1. Hmm another game that’s rgss3a…..there is no known tool to my knowledge that can compile files of this type. I posted something similar to that person who was interested in translating ROBF4U,because it uses the same engine.

    If anything else fails I guess translating the script files for others to donwload, might be the only option.

    Perphaps hasibain and co might be motivated enough now ( ROBF4U and MGQP). Hope they are.

  2. CivilDeviation

    FYI for those that get to 67% percent of the MGs in the trial ***spoiler*** go for the imps in the first town once you’ve recruited the mammary imp.

  3. Kyon

    I did learn how to translate RPG maker Games, but I can only do a machine translation of each event in a map. It takes a really long time to do. if it is encrypted, I can also unencrypt it. it is not hard, there are tools. If you find another faster way to do it, please let us know and teach us it. I am trying to translate a different rpgmaker game myself.

  4. Anonymous

    this looks like it could be a good game in the mgq series. I can’t really say for sure since I cant understand it and the story is the best part of the games (that and the h scenes). hopefully dargoth can find some way to translate it because I would be very thankful if he did.

  5. CivilDeviation

    If there is anyone opting to, it might be a good game to get an apprentice translator to do the base conversations or something. It looks to be a mighty task if they are thinking of adding as many monsters as there is space in that castle.

  6. WildHawk

    right now all i need since i now got it is a menu translation so i know what buttions im hitting that would be helpfull

  7. Rue

    Played it a little, and it seems its gonna be way harder than previous MGQ.
    The interesting stuff is you can choose who’s your partner now, Alice or Illias (I don’t know if its Illias or not, but she definitely looks the same, with the exception of the loli body),

    I don’t know if it affect the story or not, but I really hope so.

  8. Obsidious

    It makes me wonder: If Rogue had known, that not even one year after MGQ3 a new game would be released, would he have chosen to stick around? Or at least leave the option open?

    Anyway thanks Dargoth yada yada
    Don’t overdo it.

  9. Anonymous

    I played the game just a little and quickly realised I wait until translation… however could anybody tell me if there are still CG’s during the battle itself? Like when you get binded by a monster? Slime Girl only had a “paralyze” icon instead.

  10. I personally loved the idea of choosing between Alice and Ilias as a companion right in the beginning.

    To me Ilias is such an awesome character. Her evaluations and comments are pretty nice and I kinda felt sad that she was misguided because of jealousy, although there is a certain charm in her psychotic persona. Perhaps in MGQP her character development might turn out to be different, which would be quite interesting to see.

    Of course Alice is awesome too, and very memorable as a character. I love her design and personality. She is a great companion to have, and her status as a monster lord makes her intimidating.

    To celebrate the release of this demo I have created 2 extended theme versions on my channel :

    Goddess Ilias Theme :

    Alice Theme :

    Sorry for the double post…I sent it as anonymous for some reason xD

  11. Wow…didnt know that the playlist is acting as one link…..I learned something new today. Dargoth you can delete 2 of my messages if you want. Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience

  12. Anonymous

    I need help, cant start it up it says:
    “file corrupted
    please run a virus check, then reinstall the application”
    downloaded it twice and the same thing happen, already got vx ace if you need to know, also tried applocale plz help

    • Anonymous

      ok so if I ran it as Japanese local then I would get that error message, but if I opened it normally by double clicking than it opened up

      • Jam

        Thanks a bunch Jomppa, my game was coming up corrupted as well. The game folder name was indeed in Japanese text- I renamed it in English and now the game works fine.


  13. Anonymous

    Rouge said he would never return and I think he will not return for this game anyhow. it seems to me like the same game as the VN only in rpgmaker and they are a hell of a lot of work to translate

    • Anon S

      He said he changed the passwords and won’t have access to the account, but of course he could always change to a similar name if he really wanted to. Like RogueTranslating etc.

      But I think he is too busy and doesn’t want to do it again either. And who knows if this game will be as good, can anybody write a review and give details? From what I read before it’s just not a similar game at all and the genre is different.

  14. ktrg

    I looked for a ytinasni rpgmaker translation tool but I didn’t get any useful hits. How would I go about getting a copy?

  15. Anonymous

    Ok, I got the game, but when I try to run the game, it says there is a corrupted file. I’ve tried re-downloading and using virus search, but got nothing. What do I do?

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