me crazy but I like the MGQ series more for the writing than the sex or lolgameplay. (Sorry, but I go through every battle holding down the Ctrl key the whole time)

    • Just a Puny Traveler

      Well, I use the Space key. I’m like that too, I play any RPG game with interesting(to me) plot, and MGQ is somewhere on the top of my lists. As long as the other elements of the game is not too shabby, I will still want to know what happens in this sequel.

  13. Anonymous

    As long as I can continue to replace the music with my choice selections from S-CRY-ed, Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song, Erasure, and Shiraishi Minoru no Otoko no Lullaby, I’m okay with any rpg system torotoro can come up with. I just can’t enjoy MGQ without dat trololololol sound track.

  14. Dick Dangerous

    I sure hope this doesn’t go the way of something like Violated Heroine with constant updates requiring an entire team of translators constantly going over new material and going back over old stuff to make sure none of it stuff got replaced. I mean, there’s just one guy making this game, but still.

  15. Anonymous

    It’s great news, i was hoping for something like normal VN with MGQ character in modern times but it’s asking too much, i hope it’s turn out to be great game this gameplay element worries me though if it’s turn out to be long and boring….

  16. CouchLlama

    Great, then it will become popular, then get funded and in the same sense as Final Fantasy a few years from now; PS4 / Xbox1 level graphics. The future is promising.

  17. Kyon

    Mon Musu Paradox RPG is the official title of the game.
    So alternate world. I have no idea. We will have to wait for Glorious Dargoth, the inheritor of prophets, to deliver the translation.

  18. Anonymous

    Unless some sort of resolution hack is made, or they’re using some distribution I don’t know about, graphical size for CGs are going to be limited to 640 × 480. Not sure if want.

  19. darkmage0707077

    Actually, I’ve played a couple of H-games with dungeon exploration elements in them, and they were rather enjoyable. The trick seems to be to keep the dungeon exploration *short*, preferably with a “save anywhere” system instead of FF-style save points. That way you can have the exploration, branching paths and secrets of dungeons without them becoming too confusing or frustrating and killing the pace/mood of the players, and the players can save after points they didn’t like or after getting extremely good luck without having to backtrack or nervously forge ahead in search of the next safety zone.

    Another interesting thing I saw that I think would work here (and would reflect MGQ’s pedigree of VERY strong character stories) is to have the characters do side conversations at points in the dungeons regardless of fights, instead of the Square style of “we talk before the dungeon, before the boss fights, and after the boss fights, and that’s it”. So for a multi-level dungeon, the characters could talk to each other at the entrances of each level, and maybe at certain locations of the floors. That would definitely help bring characters to life and break up the usual pattern of “enter dungeon, kill some random baddies, kill the boss, advance the story” (though, of course, it should be done in moderation: having to read a book’s worth of dialogue every time we round a corner will do more harm then good, but Torotoro’s been good about that so far).

    And, of course, all enemies should be visible on the dungeon. If I want to avoid the monster encounters and race to the end, that should be possible (if foolish) for me to do simply by walking past. Though using RPG Maker should mitigate this automatically since creators usually have visible monsters anyway.

    The real question for me is: which version of RPG Maker is he going to use? Is he going to force graphical hackery on his fans by using the old 2000 version, or is he going to try some of the newer versions that have larger screen resolutions available (XP, VX, VX Ace)?

    • Hakuoro

      yeah i played a lot of h-games with dungeon exploration too like sengoku rance, daibanchou or kamidori alchemy meister. ridicoulusly long but very funny too.

      and with that conversations u mean like the dungeon exploration in yumina the ethereal? that would be pretty nice and would give the characters more … idk how to call it… even more xD

      and with that visible enemys im disagreeing… in already played dungeons okay but not in unplayed

      and lastly the version it would be really nice if he uses one of the newer versions cuz i got a 40 inch monitor and it really sucks playing in 800×600 or somethin like that xD

  20. Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a completely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Superb choice of colors!|

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