1. Anonymous

    That’s it man, game over man, game over!

    Seriously though maybe he has problems with finishing the story in a way that will keep up the level.

  2. Anonymous

    Betcha it’s a problem getting necessary staff to help out rather than an issue of story, the artwork for angels became cartoony and the vampire images lacked depth perception. That or they lost folks who provide the necessary hard

  3. Anonymous

    I’m curious about the kind of emails he has been receiving? If they’re not about the release date, what are they about? I hope he’s not being harassed by the content of the game or anything.

    • “You don’t understand true S&M”
      “The game would be more popular if the main character raped the monster girls”
      Something about the Sphinx riddle being wrong that I don’t understand. I don’t even remember the riddle or know how it was phrased in Japanese.
      “The Scylla’s lower half is supposed to be a dog, not tentacles.”

  4. Sajuuk

    the sphinx u mean the one in the pirymide in the destert of part one of the game
    she had the lower body of a lion or cat maybe a dog like creature.
    well anyway about your post it takes how long it takes mgq part 3 will come out one day.
    even if we have to wait a few years he might just be taking it a little slower now ore maybe the game will be a little bigger compaired to the otther 2 as its the final chapter.
    in the end we are all perverts and ataku togetter.
    lets enjoy our time whit otther games and series.
    i also hope dargoth that you will translate more games after violate hero 2.
    as long as you dont overwork your self,
    good luck

  5. Anonymous

    2ch startin shit no doubt. I remember the shitstorm 2ch went through when Chapter 2 was delayed. Turned into a veritable witch hunt for the supposed artist behind the delay. Trolls and idiots are universal.

  6. Random Fan #209681

    Say Dargoth, have you ever considered collaborating with roguetranslations? I’m not sure if that’ll make things easier or just make it more troublesome but wouldn’t that mean splitting the work 50-50?

  7. Anonymous

    I’m not a patient person so this news just killed me. I sure wish the monster girl genre picked up traction so I would have something to read/play while I wait for MGQ3 to come out.

  8. sajuuk

    games come when they come and get translated when they are translated you cant rush these things and never will no matter how much you want to.
    but i do onderstand that you are eager to play those games.
    i my self have dicided that i am going to learn japanese so i wont have to wait for translations.
    but it will properly take a long time. for me to learn.
    so if anyone got any tips in the best way to learn japanese
    please tell me all little things will help.

  9. 光闇

    Nine months; Ilias let that baby be strong and healthy… and full of super-powered lust and various genetic abnormalities… and an insatiable appetite for semen.

  10. Anon

    I wouldn’t call this bad news, just means he cares about putting out a quality game. For all we know hes working on several other games so he can have sort of a back buffer. If I ever become a game dev e-mail will be a last thing I care about :3


    Can’t wait until part 3 is Release. When the first time i saw the game. I was looking for some hot Image, who thought the story kinda even better. Huh… Go LUKA, fight with the sword in your hand and the sword in your pants.

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