1. Anon Moose

    50/day instead of 200/day for 6 months is 2 years. Not including how much time would be added if you temporarily shelve it in favor of doing MGQ Paradox. Still, I’m pretty okay with that.

    Doubtless that anyone else would have the balls to try and translate Sei Momusu Gakuen. So the only other possible source of a translation would be from the producers themselves, the thought of which causes me to erupt into hysterical bouts of laughter.

    Trust me. There’s still going to be people here who trust you and are willing to wait for however long it takes. Trust us dargoth.

  2. Izanagi

    Regardless of translation speed, it’s still being translated.
    Anyone who wants to complain should try doing it themselves.
    There are millions of titles that no one even touches, so one more game being translated is a gift, no matter how long it takes.

  3. Masakatsu

    Don’t worry your self too much about it. We all knew from the start this wouldn’t be an easy endeavor. Don’t be afraid to get some help, if you feel overwhelmed.

  4. DungeonMasterBobbySmith

    Is more of Amu from VH2 in the expansion… she ran the item synthesis shop in IV. She had a really short footjob scene. It’ll be nice if they added more.

  5. Anonymous

    We appreciate all the translating you do Dargoth! Even if it’s 1 line a day (I dunno if you’d ever finish at that rate LOL), it’s still more work than any of us are doing 😛

  6. Anonymous

    Why is it that Sei Monmusu Gakuen is so difficult to translate again? I remember it being talked about somewhere but I just can’t remember.

    • No big reason. There aren’t any real translation groups that do porn VNs (besides mangagamer, but they’re limited in what they can get licenses for), plus monster girl porn is pretty niche.

      SMMG is decently large, and on top of that, all the language is very conversational and thus incredibly hard to look up in dictionaries, books, translation software, whatever. Both keep it (and other Vanadis titles) from being approachable by novices.

  7. Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter when you finish Sei Monmusu Gakuen, we will be patient and wait here, and when/if you do finish it, we will definitely be here to play it. Take your time, No stress 🙂

  8. WildFour

    Thank Goodness. I thought that the Special Forces started targeting you since Rogue went dormant. So I’m guessing at this rate VH4 won’t be a realistic goal now? :C they seem to have a better VA lineup for this one >_<

  9. Roflcakes

    So are they gonna update the VH4 Another Story website before it releases? They only have 4 days left to reveal some stuff.

  10. Jo

    Can’t really say anything better than my predecessors.
    Just don’t push yourself, you’ve already done a lot for us

  11. Anonymous

    Yo Darg-man, is it still impossible to translate that Level 1 Hero Monster Breeding whatever the long-ass title is?

  12. pedropars

    Dont worry so much about when you´re going to finish Sei Monmusu Gakuen,just take your time and we´ll wait 🙂

  13. Sevalle

    Man I’m sticking with you 100%, be it MGQ Paradox or Violated Hero. Whenever it happens I’ll play it. ˇˇ

  14. Anonymous

    i’m kind of curios what level is your knowledge of japanese and with that how long does it take to translate in average per lines?
    Tried to learn jap, really easy grammar but the kanji is such a freaking barrier. Honor to whoever has the ball to go and learn all of them (or the needed one) with the relative combination to make words ^^

    • Hard to quantify my level of knowledge. I probably know the most common 99% of grammar used and 6-8k words, heavily weighted towards ones that show up in video games, anime, etc. I rarely see any kanji I don’t know unless they’re archaic ones or used in names only. Kanji really isn’t that hard, just time consuming to learn. The part I struggle with is going from textbook perfect grammar to how people actually speak since I don’t live in Japan or talk to Japanese people on a regular basis. I should talk to people more, but busy and timezones and shit, yeah…

      It’s hard to put an average on my speed. Sometimes I’ll do 30 lines in an hour, sometimes nearly 100. Getting the meaning of a sentence is easy, but putting that into English that sounds good is a challenge. There are so many issues of style, tone, etc. not to mention technical things like fitting the lines within the character limits.

      • Anonymous

        Do you know if there is someway to find jap subtitles for anime (with furigana would be great). The approach i first took of steamrolling through the kanji following their ranking system was just too boring after 500 i kind of stopped. But since i watch tons of anime it would be great if i could put that to good use 😛 after 3-4k hour i’m kind of starting to understand them (unless there is some explenation heavy parts) but that does no good for reading manga and vn 🙁

        • I don’t think any anime is subtitled like that, but Japanese live TV shows often are. Reading VNs with full voice acting is probably your best bet, especially if you hook them up to chiitrans, translation aggregator, etc. and look up all the words/kanji you don’t know.

  15. Anonymous

    Is there a 100% save file floating around for Sei Monmusu Festival? CG rips ain’t all that and I can’t find a complete save for the life of me.

  16. SilentWill

    We all very much appreciate your dedication towards your projects no matter how slow the progress is 🙂

  17. Anonymous

    I just wished to assure you that should you finish your translations in 2016 or 2017 or the next decade, there will still be those that care. Thank you for your efforts. Just don’t give up.

  18. Anonymous

    As someone who’d never heard of Sei Monmusu Gakuen until dargoth’s blog posts on it: I looked at the dlsite page and got a rought idea of what it was, but why are people so keen to see it translated despite the huge effort required? Does it have hundreds of CGs, or is the studio behind it really famous, or something?

    • The studio is decently well known among monster girl fans. I think the reason people want this one specifically is the varied monsters compared to other games from Vanadis, quality cgs and voice acting(maybe), h scenes are not all rape and S&M. Plus it’s a long game which might mean some actual love story compared to all the other monster girl games translated where even if they have a love plot it never goes anywhere or effects the scenes in any way.

  19. Anonymous

    The new pictures….. The top one and bottom one… Miceala and Lucifina?

    And if they’re in the encyclopaedia…..does that mean…..Luka can get raped by them?

    YES! 😀

  20. Anonymous

    If there is one thing I am thankful for to MGQ outside of its obvious fap material, its that it has tempered my patience in waiting for games to come out. Though, does anyone know if MGQ will release as a full game, or in parts again? I remember hearing somewhere that because of the different engine its using, it would make it difficult to release the game in parts like the first time but I don’t know if that was true or not.

  21. WinterShine

    Dargoth, can You help me for a bit please? I wanna try to translate some japanese h games likes from Eushully, Lilith soft or Waffle. Can u please help what programs I need to do that? I mean extracting the files, translate it and put them back?
    And I wanna translate some time the RPG like games like Chasare Fantasy, Dramara Quest or ROBF.
    If it’s better I can give U my e-mail or it’s good for U just tell me there.

  22. ArchTron

    dargoth, sorry to disturb you, but I’m worried about a new I saw on the site of ROBF, just need a confirmation whether he will put something to prevent access to Western consumers.













    【今年も一斉取り締まり実施、ファイル共有ソフトでの著作権法違反、33人検挙 】




    • Wow, yeah. That’s quite a copyright screed from a guy whose game heavily borrowed from Ragnarok Online. Especially funny that he complains about Chinese and Koreans considering that RO is a Korean game. He’s apparently not happy that they’re even translating ROBF, although to be fair (not that he deserves it), he’s mainly complaining about foreigners because he has no legal recourse against foreign sites that host pirated copies.

      Anyway, he said he’s considering ways to put Japanese puzzles and such in the game that can’t be solved without knowing the language. He won’t use copy protection because it’s easily broken, but who knows how well he’ll succeed with the puzzles either. Even if he does, he’ll just be losing legitimate sales to foreigners instead of generating any extra sales. So what’s the point? It’s just petty. Like giving everyone outside Japan the middle finger out of spite.

      At any rate, this definitely means I won’t be translating ROBF or any of his games, not that I was ever likely to get to it anyway.

      • Billy Masakado

        Daang, talk about being whiny….I think he takes copyrighting a little bit too serious. What’s his problem anyways ? This will have a negative impact on his credibility. He wants to rather lose those extra foreign sales and income just to deny other countries to enjoy his work. It’s really a shame reading this, since I did enjoy ROBF (although it was a pain without a guide). Besides, it was ”puzzling” enough to finish the game even with translation tools.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        Has Any body wanted a sequal to the first VH. I’ll be nice of Dragona to come out of hiding & maybe recruit some help to take care of her “Relia problem”. First on the list i’d recommend her to recruit would be Amu & Tama from the second VH. Since out of the ones still alive they don’t have world domination ambitions (at least i think Amu doesn’t, she is kinda mysterious). The rest could be a new cast of characters.

      • Anonymous

        A sequel could be called for if you actually gave two craps about the characters and their story. As it stands VH characters and their story are generally really, really awful, and if your only going to the game for some monster girl sex in the first place, why not add variety to it with each game, instead of recycling them over and over. But it is obvious some of their girls are favored more than other, so you may get some repeats in their games of the same variety of monster girl but with a different spin on it.

    • Anonymous

      Something tells me that won’t be his mom as canon for Paradox, she has those crazy nut eyes Black Alice had.

      • Anonymous

        well of course, if it was his ‘canon’ mom and aunt, they would never rape him, and therefore they wouldn’t be in the encyclopedia.

        but I think that ‘rapey’ expression could just be Xelvy screwing up at trying to draw a ‘normal’ happy smile, I mean, Micaela’s expression seems to fit her character

        we can’t know more without translations 🙁

  23. James Turok

    Surprise, Well dargo, maybe you will stop translations for us and third game was going to be last work on translating it, which does make me sad, however, if you do decided to create an English patch for the fourth game, I will root for you until the end.

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