• evil-one

        It would seem you were ignored as much as you were vindicated 2-tall. Don’t worry, some of us aren’t complete retards and got what you were talking about.

  1. Anonymous

    I honestly don’t care much for VH4, although the first girl with red hair and yellow eyes looks pretty hot and would like to see translated.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow, I just looked at the CGs at VH1 and 2 again, and compared them to 3 and 4s CGs, and wow the old ones are so much better. 3 and 4 were a bit disappointing, but I kind of liked 4. I just hope that VH5 is at the same level as 4, or better than it.

  3. Anon

    Just want to ask will u translate this game , つかまったら即、逆レイプ学園 ~死に物狂いで俺を犯しにくるオンナたち~ ? its kind of similar

  4. Sevalle

    VH’s art actually got better, the hell are you talking about? The story was never a strong point and if anything was changed its that VH is more hardcore. Blood and getting killed is pretty much standard in it.

    If you people want something else translated then talk about that and give suggestions. Bashing VH will only make Dargoth tired and not translate anything.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not even bashing on it…people have different opinions on art, do you expect everyone to have the same opinion? And I also never said I cared about the story.

      • Sevalle

        And I never replied directly to you so…
        And of course you’re right to have second opinion. You like VH scenes in the first game better then the new ones, that’s perfectly alright. I think VH2 had the best scenes so far myself. But saying that art in the first game is better then the newer is just not creditable opinion.

  5. Anonymous

    VH4 scenes are actually pretty decent. I have a good feeling about 5 so I hope Dargoth translates it. I hope he does 4 too but I’ll be fine if he doesn’t. ALTHOUGH I feel like in terms of H-scenes of which games are better would be:


    The women in 3 seemed a tad dull on the creative side with the sex scenes, something I hope 5 will change. Based on the poll choices I’m expecting something more creative and I hope I’m right.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I guess I shouldn’t judge 4 completely yet, since it isn’t translated. 3 wasn’t really dull, some scenes were just a little brutal to the point where you get turned off instead.

      • Sevalle

        I tried it a bit, and even if I don’t know what they are saying, I like the character designs. Hopefully Dargoth translates it sooner or later, but I also wouldn’t mind seeing other Monster Girl games translated, like he did Desire Dungeon, I had fun with that game too. ˇˇ

  6. HK-47

    I hope VH 4 get translated it’s pretty good and to be fair there really isn’t any better monster girls game than this one up there right now well aside from Sei Monmusu Gakuen (not saying other MG games are bad)

      • Cio

        Hey Dargoth, I have learn how to translate from RPG Maker VX Ace game Did you remember when i ask about Mindia game? Someone already translate it and I’m now still learning how to edit the translation, you just need the RGSS3A Decrypter if the game have compressed data game and RPG Maker VX Ace to edit the script.

      • the file format is easy from what i was looking at. So changing the text is as easy as just replacing it.
        The hard part will be distributing it. So you need a tool that decrypts the file, change all text and repack it. Because as you said, giving out the whole game is not a good idea.
        And you cant just distribute the changed files because every file can have text in it.

  7. yuetheguardian

    I would gladly pay but they don’t take american express and they won’t let you use paypal for adult content……………………………………..

  8. Danielwain

    Uh, sorry, I just downloaded the trial version of the scenario and put it into the mod folder, but monadd.exe doesn’t seem to realise it’s there and if I just put the name of it into the list.ini the same way I did it with Breakfast, it doesn’t show up in the spin-off section either… What am I supposed to do in order to play these scenarios? Breakfast worked just fine for me, but not this one…

      • Danielwain

        Oh, sorry, so you just need to use the start.html file… Sorry about that one and thank you very, very much for your help, I was already despairing over my own stupidity… And for your translation as well, I’m really happy to have it translated now, so thank you very much for everything.

    • Michiru

      You really don’t need to mod it for MGQ. Breakfast was different on how it was made. Lunch is fine as is.

      • Anonymous

        hmm, cant buy lunch or dinner since they dont take paypal, i was hoping hed put the scenes for lunch and dinner into a mod, but if he only did it because breakfast was a special case i can understand

  9. Steven Kiland

    Anyone else have the issue where the novel mode just gets stuck at a black screen? The CG mode works fine, but despite trying it in multiple browsers, I get the same issue.

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